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Leather Jackets

Welcome To The Dark Side


Gay Men and Lesbians’ Enduring Friendships

Waterfront LIVING

Upscale Boston homes

our furry children

Images By The Dog Whisperer Of Photography

White Event to Remember Skiing with our community

Not Your Average April A Provincetown Vacation

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the Leather Jacket by Henry Levine • Welcome to the dark side


Urban WAterfront Homes by Frank Celeste • Boston’s amazing waterfront homes


Friends by Elizabeth Gromley • Gay men and Lesbians’ enduring friendships


The Dog Whisperer of Photography Photographer Dana Berenson shares her images of our favorite pets




Not Your Average April For Joe in Provincetown by Joe Manghise • A freelance writer’s unique Ptown vacation



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Straight Actors who play gay characters


Private (Independent Schools) Schools that welcome our children


12 Extras

Funerals To Die For

A White event to remember by Sharon Levine • Skiing with our community Setting Up Shop In The Suburbs by Desiree Aselbekian • The trials of opening an adult boutique. Choosing A Function Venue by Henry Levine • The right place for your gay or lesbian wedding

14 Fashion Leather Jackets

50 Home Improvement

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straight Actors IN Gay Roles by Mark Adams Years ago, it would have been career suicide for a straight actor to play gay in a mainstream movie. Now, the casting directors think nothing of putting a macho guy into the “gay life”. Just when did it become acceptable? Hard to say. Conversely, gay men and lesbians have been playing it straight in movies since the first time a director shouted “it’s a wrap.” In 1944’s “Laura” Clifton Webb, himself a very gay man (he lived with his mother in his 50’s, for heaven’s sake!), actually played a straight man who we were expected to believe was in love with the gorgeous Gene Tierney (a female, for those uneducated). Or Claude Raines as a “sissy prince” in 1938’s colorful “The Adventures of Robin Hood.” The first straight man to play gay is the noted actor Lawrence Luckinbill in the classic 1970’s film “The Boys in the Band.” Luckinbill is also known as Lucy Arnaz’s husband, and if that didn’t turn him gay, nothing would, but I digress. Cher played a lesbian in “Silkwood,” Gina Gershon became a lesbian icon with the movie “Bound,” and Sharon Stone played...well, who knows what she played in the

Will Smith in the 1993 film Six Degrees of Separation

movie “Basic Instinct.”

8 savoirflairmagazine

Photo: Courtesy of DEG

Meg Tilly and Gina Gershon in the 1996 film Bound

Things have changed. More recently, we see Tom Hanks in the ground-breaking movie “Philadelphia;”

the under-

rated actor William Hurt in the screen adaptation of “Kiss of the Spider Woman;” in 1982, Harry Hamlin and Michael Ontkean played gay in “Making Love,” Patrick Stewart (from one of the Star Treks) played a delightful fussy old queen in “Jeffrey.” One of my favorites is the then-cute-as-a-buttonbut-not-so-much-now


Pearce (and Terence Stamp, of course) in the Australian romp “Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.” Closer to the present, we

Anne Heche played...oh

Then, there are those straight actors who probably thought they, too, would be

have straight actor John Hurt,

who knows WHAT she

who later marvelously played Straight? Bat

“wrong” doesn’t even come close. How about Will

Quentin Crisp in “Naked Civil

shit crazy? You decide.

Smith in 1993’s “Six Degrees of Separation,” which

Servant,” and later, as Kerwin

ground-breaking by playing gay. In these cases,

continued on page 68

comedy “Partners.”

Photo: courtesy of WETA

in the perfectly dreadful copShelley

Winters, before she ate herself silly and then drowned on the Great Ship Poseidon, did the lesbian thing as a madam in 1963’s “The Balcony,” which also starred a young Peter Falk. In 1966, Candice Bergen played gay in the screen adaptation of Mary McCarthy’s “The Group” and Anne Heche played...oh who knows WHAT she Straight? Bat shit crazy? You decide.

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OurRainbowFlag by Jennifer Simon

Over the years the rainbow flag as we know it today has undergone several permutations. Originally designed by Gilbert Baker in Califonia, it was first flown in the San Francisco Gay Freedom Day Parade on June 25, 1978. There are a number of places from which Baker drew inspiration to create what would become a powerful tool of visibility and empowerment. It is suggested that the Hippie movement of the 60’s, the black Civil Rights movement, other Gay activists of the time and even Judy Garland’s “Over the Rainbow” played a role in influencing the resulting icon, a flag originally containing eight stripes. Color has always played an important part in the gay rights movement and the flag was to represent the diversity of the LGBT community. Baker and thirty volunteers hand-dyed and stitched the first two flags for the parade. The original flag consisted of 8 stripes, with each color being assigned a specific meaning: hot pink: sexuality, red: life, orange: healing, yellow: sunlight, green: nature, turquoise: magic/art indigo: serenity/harmony, violet: spirit After the November 27, 1978, assassination of openly gay San Francisco City Supervisor Harvey Milk, a friend of Baker’s, demand for the rainbow flag greatly increased. The San Francisco based Paramount Flag Company began selling a version of the flag using stock rainbow fabric, now consisting of seven stripes of red, orange, yellow, green, turquoise, blue, and violet. To have it mass-produced meant required dropping the hot-pink stripe because of the commercial unavailability of hot-pink colored fabric. In 1979 the flag was modified again. Organisers wanted to make the colors evenly divisible along the parade route and that meant needing an even number of stripes. The turqouise stripe was dropped, resulting in a six-stripe version: red, orange, and yellow on one side of the street; green, blue, and purple on the other. Thus, today’s six-color flag was born and displayed during the 1979 Pride Parade. The flag quickly caught on like wildfire in cities across the country. It was even officially recognized by the International Congress of Flag Makers. In 1989 the flag was given further national/international recognition when West Hollywood resident John Stout successfully sued his landlords after they tried to prohibit him from hanging the flag from his apartment balcony. At New York’s Stonewall 25 Parade in 1994, a gigantic 30-foot wide, one mile long rainbow flag was carried through the parade route by over 10,000 volunteers. In 2003, the Rainbow Flag’s 25th anniversary, Baker broke his own world record for the largest flag, creating a new one that stretched sea to sea – from the Gulf of Mexico to the Atlantic Ocean in Key West.


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Funerals to Die For

by Sharon Levine Not only is living well the best revenge, so is dying well. For baby boomers, the preplanned, personalized funeral is the last frontier. Some have concluded that since you can’t take it with you, why not use your money for a fabulous funeral that attendees will long remember. In the spirit of this, Savoir Flair has discovered some creative and often extravagant options for that last day. And you and your family don’t have to organize the big day yourselves. You can be assisted by a new service provider, the funeral concierge who will guide you through all the planning steps. For many, the casket is the most important part of the funeral. The most expensive casket that we uncovered in our research was a high five figure double casket, bronze outside, solid mahogany inside with a glass top for viewing. Other more modest personalized choices include caskets in sport team colors or shaped like favorite motor vehicles. Of course, not everyone chooses to be buried. Some blast their remains into space, others have their ashes pressed into stone. A popular eco option in New England is burial at sea both for full bodies and ashes. Floral tributes are an important part of many funerals. The sky is the limit for flowers. Out of season or imported flowers as well as sheer quantity can put the cost way up. A new trend is floral sculptures with arrangements that echo interests of the deceased such as cigars or hockey sticks. In the South, open floral gates symbolically welcome the deceased to heaven. Even hearses and limousines can reflect personal tastes. Funerals can feature themed hearses such as a Harley Davidson or a top of the line choice such as a Rolls Royce limousine. Personalization doesn’t have to stop with the vehicles. A Midwestern funeral home offers viewing rooms customized for men and women. The women’s features kitchen décor, the men’s features sports accessories. Another new trend is videos of the deceased’s life to be shown at wakes and funerals. These “celebra-

12 savoirflairmagazine

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the Leather Jacket

Welcome To The Dark Side by Henry Levine

Photo by Luis Louro

14 savoirflairmagazine

The leather jacket has always been an icon of a rugged life and the armor of those that are seen as living on the edge. So it’s no surprise that the early LGBT community embraced this edgy fashion. Gay men and lesbians have cherished their leather jackets since the late 1940’s, when motorcycle jacket popularity grew out of post-WWII biker culture. Early gay leather bars were subcultural versions of the motorcycle club with pioneering gay motorcycle club patrons. No respectable dyke on a bike or member of a gay male motorcycle club would be without their leather jacket. What most people don’t know is the motorcycle jacket was invented during another World War; World War I. The great war machine that fed solders provided the first leather jackets for motorcyclists. Farmers sold horse hide by the tons to the government to make military clothing. A lot of these hides were tanned and made into jackets for aviators and tank crews. After the war there was an abundance of this apparel left over. Fashionwise these jackets have made a comeback from the 80s but with a modern tailored twist. There are many varieties of leather jackets. Some of them are motorcycle or biker, outlaw, army and policemen jackets. There are various designs available in these leather jackets. Motorcycle jackets come from various types of material such as buckskin leather, calfskin, suede, goatskin, lizard skin, chamois, ostrich, pigskin and cowhide leather. They are mainly two types; one of them is with buttons (these buttons vary as per design) and the other with zippers, which are commonly used. All these are waterproof, continued on page 64 savoirflairmagazine 15

Luxury Waterfront Urban Living

by Frank Celeste Across the country, the classic American dream has always been to own your own home, but for many local residents the ultimate American dream is to own a home on the water. My childhood summer and winter vacations were often happily centered around the water, whether Cape Cod or Ft. Lauderdale; now it is a week in Provincetown or South Beach. As adults, however, we can replicate this same vacation excitement daily with a year round residence on Boston’s waterfront. The waterfront’s proximity to both the downtown and the financial district, to cultural and leisure attractions, and to major commuting roads, makes it the perfect location for an active urban lifestyle. Boston’s waterfront has many different types of housing ranging from loft style homes in renovated fish warehouses to full service luxury buildings with all the bells and whistles such as 24 hour concierges! Savoir Flair will take you on a tour of some of these elegant urban homes. Locations vary from the near North End waterfront to the Aquarium neighborhood to Charlestown. There is one characteristic that all these beautiful residences share – “the view is the thing.”

16 savoirflairmagazine

The first two condominiums we will visit are in Harbor Towers, a two building complex overlooking Boston Harbor and the Rose Kennedy Greenway designed by I.M. Pei. These 40 story buildings feature services such as a 24 hour concierge and a seasonal swimming pool all within easy walking distance of downtown. The first condominium we are viewing is an expansive 2,800 square foot three bedroom overlooking Boston Harbor. The kitchen’s stunning custom renovation features a burl paneled curved breakfast bar whose lines echo the shape of the exquisite ceiling moldings. Granite counter tops, glass front cabinets, hanging pendant lights and brass buttoned leather seats add richness to this luxurious kitchen. The living room features detailed moldings and chair rails that give a homey, single family look to the large, contemporary decorated room. continued on next page

savoirflairmagazine 17

Luxury Waterfront Urban Living

The next unit we are touring is an approximately 1,590 square foot 2 bedroom home with great harbor views that has been recently renovated. The formal entry with arched ceilings prepares you for the traditionally furnished living and dining rooms. An early Victorian settee with a scroll arm and turned leg and a Queen Anne style dining room set with flame stitch seats are accessorized by a wonderful collection of antique pieces such as a Jacobean style bread board end tea table, a music stand, a 19th century game table, and a tole tray. Carefully chosen pieces of contemporary art complete the room. The U shaped kitchen has exquisite detailing with white cabinets, some with leaded glass fronts and patterned tile backsplashes.

continues on page 20


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18 savoirflairmagazine

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savoirflairmagazine 19

Our next stop is a one bedroom home at Commercial Wharf, a five story granite building built in

1832 for warehousing items sent to and from the Far East. The focal point of this unit is a stunning living/ dining room with a classic beam and brick interior that reflects this building’s warehouse origins. It is skillfully decorated in an eclectic manner with a Regency chest, an Oriental screen and a Biedermeier style dining set, all coexisting beautifully. Also coexisting beautifully are the classic molding and shutters and the contemporary wall and window treatments.

617-927-4400 211 Newbury Street Boston, MA

20 savoirflairmagazine

Luxury Waterfront Urban Living

We now cross over the

bridge to Charlestown were we will visit two condominiums at Flagship Wharf, an 11 story brick building with 192 units in the Charlestown




dents at Flagship Wharf enjoy amenities such as valet parking, a state of the art fitness center and a nearby marina. Boston’s financial center is just a short waterfront taxi ride away. We enter Flagship Wharf’s elegant lobby. Deco inspired furniture mixes effortlessly




Small comfortable seating areas encourage conversations with neighbors. The condominium we are touring is a 4 room penthouse. The living room has a sleek, modern feel with contemporary leather seating and minimalist wall units. This allows guests to focus on the breathtaking views of the harbor and city that are visible from the room and its adjoining deck. continues on next page

savoirflairmagazine 21

Luxury Waterfront Urban Living

The last residence that we are visiting is a front corner home also in Flagship Wharf. This unit features both a private balcony with an open living/dining area with a wall of windows. The custom window seat allows the owners to recline comfortably while they watch the activities in the harbor. Wonderful custom cabinetwork and shelving echo the traditional crown molding in the room and blend with the classic furnishings such as the flame stitch upholstered Queen Anne wing chair, oriental carpet and ship’s wheel. We have only sampled a few of the housing choices on the waterfront. Other residential wharves near the downtown and North End include Battery Wharf, Lewis Wharf and Union Wharf. The emerging Seaport Area and the South Boston Waterfront also offer opportunities for exciting urban living.

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22 savoirflairmagazine

Frank Celeste one of Boston’s Top Brokers for over 20 years, brings a wealth of real estate experience to the table. A lifelong resident of Boston, his intimate knowledge of Greater Boston’s wonderful neighborhoods is a key asset. As an example, he was asked to give a walking tour of Charlestown and the Navy Yard on an episode of “This Old House”. Many of his listings have been highlighted in major publications such as the Boston Globe Magazine for the “Best Roof Deck in Boston”. Frank works for Gibson Sotheby’s International Realty in Charlestown.

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Gay Men And Lesbians’ Enduring


Rhonda Hergert and Curtis Dean

24 savoirflairmagazine

photo: by Diane Clark

by Elizabeth Gromley At the start of the 1989 film, When Harry Met Sally, Harry Burns says to Sally Albright, “You realize we could never be friends.” “Why not?” she asks. And he responds, “ and women can’t be friends because the sex part always gets in the way.”

The plot unfolds—unmercifully—and Harry is indeed proven correct.

And then there are the rest of us, where sex would never get in the way. In particular, there are four spirited, talented, smart and kind people, and the stories of two friendships that have lasted twenty years a piece. Twenty years is 1991. That’s pre-Clinton and pre-Nirvana, the year Truth or Dare was released, the year Freddie Mercury died.

continued on next page

savoirflairmagazine 25

Friends continued from previous page

ended up staying,” he said.

And meeting a friend at work

beth Bridges also met in 1991. They

ert and Curtis Dean met, when both

that he would bail out of a boarding

grew up in different towns in Arkan-

worked at a now-defunct Newbury


sas, but found one another as college

Street café.

Both had recently moved to Boston.

gotten into one fight in all these years.

“I came here to attend the Art

We’re able to communicate with each

arriving on campus, through a mutual

Institute of Boston,” Hergert explained.

other really well and listen to each

friend,” Covington explained.

“He was from Florida and I was from

other’s problems. And we have a lot

played bass and we recruited her to

Arizona, both from small towns. It

of fun when we hang out,” he laughed.

play on a song we had just written in

was easy to make friends with him. I

“That counts.”

our dorm room. We went on to form

was living in a boarding house at the

a rather Scissor Sisters-esque band.

time in Chestnut Hill. We became

few people I know that could fall

friends and he ended up moving me

into a puddle of mud and pull up a

always been a part of our friendship,

out of that place,” she laughed. “And

diamond,” Hergert said.

and we had a lot of similar experi-

It was the year Rhonda Herg-

“Rhonda and I have probably

“Curtis is one of the very

“He’s my

Brent Covington and Eliza-

freshman down South. “We met on the first day after “She

Bridges added, “Music has

ences growing up in small towns.

She continued, “When I first

I’ve always loved Brent because of

moved here I was in the middle of

his vivacious attitude. We play off of

coming out of the closet. Predomi-

each other humor-wise, and there’s no

nantly, all my friends were gay men

one who can make me laugh like he

for the first maybe four or five years I was here. I didn’t have any gay women friends.”





Photo by Brent Covington

then I was living next to him.”


Now, Covington works by

day in the Boston financial industry. He is also a DJ for a monthly gay

is a commercial graphic designer,

night called Fur & Gold at the Alley

and an artist with a large South End

Bar. Like Dean, he came to Boston for

work studio.“I’m a printmaker. I’m a

what he thought was a visit and ended

painter. I do mixed media work on

up staying. Bridges is a professor in

large-scale paper, some from imagi-

Elizabeth Bridges & Brent Covington

nary characters out of my head,” she

Memphis, Tennessee, who remains very grateful to her friend who was


greatest date ever. I think Curtis and I

there when she needed him most.

What exists inside her Trem-

have that rare ability to be adults and

ont Street space is impressive: an

simultaneously still be kids at heart. I

was coming out. I just wasn’t ready

enormous volume of mysterious yet

don’t think that’s changed in twenty

when we were in college. Brent was

warm visual art that is compellingly

years, in spite of everything we’ve

one of the first people I told. He sent


been through. He’s one of those rare

me a long, super-encouraging email,

Hergert’s buddy Curtis Dean

people that can go to a party and by

having gone through it all himself.”

is grown up now too. He’s a produc-

the end of the night the host is invit-

tion manager for an online printing

ing him back for coffee and cake in a

who sees something he wants in life

company, living in Chelsea.

couple of days... He’d do anything for

and just goes for it. Be out in your


scary Arkansas high school in the late

moved to Boston in 1990. It was by

1980s? Yes. Move to Boston? Why

accident. I ended up getting a job

mires most about Hergert?


here when I was on vacation and I

about making his life what he wants it

“I grew up in Florida and I

26 savoirflairmagazine

And what is it that Dean ad“How creative she is.”

“He was really sweet when I

“Brent is the kind of person

Become a DJ?

Sure... He is

continued on page 62

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savoirflairmagazine 27

28 savoirflairmagazine

The DOg Whisperer of Photography

Dana Berenson La Muse PhotoGraphy

two mommies, two dogs, one cat and a baby entitled “i can’t believe i got this shot!” or and “baby makes six.”

Dana Berenson has been referred to as the Dog Whisperer of photography. Dana says, “Not a bad tag if you ask me.” Her company La Muse Photography began solely as a pet studio. She explains, “ The gravitational pull between my camera and my two best friends and companions, Scout and Radley, was inescapable. She describes her philosophy, “Natural portraiture is more than just shooting with sunlight. It is the art of capturing the essence of a soul as it truly exists. It is achieving the level of trust with my subjects that allows them to be vulnerable. It is establishing a bond that grants me access to their world and then lets me disappear inside it. Invisibility is a photographer’s best friend.”

continued on next page savoirflairmagazine 29

The DOg Whisperer of Photography continued from previous page

Service Dog

boy and dog on the ground. Â Beasly and Jay

30 savoirflairmagazine

Dana Berenson • La Muse PhotoGraphy


staring black dog

Udon, Soufflé, and Cookie continued on next page savoirflairmagazine 31

The DOg Whisperer of Photography continued from previous page

Dog with red bandanna

Puppy In Window Box 32 savoirflairmagazine

My dog Radley

Dana Berenson • La Muse PhotoGraphy

Cookie, Udon, Mochi

Princess Fiona at the park continued on next page savoirflairmagazine 33

The DOg Whisperer of Photography continued from previous page

Dana and Mount Everest Foundation’s Deboche Nunnery Project Dana, while on a trekking adventure to Nepal in the fall of 2010, suddenly found herself becoming involved in the restoration of this country’s oldest Buddhist nunnery. In the shadow of Mt. Everest, these brave Tibetan women have dedicated their lives to helping others. The nuns, surrounded by the harsh environs of the high Himalayas, have had to exist without the most basic of life’s necessities. Dana is now dedicated to making a difference in their lives by working with the Mount Everest Foundation’s Deboche Nunnery Project. She hopes to return in the spring of 2012......Use this link for more information or to donate:

Dana on a suspension Bridge in the Khumba region of Nepal 34 savoirflairmagazine

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Not Your Average April


for Joe in Provincetown

by Joseph Manghise “Bring your winter coat!” That’s what everyone told me when I broke the news that I would be spending a month in Provincetown off-season. They might have added, “And your hat and gloves, too.” But I already knew that. I had spent enough time in the Little Fishing Village at the tip of Cape Cod to know that the weather there is known to be, er, variable. But even I wasn’t prepared for the rain and cold snap that followed. Being a native New Yorker, I had always enjoyed escaping to the artsy Massachusetts community that’s known for its long and rich history. Most of those visits had been in the throes of peak season, when navigating down Commercial Street at dusk is not unlike dealing with Midtown Manhattan

38 savoirflairmagazine

at rush hour. But an unexpected

As I start to explore, I notice that

there have been some changes

hole in my freelance schedule

some of my favorite places are

since my last visit in August: The

found me with an opportunity to

closed, but other diehards have

library is still under construction

spend a gloomy spring off the

been open year-round: Marc

and set to open sometime this

mean streets of NYC and in the

Jacobs is having a preseason

summer; the Red Inn is being ren-

quiet seclusion of PTown.

clearance sale; Utilities is unpack-

ovated (after 96 years!); and Ten

ing new kitchen merchandise;

Tables is adding to its Cambridge

So, as April begins, I Amtrak it to

and the jovial Raymond at Good

and Jamaica Plain locations with

Boston and meet up with friends

Scents is displaying the latest

a new epicurean adventure on

for the two-hour drive into town.

beauty products. Town institution

Bradford Street. When the rain

I arrive on a Friday night, and a

Marine Specialties is still offering

isn’t coming down (and even when it is), the sound of hammer-

hard rain is falling. Once I settle

ing, drilling and sawing fills the

into my quaint two-bedroom just

otherwise peaceful air. The town

feet from the bay, I decide to run

is slowly but surely waking up and

into town to pick up some refresh-

coming back to life.

ments. It’s only 10:30 pm, I reason with myself. As I hit Commercial, I packed an umbrella, too) and all is still. As in, not a soul is to be found. I start trudging to the opposite end of town, thinking my favorite convenience store will be

One week later, I’m walking home from a late dinner and am remind-

PHOTO BY Joseph Manghise

a fine mist hangs in the air (yes,

ed that the circle of life goes both ways. As I pass Town Hall, I see a bouquet of flowers resting in front. I look around, thinking someone has dropped it, but the streets

open. Twenty minutes later, I stand

are empty as my footsteps echo

before it: The sign reads CLOSED.

on the pavement. I notice that a

And not just for the night. It’s been

card is attached. It reads: RIP Miss

shuttered since last fall!

Ellie. I gasp. Even though I know that the local legend has been ill,

I crawl into my new bed that night

I am still saddened to learn of her

without any juice but with hopes

death in such an arbitrary way.

that the weekend will bring better weather. The following morning


is cloudy and damp, but when

its eclectic mix of soaps, apothe-

I venture into town to find some

cary jars, American Airlines plates

breakfast, it seems like more than

and…gas masks. Hey, you never

the townies are around. Weekend

know when you might need a

shoppers have invaded from Bos-

last-minute costume for Carnival!

ton, New York, Providence and elsewhere, though many of the

As the week goes by and I make

stores are still boarded up.

my traditional traipse up and down Commercial, I notice that

Ellie first started pounding the PTown pavement about a decade ago as Elliot. She was 70 then, but it wasn’t too late for her to start “living her dream” of singing for the masses on street corners. Trailing her wagon of sound equipment behind, Ellie spread joy with the standards she would continued on page 59

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Call our 24/7 toll free hotline1-800-770-1904 get help today.

Don’t wait until it’s too late.

Outpatient Home Detox Our Primary Care Clinic specializing in outpatient home de-addiction has been serving MA communities for years with a personalized, comprehensive, and comforting approach to de-addiction including quality primary care and counseling services provided by specially trained, friendly providers. We have over 30 locations serving Massachusetts communities across the state including Springfield, Worcester, Brookline, Malden, Weymouth, Cape Cod, Pittsfield, Framingham, and North Andover. You will be greeted by our welcoming staff and will have no wait to take control of your life once again. Walk-ins are always welcome. We accept all Insurances including MassHealth and BMC and also offer self-pay options. savoirflairmagazine 41

Independent Schools

Schools that welcome diversity and value each student are the hallmark of the independent / private schools listed here. These schools openly welcome our community, so each parent can be assured that they, their same gendered partner and their children receive the attention to provide a foundation for a superior educational experience. Massachusetts

Rhode Island

55 Day School Lane, Belmont, MA 02478 (617) 484-3078, www. We believe that a foundation of excellence in education is a diverse community where children and adults understand, appreciate, and celebrate differences. Through the process of recognizing and discussing differences, we discover similarities, shared values, and common goals. These shared values and goals are woven into our curriculum, which fosters critical thinking skills and empathy in our students and prepares them to enter a diverse world with responsibility and pride.

45 Maxfield Ave. , East Providence, RI 02914, (401) 434-3833, Gordon School is the choice for families who seek a diverse and inclusive coeducational environment that challenges both the intellects and imaginations of elementary and middle school students. The nursery through eighth grade structure allows a focus on the crucial early years when the foundations of academic and social learning are laid. Academics, arts, music and athletics are grounded in real life applications, from the gardens maintained by three year old scientists to the four week service learning projects eighth graders complete as the culmination of their study of citizenship and American history.

Belmont Day School

42 savoirflairmagazine

The Gordon School

The Providence Country Day School

660 Waterman Ave., East Providence, RI 02914 (401) 438-5170, www.providencecountryday. org PCD’s college prep scholars are also league champion athletes, award winning artists, actors and singers. They are leaders in their school and in their communities and each one helps make our school a more vibrant place to learn and grow.

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$99 for a teeth whitening package which includes dental exam, x-rays, custom fitted trays and whitening gel ($490 value) Save 80%


Visit us also at: Unique Dental Care 11 Court St., Marlboro MA (508) 485-0008

Expires: April 2012

(617) 723-6300 63 Court Street Boston, MA 02108

Career Education • Schools • Career Education • Schools • Career Education Boston MassaChusetts


2 Florence St., Malden, MA 02148, (781) 324-5454. 515 Woburn St., Tewksbury, MA 01876, (978) 934-9300, (800) 299-1074, The Salter School’s reputation for success is built upon six decades of educational excellence. A private institution, our specialized day and evening programs are designed to prepare students for some of today’s fastest growing careers, giving graduates an effective way to begin a high-growth career with excellent income potential.

One Summit Place, Branford, CT 06405, (203) 488-2525, 995 Day Hill Road, Windsor, CT 06095, (860) 683-4900, 35 North Main Street, Southington, CT 06489, (860) 2760600,(800) 959-7599, For over 40 years, Branford Hall Career Institute has been providing real world education to students throughout the Northeast. Branford Hall offers day and evening courses in some of today’s fastest growing careers, giving graduates an effective way to begin a high-growth career with excellent income potential.

The Salter School


South Coast MassaChusetts SALTER SCHOOL

FALL RIVER 82 Hartwell St., Fall River, MA 02721, (508) 730-2740, (800) 299-1074, NEW BEDFORD 950 Kings Highway, Suite 4 New Bedford, MA 02745(774)328-3500 The Salter School’s reputation for success is built upon six decades of educational excellence. A private institution, our specialized day and evening programs are designed to prepare students for some of today’s fastest growing careers, giving graduates an effective way to begin a high-growth career with excellent income potential.

Central Massachusetts SALTER COLLEGE

184 West Boylston St., West Boylston, MA 01583, (508) 853-1074, (888) 569-9996, www. Salter College is a leader in career education. Since 1937, we have provided students with the tools they need to succeed in their chosen field. Salter College’s longevity and excellent reputation with employers are two of the reasons our graduates have been so successful. Salter College is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACIS) to award degrees and certificates.

Western MAssachusetts


112 Industry Ave., Springfield, MA 01104, (413) 781-2276, 189 Brookdale Drive, Springfield, MA 01104, (413) 732-0546, (800) 959-7599, For over 40 years, Branford Hall Career Institute has been providing real world education to students throughout the Northeast. Branford Hall offers day and evening courses in some of today’s fastest growing careers, giving graduates an effective way to begin a high-growth career with excellent income potential.



One Eagle Drive, Sanford, ME 04073, (207) 490-0509, (800) 758-7679, www. Since 1995, Seacoast Career School has been providing real world education to prepare students for successful careers in high-demand fields. Seacoast Career School meets state licensing requirements and is institutionally accredited by the Accrediting Council of Continuing Education and Training, (ACCET) a national accrediting agency approved by the U.S. Secretary of Education.

New Hampshire


670 North Commercial Street, Manchester, NH 03101, (603) 624-7222, (800) 758-7679, Since 1995, Seacoast Career School has been providing real world education to prepare students for successful careers in high-demand fields. Seacoast Career School meets state licensing requirements and is institutionally accredited by the Accrediting Council of Continuing Education and Training, (ACCET) a national accrediting agency approved by the U.S. Secretary of Education.

Career Education • Schools • Career Education • Schools • Career Education savoirflairmagazine 43


By Sharon Levine Skiing, snowboarding and snowshoeing are quite enjoyable in themselves but they are even more enjoyable when done in the company of congenial friends both old and new. The community has capitalized on this by organizing gay and lesbian ski events both in the East and West.

44 savoirflairmagazine

The 28 year-old Winter Rendezvous (January 18-22, 2012) hosted by MJW Adventures in Stowe, Vermont is the largest and longest running GLBT ski event in the East. Days of exciting winter sports ranging from Nordic skiing to snowboarding at Stowe Mountain Resort are followed by amazing evenings of socializing and entertainment tailor-made to the tastes of the community. Special events this year include a blowout house party, a pizza social, entertainment by DJ Harrison from Back to Basics Tea Dance and a performance by popular performers Amy + Freddy.

continues on next page

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Varla Jean Merman will appear on Saturday at Stowe Mountain Resort’s new 420 seat Spruce Peak Performing Arts Center. These social activities give participants a chance to make new friends from all over the East in a most enjoyable setting! A special feature of ski events like Winter Rendezvous is the benefit that you get from being part of a group, whether discount coupons or organizational services, that let you ski hassle-free.

above: dinner with friends right: women in attendance below: the house party after a day on the slopes

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HomePro Inspections of

Rhode Island Corp.

Structural Electrical HVAC Plumbing Pest Kitchen Interior Exterior Foundation Septic

Office: (401) 821-5446 Mobile: (401) 474-2007

617-423-1515 or email: 46 savoirflairmagazine

Air Quality Testing For Mold • Lead Clearance Inspections

PO Box 440 Hope, RI 02831-0440

We wrote the “Homebook” on inspections.

Other GLBT Ski Events Another local GBLT ski event is at Maine’s Sunday River. Whiteout Weekend (February 10-12, 2012) is held in conjunction with the Outryders, New England’s largest GLBT ski and snowboard club. Last year, Whiteout Weekend featured a drag race, a club night, an arrival party and more, all to accompany spectacular skiing. This year the organizers promise that the event will be bigger and better! The oldest of GBLT ski weeks is 35-year-old Aspen-being, held this year from January 15-22. Other gay ski weeks out West include Whistler (February 5-12), Park City (February 23-26), Telluride (February 25-March 3) and Lake Tahoe (March 4-10).

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Broad Sho Moving 7 Days a Week

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• We take good care of our customers. • We go anywhere in the US • No job too small or too big

Residential & Commercial Residential: Condo, Colleges, Houses & Apartments Commercial: Industrial Buildings, Warehouses, Furniture Stores, Antiques, Supermarket, Parties, Bed & Baths Construction: Materials, Shipping Supplies Pick-Up & Delivery: Courier SVC, Big Machinery.

Real Estate & Wedding Moving

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Setting-up Shop in the Suburbs The trials and tribulations of opening an Adult Boutique in a small Central Massachusetts town By Desiree Aselbekian

Photo by Doreen Aselbekian

Desiree Aselbekian in her shop

“If you can open up an adult store in Massachusetts, you will be more successful and have more fun than being a lawyer.” That sentence ignited a spark during my first year of law school. After years of school, the bar exam, working in the State Senate, and a short stint as a special education assistant, I still remember that one sentence vividly from a lesson on zoning and ordinances. My professor made it sound so difficult, and, as it turns out, it was. Almost two years after developing a business plan, a year and a half spent searching for a location, and months stocking shelves, I achieved my business dream of co-owning a family business: an adult boutique. The journey: daunting, exhausting, and frustrating. The reward: thrilling, titillating, and exciting. All-in-all, a ride I would take over and over again. It’s not every day a law school graduate decides to throw out her suits, turn off the 6am alarm clock, and take a chance to try something different. At 27, the age I embarked on this journey, I figured “I’ve got nothing to lose; only something huge to gain.” I asked my mother to quit her job working with intensive special education students, and join me in going back to her retail roots. The goal: open a boutique style adult store where everyone is welcome, quality is priority, and education is offered to anyone who walks through the door. As it turns out, the education piece is most prominent and consistent. People aren’t used to a sex positive adult store environment especially in the suburbs of Central Mass, and that’s why we offer free monthly educational seminars. We started off with enthusiasm and eagerness ready to take the world (or at least Central Mass) by storm. Too bad nobody else felt the same way! Whether it was a busicontinued on page 57

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Home Automation

by Jonathan Elder Technology should be an enabler. It should not be there for itself, but to make the lives of its users easier and more convenient. In the home, the ongoing and rapid advances in home automation are expanding the possibilities. If I want to listen to music, within a few seconds I can choose a well worn playlist or choose the tracks for a new one. I can access online subscription services or radio stations. Most mornings I listen to the news while eating breakfast. A single dedicated button press gets this up and running without having to think about it. When I leave for work another single dedicated button press turns all of the lights off, all of the media off, the alarm on and beeps for confirmation as I slam the door. I know that if some incident should occur while I am out of the house I will get a text message alerting me to the fact. I don’t have to worry about regular tasks such as the above, the electronic systems do it all for me. And this is not science fiction. All of this home automation technology exists now. It only requires your lighting, alarm and media to be connected and configured to your needs.

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Home Automation HOME THEATRE SYSTEMS INSTALLED MASTER ELECTRICIAN WE TAKE CARE OF EVERYTHING Surround Sound • TV Mountings Wiring • Free Consultation J. Stapleton Electric Home Theatre


Complete Electrical Service

• Home theatre / home cinema systems • Whole House advanced lighting control • Energy management systems for heating and cooling • Security systems and alarms

No Job too Big or Small Troubleshooting FREE Estimates Fully Insured

• Multi room audio, video and AV distribution

Haggerty Electrical Service INC. NH Lic.#8996M MA Lic.#A8231

781 . 246 . 3110

Dynasty Auto Tops & Upholstery Convertible Tops • Foreign & American • Carpets Chrome Moldings • Vinyl Roofs • Marine • Antique Motorcycle Seats • Auto Upholstering • Much More

Stoneham MA •

Home automation can include:

(781) 438-7744 •

• Curtains • Almost any item that needs electrical power However, as these advanced home automation systems increase in power and flexibility and ease of use, they can actually become more complex to specify, design and install. This is where a professional home automation installer can help. By working with you and focusing on your needs, your home can be made to suit your lifestyle, not the other way round. While the individual items of home technology equipment can be fairly straight forward to set up and use, getting equipment from multiple vendors to operate together can be tricky. On top of that, for any form of home automation to be effective, it has to be easy to control, either using traditional remote controls, webbased systems, smartphone apps or wall mounted control panels. Careful programming can mean a single button click can control multiple systems, altering lighting, music, displays and curtains. They can also be set to act based on activity or time based rules - for example turning on continued on page 56

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Important Considerations W h e n C h o o s in g A

Function Venue 1. First and foremost is the function hall Gay/Lesbian Friendly? Ask directly, this is most important. Of course functions venues listed in this book are your best bet. 2.

Atmosphere this what you visualized? Decorating the space may not suffice, so make sure the location has the fundamental structure and location you want.

3. How are the kitchens, bathrooms and the bar? 4.

Can the reception space handle the same amount of people as the ceremony hall? Could one double as the other?


Is there a changing room for the bride and bride or groom and groom for before and after the ceremony?

6. Is it handicap accessible? 7. Is it

heated or air conditioned? Is there an area outside where you can hold the reception or ceremony?

52 savoirflairmagazine

8. Does the facility offer its own catering service? If they do is there an additional surcharge for having someone else cater?

hawthorne hotel

Our 93 rooms are individually furnished with 18th century-style furnishings, reflecting our unique new england charm and character.

18 Washington S quare West , S alem , MA 01970

www. hawthornehotel. com

info @ hawthornehotel. com

• 978-744-4080

9. Are there people there that can assist you if anything goes wrong?

Specializing In ◊

Weddings Rehearsal dinners Corporate events Private parties

11. Who cleans up the mess? 12.

What kind of music do you want at the reception? Is there room to dance? What if people just want to talk? Is there a quiet place for them to do so? Could a live band operate as well as a DJ? Do they have their own P.A. system?

◊ ◊

Is there security offered for “unwanted guests”?


401-246-2340 195 Washington Rd., Barrington, RI 02806


How long can you use the facility and what if you go over the agreed upon time? How much more is it if you go over? Does the time allotted include clean up and set up time?


Can you get your deposit back if you cancel?

Finest Quality Custom Wedding Cakes 20 Years Experience Call for a Consulation

(508) 674-4976

252 New Boston Rd., Fall River, MA

413-586-8760 savoirflairmagazine 53

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A-Executive Limousine

We get you there in style - Official Limo Service of the Boston Bruins Theater & Concerts • Business Events • Airport/Cruise transfers Weddings • Nights on the Town • Sporting Events

Officiant Royden C. Richardson

129 South Main St., Centerville, MA 02632, (508) 771-0650, e-mail: “...No other human ties are more tender, no other vows are more important...


den’s Family P nifer Mad ract n e J ice r. Changing the world one step at a time

Jennifer E Madden MD 3 Northern Blvd, Suite 3A Amherst, NH 03031 603-769-3308

(800) 287-2527 |

The Imperial Room At One Rhodes Place

One Rhodes Place ~ Cranston, Rhode Island Commitment Celebrations Rehearsal Dinners Parking

Weddings Private Parties Handicapped Access

Big Daddy Taxi Inc. We Go Anywhere! Taxi

Fast friendly and fair

Limousine Service without the Limousine price

The mission of Big Daddy Taxi is to give each customer that “old tyme” feeling of respect and appreciation.

See our website for our gay community listings. Telephone: 401-578-8182 Reservations: 401-578-3163

Kim Trusty Vocalist / Performer

Jazz and Blues with sophistication and style.

401.467.7102 ~ Reservation & Information

A trusted jeweler is your best advisor. Serving individuals, trustees and attorneys for over 167 years Buy or sell with complete confidence

Immediate Payment Highest Price paid On-site gemologists FREE evaluations

E.B. HORN Jewlers Since 1839

429 Washington Street Downtown Crossing, Boston 617-542-3902 •


54 savoirflairmagazine Commitment Ceremonies, Weddings, Anniversaries, Special Events, Corporate Events, Business Meetings, Conventions, Fundraisers, Festivals & More

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Home Automation continued from page 51

the hot water heating system only when they detect a presence in the house. With the ubiquity of web connectivity, you can now monitor and manage your home systems from anywhere - ideal for holiday homes or even remote outbuildings. Residential - Commercial


Air Conditioning / Heating Local / Residential • 24 Hours, 7 Days • Big and Small Jobs

Commercial • Office Relocation Specialists • Light Industrial & Medical

International • Servicing the World • Door to Door Service

Long Distance • 50 States & Canada • Weekly Trips to CA & FL

Packing Services • Boxes & Packing Supplies • Free Box Delivery

Storage • Clean & Secure • Climate Controlled

Call Now For A

FREE ESTIMATE MDPU#: 29953 USDOT#: 552840 ICC MC#: 272369

Humidification / Filters / Custom Ductwork Sheet Metal / Maintenance Contracts Heat & AC Service / License #014557

Tom Favazza P.O. Box 648 Beverly, MA 01915

TEL: 978-750-8282 1-888-750-8282 Fax: 978-927-1673

800-814-6807 Licensed • Insured • Bonded

Quality Service at Competitive Prices

Swiss Watch & Jewelry Co. 1618 Beacon Street • Washington Square • Brookline, MA 02445 617-734-5300 •

• Large Selection of Watches and Jewelry •

Cash 4 Gold Unwanted / Broken Gold • Jewelry • Watches Antiques • Diamonds • Appraisals • Repairs Special & Custom Jewelry Design

Highest Price Paid Licensed Estate Buyer

Buy • Sell • Trade 56 savoirflairmagazine

USDOT Lic. # 13626773 ICCNC Lic. # 521972 DTE Lic. # 31179

Setting-up shop in the suburbs

continued from page 49 ness consultant, financial advisor, a potential landlord, or a distributor, no one would talk to us, no one would entertain our crazy/disgusting idea, and this huge multi-billion dollar industry did not want to give us the time of day. How do you get start-up capital without a business plan; how do you develop a business plan without cash flow projections; how do you get cash flow projections without mark-up profit info; how do you know what your mark-up will be without distributors giving you a suggested retail value; how do you get a distributor without a tax ID number and cash? It was a cyclical nightmare. I knew it could be done, but my professor was right. Not only did we have a business plan problem, but where the hell in Massachusetts were we going to open this boutique? All of the obstacles aside, this was a challenge, and I am always up for a fight. In fact, I live for conflict so long as the resolution is in my favor (which it usually is). I said, “Bring it on!” First, maps and lots of them. The Supreme Court is clear, you can’t keep adult businesses out of town, but you can regulate them in terms of time, place, and manner. It was important for us to find a location in the suburbs. There are other adult stores in surrounding cities, and quite frankly I was not looking to be just another one of those. We wanted to stand out, and have some class! It didn’t matter if we had an inviting business model. Believe me, towns do their very best to keep “people like me” out, including restrictive ordinances that disallowed adult businesses in wetlands, industrial zones, undeveloped land, and strip malls. I went to 24 Town Halls to gather zoning information. The place I was not looking for a fight was with a town ordinance. I just wanted to find one that would fit our needs, but in the rare times we found a vacant building, landlords backed off because of political pressure, religion, or reputation issues. Second, finding a business consultant continued on next page

Bertera Welcomes the Valley’s LGBT Community!




Brick and Stone Specialists Full Service Masonry And Authorized Paver Installer

Stone & Block Retaining Walls • Patios Walkways • Stairs • Fireplaces Driveways • Stone & Brick Veneers Brick Pavers Installation

781-933-7500 239 Salem Street, Woburn, MA •

savoirflairmagazine 57

Setting-up shop in the suburbs

continued from previous page Micro-dermabrasion, Reflexology, Facials & Waxing


Facials & Waxing for Men & Women Wed - Sat

9:30AM – 6PM

Call today for an appointment

617.969.3773 4 Hartford St. Newton Highlands, MA

2011 VeraCruz

2011 Sonata

2011 Elantra 2011 Accent

2011 Elantra Touring

2011 Tucson GLS

2011 Santa Fe

2011 Genesis Sedan

2011 Azera


58 savoirflairmagazine

2011 Genesis Coupe


who may not believe in our idea but would help us get a proposal ready for a bank was tricky. Thank you, Federal Government. A little thing called the SBA (Small Business Administration) was our savior: free business consulting for anyone who wants to start a business. A business is a business, doesn’t much matter what type – this one was classic retail. Third, some really good guessing! Attending the National Adult Novelty and Entertainment Expo was key in learning more and more about the business and was money well spent. The seminars proved invaluable and helped in knowing we were on the right track. Now that I’m an “adult industry” insider, I’ll follow the protocol and keep this information top secret. Finally, we had to pay our bills, so we started a home party operation going to people’s houses with our novelties. We learned a lot about our customer base, and what we needed to do. People wanted quality products and most importantly education on what products best suit them and their needs. This continues to be our business mission: having a welcoming environment where people can ask questions, get real answers, and walk out feeling happy about their purchase. I’ve turned 30, our brick and mortar boutique is going on one year of operation in August 2011, and every day is a new challenge. My mother and I are very happy serving the Central Mass region in our lovely boutique in Upton, Mass. Yes, there are cows, a country store, a fabulous farm stand, and a couple of local restaurants, but take a ride to Upton, and there is one hidden gem off Rte 140 at the end of a cul-de-sac called Desiree’s Desires, Inc. where we welcome anyone who is looking to enhance their intimate life. You can visit us at 9 Walker Drive, Upton, MA on the web at www.desirees-desires. com, or give us a call or email to ask about our private in-store party.

Not Your Average April For Joe continued from page 39 belt out, often in a miniskirt. Al-

back and ready to welcome the tourists (and their essential dol-

though diagnosed with pancre-

lars). When I ask about the state

atic cancer last fall, the former

of the town, he laments, “No one

minister put up a good fight and

lives here anymore. The commu-

passed away surrounded by her

nity has kind of disappeared.”

children. The flowers, candles and

Hmmm, maybe it’s the inflated

notes start to pile up in front of

real estate prices (again, shades

Town Hall, and they remain there until I leave weeks later. PTown’s

At his gallery, painter Michael

favorite showgirl won’t soon be

Robert del Visco looks up from his


New York Times to greet me. We

of NYC). Back in the real world, I count my quarters at the Laundromat and strike up a conversation with a

But life goes on. By the middle of

distinguished-looking woman of a

April, the Lobster Pot reopens with

certain age. She is wearing prom-

a small meet-and-greet, as is the

inent horn-rimmed glasses and of-

habit of many local businesses.

fers me some fabric softener. Her

Victor’s does the same, in a small

winter was “long and isolating,”

tent to the right of the restau-

but she adds, “I love it here,” even

rant—in case of rain. The Squeal-

though that isolation can drive

ing Pig looks happy and full as I

people a bit—here she spins her

pass one night. The Red Shack is

finger near her temple—“loco!”

already offering its $12.95 lobster

She goes on to share some town

roll (the addition of decadent ba-

gossip—and no, it’s not about the

con and avocado turn it Califor-

West End Salon being featured on

nian). And the scent of malasada

Bravo’s Tabatha’s Salon Takeover.

and linguica wafting in the air is

The news is about the writers’ col-

a dead giveaway that the Portu-

ony at the house of the late liter-

guese Bakery is back in business. As usual, Spiritus Pizza seems to

had chatted the previous summer

always be open, no matter the

and I ask how he’s been. He says

time of day or night.

it’s been a slow season, but he’s

Provincetown is known as the oldest continuous art colony in the United States, and numerous galleries are all over town. Together they showcase prominent artists from near and far. In fact, the

ary legend Norman Mailer. Both he and his widow have died, and their onetime home (the only brick facade in town) on Commercial is now available as a resource to encourage and celebrate upand-coming writers. The Norman Mailer Center is just another opportunity that this vibrant artists’ community offers.

open house gallery strolls are a highlight of Friday nights during the Summer. Although it’s spring, I decide to check out some art.

At the Monument Barbershop, friendly neighborhood bear barcontinued on next page savoirflairmagazine 59

Not Your Average April For Joe

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ber Joe tells me about his long

side. A helicopter circles above,

interior is lined with stones donat-

Winter in town. I ask if it gets

tracking the whale’s location as it

ed by cities and towns in Massa-

lonely. He tells me, “Sure it does,

swims with the orange buoy firmly

chusetts and all over the United

but there are some people who

attached. The woman lends me

States. The all-granite structure ris-

stay.” As I eye the other custom-

her binoculars and I spot an oc-

es 350 feet above sea level, and

ers (I’m third in line for a buzz at

casional spout of water emit from

the walk to the top is 116 steps

the old-fashioned shop), I ask Joe

its blowhole. This goes on for 10

(plus 60 ramps). You might arrive

whether anyone comes in during

or 15 tension-filled minutes until

a bit breathless, but the stunning

the Winter. “We get a few cus-

the whale finally breaks free from

view in all directions makes it

tomers,” he says. So what do you

the ropes. See? Nature can be

worth the trip. And it’s never more

do in the meantime, I wonder as

just as exciting as the local drag

clear what a small town this really

Joy Behar drones on the TV set.


is than when you survey the mass

Watch The View!?

of houses and buildings jammed The next day, the clouds stay

in cheek by jowl. (I even spot my

Out at Race Point, with the sun

away long enough for me to try

yellow house!) And if you look

shining for a change, I brave the

something new. Even though I

beyond the soon-to-be-bustling

wind and plod through the dunes

have visited PTown since I was a

streets, there’s an amazing view

to check out the crystal sea. A lone

kid, I have never climbed to the

of the bay and the ocean. This is

woman stands near the shore with

top of the Pilgrim Monument. This

the perfect spot to get a lay of the

binoculars. I assume she’s whale

historic landmark, which celebrat-

land, if you can muster the climb.

watching, but it soon becomes

ed its 100th anniversary last year,

And while you’re at it, be sure to

apparent that some drama is un-

was started in 1907 (President

visit the excellent and informa-

folding. “There’s a whale caught

Theodore Roosevelt laid the cor-

tive Provincetown Museum at the

in a buoy,” she says with concern.

nerstone) and completed three

base of the tower. There’s more to

A boat is giving chase while two

years later. It commemorates the

this town than just tea dance and

men in a dinghy paddle along-

first landing of the Mayflower Pil-

kitschy souvenirs.

grims, in 1620. The monument’s

60 savoirflairmagazine

Not Your Average April For Joe As the weeks go by and the month is coming to a close, I notice that more places are open for business (I christen my fave Ross’ Grill (617) 542-5511 27 Temple Place, Boston, MA

on opening night) and others have signs that promise an imminent re-

turn. Easter Sunday is springy and

• Residential • Commercial

bright as the Meeting House fills up for an 11 am service. There are

- Fire & Water Clean Up - Pet Stain Removal - Janitorial Services

families on the street and children eating fudge. Dogs (and their owners) frolic on the sand. As I ride my bicycle toward MacMillan Wharf, there are more people to dodge. Always a good sign! By the last

- Upholstery - Carpet Cleaning - Hardwood Floors

day, the sun is warming the air and I break out the light windbreaker I had packed. No more winter coat!

(617) 288-3503

Let the season begin.

Serving all of Boston, MA

Joseph Manghise is


By Appointment Only

a New York based editor and writer. He hopes to return to Provincetown again when the crowds leave.

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62 savoirflairmagazine

Buick Regal

to be and it’s not even really a question to him... He never seems daunted by things.” Covington said, “I’ve always admired how intelligent and focused Elizabeth is, how loyal she is to her friends, and her crazy sense of humor. I think we instantly hit it off through our senses of humor and our nerd sensibilities.” The chemistry of a long and close friendship is perhaps more mysterious than that of a romance. Yet it’s often more solid and unconditional. We look into someone’s eyes for the millionth time and know deep down: You’ll be here for the rest of my life and I love you. There are no terms or stipulations. I’ll never take your pants off. We’re not obligated to speak because we’re related. But I will know you for the rest of my life because I just love you. If we think of our lives as though we’re reading a novel, chapters end and new ones start—usually without us realizing it. The characters most consistent turn out to be most likable. Consistency is measured only through time. “Curtis was out with me for New Years this year,” Hergert said, “the first time we’d spent New Years Eve together in a while. It was awesome. We were at Club Café with a bunch of my friends. There were some random people waiting for their friends. By the end of the evening Curtis was able to get everybody talking and drinking and ringing in the New Year together. That’s kind of his personality. That’s what I admire about him.” Bridges said, “I have lived in a lot of different places over the years and had a lot of different friends, but the ones who stick are the ones I can

Friends always reconnect with instantly, even when we live far away from each other... but that kind of friendship takes time to develop and even more time to fully realize as the years go by.” “Brent is a sweetheart and I love him,” she added. Is having a gay friend of the opposite gender less complicated than having a gay same-sex friend? Bridges: “At the end of the day, it has always been about enjoying each other’s company as two humans.” Hergert: “I don’t think it’s about having a gay male friend vs. having a gay woman friend.” Covington: “I think a true friend will transcend logistical things like male/female or gay/straight.” Dean: “Oh, it’s a lot less complicated. There’s no sex involved. The only difficult thing is deciding where we’re going out clubbing. Are we going to a girl bar or are we going to a guy bar?” Elizabeth Gromley is a writer and bartender living in

Cruises by Capt. Jack

We can help you get somewhere incredible!

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The Leather Jacket continued from page 15 and at the same time protect from cold. Black and brown are common colors of motorcycle jackets and black leather is the color of choice for the LGBT leather community. Most leather motorcycle jackets are available in cream, tan and even red color. The




jackets are distressed, or faux fur trimmed jackets, which both provide a vintage look. In case of some leather jackets, fringed leather gives a western look. The care and handling of a good quality leather jacket is simple.

Always read the manufacturer’s instructions about how to care for your jacket. Look for the care instruction label located inside your jacket. Apply a water and stain protector to your leather jacket to prevent water spots or stains. Hang your jacket on wide, padded

64 savoirflairmagazine

The Leather Jacket hangers so the leather maintains its shape. This also forces any wrinkles to drop naturally from your gar-

Conservator Of Fine Furniture For Over 50 years 25-Y Washington Ave., Natick •

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Fine woodworking and refinishing skills applied to your heirlooms.

ment. Allow your leather jacket to naturally air dry if it becomes wet. Avoid blow dryers, heat vents or other heat sources during the drying process. Condition your leather jacket if it becomes dry or cracked. Remove salt deposits and other stains as soon as possible. Wipe the leather with a damp sponge and allow the jacket to air dry. Send your leather jacket to a professional leather cleaning specialist once a year. Remove the plastic cleaning bags before you store your jacket for extended periods of time. Leather jackets can be personalized with company logos and various tat-

Joyal’s Liquors 100 Bourbons 350 Single Malt Scotches 125 Boutique Rums 165 Tequilas 1000 Premium Cigars Largest selection of Irish Whiskey in New England

toos can also be embossed on the

Temperature-Controlled wine storage.

leather jackets. Single and double-

Best wine selection in central Rhode Island.

breasted leather biker’s jackets are

readily available in the market.

90 West Warwick Ave. (Rte. 117) • W. Warwick, RI 02893 (401) 822-0536

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savoirflairmagazine 65

The Leather Jacket continued from previous page

Lucky’s Tattoo & Piercing

Of course the styles of dress as-

Piercing / High Quality Tattoos / Scarification

sociated with gay men’s leather

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37 Main St. Northampton, MA

culture have an influence on main-

stream music culture. It may be

Basic Firearm Safety Course:

seen in the chains and leather or

Everything you need to get your license. All In Just Under 4 Hours.

denim and leather look espoused

Classes offered 7 days a week - private, semi private, group Protect Yourselves in all situations!

by rock and heavy metal bands. Im-


clothed in black leather are abun-

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ages of Elvis from the 1960s fully bdant. 1970s rock acts also wore black leather garments. Popular practitioner of this look in a heavy metal context was Rob Halford, the lead singer of the influential Brit-


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~ On Call 24 Hours a Day ~

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ish heavy metal band Judas Priest. Openly gay, Halford wore a leather costume on stage as early as 1978, a look he described as originating in the gay leather subculture. For gay men and lesbians not part of the leather community there are various practical advantages of leather motorcycle jackets. The advantages of motorcycle jackets are as follows:

The long durability of the

motorcycle jackets.

Wear and tear does not take

place easily. .

They are easy to clean and


The nylon linings available

on the leather motorcycle jackets provide coolness in summer while riding the motorbikes.

Leather motorcycle jackets

are soft and comfortable in nature.

66 savoirflairmagazine

The Leather Jacket

Extra space for movement

of arms and shoulders is provided

DISCOVER what you want; DEVELOP a great plan; REMOVE obstacles; experience BALANCE; find FREEDOM and SATISFACTION.

Both these leather biker

jackets can be used for any occa-

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in men’s and for women’s jackets.

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PHOENIX, Life Coach

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sion and provide a stylish look. Here are some tips for wearing a

Boston Gun and Rifle Association

motorcycle jacket. The fit – not too tight and not too lose.. Look at the shoulders…if they’re too low, then the jacket is

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too big. And if the cut is too high

Dorchester, MA 02122

1483 Dorchester Ave

then the jacket is too small. Make sure they sit at the hip or even a little higher. That’s the best look when

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wearing them. Embellishments—Studs,


and chains are a must for a biker jacket. The best thing about motorcycle jackets is that they are very easy to

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wear. Just throw it on and your look is instantly transformed; butch in the streets but only you know in the

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savoirflairmagazine 67

straight Actors IN Gay Roles

continued from page 9 was adapted from a Broadway play of the same name. If only. One reviewer said, “The film starts from nowhere, goes nowhere and ends up nowhere.” Fortunately, Will Smith’s career did get on the right track after this...Hey, here’s another one you might want to watch, if only to amaze at its awfulness. From 1976 comes the seldom-seen “Norman, Is That You?”, directed by George Schlatter, who is probably best known for the “Laugh-In” show of the late-60s. It stars Redd Foxx and Pearl Bailey (now THERE’S a couple!), as a feuding mother/ father who come to visit their gay son (of course, they don’t know he’s gay) played by the adorable Michael Warren, who went on to redeem himself in “Hill Street Blues.” His live-in boyfriend just happens to be one of the biggest flamers you’ll ever see, Dennis Duggan. Dennis went on to become a somewhat-noted director of movies and TV shows. This movie is like a train wreck - you just can’t stop watching. And the names that appear in this atrocity! Aside from Ms. Bailey and Mr. Foxx, who obviously neglected to read the script before filming began, we have Jayne Meadows, Audrey’s sister (you know, Alice Kramden of “The Honeymooners”) and Wayland Flowers, the talented hand under the dress of Madame. Throw a party and see if you can borrow this movie from someone who might be lucky enough to own a copy (it doesn’t appear to be on DVD anywhere, not that

68 savoirflairmagazine

straight Actors IN Gay Roles

Reeves Lavallee, P.C.

I’m surprised, but there might be some-

Free half hour initial consultation for new clients. Competent and complete legal services for everyone. Pre-nuptial agreements, dissolution /separation agreements, divorce, custody/support cases, same-sex divorce, real estate, wills and trusts, contract disputes, deceptive consumer act disputes and landlord-tenant issues.

one who copied a VHS onto DVD). Have a couple of Big Girl Iced Teas before you do, and you’ll love it.

(508)425-6945 Fax: (508) 425-6944 316 Main St. #600 Worcester, MA 01608

Straight playing gay also takes place in... (breathes heavily)... adult films. You may not be aware that most male actors in straight adult films make far less than

Freedom Center 70% Success Rate. Leave Clean and Stay Clean

their female counterparts. Those same

The Freedom Center is the most successful drug treatment program in the country.

male actors can make far more by doing gay porn, sometimes referred to as “gay

Call Now.

for pay.” Some of these male actors

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even claim that they are not “straight,” but “bisexual,” as many of the viewers


of these finely-made adult films object to watching “straight” men do whatever it is they do in gay adult films. Of course, it could very well be that many of these

229 Newbury St., Rte. 1 N. Peabody, MA

“straight” performers are really closeted

Safe, Secure Handling of Your Belongings

gays, and this gives them the opportunity to...well, do whatever it is they do in gay adult films. I’m just sayin’.....

Mark Adams has been a long time fixture In Boston’s GLBT Media, writing extensively on film and video of interest to the community. Free Estimates!

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681 Main Street, Suite 3-34, Waltham, MA 02451, Main Office: (781) 642-6869, North Eastern MA (781) 443-4036, The North Shore: (978) 490-7746, Fax: (781) 899-5137,, Unicare Home Care offers affordable private home health care professional for 24/7, hourly, short or long term care (in the Greater Boston, North Shore, North East Mass, Worcester and surrounding vicinity) . We have experienced, certified aides with training and expertise in caring for individuals with alzheimers, dementia, parkinsons, MS, MD and other related disorders for seniors and adults with a wide spectrum of mobility and care giving needs. Our pricing is flexible and we offer pricing discounts pacakge to meet every individual need. For more information see www. or call 781-642-6869.

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RestaurantsWestern MA Route 7 Grill

Nationwide Warranty 18 Months • 18,000 Miles on Most Parts & Labor

442 ELM ST. Northampton carpets Western MA

Digital/Film Western MA

999 Main St, Great Barrington, MA 01230, (413) 5283235, We at Route 7 Grill are proud to be providing fresh, local food to our Berkshire neighbors and friends. All of our meats are naturally raised from local farms or small family farms. Everything we serve, including stocks, soups, dressings & desserts are made here from scratch. The restaurant, nestled in the Housatonic river valley of the Southern Berkshires offers a full service dining room and full bar with an outdoor patio as well as beautiful outdoor facilities.

tattooWestern MA

Iris Photo & Digital 11 Years in a Row!

America’s Finest Floor Coverings

Digital & Film Imaging

Online Photo Products

• The Finest Selection • • Skilled Sales Staff • • Competitive Prices • Established in 1905


1594 Dwight St., Holyoke, MA

74 savoirflairmagazine (413) 586-8417 164 Main St., Northampton, MA

Piercing & Tattoo Studio Visit our website or call us for all your body art needs and questions

(413) 584-6637 108 Main St., Northampton MA

A Taste of Spain in the Berkshires

Creators of Healthy, Dazzling smiles! (413) 298-4433

14 Glendale Road (Rt. 183), Glendale, MA 01229

• Invisalign invisible braces therapy

• Periodontal LANAP laser therapy

• Porcelain Lumineers

• ZOOM teeth whitening

• CEREC single visit crowns

• Smile Vision cosmetic imaging

The Claw Foot Tub

an aesthetic, a choice in home decorating

Michael Ungerleider, D.M.D. Susan DePatie, D.M.D.

41 Hartford Ave. Granby, CT 06035,


(860) 653-3220 •

30 Main Street, Amherst, MA

Subaru 2011 Impreza

2011 Outback 2011 Forester 2011 Outback Sport

Take an additional $200 off with this Ad! Sales, Parts, & Service

1-877-822-7811 2011 Legacy

1138 Newfield St., Middletown, CT

Conveniently located 15 minutes South of Hartford

w w w. s c h alle r a u t o . c o m savoirflairmagazine 75


Connecticut MarketPlace


Auto repairsConnecticut

Captain Grant’s, 1754

Auto repairsConnecticut



National Historic Inn

Automotive & Truck Repair, LLC Bob Reid Life Time Exhaust • 24 Hr. Towing (860) 528-8066 Alignments • Emission Repair (860) 290-6803 Brakes • Struts & Shocks East Hartford, CT Air Conditioning Car Sales

(860) 887-7589 • (800) 982-1772

Auto BodyConnecticut

Percy Auto Body Complete Collision Repairs

Riley & Scranton Automotive Service Center, Inc. EARL BANCROFT - President Complete Auto Repairs Foreign & Domestic Glastonbury, CT Phone (860) 633-3669

Trailer Sales

• Commercial, Residential, Agricultural Construction and Trailers for your TOYS • Over 250 landscape Equipment trailers • Draw Tite Hitches and Accessories • Trailer Repair Financing


(860) 677-2740

1097 Farmington Ave,. Farmington CT

Auto repairs/Transmissions

Roggi’s Auto Service

24 Hour Towing

Capit ol Transmission & Auto Care

Free Estimates!

Family owned & operated since 1934


(860) 728-9379

“Best Auto Service and Repair Shop”

247 Walnut St. Hartford, CT

in the Greater Hartford area for 5 years running!

Auto dealersConnecticut

(860) 522-2076

Bolles Motors - Electronic Fuel Injection Service & Repairs

(860) 875-2595 84 West Road Ellington, CT

for all your Transmission needs. (860) 953-9155 29 Newfield Ave, Hartford CT

Bath RefinishingConnecticut

Tony D’s Auto Repair

• Chrysler • Dodge • Jeep • Ram • New Models • Used Inventory

Diagnostics, Service & Repair

- Drivability Diagnostics - Clutch Service - Engine Service and Repairs - Brake Service and Repairs - Cooling System (Radiator) Service - Steering and Suspension Service - Pre-purchase Vehicle Evaluations - Water Pumps & Timing Belt Service

Bloomfield, CT • (860) 899-1157

The Bath Doctor Don’t Replace That Old Tub & Tile...Reglaze & $ave... the Smart Way.

(203) 699-8700 Call to Refinish!

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Connecticut MarketPlace




Dr. Walter J. Leckowicz Jr., DMD A healthy smile is a

beautiful smile.

High Quality Custom Tattoos

CAD / CAM One Visit Crowns Cosmetic Dentistry

Established in 1997


(860) 666-1466

Whitening Implants Complete Dental Care Full Mouth Reconstruction

103 Market Square, Newington, CT 06111

Justice Of The PeaceCt


Justice of the Peace Robert F. DiBella

117 Fenn Rd. Newington, CT

Liberty Tattoo Specializing in: Traditional American, Oriental Themes, Largescale work such as sleeves and backpieces, Portraiture. Well-versed in other styles as well.

(860) 828-8880 853 Farmington Ave, Berlin CT

30 Years’ Experience Inquiries Welcome

• Flexible Schedule • Ceremonial Assistance • Sensitive to Denominational, Personal, and Family Needs

Find Community Friendly businesses on the go LOOK FOR THE PINK PAGES APP ON ANDROID

Tel (860) 633-5937 v Fax (860) 633-0444 (24-Hour Voice Mail & Pager)



375 Coram Ave.

Shelton, CT 06484

domestic partnerships visitation and custody separation and divorce real estate personal injury Attorney At Law estate planning

Joseph P.

Rigoglioso (203) 922-8100

Admitted in Connecticut and New York

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(617)423 1515


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Harte Nissan 2011 Nissan LEAF™ wins World Car of the Year Earned a Top Safety Pick rating from the Insurance Institure for Higway Safety • New Inventory • Pre-Owned • Service & Parts • Collision • Specials • Financing



Sales Hours M-Th: 9AM - 8PM Fr-Sat: 9AM - 6PM Sun: 12PM - 4PM

Service Hours M-Th 7AM - 8PM Fri: 7AM - 6PM Sat: 8AM - 4PM Sun: Closed





(860) 549-2800 165 West Service Rd., Hartford, CT 06120 78 savoirflairmagazine

Italian Restaurant & Banquet Room

In addition to a la carte dining, we have banquet rooms available for hosting your next unforgettable event. Liquor License and full bar. Every Weds & Thurs: 4 course meal for $20 (appetizer, salad, entree and dessert)

Every Fri-Sat: DJ & Dancing: 9pm - 1am

Finest Italian Cuisine in the Area! Family Owned & Operated Beautfiul View of Pioneer Valley

(413) 648-9107

199 Huckle Hill Rd., Bernardston, MA 01337

Please call for hours!


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Look and Feel Your Best Family Dentistry of Windsor, PC is a progressive practice whose emphasis is on prevention and total body health. Working with ground breaking technology, Dr. Stephen Lipman offers the latest in cosmetic, preventive and restorative techniques. It is truly dentistry of the 21st century. Yet, even the most apprehensive patient feels comfortable and right at home. Dr. Lipman is a charter member of the American Academy of Oral Systemic Health. The latest research confirms that if harmful germs in our mouths are allowed to grow and travel throughout our bodies, they can readily contribute to the cause of many chronic diseases that plague people today. Correct treatment of the mouth reduces harmful germs that can contribute to heart attacks, strokes and other circulatory problems. Researchers are now exam-

Stephen D. Lipman, D.M.D.

860.688.4634 • • • •

ining links between oral germs and other chronic diseases such as Diabetes and Alzheimer’s. Dr. Lipman’s overall goal is to give his patients a sense of well being as well as a beautiful healthy smile . Call today! Dr. Lipman offers a full range of services:

Laser Dentistry Zoom Advanced Whitening Porcelain Crowns & Bridges Porcelain Veneers

• • • •

Implant Restorations Resin Fillings Periodontal Treatment Endodontics

Consider this an open invitation. Call 860.688.4634

or visit us on the web at

Family Dentistry of Windsor, P.C. 230 Broad Street Windsor, CT

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