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Victorians in the Valley

B o s t o n ’ s LG B T G e n e r at i o n Y

As Good AS Judy Gold

Northampton’s Fine Homes

An Int e r v i e w

Beauty and the Bark

Give Me A Ring

Pt o w n ’ s Artsy D o g Pa r k

Craig and Justin Get Engaged

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Going Green



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10 Provincetown by Mark Adams • Fun Amateur Videos From One of Our Favorite Places


Give Me A Ring by Michael Chunyk • the Engagement of Craig and Justin


The Best And Brightest by Elizabeth Gormley • Boston’s Generation Y, Gay and Lesbians Under 30


AS GOOD AS Judy Gold by Wendy Mimran • An interview with Comic Judy Gold


Beauty and the bark by Henry Levine • Provincetown’s Artsy Dog Park


Victorians in the Valley by Michael DuBour • Beautiful Homes in the Northampton Area

48 One size doesn’t fit all

by Heidi Nicholson • Wedding Trends within the GLBT Community

57 The Good, Bad and Awful

6 savoirflairmagazine

by Cleo Berman • A Look at Same Gendered Cake Toppers

departments 10 FILM

YouTube Ptown

14 Fashion The Color Purple 40 GAY and Green 7 Ways to save the Planet

42 Home Improvement

Transform your deck


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FILM Search

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Provincetown Videos Being Watched Now by Mark Adams

LovePaw | Bear Week 2009 6,307 Views TGIFurry Used to be…you talked about “videos,” and you were either chatting about VHS tapes (remember them…?) and, more recently, DVDs and Blu-ray®. Now, you would have to include the much-loved (and much-maligned), where you can find just about anything, including old episodes of your favorite TV shows, and even some heavy male R-rated stuff. Well, at least until the folks who run YouTube find it, and shut you down (you can ask my friend Tom who is a NY porn aficionado about this… he’ll be glad to go on for hours about his experiences getting “previews” of his fine “art” films on YouTube). But I digress. Summer is the time when gay men and lesbians want to check out the latest in their favorite Little Fishing Village of Provincetown, where men are sometimes men and women are…well, you get the idea. Along with the help of our diligent Savoir Flair publisher, as if she doesn’t have enough to keep her busy, I have put together some “must-

Free Hugs Provincetown, MA. 526 Views Pirateaddict4 see” YouTube videos before you climb into that 18-wheeler and head for the Cape of Cod. You can find just about anything imaginable at the tip of Old Cape Cod, and these masterpieces confirm that fact. Most are amateurish in nature but, hey, if you’ve watched any of the crappy reality shows passing themselves off as TV entertainment, the YouTubes I will list here could be Emmy winners, and are the “best” of the bunch. Much of the fun in PTown takes place in front of the Town Hall, located on Commercial Street, midway between the West and East Ends of town. The several benches in front of the building are filled with people who watch the performers that entertain and collect “donations” from the throngs. One of the regulars you’ll find is “Ellie,” a 76 year-old cross-dresser who is, according to the sign she proudly displays, “living the dream.” She’s a trouper. You can find her stationed there all summer, and you’d think that when the

P’town Carnival Parade 730 Views HodlinGallery colder weather came, she’d head down to somewhere in the Bahamas. But, no, on the coldest days of winter, Ellie is still out there, entertaining the “troops” and wearing pretty much the same outfits as during the summer. How well does she do financially? No one really knows, but she’s just one of the many fascinating characters strolling the streets. You can see the YouTube video of one of her better performances here at (I’ve shortened the full URL for space purposes). As you’d expect, Provincetown also has professional talent, with the likes of Bruce Vilanch, Leslie Jordan and Miss Richfield of 1981 (What?? You’ve never heard of her? Do you live in a cave?). But my favorite is Varla Jean Merman, who has been entertaining in the The Little Fishing Village for over 10 years. Varla has appeared internationally, made movies (“Girls Will Be Girls”), and had a part on ABC’s “All My Children,” playing the role of

Help About Safety Privacy Terms Copyright © 2010 YouTube, LLC Language: English Location: Worldwide Safety mode: Off 10 savoirflairmagazine

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Rosemary Chicken. Varla’s performances are always sold out in PTown, and there are several examples of her work on YouTube. This is one of the more amusing: Are the people in PTown friendly, you might ask. Well, golly, yes they are. Why wouldn’t they be? They’re in PTown, for heaven’s sake, home of the “Dick Dock”(a place where boy meets boy for naughty activities). So friendly that a bunch of friends got together and made a video about a Free Hugs Campaign, just because they wanted to “spread love and happiness through hugs.” Awwww. You can view it here at http:// Crazy, you might say. “Crazy” IS PTown, and a couple of fine examples of the crazy are here, or here, where the world-famous dancing police officer has kept things going at the same intersection for decades. He tried to retire a few years ago…they wouldn’t let him. And then there are the women. Kate Clinton has been visiting PTown for as long as I can remember, and continues to pack ‘em in. Then there’s Mimi Gonzales another popular lesbian comic. who put together this funny YouTube video at the Crown and Anchor about Women’s Week. It’s here . There are all kinds of “theme” weeks in Provincetown, from Single Men’s and Women’s Weeks and weekends, to Family Week, the Fantasia Fair; straight transvestite men who like to dress up in women’s clothes, who visit with their wives and children…and Bear Week. The hairy boys put to-

Advertise Today (617)423-1515 gether a fun YouTube video about the event at Herring Cove Beach,: . The highlight of the summer season in Provincetown is Carnival Week, held the third week in August with non-stop festivities, culminating in an amazing Carnival Parade down Commercial Street that would put many cities’ Gay Pride parades to shame. It is not to be missed, and you can get a glimpse of it in this YouTube presentation: . One of the most amusing YouTube videos of Provincetown was set to the music of “Downtown,” and I wanted to end with this one. Unfortunately, as I mentioned earlier, the problem with YouTube is, you never know when the videos will disappear, and such is the Continued On Next Page

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case with this one. So if anyone has a copy of it lying around (not that anyone would ever think of making an illegal copy of something that may have been illegal to begin with), drop me a line at, and perhaps we can meet up in a dark alley… or maybe at the Dick Dock. Enjoy the summer! For over a decade, Mark Adams has been a fixture In Boston’s GLBT Media, writing extensively on film and video of interest to the community.

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TheColorPurple by Henry Levine

Historically purple and it’s lighter cousin lavender, a blending of feminine pink and masculine blue, have been gay colors. Here’s a great and tasteful way to ‘flaunt it’ with purple. When you get bored of all the options that you have in your wardrobe and want to add some interesting yet smart options to

it, purple may be a color worth considering. Even though the first thought that may come to your mind while reading this is that the author is out of his mind, read on and think again. Many people are choosing to adopt the unconventional purple because it makes an elegant and strong fashion statement.

purple, on the other hand, can be teamed with light neutral colors like beige, cream, off-white and light gray. If you don’t want to be ousted by your friends and colleagues in a social gathering couple purple only with bottoms in black, brown, cream, beige, white and gray or on the outside a tan color.

The trick, however, is in the manner you choose the other accessories and how you combine your purple with other colors depending on the shade of purple you decide to wear.

If you are not confident about being able to decide the right color mix and are not positive that you can carry off a purple blazer but still want to flirt with the color, you could try adding a hint of purple to your attire by using purple accessories. These could be in the form of buttons, earrings, scarves, pins, handbags, necklaces or shoes.

Other bright colors are now a yes with purple. Women often mix bright green or red with bright purple. Men’s ties often combine fuchsia, blue, red, yellow or green with purple. If you are in the mood to wear a bright shade of purple, then you should consider dark accessories or a black coat to go along. A black skirt / trouser with a light purple top will make you look like royalty. Dark 14 savoirflairmagazine

But this piece of advice does not mean that you venture out and wear purple socks to match your purple shirt. Wearing one color head to toe smacks of being cheap and flashy. Avoid any kind of purple dress from top to bottom. Too much of purple makes you look exactly the opposite of what you want to appear as.

Purple should be used selectively with a certain angle to give a hint of nattiness without seeming to be flashy. The color purple is beautiful and men and women alike should use it. But still, judicious use of the color is essential to get the desires result. t

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Deciding to take the plunge is no small decision. For Justin Montana and Craig Ricardi, it seemed like a no-brainer. During their engagement photo shoot, this photographer heard their touching story. by Michael Chunyk

18 savoirflairmagazine

savoirflairmagazine 19

At first glance, Justin (left) and Craig (right) might seem like a cliche couple, almost too perfect. Upon further inspection, their connection is touching and unique. They met in Provincetown two years ago where Justin was working for the summer. After a shy first encounter, Craig’s friends urged him to make the next move. Their chemistry filled the studio as they embraced.

20 savoirflairmagazine

On a recent trip to Cancun, Justin asked Craig to be his husband during a surprise candlelit dinner for two on the beach, Craig had given a ring to Justin months earlier in a similar romantic gesture. savoirflairmagazine 21

The wedding is planned for 2012, possibly on the Cape where it all began. They talked about including family and friends in an intimate ceremony.

22 savoirflairmagazine

Justin and Craig compliment each other perfectly. Their chemistry is staggering and their commitment touching. I wish them much love together on their journey -Michael Chunyk

savoirflairmagazine 23

The Best and Brightest

Boston’s Un d e r 30 yr old LGQBT G e n e r at i o n


by : Eli zabeth Gormley

We put out our LGBTQ feelers and found eight inspiring, talented, smart, driven and witty

youngsters with futures as bright as Liberace’s wardrobe. This colorful cast of natives and transplants, are all current Boston area residents excited about life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness (to borrow a phrase from Thomas Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence.) They are utilizing all of these endowed, inalienable rights to coach, create, cook, sing, teach, design, and make people on Xbox Live uncomfortable when they lose to a gay guy gamer. continued on next page

24 savoirflairmagazine

David Chum, 28, Owner and Creative Director, Selah Dor Arlington resident David Chum has his own line of clothing— and not the kind with drying laundry strung between windows. He works where he lives, around the clock, when necessary. “I wake up when I am ready,” he said, “depending on how late I was working the night before. Coffee and emails with buyers, press, my administration assistant, clients, my fabric and notions suppliers, my manufacturers, etc. Then I’m in my studio working on the new collection for the upcoming season or small orders for clients or ones from my online shop. This pretty much goes on all day and night.” Chum’s business has been booming since he started just two years ago. “If I didn’t do this I would get bored,” he said. “I am completely self-taught. I approach my work like it is sculpture. I play with elements of line, shape, form, color, texture, balance, and how they interact and coexist with the body. In this case, it happens to be a female body.” Born to Cambodian parents in a refugee camp in the Philippines, David was raised in Fall River, MA. He came to Boston to study Fine Arts at the Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University. “I like Boston. It is very gay-friendly. I actually forget sometimes that people still have issues with us until I go somewhere else, and it hits me.” David’s designs can be seen at http://www.selahdor. com. Lauren Nadler, 27, Project Manager/Soccer Coach. By day, she’s a project manager for a nonprofit community development center in Hyde Park. In-season, she’s also the assistant women’s soccer coach at

B o s t o n ’ s LG Q B T G e n e r at i o n Y

MIT. Lauren Nadler is exceptionally goal-oriented. “It’s really rewarding to see projects come to fruition and work with people who believe in the same things you do, like providing safe affordable housing to low income people. With coaching, the results come faster. At a game you see that coaching point you made resonate with players, which is rewarding.” Nadler grew up on the Connecticut shoreline. She has lived in Boston for nine years. “I love Boston,” she said. “I think it’s a really good city for young gay people to come of age because there are a lot of different things going on throughout the year. Everyone I’ve worked with has always been very accepting of my sexuality and it’s always been a non-issue.” Good results, like in soccer, come from poise and balance. “Outside of work I like to play soccer, ride my bike, stay active, read and hang out with my girlfriend and friends. I think I’m lucky to have a day job that I love, and to be so passionate about coaching because balancing it all can be difficult at times, but keeping in mind why you love it can make balancing it all a bit easier.” Ulysses Thomas, 29, Bass Baritone Born in Charleston, SC, into a military family, Ulysses Thomas spent his childhood in San Diego and Atlanta. He came to Boston to acquire a Master’s Degree in Voice Performance in 2004, and has since landed in some of the area’s most esteemed ensembles, such as the Cambridge Concentus, Boston Lyric Opera, and Masterworks Chorale. Thomas arrived in Boston without knowing anyone. “I just sort of struck out and thought, now is the time to be on my own. Just being here in Boston, I’ve developed my sense of what the gay scene is really all about. It takes an open mind and it takes a lot of courage to say, here I am and I’ve got something to offer as well. You eventually fall in with a good group.” Thomas is now close to completing his doctorate continued on next page

savoirflairmagazine 25

B o s t o n ’ s LG Q B T G e n e r at i o n Y

degree. Besides music, he loves to read, create video blogs, cook and stroll around the Charles. “Also,” he laughed, “there’s nothing like a good glass of wine.” “Wow,” Thomas said, when asked to recall his favorite musical experience. “I would have to say my first experience at Tanglewood in the summer of 2006. I met a lot of wonderful people and made a lot of great connections. I bumped elbows with some of the most influential musicians in the world, in classical music. That experience is in the top five, for me.” Joanna Ware, 23

continued from previous page

400 Highland Ave. Somerville, MA 02144, (617)625.4200 •

Community Organizer, Keshet

“Keshet is a spiritual organization with a strong Boston presence in local communities,” Joanna Ware explained. “We work to build a vibrant and driving local GLBT and queer Jewish community in Boston, and to work for the full inclusion of GLBT Jews on the national level.” The San Diego native made her way east slowly. She left California, went to college in Ohio, spent a summer in Worcester, and then arrived in Jamaica Plain. So what does she think so far? “I love Boston. I left college looking to be somewhere where I could build meaningful relationships with people, put down roots, and have a strong sense of community. I feel like I’ve really found that. I feel 26 savoirflairmagazine


B o s t o n ’ s LG Q B T G e n e r at i o n Y

Lizzie borden bed and breakfast Located just fifty miles south of Boston, minutes from Providence or Newport, R.I. and the gateway to Cape Cod, this landmark home is accessible from all major highways.

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lucky to be surrounded by a lot of really incredible, smart, engaged, exciting, fun people, which is what makes the city for me.” To unwind, Ware heads for the hills—Vermont and New Hampshire. She’s involved in natural building, which is constructing houses out of earth-based materials. “When I’m looking for something different, I try to engage with the world.” “Keshet does a lot of organizing around social justice for trans and gender non-conforming people around Massachusetts. It’s a really key piece of where our energy is going.” Find out more about Ware’s organization at Alex Cheung, 25, Boston Ironsides Rugby Football Club Member Tw o - a n d - a - h a l f years ago, Alex Cheung went with a friend to rugby practice, got in the game, and has been a member of the Boston Ironsides Rugby Football Club ever since. The Ironsides team is comprised of men of all ages, different backgrounds, professions, and athletic levels. The club is a member of PrideSports Boston, which is an organization that supports the cohesion of area gay and lesbian athletic teams. Cheung is a Boston-native, currently living in Belmont. He’s a criminal justice undergrad at Northeastern University. continued on next page savoirflairmagazine 27

B o s t o n ’ s LG Q B T G e n e r at i o n Y continued from previous page

“I’m probably going to be a cop. The reason why I’m twenty-five and still an undergrad is because I joined the Army right after high school, and I was in it for four years.” He continued, “Personally, I think Boston is great. And for a criminal justice major, there’s an organization called G.O.A.L., Gay Officers Action League. So, for the police force to have an organization like that, somebody will find a place to fit in, for sure.” The busy Cheung is also involved with an organization called Veterans for Green Jobs. “It basically provides veterans with green jobs when they come back from Iraq,” Cheung explained. Veterans for Green Jobs gives returning military personnel education, training, and transition support. Boston Ironsides Rugby Football Club can be found at

Alison Baltos, 28, Chef Alison Baltos spends her nights grilling, baking, and boiling the dishes at one of Boston’s most venerable seafood restaurants. The Florida-native came here two years ago, without ever having laid eyes on a codfish. “In Florida, we don’t have cod recontinued on page 70

28 savoirflairmagazine

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30 savoirflairmagazine

As Good As

Judy Gold

by Wendy Mimran

Emmy Award winning actress and comedian, Judy Gold is best known as the star of the critically acclaimed long-running Off Broadway hit show 25 Questions for a Jewish Mother, for which she was nominated for a 2006 Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Solo Performance. In addition, the show won the 2007 GLAAD award for “Outstanding New York Theater.” The New York Times called this one woman show “fiercely funny, honest and moving.” A book based on the show was nominated for the prestigious Quill Award. She’s been wowing audiences in Provincetown for over a decade. WM: What do you consider your biggest career break to date and why? JG: I don’t know. There have been different breaks at different times of my life. I’ve had an HBO special, been a regular on a sitcom, won 2 Emmys for the Rosie O’Donnell show, and had a hit Off-Broadway show. They are all stepping stones. It’s not like 50 years ago when you would do a set on The Ed Sullivan show or The Tonight Show and you were an overnight success. WM: What question do people ask you the most? JG: How tall are you? WM: We hear about some of the odd things artists put in their contract riders, so what’s the one thing you really need in your backstage area? JG: Fig Newtons WM: What is the funniest thing your children revealed about you to a stranger? JG: I’m not funny. WM: How did you meet your partner? JG: Through Time Out NY’s first singles issue. They profiled me as one of the most eligible singles in NYC. She wrote to me. The rest is history. continued on next page savoirflairmagazine 31

As Good As Judy Gold continued from previous page

WM: Growing up, many lesbian baby boomers had a crush on Julie Andrews. Who did you have a crush on? JG: Barbara Eden. WM: How would you characterize audiences here (Provincetown)? JG: Provincetown is pure bliss. The audiences are so appreciative and happy because they are in the greatest place in the world. My audiences tend to be a combo of gay and straight, and I love that. I have developed so much material on stages in Provincetown and I even recorded my CD there. WM: What’s your most embarrassing moment on a Provincetown stage. JG: Oh G-d. There was a power outage at the Post Office Cabaret and I had to do my show in the dark without a mic. WM: We’ve heard you have a vacation place in Provincetown, how much non working time do you spend in there? JG: Not a lot. I bought a house in 1994, and I used to come up a lot, but with 2 kids in school, it’s hard to get away. WM: Who are your favorite performers here (Provincetown)? JG: Well, I love my sisters - Kate, Lea, Suede, Suzanne, Maggie, and of course, Varla Jean, Hedda Lettuce, Ms. Ridgefield, Thirsty Turlington, Deena Martina, Zoe Lewis. WM: Who are comedians who make you laugh? JG: Comedians tend not to laugh, but I love Joy Behar, Susie Essman, Wanda Sykes, Rosie, Paula Poundstone, Kathleen Madigan, Mario Cantone, Lewis Black, Chris Rock, Louie CK, and the great Joan Rivers.

32 savoirflairmagazine

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More Judy

WM: You find an endless supply of material from your mom, the Jewish Mother. Are you a Jewish mother, too and how is it different or the same as your mother? JG: I am a total Jewish Mother, unfortunately with many similarities to my own, but thankfully a lot of differences as well. I have been known to say, “Can’t you kids just get along?” and “Can I just have one minute to myself?”

Judy’s new show, It’s Jewdy’s Show – My Life As A Sitcom just debuted to rave reviews in Washington DC and will be featured at this year’s Williamstown Theatre Festival. Most recently, Judy has been in the cast of Nora & Delia Ephron’s Off-Broadway play, “Love, Loss and What I Wore.” Gold can be seen regularly on Tru TV’s The Smoking Gun Presents. She has guest-hosted ABC’s The View - where she has appeared numerous times, and appears regularly on The Joy Behar Show on CNN. Judy recently appeared on Ugly Betty, and The Wendy Williams Show. She was the host of HBO’s At the Multiplex with Judy Gold from 1999 - 2009, and Judy also hosted Comedy Central’s100 Greatest Stand-ups of All Time and the GLAAD MEDIA AWARDS, which aired on LOGO and VH1. Her TV specials include a half-hour comedy special for LOGO and she is featured in the HBO documentary, All Aboard. Her stand-up specials include Comedy Central Presents: Judy Gold , Comedy Central’s Tough Crowd Stands Up, and Judy’s HBO half-hour special, which received a Cable Ace Award. Gold was seen in the smash hit film The Aristocrats and the documentary Making Trouble.Gold won two Emmy Awards for writing and producing The Rosie O’Donnell Show. She was nominated twice for The American Comedy Award’s funniest female stand-up.She has also appeared on Law & Order, Law & Order SVU, Hollywood Squares, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and The Conan O’Brien Show to name a few. Gold lives in New York City with her two children. She frequently tours theatres and comedy clubs around the country. Check out

WM: If you weren’t in the entertainment industry what would you do? JG: Not take anti-depressants. (603) 644-8211

40 South River Rd., Unit 32, Bedford, NH

Ecin 1 Ace Street, Fall River, MA 02720

WM: It seems that lesbian comedians have a much easier transition to the mainstream entertainment industry than their gay male counterparts, do you think this is true and why? JG: Absolutely not true. There aren’t as many female comedians overall and we definitely have a more difficult time than the guys gay or straight. Unless you are a nurse or a teacher, you will have a harder time as a woman. Who are you referring to, Rosie, Ellen & Wanda? How many lesbian characters are there on television? How



futon factory

Mon - Fri 9 AM - 5 PM Saturdays - 9 AM - 12 Noon

many 2 mom families are on TV? What about Mario Cantone, Graham Norton, Sean Hayes, Neil Patrick Harris, Bruce Vilanch, Alec Mapa, Ant, Leslie Jordan? WM: What would you like to do that you haven’t? JG: My dream has always been to have a socially relevant sitcom based on my life where there audience forgets that we’re gay because we’re just like every other family. WM: Are you performing in Provincetown this year -when and where? JG: Yes August 15 - September 1. t



Luxurious Bedding at Factory Pricing

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Beauty and the Bark Left: Dog park regulars,Victor (man) and Sissy (dog)

Left: Dog Shed at entrance and interior Dog Sculpture Bench


Furniture for your lifestyle 11 D Commerce Road Rockland, MA 02370 781-871-1225


34 savoirflairmagazine



Provincetown’s Pilgrim Bark Park draws on the talents of Provincetown’s creative community. Starting with the memorial area just outside the park’s gates (see middle photo), the influence of Provincetown’s artistic community is seen in a graceful sculpture overlooking memorial bricks and then in it’s benches including the Mayflower bench that is in keeping with the park’s colonial theme. It’s no wonder Dog Fancy Magazine rated the park as number 2 dog park in the nation while rating the town as the winner of the 2010 DogTown USA competition, saluting it as America’s most dogfriendly city.

Provincetown’s Dog Park Below: An original sculpture with memorial bricks.

The Pilgrim Bark Park provides a safe, friendly place to let visiting dogs really enjoy their vacation. The park has two separate play areas, one for dogs under 25 pounds and one for all dogs. The park only enhances Provincetown’s reputation as a dog friendly destination, where owners can treat themselves to alfresco dining with their dogs at their side and easily find pet friendly lodging in town. The dog park is also turning in to the best place to meet others for both humans and dogs. It is rumored that the friendly atmosphere has been responsible for more than a few romances both human and dog alike.

Above: Dodie and friend with new puppy. Right: Entrance to Dog Park with metal silhouettes dog cut outs Bottom Left: Lucky takes a break next to the Mayflower bench.

At Intercity Alarms, we will customize a security system for you using the latest technology, well-trained staff and years of experience. Your peace of mind is our only priority. Call today for a complimentary consultation.

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Victorians in the Valley Northampton Area’s Fine Homes

By Michael DuBour The rural towns of Western Massachusetts offer diversity, culture and natural beauty. Savoir Flair magazine was invited to tour a variety of homes in Northampton, Conway and Colrain. Styles include a farmhouse, a bungalow, two single family Victorian homes and a penthouse condominium in a dramatic Victorian. Realtor Joanie Schwartz of Delap Real Estate in Northampton was my gracious tour guide for the day.

146 North Hill Drive, The Mountain View Bed & Breakfast, Conway, Country Farmhouse Conway, Massachusetts, a small “hill town” with a population of approximately 2000 residents, was settled in 1762 and incorporated in 1775 (one of the last incorporations prior to the American Revolution). Conway is known for its school system where MCAS scores are among the highest in the state. Real estate agent Joanie Schwartz, my personal tour guide, hosted me at her beautiful bed and breakfast, The Mountain View Inn, which she shares with her partner and children. This lovely bed and breakfast is a country farm36 savoirflairmagazine

house set in 40 acres of pristine, rolling hills and woods. The home was constructed in 1992 and renovated by Joanie and Kate. A winding country road took us to the property which is situated at the end of a long private drive. The white post and beam fence guided us to the home where a large, well manicured lawn spread out below the porch. I sat in their tranquil garden and took in the breathtaking views of Vermont and the valley down into Amherst. The wide open front foyer of the house, with its view of the second floor landing, welcomed me. Light came through the second floor dormer which is incorporated into the entry

space. The staircase gently leads to three large guestrooms on the second level, with notable views of the mountains, thick woods and barn. The large dining room, just to the left of the foyer, features wainscoting and contains a built in cabinet that Joanie constructed herself. A stained glass window, also created by Joanie, splashes blue slivers of reflected light on the dining room table. The living room’s wood burning stove was not in use, but on a cold winter’s day a mug of hot chocolate, a cozy fire, and music from the displayed guitars would provide much pleasure. Joanie achieved the dream of owning the bed

and breakfast seven years ago, after working in Brookline, Massachusetts for 20 years as a real estate agent. She and her family have completely mastered the art of inn keeping and I felt as if I were staying with close friends. We enjoyed an excellent home prepared organic dinner, watched Modern Family and I was tutored on how to play Wii by their son, Liam. I slept soundly in the country silence and awoke refreshed for our tour. Sitting in a rocking chair on the front porch, I enjoyed a strong cup of coffee while breathing in the fresh mountain air. It was the perfect way to start the day.

The Mountain View Bed & Breakfast savoirflairmagazine 37

Victorians in the Valley

continued from previous page

Stetson Brothers Road, Colrain.

Contemporary Mountainside Bungalow Colrain, another quaint “hill town,” has an estimated population of just about 1900 people. Located 100 miles northwest of Boston and bordering Vermont, Colrain was originally established as “Boston Township Number 2.” It was incorporated as the town of Colrain in 1761. A surprising trivia fact is that in May of 1812, this little mountain hamlet was the first to fly the American flag over a public schoolhouse. Colrain was the ideal setting for developer, Bill Cole, to make his dream a reality. Early in his career, during the 1960s, he had roomed with organic farmers in Virginia. In 2005, he purchased the land in Colrain and moved from his home in Hyde Park to develope an eco friendly village. Bill has always loved both the idea of community and the natural environment. This drove him to start Camp Camp, a successful venture that still thrives and is a way for gays and lesbians to enjoy the outdoors and make new friends.

I met Bill as he was preparing his home for a large Pioneer Valley Gay Men’s Potluck, complete with horseshoes and croquet. We sat on his deck and while taking in the views, discussed his project which is a two phase cluster development. These homes utilize the latest in green construction. Geothermal heating, wood burning stoves, solar panels and window positioning are a few of the details that make this development eco friendly. Affectionately called KatyWil after his grandparents, the property consists of 112 acres of wooded mountain land. The recorded history dates back to the 1780’s when the property was purchased in shillings and pounds according to the Registry of Deeds. It was a dairy farm and apple orchard for many years. A smattering of apple trees still hide in the lush overgrowth, a testament to a bygone era when Colrain’s apple cider vinegar was a sought after product. The property was sold in 1963 to what would be a succession of owners who did not harvest the apples or

38 savoirflairmagazine

operate the dairy farm. Nature inevitably enveloped the open space and trees. Bill intends to plant apple, pear and plum trees throughout the land. The Vincent Brook runs through the property and feeds the west branch of the North River. Across the river, 59 acres of the property rests on a gentle mountainside which we could see from Bill’s deck. There are four bungalows currently on the land. Each house has the same footprint with minor variations in floor plan.

Three are completed and one is still being constructed. All have a southern orientation for maximum solar gain. Bill


e M . A

chanical ,

INC . Heating & Air Conditioning Since 1990


Fully Insured Lic # 17762

Rooftop Units •Sales • Service • Installation Central Air • Heat Pumps • Ductless Split Systems Gas Furnaces


Fax 781- 231- 9722

escorted us through an charming country cottage that was purchased by a professional from Boston. The sand driveway, gravel walkway and front yard with an herb garden compliment the contemporary structure. We walk into an entry hall that takes us into a great room with open ceilings. The living and dining areas are combined and comfortably accommodate furnishings for both uses. Large south facing windows splash the room with sunlight and color and are designed to capture as much solar heat in the winter as possible. The length of the eave’s provides shade during the summer and keeps the house cool. The thickness of the exterior walls is designed for optimum hot or cool air retention. The front of the bungalow features smaller windows to keep solar heating at a minimum. The hardwood flooring is harvested from locally grown trees. We pass a wood burning stove and enter a screen porch which overlooks a community garden on the hill below. We walk back through the living room to a small breakfast porch that faces the mountain. The kitchen, which is open to the floor plan, yet set in a bit of an alcove, boasts countertops made from locally quarried Ashfield stone. Custom cabinetry reflects the knots and grain from the wood. A pantry, just off the kitchen, is large enough to double as a laundry room. There are three bedrooms; one is located on the main floor and two on the garden level. The bathroom on the main floor opens from either the entrance foyer or the bedroom. The downstairs bathroom, accessed through the hallway, has a claw-foot soaking tub positioned in the center of the room so as to allow the bather to enjoy the mountain views while relaxing in a hot bath. A shower with a glass enclosure stands in the corner. The two bedrooms on the lower level are large as well. One opens to a large deck constructed from environmentally friendly Trex. It runs along the entire rear of the house. There is a one car garage and a windowless room on the lower level that can be used as a root cellar. This isolated location is perfect for those seeking solace and peaceful relaxation. Bill demonstrates that in 2010,



Brick and Stone Specialists Full Service Masonry And Authorized Paver Installer

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781-933-7500 239 Salem Street, Woburn, MA •

Victorians in the Valley

we can commune with nature and exercise a consciousness about living green. Northampton We visited three homes in Northampton. Known as a Mecca for Gay and Lesbians, this bustling liberal city is considered the cultural center for the area. NoHo, as Northampton is nicknamed, can boast that one of its mayors, Calvin Coolidge, went on to become the 30th President of the United States. Although founded in 1654, Northampton was not incorporated as a city until 1883. A canal which linked a series of rivers to the ocean, helped bring goods, services and the industrial age to Northampton and made it a hub for economic growth and education. Mills and factories started producing consumer goods and internationally known Smith College was founded in 1871. The railroad later replaced canal transportation. The city is dotted with large Victorian homes from this industrial age and it is among these homes that we focused our search. We viewed three: one is rebuilt and uses contemporary design, another is restored and the final is a condominium in a large older home rich in character. 57 Kensington Street, Northampton Rebuilt Victorian Located directly across from the campus of Smith College, where the first women’s basketball game was played in 1892, is a rebuilt Victorian. The street contains a row of Victorian homes, where owners pay careful attention to curb appeal. The house we visited was constructed in 1902 and owned by the same family until 2008. The family converted it to a two family in the 1940s after the children moved out. One son stayed at the property where he lived until his death. The current owner bought the home from the estate in 2008 and immediately continued on page 64

Charlie Murch

Plumbing & Heating Services, Inc. Lic# JPL 26874, Serving MA

Residential • Commercial • Service Repairs • Renovations

508-761-8700 •



savoirflairmagazine 39


seven ways to go green

by Nick Malkoun Change a Light Bulb Installing a compact fluorescent bulb (CFL) is the quickest, easiest way to save energy and money. Unlike incandescents, CFLs convert most of the energy they use into light rather than heat. Good for You: They consume about 75 percent less electricity and last up to 10 times longer (10,000 hours as opposed to 1,500). Replace one 75watt incandescent bulb with a 25watt CFL and save up to $83 over the life of the bulb.

Unplug Things That Glow Anything that has an LED (light emitting diode) that glows even after you turn it off continues to draw power (that you pay for). Your TV, cell phone charger, and printer are likely culprits. Unplug the offenders from wall sockets and plug them into power strips instead. When you leave a room, flip the strip switch to cut the flow of electricity. Good for You: Unplug appliances and electronics that glow and you could save $200 a year.

40 savoirflairmagazine

seven ways to go green

Recycle Your Electronics Americans tossed out a whopping 5.5 billion pounds of electronics TVs, stereos, cell phones, and computers in 2005, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. The result? Millions of pounds of chemicals and heavy metals ended up in the ground even though it’s easier than ever to recycle electronics. The Consumer Electronics Association created to help people find a recycling resource in their area. The site also provides a list of electronics, from laptops to baby monitors, that are easier on the environment and your energy bill. Good for You: The average American household has three cell phones stashed in a drawer. Sell unused cell phones to You’ll receive about $35, and the phones will be refurbished and resold. If 1 million people recycled one cathoderay tube TV this year, we’d keep 4 million pounds of lead out of the ground. Audit Your Energy It’s easier to save energy when you know exactly how much and



Providing Quality Electrical Services to the Boston Area 617.542.2000 fully licensed and insured free estimates

continued on page 61

savoirflairmagazine 41


Transform Your Deck or Porch

Into A Breathtaking Veranda Outdoor porches and decks are built on to a house to give us a comfortable place to sit outside and relax. The sad fact is many times they end up being a catch-all for tools, toys, or junk that we just don't know what to do with! The first step to creating a beautiful veranda is to clean up your porch or deck, and remove all clutter and unwanted items. Power-wash your porch or paint it a new inviting color. Then decide what furniture you want to keep and what you’ll need for your new decor. Wash or touch-up the furniture that you plan to keep. Choose Simple, Durable Furniture. The effects you’ll want to achieve in your new veranda setting are comfort, color, light, and style. First, decide what style and color of furniture you want. If you have an open deck, it is best to buy wrought iron, aluminum, or durable plastic furniture that will hold up in all weather conditions. Purchase a sturdy table umbrella

42 savoirflairmagazine

for shade and cushions that are waterproof. If your porch is roofed or enclosed, you might want to use wicker furniture for a warmer look. Don't clutter your porch with too much furniture. If you don't have room for both, decide if you would rather have a dinette or couch set. There are many choices in seating such as rocking chairs, chaise lounges, loveseats, director's chairs, platform rockers, and porch swings. Time to Decorate Your Veranda Choose lighting carefully because lighting is important for the times you are outside after dark. Candles are always beautiful and cozy, and lanterns hanging above also provide good lighting. Buy some decorative torches that give light as well as keep bugs away. Plants add style and make your porch or deck cozy. Purchase large hooks to hang plants and decorations. Use hanging plants, potted plants, and vases to decorate. Make use of

Transform Your Deck or Porch


for all your wine, spirit, and beer needs. are you planning a special event or party? let us help you select and coordinate your wine and spirits needs...

1750-1752 Washingon st boston ma

oustu rr Ses T o n i s o m e C n O a t rvice n e c c C h TheA

Qualified Players Always Fly Free

oston & Providence s Wit S d Touprartures From: B n A & t nke t De S no JuJunket Je i s a C o Providing Our Players

10 Celebrating ith al w Let us help you

a variety of plants of different sizes and colors. If you cannot grow flowering plants, buy some good quality silk flowers. Hang a few wind chimes and lanterns to add light and color. Your porch will always be inviting and ready when you want to entertain. If you have a large porch or deck, you can also decorate with extra pieces. An extra table, plant stand, or stool can fill a corner and come in handy. Extra pillows and throws will add comfort to your furniture. A relaxing fountain and decorative bird cages add dimension and charm to your veranda. For a personal touch, place one or two items for accents. Choose Your Style There are different styles to choose from for verandas, and you should decorate with the style you like. The classical veranda is plain with angles and solid colors. The romantic veran-

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Wedding resources for the GLBT Community


GLBT–Friendly Wedding Businesses Catering, Function Halls, Officiants, Honeymoons, Disc Jockeys, Live Music, Photographers, Cakes, Florists, Formal Wear, Invitations, Limousines, Video, Wedding Planners, Supplies and more

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46 savoirflairmagazine

Voted “Best Tuxes”- Boston Magazine

Where will your tux take you?

Famous name and designer tuxedos. Merino and Italian fabrics at discount prices. TUX RENTALS -$50.00 ALL STYLES

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One size

doesn’t fit all

Wedding Trends within the Gay and Lesbian Community by Heidi Nicholson, Co Owner Bella Sera Bridal Weddings between gay and lesbian couples can be over-the-top soirées with guest lists closing in on 300, while others are simple gatherings with an intimate feel. Weddings, no matter who they are between, are no longer cookie-cutter events. Couples expect their weddings to reflect their special love and unique personalities. One size doesn’t fit all in the wedding industry of 2010, and shopping for wedding attire is no exception. The wedding gown has historically been known as one of the biggest and most important purchases during the wedding planning process. Today, the wedding gown isn’t necessarily a gown at all. Whether it’s a pants-suit or full tulle ball gown, wedding attire is a mixture of personal style, tradition and the latest fashion trends. We are seeing a return to more of the classic bridal gown. More brides are interested in wearing something with an enduring style. Many are opting for a simpler look with little or no embellishment while others are drawn toward an antique or lace look. For obvious reasons brides have been more budget conscious than in the past. They are also doing a lot of research before making their final decision. 48 savoirflairmagazine

Like their heterosexual counterparts choosing their wedding attire, gay and lesbian couples can have an uncomplicated and effortless experience. However, depending on how much religion, convention and others’ opinions are playing a part in the process couples can quickly become overwhelmed with their options. Even if a second cousin twice removed thinks the chiffon jacket would be better suited with a lace appliqué instead of crystal, the couple needs to remember what their day is all about: uniting, not dividing. The fact of the matter is no one can make everyone happy at the

same time. One trend, though, is quite different with gay and lesbian couples. Many of these couples shop for wedding attire together as opposed to waiting to see each other on the day of the ceremony. Maybe it’s because couples of the same sex are able to give each other honest opinions, as well as loving and supportive feedback. It could also be because these couples are planning every aspect of the wedding together and they view the attire as another part of the process. Whatever the reason may be, these couples are making the wedding attire decisions as a

team and it seems to be working just fine. Our research has found that whether the couple is male or female they are going about the wedding attire search process in much the same way. When choosing tuxes gay couples are leaning toward a very classic style. While not totally conservative they are in search of clothing that not only fits their personalities but also makes a fashion statement. All couples seem to take into consideration that photos taken that day will be with them forever. One of our most recent couples planned their wedding for the beginning of July in Miami Beach, Florida. They were an amazing couple that obviously enjoyed each other. The bride was very fashionable and decided on a simple but elegant silk satin gown. There was very little embellishment on the gown but the fit was absolutely stunning on her. She dressed up the gown by wearing a Russian blusher as her headpiece, a pair of custom made Swarovski earrings with matching bracelet. Her partner opted to wear a suit instead of a gown. She definitely had her own sense of style with an artsy personality. Her suit was custom made just for her. She wore a soft shade of white. They were a beautiful couple who were married in a small ceremony with their friends and family by their side. It is clear that trends in the gay and lesbian community are going in the same direction as the heterosexual community: weddings tailored to the personality of the couple are here to stay and when it comes to customization, the sky is the limit. t


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savoirflairmagazine 49

Ceremonies & Receptions Gay and Lesbian couples welcomed ...if nature had a chapel...

Whaley's Flower Bowl Bethel's First Florist Celebrating 55 Yrs Serving The Greater Danbury CT Area 10:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Mon-Sat

We are committed to offering the finest fresh floral arrangements, backed by service that is friendly and prompt. Because all of our customers are important! Roses • Floral Arrangement • Floral Bouquet • Plant • Get-Well Gifts • Balloons • Bridal Bouquets • Wedding Floral Arrangements • Sympathy • Funeral Flowers • Gift Basket • Flowering • Green Plants • Military American If you need flowers delivered we will deliver our floral arrangements personally to you or your recipients. Contact us to make an appointment so that we will have time to discuss your floral needs for your wedding.

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50 savoirflairmagazine

Want to Get Married in One Day? Over 200 Same Sex Ceremonies Performed No Residency, No Blood tests, No Witnesses Free Planning Help with License, Location Customized Vows on Parchment Paper Photo Disk, Music, Bubbles Portfolio with Keepsake Gold Seal Certificate Hotel/Train Pickup/Drop-off Serving All of CT 24/7, English, Spanish, French

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AccommodationsBoston North

Pink Wedding Pages Accommodations western ma





Linden Tree Inn A distinctive New England Bed & Breakfast Inn Charming guest rooms with private baths. Daily homemade breakfast. A leisurely stroll takes you to a quaint village or a sandy beach.

AAA Approved Member: American Bed & Breakfast America Historic Inns.

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A Newfound Bed & Breakfast

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The Salem Hotel & Marina

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AccommodationsCape Cod

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At Sabella Couture it is our aim to create luxurious apparel for today’s modern bride. It is dedication and exquisite attention to detail, that make our garments one of a kind.

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Support these Savoirflair businesses that openly welcome our community 52 savoirflairmagazine


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Pink Wedding Pages



moore cakes



Full Service Custom Catering | Event Planning Unique & Specific For Your Needs Norwell, MA• 617-921-8993 •

disc JockeyMA


D & D Caterers, Inc. We specialize in catering for all your special occasions weddings, & all other events. fancy Hors d’ouevres to Barbecue dishes

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Event PlannersMA

White Jasmine Weddings and EventsAngela Poulin Berlin, NH 03570 603-915-6545




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FloristCT The

sunshine Shop, INC.

Gene & Betty Merow 925 UPPER MAPLE ST. DAYVILLE, CT (860) 774-1662

Support these Savoirflair businesses that openly welcome our community FunctionMA

savoirflairmagazine 53



Emerson Inn

Pink Wedding Pages

by the sea

Weddings | Dining | Lodging

Rockport, Ma 978-546-6321

Yarmouth House The Yarmouth House Restaurant is the perfect location for that special rehearsal dinner or wedding reception!

lunch • dinner • functions • weddings Early Birds 3:00 pm- 6:00 pm Dinner 3:00 pm - Closing

Lunch 11:30 am - 3:00 pm Sunday Specials 11:00 am - 6:00 pm

508-771-5154 335 Route 28 West Yarmouth, Massachusetts

54 savoirflairmagazine


Pink Wedding Pages



PhotogrphyMA RI


Officiants/Clergy/JPMA JewelryMA



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Elegant Romantic Fun Spiritual



Accent Limousine

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Elegant, Professional & Trusted For Every Occasion

Royden C. Richardson

129 South Main St., Centerville, MA 02632, (508) 7710650, e-mail: “...No other human ties are more tender, no other vows are more important..

(508) 473-2262 Reservations: 508-473-8929 800-698-2322

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Support these Savoirflair businesses that openly welcome our community


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Specializing In All Types Of MASONRY

B&B MasonryMasonry and Masonry Restoration Construction, Inc. (781) 586 - 1011 SPECIALIZING IN ALL TYPES OF MASONRY ■

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56 savoirflairmagazine

Wedding Cake Toppers The good,

The bad


The awful

By Cleo Berman

The wedding industry has embraced gay/lesbian weddings. Here are some wedding cake toppers with our not so serious comments. continued on next page savoirflairmagazine 57

Wedding Cake Toppers continued on from previous page

Celebrations | Portraits | Events ME | CA | MA | NY

Salt Shakers Get Married This grouping of wedding toppers is a cross between salt shakers and nip bottles, clearly falling under the less than desirable heading. The cheesy flowers further cheapen these cake toppers. Are they cute or are they less than desirable? It’s your call.

The Helpful Groom? This topper is called the helpful groom , is he lending a helping hand or making an escape? On a positive note it’s action packed.

58 savoirflairmagazine


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Wedding Cake Toppers Better Lesbian toppers often feature one lesbian in a pant suit and one in a gown. These toppers are made specifically for lesbian weddings; unlike the two brides in gowns adapted from heterosexual wedding toppers. One thing we didn't see was women in tuxes which is common for lesbian weddings. Oh well maybe next year.

A for effort?

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Two heavily veiled dolls on top of a cake similar to a burqa effect....popular for lesbian wedding held in the Middle East? This looks like a home made job for lesbian wedding on a budget. A for effort?

A display of passion. These are made for and probably by the community. What is more gay or lesbian than a same sex couple kissing wedding topper?

Male Toppers Most male toppers are adapted from general toppers, they usually have two differently clothed males or different hair color side by side, distinguished by different clothes. However in the case of interracial couples, they are identical in dress. See there is a science to this!

Menage a?

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These toppers look like adaptations from a second marriage wedding. Choose your race, hair color and go for it. t savoirflairmagazine 59

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seven ways to go green continued from page 41

where you’re using it. Investing in a home audit takes a couple of hours and pays off with a list of things you can do to curb consumption. Find an auditor through your utility company (at low or no cost), or hire one ($450-$650). A list of auditors certified by the

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Insurance Agency Inc. nonprofit Residential Energy Services Network, is at (click on Consumer Information). Good for You: On average, an energy audit shows how to save up to 30 percent on utility bills. Support Local Farmers If your food could talk, it would tell quite a tale. Typical grocery store produce travels nearly 1,500 miles before it ends up on your plate. All this traveling burns fossil fuels and results in carbon

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emissions - a fancy term for pollution. Buying from local farmers means you’re not only getting the freshest food possible, you’re saving energy.

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seven ways to go green continued from previous page

Technical Enterprises Inc.

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Rhode Island does not have a procedure for specialization of attorneys.

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Good for You: To find farmers nationwide, visit, sustainabletable. org, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Let Your Grass Grow Spending less time tending to your lawn actually makes it greener -- in every sense of the word. Most grass species fare best when they’re kept at least 2 1/2 inches tall. The length creates more surface area to absorb sunlight, which creates thicker turf and deeper roots, which means you won’t need to water as often.

Good for You: Save money by letting grass clippings remain on your lawn; it adds nitrogen to the soil and discourages weed seeds from germinating. You’ll need less fertilizer and herbicide. Plus, leaving clippings on lawns means less in landfills; in 2005 Americans disposed of more than 12 million tons of yard waste.

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vivere bene - mangiare bene - socializare

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Victorians in the Valley

embarked upon a large restoration project. It was in significant disrepair and required a practical rebuild. While the owner was dismantling salvageable architectural features of the property, he discovered the true age of the house by a journeyman’s signature on the main staircase, a typical “branding” for the period and trade. In this class A restoration, the developer has successfully married

splendid contemporary finishes with Victorian elements. I was able to discover original details of the home such as the coal chute and some original wooden support beams. The tower room, one

of the most recognizable features of the Victorian architecture, has been made into a closet and storage space. The front porch which has been freshly painted contains wide plank flooring and narrow beading in the ceiling, complete with hooks for hanging plants. A gracious foyer welcomes us into the home and leads naturally into the front parlor where two sets of bay windows overlook the street. The formal dining room boasts an original fireplace that has been accented with inlaid earth tone, glass tile. New, thick black wrought iron floor vents, reminiscent of the Victorian period add contrast to the newly finished hardwood floor. The kitchen in the rear of the house is large and open to an eating area overlooking the back yard. The kitchen has black granite, brand new stainless appliances and a glass backsplash. Sliders open to a small deck that leads down to the intimate backyard. There is a free standing garage at the end of a short driveway with a bluestone path which leads to a larger patio in the backyard. The landscaping is impeccably done with flowers and infant shrubs planted in mulch and gravel beds. Six bedrooms grace the second

Metropolitan Boston's Premiere Dog Kennel!

and third floors. An interesting feature of the second floor master bedroom is the walk in closet. A pocket door opens to a large dressing room closet complete with a window and dark bamboo flooring. The third floor was carpeted and the rooms were designed around the whimsical angles and circular patterns that only a Victorian of this style will contain. Victorian enthusiasts will absolutely adore this home. Although the contemporary infusion may be a distraction at first, within minutes the enthusiast will feel completely at home.

141 State St., Northampton Restored Eastlake Victorian

Is there a house in your neighborhood where you always want to see the inside? Next time you are in Northampton ask a local if they have ever peeked at the interior alves sba contractors

complete renovations

kitchens • bathrooms • basements painting • repairs • carpentry masonry • concrete work plumbing & electrical • hvac & sprinkler systems sill & beam replacement structural engineering/work fire damage • waterproofing

Open 7 Days • Bedding & Food • Grooming Service 116 Kimball Rd. Amesbury, MA • 978-388-0096 •

64 savoirflairmagazine

residential • commercial • lic & insured

since 1982 brighton ma | (617)783-4400

of the fabulous blue home where State Street meets Bright Street. They will know exactly which house you are talking about. This powder blue, fanciful, Victorian is the property that everyone is curious about simply because of it’s magnificently inviting curb appeal. Nestled on a corner lot, the home is a showpiece for the area. Lovingly renovated in 2002, you really do feel as if you are in 1880 era Northampton as you gaze upon the house from the front walk. This, in part, is due to the original slate shingled roof, white painted hand-railed front porch and herring bone brick patterned walk. The perimeter of the yard is surrounded by a low profile black wrought iron fence. Local rumor has it that the home was designed

by William Fenno Pratt, a

prominent architect who lived in Western Massachusetts during the late 1800’s. Pratt is celebrated for having designed the Northampton town hall and over 175 additional buildings and homes. We walked through the front gate, an exquisite piece of ironwork that features the sun and moon

entwined. The large wrap around front porch provides ample shade and is large enough to host an afternoon tea gathering. This is where homeowner Scott met us. Scott and John had moved to Northampton after spending several years in Florida. The entry hall is wide enough to receive three of us. The dark hardwood flooring, lined with mahogany inlay, leads to the kitchen. A silver steam radiator, one of a few in the house, is in the hall, dormant for the summer. The receiving parlor is set in the front of the house and looks out through a bay window to the lawn. This room is a great place

Victorians in the Valley

Now offering Eco-Friendly paint including

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Pill Hardware 743 Mass. Ave. Cambridge, MA (617)876-8310

Warren Hardware 420 Tremont St. Boston, MA (617)426-7525

FREE Commercial Delivery Benjamin




to people watch as passersby stop and marvel at the house. Another smaller room, with windows facing the porch, is used as an entertainment room. The formal dining room in the rear of the house can accommodate a sizeable dinner party. The built in china cabinet is still in place and in good condition complete with a serving continued on next page

Contact Lenses • Eye Exams Designer Eye Glasses • Same Day Service All Major Health Plans Accepted 1395 Atwood Ave. Johnston, RI • 401-943-4330 •

savoirflairmagazine 65

Victorians in the Valley continued from previous page

counter. The kitchen is finished in

marbled tan and brown granite with earth tone tiled backsplash. There is a cozy breakfast nook overlooking the side yard. The staircase to the second floor contains the original finial and balustrades. The second floor landing is an open hallway and leads to three rooms. The master bedroom is in the front of the house and is awash in sunlight from the bay window. A hallway along the side of the bedroom leads to an enormous walk in closet and bathroom complete with a soaking claw foot tub, standing shower, bidet and two windows. This is truly a master bedroom suite. The guest bedrooms are decent in size as well. One is original to the home’s floor plan and is set over the roof of the front porch. The other is an addition above the kitchen. The newer room is large with a roomy cathedral ceiling. There is a delightfully decorated garage, separated from the house, located at the head of a short, neat driveway. The house is indeed as impressive inside as out.

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76 D Crescent Street Northampton

This home, perched on top of a hill, dominates the landscape of the

neighborhood and commands an audience from anyone who passes by. An antique black wrought iron fence, original to the house, runs along the front yard and is dotted with intricate details and curves.

Enormous trees offer shade to the side-

66 savoirflairmagazine

Precourt Remodeling remodeling experts

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(413) 485-7177 David Miller • John Morrin • Lic #13058A

walk below. The façade and dormers of the home are adorned with detailed gingerbread trim. The Mansard still contains slate shingles adding to its impressive curb appeal and stunning appearance. This home was built as a spec house in 1874 by architect John Minor who was known for his mansion designs. The studs of the house were mass produced in Indiana and brought to Northampton by train. John Minor marketed the area on and around Crescent Street, where he developed other mansions, as Round Hill Estates. He sold the home that year as a single family to a businessman from Cleveland who purchased a soap mill in nearby Easthampton. The Long Depression which lasted 1873-1879 took its toll and he went bankrupt. The house was sold at auction in 1875 for $2500 back to John Minor, who in addition to building the residence, held the mortgage. The last sale on record was in 1920. The owner at the time died and her estate sold it for $9,000. It was turned into a multi family building in 1940. Dick McGee, the current owner of this home, purchased it in 1978 when he and his wife decided to move to Northampton. The minute they walked in the front door his wife commented on how much she loved the impressive stairway. This motivated him to pay the asking price of $90,000. He immediately removed the asbestos siding which was added in the 1940’s. He converted the property to condominiums in 2003. They moved into the first floor apartment with twenty foot ceilings, alabaster mantled fireplaces and large cavernous rooms. He admits that this was hard to give up when he moved. The entry foyer, which is accessed through two columns, is finished in high gloss dark paneling, and continued on next page

savoirflairmagazine 67

Victorians in the Valley continued from previous page

the walls, steps, risers and balustrades have been impeccably maintained throughout the years. A chandelier hangs from the ceiling and sparsely illuminates the entrance which adds to its period feel. A mosaic tiled floor greets us and leads us to the staircase. Each set of steps ends at a landing where two apartment doors have been whimsically painted bright colors to offset the dark paneling. Prior to the apartments being built, when the living space was open to the staircase, the enormous radiator set into the foyer wall heated the entire house with the help of fireplaces. Pendant light fixtures hang on each level of this magnificent stairway. Two spectacular semi circular outdoor porches, which overlook the large sloping front yard, are accessed through French doors on separate levels. The entry door to the condominium is a full length French door made of distorted and etched glass. This captures light from the hallway yet provides privacy. We step into a gracious foyer which flows to a receiving parlor on the left with large arched windows overlooking the front yard and treetops. Large solid French doors swing open into a formal dining room. The kitchen has a walk in pantry and direct access to an exclusive three season balcony porch facing the backyard. This condominium features high, wide arched doorways which were used to symbolize the importance of rooms. This is evident as the two large bedrooms and an additional narrow staircase are accessed from the large foyer through a very high arched doorway. I climbed the stairs to 68 savoirflairmagazine

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Victorians in the Valley


M u Ce ffle nt r er

We’re good • We’re Honest • We’re Eco the exhaust specialist Foreign & Domestic •autos | trucks | vans •stock systems •custom flex pipe installation •custom high performance systems

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Suzanne G. Maher V.M.D

Medical, Surgical & Dental Services Diagnostic Ultrasound on site Feline Boarding Exotic Pets Welcome. 19 Atlantic Ave., Marblehead, MA (781) 639-1300

a cupola which offered breathtaking views of the Holyoke Mountain range. The foyer also leads us to a bathroom that contains the original bathtub, sink, floor and wall tile all in perfect condition. The floor plan is undisturbed from the original design. The entire ceiling was made of tin and painted and the pattern is whole with no evidence of deterioration. The hardwood floor was is perfect condition. Dick informed me that this entire apartment was the servants’ quarters and heated by a wood stove whose chimney can still be seen in the front bedroom. The light throughout this condominium is soft, warm and inviting with an amazing energy imprint. t Author; Michael DuBour is a Real Estate Broker for Prudential Douglas Elliman in New York City. He is also a licensed Real Estate Broker in Boston and Provincetown. He writes the real estate blog “The Closing Table” and can be reached at

rivet Funeral Home and Crematorium We proudly provide the families of Merrimack and surrounding areas with the very best in personal and professional service. as a full-service funeral home, we are able to meet the need of every family we serve.

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B o s t o n ’ s LG Q B T G e n e r at i o n Y continued from page 28

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70 savoirflairmagazine

ally. We have grouper. You have a different range of fish here, but it is amazing. The swordfish, the tuna, it’s phenomenal. The lobsters are more flavorful here.” Baltos is now a Charlestown resident who chose Boston because, “it was really hot in Florida. I traveled to Boston many times because my sister used to live up here. I just really fell in love with the city, and the history of the place and the seasons.” She finds freedom in the culture. “I come from a smaller town where there’s not a lot for gay people to do. I would have to travel outside the county and go three towns over to go to a gay bar. Whereas here, you can pretty much go anywhere and it’s fine. It’s a lot different. I like it here.” When she’s not over the hot grill at work, she is cooking at home, creating soups on chilly nights that are still a novelty to her. “It’s my favorite thing when I can just grab from whatever’s left in the kitchen and make a stock.” The best meals to create at work? “Cape Cod oysters with a Bloody Mary salsa, with a splash of vodka, horseradish whipped cream, and cracked black pepper. A bone-in pork chop with chorizo and clams, and we put a little broth with it. Amazing.”

B o s t o n ’ s LG Q B T G e n e r at i o n Y

Michael Trindade DeRamo, 24, Nonprofit Specialist Michael Trindade DeRamo said, “I am twentyfour-years-old, born and raised outside troubled, beautiful Detroit—and very proud to say so.” DeRamo had the “great privilege” of moving to Boston six years ago, and has been “infatuated ever since.” He is on the staff at the Massachusetts Alliance of Portuguese Speakers. “My mother is from Brazil so it’s been a joy to reconnect with the culture that surrounded me as a child.”

Boston has been good to him and the gay community, but he takes nothing for granted. “We still do live in a world where, in many places, just being homosexual is a capital crime. Just look at the Pride flag flying over City Hall [in June]. That’s not something you can do in most of the world.” Future plans include globetrotting and a career in foreign policy. “I think it comes out of being raised in a multicultural home. I’ve tried other gigs to test myself, but when your heart keeps returning to something, it’s probably trying to make a good point.” So how does he relax? “I definitely use restaurants to unwind. There’s nothing like a luscious dinner at Orinoco to erase the stress the day has wrought.” No doubt his glass is always half full.

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Our Primary Care Clinic specializing in outpatient home de-addiction has been serving MA communities for years with a personalized, comprehensive, and comforting approach to de-addiction including quality primary care and counseling services provided by specially trained, friendly providers. We have over 30 locations serving Massachusetts communities across the state including Springfield, Worcester, Brookline, Malden, Weymouth, Cape Cod, Pittsfield, Framingham, and North Andover. You will be greeted by our welcoming staff and will have no wait to take control of your life once again. Walk-ins are always welcome. We accept all Insurances including MassHealth and BMC and also offer self-pay options.

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continued from previous page

Upholstery Oriental Rug Pet Odor Control Post Construction Janitorial Services Tile & Grout Cleaning Emergency Flood Service Tel. 401.274.9733 1-888-233-1139 Strip & Wax Carpets P.O. Box 113988- North Providence, RI 02911


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Robert Gable, 23, Web Developer “I was born and grew up in New York City, specifically in Chelsea, Manhattan. It’s no wonder I’m gay,” said Mr. Robert Gable, sharp and irreverent. “[Now] I live on the edge of the South End. I’m sure everyone says that.” School brought him to Boston, six years ago. He’s now a web developer in Cambridge. “I was tutoring other kids about programming web sites in 6th grade. Making stuff on the computer is a bit like magic. You can sit down at a computer and create a website out of nothing.” Even at night, the screen beckons him. “Hulu can be pretty hard to resist. Coming-out was a process aided by his attending college here in town. “I can definitely say that my campus’s LGBT group had a positive effect on my development. When I got to college, saying aloud that I was gay still always managed to get stuck in my throat and come out as more of a cough or whimper. If you’re in college or grad school, you should check out the local student groups.”

earn extra $ money $ In Your Own Home have a gold party

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B o s t o n ’ s LG Q B T G e n e r at i o n Y

On the Boston-New York rivalry: “My first problem is that the bars here close at two. Boston is pretty well defined by its college crowd. You’re not going to find anything interesting to do around campuses. Get out more! I knew someone who went to school in Boston and never even ventured as far as the North End.” To relax, Gable wages virtual wars. “It makes some people on Xbox Live very uncomfortable to get their ass handed to them by a gay guy, and I like to exploit that.” t

About the Author

Elizabeth Gormley is a graduate of Emerson College. She has been published in several local and national publications. She does an arts blog for the online literary magazine, Wild Violet. She is putting the final touches on a memoir about waiting tables in Boston, where she lives, writes, and works as a bartender.

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Free half hour initial consultation for new clients. Competent and complete legal services for everyone. Pre-nuptial agreements, dissolution /separation agreements, divorce, custody/support cases, same-sex divorce, real estate, wills and trusts, contract disputes, deceptive consumer act disputes and landlord-tenant issues.

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Ha ve

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• Residential • Decks & Porches Specialist • Affordable Rates • All Calls Returned Promptly • All Types & Sizes • Custom Design • Roofing & Carpentry

Construction & Remodeling Doug Bergeron: 617-756-1741 Quality Construction & Renovations, LLC



all work guaranteed &

O Donovan Construction licensed


617-770-2942 • 617-594-3344

MA LIC #88660 MA REG 117058

House cleaning! Fully Insured

781.858.4454 Call Mike Gilberg today for a FREE quote

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programs Blue Bubble Cleaning Flexible Quality work


Fair prices Always on time


Builders (781) 953-7811


109 Milton St, Waltham, MA 617-834-6729

HIC REG# 130306

Fully Insured

Quality Residential House Cleaning

Neto’s Cleaning Service Family Owned & Operated. Over 13 Years of Experience Great Rates. Daily, Weekly or One-Time!

We offer Commerical cleaning as well!

Fully Insured • Free Estimates Local References

508-330-4464 508-875-6275



Plumbing • Heating • ELECTRICAL


building restoration and preservation since 1932 P. J. Spillane Company is a contracting firm focused on building-envelope maintenance and rehabilitation. From new construction projects to structures centuries old, P. J. Spillane Company specializes in building restoration, repair, and waterproofing.

617-389-6200 •

general contractor All General Remodeling/Repairs Bathrooms Kitchens Decks/Porches Carpentry Plastering Tiling Snow Plowing

Licensed & Insured • Proud Member of Angie’s List

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Savoir Flair Marketplace Drains/PlumbingMA


Plymouth County

Well & Pump Inc.

189 Clare Ave. Hyde Park MA 02136


Complete Water Services Water Filtration Sales & Service Complete Pump Service Residential & Commerical Irrigation Specialist & Maintenance Fully Licensed & Insured

Specializing in: Sewer and drain cleaning,

High Velocity Water Jetting, Camera Inspections, Pipe Locating, Root Removal.

Dave 508-866-9444



ElectriciansWestern MA Demolition/dumpsterMA

ABC DEMO & REMOVAL 800 Main Street, Malden, MA 02148

Blanchard & Daly electrical contractors residential • commercial • industrial

service upgrades & repair completely insured and bonded in business since 1982 lic #10509 (617) 921-6692 “Job too big...No job too small”

Family Owned and Operated Licensed and Insured 24 Hour / 7 Days a Week

413-527-1234 FloorsBoston



SANDING INSTALLATION REFINISHING REPAIR All types of hardwood floors. Quality work for a reasonable price. Free estimates!


Dry CleanersMA


CleverGreen Cleaners

“We put the green in dry cleaning” 7


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Phone: 617-892-3511


Heating OilCape Cod


"Where Experience Matters" Serving Provincetown & Truro Family owned since 1937 24 HOUR EMERGENCY SERVICE

Budget Plans • Automatic Delivery Cash Discounts • Same Day Delivery Complete Heating Systems Boiler Replacements 37 Franklin St., Provincetown



Small Pleasures Antique & Fine Jewelry Custom Work Watch & Jewelry Repair

142 Newbury Street


Broadway Jewelers Your Glass Specialist! Auto • Home • Commerical Stuart Glass Inc. 56 Leo M Birmingham Parkway Brighton, Ma 617-782-3494

Fine Jewelry • Design • Manufacturing

172-176 Broadway Chelsea, MA 617-889-1132

Savoir Flair Marketplace Landscaping/tree/suppliesMA


Benson Ser vices Tr e e & Landscape Weymouth 781-331-4300 Quincy 617-471-1868 Abington 781-871-4304

Nick Ieronimo landscape supplies

benches birdbaths mailboxes light posts oriental lanterns stone ducks natural stone gardens obelisks birdhouses & feeders 457 Wareham St. Middleboro, MA


Landscaping–Pets Masonry/StoneMA


Custom Natural Stonescapes At Reasonable Prices Free Estimates * References Organic Design Using Middle Eastern & Mediterranean Style Stone To Create A Beautiful Natural Effect Patios • Walkways • Landings • Stairs • Terraces • Planters • Fireplaces • Driveways • Walls • Fountains • Rock Gardens Ponds • Waterfalls

“The Stone Man” 617-206-4399

One of the only Estate Planning Firms focused on LGBT Couples & Families!


KLO (617) 573-0010

60 State Street, Suite 700 Boston, MA 02109

R.B. Cooke & Son Inc.

jack’s Painting

Residential• Local & Long Distance Moves

Interior / exterior painting finish carpentry wallpapering tiling

Family owned & Operated since 1946

Fully Insured 617-265-1900


free estimates • local refrences

Dr. Barry Shomali optometrist

101 Tremont St., Ste. 406 Boston, MA

Attorney at Law

(617) 720-4005

LimousineMA Accent Limousine Service

Serving Greater Boston, The Metro-West, Providence and Worcester - (800) 696-5466, We are proud sponsors of the HRC and the Gay Men’s Domestic Violence Project! Since 1985 our business has grown by providing our clients with safe dependable transportation in luxurious vehicles driven by professional uniformed chauffeurs. We have perfected our operation so that you will arrive at your destination on time and in style. Our friendly office staff are experts in the transportation industry and are ready to help you plan your special outing. We truly pride ourselves on delivering professional personalized service so whatever your occasion call Accent then just sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. Use promo code: PINKPAGES to receive 10% off.



Barbara J. Macy Real Estate • Family Law • General practice of law More than 20 years serving the gay/lesbian community.

Glasses made while you wait Most prescriptions filled Contact Lenses Hearing Aids & Batteries 617-296-0066 Dorchester Lower Mills 2271 Dorchester Ave.


Rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau!


Customized for your style

(617) 426-3236

Support these Savoirflair businesses that openly welcome our community

ask for jack day or evening office (617)859-7997 Cell (617)719-5511 Free estimates

MA license #101414

wallpaper stripping/hanging home improvement & remodeling carpentry, porches & decks sash-cord repair interior/exterior painting power washing roofing, gutters & vinyl siding replacement windows & storm windows/doors

Gerard Mulligan (781) 219-8627

Pets New England The Pet Shop

165 Harvard Ave., Allston MA 02134 (617) 787-0857, www. Experienced, personal service. Has a unique selection of reptiles and amphibians, freshwater fish and goldfish, tame and talking birds. Full selection of pet accessories. Aquarium equipment and supplies. Open 7 days a week.

Mainely Puppies

Many Breeds Available! Poodle mixes, Chihuahua, Yorki mix, Peek-a-Pooh, Puggle, Shih-tzu mix Pups exclusively from Riverside Kennel of Maine 2 0 7 - 5 3 9 - 1 5 2 0 • 6 3 4 MAIN ST. O X FO R D , ME savoirflairmagazine 77

Real Estate–Waterproofing

Support these Savoirflair businesses that openly welcome our community Real EstateBoston

Serving South Boston, Dorchester, Jamaica Plain, Roslindale, West Roxbury, Dedham and beyond.

Amy O’Brien 781-726-2521 Donahue Real Estate Company 15 Bryant St. Dedham, MA 781-251-0080

“Neighbors Helping Neighbors”

Real Estatecape Cod real estate • vacation rentals • waterfront homes and land for sale

Wellfleet, Truro & Eastham • 508-349-2245



2 Florence St., Malden, MA 02148, (781) 324-5454. 515 Woburn St., Tewksbury, MA 01876, (978) 934-9300, (800) 299-1074, The Salter School’s reputation for success is built upon six decades of educational excellence. A private institution, our specialized day and evening programs are designed to prepare students for some of today’s fastest growing careers, giving graduates an effective way to begin a high-growth career with excellent income potential. 112 Industry Ave., Springfield, MA 01104, (413) 7812276, 189 Brookdale Drive, Springfield, MA 01104, (413) 732-0546, (800) 959-7599, For over 40 years, Branford Hall Career Institute has been providing real world education to students throughout the Northeast. Branford Hall offers day and evening courses in some of today’s fastest growing careers, giving graduates an effective way to begin a high-growth career with excellent income potential.


One Summit Place, Branford, CT 06405, (203) 488-2525, 995 Day Hill Road, Windsor, CT 06095, (860) 683-4900, 35 North Main Street, Southington, CT 06489, (860) 2760600,(800) 959-7599, For over 40 years, Branford Hall Career Institute has been providing real world education to students throughout the Northeast. Branford Hall offers day and evening courses in some of today’s fastest growing careers, giving graduates an effective way to begin a high-growth career with excellent income potential.

SChools/Career EducationNH

M&J Roofing & Carpentry

Gay Friendly

Interior & Exterior Work Residential & Commercial

Free Estimates Services: Roofing Windows Gutters Siding

SChools/Career EducationMA


LOOKING TO BUY OR SELL A HOME? Call The Matthews O’Brien Sales Team!

Margaret Matthews 781-801-9050

Savoir Flair Marketplace

Masonry Decks Remodeling Additions Carpentry



670 North Commercial Street, Manchester, NH 03101, (603) 624-7222, (800) 758-7679, www.seacoastcareerschools. com. Since 1995, Seacoast Career School has been providing real world education to prepare students for successful careers in high-demand fields. Seacoast Career School meets state licensing requirements and is institutionally accredited by the Accrediting Council of Continuing Education and Training, (ACCET) a national accrediting agency approved by the U.S. Secretary of Education. you will find out quality is second to none.


The Forgotten Foot

Womens ‘s Fashion Shoes in hard to find size Available in WW’s! 6.5-11 Also Sizes 4M &12M Directions: Framingham, Rt.9 West, Go past Wal-Mart (we have no sign on Rt.9) and take right at orange AT&T Sign


225 Worcester Rd. Framingham, MA


In Davis Square @ College Ave United Methodist. 14 Chapel St., Somerville, MA 02144 (617) 8460708, Sunday services @ 5:00 pm. E-mail Pastor Nizzi Santos-Digan at, www. for more info. Founded in 2002, CWM reaches out to the Boston GLBT community, proclaiming God’s inclusive love for all. We provide a safe, open, and affirming environment that also ministers to progressive, straight allies who are searching for a more inclusive congregation.


Need a vacation?

We have every thing you need to have fun, safe and well deserved vacation. We specialize in family vacations, cruises and honeymoons. Call or email.

Thomas Moore

Tzell Travel

110 Hudson Street, Somerville, MA 02144 617-293-3402

Stone RestorationMA WaterproofingMA

Have Granite? Protect your investment. Its time for professional re-sealing. Let us put the sparkle into your stone countertops, vanities, and floors.

Tucceri Granite Restoration Stain Removal • Clean • Repair Seal • Polish


Gay Friendly

GOT FLOODED? BASEMEN T FLOODED? 508-280-9264 We install Dry Basement Systems


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Free Estimate

George C. Willard Co. Quality Workmanship Since 1873 hic #106642

We are a trusted company offering quality workmanship established in 1873

Residential • Commercial Roofing asphalt, slate, wood, rubber, copper Siding wood, vinyl Carpentry all types Masonry patios, walls, steps, chimneys Gutters copper, wood, aluminum Custom copper work

781-326-2807 1201 East St. Dedham, MA

Sushi • Teppanyaki • Hot Pot

& More...

South Shore, presents its best in Asian cuisine at our 5 locations Fuji 1546 Restaurant & Bar 1546 Hancock St. Quincy, MA 617.770.1546 • Featuring: the best sushi, fine dining, sports bar and lounge, karaoke, cocktails, live music, and wireless internet.

Shabu Restaurant 397 Hancock St. Quincy, MA 617.689.0288 •

Enjoy the best in Japanese hot pot in an outdoor setting of our new Japanese bamboo garden. This upscale Japanese restaurant serves up everything from appetizers to soup based broths, a la carte dishes, a wide selection of meats and seafood entrees to please every palate.

Beni Cafe 405 Hancock St. Quincy, MA 617.657.0008 • Quick & Casual, “For those on the run or simple for those who are hungry...” Featuring: Online accessible computers, wireless internet, everything from teriyaki chicken, beef, seafood, to fresh sushi pre-boxed in lots of combinations.

Kama Lounge 39 Cottage Ave. Quincy, MA 617.773.3002 A lounge to relax in cozy comfort for a friendly evening out or dance the night away with our various choices of entertainment. Serving tapas, small plates, oysters, cocktails and more.

Bistro Chi 37 Cottage Ave. Quincy, MA 617.773.3000 • Upon entering the door you will know that you have arrived at the right place. The decor is clean, modern, with soft subtle lighting, perfect for a satisfying dining experience. If you think you like Chinese food, think again, because once you have tried one of our house special dishes, it will bring your expectations of Chinese food to a whole other level.

FUJI 1546 Restaurant & bar • Shabu restaurant • beni cafe • kama lounge • bistro chi

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SavoirFlair Summer 2019  

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