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Impact Report 2022


-Psalm 119:105

The Year of the Bible 2022

"Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.
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Message from Graham

Dear burlpres friends,

As the new year begins, I’ve been asking myself some important questions; “How do you capture the story of a church? What does the story of a church look like? What does it sound like? What is the impact of a church’s story?”

Well, first, the story of a church needs to be captured by more than just numbers, reports, statistics and data-metrics That’s why we are launching a new format for our Annual Report that includes pictures, graphs, colorful illustrations, and captivating stories. Enjoy!

One way to capture the story of a church might be to list off some of the events and activities that a church engages in. Here’s a short list from 2022: The Year of the Bible, Eggstravaganza, Animal Blessing Sunday, Guatemala and Mexico Mission trips, Christmas in July, the completion of the Peace Garden, the Oberammergau passion play, Family Worship Sunday, Kirkin of the Tartan, the Care Conference, a Young Adult Small Group, All Soul’s Service, Snow Day, and the Chapel Renovation project.

Another way to capture the story of a church is to talk about the incredibly gifted staff members that God has sent to our church, and the staff members that we celebrated as they moved on This last year, God sent both Rev Cynthia Purvis and Danny Navarrete-Estassi We celebrated the ministry of Joan Cleary

But perhaps my favorite way to tell the story of a church might be to tell the story of one of our most important members This past Tuesday, the longest standing member of our congregation came to visit me Her name is Donna Mauss, and she was the first child ever baptized in our church in 1925 Now, 98 years young, Donna recounts with joy memories of her own father who bought the property where our church now resides, on the corner of Easton and Balboa. Donna beams when she remembers her parents, and several other zealous people, back in 1925, going door to door around the neighborhood and asking people if they would be interested in joining a new church that was starting just around the corner. Donna’s picture is included at the bottom of this letter.

May Donna’s story of joy about our church infect you with a similar joy as we begin this new year together. May the events and activities that we engaged in together, spur you on to even better and bigger events and activities this next year. And may God continue to bless our church, the stories we tell and the stories we will write together I remain

Yours in Christ,

Who We Are


To connect people with God, build relationships, and together serve the community and the world.



Christ-Centered Safe





Founded in 1926, burlpres (First Presbyterian Church of Burlingame) is a Christ-centered, Bible-based Presbyterian church that loves God and people everywhere. We are a member of The Presbytery of San Francisco, which has over 50 churches across the San Francisco Bay area.

"A church in Burlingame for all, in the heart of the bay area."



In-Person Only

New Horizons

Young Adults

Online Only


365 Year of the Bible emails

365 Morning Prayer emails

Pastor's Bible Study

Wine + Wisdom

Prayer Chat



Women Together

Saturday Morning Men's Fellowship

Faith Seeking


"Women Together is a “rock solid” group that specializes in caring for one another through prayer, discussion, learning, and action. Because of this support, the presence of God is a reality in each life."

Care Ministries

Our care ministries team provides practical, emotional, and spiritual care through the presence of God’s healing love to individuals who are experiencing a time of crisis, transition, illness, loss, or any other life challenge.

Examples of care provided during 2022 include:

A member of our congregation suffered a stroke and was in the hospital or rehab for three months. She does not have family in the area. Our deacons visited her, prayed with her, and occasionally took her sandwiches since she wasn’t too keen on the rehab facility’s food! They made sure her apartment was cleaned, and laundry done before she returned home, have been providing regular meals, going to the bank, grocery shopping, and taking mail to the post office for her as she continues to recover

30 individuals attended Soul Shop: a faith-based suicide prevention workshop to help us respond to those who are experiencing hopelessness and desperation.


members of our congregation who are unable to physically come to church, are facing health or family challenges, are caring for chronically ill family members, or who lost a loved one, were each given flowers and words of encouragement at Easter and Christmas by our Care Ministries Team.

Care Ministries

Throughout the year, 136 individuals in our congregation and our community asked to be held in prayer (for healing, comfort, peace as they faced surgery, cancer treatments, the death of a family member, major life transition, etc.) by the 50 prayer warriors on our Prayer Ministries Team

1 3 6 40

Each year on All Souls Day (November 1st), we gather for a contemplative service to remember individuals we have loved and who have died, whether recently or long ago. Through a community ritual, we seek the Spirit’s comfort as we say their names out loud, ring bells, and light candles in their memory.

10 individuals facing a time of crisis or a major life transition received about 300 hours of support from our trained team of 11 Stephen Ministers.

40 individuals who are providing care to a loved one with a progressive illness, dementia, or Alzheimer’s attended our three-week, fall care conference.


We held celebrations of life and resurrection for 19 beloved members of our congregation and local community.


Mandarin- Taiwanese


The Year of Abundant Life


35 adults and 5 children, on average, gathered for worship each Sunday followed by lunch and fellowship

Learning how to live a life in its abounding fullness of joy and strength for spirit, soul, and body.


30 local attendees and 15 international attendees join our on-line fellowship each Friday evening

We celebrated our 41st anniversary as a congregation during worship on Easter Sunday Throughout the year, we recognized many significant events: the ordination of Jessica Liu and Alex Sun as deacons, the commissioning of Elaine Liang as a lay pastor, six baptisms, the reception of seven new members, and celebrated the life of our beloved elder and coworker TK Lee

Jazz pianist

Chilin Huang joined us for a performance during our Moon Festival Concert

March 13rd - Ordination Service of Deacon Jessica Liu and Alex Sun

April 17th - 41st Anniversary and Easter Sunday Service.

April 17th – Baptism of 3 adults and 2 children. Received 4 new members.

May 8th – Annual Picnic Sunday.

June 5th – Ordination Service of Commissioned Pastor Elaine Laing.

August 14th – Baptism of 1 child and received 3 new members.

September 10th – Moon Festival Concert performed by jazz pianist Chilin Huang

December 7th – Celebrating the life of Elder TK Lee

December 18th – Combined Christmas Worship Service with FUPCSF

“I came that they may have life, and may have it abundantly.” - John 10:10


We believe that Christ calls us to love our neighbors as ourselves and to work for justice for all God’s people. We are called to act boldly and compassionately and believe that our Missions are a demonstration of our faith

We work alongside non-profit, faithbased organizations that meet the physical and spiritual needs of communities and ministries that build and equip churches throughout the world. In 2022, some of our partners included:


KBC Ministries – Moldova & Ukraine

Orphan Compassion – raising funds for Cameroon orphans

Zygarewicz Missionary – Ukraine & Russia

Frontiers Mission – Iraq (Bob Blincoe)

Foundations for International Mission – Honduras


One Great Hour of Sharing


CALL Primrose

Divorce & Relationship Recovery Groups

Generations United – Redwood City

Hillcrest Chaplaincy

A few times a year, we offer service opportunities abroad to share the love of Christ with people around the world. In 2022, some of our short-term mission opportunities included:

Amor Ministries – Mexico Mission trip

Faith In Practice – Guatemala Work trip


Mount Hermon

Peninsula Multifaith Coalition

Samaritan House


Project Harvest Uganda

Purchased 2 2 acre demonstration farm in Bwindi where orphans and their foster families together learn gardening best practices from an Israel educated agricultural expert. They produce spinach, sweet potatoes and kale on their own plot of land to eat and sell

Faith in Practice


Karen and Paul Preston once again led a team of 40 surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses and translators to Antigua to perform 87 surgeries and procedures for Guatemala’s poorest of the poor at Las Obras.

Total Mission Giving in 2022


“The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’
Matthew 25:40


Puerto Rico

When hurricanes Irma and Maria struck Puerto Rico in September 2017, the town of Loaiza, one of the poorest in the country, was left isolated and without power for weeks The results were devastating on a population already without resources. A group of nonprofits, including BurlPres’ Orphan Compassion, pooled resources to help Loiza restore an abandoned school into an emergency shelter. Funds were donated to establish a solar array with backup batteries to run an emergency medical and communications facility. Additionally, Orphan Compassion funds set up a fully-equipped room for kids and teens to use during an emergency In the 2022 hurricane season, the emergency shelter with solar power worked perfectly to safeguard Loaiza’s most vulnerable citizens.

Christmas in July

We brought holiday cheer in the middle of the summer by delivering goodie bags filled with treats, toys, new clothing, and gift cards to 50 school-aged kids from our sister churches at Igreja Presbiteriana Brasileira (IPB) and Latinos Unidos En Cristo (LUEC).

“Thank you once again. You have no idea how much joy you bought to my people. Please extend my words of gratitude to Pastor Graham and the congregation. You are in my heart and prayers…”

Rev. Jorge W. Abdala, IPB and LUEC.


3 Family Worship Services

Ash Wednesday

Exodus 19:1-8, Deuteronomy 5:27

Lent is a season of being shaped into God’s treasure. Our challenge, not just for Lent, but the whole year is to spend time daily with God, reading God’s Word and reflecting on what we read. When we read the Bible, we are like pirates hunting for treasure. We are looking for gold nuggets. The nuggets are God’s wisdom, encouragement and advice for living our lives We are like the rocks with rough edges

During Lent, our rough edges are being smoothed down so that our true beauty shines out

Family Worship | John 15:1-17

Belonging is so important in our friendships. We all need a place where we feel accepted for who we are A lot of connections are built on this feeling that others really see me and I’m affirmed for who I am When we belong, it’s like a place that feels so right we want to remain there forever

Christmas Eve

God gave the world the most incredible gift Jesus grew up to bring joy to the whole world. Jesus is a gift to every single person in every single place across all time.

Our burlpres Kids worship in their classroom Kids sing and dance around as we learn the hand motions to many of our favorite worship songs.

During Sunday School, kids engage in hands on activities that stimulate their learning and growth.

God’s love is shared by our dedicated and kind teachers

Sunday School


200 kids

600 adults

30 volunteers

Trunk or Treat

We spent 6 weeks learning to appreciate the special moments that come from each phase of development. The exciting reality is parents have 936 weeks between a child’s birth and their graduation. Make the most of every moment!

Parenting Small Group

Special Events

Family Beach Day

Fall Lesson Series

Adolescence is a journey of discovery. That journey comes with twists and turns along the way. There are some big questions that we ask ourselves: Who Am I?

Where Do I Belong?

We never outgrow the need to ask questions Many of us search for answers online, in a relationship, or in a book. Unfortunately, we can’t Google every question we have in life. When there are multiple possible answers to a question, it can be confusing. Following Jesus provides practical answers to life’s biggest questions. Jesus invites us to discover the answers to some of life’s most puzzling moments by taking one step at a time



College Student Care Packages

Mailed to 12 students to provide encouragement as they start the new school year.

Launch HS S Asked the drivin

What does it look adult?

“It’s been a joy serving the Middle School ministry since 2014. This past year has been no different. Under Pastor Cynthia’s leadership, I’m comfortable serving knowing it’s an exciting place for students and their friends to grow their faith.”

2.16 miles


89 s'mores

Confirmation E p h e s i a n s 6 : 1 01 8

Young Adults

“The young adult group at church has been a great experience full of fun, interesting discussions, and feelings of uplifting and comforting community. I highly recommend for more people to join in the future!”


Readers appreciate accurate information

The Preschool has been a wonderful learning environment for our son

All of the teachers and staff have encouraged curiosity and a love of learning The community around the school has been warm and welcoming for a first-time parent and I appreciate their dedication to providing a well-balanced start to our son's education - Chris M

We remained steadfast in ensuring the health and safety of our preschool families and steadily began to have more in-person small group celebrations and events during the second half of the year.

Burlpres Preschool has been amazing to us

Preschool has been amazing. Our 4-year-old is in the Pandas class now She started in the Chipmunks class and from day one she loved it She built an endearing connection with the teachers and all of the staff rather quickly Because of that, our trust in them endured through the past 2 years and it is very comforting as we leave her in good hands We are very thankful for the caring and nurturing teachers as our sweet girl has been able to blossom while keeping her essence Viva First Pres Preschool!

Our 4-year-old is in the Pandas class now. She started there in the Chipmunks class and from day one she loved it She built an endearing connection with the teachers and all of the staff rather quickly Because of that, our the sense of trust in them we endured through the past 2 years and has been it is very comforting as we leave her in good hands We are very thankful for the caring and nurturing teachers as our sweet girl has been able to blossom while keeping her essence Viva Burlpres!

The preschool offered more schedule options for parents to choose from. We are open from 7:45 am – 3:00 pm. Parents are able to enroll their child only for the morning or for an extended day up to 3:00 pm. Hot lunch is provided for children who stay for the afternoon. Many preschool families enjoyed various events held by burlpres, such as Snow day, Friday Mixer, Trunk or Treat, and Movie Night.

We thank our hard working and creative preschool staff for their contribution to provide a well-loved, thriving, Christian, play-based preschool program in Burlingame. It is by God’s grace that we are able to serve many preschool families in our community.



We prepare an environment for children to be fascinated by the world, and leave them free to discover on their own.

Learn more about Julie Corpuz, Preschool Director, and the First Presbyterian Church Preschool at burlprespreschool.org.

Police Officer Piquette and Firefighter Ramirez came by to share about their work during the weeks the children learned about Community Helpers.

Many families enjoyed their children’s creative work and had a chance to mingle at our Art Show 2022.


50 Team Members

“For me, serving on the worship team began with a simple question from Susan, and it’s led to many new friendships and those have led to a newfound interest in serving with my son on mission trips.”

-Tim Kingsbury, bass guitar

Special Worship Services

Ash Wednesday with NextGen Ministries

Easter with the Menlo Brass Quintet

23 animals blessed at Animal Blessing Sunday

4th Annual Kirkin of the Tartan with orchestra and bagpipes

All Souls

Christmas Concert Series featuring organist, Peter Bassford and soprano, Jessica Cates

The Celtic Christmas Cantata featuring a 25-piece orchestra

Christmas Eve Family Service with NextGen Ministries

150 Broadcast over 150 services to our online congregation.


200 Led the church in worship with over 200 songs.

…I found out that some poppy seeds don’t bloom right away! Some of them take a long time to come up, but when they do, it’s a beautiful sight. And this table here is a symbol of the Kingdom, and the Kingdom of God only blooms in God’s time. So, we just keep sowing seeds…cast those seeds, don’t give up, and that, my friends, is how we go upward and onward with God.”


Peace Garden

Finding a sacred space to contemplate the challenges and joys of life is essential Last summer, our Buildings and Ground team worked tirelessly to create this welcoming haven for our community and congregation We are so grateful to our Buildings and Grounds Team, Thomas Salas, and everyone else who helped make this space a reality

The Chapel Renovation

For almost 100 years, our chapel has been an intimate and sacred space for worship, baptisms, weddings, and memorial services. We are extremely grateful for the generosity of many of our members which made the recent renovation of our beloved chapel possible

We are not quite done with everything that is planned Still to come will be new stained-glass windows, new liturgical furniture (communion table, lectern, and baptismal font), a desk to house all the computer equipment, and a few other things

We pray that as God meets us in this place the Spirit will continue to bind us together in Christ for many more generations to come.

Being a member of the chapel renovation committee has allowed me to bring my skills and experience to such a wonderful project. Most importantly, I had the opportunity to build new and deep friendships with the other four committee members. That is one of the key reasons I’m so glad to be at burlpres. - Paul Chapman

Learn more at burlpres.church
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Mission Giving

2022 Mission Giving