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What is Summit City food? Summit City is at the beginning of a dining renaissance. Food trends are swiftly shifting from the generic to the original, as new restaurants pop up every year in the city’s downtown quarters. Five years ago, the most adventurous food someone could find was a crab cake at one of the few local restaurants available for casual-to-fine dining. Scallops, shrimp cocktails, fried fish and fillets were at the center of Fort Wayne’s dining circle. While there is certainly nothing wrong with salmon and crab cakes, none of them are original or native to Fort Wayne. Although we have no clear-cut answer to what Summit City food is, the right steps are being taken to find out what it may be. Restaurants are currently transitioning the city’s food focus to local products and what better represents Fort Wayne: high-quality farm meat, fresh produce and delicious, striking twists on classic food items. Younger generations are more concerned with where their food comes from, how it is produced and what it tastes like. Fort Wayne is becoming continually more disinterested in greasy classics or a cheap salad doused in ranch dressing. Summit City wants a hamburger made from

a cow processed three days ago or a cooked duck from Maple Leaf Farms; a gourmet grilled cheese with a cup of homemade soup; a signature cocktail made by a favorite bartender in town and a craft beer from one of the local breweries; or a pizza with homemade sausage and local produce, all within the confines of a rural-meets-city setting. Fort Wayne is also branching out from what are generally deemed more traditional ingredients and are increasingly interested in adventurous options many new restaurants are offering, like pork belly, bone marrow, alligator, hog brain, chicken liver pâté and pig ears.

Instead of scrunching up their noses to unfamiliar ingredients on the menu – gastrique, sorghum, somtum, nasturtium, coulis and yuzu – Fort Wayne restaurant-goers are coming out of their comfort zones to embrace new flavors and ideas. Summit City food has found a safe middle ground for the time being. While classic options are still available, the quality of these options has increased tenfold as people are more interested in supporting local farmers and product, even for a higher price. Local chefs can introduce the area to new ingredients under the cover of more

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familiar items and will likely be able to continue to do so as people become bolder. Fort Wayne hasn’t quite landed on a distinct definition of its food but is on a journey of self-discovery. Chicago has the Chicagostyle hot dog. Philadelphia has the Philly cheesesteak. New York has New York cheesecake. Chefs and residents alike are taking in ideas from around the world while moving Fort Wayne’s dining scene in a new and exciting direction, one where it doesn’t copy other cities’ food successes but looks within itself to find exactly what Summit City food can be. Page ­1

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Homecooked meals

Coolest treats



Salad bars

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Craft beers

Serving Fort Wayne Since 1973 Serves Lunch, VOTED Dinner and Drinks BEST MEXICAN Take Out RESTAURANT Catering FORT WAYNE, IN: 2009, 2010, Outdoor Seating 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015 & 2016

el Azteca Restaurant & Tequilla Bar Find us at 535 E. State Blvd. www.elaztecarestaurant.com

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Diners indulge in the offerings at the Golden restaurant on a summer evening

Fort Wayne’s dining scene

TAKING OFF Fort Wayne’s dining scene has gone from a few local joints and a myriad of dining chains to a hub of locallyowned, fresh and original restaurants. A new restaurant has popped up every year since 2007 and most of them focus on native products and catering to the development of the local dining scene. The reason for the rising restaurant trend in the area can be owed to multiple events coming together at just the right time. As the country began looking more closely at its food production in the early 2000s – pesticides, GMOs, animal treatment, etc. – attitudes towards the big companies and their products started changing. People are increas-

ingly more interested in natural-as-possible, local products. Fort Wayne was no different. Around this same time, many of those in the restaurant industry, or interested in joining it, looked more closely at the benefits of local products, mainly that of quality and taste. Many local chefs to open restaurants in recent years trained at Joseph Decuis, a restaurant dedicated to both quality and local product. Summit City was also continuing to push for a downtown revitalization after the deindustrialization of the city in the 1980s and abandonment of the downtown scene. Chefs

around the area felt that energy and inspiration, and began moving in the same direction: the downtown needed help drawing in visitors, and what better way to interest people than delicious and original food? However, quality comes with a price. Those who grew up eating a burger and fries for $5 may find prices at new local eateries shocking. Besides the restaurant industry’s pricing still playing catchup with the rest of the economy, the prices at these restaurants reflect their excellence: when one considers that a burger is

made from locally raised beef, the bacon is cured and smoked in-house from local pork producers and the bun is made in-house as well, the money starts adding up. And while the l See SCENE on PAGE 29

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The coolest treats in Dairy Sweet

Carousel Ice Cream

13305 State St., Grabill

1937 E. State Blvd., Fort Wayne 717 Broadway, New Haven

Take a step back in time and indulge in arguably the best banana split in Allen County. This local ice cream joint, which has a diner vibe, also serves lunch and dinner, but be sure to save room for dessert. The shop serves up soft serve and hand dipped-flavors, as well as root beer floats. Each treat is just as sweet as the rest.

This local ice creamery is all about homemade goodness and keeping it local. In addition to the two shops bearing the company’s name, it also owns the West Central Microcreamery and Café on Union Street in Fort Wayne. The most popular flavor here is the Oreo banana concoction.

Stop in & enjoy some of our Best! All Day Breakfast, Soups, Salads, Burgers, Steaks, Baby Back Ribs, Seafood and Mediterranean Specialties.


We are Club Soda, celebrating 15 years as Fort Wayne’s number one spot for sizzling steaks, cool jazz and commodious cocktails.

• Fine Dining • Live Jazz • Lunch & Dinner • Catering 235 E. Superior St., Fort Wayne • 260.426.3442 info@clubsodafortwayne.com Lunch Hours: Monday-Saturday 11 a.m.-2 p.m. Dinner Hours: Monday-Thursday 4 p.m.-10 p.m.; Friday-Saturday 4 p.m.-Midnight

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“My Favorite Place Since 2006.” Liberty Diner Ryan Duvall, FW Journal Food Critic

• Breakfast • Lunch • Dinner Best Greek Salad & French Onion Soup Your Family Restaurant-American/Mediterranean Style in New York Atmosphere

2929 Goshen Rd. • 484-9666

Open 24 hrs. Fri & Sat. • 5:30am-10pm Sun-Thurs.

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the Summit City Edy’s Ice Cream at Parkview Field

Zesto Ice Cream

1301 Ewing St., Fort Wayne

What’s a summer without at least one stop at Zesto’s? The soft-serve ice cream cones are iconic in the Summit City. With the original location on Broadway, the franchise has three additional locations in Fort Wayne and shops in Angola, Huntington, Bluffton and New Haven. Sundaes, shakes and Razzles make a perfect sweet treat.

During baseball season, grabbing a cup or cone of Edy’s ice cream and cheering on the TinCaps makes a perfect evening. For nearly 30 years, Edy’s factory on Wells Street has been churning out delicious flavors for the national brand.

2225 Broadway, Fort Wayne

Free Order of Saylor Stix with purchase of “Chicago Style” Pizza at menu price.

Coupon must be present at time of purchase. Offer good thru 12/31/16.

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Farm to fork Organic. Local. Farm-to-fork. These buzz words and phrases are all trending in the restaurant industry right now. Some restaurants do it for the notoriety and the money it brings in, capitalizing on what is stylish at the time, but those joints may move onto the next trend when it comes around regardless of quality. However, several restaurants in Fort Wayne who are, by definition, farm-tofork locations, practice it regardless of trends. The owners of these restaurants believe fresh food is more ethical, healthier and just tastes better. Tolon proudly touts its use of fresh and in-season ingredients, partly influenced by owner Nicky Nolot’s childhood. Growing up on a farm, her family raised their own meat and produce. When going into business with her husband, Matt Nolot, they believed that fresh and local was the best route for their business. “If we wouldn’t eat it, I’m not going to give it to our guests,” said Nicky. She added, “The restaurant is an extension of our home.” Many of the restaurant owners using local product do so because they appreciate knowing where their food is coming from and having a relationship with the farmers. Some of the farmers even deliver directly to the restaurants. “Those guys [Hawkins Page ­6

A poached egg sits atop a bed of rice and vegetables in this dish at the Golden

Farms] come to the restaurant and eat dinner. They deliver the food and we talk to them about different types of peppers or potatoes coming. You miss that personal and inside information if you buy from a big company,” said Sean Richardson, one of the owners of the Golden. Local farmers can better regulate quality because they generally raise and deliver smaller batches of livestock and produce, allowing for more attentive and personal care. On Gunthorp Farm, all of the animals are pasture raised without GMO feed, antibiotics or growth hormones, and their pasture is certified organic. The farm specifically raises a breed of

pig, the Duroc pig, because it still has outdoor instincts and can best survive in a pasture environment, said Kara Gunthorp, director of sales and marketing for Gunthorp Farms. The Gunthorps and other local farms believe outdoor living is best for its animals, as do many of the local chefs using pasture farms to obtain their ingredients. “Just as a human being, it makes you sick to your stomach to see how [large production farmers] treat their animals,” Richardson said. “People aren’t wise to that because they just don’t know l See FARM on PAGE 31

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If we wouldn’t eat it, I’m not going to give it to our guests.” Nicky Nolot Tolon

Paving the way

The old guard breeding the new Joseph Decuis, a pioneer in northeast Indiana for using fresh, locally grown and raised food, is producing talented chefs who are opening their own restaurants all over Fort Wayne, including 800 Degrees, the Golden, Junk Ditch and the former Chuck and Bird’s Market-Deli. Joseph Decuis, owned by Pete, Alice and Tim Eshelman and named for their 18th-century ancestor, originally started as a private dining facility for the Eshelman’s busy sports and entertainment insurance business in 1996. Four years later, its popularity led them to open it up to the public. It is uncommon for a single restaurant to produce so many chefs who then go on to open their own establishments. However, Joseph Decuis’ reputation as one of the only local top-tier restaurants has continually attracted chefs that are willing to put in the time and effort, for possibly less pay than other locations, in exchange for the learning experience. “I think the really best chefs want to move and expand their own ideas and grow,” said Alice Eshelman. “It’s a good thing.” Joseph Decuis’ enthusiasm for local products and proper

animal treatment encouraged its owners to raise their own pigs, grow some of their own produce and practice whole-animal butchering. Their commitment and practices have inspired many of its employees to continue the same customs at their own restaurants. Former Joseph Decuis chefs Sean Richardson and Aaron Butts, owners of the Golden, use local food sources and are experimenting with whole-animal butchering as well. Sommelier Carmen McGee, Butts’ wife, also previously worked at Joseph Decuis and is now helping run the Golden. “Joseph Decuis elevated the culinary game for me; it showed me the avenues for how to be a better chef,” said Richardson. “Joseph Decuis encouraged going out and learning, and we do the same thing at the Golden now.” Recently opened restaurant and brewery Junk Ditch uses many of the same suppliers as Joseph Decuis and also abides by a lot of the same local food practices. Junk Ditch was established in 2015 by Andrew Smith, Jack May and Dan Campbell, all Joseph Decuis alumni, and their wives. The three couples also

Plates of food are prepared in the kitchen at the Golden, above, and a pizza bakes in a brick oven at 800 Degrees.

are involved with the Affiné Food Truck and GK Bakery. Ultimately, what laid the groundwork for former Joseph Decuis chefs to then open their own restaurants is the encouragement Joseph Dequis’ owners and management provides its chefs. Both Smith and Richardson spent time at other establishments and worked in other countries to expand their culinary knowledge and skills, which was encouraged by their bosses at Joseph Decuis. The restaurant also gave its former chefs the space and resources to experiment and get creative. “The best thing was, they created an environment that was conducive to learning and expanding,” said Matt Rogers, founder and owner of 800 Degrees and former Joseph Decuis chef. “Whatever we wanted to try and order to experiment with, we were

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allowed to do that. They were very supportive of the ideas we had . . . it was a nurturing environment.” What caused many chefs to leave Joseph Decuis has nothing to do with the work environment then, but the lack of advancement available; the issue with starting at the top of the local chef food chain is there is nowhere to go but out. Rogers, who worked at Joseph Decuis two different periods, found himself in this position: once he worked as the sui chef but began wanting more. At this point, he left to begin 800 Degrees. Richardson, Butts, May, Campbell and Smith had similar experiences in their careers. “If you want to continue l See OLD GUARD on PAGE 30 Page 7

MUST-TRY HOME-COOKED MEALS Liberty Diner 2929 Goshen Road

AVGOLEMONO SOUP: A mixture of chicken, lemon, egg yolk and rice, create a hearty and creamy soup. Its initial familiarity as a chicken soup is immediately enlivened with the unexpected but pleasant zest of lemon, keeping a somewhat classic-feeling soup dynamic and delicious.

Sun Rise Café 10230 Coldwater Rd Fort Wayne, IN 46825

JOHN WAYNE: An invention of the owner, the John Wayne is an omelet with mushroom, onion and American cheese, topped with a hefty spoonful of chili and cheddar cheese. The plate also comes with a side of hash browns and toast.

Friends Too/ Friends 3720 W Jefferson Blvd/1824 Dupont Rd

THE GREEK COMBO PLATE: The Greek Combo Plate has a little bit of everything for those who just can’t make their mind up. It includes a pork souvlaki and a chicken souvlaki (shish kabobs), a bit of gyro meat, pita bread and a dolma (spiced ground beef stuffed in a grape leaves). The plate also comes with feta cheese, olives, a spanakopitaki and a tiropitaki; both are phyllo dough, flaky like a croissant, stuffed with either warm spinach (spanakopitaki) or cheese (tiropitaki).

Cindy’s Diner 230 W Berry Street (260) 422-1957

GARBAGE: A hefty serving of eggs, hash browns, cheese, onions and bits of ham all in one giant scramble, creating an omelet-like combination of all the best breakfast foods. Garbage also comes with a side of toast.

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The Hall’s FAMILY STORY While the new restaurant scene is trickling into Fort Wayne’ downtown, one local chain has stood the test of time since the 1940s. What was one small diner has grown into a Fort Wayne legacy with 13 different restaurants,including taverns and Japanese cuisine. The Hall’s story is the epitome

of the American dream – a good idea, a lot of elbow grease and a strong support system, right in America’s heartland. The Don Hall’s Family of Restaurants story begins with family and continues thriving through family. Seventy-six years ago,

Don Hall was a local butcher who worked alongside his father in a family meat market business. When supermarkets began infiltrating the shopping scene, eliminating the need for separate vendors, Hall saw an opportunity to continue working with what he already knew in a new and trendy way.

Front row (left to right): Matt Hall, Ben Hall, Johanna (Hall) Clauser, Alex Hall, Sam Hall, Sydney Hall, Elle Hall, Tim Hall, Megan (Hall) Burton, Bud Hall. Back row (left to right): Jeff Hall, Max Hall, Lester Hall, Jake Hall, Tommy Hall, Luke Hall.

Don Hall quit the meat market business and opened Hall’s Drive-In on Bluffton Road in 1946, with dining inside and window service parking l See HALLS on PAGE 30

Now available at your local retailers.

Local, Award-Winning, Handcrafted Wines Since 2001 Free Wine Tastings • Open Daily 6208 N Van Guilder Rd Fremont, IN 46737 www.satekwinery.com 260.495.9463

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International eating in the Italian CASA RISTORANTE 7545W Jefferson Blvd., Fort Wayne (260) 436-2272

Mexican SALSA GRILL 7755 Coldwater Road, Fort Wayne (260) 755-6933

CASA GRILLE 411 E Dupont Road, Fort Wayne (260) 490-4745

CEBOLLA’S MEXICAN GRILL 236 FernhillAve., FortWayne (260) 484-8423 602 E Dupont Road, Fort Wayne (260) 497-8762 5930W Jefferson Blvd., Fort Wayne (260) 436-1650

CASA GRILLE ITALIANO 6340 Stellhorn Road, Fort Wayne (260) 969-4700 SALVATORI’S 10337 Illinois Road, Fort Wayne (260) 625-5600 TOSCANI PIZZERIA 120W.Wayne St., FortWayne (260) 423-6706

DON CHAVA’S 1234 N.Wells St., FortWayne (260) 423-6677 DOS MARGARITAS 4230 N Clinton St. FortWayne (260) 426-1118

ITALIAN CONNECTION 2725 Taylor St., FortWayne (260) 432-9702

CASA GRANDE MEXICAN GRILL 1026Woodland Plaza Run, FortWayne (260) 209-5125

ZIANOS 5907 Covington Road, Fort Wayne (260) 444-4348

LOS CABOS MEXICAN GRILL 10812 Coldwater Road, Ste. 1100, FortWayne (260) 637-0515

THE VENICE 2242 Goshen Road, Fort Wayne (260) 482-1618

EL AZTECA 535 E State Blvd., FortWayne (260) 482-2172 LAS LOMAS 2202 FairfieldAve., Fort Wayne (260) 744-6896

DANNY’S ITALIAN GRILL 6121 N Clinton St., Fort Wayne (260) 484-4444 ALL THAT JAZZ 6330W Jefferson Blvd., Fort Wayne (260) 203-5971

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EL PARAISO 4135 Hessen Cassel Road, Fort Wayne (260) 441-9007 MI PUEBLO 2419W Jefferson Blvd., Fort Wayne (260) 432-6462

TACOS ARANDAS EL AMISH 2012 Broadway, FortWayne (260) 420-2731 AGAVES MEXICAN GRILL 212 EWashington Center Road, FortWayne (260) 482-4282 ALBERTO’S 2529 S. Calhoun St., Fort Wayne (260) 456-5178 LAREDO RESTAURANT & GROCERY 1854 Broadway, FortWayne (260) 422-0868 LA FOGATA 1812 Bluffton Road, Fort Wayne (260) 747-4896 AGAVES MEXICAN GRILL 10460 Maysville Road, Fort Wayne (260) 482-4282 BANDIDO’S 2868 E. Dupont Road, Fort Wayne (260) 489-3405

NACHO’S TAQUERIA 3739 S. Clinton St., FortWayne (260) 456-1617 MEXICO ANTIGUO RESTAURANT 2787 Maplecrest Road, FortWayne (260) 485-6601 BANDIDO’S MEXICAN RESTAURANT 4122 Lima Road, FortWayne (260) 482-9497 7510Winchester Road, FortWayne (260) 478-1587 6536 E. State Blvd., Fort Wayne (260) 749-0485 8230 Glencarin Blvd., Fort Wayne (260) 969-2763 6060 E. State Blvd., Fort Wayne (260) 493-0607 LA MICHUACANA 1421 N.Wells St., FortWayne (260) 423-3515

KAYSAN’S RESTAURANT 7102 S.Anthony Blvd., Fort Wayne (260) 209-1127

CANCUN MEXICAN GRILL 110W Columbia St., Fort Wayne (260) 422-3723

TAQUERIA EL RANCHITO 4520 ParnellAve., FortWayne (260) 470-2783

LOS ALAMOS 1910 Bluffton Road, Fort Wayne (260) 267-9060

TAQUERIA COAHUILA 3123 S. Clinton St., FortWayne (260) 456-3206 TAQUERIA FLORES 3204 E. Paulding Road, Fort Wayne (260) 399-6499

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TUMBLEWEED TEX MEX GRILL 6040 Lima Road, FortWayne (260) 497-8500 LOS GIRASOLES 2006 S. Hanna St., FortWayne (260) 739-5380

Summit City TAQUERIA TOLUCA 2000 BrooklynAve., Fort Wayne (260) 744-3642

LAS TRES HERMANAS DINER 6433 Bluffton Road, Fort Wayne (260) 387-5361 EL BURRITO COLONIAL 3422 N Clinton St., Fort Wayne (260) 471-0420 LOS ALAMBRES MEXICAN GRILL 3434 NorthAnthony Blvd., FortWayne (260) 482-7927 TAQUERIA TULUCA 705 McKinnieAve., Fort Wayne (260) 744-3642 LOS PORTALES RESTAURANT 3307 E. State Blvd., Fort Wayne (260) 969-0090 LA MARGARITA 2713 S Calhoun St., Fort Wayne (260) 456-5857 MEXICO ANTIGUO RESTAURANT 87 Maplecrest Road, Fort Wayne (260) 485-6601 LOS LAGOS RESTAURANT 5002 Decatur Road, Fort Wayne (260) 744-2660 SI SENOR MEXICAN RESTAURANT 5907 Covington Road, Fort Wayne (260) 435-1918 EL POLLO LOCO 5010 Decatur Road, Fort Wayne (260) 744-9667 LAREDO TORTILLERIA & MEXICAN 1616WoodsideAve., Fort Wayne (260) 447-2576 HOPPY GNOME 203 E. Berry St., FortWayne (260) 422-0070

Japanese KOTO JAPANESE STEAKHOUSE AND SUSHI 301 E.Washington Center Road, FortWayne (260) 482-4288

NAKED TCHOPSTIX 8607 U.S. Hwy. 24West, Fort Wayne (260) 436-2211 TAKAOKA OF JAPAN 305 E Superior St., FortWayne (260) 424-3183 ASAKUSA JAPANESE RESTAURANT 6401W. Jefferson Blvd., Fort Wayne (260) 432-9888 SAPPORO 6150 Lima Road, FortWayne (260) 739-6064 SUSHI WEST JAPANESE RESTAURANT 4036 Coldwater Road, Fort Wayne (260) 373-2221 BANGKOK THAI RESTAURANT & SUSHI BAR 6735W. Jefferson Blvd., Fort Wayne (260) 486-2819

Vietnamese KIM VU VIETNAMESE CUISINE 433 E. Dupont Road, Fort Wayne (260) 220-1188

GOLDEN CHINA 1738W.Washington Center Road, FortWayne (260) 489-6725

CHINA HOUSE RESTAURANTS 3119 E. State Blvd., Fort Wayne (260) 408-8888

BANH MI BARISTA 5320 Coldwater Road, Fort Wayne (260) 387-7222

HOUSE OF HUNAN CHINESE RESTAURANT 5626 Coldwater Road, Fort Wayne (877) 524-6344

CHINA EXPRESS 1003W. Coliseum Blvd., Fort Wayne (260) 484-4990

SAIGON RESTAURANT 2006 S Calhoun St., Fort Wayne (260) 456-8550

YEN CHING 6410W. Jefferson Blvd., Fort Wayne (260) 436-7788

QUI’S RESTAURANT & LOUNGE 1026 E Dupont Road, Fort Wayne (260) 497-0353

CHINA PALACE 5810 Bluffton Road, Fort Wayne (260) 747-0370

Thai MAHNIN ASIA RESTAURANT 200 2701 S Calhoun St., Fort Wayne (260) 744-3584

DOUBLE DRAGON RESTAURANT 117W.Wayne St., FortWayne (260) 422-6426

BAAN THAI RESTAURANT 4634 Coldwater Road, Fort Wayne (260) 471-2929 SPICE AND HERB THAI CUISINE 8802 Coldwater Road, Fort Wayne (260) 489-3205

TOKYO SEOUL 6193W. Jefferson Blvd., Fort Wayne (260) 459-1488

THAI DINER 5129 Illinois Road, Ste. 123, FortWayne (260) 434-9199

BRECK’S BISTRO AND PASTA BAR 3930 Burbank Drive, Fort Wayne (225) 389-6680

RUBY THAI LENBROOK 4201 Coldwater Road, Ste. 115, FortWayne (260) 482-5499

ICHIBAN ASIAN FUSION 4036 Coldwater Road, Fort Wayne (260) 373-2900 SAKURA JAPANESE RESTAURANT & SUSHI BAR 5828W. Jefferson Blvd., Fort Wayne (260) 459-2022 SARKU JAPAN 4201 Coldwater Road, Fort Wayne (260) 373-2261 TAKAOKA OF JAPAN - DON HALL’S RESTAURANTS 305 E. Superior St., FortWayne (260) 424-3183

TAIWAN EXPRESS 820 GoshenAve., FortWayne (260) 483-2387 SWITTA THAI CUISINE 1403WindsorWoods Blvd. South, FortWayne (260) 497-9429 BANGKOK THAI RESTAURANT & SUSHI BAR 6735W. Jefferson Blvd., Fort Wayne (260) 486-2819 Chinese WU’S FINE CHINESE CUISINE 4411 Coldwater Road Fort Wayne (260) 483-0899

HAINAN HOUSE 1820 Bluffton Road, Fort Wayne (260) 222-6627 CHINA GARDEN 5441 S.Anthony Blvd., Fort Wayne (260) 447-6102 HOPSING’S 6214 Stellhorn Road, Fort Wayne (260) 486-5015 PEKING CHINESE RESTAURANT 6512 E. State Blvd., Fort Wayne (260) 493-8383 CHUNG KING EXPRESS GOURMET CHINESE FOOD TO GO 3101 N.Anthony Blvd., Fort Wayne (260) 471-1288 GOLDEN WOK 1930 Broadway, FortWayne (260) 420-9988 GREAT WALL BUFFET 3824W. Jefferson Blvd., Fort Wayne (260) 432-8258

HONG KONG RESTAURANT 10365 Illinois Road, Fort Wayne (260) 625-9956 CHINA BUFFET 322 E. PettitAve., FortWayne (260) 745-8398 LOVING CAFE 7605 Coldwater Road, Ste.A, FortWayne (260) 489-8686 SAIGON RESTAURANT 2006 S. Calhoun St., Fort Wayne (260) 456-8550 QUI’S RESTAURANT & LOUNGE 1026 E. Dupont Road, Fort Wayne (260) 497-0353 GOLDEN GATE CHINESE Restaurant 1326 Minnich Road, New Haven (260) 493-8088 Mediterreanean FRIENDS TOO 3720W. Jefferson Blvd., Fort Wayne (260) 755-0894 FRIENDS 1824W. Dupont Road, Ste. B, FortWayne (260) 490-8083 KING GYROS 302W Jefferson Blvd., Fort Wayne (260) 422-4455

COSMOS RESTAURANT 9807 Lima Road, FortWayne (260) 444-4802 KING GYROS 814 GoshenAve., FortWayne (260) 482-8882 BELVEDERE LOUNGE 6179W. Jefferson Blvd., Fort Wayne (260) 459-2236 Irish J.K. O’DONNELL’S 121W.Wayne St., FortWayne (260) 420-5563 Korean SEOUL GARDEN KOREAN Restaurant 1820W. Coliseum Blvd., Fort Wayne (260) 484-0395 Asian fusion WEST COAST GRILL 2310 S. Calhoun St., Fort Wayne (260) 744-7999 Latin American CALIENTE 1123 E. State Blvd., Fort Wayne (260) 471-0700 EL SALVADOR 515 E. Jefferson Blvd., Fort Wayne (260) 420-0010 TROPIC CHICKEN 1122 Taylor St., FortWayne (260) 422-3012 Indian TAJ MAHAL INDIAN RESTAURANT 6410W. Jefferson Blvd., Fort Wayne (260) 222-7929 A TASE OF INDIA 5515 Coldwater Road, Ste. D, FortWayne (260) 471-6040

NEW HONG KONG 3245 Saint Joe Center Road, FortWayne (260) 485-8803 CHINA BUFFET 5970W. Jefferson Blvd., Fort Wayne (260) 459-0738

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For just the RIGHT SLICE When it comes to pizza, the Summit City has many fabulous options. We love our pizza! Here are some of our favorite spots around town.

800 Degrees Wood Fired Pizza/ 800 Degrees Three Fires 10020 Lima Road/5215 Illinois Road Homemade sausage with meat from local farms - feast your eyes on the 800 Degrees signature pizza.

Oley’s Pizza 10910 U.S. Hwy. W. 24 If you want deep dish pizza in Allen County, this is where you go. These pies are twice baked and piled high with toppings and cheese.


484-4444 • 6121 N. Clinton

We just ordered pizza from here tonight for take-out and I think we found our new favorite pizza place in Fort Wayne. Being from Chicago suburbs that are known for great Italian Chicago thin crust and deep dish pizzas, we have had a hard time finding a pizza we truly liked and Danny’s Pizza made us extremely happy tonight. Thanks, Danny!

Friday Family Night w/free face painting for kids. 6 PM - 9 PM HOURS: MON. - THURS. 11 AM - 9 PM, FRI. - SAT. 11 AM - 10 PM, SUN. 11 AM - 9 PM Page ­12

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Raimondo’s Pizza

Big Apple Pizza

2608 W. State Blvd.

1130 N. Wells St.

For the money, you get a ton of pie. For those who typically finish an entire pizza themselves, we challenge you to eat a 16-inch Raimondo’s Special.

If you want a slice of pizza that reminds you of the wonderful aromas of Little Italy in NYC, this is your piece of heaven.

816 Pint & Slice 816 S. Calhoun St. The downtown favorite is a go-to for a quick slice of pizza and a beer – perhaps two slices of pizza and two beers.

Your Headquarters for

Beer, Wine & Spirits

Now Open

1026 Woodland Plaza 260-209-5125

Behind the Pine Valley BMV.

6035 Stellhorn Road Carry Out: (260) 969-0005

HOURS Mon.-Thurs.11 a.m.-10 p.m.; Fri. & Sat. 11 a.m.-11 p.m. Sun. 11 a.m.-10 p.m.





Fresh Guacamole made at your table!

for Making Us the Area’s

#1 Liquor Store

15 Convenient Locations

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MUST-TRY Summit City Neighborhood gems Some food and beverage establishments become cemented in their communities, bringing neighbors together week after week. We have a number around the Summit City and wanted to recognize a few stand-outs.



1105 E. State Blvd.

3412 Fairfield Ave.



820 Spring St.

2403 W. State Blvd.

ACME Bar & Grill

Bravas Burgers

As a staple of the East State Boulevard district, the ACME has been “where neighbors meet” since 1941. Serving up favorites, such as smoked chicken wings, pork tenderloin, burgers and pizza, combined with numerous craft brews on tap, this restaurant draws a diverse crowd to come and hang out.

The Green Frog Inn

The Tower Bar & Grill

This tavern is lovingly referred to as the “Cheers!” of Fort Wayne. It’s “where everybody knows your name.” This neighborhood sanctuary has being serving up great made-from-scratch favorites – including frog legs - and drinks since 1935. Page ­14

What began in a food truck is now a haven for neighbors. Although a new restaurant, opened in 2015, the owners are committed to helping revive the south side of Fort Wayne. The neighborhood has thrown its support behind the restaurant that is known for butchering, curing and grinding its burger meat in house.

For many in the local neighborhood, this is a home away from home. The restaurant is usually busy, but gathering to sit and chat is kind of the goal. There is nothing fancy about this place, but that happens to be why people love it – in addition to the burgers and platters.

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oneless • 6 - 10 oz. B es Ribey trip Steaks • 8 - 10 oz. S ts le • 6 - 6 oz. Fi oins irl S . lb • 8 - 1.5 ound Steaks R p To . lb 1 • 4eless on B • 2 - 2.25 lb. s ib Prime R • 6 - 2.25 lb. Chuck Roasts • 6 - 2.25 lb. sts Shoulder Roa oin Tip irl S . lb 25 2. • 2 Roasts teaks • 6 - Cube S cks of pa . lb 1 • 50 ee Ground B f


HALF HOG • • • • • • •




Bison - Alligator - Turtle Rabbit - Duck - Goose Goat - Roasting Pigs - Lamb Turkey - Chicken Bluegill - Walleye - Trout - Tuna Salmon - Creamed Herring - Cod Tilapia - Catfish - Lobster Shrimp - Crab Legs Frog Legs



1 - 2.5 lbs. Boston Butt 1 slab of St. Louis Ribs 1 Boneless Ham 10 Pork Chops 10 Pounds of Bacon 10 Pounds of Sausage or Brats 2.5 lbs. Boneless Loin Roast


(260) 632-1110 4422 Bull Rapids Road Woodburn, IN 46797

• 2 - 10 oz. B oneless Ribeyes • 2 - 10 oz. S trip Steaks • 2 - 6 oz. Fi lets • 2 - 1.5 lb. S irloins • 1 - 1 lb. To p Round Steak • 1 - 2.25 lb. Boneless Prime Rib • 3 - 2.25 lb. Chuck Roasts • 3 - 2.25 lb. Shoulder Roa sts • 1 - 2.25 lb. Sirloin Tip Roast • 3 - Cube S teaks • 20 - 1 lb. pa cks of Ground Beef


• • • • • •

10 lbs. Boneless Breasts 10 lbs. Bone-In Breasts 5 lbs. Leg Quarters 5 lbs. Wings 2 Whole Chickens 2 Cut-up Chickens


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Where should I eat I just ate.

Wait a couple of hours, then try again.

DeBrands Fine Chocolates

How about a drink?

No thanks. It’s 5 o’ clock?

We thought so.

Staying healthy?

The downtown juice bar provides nutrient-rich, cold pressed juices. Plus, the juices are made with organic produce. No guilt here.

Can’t decide?

Need caffeine?

If you love the freshest of brews and appreciate the little things in life, then this café will satisfy your jolt needs. The specialty café prides itself on the art of the craft.

On the fence? The Bagel Station


Fortezza Coffee

Page 16

Chocolate by chance?


For sure!

Jai Juice

J.K. Donnell’s

“A wee bit of Ireland in downtown Fort Wayne,” is how this ale house refers to itself. With a long list of beers and whisky, as well as frequent showings of rugby and football (the one played with the feet), this downtown staple brings the community together.

With three locations, the local, gourmet chocolatier serves up delectable treats. The shops have a treat for every occasion – truffles for gifts, giant caramel apples for fall, sundaes for special occasions and chocolate bars for every day.

This eatery has an array of cafe drinks featuring locally roasted Old Crown Coffee and its bar has 23 rotating taps and more than 50 bottled craft beers. If you build up an appetite while there, the restaurant has you covered – we recommend the gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches.

Don’t be fooled by the name, this bakery and deli isn’t limited to bagels – although they do serve some amazing ones with homemade cream cheese. This tasty shop on State Boulevard has cookies, cakes and pies.

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Salsa Grille at George’s International Market

This taqueria is a hidden gem inside the grocery store on Broadway. Serving up tacos the way you would buy them on the streets of Mexico City and offering tamales on the weekends, this small restaurant is about as authentic as you get this far from the border.

in Fort Wayne?

How hungry are you?

I’m starving!

Just a little peckish.

In a hurry? Always.

I have a lunch meeting.

Dinner please.

Main Street Bistro

Have a sweet tooth?

Some place fancy or casual?

Offering an upscale twist on American classic items, this restaurant offers a quiet, sophisticated atmosphere and enough options to satisfy any pallet.

Leaning toward savory. I’m sticking to the basics.

It’s lunch time.

Different is good, but not too different. Coney Island

Powers Hamburgers

Sometimes your stomach simply needs a traditional burger – meat, bread and caramelized onions. No frills, just “get in my belly” goodness. This is that spot.

If you are in the mood for a classic, then a coney dog, with chili, onions and mustard, is a perfect pick. The downtown jaunt has served up the delicious dogs for more than a century.

I’m feeling adventurous Banh Mi Barista

This Vietnamese shop on Coldwater doesn’t have a large menu, but its offerings are packed with flavor. The pho is perfect on a cold winter day, a bubble tea is quite refreshing during a Hoosier summer and the noodle bowls are filled with satisfaction.

Need a fill up or a quick boost?

I need something substantial. Cosmos Restaurant

I didn’t get dressed up for nothing.

Want something different?

I see the dawn.

What time is it?

Laid back is good.

For those who frequent the one of two locations, Cosmos feels like a second home – one that never let’s you walk away hungry. Serving up all the classics and offering free Wi-Fi, you can easily spend the entire morning here.

Paula’s on Main

This staple has arguably the best seafood spread in town. The restaurant’s casual fine dining atmosphere - and great martinis - makes it a perfect dinner stop whether you just came from the office or the golf course.

Cork ‘N Cleaver

When you are looking for fine dining, a perfectly cooked steak and one of the area’s most celebrated salad bars, look no further than this longtime gem on Washington Center Road. Be sure to bring an appetite, as we recommend having multiple courses.

I need a sugar rush.

Rise n’ Roll Bakery & Deli

“Amish crack.” Need we say more? The bakery does sell other items – such as fritters, breakfast muffins and cinnamon rolls – but we can’t get enough of its addictive cinnamon caramel donuts!

King Gyros - downtown

Simple, Greek food fast, that’s this restaurant’s motto. In addition to the classic gyros, the joint serves buckets of chicken, ribs and, of course, Greek salad.

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Summit City’s cocktail scene Fort Wayne’s cocktail scene is coming right alongside the rest of the city as it grows, evolves and is continually refined. As Summit City rises up energetically out of the economic and cultural abandonment of the downtown district, so are its cocktails. The demand for authenticity and freshness reverberates throughout the dining scene and those interested in cocktails want the same. Cocktail creators across the country are looking back to our ancestors’ drink preferences and what made them timeless. Drinks in the 1930s, 40s and 50s were created with real ingredients and quality alcohol, but somewhere in the rise of processed food and convenience, these were replaced with drinks “to get the job done” rather than to taste and enjoy. However, all that is changing

WineDown_53310 Page ­18

as cocktail enthusiasts are beginning to understand how quality ingredients effect the taste of a drink. The new population of drinkers are tired of watereddown, sugary drinks and are attracted to the old styles and practices of the cocktail world – fresh ingredients and balanced beverages. Bourbon is the spirit currently sweeping the country. Companies can’t make it fast enough to fill the A mixologist pours the Golden’s signiture drink demand into a glass. – there is roughly three times as much bourbon on the shelves now than even five years ago. It is emerging from its reputation as a harsh and overwhelming liquor to an intricate and interesting ingredient to properly age and blend for the refined palette. Bitters and herbs are also becoming popular and can spice up a drink and compliment the flavors of other liquors in a beverage. A lot of liquors are either made with herbs or are enhanced by their addition. Ice shapes and quantity can also greatly affect the taste and, around

the United States, bartenders are playing and experimenting with ice. Its past use was to drastically cool the beverage, only to then water it down. Presently, ice’s role in the taste of a beverage is more widely understood than before. It is just as essential to the taste of a drink as the liquor in it. Some popular drinks making their way back are Tiki drinks, a cocktail that started in the 1940s and 1950s as part of the “escapism” mindset of Americans at that time. These drinks aren’t the sweet concoctions that taste more like a smoothie than a cocktail. They are blended in such a way that the tropical fruit taste and liquor enhance l See COCKTAILS on PAGE 32


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Mixology in the Summit City Wine Down Tastings and Tapas Drink: Polynesian Painkiller

Wine Down uses their own blend of rums to create the Polynesian Painkiller, named so because “if you drink the whole thing, you will be in a different place.” Smith and Cross, St. George Agricole and Plantation Jamaica are well-blended with in-house pineapple juice, cream of coconut and a squeeze of fresh lime juice. The initial warmth of the rum is so well paired with the sweet-but-tangy flavor of pineapple that the amount of rum in it takes drinkers by surprise. The Polynesian Painkiller is topped with Angostura bitters, and garnished with a few pineapple leaves and maraschino cherries to munch on in case you need a break from your vacation-inspired drink.

Black Canyon Drink: Mezcal Margarita

The Mezcal Margarita is a slight twist on the average tequila margarita served on the rocks. The average tequila is made from only Blue Tequila and the pinas are cooked in large, industrial pressure cookers. Mezcal can be made of any type of agave and traditionally cooks the pinas in 10-foot, cone-shaped pits in the ground with burning embers and volcanic rock. The result is a smoky, fresh liquor upon its fermentation. Black Canyon’s Mezcal Margarita takes Los Amentes Mezcal, Ancho Reyes chili liquor, fresh-squeezed lime juice, a dash of simple syrup, and serves it in a salted-rim glass with a lime. The final product is a smooth mix of citrus, smoky tequila and a hint of spicy chili as it goes down.

Club Soda

Hideout 125 Drink: Barrel-aged Old Fashioned The Old Overholt rye whiskey in Hideout 125’s Old Fashioned is aged for a minimum of two weeks, though is typically aged four to six weeks. Poured from the spout of a wooden barrel, it is combined with Luxardo maraschino liquor, Aperol Bitters and Regan’s Orange Bitters. The cocktail is finished with a lightly toasted orange peel and imported Italian Luxardo maraschino cherries, then cooled with a large ice sphere. The Barrel-aged Old Fashioned still has a strong whiskey taste but finishes on a sweeter and softer note. The spherical ice cube has less surface area and melts at a slower rate, keeping the drink cool but tasting like a Barrel-aged Old Fashioned until the very last drop.

Drink: The Strawberry Haze Club Soda’s smooth jazz ambience translates straight into their signature Strawberry Haze drink. Club Soda features seasonal drinks, providing particular drinks to best fit the season. The Strawberry Haze breaks that tradition, however, as it is still highly requested even when it is removed from the menu. The Cruzan strawberry rum, lime juice, fresh mottled basil, squeeze of fresh lemon and splash of soda water can be enjoyed next to Club Soda’s piano or under a picture of Frank Sinatra and is exceptionally refreshing and light. The basil makes the drink somewhat reminiscent of a mint mojito but is truly its own creation, great for morning, afternoon or evening.


The Golden

Drink: Pineapple Martini

Catablu’s most-popular cocktail was introduced in 2000 and continues to be a crowd favorite to this day. The Pineapple Martini is a mixture of vodka, infused in-house with pineapple and vanilla bean, and pineapple juice. The two are then shaken together to form a delightfully frothy martini and garnished with a chunk of pineapple. The Pineapple Martini ends up delighting the taste buds with the flavors of sweet pineapple, smooth vanilla and a kick of vodka, and is refreshing, balanced and light — perfect for a pre, during or post-dinner treat.

Drink: The Golden

The Golden spices things up with its signature drink, The Golden. The beverage calls for turmeric-infused New Amsterdam Vodka, created by placing grated turmeric in the vodka anywhere from a couple hours to overnight. Two ounces of the vodka is then shaken with one ounce of fresh-squeezed lemon juice and one ounce of simple syrup. After it is thoroughly shaken together, the beverage is strained into an iced glass, producing a bright, rich, golden beverage. The result is a crisp, spicy, earthy cocktail full of flavor, grounded by the familiar sweetness of simple syrup.

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Summit City eats BBQ Shigs In Pit Barbeque

2008 Farifield Ave., Fort Wayne

The owners have racked up numerous awards over the years – heck, that’s why they decided to open up the restaurant. The award-winning pulled pork is certainly a popular item, but be sure to try the brisket and ribs as well – in addition to the green chile mac n’ cheese.

Lucille’s Smokehouse Bar-B-Que 9011 Lima Road, Fort Wayne

This joint keeps it all in the family. In addition to barbecue favorites, we recommend digging into the ribs and brisket. This Texas-style restaurant also serves up southern comforts, such as fried chicken and s’mores pudding.

Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken Serving It Hot Since 1966


Open 7 Days A Week 11:00 AM-9:00 PM 9011 Lima Rd., Ft Wayne

In the Empire Center - Just north of Wallen Road


637-0636 www.leesfamouschicken.net Or visit any of our Fort Wayne Locations Now Open - New Location 220 E. Rudisill 744-4522 1830 W. Dupont Rd. 404 W. State 483-0972 739-6258 6316 Stellhorn Rd. 485-2597

Page 20

Daily Lunch Specials $6.99 Monday-Friday 11:00 AM-2:00 PM

“Like” us on Facebook for lunch specials

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Blue Stack Smokehouse 3620 N. Clinton St., Fort Wayne

This dining establishment ain’t about putting on a show. This here is about rolling up your sleeves and sinking your teeth into mouth-watering meat. For the price per pound, you would be challenged to find a better deal than here – especially after you get a taste of the slowly smoked sausage and brisket.

Big Rick’s BBQ 2461 Hobson Road, Fort Wayne

It may have only been open just over a year but this North Carolina-inspired barbecue haunt is gathering quite the following. Whiffs of smoking meat hit your nose as you approach the trendy establishment. Pork is a specialty here, but we recommend everything.



Hard ciders and 90+ beers from around the world Fine selections of Irish whiskey, bourbon, and scotch Wines and craft cocktails Freshly prepared Irish, vegetarian and gluten-free entrees

GIFT CARDS: 10% BONUS starting November 1st Reservations & Walk-ins accepted Martini Mondays & Wine Down Wednesdays Blackcanyonrestaurant.com •260.203.5900

Let the Experience Begin

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PHN 260 420-5563


Page ­21

Summit City SALAD BARS

Luckey’s Turtle Grill & Lucky Moose Lounge

3 Rivers Natural Grocery Co-op & Deli

622 E. Dupont Road Look, salad doesn’t always have to be a side. Luckey’s serves up plenty of protein to allow for a meal to be made. In addition to the normal suspects, this salad bar includes chicken, puddings, marshmallow delight, smoked corn relish, strawberries and three kinds of soup.

1612 Sherman Blvd. If you want a gourmet salad, but you want to eat it at home and not do any of the work, stop by 3 Rivers Natural Grocery Co-op & Deli. The salad bar has a wonderful selection of vegetables and sides – and the food is all organic. If your appetite needs more than the salad, the café also serves up soups and a hot food bar.

Savor Fort Wayne


Over 40 of Fort Wayne’s Favorite Restaurants will be offering 12 Days of $30 Special Menu Deals

January 11-22, 2017 For more information, visit


Page 22

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The Trolley Bar

Cork ’N Cleaver

2898 E. Dupont Road

221 E. Washington Center Road

This salad bar is twice as long as most, literally. We suggest walking along both sides of the salad bar before beginning to load the plate, given all the options. Proteins are on display, including a crab salad. The broccoli and potato salads are always popular, in addition to the puddings and assortment of vegetables, including artichokes. Did we mention the salad bar includes gummy bears?

Caviar. Yes, this 52-item salad bar includes caviar, as well as anchovies, jellybeans, proteins, artichokes, wasabi peas and homemade dressings. This is a fine dining salad bar at its best. Be sure you arrive with an appetite because the salad bar is worth every bit of room you can spare.

Dominican and Mexican Food 1122 TAYLOR STREET, FORT WAYNE, IN 46802 • (260) 422-3012

Monday - Gorditas, Tuesday - Enchiladas Wednesday - Tacos, Thursday - Flautas Friday - Fajitas Daily Dominican food specials that includes rice, meat and beans for $5.45.


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Melissa Machado

Barry “Bazza” O’Muireagain

Deer Park Irish Pub, 1530 Leesburg Road

J.K. O’Donnell’s, 121 W. Wayne St.

Time bartending: 4 years, 2 at Deer Park Melissa is a native of Fort Wayne and proud of it. The pub is like a second home for her, in part because the majority of patrons are her neighbors and friends. She has a knack for remembering each customer’s preferred brew, which may be why she’s so popular.

Time bartending: 8 years, all with J.K. The Irish lad came to the city to play soccer at Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne. He stayed to serve beer. His popularity among patrons may be partly related to his Dublin accent but he also likes talking to people.

“It’s a great little community here,” she said. “It’s just that kind of place.”

“I am genuinely interested in what people have to say,” O’Muireagain said.

Get to know some favorite local BARTENDERS ANYONE CAN SHOP

1612 Sherman Blvd • 260-424-8812 Mon-Sat 8am-9pm, Sun 10am-8pm


Deli & Café featuring:

“When Craft Coffee meets Craft Beer” Fortezza Coffee, now serves Chapman’s beer!

Made to order sandwiches, coffees, juices, and smoothies • Rotating Hot Bar & Soups • Organic Salad Bar • Handmade deli salads and bakery items • Many items available in gluten free and/or vegan.

Awesome Food for Awesome People.

Have a pint in house, or fill a growler to-go. Fortezzza/Chapman’s Tap room 819 S. Calhoun St., Fort Wayne 260.203.4103 Mon.-Fri. 7 am - 8 pm Sat. 8 am - 7 pm Page ­24

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Celebrating 40 years in the Fort!

Zoe Martin

Carmen Young

Joseph Bailey

The Brass Rail, 1121 Broadway

O’Sullivan’s Italian Pub, 1808 W. Main St.

The Deck, 305 E. Superior St.

Time bartending: 21 years, 5 at Brass Rail The Los Angeles native found her way to the Summit City by way of Charleston by way of New Orleans. She’s a mother as well but always willing to try something new such as her current favorite drink to make: a Bucket of Steam. The drink involves Maker’s Mark, ginger ale, orange zest and blood orange bitters. Zoe loves working with the people at the Brass Rail.

Time bartending: 12 years, all at O’Sullivan’s Carmen has worked at O’Sullivan’s for 17 years, the majority of which she served customers from behind the bar. She’s known for her Bloody Marys but, if she gets a chance to sit on the other side, she just wants a cold Busch Light.

Time bartending: 12 years, all with The Deck Bailey has no idea why people like him as a bartender. He’s just doing his job, which he enjoys because of the fast pace and the variety of scenes he gets to witness night after night. He doesn’t drink, but if he had his choice of what to make for you, if you walked up to his bar, he’d offer you something on the rocks – always strong.

“They’re proper criminals,” she said jokingly.

“I love working here,” she said. “It’s like my second home. I love to make people feel welcome.”


Since 1941


pizza • pasta • steaks seafood • dessert • wine

Serves Lunch, Dinner, Pizza and Drinks

Acme Bar & Grill 4010 W. Jefferson Blvd. • Fort Wayne (260) 459.6700 • www.BIAGGIS.com


(260) 480-2263 @AcmeBarAndGrill

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Craft brews in the Summit City Draconian Scotch Heavy Ale—Trubble

Draconian Scotch Heavy Ale is severe and strict but drinkable. The term Draconian, or great severity, is derived from the Athenian law scribe Draco who instated big penalties for minor transgressions. Trubble’s Draconian has a malt bill of 80 percent Maris Otter malts and a single hop schedule of East Kent Goldings, making the Draconian Scotch Heavy Ale the Draconian Law of small offenses and heavy punishment. The Draconian is available to drink at Trubble, a grunge-meets-modern brewery stop. The brewery has a welcoming coffee shop vibe, with worn red brick, abundant natural lighting and decorative contemporary art, but still stays adult with the brewery’s unique beer names and handmade wooden tap heads. Alongside the inside seating, Trubble also has metal tables and chairs on its front patio for warmer evenings.

Good Karma IPA—Mad Anthony Good Karma was created roughly 15 years ago and has been one of Mad Anthony’s flagship beers and best-sellers for a decade. A well-balanced IPA, its malty flavor is not overpowered by the hops, and its citrusy flavor keeps it a little lighter and sweeter than most IPAs. Good Karma is brewed with three different American-grown hops – Cascade and Centennial for the bitter taste, and Simcoe for the aroma – and is one of Mad Anthony’s five beers available in stores. Good Karma can be enjoyed in Mad Anthony Brewing Co. at one of its wooden tables in a classic black dining chair or a wooden booth next to a large window. The seating area has a bit of a sports bar vibe, though only one television is available in the brewery’s main seating area and a small stage contains a piano. One can sit under a few older relics hanging from the walls and the ceiling, such as an antique wooden propeller, or be up next to the rich wooden bar and view the rows of Mug Club mugs lining the shelves next to the bar’s lineup of home-grown taps.

Taildragger Belgian Pale Ale—Birdboy Brewing Company Named for Fort Wayne’s own bird boy Art Smith, one of the founders of night sky-writing, Birdboy Brewing Company first got its feet wet in the brewing world two years ago. It’s Taildragger Belgian Pale Ale is a tasty compilation of Pilsner malt, kilned at a low temperature to give the drink a bready taste. Belgian yeast is added for the fermentation process, giving the beer a sweeter and fruitier flavor. The drink’s sweetness is also well-balanced with hops, creating a pale ale easy to sip on but not without a bit of flight. Founder Ben Thompson’s brewing days began as a poor college student finding a way around the high expenses of beer. A pilot and airplane mechanic himself, he was introduced to craft beer while working in Pittsburgh and quickly became interested in starting his own brewery. Birdboy Brewing Company beer is currently available every Saturday out of the brewery’s large garage door entrance, where people can fill growlers or sip on a beer with friends under the brewery’s cozy globe lights. Page ­26

Englishman Brown Ale—Chapman’s Brewing Company (at Fortezza)

The Englishman is a Chapman’s Brewing Company drink, available at Fortezza’s coffee shop. This southern English brown ale is both a favorite of the owner and a popular choice of customers, and its smooth body and slight sweetness lingers a bit after swallowed. The Englishman’s warm and comforting taste makes it great for a cold autumn evening, but its lightness and smoothness is perfect for a warm summer day as well. One steps inside the cafe and feels like they were transported to a big-city coffee shop in one of America’s iconic metropolises. Fortezza’s is the perfect blend of trendy, rustic and comfortable. A small section for bar seating is available at the front, where the majority of the wall space is supporting giant chalk boards listing the shop’s beverage and treat items. The next room of the coffee shop has a myriad of different places to sit – visitors can choose from comfy arm chairs close to the large front window, a seat at a table with a friend or the back room, which can be reserved for meetings or parties.

Carl’s Creamy Ale — Summit City Brewerks One of the first brews Summit City Brewerks created, Carl’s Creamy Ale has continued to be a favorite. It was originally made for a festival the brewery was participating in and owners Will Long and David Tomaszewski needed a lighter beer festival-goers could enjoy. The ale is made creamy by taking dried lactose milk sugar and adding it to the brewing ale. What it produces is a light, slightly sweet

ale with a smooth, creamy finish. Walking into Summit City Brewerks gives one the impression they have stepped into a hole-in-the-wall tavern. After moving into the location, Tomaszewski and Long began taking the place apart, revealing aged brick walls and exposing some of the raw supports and duct work. Those enjoying a beer can sit up at the classic-style wooden bar or grab a seat on a wooden bench and draw on the chalkboard-painted tables with the provided chalk.

St. Jerome Porter — Junk Ditch Each of the beers at Junk Ditch have a little story behind them, and St. Jerome is no different. The classic, malty beer is named after a gentleman named Jerome who would always assist the owners – Alex Smith, Jack May and Dan Campbell – to fix their truck prior to opening Junk Ditch. To thank him, they asked him what beer he most liked to drink – a porter. Though it is certainly malty with a taste of chocolate, the porter still stays shy of an Irish stout. Junk Ditch’s rustic design stays well lit with its large wooden paned windows within its mismatched beige, brown, white and maroon brick walls. Have a seat under the hefty, metal support beams at one of the large wooden tables. Beautiful wooden and metal accents surround the restaurant, keeping a comfortable balance of earthy and industrial.

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Food fests in the Summit City Food always makes an event special, but these annual affairs put food front and center. We recommend marking these celebrations on your calendar as soon as the dates are released. While these are some of our favorites, they are only a few. Be sure to check the IN|fort wayne “Weekend To-Do” list and “Community Calendar” weekly at infortwayne.com.

Savor Fort Wayne

BBQ Ribfest

January 11-22, 2017 Visit Fort Wayne works with area restaurants to provide meal deals for 12 days. This is an excellent opportunity to indulge at a variety of area establishments without breaking the bank.

Summer If you love your meat, this protein-packed party is one for you. This festival puts smoking and grilling front and center, offering up flavors from all across the South.

Foodstock Summer/Fall When the weather is nice, you can frequently catch a food truck parked downtown on a Thursday or Friday during the lunch hour. But, to catch a majority of the area trucks at one time, follow @ftwfoodtrucks on Facebook to learn when the annual convergence of local food trucks will take place.

Germanfest Summer Headwaters Park is transformed into a bier hall during this celebration of Deutsch culture. With plenty of sausage, sauerkraut and, of course, beer, this is a favorite gathering for many.

Greekfest Summer Opa! The array of Mediterranean dishes here can be overwhelming, so we recommend coming with a large group and trying everything. Dolmades, mousaka, souvlaki, spanokopita, gyros and plenty of hummus are in supply at this event.

Hand Cut Steaks

11 AM - 11 PM 7 Days A Week

Dine In & Carry Out

$9 Lunch Buffet every day from 11 am to 4 pm



260-485-6482 HOURS

SUNDAY: 10:30 am - 6:30 pm MONDAY: CLOSED TUESDAY - THURSDAY: 10:30 am - 8:30 pm FRIDAY & SATURDAY: 10:30 am - 9:00 pm

Entrees ranging from $8 to $25

Hand Crafted All Natural Sodas

3530 West Jefferson Blvd. Fort Wayne, IN 46802

(260) 209-6599

Like Us On Facebook @pasquetti’s

Everything cooked to order from scratch!

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Page ­27

Where do the entertainment stars eat? Steve Gansey

Gary Graham

Head Coach, Mad Ants

Head Coach, Komets

Favorite restaurant: BakersStreet Steakhouse, 4820 N. Clinton St.

Favorite restaurant: Takaoka of Japan, 305 E. Superior St.

“The food is amazing and the cooks do a great job of entertaining us.” Jordan Stevens Company member and faculty, Fort Wayne Ballet

Favorite restaurant: Fortezza, 819 S. Calhoun St.

“I enjoy stopping by Fortezza, a coffee shop, to grab a quick pick-meup throughout my day. It is a beautiful space where I can clear my head and get out of my workspace if only for a moment. The staff is friendly and speedy and usually already knows my order. An Americano, hazelnut and room for cream typically with their energy snack called a triumph bar.”

“The staff is super friendly and they serve food late. If you walk in, they will never turn you away. They have the best smoked Gouda dip in the city and I love the chop chop salad with blackened chicken!” Julia Meek Producer/host of “Meet the Music,” arts and culture reporter, 89.1 WBOI

Favorite restaurant: Paula’s on Main, 1732 W. Main St.

“I’m proud to be a native Fortlander, with a love of good food, a passion for shopping local and a serious addiction to fresh seafood. That’s my story - and Paula’s on Main is its perfectly happy ending.”

Anthony Contreras Manager, TinCaps

Favorite restaurant: Chop’s, 6421 W. Jefferson Blvd.

“We play 140 games in 152 days. Most games are at night and half of that time is spent on the road, so there aren’t too many free evenings to have dinner in Fort Wayne. But I’m a big fan of Chop’s on West Jefferson. I met the owner there, Chuck. He and his staff were tremendous. You won’t find a finer meal around the Midwest League than a steak at Chop’s.” Page 28

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meal may be more than some are used to paying, the quality of it is also greater than most are used to eating. Luckily, Fort Wayne also caters to those who want a good meal without it being a sit-down dinner. The food truck scene has drastically grown in the past few years. Hungry Fort Wayne residents have plenty of options to choose from. There are also multiple events that feature many of the area’s food trucks, including Foodstock, Food Truck Thursday and Lunch on the Plaza. Some of the many food trucks to choose from include Affiné, Bravas, Sol Kitchen, Getaway Grill, the Girl of Sandwich, Big Apple Pizza, Brainfreeze, iGrandma’s, King Arthur’s Trolley, Naked Tchopstix, Vietnummy, Who Cut the Cheese, Jimmy Ray’s Barbq, Pizza Bomba, Pizza Diva, Ragin’ Cajun, Spicer’s, Whip & Chill and Wise Guys. Craft cocktails and beers have also been vital in creating a vibrant downtown scene. Like the changing

opinions in quality of food, the quality of drinks also has new expectations, and local restaurants and bars have had to up their drink game. Many places have a one-of-a-kind cocktail menu with multiple signature cocktails made with fresh ingredients and a quality blend of liquors.

Lucky’s Coconut

• Appetizers from $1.95 per person • Luncheons from $6.95 per person • Dinners from $12.95 per person Seating up to 80 • No Room Charge Power Point Available

622 E. Dupont Rd., Fort Wayne, IN

Alongside cocktails, freshly-brewed, handcrafted beer is on the rise. Since 1999, five craft breweries have opened in Fort Wayne, including Mad Anthony, Birdboy Brewing, Summit City Brewerks, Junk Ditch, and Trubble. Another, Olde School Brauhaus, will open sometime this year.


“Impressive salad bar, impressive service and the sweetest shrimp you have ever eaten. Lucky’s rides the line between being a fun spot and a nice restaurant, and it works as both.”

– Ryan Duvall, Fort Wayne Journal Gazette



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outside. Diners continued to gain people’s interest in the 1950s and Hall’s success over the following years allowed him to open other locations – soon, there was the Hollywood Drive-In on Lima Road, State Street Prime Rib and the downtown Old Gas House, all by 1958. Though nowadays one can find a Mexican, Chinese or Greek restaurant within a five-mile radius, international food was not so readily available in Fort Wayne in the 1950s and 1960s. The Halls were one of the first in Fort Wayne to locally fill that niche through the opening of Takaoka of Japan on the second floor of the Old Gas House. Named for Fort Wayne’s Japanese sister city Takaoka, it soon became a local favorite for those wishing to explore outside of the American classics. Family proved its importance as part of the Hall’s diner story as time carried on. Each of Don’s four boys – Sam, Jeff, Scott and Don II (or as everyone calls him, Bud) – worked in one aspect of the business

growing up. Scott now works outside of the Hall’s business while the other three have continued to head the operations. The family has greatly expanded since the four brothers began working in their father’s restaurants. All of Don Hall’s grandchildren have either worked in the business at one point or continue to do so, whether it’s running one of the locations or working as a server. Many of his great-grandchildren also work for the restaurants. “It’s demanding work and long hours,” said Bud Hall. “It gets in your DNA a bit.” The family certainly has many places to choose from for work: currently under the Don Hall’s Family of Restaurants is the Guesthouse Grill, the Factory, Castleton Grill, the Old Gas House and Gas House Deck, Takaoka of Japan, Tavern at Coventry, Triangle Park, Canal Tap Haus, Commissary Drive-In, Hollywood Drive-In, Original Drive-In, Prime Rib and Food Factory Express. The Hall’s also do catering and cakes. For 76 years, the Hall family has provided Fort Wayne with a delicious variety of food and a diversity of locations

for family and friends to gather together. Don Hall’s Family of Restaurants story is one of hard work and family support but also the continuation of three important ingredients, used since it’s opening day in 1946: quality food, reasonable prices and friendly service.

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rising as a chef [at Joseph Decuis], you either have to work at another restaurant, which isn’t going to be nearly as refined as where you are, or you have to go out and open your own. There’s this glass ceiling,” said Smith. Though Joseph Decuis may have lost talented chefs, Fort Wayne residents and visitors have gained a diverse and enhanced dining scene in its growing downtown. Summit City is quickly turning a new page, one with fresh food, exciting ideas, excellent cooking and a thorough understanding of where good food ought to come from and what it should taste like.

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that it happens.” Gunthorp Farms has raised pigs on pasture for five generations and is currently one of only seven farms in the country licensed to slaughter on-site. Seven Sons processes locally and invests in familyowned butcher shops, said Blain Hitzfield, one of the seven sons at Seven Sons and head of marketing for the farm. Beyond humane animal practices and quality product, small-batch and local farms are becoming an important part of the sustainable agriculture movement. Producing a diverse range of products, rather than committing just to corn, soybeans or chickens, is a vital factor in keeping products chemical and synthetic-free, while also

sparking the interest of younger generations. “The average farm today, it takes about 1,500 acres to employee one, full-time farmer. We have 550 acres and have about 10 full-time employees. There are jobs, responsibilities and opportunities for people with diverse skill sets,” said Hitzfield. “The average worker on our farm is about 20-30 years old. The average farmer at most farms is about 60.” Gunthorp Farms also invested in diversity and currently has 30 full-time employees between their farm and processing plant. The owners encourage those interested in the farm, specifically customers, to visit their farm, see the work they are doing and learn how the farm is staying true to what they say they produce.

Mancino’s Mondays Any 8” Grinder only $4.99! 1025 W. Coliseum 2892 E. Dupont Rd.

471-1715 489-6305

MANCINO’S HISTORY Mancino’s Pizza and Grinders were established in the late 1930’s by Samuel Mancino Sr., near St. Clair Shores, Michigan. The original recipes and good customer relations were the hallmark of Sam Mancino’s success and those concepts are still prevalent today in all Mancino’s shops




Mon - Thurs 10a - 9p Fri & Sat 10a - 10p Sun 11a - 8p FREE Wif-Fi


Both the farmers raising the product and the chefs purchasing it agree: fresh food just tastes better. Chefs everywhere are catching on to the idea because it ultimately makes their job easier – there’s no need to overly spice or mask the taste of the food because its quality and freshness is what makes it so delectable. “It’s doing things the right way and caring about the food,” said Matt Rogers, owner of 800 Degrees and longtime customer of Gunthorp Farms. “Of course we want to be successful . . . but when I order sausage on Friday, it is still walking around until it’s harvested Sunday or Monday, and then is brought to the restaurant on Tuesday.” It doesn’t get much fresher than that.

Farms used by local restaurants: Maple Leaf Farms Gunthorp Farms Hoffman Organics Parr Family Farms Berry Hill Farms Fest Family Farms Strauss Family Farms Mushroom Diva Get Fresh Farms Huber Winery Starlight Distillery Three Rivers Distilling Co. Country Gardens Joseph Decuis Farms Hawkins Farms Fischer Farms Anson Mills Cooks Orchard Seven Sons Farm Fox Trail Farm Countryside Produce

Thank you to all our loyal Customers who have supported us throughout the 33 years we have been a part of Fort Wayne! USDA Choice, Black Angus, Hereford, Chairman Reserve All Natural Non-Injected Beef, Pork, Poultry, Lamb & Veal State Inspected Facility with State Inspector onsite daily

260-482-8400 260-483-2416 • Toll Free: 888-482-8401 3205 North Wells St. Fort Wayne, IN 46808 tdidier@comcast.net Fax:

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Greater Fort Wayne

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The classic Old Fashioned cocktail is making a comeback

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one another. The Old Fashioned is also making a return with the rising popularity of bourbon, though it’s the classic Old Fashioned from its first days on the cocktail scene, not the stiff whiskey beverage garnished with artificial red cherries available in bars for the past few decades. Native restaurants and bars are

catching onto both the local and nationwide trends, recreating their cocktail menus and investing in the creation of their own signature drinks. Cocktails in Fort Wayne have graduated from sugary juice and cheap vodka, or Jack and Coke. Menus across the city are giving the people what they want – honest production, conscious consumption and incessant style.

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Open at 11 AM Monday through Saturday

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happy $1.00 OFF any grande/super specialty beverage hot, iced or frozen! 1505 W. Dupont Rd. Fort Wayne, IN 46825 Expires 3/31/17. Applies to favorite lattes, creme freeze smoothies, tea lattes and hot chocolates. Good at this location only, Coupon must be printed out. Not good with any other offer, including BIGGBY® loyalty card programs. For franchise information visit biggby.com.

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The Italian Connection A long-running eatery serving hearty Italian-American dishes in a cozy, candle-lit atmosphere. “Homemade pasta and sauce, make sure to get a reservation.” “The ambiance and wait staff are great.” “Amazing authentic Italian food all homemade from scratch and cooked to order.”

2725 Taylor St., Fort Wayne, IN (260) 432-9702

Now two locations!

Catered Lunches • Daily Specials • Downtown Delivery

NOW OPEN! Citizens Square Rousseau Center, 200 E. Berry St. 1 E. Main B-18, Fort Wayne, IN 46802 Fort Wayne, IN 46802 260-427-8532 260-449-7200 comfortfood260@gmail.com

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