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October 20, 2016

How to choose a kitchen remodeling specialist The right contractor can transform your kitchen remodeling experience into an exciting project. The key is to choose what you want and then find an experienced contractor who can deliver. Don’t let fear stop you. Kitchens are one of the most popular rooms to renovate. Everyone benefits from a fresh, modern kitchen. But many homeowners delay remodeling because the process can seem so daunting. Start today by contacting kitchen remodeling companies in your community. Your local home improvement store might be able to provide you with information for licensed contractors. Once you have compiled a list of professionals, ask them for quotes. They will likely have to visit your home to look at the room. Their estimates should be based on the total work that needs to be done. If you find someone who hesitates to give you a quote in writing, cross them off your list and look for someone who is more forthcoming. Sometimes, remodeling requires work from a sub-contractor. It is difficult to know at the beginning whether sub-contractors will be necessary. Chances are, if you receive

similar information from several different professionals, you can trust the advice. Another aspect of any estimate will be time. Ask each contractor about the time it will take to complete the project. All professionals should be able to finish the project in roughly the same amount of time. If there are any contractors that vary greatly from the average time frame, you should ask them why they differ so greatly. After narrowing down your list, check each individual’s or company’s references to ensure their reputation. Speak directly to anyone who has hired them for previous work. Inquire about the quality and dependability of the workers. If anyone is unable to provide you with references or contact information, you might want to reconsider using them. Once you have decided on a licensed contractor or kitchen remodeling company, ask to view the contract. This document should specify any task involved in the project, including its cost and time for completion. Before signing, request proof of the individual or company’s licensure. Be sure that they have current accident insurance coverage. If they do not, you might be liable


for any accidents that occur on your property. When sub-contractors are used, they should be under the umbrella of the head contracting company. If they are not, separate written contracts may be necessary. Review each sub-contractor just as you would the head contractor: check references, licensure

Let our Design Specialists create the perfect space - Just for you!

and insurance coverage. Choosing the people who will remodel your kitchen is an important task. Finding someone who will stay within a budget and complete the job in a timely manner will go a long way toward giving you satisfaction with the end result.

We don’t stop at kitchens! We design baths, laundry and mud rooms, home entertainment areas, and more! May we design a space for you? We provide in-home measuring, estimates, and delivery - all at no charge to you. Call or visit us soon.

FEATURING PRODUCTS FROM: 403 East Harris St. Kendallville – 347-3050 576 N. Jefferson St., Cromwell - 856-2152 Auburn Design & Selection Center 220 West Ensley Ave. – 925-4410 Edgerton, Ohio Design & Selection Center 444 North Michigan Ave. – 419-298-2371 (800-892-6708)

Visit us at

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October 20, 2016

How To Guide


How to choose a rehabilitation community Whether the need exists because of an acute illness, such as stroke or surgery, or because your loved one can no longer remain safely in their own home due to physical limitations, making a wise decision about a rehabilitation facility is the goal. Here are some tips for selecting a rehabilitation community:

Ask Questions • Does the community offer a special program or meeting specifically for goal setting and/ or discharge? • How soon after admission can therapy begin? • Would your intensity of rehabilitation be individualized to your specific diagnosis and endurance needs?

• How are the outcomes measured? • Are FREE in-home evaluations offered by their therapists prior to discharge to ensure you will have a safe and successful discharge at home?

Visit the Community

ties’ Moving Forward Rehabilitation Program is designed for those striving to restore abilities lost due to stroke, cardiovascular difficulties, orthopedic surgery and other debilitating conditions. Our goal is to return you home safely with the skills needed to continue life on your own terms.

Before selecting ANY healthcare provider, we encourage you to visit and tour the How we can help community. Nothing compares We have knowledgeable staff to seeing the community, ready to help meet your rehabilmeeting with staff members and itation needs. American Senior talking with residents. Communities is the largest provider of Senior Rehabilitation and Memory Care in the Our Moving Forward state, with 90 communities Rehabilitation Program statewide. For more information, call (317) 788-2500, may be right for you or visit the website at www. American Senior



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October 20, 2016



Recycle plastics #1 thru #7. Look on the bottom of containers for a number inside the recycling arrows.

METAL CANS, ALUMINUM FOIL, ALUMINUM FOIL PANS Recycle all food and beverage metal cans - steel, tin, bi-metal and aluminum.

CARDBOARD, NEWSPAPER AND MAGAZINES You can also include newspaper inserts, catalogs, paperback books, phone books & brochures.

Recycling is good for the planet and homeowners want to recycle. Please recycle only the items below.


Recycle food boxes including: juice boxes, egg, ice cream & milk cartons, and cereal & pasta boxes.


Recyle envelopes, office paper, junk mail, greeting cards & file folders. Shredded paper should be put in a paper bag.

DO NOT RECYCLE: Plastic Bags, Plastic Food

Wrappers, Plastic without Numbers, Greasy Food Containers, Food or Liquid Waste, Yard Waste, Construction Debris or Scrap Metal, Hazardous Waste, Electronics, Cables or Batteries, Diapers, Tissue or Biohazardous Waste, Light Bulbs, Ceramics, Dishes or Mirrors, Hoses, Toys, Clothes, Shoes, Tools, Plastic Straws, To-Go Lids and Holiday Decorations.

For more Information: Call 800-876-9001, or visit us at

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October 20, 2016

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How to choose a real estate agency

Reputation is a company’s biggest asset. So when the time comes to buy or sell a home you want to pick a reputable realtor and real estate agency. A good real estate agency will act in your best interests. That’s why it’s essential to find a high-quality real estate agency. Ask your family, friends and neighbors for recommendations. Their experiences will guide you toward a reputable agency. What do people say about their services? Once you have a list of possibilities, do some research. Find out how long the agency has been in business. Ideally, you want people who know your community. If the real estate agency is merely a side business, it might not give you the best results. Buying and selling homes is a full time job. Look on the Internet and read customer service reviews. They should also have an impact on your overall impression of an agency. Once you have narrowed your list, contact some businesses and ask them questions. You should know about their listings, fees and commissions. Choose an agency that has connections with the community, a sharp understanding

of neighborhoods that interest you, and solid contacts with other realty companies. This assumes major importance when you’re selling your current house, because the agency usually handles the sale while the realtor helps you find your new one. The marketing strategy and advertising is what makes each agency unique. It will greatly influence the sale of your home. Although most companies might look the same, real estate agencies have a preference for the kind of properties they show or sell. These concentrations might include commercial properties or high-end homes. Try to find a business with a focus that concentrates on selling homes similar to yours. Look at an agency’s listings to see if your home would fit in nicely with their existing clients. If you were purchasing a home, would you find their listings easy to read and informative? The size of the agency will have an impact on your experience. Small agencies can provide more personalized service, but they may not have the networking advantages of a large company. Big agencies have more opportunities to network and sell your home, but they may


have to divide their time among many clients. Be prepared to ask an agency the following questions if you are selling your home: • How will you advertise my home? Will you use the Internet and newspapers? • How many pictures of my house will appear online? • On which sites will my home be featured?

• Do you have other homes that have recently been sold in this price range? • How long has the agency been selling homes in my neighborhood? • What makes your agency unique? The two biggest financial decisions you will make in your lifetime are buying and selling a home. Protect your investment and peace of mind by choosing the best and most trustworthy real estate agency you can find.

Helping Families Make Good Decisions

Since 1939 Joe Sells Managing Broker 242-4557

441 W. North Street Kendallville, IN 260-347-1158

Gary Patrick Broker Assoc. 260-599-4106

Gregg Pyle Broker Assoc. 302-6404

Rita Howell Broker Assoc. 318-5483

Steve Pyle Broker Assoc. 347-1158

Lorene Streb Broker Assoc. 260-242-0792

Patsy Brandgard Broker Assoc. 260-343-8118

Monica J. Fassoth Commercial Broker Associate

Lynne Norman Broker Assoc. 260-502-1111

Kerry Redmaster Broker Assoc. 260-273-5819

Deb Arnold Office Manager


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October 20, 2016

How to choose a power equipment dealer Creating a beautiful landscape or garden requires the right tools, along with plenty of hard work. Working with a quality power equipment dealer is essential if you want the right tools for a professional job or are looking to create the best lawn on the block. A good power equipment dealer will make a difference in the life and longevity of your power tools.

PRODUCT LINE Brands and product lines will usually determine the quality of the power equipment dealer. Some brands have better reputations than others. Your friends, family and co-workers can guide you toward quality brands. Ask them which product lines are the best. Remember that is better to pay more for equipment that lasts rather than go through the hassle of replacing

cheap tools every year. Some brands have product lines that are engineered to different standards. A good dealer will explain differences in manufacturing, materials and which ones have the fewest problems after the sale. Also, consider getting a recommendation from other people who use tools professionally. People who use lawnmowers and weed trimmers all day, every day will have thoughts about the advantages of certain brands. Pay attention to what’s labeled “commercial” or “professional” grade. These models typically come with longer warranties. They are usually built for use over long periods of time and under tough conditions. But they also have downsides, such as cost. Commercial or professional grade equipment may be heavier than standard models. If you want a long-lasting tool, though, they are hard to beat.

KNOWLEDGE The best power equipment dealers have in-depth knowledge about their products. Find a store with employees and owners who understand every last detail about what they sell. They should be able to demonstrate the features of the equipment, explain how it works, inform you about warranty coverage, and offer advice on which accessories have the best value. They will also educate you on how to make your equipment last for many years. Salespeople should be informative, not pushy. They will help you find the right product to match your needs, even if it’s a more affordable model. They know that is the best way to get repeat customers. In fact, that’s another sign that you’re dealing with a reputable retailer. If they’ve been in business for a long time,

it’s usually for a good reason. Look for power equipment dealers who have a solid track record.

SERVICE All quality power equipment needs maintenance over time. Ask about what kind of services the store offers after the sale. Many equipment dealers offer repair services on site. If not, they should refer you to professionals who will do the job right, and for a good price. Some owners, for example, don’t want to change the oil in their lawnmowers themselves. Be sure to inquire about how much maintenance and parts will cost. The best power equipment dealers are partners who will help you get the job done right for many years to come. They will help you save money and time.

DO MORE THAN DIG. Bobcat of Fort Wayne, Fort Wayne, IN



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October 20, 2016

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How to choose a nursing home When choosing a skilled nursing facility (SNF) for your loved one it is very important to understand what kind of programs are available to you. Generally SNF’s provide long term nursing care and short term rehab care. They usually offer physical and occupational therapy along with other varieties of programs, based on the strengths and needs of the facility. A good place to start is Medicare. gov/nursinghomecompare to see what is available in your area. You can compare facilities star ratings in staffing, quality of care, environment, and health department surveys. Tour the facilities of your choice and speak to the admissions and business office staff at the facilities to know what your options are for short term or long

term care. It is also a good idea to speak to your physician about his/her experiences with the facilities. Ask for an activity calendar to see if there are activities available that the resident would like. Look at the menu and visit during meal time. Ask about the staff to patient ratio. Find out if they have transportation available for your loved one’s appointments. Ask about specialty programs such as wound care, speech services, Heart healthy programs, and diabetic education programs. Check facility websites for information about clinical awards they have received. Choosing a Skilled nursing facility can be a difficult process to navigate. Remember it is your choice. Choose the best!


At Lakeland, we know how daunting it can be to choose the best skilled nursing facility for your loved one. As the Director of Nursing, your quality of care is the most important thing to me. Our team is here, from the beginning of your inquiry process, to the day of discharge. Our admissions staff will make sure you have all the information you need to make the best choice. Upon admitting to our facility, my expert nursing staff will take the very best care of your loved one. Our business office can help with any insurance questions and our social worker is here to help you plan a safe discharge to home. We are a five star Medicare rated facility and recipient of the American Health Care Association Silver award for quality. Our Indiana state surveys have been deficiency free for two years running. Our quality measures are also a five star rating. We have many specialty programs for your loved one. We offer home management and caregiver training, cognitive assessment, respite care, interdisciplinary care planning, pre-surgery registration, stroke recovery program, orthotic & prosthetic management, specialized cardiopulmonary and orthopedic rehab programs, gait, balance, and fall recovery program, arthritis care, Parkinson’s disease care, Multiple Sclerosis care, Huntington’s disease care, knee and hip replacement care, wound care and skin management, contracture management & education, pain management & education, diabetic management & education, and more. We also feature our state of the art speech clinic specializing in swallowing disorders. The equipment available in our clinic is the only one of it’s kind in Steuben County. Our SYNCHRONY system enables therapists and patients to visualize swallowing activity. A small, non-invasive sensor placed on the patient’s skin captures electrical activity of muscles. Specialized software then displays this information on a color monitor for therapist and patient use. This program is provided by Accelerate Care Plus (ACP), a company that is revolutionizing rehabilitation. We are able to successfully help patients with trach tubes and feeding tubes to then progress to regular diets. As our new Director of Nursing, I invite you to tour our facility. I look forward to speaking with you and becoming involved in the care of your loved one. We are family serving families. Come to Lakeland and experience the difference! – Jessica Baker, Director of Nursing


Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation

A MEDICARE 5 STAR RATED FACILITY 500 N. Williams St., Angola, IN (260) 665-2161

Jessica Baker


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October 20, 2016

How to select a funeral home You need to be comfortable in the choice of funeral homes. Ask yourself a few questions. Does the funeral home have a good reputation? Are they located in the area in which you wish the services to take place? Do I feel comfortable working with them? A funeral home should help you with the arrangements with the type of service you choose, from traditional funeral services, cremation, memorial services, visitations or graveside services. These types of services can all be personalized to the family’s choices and their budget so they don’t emotionally over spend. The funeral home will prepare for the services that you have chosen by doing their professional services, paperwork, contacting the cemeteries, retrieving the death certificates, contacting the clergy, assist with obituaries and organizing a military service or a fraternal organization service. Many people don’t know that a funeral home is on call 365 days a year,


24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They are around to help provide answers concerning flowers, social security,

Medicaid, pre-arranging funeral arrangements and Veterans Benefits among other questions.

We want to provide a service that is professional and dignified with compassion.

Why The Weicht Funeral Home:

Weicht Funeral Home 207 N. West St., Angola, IN 260-665-3111 Email:

The Weicht Funeral Home has been owned and operated by 6 generations of the Weicht Family since 1854. Paul E. “Gene” Weicht and his wife Susan, along with their children John J. Weicht and Beth Weicht Lee own and operate the business. Christopher J. Burton, Funeral Director, completes the funeral home family. Our mission is to honor the life of a loved one with compassion, respect and dignity. As a family-owned funeral home, we feel it is important to work with your family to provide a personalized and dignified service. We listen closely, and offer suggestions when we feel they’re needed; our intention is simply to make sure the family’s wishes, and the wishes of their loved one, are fulfilled.

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October 20, 2016

How to have a successful fundraiser

What are the two biggest changes being made to successful fundraising events in the past 36 months? What are those people who are creating the most profitable fundraising events obsessing over? Before I answer, I’d like you to be honest and write down what you and your committee spent the most time on in preparation for your most recent dinner auction or other fundraising event? Was it your theme? Was is your live auction items? Was it packaging up your silent auction baskets? For most of you, it will be auction items in one way or another. I beg you, please stop doing that! Your guests are not really coming to your event to buy something. That’s what stores and on line shopping experiences are for! They’re coming to your event to have fun and help… if you ask them in a way that makes sense to

them. Therefore, auction items and fundraising games are not what the successful organizations are focused on. The two biggest changes that are affecting the financial outcome of events (auctions and otherwise) are: 1. Updated Sponsorship Programs with an eye toward ROI (Return on Investment), and 2. Pre-Event Marketing

Updated Sponsorship Program While some larger entities may still have the finances to be a Platinum Sponsor and be happy with that, most businesses simply cannot afford to pay large sums to be added to a list. Take a look at your event from beginning to end and ask yourself, “What marketing opportunities exist simply because we are having

this event?” It’s easy to understand that your bar can be sponsored and that your silent auction section can be sponsored, so start there. What might those sponsorships and the opportunity to be seen with that look of success be worth to a normal size business... or a small business? Now, open your mind further. Could your tickets be sponsored, or could you create educational materials that a business would want to sponsor? What would that connection and that undivided attention be worth to a small to medium sized business? Looking at your sponsorship in a new way can open so many doors to businesses you may have previously been ignoring!

Pre Event Marketing Along with Audience Development, I think this aspect of your event should be re-evaluated every single year and an

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actual well thought out plan put in place immediately! Be creative! I would love to see more of you obsessing about this! Your pre event marketing should have the goal of connecting you mission to your guests to the various ways to give at your event. This is extremely important! If your entire plan is to talk about auction items, you are failing to connect the mission to your guests... and likely failing to connect your guests to all the ways they can give. Think this through carefully! Allow your guests to understand your mission before event night! My best advice for 2017 is to obsess on these two key issues! Carefully plan these two areas of your next event simultaneously before talking to any potential sponsors. Force yourself and your committee to see things differently and you will see financial gain!


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October 20, 2016

How to select the best hospital All hospitals are not created equal. A hospital stocked with ultra-modern technology and facilities and a friendly, competent staff will always be head and shoulders above other hospitals. Before you suffer an injury or become ill, it is important to select a hospital in your area that will suit your needs. By checking their services in advance, you can make an informed decision in the event of an emergency. Here are some factors that can help you choose the best hospital in your city. Location will play a large role in your choice. The hospital should be close to your home or workplace. Some people will only have one hospital in their area. Choosing a facility that’s out of the way will not only add to travel time, it is simply not practical. After all, when an emergency happens, you will need to get to qualified personnel as soon as possible. But if you have a medical condition and an alternative facility farther away specializes in it, that hospital might be a good choice. You will have to balance convenience with your personal circumstances. Your preferred doctor should have

privileges at the facility you choose. Physicians send patients to specific hospitals because it is convenient for them. They are familiar with the site and can use the equipment there. Check with your doctor about where he can work. Insurance carriers will pay some of the cost of services from a preferred provider, including hospitals. Verify which hospitals are in your carrier’s network. If you choose a facility that is not covered by your policy, you run the risk of incurring significant charges. Another consideration is what other features a hospital may offer. For example, a hospital may be accredited with the Joint Commission, an organization that verifies specific standards of care within medical facilities. Accreditation means that they are passing frequent performance reviews. You can be confident you are receiving quality care. Awards and other certifications indicate that a hospital offers consistent care. The Magnet program recognizes excellence in nursing care and other aspects of hospital work. Not all hospitals are Magnet certified. In fact, this award is only given to a select few


facilities in the country. Hospitals often have several areas in which they specialize. For example, two hospitals in the same city may offer care, but one specializes in gastroenterology, while another has an advanced cardiac unit. Choosing the right hospital for your procedure will ensure you receive the highest level of care. In fact, some hospitals will transfer patients to another facility if it has

better equipment and specialists. Determining the highest quality hospital for your condition will help you achieve the best outcome during instances of illness or injury. Since hospitals offer a variety of care and service types, be sure to analyze all the options before you decide. By knowing the facts and keeping your own priorities in mind, you will make a wise choice when selecting the hospital that is best for you.

Community Health Center of Branch County Mammography may miss up to 1/3 of cancer in dense breasts. Learn your screening options. There are different tests for different breasts. With 3D ultrasound volumes and ABUS software, radiologists can look through hundreds of breast tissue image “slices,” looking at layers of dense tissue to find breast cancers which may have been missed on a mammogram. Ultrasound has shown that it can increase breast cancer detection when added to mammography. However, traditional hand-held ultrasound has inherent issues that do not make it well suited for screening. The GE Healthcare, PMA-approved Invenia™ ABUS creates reproducible, wide field-of-view volumes in a time efficient manner, thus well-suited for a screening workflow.

Community Health Center of Branch County 274 East Chicago Street • Coldwater MI 49036 • 517-279-5400 •

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October 20, 2016

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How to choose a lawn tractor

A high-quality vehicle lawn tractor can assist you with a variety of tasks. It can make landscaping easier and even more enjoyable. High-end tractors can pricey, so you will want to make sure you find one within your budget and that is capable of doing the kind of work you need done. Lawn tractors can help cut down the time it takes to mow your lawn and finding a good lawn tractor that is built to last will go a long way toward making your job less of a hassle.

High-end lawn tractors are more like pieces of farm equipment than traditional ride-on mowers. You can purchase accessories for them, such as baggers, trailers, powerful tillers and snowblowers. You are not only buying a lawn mower. These tractors are platforms that can be used for all kinds of jobs. So check on the accessories that come with each model, even if you don’t plan on purchasing them yet. You may appreciate the choices in the future.



Lawn tractors come in a variety of capabilities and price points. Most range from $1,000 for a simple, basic model to $8,000 or more for a fully-featured, commercial-grade tractor. In between, you will find a vast mixture of features and quality. You can select the right model by asking yourself how you will use the lawn tractor. The size of your lawn is important, of course. Bigger lawns need a wider mowing deck. You should also consider other things you will do with your lawn tractor.

Most people want to finish the job in the least amount of time. While it is true that large mowing decks will cover more ground with each pass, there are other things to consider as well. The transmission and speed is also a factor. How easy is it for you to change gears and turn in different directions? The zero-turn mower is another popular option. These vehicles can turn quickly and precisely to cut lawns of all sizes and shapes. While they have been used for years by commercial lawn crews, only

10% OFF MOST REG. PRICED ITEMS Not to be combined with other offers.

recently have these mowers become affordable for the average homeowner. Zero-turn mowers are particularly useful when mowing close to homes, playground equipment and other tight areas.

DURABILITY The longevity of your lawn tractor is also an important consideration. The brand’s reputation should weigh heavily when you are making a decision. Research consumer reviews and talk to your friends and family members about the best brands of lawn products. Also, visiting a retail store and talking to knowledgeable salespeople will also help you. There are plenty of low-end, affordable riding mowers out there, but few have a reputation for durability. It is economical in the long run to choose a well-built model from a reputable manufacturer. Inspect the construction of each lawn mower careful to verify that it will meet your needs. While you probably don’t need the extreme engineering and high price of a commercial-grade model, you ought to buy the best model you can afford and








11524 Doty Road, New Haven, IN 46774



October 27, 28 & 29


O N LY - T E L L Y O U R F R


November 10, 11 & 12

(1/2 mile past 469)

(260) 632-9019

10307 N. State Line Road, Woodburn, IN 46797

(260) 705-4130 Generators, Air Compressors, Lawn & Garden Equipment & More! Hours: Monday-Friday 7:00 a.m.-5 p.m.; Saturday 7:00 a.m.-Noon


Model Regular Special Z242F $3,199.95 $2,599.95 Fab deck w/Lifetime Warranty Z248F $3,499.95 $2,899.95 Fab deck w/Lifetime Warranty Z254 $2,999.95 $2,849.95 Z246i $2,799.95 $2,499.95


Model Special YTH 22V 46 $1,699.95 With YTH 24V 48 $1,995.95 Free GT 52XLSi $2,999.95 Blower Fab deck w/Lifetime Warranty

0% for 48 Months Financing With approved credit. *See dealer for details.



10307 N. State Line Road, Woodburn, IN 46797

Since 1972 11524 Doty Road, New Haven, IN 46774

follow the maintenance directions closely. It will help you get the most usage for your money. Finding a good dealer is an essential part of the process. When you locate an experienced local retailer with a long track record of happy customers, you will be well on your way to selecting the right lawn tractor for you.





Model Special MZT52 $5,463.80 – OR – MZT61 $5,783.80

Model Regular CRT 900 14” $599.95 DRT 900 17” $799.95 DRT 900 H 17” $849.95


with purchase of any tractor or Zero-Turn Mower. Offer expires 11-30-16. Must present coupon. Not to be combined with any other offers. Since 1972

Special $564.95 $754.95 $779.95


Model 525L 323 EX 350 BT DC1000S

Model Regular Special 125 B $149.95 $144.95 525 BX $269.95 $254.95

10% OFF

Regular $299.95 $319.95 $329.95 $279.95

Model Regular Special 350 BT $329.95 $319.95


50 OFF

#455-20” CHAINSAW


Offer expires 11-30-16. Must present coupon. Not to be combined with any other offers.

Offer expires 11-30-16. Must present coupon. Not to be combined with any other offers.

Since 1972

Since 1972


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October 20, 2016

How to choose mental health services If you or a loved one is dealing with a mental health issue, there is no need to go through it alone. Everyone goes through a challenging time in life. It helps to find a safe place to discuss problems People from all walks of life seek professional mental health care for issues that range from substance abuse to psychiatric issues. Qualified professional assistance might be just the thing you need to get you through. Here are some things to keep in mind when looking for a treatment center.

FLEXIBILITY Everyone is different. Needs vary from person to person, depending on the diagnosis. One of your first considerations is to look for a center that does not offer a one-size-fits-all approach to healing people. The best facilities will have a wide array of treatment options. Then they will tailor their services to fit specific situations.

DeKalb Outpatient 1800 Wesley Road Auburn 260-925-2453

These centers will have a range of choices. At one end of the spectrum, there might be short-term outpatient care that can be performed in any setting, much like one-on-one counseling. At the end, there is full-time, long-term inpatient care in a hospital setting. But most cases will be somewhere in the middle of these two choices. An ideal care center will be able to offer custom treatments for individuals. Whether you are seeking short or long-term care, the staff will be able to match you with the best care for your needs.

There may be medical professionals like nurses and licensed therapists, along with social workers, case managers, teachers and therapists. It all depends on the diagnosis and desired outcome. A good treatment center will be able to utilize a team of professionals who can work on a patient’s health from multiple angles for the most successful results.


When family gets involved in the treatment process, treatment has a better success rate. Mental health professionals appreciate the support that a family can TEAM APPROACH give the patient. In addition, some issues -- especially When people think of psychiatry, addictions -- often lead to emotional and they often imagine one-on-one sessions stressful family struggles. It is essential with the patient laying on a couch. In reality, mental health care may involve a that the whole family learns how to deal with these dynamics. multidisciplinary approach. Education is key. The best treatment Psychiatrists and psychologists are just the beginning. Other behavioral and centers encourage honest, open dialogue wellness professionals can also assist in among family members. The family treatment. must establish healthy, clear communi-

LaGrange Outpatient 2155 N St. Rd. 9 LaGrange 260-463-7144

Noble-Albion Outpatient 833 E Main St. Albion 260-636-6975

Noble-Kendallville Outpatient 19305 Dowling Street Kendallville 260-347-4400

cation about the issues they’ve been experiencing. Emotional, mental and substance abuse issues do not affect just an individual. Everyone feels the impact in major ways, and all of those people can become involved in supporting the right health solution for the patient. And themselves.

ONGOING SERVICES Reputable treatment centers will have a strong aftercare program. They will recommend a course of ongoing, continuing care to keep the patient on track with their recovery. This last stage can make a big difference over the long run. It will help the patient ease into daily life while still receiving continuing care. A mental health center should be able to arrange for ongoing services, such as outpatient care, support groups or recovery residences to ensure as smooth a transition as possible once the initial, intense stages of treatment are completed.

Steuben Outpatient 3265 Intertech Drive Angola 260-665-9494

Inpatient Services 1850 Wesley Road Auburn 260-927-0726

• Individual Counseling • Family Counseling • Group Counseling • Geriatric Services • Consultation & Education • Inpatient Mental Health Services • Drug & Alcohol Counseling • Child & Adolescent Counseling

24-Hour Emergency Solutions: 1-800-790-0118 •

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