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DeKalb County 4-H Fair Scrapbook • ŠKPC Media Group Inc.

October 10, 2017


Hayden Williams, grand champion feeder steer

Lauren Brown, grand champion beef heifer

Kalyn Heffley, grand champion beef steer

Kendra Comment, reserve grand champion beef feeder steer

Trevor Mortorff, reserve grand champion beef heifer

Colten Close, reserve grand champion beef steer

Photos contributed by Marcee Fisher of The Studio on Main Street

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October 10, 2017

DeKalb County 4-H Fair Scrapbook


Paige Lothamer, grand champion female draft horse driver, champion ground drive team

Baked foods champions are: seated, from left, Liliana Days, Rebecca Yarian, Kate Musser and Eliana Days; and standing, from left, Clayton Days, Isaac Hyde, Lauren Jacobs, Erin Sukala and Hannah Hyde.

Aerospace — Grand Champion: Isaiah

Rohrbach. Reserve Grand: Matthew Beckman. Champion: Matthew Beckmann, Luke Phillips, and Isaiah Rohrback. Reserve Champion: Jacob Phillips. Blue Ribbon: Jacob Phillips, Matthew Beckmann, Luke Phillips, Isaiah Rohrbach, Zachary Becker, Anna Taylor. Ag Tractor Poster — Grand Champion: Haiden Lockwood. Reserve Grand Champion: Matthias Hefty. Champion: Adam Snyder, Haiden Lockwood, Blaine Prosser. Reserve Champion: Matthais Hefty, Cierra Snyder. Blue Ribbon: Adam Snyder, Matthias Hefty, Haiden Lockwood, Jonathon Prosser, Bree Doster, Blaine Prosser, Cierra Snyder. Animal Educational Poster — Overall Grand Champion: Kiersten Hayne. Overall Reserve Grand Champion: Faith Hedges. Overall Champion: Kiersten Haynes, Madison Haynes, Faith Hedges. Overall Reserve Champion: Addison Moughler, Abby Neuer, Faith Hedges. Champion: Addison Moughler (Cat), Kiersten Haynes (Poultry, Rabbit), Madison Haynes (Poultry, Rabbit), Faith Hedges (Cat, Goat), Adelina Harding (Llama), Morgan Herrick (Dog), Abby Neuer (Dog), Lily Neuer (Poultry), and Caleb Schlabach (Goat). Reserve Champion: Anna Brindle (Cat), Faith Hedges (Poultry), and Caleb Schlabach (Llama). Blue Ribbon: Anna Brindle, Lana Perkins, Addison Moughler, Faith Hedges, Brooklynn Milligan, Caleb Schlabach, Adelina Hardng, Kiersten Haynes, Faith McClain, Madison Haynes, Lily Neuer, Abby Neuer, Reid Eagan, Gideon Yoder, Morgan Herrick, Mariah Roller, Brooke-destinee Lockwood. White Ribbon: Lacy Watson.

Any Other Craft — Grand Champion:

Kendall Lounds. Reserve Grand Champion: Hanna Harvey. Champion: Lydia Sullivan, Madison Albaugh, Kendall Lounds. Reserve Champion: Lydia Pranger, Jessica Freeman, Hanna Harvey. Blue Ribbon: Piper Owsley, Callista Albaugh, Charlotte Albaugh, Lydia Pranger, Rachael Borden, Rebecca Days, Elijah Hyde, Morgan Herrick, Lana Perkins, Baylee Doster, Liliana Days, Kylye Snyder, Lydia Sullivan. Trevor Ort, Madison Albaugh, Victoria Perkins, Jessica Freeman, Luca Stevens, Autumn Forti, Tori Perkins. ATV — Completion: Jakob Black, Jared Black, Jaguar Clifford, Brady Culler, Baylee Doster, Bree Doster, Eric Fifer, Matthew Fifer, Isaac Garrison, Douglass Lepant, Reece Myers, Tyson Rowe, Connor Schmidt, Colben Steury, Nolen Steury, Andrew Surface, Ryan Traxler, Blake Webb, Bryce Webb, Ethan Webb, Britney Williams, Alex Zimmerman, Alyssa Zimmerman, Connor Zollman, and Maddie Zollman. Beef — Grand Champion: Lauren Brown (Heifer); Kalyn Heffley (Steer); Hayden Williams (Feeder Steer). Reserve Grand: Trevor Mortorff (Heifer); Colton Clos (Steer); Kendra Comment (Feeder Steer). 3rd Overall: Lucas LaRowe (Heifer); Madison Albaugh (Steer). 4th Overall: Kalyn Heffley (Heifer); Lilyan Kreische (Steer). Champion: Charlotte Albaugh (Simmental Steer), Madison Albaugh (Beef Carcass), Emma Brown (Lightweight Feeder Steer), Lauren Brown (County-Born Heifer), Colton Close (County-Born Steer), Kendra Comment (Mediumweight Feeder Steer), Madison Haynes (Shorthorn

Ryan Depew, champion draft pony cart

u l t a a t r i o g n o C to our Local 4-Hersns

TIREVILLE, INC. 4490 S.R. 327 & S.R. 8 • Garrett





DeKalb County 4-H Fair Scrapbook • ©KPC Media Group Inc.

October 10, 2017


Allyson King, champion Haflinger gelding

Daniel Bennett, champion Belgian gelding, champion junior draft horse showmanship

Ashley Dibbling, senior champion and supreme draft horse showmanship, champion under saddle

Scrapbooking champions are: seated, Kylye Snyder, left, and Madison Haynes; and standing, Lauren Jacobs.

Hunter King, grand champion male draft horse driver, champion team hitch

50th Annivers a ry 1967-2017

925-0261 357-5432

2006 C.R. 48, Garrett, IN 46738

Steer, Shorthorn-Plus Steer), Kalyn Heffley (Sim-Solution Heifer, Crossbred Steer), Grace Kreischer (Maine-Anjou Steer, Rate-of-Gain), Lucas LaRowe (Crossbred Heifer), Trevor Mortorff (Feeder Heifer), Jesse Pranger (Angus Heifer, British Breed Heifer), Erin Sukala (Angus Steer, British Breed Steer), and Hayden Williams (Heavyweight Feeder Steer). Reserve Champion: Madison Albaugh (Crossbred Steer), Wyatt Brown (County-Born Heifer, Lightweight Feeder Steer), Colton Close (Beef Carcass), Lily Kreischer (County-Born Steer), Caeden Moughler (Feeder Heifer), Abby Pranger (Angus Heifer), Tyler Stuckey (Crossbred Heifer, Mediumweight Feeder Steer), Erin Sukala (Rate-of-Gain) and Jade Sutton (Heavyweight Feeder Steer). Blue

Garden project champions are: seated, Addie Harding,

left, and Rachael Borden; and standing, Lydia Bennett, Ribbon: Calli Albaugh, left, and Tyson Rowe. Charlotte Albaugh, Madison Albaugh, Rebekah Bauman, Keegan Brown, Emma Brown, Lauren Brown, Wyatt Brown, Colton Close, Kendra Comment, Kiersten Haynes, Madison Haynes, Kalyn Heffley, Grace Kreischer, Lily Kreischer, Paige Kreischer, Lucas LaRowe, Trevor Mortorff, Addison Moughler, Caeden Moughler, Lucas Nelson, Abby Pranger, Jesse Pranger, Lydia Pranger, Mariah Roller, Dawson Smyth, Lane Snyder, Tyler Stuckey, Erin Sukala, Jade Sutton, Hayden Williams, Reese Williams, and Caden Zuehsow. Aerospace winners, from left, Matthew Beckmann, Luke Phillips and Isaiah Rohrbach.

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October 10, 2017

DeKalb County 4-H Fair Scrapbook



Floriculture project champions are Mariah Roller, left, and Gracelynn McConnell.

Construction toy model champions are: seated, Colton Eads, left, and Isaac Hyde; and standing, Matthew Jacobs.

4-H Camp participants, in front, are Hannah Hyde, left, and Addeline Kruse. In back from left, are Mariah Roller, Gracelynn McConnell and Isaac Hyde. Showmanship: Lauren Brown (Premier & Senior), Abby Pranger (Reserve Senior), Grace Kreischer (Intermediate), Kalyn Heffley (Reserve Intermediate), Kiersten Haynes (Junior) and Calli Albaugh (Reserve Junior). Herdsman: Lucas Nelson (Junior) and Colton Close (Senior). Beekeeping — Grand Champion: Brooke-destinee Lockwood. Reserve Grand Champion: Adelina Harding.

Forestry champions are Aaron Young, left, and Gabe Hefty. Beekeeping project champions are Addie Harding, left, and Brookedestinee Lockwood.

Champions in the Junior Fashion Revuew are Katelynne Hartsough, left, and Autumn Forti.

Champions in sport fishing are: seated, Jacob McClain, left, and Faith McClain; and standing, Dawson Smyth.

Champion: Adelina Harding, Brooke-destinee Lockwood. Blue Ribbon: Adelina Harding, Brooke-destinee Lockwood. Cake Decorating — Grand Champion: Elizabeth Kruse. Reserve Grand Champion: Addyson Trausch. Champion: Addyson Trausch, Elizabeth Kruse, Rebekah Forti. Reserve Champion: Josie Refner, Promise Forti, Madison Greenfield. Blue Ribbon: Bridget Dunn, Alyssa Greenfield, Katelynne Hartsough, Reese Shull, Brooklyn Burley, Elizabeth Kruse, Chloe Trausch, Promise Forti, Madison Greenfield, Rebecca Forti. Red Ribbon: Callista Albaugh, Charlotte Albaugh, Lydia Pranger, Jazmine Miller, Reagan Fiandt, Madison Albaugh, Anna Filutze. White Ribbon: Chloe Buss, Anna Schwartz. Child Development — Grand Champion: Avery Neuer. Reserve Grand Champion: Addeline Kruse. Champion: Avery Neuer, Rebecca Schutt. Reserve Champion: Addeline Kruse. Blue Ribbon: Avery Neuer, Addeline Kruse, Rebecca Schutt. Collections — Grand Champion: Brooke-destinee Lockwood. Reserve


DeKalb County 4-H Fair Scrapbook • ©KPC Media Group Inc.

October 10, 2017


Hannah Yoder, grand champion dairy wether

Curtis Martin, reserve grand champion dairy wether

Molly Holman, grand champion meat wether

Mykah McCray, reserve grand champion meat wether

Baylee Doster, champion lightweight dairy wether

Marisa Shull, champion light-mediumweight dairy wether

Faith Hedges, champion county-born dairy wether

Alivia Johnson, champion lightweight meat wether

The first Special 4-H’er Show, Sept. 30 in the Show Barn, involved 23 4-H members serving as 4-H buddies and five special 4-H’ers who showed goats and rabbits.

Grand Champion: Magdelyn Kruse. Champion: Magdelyn Kruse, Kate Musser, Brooke-destinee Lockwood. Reserve Champion: Lydia Sullivan, Eva Hallman, Bryan Rapp. Blue Ribbon: Lana Perkins, Magdelyn Kruse, Adelina Harding, Lydia Sullivan, Ethan Young, Kate Musser, Eva Hallman, Brooke-destinee Lockwood, Zachary Becker, Bryan Rapp, Lucas Schutt. Construction Toy Models — Overall Grand Champion: Colton Eads. Overall Reserve Grand Champion: Matthew Jacobs. Overall Champion: Jonah Bireley, Colton Eads, Isaac Hyde. Overall Reserve Champion: Caleb Schlabach, Matthew Jacobs,

Zachary Hauter. Champion (Lego Kit): Jonah Bireley, Matthew Jacobs, Ivan Hollinger. Reserve Champion (Lego Kit): Elijah Hyde, Luke Collins, Bree Doster. Champion (Lego Original): Caleb Schlabach, Colton Eads, Isaac Hyde. Reserve Champion (Lego Original): Ryan Strong, Luca Stevens, Zachary Hauter. Blue Ribbon: Matthew Jacobs, Luke Collins, Lucas Schutt, Jonah Bireley, Ivan Hollinger, Cody Rapp, Rebecca Days, Elijah Hyde, Marshall Rohrbach, Colton Eads, Logan Hartsough, Keirsten Haynes, Haiden Lockwood, Elizabeth Jones, Caleb Lemen, Cody Collins, Sierra Steckley, Bryonna Steckley, Luca Stevens, Faith McClain, Luke Collins, Parker Wortinger, Ryan Strong, Evan VanAuken, Isaac Hyde, Caleb Schlabach,

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October 10, 2017

DeKalb County 4-H Fair Scrapbook


4-H JUDGING RESULTS Zachary Hauter, Zachary Becker, Lucas Schutt, Jacob McClain, Bree Doster. Consumer Clothing — Grand Champion: Addeline Kruse. Reserve Grand Champion: Delaney Stuckey. Blue Ribbon: Delaney Stuckey, Addeline Kruse. Crops — Grand Champion: Heath Getts (Alfalfa), John Gurtne (Corn) and Dawson Smyth (Soybeans). Reserve Grand: Blaine Prosser (Soybeans). Champion: Heath Getts (Alfalfa-Level 3), John Gurtner (Corn-Level 3), Blaine Prosser (Soybeans-Level 2), Dawson Smyth (Soybeans-Level 3). Reserve Champion: Mackenzie Smyth (Soybeans-Level 3). Blue Ribbon: Heath Getts, John Gurtner, Blaine Prosser, Dawson Smyth and Mackenzie Smyth. Dairy — Grand Champion: Jaxen Brand. Reserve Grand: Logen Brand. Champion: Rebekah Bauman (Brown Swiss), Jaxen Brand (Holstein), and Kendra Carnahan (Jersey). Reserve Champion: Jaxen Brand (Brown Swiss), and Logen Brand (Holstein). Blue Ribbon: Rebekah Bauman, Jaxen Brand, Logen Brand, Kendra Carnahan, Rebecca Collier, Cody Collins, Brady Culler, Braelyn May, and Cole Omspacher. Showmanship: Rebekah Bauman (Premier), Logen Brand (Intermediate), Braelyn May (Reserve Intermediate), Cole Omspacher (Junior), Brady Culler (Reserve Junior). Herdsman: Rebecca Collier. Dairy Beef — Grand Champion: Mackenzie Smyth (Feeder); Ethan Strong (Steer). Reserve Grand: Eliana Days (Feeder); Matthew Strong (Steer). Champion: Logan Capp (Rate-of-Gain Feeder), Kendra Carnahan (Light Mediumweight Feeder), Eliana Days (Lightweight Steer), Joseph Georgi (Mediumweight Steer), Kerrigan Knott (Rate-of-Gain Steer), Emma Peckhart (Mediumweight Feeder), Dawson Smyth (Heavyweight Feeder), Mackenzie Smyth (Heavy Mediumweight Feeder, Feather Wt Steer), Breanika Steury (Feather Wt Feeder), Ethan Strong (Heavyweight Steer), and Lily Tucker (Lightweight Feeder). Reserve Champion: Logen Brand (Feather Wt Steer), Brandon Burggrave (Mediumweight Feeder), Logan Capp (Heavyweight Feeder), Kendra Carnahan (Light Med Wt Feeder), Luke Collins (Rate-of-Gain Steer), Eliana Days (Heavy Mediumweight Feeder), Braelyn May (Feather Wt Feeder), Mariah Roller (Lightweight Steer, Mediumweight Steer), Dawson Smyth (Rate-of-Gain Feeder), Matthew

Strong (Heavyweight Steer), and Lily Tucker (Lightweight Feeder). Blue Ribbon: Jakob Black, Jared Black, Jaxen Brand, Logen Brand, Brandon Burggrave, Logan Capp, Madison Capp, Kendra Carnahan, Jaguar Clifford, Kendall Close, Cody Collins, Luke Collins, Lillian Cserep, Daniel Days, Eliana Days, Joshua Days, Liliana Days, Marcus Days, Ashley Dibling, Eric Fifer, Matthew Fifer, Autumn Forti, Joseph Georgi, Heath Getts, Gabe Hefty, Kerrigan Knott, Grace Kreischer, Lily Kreischer, Paige Kreischer, Braelyn May, Amarra Nester, Carissa Peckhart, Emma Peckhart, Evie Pepple, Graden Pepple, Ally Pranger, Gabe Pranger, Josie Pranger, Leah Pranger, Zoe Reed, Mariah Roller, Jedaiah Shearer, Dawson Smyth, Mackenzie Smyth, Breanika Steury, Cameron Stout, Peyton Stout, Ethan Strong, Matthew Strong, Lily Tucker, Jacob Upp, Tyler Upp, and Grayson Vestergaard. Showmanship: Mackenzie Smyth (Premier & Senior), Lily Tucker (Reserve Senior), Grace Kreischer (Intermediate), Eliana Days (Reserve Intermediate), Graden Pepple (Junior), and Paige Kreischer (Reserve Junior). Dog — Grand Champion: Paige Fillenwart (Obedience and Showmanship). Reserve Grand: Ashley Herric (Obedience and Showmanship). Champion: Luke Collins, Abbigail Sexton. Participants: Luke Collins, Paige Fillenwarth, Ashley Herrick, Morgan Herrick, Emalynn Kline, Reaghan Kline, Nina Lee, Anna Schwartz, Abbigail Sexton, and Scout Warner. Draft Animals — Champion: Daniel Bennett (Belgian Gelding), Ryan DePew (Percheron Gelding, Cart-Ponies), Ashley Dibling (Spotted Draft, Under Saddle), Allyson King (Haflinger Gelding, Ground Drive-Single, Cart-Horses), Hunter King (Haflinger Mare, Team Hitch), and Paige Lothamer (Ground Drive-Team). Reserve Champion: Daniel Bennett (Ground Driving-Single, Cart-Horses), Kiearra Crow (Belgian Gelding), Ryan DePew (Haflinger Gelding), Ashley Dibling (Spotted Draft), Hunter King (Haflinger Mare, Ground Drive-Team), Shelby Kruckeberg (Under Saddle), Paige Lothamer (Team Hitch), and Kaiti Morton (Percheron Gelding). Blue Ribbon: Ryan DePew, Ashley Dibling, Paige Lothamer, Allyson King, Shelby Kruckeberg, and Kaiti Morton. Showmanship: Daniel Bennett (Junior), Mason DePew (Reserve Junior), Ryan DePew (Intermediate), Allyson King (Reserve Intermediate), Ashley Dibling

(Senior, Supreme), and Hunter King (Reserve Senior). Completed: Daniel Bennett, Kiearra Crow, Mason DePew, Ryan DePew, Ashley Dibling, Allyson King, Hunter King, Shelby Kruckeberg, Paige Lothamer, and Kaiti Morton. Electric — Grand Champion: Dawson Smyth. Reserve Grand Champion: Matthew Beckmann. Champion: Isaiah Hefty, Caleb Schlabach, Matthew Beckmann, Gage Camp, Dawson Smyth. Reserve Champion: Jesse Pranger, Marcus Days, Matthias Hefty, Caleb Foster, Matthew Jacobs. Blue Ribbon: Jesse Pranger, Isaiah Hefty, Cole Kinsey, Jacob Kurtz, Avery Phillips, Caleb Schlabach, Colton Eads, Marcus Days, Adam Snyder, Marshall Rohrbach, Matthias Hefty, Joshua Days, Matthew Beckmann, Anna Taylor, Gage Camp, Caleb Foster, Jayden Barnhart, Dawson Smyth, Matthew Jacobs. Red Ribbon: Jack Faylor. Entomology — Grand Champion: Molly Martin. Reserve Grand Champion: Victoria Moughler. Champion: Molly Martin, Victoria Moughler. Reserve Champion: Caden Zuehsow. Blue Ribbon: Caden Zuehsow, Molly Martin, Victoria Moughler. Fashion Revue — Grand Champion (Junior): Autumn Forti. Grand Champion (Senior): Promise Forti. Reserve Grand Champion (Junior): Aida Haynes. Reserve Grand Champion (Senior): Sydney Hefty. Champion: Addison Moughler, Charlotte Albaugh, Katelynne Hartsough, Aida Haynes, Autumn Forti, Madison Schultis, Promise Forti, Sydney Hefty. Reserve Champion: Isaiah Hefty, Magdelyn Kruse, Daniel Bennett, Bree McComb. Blue Ribbon: Promise Forti, Sydney Hefty, Madison Schultis, Autumn Forti, Aida Haynes, Madison Albaugh, Lydia Bennett, Delaney Stuckey, Bree McComb, Katelynne Hartsough, Daniel Bennett, Charlotte

Albaugh, Magdelyn Kruse, Callista Albaugh, Addison Moughler, Isaiah Hefty. Fine Arts — Grand Champion: Kaitlyn Rieke. Reserve Grand Champion: Kate Musser. Champion: Jesse Pranger, Kate Musser, Kaitlyn Rieke. Reserve Champion: Morgan Herrick, Abby Neuer, Samantha Eagan. Blue Ribbon: Charlotte Albaugh, Lydia Pranger, Morgan Herrick, EmmaRose Gowgiel, Jesse Pranger, Madison Albaugh, Kate Musser, Anna Schwartz, Abby Neuer, Kaitlyn Rieke, Anna Becker, Nina Lee, Bridgette Sproat, Samantha Eagan. Floriculture — Grand Champion: Gracelyn McConnell. Reserve Grand Champion: Mariah Roller. Champion: Addyson Trausch, Kate Musser, Mariah Roller, Grace McConnell. Reserve Champion: Chloe Trausch, Hayley VanWye. Blue Ribbon: Addyson Trausch, Kate Musser, Chloe Trausch, Mariah Roller, Gracelyn McConnell, Hayley VanWye, Rebecca Schutt. Foods (Baked) — Grand Champion: Lauren Jacobs. Reserve Grand Champion: Georgia Howard. Champion: Liliana Days, Georgia Howard, Rebecca Yarian, Kate Musser, Eliana Days, Clayton Days, Isaac Hyde, Lauren Jacobs, Erin Sukala, Hannah Hyde. Reserve Champion: Lydia Pranger, Jacob McClain, Rebecca Days, Aida Haynes, Lydia Hyde, Autumn Forti, Mackenzie Smyth. Blue Ribbon: Brooklyn Milligan, Lydia Pranger, Abigail Hyde, Cody Rapp, Liliana Days, Ethan Young, Molly Martin, Caleb Schlabach, Georgia Howard, Jacob McClain, Kiersten Haynes, Adelina Harding, Kendra Carnahan, Rebecca Yarian, Chloe Buss, Daniel Bennett, Rebecca Days, Emma Brown, Elijah Hyde, Thomas Rapp, Natalie Schultis, Baylee Doster, Joshua Days, Kylye Snyder, Scout Warner, Madison

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DeKalb County 4-H Fair Scrapbook

October 10, 2017

4-H JUDGING RESULTS Albaugh, Kate Musser, Grace McClain, Lydia Bennett, Hailey Freeman, Alyssa Martin, Aida Haynes, Delaney Stuckey, Christina Yarian, Mariah Roller, Eva Hallman, Madison Haynes, Lydia Hyde, Mallory Treesh, Timothy Baker, Cierra Snyder, Madison Greenfield, Faith McClain, Clayton Days, Gage Camp, Bryan Rapp, Jessica Freeman, Autumn Forti, Isaac Hyde, Eliana Days, Mackenzie Smyth, Lauren Jacobs, Cordell Camp, Brooke-destinee Lockwood, Erin Sukala, Hannah Hyde. Red Ribbon: Charlotte Albaugh, Jazmine Miller, Adam Snyder, Elizabeth Jones. Foods (Preserved) — Grand Champion: Brooke-destinee Lockwood. Reserve Grand Champion: Gracelyn McConnell. Champion: Ethan Young, Adelina Harding, Scout Warner, Haiden Lockwood, Addeline Kruse, Bree Doster, Brooke-destinee Lockwood, Gracelyn McConnell, Mackenzie Smyth. Reserve Champion: Brooklyn Milligan, Keirsten Haynes, Baylee Doster, Delaney Stuckey, Sydney Hefty, Madison Schultis. Blue Ribbon: Brooklyn Milligan, Lydia Pranger, Ethan Young, Charlotte Albaugh, Georgia Howard, Lydia Hallman, Jacob McClain, Keirsten Haynes, Adelina Harding, Ryan Strong, Daniel Bennett, Baylee Doster, Chloe Buss, Scout Warner, Haiden Lockwood, Grace McClain, Lydia Bennett, Delaney Stuckey, Mariah Roller, Sydney Hefty, Faith McClain, Madison Haynes, Addeline Kruse, Madison Schultis, Bree Doster, Madeline Schowe, Brooke-destinee Lockwood, Gracelyn McConnell, Mackenzie Smyth, Haley VanWye. Red Ribbon: Everett Phillips, Zoe Reed. Forestry — Grand Champion: Gabe Hefty. Reserve Grand Champion: Aaron Young. Champion: Aaron Young, Gabe Hefty. Reserve Champion: Adelina Harding. Blue Ribbon: Adelina Harding, Aaron Young, Mia Depriest, Gabe Hefty.

Garden (Herb) — Grand Champion:

Lydia Bennett. Reserve Grand Champion: Adelina Harding. Champion: Adelina Harding, Lydia Bennett. Blue Ribbon: Daniel Bennett, Adelina Harding, Lydia Bennett, Brooke Pittman. Red Ribbon: Samuel Pittman. Garden (Poster) — Grand Champion: Rachael Borden. Reserve Grand Champion: Jackson Stuckey. Champion: Rachael Borden, Jackson Stuckey. Blue Ribbon: Rachael Borden, Jackson Stuckey. Garden (Produce) — Grand Champion: Tyson Rowe. Reserve Grand Champion: Lydia Bennett. Champion: Johnathon Buss, Lydia Bennett, Tyson Rowe. Reserve Champion: Logan Hartsough, Daniel Bennett. Blue Ribbon: Johnathon Buss, Logan Hartsough, Samuel Pittman, Caden Zuehsow, Daniel Bennett, Lydia Bennett, Tyson Rowe. Genealogy — Grand Champion: Anna Becker. Blue Ribbon: Anna Becker. Red Ribbon: Gideon Yoder, Anna Filutze. Gift Wrapping — Grand Champion: Kaitlyn Rieke. Reserve Grand Champion: Lily Neuer. Champion: Magdelyn Kruse, Kate Musser, Lily Neuer, Kaitlyn Rieke. Reserve Champion: Charlotte Albaugh, Madison Albaugh, Avery Neuer, Kristen Forti. Blue Ribbon: Charlotte Albaugh, Magdelyn Kruse, Addyson Trausch, Madison Albaugh, Kate Musser, Rebecca Days, Chloe Trausch, Elizabeth Abel, Avery Neuer, Lily Neuer, Autumn Forti, Kaitlyn Rieke, Kristen Forti. Goat Does — Best of Show: Madisyn Murphy. Grand Champion: Elizabeth Abel (Dairy Doe); Madisyn Murphy (Boer Doe); Lydia Sullivan (Percentage Boer Doe). Reserve Grand: Lydia Abel (Dairy Doe); Natalea Comment (Boer Doe); Ryan DePew (Percentage Boer Doe). Champion: Elizabeth Abel, Natalea Comment, Ryan DePew, Madisyn Murphy, Lydia Sullivan.

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Reserve Champion: Lydia Abel, Madisyn Murphy, Abby Scrock, and Anna Taylor. Blue Ribbon: Elizabeth Abel, Lydia Abel, Anna Becker, Zachary Becker, Cody Collins, Luke Collins, Ashlin Comment, Madison Comment, Natalea Comment, Mikayla Culler, Ryan DePew, Matthias Hefty, Sydney Hefty, Dax Holman, Hannah Hyde, Isaac Hyde, Alivia Johnson, Paige Lothamer, Mykah McCray, Madisyn Murphy, Marshall Rohrbach, Abby Scrock, Lydia Sullivan, and Anna Taylor. Showmanship: Madisyn Murphy (Senior), Mykah McCray (Intermediate), Luke Collins (Reserve Intermediate), Matthias Hefty (Junior), and Lydia Abel (Reserve Junior). Goat Wethers — Grand Champion: Molly Holman (Meat Wether), and Hannah Yoder (Dairy Wether). Reserve Grand: Curtis Martin (Dairy Wether), and Mykah McCray (Meat Wether). Champion: Anna Becker (Pack), Baylee Doster (Lightweight Dairy Wether, Pygmy Wether), Faith Hedges (CountyBorn Dairy Wether), Isaiah Hefty (Pet Goat), Dax Holman (Heavyweight Meat Wether), Molly Holman (Heavy Mediumweight Meat Wether), Ayshia Houser (Heavy Mediumweight Dairy

Wether), Alivia Johnson (Lightweight Meat Wether), Curtis Martin (Mediumweight Dairy Wether), Mykah McCray (Mediumweight Meat Wether, CountyBorn Meat Wether), Madisyn Murphy (Light Mediumweight Meat Wether), Marisa Shull (Light Mediumweight Dairy Wether), and Hannah Yoder (Heavyweight Dairy Wether). Reserve Champion: Ashdan Chittenden (Mediumweight Meat Wether), Madison Haynes (Lightweight Meat Wether), Natiya Hoffman (Heavy Mediumweight Meat Wether), Bailey Kelham (Light Mediumweight Meat Wether), Olivia Kelham (County-Born Meat Wether), Faith McClain (County-Born Dairy Wether), Victoria Moughler (Heavyweight Meat Wether), Amarra Nester (Light Mediumweight Dairy Wether), Evie Pepple (Heavy Mediumweight Dairy Wether), Brooke Pittman (Mediumweight Dairy Wether), Landon Snyder (Lightweight Dairy Wether), and Jordan Yoder (Heavyweight Dairy Wether). Blue Ribbon: Anna Becker, Jimmy Boyer, Emma Brown, Lauren Brown, Ashdan Chittenden, Kendall Close, Kenna Close, Cody Collins, Luke Collins, Mason DePew, Tim DePew, Baylee Doster, Bree Doster, Joseph

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October 10, 2017

DeKalb County 4-H Fair Scrapbook


Madisyn Murphy, champion lightmediumweight meat wether

Dax Holman, right, champion heavyweight meat wether

Madison Haynes, champion intermediate goat showmanship

Bree Doster, champion pygmy wether

Ten-year 4-H member award winners are: in front, Brittany Ort, left, and Kaitlyn Rieke; in back, from left, Jessica Schamper, Lauren Jacobs and Erin Sukala.

Gift wrapping champions are: seated, Magdelyn Kruse, left, and Kate Musser; and standing, Lily Neuer, left, and Kaitlyn Rieke.

Woodworking project champions are: seated, Liliana Days, left, and Matthew Beckmann; and standing, Anna Taylor, left, and Lauren Beckmann.

Ethan Young, champion junior goat showmanship

Microwave foods champions are: seated, Cody Rapp, left, and Baylee Doster; and standing, Madison Haynes, left, and Brooke-destinee Lockwood.

Model crafts project champions are: seated, Jesse Pranger, left, and Colton Eads; and standing, Elizabeth Kruse.

Weather and climate science project champions are Haiden Lockwood, left, and Brooke-destinee Lockwood.

Tractor poster champions are: seated, Adam Snyder, left, and Haiden Lockwood; and standing, Blaine Prosser, left, and Matthias Hefty.



DeKalb County 4-H Fair Scrapbook • ©KPC Media Group Inc.

October 10, 2017


Sydney Hefty, champion senior goat showmanship

Ayshia Houser, champion premier goat showmanship

Isaiah Hefty, champion pet goat

Anna Becker, champion pack goat

Georgi, Kiersten Haynes, Madison Haynes, Faith Hedges, Kalyn Heffley, Isaiah Hefty, Matthias Hefty, Sydney Hefty, Alana Hoffman, Natiya Hoffman, Ivan Hollinger, Dax Holman, Molly Holman, Ayshia Houser, Alivia Johnson, Bailey Kelham, Kashen Kelham, Olivia Kelham, Paige Lothamer, Sawyer

Maldeney, Curtis Martin, Elizabeth Martin, Natalia Martin, Faith McClain, Grace McClain, Jacob McClain, Mykah McCray, Jazmine Miller, Miranda Morr, Addison Moughler, Caeden Moughler, Victoria Moughler, Blake Munsey, Briar Munsey, Madisyn Murphy, Amarra Nester, Evie Pepple, Graden Pepple,

The Supreme Showmanship contest Sept. 29 at the DeKalb County Free Fall Fair in Auburn matched premier showmanship champions from six 4-H livestock shows earlier in the week. Kneeling, from left, are Chloe Taylor and Rebekah Bauman. Standing, from left, are Ayshia Houser, winner Cole Kelham, Lauren Brown and Mackenzie Smyth.

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October 10, 2017

DeKalb County 4-H Fair Scrapbook



Mykah McCray, intermediate champion doe showmanship

Any Other Crafts winners, from left: Lydia Sullivan, Madison Albaugh and Hanna Harvey.

Madisyn Murphy, grand champion meat doe, champion senior meat doe, best of show, senior champion doe showmanship Champions in the sewing-wearable project are: seated, from left, Isaiah Hefty, Magdelyn Kruse and Daniel Bennett; and standing, from left, Autumn Forti, Promise Forti and Erin Sukala. Young. Showmanship: Ayshia Houser (Premier), Sydney Hefty (Senior), Leah Pranger (Res Senior), Madison Haynes (Intermediate), Brooke Pittman (Reserve Intermediate), Ethan Young (Junior), and Kiersten Haynes (Reserve Junior). Health — Grand Champion: Jessica Ryan DePew, reserve grand champion percentage Boer Schamper. Reserve doe Grand Champion: Aleigha Pfefferkorn, Whittney PfefferThomas Rapp. Champion: Thomas korn, Brooke Pittman, Samuel Pittman, Rapp, Faith McClain, Jessica Schamper. Ally Pranger, Gabe Pranger, Josie Reserve Champion: Katelynne Pranger, Leah Pranger, Toby Pranger, Hartsough, Grace McClain, Bree Jonas Richman, Josephine Richman, Doster. Blue Ribbon: Brooklyn Milligan, Marshall Rohrbach, Lukaas Roller, Thomas Rapp, Katelynne Hartsough, Abby Scrock, Brock Seiler, Jadin Seiler, Baylee Doster, Addyson Trausch, Grace Marisa Shull, Dawson Smyth, Mackenzie McClain, Faith McClain, Bree Doster, Smyth, Landon Snyder, Bryonna Jessica Schamper, Cierra Snyder. Steckley, Sierra Steckley, Lydia Sullivan, Home Environment — Grand Champion: Anna Taylor, Caitlin Taylor, Chloe Faith Hedges. Reserve Grand Champion: Taylor, Emilia Taylor, Hayley VanWye, Lauren Brown. Champion: Rebecca Alexis Wilson, Avery Wilson, Mason Yarian, Lauren Brown, Faith Hedges. Wilson, Alex Yoder, Hannah Yoder, Reserve Champion: Lana Perkins, Jordan Yoder, Kyle Yoder, Olivia Yoder, Christina Yarian, Rebecca Schutt. Blue Sydney Yoder, Aaron Young, and Ethan Ribbon: Rebecca Yarian, Lana Perkins,

Addie Harding is the llama poster champion.

Anna Becker is the genealogy project champion.

NOBLE COUNTY DISPOSAL Locally Owned & Operated Residential & Commercial

Since 1972



DeKalb County 4-H Fair Scrapbook • ©KPC Media Group Inc.

October 10, 2017


Abby Neuer is the champion in the dog poster project.

Elizabeth Kruse, champion in cake decorating.

Molly Martin is an entomology project champion.

Champions in the electric project are: seated from left, Isaiah Hefty, Caleb Schlabach and Matthew Beckmann, and standing, Dawson Smyth.

Collections project champions are: seated, Magdelyn Kruse, left, and Kate Musser; and standing, Brooke-destinee Lockwood.

Christina Yarian, Victoria Perkins, Lauren Brown, Emilia Taylor, Faith Hedges, Rebecca Schutt. Horse & Pony — Grand Champion: Bethany Blumer (Saddle Type Horse), Hailee Carothers (Horse), Cody Collins (Pony/Mini Horse). Reserve Grand Champion: Addison Coulter (Pony/ Mini Horse), Madelyn Crager (Horse), and Kara Surface (Saddle Type Horse). Completion: Rebekah Bauman, Bethany Blumer, Hailee Carothers, Magdalyn Clark, Cody Collins, Addison Coulter, Trinity Coulter, Madelyn Crager, Destinee Deaton, Ashley Dibling, James Emrich, Hannah Garrison, Jordan Hoover, Jessica Hullinger, Braelyn May, Gracelyn McConnell, Mariah Morris, Victoria Myatt, Madison Pace, Abbigail Sexton, Taevyn Shultz, Andrew Surface, Kara Surface, Mikayla Surface, Anna Taylor, Emilia Taylor, and Lily Tucker.

Microwave Foods — Grand Champion:

Brooke-destinee Lockwood. Reserve Grand Champion: Emily Eis. Champion: Cody Rapp, Addyson Trausch, Baylee Doster, Chloe Trausch, Madison Haynes, Emily Eis, Brooke-destinee Lockwood, Mackenzie Smyth. Reserve Champion: Kiersten Haynes, Thomas Rapp, Haiden Lockwood, Faith McClain, Bree Doster, Devin Teders. Blue Ribbon: Cody Rapp, Kiesten Haynes, Brooklyn Burley, Adelina Harding, Addyson Trausch, Thomas Rapp, Baylee Doster, Haiden Lockwood, Chloe Trausch, Faith McClain, Madison Haynes, Jessica Freeman, Bryan Rapp, Bree Doster, Gavin Sprunger, Logan Trausch, Emily Eis, Brooke-destinee Lockwood, Mackenzie Smyth, Devin Teders. Model Crafts — Grand Champion: Elizabeth Kruse. Reserve Grand Champion: Colton Eads. Champion: Jesse Pranger, Elizabeth Kruse, Kyler

Addeline Kruse is the champion in advanced consumer clothing.

4-H Master Achievers for 2017 are Brooke-destinee Lockwood, left, and Tyson Rowe.

Photography project champions are: seated, from left, Lydia Sullivan, Faith McClain, Lauren Brown and Christina Yarian; and standing, from left, Haylee Harvey, Abigail Scrock, Faith Hedges and Tyson Rowe.

Preserved foods champions are: seated, from left, Ethan Young, Addie Harding and Haiden Lockwood; and standing, from left, Addeline Kruse, Bree Doster, Brooke-destinee Lockwood and Gracelynn McConnell.

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October 10, 2017

DeKalb County 4-H Fair Scrapbook



Natalea Comment, reserve grand champion meat doe, champion junior meat doe

Lydia Sullivan, grand champion percentage Boer doe

Elizabeth Abel, grand champion dairy doe

Matthias Hefty, junior champion doe showmanship

Farm Bureau Tenure Award winners are Brittany Ort, left, and Erin Sukala, right, with Nicole Rohrman of Farm Bureau.

Lydia Able, reserve grand champion dairy doe

Recycling project champions are: seated, Baylee Doster, left, and Bree Doster; and standing, Faith Hedges, left, and Hanna Harvey.

Congratulations to all

4-H Members!


MONDAY-FRIDAY 9:00 A.M.-6:00 P.M. • SATURDAY 9:00 A.M.-3:00 P.M.

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DeKalb County 4-H Fair Scrapbook • ©KPC Media Group Inc.

October 10, 2017


Sheep essay award winners are Madison Comment, left, and Grace McClain.

Champions in the sewing nonwearable project are: seated, from left, Bridget Dunn, Magdelyn Kruse, Rebecca Yarian and Lydia Strong; and standing, from left, Lydia Hyde, Christina Yarian, Addeline Kruse and Hannah Hyde.

206 West Depot Street Butler, IN 46721

(260) 868-5853

Child development project winners are: seated, Avery Neuer, left, and Rebecca Schutt; and standing, Addeline Kruse.

Sullivan. Champion: Lydia Sullivan, Faith McClain, Lauren Brown, Christina Yarian, Haylee Harvey, Lily Tucker, Cordell Camp, Abigail Scrock, Faith Hedges, Tyson Rowe, Grace Bechdol. Reserve Champion: Piper Owsley, Anna Brindle, Gage Camp, Brittany Ort, Cordell Camp, Faith Hedges. Blue Ribbon: Piper Owsley, Sydney Hefty is the verbal Emma Brown, Morgan Herrick, Lydia Sullivan, communications project Faith Hedges, champion Rebecca Yarian, Anna champion. in the cat poster project. Brindle, Mahlan Dircksen, Keplinger. Reserve Champion: Colton Lana Perkins, Reagan Fiandt, Mercy Eads. Blue Ribbon: Jesse Pranger, Sherron, Faith McClain, Gage Camp, Colton Eads, Elizabeth Kruse, Lucas Christina Yarian, Grace McClain, Victoria Vetter, Kyler Keplinger. Perkins, Lauren Brown, Creigh Dircksen, Needle Crafts — Grand Champion: Emma Howard, Lillian Tucker, Haylee Elizabeth Abel. Reserve Grand Harvey, Amarra Nester, Brittany Ort, Champion: Lydia Hyde. Champion: Tyson Rowe, Cordell Camp, Addison Abigail Hyde, Lydia Hyde, Elizabeth Stallard, Abigail Scrock, Faith Hedges, Abel. Reserve Champion: Kaitlyn Rieke. Lily Neuer, Bree Doster, Zachary Hauter, Blue Ribbon: Abigail Hyde, Lydia Dawes Dircksen, Anna Becker, Addison Hyde, Alexandria Laker, Kaitlyn Rieke, Stallard, Grace Bechdol, Zachary Hauter. Elizabeth Abel, Ashley Herrick, Hannah Red Ribbon: Molly Martin, Faith Gilbert, Hyde, Mallory Treesh. Landon Snyder, Anna Filutze, Delaney Personality — Grand Champion: Stuckey, Mia Phillips, Luca Stevens, Madison Haynes. Reserve Grand Alyssa Martin, Nina Lee, John Filutze. Champion: Alexandria Laker. Champion: Poultry — Grand Champion: Mia Kiersten Haynes, Katelynne Hartsough, DePriest (Commercial) and Jakob Madison Haynes, Alexandria Laker. Black (Exhibition). Reserve Grand: Reserve Champion: Piper Owsley, Grace Griffin Barkhaus, Jackson Blue Ribbons McClain, Faith McClain, Grace Bechdol. (Commercial) and Jared Black, Fairfield Blue Ribbon: Piper Owsley, Kiersten Farmers (Exhibition). Champion: Calli Haynes, Grace McClain, Katelynne Albaugh (Rose Comb Clean Legged Hartsough, Faith McClain, Madison Bantam), Charlotte Albaugh (Feather Haynes, Cierra Snyder, Alexandria Legged Bantam, Overall All Bantam), Laker, Grace Bechdol. Griffin Barkhaus (Turkey), Jakob Black Photography — Overall Grand (American Large Fowl, All Other Combs Champion: Grace Bechdol. Overall Clean Legged Bantam, Overall Bantam Reserve Grand Champion: Lydia Duck, Overall Large Fowl), Jared Black

ŠKPC Media Group Inc. •

October 10, 2017

DeKalb County 4-H Fair Scrapbook



Hailee Carothers, grand champion horse

Madelyn Crager, grand champion senior horse and pony showmanship

Poultry poster champion are: seated, Kiersten Haynes, left, and Madison Haynes; and standing, Lily Neuer.

Cody Collins, grand champion junior horse showman, grand champion pony/mini horse

Bethany Blumer, grand champion saddle horse

Animal Educational Poster winners, from left, Kiersten Haynes, Madison Haynes and Faith Hedges.

Fine arts project champions are: seated, Jesse Pranger, left, and Kate Musser; and standing, Kaitlyn Rieke.

Tops in 4-H award winners are: in front, from left, Abagail Capp, Hannah Hyde and Alexandria Laker; in back, from left, Brooke-destinee Lockwood, Tyson Rowe and Faith Hedges.

Champions in the Senior Fashion Revue are Sydney Hefty, left, and Promise Forti.

(Mediumweight Goose, Heavyweight Goose, Bantam Duck, Overall Exhibition Goose), Clayton Days (Continental Large Fowl), Charolette Deihl (Asiatic Large Fowl), Nate Fillenwarth (Heavyweight Duck), Paige Fillenwarth (Lightweight Duck), Faith McClain (Exotics), Madisyn Murphy (All Other Large Fowl, Single Comb Clean Legged Bantam, Old English Game Bantam), Marshall Rohrbach (English Large Fowl), and Tyson Rowe (Mediterranean Large Fowl). Reserve Champion: Griffin Barkhaus (Turkey), Jakob Black (Bantam Duck, Overall Bantam Duck), Jared Black (Heavyweight Goose, Overall Exhibition Goose), Carson Carpenter (English Large Fowl), Clayton Days (All Other Large Fowl), Charolette Deihl (Asiatic Large Fowl), Alivia Johnson (Continental Large Fowl, Rose Comb Clean Legged


DeKalb County 4-H Fair Scrapbook • ©KPC Media Group Inc.

October 10, 2017


Lily Tucker, reserve grand champion senior horse showmanship

Addison Coulter, reserve grand champion pony/mini horse

Kara Surface, reserve grand champion saddle horse

Bantam, All Other Combs Clean Legged Bantam, Feather Legged Bantam, Old English Game Bantam), Sawyer Maldeney (Exotics), Madisyn Murphy

Self-determined project champions are Autumn Forti, left, and Anna Taylor.

Champions in the shooting sports project are Colton Eads, left, and Gabe Hefty.

• • • • • Wildlife project champions are: seated, Addie Harding; and standing, Haiden Lockwood, left, and Matthew Jacobs.

(Overall Large Fowl, Overall Bantam), Gabe Pranger (Mediterranean Large Fowl), Joseph Pranger (Lightweight Duck), Isaiah Rohrbach (Heavyweight

Needle crafts champions are: seated, Abigail Hyde, left, and Lydia Hyde; and standing, Elizabeth Abel.

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October 10, 2017

DeKalb County 4-H Fair Scrapbook


Home Environment champions are: seated, Rebecca Yarian, left, and Lauren Brown; and standing, Faith Hedges.

Callista Albaugh, champion rose comb clean-legged bantam

Garrett Thompson, champion commercial roasters

Tyson Rowe, champion Mediterranean large fowl

Faith Albright, champion exotic bird

Charlotte Deihl, champion Asiatic large fowl

Eliana Days, champion brown eggs

Duck), Jensen Snyder (Single Comb Clean Legged Bantam), and Evan VanAuken (American Large Fowl). Blue Ribbon: Elizabeth Abel, Lydia Abel, Kynnedy Agar, Calli Albaugh, Charlotte Albaugh, Madison Albaugh, Timothy Baker, Griffin Barkhaus, Alainah Baxter, Jakob Black, Jared Black, Johnathon Buss, Carson Carpenter, Clayton Days, Daniel Days, Eliana Days, Joshua Days, Liliana Days, Marcus Days, Rebecca Days, Charolette Deihl, Paige Fillenwarth, Kiersten Haynes, Madison Haynes, Faith Hedges, Seth Hedges, Gabe Hefty, Alivia Johnson, Daemynn Kessler, Will Lepper, Sawyer Maldeney,

Madison Albaugh, intermediate champion poultry showmanship

Daniel Days, premier poultry showman

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DeKalb County 4-H Fair Scrapbook • ŠKPC Media Group Inc.

October 10, 2017


Mia DePriest, grand champion commercial poultry

Griffin Barkhaus, reserve grand champion commercial poultry

Jared Black, reserve grand champion exhibition poultry

Kynnedy Agar, junior champion poultry showmanship

Nate Fillenwarth, champion large duck

Paige Fillenwarth, champion lightweight duck

Jakob Black, grand champion exhibition poultry

Taevyn Shultz, champion commercial duck

Charlotte Albaugh, champion featherlegged bantam

Marcus Days, champion all other eggs

Clayton Days, champion continental large fowl

Madison Haynes, champion roaster

ŠKPC Media Group Inc. •

October 10, 2017

DeKalb County 4-H Fair Scrapbook



Personality project champions are: seated, Kiersten Haynes, left and Katelynn Hartsough; and standing, Madison Haynes, left, and Alexandria Laker.

Cole Kelham, grand champion market lamb, premier sheep showman

Rebekah Bauman, champion countyborn market lamb

Veterinary science project champions are: seated, Kiersten Haynes, left, and Madison Haynes; and standing, Anna Taylor, left, and Alexandria Laker.

Erin Sukala is the Indiana 4-H Foundation Senior Scholarship Winner.

Rowan Tinker, grand champion breeding ewe, champion Southdown breeding ewe

Anna Becker, champion white-faced commercial breeding ewe

Lane Sutton, champion commercial market lamb

Bryndyn Shippy, champion Hampshire breeding ewe

Rabbit poster champions are Kiersten Haynes, left, and Madison Haynes.

Health project champions are: seated, Thomas Rapp, left, and Faith McClain; and standing, Jessica Schamper.

Jensen Snyder, champion Shropshire market lamb


DeKalb County 4-H Fair Scrapbook • ©KPC Media Group Inc.

October 10, 2017


Jade Sutton, champion Dorset breeding ewe Faith McClain, Grace McClain, Madisyn Murphy, Brooke Pittman, Samuel Pittman, Benjamin Pranger, Gabe Pranger, Joseph Pranger, Olive Pranger, Toby Pranger, Grace Replogle, Lydia Replogle, Whitny Replogle, Isaiah Rohrbach, Marshall Rohrbach, Tyson Rowe, Abbigail Sexton, Jensen Snyder, Lane Snyder, Anna Taylor, Emilia Taylor, Clay Tucker, Evan VanAuken, Hayley VanWye, Lacy Watson, Lilly York, Meghan York, and Caden Zuehsow. Herdsman: Abbigail Sexton. Showmanship: Daniel Days (Premier),

Jensen Snyder, champion pair of two market lambs

Katelynne Hartsough, champion Hampshire breeding ewe For all yo Automotive ur , Hea Duty Truck vy Agriculture , , Industrial and needs!

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503 Michigan Ave., Auburn

Logan Hartsough, champion Suffolk market lamb

Bailey Kelham, champion natural color market lamb

Lane Snyder, junior champion sheep showmanship

Carlie Taylor, senior champion sheep showmanship

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October 10, 2017

DeKalb County 4-H Fair Scrapbook


4-H JUDGING RESULTS Madisyn Murphy (Senior), Kristen Forti (Reserve Senior), Madison Albaugh (Intermediate), Jensen Snyder (Reserve Intermediate), Kynnedy Agar (Junior), Johnathon Buss (Reserve Junior). Rabbits — Best of Show: Nate Fillenwarth. Grand Champion: Ryan DePew (Roaster); Nate Fillenwarth (Best 4 Class, Best 6 Class); Gracelyn McConnell (Stewer). Reserve Grand: Nate Fillenwarth (Roaster, Stewer); Grace McClain (Best 4 Class); Abbigail Sexton (Best 6 Class). Champion: Elizabeth Abel (Satin, Netherland Dwarf), Alainah Baxter (French Angora), Clayton Days (Harlequin), Lucas Days (Dutch), Bree Doster (Rex, Tan), Nate Fillenwarth (Fryer, Meat Pen, Californian, Champagne D’Argent, Havana), Katelynne Hartsough (French Lop), Kiersten Haynes (Mini Satin), Madison Haynes (Florida White), James King (Silver Fox), Paige Lothamer (Mini Rex), Faith McClain (Fuzzy Lop), Grace McClain (Dwarf Hotot, Polish), Gracelyn McConnell (Stewer, Palomino), Karly Nelson (Holland Lop), Josephine Richman (English Angora), Elizabeth Rodgers (Mini Lop), Abigail Ruiz (New Zealand), Abbigail Sexton (English Lop), Taevyn Shultz (Flemish Giant), Anna Taylor (Thrianta), and Lilly York (Lionhead). Reserve Champion: Clayton Days (Harlequin), Ryan DePew (New Zealand), Bree Doster (Rex), Nate Fillenwarth (Stewer, Californian, Champagne D’Argent), Paige Fillenwarth (Fryer, Meat Pen, Havana), Addison Freed (Netherland Dwarf), Kiersten Haynes (Mini Satin, Netherland Dwarf), Madison Haynes (Florida White), Seth Hedges, Flemish Giant), Daemynn Kessler (Satin), Gracie Kline (Dwarf Hotot), Paige Lothamer (English Lop), Faith McClain (Fuzzy Lop, Polish), Gracelyn McConnell (Palomino), Delayna Pranger (Mini Rex), Lydia Pranger (Holland Lop), Jonas Richman (Angora), Taevyn

Shultz (Silver Fox, Dutch), Anna Taylor (Thrianta), and Morgan Thrush (Mini Lop). Blue Ribbon: Elizabeth Abel, Lydia Abel, Elizabeth Aldrich, Jayden Barnhart, Alainah Baxter, Karaghan Bireley, Mataya Bireley, Brooklyn Burley, Lillian Cline, Clayton Days, Daniel Days, Eliana Days, Joshua Days, Liliana Days, Lucas Days, Marcus Days, Rebecca Days, Charolette Deihl, Chloe Deller, Nataliy Dennis, Ryan DePew, Mia DePriest, Baylee Doster, Bree Doster, Bridget Dunn, Ava Ellert, Nate Fillenwarth, Paige Fillenwarth, Anna Filutze, John Filutze, Ephraim Fisher, Addison Freed, Katelynne Hartsough, Kiersten Haynes, Madison Haynes, Faith Hedges, Seth Hedges, Emma Howard, Georgia Howard, Daemynn Kessler, James King, Taryn Kintz, Gracie Kline, Josephine Knepper, Courtney Lepper, Brooke-destinee Lockwood, Haiden Lockwood, Paige Lothamer, Brady Long, Owen Long, Paige Lothamer, Alyssa Martin, Kaylee Martin, Molly Martin, Faith McClain, Grace McClain, Jacob McClain, Gracelyn McConnell, Jazmine Miller, Laney Miller, Kate Musser, Karly Nelson, Lucas Nelson, Reagan Nott, Ally Pranger, Banjamin Pranger, Delayna Pranger, Gabe Pranger, Joseph Pranger, Josie Pranger, Lydia Pranger, Olive Pranger, Toby Pranger, Jonas Richman, Josephine Richman, Olivia Rigby, Elizabeth Rodgers, Isaiah Rohrbach, Marshall Rohrbach, Mariah Roller, Abigail Ruiz, Abbigail Sexton, Reese Shull, Taevyn Shultz, Kennedy Smyth, Jensen Snyder, Landon Snyder, Cameron Stout, Anna Taylor, Emilia Taylor, Alivia Thrush, Morgan Thrush, Hayley VanWye, Catherine York, Lilly York, and Alyssa Zimmerman. Showmanship: Elizabeth Abel (Premier & Senior), Ryan DePew (Reserve Senior), Mia DePriest (Junior) and Anna Filutze (Reserve Junior). Rabbit Ambassador: Paige Fillenwarth

AgraWarehouse, LLC

(Junior), James King (Reserve Junior), Nate Fillenwarth (Intermediate), Josie Richman (Senior), John Filutze (Reserve Senior), Elizabeth Abel (Master). Herdsman: Paige Fillenwarth. Recycling — Grand Champion: Faith Hedges. Reserve Grand Champion: Hanna Harvey. Champion: Addyson Trausch, Baylee Doster, Bree Doster, Faith Hedges. Reserve Champion: Lana Perkins, Mia Depriest, Isaac Hyde, Hanna Harvey. Blue Ribbon: Lana Perkins, Addyson Trausch, Grace McClain, Hailey Freeman, Baylee Doster, Mia Depriest, Chloe Trausch, Faith McClain, Isaac Hyde, Bree Doster, Logan Trausch, Mallory Treesh, Connor Ort, Faith Hedges, Hannah Hyde, Rebecca Schutt, Hanna Harvey. Scrapbooking — Grand Champion: Lauren Jacobs. Reserve Grand Champion: Madison Haynes. Champion: Kylye Snyder, Madison Haynes, Lauren Jacobs. Reserve Champion: Kiersten Haynes, Faith McClain, Kaitlyn Rieke. Blue Ribbon: Anna Brindle, Callista Albaugh, Charlotte Albaugh, Alyssa Greenfield, Kiersten Haynes, Rebecca Days, Lana Perkins, Kylye Snyder, Madison Albaugh, Faith McClain, Victoria Perkins, Madison Haynes, Anna Schwartz, Kaitlyn Rieke, Lauren Jacobs, Faith Hedges. Red Ribbon: Cierra Snyder. Self-Determined — Grand Champion: Anna Taylor. Reserve Grand Champion: Nina Lee. Champion: Nina Lee, Autumn Forti, Anna Taylor. Blue Ribbon: Nina Lee, Autumn Forti, Anna Taylor. Sewing (Non-Wearable) — Grand Champion: Addeline Kruse. Reserve Grand Champion: Rebecca Yarian. Champion: Bridget Dunn, Magdelyn Kruse, Rebecca Yarian, Lydia Strong, Lydia Hyde, Christina Yarian, Addeline Kruse, Hannah Hyde. Reserve Champion: Abigail Hyde, Aleigha

Pfefferkorn, Daniel Bennett, Aida Haynes. Blue Ribbon: Bridget Dunn, Callista Albaugh, Abigail Hyde, Charlotte Albaugh, Aleigha Pfefferkorn, Magdelyn Kruse, Rebecca Yarian, Daniel Bennett, Mia Depriest, Madison Albaugh, Lydia Strong, Lydia Bennett, Aida Haynes, Lydia Hyde, Christina Yarian, Addeline Kruse, Hannah Hyde. Sewing (Wearable) — Grand Champion: Magdelyn Kruse. Reserve Grand Champion: Erin Sukala. Champion: Isaiah Hefty, Magdelyn Kruse, Daniel Bennett, Aida Haynes, Autumn Forti, Promise Forti, Erin Sukala. Reserve Champion: Addison Moughler, Sydney Hefty. Blue Ribbon: Isaiah Hefty, Addison Moughler, Magdelyn Kruse, Daniel Bennett, Karly Nelson, Aida Haynes, Bree McComb, Madison Albaugh, Autumn Forti, Sydney Hefty, Erin Sukala, Promise Forti. Red Ribbon: Callista Albaugh, Charlotte Albaugh, Katelynne Hartsough, Delaney Stuckey, Lydia Bennett, Madison Schultis. Sheep — Grand Champion: Rowan Tinker (Ewe) and Cole Kelham (Market Lamb). Reserve Grand: Rowan Tinker (Ewe) and Rowan Tinker (Market Lamb). Champion: Rebekah Bauman (Columbia Ewe, County-Born Market Lamb), Anna Becker (White Faced Commercial Ewe), Katelynne Hartsough (Hampshire Ewe, Dorset Market Lamb), Logan Hartsough (Suffolk Market Lamb), Bailey Kelham (Natural Color Market Lamb), Cole Kelham (Black Faced Commercial Market Lamb), Grace Kreischer (Rate-ofGain), Bryndyn Shippy (Shropshire Ewe), Jensen Snyder (Shropshire Market Lamb, Pen of 2 Market Lambs), Jade Sutton (Dorset Ewe), Lane Sutton (White Faced Commercial Market Lamb), Rowan Tinker (Southdown Ewe, Black Faced Commercial Ewe, Hampshire Market Lamb), and Grayson Vestergaard (Sheep Carcass). Reserve Champion: Anna Becker (White Faced

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DeKalb County 4-H Fair Scrapbook • ©KPC Media Group Inc.

October 10, 2017

4-H JUDGING RESULTS Commercial Ewe), Luke Collins (Pen of 2 Market Lambs), Robert Freimuth (County-Born Market Lamb), Olivia Kelham (Hampshire Market Lamb), Lily Kreischer (Rate-of-Gain), Grace McClain (Natural Color Market Lamb), Bryndyn Shippy (Shropshire Ewe, Shropshire Market Lamb), Jade Sutton (White Faced Commercial Market Lamb), Carlie Taylor (Black Faced Commercial Market Lamb), Rowan Tinker (Sheep Carcass), and Troy Wallace (Southdown Ewe, Suffolk Market Lamb). Blue Ribbon: Rebekah Bauman, Anna Becker, Zachary Becker, Daniel Bennett, Lydia Bennett, Luke Collins, Madison Comment, Natalea Comment, Matthew Culler, Ashley Dibling, Robert Freimuth, Katelynne Hartsough, Logan Hartsough, Bailey Kelham, Cole Kelham, Olivia Kelham, Grace Kreischer, Lily Kreischer, Paige Kreischer, Grace McClain, Karly Nelson, Lucas Nelson, Amarra Nester, Bryndyn Shippy, Chaz Shippy, Jensen Snyder, Lane Snyder, Jade Sutton, Lane Sutton, Carlie Taylor, Rowan Tinker, Grayson Vestergaard, and Troy Wallace. Showmanship: Cole Kelham, (Premier), Carlie Taylor (Senior), Olivia Kelham (Reserve Senior), Rowan Tinker (Intermediate), Jensen Snyder (Reserve Intermediate), Lane Snyder (Junior) and Katelynne Hartsough (Reserve Junior). Herdsman: Carlie Taylor. Shooting Sports — Grand Champion: Colton Eads, Hot Shots. Reserve Grand Champion: Gabe Hefty, Hot Shots. Champion: Colton Eads, Gabe Hefty. Reserve Champion: Amarra Nester, Rebecca Schutt. Blue Ribbon: Colton Eads, Amarra Nester, Gabe Hefty, Rebecca Schutt, Lucas Schutt. Sportfishing — Grand Champion: Dawson Smyth. Reserve Grand Champion: Faith McClain. Champion: Jacob McClain, Faith McClain, Dawson Smyth. Reserve Champion: Aaron

Young. Blue Ribbon: Jacob McClain, Logan Hartsough, Evan VanAuken, Aaron Young, Faith McClain, Dawson Smyth. Red Ribbon: Owen Long, JJ King. Swine — Grand Champion: Leah Pranger (Gilt) and Cole Kelham (Barrow). Reserve Grand Champion: Bree McComb (Gilt) and Keegan McCom (Barrow). Champion: Lauren Brown (Chester White Barrow), Daniel Days (Spot Barrow), Brooke Evans (Tamworth Barrow), Katelynne Hartsough (York Barrow), Logan Hartsough (Berkshire Barrow), Madison Haynes (Berkshire Gilt), Cole Kelham (Mediumweight Crossbred Barrow, Crossbred Barrow), Olivia Kelham (Heavy Mediumweight Crossbred Barrow), Dylan LaRowe (Chester White Gilt), Bree McComb (Crossbred Gilt), Keegan McComb (Hampshire Barrow), Anna McHenry (Carcass), Blake Munsey (Light Mediumweight Crossbred Barrow), Madisyn Murphy (Heavyweight Crossbred Barrow), Leah Pranger (Spot Gilt), Tyson Rowe (Duroc Barrow), Nate Seiler (Lightweight Crossbred Barrow), Jade Sutton (Duroc Gilt, Hampshire Gilt), and Chloe Taylor (York Gilt). Reserve Champion: Madison Albaugh (Spot Barrow), Madison Capp (Light Mediumweight Crossbred Barrow), Clayton Days (Heavyweight Crossbred Barrow), Bree Doster (Heavy Mediumweight Crossbred Barrow), Seth Hedges (Berkshire Barrow), Kalyn Heffley (Carcass), Gabe Hefty (York Barrow), Lily Kreischer (Lightweight Crossbred Barrow), Dylan LaRowe (Spot Gilt), Braelyn May (Duroc Gilt), Mykah McCray (Hampshire Barrow), Blake Munsey (Crossbred Barrow), Briar Munsey (Mediumweight Crossbred Barrow), Caleb Nixon (Chester White Gilt), Evie Pepple (Duroc Barrow), Karter Reinoehl (Berkshire Gilt), Lane Sutton (Hampshire Gilt, Berkshire Barrow), Caitlin Taylor


(Crossbred Gilt), and Meghan York (Tamworth Barrow). Blue Ribbon: Calli Albaugh, Charlotte Albaugh, Madison Albaugh, Jaxen Brand, Emma Brown, Lauren Brown, Keegan Brown, Wyatt Brown, Abagail Capp, Madison Capp, Aidan Chittenden, Ashdan Chittenden, Brooklyn Clark, Hannah Cserep, Kyle Cserep, Brady Culler, Clayton Days, Daniel Days, Eliana Days, Joshua Days, Liliana Days, Lucas Days, Marcus Days, Rebecca Days, Baylee Doster, Bree Doster, Brooke Evans, Autumn Forti, Promise Forti, Katelynne Hartsough, Logan Hartsough, Aida Haynes, Kiersten Haynes, Madison Haynes, Seth Hedges, Kalyn Heffley, Tucker Heffley, Gabe Hefty, Isaiah Hefty, Matthias Hefty, Sydney Hefty, Ivan Hollinger, Dax Holman, Molly Holman, Bailey Kelham, Cole Kelham, Graham Kelham, Kashen Kelham, Olivia Kelham, Grace Kreischer, Lily Kreischer, Paige Kreischer, Dylan LaRowe, Hayden LaRowe, Lucas LaRowe, Casey Laub, Will Lepper, Brooke-destinee Lockwood, Haiden Lockwood, Braelyn May, Bree McComb, Keegan McComb, Mykah McCray, Anna McHenry, Blake Munsey, Briar Munsey, Madisyn Murphy, Caleb Nixon, Jaxson Nodine, Braeden Parker, Evie Pepple,

Graden Pepple, Addison Pfefferkorn, Aleigha Pfefferkorn, Gavin Pfefferkorn, Whittney Pfefferkorn, Abby Pranger, Ally Pranger, Gabe Pranger, Jesse Pranger, Josie Pranger, Leah Pranger, Lydia Pranger, Toby Pranger, Karter Reinoehl, Tyson Rowe, Madeline Schowe, Luke Seiler, Nate Seiler, Zack Seiler, Lane Snyder, Madilynn Snyder, Lydia Strong, Matthew Strong, Jade Sutton, Lane Sutton, Caitlin Taylor, Carlie Taylor, Chloe Taylor, Hayden Williams, Reese Williams, and Meghan York. Showmanship: Chloe Taylor (Premier & Senior), Carlie Taylor (Reserve Senior), Bree McComb (Intermediate), Lane Sutton (Reserve Intermediate), Baylee Doster (Junior) and Joshua Days (Reserve Junior). Herdsman: Ivan Hollinger. Verbal Communications — Grand Champion: Cody Collin. Reserve Grand Champion: Sydney Hefty. Champion: Logan Hartsough, Cody Collins. Reserve Champion: Sydney Hefty. Blue Ribbon: Logan Hartsough, Cody Collins, Luke Collins, Amarra Nester, Sydney Hefty. Veterinary Science — Grand Champion: Anna Taylor. Reserve Grand Champion: Alexandria Laker. Champion: Kiersten Haynes, Madison Haynes, Anna Taylor.

Congratulations! to our area 4-H’ers at the

Steuben Co. DeKalb Co.

4-H Fair Fair 4-H

Carpet, Custom Showers, Vinyl, Wood Floors, Ceramic & Laminate BRIAN WEST

Shop 260.925.3016 Cell 260.570.0011 924 W. 15th Street • Auburn, IN 46706

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October 10, 2017

DeKalb County 4-H Fair Scrapbook


Paige Lothamer, best of breed Mini Rex

Lucas Days, best Dutch rabbit

Josephine Richman, best Angora

Clayton Days, best Harlequin

Bree Doster, best tan, black senior buck

Grace McClain, best Dwarf Hotot

Karly Nelson, best Holland Lop

Abbigail Sexton, reserve best 6 Class

Ryan DePew, grand champion roaster

Elizabeth Rogers, best Mini Lop

Taevyn Shultz, best Flemish Giant

Gracelyn McConnell, grand champion stewer

Nate Fillenwarth, best of show, best 4 class

Faith McClain, best American Fuzzy Lop

Kiersten Haynes, champion Class 4 litter pen



DeKalb County 4-H Fair Scrapbook • ©KPC Media Group Inc.

October 10, 2017


Kerrigan Knott, champion dairy beef rate of gain

Lucas LaRowe, champion crossbred heifer

Madison Haynes, champion Shorthorn Plus steer

Emma Brown, champion lightweight feeder steer

Charlotte Albaugh, champion Simmental steer

Erin Sukala, champion British breed steer, champion Angus steer

Kiersten Haynes, junior champion, beef showmanship

Kendra Carnahan, champion Jersey

Reserve Champion: Chloe Deller, Grace McClain, Alexandria Laker. Blue Ribbon: Kiersten Haynes, Morgan Herrick, Chloe Deller, Mia Depriest, Grace McClain, Madison Haynes, Alexandria Laker, Anna Becker, Anna Taylor. Red Ribbon: Charolette Deihl. Weather — Grand Champion: Brooke-destinee Lockwood. Reserve Grand Champion: Haiden Lockwood. Champion: Logan Hartsough, Haiden Lockwood, Brooke-destinee Lockwood.

Reserve Champion: Madeline Schowe. Blue Ribbon: Logan Hartsough, Haiden Lockwood, Brooke-destinee Lockwood, Madeline Schowe. Wildlife — Grand Champion: Adelina Harding. Reserve Grand Champion: Haiden Lockwood. Champion: Adelina Harding, Haiden Lockwood, Matthew Jacobs. Reserve Champion: Caleb Lemen, Grace McClain, Faith McClain. Blue Ribbon: Jacob McClain, Cody Rapp, Adelina Harding, Caleb Lemen,

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October 10, 2017

DeKalb County 4-H Fair Scrapbook



Logen Brand, reserve grand champion dairy cow, intermediate champion dairy showmanship, intermediate dairy interview champion

Graden Pepple, junior champion dairy beef showmanship

Matthew Strong, reserve grand champion dairy beef steer

Eliana Days, reserve grand champion dairy beef feeder steer

Rebekah Bauman, champion Brown Swiss, premier champion dairy showmanship, senior dairy interview champion

Joseph Georgi, champion mediumweight dairy steer

Grace Kreischer, intermediate champion dairy beef showmanship

Champion: Anna Taylor. Champion: Liliana Days, Matthew Beckmann, Anna Taylor, Lauren Beckmann. Reserve Champion: Addison Pfefferkorn, Joshua Days, Elizabeth Kruse. Blue Ribbon: Caleb Schlabach, Addison Pfefferkorn, Adam Snyder, Marcus Days, Liliana Days, Ethan Phillips, Liberty Sherron, Joshua Days, Matthew Beckmann, Matthew Jacobs, Lincoln Pfefferkorn, Lucas Days, Isaac Hyde, Elizabeth Kruse, Daniel Days, Anna Taylor, Logan Trausch, Lauren Beckmann. Red Ribbon: Alex Kurtz, Jonathan Prosser, Jackson Stuckey.

Dawson Smyth, champion heavyweight dairy feeder steer

GOOD JOB 4-H! Residential & Industrial Repair • Fabrication Portable Welding • Machining Press Brake Work • Industrial Gases • Steel

North of Auburn on CR 27 then west on CR 32 - 3/4 mile

LOCKWOOD WELDING INC. 2450 CR 32 Waterloo.................................. 925-2086

Cole Omspacher, junior champion dairy showmanship

Mini 4-H Exhibitors Breanika Steury, champion featherweight dairy feeder steer Addyson Trausch, Haiden Lockwood, Grace McClain, Chloe Trausch, Faith McClain, Matthew Jacobs. Woodworking — Grand Champion: Lauren Beckmann. Reserve Grand

Bugs: Ashton Ellert, Lexi Snyder Collections: Jaxson Dale, Joseph Days, Isaac Hefty

Crafts: Roselyn Albaugh, Adyson Brown, Natalie Dunn, Alli Hartsough, Leah Kreischer, Addisyn Shull, Amelia Wagler, Chloe Zuehsow, Luke Zuehsow Farm Animals: Noah Borden, Addysen Brand, Adyson Brown, Jaxson Dale,


DeKalb County 4-H Fair Scrapbook • ©KPC Media Group Inc.

October 10, 2017


Mackenzie Smyth, grand champion dairy beef feeder steer, premier and senior champion dairy beef showmanship

Lillian Tucker, champion lightweight dairy feeder steer

Ethan Strong, grand champion dairy beef steer

Jaxen Brand, grand champion dairy cow, champion Holstein

Nate Seiler, champion lightweight crossbred barrow

Blake Munsey, champion light-mediumweight crossbred barrow

Baylee Doster, junior champion, swine showmanship

Chloe Taylor, champion Yorkshire gilt

Emma Peckhart, champion mediumweight dairy feeder steer

Bell Equipment Services Major and Minor Repair Truck and Trailer • Excavating • Farm • Municipal Vehicles 2431 Forrest Park Drive, Garrett, IN 46738

Phone: 260-357-4821

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October 10, 2017

DeKalb County 4-H Fair Scrapbook



Cole Kelham, grand champion barrow

Leah Pranger, grand champion gilt

Bree McComb, reserve grand champion gilt, champion crossbred gilt

Lauren Brown, champion Chester White barrow

Dylan LaRowe, champion Chester White gilt

Olivia Kelham, champion heavy-mediumweight crossbred barrow

Kayden Dale, Anthony Filutze, Lydia McHenry, Mason Moughler

Flowers & Gardening:

Tyson Rowe, champion Duroc barrow

Madison Haynes, champion Berkshire gilt

Brooke Culler, Piper DePriest, Taylor Handshoe, Skye Krontz, Whisper Krontz, Emma Reed, Remington Winebrenner, Luke Zuehsow Foods: Cooper Eads, Wyatt High, Mikayla Huisman, Skye Krontz, whisper Krontz, Mason Moughler, Ella Nixon, Addisyn Shull Forestry: Jaxson Dale, Kaeuna Dircksen Horse & Pony: Jaxson Dale, Kayden Dale, Addison Reed, Kiersten Reinoehl Models: Noah Borden, Joseph Days, Kaeuna Dircksen, Cooper Eads, Elijah

Hankey, Hans Hankey, Wyatt High, Kevin Lanning, Avalynn Schache, Nolan Warner My Pet & Me: Addysen Brand, Keaton Brown, Kathryn Clark, Kayden Dale, Piper DePriest, Benjamin Huard, Mikayla Huisman, Charlotte Lemen, Emma Reed, Addisyn Shull, Delilah Warner, Chloe Zuehsow Photography: Adyson Brown, Charlotte Lemen, Penny Neuer, Avalynn Schache, Nathaniel Schlabach, Lexi Snyder Recycling: Cooper Eads, Addison Reed Sewing: Isabella Albaugh, Roselyn Albaugh, Miriam Speer, Vivian Speer, Delilah Warner Wildlife: Isabella Albaugh, Jaxson Dale, Kayden Dale, Ashton Ellert, Kevin Lanning, Mason Moughler, Penny Neuer, Nathaniel Schlabach, Addisyn Shull, Nolan WarnerMackenzie Smyth, Devin Teders.


DeKalb County 4-H Fair Scrapbook • ©KPC Media Group Inc.

October 10, 2017


Thank You

2017 Summer & Fall Fair Award Donors Larry & Shelly Adams Richie & Cortney Albaugh The Argast Family Auld Dairy Farm-Earl & Jean Auld Auld-Stritmatter Family Beacon Credit Union Beck’s Hybrids Mike & Tara Benbow Andy & Julie Black Linda Blackburn Jean Bowman Brand Dairy Farm Brechbill Farms Inc Gary Bucher Buttermore Appliance K D Carnahan Farms Nathan Carthen & Family Classic City Body & Paint Brian & Stephanie Clifford & Family Gene & Shawn Clifford Gene Clifford Farms Clifford Farms-William Clifford Family Complete Maintenance Mitchell & Rosanna Crager Custer Grain Company Days Family Farms-Kevin & Jamie Days Randall Deetz DeKalb Co Ext Homemakers DeKalb ATV DeKalb Co Master Gardeners DeKalb Co Melody Makers Chorus DeKalb Co SWCD DeKalb Doubletrees 4-H Club DeKalb Farm Mutual Insurance DeKalb Young Farmers DQ Grill & Chill Jeff & Carrie Dunn Family Steve & Deanna Dunn Bart Eads Family Pat Erwin 4-H PALS Club Fairfield Farmers 4-H Club Farver Construction Inc The Fillenwarth Family Everett Freed & Sons Inc James Freed Excavating & Construction Inc Troy & Jackie Freeman & Family

Paul & Inger Friend-In Memory of Larry Friend Lon & Kay Fritz & Family Bill & Kathy Fry Fry Farms-Dan & Sally Fry Fuller Family Rex Fuller Family Larry Funk-Premier Realtors Kenny & Cindy Furnish The Getts Family-Dusty Lane’s Dairy Goats Earl Goldsmith Sr Family Steven Guinn Dave Gurtner Family Jeff Gurtner Family Steve & Rosemary Hartman Allen Haynes Mike & Diane Heffley Family Hefty Wealth Partners-David & Stacy Hefty Micah Hefty Family Ron & Linda Hefty Hicksville Bank Hine Farms Inc Fay Holbrook Joyce Hollinger & Daughters Brad, Beth, Dax & Molly Holman Lyle & Sherry Holman Greg & Karin Hook & Family Hot Shots 4-H Club Ricky Houser & Family Rick Houser-Wellman Seed Dealer Dean & Leta Hullinger Clayton & Joan Hursh J & S Farms Andy Jagoda, Wible Realty Bill Johnson-Realtor/Auctioneer Kim & Teresa Johnson & Family Nolan & Shirley Johnson & Family The Family of Jack Kelham Steve & Kathy Kelham-Kelham Farms Kendallville Animal Clinic Krehl’s Blueberry Patch Kruse & Kruse PC Larry & Cheryl Kummer & Family The Laker Family Lockwood Welding The Luchauer Family Amanda Lundy

Glen & Julie Malcolm & Family Mr & Mrs Raymond Malcolm & Families Myra Maldeney & Cecil Freeburn Mar-Lin Acres Brian & Lori McComb Daryl & Mindy McConnell Family Bob L. Miller Family Norb Miller Family-In Memory of John Miller Model Home Ext Hmkr Club Dale Moughler Moughler Bros, Inc & Moughler Cattle Co. – In Memory of Larry Moughler Roger & Judy Moughler Brett & Courtney Munsey Murphy Family Show Pigs Necia Myers-Exquisite Bridal & Fabric Art Jeff & Emily Nelson Nester Construction Nevershirk 4-H Club Northeast Allen Veterinary Service Northeast IN Solid Waste District Nathan & Alecia Pfefferkorn Tom & Pam Orwig Rebekah Pfierman P.H.E. LLC Pranger Enterprises Inc Dave & Ann Prosser Provines Farms Richland Cornhuskers 4-H Club Joel & Jill Richman Francis & Judy Richter Ridge Farms-Evelyn Ridge & Jeff Ridge Families Rinehold Tack & Western WearIn Memory of Dale Rinehold Tim Rinehold Family DCI&B Livestock-Elysia & Guy Rodgers Family Kathryn Rosener Eric & Chris Rowe Scherer & Maxfield John Scoville Family Sechler’s Pickles Inc Sewing Club Jerry & Nila Sink John & Angie Slentz Family


Mike & Becky Slentz Robert & Ann Slentz Mike, Kathy & Jesse Smith-Smith Show Pigs Richard & Diane Smith Jason & Tina Smyth Family In Memory of Don & Barb Snyder In Memory of Don VanWye Michelle Snyder-Wible Realty Larry & Teresa Springer Richard Squier Pallets Inc Steuben County REMC John & Sue Stoops Jerry & Meredith Storer Family Strong Farms LLC Mark & Melanie Strong Bernie & Jamie Sukala Sundown Farms, Inc-Mark Hall, Owner Dennis & Susie Sutton Family In Memory of Herb Sutton & In Honor of Mary Sutton TEK Automotive Sheryl Thrush & Thrush Farms Stacy Thrush Town & Country Ext Hmkr Club Howard Troyer Dan & C J Tucker Family Bill VanWye & Family Vulcraft R P Wakefield Company Max & Shirley Wallace Dave & Ruth Walters Family Jack Wappes Family Scott & Patti Warstler Jeff & Mandy Washler Greg & Marcia Weller Jerry Weller Family Wible Realty Herschel & Sue Wilhelm Ginger & Larry Wilks Wilmington Twp Ext Hmkr Club Mr & Mrs Terry Yarde Darin & Sara Yarian Dennis Zeisloft Family


2017 DeKalb County 4-H Scrapbook  
2017 DeKalb County 4-H Scrapbook