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Ichigo LaƩe Japanese-Style Maid Café KotoriCon is pleased to announce the debut of its Japanese-style Maid Café. Sit down and enjoy the a en on of maids and butlers as they serve light fare. Reserva ons can be placed throughout the day for several sea ngs. The café is located in the College Center next to the Dealer’s Room.


Table of Contents KotoriCon Policies………………………………………….……….. 2 Survival Checklist…………………………………………….……....6 Voice Actors………………………………………… ……..…………..8 Special Guests…………………………………………….………….10 Music Performances….…………………………………….…....14 Ac vi es…………………………...……………..………….………..17 Panels………………………………………………….………………….20 Chari es……………………………………………………….………..25 Shopping: Ar sts…………………………………………………...26 Dealers…………………………..….………………….29 Screenings………………………………………..………...………….32 Use Your Braaaaaaiiiiins!!! A Guide to Pirated Goods……………………..34 A word from the Con Chair…………………………….……...36 A History of KotoriCon…………………………………………...41 Schedule , Map & Updates……….…….……….See insert


KotoriCon Policies It is very important that all individuals read and understand the following policies. Anyone who a ends KotoriCon is expected to follow all rules.

Disrup ve Behavior Policy The Gloucester County College Japanese Anime Guild works hard to ensure that KotoriCon takes place in a safe, family-friendly environment, which requires individual coopera on. All policies address specifics such as weapons, props and lost children. The primary policy of KotoriCon is that disrup ve behavior of any sort will not be tolerated, and staff members can and will take ac on when something is deemed dangerous or disrup ve. Consequences range from a quiet but stern word in private to forcible ejec on from the conven on. The sorts of things that may trigger such ac on include figh ng (fake or real), heckling, impeding traffic flow, offensive behavior, failure to observe basic hygiene, public inebria on (or similar intoxica on), or any other failure to follow the rules and direc ons of staff members. Please show common courtesy to your fellow otaku, and follow the rules, and there’s no problem.

Smoking GCC has designated smoking areas outside. No smoking is allowed beyond these areas—especially near the doorways.

Line E que e Please remember that following the direc ons of staff members will make the lines smoother for everyone! Individuals caught cu ng in line will be sent to the rear. Individuals are not be allowed to hold places in line for other guests. Lines cannot block entrances or exits, so leave a gap in front of the door. Cameras Usage The usage of photographic devices is prohibited within certain areas of the conven on, including video screenings and in the Art Show. Prohibited devices include, but are not limited to: cameras (both film and digital), cellular phones or camcorders. Photographing Guests at KotoriCon Par cipa ng individuals have the right to maintain their privacy. All conven on members are asked to refrain from photographing guests if he or she would prefer not to have his or her picture taken. Guests will join con-goers for a photo opportunity if they choose to have their picture taken. When stopping to take photographs in the hallways, please be considerate of fellow members by being brief and not blocking traffic.


Policies Signs at KotoriCon No signs are permi ed except for those that are an established part of a costume. (The sign must be part of the standard “look” of the character, such as that carried by Genma the Panda.) Signs in viola on of this policy will be confiscated. Repeat offenders will be considered in viola on of the Disrup ve Behavior Policy. Please note that this policy applies to all types of signs, regardless of construc on. KotoriCon staff decisions regarding signs are final.

Children at KotoriCon Anyone younger than 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult while a ending the conven on. Children are required to carry some form of wri en iden fica on and parent/guardian contact informa on with them at all mes so that KotoriCon staff may contact parents or guardians should the need arise.

Recommenda ons Here are some sugges ons for keeping children safe: • Please do not leave children una ended at KotoriCon. • Make sure children know important informa on, such as their parent/guardian’s name and what he or she is wearing; a cellular phone number and a home phone number. If a child is lost, staff members will make every a empt to contact chaperones through this informa on. • It is a good idea to set up a mee ng place and me for children older than 12. In case a chaperone cannot find a child at the designated mee ng place, or cannot establish contact, please no fy the KotoriCon Registra on Desk.

KotoriCon wishes all par cipa ng members a safe and happy conven on! Costume Props at KotoriCon Weapons NOT Permi ed at KotoriCon include, but are not limited to, the following: • NO LIVE STEEL will be permi ed at all on the GCC campus. Live steel is defined as: • Swords, bayonets and knives (regardless of sheath) • Star knives and shurikens • Metal armor, including chainmail • Other objects made of metal, which can take an edge. This holds true regardless of whether the object is actually sharp. 3

Policies Some of the younger a endees are nervous about guns in schools, and the KotoriCon staff wants to thank those of individuals who elected to leave realis c prop guns at home or in the car. Conven on policy asks that no prop guns are pointed at any other a endees, even for photos.

NO GUNS OF ANY KIND will be permi ed. Examples include, but are not limited to: • Airso guns, regardless of whether or not it is func onal. A non-func onal airso gun with no moving parts is s ll an airso gun. BB, pellet, dart, blow or stun guns; crossbows or tasers. • Water guns or water pistols. • The ONLY excep on to this rule will be a prop gun or resin model that is easily iden fiable as a toy, provided that it does not possess moving parts and is clearly marked with a non-removable orange p. • KotoriCon policy asks par cipants to leave realis c-looking guns at home or in the car because of the nervousness of younger a endees and parents and in respect to the children and teachers who were killed in Newtown, Conn. Staff members appreciate those of you who respect the feeling of younger a endees. • NO poin ng of guns at other a endees, in ANY circumstances, will be allowed. • NO “PADDLES,” of any sort will be permi ed at the conven on. • This includes, but is not limited to Yaoi/Yuri Paddles. • NO NUNCHAKU of any kind will be permi ed. • NO EXPLOSIVES or CHEMICALS of any kind including,

but not limited to: • smoke powder • sparklers • or fireworks of any kind Illegal weapons will be reported to the appropriate authori es.

Masks at KotoriCon Masks are not permi ed except for those that are an established part of a costume. For security purposes, all a endees who wish to wear a mask will be asked to pose in front of the security camera with their mask off and on. When in doubt, check with KotoriCon staff. The staff appreciates individual willingness to smile for the cameras!


Policies Props Permi ed Staves, bo s cks, boken, shinai and wooden swords will be permi ed as long as such are handled responsibly and meet all other criteria. • Fake props or made-up weapons (i.e. ssue paper, Plaster of Paris,

cloth, etc.) are permi ed if safe and not dangerous to others. • Examples of dangerous condi ons include, but are not limited to, items that may trip others, can snag on people or surroundings, or those that obstruct doors and hallways. • Prop weapons shall be limited to less than six feet, six inches (6' 6") in height and less than 50 pounds in weight. • Any metal chains are to be less than three feet in length. This includes, but is not limited to, chain wallets or any non-costume chains as well.

Behavior with Weapons/Props •

Misuse of a weapon or prop, such as swinging it in a public area or posing a hazard to others, will result in the prop being deemed unsafe for the conven on. Thus, an individual will be asked to remove the item from the conven on center.

All props and weapons brought into the conven on must be inspected and either approved or rejected by KotoriCon staff. Note this also includes items that may have had prior approval (other conven ons, previous conven ons, or pre-conven on approval by KotoriCon staff).

Any item that poses a poten al safety hazard might need to be removed from the conven on. This includes any costume, prop or accessory that obstructs doors or hallways, or otherwise poses any kind of danger to other a endees, staff or conven on center property.

When in doubt, check with KotoriCon staff. Also please note that just because a staff member has not stopped to check an item does not mean that the it is allowed.

All decisions made by KotoriCon staff are final. Report to a KotoriCon staff member for ques ons.



SURVIVAL CHECKLIST:  Read Policies  Ally with Voice Actors  See Special Guests  Prepare with Workshops & Activities  Inform Yourself by Attending Panels  Replenish Inventory in Artist Alley and Dealers Room

 Remember Good Times with Anime Screenings

 Support Charities  Keep Brains Sharp Against Pirated Goods

*brought to you by our new Program Editor, Ashley Mellen


Otaku Allies: Keep track of new and/or zombie friends after the apocalypse! For safety, do not share personal address, last name or phone numbers.





Voice Actors Jamie McGonnigal Jamie McGonnigal is well known for his voice-ac ng roles on “Viva Pinata!,” “Pokemon,” “Yu Gi Oh!,” “One Piece,” “F-Zero” and “Kirby.” Other voice over roles include anime tles and video games such as Johnny Garland in “The New World” for PS2. McGonnigal is also a founding producer of the New York Musical Theatre Fes val. His work as a producer and director includes the World AIDS Day concert produc ons of “Pippin,” “Children of Eden” and “The Secret Garden.” As an actor, he has appeared on stages regionally and in New York City in a number of roles. McGonnigal’s drive to the make the world a be er place can be found in his blog on h p://

Bill Rogers Bill Rogers is an New York-based voice actor best known for his work on “Gravita on,” “Boogiepop Phantom,” “Genshiken,” “Shingu” and more recently in “The Third.” He can also be heard on Saturday mornings as the voice of Brock in “Pokémon.” Since his debut in “Assemble Insert” back in 2001, Rogers has provided voices to favorite characters in such shows as “KO Beast,” “His and Her Circumstances,” “Joe vs. Joe,” “Madara,” “Gokudo,” “Comic Party” and “To Heart.” Outside of the anime field, Rogers has worked on the children's show “Tarchin and Friends,” and the series of “Universal Safety Squad” educa onal films. In the world of video games, Rogers has lent his voice to the X-Box game “Bullet Witch,” “Super Smash Bros. Brawl” and the M&M’s series of games on the Wii console. Rogers can also be seen on camera in many produc ons by Outworld Entertainment, and on many theater stages around his home state of New Jersey. 8

Voice Actors Mike Pollock Mike Pollock (some mes credited as Herb Lawrence) is a voice actor famous for playing characters in anime dubs by 4Kids Entertainment. He has appeared as the narrator for 4Kids shows like “Pokémon.” He is also the current voice actor for Dr. Eggman in the “Sonic the Hedgehog” series.

Michele Knotz Michele Knotz is a name synonymous with “Pokémon.” Now in its 14th season, Knotz returnes as the voice of Team Rocket’s Jessie and several new Pokémon. She has voiced May, Nurse Joy and lots of Pokémon creatures including Piplup and Squirtle. She was even Misty for the Pokémon 10th Anniversary Special. She has voiced other anime and video game roles as well, including the Pokémon Trainer, Squirtle and various other Pokémon for “Super Smash Bros. Brawl.” Knotz doesn’t just work on anime and video games’ she’s also a script adaptor for various dubbing projects and lends her voice to many other types of work.


Special Guests Samurai Dan & Jillian The husband and wife team of Daniel and Jillian Coglan are full-time martial art instructors, specializing in 16th century Samurai Arts. When not teaching at their dojo, the Kojokan, they travel the United States performing and teaching the ancient ways of the most famous warriors in history. With a combined 35 years of experience, their show is a unique blend of history, combative skill and humor, designed to educate and entertain audiences both large and small.

C.J. Henderson Author C.J. Henderson is the creator of the “Piers Knight” supernatural investigator series, the “Teddy London” occult detective series and many more. He has written more than 70 books and novels, including such diverse titles as “The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction Movies,” “Black Sabbath: the Ozzy Osbourne Years” and “Baby's First Mythos.” He also wrote hundreds of short stories and comics and thousands of non-fiction pieces. Beloved by all, this elder statesman of the wonderful world of Sci Fi and fantasy invites all to drop in at to read a few short stories, because, well ... why not?

Scott Melzer An anime fan since birth in 1966, Sco grew up on “Speed Racer” and “Star Blazers,” having no idea of either show’s origins. In college he learned the truth—these were Japanese uncut versions were available! And there were conven ons! Rabid otakuniza on soon followed. In 2001 he tried his hand at direc ng fan parodies, and the homage to fans and fandom "This Is Otakudom" was the result, followed by “S.T.E.A.M.: The Movie” in 2005 and “Fanboy Soze” in 2011. Sco is showing the best of new Abridged Shows and Fan Parodies at Kotoricon this year, as well as running panels on voice ac ng and AMVs. 10

Special Guests Mystic Realms Mystic Realms is a live-action roleplaying community. Its rules facilitate theatric play by any size group, in any time period and across all genres: fantasy, horror, science fiction, supers, anime and even modern, mundane earth. Participants can create a dynamic range of characters and with hundreds of skills to chose from every character is unique and interesting. Mystic Realms theatric events are played in private homes, local parks, conventions, university campuses and campground facilities. New members are always welcome! Mys c Realms is very happy to be attending Kotoricon 2013, where it will host an animefocused, live-action roleplaying event. Come and join in!

+2 Comedy +2 Comedy is a nerd stand-up comedy group that is so funny individuals will need a saving throw! (make rim-shot noise now.) Its comedy regards video games, comics and of course Anime. The group will also answer nerd questions, such as who is hotter, Sailor Moon or Bulma? First 100 people get double EXP!

Underbelly Underbelly is a Web show that makes funny, informative videos about nerdy topics (mainly video games, movies, comics and anime.) Its personali es are award-winning filmmakers, educators, and (self-proclaimed) hilarious personalities. They have recently started doing large scale panels at conventions across the country, transforming the passion and humor of their Web show into a stage-show. Frank, Shawn, Newt and Justin will have individuals rolling in their seats while they learn what it takes to become a PokĂŠmon Master, Hero of Time, or Superhero. So, laugh and learn about the stuff they love at! 11

Special Guests Uncle Yo Uncle Yo has toured many conventions to perform his unique stand-up comedy aimed exclusively at the geek community. He may be “One Piece” short of a “Fullmetal Alchemist,” but this Jedi intern promises to “Bebop your Cowboy so hard you’ll feel it in your joystick.” He moved to New York City from PA to pursue a career in writing and a bad habit of video games. He has since found his niche in the Big Apple, appearing wherever American Otaku (a.k.a. anime fans) gather to celebrate their love of Japanese culture.

Ian Rubin Comedian Ian Rubin is very happy to make his Pop-Culture Convention debut at KotoriCon. Opening for Uncle Yo, his Stand-Up Comedy focuses on the important questions: Why did he ever dress as Spike from My Little Pony? Who allowed Steven Moffat to give Ian “feels”? And for the love of everything, why is nerdom the way it is (and why is it so WEIRD)? In addition to stand-up, Rubin is an improv comedian and founder of UProv Comedy: The Internet’s First and Only Improv Comedy Show! ( He's also made of chocolate*. From New Jersey, Rubin has spent many years of his life performing for audiences all around the Tri-State area. After realizing the amazing culture of convention audiences/performers, he is making his away around the east coast, entertaining crowds of geeks, and expressing that “It’s okay to be a nerd... Even when it doesn't make sense!” *Results may vary.


Special Guests Dragon Jedi Come and join Dragon Jedi in a display of spectacular lightsaber fight choreography! Watch epic duels unfold as the Jedi and Sith ba le for peace, power and complete supremacy!

Seventh Kingdom Immerse yourself in a fantasy environment in Seventh Kingdom IGE (Interac ve Game Environment). LARP se ngs provide players with a con nuous in-game experience, allowing for the character development to be completed largely by the players and their choices. The Seventh Kingdom fullservice inn provides players with included meals and addi onal snacks, allowing players to get the most out of their me on site. They create modules and situa ons that u lize the skills of every class and race in the game to promote par cipa on at all mes. Players always find someone or something with which to interact, a puzzle to solve, or a random event whenever possible. Come play at any of their sites in New Jersey.

501st Legion The 501st Legion will be on hand to protect con-goers from the zombie hoards. The Legion seeks to promote interest in Star Wars through the building and wearing of quality costumes, and to facilitate the use of these costumes for Star Wars-related events as well as contribu ons to the local community through costumed charity and volunteer work.


Musical Performers The Asterplace The Asterplace is a Tokyo melodic-core rock band from Japan, based in New York City, who have performed at worldwide music fes vals, anime and comic conven ons. The band name “The Asterplace “means crea ng beau ful music as like flower blossoming every year—the origin of the name came directly from their beau ful melody of music. As the sun shines in the world, as the moonlight at the sky, The Asterplace plays music toward the world. They have performed not only at New York’s famous live venues like The Studio, Webstar Hall, and Arliene’s Grocery, but also at several huge fes vals and cons like DC Saklura Matsuri, Tribecca film fes val, Zenkaikon and ToraCon. The Asterplace’s concerts cross over races, sexes, ages and many borders. A complete rock experience, their shows pack a variety of music style is very enjoyable for all audiences.

Uzuhi Far East from their mother land New York City, the Japanese punk rock band, Uzuhi was born in Fall 2004. Uzuhi means “the Sun” in Japanese. The origin of the name came directly from their strong creed of music, “music has no borders.” They are trying to create their own punk rock. Uzuhi’s music crosses over races, sexes, ages and any borders as it fascinates and bewitches listeners.


Musical Performers Pla orm One Pla orm One first came together in Rhode Island in 1999. Now based out of New York, this band of highly energe c musicians brings together danceable beats, well thought out lyrics and an appeal that crosses all genres. A combina on of pop, gothic and alterna ve with a side of oontz, Pla orm One ranges in influence from And One to The Psychedelic furs, and Peter Gabriel to The Cure. They’ve spent the last few years playing fes vals and conven ons, from SteamPunk to Goth, all over the Northeast with forays to the west coast and New Orleans.


Musical Performers Hoh Daiko Drummers Hoh Daiko Drummers of Seabrook, New Jersey was established in February 1991 under the auspices of the Seabrook Buddhist Temple. It chose “Hoh Daiko” for its name, meaning “the way of the drums.” The group began by using discarded res and plas c garbage cans as prac ce instruments and on the drum made for them by the Reverend Ron Miyamura of Chicago. Their dedica on soon found the group making its own taiko (drum) from whiskey and wine barrels, learning the difficult tradi onal folk art from Soh Daiko of New York, the first taiko group on the East Coast. Hoh Daiko will open KotoriCon!

Sneko Sneko is a 19-year-old New York City-based J-pop and J-rock cover ar st that entertains her audience with a variety of popular songs and dances from various anime, video-games, and Vocaloid. Sneko is one performer you don’t want to miss!

Gavin Goska Gavin Goska has been entertaining audiences throughout the Midwest and beyond for the past three years with his unique acous c take on favorite anime anthems. Last year saw the release of Kaleidoscope, an all-original English-language vocaloid album by Subtle Inversion featuring Megurine Luka. A followup is already in the works, with an expected release date in late 2011 or early 2012. Goska is also known as one-half of the gothic orchestral horror ou it Midnight Syndicate, who just released Carnival Arcane, their 14th collec on of original atmospheric songs. Rounding out Goska’s diverse collec on of musical projects is Parlormuse, an explora on of the popular music of the Victorian era through modernized folk-rock arrangements that blend the new with the nostalgic.


Ac vi es Capoeira Demonstra on Born almost 500 years ago among the African slaves of Brazil, Capoeira is a cultural phenomenon unique to Brazil. Transcending dance, figh ng and ar s c expression, it is a uniquely holis c performance art, pushing prac oners to their physical, emo onal, mental and spiritual limits. With decep ve kicks, sweeps, blows and amazing gymnas c maneuvers, Capoeira is characterized not just by the elegant mo ons of dancers, but by the unmistakably Brazilian music that accompanies it and the way in which it weaves and interacts with the dance and the dancers to change the movements in a second from slow, fluid dancing to successions of sharp, powerful kicks and rapid mo ons. The audience o en gets involved in the beau ful music and movements. Instructor Graveto has taught Capoeira for more than a decade and has developed a long standing reputa on for high standards in quality instruc on. He has a posi ve impact in his local community, and is most proud of his achievements developing students. His students have awesome a tudes as well as superior levels of proficiency. On Nov. 15, 2008, Graveto was inducted into the U.S.A. Interna onal Black Belt Hall of Fame for Male Black Belt of the Year and was also inducted as Mar al Ar st of the Year 2009. On Nov. 19, 2011 Team USA was victorious over Team Canada and Graveto was named World Champion. Outstanding!

American Karate Systems Demo Located in the Merchantville and Pennsauken area of southern New Jersey, American Karate System Mar al arts program is carefully designed to strengthen individuals physically and improve their ability to learn. These skills will improve performance in all areas of one’s life. Mr. Schiffman and his students will perform in the Demo Area.

Crash Course in Voice Ac ng: For Fun Join Guest Sco Melzer from NoN.D.E. Fanfilms for in introduc on to the crazy world of voice ac ng. He’ll cover ac ng for fan projects, voice “method” ac ng, ps for building voices and staying consistent, direc ng voice actors and crea ng voice sound effects. Lots of audience par cipa on! 17

Ac vi es Video Games KotoriCon has a couple of rooms for those wan ng to sit down and play video games. One room will host tournaments so check the schedule for when and where to register. Tournaments will include “Blue Blaze CSX,” “Naruto Genera ons” and “Smash Bros. Brawl.” The tournaments are hosted by Avylon, a group of game developers in this area. A second room will be set up to play in just for fun! Just remember to play nice and show good sportsmanship. Let others play!

How to Fold Japanese Origami Want to learn something new? Why not learn how to fold origami? This workshop focuses on the tradi onal Japanese crane, and possibly incorpora ng a few other kinds of folds.

Masquerade Come watch fellow con-goers perform skits of all kinds for even more enjoyment! Laughs, and maybe even crying (only a teensy bit) are in store Saturday night. Forms are up and ready to be signed, so conven on members can give their best song, dance, melodrama, comedy act even angry rant! The Masquerade will take place in the Fine Arts Center Note: the maƟnee is not a costume contest.

Charity Auc on Hosted by Uncle Yo, this popular event sends all funds raised to chari es. Items are donated by the generous Dealers and Ar sts seen throughout the College Center.

Karaoke by the Promise Sisters The Promise Sisters are hos ng a Karaoke room! The word “karaoke” literally translates into “Open Orchestra” in Japanese. So for all those musical otakus that want to relax from walking around and buying awesome con collectables, head over to the Mini Center located in Ar st Alley for KotoriCon's Karaoke room! You can go up on stage and show off abili es or just goof off in a stress-free environment. Also, at there will be a contest where par cipants will sing before a panel of judges, the talented Promise Sisters, for an American Idol type contest! The top three winners will win a prize for their ability to rock the mic!


Ac vi es Zombifica on Sta on Join Uncle Yo and local haunted house professionals as they zombify conven on members their friends! Learn techniques, tools and tricks of the trade for next Halloween! Zombifica on Sta on is located in the College Center. Just show a KotoriCon badge to get zombified!

Photobooth — FREE Photo Stop by the Photobooth to get a free picture by professional photographer Dave Coates, just show a Kotoricon badge. Addi onal copies will be available online. Find the link on the website.

Panels All sorts of panels are listed in the next sec on of the program and on the schedule on the insert. Join others in learning something new about anime fandom!

Pokemon Trading Card Game Tournament A challenge to all Pokemon trainers! This year at Kotoricon, there is a Pokemon TCG tournament! Come and test your decks against the elite! Form teams, make a move and come to the ba le fully prepared for anything! The tournament is open to the “Diamond and Pearl” sets and up. Reprinted cards are allowed (Such as “Gust of Wind” being remade as “Pokemon Catcher”), as well as any kind of basic (Fire, Figh ng, Grass, Psychic, Electric, Water, Dark, Steel) energy. “Darkness” and “Metal” energies are allowed as well. Par cipants will be limited to five “Championship” cards per deck. Be ready to bring one’s best—and most importantly—have fun!

Project Omega LARP Events Project Omega will run two games, a zombie survival game called Ex nc on Level Event and a medieval fantasy game called Seventh Kingdom. Ex nc on Level Event will run some interac ve games that will demonstrate their zombie survival game. Seventh Kingdom IGE will demonstrate their fantasy Interac ve Game Environment. At these sites players always find someone or something with which to interact, a puzzle to solve or a random event whenever possible.


Panels Anime Forever! & Mys c Realms “Anime Forever” is a movie that takes viewers on an epic, memorable journey into the heart of anime fandom. Family and friends from all over the country (and beyond!) share their personal stories and con experiences. The con is the best weekend party anybody could go to! Screening followed by sneak preview of new Mys c Realms LARP movie!

Anime MadLibs A combina on of the word game MadLibs and anime, manga, video games, etc. Stories will have words taken out for panel a endees to replace. A weird story is the result. Super fun for everyone!

Anime Quiz Show This is for anyone who has ever wanted to test their knowledge, and against other Otaku! Whether one is a contestant or part of the audience, he or she will surely enjoy this game. With its puzzling ques ons, compe ve contestants and wacky hosts, par cipants will definitely have a blast. So come watch this new addi on to Kotoricon and get ready for some anime brain teasers. (To compete in the quiz, please ask about it at registra on to take a small test to qualify for one of the four spots in the game show.)

Crash Course in Voice Ac ng: For Fun Join Guest Sco Melzer from NoN.D.E. Fanfilms for in introduc on to the crazy world of voice ac ng. He will cover ac ng for fan projects, voice “method” ac ng, ps for building voices and staying consistent, direc ng voice actors and crea ng voice sound effects. Lots of audience par cipa on!

Evangelion 0.0 Like talking about Evangelion? Then Come to this panel! Guests can talk about the series, its origins and the impact of the reboot. All opinions are welcome as the panel analyzes one of the most insane and awesome animes ever made!


Panels Fan Parodies 101 Tour the hilarious world of fan parodies with a master of the genre, Sco Melzer. Join him as he shows some of the great fan parodies. Melzer runs the fan parody block of Otakon and is a great friend of Kotori!

Gallifreyan History 101 Join the panel as it steps out of the TARDIS and into KotoriCon for a look into all things “Doctor Who” from the classic and modern series. Presented by a team of Timelords and their companions who are pu ng the very fabric of space- me on the verge of collapse to give the greatest show in the galaxy!

Gaming's Top 40: A Walk Down Memory-Card Lane Video gaming begins way back in 1971 with Computer Space, the first arcade video game. Game enthusiasts can draw a line connec ng Computer Space to Asteroids 10 years later, to Wing Commander, to Starfighter, to Ba lefield: the adjoining dominoes of flight combat and space shooters. Then comes 72, 73, 74, etc., all the way to the present. For each year of gaming, Jeff Ryan (author of Super Mario: How Nintendo Conquered America) will discuss one key game the changed everything. By the end, he’ll have covered the whole of gaming. Be sure to bring sugges ons for the best game of 2013!

Ghost Hun ng in Japan: A beginners guide Planning a trip to Japan? Worried about cost? Know enough Japanese? Join Susan Glenn, KotoriCon Chair, as she takes a hour out of the hec c running of KotoriCon to share her adventures for five weeks last summer with her family in Japan. She will share stories of Japanese ghosts, Peter’s day in a Japanese school, mountain top temple monks, and their One Piece Adventures.

Great AMVs: Theory and Technique Anime Music Videos are short films, created from exis ng anime footage and music, but the best become something more than the sum of its parts. Sco Melzer from NoN.D.E. Fanfilms will cover ps and techniques, focusing on storytelling, narra ve flow and how to keep the audience in mind. See several examples of AMVs that truly excel at building emo on, telling a new story, and accomplishing the unexpected. 21

Panels Hanging with Pixelated Pineapple A fan of retro gaming, anime or even green eggs and ham? From Glenside,PA, Team Pixelated Pineapple will share with fellow gamers some of the worst consoles ever made throughout the years and the history of what brought them to be. This panel also intends to have live Let’s Play with its audience choosing the games. Awesome fun to experience!

Jeo-pony Hey-o Bronies! This panel is for those who want to test their knowledge of everyone’s favorite equine-based cartoon in a jeopardy-style quiz game. Come on by!

“Just A Friend": Friend-Zoning in Anime and Reality (and How You Can Avoid It!) Ever long for someone, but can’t have him or her? Have the dis nct feeling that a friend wants to be more than a friend? Ever watched the en rety of Puella Magi Madoka Magica? If one has answered yes to all three of those ques ons, this panel is for them! Join the debate on love, heartbreak and anime as Melanie takes par cipants on a journey in, out, and around the dreaded Friend Zone.

Kingdom Hearts Walkthrough With Kingdom Hearts celebra ng its 10-year anniversary there has been a lot of games that have came out and a lot of informa on to wrap one’s brain around. What's going on with the characters, where does everything fit into place, what's going to happen in the last game. This panel will cover all of this including some fun facts about the final mix games. One can join panelists to get their thoughts gathered and their ques ons answered in this walkthrough of the Kingdom Hearts series. (There will be spoilers near the end of the panel and an announcement will be made when these spoilers will be discussed)

KotoriStuck Welcome to Homestuck, a popular webcomic wri en by a man named Andrew Hussie. Homestuck is a complex, ar s c, video game-like masterpiece, with tons of different aspects of media woven into it. If one knows and loves Homestuck, or just wants to see what it’s like, come to the panel and ask some characters a few ques ons! 22

Panels My Li le Pony: Customs are Magic Ever wanted to make a custom pony toy or create a unique sculpture from scratch? Covering topics from crea ng armatures to re-hairing, by the end of this panel, par cipants will have all the info they need to start making amazing custom crea ons.

Nerds, Girls, Guns and Ghouls The Underbelly of comics and cult film. With a focus on zombies JUST for Kotoricon. Underbelly host and writer Newt Wallen walks the crowd through a comedic tour of pop culture.

Otaku-Haven by Otaku for Otaku Otaku-Haven is an up-and-coming company on the east coast, where fans and gamers can come together each day and relax and talk to each other. Get ps on cosplay, artwork, fan art, building a Manga library and crea ng anime-inspired food. A community center for fans. Come meet!

Paradise and Faries Join local internet reviewers Paradise and Faries as they show some of their best videos, answer ques ons, make mildly funny jokes at their expense, and present a world premiere episode of one of their popular series. What's not to love? Paradise and Faries has had its videos featured on a variety of websites, including RetrowareTV,, and Screwa They also were awarded “YouTuber of the Month” by Jillpoothree.

Pokéholics Anonymous (by Underbelly) “My name is ________ and I am a Pokéholic!” Prepare for trouble (and make it double) as the Web show Underbelly puts on its Pokéholics Anonymous panel. They’ll be showing well-made video skits about the Pokémon world, having a Pokémon cosplay contest, doing a Q&A, and asking the audience what makes them a Pokéholic! 23

Panels Posing for Cosplay This panel is for those who have awesome new cosplay and are wearing it for the first me, and who want to take some awesome photos to match it! Stop by and learn some ps and tricks to look good for all cosplay photos, plus maybe some ps from finding the right photographer to working with them as well.

So you wanna Cosplay? Want to cosplay, come get started! This panel is about how to sew together a cosplay, including bargain and thri shopping for accuracy! Even body paint and SFX help! This gives the do and dont’s of cosplay, even how to act at a cosplay con!

TV Tropes: Revolu onizing Literary Classifica on The Wiki website shows that storytelling devices can transcend works, franchises, and genres. Learn how this site, which many people find addic ng, revolu onizes literary classifica on and Wikis in general.

UProv Comedy: Everyone is a Nerd! Improv Comedy is hosted by comedian Ian Rubin. UProv believes that everybody is a nerd, and the best way to express it is through laughter! Like "Whose Line is it Anyway?", the nerds at UProv will be performing scenes and songs made up completely on the spot, based off of audience sugges ons. Whatever one likes, they’ve got it. EVERYONE WILL BE PART OF THE SHOW! So, come see the UProv Comedy Improv Panel! THERE WILL BE FREE POCKY!* (hƩp:// *There may or may not be "Free Pocky”

Voice Actor Panels Join each of KotoriCon’s Special Guest Voice Actors for Ques on and Answer Panels:

Michele Knotz Jamie McGonnigal Mike Pollock Bill Rogers 24

Chari es KotoriCon is organized by students of the Gloucester County College Japanese Anime Guild to raise money to contribute to charity. Funds are raised directly from the entry ckets, fees paid by Ar sts and Dealers and all bids from the Charity Auc on. The auc on items are donated by the generosity of the Ar sts, Dealers and other conven ons. Generous bids on unique items show how big hearted a endees are! KotoriCon staff wants to recognize its performers, voice actors and bands, who decline their appearance fees to allow the money to go to charity. Gloucester County College also supports the efforts by providing the facili es, security and technology to KotoriCon. Please support the chari es with proceeds from KotoriCon 2013:

Liberty in North Korea (LiNK) This organiza on is devoted to the North Korean human rights and humanitarian crises. LiNK provides protec on and aid to North Korean refugees hiding in China and, u lizing a modern-day underground railroad through Southeast Asia, rescues refugees and helps them to reach freedom. LiNK also works to develop people-focused strategies that will have the poten al to promote change inside North Korea in the long term. Visit hƩp:// for more informa on.

Vic ms of Hurricane Sandy Coordina ng with Atlan c Cape Community College and high schools in the Atlan c City area, GCC is funding food banks and efforts to get supplies to those hardest hit by Hurricane Sandy.

Peach’s Neet Feet donates custom, hand-painted shoes to children living with disabili es and figh ng serious illnesses. Every shoe is customized to complement each child’s life, interest, and courageous fight. These personalized, one-of-a-kind gi s li the spirits of children and their families. With the web of caring individuals and the gi of personalized shoes, families are supported and strengthened.


Ar sts Alley Artists Alley possesses amazing artists and crafters. These vendors were chosen through a competitive process and many have generously donated items to the KotoriCon Charity Auction. Stop by to pick up a unique treasure! Individuals can also find information tables about other events in the area as well as tables with Special Guests and Musicians.

Alyssa Torres Custom drawings and comics, original artwork featuring favorite anime characters and other oddi es for conven on collec ons.

Cross’ Critters A variety of stuffed cri ers ranging from original crea ons to fan art. Newly introducing SteamPunk wings that will give any flightless dreamer inspira on. A range of crocheted products also.

DanaBoBana Author of the Web comic “On the Bright Side,” graphic designer and illustrator.

Dani Cat Designs Seller of bu ons, charms, bookmarks and plush based on original art, fan art and internet jokes.

Demon Fist In a world of angels and demons, Rory Featherwind journeys to find his long-lost friend, even if it means taking on the whole world power to do so.

DorkSpork, LLC This vendor sells just about everything to sa sfy all geek needs. From prints, to charms, to one of a kind sculptures, DorkSpork has it covered!

Fluff Sugar Café Sells cuddly food and other adorable plushies, along with some sweet accessories. 26

Ar st Alley Fluffy Laser Balls Cute items that will make one’s day cuter.

Geek Mythology Crafts Specializes in “Perler Bead Sprites”— plas c bead cra s of anime, cartoon, and video game-inspired characters and items.

Hey Look! A SIGN!!! A one-man studio that makes handmade clay figures of one’s favorite characters from anime, manga, video games and more!

KawaiiKitamura Specializes in handmade plushies, jewelry and accessories that are sweet, cute and Asian inspired.

Loonilolidesigns Handcrafted polymer clay jewelry and Lolita hair decorations.

Love Comet Art prints and unique handcrafted items.

Mandah Unique hand-painted glassware, edible looking jewelry, soaps and more!

Manifested Dreams Crocheted plush, scarves and bags/pouches. Graphically designed charms and jewelry. Primarily original designs with small amounts of fan art. Educa onal prints featuring kana and kanji charts.

Monica “MonMon” H. Works ranges in comics and colorful illustrations in water color to digital art. 27

Ar sts Alley Paper Tulip Studio Character-as-kitten prints and commission works, paper crafts with some fabric and feather crafts and self-published novels.

Paw Print Productions Traditional and digital artists who sell artwork as prints, buttons, bookmarks, charms, etc.

Sakura works Fun, cute, chibi works and full drawings. StarrCrunch Colorful and fun hats for everyone. Studio Elaina Unger Elaina Unger is a fine ar st and illustrator from Glassboro, NJ who specializes in watercolor pain ngs. She aims to make her portraiture expressive in style and impact, while connec ng with the viewer not only on a visual level, but on an emo onal level. Unger especially loves to paint comic book characters, video game characters and rock stars.

Sweet Mildred Beautiful handcrafted lolita hair accessories.

The Needle Gnomes Knit and crochet goods for fandom and cosplay, including the Japanese art of amigurumi.

Unless ‌ Animation major who specializes in simplistic, cute, but not limited to that. Will be selling buttons, bookmarks, postcards and small-sized prints. Also, will be taking sketch commissions.

Wingdingthings Run by two obnoxious friends, it makes My Li le Ponies painted like characters from Pop Culture, as well as dabbling in the art of feather wings.


Dealers Room The Dealers Room includes a diverse set of vendors selected from many wonderful applicants. Most of the Dealers have made generous donations to the KotoriCon Charity Auction. Make sure to spend some time picking out the perfect gift for someone special, and maybe some things for oneself too!

Anime Pavilion Large selec on of DVD and manga at discounted prices. Retail partners with Aniplex and NIS America.

Anne-Chan Crea ons One of a kind geek inspired pain ngs, cross-s tches, bu ons and bracelets.

BestPest Studio Funny and whimsical artwork and comics.

Global Maru Japanese street food comes to life in the Dealer’s Room!

Goody Stuff All the stuff related to anime “Ki y,” including cosplay items, decals, plushies, charms and more! The most popular products is the “Chi.” It also sells anime character bell charms, small cu e plushies, 3-D paper model, etc.

Hands of Time Jewelry created from old watches and vintage pocket watches. Pieces are recycled into one-of-a-kind crea ons. Discounted charms for my unique jewelry pieces are also available.

Hip Hop Candy Plushies, sta onary and scented candles. Also bath and beauty products such as lo on, lip balm, soap, along with jewelry, phone charms, sleep masks and key chains.

HKT/ Imported Japanese toys, collec bles, ac on figures, models, gashapon, trading figures, plush, video game toys, novel es, apparel and accessories. 29

Dealers Room Home Circle Media Looking for sta onary supplies featuring favorite shows and characters? How about an ever-changing selec on of Japanese art and fan books? This has it covered and then some!

Ichigo Black An alterna ve clothing brand selling clothing, accessories, bags, plushies, figures and pillows inspired by Japanese gothic, lolita and punk styles.

Ichigo La e Maid Cafe 愛Ichigo La e is a Japanese style café catered by maids and butlers. Games and performances can be enjoyed by all customers, and the servers of Ichigo La e will try their hardest to make their honored guests feel like they’re at home. It is located just outside the Dealer’s Room. Make sure to stop by the café, the safe haven during the zombie apocalypse!

IT Cosplay Specializes in more than 30 different cosplays, anime T-shirts, GE products like keychains, necklaces, backpacks, plush dolls, hats, binders, wrist bands, pins and wigs.

Jagged Edge Gaming Dedicated to games that don’t get plugged in—some mes one doesn’t need a TV or monitor to have fun! Come buy card, board games or roleplaying games, and supplies for every gamer.

J-Dogs Stop by for some Hot Dogs and so pretzels.


Dealers Room Kyoto Anime Since 2003, Kyoto Anime has retailed in Japanese anime and video game merchandise, specializing in both the latest releases and the hard to find series. It sells only imported and officially licensed anime and video game collectables such as capsule (gashapon) figures, trading figures, key chains and cell phone charms, SEGA Prize items, plush and model kits. It also carries select Asian culture items as well as a selec on of anime and pop-culture t-shirts.

Maid Decadently Allergy-friendly, anime-themed treats, as well as a few handmade anime goods.

Roadrunner Nest Try GioFano’s Italian Bistro for a selection of delicious appetizers, soups, salads, sandwiches, wraps, pizza, beverages and more. They will have an Asian Buffet for KotoriCon.

Science Fic on Con nuum Sells discounted anime DVD, manga, artbooks and Doctor Who figures.

Stuffed Sushi Handmade sushi rolls and riceball plushies in assorted “flavors” and sizes! It also has original, homemade sushi and Japanese-themed jewelry, pins, magnets, keychains, t-shirts and more! Bring quarters and check out new gachapon machines!

Tawnie Bow Studios Buy quality costume pieces at wallet-friendly prices.


Anime Screenings Anime will be streamed in the CrunchyRoll room through the generosity of Crunchyroll is an online video-service community that offers full-length episodes and movies of the very best in Japanese anime and Asian entertainment. Crunchyroll’s content is provided by Asian media leaders. KotoriCon’s Crunchyroll videos are in Japanese with English sub tles. All a endees are encouraged to watch and purchase legal versions of anime to keep these companies in the business of bring this great entertainment to the U.S.!

Beelzebub: (Episode 1–3) Oga Tatsumi is a first year student in Ishiyama High, a notorious school for delinquents. One day he sees a man floa ng by, and the man suddenly splits in half to reveal a baby boy inside!

Bleach: (Beginning Episodes) BLEACH follows the story of Ichigo Kurosaki. When Ichigo meets Rukia he finds his life is changed forever.

Blue Exorcist: (Episodes 3–5) Assiah, the realm of humans, and Gehenna, the realm of demons. Normally, these two dimensions would never intersect, but the demons are now intruding on the material world.

Magi: (Episodes 1–3) The story follows the travels of a boy named Aladdin around a strange land in which mysterious ruins called Dungeons are said to house priceless treasures. Together with Alibaba, a friend he met during his travels, Aladdin strives to conquer all of the Dungeons and obtain their treasures. Through all the mee ngs and par ngs he experiences along the way, Aladdin will also learn of his own fate ... 32

Anime Screenings Naruto Shippuden: (Newest Episodes) Naruto Uzumaki wants to be the best ninja in the land. He's done well so far, but with the looming danger posed by the mysterious Akatsuki organiza on, Naruto knows he must train harder than ever and leaves his village for intense exercises that will push him to his limits.

Natsum Yujin-cho: (Episodes 1–3) Natsume Takashi has the ability to see spirits, which he has long kept secret. However, once he inherits a strange book that belonged to his deceased grandmother, Reiko, he discovers the reason why spirits surround him.

Occult Academy: (Episodes 1–3) The year is 1999. At the summit of Japan’s “pyramid” Minakamiyama, stands Waldstein academy. Strange occult phenomena occur here, as if drawn by some mysterious force. Those who know it call it “Occult Academy.”

Sword Art Online: (Episodes 1–3) In the near future, a Virtual Reality Massive Mul player Online Role-Playing Game (VRMMORPG) called Sword Art Online has been released where players control their avatars with their bodies using a piece of technology called Nerve Gear. One day, players discover they cannot log out, as the game creator is holding them cap ve unless they reach the 100th floor of the game’s tower and defeat the final boss. However, if they die in the game, they die in real life. Their struggle for survival starts now ...

Viewers Choice Room. Select from a menu of Viewers Choice anime. There will also be a scheduled me to select from classic Doctor Who episodes for the Whovians joining this year. This is always a popular room! 33

USE YOUR BRAAAAAAIIIIINS: A GUIDE TO PIRATED GOODS This is a brief guide to bootleg/pirate/unlicensed/counterfeit goods, with a goal of enabling anime enthusiasts to spot and avoid any of these goods that may be sold in the dealers room. If conven on members find a dealer selling such goods, please inform one of the KotoriCon staff. For quick and easy access, read have kept things brief by just using pointers and ps. The full version of this guide can be found online at

Licensing S ckers Official Japanese goods o en have licensing s ckers: • Designs vary over the years • O en silver or shiny

Cheap Trick Although it is not selling unlicensed goods, what some retailers do is buy an anime calendar for (let’s say) $15. Since some anime calendars have the dates right at the bo om they are just right to be guillo ned (cut off) and sold as individual posters at around $5 each! This can be very tricky to spot, the best way to do this is have a look at several posters and see if they are exactly the same size.

Pirate DVD Companies Bootleg DVDs are o en Region 0 or have Chinese sub tles. The following companies are all DVD pirates: Anime Cartoon Interna onal Anime Cartoon Anime Studio Anima on Japan Interna onal Another DVD Company Digital Interna onal DVD Ani

FX Indian Interna onal K MAC (Manga Anime Cartoon) Manga Interna onal Video Anima on

Pirate CD Firms Pirate CDs use standard CD cases and are o en sealed in cellophane like official CDs. Son May Records’ logo colors vary to match CD design. Ever Anime o en has poor quality print. Other pirate labels are Alion, MIYA, Smile Face, Yuanding and Top Circle. Copyright Details Should be: • Somewhere on the goods and/or packaging • O en as part of small print • O en more than one copyright holder • A “P” in a circle is also used by pirates 34

Quality: • Quality is one of the key points with all goods: Check items to see if it’s of a high standard.

Packaging in General Pirated goods packaging o en has one or more of the following: • Poor quality prin ng • Speckles • Scan lines • Moiré lines

• Browns look poor • Bad design • Inconsistent design

Beware of • Colors o en off • Price is too cheap for Japanese import • Variable print or audio quality

Pirate Goods Commonly Sold Plas c Toys, Resin Kits, etc. Look for mold lines, bad quality pain ng, blobby or light details, back of copyright details, and Phantom and Elfin Kits are pirate. Wallscrolls and Posters Since they are sealed up it is o en hard to tell if they are pirate ones or not. Pirate wallscrolls use the same moun ng as real ones. Check for labels on outer packing and copyright info, print quality (same points as posters), quality of fabric, prin ng defects common, browns are o en the wrong shade, speckles and scan lines and bad design. Plush Toys Check the quality of s tching. A toy’s face should be symmetrical. Check for maker’s label, a ached tag, fake Totoros in inaccurate colors, to see if the toys are well stuffed and quality of fur. Playing, Trading and Collectors Cards Check print quality. Does it flex like card stock should? Is the design consistent with other cards? Check for copyright details and spelling. Unlicensed Clothes O en t-shirts, girls’ tops, Hawaiian-style club shirts, poor quality prin ng, character colors maybe changed, no copyright info and random kanji. VCD Very few VCDs in English (sub or dub) are legi mate; VCDs in English are older tles when the format was fairly new and companies were experimen ng. Some mes VCDs are passed off as DVD. MPEG2 coding with Chinese sub tles is ALWAYS a bootleg. 35

Thank-you for joining us at KotoriCon 2013! KotoriCon is a great opportunity to get together and meet new fans and old friends. Most people hear about KotoriCon from friends and family; we appreciate you spreading the word. It is also a charity fundraiser that helps people in the region and around the world. KotoriCon comes together through the commitment of Gloucester County College students, staff, faculty, past students, volunteers, vendors and guests. However, the kindness and generosity of the a endees make the event come alive! You make the most difference, with your high spirits, smiles, awesome cosplays and laughter. It is truly the a endees at KotoriCon that provide the life and heart of the day. We can’t thank you enough for coming and making all the prepara ons worthwhile! I need to thank Alexandra Glenn-Collins who designs our mascot Kotori, our posters and t-shirts in our new theme each year. Also thanks to Peter Bullard who has cosplayed as Kotori every year. KotoriCon is organized through the Student Life Office of Gloucester County College. Student Life is directed by Cheryl McBride, who oversees the Japanese Anime Guild. Cheryl and her husband Frank had the most tragic of years, with so much loss, yet Cheryl stepped up to help others. She inspired us to raise funds for many chari es, including several that assist those who have lost so much in Hurricane Sandy. We dedicate this year’s KotoriCon to Cheryl and her family. Congratula ons on surviving the start of the new Mayan calendar and celebra ng zombies at our 4th KotoriCon. Have fun!

Susan Glenn Ph.D., KotoriCon Chair & JAG Club Faculty Adviser








My Schedule


KotoriCon History KotoriCon is organized as a charity fundraiser by the Gloucester County College Japanese Anime Guild — a popular club on campus 2010 – The first con was called the Gloucester County Anime Conven on. Kotori was adopted as the mascot and designed by Alexandra Glenn-Collins. Kotori is a baby roadrunner and is the Japanese word for li le bird. [geist] a visual kei band performed, and voice actor Jamie McGonnigal came as the main guest. 2011 – The name KotoriCon was used and a Victorian SteamPunk Theme was adopted . Reni the Maid and the L33tStr33t Boys performed. Voice actor Robert Axelrod came from L.A. Comedians included Uncle Yo, +2 Comedy and Underbelly. 2012 — KotoriCon took on a ninja theme and Samurai Dan & Jillian joined the bill. The Asterplace and Eyeshine performed along with many other singers and dancers. Voice actors included Stuart Zagnit, Michele Knotz, Jamie McGonnigal, Bill Rogers and Johnny Yong Bosch. Comedians included Uncle Yo, +2 Comedy and Underbelly.

2013 – A zombie apocalypse theme was used to celebrate life following the 12/21/2012 ending of the world.


Thank you for coming to KotoriCon. For your safety, we run a Con-Opera ons Office in the Instruc onal Center throughout the event. If at any point you are concerned or feel ill please stop by Con-Ops and see if we can help you! Our volunteers are wearing bright green KotoriCon t-shirts with STAFF wri en on the back and have yellow Biohazard dog tags. Stop any volunteer for help! Want to look up a performer or vendor? You can check out the website at for links. Provide feedback a er the con on our facebook page or by emailing Susan Glenn, KotoriCon Chair

1400 Tanyard Road, Sewell, NJ 08080 2

KotoriCon 2013 Program  

KotoriCon is held January 12, 2013 on the campus of Gloucester County College in Sewell NJ. It is a small anime convention organized by stu...

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