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Be on the lookout for special romantic tips on how to woo your favorite birds!


Our Program features QR codes to scan for more information. You will want to have an app to do this ready on your phone. For Androidbased devices, you can use Barcode Scanner by ZXing. On iOSDevices like iPhones there are also QR Code readers available on the AppStore, such as Bakodo. On Windows Phone try QR Code Reader.

Our schedule of events is available on Scan this code to go to our schedule. Program Editor: Ed Knorr with help from Franke Sisto, Alexandra Glenn-Collins, and the rest of the KotoriCon Staff

KotoriCon Policies It is important that guests planning to attend KotoriCon read and understand our policies. Scan the QR code to go to our complete list of policies with examples. Everyone is expected to follow the rules. KotoriCon staff work hard to provide a safe, family-friendly environment. Convention policies range in scope from permitted props and weapons to lost children. Some of the policies include: Disruptive Behavior Policy: Action will be taken if something is considered dangerous or disruptive. Smoking: Smoking is prohibited inside campus buildings. Smoking is allowed outside ONLY in designated areas. This includes e-cigarettes. Photographing Guests: KotoriCon’s guests have the right to maintain their privacy. Convention members may be asked to refrain from photographing guests who prefer not to have their picture taken. Please Remember • Guests will join con-goers for a photo opportunity if they choose to have their picture taken. • Photographers may not post pictures taken at KotoriCon for sale online or solicit payment from attendees. • When stopping to take photographs in the hallways, please be considerate of fellow con goers. Be brief and do not block traffic. Children at KotoriCon KotoriCon is a family-friendly event with programming for ages 13 and older. This policy is to ensure the safety of the younger attendees. A parent or guardian must accompany all children younger than age 12 at all times. Anyone younger than age 18 must come with an adult age 18 or older who has their own ticket. Children are required to carry some form of written identification and parent/guardian contact information with them at all times. This is so that KotoriCon staff may contact the parent or guardian should the need arise. Costume Props at KotoriCon/ Prohibited Props and Weapons A list of prohibited props are on the website. Misuse of a weapon or prop, such as swinging it in a public area or posing a hazard to others, will result in it being deemed unsafe for KotoriCon. Guests will be asked to remove the item from KotoriCon. Guns/gun props are not allowed at KotoriCon. Games: The spontaneous playing of dancing games at KotoriCon is always appreciated but needs to be moved to areas that do not block doorways or walkways. Solicitation: Only approved artists and dealers are authorized to sell materials or provide services at KotoriCon.  Photographers may not post pictures taken at KotoriCon for sale online or solicit payment for photographs from attendees. For More Information All decisions made by KotoriCon staff are final.  Please ask a Security Team member or Staff member if you have concerns. 4


KotoriCon volunteers work hard all year not just to put together a fun event but it is also a charity fundraiser. This event is run by students at Rowan College at Gloucester County to raise money for Charities they selected. For more information, please scan the QR Code for the Charities Page on our Website.

KotoriCon Scholarship Endowment This endowment supports students who have dedicated their time and skills to community service and embrace the spirit of volunteerism. It is open to Rowan College at Gloucester County students​. The Japanese Anime Guild is building this endowment so the scholarship will be perpetual. It is administered by the Rowan College Foundation at Gloucester County and recipients are selected by the Scholarship Committee of the College Assembly.​​

LINK Liberty in North Korea is a non-profit organization that works to empower the people of Northern Korea. LINK is responsible for rescuing, habilitating and accl​imating refugee​​s for a life outside of North Korea. LINK Volunteers travel around the United States sharing their message of hope, educating others on the plight of the North Korean people, and encouraging activism at home.

Seabrook Buddhist Temple Approximately 500 families of Japanese ancestry who lived and worked at Seabrook Farm started the Seabrook Buddhist Temple in 1945. By 1965 the Seabrook Buddhist Sangha (congregation) received independent temple status and the 20th anniversary of its founding was observed. 1968 saw the groundbreaking for the current temple situated on 7 acres of land less than one block from Route 77. In 1983 the temple was incorporated as a non-profit facility. In 1986 a home for the resident Sensei was constructed and in 1988 a meditation garden was added. For 70 years the hard working and dedicated Sangha have developed a welcoming atmosphere for people to gather to hear the Buddha-Dharma (the teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha).​​​​

Mothers Matter The Mothers Matter program was born in 2001 with a donation of $100 and a wordof-mouth collection drive that generated enough women’s personal care and beauty products to fill 265 baskets that were given as Mother’s Day gifts to women at three day care centers and two shelters in the city of Camden. 5

Voice Actors For more information on each guest, scan the QR code to take you to our webpage that includes more information.

Daman Mills Yes, I am Daman Mills - and you could say that I am quite... the Lionheart! I have been all over the United States in my life - including Hawaii, New York City, and even New Jersey for Kotoricon! Recently, I have been a prisoner, a misunderstood prince, a mobile suit pilot, and yet I still find time to aspire to be the -perfect- voice actor! Did I mention that I am also a famous ice skating coach? You find yourself impressed by Daman’s clever wordplay. Memories of Jyugo (Nanbaka!), Yzak Joule (Gundam Seed & Seed Destiny Remaster), Monaka (Dragon Ball Super), Yakov Feltsman (Yuri!!! On Ice), Leonardo Lionheart (RWBY), and Kai von Glanzreich (The Royal Tutor) flood your mind. With such an overpowering blend of personality, you are powerless to resist. The correct choice is obvious.

♥ Ask Daman Mills how he undertook so many roles so quickly ♥ Go watch more anime starring Daman Mills ♥ Swoon ► Faint in front of Daman Mills

Kotoriful Tip!!! A Bird loves voice actors! Take him to your favorite voice actor panels to level up your affection with him!


Voice Actors

Alejandro Saab Do you like guessing games? Let’s see how many of these you can figure out! I have been a detective, a spy, an (athletic!) tsundere prince, a love-seeking high school student (not to be confused with that one time I was a cheerleader), a mayor... and I can even -abridge- some works if you’re short on time! Bet you can’t guess what else I do! Your mind is a swirl of emotion and intrigue. You know that you are speaking to the man behind Leonhard von Glanzreich (The Royal Tutor), Laurence (Izetta: The Last Witch), Soichiro Suzuki (Cheer Boys!!), Naomasa Tsukauchi (My Hero Academia), and more recently Junichi (My First Girlfriend is a Gal), but there is certainly more to him than meets the eye. What else lies below his fierce exterior?

♥ Ask him to draw you something ♥ Search for KaggyFilms on YouTube ► Watch one of his videos ♥ Call him a fraud

Natalie Hoover Hey there! I’m Natalie! I don’t know if you’ve heard of me; I’m kinda just passing through. But I will tell you that I’m a pretty good cook (even though my cooking will probably make you put on weight), and I’ll always be there to support my friends (especially if they’re trying to be idols)! Oh - then there was that time where I was a fairy-tale themed goddess... I’m really kinda all over the place... You are obviously impressed by Natalie’s eclectic mix of interests and accomplishments. She has lent her voice to characters like Yamada (New Game!), Kinue Hayase (Masemune-Kun’s Revenge), Fumiko (Love Live!), and Monophanie (Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony). As your lips begin to quiver, you wonder what other incredible feats this woman may be capable of. The words in your heart get stuck in your throat... what is your heart saying?

♥ Attend her Q&A Panel at Kotoricon ► Ask her about Voice Acting and her other work in the industry ♥ Ask her for her origin story ♥ Say nothing and offer her the lunch you are holding 7

Voice Actors

Michaela LaWS Well what can I say? I love telling stories, and I’ve always been a creative-type! Ever heard of “Seduce Me?” I wrote it. I directed it. I even acted in it! Why? Because I wanted to, that’s why! Geez, you act like I’m some kind of “hopeless romantic” or something. I’ve done other voices too! Which character was my favorite to voice? Well Yandere-Chan of course! What is this mysterious feeling you feel? Certainly you have heard of Diana (Seduce Me & Seduce Me 2: The Demon War), Rosa (Remember, Remember), Mameha Kurosaki (Vanity High), and Yandere-Chan (Yandere Simulator). Well you better have, at least. What are your options?

♥ Consider yourself seduced ♥ Ask her if she can sing too (SHE CAN) ► Tell her that you’re a demon who has come to steal her soul​

mICHELE kNOTZ Squirtle, Squirtle! Bulbasaur-saur! Piplup, Pi-piii!! Gardevoir... Ha ha! I fooled you, didn’t I? I’m Michele Knotz - master of disguise! I hail from the magical land of New Jersey, and I have perfected my technique through my travels around the world! My talents have been used to help Team Rocket in the past... but I’m not a bad person...

You knew that you found the sounds of these various pokemon creatures suspicious, and this seems awfully like a ruse that the infamous Jessie of Team Rocket would attempt. Still, you know that Michele is responsible for the voices of Carina (One Piece Film: Gold), Sanae Shikikagami (Ladies Versus Butlers), and many others. It is time to decide...


► Give her your best Pokemon impersonation ♥ Steal her disguise out of jealousy and use it for yourself ♥ Nervously ask her about her future plans (nervously)

Voice Actors

Jamie McGonnigal I am very busy right now! Don’t you know who I am? Why, I am Jamie McGonnigal that’s who! I have been invited to every Kotoricon since 2010, and when I am not at home in Washington D.C. I spend my time fighting for truth, justice, and equality around the world! Now if you don’t mind, I must be on my way. This man is obviously in a rush, just as you feel your blood rush every time you see his face. Did you want to ask him about Pokemon (where he voiced the equallyharried Barry)? Or was it Viva Pinata (where he went by Teddington Twingersnap)? You need to choose your next words wisely...

♥ Ask him about his advocacy for AIDS awareness ► Cause an uproar ♥ Ask him about his work as a director and producer ♥ Be intimidated like a startled Whismur and say nothing

James Carter Cathcart ♫ Oooo yeah I’m Jaaaaaames ♫ ♫ And I voice James! ♫ ♫ But that’s not aaaaaaall! ♫

♫ I can siiiing ♫ ♫ And play the piano toooooo! ♫ ♫ Don’t be appalled! ♫

You feel yourself drifting away on the lofty tones of James’ voice. It is as though you are floating on a cloud of comfort and humanity. Under the spell of the voice that gave life to Gary Oak, a talking Meowth, and Kit Kat Bars, you understand that such lyrical genius is only expected of the man who writes the English scripts for the Pokemon series. How is one to respond to such prowess?

♥ Forget that he also voiced Weevil Underwood in Yu-Gi-Oh ♥ Ask him how much he practices to be so good at what he does ♥ Continue to drift away ► Get lost in his rock n’ roll 9

Performers Scan the QR code for schedules, links and more information on our performers!

+2 Comedy Noah: Hi, I’m Noah. I enjoy long walks on the beach and candlelit dinners for two. Will: Yeah, he’s also engaged! Noah: Man, shut up! I’m trying to promote the Cosplay Dating Game! Will: We’ve been doing this for... how many years now? I think the people know what we’re about - we’ve even added new members to the group! Noah: You could say that we’re now... “2+2 Comedy!” Will: ...Don’t ever say that again Noah.

You can only raise a confused eyebrow at the erratic actions of these men. Despite your familiarity with them, you cannot help but feel flustered by their charisma and witty banter. Nonetheless, time is escaping you. Decision time!

► Start a breakdance routine in an attempt to impress them ♥ Witness their stand-up comedy act in BCC 500 ♥ Volunteer to be a contestant in the Cosplay Dating Game on Saturday Night

l Tip!!!


eating ’t busy n is y o B ics not When S ’s reading com ut his e o h b , brains k him a nga! As be he’ll and ma ero, and may h favorite r brain! u o y spare



Dragon Jedi Hey, remember that time when [SPOILER REDACTED]? Yeah, well that’s pretty much what we do too! We also try to [SPOILER REDACTED] and [MAJOR SPOILER REDACTED] as well! Hey, what’s wrong? You look kinda... angry... You find yourself incensed by this group’s flagrant disregard for your social and literary preferences. You can feel your ire welling up within you like molten lava inside an active volcano, ready to erupt. Yet still, you are a fan of Star Wars. What can you do but forgive these people for just being human?

♥ Something, something, something, “Dark Side” ♥ Something, something, something, “Complete” ♥ Go to the Fine Arts Center and watch their skillful performance ► [SPOILER]

Mystic Realms Here ye, here ye! Nah, just kidding - we’re The Mystic Realms LARP (Live-Action Roleplay) Group! We’re one of the oldest LARP groups in the country, having been doing this for over 18 years - not that we like to brag or nothin!’ From Fantasy to Zombie Apocalypse and more, there’s something here for everyone. Why don’t you brave lookin’ adventurers step on into our “Danger Room” here at KotoriCon and show us what you got?

You stand at the doorway of the Danger Room, having survived it in years past. Yet surely these people would not return to Kotoricon without something new to test your mettle, acuity, and devotion to those you care about. It does sound dangerous, but when was the last time an adventurer was ever steered wrong? What way forward do you see?

♥ Push past the gatekeeper and challenge the new (and improved) Danger Room

♥ Return to the (not-as-dangerous) starting area ► Ride into the DANGER ZONE 11

Musical Guests KotoriCon staff bring some great music to the stage again this year. For more information on these musicians, scan the code to go to the page on our website.

The Slants I’m Simon, and together with my friends Ken, Joe, and Yuya, we are The Slants! You’re from New Jersey? Well we’re from Portland, Oregon! And we’ve come to Kotoricon to show you our unique brand of music. We call it “Chinatown Dance Rock!” Oh, and did I mention that we won a case that went all the way to the United States Supreme Court? Yeah! We can now legally use the name that we made for ourselves as a Trademark! 8 years well spent, right?

You are curious as to what this “Chinatown Dance Rock” sounds like. You are also beguiled by Simon’s origin story and claims of legal prowess. You stare into the eyes of each band member... you feel your heart beating through your chest... you know what you must do.

♥ Book a flight to Portland, Oregon ♥ Buy some Slants-themed merchandise ► Study law in an attempt to impress the band members

Kotoriful Tip!!! All these bands ha v e g o t moving to Jackie G reen the music ! Learn so moves, a me swee nd you c t an catch his eye!


Musical Guests

Kazha Hi, I’m Kazuha, and this is my band, Kazha! All the way from Japan! I play with Hideki, my guitarist, and Masaya, my drummer. Have we been here before? Yes! In 2016! But we came back because we missed Kotoricon! And you! You feel a strange longing in your heart. The same longing that Kazuha must have felt before she finally formed the rock band of her dreams in 2009. Your mind imagines what it must have been like to tour across Europe and Asia, playing the music that will fill the gaping void in your soul. What will you do?

♥ Go watch Kazha’s show in the Fine Arts Center ♥ Visit Kazha’s table in KotoriCon’s Artist’s Alley ► Buy a T-Shit and DVD for your collection ♥ Fangirl

The ASterplace My name is Kota Tsukimoto, and I am the leader of The Asterplace. We come to KotoriCon in peace from Japan, just as we have for many years. We travel the earth to bring beauty through our music. “As the sun shines upon the world, as the moonlight upon the atmosphere, The Asterplace projects their music to the world.” Is that not... poetic? Enchanted by the enigma he exudes, your mind is a mishmash of mystery, fascination, and general befuddlement. Despite the questions that burn the inner recesses of your psyche, you feel a certain familiarity with him. Almost as if... you already know him... The choice is yours.

► Challenge Kota to a “Cola Contest” ♥ Ask him where you can buy merchandise to support the band ♥ Visit the Fine Arts Center on Saturday and witness their performance ​ 13

Musical Guests

Spellbound Strings Oh. Hello. I’m Samantha Gillogly. This is Sae, that’s Tina, and over there is Shayne. They call us “The Spellbound Strings.” Have you ever heard your favorite songs from movies, video games, and anime played on a quartet of string instruments? It really is quite breathtaking - even... “Spellbinding” as some would say! You sense an air of tranquility emanating from these people; an air that makes you feel calm and secure like an orphaned child who has finally found acceptance in a new home. Surely you like movies, video games, and anime, and of course you love music, but what is this strange sensation you feel?

♥ Ask the band members about their favorite songs ♥ Run to the Fine Arts Center and observe their “spellbinding” performance

► Stop by their table at Artist’s Alley and “shoot the breeze”

Hoh Daiko Taiko Drummers HI *thwump* WE *thwump* ARE *thwump* HOH *thwump* DAIKO *twump* TAIKO *thwump thwump*!! We come from the Seabrook Buddhist Temple to get people PUMPED UP and energized with our drumming! *thwump thwump thwump* Have we made your heart beat faster yet?! *thwump* GOOD NOW YOU’RE FEELING IT! As your pulse begins to increase with the beat of the drum, you can feel your feet start to shift and your arms move on their own. You are aware that the Taiko Drum is one of the most easily-recognized exports from “The Land of the Rising Sun,” but you have never heard what an entire legion of them might sound like. What do you do?


♥ Learn some traditional dances for the OBON Festival at Seabrook Buddhist Temple

► Ponder how they can beat such big drums with such small sticks ♥ Sit in the Fine Arts Center early on Saturday and watch the drummers in action

Special Guests KotoriCon also has a wealth of special guests. They aren’t voice actors or performers, but they’re important to the show nonetheless!

s! Learn . Fanfilmridged series .E .D N o N , .A.M.: group me ab e and mcy k and watch srok, such as “S.T.E m y b s ie a o f my w an sit b an parod r some f ation, and we acrd about some o o f e m in Jo otakuniz even he elzer M t all abouetr. You may have Otakudom”. t o - Sc togeth ” and “This is ie v o M e h T


ul Tip!!


Phil is a simple bird. H cospla e love y, and s he lov Maybe e s crying you ca . n be th cry on ! e shou lder to


ul Tip!!


sd iopa tyu vbn???. r e w c ?q ;zx Phil 2 jkl fgh


Special Guests

We are comprised of a husband and wife duo that have been cosplaying together for about 6 years. The love of anime and conventions brought these two together. Joe and Jojo love going to many types of conventions together and creating cosplays. Together they have been to over 45+ each and have done many cosplays together.


- Crystal Soul Cosplay

Have a cup of by to say h tea while enjoying li ello and lis ten to tun ve piano music perfor es from you m r favorite ed by Nannerbel! Sw shows. ing

- Nanne



Lovely Activities In tune with our theme of Love we have several saccharine panels focused on helping you feel the passion of love!

Panels & Events A Beginner

’s Guide to Sh Anime oujo Manga and

Have you e ve no idea wh r wanted to read a go ere to start? od romance H but get ove rwhelmed b ave you ever wanted manga, but had absolu y so many to watch a tely you out with sug rom th popstars, th at. From manga abo gestions? Hopefully th ance anime u ere’s a sho ujo for just t arranged marriages is panel helps about every to anime ab body out th out ere.

Kotori’s Fast Chats

Are you introverted? Are you afra id of meeting people? We got a plac e for you! Kotori’s Fast Chats features a nice comfortable, safe space for like minded people of KotoriCon to com e and meet other KotoriCon aten dees.

iew of v r e v O n A uns: ors Dad Pim o t a t a lat D m Fro Dating S u f Dating the world o

will ng. Step into comes dati tay at home. Here we you e v lo h it w d s at n h A to w ! r ir w fe a o e re n Love is in th r us classy folks that p and how you never k s fo simulators, ifferences of dating sim d discuss the t! c e p can ex


s and C



Cons ca cons as: How to f n be fun lirt at stories on flirtin and romantic, g at con as well s. awkwar d. We h elp give you tips and


r is L e w s n A The

nd one ryone. A ing e v e r fo essage ndbreak e has a m discuss the grou e can rs e iv n U w n us as we s, Steve and how s to adult sage of love! Join yed in the show id k m ro F s arth. are portra is the me of them nce and families e on the planet E v a way rom re peace and lo o m d a re sp 17

Panels Guest Panels Most invited guests coming to KotoriCon volunteer to do panels. Descriptions and times of each panel are found when you scan the QR Code or visit All the Voice Actors run panels, including panels from Michele Knotz and Jamie McGonnigal. Check the schedule and website for an up-to-date listing!

Fan Panels & Workshops Descriptions and times of each panel are found when you scan the QR Code above. Panels and workshops are submitted to KotoriCon by experts in the community. We selected the best ones that fit your interests. A Beginner’s Guide to Shoujo Manga and Anime

From Data to Dad Puns: An Overview of Dating Simulators

An Introduction to MediBang Paint!

Madogatari: Exploring Studio shaft

Anime as Art

Manzai! Rakugo! Nandakke?! A Guide to Japanese Comedy

Anime Science 101

Pepakura: The Art of Papercraft

Basic Pattern Drafting and Modification

Teaching in Asia

Cosplay for Anyone: Body Painting and other FX Cosplay for Anyone: Wigs, contacts, and makeup oh my

The Answer is Love Thrill of the Frills: Introduction to Japanese Lolita Fashion

Creepers and Cassanovas: How to flirt at cons

Kotoriful Tip!!! Bird Seed Bo thinks panels and screenings are booooring. Take them shopping instead!


Screenings At KotoriCon, we screen various animes, films, and other videos. Thanks to Crunchyroll and Funimation for allowing us to screen thier titles. All screenings are suitable for PG-13 unless noted. Descriptions and times of each screening are found when you scan the QR Code. Descriptions are taken from Crunchyroll and Funimation, our sources for anime this year.

Anime (*subject to change) AHO-GIRL

Love Live! Sunshine!! 2

Ancient Magus’ Bride

Masamune-kun’s Revenge

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

Mr. Osomatsu 2

Convenience Store Boy Friends

My Bride is a Mermaid

Digimon Tri: Coexistence

My Hero Academia 2

Dragon Ball Super

My Love Story!

Elegant Yokai Apartment Life

Natsume Yujin-cho 6

Food Wars! The Third Plate

Natsuyuki Rendezvous

Gabriel Dropout

One Piece


Recovery of an MMO Junkie

I Can’t Understand What My Husband Is Saying

Restaurant to Another World

Interviews with Monster Girls

Sakura Quest

Kemono Friends Kenka Bancho Otome -Girl Beats Boys-

Konosuba -God’s blessing on this wonderful world! 2 The Laughing Salesman Love is a Cocktail

RWBY: Volume 5 Space Patrol Luluco Spice and Wolf The Girl Who Leapt Through Time Toradora! Ultraman Geed Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS


T hings To Do! There are so many things to do at KotoriCon! Below are even more things you can do! Scan the QR code for more information.

Video Game Room We will be having a casual game room run by Avylon. Pop in and have some fun pressing some buttons! There will also be Pokemon DS tournaments on Saturday. Check the schedule or scan the QR code for more informa tion.

Kotoriful Tip!!! Sly to some Challenge Cooper, s. If you’re rounds of video game heart! lucky, he’ll wager his

op Card Games & Tablet

s. Check card and tabletop game ation. We will also be having orm inf re QR code for mo the schedule or scan the

Photobooth - Free photo

Stop by the Photobooth to get a free picture by professional photogr apher Jen Yager (just show a KotoriCon badge). Additional copies will be available online. Find the link on the website.

Photo Room

e photos? led? Check. Place to tak mb se as d ua Sq k. ec Ch IC 420 was Cosplay done? d improved photo room! an w ne the ing uc rod phy gear. Come on in CHECK! Int w lighting and photogra ne h wit ted va no ren recently se! don’t forget to say chee and strike a pose and 20

T hings To Do! charity auction Every year KotoriCon fans are fantastic supporrtes of a Charity Auction. All items in the auction are donated. Please include the charity auction on your plans for the day. You can find amazing items found nowhere else.

Band Merch Ta


All the fantastic musicians that perform at Kotor appearance fe es to help supp ort the charities iCon have cut their find their tables we are fundrais of merchandise ing for. Please throughout Sat urday and help in the Artists Alley in the Colle ge Center support them. t-shirts, and CD You ’s. They will au tograph them to will find cool posters, o!


xt to the

in the room ne nd giving autographs Voice Actors can be fou out Saturday. Dealer’s Room through

Bob Ross Memorial Art Contes


Happy lil con now has a happy lil art contest! This year we are feat uring a happy lil art contest. This is where you can be an artist without bein g an artist! Come on in and try your han d at a Bob Ross original with cray ons, finger paints, acrylics, macaroni, and anything else we can find. Mak e your happy lil accident here at KotoriC on!

danger room

nt deadly presents seven differe RP LA tric ea Th s alm Re om” to experience The Mystic . Enter the “Danger Ro ve rvi su to u yo for os scenari ting zombies, vicious world of LARP. Flesh-ea ait. Play any time during ing cit ex the nd ha t firs s aw ots, and other surprise ted wolves, clockwork rob w player training, scrip ne es vid pro s alm Re c om sti s.c My . alm urs cre ho See mysti convention dded boffo-weapons. pa d an s me stu co rs, characte ormation. for general LARPing inf

Kotoriful Tip!!! ) actually Despite the looks, Lord(e winning his Try ! rity loves giving to cha ction! Au y arit affection at the Ch


Eating Options

Eating Options KotoriCon tea Room We will be having a tea room with green tea and cookies. Just a place to sit and warm up for a few minutes near Artists Alley in the Club Hub in the College Center. Proceeds for Tea and Cookies go directly to our charities.

Food Trucks Dump-n-Roll Dump N Roll is here, ready to steam and fry our way into your heart (and stomach)! We are making traditional Chinese staples as well as turning local favorites and comfort food into hot and delicious spring rolls and dumplings.

Mannino’s Cannoli Express Cannoli has been a family tradition for decades. We look forward to serving you with the best. Our expansion with our delicious product are featured in a few local places including, Rastelli Fresh of Marlton & West Deptford, Illiano’s Restaurant of Hammonton, Andy’s Pizza of Hammonton, Pizzeria Mannino’s of Pitman.

Pop Shop A GoGO! Everything you know and love about the Pop Shop has been thoughtfully made mobile—from our renowned grilled cheeses and the creamiest Bassetts flavors, down to the party hats and balloons!

Dealer’s Room RoadRunner Nest Try GioFano’s Italian Bistro for a selection of delicious appetizers, soups, salads, sandwiches, wraps, pizza, beverages, and more.

Camp Anime CampAnime is a 3 day con run each year in Woodstock Valley, CT. It is a family friendly con with a focus on children with special needs. We cover the costs for the parent so that they can enjoy a weekend with their child in a con environment. We set up at cons throughout the year promoting the camp and sell J-Snacks to help fund it.

Science Club Sushi Edible Sushi!​The Science Club students are selling sushi from Mandarin Court​  as a chari​ty fundraiser. 22

Eating Options In The Area Seven Star Diner McDonald’s Wawa 1890 Hurffville Rd, 122 Delsea Dr, 701 WoodburySewell Sewell Glassboro Rd, Sewell (856) 228-5166 (856) 401-3040 (856) 468-6235 Mandarin Court Dunkin Donuts Pal Joey’s Deli 660 Woodbury660 Woodbury660 WoodburyGlassboro Rd, Sewell Glassboro Rd, Sewell Glassboro Rd, Sewell (856) 468-6893 (856) 464-8555 (856) 415-9600 Steak Out Szechuan Asian Starbucks 641 WoodburyCuisine (in Target) Glassboro Rd, Sewell 629 Woodbury 675 Woodbury(856) 464-8000 Glassboro Rd, Sewell Glassboro Rd, Sewell (856) 468-8881 Jim & Mike’s Pizza Mama Marie’s Ming Lok 7 S Broadway, 29 S Broadway, 22 Pitman Ave, Pitman Pitman Pitman (856) 582-804 (856) 589-4440 (856) 589-6161 Tokyo Peking Moe’s Southwest Bo Ne Restaurant 279 Egg Harbor Rd, Grill 547 N Broad St, Sewell 1692 Clements Woodbury (856) 256-8880 Bridge Rd, Deptford (856) 848-5738 (856) 845-4200 Terra Nova Peking Buffet Samurai Japanese 590 Delsea Dr, 753 Delsea Dr N, Hibachi Sewell Glassboro 646 Delsea Dr, (856) 589-8883 (856) 881-4055 Glassboro (856) 881-7788 Saladworks TomoSushi Nick’s Pizza 791 Delsea Dr N, 806 Delsea Dr N, 644 Delsea Dr, Glassboro Glassboro Glassboro (856) 863-2200 (856) 582-6699 (856) 307-1100 Landmark Tokyo Mandarin PRIME Burger Americana 370 Delsea Dr, 322 Rowan Blvd, 1 Mullica Hill Rd Glassboro Glassboro Glassboro (856) 881-7599 (856) 243-2191 (856) 863-6600 7-Eleven Angelo’s Glassboro Jimmy John’s 324 Rowan Blvd, Diner (Cash only) 55 Delsea Dr, Glassboro 26 N Main St, Glassboro (856) 881-6027 Glassboro (856) 307-0000 (856) 881-9854


Artist Alley

Buy a little something...

artist alley mezzanine

(1) Photobooth

(10) Crystal Soul Cosplay

(2) RCGC

(11) Looni Loli Designs

(3) Monica “MonMon” H.

(12) Kika

(4) The Slants

(13) Asterplace

(5) Jalla

(14) Kazha

(6) DerpyCon

(15) Jamie McGonnigal

(7) Magical Sakura / Sakura Keiko

(16) Mystic Realms

(8) Spellbound Strings

(17) JAG Club Table

(9) AnimeNEXT

(18) KotoriCon T-Shirts

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Artist Alley

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artist alley main hall/ lobby






















(19) The Needle Gnomes

(30) Mink Works

(20) Lady Jewel’s Hair Garlands


(21) Hkezza

(32) Lovely Landfill

(22) Hikari wo Sagasu

(33) Nina Draws

(23) mintandapple

(34) Nightengale Needles

(24) Bee’s Bombs

(35) Eb

(25) Sweet Mildred

(36) Moonphire

(26) Relemenopy

(37) PTHS Anime Club

(27) skimlines drawings & pottery

(38) ZenkaiKon

(28) Curse Club

(39) Castle Point Anime Convention

(29) The Bear Accessories

(40) Setsucon


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(1) Millenium Hobbies &The Gundam Kitchen

(2) Anime Castle (3) Lunar Toy Store (4) CampAnime (5) Next Level Videogames

(7) HKT Import Toys (8) Stuffed Sushi (9) Butter Side Down (10) Manifested Dreams (11) Sailor Meow Fashion

(6) Science Club Sushi

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Thank you for coming to KotoriCon. For your safety, we run a Con-Operations Office at IC447 in the Instructional Center throughout the event. If at any point you are concerned or feel ill, please stop by Con-Ops and see if we can help you! Our volunteers are wearing white KotoriCon t-shirts and you can ‘Ask The Bird’ for the info you need! Stop any volunteer for help! The information tables at KotoriCon will be located at the KotoriCon T-Shirt table in the College Center, and at the Registration Table in the Business and Corporate Center. You can go here to get a program or guide sheet, ask directions, or any other kind of help you need. We look forward to seeing you again next year! Want to look up a performer or vendor? You can check out the website at for links not found in this program. Provide feedback after the con on our Facebook page or by emailing Susan Glenn, Amanda Cancelmo, and Ed Knorr, KotoriCon Co-Chairs

Kotoricon 2018 Program  
Kotoricon 2018 Program  

KotoriCon's theme for 2018 is Love! Kotoricon is a student-organized anime convention that raises money for charity. It has been held every...