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Visualize Your Dream and Build it.

Luxury estate design and buiLd starting at $200,000.



ON THE COVER 26 BOHO LOVE AFFAIR Mix, match, and blend your inner Bohemian 47 BBQ EVOLUTION We’ve come a long way, baby! 53 CULTIVATING CANNABIS Carson Arthur teaches us about the plant that’s about to take centre stage

60 MURRAY MCLAUCHLIN Canada’s most soulful voice

STYLE 14 OUR FAVOURITE THINGS Weekend essentials 17 GET DRESSED Sustainable clothing. Cuz you can’t run around naked! 22 TRENDING Showering alfresco 24 HAVE WHEELS, WILL TRAVEL Alternative Boho transportation


DESIGN 30 DESIGNER PROFILES Top Canadian landscape designers 36 HGTV’s PAUL LAFRANCE Wants you to release your inner Bohemian 40 THE QUEBEC QUONNECTION The lighter side of Glenn Curtis



42 CREATE Imagine the things you can do 45 THE GREEN LID Two young Canadian men, brilliantly making a recycling difference

48 MANNY NEVES YouTube sensation builds his dream tree house 72 DIY Create your own Boho patio lighting...easy peasy


LIVING 56 CANADA’S TOP MIXOLOGIST And she just so happens to be a woman! 68 CHEF DAN MENGA Moving forward while living in the moment 72 PATIO FARE It’s patio season in Canada! Here are some of the best

DISCOVER 79 MAN AND THE MOON Using the moon’s energy to cleanse your spirit 80 THE YUKON Travel adventures like no other 82 WELLNESS Using crystals to improve your health 88 HOMEGROWN Man! Can Canada make music 92 FRANKIE FLOWERS Helping you create your own Boho gardens 94 COMIC RELIEF Our special guest comedian pokes fun at Hipsters 96 PRINCE EDWARD COUNTY WINES Some of the best wines in Ontario 98 NOT SO AVERAGE JOE A well deserved pat on the back for one of our own

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B E AU T I F U L LY NEED OUTDOOR DESIGN IDEAS? VISIT OUR OUTDOOR IDEA CENTER From traditional to modern, Unilock offers an unrivaled variety of colors, styles and textures you can’t get anywhere else.

Visit our Outdoor Idea Center to learn more: SEE an expansive display of products TALK to knowledgeable staff TAKE free samples APR - JUN JULY AUG - SEP

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Lori Sweezey Frankie Ferragine Manny Neves Glenn Curtis Brie Jarrett Peter Vogler Deborah Rent Patrick Dixon Cedric Lizotte Faye Arcan Bryen Dunn Kimberley Fowler Stephanie Link Dominic Brown Larry Boyd

Photography/video Anisa Rrapaj - Cover Peter Michael Wilson Jeff McNeill, McNeill Photography Byron Seon


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Ask for the original LECHUZA Self-Watering Planter at your local retailer

letter from the publisher

FREE SPIRITED FUN When our team sat down to brainstorm about the upcoming themes of our magazine, I thought they were all a little bit crazy when they overruled me and decided to choose “Boho Culture” as the theme for this issue. Besides Freddie Mercury’s Bohemian Rhapsody … it wasn’t a term I’d heard a lot, so I set out to investigate what, exactly, it meant! I began with the Webster’s Dictionary… BO-HE-MI-AN 1. Vagabond, wanderer, gypsy 2. A person (such as a writer, musician or an artist) living an unconventional life, usually in a colony with others of like mind. And then I looked at the plethora of other “urban dictionary” type definitions. Words like free spirit, non-conformist, alternative, offbeat, eclectic and informal all seemed to jump off the pages at me. When applying these words and their meanings to your outdoor spaces and the experiences you have in these settings…well, sounds like pure heaven to me! It conjures up thoughts of freedom and feelings of nostalgia. Ah, the good ole days. There is nothing about the Bohemian style that is stifling or restrictive. It’s a virtual palette of bright colours and comfortable, casual space that transports you to another time and place. Even the most conservative hardscapes can be transformed with a little imagination! Take a look around your outdoor space…maybe you’ll find the perfect spot to create a little bit of free-spirited fun for yourself and your guests; something off the beaten path…a place to connect to your inner hippie…your inner flower child. Enjoy your summer. Peace, love and all things Bohemian!

Dave Maciulis, CLD

Clothing provided by Twitter @OutdoorLifeMag Facebook Outdoor Lifestyle Magazine instagram OutdoorLifeMag 10 I

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CROWN POINT CANDLES Made in the Crown Point neighbourhood of Hamilton, Ontario, Crown Point Candles are made with sustainable crop EcoSoya wax and scented with pure essential oils. Just pure goodness!

BUDDHA HEAD GARDEN STATUE No garden is completely zen without the presence of ‘the awakened one.’ Get your ‘om’ on.

ROCK BOTTOM VESSEL-1 LITRE FLASK Thermal mass concrete and tempered glass together create a versatile serving piece for hot or cold liquids. A whole bottle of wine, infused water, tea... Experience it. Love it. Use it.

KALA BRAND MUSIC CO. WATERMAN UKULELE This tough little uke goes from ski cabin to campsite to add live music to your down time. Includes a manual to get you started with a few simple tunes.

14 I

WAYUU MOCHILAS BAG Handcrafted by Wayuu women in Colombia, where La Guajira Desert meets the Caribbean Sea, this bag - “mochila” takes 15 days to finalize and reflects the culture and strong weaving traditions of the Wayuu indigenous group.


Handcrafted Stainless Steel Palm Trees International Shipping Available OUTDOORLIFESTYLEMAGAZINE.COM I 79 905-961-3095 |

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Photography by Neil Landino Jr.


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1 Downpour Shower Head - 2 Coffee Scrub Coconut/Manuka Honey - 3 Monaco Turkish Towel - 4 Hampton Outdoor Shower Enclosure - 5 Biodegradable Bam Brush Toothbrush - Inspiration image provided by


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profiles 30 I


JP Bartle grew up on 15-acres of lush farmland. His days were spent building forts, playing in ponds and digging in dirt. He remembers many summers at his Grandfathers cottage fondly…always there to learn and help out in Grandpa’s perennial garden. His love of the outdoors began to take on a life of its own…his vision was expanding and a force greater than the little boy began to lead him in a direction that would end up being his life’s work. After high school, Bartle felt confident in choosing a career as an architect, but another course of study caught his eye. He read the course outline for landscape design and knew immediately that this was the direction he would take. It was perfect. Now he would be able to combine his love of the outdoors, his propensity for design and explore his creative side. “It was everything that architecture was… drafting, drawing and designing… but in an outdoor setting,” Bartle explains. A three-year diploma program in landscape design at Fanshawe College in London, Ontario, that included a co-op program, enabled him to work for a design/build firm… affording him the opportunity to learn, hands on, what he was getting himself into. As it turned out, this only fortified his aspirations. Now with a whole lot of knowledge and a bit of experience under his belt, Bartle set out, eyes wide opened, to find himself gainful employment in the field he loved so much. Nine years later, Bartle finds himself creating extraordinary,

sustainable landscape designs for Quiet Nature Landscape in Ayr, Ontario. The best leaders are hands-on and work their way up through each department within a company. They understand and learn first hand, the process that leads to a finished product. Bartle began as a crewmember working in the field. By year two he was a foreman. Then things took a turn for Bartle. “The company slowly began to remove me from the in-field/construction work and nudging me in the direction of sales, designing and client care. I still like to get my hands dirty and work outside though. I’m still young and I can do that. I’ve learned that I love building things as much as I love designing and drawing them.” Understanding the complete process of design and build in landscaping has undoubtedly created a well-rounded landscape designer in Bartle. “I spend a lot of time studying natural elements and trying to replicate those into my designs. I create a design that looks like it was put there by nature herself; as if a home were dropped into the landscape instead of the landscape being built around the home,” Bartle explains. Making the connection between a client’s home and its surrounding elements by creating a space with a lower negative environmental impact (and may even possibly benefit it), are all key to Bartle’s great designs.


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am all about breaking stigmas…and the world is full of them. Stigmas program us because they are based on popular belief, but popular belief is based on lazy thinking. For example, when you think of someone who is a Bohemian, what do you picture? Close your eyes and put together the image in your mind. Take your time. So who was it? Did you picture someone with a glazed over look in their eye who looked like they were wearing someone’s ridiculously colourful drapes? Were they dancing on a street corner to a song in their head? Long hair protruding out from a bandana or head scarf? More necklaces than the human frame can support? Oversized jewelry in places where you wouldn’t think jewelry could be displayed? Clothing colours that should never go together? Mismatched socks… for sure, right? Was I close? Basically a weirdo. A freak. Here’s how the American College Dictionary defines a Bohemian. “A person with artistic or intellectual tendencies, who lives and acts with no regard for conventional rules of behaviour.” So what are these conventional rules of behaviour that dictate how we must act, speak, dress, and basically spend the waking moments of our lives? The majority of “adults” I know who are playing out their


lives following these conventional rules of behaviour, all seem to be stressed out, overworked, and generally unhappy. This is why I left the world of adults a long time ago. So this got me thinking. I’ve been told I’m a touch on the weird side. I’m definitely a rule-breaker. I don’t follow popular trends. I rarely wear pants that aren’t air-conditioned. My spikey hair has been registered as a lethal weapon. I don’t do idle conversation and I tend to be a tad on the creative side. OH MY GOD…AM I A BOHEMIAN?? All I know is that I spend the vast majority of my time promoting childlikeness. Why? Because children dance like nobodies watching…that’s why. They aren’t afraid of how their creative ideas will be judged. They sing at the top of their lungs even if they are off-key. They aren’t afraid to dream. They stop and take note of the world around them. They watch clouds. They climb trees. They jump into the water even though it’s still freezing. They don’t care what they wear. They don’t care how they look. They just want to really live! Sounds a little Bohemian to me. When you’re a kid, you can’t wait to grow up, but the minute you enter the world of adults, you wish you were a kid again. I’ve never said those words and had a “grown-up” not nod in agreement. Which leads me to why I love my job so much. I don’t transform backyard spaces so people can keep up with the Joneses. I do it because I want people to be able to go outside and play…like they used to. I want people to be able to leave the world behind and go to a place where they can reflect on what is truly important, and what is not. I want people to remember how free they once were…and choose to reclaim it. I want people to re-embrace that child within them…or their inner Bohemian. Sounds like the same thing to me.


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Do it Yourself? BIRCH POLE FAIRY LIGHTS WHY NOT! You’re a capable and crafty human being. You can do anything you want! Pinterest is your bible and you’ve nailed every project you’ve tried. Or not! For this issue’s DIY project, we thought we’d make something magical. Something that will light up your life!


Galvanized metal buckets Quickcrete cement Water Birch tree trunks String lights (vintage style preferred) Boho vibe If the creative director and the editor can do this project…anyone can do it! I promise you that. We fell in love with this quick and easy endeavor. It’s a great way to add ambiance and warmth to your outdoor space. Portable, sturdy and, let’s just call a spade, a spade….gorgeous! 1 Mix cement and water together according to the direc-

tions on the packaging

2 Place the pole in the center of the pail, and fill the pail

with the cement. You may have to find a creative way to keep the trunk standing straight until the cement sets

3 After the cement has cured, place a nail, or hook at the

top of the tree trunk

4 String your lights from the top of each pole 5 Have an awesome backyard Bohemian themed party

It’s that easy!

Furniture and selected accessories provided by 50 I

string lights

birch pole boho vibe

Photography by McNeill Photography


galvanized bucket Photography by Peter Michael Wilson


I 51


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nyone growing up in the 70’s remembers the apex of RV/camper culture. A time of Winnebagos and Airstreams that had its roots in the Bohemian counterculture of the sixties. A time of wanderlust and personal freedom set to a tableau of olive, orange and brown interiors, 8-tracks and shag carpet. Consumers are once again looking for experiences in their own land – and in doing so, they are re-discovering the open road and freedom to stay in places not readily accessible. Though there are a lot of 70’s RVs being retrofitted and making their way back on the road, ownership is still an expensive prospect. RVezy is a Canadian company making its mark as the Airbnb of RV and camper sharing – making the dream of RV travel vacations an affordable reality to renters, and a beneficial revenue stream for owners. Created by friends Mike McNaught and Will Thompson, RVezy is a platform that gives RV owners the chance to make money from their investment during down time, by connecting them to aspiring vacationers dreaming of taking that family vacation in a comfortable RV. An RV owner himself, McNaught rented out his own vehicle privately for several years. Though lucrative, there were difficulties in meeting qualified renters. From the renter’s side, there was the issue of insurance and they too, needed assurances on what they were renting. “I loved sharing my RV with others who shared my passion for travel. I found it a little stressful however, not knowing whether I was properly insured, or whether my renters were qualified drivers,” says McNaught. The barrier until now? Canada has never had an on-demand insurance product available for the RV sharing economy. RVezy however, has just secured a major insurance product insuring motorhomes and trailers rented from their platform, a first in the Canadian marketplace. “Proper insurance was our number one priority. We worked diligently with the same team that developed insurance for Uber, to ensure that the insurance provided to our users was built for Canadians by a Canadian company. Not all insurance products are created equally. A reliable and sustainable insurance relationship is what we provide to our users.” Another benefit to renters is cost. Renting from a fleet is expensive. Thompson explains that an RVezy rental can generally come in at 40% less than a rental company. “Private owners don’t have the same overhead as the traditional fleet rental option. Renters on RVezy. com typically save up to 40% from traditional options. What’s great is that owners will often include their personal items like BBQ, toys, linens - even an occasional case of beer for their renters - very Canadian!” There is a strong, friendly culture around the RVing community. RVers trade hacks, wave to one another on the open road – even Walmart supports RVs parking overnight in their lots (rules do apply). It is a genuine throwback to a friendlier time – and thanks to RVezy. com, it has never been more accessible or affordable to all.


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72 I


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British Columbia SMACK DAB








In the heart of British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley, you’ll find Kelowna. It’s home to breathtaking views, nature at your doorstep, and locals who embrace their little piece of paradise. All that Kelowna has to offer, comes together just off the beaten path, smack dab in front of Okanagan Lake, and smack dab in the middle of Manteo Resort Waterfront Hotel and Villas, and it’s there that you’ll find Smack DAB Lakeside Patio. Serving three meals daily, Smack DAB allows diners many choices. It’s an easy-going dining experience with a touch of wow, topped with unique flavours, and surrounded by natural ambiance. As General Manager, Heather Schroeter says, “The Smack DAB name and location are memorable and inviting. It’ll take you on your own lip smacking adventure as the casual dining experience envelops you with its stunning lakeside location.” Smack DAB is a place where you can relax and soak in the atmosphere, good food, and simply be yourself. “The food at smack DAB is made 100% from scratch. Whether it’s french fries, calamari, or pizza…nothing comes from a box. The menu leans towards an Italian palate and the kitchen goes above and beyond to ensure freshness. We’ll go that extra step to make sure your get what you want,” Schroeter continues. “If you require gluten free or vegetarian, the menu offers many choices. We want our guests, to

enjoy the entire experience at Smack DAB.” Smack DAB is also right smack dab in the middle of fruit producing country. “The unique and special tastes of the area are brought into the menu as often as possible”, boasts Schroeter. “Features include fragrant fruits like peaches, apricots and cherries.” The restaurant is family friendly, non-smoking, and the patio seats 166 comfortably. There are heaters to help shake the evening chill, and umbrellas to protect you from the hot sun. If it’s a glass of liquid relief you’re after, Smack DAB can help you there too. With one of Kelowna’s largest selections of craft beer sourced throughout the Pacific Northwest, the fivecount circular flight sampler is a popular choice with guests. For those who prefer wine, naturally, the BC wine sampler would be the best choice. The resort also hosts educational nights where registered guests can polish up their “tasting and pairing” skills. A special treat for guests often takes place on the lake, smack dab in front of them. Flying kite-surfers show up to take advantage of the winds and water. Their spectacular moves and athletic prowess can entertain a crowd for hours! The resort also has five designated boat slips, welcoming visitors who travel by water. Whether it’s to enjoy a cocktail on the patio, or a freshly sourced meal…have a seat and relax at a table, all are welcome.

discover district

n o k u Y The Thriving with Adventure and Natural Wonders By BRYEN DUNN – TORONTO, ON

80 I


f you’re looking for an “off-the-grid” outdoor experience, then the Yukon is where it’s at. There are just over 35,000 people in the whole territory, with the majority living within the vicinity of the capital of Whitehorse. To put things in perspective, the population density of the Yukon is just one resident per 13km (8.1mi), so there’s plenty of room to navigate. There may not be much to see in terms of typical tourist attractions, but the beauty of the expansive landscape and outdoor adventure opportunities, is the ultimate bucket list check off. Many use Whitehorse as a starting point for their adventures, or a nice ending to some time spent roughing it in the wild. If you’re there during one of the many festivals that take place during your visit, then a couple nights might be warranted. There’s a thriving arts and music community, as well as plenty of recreational sporting events, and the locals are always proud to showcase their northern culture. Most people who opt to visit the Yukon are driven by their love of nature and the great outdoors. One of the major drawing points are the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis), which are at their prime in late summer/early fall. To witness this magical display of natural fireworks is a trip in itself. A visit would not be complete without seeing Mount Logan, Canada’s highest mountain, located within Kluane National Park. The upper peaks remain ice-capped all year round with a permanent glacial covering. There are ways to get up into the mountains and actually walk on one of the lower glacial reaches. The more adventurous will throw on some crampons and make the challenging trek even further upward. However, for a truly one-of-a-kind experience, both Icefield Discovery and Kluane Glacier Air Tours offer helicopter flights that will take you up and beyond, offering a birds eye view of one of nature’s most stunning phenomenon. The abundance of open trails for hiking and backcountry trekking, and rivers for canoeing and kayaking, make for an outdoor enthusiasts paradise. For a truly unique Yukon experience, venture out to the Tatshenshini River for some class 3 and 4 white-water rapids. Tatshenshini Expediting has been offering white-water rafting tours in the Yukon since 1982. While there’s plenty of opportunity to kick back

and enjoy the scenery, there are also times when you have to “dig” and “back paddle” to avoid going overboard. Even then, a good soaking is often inevitable. The lunchtime riverside stop with warm beverages and campfire heat helps remedy any accidental plunges. Travelling by vehicle some 500km along the near desolate Klondike Highway between Whitehorse and Dawson City is an experience like no other. Dawson City is best known as being the central point of the late 19th century Klondike Gold Rush, when the population totalled around 40,000 people… more than the current population of the whole territory. Today, there are less than 1,500 year-round residents, but during the summer months this picturesque town is teaming with life. Diamond Tooth Gerties Gambling Hall is Canada’s oldest casino, complete with nightly can-can floor shows that get more risqué as the night progresses. For those who dare, step into the Downtown Hotel and ask for Captain River Rat; then purchase a shot of Yukon Jack Whisky, pledge the ‘Sourtoe Oath’ while the Captain drops a dehydrated human toe into your shot, then chuck it back. Be sure to remember the most important rule: “You can drink it fast, you can drink it slow, but your lips have gotta touch the toe.” Since its inception, the club has acquired (by donation) over 10 toes, and over 100,000 people have taken the oath. When hunger hits, make sure to visit one of the many local eateries. Klondike Kates offers an amazing Sunday Brunch, prepared with local ingredients, such as Yukon-made herbs, produce, fish and more. The Drunken Goat Taverna brings the Mediterranean to Dawson City with Greek specialties and delicious platters for sharing. One the biggest attractions of the Yukon summer season is most definitely the Dawson City Music Festival. Since 1979 this event has grown from a weekend barbeque in a field, into the highlight of the Yukon summer. Entertainment is spread out over three days and six venues, with performances continuing amidst the setting midnight sun. The festival offers a small town vibe, with big name acts from across the country. It’s an opportunity to see 20+ bands for less than the price of one in most major city centres. The next DCMF happens July 21st to 23rd 2017. So what are you waiting for? Head to the far north for a truly Canadian adventure this year! Visit


Frankie Flowers loves...

FRANKIE FERRAGINE Bohemian chic – what does that mean? Bohemian is to be a free spirit, an artist, a writer, creative and a nonconformist. In the world of gardening, flowers of any kind are Bohemian just in their nature… however here are five of my favourite free flowing beauties in bloom!

Cosmos - Sonata Mixture

Cosmos are awesome! This annual produces silky daisy shaped flowers that abundantly bloom all summer long. A classic in the cottage garden, a perfect flower for a bridal bouquet and also attracts both bees and butterflies. My favourite is the Sonata Mix, a Bohemian blend of pastel pinks. They’re easy to grow, heat tolerant, low maintenance and one of the best preforming garden cosmos. Exposure: Full sun

Shasta Daisy - Becky Leucantheumu x superbum

A perennial, Shasta Daisy Becky is boho chic with large white flowers and bright yellow centers, held on strong stems that don’t need staking. Disease and insect resistant, with a long bloom time, this perennial is drought tolerant and a great selection for those who want to garden “care free”. It’s also a perfect cut flower that attracts butterflies. Exposure: Full sun


The perennial Sunflower (Helianthus) is a large group of sun-loving plants with bright yellow petals that radiate from a dark brown center. Unlike annual varieties, perennial sunflowers return and bloom for many years. Although the flowers are similar to annual sunflowers, the blooms tend to be smaller. Most perennial sunflowers begin blooming in late summer or early autumn, attracting butterflies and honeybees to the garden as late as November. Exposure: Full sun 92 I


Permacon Permacon 8375 5 Sideroad, Milton, ON 1-800-265-0692 Oaks Landscape Supply 225 Wanless Drive, Brampton, ON 905-840-1011 Unilock 287 Armstrong Ave, Georgetown, ON 416-646-9000 Bestway Stone 8821 Weston Rd, Woodbridge, ON 416-747-0988 Fairway Building Supply 1624 Claybar Rd, Jerseyville, ON 905-648-9001 Grand River Stone London/Fergus/ Kitchener/Stoney Creek 1-866-261-5548


Plantenance Landscape 114 Labrosse Ave, Pointe-Claire, QC 514-684-8235 Natural Landscape Group 115 King St W, Dundas, ON 905-627-1466 Bos Landscaping 1 – 1 Killins St, Smithville, ON 905-957-1330 Meadowbrook Landscaping 5 – 461 Hwy 5 W, Dundas, ON 905-335-1294

Artistic Landscapes 143 Concession 6 E, Millgrove, ON 905-529-5999 Hardcore Renos GTA/Golden Horseshoe Contact via website

STRUCTURES/SHADES Genesis Woodworks Ontario Locations 289-684-0790

ShadeTree Canopies 6317 Busch Blvd, Columbus, Ohio 1-800-894-3801 ZenSheds Canada Wide Ordering 613-545-1063

ALL THINGS WATER Fox Pools & Spas Leisure Centre 5430 Harvester Rd, Burlington, ON 905-631-0837

Spring Showers Irrigation 431 Ridge Rd W, Grimsby, ON 905-309-1618 Revive It Power Washing & Restoration 5236 Dundas St. W., Suite 2, Toronto/Burlington, ON 905-208-4308 Universal Misting Systems 80 Nashdene Rd-unit 89, Toronto, ON 416-292-6184 ClearDeck Systems Ltd. P.O. Box 28013 Windsor, ON 1-866-607-3325


Casualife 6 Shields Court, Unit 1, Markham, ON 905-475-8353 Steel City Palms 67 Berrisfield Cresent, Hamilton, ON 905-961-3095 Warming Trends Linzel Distributing 417 Wynona Rd, Hamilton, ON 1-866-340-1999 Memphis Grill Linzel Distributing 417 Wynona Rd, Hamilton, ON 1-866-340-1999 Lechuza 6430 Kennedy Rd-Unit D, Mississauga, ON 905- 696-7529

INFRASTRUCTURE/ UTILITIES Eternal Security Residential/Commercial Canada Wide 226-208-7786

All Mechanical 243 Beach Rd, Hamilton, ON 905-549-5116 TechnoMetal Post PO Box 28, Campbellville, ON 905-854-7388 Greenstrike/Maxtech Greenstrike/Maxtech 173 Roger St. Unit 3, Waterloo, ON 519-885-1213


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stronger. richer. longer. PAVERS | WAL LS | CURBS & STEPS


Enviro Passagio, Market Paver & Ortana

Market Paver, Gardenia Linear & Aria Step

Modan & Eterna

You want to enhance your outdoor space. You need quality products, rich colours and a lasting finish. Oaks utilizes CarbonCure™ technology to recycle CO2 and create stronger concrete products. Our EliteFInish™ delivers richer, more vibrant colour and a harder wearing, more durable surface; while ColorBold™ technology provides a new level of colour longevity and stain resistance to keep your project looking it’s best for years to come. | 1.800.709.OAKS (6257)

Outdoor Lifestyle Magazine Summer 2017  

You’re only as old as you feel. Right Canada?! And we are feeling young and fresh. OLM celebrates this 150th birthday with our special BOHO...

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