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Real Estate Sector

Expertise of a Boutique, Reach of a Global Firm

To successfully serve the needs of our clients, Korn/Ferry International’s Global Real Estate Sector combines the expertise and service of a boutique, with the reach, leverage and depth of resources offered by the world’s largest global firm.

Table of Contents 2. Specialization of a boutique, reach of a global firm 3. Broad global coverage 4. Market intelligence 5. Our search process

Global Real Estate Coverage

6. The art and science of talent

North America

7. Our global team

South America Europe, Middle East & Africa Asia Pacific

8. About Korn/Ferry International 9. Our offerings 10. Our offices worldwide

Korn/Ferry International


Expertise of a Boutique, Reach of a Global Firm

Korn/Ferry’s Real Estate Sector The Korn/Ferry Real Estate team brings together deep industry experience and knowledge with executive search expertise. This unique combination provides our clients with the business insights, skills and tools needed to solve their human capital needs. Our focus on the real estate industry means we know the trends, issues and people that drive the sector. The benefits of a boutique supported by the resources and reach of the largest executive search firm in the world are compelling.

“An investment in knowledge always pays the best dividends.” —Benjamin Franklin

The Focus of a Real Estate Industry Boutique Our consultants bring industry, functional and regional expertise to support our clients. The team draws on high-level professional networks, industry knowledge and internal research resources to give us a broad reach in identifying potential candidates. 

The Strength of an Executive-Led Process Every search is led by a senior partner to ensure that both client needs are fully understood and candidates are approached by peers. The insights and advice that we offer both clients and candidates is greatly valued and helps attract the best talent to our client organizations.

The Reach of a Global Firm Our Real Estate Sector draws on the extraordinary advantages of being a part of the world’s leading executive search firm. From a network of nearly 80 offices to functional practices for roles such as financial officers, human resources, heads of marketing, and Board & CEO positions, we bring unique breadth and depth to our clients.

The Leverage of Unique Candidate Assessment Tools Beyond our deep research capabilities, database and other resources, we use Korn/Ferry’s proprietary candidate assessment tools. This intellectual property is statistically proven to generate better results in identifying and evaluating the ideal candidate for a specific position.

Korn/Ferry International


Expertise of a Boutique, Reach of a Global Firm

Broad Global Coverage We provide our clients with broad market coverage across all sectors and industry segments, recruiting CEOs, executives, senior professionals and board directors across the broad spectrum of real estate.

More real estate companies across the globe trust Korn/Ferry than any other firm to deliver and develop the best executives to run their organization.

Industry Coverage Associations

Investment Banking,

Commercial Services

Capital Markets and Finance

Construction and Infrastructure

Investment Management, Investment

Corporate Real Estate

Advisors, Consultants Multifamily

Homebuilders Hospitality/Leisure Industrial

Owner/Developer (public and private) Retail

Functional Coverage

Korn/Ferry International


Investment Banking/Advisory

Asset/Portfolio Management

Investment Management

Board Directors

Investor Relations

Brokerage and Leasing



Mergers and Acquisitions

CMBS/RMBS/ABS Origination

Property and Facilities Management


Property Management and Operations

Financial Officers

Public Equity Portfolio Management



General Counsel


Human Resources



Expertise of a Boutique, Reach of a Global Firm

Market Intelligence

Combining the world’s largest executive database with next-generation proprietary market intelligence.

“Knowledge has become the key economic resource and the dominant, if not the only, source of competitive advantage.” —Peter F. Drucker

At the foundation of our Real Estate Sector is a significant financial and organizational commitment to industry research and knowledge management across all Korn/Ferry industry practices. We have established a deep research function supporting our consultants who are in the market 365 days a year, expanding and refining our database of executives and professionals across all functional areas. There is no other firm with such an extensive global network of search consultants that manages such an integrated research process.

Proprietary search management tools Korn/Ferry has designed and developed the most sophisticated database management tool in the industry. Searcher Express is a fully integrated and sophisticated technology that manages information across the globe encompassing all companies and professionals in the real estate industry. Through the commitment of our Real Estate team and colleagues in other speciality practices such as Human Resources, Financial Officers, Private Equity, Technology and Marketing, we capture information across all organizational functions that support today’s real estate organization. Our proprietary tools are also supplemented by the acquisition of third-party resources that provide up-to-the-minute information on organizations and professionals in the industry.

Market Intelligence Team Complimenting our search management process is the Market Intelligence Team, a dedicated team of professionals who manage business information and proprietary research. They provide strategic market advisory services to executives through a global network of researchers, consultants and client relationships. This dedicated unit provides real-time and reliable analysis and evaluation of organizations and market trends, providing our client with the ability to make more informed and better business decisions. Korn/Ferry International


Expertise of a Boutique, Reach of a Global Firm

Our Search Process

Korn/Ferry’s consultants adhere to a best practice search process

1. Search definition and strategy

2. Candidate development

3. Candidate presentations

5. Onboarding follow-up

4. Candidate selection and placement

Search definition and strategy

• Extensive client interviews; analysis of firm’s business and culture • Develop position specification • Establish search process, weekly updates, search committee

Candidate development

• Screen and evaluate candidates • Review profiles with client • Develop success profile and arrange candidates assessment

Candidate presentations

• Facilitate client interviews of candidates • Obtain client and candidate feedback • Conduct reference checks (informal) • Detailed candidate evaluation reports • Select finalists to be interviewed

Candidate selection and placement

• Conduct finalist interviews • Facilitate and conduct additional referencing (360° feedback) • Request business plans from finalists • Negotiate salary and benefits

Onboarding follow-up

Korn/Ferry International

• Create smooth transition • Ensure client satisfaction • Client satisfaction survey


Expertise of a Boutique, Reach of a Global Firm

The Art & Science of Talent The success of any organization depends on its leadership. Finding individuals with the skills, attitude and character that can assume a key leadership role requires the insight and intuition that comes with deep experience. This is the “art” of executive search that allows Korn/Ferry to place executives that are ideally suited to our clients needs.

Studies show that the main reason people are unsuccessful on the job is due to a lack of behavioral and/or cultural fit with the organization, not lack of skills.

Korn/Ferry incorporates a scientific approach to evaluating executives and professionals by seamlessly integrating research with our vast practical experience. Providing a more complete view of the candidate than is otherwise possible, our proprietary assessment tools are proven to generate better results in identifying the right person for the position. Our methodology includes: • Using a competency-based framework that provides a clear and common language to help clients identify desired skills and behaviors. • Administering our behavioral mapping tool—Search AssessmentSM—to prospective candidates, providing clients with insights into how they will lead, how they will approach and solve complex problems, what their emotional profile is likely to be and what motivates them to succeed. •  Comparing candidates’ assessment results against our statistically validated indicators of success, which are customized to reflect the specific requirements of a client’s organizational culture or position. Korn/Ferry’s Real Estate Sector combines the art and science of search to lead to superior hiring decisions.

Korn/Ferry International


Our Global Team Europe, Middle East & Africa Anthony J. LoPinto

Global Sector Leader, Real Estate New York +1 212 984-9329

William P. Kistler Regional Coordinator London +44 20 7024 9475

New York Tel: +1 212 984-9423

John Wittgenstein

Barbara Valaperti

Kaan Okurer

Jimmy Ho

Serina Wong

CK Wan

Shek Chuen Jen

Amsterdam Tel: +31 20 799 9413

North America

Darin White

Jet Vet

LaJwanne Louis

New York Tel: +1 212 984-9305

Dov Zevy

Toronto Tel: +1 416 365-4014

Maurizia Villa

Mandeep Grewal

Milan Tel: +39 02 806 001

Toronto Tel: +1 416 365-4015

Philippe Weber

Paris Tel: +33 1 45 61 86 28

Rome Tel: +39 06 80687 090

Frankfurt Tel: +49 69 71670 163

Istanbul Tel: +90 212 231 3949

Asia Pacific

Robert Grandy

Regional Coordinator Hong Kong Tel: +852 2971 2726

Robert Baxter

Atlanta Tel: +1 404 222-4010

Geddings Roche

Atlanta Tel: +1 404 222-4015

Victor Arias

Dallas Tel: +1 214 665-3056

Peter Santora

Los Angeles Tel: +1 949 260-9501

Hong Kong Tel: +852 2971 2736

Hong Kong Tel: +852 2971 2753

South America

Jorge Maluf

S達o Paulo Tel: +55 11 2114 2223

Liza Sze

Jario Okret

Hong Kong Tel: +852 2971 2737

S達o Paulo Tel: +55 11 2114 2219


Andrew Tsui

Hong Kong Tel: +852 2971 2735

Hong Kong Tel: +852 2971 2724

Singapore Tel: +65 6231 6218

Expertise of a Boutique, Reach of a Global Firm

About Korn/Ferry International Since its founding in 1969, Korn/Ferry International has been the executive recruitment industry’s leader and innovator, and today, has evolved as the world’s premier provider of executive talent management solutions. Understanding that the business community is now facing many more challenges in attracting, retaining and developing senior managers, Korn/Ferry’s services range from executive recruitment to corporate governance and CEO recruitment, outsourced recruiting, management assessment, and executive coaching and development. Our executive recruitment professionals, many of whom joined our firm from senior positions in the industry sectors they now serve, conduct more than 10,000 seniorlevel searches for clients worldwide each year. Our consultants are based in nearly 80 offices and 40 countries in the Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The industry-sector knowledge and global reach of our firm ensures that our clients have access to the most qualified candidates for every position. With our time-proven search process, market knowledge and worldwide network, it is not surprising that more leading organizations around the world trust Korn/Ferry to deliver and develop the best executives to run their businesses than any other firm, a responsibility we take very seriously and work every day to meet with integrity and results. Korn/Ferry. The Art & Science of Talent.

Korn/Ferry International


Expertise of a Boutique, Reach of a Global Firm

Our Offerings Whether a fast-growth company in need of a dynamic CEO, a newly merged organization seeking to assess its management team, or a multinational corporation wanting to evaluate its governance and compensation practices, the Korn/Ferry family of companies extends across the entire employee life cycle and together offers a diversified, integrated suite of talent management services, including:

Executive Recruitment Korn/Ferry’s 500 global consultants possess extensive backgrounds and specific expertise in the broadest range of industries, sectors and functional areas, including: Global Markets Consumer Financial Services Industrial Life Sciences/ Healthcare Services Technology

Functional Centres of Expertise Board & CEO Services Corporate Affairs Financial Officers Human Resources Information Technology Legal Supply Chain Management

Speciality Practices Association/NonProfit/Government Diversity Education Private Equity Sustainability

Leadership and Talent Consulting Korn/Ferry’s Leadership and Talent Consulting services address the needs of C-suite and HR executives seeking to align critical behaviors, skills and values to the organization mission and strategy with a mix of offerings that include:

• Strategic and Organizational Alignment • Leadership and Executive Development • Talent and Performance Management

Futurestep Futurestep, a Korn/Ferry company, provides immediate- and long-term solutions for improving all aspects of talent acquisition, including:

Korn/Ferry International

• Talent Acquisition Consulting • Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Solutions • Project-based Recruitment • Mid-Level Recruitment


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