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Welcome to the world of Wild Water summers of excellence You are refreshed by frequent splashes of the cool mountain waters and quickly dried by the sunshine pouring down through the clear, blue Rocky Mountain skies. You and your new friends are experiencing one of the thrills of a lifetime! Under the skillful control of your Wild Water guide and the involvement of the enthusiastic crew, your raft is maneuvered through the turbulence. Hoots of laughter mingle with the sound of rushing water on the mountain air. Wild Water is the passion that came from a dream of two people, Ted Bilton and Liz Webber (who are still involved daily with every aspect of the operation) 26 years ago. We both had been involved in rafting and outdoor adventures in Canada, Australia, United States, England and New Zealand, and believed that more could be done for you, our guests, to add value to your rafting experience. We wanted to do it better than we’d seen it being done… more attention to detail, more equipment provided at no charge, more comforts, more (and better) risk management,

more interaction with your guides and other staff, and… more fun for you! We have been the only owners that Wild Water Adventures has ever had… our company was built, not bought, and we take pride in that. We hope you choose to spend some of your valuable vacation and leisure time with us. Whether you are a first-timer or an experienced rafting veteran, a trip with Wild Water Adventures will satisfy your appetite for adventure and boost your spirit to an all-time high! It is our dedication and commitment to consistently delivering a high quality of service and outdoor experience that makes the difference… and makes us different! It is our belief that travelers should expect more than simply an “average” day! We’d love to share our “Wild Water” world with you! Hope to see you on the river!

Liz & Ted

Liz Webber & Ted Bilton Owner/Operators, Wild Water Adventures, Inc.

Imagine yourself enjoying the ride, wave after wave, down one of Canada’s most exciting rivers...

Your Adventure begins here… Convenience You’ll find us easily! Save time and fuel by meeting at our RiverBase Daylodge overlooking the spectacular river valley. Just 40 minutes west of Lake Louise along the Trans Canada Highway #1. (90 minutes west of Banff.) Prefer to sit back and let us do the driving? Take our luxury transportation from Lake Louise or Banff. Your reservations are easy to make — just call toll free, 1-888-647-6444, or book online at

Comfort Wondering how best to “dress for success”? You’ll only need a swimsuit and towel. All your river equipment is provided, and our modern cleaning and drying facilities ensure the gear you wear is clean and dry. No need to worry about being given damp or worn-out gear. Our excellent team of fun-loving professionals will assist you with your river attire to get a perfect fit and a great look for the photos! Rafters love the warmth and comfort provided by our exclusive RiverBase Daylodge, where the pre-trip excitement begins and the post-trip stories are exchanged!

RiverBase Day Lodge Enjoy Wild Water’s exclusive RiverBase day lodge — where the pre-trip excitement begins and the post-trip stories are exchanged!

Cuisine Having fun and paddling works up an appetite! Rafters on our Gentle, Whitewater Exciter and Maximum Horse Power trips enjoy fresh locally baked delights and fruit complimented by hot and cold beverages served on our RiverBase deck. On our Tradition trip enjoy a delicious BBQ lunch, with fresh salads, seasonal fruit and tasty bakery treats are a very satisfying reward.

Pro Tip:

Closest Kicking Horse Outfitter to Calgary, Banff & Lake Louise

Rapid Ratings Pro Tip:

If you like to get wet, sit near the front of the raft‌

Rivers and individual rapids are rated on a scale of I - VI as a way of comparing their relative difficulty.

class i: Very relaxing. Fast moving water.

class iv: You will get soaked. Numerous big waves or holes. Large obstacles to be avoided.

class ii: You may get splashed. Regular waves, easy to see obstacles.

class v: More scary than fun. Experts only, strong chance of boat flipping or swimmers.

class iii: You will get wet. Large waves, small drops or ledges.

class vi: Niagara Falls in a barrel! Un-navigable.

daily trips daily trips daily trips daily trips class i

- iii

Gentle River Journey

Best For: Families, the mildly adventurous and “Reluctant Rafters”.

class ii

- iv+

Whitewater Exciter

Best For: Both first time & seasoned rafters. Great whitewater value!

With several rapids, this is more than simply a “float trip”... You will get wet!!

Our most popular trip… and for many good reasons!!

How did the Kicking Horse River earn its name? What wildlife inhabits the area? What makes the river such a beautiful colour?

In our action packed half day adventure, you’ll enjoy all the major rapids (14 in all, Class II to IV) normally found in a classic day trip. Splash through towering waves and fun soaked rapids such as Twin Peaks or Tablesaw, challenge the famous Portage and Shotgun rapid; paddle or simply hang-on… it’s up to you!

Discover the answer to these questions by enjoying the quieter, upper reaches of the Kicking Horse River. Beginning in Yoho National Park, you’ll marvel at the varied scenery and enjoy numerous playful waves and splashes, while your guide reveals the river’s hidden secrets and stories.

Your choice of a morning or afternoon departure, 7 days a week! Select the trip that best suits your schedule: In the morning the fresh cool mountain air awakens the senses and is prime time to view wildlife. Our afternoon departure allows you to enjoy the warmth of the mountain sunshine.

daily trips daily trips daily trips daily trips

daily trips daily trips daily trips daily trips class ii

- iv+

The Tradition

Best For: Both first time & experienced rafters. More river time with a great lunch.

Renamed for our 20th Anniversary, this “traditional” 24 km trip is the longest standard day trip available. Special permits allow us to start well upstream in stunning Yoho National Park. You’ll first encounter the seldom run Alarm Clock rapid, then be treated to spectacular views of lofty mountain peaks and some informative tidbits from your guide as you journey along the river. The action builds as plenty of rapids in close succession create a natural roller-coaster ride not soon forgotten! Enjoy Roller Coaster and Hopi Hole. Experience the thrill of the famous Portage and Shotgun rapids and remember to smile as your picture is taken splashing and crashing through the waves at The Last Waltz. At the trip’s end, you’ll be shuttled back to our RiverBase, where warm clothes and a tasty barbecue lunch, complete with dessert and hot and cold beverages, await... a great end to your “traditional” river experience in the Rockies.

class ii

- iv+

Maximum HorsePower™

Best For: Those wanting even more! Doubleshot of the best Whitewater.

SPECIAL 25th ANNIVERSARY TRIP! When ONLY the best, wettest and most exciting will satisfy your fix for whitewater inspired adrenaline, this “Double Shot” of the Kicking Horse will be your choice. 24kms/28 rapids gives you the most whitewater you can experience in an afternoon in the Canadian Rockies! After having enjoyed your first run down our “Whitewater Exciter” section, we’ll quickly load up for our 2nd run. Water levels permitting, you’ll challenge the river in our smaller, 14’ “all-paddle” rafts! While the section of the river is the same, the river experience cannot be compared. You’ll find the waves seem bigger, wetter and wilder on the 2nd run. The action is thrilling and spine-tingling as you paddle your craft hard through the largest waves! This rafting trip is best suited for those with prior rafting experience or a big appetite for whitewater. Participants must be over the age of 14, and 100 lbs. This trip is operated subject to favourable water levels, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 2pm.

daily trips daily trips daily trips daily trips

groups love wild water! Let us work with you and your group to create an unforgettable day! Company Trips AND Staff Rewards… Special memories are created when a group of friends or a team of co-workers share an experience together. Your team will feel rejuvenated and inspired. Great discounts start with just 8 rafters.

Re-connect with Family and Social Club Outings… Do you have a family reunion to plan, a fun get-together with friends, a “dry” grad celebration or church or school outing to organize? Our variety of trips, great facilities, intriguing area history and abundant wildlife makes the Kicking Horse River a perfect choice for a group adventure.


Pro Tip:

You and Seven Friends = Savings and Fun

Gentle River Journey CLASS I - III, 12 km

Whitewater Exciter CLASS II - IV+, 12 km

The Tradition CLASS II - IV+, 24 km Yoho Park Boundary

Alarm Clock Rapid (Old abandoned town) Palliser

Hopi Hole

The Cable Car Rapid

You ain’t seen nothin’ yet

The Equalizer

The Porta Rapid


wild water rates

Pro Tip:

Our friendly reservationists provide helpful trip advice

note *all prices +$3.75/ person

gov. land use fee and applicable taxes. prices subject to change. call for details and dates:


Meet at Riverbase

Gentle River Journey class i

- iii

Whitewater Exciter class ii

$83* $63*  

3 hours 1.25 - 1.5 hrs.

minimum age 12 years

minimum age 16 years

~ 90 lbs . minimum weight ~ 3 hours 1.25 - 1.5 hrs.

2:00 pm - 5:15 pm


* adults add: +$14  +$10* youth

add: +$14* adults

* adults add: +$20 



8:15 am - 3:00 pm

1:30 pm - 6:15 pm

a.m. trip  meet:

call for dates and availability


Table Saw

Wed / Fri / Sat




2:00 pm - 7:00 pm


8:15 am - 1:00 pm

Pebble Beach

Pillow Rock

The Goat Rapid


5 hours 2.5 hrs.

8:45 am - 2:00 pm


p.m. trip  meet:


5 hours 2.5 - 3 hrs.


a.m. trip  meet: 8:15 am - 1:00 pm return:

lake louise

- iv+

minimum age 12 years

p.m. trip  2:00 pm - 5:15 pm meet:

Need a shuttle?

class ii


8:45 am - 12 noon

call for availability

- iv+


a.m. trip  8:45 am meet: - 12 noon return: return:

class ii

Maximum HorsePower™


youth (8-14)

round trip: time on river:

- iv+

The Tradition

Swim Spot

The Last Waltz Twin Peaks Eye of the Needle



up the mountain…

Kids Birthday Splash You will be their hero for creating an unforgettable birthday celebration. Gentle Rafting for 10, birthday cake, photo CD’s and party favours all included.

youth (8-14 YEARS) $549 +taxes*

…Ask about rafting parties for big kids too!

…down the river

BYOB: Build your own Boatload! Combine and save on two of the most popular activities in Lake Louise! The Lake Louise Sightseeing Lift and Gondola, and an exhilarating rafting experience. Package inlcudes a $25 food & beverage gift card ($12/youth) to be enjoyed at any of the Lake Louise sightseeing food outlets.

Gondola Ride + Whitewater trip adult $135 +taxes* youth (12-15) $109 +taxes*

Gondola Ride + Gentle Trip adult $121 +taxes* youth (8-15) $76 +taxes*

Looking for your own private rafting experience for your family, friends or company? Enjoy your own boat, along with your guide, with a minimum of 4 rafters, to maximum of 8. Call for rates: 1-888-647-6444

The premium 2 day river escape When one day just isn’t enough!

Enjoy two exceptional days of whitewater excitement on the Kicking Horse River. Our Premium Package combines the Whitewater Exciter on Day 1 with The Tradition on Day 2. Accommodations not included. Ask us for suggestions!

premium package adult $214 +taxes*

Weddings, Stags & Stagettes Occasions are worth celebrating! Weddings, stags, stagettes and birthdays are special times for gathering friends and family together to share laughter and fun with the ones most important in your life. Brides, grooms or birthday boy/girls will receive discounts or free trips starting with as few as 4 rafters. Let us be your “Rafting Party Planners” … it’s what we’ve been doing for 26 years! note *all prices +$3.75/person gov. land use fee

and applicable taxes . prices subject to change. call for details and dates: 1-888-647-6444

Pro Tip:

Our special pink helmet awaits  the  Bride - or  Groom!

got questions? What kind of boats do you use? We use “AIRE” self-bailing rafts which comfortably carry 8 people plus guide. Safety lines and foot straps are within easy reach to keep you balanced in the raft. Large oars are mounted centrally in the raft so your guide has excellent control.

All guides are First Aid, CPR and Swift Water Rescue certified. Most have a Wilderness First Responder, Advanced First Aid or other specialized certifications. Two way radios keep us in regular contact with our support vehicle and RiverBase.

Do I paddle or hold on? It’s your choice to assist

rafting experience is required to fully enjoy our trips. In fact, for about 70% of our guests, our’s is their first rafting adventure.

by paddling, or if you prefer, you may simply hold on and enjoy the ride. We encourage you to participate at a level comfortable to you.

Who will be my guide? Our staff is truly the key to our success. Our guides each possess a wealth of experience gained from numerous years of rafting around the world. You will certainly appreciate their genuine hospitality and cheerful approach. We are passionate about our sport and enjoy a zest for sharing the fun and excitement with you and others like you!

What equipment do you provide? Your personal safety equipment has been carefully selected with high performance and comfort in mind. Governmentapproved whitewater lifejackets, helmets, premium wetsuits and thick-soled neoprene booties, in a wide variety of sizes (no need to ruin your expensive sneakers with us), neoprene gloves and hooded spray jackets are all included. We even provide warm fleece sweaters for those cooler days. (Or for our guests from warmer climates!).

What do I bring? Simply have your swimsuit on prior to your trip. Dress appropriately for the day and bring a towel. Will someone take my picture? Photos are taken on all our trips and are available for viewing and purchase the same day. GoPro HD video cameras are available to rent at the RiverBase.

How do you prepare me for the river? Your safety is taken seriously and it is our fundamental operating principle. A thorough and easy to understand safety briefing, demonstrations and instructions will be given prior to going on the water.

What is expected of me? No previous

Do I need to be fit and be able to swim? Good health is required and swimming ability is recommended.

Is rafting safe? We take every reasonable precaution to provide a safe trip, however, we cannot assume responsibility for your safety or personal belongings. Safety in an activity such as rafting can never be guaranteed. With whitewater rafting an element of risk is inherent and beyond our control. We require that all participants carefully read and sign a release of liability. A parent/guardian signature is required for rafters under the age of 19.

What if it rains the day of my trip? Our trips operate rain or shine. Rafting is a great activity to enjoy even in the rain... you are going to get wet anyway!

What if I need to cancel my trip? Once your trip is booked, we assign staff and resources to ensure your trip runs smoothly. Since few of these costs are recoverable, last minute cancellations and “no-shows” are not eligible to receive a refund. For our daily trips, we offer a generous 48 hour cancellation policy. If you need to cancel your trip simply let us know at least 48 hours prior to your trip departure, and your money will be refunded. Regrettably no refunds or alternate dates will be given if you cancel your trip within 48 hours of trip departure (15 days for groups of 8 or more) or if you miss your trip or arrive after your scheduled trip departure. Call us for our 2 Day River Escape cancellation policies. Refunds will be given, or alternate dates offered, in the unlikely event that Wild Water Adventures must cancel a trip.

Pro Tip:

“I simply wanted to tell you how pleased I was with the level of professionalism, skill and absolute fun you offered us on our rafting trip.” - S. Realmuto, Broadcom Corp. “Thanks for a ‘once in a lifetime’ experience. The combination of your great guides and beautiful surroundings made for a great day. It was a real pleasure working with you. Thanks again for making my job so much easier, and making our company look magnificent.” - T.B., Conference Management Associates “This was our first time (we were recommended to you by our hotel) and I was SO nervous for myself and my family. But Carlos was absolutely AMAZING as our guide. So funny, so skillful and so knowledgeable. Your facilities were excellent and all of your team really went the extra mile to make our trip to Canada brilliant. Thank you.” - J. Crispen, England “I have to tell you, everything was first rate. We were so impressed with all your staff. You are the Mercedes of rafting companies!” - R.Clare, Salzer Florida “We had a terrific time! The food was great, the guides were fun, the water and facilities were fantastic, the gear was well kept and clean… the whole trip was absolutely perfect!” - Nexen Inc., Calgary, AB

Want more testimonials ...visit us on

getting here… (approximate)

Driving Times Calgary Banff Lake Louise Field Golden

236 km 114 km 56 km 30 km 25 km

2.5 hours 1 hour + 25 min. 45 minutes 20 minutes 20 minutes

Let’s Go River

Bookings made easy! It’s best to simply give our friendly rafting reservationists a call and make your booking by phone — or splash into our website and book

on the kicking horse river

online. Our trips are popular and space is limited — don’t delay when making your booking! If you prefer, you may visit our sales desks located at our RiverBase Daylodge or in the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise.


YOHO Park Entry Booth

(25 km)



Beaverfoot Road

Time Change!


- We’re on MTN. Time

Pac. -1 Hr.

1 Mtn. +1 Hr.

Kicking Horse River

WildWater Adventures RiverBase


Lake Louise

To FIELD (30 km)

& LAKE LOUISE (56 km)

Wapta Falls


Field 1



British Columbia


Banff 95







Gentle & Whitewater Rafting Trips Call for Adventure!

In Lake Louise or Banff: 93



1-888-647-6444 Box 25, Lake Louise, AB Canada T0L 1E0 | Fax: 403-522-2212

*at time of printing

~ ~ 1-888-647-6444 In Lake Louise or Banff: 403-522-2211

Rated #1 Activity in Alberta, Canadian Rockies, Banff National Park and Lake Louise

Wildwater Rafting  

Experience the thrill of a whitewater rafting trip on the Kicking Horse River! The best Banff, Canada rafting trips in BC and Alberta with W...

Wildwater Rafting  

Experience the thrill of a whitewater rafting trip on the Kicking Horse River! The best Banff, Canada rafting trips in BC and Alberta with W...