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I 3 I contents e X pe RI ence c R an BR oo K I n the R oc K y mo U nta I ns 3 Contents 4 Welcome to Cranbrook 5 Where We Are 6 Indigenous Culture 7 Early Beginnings 8-9 History & Heritage 10 Arts & Culture 11 Eat, Drink, & Be Social 12-13 Outdoor Adventurist 14 Cranbrook & Chill 16 Wildlife Viewing 19 Fishing 20-21 Hiking & Biking 22 Climbing 24 Celebrate With Us 26-27 City Map 28-29 Camping 30 Golfing 34 Water Sports 36-37 Winter Activities 39 Family Friendly 40 Weddings 41 Dining 43 Shopping 44-46 Accommodation 48-51 Restaurants cranbrook tourism PO Box 103 Cranbrook, BC, V1C 4H6 P:250-489-2563 For detailed questions about visiting Cranbrook, try the knowledgeable staff at one of our Visitor Centres: Cranbrook Visitor Centre Locations: 800 C Baker St, Cranbrook, BC 620 Van Horne St. S, Cranbrook, BC (Summer only) P: (250) 489-2563 Published By Cranbrook Tourism Design Production birr agency Niche Market Design Cover photo by: Aaron Hagen I 3 I #EXPLORECRANBROOK @VisitCranbrook @VisitCranbrook @VisitCranbrook Cranbrook Tourism

Welcome to cranbrook

Basecamp of the Kootenays

f a cts aB o U t cR an BR oo K

• Cranbrook (ʔA·KISK̓AQǂIʔIT) sits within the traditional territory of the KtUnaXa people , who have called this land home for millennia.

• Located in the southeast corner of British Columbia, Cranbrook sits to the west of the Kootenay RIveR and south of the st. maRy RIveR .

• Cranbrook was estaBlIshed In 1898, when local MLA, Colonel James Baker, convinced the Canadian Pacific Railway to route its new line through Cranbrook instead of the community of foRt steele , making Cranbrook the major centre in the area.

• Cranbrook was incorporated as a cIt y In 1905

• Colonal Baker named the city after his hometown in Kent, England.

• Cranbrook’s popUlatIon has gRown to 20,499 as of the 2021 census, making it the largest city in the Kootenay region.

• Historical weather data shows Cranbrook to be the sUnnIest cIty In B.c , averaging 2,191 hours of sunshine per year, or about 315 days out of the year.

• Weather data also shows Cranbrook has an average daily high temperature of 26.2 degrees Celsius in July, and an average daily high of -3.4 degrees Celsius in December.

• Unlike most other communities in B.C., Cranbrook follows moUntaIn tIme throughout the year.

• Cranbrook is an important transportation hub in the region, as hIghways 3, 93 and 95 all InteRsect through the city.

• Cranbrook also has an InteRnatIonal aIRpoRt , the Canadian Rockies International Airport. It offers daily flights to and from Calgary and Vancouver, and regular flights to Kelowna.

• Major industries in Cranbrook include mining, forestry, government services, healthcare, tourism and commercial trade.

• Cranbrook has 10 elementaRy schools, two mIddle schools and one hIgh school . It also has a post-secondary institution, college of the RocKIes .

• Cranbrook has the laRgest hospItal In the Kootenay RegIon, the East Kootenay Regional Hospital.

• Cranbrook is the sister city of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

• 21 past and pResent nhl pl ayeRs and coaches have called Cranbrook home, including Scott and Rob Niedermayer.

I 4 I
cR an BR oo K I s the la R gest URB an cent R e I n the Kootenay R eg I on; a meet I ng po I nt of c U lt UR e, c UI s I ne, st U nn I ng scene R y and spo R ts fo R eve R y season. w el come!

B y R oad

hIghway 3 (the Crowsnest Highway)

Runs south then west from Cranbrook across southern BC.

Travelling west from Cranbrook, Highway 3 intersects Highway 97 at Osoyoos and goes onto Hope, BC. Vancouver is only two hours from Hope.

Travelling east from Cranbrook, Highway 3 will take you through the Rocky Mountains into Alberta, with Lethbridge being the first major city on the route.

hIghway 95

Running north from Cranbrook, Highway 95 terminates at Highway 1 (the Trans-Canada Highway), in Golden, BC.

Travelling south from Cranbrook, Highway 95 will take you over the US border at the Kingsgate/ Eastport crossing, and connects with US Highway 2 and Interstate 90.

dRIvIng dIstances

Calgary, AB 400km / 248 mi

Spokane, WA 300km / 186 mi

Creston, BC 106km / 66 mi

Coeur d’Alene, ID 250km / 155mi

Lethbridge, AB 300km / 186 mi

B y a IR

Kalispell, MT 250km / 140 mi

Kelowna, BC

500km / 311mi

Whitefish, MT 200km / 124mi

Vancouver, BC 850km / 528mi

US Border 80km / 50mi

The Canadian Rockies International Airport (YXC) is a mere 14km from the centre of Cranbrook.

Regional air carriers in BC offer daily flights from Vancouver (YVR) and Calgary (YYC).

International carriers offer numerous daily flights from their international hubs in Vancouver (YVR) and Calgary (YYC).

hIghway 93

Runs southeast from Cranbrook and will take travellers across the US Roosville border into Montana, travelling through Eureka and Whitefish MT and beyond. To the north, Highway 93 takes travelers to Radium Hot Springs, then through Kootenay National Park into Alberta.

Driving routes:

RCMP / Fire /BC Ambulance / Search and Rescue 911

Forest Fires 1-800-663-5555 or cell *5555

non emergency phone numbers

East Kootenay Regional Hospital 250-426-5281

Non-Emergency Police 250-489-3471

Public Works 250-489-0218

City Emergencies after hours 250-489-4264

Power outages | BC Hydro 1-888-769-3766

Drive BC 1-800-550-4997 or

c l I mate

Average TempHighLow

Spring 13.2C / 56F 0.5C / 33F

Summer 25.9C / 79F 10.4C / 51F

Fall 11.8C / 54F 0C / 32F

Winter -1.6C / 29F -9.1C / 16F

I 5 I where we are dRI ve | f ly | eX plo R e I 5 I
me R gency p hone nU m B e R s

indigenous culture

Kt U na X a (p R ono U nced ‘ K - too-nah-ha’) people have occ U p I ed the lands adjacent to the Kootenay and c ol U m BI a R I ve R s and the aRR ow l a K es of B RI t I sh c ol U m BI a, c anada fo R mo R e than 15,000 yea R s.

ʔakisqakⱡiʔit (ah-kiss-gakth-lee-it), the place “where the two creeks meet”, is central to the Rocky Mountain Trench in the Kootenay region of southeastern British Columbia, a place the ʔaq’amnik people call home. A place now known as Cranbrook.

Cranbrook resides in Ktunaxa ʔamakʔis, the homeland of the Ktunaxa Nation. Scientific evidence has dated Ktunaxa presence as far back as 15,000 years ago. For thousands of years the Ktunaxa people enjoyed the natural bounty of the Kootenay region, seasonally migrating throughout Ktunaxa ʔamakʔis, hunting and gathering.

Led by the dignified and respected Chief Isadore, the Ktunaxa people’s lives were changed forever by the challenges brought forth by European settlement in the late 1800s. These included the establishment of a residential school, and federally imposed land policies which eventually lead to the creation of the present day Indian Bands. Today, the four Ktunaxa communities, ʔakisq nuk First Nation, ʔaq’am, ʔakink um asnuq iʔit (Tobacco Plains Indian Band) and yaqan nukiy (Lower Kootenay Band) have worked with great effort to restore their culture and their language. If you visit the St. Eugene Golf Resort & Casino, located near ʔaq’am Community nearest Cranbrook, you will witness the strength of the Ktunaxa people. Previously a residential school, and responsible for tearing away their culture and language, it is now one of Canada’s most beautiful destination resorts, 100% owned by the Ktunaxa Nation.

the K t U na X a c R eat I o n sto R y

The Ktunaxa people have been in this area since Naⱡmuqȼin fulfilled his prophecy and placed the Ktunaxa people in this area to be the keepers of the land. At that time there was some disturbance caused by a huge water monster known as Yawuʔnik, who killed many of the animals. It was decided that Yawuʔnik had to be destroyed. A war party was formed. Yawuʔnik plied the Kootenay (wu·u ʔaqsⱡmaknik ʔakinmituk) and Columbia (Miȼqaqas) River System. When Yawuʔnik was killed, and butchered and distributed among the animals, Yawuʔnik’s ribs were scattered throughout the region that now form the Hoodoos seen throughout the region.

When the prophecy was fulfilled the spirit animals ascended above and are now the guiding spirits of the Ktunaxa. In all the excitement Naⱡmuqȼin rose to his feet and stood upright hitting his head on the ceiling of the sky. He knocked himself dead. His feet went northward and is today known as Ya·kⱡiki, in the Yellowhead Pass vicinity.

Naⱡmuqȼin’s head is near Yellowstone Park in the State of Montana. His body forms the Rocky Mountains.

I 6 I
K t U na X a f IR st nat I on
D ID y o U K no W ? T H e K TU n A x A L A ng UA ge IS A LA ng UA ge IS o LAT e, M e A n I ng THAT IT IS LI ng UISTICALL y U n I q U e A n D U nre LAT e D T o A ny o TH er LA ng UA ge I n TH e W or LD .

cR an BR oo K has come a long way f R om I ts ea

ea R ly s ettle R s

1807 The first European settlers arrived in the region, including David Thompson, a fur trader and map-making explorer, who crossed the Rocky Mountains to explore the area.

1863 Gold was discovered nearby, and the gold rush began. Some 5,000 men rushed to the region to pan and prosper.

1883 Col. James Baker bought most of the current townsite. Baker named his property “Cranbrook” after his home in Kent, England.

1887 Sam Steele, of the North West Mounted Police arrived to address conflicts between Col. James Baker and the Ktunaxa people.

1898 A typhoid outbreak prompted the community to build the first hospital at St. Eugene Mission. The hospital was outgrown, built again and then one more time outgrown before relocating in 1901 to a larger facility in Cranbrook, also renamed the St. Eugene Mission.

1905 Cranbrook was incorporated as a city, with a population of 2000. It had water, a sewer, and a telephone system built by local businessmen.

1940 The population of Cranbrook had grown to 3000. Few places in the world were untouched by the horrors of WW2, and Cranbrook pays tribute to its fallen heros on the Wall Of Honour in Rotary Park.

2022 Continued growth and development over the last century has meant that Cranbrook today is a vibrant modern city with a population of approximately 20,000.

I 7 I
R ly R oots as a B ase fo R Roc K y m o U nta I n e X plo R e R s , th R o U gh the B oom of the gold RU sh and f I nally to the l I vely, v IBR ant c I ty I t I s today. 1898 TH e I n T ro DUCTI on of TH e CP r P ASS enger Tr AI n AT Cr A n B roo K S TATI on CAUS e D A P o PULATI on B oo M T H e
eX plo R at I on | g old R U sh | Ra I l R oads I 7 I
or I g I n AL “ Cr A n B roo K Ar CH e S ” W ere BUILT DU r I ng TH e 1930’ S A n D ST oo D AS A n IC on IC referen C e P o I n T . T H ey W ere D e M o LISH e D I n TH e 1950 S T o MAK e WA y for TH e WID en I ng of H I g HWA y 3, BUT T o DA y VISIT or S CA n f I n D A re PLICA of TH e or I g I n AL A r CH e S AT TH e W e ST en T r A n C e T o Cr A n B roo K ’ S D o W n T o W n C ore early beginnings

History & heritage

aR ch I tect UR e | mU se U ms | Imme R s I ve eX pe RI ences

Located on Highway 3/95, the cR an BR oo K h I sto R y cent R e provides a fascinating insight into the history of rail travel and is a must-see for any train-enthusiast. Highlights of the railcar collection include the 1907 “Soo-Spokane Train” and the 1927 “Strathcona” which has accommodated VIP guests including Queen Elizabeth II and Sir Winston Churchill.

Widely considered to be the most elegant public venue in southeastern BC, inside the history centre you can see the beautiful Royal a le X and R a h all that began its life in Winnipeg in 1906. When the hotel was demolished in 1971, its ballroom was carefully disassembled and stored until it was acquired by the Cranbrook History Centre, reconstructed and then reopened in Cranbrook in 2004. You can learn about Cranbrooks history, natural history and local paleontology through the exhibits. For kids, the Centre offers as scavenger hunt throughout the exhibit spaces and a game

of eye-spy in the impressive model train display. The history centre also hosts monthly lectures and seasonal programmes, such as summer walking tours and games.

Located at 11-11th Avenue South, the s t U d I o & s tage d oo R was built in 1909, and originally served as Cranbrook Freemason’s Masonic Lodge, and is now home to Cranbrook Community Theatre.

Just down from the Studio & Stage Door, you’ll find fIR e h all n o.1 . Cranbrook’s original fire hall was established in 1929 and served the City until 2011.

“ S I n C e IT W AS W ITHI n TH e S T eU gene M ISSI on S CH oo L THAT TH e CULTU re of TH e Koo T en A y In DIA n WAS TAK en AWA y , IT SH o ULD B e WITHI n THAT BUILDI ng THAT IT IS re TU rne D . ” – e lde R m a R y p a U l, 1984

K ’ s fasc
nat I ng he RI tage
B e d I scove R ed I n I ts B ea U t I f U lly p R ese R ved BUI ld I ngs, m U se U ms, and a l I v I ng h I sto RI cal town wh I ch g I ves a U n I q U e I ns I ght I nto B y gone days.
cR an

In 2017, two friends transformed the dilapidated old fire hall into a unique craft beer tap house and gastropub, injecting life back into the old building while remaining sensitive to its heritage.

Established in 1910 and originally named the Kootenay Indian Residential School, the s t. eU gene mI ss I on holds a dark history for the Ktunaxa people. The only project in Canada where an icon of such repression has been transformed into an ambitious and successful economic venture, the renovated old mission is now the St Eugene Golf Resort and Casino. The project has preserved wonderful original architectural features, and simultaneously recognizes the sad and difficult cultural legacy and shining future potential of the site.

Since its gold rush beginnings in 1864, f o R t s teele has gone from boomtown to regional centre, to ghost town, to one of the most important heritage attractions of its kind in British Columbia.

In 1961, after a public petition to the Provincial Government, Fort Steele was declared an historic park with a mandate “to preserve, present, and manage for public benefit the historic settlement of Fort Steele”.

Perched on the western slopes of the Rocky Mountains, Fort Steele is a dynamic living history museum, and attracts over 80,000 visitors a year to witness first hand what life was like in days gone by.

A d A y A t f OR t st EELE

• o LD TIM e T r AD e D e M on ST r ATI on S

• S T e AM T r AI n r ID e S

• CL y D e SDAL e H or S e D r AW n W A gon T o U r S

• go LD P A nn I ng

• L IV e TH e AT re

• ST ree T P erfor MA n C e S

I 9 I I 9 I

revel in the arts

cR an BR oo K B oasts a l I vely a R ts scene all yea R R o U nd w I th events fo R eve R y season - f R om l I ve m U s I c I n the pa RK and locally p R od U ced theat R e, to fest I vals and fa R me R s ma RK ets .

cR an BR oo K ’ s c omm U n I ty t heat R e group produces four shows a year, and the The Studio and Stage Door provides a unique setting for an intimate theatrical experience like no other.

Summer Sounds at Rota R y p a RK is a mustsee in the summer months. Enjoy the relaxed vibe and talents of local musicians, complemented by a variety of food, drink and craft beer vendors.

cR an BR oo K aR ts is one for the list for any art aficionados out there - their gallery and artisan shop are a hub for local artists and full of Kootenay charm. It’s rotating featured artist keeps the gallery fresh and exciting throughout the year.

The leading centre of performing arts, culture and conferencing in the East Kootenays, the Key cI ty t heat R e is a mecca of creativity and learning. A dazzling array of events and performances including comedy, live music and physical theatre will leave you spoilt for choice.

c R an BR oo K fa R me R s ma RK et Want to shop local? Come down and check out the myriad of produce on offer, from local honey, pasture raised meats, to artisan crafts and much more. Few leave this market empty handed!

s I c | t heat R e | f est I vals

f IR e hall K I tchen & tap is pumped full of character, and features twenty craft beers on tap from around BC - there’s sure to be one you’ll love paired with their daily Burger of the Moment.

f I she R pea K BR ew I ng co . is located in The Heid Out Restaurant & Brewhouse. There are always six craft beers on tap here, plus seasonal offerings handcrafted in-house by master brewer Jordan. Bring the family and pair it up with a meal freshly prepared by one of their seven Red Seal chefs - you won’t be disappointed.

Chef Thomas’ open kitchen dining style has made a visit to a lleg R a a remarkable dining experience for all the senses. Well loved by both residents and visitors since 2005, Allegra is a solid cornerstone in Cranbrook’s culinary landscape. We recommend the flamed saganaki with olive tapenade, a feast for the eyes as well as your taste buds!

With spectacular views of Fisher Peak and the St Eugene Golf Course, nU ma offers a memorable dining experience to complement the rich history of its setting. Romance levels are high as it is fast becoming the Kootenays’ wedding destination of choice for couples from around the world.

What’s the perfect way to cap off a meal? Or get a sweet little pick-me-up to cool down from the summer sun? With happy cow I ce c R eam of course. This locally made, allnatural ice cream gets the thumbs up from locals and visitors all year round - the only problem is deciding which flavour to sample. I 11 I T H ere IS S o M e THI ng for e V eryone T o enjoy THA n KS T o A B ro AD MI x of DI n I ng o PTI on S . Don’ T forge T T o T ry one of TH e L o CAL C r A f T B eer S A n D T re AT TH e K IDS T o A HA n DMAD e IC e C re AM . eat, drink & be social f a R m to t a B le | oU tdoo R dI n I ng | cR aft B R ewe RI es
so RB cR an BR oo K ’ s famo U s s U nsh I ne B y d I n I ng al f R esco
n the s U mme R o R w a R m yo UR self I n a cozy p UB I n the w I nte R .
at I ng o U t I s g R eat I n all seasons.

outdoor adventurist

fR esh aIR | t h RI lls | eX plo R at I on

m o U nta I n v I ews, endless t R a I ls, alp I ne la K es , and h I dden wate R falls a R e all I n a sho R t d RI ve f R om cR an BR oo K . a ll yo U need to BRI ng I s yo UR sense of e X plo R at I on.

If you have two wheels and a modest amount of ambition, you will love 25km n o R thsta R Ra I ls to tR a I ls which links Cranbrook and Kimberley on a former CP railway bed converted into a paved trail for walking, running, biking and blading. This year-round multi-use trail offers gentle grades in both directions allowing families to enjoy the spectacular views of the Steeples range, the St Mary River and the Purcell range.

Rent yourself a paddle B oa R d, K aya K o R canoe from Just Liquid Sports and paddle to your heart’s content. If you are in the mood for exploration, make your way to Jim Smith Lake, only 7 km from town!

eI ght golf co UR ses l I n I ng

3 2 K m of R oad means there’s no shortage of golf opportunities in and around Cranbrook...make that nine if you include the challenging 18-Hole Mini Golf at Elizabeth Lake Lodge!

Love winter? cR oss co U nt R y s KI , snowshoe o R f at BIK e at the South Star Trails. Skate on the rinks at Idlewild Park, Baker Park and Fort Steele. Or make Cranbrook your basecamp for ski days at Fernie or Kimberley Alpine Resorts, both of which offer world class terrain for all abilities.

I T ’ S re ALL y j UST A CAS e of D e CIDI ng WHAT y o U

W A n T T o D o, AS TH e o PP or TU n ITI e S A re ALM o ST LIMITL e SS for o UTD oor en THUSIASTS .

I 12 I
I 13 I
Photo By: Aaron Hagen

Cranbrook & chill

t a K e the we I ght off yo UR feet & BR eathe I n the f R esh mo U nta I n a IR . cR an BR oo K I s home to an a BU ndance of opt I ons fo R those loo KI ng to slow th I ngs down & R ela X .

Grab a floatie and head to n o RBUR y l a K e . A favorite amongst locals, slip into relaxation as you coast along the calm waters and bask in the incredible mountain views.

There’s no denying that when it comes to the East Kootenay, one of the best ways to relax is with a fishing rod and a lounge chair on the B U ll

R I ve R

When the weather gets warm what could be more appealing than spending the day floating about on the calm waters of a beautiful aqua marine lake while taking in an amazing mountain vista? At 150km in length, l a K e Koocan U sa is a manmade resevoir and one of the regions premiere summer recreation areas. Sunshine Houseboats offers daily, weekly, or longer watercraft rentals as well as having an amazing

waterpark suitable for all ages. About a one-hour drive, it’s well worth the trip.

Take a walk around Idlew I ld p a RK or e l I za B eth l a K e s anct U a R y At each location, you’re bound to be greeted by a collection of wildlife in the riparian habitats.

Cranbrook may just hold the record for most yoga st U d I os per capita. Calm your mind, body, and spirit at Inner Roar Yoga, Mountain Life Hot Yoga, Yoga I Am That, and more. Namaste.

If getting pampered is more your vibe, make your way to one of the many spas in our community; Urban Roots Salon & Spa, New Energy Wellness, or Blush MediSpa have got you covered.

I 14 I
wI nd d own | Recha R ge | Rela X
T H ere’ S PL en T y of re LA x I ng ACTIVITI e S T o
n W I n D A n D re CHA rge. rA ng I ng fro M y og A
o SWIMMI ng I n TH e
e AUTI f UL LAK e S ne A r B y ,
ere IS S o M e THI ng for e V eryone.

discover your wildside

Cranbrook and its vast surrounding B ac K c o U nt R y of forests and mountains are home to grizzly bears, black bears, moose, deer, coyotes, wolves, cougars, beavers and mountain goats, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Our region contains one of North America’s longest intact wetlands - the c ol U m BI a w etl ands . It plays host to an incredible diversity of birds, including majestic bald eagles, ospreys and great blue herons.

With 300 unique bird species in the region, birders will delight in watching Canada geese, owls, hawks, wild turkeys and trumpeter swans, a provincially blue-listed species. In the spring please be cautious around nesting birds, making sure to give them adequate space.

Located to the west of Cranbrook, e l I za B eth l a K e is a large wetland area and w I ldl I fe sanct U a R y covering 5.9 hectares (13 acres). Walking trails around the park and lake lead to bird-watching blinds and viewpoints, as well as picnic tables and benches.

The sanctuary is cared for by the Roc K y m o U nta I n n at UR al I sts and is home to many different animal species, from Western Painted Turtles and ground squirrels to permanent and migratory birds.

g et familiar with bear , moose and cougar safety practices before you go into the backcountry to keep both animals and humans safe. Make noise and hike in groups - animals don’t like to be surprised!

Rearing up to three million baby trout annually, the Kootenay tR o U t h atche R y works hard every year to enhance recreational fishing opportunities in the area.

Everything you need to get started is provided; gear is available to loan and guides are happy to help get you started. Learn to Fish Programs can be arranged in advance and there is a stocked fishing pond on site for new anglers to practice their skills in catch and release angling.

The species raised include Rainbow trout, Cutthroat trout, Brook Char and Kokanee salmon. The red-listed White Sturgeon are also raised for conservation purposes.

I 16 I
wI ldl I fe vI ew I ng | B IR d w a tch I ng | Ra R e s pec I es
B e p R epa R ed ! t he mo U nta I ns, wate R ways and w I ld te RR a I n that s URR o U nd c R an BR oo K a R e home to a vast a RR ay of flo R a and fa U na.

REDUCE STRESS, MAXIMIZE TIME. Enjoy the convenience of flying

catch of the day

With 309 la K es and 1183 RI ve R s and st R eams in the region, anglers should be prepared for spectacular fishing experiences in all seasons.

Lakes and streams are fully stocked thanks to the Kootenay Trout Hatchery. The long, deep la K es are perfect for trolling and spin casting, the RI ve R s and st R eams are ideal for fly-fishing and drift boats.

A quintessentially Canadian sight, the f R ozen l a K es of w I nte R are often dotted with tents as hardy fishermen take to the frozen waters while fish are hungry and without access to food.

l I cence please

each river and lake has different fishing allowances and restrictions under the Provinces region 4 regional regulations. Make sure you check out the rules before embarking on your trip. for more information.

I 18 I
a ngl I ng | f ly fI sh I ng | lUR e s p I nn I ng
n o UR many la K es , RI ve R s
UR f ancy, f R om fly-f I sh I ng
we’ve got yo U c ove R ed.
Lo CAL f ISH: e X pe RI ence o U tstand I ng f I sh I ng I
and st R eams. whateve R hoo K s yo
to t R oll I ng to sp I
I ng,

hit the trails

At 2191 ho UR s ann U all y , Cranbrook has the most sunshine hours of any city in BC. This means the valley is usually clear of winter snow early in the season creating a cyclist’s Utopia. Riders here get a head start compared to surrounding areas. With the relatively dry climate and the fast draining soil, the trails come into condition while the snow is still deep on the surrounding peaks. Quick and easy access to the Cranbrook Community Forest, South Star Trails, Northstar Rails to Trails, and the Chief Isadore Trail means the Cranbrook area has something for every rider.

2191 Ho U r S of SU n SHI ne P er ye A r .

Adjacent to the city’s northeast boundary is the cR an BR oo K c omm U n I ty f o R est This natural area hosts a variety of trail options including gravel road surfaces and mountain bike trails. The trails consist mostly of single track with some wider trails and logging roads. – 96 t R a I ls

s o U th s ta R Re c R eat I on tR a I ls offer a versatile network of mountain bike trails that vary from easy to challenging. With a variety of loop trails suitable for novice to advanced riders you can take a short ride or an all-day outing. – 37 t R a I ls

I 20 I
th 2 majo R t R a I l systems I n town, and
mo R e t R a I ls w I th I n a sho R t d I stance, cR an BR oo K I s a t R a I l love R ’ s pa R ad I se. fR om s I ngle-t R ac K mo
n BIK e t R a I ls, to challeng I ng h IK es w I th amaz I ng v I ews, cR an BR oo K has the t R a I l advent UR e yo U see K
hIK e | B IK e | eX plo R e
For more information about biking around Cranbrook please use the Trailforks App from, or pick up a Cranbrook Tourism Trail Map at The Visitors Centre.

n o R thsta R Ra I ls to tR a I ls is a 25 km long trail that links Cranbrook and Kimberley on a former CP railway bed converted into a paved trail for walking, running, biking, and blading. This year-round, multi-use trail offers gentle grades in both directions allowing families to enjoy the spectacular views of the Steeples range, the St. Mary River, and the Purcell range.

T H e Bee L I ne

W I n D y B LU ff

Wy CLI ffe B UTT e S

3 Best h IK es fo R f am I l I es

eA ger Loo K o UT

eLI z AB e TH L AK e

Perry Cree K fALLS



A 43.5 km packed gravel cycling trail, ch I ef I sado R e t R a I l mostly follows the reasonably level former railway grade from Cranbrook to Wardner. Part of the Great Trail.

For more detailed hiking information pick up the “Mountain Footsteps” and “Waterfall Hikes in Southern British Columbia” guidebooks. Available at local retailers: Huckleberry Books, High-Country Sports, or the Cranbrook Visitor Information Centre.

I 21 I I 21 I
3 Best h IK es fo R v I ews B est h IK es fo R w I ldflowe R s
T e S LAT e AP r IL/ e A r L y MA y
ASA L AK e Pro VI n CIAL P A r K M ID - A P r IL
e A ger HILLS I n AP r IL/MA
W y CLI ffe BUT

get U p close and pe R sonal w I th the K oo tenay R oc KI es on one of seven c R ags to test yo UR cl I m BI ng a BI l I t I es

cl I m BI ng in the Cranbrook region has skyrocketed in the past 20 years. The industry itself has seen a major jump partly due to the 2020 Olympics, which included climbing as an official sport. This has sparked the local movement in a big way.

seven d I ffe R ent c R ags offer a variation of styles and Grades. The region also has two pop U la R cl I m BI ng gy ms .

t op 3 cR ags f o R Be g I nne R s


t. m a R y

One of the most accessible crags with two tiers. Located on the north side of St.Mary Lake the cliff is visible from the road and only a 30 second approach from the roadside pullout.

lU m B e R ton

Another great crag for beginners. From Cranbrook head towards Moyie and turn right onto Lumberton road, follow the dirt road for 6km until you reach a lake with a beaver dam on the right-hand side, climbing can be found on both sides of the road.

p e RR y cR ee K

A great local crag with climbs ranging from 5.65.13. Leave Cranbrook on King Street, following the road until the Wycliff/Perry Creek Junction. Take Perry Creek Road 11km staying left at all forks, there is a pullout and signage marking the crag.

If yo U A re L oo KI ng for M ore I nfor MATI on, TH e eAST K oo T en A y C LIMBI ng gUID e IS AVAILABL e AT H I g H C o U n T ry S P or TS or A rq Mo U n TAI n Cen T re.

top t I p : Be aware in spring that ticks may be present so always check yourself after finishing a day of climbing.

I 22 I
climbing a c
cent |
| I 23 I

Celebrate With Us

The events scene in Cranbrook is vibrant, diverse, and ever growing. Throughout the year Cranbrook is host to a plethora of live music, theatre, sporting events, festivals, and more.

Whether you are looking for heritage, a bike race, triathlon, or looking to celebrate local produce, Cranbrook is sure to scratch that itch. Start the year off right and cozy up with a live show at the Cranbrook Community Theatre or at Key cI ty t heat R e.

Then come Spring, grab local produce from the Cranbrook Farmer’s Market, celebrate with s p IRI t o f t he Roc KI es f est I val , or get playful at the Children’s Festival.

Get moving with popular summer sporting events like the Wasa Triathlon, and t he Kootenay Roc KI es gR an f ondo , or enjoy music in the park with Summer Sounds.

Craving Fall events? Check out Fort Steele’s Fall Fair, and Halloween s poo K tact U la R events. Then finally, close out a good year with the cR an BR oo K c h RI stmas m a RK et , and JCI Santa Claus Parade.

I 24 I
t o e X pe RI ence a comm U n I ty I s to jo I n the locals and cele BR ate.
l I ve mU s I c | f est I vals | e vents n o MATT er TH e S e AS on, no MATT er yo U r I n T ere STS , W e SU gge ST y o U C o M e C e L e B r AT e I n Cr A n B roo K , BUT D on’ T TAK e IT fro M US , C o M e f I n D o UT for yo U r S e L f.
Pick up a more detailed map of the community forest at the Visitor Centre.

sleep under the stars

Camping and RV-ing in the Cranbrook region exceeds every expectation. From vast mo U nta I n R anges, nat UR al hot sp RI ngs, spa RK l I ng la K es with hundreds of kilometres of beaches, to fast flowing rivers, and thick lush forests, the ultimate camping experience awaits you.

Immerse yourself in nature and spend days enjoying the ca R ef R ee camp I ng l I festyle - there are amazing options for RVs or tenting within Cranbrook, and many more only minutes away.

If you are lucky enough to have a connection with a local, you may even become privy to some of their favourite Bac K c o U nt R y camp I ng spots. Start by checking out cranbrooktourism. com/accommodations/remote-camping or by asking one of the knowledgeable staff at the Visitor Centre.

If you decide to set off on your own to camp in a remote location, remember to leave location and direction information with someone at home, and pack out what you pack in. Make sure the next person can enjoy the location as unspoilt as you did.

I 28 I
K dR op I nto the vI s I to R c ent R e at 800 c Ba K e R s t R eet fo R a f RI endly welcome and a wealth of I nfo R mat I on.
l eave yo UR w o RRI es B eh I nd and head to one of the h U nd R eds of st U nn I ng camp I ng spots s URR o
nd I ng c R an BR oo
t ent I ng| R v - I ng | wI ld c amp I ng
I 29 I I 29 I Rv pa RK s & campg R o U nds Fort Steele Resort & RV Park 10 Wardner Fort Steele Rd, Fort Steele 250-489-4268 ••••••• 170 Fort Steele Campground 335 Kelly Rd, Fort Steele P: 250-426-5117 ••••••• 50 Kimberley Riverside Campground Site 500, St. Mary Lake Rd, Kimberley P: 250-427-2929 ••••••• 140 Noke Creek Cabins & Campground 9100 Moyie River Road, Cranbrook P: 780-801-1632 •••••• 14 Regency Resort RV Park 2414 Cranbrook St N, Cranbrook P: 250-581-0776 ••••••• 48 St. Eugene RV Park KOA 7777 Mission Road, Cranbrook P: 866-292-2020 ••••••• 114 pR ov I nc I al p a RK c ampg R o U nds Jim Smith Lake Provincial Park 5 km west of Cranbrook Hwy 3/95 P: 250-422-3003 ••••• 35 Kikomun Creek Provincial Park 3 km west of Hwy 3/93 junction P: 250-422-3003 ••••••• 171 Moyie Lake Provincial Park 20 km south of Cranbrook Hwy 3/95 P: 250-422-3003 ••••• 111 Norbury Lake Provincial Park 18 km north from Hwy 3 P: 250-422-3003 ••••• 46 Premier Lake Provincial Park 72 km north of Cranbrook Hwy 93/95 P: 250-422-3003 ••••• 61 Wasa Lake Provincial Park 40 km north of Cranbrook Hwy 93/95 P: 250-422-3003 •••••• 104 Whiteswan Lake Provincial Park 22km southeast of the Village of Canal Flats P: 250-422-3003 •••••• 114 eL e CT r ICAL Hoo KUPS S H o W er S / PL UMBI ng C AMP f I re S Dr I n KI ng W A T er P IC n IC Are AS Ve HICL e A C C e SSIBL e C AMPI ng W H ee LCHAI r A C C e SS n o. of SIT e S

hole in one

Set against stunning mountain vistas, many of our local courses regularly feature on the Top 100 Canadian Golf Course lists. The accolades and awards are many, as are the choices for a fantastic golf vacation based out of Cranbrook.

cR an BR oo K I s t RU ly a magn I f I cent golf dest I nat I on with eight courses laid out over 32km, which offer inspiring views of mountain peaks, river valleys and forested hillsides. With excellent accommodation choices offered either within resort or in downtown Cranbrook itself, and an abundance of restaurants, pubs and bars, your next golfing holiday couldn’t be more ready for you!

Bootleg Gap Golf 400- 315 Ave, Kimberley

P: 250-427-7077

Cranbrook Golf Club 2700 2nd Street S. Cranbrook P: 250-426-6462

Mission Hills Golf Course | Executive par 3 3320 Theatre Road, Cranbrook

P: 250-489-3009

Shadow Mountain Golf Course 7145 Highway 95A, Cranbrook

P: 250-426-3306

St. Eugene Golf Resort & Casino 7777 Mission Road, Cranbrook.

P: 1-877- 417-3133

Purcell Golf 415 302 Ave, Kimberley

P: 250-427-4161

Trickle Creek Golf Resort 500 Gerry Sorensen Way, Kimberley

P: 250-427-3389

Wildstone Golf Course 950 Wildstone Drive, Cranbrook P: 250-489-1282

I 30 I
30 I MAP referen C e re STAU r A n T LIC en S e D H o L e S y A r DA ge
e njoy wo R ld class golf fo R d ays on end at one of the e I ght s U pe RB golf co UR ses a R o U nd cR an BR oo K .
B IR d I e | Bogey| a l B at R oss
•• 277157
•• 186800
•• 182620
•• 187405
•• 18 7007
•• 186181
•• 186896
•• 187127 1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Cranbrook’s coolest dining hot spot Offering a sophisticated, casual & cool atmosphere. Dining options include pizza from a wood burning al forno oven, as well as steaks, fresh pasta, and much more. Ask us about catering options too! Kelowna  Vernon  Salmon Arm  Kamloops  Golden  Radium  Cranbrook Rossland  Nelson  Sooke  Smithers  Prince George  Prince Rupert  250-417-0444 Pool  Hot Tub  Meeting Spaces  Spa  Hair Salon Restaurant  Lounge  Rail Car Suites  Fitness Centre Rocky Mountain Resort Cranbrook

make a splash

wI th the shee R a BU ndance of local la K es and RI ve R s, I t co U ldn’t B e eas I e R t o enjoy the wate R l I festyle I n th I s st U nn I ng R eg I on.

Choose from cliff jumping in glacial springs, swimming in warm lakes, paddling leisurely along meandering rivers or full-on white water rafting.

The good news is, that in the height of the summer sun, you don’t even have to leave town to get wet. Grab an ice cream and head to your choice of spray parks; located in downtown Cranbrook at Rotary Park, or the Kinsmen Spray Park near the College of the Rockies. You can also ma K e a splash at the waterslide, rope swing, hot tub, sauna and steam room at Cranbrook’s Western Financial Place.

If a leisurely K aya K o R p addle B oa R d exploration is more your style, there is an abundance of choice waiting for you. Wasa Lake is a large lake located north of Cranbrook, where you can enjoy vistas of alpine forests and mountain peaks whilst chilling on the beach or exploring on a paddleboard.

For camping, kayaking, non-motorised boat launch and excellent fishing all in one stunning location, check out Norbury and Peckham’s Lakes located in the Fort Steele area.

As well as an I nc R ed IB le sele ct I on of ho U se B oats to choose from, Sunshine Houseboat Vacations on Lake Koocanusa offers paddle boards or sport boats to rent, or you can enjoy a day out at their inflatable, family friendly water park on the lake.

For a faster pace and high octane boating, tubing water skiing, and wakesurfing, take your pick from Moyie, Koocanusa or Tie Lake to get your speed fix. Love the idea of ad R enal I nep U mp I ng wate R spo R ts but never had a chance to try it? Treat yourself to a lesson at H20 School at Lake Koocanusa.

For an unforgettable wh I te wate R R aft I ng experience Kootenay Rafting Co. will give you a day to remember on the St. Mary River. Want to join Just Liquid Sports on one of their community paddle nights? Everything you need is available to rent, from paddle boards to kayaks.

I 34 I
s w I m | p addle | Boat

top 5 fo R la K e paddl I ng

S T M A ry L AK e

Mo y I e L AK e - A T TH e n A rro WS

Monroe L AK e

MI ner AL L AK e

n or BU ry/Pe CK HAMS L AK e

top 5 fo R RI ve R paddl I ng

Koo T en A y rIV er | C LASS 1 -2+

S T M A ry rIV er | C LASS 1 -4

B ULL rIV er | C LASS 2 -4+

eLK rIV er | C LASS 1 -5+

S K oo KUMCHUCK Cree K | C LASS 4 -5


I 35 I
I 35 I

let it snow

o ve w I nte R ? cR an BR


Just 25 minutes from Cranbrook, in the pUR cell Range, K I m B e R ley features North America’s largest gladed area, 1800 acres of terrain and 80 named runs. Receiving an annual snowfall of 4 metres/13 feet of fluffy champagne snow, the opportunities for winter fun are endless.

60 minutes east of Cranbrook and known for its epic powder, vast peaks and 2500 acres of skiable terrain, f e R n I e R eally p ac K s a p U nch . With up to 37 feet of snow per season, 142 named runs, 5 alpine bowls, state-of-the-art snowmaking and grooming equipment, and an exceptional beginners area, Fernie is a true winter playground for skiers and boarders of all levels.


I 36 I
l oo I s the I deal B asecamp fo R a advent UR e. whethe R y o U a R e see KI ng th RI lls on a snowmo BI le o R l oo KI ng to sashay yo UR s KI s th R o U gh an I mmac U lately g R oomed glade.
a lp I ne sK II ng | s ledd I ng | s nowshoe I ng

Cranbrook’s most popular snowmo BI l I ng area, Lumberton, boasts over 50 kilometres of immaculately groomed trails. There is also quick and easy access to sledd I ng areas at Perry Creek and Wild Horse, offering groomed trails, powder-laden lakes and high alpine riding. To find out more, check out

If you travel south of Cranbrook you will find the glorious South Star trails which wind their way through snow-covered stands of western larch and lodgepole pine. The non-motorised, I mmac U lately g R oomed t R a I ls cover more than 50km.

The South Star Recreation Society maintains the trails through countless volunteer hours of designing, fundraising and constructing the fantastic facilities for all users.

s nowshoe I ng trails can be found within the city and all around the greater Cranbrook area. For a wide variety of terrain, check out the Cranbrook Community Forest, and South Star Trails - there is something for everyone from family outings to hardcore snowshoeing expeditionists looking to cover longer distances.

Biking doesn’t have to stop when the snow arrives; Cranbrook is a true fat BIKI ng destination with a network of 20km of groomed singletrack in the South Star and Community Forest trail networks.

You can find out more about both of these areas at:

e S or T

Cro SS C o U n T ry S KI TH e So UTH S TA r r e C re ATI on Tr AILS

Sno W M o BIL e TH e L UMB er T on Tr AILS

S KATI ng on one of TH e MA ny o UTD oor r I n KS

S H o P , eAT & Dr I n K I n Cr A n B roo K

I 37 I I 37 I
top 10 w I nte R a ct I v I tes I C e fISHI ng on Moy I e L AK e P H o T ogr APH TH e S no W C o V ere D r o CK y Mo U n TAI n S Sno WSH oe or fAT BIK e AT So UTH S TA r r e C re ATI on Tr AILS T o B ogg A n I ng & W I ener r o AST AT I DL e WILD P A r K Do W n HILL S KI AT K IMB er L ey A LPI ne r
T AK e I n A SH o W AT T H e Key C IT y T H e AT re or TH e S TUDI o S TA ge Door

Kids seem to have an endless supply of energy, and what way better to burn it than by being active around Cranbrook? mI n Igolf I ng at e l I za B eth l a K e l odge is not only a great way to burn some of that excess energy, it’s also voted the most challenging mini-golf course in Canada. Looking to get out of the heat? a R q c l I m BI ng c ent R e will surely entertain your children while helping them stay active and build confidence. They even have a milkshake and smoothie bar.

Another popular activity kids in the Kootenays enjoy is f I sh I ng the many la K es and RI ve R s , Cranbrook offers a variety of amazing fishing opportunities for all ages. Didn’t bring a fishing rod? No problem, the Elizabeth Lake Visitor Centre has free kid’s fishing rods available for loan from May to September. Be sure to check the Region 4 Kootenay fishing regulations for updated restrictions. If it’s water you are looking for then you are in luck, Cranbrook offers over a dozen lakes within a short drive. Go for a float at jI msm I th l a K e , with grass, sand, and picnic tables, it’s the perfect place for a family outing. Walk around the lake’s trail or grab a floaty and soak up the sun. Want to stay in town? Rotary Park and Kinsmen Park both have sp R ay pa RK s that are popular on hot summer days. With more than 100 K m of BIK e t R a I ls in the Cranbrook Community Forest, Cranbrook is a family-friendly mountain bike mecca. For

the little daredevils, check out the pU mp tR ac K by College of the Rockies. Looking for something entry-level? Check out the p ad awan tR a I l at e age R

l oo K o U t . This new adaptive trail is wider than usual trails and is great for young riders.

m o R e f am I ly- fRI endly a ct I v I t I es







Family-friendly oU tdoo R | Indoo R | K I d- fRI endly
t he R e’s no deny I ng that cR an BR oo K I s a mecca fo R pl ay I ng ha R d! wI th many act I v I t I es th R o U gho U t the a R ea, I t’s easy to see why so many fam I l I es choose to call cR an BR oo K home .

tie the knot

w ha t co U ld B e B ette R than ty I ng the K no t w I th the dazzl I ng Roc K y m o U nta I ns as yo UR B ac K d R op? t he wedd I ng of yo UR d R eams I s wa I t I ng fo R y o U he R e.

Cranbrook can provide your dream wedding location in any of the four seasons. Whether you want to have your first kiss in a winter wonderland, walk down an aisle of huge maple trees leading to a stately hotel, or say your vows with your toes in a warm lake, we’ve got you covered.

Why wed in the Kootenays?

#thekootenaylife is trending for a reason! Cranbrook’s laid back culture and passionate entrepreneurs will cater everything to suit your needs.

top 5 wedd I ng locat I ons

royal Alexandra Hall

fort Steele

Cherry Creek estate

St. eugene resort

Bull river guest ranch

t op 5 se R v I ces yo U don ’t want to m I ss

Mj’s floral Boutique

The Heid out restaurant & Brewhouse

Sandor Party rentals

Hot Shots Cafe

Tara’s Boutique

I 40 I
Romance | s cene R y | v o ws

There are many ways to indulge; choose from a long table dinner - complete with breath-taking views of the Rocky and Purcell Mountains or plates meant to share, constructed from unexpected ingredients.

f R esh and local

Hot Shots Café

Dash eatery

Morchella Market

Allegra restaurant

Bay leaf Indian fusion

Sakura Sushi & grill

After a round of golf, or a day exploring, find a sun drenched patio and relax with friends and family while enjoying a meal made with wholesome fresh food complemented with great local brews or a fantastic glass of BC wine. See

Happy Cow Ice Cream

Sweet gestures

Twisted Peaks

a ll the B est BR ews

The Heid out restaurant & Brewhouse

encore Brewing

fire Hall Kitchen & Tap

ella’s Café

I 41 I I 41 I dining locally so UR ced | fam I ly f RI endly | f I ne d I n I ng l o ve R s of the c U l I na R y wo R ld U n I te I n the e ast Kootenays. fR esh and del I c I o U s food I e opt I ons I n cR an BR oo K c ont I n U e to d I ve R s I fy. w e have l I sted a few pop U la R pl aces that we R ecommend yo U che c K o U t fo R y o UR self.
he p e R fect d a te p lace
s weet t R eats
48 for full restaurant listings.
cU lt UR ally I nfl U enced
family Thai restaurant
Pho Saigon rocky’s Donair

Treat yourself to exceptional live performances at the Studio Stage Door, a stunning heritage venue in the heart of the city's downtown. Presenting theatre for the community, by the community since 1964.

I 42 I

Cranbrook Arts

Huckleberry Books

The Vaults Creative Studio

Cranbrook farmers Market

rick’s fine Meats & Sausage

Peppergrass Market

I 43 I shop till you drop f ash I on | h omewa R es | s po R ts g ea R w e a R e p R o U d of o UR g R ow I ng select I on of locally owned sto R es - f R om techn I cal cloth I ng to g R oce RI es and eve R yth I ng I n B etween, yo U w I ll B e s UR e to f I ll yo UR ca R t! oU tdoo R a dvent UR e g ea R High Country Sports north Star Bicycle Co.
dR ess y o UR self
Sports gerick Sports th RI ft shops
Thrift | Salvation Army Cranbrook Health Care Auxiliary Society Twice is nice
The Choice BodyTalk on 9th Bumble Tree Baby & Children’s essentials f eed y o UR mI nd
s pec I alty nutter’s Bulk & natural foods Tare necessities
gR oce RI es & g o
Photo By: Aaron Hagen

Visitors can choose from resorts and spectacular speciality lodgings, to comfortable family owned bed and breakfast options, brand name hotels and everything in between.

There are extensive options available in and around the main downtown area, making it easy to access everything that Cranbrook has to offer.

hotels & mo tels

Almo Court Motel

316 2 St S, Cranbrook

P: 250-426-2915

The Baker Hotel

1017 Baker St, Cranbrook

P: 250-489-3070

Best Western

1019 Cranbrook St N, Cranbrook

P: 250-417-4002

College Of The Rockies (May - August)

2700 College Way, Cranbrook

P: 250-489-8282

Days Inn

600 Cranbrook St N, Cranbrook

P: 250-426-6683

Elizabeth Lake Lodge

590 Van Horne St S, Cranbrook

P: 250-426-6114

Flamingo Motel

432 Van Horne St S, Cranbrook

P: 250-426-7073

Heritage Inn Cranbrook

803 Cranbrook St N, Cranbrook

P: 250-489-4301

Kootenay Country Inn

1111 Cranbrook St N, Cranbrook

P: 778-517-5888

accommodation s tay | pl ay | s leep | Repeat a s the Basecamp of the Kootenays, cR an BR oo K has accommodat I on opt I ons fo R all tastes and BU dgets. K IT CH ene TT e Pe TS Poo L r e STAU r A n T W H ee LCHAI r A C C e SSIBL e W IfI H o T TUB (H) SA U n A (S) C o MPLIM en TA ry B re AK f AST f IT ne SS C en T re
I 44
• •
• •
•• ••
•• •
I 44 I

hotels & mo tels

Lazy Bear Lodge

621 Cranbrook St N, Cranbrook

P: 250-426-6086

Model A Inn

1908 Cranbrook St N, Cranbrook

P: 250-489-4600

Motel 6 - Cranbrook 910 Cranbrook St N

P: 250-426-6266

Prestige Rocky Mountain Resort 209 Van Horne St S, Cranbrook

P: 250-417-0444

Sandman Inn 405 Cranbrook St N, Cranbrook

P: 250-426-4236

Super 8 Motel

2370 Cranbrook St N, Cranbrook

P: 250-489-8028

Travelodge 1417 Cranbrook St N, Cranbrook

P: 250-426-7236

Travellers Motel 2000 Cranbrook St N, Cranbrook

P: 250-426-4208

The Windsor Hotel 9851 Highway 93/95, Fort Steele

P: 250-417-6000

Short-Term Accommodations

Affordable rates for groups or individuals. From May to August.

Student housing at College of the Rockies is located on the edge of the Cranbrook Community Forest and is a short walk or drive to other recreational and service amenities in the area. I 45 I
•••••• h •
••• h
•• ••
The most effective way to do it, is to do it.
- Amelia Earhart

Reso R ts

St. Eugene Golf Resort & Casino 7777 Mission Road, Cranbrook

P: 866-292-2020

B ed & BR ea K f ast

End of the Road Bed & Breakfast 4445 53 St S, Cranbrook

P: 250-489-2177

s pec I alty l odg I ng

Bull River Guest Ranch

2975 Bull River Rd, Cranbrook

P: 250-429-3760

Blue Lake Forest Education Society- Columbia Outdoor School 2279 Cranbrook St N, Cranbrook

P: 250-426-3676

Stonecross Retreat Centre 7048 Wycliffe Rd, Wycliffe

P: 250-919-1417

Sunshine Houseboats & Marina 4140 Abbey Road, Newgate, BC

P: 877-489-2610

Three Bars Ranch

9500 Wycliffe Perry Creek Rd, Cranbrook

P: 877-426-5230

I 46 I
•••• h s
• •
•••• h •
•••• h
•••• h ••
••••• h s •
•• ••

Discover The Kootenay Rockies With Sandman Hotel Cranbrook


Our location in the heart of downtown makes Sandman Hotel Cranbrook the perfect basecamp to enjoy all that the Kootenay Rockies have to offer. From awesome skiing in the winter, to mountain biking and hiking in the summer. We also have seven outstanding golf courses located within a 24-minute drive.


R esta UR ants

ABC Restaurant 1601 Cranbrook St N.

P: 250-426-4111

A & W 1204 Cranbrook St. N

P: 250-489-5333

Allegra 1225 B Cranbrook St N.

P: 250-426-8812

Arby’s 217 Cranbrook St N.

P: 250-426-7554

Auntie Barb’s Bakery Bistro 1509 Cranbrook St N. P: 778-517-0200

Bayleaf Indian Fusion 600 Cranbrook Street North


Booster Juice 2100 J. Willowbrook Drive

P: 250-489-3977

Boston Pizza 1500 Cranbrook St N Unit 510.

P: 250-426-4242

Burger King 513 Cranbrook St N.

P: 250-489-2622

Bubble Hut Café 11B 14th Ave S

P: 778-687-3678

Canadian 2 For 1 Pizza 227 Cranbrook Street N.

P: 250-426-2131

Cancun Mexican Restaurant 303 Cranbrook St N. P: 250-426-7525

Class Act Dining Room 2700 College Way 250-489-8211

Dairy Queen 1501 Cranbrook St N.

P: 250-489-1468

Dash Eatery 22 12th Ave S

P: (778) 761-0216

Delightfull 1012 Cranbrook St N 250-426-5626

Denny’s 405 Cranbrook St N.

P: 250-426-8866

I 48 I
Bld ••••
Bld •••••
d •••
ld ••
Bl ••••
ld ••••
s ••••
ld ••••••
Bld ••••
s •
ld •••
ld ••
Bld ••••
l ••
lld •
Bld •••• B re AK f AST ( B) L U n CH ( L) DI nner (D) S P e CIAL T y (S) L IC en S e D ACC e SSIBL e W I f I K IDS M en U o UTD oor S e ATI ng g LUT en free | V eg A n o PTI on S restaurants

Domino’s Pizza 1000 Cranbrook St N.

P: 250-489-5600

Don Cherry’s Sports Grill 209 Van Horne St S.

P: 778-520-2224

East Side Mario’s 1201 Cranbrook St N.

P: 250-489-2822

Edo Japan 1001 Cranbrook St. N

P: 778-520-2416

Ella’s Cafe 300 Cranbrook St N

P: 778-517-5720

Family Thai Restaurant 414 Cranbrook St N.

P: 778-517-5711

Fenwick & Baker Public House 1017 Baker St 250-420-4971

Fire Hall Kitchen and Tap 37 11 Ave S.

P: 778-520-0911

Fire & Oak 209 Van Horne St S P: 778-520-2224

Kiʔsuʔk kikiⱡ 7777 Mission Road P: 250-420-2000

Happy Cow Handcrafted Ice Cream 535 Victoria Avenue #307 250-426-2192

Heritage Lounge - Heritage Inn Hotel 803 Cranbrook St N. P: 250-489-4301

Himalayan Spice Bistro 13 9 Ave. S. P: 250-426-6516

Hot Shots Café Unit C, 1924 8 St N. P: 250-489-2010

Kootenay Roasting Company 903 Baker St. P: 250-489-0488

KFC 520 Cranbrook St N. P: 250-426-5413

Max’s Place 21 10 Ave S. P: 250-489-3538

I 49 I I 49 I B re AK f AST ( B) L U n CH ( L) DI nner (D) S P e CIAL T y (S) L IC en S e D ACC e SSIBL e W I f I K IDS M en U o UTD oor S e ATI ng g LUT en free | V eg A n o PTI on S
ld ••
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ld ••••••
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Bl ••
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Bld ••
Bld •••
s •••
Bld •••
ld •••••
Bld ••••••
Bl ••••
ld •••
Bl •••

McDonald’s 1405 Cranbrook St N.

P: 250-426-7767

Morchella Market 101 Kootenay St N.

P: 250-919-9164

Mr Mikes Steakhouse Casual 1028 Cranbrook St N.

P: 250-417-2542

Numa Lounge and Dining Room 7777 Mission Road

P: 250-420-2000

Panago Pizza 425 Victoria Ave N #101.

P: 1-866-310-0001

Perry’s Pizza & Grill 408 Cranbrook St N.

P: 250-489-3525

Pho Saigon 535 Victoria Ave N. P: 778-517-3456

Pita Wrapbit 1517 Cranbrook St N.

P: 250-426-5626

Pizza Co. 2104 2 St S 778-517-5341

Pizza Hut 401 Cranbrook St N.

P: 250-489-2222

The Pub 719 Baker St, Cranbrook 250-489-4442

Quesada 1001 Cranbrook St N 778-517-5332

R & B’s Grill 611 Cranbrook St N. P: 250-417-0057

Rocky’s Donair 714 Cranbrook St N. P: 778-517-5458

Sakura Sushi & Grill 1015 Baker St. P: 250-426-0098

Skylight Café 803 Cranbrook St N. P: 250-489-4301

Smitty’s Family Restaurant 1028 Cranbrook St N.

P: 250-426-6155

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Spice Hut East Indian Cuisine 1311 2 St N #380

P: 250-489-5556

Starbucks 1325 Cranbrook St N. | 1200 Baker St. P: 250-489-3774

Subway 1000 Cranbrook St N.

P: 778-517-5535

Sushi on the Strip 1000C Cranbrook St N 778-517-5535

Taco Time 400 Cranbrook St N. P: 250-489-1717

That’s a Wrap 513 Cranbrook St N. P: 250-489-1118

The Blind Pig 21 Cranbrook St N P: (778) 517-5599

The Heid Out Restaurant and Brewhouse 821 Baker St, Cranbrook P: 250-426-7922

Tim Hortons 1875 Cranbrook St N. | 1500 Cranbrook St N. P: 250-417-0010

Triple O’s 702 Cranbrook St N.

P: 250-489-5072

Twisted Peaks 40 - 1114 Baker St

P: (778) 520-1818

Wendy’s 1813 Cranbrook St N P: 250-426-4424

The York Country Bar 12 10TH AVE S, CRANBROOK P: 778-517-5157

19th Hole Bar and Grill - SEASONAL 7777 Mission Road

P: 250-420-2000

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