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35 Stunning Outdoor Sculptures

Enjoy regional and International sculpture on a self-guided walking tour through downtown Castlegar – The Sculpture Capital of Canada™ Vote for the People’s Choice Award to add to Castlegar’s growing permanent art collection!

This much-anticipated and much-loved event has grown exponentially each year, attracting new artists (and new mediums such as the textile piece installed inside City Hall this year) and thousands of new and repeat visitors, in addition to devoted annual attendees.

Castlegar Sculpturewalk PO Box 3586 Castlegar, BC V1N 3W3 T: 250.354.9169

Beginning in 2010, Castlegar Sculpturewalk created not just a local buzz, but an international one, establishing our program as one of the premiere arts events in Canada. The support and vision of the City of Castlegar, local businesses, and the community made this happen.

We've grown From a Seed of an Idea

With Expanding Benefits

Community Support & Growth

Ranging Far & Wide

Inspired by, and borne of, local artist Pat Field’s participation in the Sculpturewalk program of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Castlegar Sculpturewalk began in 2010 with just ten sculptures. When Castlegar City Council learned of Sioux Falls' downtown revitalization initiative tied to the cultural economy, they realized that we faced many of the same downtown revitalization issues and agreed to a trial project.

The benefits of the Sculpturewalk program to Castlegar have been huge… our program has an even broader impact to the cultural economy than initially imagined.

By year 2 of our program, artist entries increased dramatically – up almost 300%. Sponsor support - up 75%, program growth through post-exhibit community leases - up 1000%, and public and private sector purchases from our exhibited works - up 60%!

Take a scenic driving (or ambitious cycling) tour of Castlegar Sculpturewalk’s regional partnership program!

Incredibly, with community and basin support, and a dedicated group of volunteers, this cautious trial project grew beyond expectations into Castlegar becoming The Sculpture Capital of Canada™. Downtown Castlegar is now one of the few venues in Canada where artists have the opportunity to show and sell outdoor sculptural work, bringing international artists to the community, and supporting emerging local and regional talent. Castlegar’s annual exhibit is more than 3 times the size of that first year and our permanent collection grows with each People’s Choice award. Public enthusiasm for this cultural economy experiment increases at a similar pace, placing our Sculpturewalk at the epicenter of a regional culture boom.

The Kootenays are an area rich with artists, but galleries – particularly outdoor ones – are extremely limited or entirely unavailable to outdoor sculptures. It's important that we bring international artists to the community to share their perspectives, but it’s crucial that we support emerging local and regional artists. With this experience and exposure many of our artists have gone on to win large-scale commissions in larger, urban centres. With more and more pieces showcased annually, we’re able to feature sculptures from across the world and down the street! It’s amazing to look back at how we’ve all, working together, created this vibrant, dynamic public art program respected world-wide. Castlegar Sculpturewalk has brought a huge amount of civic pride to the community, and as the #1 rated local attraction on TripAdvisor, has also become a big draw to inviting visitors to join us at The Sculpture Capital of Canada™.

Public engagement is extraordinary with 10,000 exhibit booklets distributed last year. Voting numbers have also steadily increased while the fantastic, heartfelt social media raves keep flooding in. With all the attention from community funders, sponsors, and attendees, artist reviews of our program's impact on their careers continue to boost the number of entries. With more entries, we're more discerning in our selection, and program quality continues to rise. Our 30% commission funds operating costs with 70% going back to the artist – vitally important to their financial and artistic sustainability. Likewise, public demand for art in the Kootenays continues to spread, due in part to our program’s regional growth in collaboration with our regional leasing partners. Through our annual exhibit, collaborative partnerships, and amazing community support – business, private, and public – we've earned the title of The Sculpture Capital of Canada™.

True to Castlegar’s place at the crossroads of the Kootenays, Castlegar Sculpturewalk expanded regionally in 2013 by leasing Sculpturewalk-origin pieces to regional partners. First in was Nelson (North of Castlegar on the West arm of Kootenay Lake) leasing 5 sculptures a year. Nearby Rossland (of Red Mountain ski hill fame) soon joined, leasing a number of sculptures annually. Next, we welcomed Creston (our neighbour to the other side of the Selkirk Mountains range) with 3 sculptures a year. Recently our Southern Okanagan neighbour, Penticton got on board. Regional partner permanent collections increased too, with purchases of Sculpturewalk-origin pieces. Castlegar Sculpturewalk’s significant permanent collection and annual new sculpture exhibit anchors this regional network, with neighbouring communities promoting their program participation. As our collaboration grows, the Kootenays’ reputation as Canada’s most artistic region grows with us, a confluence of Castlegar Sculpturewalk’s place within the Columbia Basin.

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SERGE MOZHNEVSKY Coquitlam, BC In Love With the Wind

DAVID CROSS Fergus, ON Vitessence


2018 Sculptures

Mild steel with acrylic coat


Steel, stainless steel, automotive paint


One of the pleasures of Lawrence Cormier’s sculptures is the amount of life they exude. It speaks to his inherent enthusiasm, passion and talent to breathe emotion, feelings and attitude into the steel he works with. The six and a half foot Romeo has a ton of the latter.

Inspiration for these works covers the gamut from nature, science and technology to humanity and the realm of our emotions.

Romeo knows he is the top bird in the barnyard avian world and his strut proves it. Cormier captures that certainty exquisitely via the extended claws and the raised leg. A gaudy plume of tail feathers, the sheen and elegance of his comb and wattles – all of this is expressively portrayed in glorious worked steel to emphasize his attitude and self-perceived regal bearing.

The subtle, flowing lines of In Love with the Wind are a mix of angles and graceful curves. The abstraction suggests a female figure with her arms raised and crossed. It flares dramatically from the bottom, a distinct continuous line lending the impression of a wind-blown dress. Narrowing perceptibly above the flare, two lengths - unbalanced but harmonious - gather and meet overlapping in rounded ends.

A single piece of crafted metal, Vitessence flares in folds at the bottom as the top part widens, sleekly triangular, from the narrow centre. Two vertical unpainted metal rounds support horizontally stacked metal plates near the top of the four and a half foot sculpture.

Big Flirt is appropriately named. In this half life-sized sculpture, a black bear rests on its rump, one hind leg splayed straight and the other raised and held by a front paw. Her other paw is poised, almost as if playing patty-cake. She is a showboat – intelligent, animated and extremely playful.

The effect is both futuristic and retro at once. An old-fashioned style microphone is suggested, as is the prow of a classic 40’s automobile. It is a fascinating, riveting piece that invokes the onrushing future, as well as the past "vanishing in the distance” as Cross poetically states on his nameplate.

Knapp captures the cocked ears, the mischievous face, the presented paw pads and the relaxed contentedness of her furry subject with great lines and recognized intelligence. Big Flirt is a bear full of mirth and simple enjoyment. It will delight viewers with its pleasure-filled pose of whimsical playfulness.



Station Museum


Free Public Parking

Once again, this year's inspired works blew us away! The range of materials, subject matter and interpretations cover the spectrum from classical cast bronze statues to abstract works that invite personal interpretation.

The profile of our program has attracted submissions from artists just embarking on their careers to established sculptors of international renown. We are grateful for all the submissions we've received as well as the level of support and enthusiasm from the City of Castlegar, neighbouring communities, and our patrons. Without this we would not have the traction, momentum and energy necessary to propel the success of the Castlegar Sculpturewalk even farther. Little wonder we're The Sculpture Capital of Canada™ .


A lovely open space is created beneath the angled, rounded "arms". The overall impression is starkly lovely and powerful - a woman shielding her eyes or simply exulting in the openness around her. TITANIUM SPONSOR: INDEPENDENT RESPIRATORY SERVICES Sale: $15,000 Lease: $2,125

Sale: $5,500 Lease: $1,413

Sale: $21,634 Lease: $2,623

DAVID HUNWICK Victoria, BC The Gatekeeper

CHRISTINE KNAPP Lyons, CO Fawned Memories

HEATHER WALL Powell River, BC Pouncing Fox

Resin and Steel



BOBBIE CARLYLE Loveland, CO For the Love of the Game

JOHN MCKINNON Nelson, BC Wind Suite #2

JACK MORFORD American Fork, UT Lost in a Dream

ANGELLOS GLAROS Nanaimo, BC Inside Passage



Steel, glass accents

Part of a trio of sculptures inspired by the wind, Wind Suite #2 is another beautiful marble work that explores the nuances of wind. Where Wind Suite #1 spiraled vertically, here there is a more circular, horizontal emphasis. Set on a sloping marble base accentuating the rest of the sculpture, two scalloped fan-like ends coil harmoniously in the middle. The piece is continuous and utterly graceful, perfectly balanced in capturing the essence and ephemeral qualities of the element in stunning white marble. Wind Suite #2 will join its predecessor in that ever-advancing life project of his.

The late sculptor's work on display here has no trace of whimsy or hint of his oft-implied subtle sarcasm. Rather, Lost in a Dream is his homage to love and to companionship. It was sculpted after a lengthy period of inactivity following the passing of his wife in 2003.

Inside Passage is a glorious summation of Glaros' influences, and a testimony to his artistry and skills. The ten-foot plus high sculpture portrays bull kelp fronds as they waver in the current. There is much more to be found in Glaros' dynamic and appealing sculpture though.



Sale: $30,000 Lease: $3,250

Sale: $44,280 Lease: $4,321


The Gatekeeper is an imposing, impassive mythical being that "is a silent witness, a messenger poised between the spirit and carnal realities that shape our perception of human existence." Two sets of broad, elaborately feathered wings, one set protruding upwards from the shoulders and opening above the head, the other running down from the muscular beginnings of arms and joining symmetrically, flank a human-like male torso. One half is striated, the other smooth. Helmet-like markings cover one half of the smooth head and staring face; abdominal muscles ripple above the stark juxtaposition of the steel support pole.


Knapp’s long list of awards recognizing her many animal studies speak to her ability to do just that. Fawned Memories is a life-like rendition of a mother elk and her two fawns. Knapp is able to reflect the love and attentiveness apparent in the doe. She attentively watches her two babies with motherly concern. The fawns contrasting demeanors are reflected nicely: one is full-spirited and playful, his/her twin understands the necessity of heeding their mother’s maternal instincts. It is a finely wrought study; Knapp realizes the over-sized ears, spindly legs and graceful lines of the three with skilled, evocative detail.

Pouncing Fox is layered with depth and fine balance, beautifully stylized and immediately recognizable as her own. A silver fox is suspended mid-leap, ready to plunge face first through snow and grass to snatch his unwilling victim, a quailing, quivering mouse.




Sale: $23,488 Lease: $2,762

Sale: $9,500 Lease: $1,713

Sale: $77,233 Lease: $6,792

His body creates an arc, unnaturally hinged in the middle as he simultaneously springs up and lunges down through the snow, relying on his senses to focus in on his intended meal. Wall's portrayal emphasizes his composite parts superbly: the outsized ears, his poised haunches, taut legs and fluffy tail are stylishly, beautifully sculpted.

Carlyle's rendition of youthful baseball players - in larger than life perspective - perfectly captures the passion and intensity of the game in rich, patina-enhanced bronze. She does so expertly, effortlessly portraying a swing and a miss with great attention to detail. You can literally feel the mighty swipe of the batter as he fans on the pitch, legs splayed and ball cap askew. Likewise, the moment of impact as the ball strikes the catcher's glove is apparent. He crouches squatting, absorbing the impact of the ball, bare hand readied in case of a bobble.

STEVE TYREE Amity, OR Down from the High Country Bronze/steel base

The piece is striking, moving and wonderfully realized in his unique style. A female figure sits on a fauna encrusted plinth looking downward. Curving wings drape over her back, one long leg stretches bent through a stylized cloud, the other tucked comfortably under her. Sitting on a tasseled pillow, she peers intently earthward, full of reassurance and concern both.

Look closely and you'll see finely crafted fish coursing through the broad leaves and thinner stalks of the kelp. A jellyfish bobs by, nearly hidden in the tangle of aquatic foliage. On the sandy bottom, a beautifully burnished crab lurks, pincers extended.

He portrays his magnificent cougar springing from above to land perfectly balanced on its forepaws. There is motion and grace in his cat. The turned head, ever alert, counters the muscular front haunches and airborne powerful back end of this most effective predator. The tail is raised high, the back legs poised in midair about to land on the plinth of rock Tyree has fashioned. He has captured the grace and power of his subject in a fascinating pose that showcases its power, agility and effortless movement through difficult, unforgiving terrain.



Sale: $24,000 Lease: $2,800

Sale: $19,308 Lease: $2,448

DAVID DUCHARME Winlaw, BC Equilibrium

CATHERINE WHITE Castlegar, BC Family Journey

LESHA KOOP Vancouver, BC Comet

NATHAN SCOTT Saanichton, BC The Pride of Lions

JANE MERKS Nelson, BC Life Circles

JENNIFER CANNON San Jose, CA Illusory Control

AVERY TURNER Castlegar, BC Cedar Sky Garden

WENDY L. MORRISON Trail, BC The Re-Thinker

Concrete, Steel

Metal and fused glass

Mild steel


Cotton fibres, various embellishments


Wood, Tile, Dirt, Plants and Worms

Bronze and Steel

His concrete figure stretches acrobatically on a slender rod of steel, weight distributed exactly to maintain his precarious position. Best of all, through some clever mechanical engineering the figure can spin atop the metal pole it balances on. It adds movement to the dramatic, gravity-defying piece Ducharme has fashioned. Equilibrium is awe-inspiring in its outrageous pose, made even more so by the motion achieved.

Family Journey depicts a family of stylized geese winging their way towards an unstated destination. The two adults soar above their three offspring, surrounded by bulrushes. The head and body cavities, surrounded by rings of black metal, are filled with glorious fused glass pieces. Eye-catching shades of blues, greens, red, yellow and orange are fashioned in a variety of shapes, filling the surrounding metal in a rainbow splash of geometric patterns.

Youthful and talented, Vancouver’s Lesha Koop displays her artistic creativity with her inaugural Sculpturewalk entry titled Comet. Her works are imaginative, stylish and intriguing. Metal is a favourite material and Comet displays her talent and inventiveness very well.

His sculpture magnificently and unabashedly displays the pride of "the king of the beasts" in all its finely detailed bronze beauty.

Merks life has always been an artistic one. Always keenly interested, and involved, in fibre arts, her fabric/textile skills are certainly on full display here. Life Circles is a large, vibrant work that expresses her creative skills with great effect. Over 4000 crocheted hand-dyed circles are interspersed with embellishments to form a mosaic that represents life.

From a circular base, two angled thicker aluminum tubes spawn strands of thin aluminum that dance and weave upwards. They spiral and twist sinuously, encircling each other broken only by three juxtaposed sections of the thicker diameter tubing capping brass inserts. These are open to permit the viewer to see the continuity of the lines alongside the brass work.

Cedar Sky Garden is impressively forward thinking. Inspired by modern architecture designs and created using lovely cedar wood, Turner's sculpture is tower-like on initial viewing. The details (and title of the work) become more apparent though on closer inspection.

The repose - to say nothing of the detail - Scott captures makes it so. Head erect and slightly declined, the lion king sits erect, stony-faced and impassive. A flowing mane parts the pert ears and drapes the powerful upper chest.

Randomly coloured circles represent the highs and lows of life, set against an elaborate array of same-coloured ones. It is grand in scope and form, accurately summarizing what life is - unbroken regularity interjected with, as Merks says, "highlights of wow!"

The effect is startling and sensual, bringing to mind any number of potential interpretations. The conjured image is left to the viewers imagination - what is undeniable is the flow and elegance captured in the wavering, dancing lines that intersect and separate seemingly at will.

The Re-Thinker tips an obvious hat to Auguste Rodin's famous sculpture. It is thoughtful and thought-provoking too, dynamic and beautifully balanced. Her small figure of a man pondering - hand to chin in rumination and thought - is cast in bronze from a live nude modeling session. In his lap he holds a misshapen, battered earth composed of asymmetrical bronze rounds pieced together almost haphazardly. Both bronze pieces are deliberately roughly hewn and tactile.



Sale: $8,367 Lease: $1,628

Sale: $3,500 Lease: $1,263

There is no denying the regal bearing and imparted majesty of Scott's lion. It is superbly sculpted, perched imperviously on its haunches looking as if it should be on a coat of arms, or in the courtyard of a great house in England.

It is an incredibly lovely piece, warm and inviting even given the relative coolness of the metal that defines and delineates their dazzling bright bodies and heads.

The piece jumps out at the viewer, opening the mind to the many possibilities of portrayal. Using a geometric centre, sharp spikes of steel in varying lengths protrude. There is abstraction at play here, but Comet is also comfortingly familiar as an object. The possibilities are numerous, and left to the imagination and perception of the viewer.






Sale: $10,700 Lease: $1,803

Sale: $9,910 Lease: $1,743

Sale: $10,000 Lease: $1,750

Sale: $28,500 Lease: $3,138

Sale: $6,000 Lease: $1,450

The muscularity of the head down figure balanced single-armed on the top of the pole, his other arm thrown out wide and legs splayed just right to maintain the pose, is apparent.

Boxes attached at irregular intervals dot the outside of the lower section. They are of varying shapes, protruding from the horizontal boards that make up the lower half. Each is filled with soil and flowers, providing lovely colour while acting as a contrast to the cedar. From the lower section rises a narrower, vertically oriented structure that ends in a sloped roof.

The man sits contemplatively perched on the very edge of an old steel tractor seat that is tipped forward deliberately. An old metal bar runs back from the angled seat to a rusted, spoked wagon wheel. GOLD SPONSOR: CASTLEGAR REALTY Sale: $10,500 Lease: $1,788

DAVE DANDO Nelson, BC Naka "Buddy" Bench

RABI’A Winlaw, BC Dr. Seuss and I

TUCK LANGLAND Granger, IN Solitude

RICHARDS POEY Eden Prairie, MN Paloma

PAUL REIMER Cranbrook, BC Bonfire

DENIS KLEINE Nelson, BC Mother and Cub

POKEY PARK Tucson, AZ Desert Big Horn

DAVID HUNWICK Victoria, BC Rite of Spring

Powder Coated Steel

Powder coated steel



Hand-forged iron



Aluminium, steel, cement

A web of lacey metal filaments forms the comfortable looking back and seat. The supports are faceless though distinctly human figures on either side, again painstakingly fabricated from strands of metal. The adult squats; arms extended releasing a symbolic salmon to the children countering him.

Her entry, all crazy angles and twists, features perforations and is painted jet-black. What really binds it together and makes it sing are the outrageously coloured flowers set on long curving stems. They rise gracefully in a crescendo of brilliant sizes and tones, creating a spectacular contrast. At the same time they compliment the metal as an integral part of the overall sculpture.

His wealth of experience and knowledge is amply displayed in the stunning bronze he exhibits here. Solitude is wistfully seductive, superbly sculpted. A young woman clutches her coat tightly to her chest with gloved hands. The upraised collar, sensible hat and flowing full-length coat express the chill of the weather as well as the need for inner solace and comfort to combat her aloneness.

Poey has captured her flexibility and athleticism superbly. Arms perfectly angled and head flung back, Poey's Paloma executes a full arabesque, en pointe. Her other foot flexes exactingly, the toe well above her head and positioned arms. Her upraised leg is held rigidly straight - displaying the muscular tonality of hip, thigh and calf - as is the supporting one.

Bonfire is evocative and compelling. Standing twelve feet tall, a singular strand of metal twists and bends spiraling upwards. At the bottom it is wider, the swirling, looping ribbon of iron emulating the base of a fire. As it climbs, all loops and twists, it narrows, mimicking a fire winnowing in the night sky.

Kleine's piece is about teaching and nurturing, exploring the connection between mother and offspring. They are staggered as they walk the floe, the cub nosing curiously ahead. The mother is placid and protective, padding beside her inquisitive young one.

The re-worked metal form has the sharp lines and wild curving sweeps that do bring to mind one of Suess' loveable characters; the finished piece invokes his illustrations with its shape and colour. Dr. Seuss and I is a splendid testimony to Rabi'a's creativity and ingenuity.

The crossed arms, solemn facial expression and the fine long flowing lines of the coat all express the title of the work beautifully. It is a haunting, mesmerizing study that displays Langland's mastery of figurative bronzes with great effect and impact.

Her entry this year personifies her indelible style. A resting sheep, intent and sharp-eyed, dangles a hind leg, its forelegs tucked underneath itself. The impressive rack of the curled horns, the pert ears as well as the unspoken majesty it carries itself with - all are enticingly portrayed with her uniquely whimsical style. Defining, flowing lines, indentations and shadings make the sculpture immediately, distinctly recognizable as one of hers.

Rite of Spring is whimsical, uplifting and joyful. Featuring a bevy of one of his favourite subjects - hares - the four and a half foot sculpture displays seven multi-hued rabbits intoxicated by the end of winter. Most cavort with abandon, twitching noses raised high to the enchanting spring air. They prance on hind legs, forelegs raised and ears flattened back in pure exuberant delight. One is slightly more dignified, lazily scratching a forepaw while preening in the musk of the new season. Another lets it all hang out, rolling ecstatic on his/her back legs akimbo.



The figures meld seamlessly - and are a flowing, unbroken extension of - the back/seat. The inference is apparent and moving; education is caring, loving support and an ongoing transfer of knowledge. The salmon represents that transfer between mentor and recipients. It is a wonderfully delicate yet solid piece that was obviously a labour of love for Dando. GOLD SPONSOR: CASTLEGAR ROTARY CLUB Sale: $4,500 Lease: $1,338

Sale: $5,900 Lease: $1,443

Sale: $19,308 Lease: $2,448

Beautifully composed and lovingly sculpted, the piece is a paean to the talent of Herrera, displaying the incredible conditioning and flexibility required of world-class ballerinas and danseurs.


It is simple in its conception and design, but extremely powerful and moving in its stark, unadorned singularity. The minimalism that Reimer employs in portraying something alive and full of motion is exceptional. Bonfire displays his distinctive bare bones vertical styling; like almost all his works it is inspired by nature.

He captures the girth, power and brute strength of the mother, a fully mature adult. It is apparent in the long powerful legs, the elongated head and neck and the large paws. Her cub is leaner and much smaller; he is still growing while learning the survival skills necessary in their harsh environment from his instructive mother. The lack of fine detail in the beautiful white marble works very effectively.





Sale: $12,000 Lease: $1,900

Sale: $18,000 Lease: $2,350

Sale: $16,826 Lease: $2,262

Sale: $10,000 Lease: $1,750

Finding her preferred medium in bronze, her iconic animal studies now reside in private collections, galleries and public spaces across the United States and around the world.

GINNY GLOVER Victoria, BC Soul Sisters


JIM GREEN Hermosa, SD Arctic Huntress

DANIEL KLOC Castlegar, BC The Catfish

CONRAD SARZYNICK Powell River, BC Resurface

ANDY DAVIES Lethbridge, AB Mollusk





Wood, Red Cedar


Glover’s work on display here is a striking bronze alive with energy and vitality. She displays side-by-side elongated female forms that are at once evening gown elegant and entirely playful. The exaggerated, stretched figurines - both with long limbs flowing down their evening wear - are gracefully curvaceous. It is their togetherness, and the expressions etched upon each face, that makes Soul Sisters so dynamic and appealing.

Wayne H.E. King captures the humanity of the man exquisitely. Forlorn, engaging eyes rest under bushy eyebrows, framing a prominent patina- accentuated nose. Straggly strands of hair partially cover the high forehead, running down to join a full moustache and beard.

With Arctic Huntress, Green's incredibly powerful and detailed sculpture of a snowy owl, his talent is on full display. The owl, wings fully outstretched curving around its body, is portrayed looking back as if it has spotted some type - a movement, a shadow perhaps - of prey. Its yellow eyes are intensely focused, talons poised curved and deadly at the ready as it prepares to wheel and investigate whatever has caught its attention.

The Catfish shows a primate-like figure engaged in pulling a giant catfish from the water. He is strongly muscled, barely human in countenance and appearance but upright on his two legs, struggling to hoist the prehistoric-looking fish from the water with his strength and tenacity alone.

Working predominately in wood, Sculpturewalk newcomer Conrad Sarzynick explores the beauty and endless possibilities of his chosen medium with grace and flair.

Lethbridge-based artist Andy Davies identifies himself as "a sculptor of public spaces." With a number of commissions under his belt, he has recognized that public art best suits his visually stunning, streamlined minimalist style.

His monstrous quarry fights back, thrashing wildly, the tail raised and flapping. Its oversized bulbous head, tentacles protruding from it, fins and flattish body are all portrayed as it resists strenuously, fighting to avoid capture. Who will ultimately prevail? Kloc doesn't provide the answer, content to portray the battle at its climactic moment.

Standing nine feet eight inches high, Resurface is sinuously dazzling, robust and earthy with warm mellow tonality and wonderfully contrasting lines and shapes. The flow and form open the imagination of the viewer. A human form can be loosely interpreted, but many other elements can be discerned within it. Viewing the piece from various sides gives the impression of experiencing a different sculpture from each new perspective.

His work here at Sculpturewalk displays his innovative, always imaginative style well. Mollusk consists of three aluminum domes of different sizes, carefully spaced so that they increase exponentially in surface exposure. A portion of the domes is buried to imply beginnings of growth and forward progression.

SPRING SHINE/YVONNE BOYD/ CHRISTOPHER PETERSEN Argenta, BC The Keeper Applied concrete steel armature

The Keeper again emphasizes the onus they place on connectivity, appropriate stewardship and respect for the forests that surround us. It is heartfelt, spiritual and impactful in its message. A wonderfully posed "wood spirit" kneels and bends inquisitively at new forest life. In one hand she cradles a new tree that is emerging from the earth ever so slowly.

There is harmony and stylized elegance, together with emotion and pleasure, amply displayed in Soul Sisters. It is a whimsical, magical offering that balances the solidity and beauty of bronze with the ethereal experience of sensation.

The weathered countenance conveys a full life, one that has not - perhaps never - necessarily been easy. The miles are apparent in the roughness of the cheeks, the downcast turn of the hooded eyes. Wayne H.E. King speaks of living rough, of heartbreaks, triumphs and the inevitable ups and downs, the relative unevenness that life presents for most of us, with great success.








Sale: $15,000 Lease: $2,125

Sale: $10,000 Lease: $1,750

Sale: $22,000 Lease: $2,650

Sale: $9,000 Lease: $1,675

Sale: $15,000 Lease: $2,125

Sale: $15,000 Lease: $2,125

Sale: $42,000 Lease: $4,150


The detail Green captures is exquisite in every way, and exact. From the facial nuances through the glorious colour and markings on the many feathers that cover its broad wings and body, Arctic Huntress is completely life-like.

Muscular, mythical and otherworldly, she nurtures the new growth while bearing it too. Small plants nestle in pockets of soil in the curls on her head. Her skin tone is bark-like, the reddish-brown hue achieved through the application of multiple coats of etching stain.

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Placement in our 10,000+ confirmed distribution Exhibit Booklet

Placement in our 10,000+ confirmed distribution Exhibit Booklet

Placement in our 10,000+ confirmed distribution Exhibit Booklet

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Sponsor profile alongside the Sculpture Sponsor profile alongside the Sculpture Sponsor profile alongside the Sculpture feature in the Castlegar News feature in the Castlegar News feature in the Castlegar News

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Profiles, media endorsements, and social media interactions throughout the year

Profiles, media endorsements, and social media interactions throughout the year

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Tickets to VIP Opening Gala

Tickets to VIP Opening Gala

Friends of Sculpturewalk Membership in the Society along with all related benefits

Friends of Sculpturewalk Membership in the Society along with all related benefits

Friends of Sculpturewalk Membership in the Society along with all related benefits

Friends of Sculpturewalk Membership in the Society along with all related benefits

Sculpturewalk T-Shirt

Sculpturewalk T-Shirt

Sculpturewalk T-Shirt

Sculpturewalk T-Shirt

Sculpturewalk print calendar

Sculpturewalk print calendar

Sculpturewalk print calendar

Sculpturewalk print calendar

A $500 Gift Certificate toward permanent sculpture purchase

The option to co-sponsor with another sponsor of your choice

The option to co-sponsor with another sponsor of your choice

Monthly Facebook ads & your business logo on the Sculpturewalk website homepage

Bi-monthly Facebook ads

6 Facebook ads

Market Value of Package $2,323 (35% Discount)

Market Value of Package $1,866 (35% Discount)

5 feature colour ads (1/8th page) in the Castlegar News 5 feature ads in PennyWise (hard copy & online) Your business logo in 2 half-page ads in the Castlegar Go & Do (winter/summer) Market Value of Package $5,504 (45% Discount)

internationally as the

Sculpture Capital of Canada™

$500 Sculpture Garden


Benefits include: Website acknowledgement, Invitation to our AGM with wine & cheese to follow, Voting privileges

Market Value of Package $1,011 (50% Discount)

Special Thanks

Merchandise 2019 Calendar



Castlegar Sculpturewalk would like to thank the following organizations and companies that have provided special support for the project.

Get them while they last! These popular (and comfy) t-shirts are available in Mens (from S to XXL) or Ladies sizes (S to L). $20 each Free shipping for purchases of more than 5.

Our 2019 calendar features stunning images of our 2018 sculptures by renowned local photographer David R. Gluns. This annual keepsake makes a wonderful gift! $10 each Free shipping for purchases of more than 5.

CONRAD SARZYNICK, Powell River, BC Resurface

Wood, Red Cedar

Have a favourite sculpture? We offer customized posters made to order, either framed or unframed. 18" x 24" $25 unframed, $75 framed 24� x 36� $50 unframed, $125 framed Contact us for further details.

Kelown Kel K elowna owna a Kelowna Slocan

2018 Leases


The groundswell of support for the Castlegar Sculpturewalk continues to ripple out to neighbouring communities. Our 2018 leases and purchases by Castlegar, Creston Valley, Penticton, Rossland, & Nelson fuels the promotion of our regional Sculpture Loop – a driving tour of the sculptures and communities in our program.

City of Castlegar

*Title, Artist Leased by/Location

Burrito, Martha Pettigrew Castlegar Veterinary Clinic

Orca Breaching, Daniel Cline at Arrow Lake Veterinary Hospital

Share the Road, Alexis Mainland at Lionshead Smoke & Brew Pub

Link, Mir Agol Joni Askew/Fair Realty

Salmon, Christina Nick TECK/Selkirk College

Sympatico, Pokey Park at Arrow Lake Veterinary Hospital

Available for Community Champion Sponsorship (Lease or Sale) Egghead, Kimber Fiebiger at the Castlegar & District Public Library

Simurg 5, Zohreh Vahidifard, across from the Castlegar Station Museum (can relocate)



Castlegar Trail Osoyoos


Canada USA



Three Ring Circus, Derek Sherbinin/ Century 21 Mountainview Realty

*Title, Artist Leased by/Location

Rock Dragon, Heather Wall Creston Valley Public Art Connection

Awakening: Ensconced, Invoked, Enlightened, Mir Agol Creston Valley Public Art Connection

Shima, Martha Pettigrew Creston Valley Public Art Connection

Lighthouse Fireball, Eva Asplin The Creston Hotel

Old Dog, Nathan Scott Creston Veterinary Hospital

Bad Hair Day, Jerry McKellar Creston Valley Public Art Connection

Permanent Departures & Arrivals, Rabi’a Baillie Grohman Wineries

2018 Leases City of Nelson

*Title, Artist

Harmony, Paul Reimer

The Raven’s Key, Fred Dobbs

Well Mannered, Del Pettigrew

Taking Flight, Angellos Glaros

City of Penticton

Torso Tower, Mikhail Pertsev

Let’s Go, Rabi’a

*Title, Artist All Strings Attached, Kate Tupper

Rossland Arts Council Gotta Practice First, Lee Leuning & Sherri Treeby

Permanent Flower Power, Illarion Gallant

To See & To Say, Serge Mozhnevsky

There!, Susan Geissler

Dancing Myself, Rabi’a

V Formation, Nathan Smith


QR, Carl Schlichting

Red Raider, Delmar Pettigrew

76 Trombones, Douglas Walker

Sphere, Carl Schlichting

Seed, Nathan Smith

Rusty, Cedar Mueller

White Sturgeon, Kevin Kratz

Castlegar Community Collection Sculpturewalk has been embraced by the residents of Castlegar, and many individuals and businesses have purchased these beautiful sculptures over the years. Check them out! We’re proud that Castlegar is a city that embraces public art. Little wonder we're The Sculpture Capital of Canada™ .

City of Castlegar

*Title, Artist Purchased by/Location

Nokhom Maskwa, Stewart Steinhauer Kalawsky Family/ Kalawsky GMC

Rainbow, Patrick Field Communities in Bloom/Castlegar RCMP

Exodus, Carl Sean McMahon 2009 Grad Class/ Stanley Humphries Secondary School

Huge and Foolish, Rabi'a by/at: Columbia Basin Trust

Is This Love? Osamede Obazee Pinnacle Accounting/ Pinnacle Art Farm

Jack's Story Time, Gregory Johnson Kootenay Savings/ Kootenay Savings Crossroads

Don't Look…Listen, Jacob Tolmie by/at: Castlegar Chamber of Commerce

Gangsta Raven, Janna Sylvest & Otter Louis Corvine Management

The Dreamer, Peter Vogelaar Columbia Basin Trust/Kinnaird Elementary School

Seeker of Visions, David Sidley Pinnacle Accounting/ Pinnacle Art Farm

Going for the Goal, Dee Clements Chris & Kathy Sykes/ Tim Hortons

Raven, Daniel Kloc Pinnacle Accounting/ Pinnacle Art Farm

Natural Wonders, Michelle M. Dale Yule Family in memory of Adele Yule/6th & Columbia

Sea Swimmer, Heather Wall Yule Family/ Millenium Ponds

People's Choice

One of the keys to the success of Sculpturewalk is public engagement, which is a direct result of the People’s Choice Vote. Each year, the winner of the People’s Choice Award is purchased by the City of Castlegar to contribute to Castlegar’s permanent Community Collection. This democratic ballot-to-purchase process by the residents of the community has a direct impact on the acquisition of public art in their City. With their voice and their vote, the community has both figurative and literal ownership of the art, and the residents’ pride in helping to form their unique and vibrant city is unmistakable.

2010 DENIS KLEINE, Nelson, BC Peace Sign

2011 CARL SEAN MCMAHON, Salt Spring Island, BC Linotype Wapiti


Reclaimed printing press (steel)

2012 KEVIN KRATZ & JAMES KARTHEIN, Pass Creek, BC Patient Hunter

2013 DOUGLAS WALKER, Black Creek, BC Honkfest Musical instruments (brass & steel)

Steel Location: West Kootenay Regional Airport

Location: West Kootenay Regional Airport

2014 KEVIN KRATZ & JAMES KARTHEIN, Pass Creek, BC Northern Leopard Frog Steel

Location: Castlegar City Hall Location: Columbia Avenue

Location: Columbia Avenue

2015 SPRING SHINE & CHRISTOPHER PETERSEN, Argenta, BC Regeneration Reclaimed steel logging cables and wood

2016 RABI'A & CARL SCHLICHTING, Winlaw, BC Imagine the Stories Steel and mosaic Location: Castlegar & District Public Library

2017 PETER WULOWKA, MARY MACNICOL, CHRIS PEREPOLKIN & GEOFF VERIGIN Castlegar, BC Maple Releaf Reclaimed painted steel (Volkswagen car hoods) and wood

Location: Castlegar City Hall Location: Castlegar City Hall

Castlegar is Awesome!

Welcome to Castlegar and the West Kootenay. Castlegar’s role as the cross roads of the Kootenays, a commercial service centre for 69,000 people living in the Columbia and Kootenay River basin, home to the West Kootenay Regional Airport, and Selkirk College’s main campus, is one aspect of our confluent nature. We are indeed defined by our geography… hot summers and snowy winters, mountain landscapes nestled within the Monashees, Selkirk, and Purcell range, sitting at the confluence of two great rivers, the Kootenay and Columbia, and abutting the vast Arrow Lakes. We’re the downhill skiing, hockey playing, championship golfing, fishing and boating, backcountry hiking and biking, and river kayaking folks. But we’re also a community of newcomers, old timers, welcomed refugees and persons with First Nation roots, where diversity swings from loggers to organic farmers, hydro dams to ecotours, community college to international student programs, and families of all stripes looking for a better “growing up” or “winding down” experience than the large urban cities can provide. The success of the Castlegar Sculpturewalk program is so extraordinary… from two pieces of outdoor public art works to more than 65 in under a decade… that it must be a part of the combination of community and place, vision and confluence of ideas, unique to Castlegar.

Photography: David R. Gluns Photography Design: Far & Wide Marketing

People and place are nurtured by a third pillar of living life well: creative opportunity. Castlegar’s investment in the cultural economy, its willingness to embrace something as ambitious as an annual outdoor exhibit of sculpture from artists near and far, is a prime example of the vision the community has to accelerate local and regional economic development. For today’s independent, footloose entrepreneur who tethers business to an Internet connection, Castlegar’s promise of a community that can grow a cultural economy is appealing. The creative types - artists and media content producers, entrepreneurial builders and dreamers - appreciate imagination unleashed by the confluence of landscape and community. For those who feel stifled by the anonymity of big city cubicle life… who yearn to express individuality and entrepreneurial spirit… who want to be re-inspired by purposeful life driven by strength of personal relationships and the explorer spirit let loose by outdoor spaces, we have a place for you in The Sculpture Capital of Canada ™.


The city of Castlegar is situated at the confluence of the Kootenay and Columbia Rivers. It is home to an impressive network of trails for h...


The city of Castlegar is situated at the confluence of the Kootenay and Columbia Rivers. It is home to an impressive network of trails for h...