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2020: Culture at a Tıme of Crisis Amidst a global pandemic that’s fundamentally altered our ability to relate to each other through shared experiences, what brings communities together is our capacity for kindness and compassion. The resilience of our community artists is integral to this shared experience. Art bridges community spirit and connection. The endearing power of art during the darkest of times has been celebrated in books and film, yet because of the transmission risks of this particular pandemic, performances, events and exhibitions are closing across the world. Maintain social distance 2m (6'7") min.

Please don’t touch the art

We’re very fortunate that Sculpturewalk is an outdoor-based program which isn’t tethered to large social gatherings, or reliant on ticket sales for revenue. Castlegar Sculpturewalk is uniquely positioned to provide a cultural expression that can bring us together while staying physically apart. We’re so grateful that we can play a role in meeting the communities need for celebration during these challenging times. Our installation this year includes appropriate spacing of exhibits to allow engagement without breaching safe distancing, signage along the way reminds viewers to stay apart and allow others the same safe distance. We’ve adapted our brochure and ballot protocols, providing a smart phone format and the option for regional residents to request a hardcopy brochure by mail. People’s Choice voting ballots are available at Canadian Tire and Kootenay Market, and will be mailed from the City of Castlegar direct to City residents. Many years of hard work and success led to Castlegar’s international recognition as The Sculpture Capital of Canada™ … to maintain this legacy in our tenth year of operation at a time when community spirit is challenged in every corner of the world, speaks volumes about our organization’s continued support and community solidarity!

Thank you for not blocking or restricting

pedestrians. Thank you for not blocking or passing restricting passing pedestrians.

PO Box 3586, Castlegar, BC V1N 3W3 | T: 250.354.9169 | info@castlegarsculpturewalk.com www.sculpturewalkcastlegar.com | visit us on Facebook.com/CastlegarSculpturewalk

Beginning in 2010, Castlegar Sculpturewalk created not just a local buzz, but an international one, establishing our program as one of the premiere arts events in Canada. The support and vision of the City of Castlegar, local businesses, and the community made this happen.

We've From a Seed of an Idea

With Expanding Benefits

Inspired by, and borne of, local artist Pat Field’s participation in the Sculpturewalk program of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Castlegar Sculpturewalk began in 2010 with just ten sculptures. When Castlegar City Council learned of Sioux Falls' downtown revitalization initiative tied to the cultural economy, they realized that we faced many of the same downtown revitalization issues and agreed to a trial project.

The benefits of the Sculpturewalk program to Castlegar have been huge… our program has an even broader impact to the cultural economy than initially imagined. Our 30% commission funds operating costs with 70% going back to the artist – vitally important to their financial and artistic sustainability.

Incredibly, with community and basin support, and a dedicated group of volunteers, this cautious trial project grew beyond expectations into Castlegar . becoming The Sculpture Capital of Canada™ Downtown Castlegar is now one of the few venues in Canada where artists have the opportunity to show and sell outdoor sculptural work, bringing international artists to the community, and supporting emerging local and regional talent. Castlegar’s annual exhibit is 3 times the size of that first year and our permanent collection grows with the acquisition of each People’s Choice selection, public enthusiasm for our leasing and acquisition programs, and increased in memoriam dedications, placing Sculpturewalk at the epicenter of a regional culture boom.

The Kootenays are an area rich with artists, but galleries – particularly outdoor ones – are extremely limited or entirely unavailable to outdoor sculptures. It's important that we bring international artists to the community to share their perspectives, but it’s crucial that we support emerging local and regional artists. With this experience and exposure many of our artists have gone on to win large-scale commissions in larger, urban centres. With more and more pieces showcased annually, we’re able to feature sculptures from across the world and down the street! It’s amazing to look back at how we’ve all, working together, created this vibrant, dynamic public art program respected world-wide. Castlegar Sculpturewalk contributes a huge amount of civic pride to the community, and has become the top rated local attraction on TripAdvisor.

grown Community Support & Growth

Ranging Far & Wide

Now in our 10th year, all aspects of our program have grown dramatically - artist entries, sponsor support, post-exhibit community leases, and public and private sector purchases from our exhibited works – growing up to 1000%!

True to Castlegar’s place at the crossroads of the Kootenays, Castlegar Sculpturewalk expanded regionally in 2013 by leasing Sculpturewalk‑origin pieces to regional partners. Castlegar Sculpturewalk’s significant permanent collection and annual new sculpture exhibit anchors this regional network, with neighbouring communities promoting their program participation.

Public engagement is extraordinary with tens of thousands of exhibit booklets and ballots distributed. Voting numbers have also steadily increased while fantastic, heartfelt social media raves keep flooding in. With all the attention from community funders, sponsors, and attendees, artist reviews of our program's impact on their careers continue to boost the number of entries. With more entries, program quality continues to rise. Likewise, public demand for art in the Kootenays continues to spread, due in part to our program’s regional growth in collaboration with our regional leasing partners. Through our annual exhibit, collaborative partnerships, festival events, and amazing community support – business, private, and public – we've earned the title of The Sculpture Capital of Canada™ .

First in was Nelson (North of Castlegar on the West arm of Kootenay Lake) leasing 5 sculptures a year. Nearby Rossland (of Red Mountain ski hill fame) soon joined, leasing a number of sculptures annually. Next, we welcomed Creston (our neighbour to the other side of the Selkirk Mountains range) with 3 sculptures a year. Recently Penticton (our Southern Okanagan neighbour), Revelstoke (North of Castlegar on the mighty Columbia River), Kaslo (West shore of Kootenay Lake), and Nakusp (on the shores of the Upper Arrow Lakes) got on board – highlighting Castlegar’s centrality within the West Kootenay mountain ranges and water ways! As our collaboration grows, the Kootenays’ reputation as Canada’s most artistic region grows with us, a confluence of Castlegar Sculpturewalk’s place within the Columbia Basin.

9th Avenue

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2020 Sculptures

Once again, this year's works inspired! The profile of our program has attracted submissions from artists just embarking on their careers to established sculptors of international renown. The range of materials, subject matter and interpretations covers the spectrum from classical cast bronze statues to abstract works that invite personal interpretation through the interplay of LED lighting, stained glass, living organics, and recycled and found objects. Inspiration for these works covers the gamut from nature, science, and humanity, to the realm of our emotions, spotlighting everything from endangered species to imagined woodland creatures. We are grateful for all the submissions we've received and enthusiastic support from the City of Castlegar, neighbouring communities, and our patrons. Without this we would not have the traction, momentum and energy necessary to sustain Castlegar Sculpturewalk’s success. To be able to mount an exhibit in the midst of a global pandemic is humbling, hopeful and poignant in equal measure. Little wonder we're The Sculpture Capital of Canada™ .

Tsunami DON FRANCIS Delta, BC Stainless steel

Woodstock KENA & LAWRENCE CORMIER Penticton, BC

Tidal CONRAD SARZYNICK Powell River, BC Red cedar wood


Mild steel, glass, acrylic paint Delta sculptor Don Francis’ primary medium is steel. Initially, his focus was purely figurative - eagles and blue heron studies – though lately he’s exploring abstraction more and more. Entirely self-taught, the retired welder recognizes and embraces the therapeutic benefits in creating art. Tsunami is delightful – a testament to his creativity and skill. An amalgamation of two pieces, the two curving crescents and three petal-shaped oval strands one inside the other invite speculation. The ebb and flow of a monster wave over the land? Regardless of the interpretation, the openness employed here is integral to the whole.

The couple, both talented artists, have teamed up for this year’s entry. In doing so, Kena’s eye for colour, has added new elements to Lawrence’s always imaginative metalwork. Their free flowing sculpture is wispy, breezy, and whimsical, exemplifying the heady mood of the groovy event it celebrates. Beautifully executed, the colourful glass of the kite & sign, the painted metal tails and the delicate gracefulness of the steel figure create a rhapsodic unity in a nod to Woodstock 69. All their art is on display at their home gallery & sculpture garden in Penticton.

Discovering Our Wild World JOHN BONNETT WEXO Lopez Island, WA

Returning to the program after a couple of years, this self-taught artist brings us another stunning sculpture. Sarzynick first began exploring wood sculpture while studying in Toronto, but two summers spent on the West Coast prompted a permanent move. In addition to sculpture, his other artistic pursuits include poetry, collage and experimental vocal work with musical friends.

The late John Wexo was globally recognized, and lauded, for his instructive educational series (Zoobooks, translated into dozens of languages worldwide) on the natural world we inhabit and the animals we share it with. His indefatigable energy to educate and inspire the upcoming generation about the wonders of the natural world was a lifelong passion.

Influenced by the ocean, and other elemental and organic considerations, Tidal is visually gorgeous. The curving lines and cascading feel Sarzynick achieves are exemplary, as is the fluidity and harmony of the twelve-foot high work. It is an arresting, warmly emotive sculpture.

This monumental bronze sculpture magnificently depicts animal life in its myriad forms, linking together evolutionary patterns and the variety and diversity of the animal kingdom. Embedded images of the world accentuate our commonality and the need to share and teach, honouring Wexo’s raison d’être.





Sale: $9,500 Lease: $1,712.50

Sale: $10,000 Lease: $1,750

Sale: $15,000 Lease: $2,125

Sale: $40,000 Lease: $4,000





Cruising Along RABI'A Winlaw, BC Steel

Looking Forward Looking Back JOHN MCKINNON Nelson, BC

Connected PAUL REIMER Cranbrook, BC

Reflect and Connect BILL FRYMIRE Kamloops, BC

Recycled railroad track, steel, concrete

Aluminum, acrylic, stainless steel

Proximity to wilderness has always been a key ingredient in Reimer’s lifestyle and art. Trained as a blacksmith, this love of nature has inspired much of his work. Equally important to him is public art and its role in the community, with a number of his works prominently displayed in and around his hometown of Cranbrook.

A commercial artist and illustrator for 25 plus years, Frymire received a diploma from Langara College (Art in Merchandising) followed by a diploma in Digital Art and Design at Thompson Rivers University. He is now pursuing a second career creating dazzling public art.


Last year’s People’s Choice Award recipient, this Netherlands-born sculptor just doesn’t slow down. Artistically self-taught, Rabi’a learned to weld a number of years ago and continues to create in her current passion - metal. Her intriguing, recognizable sculptures are on display regionally and internationally.

A master sculptor and artist who has honed his talent over 40 years, Nelson’s John McKinnon is comfortable in many mediums: snow, sand, serpentine, bronze, limestone, marble and steel. This year he displays an intimate marble work.

Cruising Along is a fun mobile self-portrait. Using scrounged and found materials, she has fashioned the artist taking a relaxing bike ride. The semi-abstract work features two metal hoops as wheels, and herself atop a crazily angled seat, freewheeling alongside some of her stylized houses, one hand clutching a bouquet of flowers - a nod to her Dutch heritage.

The aptly titled Looking Forward, Looking Back is a composition of his mother and his then-youthful son. She sits on a bench, head turned, musing. He stands in front, leaning angled into his grandmother and looking the other way. Their entwined hands, the heart of the work, epitomize the familial bonds and love they share, even given their divergent thoughts.





Sale: $8,500 Lease: $1,637.50

Sale: NFS Lease: NFL

Sale: $10,000 Lease: $1,750

Sale: $15,000 Lease: $2,125





Connected turns mundane found and recycled objects and transforms them into something beautiful. Imposing and accessible at the same time, this piece is powerful in both its form and message.

Frymire’s interactive sculpture is ingenious. Differing viewpoints impart different perspectives when viewing his “point of confluence.” Inside, a stainless-steel orb representing the world reflects back the shapes, colours and textured motifs engraved into the acrylic panels of the larger sphere. “I’m very pleased with the visual aesthetics and the design,” he says. As he should be.

Photography by Lee Orr

Everything Happens BEN SOPOW Nanaimo, BC

Ocean In Motion FRED DOBBS Victoria, BC

Aluminum, acrylic, glass



Carbon Key KATE TUPPER Nakusp, BC Hand painted mild steel

Aluminum, acrylic, LED lighting

For nearly 30 years, Ben taught school here in the Kootenays. Retiring to Nanaimo, he began to get serious about his art, ultimately enrolling in Vancouver Island University’s Visual Arts program. He exhibited a similar sculpture as part of the city’s Temporary Public Art Program while still a student - a first.

Frequent Sculpturewalk participant and prolific artist Fred Dobbs is comfortable in almost any medium, from concrete to ice, bronze and even food! Always appealing and masterfully done, the Victoria artist’s work is acclaimed nationally and internationally.

With a move to Nelson in 2016, Stephanie has shifted into a new phase of her artistic career. After graduating from art/design institutes in New Brunswick and completing courses at NSCAD in her native Nova Scotia, she worked for a number of production companies, most notably Cirque du Soleil.

Years working in trades and heavy construction as a welder have provided Kate firsthand expertise in the traditional use of materials. A lifelong love of craft, nature, and ecology influence her method, texture, and composition. Creating stunning public artworks balances her involvement in other multi-media initiatives and more intricate work - part of the ongoing Dynamis project.

Big and bold describes Everything Happens well. Four quadrants of acrylic - yellow, black, blue and red - are mounted in an aluminum framework with identical geometric patterns. The diagonally opposite quadrants have reversed patterns, while at the centre sits a small open square, combining geometry and meaning delightfully.

Working in bronze, Dobbs has sculpted a lustrous piece that reflects the flora and fauna found in the ocean surrounding him. Sleek and sinuous, the sculpture exudes motion. His mischievous otters bob at the bottom of the swaying bull kelp, frolicking effortlessly in their natural habitat. A beautifully composed figurative work, Ocean in Motion truly shimmers.





Sale: $4,000 Lease: $1,300

Sale: $42,000 Lease: $4,150

Sale: $10,000 Lease: $1,750

Sale: $20,000 Lease: $2,500





Robicheau transitioned over time from her textile foundation and figurative paintings to photography and lit sculptures. Listen eloquently displays her creativity and talent in any medium. The expressive, imaginative work - lit panels of images on translucent acrylic sheets tightly grouped on an aluminum base - is arresting and undeniably powerful.

Her skill and creative vision are on full display here. It is a spectacular work, bursting gloriously in an explosion of muted colour and form. Lovely flourishes are found everywhere. The delicacy, fragility and exquisite detail of Carbon Key is absolutely marvelous.

Stumped STEVE MILROY Victoria, BC

Alligator Pie KENT LAFORME Victoria, BC

Silver Rocking Dog RONALD SIMMER Burnaby, BC

Cast bronze

Bronze, marble, steel

Recycled stainless steel fire extinguishers

Victoria artist Steve Milroy has sculpted for over 35 years in a wide array of mediums. Also a renowned muralist - his canvases range from cars to gymnasiums - illustrator, and painter, this self-styled “artist of the common folk” lives in a house he built to resemble a giant oak stump.

A native Nova Scotian, BC artist Kent Laforme graduated from Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, then spent three years studying marble carving in Pietrasanta, Italy. His artwork has been exhibited in galleries in Canada, the United States, Italy and Hong Kong.

Leptoglossus (Colossus) Occidentalis KEVIN KRATZ & YVONNE MUNRO Krestova, BC Recycled steel and copper

Burnaby artist Ron Simmer’s intent is to bring joy and delight to viewers through his creative re-use of everyday items. Much of his art is made for physical interactive experiences - a number of his works employ optical illusions. He collaborates with groups celebrating human creativity and spirituality, regularly contributing art to local festivals and events.

This talented artistic pair from the Slocan Valley return after a couple years’ absence. Kevin Kratz has been working with metal for over 20 years, creating one of a kind sculptures and commissioned works, and winning several People’s Choice Awards. Partner Yvonne Munro’s appealing artwork, utilizing numerous mediums, is regularly on display across the region.

His portrayal of a logger is wonderful. Tongue firmly in cheek, Milroy gets all the detail perfectly: from hardhat and earmuffs to thick beard, suspenders and high-top laced boots. He bends a sapling with one arm, the other leans on his chainsaw. There seems to be a slight problem, however!

The sculpture is a nod to Dennis Lee’s classic poem and to the power of a child’s imagination. Both the alligator and pie are connections to childhood memories resurfacing later in life. His bronze is stealthy, ominous, patiently lying in wait. Every detail - hooded eyes, leathery skin and long snout - are meticulously sculpted, grounded to the Pie in stone.





Sale: $11,500 Lease: $1,862.50

Sale: $9,800 Lease: $1,735

Sale: $1,300 Lease: $1,097.50

Sale: $18,000 Lease: $2,350





Silver Rocking Dog is a favourite with kids. Refurbished fire extinguishers of varying sizes, all uniformly shiny, are welded together and mounted on a base, in this instance a simulated pair of water skis painted bright red.

Nature dictates the duo’s subject matter - here it’s the familiar stinkbug. Their sculpture magnifies the harmless, albeit pungent, insect spectacularly. The finished work showcases this common household visitor in all its buggy splendor.

Coalescence DAVE DANDO Nelson, BC

Interaction LYNN VAN PELT Nelson, BC

Janus DAVID HUNWICK Victoria, BC

Kootenay Life Obelisk AVERY TURNER Castlegar, BC

Mild steel, wood

Bronze and steel)

Cast cement, steel, pewter

Reclaimed cedar, granite, lake rock, plants

Originally from Daylesford, Australia, Dando moved his family to Nelson nearly a decade ago. He still travels back regularly to check on his business there (a studio and rental accommodations) and to recharge his creativity with fresh perspective.

Lynn Van Pelt is a Nelson-based artist and sculptor. She studied in the Kootenays and finds inspiration for her art in the beautiful natural surroundings. She works primarily in bronze and steel and “loves to experiment in a way that brings life to the metal.”

From his studio in James Bay, David Hunwick continues to produce evocative sculpture, as he’s done for over 35 years. Recently re-elected President of the Vancouver Island Sculptors Guild, his skilled work has earned him high regard.

Castlegar’s Avery Turner learned an appreciation for art at a young age. He believes “art can heal because the neural pathways of creativity and pain are the same.” He dedicates each work he creates to his children and family.

Interaction is a lovely work. A meticulously fashioned, life-like owl sits perched on an angled wheel. It rises above a number of found artifacts - saw, leg hold trap, railway spikes - scattered haphazardly below. The beauty of her owl, feathers cascading down its breast, is an undeniably strong counterpoint to the objects it rests above.

Hunwick’s Janus features the stylized torso and head of a Goddess, his own take on the Roman God. The narrow, limbless figure is serene in demeanour - conveying mystery and radiant beauty both, an intriguing study of the feminine form. The obvious two-faced image can be seen as a metaphor for double standards and how some present alternative 'truths'.

His warm, intriguing work celebrates the Kootenay’s history and natural beauty. Turner’s sculpture is a mystical, layered mosaic, based on environmentally sustainable practices and functionality. The entire sculpture is made from 50-year old repurposed cedar. The painstakingly crafted peak has been erected from hundreds of reclaimed cedar pieces topped with Kootenay Lake stone.





Sale: $8,000 Lease: $1,600

Sale: $8,000 Lease: $1,600

Sale: $12,500 Lease: $1,937.50

Sale: $8,700 Lease: $ 1,652.50





Similar to his 2018 entry Naka “Buddy” Bench, the human form in Coalescence is a woven rod structure - a framework deliberately unfilled. The bird at the end of the gloved, outstretched arm launching into flight is resplendently crafted in wild strands of metal. “This is me freeing myself from attachments,” says Dando. “My body fragments and coalesces into something more powerful and liberating.”

Tide Pool HEATHER WALL Powell River, BC Aluminum, LED lighting


Embrace SERGE MOZHNEVSKY Coquitlam, BC

Natural Evolution MICHAEL MISURACA Castlegar, BC


Wood, metal, plastic

Serge Mozhnevsky studied in his native Ukraine and in Russia before emigrating to Canada in 2000, settling in Coquitlam. He has gradually shifted mediums, moving from wood to aluminum since his arrival. His sleek, emotive sculptures have been displayed singly or as part of group exhibitions across the continent. His desire is that they evoke “feelings in our seeing.”

After completing a Master’s degree in environmental practice, and assuming daytime parenting duties, Michael still finds time to create functional pieces, and lovely art, from wood. “It’s a beautiful material whose complexity is not just on the surface but throughout, a living medium that changes.” His previous entries in 2014 and 2015 speak to his truly original creativity.

Embrace is imbued with humanism and emotion. Two alike abstract figures converge and meld, creating open space that accents the shared sphere in the centre. Mozhnevsky’s minimalism, balance and entwined symmetry exemplifies his title wonderfully.

Dedicated to those negatively impacted by the COVID pandemic, he’s created a striking sculpture: three tall human-like figures encircle and shelter a subliminal centerpiece. The evolving collective emphasizes the beauty of the medium as interpreted and composed by a talented devotee.


Making her seventh consecutive appearance, Heather has been extremely busy - and on a roll! She won the competition to grace the front of the newly renovated community centre in Rossland, People’s Choice in Eau Claire, Wisconsin’s 2018 Sculpture Tour and the prestigious Overall Best of Show in Sioux Falls last year.

Jade’s entry last year, the lovely Rock Spirit, was her first ever public exhibition. Now collaborating with her partner Niels, they collectively present this fine stone work. The Kootenay Bay couple both have artistic family backgrounds, and it’s readily apparent they align creatively as well.

Continuing to work in aluminum, her entry is a nod to her adopted hometown on the Sunshine Coast. Tide Pool is, as always, stunningly sculpted. The inhabitants, a Dungeness crab, sev-eral starfish and a host of sea anemones are backlit by spectrum and single colour LEDs. Best viewed at dusk!

Their bust of the Norse God - bearer of peace, pleasures and good weather - is lovingly sculpted. The impurities in the stone are incorporated effortlessly while the deliberately unfinished back provides great contrast. Freyr is impressive, subtly radiating strength and beauty.





Sale: $10,000 Lease: $1,750

Sale: $3,000 Lease: $1,225

Sale: $10,000 Lease: $1,750

Sale: $5,555 Lease: $1,416.63





Special Thanks Salmon Dance PETER VOGELAAR Winlaw, BC Steel and glass mosaic

An artist for close to 50 years, Winlaw’s Peter Vogelaar is comfortable in a variety of mediums. Focusing on sculpting over the past two decades, he’s won world and Olympic championships in sand and snow, along with public and private art commissions across the continent. Salmon Dance showcases his proficiency and versatile creativity. Woven steel rods are fashioned as three salmon, cavorting at the top of a round cylinder, their habitat fashioned in colourful tiling. Harmonious and hopeful, this lovely sculpture showcases the life he imbues into all his work.

Steppin' Out SPRING SHINE, YVONNE BOYD, CHRISTOPHER PETERSON Argenta, BC Cedar, concrete, steel

The talented trio from Argenta, 2018’s People’s Choice Award winners with “The Keeper”, return this year with another monumental, magical sculpture bound to amaze. Steppin’ Out displays their talents on a grand scale, with more than a touch of the mystical. Three Dryads (tree spirits) are shown in various stages of revelation. The towering concrete figures emerge from cedar trunks set in steel (rebar) stumps, topped with rusted metal crowns. The artists fuse these various mediums flawlessly, their creativity always a source of wonder and delight.



Sale: $6,200 Lease: $1,465

Sale: $30,000 Lease: $3,250




Castlegar Sculpturewalk would like to thank the following organizations and companies that have provided special support for the project.

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Celebrate the arts and share YOUR community spirit by joining the Sculpturewalk sponsorship program. Choose a sponsorship package that works for you, your organization or your business, and join us as we invite art lovers from home and abroad to the Sculpture Capital of Canada!™ "Totally captivating! A definite must see." Share Your Community Spirit by Sponsoring a Sculpture! Sponsorship deadline for 2021 program: April 1st

$2,500 Platinum

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Sculpture Garden

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1,500+ People's

Choice votes annually

3,000% increase

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internationally as the Sculpture Capital of Canada™

Benefits of our Growing Sponsorship • increased financial support from local businesses • increased in-kind support from local businesses (print & on-air media, hotel accommodation, accounting, legal services) • increased sculpture sales & leasing • increased Columbia basin partnerships through our regional leasing program • increased community awareness and pride in a program that makes their city more beautiful, more livable, and more compelling • increased in memoriam dedications to commemorate valued members of our community

Friends of SculptureWalk Member $50 Benefits include: Website acknowledgement, Invitation to our AGM with wine & cheese to follow, Voting privileges

Tenth Anniversary Sculpture Bases: Funded by the Columbia Basin Trust and BC Gaming, our exhibit is enhanced in our tenth year (and for years to come) by these locally sourced cut stone sculpture bases with customized stainlesssteel tops, showcasing the exhibited works to their best advantage.

Sculpturewalk Production Manager Carl Schlichting

2020 Leases

The groundswell of support for the Castlegar Sculpturewalk continues to ripple out to neighbouring communities. Our 2020 leases and purchases by Castlegar, Creston Valley, Kaslo, Nakusp, Nelson, Penticton, and Rossland fuel the promotion of our regional Sculpture Loop – an essential connection between the sculptures and cultural communities in our program.

photograph: Jennifer Small


Radium Hot Springs


Kelowna Slocan

Kaslo Penticton



Castlegar Trail Osoyoos


Canada USA


Installation day Installing almost thirty sculptures in a day (while also photographing them to ready the images for the Opening Gala) is a masterful feat! Many of the sculptures arrive from far-flung locations, crossing national borders, traversing mountain ranges, and sailing the seas to reach us. Among the many challenges, installation often involves lifting delicate pieces by crane onto exhibit pedestals where the pieces are welded into place. Our talented installation team is made up of welders, crane operators, painters, multi‑talented artist technicians, drivers, public works crews, and other all‑around creative trouble-shooters who make the magic of installation day possible!

2020 Leases Castlegar

*Title, Artist Leased by

Share the Road, Alexis Mainland Lionshead Smoke & Brew Pub

Down From The High Country, Steve Tyree Castlegar Veterinary Hospital

Three Ring Circus, Tamara Schweigert Century 21 Mountainview Realty

Mother & Cub, Denis Kleine Kootenay Cannabis

Available for Community Champion Sponsorship (Lease or Sale)

Simurg 5, Zohreh Vahidifard across from the Castlegar Station Museum (can relocate)

Link, Mir Agol Joni Askew/Fair Realty

City of Castlegar

*Title, Artist

Joy of Life in Balance, Joanne Helm

Steampunk Owl, Heather Wall

Wild Thing, Heidi Hoy

Book Peddlers, Jack Morford

Tree of Light, Carl Schlichting

Echo, Serge Mozhnevsky

Cuddle, Pokey Park

30 Birds, Zohreh Vahidifard

Dove Spirit, David Turner

2020 Leases Creston Valley Public Art Collection

*Title, Artist Leased by

Let's Go, Rabi'a Creston Valley Public Art Connection


Lighthouse Fireball, Eva Asplin The Creston Hotel

Bad Hair Day, Jerry McKellar Creston Valley Public Art Connection

Old Dog, Nathan Scott Creston Veterinary Hospital

Departures & Arrivals, Rabi’a Baillie Grohman Wineries

Awakening: Ensconced, Invoked, Enlightened, Mir Agol Creston Valley Public Art Connection

Rock Dragon, Heather Wall Creston Valley Public Art Connection

Village of Kaslo

If It's Not This Then It Must Be That, Rabi'a

Village of Nakusp Permanent

Moments Later, Kate Tupper

2020 Leases City of Nelson

*Title, Artist Leased by

Basking, Pati Stajcar

Saturn Bench, Andy Davies

Dreams Can Come True, David Hunwick

Lulu, Lawrence Cormier Nelson Animal Hospital

Wind Suite #2, John McKinnon

Harp, Crysten Nesseth


Flower Power, Illarion Gallant

To See & To Say, Serge Mozhnevsky

There!, Susan Geissler donated by Ken & Marion Muth

Dancing Myself, Rabi’a

QR, Carl Schlichting

Red Raider, Delmar Pettigrew donated by Ken & Marion Muth

76 Trombones, Douglas Walker

Seed, Nathan Smith

Buddy Bench, Dave Dando

Man In Motion, Denis Kleine donated by McDonnell Family & Friends of Public Art

2020 Leases City of Penticton

*Title, Artist

Peekaboo and Waterfeather, Kent LaForme

Rossland Arts Council & Tourism Rossland

Equilibrium, David Ducharme


Sphere, Carl Schlichting

Rusty, Cedar Mueller

V Formation, Nathan Smith

*Title, Artist

Artist John McKinnon

Castlegar Community Collection

Sculpturewalk has been embraced by the residents of Castlegar, evidenced by how many individuals and businesses have purchased these beautiful sculptures over the years. Check them out! We’re proud that Castlegar is a city that values public art, solidifying our place as The Sculpture Capital of Canada™ .

City of Castlegar

*Title, Artist Purchased by/Location

Nokhom Maskwa, Stewart Steinhauer Kalawsky Family/Kalawsky GMC

Jack's Story Time, Gregory Johnson Kootenay Savings/Kootenay Savings Crossroads

Going for the Goal, Dee Clements The Stawarz Family/Tim Hortons

Salmon, Christina Nick Christina Nick/Selkirk College

Is This Love?, Osamede Obazee Pinnacle Accounting/Pinnacle Art Farm

Seeker of Visions, David Sidley Pinnacle Accounting/Pinnacle Art Farm

Sea Swimmer, Heather Wall Yule Family/Millenium Ponds

Family Journey, Catherine White Yule Family/Kinnaird Park

The Dreamer, Peter Vogelaar Columbia Basin Trust/ Kinnaird Elementary School

Natural Wonders, Michelle M. Dale Yule Family in memory of Adele Yule/ 6th & Columbia

Huge and Foolish, Rabi'a by/at: Columbia Basin Trust

Exodus, Carl Sean McMahon 2009 Grad Class/ Stanley Humphries Secondary School

Gangsta Raven, David Dando Corvine Management/Private location on Valhalla Road

Rainbow, Patrick Field Communities in Bloom/ Castlegar RCMP

Don't Look‌Listen, Jacob Tolmie by/at: Castlegar Chamber of Commerce

Egghead, Kimber Fiebiger Grant Thornton Accounting/ Castlegar & District Public Library

Raven, Daniel Kloc Pinnacle Accounting/Pinnacle Art Farm

Castlegar Community Collection (continued)

Sympatico, Pokey Park by/at: Arrow Lake Veterinary Hospital

Petal To The Metal, Cajsa Fredin Family of Ingeborg Thor-Larson/ Millenium Park

A Memory In Tow, Paul Reimer SHSS Grad Class of 2019

Harold, Lawrence Cormier Donated to the City of Castlegar

Rock Spirit, Jade Erhler The Family of Doreen Knutson/ Private residence

Artists Christopher Petersen, Spring Shine and Yvonne Boyd

People's Choice

One of the keys to the success of Sculpturewalk is public engagement, which is a direct result of the People’s Choice Vote. Each year, the winner of the People’s Choice Award is purchased by the City of Castlegar to contribute to Castlegar’s permanent Community Collection. This democratic ballot-to-purchase process by the residents of the community has a direct impact on the acquisition of public art in their City. With their voice and their vote, the community has both figurative and literal ownership of the art, and the residents’ pride in helping to form their unique and vibrant city is unmistakable.

Housing Crisis 2019 RABI'A Winlaw, BC Painted Steel Location: Columbia Avenue, downtown



Applied concrete steel armature

Reclaimed painted steel (Volkswagen car hoods) and wood

Location: Millennium Park, just south of the swimming ponds

Location: Overlooking the Kootenay and Columbia Rivers, Millenium Park

Imagine the Stories 2016 RABI'A & CARL SCHLICHTING, Winlaw, BC Steel and mosaic Location: Castlegar & District Public Library

Regeneration 2015 SPRING SHINE & CHRISTOPHER PETERSEN, Argenta, BC Reclaimed steel logging cables and wood

Northern Leopard Frog 2014 KEVIN KRATZ & JAMES KARTHEIN, Pass Creek, BC

Honkfest 2013 DOUGLAS WALKER, Black Creek, BC Musical instruments (brass & steel)

Steel Location: Castlegar City Hall Location: Columbia Avenue, downtown

Location: Castlegar City Hall

Patient Hunter 2012 KEVIN KRATZ & JAMES KARTHEIN, Pass Creek, BC

Linotype Wapiti 2011 CARL SEAN MCMAHON, Salt Spring Island, BC

Peace Sign 2010 DENIS KLEINE, Nelson, BC

Reclaimed printing press (steel)


Location: West Kootenay Regional Airport

Location: West Kootenay Regional Airport

Steel Location: Columbia Avenue, Crowsnest Highway (Hwy 3) interchange

Castlegar is Awesome!

Welcome to Castlegar and the West Kootenay. Castlegar’s role as the cross roads of the Kootenays, a commercial service centre for 69,000 people living in the Columbia and Kootenay River basin, home to the West Kootenay Regional Airport, and Selkirk College’s main campus, is one aspect of our confluent nature. We are indeed defined by our geography… hot summers and snowy winters, mountain landscapes nestled within the Monashees, Selkirk, and Purcell range, sitting at the confluence of two great rivers, the Kootenay and Columbia, and abutting the vast Arrow Lakes. We’re the downhill skiing, hockey playing, championship golfing, fishing and boating, backcountry hiking and biking, and river kayaking folks. But we’re also a community of newcomers, old timers, welcomed refugees and persons with First Nation roots, where diversity swings from loggers to organic farmers, hydro dams to eco-tours, community college to international student programs, and families of all stripes looking for a better “growing up” or “winding down” experience than the large urban cities can provide. The success of the Castlegar Sculpturewalk program is so extraordinary… from two pieces of outdoor public art works to thirtyfold in a decade… that it must be a part of the combination of community and place, vision and confluence of ideas, unique to Castlegar.

Photography: David R. Gluns Photography Design: Far & Wide Marketing

People and place are nurtured by a third pillar of living life well: creative opportunity. Castlegar’s investment in the cultural economy, its willingness to embrace something as ambitious as an annual outdoor exhibit of sculpture from artists near and far, is a prime example of the vision the community has to accelerate local and regional economic development. For today’s independent, footloose entrepreneur who tethers business to an Internet connection, Castlegar’s promise of a community that can grow a cultural economy is appealing. The creative types - artists and media content producers, entrepreneurial builders and dreamers - appreciate imagination unleashed by the confluence of landscape and community. For those who feel stifled by the anonymity of big city cubicle life… who yearn to express individuality and entrepreneurial spirit… who want to be re-inspired by purposeful life driven by strength of personal relationships and the explorer spirit let loose by outdoor spaces, we have a place for you in The Sculpture Capital of Canada ™.

Profile for Kootenay Rockies Tourism


The city of Castlegar is situated at the confluence of the Kootenay and Columbia Rivers. It is home to an impressive network of trails for h...


The city of Castlegar is situated at the confluence of the Kootenay and Columbia Rivers. It is home to an impressive network of trails for h...

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