Kohler Ronan, LLC Consulting Engineers - Postcard: Fairfield University Quad Dorm Chiller Plant

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Fairfield University Quad Dorm Chiller Plant Fairfield, CT

Flanking the Fairfield University campus quad are seven existing dormitory buildings: Loyola, Campion, 70 McCormick, Jogues, Regis, Gonzaga Halls, and the recently completed 42 Langguth Hall. Interested in extending the useful life of these residence halls, enhancing the freshman housing experience in particular, and upgrading amenities to be on a par with peer institutions, the University sought to air condition these facilities. Kohler Ronan’s engineering services included the design of a new campus chiller plant to provide a chilled water connection into the existing, lowtemperature hot water loop, thus converting it to a dual temperature loop. This dual temperature loop carries hot water into the buildings in the winter and chilled water in the summer. Additional evaluations and reconditioning of the existing buildings’ piping systems were completed in a phased approach to allow for efficient chilled water distribution. The chiller plant is housed in a new, stand-alone building adjacent to Regis Hall. This new facility had to be seamlessly integrated into the existing architecture and landscape surrounding it. Further, with student residences on all sides, the building’s mechanical equipment was required to meet stringent acoustical levels. Paneling erected at the perimeter of the cooling towers serves both to dampen the noise levels, addressing the acoustical concerns, and to obscure the equipment from sight, so as not to disrupt the aesthetic of the quad.

Architect: Holzman Moss Bottino Architecture Architect: The S/L/A/M Collaborative, Inc.

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