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Holiday Highlights My holiday knitting is nowhere near complete – I still have to finish a hat for my sister, and I haven’t even started on my husband’s sweater yet. In the spirit of my tardiness, I’d like to present you with our 2012 Holiday Catalog packed with quick knit patterns, gift ideas, and an assortment of treats to soothe you in your fevered rush to finish your crafty projects. First off, do you have your own shiny set of interchangeable needles yet? We’re running a holiday sale on select needles, making it a great time to add Sunstruck interchangeable sets to your list. We’ve listed our popular sets with their sale prices, including straight needles and DPNs (in both Harmony and Sunstruck wood). Our newest pattern collections are available! Megan Goodacre’s Study Hall Knits has six beautiful, classic designs that were photographed in the library at the Governor Hotel here in Portland, Oregon. We also have an adorable quick-to-knit group of fingerless mitts, The Woodsy Association, from Stephanie Dosen of tiny owl knits fame. If you still need holiday help, we’ve got you covered. Stacey has selected a number of popular quick-knit IDP patterns. If you’ve already finished your gifts, you obviously deserve a little something for yourself: Heidi and Hannah have put together a cute Gift Guide. I personally have my eye on a new needle case for my ever-expanding collection, and this month we have some beautiful wool cases made for us by Pendleton and some bright, cheerful cases by Chic-A. As always, if you have any questions about our products (new or old), feel free to give us a call or send us an email!

Alison Backus Director, Knit Picks

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Knit Picks Novemeber 2012 Catalog Preview  
Knit Picks Novemeber 2012 Catalog Preview  

New IDP Designer Pattern Collections, Holiday Gift Guide, Needle Sets on Sale!