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Knight Knox International Ltd Market leaders in Worldwide Property Investment

‘Buy with confidence, through an experienced company you can trust’

Knight Knox International Mission Statement We are a market leading company who sell property worldwide, in over 50 countries, with our main focus on investment. We are long-established, professional and experienced, offering clients excellent honest service and the best properties. We aim to create wealth and lifestyle improvements for our clients, whilst our team earn well within enjoyable careers and where the company make profit each year.

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Over 50 countries covered and every type of property available The Knight Knox Network


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Welcome to Knight Knox International Market Leaders in Worldwide Property Investment

Knight Knox International offers an extensive range of property and services worldwide. Established in 2004, we have sold over 4,000 properties across 50 countries and are unique in the broad range of property we offer, with particular focus on the investment potential of real estate.

Their support and on-the-ground service in each of the countries we operate in means that our clients have access to a wealth of local expertise and knowledge, wherever they choose to buy.

Well respected within the industry, we are proud to have maintained an excellent reputation through our experience of full-market cycles in a fluctuating market, allowing us to build up a strong client base of investors who are confident in us sourcing the best value products for their portfolios.

Service you can trust…

Market specialists… With extensive experience within the property industry, the Knight Knox International team are specialists in their field. The convenience of a UK Head Office with a team of over 30 fully trained individuals is complemented by our relationship with a range of carefully selected overseas partners. We regularly attend all the major property exhibitions in the UK, Europe, Asia and the Middle East; the ability to give on-hand advice to interested investors has proved invaluable and, coupled with our growing team of multi-lingual staff, builds our reputation as experts in the property arena.

A worldwide network… Our extensive network of UK and overseas Agents are experienced in selling a diverse range of properties in over 50 countries worldwide, allowing us to effectively sell and promote our products quickly and efficiently. With a particular focus on investment sales in both the UK and overseas, our sales team have forged close links with a core team of investors who have aided us in diversifying strongly into the Far East and Middle Eastern markets.


Working in partnership with established developers, we are confident in delivering full or pre-launch strategic campaigns to a diverse range of buyers. Comfortable at working to tight schedules and deadlines, we have complete confidence in the calibre of our team, who are qualified to advise buyers from the initial enquiry, through to completion. In addition to this, our dedicated after-sales team work tirelessly to ensure complete satisfaction with the service provided to you.

There is no substitute for experience‌

Buy with confidence‌

We are extremely proud of our entire team, all of whom are trained specialists in their chosen field of expertise. Headed by our Directors, who have extensive knowledge of the property industry, both in the UK and overseas, the sales team are fully trained, with each person specialising in particular countries that they know and understand.

Whether you are an experienced or first-time investor, we have something to suit all budgets and aims. Our track record in sourcing market-leading product is second-tonone, with the majority of our developments, particularly in the UK, being exclusive to Knight Knox and, as such, unavailable to buy elsewhere!

Many of the staff and the Directors of Knight Knox own property overseas, and all of the team are well travelled, allowing them to better assist clients properly and professionally, wherever they choose to buy.

We look forward to working with you !

I am extremely pleased with the service I have received from Knight Knox International in the years since my first dealings with the company.The purchase process was extremely straightforward and any problems or queries I had were dealt with within 48 hours, which gave me a huge amount of confidence in both the investments and the company. Mr P. T. Hope, Thailand Buyer


Ahead of the Trends Innovative and practical tools for today’s investors

Having witnessed the cyclical nature of the global property market, here at Knight Knox International, we understand the need to adapt in a world that is changing, and provide simple, innovative products and services to assist you in your search for the perfect property investment.

Online Resources Proud to be classed as innovators, in a market sector that often demands detailed and complex solutions, the company has long adopted a digital strategy to complement our UK-based sales team, allowing us to reach our customers, wherever they are in the world. By delivering fresh content on a daily basis through our social media pages, we are able to provide relevant and interesting investment news, allowing us to reach a global audience and communicate with investors on a much more informal and personal level. The provision and delivery of information are the most important aspects of any marketing strategy and the Knight Knox International corporate website compliments our other online resources perfectly. As the main marketing vehicle for the company, it is a complete ‘shopwindow’ of all that we have to offer, both in terms of the properties in our portfolio and the services we provide to investors. Testimonials, property news, event updates and details on our property re-sales service are just some of the areas of interest provided on the site. In addition to these resources we have an outstanding video library, complete with investment guides, our corporate video and videos of individual properties, which allow investors to see a visual representation of their investment, in this increasingly digital age.


Investment Guides The decision to purchase an investment property is not one that can be made lightly, which is why we have produced a range of printed and online investment guides, designed to provide in-depth information about specific investment options, in areas that we are highly experienced in. Whether you are interested in a particular country, or are wondering which UK buy-to-let options would work best for you, the Knight Knox range of guides provide a comprehensive overview, detailing the history of the market, explaining purchasing procedures and suggesting the best locations to buy in.

Exhibitions and Events As market leaders in the property industry, we believe it is essential that investors have the opportunity to talk to our experts on a one-to-one basis, which is why we regularly attend all the major international property exhibitions around the globe. Working closely with a select range of developers allows us to showcase a range of lifestyle and investment properties from our extensive portfolio of worldwide products, in addition to strengthening the Knight Knox brand on an international scale. From specialist seminars in Beirut, St. Petersburg and Stockholm, to major exhibitions in the UK, China, Hong Kong, Russia, the Middle East and Malaysia, we attend over 25 major property investment exhibitions and seminars annually, providing investors with the opportunity to meet with a member of the team face-toface, wherever their country of residence.

Global Property Scene The world of property investments doesn’t need to be dull, which is why we have produced an interesting and informative magazine, filled with articles, investment tips, recipes and ideas, ranging from in-depth reviews of property markets and insights into living in different parts of the world, to the best theme parks and festivals to visit and reader FAQs For a copy of the latest edition or to enquire about advertising in the magazine, please contact:. Email: Tel: 0161 772 1394

At last, it’s good to work with a professional firm who look into the projects they are selling and market them properly. Mr D. Edwards, Greece Greek Property Developer


UK Property Investments Prime buy-to-let and boutique student accommodation projects across the UK

The UK property market is once again on the rise, with investors both foreign and domestic looking for buy-tolet opportunities across the country. Equipped with an extensive portfolio of products and the knowledge and experience of selling a wide range of investment options to buyers based in the UK and overseas, the Knight Knox team are experts in their field and best placed to advise you on the most appropriate investment(s) for your individual requirements.

So why invest in buy-to-let? There are two main types of investments sold through Knight Knox International, namely residential buy-tolet and private student accommodation. Although traditional buy-to-let properties are the preferred investment of choice for many portfolio buyers, due to the familiarity of the product, student property has surpassed all expectations and is now one of the UK’s leading property asset classes. The decision of which investment option to choose will come down to a number of factors, including price, location and manageability, all of which the Knight Knox team can help clarify for you, in addition to explaining the benefits and practicalities of each.

Residential buy-to-let The re-introduction of easily accessible mortgages, alongside the stabilisation of house prices, has led to a renewed interest by property investors into the buy-to-let market. Yields for rental properties, particularly in regional cities like Manchester and Leeds have been rising for the past couple of years and, with first-time buyers continuing to be priced out of the market, the private rented sector is increasingly looking like a profitable alternative to investment funds and pension plans, as a tangible asset that will always be in demand.


Student buy-to-let The re-introduction of easily accessible mortgages, alongside the stabilisation of house prices, has led to a renewed interest by property investors into the buy-to-let market. Yields for rental properties, particularly in regional cities like Manchester and Leeds have been rising for the past couple of years and, with first-time buyers continuing to be priced out of the market, the private rented sector is increasingly looking like a profitable alternative to investment funds and pension plans, as a tangible asset that will always be in demand. With the popularity of a British education showing no sign of diminishing and the number of non-domiciled students studying at UK higher education institutions predicted to rise to 7.6m by the year 2025, it is obvious that there is a serious shortfall between supply and demand.

Buy through the market leaders. . . Specialists at selling both purpose-built student accommodation and residential buy-to-let properties to the private investor market, the Knight Knox International team can offer a wealth of expert advice and guidance on both sectors. As the Master Sales & Marketing Agent for a select group of experienced UK developers, we are able to offer exclusive, competitively-priced developments which are backed-up by a diverse portfolio of previously sold-out and completed projects. Contact us today to discuss our extensive portfolio of buy-to-let investments.

The UK’s buy-to-let hotspots



Middlesbrough Bolton

Leeds Manchester






Student rooms have been a great opportunity for me to get a foothold in the UK property market. I have bought 8 units so far, with a view to acquire more. I continue to look at offers from other property investment companies, but Knight Knox International seem to be the leaders in this section of the property market.


Paul Over, UK Buyer

Overseas Property Investments Over 50 countries covered and every type of property available

Buying property overseas has always been a popular choice amongst investors, as people take advantage of the ‘generally’ nicer weather and way of life, of a culture different to their own. Here at Knight Knox International, we are proud to have sold property in over 50 countries around the world, putting us in an excellent position to advise and guide you on the best investment options and locations for you.

Why buy overseas? There are many reasons why people choose to invest in property in a foreign country and, whether you are looking for a long-term investment or holiday home, these general areas are a good starting point, to clarify why and where you should buy. Favourable exchange rates One of the main reasons that people decide to invest in a country other than their own is to take advantage of favourable exchange rates, in countries whose currency is weaker than their own. Potentially, there are excellent savings to be made, particularly if the economy of that country is on the rise.

What type of property should I buy? The type of property you purchase is entirely dependent on what you want to use the property for and which country you choose to buy in. Example 1 If you want a property that is entirely for investment purposes, then a tenanted condo in the USA would be ideal. We have a wide range of options available, the majority of which are let and managed by established rental companies ‘on the ground’, providing you with a completely hands-off investment. Example 2 If investment in a holiday home is more to your liking, then look at a sea-view villa in Turkey or beach-front apartment in Thailand. Both countries have strong rental markets and are two of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, meaning that you should have no issues renting the property out when it is not in use.

Better weather For many, the lure of owning property in a country which has year-round sunshine is the ultimate aim and, with global travel becoming easier and more affordable, the choice of locations is no longer limited to those countries close to home. Lower cost of living Traditionally, countries in the Mediterranean and Asia were viewed as having a lower cost of living and, as such, attracted a huge amount of investors seeking a rental property or holiday home. Whilst this is still the case in many countries, it is important to remember that our global economy is changing and it is important to thoroughly research the country you are seeking to invest in.



What should I look for?

Points to remember - how can we help?

Location is Key! The potential rental value or attractiveness of a property will always be decided on a number of factors including;

Well versed in overseas property sales, Knight Knox International has been selling overseas’ property investments for many years and our team of specialist property consultants are best placed to assist you in your search.

Accessibility - How far is it from the airport? How easy is it to get to? Distance to local amenities Provision of on-site facilities, like a pool or gymnasium

The Knight Knox team: Can put you in touch with solicitors experienced at dealing in international property law Work with established rental management companies, which will help you in the rental of your new property Has country specialists who have visited the country, so are best-placed to advise you on your investment options

I bought two properties in the USA through Knight Knox. Both properties closed without a hitch and are giving a great yield! Ms N. McEvoy, USA Florida Buyer

Knight Knox Network Who we work with

Knight Knox International is a market-leading provider of investment options and enjoys the exclusive status of ‘Master Sales & Marketing Agent’ for a select number of developers, each with a proven track record of providing high class investments. We pride ourselves on both our in-depth knowledge of UK and Overseas investments and the quality of product we bring to market, ensuring that both Knight Knox International and our partners have access to the best options available at any given time.

Agents Network Our extensive Agents Network is active in all continents and, working with a broad range of both UK and overseas agents allows us to effectively sell and promote our products quickly and efficiently. Focussing heavily on investment sales, our team have forged close links with local experts, allowing the network to successfully expand into the Middle East and Asia, with their on-the-ground support allowing us access to a wealth of local expertise and knowledge. As part of the KKI Agents Network, you will be provided with the tools needed to make the sales process for you and your buyers as simple as possible, offering you white labelled promotional tools, 24/7 assistance and unrivalled after-sales support for your buyers.


Overseas Partners, Introducers and Sub-Agents If you are an overseas sales company or developer who has a quality product or service, we would be interested in speaking with you. We currently work alongside an extensive network of introducers and sub-agents, both in the UK and overseas. This group includes independent financial advisors, investor groups, estate agent and brokers, and is one of the most successful and largest groups in the industry. Our marketing network and support infrastructure generates a huge amount of interest and sales, meaning that working with professional companies is imperative to the success of our business.

Reputation and Expertise

Professional Bodies

Our partners include some of the largest and most successful building companies in the world, as well as smaller, quality firms with the common characteristic of being completely professional and having a portfolio of the best properties available.

In addition to our own offices, Knight Knox International is the overseas property member for the National Homes Network; a professional grouping of over 250 UK estate agents across the country, who refer clients to Knight Knox. Further to this, we also work closely with investor networks, IFA’s and member’s investment clubs.

All of our partner developers build to the highest of standards and building regulations, and we carry out extensive due diligence on a company before working with them and promoting their properties. We are proud that our reputation has remained intact over the years and this includes ‘within the industry’, where we are well regarded and respected, which offers our buyers additional security and peace of mind.

Overseas, we work alongside more than 200 partner companies worldwide. We also work closely with experts in the field of currency, taxation, law, emigration, insurance, banking and mortgages. Knight Knox International is a member of FIABCI, the largest real estate group on the world, who have over 1.5 million members across 60 countries. We are well known and respected within the industry and have the connections and expertise to assist our customers and work effectively with our partners.

I would recommend any companies that have a database in place of potential property investors give the Knight Knox Lead Referral Program a try, as we are more than happy with the partnership we now have in place.


Ms J. Hanson, UK UK Property Agent

Our Services A comprehensive range of services

Viewing Trips We are able to arrange viewing trips to many of the locations we cover; the best way to take your property search further is to visit the country of interest, view some properties and meet with local experts who can answer your questions. Our viewing trips are all no-pressure inspections, and the idea is to simply give you the best help and assistance on the ground, to ensure you are making the right choice.

Property resales We provide an extremely successful ‘For Sale by Owner’ service (FSBO), for owners who wish to sell their property direct to the consumer and vice versa. A hassle-free way of releasing equity from your portfolio, the convenience of using the Knight Knox International site leaves buyers and sellers secure in the knowledge that the sale will go through with ease. By selling/buying your property through the Knight Knox International FSBO service, you will have access to a wealth of marketing expertise and exposure to a far wider audience than you could achieve independently. Tel: +44 (0)161 772 1370 Email:

The Knight Knox ‘For Sale by Owner’ scheme reaches far and wide, providing an amazing web presence, so if there is a serious buyer out there, they will find you! Mrs V. Bishop, Owner of re-sale property in Cyprus


Studentpodshop The popularity of the student accommodation market in the UK has led to the rise of a new property sector, offering assured yields and high occupancy rates at prices much lower than a traditional buy-to-let. Designed purely for investors who either a) want to purchase a student accommodation unit or b) want to sell their existing student accommodation unit, the site acts in the same way as an estate agent; you can view lists of properties in a specific area, see photographs and individual specifications and gather information on the yields that are currently being generated for each pod. Tel: +44 (0)161 772 1390 Website:

Currency exchange Working with some of the best currency brokers in the UK allows us to pass on their favourable rates when transferring money overseas. It is surprising how currency rates can differ and our expert brokerage is likely to save you a considerable amount of money, compared with the high street banks.


Our Services A comprehensive range of services

Finance and mortgages

Legal and taxation

Working in the property industry, we know that it can be difficult to work out how to best finance your particular investment; which is why we have a number of options available for you to consider, including UK-based brokers that can advise on re-mortgages, in addition to overseas lending and mortgage companies, based in the country you are purchasing in.

Whether buying in the UK or overseas, the purchasing of property requires specialist assistance in regards to the legal and tax implications of your acquisition.

Larger funding requirements, such as development or land purchase, tax advice and off-shore banking are all topics we can either advise on in-house, or refer you to an appropriate partner company that will be able to assist you further.

Through our network of professional service providers, we can advise and guide you on any issues that may arise, ensuring your investments are hassle-free and uncomplicated.

Bespoke purchase and investment options We have an on-going selection of more individual property purchases and land investment options, such as self-build villas, land banking and larger investment deals such as development funding and joint ventures.

Referral scheme For satisfied customers who refer friends and family to Knight Knox International, we run a loyalty bonus scheme, paying a thank you commission when someone referred to us buys a property.

A personal service Where possible, we try and meet with as many clients as possible face-to-face, either in our UK Head Office or at one of the many property exhibitions and events we attend around the world. Un-interrupted, personal consultations are a beneficial way of spending

Giving something back It’s not just about making money

Here at Knight Knox International we believe in a reciprocal world and make a conscious effort to ensure that each year, a percentage of our profits go to charitable causes, both here in the UK and overseas. By ensuring that a part of the money we make is given back to society, we are able to achieve something worthwhile and, with a particular focus on supporting children, we are proud to support some extremely worthy causes, which make a real difference to the lives of the children they help. At present our support includes: Children in Need Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity The NSPCC The Philippine Community Fund Barnardo’s Unicef Act!onaid Save the Children The Children’s Society Rainbow Trust Comic Relief As a company, we are extremely committed to both our staff and the wider community and believe that even the smallest of contributions can make a difference. Our beliefs and values shape our company policies and influence our company culture, allowing us to have a positive impact on society.


The Environment As an international company, we have a vested interest in how our activities impact on the environment around us. With a property investment portfolio that spans the globe, we are aware that our carbon footprint is quite large, but we try and offset this as much as possible by: Regularly buying FSC standard paper and stationery supplies Encouraging a ‘paper-free’ office Using recyclable products

Fair Trade Where possible, we buy our coffee, tea and office supplies through companies promoting Fair Trade products. Through the purchase of Fair Trade goods, Knight Knox International is pleased to be contributing towards poverty alleviation and sustainable development.


Working together The next steps. . .

What happens now? The Knight Knox International team is here to help, guide and advise you regarding all aspects of your investment, from your initial enquiry through to completion. Having a clear set of aims in regards to your investment will allow us to provide you with property recommendations which best match your requirements, meaning you are only sent the details of properties which are relevant to you.

Some of the questions which we may ask you Where are you looking to invest? Overseas or in the UK? Are you looking purely for investment, or to buy something which can be used as a holiday home? What is your budget? What timeframe are you looking at working to? Are you looking to purchase now, or in the future? Are you looking for immediate returns or long-term capital gains? Do you have any specific requirements in relation to your investment?

Your guidance and advice has been outstanding and I look forward to doing a lot more business together in the years to come. Mr T. Hannermann, South Africa Thailand Buyer


From holiday homes in Europe, to tenanted condos in the USA and buy-to-let properties in the UK, we are certain to find a solution to your specific investment needs. Why not take a look at our website and browse the full range of properties in our portfolio. Alternatively, watch our comprehensive range of online investment guides, designed to advise and guide you through our most popular investment options.


I am a repeated property investor via Knight Knox International because of its wide international property investment network and its good aftersales service. Mr A. Ho, UK Buyer

Contact us today forall your property investment needs!

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