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This issue: Should I move to Berlin? | The benefits of chartering your own helicopter A guide to skiing in Europe | How to capture a city | Focus on Manchester UK





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I find something particularly exciting about walking around a city with the express purpose of simply seeing what is happening around me, and finding the uniqueness that every city has, no matter which country in the world you are in.

A clash between tradition and modernity, Thailand’s capital is one of the most visited cities in the world. Bangkok embodies madness and energy; it will entice those with an inquisitive nature and a desire for adventure, with relentless contrasts around every corner.

The resorts have recently been hampered by poor snow conditions, and the global economic downturn. On the back of three strong seasons of snow, its time for the slopes to reopen to the masses

Smart businessmen, women and savvy entrepreneurs are finding investing a little more in their daily commute not only provides them with those extra hidden hours to conduct business and get home at a reasonable hour, it can actually boost business and help create a return on investment.


Regular Articles 07 Market Focus : Manchester & Salford

81 UK

105 Thailand

115 Germany

With a long history in international cooperation, the country is an attractive place for investors both foreign and domestic.

Miles of white sandy beaches and lush tropical rainforests make this idyllic paradise an ideal choice for all.

Attracted by a stable property market and strong economy, German real estate is the hottest investment market in Europe.

98 USA

111 Turkey

118 Spain

77 Should I move to Berlin?

From a condo on the Florida Keys to a penthouse apartment in stylish Manhattan, the New World has opened the door to a flood of investment from overseas’ buyers.

The Turkish real estate sector, offering ever-greater opportunities for investors every year, has come to prominence especially in the last decade.

With the outlook improving in the majority of major property markets now is the time to look to invest abroad.

Berlin, once a city split by war and differing political agendas, today has shaken off much of this history and is fast becoming a population magnet for the young and creative.



The UK’s third largest urban economy, Manchester has an illustrious history as a city that has truly shaped the modern world.



This issue: Should I move to Berlin? | The benefits of chartering your own helicopter A guide to skiing in Europe | How to capture a city | Focus on Manchester UK



EDITOR’S NOTE It is important to stay grounded; the market maybe on the up but it’s still a frail creature. It wasn’t so long ago we were looking to our property portfolios for some kind of financial lifeline, only to find that no one could buy at an acceptable price. We’ve weathered the storm and now is the time to start investing your hard earned capital. The question is where? Something you should have a look at, and will become a staple feature of each issue to come, is “World Market View”. We take a look at the recovery in key markets around the world and how they are performing in the current climate. If the Manchester market is something you’ve yet to observe, we have an extended feature on the promising investment opportunities in the city, particularly as demand continues to outstrip supply. |


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On the opposite end of spectrum, Berlin is a city whose supply far exceeds its demand. We look at the large influx of young creative people moving to Berlin and try to answer the question - should you move there? Spring is a popular time to visit Thailand, so it seemed fitting for this part of the world to be one of our main features. We take an in-depth look at the must-visit locations across the Land of Smiles, and we end with an interview with CBRE, an organisation renowned for its global insights into the property industry, as they outline the strongest locations for Thai investment in 2014. So there it is, a brief snapshot of the intricacies of property investment. With so much happening in the global property markets, investors could be forgiven for feeling slightly overwhelmed with the new wave of opportunities. Hopefully you will find sanctuary in this second issue of Global Property Scene; we’re here for the long haul too.

Editor-in-chief Michael Smith |


BuyAssociation has teamed up with the Foreign & Commonwealth Office and their Know Before You Go campaign to produce an online film packed with essential tips for buying property overseas. Hear from experts about the best things to do when buying overseas property, and get tips from people who have done it themselves. The video is free to view – visit to watch now!

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MARKET IN FOCUS Manchester & Salford: A Tale of Two Cities

Words : Samantha Jones | View : Alastair Wallace

The North West of England is considered one of the strongest regions in the UK for property investment; rents have increased by 6.6 per cent since 2002 - the highest increase in the country and a significant achievement when you take into consideration the so-called North-South divide that is bandied about almost daily in the national press. Of the five major counties which make up the North West, Greater Manchester is the largest. Consisting of the metropolitan boroughs of Bolton, Bury, Oldham, Rochdale, Stockport, Tameside, Trafford and Wigan, it also contains the two historic cities of Manchester and Salford, located on opposing sides of the River Irwell. As would suggest by their city status, the larger portion of Greater Manchester’s population is concentrated in Manchester and Salford. Famous for its music venues, shopping, architecture and Premiership football clubs, the eclectic social scene in Manchester and its surrounding areas has enabled the city centre to become one of the most sought-after addresses in the country. A combination of soaring petrol costs, an influx of international students and the arrival of the BBC in Salford Quays has increased the trend for city centre living, placing enormous pressure on the housing markets in both cities.

After experiencing a sharp decline in construction since the property market crashed in 2007, the two cities have to now manage a major imbalance between the demand from a soaring population and the number of properties available to buy and rent in the area. Whilst construction has gained some momentum over the past 18 months, both cities continue to experience a shortage of stock. This imbalance is driving property prices up, resulting in an increasing number of people turning to the rental market which is, in turn, causing fierce competition amongst landlords and a lucrative avenue for investors, who are looking to diversify or expand their portfolios. Manchester The UK’s third largest urban economy, Manchester has an illustrious history as a city that has truly shaped the modern world. Proud to bear the title of the world’s first industrialised city, it is also the home of the world’s first railway station, Britain’s first public library and where scientists first split the atom. The city has changed dramatically over the past 160 years; after being |


awarded city status in 1853, Manchester continued to be known as an industrious place to live and work, particularly with the building of the Manchester Ship Canal in 1894, which effectively turned Manchester into an inland port. Fast forward 45 years and the toll of the Second World War, plus a move away from textiles and manufacturing, saw a fall in the economic fortunes of the area, a trend which continued until the late 90’s when, in the aftermath of the IRA bomb, the city re-built itself into the economic powerhouse it is today. Home to over half a million people, Manchester is a city whose population has out-grown its current housing supply and is in desperate need of new stock, paving the way for a raft of new investment as the construction industry begins to pick up pace. Currently the top area in Britain (outside of London) for new constructions orders - more than £1.2billion worth of new orders were won by contractors in the period July to December 2013, the highest amount since 2009, indicating a level of confidence in the market not seen since before the 2007 property crash. Salford The proud new home of the BBC, Salford started as a small village on the banks of the River Irwell, which grew to prominence during the industrial revolution as a result of its rich textile industry. Whilst the industrial age allowed the population of the city to boom, the rapid influx of people led



to high levels of poverty which, after the introduction of aggressive means testing by the government, meant the city gained a certain level of notoriety in 1931 during the ‘Battle of Bexley Square’, when 10,000 unemployed people marched on the Town Hall. This resilience and determination is something that the city has carried through to the present day. Since gaining city status in 1926, Salford has flourished into a thriving urban metropolis that is currently in the thrall of an ambitious regeneration program costing over £1bn. Salford Central and the Chapel Street Corridor are both major projects which are destined to create new homes, offices and retail opportunities in the city, in addition to the Port Salford scheme – a new inland port combining road, rail and sea (which is the first of its kind in Britain), creating more than 3,000 jobs in the local area. Previously overshadowed by its neighbour across the water, the City of Salford is fast becoming the destination of choice for new businesses, commercial enterprises and residents; its creative and media sector has contributed more than £1bn to the local economy since 2006 and MediaCityUK is a prime example of how targeted investment can influence a surrounding area. Since the arrival of the BBC in 2011, Salford has experienced a phenomenal property boom, with the average house price rising four times faster than the national average. This increase has led to an explosion of buy-to-let activity within the city, as investors compete for stock.

Beetham Tower, Manchester

Manchester Fact File • Occupancy in the city centre recorded at 96 per cent in 2012 • Manchester house prices set to grow by 4.5 per cent over the next five years (Jones Lang LaSalle) • HSBC identified Manchester as being in the ‘Top 4 Buy-to-Let Hotspots’ in the country, showing an average rental yield of 7.6 per cent • Manchester recorded as being the ‘third most visited city in the UK’ in 2013 • 65 per cent of the FTSE 100 companies are based in Manchester • Manchester is the top performer in the Deloitte UK Cities Crane Survey (963 residential units and 1,246 student bed spaces under construction) • Development is underway for a £650million World Logistics Hub at Manchester’s Airport City Enterprise Zone. The scheme will create over 1,600 jobs and will include, upon completion, one million square feet of; logistics and industrial space, offices, advanced manufacturing, hotels and retail. |


Media City, Salford Quays



Salford Fact File • Average house prices in Salford rose 6.8% in 2013, the largest increase in any city outside of London • £400m scheme approved to regenerate the South East of the city • £650m regeneration project on Chapel Street corridor, leading directly into Manchester City Centre • £138m Port Salford regeneration project underway

OVERVIEW Manchester Population

All figures are correct at the time of print


Salford 234,500

Number of homes for sale



Average house price



Average time on market

287 days

309 days

Number of homes for rent



Average rent




University of Manchester Manchester Metropolitan University Royal Northern College of Music

University of Salford

Student population

75,095 (combined total)

21,755 |


the majority of its lines now in operation, the final stage, which has been confirmed for funding, will be the Manchester Airport extension and is Although both have been granted city status in their own right, Manchester due to be completed in 2016 at which point, a phenomenal £1.5billion will have been spent on the programme. Further expansion plans include and Salford are more than just mere neighbours. For many, particularly outside of the region, it is difficult to tell where one city begins and the other lines to Trafford Park, the Trafford Centre, Salford Stadium and Port Salford, although funding is yet to be secured for this part of the project. starts. In the absence of its own centre, the people of Salford will refer to Manchester city centre as their go-to destination of choice for shopping, The expansion, alongside other transport projects, is expected to create restaurants and bars. Indeed, some Salford residents live closer to 21,000 jobs, adding £1.3billion of output to the local economy each year Manchester city centre than those in its surrounding suburbs. and linking together all areas of the county. This increased connectivity is anticipated to be a boon to homeowners, with Estate Agent Nationwide As the traditional borders become blurred over time, investment appears reporting that tenants and buyers are willing to pay a significant premium to have become focussed on the wider area, not simply concentrated on those areas deemed to be in Manchester, as has been the case in the past. for the convenience of living near a Metrolink stop. Homeowners should Whilst traditionally not as ‘famous’ as its larger neighbour, Salford has made therefore expect to see a rise in the value of their properties, once the headlines of late over its phenomenal growth in such a short space of time. network has been completed. MediaCityUK and Salford Quays are the integration point between the two Moving Forward! cities, with many city centre workers choosing to live there due to the extensive public transport network that connects the two cities. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) revealed that more than 5 per cent The main mode of public transport within the county is the Metrolink system. of construction orders in Britain in the final two quarters of 2012 were for new building projects in the Greater Manchester area, which suggests that An ambitious but necessary investment programme, when it is completed, order values have recovered at least to the levels seen between July Greater Manchester will have the largest tram network in the UK. With So what does the future have in store for these two great cities?



2009 and December 2011, where they hovered around the ÂŁ1billion mark. As the level of construction activity in Manchester and Salford continues to build, so do the opportunities for buy-to-let investors to snap up property in prime sites, particularly in the city centre and commuter zones, which will yield strong returns for years to come. Areas to look out for: Salford Quays, Salford: The arrival of the BBC, in addition with the tram extension connecting residents to the rest of Greater Manchester, has caused property prices in the area to boom. Local attractions like Old Trafford, the Lowry Theatre and the Imperial War Museum are also a major draw for the area, allowing for a pleasant place to work and live. Investment in the area continues to grow, with the ITV site at MediaCityUK expanding and new restaurants and cafes opening up at a rapid pace, to the delight of local residents and office workers. Wythenshawe, Manchester: Located immediately next to the airport, this area of South Manchester has been given the go-ahead for a multi-million pound regeneration plan including; the new Airport City Project, the location of which will be an easy commute for residents, a re-vamp of Northenden Riverside Park and village and a Wythenshawe town centre

master plan, which will see new retail and office developments, refurbishment of the multi-story car park and a new superstore. Pendleton, Salford: Situated in the North East of the city, Pendleton is currently undergoing a ÂŁ650million mass regeneration project which will include; the re-modernisation of 1,250 homes, 1,600 new homes, a re-invigorated park and new green spaces, sports pitches and cycle routes, 500 jobs, 2,000 work experience opportunities, a co-operative and a new theatre square. This complete transformation is intended to re-vamp the area and create an inclusive, community spirit in this once thriving area. Withington, Manchester: Straddled between the trendy areas of Chorlton and Didsbury, there are a multitude of bars, independent shops and eateries springing up around the already established centre of Burton Road. House prices have steadily starting climbing to match those in the surrounding suburbs, although there is still a bargain or two to be had, and the addition of the tram line is certain to bring an influx of visitors to the area, as they are now connected to the city centre and surrounding areas. |


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PROPERTY AS A PENSION Is it time for us all to abandon traditional pension pots?

Words : Grace Price-Salisbury | View : Shove Media

Britons are abandoning pensions in record numbers as pension saving has fallen to its lowest level for a decade. With stock markets exposing investors to stomach-churning instability, low returns on most asset classes and a steady drop in annuity rates, it is perhaps no surprise that fewer people are saving in pensions. Residential property valuations may have been struggling since the financial crisis, but, despite this, buy-to-let has still managed to perform better than many other asset classes over the past 10 years. Look back to the middle of the last decade, before buy-to-let became a contributing factor in bringing the economy to a standstill, and it appeared everyone was structuring their retirement around bricks and mortar. The economic crisis may have brought buy-to-let to a near deadlock between 2008 and 2009, but forecasts show that it is starting to make a steady comeback. For those with money to invest, it is easy to see why. According to lender Paragon, rising rents have seen yields on buy-to-let properties jump significantly. Growth in house prices and lucrative buy-to-let yields are making this an attractive option for many, especially because trifling annuity rates and disproportionate charges continue to dent the chances of receiving an adequate income from pensions.

An exclusive poll of 1,500 people by market research company Consumer Intelligence, for The Observer, uncovered that one in three people are relying on property to facilitate an income in retirement. The poll also revealed that a third of people said they plan to receive retirement income from one or more buy-to-let properties, and more than half have said they would sell their own home and use the money as a source of income when they retire. It comes as no shock that an increasing number of people are rejecting pensions in support of property. Potential income from company and private pension schemes are tentative as they depend on how investments perform. Additionally, on retirement, most people then have to use their pension savings to buy an annuity to provide an income for life. However, because of the increasing permanence and low yields on gilts, these are often of low value. The Annuity Bureau has found that the value of annuities has been progressively declining. In October 2003 a 65-year-old with a pension fund of £50,000 could have bought an annuity with a five-year guarantee of around £3,575 a year. However, a decade later the same fund would buy an income 14.7per cent lower, at £3,050 a year. In spite of the introduction of the government’s scheme to enrol people into workplace pensions automatically, experts say minimum contribution levels won’t provide for a comfortable retirement. |


However, the outlook on property is somewhat more optimistic. Property data company IPD has said that over the decade to the end of 2012, property has provided an annualised return of 11.2 per cent, compared to 5.1 per cent from equities and 7.6 per cent from bonds. The most lucrative is the buy-to-let market. LSL Property Services’ latest BTL index has revealed that buy-to-let investors are raking in profits, which isn’t surprising considering monthly rents in England and Wales reached a record high of £757 last September. Simultaneously, the number of new tenancies across England and Wales in September increased by 9.2 per cent compared to the same time last year. Furthermore, research from buy-to-let lender Paragon found that the average rental yield for buy-to-let landlords from June to September last year was 6.4 per cent. UK city centres, such as Manchester and Liverpool, are progressively becoming the prime destination for tenants looking to escape the high premiums that are an unavoidable feature of renting in the capital, in addition to the desirability of locations with first-rate transport links. London buyers need to provide larger cash deposits than anywhere else in the country. This combined with an increase in rents in many regions of the UK provides a strong indication as to why properties in cities like Manchester and Liverpool are a much more lucrative investment for landlords,



especially over the long-term, offering further benefit to those wanting to invest in their retirement. House prices across the UK have nearly trebled over the past 60 years, increasing by an average of 186 per cent in real terms. A study by the Halifax into the UK housing market over the past 50 years found that house prices recorded their biggest increase in the last decade, with a real rise of 62 per cent during the 2000s. As a result, home ownership has more than doubled over the past 60 years from 32 per cent of all households in England in 1953 to 66 per cent in 2010-11. The introduction of the Right to Buy scheme in the 1980s was a key driver of the rise, helping to lift owner-occupation from 57 per cent in 1981 to 68 per cent in 1991. Additionally, over the past decade the size of the private rented sector has increased; rising from 10 per cent in 2001 to 17 per cent in 2010-11. Looking at house prices in more recent years, Nationwide and Halifax have seen a surge in annual inflation in current months and the lagging Land Registry and ONS indices also show prices picking up. London and the South East are driving prices much higher and tilting these headline figures, but prices are now increasing across the country.


Annual percentage change in house prices

Forecast for regional house prices for the next 5 years

Source: Nationwide







5yrs to end 2018















South East








South West







East of England








East Midlands







West Midlands







North East







North West







Yorks & Humber





















6.0% 4.0%
















Source: Savills Research |


Estate agent Savills has issued its prediction for house prices for the next five years and it predicts that house prices will rise by 25 per cent over five years across Britain. However, it adds that some areas will surpass that, including London, which is also tipped to rise 25 per cent over this period. The South East and East of England are expected to rise by 31 per cent, while the West will rise 29 per cent. Prices will rise close to the average in the Midlands and at about 20 per cent across the North, Wales and Scotland, all of which is good news for anyone considering using their property as their pension. One of the advantages of the rapid inflation in property prices since the early 1980s is that it paid off a generation’s mortgages. Anyone who bought a home in the 1980s to early 1990s, and then held on through double-digit interest rates and the 1990s crash, have surfaced with properties that have escalated to be worth five to ten times their mortgage. According to Halifax, the average UK property cost £30,898 in 1983 and £198,500 in September 2007, demonstrating an increase of 542 per cent. For a similar effect to be delivered to a modern day homebuyer, the cost of the average property would stand at £832,097 in 2035. When looking at wages in the 1980s, the average, according to the Office of National Statistics, was £7,700. However, today the average wage is £24,900, an increase of 223 per cent. Therefore, if both property and salary inflation continue at the same long-term rate, the average wage by 2031



will be £80,500 and the home will cost 10.3 times more. This shows further promise to people from the younger generation who may be considering investing in property to fund their retirement. Whilst property values do fluctuate, the long-term outlooks for capital growth are unquestionable. During the economic downturn, property values fell by as much as 25 per cent, and although some signs of growth have since become apparent, it will obviously take some time for the market to recover fully. However, as a long-term investment; UK property has outperformed other asset classes with a lot less volatility and should be considered as an asset. For example, one advantage of property investing is that you can buy an asset worth £150,000 with a 25 per cent deposit and borrow the rest. If the value increases by 3 per cent a year, your returns can potentially quadruple. The figures released by Halifax show that house prices have increased at almost double the rate of inflation over the past year. For those who have been receiving disappointing pension forecasts, not to mention those who don’t have any old-age savings, house price growth offers optimism. More and more homeowners are expecting their properties to play a crucial role in funding their retirement and anyone who has cleared their mortgage by the age of 65 is likely to be in possession of an asset worth several hundred thousand pounds.

HOW TO CAPTURE A CITY Every city has a unique angle, the question is how do you find it? Interview with Callum Whiteley, videographer and photographer, Skewiff.Co Words : Samantha Jones | View : Callum Whiteley

> How long have you been a photographer?

> If you could recommend a piece of equipment, what would it be?

I completed a photography course at college and then went on to study Animation at the University of Lincoln. I’ve been working in the industry since leaving in 2007.

A glide cam is my absolutely essential piece of equipment that travels everywhere with me. It’s a stabilisation kit which you can use when you are running, walking, panning – they are great for eliminating camera shake, which is the most common problem with DSLR video.

> What first attracted you to this industry? How did you get into it in the first place? I had always been interested in photography, but I always longed to make my images move and be more captivating, which led to a fascination with animation as it allows for so many variations on a concept. The video element naturally followed this and it led to me realising that I could earn a living from something I was passionate about. Photography and video came hand-in-hand from using the same equipment - easily transferrable in numerous industries. I was always interested in the moving image, rather than stills, so it was a natural progression. > What is your camera of choice? I personally always use Canon and currently use a 5D MKiii, which is perfect for both stills and HD videos. 20


I also always carry a GoPro 3 camera, they are perfect for shooting time-lapse and HD video and they’re very forgiving if they take a fall. This allows for mounting them in places I would never stick my Canon. I always have one in the bottom of my bag as a second camera. > What do you look for when filming a city? Urban landscapes have always been of interest to me; as we were given many briefs at college and it has become a favourite pastime, to take the time to walk round a city and truly appreciate the architecture and uniqueness they offer. I find something particularly exciting about walking around a city with the express purpose of simply seeing what is happening around me, and finding the uniqueness that every city has, no matter which country in the world you are in. When a client comes along with a particular brief for urban landscapes,

Florida, USA |




Castlefield, UK |


then it always interests me as I like to compare different cities and see how they differ, in regards to architecture and layout etc.

not ideal. Plus, footage cannot be edited, so a bad weather day will make any footage look gloomy and unusable.

> Are there any specific angles you look to shoot, or is there always a main focal point?

Obviously this is all in an ideal world, but it will generally depend on the client and the deadlines and budget they impose on a project. I would always suggest waiting for a clear day though, as inconsistencies due to inclement weather, on both footage and stills are the bane of any photographer.

Not particularly, but urban landscapes are particularly fun to shoot as there are lots of weird angles and perspectives to get / vantage points that you can use, which can make the same image look completely different. Reflections are always interesting, especially when shooting time lapse, as so many elements can be captured in one sequence. I always try and find the best elevated areas to shoot from, to really appreciate the scale and shapes of the city. Urban landscapes also welcome wide-angle shots, as inner cities are quite compact. Panoramic shots, stitched together later in Photoshop, are always essential to capture the most from each shoot.

> How much editing goes into the process afterwards? This varies greatly depending on the project; for example, if I take 300 photographs, I would keep all of the panoramic images to stitch them together, but then choose around 30-40% of the rest of the stills, spending approx. 5-10 minutes editing time on each (sharpen, crop, adjust colour and tone). > Which do you prefer, photography or film?

> How long does a typical shoot take? It can take all day if the weather is good. If it is warm enough and bright enough, then I can spend all day shooting – the more images and footage you can take the better.

I’ll always prefer video and animation to stills, purely because it is so versatile and you really get a sense of what is happening and have the ability to truly engage with the end user. I take great pride in watching an audience’s reaction and seeing how different viewers interpret a finished piece.

> Are weather conditions a major factor? They are a huge factor; particularly as clients always want the best possible images, which invariably involve clear blue skies etc. I would always rather wait for a clear day, than have to heavily edit stills, which is



Stills are great as you obviously have more potential to edit and create the image that you want, but with video, there is more chance to tell a story through something that is more encapsulating for the viewer as you have created something that is going to draw them in.

> Based on how much footage you film, how much is actually used after the editing process? The same as photography, about 30-40% in the finished edit. It is always better to come away with more than you need, just so that if you do need any gaps filling after the editing process, then you have extra footage to call upon.

involved, to get started anyway, are not that steep, particularly when you consider the results. I already had a sports camera, I just needed something to strap it to; it seemed easy enough but it has been a huge learning curve and it took me a couple of months before I could get stable footage that was anywhere near usable. > How much did your drone cost?

£500 for the basic set-up kit, but the next stage up is a few thousand pounds, so there is a noticeable difference in cost for the next level. The Manchester has always held a special place for me as it has retained much range on mine is around 1 ½ km radius, but the more advanced models are capable of going for miles, particularly the ones that involve first-person of its original architecture, which sits comfortably alongside the newer view goggles to track the drone over longer distances. buildings that have sprung up over the decades. > Which is your favourite city?

London is also a great place to shoot, but harder to navigate due to the amount of traffic and people; if you need to re-shoot anything, it can be impossible to re-create a sequence at times, due to the sheer volume of people around. > Technology has obviously moved on since you started out, and you have recently bought a drone in order to add another dimension to your work. Can you explain what the drone is and what made you want to buy it? It’s essentially a GPS enabled aerial-vehicle, capable of carrying a camera. I had seen incredible footage captured for a relatively low-budget and so the urge to capture similar footage myself, mixed with the desire for a radio-controlled craft (toy) of my own, resulted in purchasing a set-up last year. The range of shots the drone is capable of are endless and the costs

> What are the advantages of using a drone? There are endless possibilities with the drone as it is extremely versatile. With a stable flight and perfect weather conditions, you can emulate all different types of camera equipment. > So what can we look out for in the future from Skewiff? I always strive to combine my passions for both music and videography, so I’m always looking for the next interesting music-based project. The summer sees me at festivals, hopping from one to another, each weekend documenting the manic few days people endure for the love of music. I’m always shooting cities and landscapes, for personal or commercial gain, as these are constantly evolving and changing, as are my ideas and equipment. Website : |


A GUIDE TO THAILAND Welcome to the land of smiles The Kingdom of Thailand is an intoxicating mix of contradictions, GPS thought it was time to walk you through Words : Grace Price-Salisbury | View : Dudarev Mikhail, Nuttapol Noprujikul, Borirak, apiguide, Jackiso

CHIANG MAI Chiang Mai is Thailand’s principal Northern city and the second largest metropolis, next to Bangkok. A collection of exciting outdoor activities, a rich culture, amazing food and a sweeping laid-back approach, makes Chiang Mai one of the most appealing cities in the country. The city is one of the few places in Thailand where it is possible to experience both historical and modern Thai culture co-existing side by side. Chiang Mai contains century-old temples next to modern convenience stores and boutique hotels. This contrast is most valued within the moat-encircled old city, which preserves most of the fortified wall that once guarded the city centre, in addition to the four main gates that provided access to the former capital - Lanna.

Most famous for its khao soi (a type of noodle soup), Chiang Mai delivers traditional Thai cuisine at both street and market level. Most hotels and guesthouses feature menus that include both Thai and foreign dishes. However, Chiang Mai also features many foods that are part of its own distinctive cuisine, including both those handed down over the generations from the Lanna kingdom, and those influenced by its neighbours, particularly Myanmar (Burma). Chiang Mai specialties include spicy sausage and the ultimate in northern cuisine, a khan toke dinner. Khan toke dinners usually consist of several small dishes and are eaten on a small round table, usually in front of a traditional dancing show.

If you’re looking for something different to do then why not get a massage at the Women’s Correctional Institute. Although this may seem like an unusual option, it is a great choice for three reasons: price, skill and Chiang Mai is famed for a number of striking Buddhist temples and royal palaces. Within the Old City alone there are over 30 temples, the two most supporting a lower recidivism rate in Thailand. Billed as a way to famous being Wat Phra Singh and Wat Chedi Luang. The holiest temple rehabilitate those that are imprisoned, Chiang Mai Women’s Correctional Institution offers massages from inmates who are set to be released. of the area, Wat Doi Suthep, is positioned on a hill-top overlooking the Additionally, all the money that they receive goes to building a better life city. The city’s temples and Lanna architecture are so popular that one of Chiang Mai’s most luxurious hotels--with some controversy-- modelled when they are released. itself on one. The city is also home to some great museums. The long-running National Museum sits outside the centre of town and a museum district is being developed within the heart of the old city. It could also be said that Chiang Mai itself is a living museum, boasting sleepy backstreets lined with historical buildings. Not to mention the vast array of markets to be explored. Birthplace of the prestigious Chiang Mai University, the city has a cosmopolitan air about it compared to other Northern Thai provinces. The nightlife is vibrant and, in addition to this, is accompanied by some of the finest restaurants in Northern Thailand.



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BANGKOK A clash between tradition and modernity, Thailand’s capital is one of the most visited cities in the world. Bangkok embodies madness and energy; it will entice those with an inquisitive nature and a desire for adventure and with relentless contrasts around every corner, it is most definitely one of a kind. Crammed with exotic sights, bustling markets, historic temples, art-deco hotels and fast-food stalls on every corner it’s no surprise there are people everywhere. Bangkok is notorious for its concrete canyons and innovative, billboard-covered skyscrapers, yet just a few steps away from the main roads into one of the city’s countless alleys, traditional Thai culture is everywhere. Beneath the shadow of the skyscrapers you’ll find a jarring mix of bedlam and sophistication, of chaotic markets, snail’s-pace traffic jams and tranquil golden temples. One of the great things about the city is that you don’t need to travel far to find the trappings of modern civilisation giving way to Bangkok’s historical gems and traditional culture and heritage. A visit to the district of Ratanoksin and The Grand Palace, termed as the ‘heart and soul’ of Thailand, is a must. Surrounded by an abundance of extravagant royal temples and magnificent palaces, visitors are left in awe of its stunning architecture. The Emerald Buddha is located here, in addition to one of the greatest temple complexes in the city, Wat Pho, containing Thailand’s largest remaining Buddha. The district of Banglamphu is a magnet for backpackers. Home to Khao San Road, it is jam-packed with restaurants, guesthouses and noisy sound systems. Within walking distance of the Grand Palace, a number of attractive temples can also be found here. Packed with market stalls, street-side restaurants and an impenetrable concentration of gold shops, Chinatown is an experience not to be

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missed. The haggling can be fierce but the bargains are unbelievable. It is the venue of the annual Vegetarian Festival and more fantastic food can be found here than almost anywhere else. Downtown Bangkok, the main financial district, occupies the green escape of Lumphini Park and the infamous Jim Thompson’s House. The renowned Patpong night market offers everything from t-shirts to watches and is surrounded by bustling nightlife. If there’s one thing Bangkok will not disappoint, it’s your taste buds. From vibrant street food stalls to five star restaurants, Bangkok offers a unique culinary venture with something for everyone. Not to be missed, their fragrant jasmine rice or for an exotic kick, try fried cockroaches and caterpillars in the night markets. You can even have authentic Pad Thai cooked right before your eyes. Whatever your pleasure may be, dining and drinking is sure to be one of the highlights of any Bangkok trip. Bangkok even has something for the football fans with, wait for it, the David Beckham Temple. Yes indeed, a Buddhist temple has incorporated a golden structure of the famous player into the otherwise Buddha filled interior. The statuette is only 30cm high and the haircut on the carving is quite different to the one we know. However, you can clearly read ‘Sharp’, the team’s previous sponsor, on the T-shirt.

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KOH PHANGAN Blessed with some of Thailand’s most stunning beaches, Koh Phangan is the perfect destination for those looking to party, relax, or participate in wellness programs -- such as yoga -- at one of the many spas. Koh Phangan is a sizeable island off the east coast of Surat Thani province in the Gulf of Thailand. Most famed for its monthly full moon party, Koh Phangan contains some of the most spectacular beaches in Thailand, most of which are still only fairly developed, allowing visitors easy access to either a wild beach party or a peaceful beach holiday. Once the sole territory of backpackers who wished to escape the more commercially developed Koh Samui, Koh Phangan now boasts resorts that tailor to all travellers, from families to honeymooners. However, there are still a number of resorts that personify the hippie spirit of Koh Phangan’s “founders” and appeal to numerous budget backpackers looking to get away from it all.

Sea kayaking is one of the best ways to explore Koh Phangan’s magnificent beaches and islands. A kayak can be hired for an hour of leisurely paddling around the beaches or for a day trip to explore the multitude of islands. A cultural highlight is Wat Khao Noi, the oldest temple on the island. Its well-constructed stone spires make a perfect photo opportunity. Another is Wat Paa Sang Tham. Being the centre of worship for the island’s Chinese Buddhists, it features different designs than is deemed typically Thai – displaying golden statuettes of dragons, red coloured beams, and orange-tiled roofs. With regard to the island’s natural assets, a good thing to do is head inland to Than Sadet-Koh Phangan National Park to see several spectacular waterfalls.

One common denominator that runs throughout the island is its atmospheric restaurants. Beachside restaurants serve local, Italian and Mexican cuisine. Fresh seafood, healthy vegetable dishes and fast food The Full Moon Party is a vital stop for many travellers. Christened as the ‘world’s biggest beach party’, it attracts thousands of people for its all-night are typically found, and Thongsala’s daily food market is the place to go raves on Hat Rin Nok. The main action takes place in front of the Paradise for genuine Thai food, while also enjoying a great cultural experience. Resort. However, all the major beach bars have DJs playing a range of music to cater to a wide range of people. December and January have the Something slightly unusual to do is to visit the Grandfather and Grandmother rocks. The rocks are well known for resembling the male biggest nights; guesthouses charge highest prices, and some take only four-night minimum bookings. It is probably not the best idea to stay in Hat and female genitalia, thus being known as Grandpa (Ta) and Grandma (Yai), respectively. Set on the rocky southern coastline of Koh Samui, these Rin Nok if you intend to sleep. unusual yet fascinating rocks are one of the most popular spots on the island. Hat Rin’s original appeal was that it featured two beaches within easy walking distance of one another, with astonishing sunrise and sunset views. Hat Rin Nok is the wider, more popular bay, and is the main nightlife Budget or Blowout? spot. However, there is much more to do on this stunning island than just party, swim and lounge in the sun. Baan-Talay Guesthouse: From £18.53pp for a double private room with private bathroom Koh Phangan is packed with outdoor adventure. Vibrant coral reefs skirt the north-west coast of the island, accompanying a flamboyant underwater Anantara Rasananda Koh Phangan Villa Resort & Spa: world making it an excellent place to snorkel and one of the cheapest and From £347 for an Ocean Pool Suite, based on 2 people sharing least-crowded places to dive in Thailand.



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KOH SAMUI Beautiful beaches, easily accessible and offering a range of activities, it’s no surprise Koh Samui is the premier island destination in the Gulf of Thailand. It is the third largest island in Thailand and the largest in an enclave of more than eighty islands that includes the Ang Thong National Marine Park and a kayaking paradise. The original backpackers’ island bliss has seen an abundance of change over the past decade. Rambling developments, western supermarkets and English-style pubs are just some of them. However, the best thing about it all is that none of the buildings are, by law, taller than a palm tree, and the white-sandy beaches are as unspoiled and pleasing as ever. If you are looking to combine Thailand’s timeless island scenery with some of the comforts and distractions of home, then it’s a pretty good choice. With regard to beaches, you’re spoilt for choice. Hat Chaweng is the most popular, mainly due to the fact that it’s also the nightlife hot spot. The 7km long beach is popular with surfers and is lined with everything from sophisticated bars to budget cafes and shops. The second most popular is Hat Lamai, which is in the south. Despite being quieter, Lamai still offers plenty of accommodation, shopping and dining options. For more peace and quiet, head to Maenam where many of its resorts are located at the end of long sprawling pathways, affording a degree of privacy on a different level to elsewhere. The one major sight to note in Koh Samui is the Big Buddha on the north coast. Probably Samui’s most well-known landmark, the 12 metre high golden Buddha can be seen from several kilometres away. Inside the surrounding temple are many different shrines and other smaller ornate Buddha. There is also a small market selling a wide range of lucky charms and other souvenirs, alongside numerous food stalls. For something more active, the almost mystical beauty of the Ang Thong National Marine Park, which encompasses many of the eighty islands in the Samui archipelago, is not to be missed. Otherwise, a day-trip by rented car or motorbike on the 50km round-island road will introduce you to plenty more fine beaches. Day trips are possible to neighbouring smaller islands, Koh Phangan and Koh Tao. Koh Tao is renowned for its impressive dive sites which have quirky rock and coral formations teeming with the resident turtles, whale sharks and stunning reef fish which call the island their home. Almost every taste is catered for on the island. You’ll find cheap and delicious Thai food sat alongside international establishments such as McDonalds and KFC. The Thais also enjoy Premiership football, meaning English and Irish pubs are aplenty. For something a bit different, the snake farm is a thrilling spectacle where visitors get a rare and up-close look at many of the terrifying reptiles. The Samui snake farm features daily shows, containing a variety of snakes such as king cobras and giant pythons. There is also a reptile zoo where the braver visitors can handle some snakes. Thailand is home to 170 varieties of snake, 50 of which are venomous, so there’s definitely no shortage of fascinating and fearsome creatures to help you face your fears.

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KRABI An exquisite coastline, serene islands and a tropical jungle are just a few of the natural fineries of the southern Thai province, Krabi. Settled along the river Krabi, a short ride from the Andaman coast, the city is far less populated than nearby Phuket. However, Krabi still offers stunning beaches and scenic landscapes, just in a much more peaceful setting. Perfect for a couples getaway or family holiday, it is an ideal choice for those seeking great resort amenities in a tranquil setting. With attractions including a wildlife sanctuary, hot springs, sea caves, flourishing coral reefs, exotic marine life and national parks, that include the island paradises of Koh Phi Phi and Koh Lanta, it would be easy to spend weeks in Krabi and leave with the desire for more. Krabi is home to three major beach areas - Ao Nang, Had Yao and Rai Leh. All offer something different and are relatively close to one another. The most popular is Ao Nang, offering hotels and resorts for every budget. Most visitors stay here because the town of Krabi actually lies slightly further inland and is considered by most tourists to be too far from the water. Ao Nang is a tranquil spot, not nearly as crowded or rowdy as some of Thailand’s other beach resorts. Visitors can enjoy traditional Thai massages or western spa treatments outdoors and there is even an opportunity to indulge in a little shopping. Meanwhile, with all the tourists spread out among various beaches and islands, life continues in Krabi Town - the somewhat sleepy provincial capital. Few tourists spend time in the charming riverside town, whose hilly streets contain a number of cafes and inexpensive and authentic Thai cuisine which is frequently served at an outdoor, riverside evening market. A favourite with tourists is Krabi Province due to its abundance of natural attractions including white sandy beaches and over 130 islands, including Koh Lanta and the jewels of the Andaman coast – the six islands of Mu Koh Phi Phi National Park. Each one of Krabi’s major beaches offers a wide selection of restaurants and cafes. Although there are many British and European restaurants, there are also several places serving authentic Thai food. Due to its location in Southern Thailand, Krabi offers a number of dishes local to the south including green curry and Gaeng som --sour curry soup-- combined with fresh seafood. Local food in Krabi differs from the cuisine typical in Bangkok because more herbs and spices are used to establish stronger flavours. Southern dishes also contain more seafood -- such as crab and prawns -- while further inland, freshwater fish is more common. Krabi’s princess cave is a somewhat unusual attraction. The cave, located on the east side is famed, not just for its magnificent pillars and stalagmites, but for its bizarre collection of carved phallic symbols and offerings. Since ancient times, Phra Nang (Princess) Cave has been the place where fishermen have made offerings to the symbolic Phallus of Shiva before going out to sea. They believe their offerings will bring them success in their fishing and protect them from danger.



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PHUKET Surrounded by the Andaman Sea, Phuket is referred to by some as ‘Paradise Island.” It is Thailand’s largest island, with a curvaceous coastline of wide sandy beaches, laced between salient peninsulas, rugged rock formations and magnificent palm trees which make for a stunning landscape. Despite being one of Thailand’s most popular destinations, it is easy to avoid the tourist traps. Phuket Island has a rich cultural history, particularly in Phuket town. Alongside the incredible beaches, hills and verdant jungle, Phuket is a water lover’s dream. There is an array of water activities including scuba diving, yachting and water-skiing to name a few. Other attractions include the Phuket Aquarium, the Khao Phra Thaeo National Park and five golf courses, comprising of the prestigious Blue Canyon Country Club. The Island is the perfect base from which to discover the Andaman region. Many boats depart from Phuket for trips around Phang Nga Bay, with its pure limestone outcrops that rise out of the sea, numerous caves and unusually shaped islands. Some other notable destinations are Phi Phi Island, the Racha Islands and the Similan Islands. The Similans are noteworthy for divers due to having one of the best dive sites in the world. However, Phuket is not all about beaches. There are rice paddies, rubber plantations and small slices of Phuket’s remaining rainforest. Phuket Town is a must-visit. There are plenty of shops and department stores, in addition to a handful of flea markets, aswell as small antique shops. Many of the streets are lined with Sino-Portuguese shop houses, providing a constant reminder of the island’s heritage. If it’s nightlife you’re looking for, Patong is the place to go. Across from Phuket town, it is the nightlife centre of the Island with much livelier



beaches. By day it’s your average tourist-lined beach but by night, Patong transforms into the party capital of Thailand. The almost 4km long beachfront is lined with clubs and restaurants which come to life after dark, with the liveliest clubs concentrated around Bangla Road. Home to a large expatriate community, Phuket’s restaurants echo the diversity of the island’s inhabitants. Western staples thrive but if you’re looking for a taste of the exotic, dining on one of the island’s famous floating seafood restaurants is another option. Equally as popular is the Mor Mudong Restaurant, situated among the mangroves in Chalong. However, those with a desire for western food will find the greatest range in Patong and the Bangla Road area, where there are countless bars and clubs which cater to a specific niche market. If you’re looking for something different to do, why not try Moo Ka Ta allyou-can eat buffet. A leading Thai favourite, “Moo Ka Ta” means “Pig on Pan” and is a cook-it-yourself Thai BBQ-steamboat. Buffets display an array of raw meat, fish, vegetables or processed ‘things’ for you to take back to your table and cook yourself. Afterwards you are guaranteed to smell of smoke and everyone will know where you have been.

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THAILAND FOCUS : DEVELOPER INTERVIEW Words : Patrick Kinsella | View : Jackiso For this section of the country focus, we speak to Thailand property developer, Michael Mcgrath, project director at SiSaran Group Co. Ltd, a development company who specialise in delivering off-plan condominium developments on Thailand’s Eastern Seaboard. An expat who comes from a family of successful UK property developers, Michael offers us a number of unique insights, in addition to offering some important advice for would-be property developers, advising them, most crucially, to never fall in love with a development.

> What made you want to move to Thailand to become a property developer? I had visited Thailand before and loved it. I had a few friends working in the real estate industry in Thailand and they highlighted the huge opportunities that were available. Thailand has a booming tourist sector and one of the lowest prices for real estate when compared with other South East Asian nations. Since the financial crisis of 2008, there has been a general shift of power towards Asia and I saw huge potential in the future growth of this market at a time when many other overseas markets were in decline.

> How has the adjustment been between Thailand and England? The adjustment has been fairly easy; Thailand is a well-developed nation and anything you can enjoy back home in England you can enjoy here. Only in Thailand, you have year-round good weather, beautiful beaches and all the other attractions that come with living in a tropical paradise. > Has it been easy as an overseas developer to break into the Thai development market? Every market has its own unique set of challenges. In Thailand, it is important to understand the local culture and show respect for the Thai way of doing things. Overseas developers looking at Thailand need to understand the market and work with the right local partners. > When did you first consider going into property development? My father had been in property development all his life and I always looked to him as a role model. I wanted to follow in his footsteps from an early age. I remember he used to take me round the construction sites when I was 16, and I felt like I was the project manager already. > What was it that attracted you to property development? I think the great thing about property development is seeing your ideas come to life. The whole process, from concept, to drawings, through to the actual construction. |


Elevated expressway, Bangkok, Thailand

> Do you like to be very much part of the process in each of your developments? I try to get involved in all parts of the development. However it’s important to know when to give certain stakeholders ownership of tasks. Many developers make the mistake of trying to micromanage every part of the project. I feel it’s more important to work with strong partners and utilise their expertise where it matters. > Is there any particular project which you enjoyed developing the most? Why was that? Our current project Sea Saran Condominium has to be my favourite. The location sells itself and it’s a place that I can see myself living in the future. It has that unspoilt Thai charm with beautiful beaches, seafood restaurants and rolling mountains. While at the same time being just minutes away from the region’s many attractions. This is a combination that is hard to find anywhere else in the world. > What advice would you give to would-be property developers? First of all, know your market and do your research. Secondly, find strong partners who you can rely on to get the job done. Finally never fall in love with your development - it is important to stay objective and focus on the success of the project, rather than trying to build something that is tailored to your own personal preferences and needs.



> Which skills are the most important to acquire before you start a career in property development? There are many different skills required which will help you in the property development sector. Construction, legal, sales and marketing are all useful skill sets. However, as a project manager the most important thing is to be a good people person who can work around the many problems and challenges you will face as a property developer. > What are your upcoming projects? What can we expect from them? We will be launching another project in 2014 aimed at capturing the strong demand for holiday rentals on the Eastern Seaboard. We are also looking forward to the opening of the A SEAN Economic Community (AEC) in 2015 and have a number of other projects in the pipeline. I can’t say too much right now, but watch this space! > Are there any areas in Thailand which you see as up-and-coming property investment destinations? The Eastern Seaboard is currently the hottest location in Thailand for property investment. We are focusing on beachfront locations that have not been heavily developed already. > Which areas in Thailand would you tip as the best place to buy?

gains are those that are forward-thinking and looking for the new up-andcoming areas. This is where investors will see the biggest capital growth, and those investors looking for long term rental yields will be able to afford the most prime locations close to the beach or local attractions, ensuring high yields in the future. > What are your projections for the Thailand property market in the next few years? I believe the Thailand property market will go from strength to strength over the next few years. The creation of the AEC in 2015 is expected to cement Thailand’s position as a regional hub for tourism and logistics, and we will see an increase in the flow of people across the region which, in turn, will spur the development of more real estate assets. Furthermore, despite rising development costs, Thai real estate remains among the most competitively priced in Asia and the current upward trend in Thai property investment is being driven not by speculation, but by sustainable demand. This upward trend is likely to continue into the distant future due to the great value for money, high standards of living, beautiful scenery and stable economy. I think the biggest changes we will see in the next few years will be the entry of Chinese buyers into the market and the increasing up-take of condominiums by domestic Thai’s looking to buy second holiday homes as their disposable income increases.

The real estate market across Thailand makes a strong investment for any overseas buyer due to the low entry costs, rising prices and a stable economy. However, I believe those investors that will make the biggest |


THAILAND PROFILE : CBRE INTERVIEW Words : Samantha Jones | View : 501room

Name: James Pitchon Title: Executive Director, CB Richard Ellis, Thailand Based in: Bangkok Length of Service: 28 years with CBRE, 24 of those in the Thailand office

Renowned for its global insights into property markets around the world CBRE, the global property consultants, are considered experts in their field. Here, Global Property Scene asks James Pitchon, Executive Director for CBRE Thailand, for his insights on current trends, property hotspots and predictions for the future.

markets (Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan). Pattaya: The area is currently performing strongly, particularly in regards to mid-level properties, i.e. 1-bed units priced at approx. US$200,000. The market is split evenly in regards to the nationality of buyers; 50 per cent Thai and 50 percent foreign ownership, of which the latter is predominantly comprised of buyers from Russia and Germany.

> What are the current trends that you have identified in the Thai property market? Which regions are currently performing best and why?

Phuket: This market has mainly been driven by foreign demand. This location has become more of a mass market, with the best selling product being smaller one bedroom resort condominium units, rather than million dollar plus priced villas.

When looking at the Thai market, we generally split it into two categories, namely Bangkok and the resort markets, with Bangkok focussing on high-end properties. Overall, demand in Thailand for all levels of property is increasing. Sales are strong and prices have hit record highs, particularly in Bangkok, where land costs are increasing due to a slow labour market. Bangkok: In regards to high-end properties, the prime central downtown market has limited new supply, with record prices being recorded in 2013 for off-plan sales of more than 250,000BHT per sqm. The demand for these properties is fuelled by a predominantly domestic market, with 80 per cent of all buyers in the Bangkok luxury market being Thai nationals. The remaining 20 percent can be attributed largely to the Asian 36


The Bangkok market has become much more sophisticated over the past ten years; when developers describe a property as ‘luxury’, that is exactly what people expect and demand. This ‘luxury’ factor has to be applicable to all aspects of the development, including location, specification and design, and end-users are becoming much more astute when it comes to choosing where, and what, to buy. > What are the main reasons for these trends? Foreigners cannot own freehold landed property (except industrial estates or manufacturing companies with Board of Investment privileges). The longest length of lease is 30 years and so the usual structure for landed property sales to foreigners is a 30+30+30 year lease. Foreigners can

own up to 49 percent of the area of a condominium building on freehold title, so if there were 100 units of 100m in a condominium building, foreigners could own 49 of the units on freehold title. All the money used to purchase a condominium by a foreigner must come into the county as foreign currency; this means that it is very difficult for foreigners to borrow money to fund a Thai property purchase, so the majority of foreign buyers are cash purchasers. One of the most significant trends has been the increasing number of Thai buyers, as wealthy Thais adopt the city centre condominium lifestyle rather than living in houses in suburban areas. The makeup of foreign buyers in Bangkok has shifted from western expatriates working in Asia to Asian buyers. > Do you see a shift away from the traditionally popular areas of Phuket and Pattaya, or do they continue to thrive? Phuket has slowed down somewhat and is changing to more of a mass market, moving from high-end villas to one bedroom condominium units. Pattaya continues to perform strongly, attracting Russian buyers. The majority of buyers in Hua Hin and Cha Am are still Thai, but there is also a significant number of foreign buyers from a wide range of nationalities.

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> Are there any upcoming or surprising areas which you expect to become property hotspots in the future? Hua Hin is performing well, with a split of 70 per cent Thai and 30 per cent foreign buyers. Khao Yai, north of Bangkok, is also becoming popular amongst Thai buyers as a second home destination. Cleaner, greener and cooler than the traditionally popular areas, we have noticed a surge in enquiries for this location. In Bangkok, attention is firmly focussed on the city centre and sales are confined to the high-end of the market, with end-users inwardly focussed. Lumpini, North Sathorn Road and Sukhumvit Road remain the most popular areas, due to their reputation as having the best facilities, restaurants, hotels, shopping and offices in the city. > What form of investment is currently the most prevalent in the Thai market? The make-up of Thai real estate is quite unique; retail, prime office and residential developments are all combined in the same location, so there are no Central Business Districts which are likely to be empty after office hours. This creates great competition amongst developers, no matter their project, as they race for prime sites, as they all have similar requirements. |


We are continuing to see demand from both investors and end-users in the prime markets. There is a significant level of expatriate tenant rental demand for apartments and condominiums in Bangkok. There are 65,000 foreigners in Bangkok with work permits, excluding diplomats and foreigners who live in Bangkok, but whose place of work is on the industrial estates outside of Bangkok. Most expatriates are on postings to Bangkok of two to three years and rent rather than buy property. Most expatriate rental demand is for city centre locations such as Sukhumvit, Lumpini and Sathorn. There is Thai rental demand, but this is for properties with monthly rents of less than 10,000BHT per month.

to 80-90 per cent of the purchase price of an off-plan sale during construction.

In Pattaya, the second home and speculative market (off-plan) is dominant, with Russian and European buyers being the most prolific foreign purchasers. A record-breaking 22 million foreign tourists visited Thailand in 2013; with Russia being identified as the largest European feeder market (conservative estimates put the figure at 1.3 million arrivals from this country alone).

> What do you expect from the market in the next few years? Any major changes in trends?

UK visitor numbers have held steady over the years (around 900,000 per annum), with investors continuing to favour the beach-front locations for resort homes. Most condominiums are sold off-plan, although the payment terms differ; in Bangkok normally 10 per cent of the purchase price is paid on signing the sales and purchase contract, 10-20 per cent during construction and 70-80 per cent upon completion. In Phuket, often developers ask for up 38


The Bangkok payment structure attracts speculators who hope to resell their units during the construction period. This can be very profitable as a small increase in the total price can result in a large profit on the down payment made. This works in projects where there is strong demand, but there is a risk, and any foreigner adopting this investment strategy needs to be aware that if the market changes, they will have to complete on the sale, generally without access to a mortgage

The outlook is reasonably positive; the current political unrest in Bangkok is not expected to affect the market long-term. Prices are not going to fall, CBRE expects that the central Bangkok market will become a low volume/ high value market, with a limited number of new projects asking record prices, because of the increase in land costs and higher construction costs. Thai buyers prefer new properties and so there is a large difference between the prices of old and new properties in the same location. In some cases, a 20-year old condominium can achieve only one third of the price of a brand new condominium next door.

ABOUT CBRE CBRE Group, Inc. (NYSE:CBG), a Fortune 500 and S&P 500 company headquartered in Los Angeles, is the world’s largest commercial real estate services and investment firm (in terms of 2012 revenue). The Company has approximately 37,000 employees (excluding affiliates) and serves real estate owners, investors and occupiers through more than 300 offices (excluding affiliates) worldwide. CBRE established an office in Bangkok in 1988, followed by its Phuket office in 2004. CBRE Thailand has grown to be a leading real estate services provider, offering strategic advice and execution for sales and leasing for all types of property, facilities and tenancy management, valuation and advisory, and research and consulting. For more information, visit the company’s website at

Bangkok mid-town and suburban areas will see a dramatic increase in supply, this has been driven by Thai end users, usually singles and couples but also speculative buyers. The slower economy, rising levels of consumer debt and a more cautious approach to mortgage lending by banks means that CBRE expects that this sector will slow in 2014 and 2015, until the recently completed projects are occupied by end users. Thailand has always been a resilient market, in the main due to the spending power of the Thai people, meaning that they are not dependent on overseas purchasers to buoy their property market, which served the country well in past crises including the global financial crisis and domestic events such as the civil unrest in 2010 and floods in 2011. Bangkok in particular is a good example of this, as 80 per cent of the market is comprised of Thai buyers. In the resort market, both domestic and Russian sales will continue to be strong, particularly as Russian buyers appear to be more robust than other nationalities about issues that concern other foreign buyers, such as civil unrest. Phuket will continue its trend towards mass market sales, similar to Hua Hin and Pattaya, where people focus on unit type, price and size. Volume might drop a little across the prime Bangkok market due to political turmoil, but prices are unlikely to fall. The recent decline in value of the Thai baht against both the US dollar and British pound has made the market more attractive to some foreign purchasers.

All prices have been converted from local currencies and are correct at the time of print |


Think Travel, Think my Travel Cash A prepaid card is the smart and convenient way to carry money aboard, making it easy to manage your expenses when you are purchasing or managing a property abroad. The way in which people are taking money abroad has rapidly changed over recent years. You may remember the somewhat ancient Traveller’s Cheque, which used to be a widely used and accepted way of taking money abroad. However, it can now be difficult to cash these cheques, particularly in Europe, and when you do, fees1 can apply. Nowadays, the prepaid card is a very common form of taking money abroad. A prepaid card is typically linked to either the MasterCard or Visa network and therefore is accepted like a debit or credit card would be. They offer you great exchange rates and typically don’t charge you ATM fees*. Load what you want to spend, then track your purchases online or via a mobile app to stay on top of what you are spending. As well as being fantastic for foreign property owners and frequent travellers, a prepaid card is the stress-free way to carry your holiday money, whether you are relaxing at the beach or by the pool, hitting the ski slopes or exploring a lively and bustling city. Prepaid cards can make it easier to look after your money as they can be less risky than cash in the event of theft or loss due to Chip & PIN protection, and they are not linked to your bank account like your debit or credit card may be. Also, Lost & Stolen lines can help protect against loss, giving you extra peace of mind. 2

According to a survey conducted by my Travel Cash, over 20% of people end up losing their money whilst on abroad. It is very important to protect yourself and carefully consider how you look after your money. Don’t get caught out! Take a my Travel Cash Prepaid MasterCard® next time you travel, order online at: 40


my Travel Cash Cards are available in Euros, US Dollars and Multi-Currency: Competitive exchange rates No ATM fees abroad* Widely accepted at over 35 million merchants and over 1.9 million ATMs worldwide 1% Cashback on all purchases 24/7 Customer Services Chip & PIN secure and Lost & Stolen line *Some ATM providers may apply their own additional surcharge. Withdrawing or spending in GB Pounds using the Multi-Currency card incurs a 2.99% fee. 1. 2. Research conducted by my Travel Cash Prepaid MasterCard® in November 2012 to 3936 people. MasterCard is a registered trademark of MasterCard International Incorporated. The card is issued by Wirecard Card Solutions Ltd. (“WDCS”) pursuant to licence by MasterCard International Inc. WDCS is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority to conduct electronic money service activities under the | 41 Electronic Money regulations 2011 (Ref: 900051).

WINTER IN EUROPE The ski season is upon us once more, the question is where should you be spending your money? Words : Michael Smith | View : Creative Travel Projects, Shico It’s that time again, the winter ski season is well underway, and for the first time in five years it’s looking like the European resorts are seeing a resurgence of visitors. The resorts have recently been hampered by poor snow conditions, and the global economic downturn. On the back of three strong seasons of snow, and the global markets seeming to be showing good signs of recovery, winter holidays are finally back on the rise. Tour operators however are still treading carefully, as they know all too well that there is still a lot to do before the market returns to its previous heights. Resorts have been keeping supply at comfortable levels and are doing their very best to avoid increasing capacity. The number of new destinations is limited, as the more popular resorts can offer better deals as a result of better access and safety. Off the back of some high profile accidents safety seems to be at the forefront of most winter holidaymakers. Most are sticking clear of the off-piste courses and ski guides are in high-demand. The popular destinations in France are having more trouble dealing with the demand, as the traditional ski hosting most holidaymakers would be accustomed to have been outlawed. In March 2012 an employee of le Ski was accosted while guiding a group of guests around Méribel Valley. The guide was informed by the gendarme (military police), that what he was doing is now illegal. Under French law only a qualified ski-guide may receive payment for teaching, leading or guiding skiers on a mountain, a provision ostensibly intended to promote safety on the slopes. Le Ski argued that since its ski host was doing no more than familiarising guests with the resort – no teaching, no going off-piste – the activity did not fall within the scope of the law. The French authorities didn’t agree with this view, the case came before a court in Albertville and the prosecution prevailed. The resulting punishment was a €15,000 fine for the managing director of Le Ski, and



the death of the local ski host in France. As many people use these services it’s going to be tricky to fill the ski hosting void. Some resorts have decided the best course of action would be to station ski hosts at particular points around the resort. They will be unable to guide you through each step of the way but can stand at ski stations and popular lunch spots to give pointers and live information. With the number of people on the slopes beginning to increase, things could be perceived as positive. Resorts are still finding it tricky to attract more punters so are going that little bit further to attract new customers. It’s the North American resorts that are having the most trouble attracting high volume from non-domestic markets. Aspen in Colorado has taken the steps to increase footfall by paying for more internal flights, the aim of which is to reduce overall International skiers’ outlays. It’s claimed that this project is costing the area around half a million dollars. Hopes are new customers will see the appeal of Aspens’ facilities and return. A similar project is also underway in Jay Peak in Vermont. This resort is close to the Canadian border and its slopes are very popular with Canadian citizens. To make the area even more accessible the resorts have been paying the US Homeland Security Department to increase both staff and facilities. This plan should ensure that queues are reduced at the local border posts. So the question is where to head this year? The two that stand out are Austria and Andorra, primarily down to the excellent value they offer. With the higher resorts in the Alps increasing their lift prices and the already expensive accommodation, it’s easy to see why people are looking further afield. The same can be said about the North American market as they too have high prices for lift access. If we venture back to the 2006/2007 season, Austria’s share of the UK market was 18 percentage points behind that of France, the No 1 destination; last season that gap was just 6.6 per cent. So what can be |




Ukraine, Europe |


attributed to this large shift? Its clear people are looking at the total cost of a holiday rather than the initial payments. For instance, if you were to choose a self-catering holiday in France you may expect to pay around £500. For a similar half-board holiday in Austria you’d be looking at a price of around £600. The latter is far more appealing as you’ve already covered the vast majority of your food and drink costs. Many also choose to forego a lunch so they can make the most of the conditions, so half-board accommodation is proving increasingly popular. Another appealing aspect of the Austrian resorts is that their ski areas are growing. They are connecting together a lot of local resorts; access to more of the mountain is a very attractive notion.


With the decision made that Europe is the place to be this winter here is a brief break-down of the places to check out. There is always somewhere that can offer good snow.




The first month of the ski season, and for many European destinations it’s a little too early. To be assured of good snow you need to be at a high altitude resort. If you’re looking to go over Christmas and New Year it’s going to be expensive and crowded. Look to go right in the middle of December and there are some good deals to be had. Do bear in mind that a lot of resorts ski areas will only be half open. Places to check out: France : Les Deux Alpes | Austria : Ischgl | Switzerland : Davos | Finland : Levi

Often a popular choice after the Christmas break, many are desperate to avoid work that little bit longer and this shows in the prices of accommodation and access. If you haven’t already booked it’s unlikely you’ll find anything in the most popular resorts. Our best guess is to look for up and coming places in Andorra, as prices are strong and if the resorts are crowded you can stock up on cheap duty free.

Places to check out: France : Méribel | Austria : Alpbach | Italy : La Thuile | Switzerland : Verbier | Andorra : Grandvalira

the slopes as the days get longer and warmer. This does mean that good deals can be found and if you do your research you can’t go too far wrong with the conditions.

February Generally considered to be the best snow of the season, February attracts the largest crowds. It’s not helped by a mixture of European school holidays landing in the middle of the month. With this in mind we would recommend you’d best avoid the Alps and head elsewhere. A good place to visit at this time would be the Pyrenees, good conditions and prices make it very appealing. Places to check out: France : Gourette | Austria : St Anton | Italy : Sauze d’Oulx | Switzerland : Klosters March

Places to check out: France : Serre Chevalier | Austria : Mayrhofen | Italy : Arabba | Switzerland : Arosa April At this point in the season the resorts are beginning to close up, most of the low resorts have seen the last of their trade. There is still good snow to be found in some places as the winter has proven to last that little bit longer in recent years. The best bet is to aim for the highest resorts as they’re likely to offer good conditions all the way up to the beginning of May when the last lifts in Europe finish running.

Considered to be one of the more difficult months to sell by tour operators, Places to check out: France : Val Thorens | Austria : Hintertux | March has often proved to offer some of the best conditions. As the snow Italy : Passo Tonale | Switzerland : Zermatt begins to recede up the mountain side, the lower resorts begin to see their final weeks of trade. Skiers can expect to find large pockets of slush on |



Three levels, more than 400m2 of indoor-outdoor living space including a 47m2 infinity pool with intergrated jacuzzi Prices from $543,000

Koh Samui, Choeng Mon Beach Thailand

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THE WINTER OLYMPICS SOCHI 2014 With an estimated cost of more than $50 billion, all eyes will be on the 22nd winter olympics Words : Grace Price-Salisbury | View : Martynova Anna

From February 7th-23rd all eyes will be on the Russian city of Sochi as it plays host to over 2,500 athletes from all over world. The 22nd Winter Olympics has been declared the most comprehensive ever; presenting 98 separate events in 15 different winter sports which are to showcase the abilities of the world’s best athletes. The Olympics will be the first Winter Games in a subtropical climate – where you can admire the snow-capped mountains from the comfort of the beach. It will also be the first Olympics in Russia since the 1980 Games, when a US-led boycott, protesting the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, kept 24 countries from participating. Sochi is situated on the east side of the Black Sea, on a spot where the Greeks disembarked more than 2,000 years ago. A rather young city, the name only appeared on maps at the end of the 19th century. It was only when Stalin chose the city as the site for his summer dacha in the 1930s that it began to expand and consequently become the resort town of the Soviet Union Not only is Sochi located in an idyllic subtropical climate, but it’s also every inch a coastal resort. With its unique climate, position on the coast, and proximity to ski slopes, it has long been a favourite travel destination in Russia. However, Sochi is hardly a tourist destination. It is mainly visited by Russians and citizens of former Soviet republics, who fill the beaches and explore the Caucasus Mountains. With ten thousand residents, a small

expat community is working hard to prepare Sochi for the Olympic Games. Beating both Salzburg (Austria) and Pyeongchang (South Korea), Russia’s bid for the 2014 Winter Olympics is intrinsic of a wider goal to re-establish itself onto the world stage as hosts of major sporting events. In the process they faced several challenges; trying to assure the International Olympic Committee that Russia had both the foresight and the infrastructure to host such an important event, to develop a coastal resort into a first rate destination for winter sports, and to design a stadium adaptable enough to facilitate the Olympic ceremonies, to act as a venue for FIFA world cup matches and to also become the home to local football. The Olympic Park has been designed as part of a Winter Games grand plan, ingeniously guaranteeing a distinctive legacy for these Games, thus highlighting Sochi as a winter destination for the future. Within the park itself, the main level of the stadium is elevated, imparting stunning views. The unique engineering systems have promised memorable opening and closing ceremonies while, post-Games, the in-built flexibility of the stadium’s design means its capacity can adapt to suit changes over time. A total of 11 sporting venues have been built in Sochi for the games. The mountain cluster in the Krasnaya Polyanna Mountains will play host to skiing and sliding events, and ice events will take place in the coastal cluster near the Black Sea in the Imeretinskaya Valley- this is also where |


the Olympic Village will be located. The two Clusters are 48km apart and are linked by a high speed modern transport connection. It has been estimated that travel time between the two will take approximately 38 minutes. The Olympic Charter states that: “Only those sports that are practised on snow or ice are considered as winter sports.” The Winter Games of 2014 in Sochi are anticipated to be unique: no other winter Olympics in the world has ever been able to boast such an opulent sporting program. The total number of sporting events will be 98, which is 12 more than at the Vancouver Games in 2010, and 14 more than the Torino Games in 2006. In total the Games will showcase 15 types of sports which are can be separated into three main categories: (1) ice sports, including bobsled and figure skating (2) alpine, skiing and snowboarding events, including alpine skiing and snowboarding and (3) Nordic events, which include cross-country skiing and biathlon. When considering where to stay a popular option is to travel to Sochi with a travel package, as accommodation will be included. Some packages even include tickets for the events. A total of 41,000 rooms have been reserved for the official hospitality program and divided among guests and fans that purchase the official package deals. Alternatively, accommodation can be booked alone in both the coastal and mountain cluster, but it is limited and charged at premium rates. Otherwise, there are a number of Cruise ships docked in the Sochi Central Sea Port which are offering accommodation throughout the Winter Olympic Games. A great deal of new infrastructure is being built in the Black Sea resort town in anticipation of crowds looking for 2014 Olympics hotels. Many new Olympics hotels have been built in Sochi, including several options for luxury accommodation. The Switzerland chain of hotels, Swissôtel, is opening a luxury hotel, which is promised to be one of the most exclusive Olympics hotels in Sochi. Additionally, a new Radisson Hotel is being built at the Grand Marina of Sochi, along with several more five star hotels which are being constructed in the Krasnaya Polyana Mountains. Meanwhile, most of the existing hotels are being renovated and refitted. The construction is expected to revitalise Sochi in order to make it a vibrant resort town in the future. For those on a budget there are a few cheap to mid-range hotels located in the town of Sochi itself. Although if you really want to save money the best idea, it seems, is to rent an apartment or a house because you can save money by self-catering instead of eating in expensive restaurants. In addition to building new accommodation for the Olympics, construction in preparation for the Games has also involved erecting new venues and modernising the telecommunications, electric power, and transportation systems of the city. Winning the bid for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games has not just restored Russia’s status as a feasible host for major events, but most of all it has transformed Sochi itself. The infrastructure will regenerate the region, allowing Sochi to be celebrated as a year-round tourist destination and chief new European winter sports centre.



Springboard complex, Sochi, Russia |


WORLD MARKET VIEW The global financial crisis plunged property markets into a downward spiral. Seven years on and Global Property Scene takes a look at the recovery in key markets around the world and how they are performing in the current climate.

1. United Kingdom, London Residential construction remains on track in the midst of successful government schemes in regards to lending. House prices are rising, although demand continues to outstrip supply throughout most areas of the country.

5. USA, New York With a dwindling inventory of foreclosures, the US real estate market is starting to see a restricted supply of homes, which is pushing house prices up across the country in line with increasing consumer confidence.

4. South Africa, Cape Town Whilst growth was seen in the latter half of 2013 amid low interest rates and the affordability of mortgage finance, further rises will be nominal due to low levels of employment and rising household debt.



2. China, Beijing & Shanghai 2013 saw house prices hit their highest levels since 2009, as local governments continue to keep land prices relatively high, and the migration of workers and students into the cities ensures demand continues to outstrip supply.

3. Russia, Moscow Having experienced a faster post-market recovery than other European countries, Russian real estate is an increasingly attractive proposition for overseas’ investors due to high yields and an increased supply of stock.

1. United Kingdom, London House Prices +4.3% Rental Prices -2.5%

2. China, Beijing & Shanghai House Prices +21.6% (based on Beijing & Shanghai) Rental Prices +8.1% (Beijing) Rental Prices +2.9% (Shanghai)

3. Russia, Moscow House Prices +5.2% Rental Prices +0.7%

4. South Africa, Cape Town House Prices +8.6% Rental Prices +0.1%

5. USA, New York House Prices +11.2% Rental Prices +8.2%

6. UAE, Dubai House Prices +28.5% Rental Prices +16.3%

House price and rental data taken from: Knight Frank Global House Price Index Q3 2013 (based on the % change in the 12 month period Q3 2012 – Q3 2013) Knight Frank Prime Global Rental Index Q3 2013 (based on the % change in the 12 month period Sept 2012 – Sept 2013)

6. UAE, Dubai Predicted to be the top performing property market of 2014, Dubai real estate prices rose substantially in 2013 on the back of investor confidence, escalating rental prices and a shift in demand from tenants to areas outside of the prime rental market. |


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THE QUEENS BREWERY An insight into the complexities of listed buildings and how they can be refurbished for use in the modern world Words : Grace Price-Salisbury | View : Richard Ellis

The summer of 2012 saw Hydes close the historic Queen’s Brewery after deciding to move to new premises, leaving behind a building that was at the forefront of its illustrious history. Now, a new chapter is to be opened with plans to convert the brewery into lavish, inimitable, self-contained apartments that will stand out from other developments in the area. The original Queens Brewery building, which dates back to the 19th century, has Grade II listed status. The landmark building is undergoing extensive refurbishment by Forshaw Land & Property Group Ltd. and, when completed, will boast 73 luxurious apartments consisting of mainly one and two bed accommodation, with a small number of studios. The central courtyard is to be landscaped, leaving car parking to remain in its current position outside of the site. The epitome of luxury, original period features will be kept throughout and residents will have the choice of duplex apartments with private balconies, en-suite rooms and private dressing rooms. The brewery served Hydes for over 100 years. However, the 2.6 acre site was not initially meant for them. It was originally constructed to serve the Greatorex’s family -- who were Brewers in porter, pale ales and mild ales -- and the family stayed for over 35 years. Hydes Brewery was established in 1863 when Alfred Hyde went into

partnership with his brother, Ralph, at the Crown Brewery in Audenshaw. The Hydes then moved three times before eventually settling into the Queens Brewery in 1899. This arrival coincided with what was set to be an exciting era for the city of Manchester. The industrial revolution had already opened an important chapter in the history of Manchester, as the small town grew rapidly and famously to become the quintessential industrial city. Manchester had also begun to make great strides in education, with the world renowned John Rylands library opening in 1900, almost 100 years before the opening of the newly merged University of Manchester. It seems Hydes had picked the perfect time to move into the Queens and they became such a leading brewer that tours were held on the premises. People visited from all areas of Manchester to walk around the historic site, view the casks, barrels and hoppers, before eventually winding-up in the brewery bar. The last barrel was rolled out in late 2012 and the building at the centre of Hyde’s history would brew no more. However, despite the fact the brewery is being turned into residential apartments, its historical character is set to remain. As a condition of its Grade II listed status, stunning features such as the romantic clock tower and the oak brewing vessel will remain as |


features of the building. In addition, the eye-catching exterior will be restored to its original condition, making it a truly extraordinary property in the area.

With the focus of the refurbishment quite clearly on restoring the character of the building, it’s clear that this isn’t going to be just another block of flats.

As a working building, the property has been subject to several extensions over the years. Generally, the brick built elements date from the original construction of the brewery in 1861. The site has been altered frequently, although the majority of this has been internal changes to the main brewery buildings. The external facades are largely intact and the plan is to restore the external heritage of the building to its original state.

Phase 1 construction is due to begin in May 2014 and will consist of the first half of the courtyard on either side. Phase 1 is anticipated to be completed by Q3 2015.

The defining architectural strategy by architects Hattrell DS One is for a light-touch approach. The buildings will be returned to a more minimal form, with all the clutter of subsequent additions and alterations removed to allow the original buildings to be exposed and expressed in their true form. The Grade II listed status means that any contemporary or modern works have to be carefully considered and agreed. Therefore, the existing timber windows will be retained and used for the new accommodation, adding charm and character to an already stand-out building. A unique feature of the development is that within the existing structure of the building, no apartment will look the same – a host of different shapes and sizes will be available to choose from; some loft style, others will be standard apartments and others boasting huge feature windows. In addition to the original building, new construction will provide three storeys of additional accommodation. It is planned that the architectural language of this will be contemporary, to create a clear contrast with the original parts of the site, which will also add another element of uniqueness to the development.



Forshaw Land & Property Group : Biography Forshaw Land & Property Group Ltd is highly experienced at converting and renovating historic listed buildings, with an emphasis on creating living spaces that are unique and which breathe new life into the old buildings that we fall in love with. Current projects by the UK developer include Greenbank Court in Plymouth and Trinity Church in Bolton. A former Victorian prison, Greenbank Court is a Grade II listed building which will be converted into boutique student accommodation to house over 60 students. Equipped with modern-day facilities and located within walking distance of the university, the building will provide a solution to the shortage of student housing in the city, in addition to restoring an historic building. Also a Grade II listed building; Trinity Church is currently being converted into luxury studios and apartments, aimed at the residential buy-to-let market. Similar to The Queens Brewery, the project will include a complete renovation of the existing building, alongside the addition of new-build apartment blocks, which have been designed to create a stark contrast between old and new.

“It is always an interesting and exciting challenge to work with listed buildings, and this project at Queens Brewery has been typical; indeed, especially so. There is great inherent value in this set of buildings as a physical, cultural and historical landmark, and it was our task to adapt the building to a new use, whilst respecting and embellishing the elements that are worthy. We believe we have achieved this goal and we can allow the Queens Brewery to add yet another layer to its rich history.� Martin Sykes, Hattrell DS One Architects

Hattrell DS One Architects : Biography The practice was formed in 1894 under the banner of WS Hattrell and Partners in Coventry and was closely associated with the development of industrial projects in the Midlands, particularly in relation to the emerging motor manufacturing industry and the design of factories for Jaguar and Alvis, amongst others. The Manchester office was opened in 1958, and the practice initially worked in the education and health sectors, designing schools, hospitals, social housing and other civic buildings. In later years, Manchester became the principal office and the practice was appointed to an increasing number of projects in the commercial and private sectors, which forms the main body of work to the present day. In 2007 WS Hattrell and Partners merged with DS One Architects, to develop the joint practice and to widen the breadth of established skills and experience. The resultant practice of Hattrell DS One Architects continues to prosper and it prides itself on a base of talented and experienced professional staff. |


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INVEST IN TIME Luxury Charters | Business Travel | Golf Trips | Shooting Weekends | Corporate Events | Aerial filming and Photography Utility Services | Thermal Imaging for Heat-loss Prevention

Words : Elizabeth Hilton | View : GB Helicopters

Time is a precious commodity; therefore it is important to invest it wisely so we can create that greatly sought after work-life balance that is massively disproportionate to most.

- Allows you to travel where and whenever you choose, even direct from your home - a twin-engine helicopter only requires a minimum clear landing space of 25m2!

Smart businessmen, women and savvy entrepreneurs are finding investing a little more in their daily commute not only provides them with those extra hidden hours to conduct business and get home at a reasonable hour, it can actually boost business and help create a return investment. What is their secret to greater productivity and family time - flying by helicopter!

Utilised by corporate executives to quickly attend meetings at various locations throughout the day, as a convenient way to show prospective clients several sites in a short space of time or to offer a confidential and discrete transfer in those delicate business deals, helicopter charters are also a great way to treat staff and impress clients. Acting as an important tool in your business development, many clients see helicopters as a figure of wealth, stature and success, making them more inclined to accept deals or make negotiations. After all, who doesn’t want to invest into something successful?

Helicopter charter for executive business travel has continued to prevail through economic pitfalls. Giving full flexibility with your travel itinerary, commuting via helicopter removes unnecessary stresses associated with other forms of transport. In fact, helicopter charter is seen as one of the most flexible and efficient methods of door-to-door travel across the UK. Some of the benefits of helicopter charter over other transport methods include: - Saving travel-time, in addition to eliminating waiting at airport lounges - Avoids inevitable road congestion and rail delays

Helicopters for personal VIP charters are the key to capturing those few precious hours with family and friends; whether you’re looking to attend an event, planning a weekend escape or looking to travel in absolute comfort. Helicopter charter offers a unique alternative to the usual forms of transport. Not only is it faster and more adaptable, while you are swept across the country, you can admire some of the fabulous UK scenery from the best vantage point available. Arrive in style to your next big event, business meeting or leisure trip. |


GB Helicopters, a leading UK operator of on-shore, high-performance and twin-engine helicopters are specialists in business and personal VIP charter. With an impressive 11-helicopter fleet, they are one of the largest helicopter charter operators within the UK and, with helicopter bases conveniently located throughout the country, are a premium choice for providing a bespoke luxury travel service. Boasting some of the youngest twin-engine helicopters within the UK charter industry and luxuriously fitted with plush leather interiors, each of their helicopters are maintained to the highest of standards. Their unparalleled fleet includes A109s, AS355s and EC135 helicopters, each seating between 5 -7 passengers and providing a range of luggage space. These machines are classified as all-weather capable and are able to withstand most of the UK’s unpredictable weather. They also hold the ability to fly day or night. GB Helicopters’ combination of luxury aircraft also makes way to bespoke charter packages that are cost effective and efficient for you. GB Helicopters’ dedicated and highly organised operations team offer a discreet and personal service. Operating 24 hours a day, quotes are handled in a speedy and professional manner, quickly sifting through their comprehensive database of landing sites or pinpointing private sites to get you as close to your chosen destination as possible. All GB Helicopter pilots are highly trained and experienced. Most come from an ex-military and commercial background and have over 40,000 combined flying hours. With GB Helicopters, safety is paramount; it is the first and last objective with each member of the team. • All flights are monitored from the moment the rotors are running until the aircraft is returned to base. • Each helicopter also undergoes stringent safety pre and post flightschecks, in addition to being serviced regularly. This is to ensure maximum levels of safety to passengers and the public.

In addition to running a highly successful charter service, GB Helicopters are also specialists in aerial filming and flying for the onshore utility markets. Their recent investment into a 4-in-1 utility camera system enables the company to exceed competitors in providing a cost and time efficient service. One of these avenues includes thermal heat-loss prevention surveys for power lines, industrial buildings and residential properties. Offering clients in the filming and photography industry a variety of options including a HD precision Cineflex, GB Helicopters’ aerial filming packages are designed to deliver the most cost effective and creative shoots, leaving filming limited only by imagination. Whether time is a precious luxury or an opportunity to view the country from the best vantage point, GB Helicopters will be accommodating to your bespoke requirements, approaching the aviation industry with a fresh outlook, to simply offer our customers the ultimate in safety, luxury and efficiency. Prices are completely dependent on your travel or service requirements. The more notice you can provide the better to avoid disappointment in fully booked dates. For a direct no-obligations quote, or to simply find out more information on any of their services, please contact the GB Helicopters’ friendly operations team. | | 0800 030 4105



“We have invested in some of the best equipment and aircraft available on the market, this in turn allows us to stand out in the industry and provide a level of safety and efficiency that is second to none. Putting the minds of our clients at ease when it comes to safety is a number one priority, this is why our standards exceed expectations and I find it crucial to only employ highly experienced pilots.� Will Banks, Director GB Helicopters | | 0800 030 4105 |


THE ART OF ARCHITECTURE Interview with Dave Kirby of DK Architects

Words : Samantha Jones | View : DK Architects

David Kirby is the founding partner of DK Architects, an award-winning firm which has been helping to sculpt the landscape of the North West since 1987. Here he shares his experience and insights into the fascinating world of architecture, explaining the challenges of newbuild versus refurbishment projects and revealing who inspires him. > So why architecture? When I was young I was always making and inventing ‘things’, I was inquisitive as to how things worked. As a youngster we travelled around the UK and Europe, which allowed me to experience new and different buildings and cultures. Whilst at school I undertook five-weeks work experience at a Practice, which convinced me it was the career I wanted to pursue. At A-level, I studied subjects I liked and was good at, maths, science, art and technical drawing, which I achieved straight A’s in. These were a good match for the forthcoming skills required for Architecture. > What is the most difficult/exciting project you have worked on? X1 Town Hall, located on Chapel Street in Salford, is one of our most difficult/exciting projects to date. It was formerly Salford Town Hall, which was constructed between 1827 and 1829. A number of additional buildings were added up to 1910 to form its current structure and in recent years it has been used as a Magistrates Court. Chapel Street was the first street to have street lighting (gas lamps) in the world and the Town Hall was the first known building to be photographed in Salford. It was part of the

world famous Battle of Bexley Square and is highly remembered in many socialist quarters. The building has many fantastic architectural features, both externally and internally. The difficulty for DK-Architects was to develop a scheme with 122 residential units, the majority studios, within a complex listed building. The developer, X1 Developments, agreed to assemble a team from day one, to ensure we had the information, expertise and processes to ensure a successful delivery of the project. In addition to ourselves we appointed: • Sales Agent and Advisors • Employers Agent • Engineer • Specialist Heritage Advisor • Fully Measured Building Survey • Mechanical and Electrical Engineers • Building Control • Acousticians • Crime Prevention Report • Rot Report • Stone Specialist Reports With all the information at hand, DK-Architects could then develop a fantastic scheme, which was commercially viable, great for residents and ensured that successful planning could be obtained. |


To ensure that our complex proposals married in with other stakeholders aspirations, we consulted heavily with the following prior to and during the planning application: -

There needs to be something ‘awesome’ and ‘unique’ to capture my interest. This could be the engineering feat of the Pyramids in Cairo, to the electricity and intensity of Hong Kong.

• • • • • • • • •

In Europe, Barcelona is a fantastic city, epitomised by the unique architecture of Gaudi. Seville also has a huge diversity in its architecture through its varied cultural past. It was founded by the Romans, had a Moorish period, then the Christian period. The magical interaction of the building from each era is breath-taking.

Local Authority Planning Officer Local Authority Conservation Officer Deputy Lord Mayor Planning Committee Members Local Members Salford Regeneration Forum Local Consultation Event Salford Regeneration Urban Vision

This comprehensive process allowed us to present a commercially viable scheme, which has been granted planning permission and will provide fantastic accommodation for its residents. Work is expected to commence on-site shortly. > Are there any cities/stand-out designs around the world that you admire? There are many cities that I admire, with a vast range in style and size.



Avignon, France is another location that I could visit time and time again, mainly due to the Papal Palace, which is a truly outstanding piece of architecture. The memory of my first visit there is simply “how did I not know this was here?” Whether it is the Roman ruins in Cyprus or the new velodrome at the London Olympics, it is the quality or uniqueness of a place or city that I admire. > Who do you admire? Did you have someone that inspired you? Whilst at university, I was greatly informed by the architect Norman Foster. His designs for the Faber and Dumas office and Sainsbury’s building were

St Margarets, Liverpool

impressive, modern buildings.

all projects challenge us. New build projects allow us to dictate room sizes to optimum, whereas refurbishments may lead to compromise, due to the existing fabric constraints.

He also appeared on a series of TV documentaries about gliders and their fantastic forms, coupled with architecture. It was the first time that architecture was highlighted through television. The immaculate concept There needs to be very clear strategies when looking at alternative uses and detailing of his building has subsequently propelled Sir Norman Foster for listed buildings. At St. Margaret’s, a listed convent in Liverpool, we endeavoured to convert the building into vertical houses, which was a into the world’s leading architect. difficult challenge, but resulted in a more advantageous commercial return. > Which is more challenging to work with, new-build or refurbishments? This scheme was a mixed buy-to-let and outright sale. As a Practice we work on more new builds than refurbishments, but both of With the refurbishment of historic buildings, their form and aesthetics are pre-determined. On new builds we work hard to set a form and aesthetic them are challenging in different ways. that fits the site’s location and provides an exciting scheme. Refurbishments are often on historic buildings, most of which are listed. The challenge for the refurbishment of listed buildings is to achieve an > How difficult is it to get projects signed-off in today’s climate? economic solution of integrating certain uses, within the fabric of the DK-Architects do not have difficulties in getting projects signed off, and existing building. This is typical of our existing project X1 Town Hall in have a reputation for delivering high quality schemes on time, to budget, Salford. X1 Town Hall is the conversion of a Grade II listed magistrates building (former Town Hall) to form 122 studios. Most studios are bespoke with zero defects. sizes, to work around the fantastic architectural features of the building. Most projects are delivered with a team of consultants and constructors. At DK-Architects, we strive to push our designs to the limits and ensure that As part of the process we will map out key milestones, including the |


DK Projects include: Retail and leisure Medical Educational Housing • Large scale student housing • Apartments • Social housing • National homebuilders Bars Offices Places of worship Masterplanning Landscaping Website :

above, and ensure that these are achieved. DK-Architects’ in-house Quality Management System ensures that all systems are signed off at the appropriate time. Our reputation and close working relationships with Local Authority Planning Departments ensures that schemes are delivered quickly through the processes, with all planning applications being approved. > What changes have you noticed in the industry over the years you have worked in it? The biggest change has been technology. This technology has vastly improved the products we design. From drawing board to fast Apple computers, this upgraded technology allows us more time to ensure all concepts and details are correct. The use of BIM (Building Information Modelling) allows our designs to provide information and schedules to the rest of our team. The Internet allows our projects to become global products. The CGIs produced mean that our clients, both developers and occupiers, can visualise exactly what they are going to get.



X1 Town Hall, Manchester

> To any aspiring architects out there, what advice would you give to them? In my opinion, you have to gain a wide breadth of expertise. Whilst I was in employment as a qualified Architect, I also formed a building company, which specialised in structural underpinning and general roofing works. At the same time, myself and nine friends from the building industry bought a site in Anglesey for £63,000 and shared our skills to build 10 x 3 and 4 bedroomed detached houses. In addition to this I have designed and built five houses for my own occupation and, as part of the DK-Architects portfolio, we have built and own three office buildings, including our current office and we own 22 shops in two parades. These hands on experiences, which have all been created from zero wealth, have increased our skills in understanding commercial rents, processes of building, in addition to knowing every aspect of what goes into building and the difficulties some details may provide. The knowledge gained from the above has helped us provide a well-rounded service to all our clients.

Overall I would say be totally honest, enthusiastic, care for clients and end users and treat every project as if it were the most important. Make every detail matter. DK Architects The Practice was founded by David Kirby in 1987. A multi award-winning Practice, DK-Architects’ first project was a nine-acre retail and leisure park in Liverpool, which contained a multiplex showcase cinema. This was developed over the first few years of Practice. DK-Architects soon became a medium sized Practice with a consistent staff number of around 20 people. We have a high level of fully-qualified Architects, with most technical staff being registered architects. DK-Architects are a high quality, design-led organisation that is large enough to deliver big projects, but small enough to care and manage processes. The majority of DK-Architects’ workload is built on repeat business and we deliver projects throughout the UK. |


Rede House, Middlesbrough

Devonshire House, Birmingham

Central House, Glasgow

“Setting the standards for student, leisure and residential developments throughout the UK�

0161 772 1394

ACCESS TO THE DEVELOPER Bespoke student accommodation was the runaway asset class of 2013, Fortis Develolopments explains to us why.

Words : Paul Wright | View : KDP

Firmly established as a safe and secure asset class with a solid demand, UK student property investment has flourished over the last few years, quickly outperforming the UK’s traditional buy-to-let accommodation market. Fortis Developments undertake luxury student accommodation and regeneration projects in prime locations at key university sites nationwide. Along with their careful choice of locations, the basis of their success has been a combination of creativity and functionality. Demand for student accommodation remains high, with the supply/ demand ratio being the key strength of the student accommodation market. The growth of the education industry in towns and cities which have large student populations are demonstratively known as ‘university towns’ or ‘university cities’. The University of Chester now has some 17,000 students, drawn from over 90 countries all over the world, which isn’t surprising due to its rich history. What makes this historic town noteworthy for student property is the demand. Unlike other university towns, Chester is not even able to offer all first year students accommodation within its own residences. There is a growing demand by the modern student for high quality, purpose built

student accommodation with great facilities. Fortis Developments, recognising this demand, are to introduce Chronicle House in Chester which will contain 50 luxury apartments, an onsite gymnasium, an entertainment lounge and laundry facilities. Kieran Moore, Director of Fortis Developments Ltd said: “Chronicle House will provide state-of-the-art accommodation for students whilst complimenting areas of heritage. Since Fortis has been established, we have identified the shift in demand from student cluster flats to studio apartments. As this is one of our smaller developments, we expect demand for these units to be strong and availability will be very limited”. Chronicle House will follow in the footsteps of other Fortis student accommodation developments, which have all been highly successful. Fortis Developments Ltd has delivered seven student accommodation developments in just 16 months, capitalising on the vast growth within the sector. Developments such as Bard House, Nottingham, Central House and St. Andrew’s Court, Glasgow, and Dunn House in Sunderland are all examples of Fortis Developments’ success in the student accommodation market – all are sold out and up-and-running with students living in them. The demand for student accommodation is said to be driven largely by |


international students who are encouraged by the prospect of studying in the UK - which isn’t surprising due to the fact that when compared with other European countries, the UK has the highest number of universities within the top 400 ranked globally. Global property specialist Knight Frank has predicted a 4 per cent rise in international undergraduates in September 2014 and a 3 per cent rise in UK undergraduates, creating the potential for further demand. Commenting further on this subject Moore said: “The largest growth appears to be outside of London in the university towns and cities. Whereas these places have been popular with British students for quite some time, they are becoming increasingly popular with international students. This is driving growth and development of these towns”. Fortis Developments has recently obtained planning permission to deliver a 230 luxury student studio complex in Middlesbrough, which will follow their tried-and-tested design of extensive communal facilities, including an on-site gym and laundry facilities. The assured rental yield for Rede House will be 9.5 per cent over two years with prices starting from as little as £33,995.



Moore further commented: “Whereas ten or fifteen years ago university squalor was accepted, this has turned around. All of our projects are of a high quality; whether it’s a development in Chester or Middlesbrough, the majority of students now seek luxurious living conditions whilst at university”. This message has been echoed in another of their current developments All Saints, Sunderland. Fortis are in the process of redeveloping this entire property in order to ensure it meets their high standards, in addition to building a new block for communal and entertainment purposes. All Saints will complement the already successful Dunn House; however the added benefit of parking will increase rental values and provide a unique selling point in a busy area of Sunderland. The assured yield on this property is 9 per cent over two years, with prices starting at £39,950. Fortis Lettings and Management currently let all the properties which Fortis Developments build or renovate, which allows the company to keep its fingers firmly on the pulse of the market. Fortis Students, a sub-brand of the group, are anticipating they will house around 1,000 students in 2014, which will be a major breakthrough for the business which completed its first property just 16 months ago.

Rede House, Middlesbrough

It has been this success which has inspired the company to expand into the residential market under their sub-brand Fortis Residential, a move that has proved successful with student accommodation companies in the past. Merebank Court, Liverpool, is yet another trademark Fortis project which has modernised a property in an historic part of the city. The development is in a great location, fifteen minutes outside the city centre and overlooking the Grade one listed Sefton Park, whilst being two minutes’ walk from the world famous Penny Lane . The assured yield of this development is 8.5 per cent for one year and with prices starting at £76,000, it comes as no surprise that Merebank Court sold out within months of being launched onto the market. Speaking on the subject of their residential stock, Kieran Moore commented: “We are looking to expand on our residential developments and Merebank Court is one of many projects we will be delivering in the residential sector over the coming months and years. We have had a lot of experience in the property market and are aiming to continue the luxury brand we have built in this market place”.

alternative accommodation. The project will be of a very high standard, we see this as a fantastic project for Fortis Residential”. Their second residential development is Devonshire House, which will consist of 40 luxury apartments in Birmingham city centre. As with Liverpool, Birmingham offers a vast professional job market which consequently creates a high demand for city centre apartments. For this development, investors are assured a net yield of circa 7 per cent over one year with prices starting from as little as £82,500. The growing perceptions of areas outside London, the surge of international students and the increasingly solid property market in the UK has enabled Fortis Developments Ltd to flourish.

He added: “Fortis already manages student apartments in Liverpool and it would be great if, at the end of their studies, we could offer them |



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The UK’s largest and longest running property investment event is presented at ExCeL London every April and October. The major names in UK and international property will be out in force with plenty of ‘off-market’ bargain deals and show exclusives to choose from.



REGISTER ONLINE AT NOTE: Seminar booking opens approximately 6 weeks before show opening day

Q & A It’s time for GPS to answer some of our readers most pressing questions Words : Samantha Jones

Q. Having seen the rise in property prices recently, is it too late to invest in Florida and still earn a good return?

A. Prices are still around 50 per cent lower than the peak of market

in 2006 and so whilst we have seen some strong growth in median house prices in the last 12 months, we are still very confident that capital appreciation will occur for the next 2-3 years as the market continues its correction. It is also important to note that investor demand is still very high, with single family homes being sold on-average within 46 days of being put on the market and townhouses and condos only remaining on the market for 48 days. This continuing high demand shows that investors also believe that returns will remain high as the market still continues to return to pre-bust levels.

Q. I have received a couple of invitations to attend property shows

Also, those considering investing in overseas property should attend international property exhibitions. This will allow them to speak to overseas property experts about current overseas market trends, while also enabling you to have face-to-face contact with overseas property companies, which will only guide you in deciding which company you trust with your investment.

Q. I have seen a lot of good press about student accommodation

investments lately, but I am worried about the exit strategy. How easy is it to sell on the investment if I want to release my funds?


The student accommodation market is certainly booming, with investor returns totalling at 7.8 per cent in the year to September 2013. However, of course there are still those who want to sell their investment to release funds; this course of action cannot just result in a simple return of funds but can also result in financial return.

There are a number of websites which make the re-selling process seamless and easy; a strong example is which offers an exclusive interface that purely serves to allow investors to Yes very much so. You can only do so much research on the internet re-sell student accommodation pods to fellow investors. and then there comes a time when your specific requirements need to In some cases a re-sale can result in financial gain. This is particularly true be discussed on a face-to-face basis on such an important investment for those who invest in new-build student accommodation, as when the scenario. project is complete the pod you purchased will have gained capital appreciation, which should allow you to sell the pod for a higher price than The property is only one part of the equation, company credibility and you paid. You also may make a financial gain if investors are impressed track record, in addition to the knowledge and personal service provided by property specialists are key elements you need to know before making by the rental yield you currently earn and are willing to pay a higher price such a purchase, and property exhibitions provide the perfect platform for than your original purchase price. over the last couple of months, are they worth attending?


investors to find out such knowledge.



Q. I am interested in purchasing a condo in Thailand, but I am a little Q. With recent reports showing that the UK is the strongest market in confused over how the exchange rate works if the price is in Thai Baht? Europe, which areas should I look to buy in?


The prices will always be set in the local currency when you purchase a property in Thailand and of course you will be subject to currency fluctuations. This can work in your favour or work against you, but we advise you to search for investments in Thailand where the payment plan is spread over time, as invariably these fluctuations will then balance themselves out.

Q. The Spanish property market seems to be picking up pace, is it

wise to be investing in Spain again, after the recent economic troubles?

A. With some properties being available for only 40 per cent of their

previous selling price, investment in Spain should prove to be a solid long term investment, with high returns available when the market recovers. Most investors are buying holiday homes and the rental market remains strong there with increasing numbers of tourists.


Overseas investors are traditionally advised to invest in London, but recent research has found that strong returns can be claimed in UK regions; there is also a massive potential for growth in those areas, which may not be found in London. We would advise investors to search out more regional based investments and currently identify Manchester and Liverpool as two regional cities which offer some of the strongest returns. Manchester was recently named as one of the country’s top 4 buy-to-let hotspots and the city could soon top the list, with the National Housing Federation predicting that rents will grow by as much 36 per cent by 2018. Liverpool is also a strong place to invest as a result of the city’s undersupply in housing which has come about as a result of the city’s population growing by over 5 per cent in just the last decade; therefore it is a great time to invest to not only gain financial reward, but help solve the city’s current undersupply.

The recovery is said to be gathering pace with local estate agents in Spain reporting that they are extremely busy with enquiries reaching record levels, as investors become more aware of the opportunities available, especially within coastal locations.

ASK THE EXPERT Acumen Financial Advisers

Independent Mortgage Advice We search the whole of the market to find the right mortgage deal for your individual circumstances Our Complete Mortgage Service • Expert advice on buy-to-let mortgages • Available 7 days a week on our dedicated mortgage hotline • Appointments at home or in our office to suit you • Mortgages can be agreed in principle outside of normal working hours

Q. I am currently thinking of investing in a buy-to-let property and would like to switch my existing mortgage to a buy-to-let – how easy is this to do? On an existing residential mortgage some lenders will grant what is called ‘consent to let’ whereby they will allow the property owner to rent the property out. Some lenders will stipulate that there has to be an alteration in the product (interest loading) or at an additional cost (i.e. admin fee) however dependent on the circumstances some lenders will allow it to remain on the existing product/scheme for a specified period of time. If someone is looking to convert their existing residential property to a rental/tenanted property then they should look to re-mortgage on a let-to-buy basis. Not only will this allow the applicant to purchase another property on a residential basis, but also offers the flexibility of being able to release more equity from the property to fuel a future purchase (subject to circumstances and criteria). A let-to-buy mortgage is along the same lines as a buy-to-let mortgage, whereas an interest only option in addition to capital and interest (repayment) is a viable option.

Expert advice onthinking all purchase andof incentive schemes available your builder - property, but it is Q. I am• currently investing in afrom buy-to-let includes all goverment related schemes off-plan• We and I wanted to buy with a mortgage – is this possible? will guide you through the whole process from initial viewing to moving in

to consider before on the right mortgage A lot of Things mortgage lenders willdeciding allow an off-plan valuation of the property to • Do you require a flexible mortgage where you can repay early? be conducted to allow for a mortgage application to progress, this • What type of mortgage do you want? Fixed or tracker? however does depend on the lender and the stage of the build. Some • How many years do you want the mortgage for? lenders• will stipulate if the build has not progressed to a certain level How much deposit dothat you have? for them to ascertain the suitability of the mortgage then they will request a re-inspection, which could be at an extra cost to the applicant. Again, this depends on the lender and the circumstances at the time.

Both of the above are very viable and uncomplicated. Acumen Financial Advisers expertly deal with new build properties both nationally and internationally, therefore can advise and assist any queries that applicants may have regarding the above. 0844 873 2340 T E W |


SHOULD I MOVE TO BERLIN? Berlin, once a city split by war and differing political agendas, today has shaken off much of this history and is fast becoming a population magnet for the young and creative. Words : Michael Smith | View : Ivan F. Barreto

So you’ve decided it’s time to change things up a bit and you need somewhere that is going to offer a whole bunch of options. You don’t want to go too far from your comfort zone (mine being the UK) if things don’t pan out. And it needs to be cheap… easy! Berlin, once a city split by war and differing political agendas, today has shaken off much of this history and is fast becoming a population magnet for the young and creative. As a designer, it seemed so natural for me to have a curiosity for this creative Mecca of Europe. So I jumped on a plane there in early January for a few months to see what was going on. Getting around First off Berlin is big, trust me, you’re going to look at maps and think “yeah I can walk there, no problem” - you can’t. I spent the first two days wandering around as I find that is often the best way of experiencing a city. Forget that route, use public transport, trains are on time and frequent. If you’re going to be here for a while I’d definitely recommend getting hold of a bike. The city is very flat and was conceived to be bicycle friendly; coupled with German driving courtesy it’s a nice place to ride. What to check out first Fernsehturm is probably one of the first things you find yourself visiting, mainly due to the fact that it’s a massive television tower which can be

seen from anywhere in the city. The Berlin Television Tower is located close to Alexanderplatz, right in the centre of what used to be East Berlin, and its multi-faceted architecture remains as intriguing as ever. Exiting the square are broad main streets such as the Karl-Marx-Allee, which is lined with buildings in the Socialist Classicism style. Berlin Zoo is hands down the best zoo I’ve ever visited. You will find incredible glass tanks with hippos swimming inches from your face, a large big cat enclosure with some very loud residents and a very famous German polar bear. With large high-rise buildings on all sides you get a strange sensation of being both in the wilderness and the city simultaneously. Walking the Berlin Wall is a great experience, it is only as you look at the contrasting pieces of graffiti art you realise how many you’ve already seen in the media. Only a small section of the wall remains, but you can still visit the famous east-west border control “Checkpoint Charlie”. Here you can read note boards detailing the wall’s difficult history. The History of Berlin’s Jewish populace is well presented at Judisches Museum. The latest and most eye-grabbing section of the building was designed by controversial Jewish architect, Daniel Libeskind. Its shape is based on an exploding Star of David, with its interior spaces disappearing into angles, so the museum experience is more about the effects of the space than the documents and artefacts. |


What do I do when I’m hungry?

Be prepared to take your pants off

Food is really something to be experienced in Berlin. Home to some of best street-side eateries you will never go hungry. A popular local delicacy is currywurst. A German sausage coated in a hot sauce, I found myself consuming one almost daily. They’re so popular that many places in Berlin will have long queues – so don’t wait until you are truly hungry.

Something that becomes far more apparent in summer is people here like to get naked. If there wasn’t a winter period nudity would be a constant. You may find it a little odd to begin with, but after a while it does seem strangely natural. If you go to a sauna, people will be naked too. They’ll also be chatting away like they were neither sweaty, nor naked. They are mixed saunas too. It’s strange the first time, but you’ll get used to it real quick. Or if not, I guess you should probably just get out.

I drank a lot of good beer! As you can imagine the Germans are very proud of their beer. There is a vast array of laws ensuring that the quality of the products produced is of a high standard. Basically, most of your mainstream lagers from around the world wouldn’t really get a look in. Did I mention it’s also cheap? It’s nice to be able to talk to everyone As is often the attitude of English speaking countries we do tend to expect most people to be fluent in our native tongue. In Berlin this is the case, as they often learn foreign languages from a young age. However do be aware that anyone born before 1975 wont fall into this category and you will struggle. I found this was the case with most café owners.



Enjoy the vast nightlife A night out really is a night out in Berlin. No closing hours makes everything incredibly relaxed and if you’re into it, you can go clubbing from Friday all the way through to Sunday. Speaking from my own personal experience its advisable to pace oneself, as it’s often not until around 3am that the clubs really swing into action. So there you have it, a small insight into life in Berlin. I found spending time there very enjoyable and the cost of living is quite cheap as there is an abundant supply of housing. Day-to-day the vibe is very laid back and there is always something to entertain. Whatever your reason, a visit to Berlin should be on your list of things to do this year.





PROPERTY SCENE Office Number: +44 (0)161 772 1394 Website: Address: Unit G29b Lowry Outlet Mall Salford Quays Manchester M50 3AH United Kingdom

Knight Knox International Specialists at providing buy-to-let properties to the private investor market, Knight Knox International has a wide range of developments available across the globe. Working alongside a team of experienced developers, solicitors and agents in over 50 countries worldwide allows Knight Knox International to provide expert advice and guidance on a range of investments. Over the next 39 pages you will see a selection of the investment opportunities available through Knight Knox International.

+44(0)161 772 1370 Market leaders In Worldwide Property Investment

UK Pages 81 - 97

Market Leaders in World Wide Property Investment

All prices have been converted from local currencies and are correct at the time of print |


Residential Buy-to-let

Prices from


Comprised of 140 high-end apartments, this 10-storey building will be furnished to the highest of standards and ready to accept residents by Q4 2015. Built by the experienced developer behind the successful X1 Salford Quays Phase 1 (completed) and Phase 2 (work commenced), X1 The Exchange is one of the most exciting developments to hit the Manchester market so far this year.

X1 The Exchange Manchester

140 residential 1 and 2-bed apartments 6% assured NET yield for year 1 10 minutes from Manchester city centre Private parking on selected units 10 storey building

Knight Knox International | | 0161 772 1370

Residential Buy-to-let

Coming Soon

The last barrel was to be rolled out in late 2012 and the building at the centre of Hyde’s history would brew no more. However, even though the brewery is now being turned into buy-to-let properties, much of its historic prowess will remain. Queens Brewery is a Grade II listed building and beautiful features such as the romantic clock tower and the handfed hopper will remain in the building.

The Queens Manchester

60 luxurious 1 and 2-bedroom apartments Private courtyard and parking 10 minutes from Manchester city centre High-end fixture and fittings Extensive refurbishment of a landmark Grade II listed building |


Residential Buy-to-let

Prices from


This former office block is being converted into 38 luxury apartments, within walking distance of the city centre and all faciltiies and amenities. Offering an assured rental yield of 7% NET* from a developer highly experienced in the buy-to-let market, Devonshire House is the perfect addition to any property portfolio.

*Subject to apartment type

Devonshire House Birmingham

Assured rental yields for the first year 10th project to be launched by this developer High rental demand in Birmingham Experienced management company in place Located in the heart of Birmingham, close to all local amenities

Knight Knox International | | 0161 772 1370

Residential Buy-to-let

Prices from


Built by an experienced developer in the residential buy-to-let market, The Courtyard at X1 The Quarter presents a unique concept in luxury living for the residents of Liverpool. Upon completion in September 2014, the development will contain 77 modern 1, 2 and 3 bed apartments, in addition to 3 bed townhouses. An allocation of 58 parking spaces are also available to purchase with selected units. Offered at an extremely competitive purchase price and with virtually no maintenance required due to the new-build status of the development,

X1 The Courtyard Liverpool

Finance options available Experienced Management Co. in place Proven rental demand 5 minute walk to Liverpool ONE Opposite Liverpool Marina |


Residential Buy-to-let

Coming Soon

Average rental yields have grown to 7.6% and prices are set to grow by 4.5% over the next five years. With this in mind, new-build stock is generating a huge amount of interest from the buy-to-let sector and investors are advised to register their interested quickly to reserve the best units.

New Mount Street Manchester

City centre location Private parking available Highly experienced developer In Manchester’s trendy Northern Quarter Close to Manchester Victoria train station



Residential Buy-to-let

Prices from


Formerly a Magistrates Court and Town Hall, this beautiful Grade II listed building is undergoing an extensive refurbishment to transform it into 122 luxury double apartments, re-branded as X1 Town Hall. Comprised of 93 one-beds, 6 two-beds and 23 penthouse apartments, the development has been designed to cater for the demands of the local rental market, offering numerous facilities including parking spaces with selected units, secure bicycle storage for the more environmentally conscious residents, and a private gymnasium and library.

X1 Town Hall Manchester

6% assured NET rental yields for 5 years Prime property in an excellent location 5-minutes from Manchester city centre Secure parking spaces available Within walking distance of all local shops, restaurants and bars |


Residential Buy-to-let

Prices from


As the UK’s private rental sector continues to grow, prime buy-to-let developments in large regional cities like Liverpool present the perfect opportunity for savvy investors to expand their portfolio. Comprised of 221 fully-furnished studios and containing a private fitness suite and communal areas on the ground floor, this 10-storey building will appeal to both students and young professionals alike, due to its proximity to both the town centre and Liverpool universities.



X1 The Studios Liverpool

7% assured NET yields for 5 years Planning permission granted Parking available on selected units Perfect for students or young professionals Fitness suite and communal area on ground floor

Residential Buy-to-let

Coming Soon

Ranked by HSBC as being the fourth best ‘Buy-to-Let Hotspot’ in the country in 2013, Manchester is a city which has a chronic undersupply of housing, in relation to its population. Average rental yields have grown to 7.6% and prices are set to grow by 4.5% over the next five years. With this in mind, new-build stock is generating a huge amount of interest from the buy-to-let sector and investors are advised to register their interested quickly to reserve the best units.

X1 Eastbank Manchester

Phase 1 - 112 apartments / 40 parking spaces Phase 2/3 - 172 apartments with private parking Assured rental yield available Walking distance to Manchester city centre High rental demand in local area

Knight Knox International | | 0161 772 1370 |


Student Buy-to-let

Prices from


Brought to market by the developer behind such successful projects as St. Ann’s Lodge and Nelson Square, students living at Clyde House will have access to a host of communal facilities including; a communal lounge, games rooms, fully equipped gymnasium, secure bicycle storage and laundry room, in addition to an on-site management office, which will be manned by PRIMO Property Management Staff, who will manage and let the building.



Clyde House Glasgow

No arrangement fees Free-hold ownership 10th project to be launched by Forshaw Group Waterfront location A choice of three different investment options; Standard, Superior and Deluxe rooms

Student Buy-to-let

Prices from


Within walking distance of Teesside University, Rede House has been designed to provide the students of Middlesbrough with a higher class of accommodation than anything currently on the market. The building was originally used as office space and is being extensively converted into 230 studios, in addition to a host of communal facilities including; fully-equipped gymnasium, entertainment room, lounge, laundry room and secure bicycle storage area.

Rede House Middlesbrough

High quality student accommodation Over 28,000 students in Middlesbrough High demand for student accommodation Fully-furnished studio apartments Our most competitively priced student project to-date!

Knight Knox International | | 0161 772 1370 |


Student Buy-to-let

Prices from


An opulent new-build development, X1 The Edge will cater for today’s more discerning students. Built by the developer behind X1 Arndale House, the building will be fully let and managed by X1 Lettings and investors will receive an assured yield of 8% NET for the first 5 years. The seven-storey building, which will have amenities including a laundrette, bicycle storage and a private residents’ courtyard, has already received full planning permission from Liverpool City Council, confirming that there is a need for purpose-built student accommodation in the city.

X1 The Edge Liverpool

8% NET yields for 5 years Fully managed and let by X1 lettings 231 double en-suite rooms Built by the developer of X1 Arndale House Prime location in the heart of Liverpool’s student community

Knight Knox International | | 0161 772 1370

Student Buy-to-let

Coming Soon

Home to more than 15,000 students studying at undergraduate and postgraduate level, Chester is a quintessentially English city set in the North West of the country. With three campuses in Chester, one in Warrington and an affiliation with the University of Liverpool, demand for both places and private accommodation is high. Chronicle House has been designed to address the needs of today’s more commercially-minded students and will offer a high-end, fully-managed residence which will rival anything currently on the market.

Chronicle House Chester

Experienced student accommodation developer Rental assurance available On-site management company Private communal facilities available Secure bycycle storage |


Student Buy-to-let

Coming Soon

Located in the heart of Fallowfield - a haven for students in Manchester, Landcross House is certain to be an instant hit with investors. A conversion of a former hotel, Landcross House will be refurbished to the highest of standards and converted into 17 self-contained studios. Located in a popular student rental area, residents are on a main public transport route, linking them directly to the universities.

Landcross House Manchester

Prime Student Rental Market 9% Assured Rental Yield for 2 Years PRIMO Managed Accommodation Close to Manchester University Close to bars, shops and restaurants

Knight Knox International | | 0161 772 1370

Student Buy-to-let

Prices from


All Saints

Currently undergoing an extensive refurbishment to elevate it to the high standard now considered a benchmark for boutique student accommodation, the residence is comprised of 90 ensuite studios with kitchen facilities and is assured to generate investors 9% NET rental returns for years 1 and 2. Furnished to the highest of standards and equipped with free Wi-Fi, students also have access to laundry facilities on each floor.


9% assured NET yields for 2 years Luxury fully-furnished studios Managed student investment opportunity Hands-free investment Walking distance to Sunderland Universities

Knight Knox International | | 0161 772 1370 |


Student Buy-to-let

Prices from


Comprised of 57 luxury studios and a further eight en-suite rooms, this complete transformation of a derelict Grade II listed former Victorian prison will house over 60 students within its walls. The redevelopment will ensure that this beautiful period building is refurbished to the highest of standards, ensuring that its Grade II listed status is acknowledged. Containing 65 units, the rooms will be accompanied with boutique-style facilities including a gymnasium and a common room.



Greenbank Court Plymouth

9% NET returns assured for 2 years Accomplished student property developer Our first south-coast development Unique Grade II listed investment opportunity ANUK accredited property management company in place

Student Buy-to-let

Prices from



One of the first truly boutique student residences in Sheffield, Dunfields has been designed by award-winning architects Coda Studios to embrace a new, modern concept in student living. Unique in its design, the 82 individual single and double units will be divided between 18 three-storey town houses, all of which will be eco-friendly and built to Code 3 of the Code for Sustainable Homes, anticipating that this will reduce the energy bills for the development, further enhancing the rental income for investors.


Designed by award-winning architects Unique towhhomes design ECO-friendly investment Located in trendy Kelham Island, Sheffield Experienced management and letting agent appointed

Knight Knox International | | 0161 772 1370 |


USA Pages 98 - 104

Market Leaders in World Wide Property Investment



All prices have been converted from local currencies and are correct at the time of print

Prices from


New York City is considered one of the premiere destinations for investment, as prices fell dramatically during the global recession in comparison to other similar metropolises such as London and Hong Kong. Over the last 10 years on average there has been 10 months supply on the market in Manhattan, however, that number is now down to 3 months, making this one of the best times to invest in New York City in the last 20 years. Prices in the area have risen dramatically since the bottom of the market, around 19% in 2012 in downtown Manhattan.

75 Wall Street New York

Prime Manhattan real estate High specification luxury condominiums Range of studio to three-bed units available Large communal pool area Fully equipped gym with 24-hour service |


Prices from


Town Park Townhomes Tampa A collection of 77 large and spacious town homes, just 2km from the acclaimed University of South Florida (USF) being in the heart of the financial, entertainment and employment district of Tampa. We have 3 and 4 bedroom town homes available, starting from £60,604 with potential NET yields of up to 8%.

Prices from


Winter Park Orlando Located in the prestigious Winter Park area, this community is surrounded by all the magic Orlando has to offer. Spacious one, two and three-bed condominium residences, Winter Park is the height of luxury living in Orlando.

Prices from


Richmond Place Tampa The City of Tampa is the largest city in Hillsborough County, is the county seat and is the third most populous city in Florida. It is located on the west coast of Florida, approximately 200 miles northwest of Miami, 180 southwest of Jacksonville, and 20 miles northeast of St. Petersburg.



Prices from


Cresent Place Orlando Crescent Place Orlando is the ideal location to live, work and play. Located in one of the most affluent areas in Central Florida, this surprisingly affordable community offers a wide variety of amenities for a very reasonable price. We have 1 to 3 bedroom apartments for sale all rented producing solid NET rental returns.

Prices from


University Village Orlando Exclusive units and pricing available on high-quality, fully-managed apartments, only a short drive from Sea World and Universal Studios. Occupying some of the best positions on the development, all apartments are generously sized.

Prices from


Pelorus Miami With a planned completion date of late 2014, Pelorus will be perfectly situated in mid Miami Beach on Indian Creek and the Bay, just minutes away from Bal Harbour and South Beach. Pelorus Miami Beach offers 115 luxurious units, surrounded by breathtaking bay and skyline views being walking distance to the beach, directly across the street. |


Prices from


Daniels Gardens Fort Myers Daniels Gardens is a gated community located off Daniels Parkway in the heart of South Ft Myers, Florida. With a rich mediterranean style architecture, the thirteen buildings are surrounded by a lush tropical landscaping, a quiet preserve, and a beautiful pond with two spouting fountains which are lighted in the evening.

Prices from


Equestrian Parc Tampa Stylish condominiums in one of Florida’s most upmarket areas - Tampa. Florida continues to lead the US property market with high quality, distressed properties at below market value prices.

Prices from


Tradewinds Orlando Luxurious 1-bed apartments within moments of Walt Disnay World and all of Orlandos attractions. Every unit within the community comes complete with upgraded cherry wood cabinets, granite countertops and ceramic tile kitchens/baths.



Prices from


Palm Point Boynton Beach Offering spacious one, two and three bedroom residences, Palm Point Condominiums feature expansive views of the Intracoastal Waterway and Atlantic Ocean. All residences include upscale detailing and finishes, including floor-to-ceiling windows, island kitchens, custom Italian cabinetry, granite countertops and private balconies.

Prices from


The Villages in Tallahassee Tallahassee The development is in an area of high rental demand, being only a couple of minutes drive to one of Florida’s largest Universities and employers, Florida State University. The local area supports 70,000 students a year and the University itself is Tallahassee’s second largest employer, employing over 20,000 people.

Prices from


Veer Tower Las Vegas Just steps away from ARIA Resort & Casino, Veer Towers has become the residential address of choice for those who recognise a trophy property when they see one. Veer Towers truly represents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity at pricing you never thought possible. |


Prices from


515 East Tower Residence 515 East’s Tower Residences offer luxurious Manhattan retreats featuring expansive layouts, magnificent views and sophisticated finishes chosen by internationally celebrated Bonetti/ Kozerski Studio. Inspiring homes with an abundance of natural light from double exposures afford sweeping East River and cityscape views with far-reaching sight lines that encompass iconic landmarks such as the Empire State Building and Chrysler Tower.



New York

1, 2 and 3 bedroom condominium homes Superb New York City skyline views Overseas financing available 40,000 square foot of amenity available Beautiful indoor heated pool

THAILAND Pages 105 - 110

Market Leaders in World Wide Property Investment

All prices have been converted from local currencies and are correct at the time of print |


Prices from


Serene Residence Pattaya Serene Residence is a brand new development in the up-and-coming resort of Bang Saray. Just 250m from Bang Saray’s unspoilt beach and a short drive to the bustling City and night life of Pattaya, Serene Residence is the only place on the Eastern seaboard you will be able to purchase an apartment for under £20,000.



Ideal investment location Exclusive Knight Knox pre-launch development Interest-free payment plans 250m from the beach Studio, one and two bedroom condos available

Prices from


The Peak Towers Pattaya Reaching into the sky and possessing beautiful views on all sides, The Peak Towers boasts perhaps the best residential location in Pattaya. Situated on the Cozy Beach side of Pratumnak Hill, it is ideally placed directly between both resorts of Jomtien Beach and Pattaya City. .

Prices from


Wong Amat Tower Pattaya The Wong Amat Tower is positioned in a tranquil, seafront environment, and is yet conveniently situated only minutes from downtown Pattaya. Picture a Tai chi practice at sun rise; a cold beer on the beach with the sand between your toes; enjoy the waves while windsurfing, sailing or swimming; anything is possible at the Wong Amat Tower.

Prices from


Waterpark Condos Pattaya Place yourself in a secluded tropical oasis. Assure yourself a sense of both health & happiness. A fresh morning coffee, brisk work-out or relaxing swim, all at your fingertips. Water Park Condominium; A relaxing retreat to complement your lifestyle of leisure. |


Prices from


Beach View Condos Pattaya An affordable new development in the beautiful area of Bang Saray, this eight-storey project is certain to be a hit with investors, due to high rental demand in the area from both tourists and ex-pats alike.

Prices from


Laguna Beach Resort 1 Pattaya Of all the resort condominium developments in Pattaya City, Laguna Beach Resort Jomtien undoubtedly boasts the best location. Just minutes walk from Jomtien Beach, the development is positioned just off the new Jomtien 2nd Road in an exclusive, upmarket, leafy-green residential community.

Prices from


Laguna Bay 1 Pattaya Laguna Bay is situated on Pratumnak Soi 5, South Pattaya. Surrounded by tropical greenery and on a quiet road leading down to the beach, this development is positioned in one of the most prized locations in Pratumnak - the ‘Beverly Hills of Pattaya’. Studios, 1 and 2 bedrooms available!



Prices from


Ocean View Bang Saray With stunning ocean views and only a few minutes’ walk to the beach, these idyllic apartments are a fantastic opportunity for both investors and second-home buyers alike, due to the fabulous location and high rental demand, in an area that is fast-becoming as popular as neighbouring Pattaya.

Prices from


Laguna Beach Resort 2 Pattaya With distances of up to 75m between buildings, the unobstructed views from the interior units of the lush landscaping, lagoon canals, Olympic-sized swimming pool & white sand beach will be nothing short of spectacular.

Prices from


Park Royal 3 Pattaya Surrounded by the spiritual backdrop of Buddha hill and the wondrous golden Buddha which overlooks Jomtien, Pratumnak is a location which is eye-catching, exclusive and enchanting. Just five minutes away in either direction from the vibrant Pattaya city centre on one side and Jomtien beach on the other. |


Prices from


Abatalay Condos Pattaya Abatalay Condominium is an eight-floor structure with 215 affordable luxury ocean-side 23sqm studio units. Multiple units may be purchased to make 46.2sqm one-bedroom and 69.3sqm two-bedroom condominiums. Units on the upper floors have ocean views and ground floor units may be purchased for commercial purposes.

Prices from


Royal Gardens Hua Hin Royal Gardens is one of the most affordable luxury properties in the Khao Tao area of Hua Hin. Each villa comes with first class amenities and facilities, including a private swimming pool, a rooftop entertainment area and tropical landscaping.

Prices from


Ocean Palms Phuket Located only 500m from the stunning Bang Tao Beach, Investors at Ocean Palms can purchase a range of studio, one or two bedroom apartments with as much or as little personal usage as they like, with strong NET rental returns and full rental management team in place.



TURKEY Pages 111 - 114

Market Leaders in World Wide Property Investment

All prices have been converted from local currencies and are correct at the time of print |


Prices from


The Residences Villas Alanya Seven luxurious villas in a resort development whichhas a total plot size of 16,000sqm – only 4,000sqm of this will be used for the construction footprint. The other 12,000sqm will be used for landscaping and communal relaxation and walking areas.

Prices from


Sarigerme Villa Dalaman Sarigerme is tipped as one of the best areas for investment in the region. With the Hilton Hotel golf course, a great beach and new marina planned, the area is now attracting a great deal of attention with land and property prices rising fast as a result.

Prices from


Marine Residence Antalya An exclusive boutique project in a beautiful central location, Marine Residence is within walking distance of local amenities and a short distance to Side centre. This discreet project comprises of just 16 private residences where you can enjoy peace, quiet, relaxation & privacy.



Prices from


The Springs Sanctuary Antalya A unique residential project with a high level of architectural design, The Springs Sanctuary celebrates the ruins of Side’s antique water temple dating back to the 2nd century B.C; a modern version of this prestigious cultural heritage presides in the exquisite gardens of the complex.

Prices from


Mediterranean Breeze Antalya Imagine all this just a short drive from the beaches, restaurants, entertainment and golf courses. What you are dreaming of is Mediterranean Breeze, a unique new residential complex in a stunning location in the hills, a mere 2.7km from the beaches of Side.

Prices from


Olympia 1 Istanbul A select apartment block consisting of 88 apartments and 7 shops in the fastest growing suburb and district in Istanbul: expected returns of 7% 12 floors of apartments and four floors of underground for parking and storage. |


Prices from


Empire Studios Istanbul Empire is located in Istanbul, in Old Beylikdüzü, one of the strongest growth areas within Istanbul. This is due to its proximity to the city centre combined with the benefits of living in a well serviced environment away from the over-crowded city centre. Price indicators show 20% growth on current projects from off-plan to completion in 18 months.

Prices from


Hayat Studios Antalya Take advantage of fabulous launch prices from an established developer with a portfolio completed projects and years of experience. Small project of 60 apartments over 2 blocks: studios, one, two and three bedroom apartments available.

Prices from


Rhythm Apartments Istanbul Rhythm, Istanbul offers everything you could wish for in a property! With the largest open air shopping centre in the region, and a giant sport complex there is certain to be something for everyone. This luxury development also features spectacular views over the Princess Islands



GERMANY Pages 115 - 117

Market Leaders World Widein Property Investment Marketin Leaders World Wide Property

All prices have been converted from local currencies and are correct at the time of print

Investment |


Prices from


Mitte Living Berlin A brand new development in the heart of Mitte, Berlin’s first and most central district. Located on Chausseestrasse, this street is one of Berlin’s top locations and a magnet for galleries, cafes and new businesses catering to the area’s large concentration of creative individuals.

Unbeatable location in central Berlin Perfect buy-to-let Investment New-build and already in construction Additional parking spaces are available Enviable luxury apartments boasting high quality development standards

Knight Knox International | | 0161 772 1370

Prices from


Yoo Berlin Berlin Occupying the last of Mitte’s choicest downtown river front locations, yoo berlin is the newest, most prestigious address in the heart of the city. yoo berlin’s facade captures Berlin’s love affair with the dramatic. Within, yoo inspired by Starck designs juxtapose modern with classic, satire with passion and shape with form to create an extraordinary living experience.

Prices from


Graefestrasse 32 Berlin Recently renovated, this apartment has been completed to a high standard and is ready for any tenant to move in. Located in one of Berlin’s most central and popular districts on a street bustling with activity, this is perfect for any investor looking for a hands-off, fully managed property.

Prices from


Gleimstr 18 Berlin Perfect buy-to-let apartment in strong rental market. Berlin has a very strong rental market. With around 85% of the population being renters, there are many management companies and this presents the opportunity of making a Berlin buy-to-let investments a viable option. |


SPAIN Pages 118 - 119

Market Leaders World Widein Property Investment Marketin Leaders World Wide Property




Prices from


Los Iris Apartments Mijas Prices in Spain are currently 60% below the peak of market making now the perfect time to invest! We have a range of 3 bed 2 bathroom apartments for sale, available for a limited time only priced at £127,000. Pool and golf course on site being only 10 minutes to the beach and 30 minutes from Malaga airport.

Prices from


Residential del Mar Almeria These ready-built apartments, some with sea views, are arranged in low-density built blocks up to 3 levels high, with wide community areas and gardens that include a swimming pool and paddle tennis court for the sole use of residents, in addition to allocated underground parking.

Prices from


Murcia Golf Course Apartments Alicante All apartments are ready to move in and located in the La Tercia Golf development on the Costa Calida, ideally situated between numerous golf resorts and with good access to the beaches of the Mar Menor and Murcia City. The resort itself includes a 9-hole golf course, club house and lawn bowling green - all in operation, making Murcia Golf an ideal long term investment/lifestyle purchase. |


Forshaw Land & Property Group

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