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Every city in Whatcom is unique, with plenty to do, see, and explore. Let us be your personal guide. Pick a city and we’ll offer up some tips on where to go for the best shopping, dining, entertainment, and more.

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Looking for a new hike, a thoughtprovoking museum, or just curious about what to do around Whatcom County? This page brings you the area’s best-loved outings, activities, and events.


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Explore your new area and discover why so many LOVE Whatcom County.

ELCOME! YOU’VE DISCOVERED the most beautiful place in Washington state, at least from our point of view. Whatcom County is diverse in so many ways, from the beauty of the landscape to the people who live here. When you come to Whatcom County, you don’t come just to work, you come for a new and better lifestyle that balances work and play. You have come to the right place.

Around every corner, you’ll discover why so many of us gravitated here. We come from all different backgrounds and from around the globe. Many just came to visit and ended up finding home, while others were born here and never wanted to leave. Others started their journey at Western Washington University and couldn’t bear the thought of leaving. Whatever the reason, and wherever your journey began, we’re glad you chose Whatcom County to be your new home.

As you start to explore the area, be sure to make a trip into Fairhaven. This historic district is full of boutique shops and amazing restaurants, not to mention the South Bay Trail, which starts near Fairhaven Village Inn and leads all the way to Bellingham’s downtown core. On the way, visit Boulevard Park, grab a latte from Woods Coffee, and enjoy the sunset over Bellingham Bay.

Downtown Bellingham is another destination full of history, charm, and plenty to do and see. Wander the streets, check out the eclectic shops, and find your new favorite restaurant. While exploring, make sure to stop by the Whatcom Museum’s Lightcatcher building, a relatively new structure that is already an iconic landmark. Another town treasure is Mount Baker Theatre. Many world-renowned productions stop here on their way from Seattle

to Vancouver, meaning you get to experience global talent in an intimate atmosphere. It is not to be missed!

Head north toward the Canadian border for stunning trails, hikes, clam digging, crabbing, epic sunsets, and oh… the food. Leader Block Trattoria & Bar in Ferndale was remodeled late 2022 and is a not-to-miss experience, as is Packers Kitchen + Bar at Semiahmoo Resort, which is located on the waterfront of Semiahmoo Bay with beautiful views of White Rock, B.C. They hold amazing waterfront barbeques with live music in the summer.

Next, find your way to Lynden, our charming Dutch town full of unique boutiques and restaurants. If you love antiquing, Lynden is a gold mine. Visit during the annual Northwest Washington Fair or the Northwest Raspberry Festival and get a firsthand taste of the area’s bountiful crops. It also hosts the annual Whatcom Home & Lifestyle Show in April, for those needing to update their home and garden.

Mountain lovers, simply drive east on Mount Baker Highway to a little slice of alpine heaven. Whether you’re looking for world-class skiing, epic hikes among lakes and wildflowers, or just a beautiful bike ride through the forest, the Mount Baker area has it all. For something gentler, take your pick of the Chuckanuts, Galbraith, or visit one of the county’s numerous parks.

Wherever you go, and whatever city you are now calling home… Welcome to the neighborhood! We look forward to meeting you and helping you settle in.


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ADear Friends!

Welcome to Whatcom County!

S THE HOMELAND of the Lummi and Nooksack tribes, Whatcom County has been welcoming newcomers from across the Americas, Europe, Asia, and beyond for many generations. Thirty-five years ago, I too was a new resident, bringing my family from Canada to make a home near the town of Lynden. If you’ve decided to call this place home, then we already have something in common and share love for Whatcom County! I’d like to offer a couple pieces of advice as you settle in.

First, stop by your local library and get a library card. Libraries are cradles of local culture and knowledge, and Whatcom County has some great ones with very helpful and friendly staff. They can point you to the local history section, where you can learn about the customs of the Coast Salish people, the outsized dreams of the first pioneers, or the cunning of local smugglers. Also, I’ve found that librarians can advise on much more than books—they’re always ready to share their favorite hikes, must-see museums, and suggestions for what to do on a free afternoon.

Second, set aside some time to explore not just your immediate neighborhood but also the wide array of destinations between Lummi Island and Point Roberts to the west and Mt. Baker and North Cascades National Park to the east. It’s well worth a special effort, and you’ll soon have a dozen outing options for every season and mood. As you may already know, this beautiful corner of the world offers incredible outdoor recreation opportunities—where else can you ski, cycle, and sail all on the same day? Even after half a lifetime here, I am still uncovering hidden gems!

Third, discover Whatcom County’s bounty. We’re nationally known for our raspberries and blueberries and are the number-two dairy producing county in our state, but there’s much

more than that. From farm fresh produce and artisan baked goods to our vibrant arts and music scene, you’ll have opportunities to satisfy your established tastes while also pushing your boundaries with new culinary and cultural experiences. Our small-scale, locally-owned businesses contribute so much to the color and character of our communities, and I believe that patronizing them is our civic duty!

Fourth, don’t forget to introduce yourself to your neighbors and, if you are so inclined, get involved! I think you’ll find that our community is friendly and welcoming. Consider joining a hobby club, service organization, or community group. There’s a wealth of opportunity for civic engagement! My own first steps into the public arena began with my involvement in a foundation to support my children’s schools. Perhaps you too will find something that provides personal enrichment while also giving back to your community.

Finally, get to know your representatives in local government. While much attention is given to the goings-on in Washington DC, it’s your local public servants who are responsible for your roads and parks, schools and emergency services, and so much more. Speaking as County Executive, please know that County Government is here to serve you, and we are committed to being accessible, responsive, and transparent as we do the people’s business.

I’m sure in a very short time you will begin to feel that this is a great new home and will be telling all your friends and family what we say: “I love Whatcom!”

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ssidhu@whatcomcounty.us 311 Grand Ave., Bellingham
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City Mayors County Council


Kaylee Galloway

360.303.1644, kgallowa@ co.whatcom.wa.us


Tyler Byrd 360.778.5021 tbyrd@co.whatcom.wa.us


Ben Elenbaas

360.778.5025 belenbaa@co.whatcom.wa.us


Todd Donovan

360.483.8474 tdonovan@co.whatcom.wa.us


Mark Stremler 360.851.1776 mstremle@co.whatcom.wa.us


Barry Buchanan

360.224.4330 bbuchanan@co.whatcom.wa.us


Jon Scanlon

360.592.3149 jscanlon@co.whatcom.wa.us

*Civic positions subject to change.


Kim Lund

360.778.8100 mayorsoffice@cob.com


Greg Hansen 360.685.2350


Kevin Hester



John Perry




Mary Lou Steward

360.371.8618 msteward@cityofblaine.com


Scott Korthuis



Bruce Bosch bbosch@cityofsumas.com

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Christine Cicchitti

Windermere Real Estate



Welcome to Whatcom County. I’m sure you will fall in love with our County once you have seen it.

Born and raised here, I can show you some of the best places to live, whether you want to be close to the water (Blaine, Birch Bay, Fairhaven, Chuckanut, Bellingham) or to the Mountain (with the Mt. Baker ski area), or to the Canadian border (so you can cross over quickly) and then there are the areas in between, like Ferndale and Lynden and Meridian areas. So many different places to call home, with so many friendly people and a great vibe all around. Call me to find the best place for you to live.


Border Crossings



Pacific Highway, Blaine


Peace Arch, Blaine




Food Banks

Bellingham Food Bank

1824 Ellis St., 360.676.0392

Blaine Food Bank

500 C St., 360.332.6350

Commodity Foods | Lummi

Nutrition Education Program |

Community Services

2830 Kwina Rd., 360.384.2366

Ferndale Food Bank

1671 Main St., 360.384.1506

Foothills Food Bank

8255 Kendall Rd., Maple Falls, 360.392.8149

Lynden Project Hope

205 S. British Columbia Ave., 360.354.4673

Meals on Wheels

315 Halleck St., 360.733.4030

Nooksack Valley Food Bank

100 E. 2nd St., Everson

Point Roberts Food Bank

1487 Gulf Rd., Point Roberts, 360.945.5424


Auto, Boat, & Trailer




Hunting & Fishing




Marine, Biotoxin, & Red Tide Information


Public Libraries

Bellingham Public Library - Barkley 3111 Newmarket St., Ste. 103, 360.778.7290

Bellingham Public Library - Central 210 Central Ave., 360.778.7323

Bellingham Public LibraryFairhaven

1117 12th St., 360.778.7188

Birch Bay Vogt Library Express

7948 Birch Bay Dr., Blaine

Blaine Library

610 3rd St., 360.305.3637

Everson Library

104 Kirsch Dr., 360.966.5100

Ferndale Library

2125 Main St., 360.384.3647

Island Library

2144 S. Nugent Rd., 360.758.7145

Lynden Library

216 4th St., 360.354.4883

North Fork Community Library

7506 Kendall Rd., Maple Falls, 360.599.2020

Point Roberts Library

1437 Gulf Rd., 360.945.6545

South Whatcom Library

10 Barn View Dr., Sudden Valley 360.305.3632

Sumas Library

461 2nd St., 360.988.2501

Senior Services

Blaine Community & Senior Center

763 G St., Blaine, 360.332.8040

Everson Senior Center

111 W. Main St., Everson, 360.966.3144

Ferndale Senior Activity Center

1999 Cherry St., Ferndale 360.384.6244

Lynden Community/Senior Center

401 Grover St., Lynden 360.354.2921

Northwest Regional Council

600 Lakeway Dr., Bellingham, 360.676.6749

Point Roberts Senior Activity Center

1487 Gulf Rd., Point Roberts 360.945.5424

Sumas Community Senior Center

461 Second St., Sumas 360.988.2714

Whatcom Council on Aging/ Bellingham Senior Activity Center

315 Halleck St., Bellingham, 360.733.4030

Whatcom Love INC



Agape Home for Women & Children

1215 F St., Bellingham, 360.733.3796

Department of Social & Health Services

600 Lakeway Dr., Bellingham, 360.756.5750

Lighthouse Mission Shelter

910 W. Holly St., Bellingham, 360.733.5120

Lydia Place

1701 Gladstone St., Bellingham, 360.671.7663

New Way Ministries


Womencare Shelter & Domestic Violence Services


YWCA Bellingham

1026 N. Forest St., Bellingham, 360.734.4820

Social Services & Other

Adult Protective Services (DSHS) 877.734.6277

Alcoholics Anonymous


Blaine Community Assistance Program


Blaine Family Service Center 360.332.0740

Brigid Collins Family Support Center 360.734.4616

Burn Ban Information


Care Crisis Response Line, Compass Health 800.584.3578

Child Protective Services (CPS) 866.829.2153

14 BellinghamAlive.com Notes Human & Public Services

Coast Guard Emergency


Department of Social & Health Services


Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Services Helpline


Forest Fire Reporting


Lummi Victims of Crime


Northwest Washington American Red Cross


Pass Reports (WSDOT)


Poison Information Center


Tl’ils Ta’á’altha Victims of Crime


Washington Recovery Hotline


WWU Survivor Advocacy Services at the Counseling & Wellness Center


Special Needs Resources

Max Higbee Center

1400 N. State St., Ste. 101, Bellingham 360.746.7181

The Arc of Whatcom County 2602 McLeod Rd., Bellingham, 360.715.0170

Whatcom Developmental Disabilities Program


Tourism Information

Bellingham | Whatcom County Tourism



Alaska Marine Highway System

360.676.8445 ext. 3

Amtrak Reservation


BoltBus (Cordata Station)


Greyhound 800.231.2222

Lummi Island Ferry


San Juan Islands Ferry 888.464.3701

Washington State Ferries 888.808.7977

Whatcom Transportation Authority (WTA)


WTA Paratransit


Bellingham International Airport 360.671.5674

Paine Field (Everett) 425.388.5125

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SeaTac)


U.S. Post Offices

Acme Post Office

2026 Valley Hwy., 800.595.2189

Bellingham Post Office

315 Prospect St., 360.650.3735

Blaine Post Office

701 Harrison Ave., 800.332.7184

City Center Post Office

104 W. Magnolia St., Ste. 100 360.752.9822

Custer Post Office 7632 Portal Way, 800.366.5666

Deming Post Office

5014 Deming Rd., 360.592.2032

Everson Post Office

108 Blair Dr., 360.966.4700

Ferndale Post Office

5703 4th Ave., 360.380.3127

Glacier Post Office

9973 Mt. Baker Hwy., 360.599.3208

Lummi Island Post Office 2211 N. Nugent Rd., Ste. 2, 360.758.2320

Lynden Post Office

600 Front St., 800.354.8545

Maple Falls Post Office 7392 Mt. Baker Hwy., 800.599.2917

Mount Baker Post Office 3150 Orleans St., 800.752.9825

Sumas Post Office 534 Railroad Ave., 800.988.2613

Veteran’s Services

Bellingham Vet Center 3800 Byron Ave., Ste. 124, Bellingham 360.733.9226

Whatcom County Veterans Program 509 Girard St., Lower Level, Bellingham 360.778.6050

Voter Registration

Whatcom County 311 Grand Ave., Ste. 103, Bellingham 360.778.5102

UTILITIES Cable, Satellite, & Phone CenturyLink 800.244.1111 DirecTV 855.842.4388 DISH 866.943.9823 Frontier 844.232.9134 Whidbey Telecom 360.321.1122 Xfinity by Comcast 800.934.6489 Electricity City of Blaine Electric Water & Sewer Services 360.332.8311 City of Sumas Electric Water & Sewer Services 360.988.5711 Puget Sound Energy Inc. 888.225.5773 Welcome Newcomers Guide 2024 15

Whatcom County Public Utility District No. 1


Garbage, Recycling, Compost


Green Earth Technology (compost)


Sanitary Service Company


Northwest Recycling, Inc.


Recycling & Disposal Services, Inc. (Whatcom)



Cando Recycling & Disposal



Nooksack Valley Disposal & Recycling





CSS Communications Inc.










Xfinity by Comcast



CHS Northwest

Multiple locations, 360.354.4595

Economy Propane

2163 Natures Path Way, Blaine, 360.332.3121

Northwest Propane

8450 Depot Rd., Lynden, 360.354.4471


5387 La Bounty Dr., Ferndale, 360.384.4922

Vanderyacht Propane

6811 Guide Meridian Rd., Lynden, 360.398.1234

Water & Sewer

Bellingham Water & Sewer Services


Birch Bay Water & Sewer District


Blaine Electric Water & Sewer Services


Everson Water & Sewer Services


Ferndale Water & Sewer Services


Lynden Water & Sewer Services


Nooksack Water & Sewer Services


Sumas Electric Water & Sewer Services


Whatcom County Public Utility District No. 1


Fire & EMS (Non-Emergencies)







Everson | Nooksack






Maple Falls




Police & Sheriff (Non-Emergencies)

Bellingham Police Department

505 Grand Ave., Bellingham, 360.778.8800

Blaine Police Department

322 H St., Blaine, 360.332.6769

Everson Police Department

111 W. Main St., Everson, 360.966.4212

Ferndale Police Department

2220 Main St., Ferndale, 360.384.3390

Lummi Nation Police Department

2665 Kwina Rd., Bellingham, 360.312.2274

Lynden Police Department

203 19th St., Lynden, 360.354.2828

Nooksack Indian Tribe Police Department

5016 Deming Rd., Deming, 360.592.9065

Sumas Police Department

433 Cherry St., Sumas, 360.988.5711

Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office

311 Grand Ave., Bellingham, 360.778.6600

Washington State Patrol & Border Patrol



U.S. Customs & Border Protection


16 BellinghamAlive.com Notes Human & Public Services
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To the Neighborhood WELC ME

230,677 estimated residents

103,710 housing units

$396,500 median value of owner-occupied housing units

$1,219 median gross rent

93.2% people age 25 or older who graduated high school

$70,011 median household income

22 minutes for average work commute

Cities of Whatcom County

FROM COASTAL TOWNS to mountain getaways, there’s plenty to explore in Whatcom County. The area features several thriving urban communities as well as world-class access to the outdoors, so whether you’re a city dweller or a nature enthusiast, you’re sure to find a place that suits your style.

Bellingham is the county’s largest city, and more than 90,000 people reside within its limits. It offers the best of both worlds in terms of urban amenities and outdoor adventure. Entertainment, shopping, and dining options abound in the downtown corridor and historic Fairhaven Village. Residents also have access to numerous parks, recreation areas, and trails, so there’s always something to do.

The town of Ferndale is located just outside of Bellingham, and if you continue heading north, you’ll encounter Custer along I-5 and Lynden nestled northeast of Ferndale. The border town of Blaine, which contains the seaside village of Birch Bay, is located in the northwest corner of the county. Visitors will find two ports of entry and Peace Arch Park, which straddles the boundary between Canada and the United States.

In the foothills beneath Mount Baker, Deming, Maple Falls, and Glacier each offer a unique brand of mountain town charm. Further along Mount Baker Highway is Artist Point, which features an array of trails as well as stunning mountain vistas as far as the eye can see. If you instead take State Route 9, you can pay a visit to the towns of Sumas, Everson/Nooksack, and Acme. 

Welcome Newcomers Guide 2024 19

In the Loop

Bellingham is informally known among locals and tourists alike as the “City of Subdued Excitement,” and if you walk down Prospect Street with your eyes peeled you just might catch a glimpse of the mural that started it all. It’s painted on the side of #109, which used to be Lone Wolfe Antiques in 1995, when the slogan was coined by Stephen Stimson, building owner and frequent Mr. Peanut cosplayer-about-town. When Stimson’s mother suggested a mural on the building’s exterior wall, he included the slogan, and we’ve all been using it ever since.

If you’re looking for a peaceful waterfront walk that’s wheelchairand stroller-accessible, check out Boulevard Park. The park itself is beautiful, right on the water and full of rolling lawns, and there’s a well-maintained boardwalk that leads to the edge of Fairhaven. (Fun fact: the original town of Bellingham was located in what is now Boulevard Park.)

The blue-and-green Bellingham flag, designed by Bradley James Lockhart of Lariat Creative, is full of meaning. The Bellingham Bay is represented by the blue half circle while the Nooksack Indian Tribe and the Lummi Nation are signified by two stars. The word “Whatcom,” meaning “noisy waters,” is represented by three wavy lines.

Originally located in Ferndale, New Mexico Tamale Company was ranked among Yelp’s top 100 places to eat in 2020, and it’s only gained in popularity since then. To increase access even more, they’ve since moved the restaurant to Bellingham and set up online ordering through their website—definitely a must-try!



downtown area to the serenity of Bellingham Bay, this city has plenty to offer visitors and residents alike. Its history can be traced back thousands of years as the homeland of the Coast Salish peoples, who thrived off the region’s bountiful seafood and live in the area to this day. After the gold rush spurred population growth among European settlers, four separate towns came into existence: Fairhaven, Whatcom, Sehome, and Bellingham. These settlements were combined in 1903 to form the Bellingham we know today.

The city has historically catered to industries such as fishing, mining, and lumber. For a peek at Bellingham’s industrial past, pay a visit to the waterfront, which functioned as a tissue mill from the ‘60s until the mid-2000s. It is currently being redeveloped into a mixed-use space with public art and access to the bay.

Nowadays PeaceHealth St. Joseph Medical Center and Western Washington University are the city’s largest employers, and Bellingham’s population has nearly doubled in size since the mid-20th century. It continues to draw in

transplants from across the state and country thanks to its clean air, natural beauty, and diversity.

There are more than 20 neighborhoods in Bellingham, including Barkley, Fairhaven, Lettered Streets, Columbia, Birchwood, Cordata, Sunnyland, and Sehome. The Bellingham Bay forms a natural boundary west of the city, and the North Cascade Mountains lie to the east.

Located in the southeast is Lake Whatcom, a 10-mile-long lake that provides both drinking water and plenty of summertime fun. Finally, head due south along the bay to visit the Chuckanut Mountains. These natural wonders can be accessed with just a five-minute trip outside the city, and they contain a wealth of scenic overlooks and trails.

Downtown Bellingham is the city’s hub for commercial activity and entertainment. Shoppers can explore everything from upscale boutiques to eclectic gift shops, home decor outlets, and much more. There’s also a diverse restaurant scene, so whether you’re craving crispy eggplant bao at the new Redlight Kitchen & Bar location, date night bites at Temple Bar, or Peruvian

Bloedel Donovan Park
20 BellinghamAlive.com Cities
Photo by W. Scooter

sandwiches at Cafe Rumba, you’ll find an eatery to appease just about any appetite. Need a pick-me-up after your meal? The downtown corridor also has locally-owned coffee shops in spades, from cozy Camber Coffee to the spacious and contemporary Makeworth Coffee Roasters

If you happen to be downtown on a Saturday morning between April and December, swing by Depot Market Square for the Bellingham Farmers Market. It features more than 100 vendors selling everything from local produce to baked goods and even handmade jewelry.

Bellingham has a thriving arts culture, and the Mount Baker Theatre is the city’s most iconic venue when it comes to live entertainment. It’s been around since 1927, and wellknown names such as Ira Glass, David Sedaris, and even Jane Goodall have all graced its stage over the years. Other quintessential music venues include Wild Buffalo House of Music, The Shakedown, and all-ages venue The Blue Room, all conveniently located downtown.

The Whatcom Museum is a major point of reference for visual art, and it consists of several separate buildings: the Lightcatcher Building (which contains the Family Interactive Gallery), the Syre Education Center, and the distinctive Old City Hall. Bellingham’s downtown area is also home to several independently owned galleries and interactive exhibitions like Mindport. In terms of handmade goods, places like Brazen Shop + Studio and Circa Pottery Shop + Gallery provide a brick-and-mortar space for artisans to sell their wares.

Allied Arts of Whatcom County holds an Art Walk on the first Friday of every month, and it’s a great opportunity to connect with other artists and makers. There’s also the Rebel Artists of Whatcom, an inclusive arts collective that hosts pop-up markets in Commercial Street Plaza every Saturday. During the first two weekends of October, the public is invited to visit local artists’ private studios during the Whatcom Artist Studio Tour

Photo by W. Scooter Photo by Tim Bies Mount Baker Theatre
Welcome Newcomers Guide 2024 21
Whatcom Museum
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Bellingham is also a dream destination for those who are interested in the fine art of craft beer. Boundary Bay Brewery & Bistro, Aslan Brewing Co., and Structures Brewing are downtown classics, while the Sunnyland neighborhood boasts spots such as Wander Brewing, Kulshan Brewing, and Otherlands Beer, the latter of which is also known for its must-try Eastern European eats. With more than 15 breweries to choose from, you’ll be hard-pressed to pick a favorite. Cider drinkers should check out Bellingham Cider Co., whereas Chuckanut Bay Distillery serves up some of Bellingham’s finest spirits and shareable snacks at its restaurant, the Penny Farthing Bar & Restaurant.

The beer may be delicious, but balance is the key to health. Thankfully it’s easy to stay fit and active yearround in Bellingham, and in addition to the great outdoors, there are plenty of indoor fitness centers to pick from. Whether you’re looking for standard gym amenities or niches such as Muay Thai, rock climbing, or even aerial yoga, there’s a gym out there for

everyone. For healthcare, Bellingham has PeaceHealth St. Joseph Medical Center as well as smaller clinics that specialize in everything from traditional to naturopathic medicine.

Whether you’re an athlete or a spectator, the Ski to Sea race is another can’t-miss summertime affair. This multi-sport relay starts with a Mount Baker ski run and finishes with sea kayaking in the Bellingham Bay. Other annual sporting events include the Bellingham SwimRun, Lake Whatcom Triathlon, Bellingham Bay Marathon, and the Bellingham Traverse.

In addition to all these fun and games, the city’s educational offerings are a major draw for new residents. Western Washington University was named as the top public master’sgranting institution in the Pacific Northwest by the 2022 U.S. News & World Report College Rankings. Other higher-ed options include Whatcom Community College , Bellingham Technical College , or Northwest Indian College . Younger learners have access to an array of respected K-12 institutions, including

public, private, Montessori-style, and faith-based options.

Another perk for Bellingham residents is the city’s proximity to numerous trip-worthy areas. If you’re seeking an urban getaway, you don’t have to look far—Seattle is 90 miles away, and Vancouver, B.C. is just under 60 miles away. For a less metropolitan escape, head south to the Skagit Valley. Skagit County is known for its agricultural bounty, annual Tulip Festival, and access to the San Juan Islands via the port town of Anacortes

The most picturesque way to get to Skagit is by taking Chuckanut Drive Scenic Byway. Nestled between the Chuckanut Mountains and the bay, this stretch of road features stunning views of the water, mountains, and San Juan Islands. Alternatively, if you go east past the Cascade Mountains, you’ll find yourself in the Methow Valley This area offers ample opportunities for outdoor recreation and is especially beautiful when the leaves start to turn.

Of course, Bellinghamsters don’t even need to leave the city for a dose of outdoor fun. Bellingham is a haven

Photo Courtesy of Chuckanut Bay Distillery Penny Farthing Bar & Restaurant Photo by W. Scooter
22 BellinghamAlive.com Cities
Chuckanut Bay

for mountain bikers, and Galbraith Mountain offers more than 60 miles of world-class trails that are also fit for horseback riding and hiking. Hikers and trail runners can also head to the Chuckanut Mountains for day hikes such as Fragrance Lake, Lost Lake, Raptor Ridge, or the breathtaking Oyster Dome. For a backpacking adventure, Pine and Cedar Lakes is an ideal overnight destination.

No visit to Bellingham would be complete without a stop by Whatcom Falls, which boasts four sets of waterfalls and several miles of walking trails. Other must-do walks include the Interurban Trail, which connects Fairhaven and Larrabee State Park, as well as the loop around Lake Padden. In addition to being a full-service marina and public boat launch, Squalicum Harbor has walking trails and is a great spot for sunset-watching.

Regardless of age, background, or interests, there’s a place for everyone in Bellingham. It’s no wonder residents are proud to call this idyllic city their home. 

Photo by Melissa MCCarthy
Welcome Newcomers Guide 2024 23
Lake Whatcom Trail

Town Halls

City of Bellingham

210 Lottie St., Bellingham, 360.778.8000

City of Blaine

435 Martin St., Blaine, 360.332.8311

City of Everson

111 W. Main St., Everson, 360.966.3411

City of Ferndale

2095 Main St., Ferndale, 360.384.4302

City of Lynden

300 4th St., Lynden, 360.354.1170

City of Nooksack

103 W. Madison St., Nooksack 360.966.2531

City of Sumas

433 Cherry St., Sumas, 360.988.5711

Chambers of Commerce

Bellingham | Whatcom

Chamber of Commerce

119 N. Commercial St., Ste. 110 Bellingham, 360.734.1330

Birch Bay Chamber of Commerce

4819 Alderson Rd., Ste. 103, Blaine 360.371.5004

Blaine Chamber of Commerce

546 Peace Portal Dr., Blaine 800.624.3555

Everson | Nooksack

Chamber of Commerce

103 W. Main St., Everson, 360.966.3407

Ferndale Chamber of Commerce

2007 Cherry St., Ferndale, 360.384.3042

Lynden Chamber of Commerce

518 Front St., Lynden, 360.354.5995

Sumas Chamber of Commerce

PO Box 268, Sumas info@sumaschamber.com


NESTLED IN THE northeast corner of Bellingham is Barkley Village, an urban community with a smalltown spirit. This mixed-use neighborhood was created in 2010 when the Mount Baker neighborhood was split between what is now Barkley and Irongate. It’s situated to the east at the Sunset exit of I-5, just north of Alabama Hill.

This walkable urban village offers shopping, sightseeing, and a great selection of restaurants. Many of Barkley’s homes feature views of Bellingham Bay, and apartment dwellers also have plenty of options for upscale rentals. A full calendar of community events means that new residents have ample opportunity to meet their neighbors.

Barkley is home to businesses with both local and international reach, and the neighborhood’s commercial heart is situated between Woburn Street and Barkley Boulevard. This area has a high concentration of offices, clinics, and shopping destinations such as Statement Apparel and Hamann’s Gallery & Gift.

For groceries, Haggen Food & Pharmacy is also located in the heart of the neighborhood. Not in the mood to cook? Residents can dine out at local favorites such as Vitality Bowls, Overflow Taps, Just Poké, Scotty Browns, and Zen Sushi & Bar.

To see what the outdoors has to offer, head east down Sunset Drive for the Mount Baker Scenic Byway, an idyllic stretch of road that offers world-class skiing and hiking.

If you’d prefer to stick closer to home, Barkley Village has myriad trails that will take you all over town. Whatcom Falls, Big Rock Garden, and Northridge Park are only a short distance away. In the summer, Bloedel Donovan Park is the destination for swimming.

If you’re looking for something to do this weekend (and throughout the year), Barkley has you covered. On the Barkley Village Green, keep an eye out for events such as the Vietnam Veterans Car Show, Bellingham Veg Fest, Barkley Village Wine Walk, and the summer farmers market. In addition, the Concert on the Green event is an annual favorite featuring live music for a good cause.

For an evening on the town, start by grabbing happy hour at the Blue Abode Bar. Next, head to the Regal Barkley Village IMAX & RPX for popcorn and a movie. To finish off the night, Overflow Taps is the spot for craft beer and wine, and they collaborate with craft breweries to donate money to water projects in low-income countries.

In addition to the nightlife, Barkley has plenty of amenities for families. The neighborhood is home to Bellingham Public Library - Barkley Branch, and the Barkley Village Gazebo hosts plenty of kid-friendly events throughout the year. Northern Heights Elementary School is the closest school, but students also attend Shuksan Middle School and Squalicum High School 

Barkley Village Photo by Zoe Deal
Welcome Newcomers Guide 2024 25 Cities
Photo by Zoe Deal


HEAD TO THE southern end of Bellingham’s city limits and you’ll encounter Fairhaven, a waterfront historic district that’s home to some of Bellingham’s most colorful history. This charming area was one of the four original settlements eventually consolidated into the city of Bellingham.

Fairhaven was originally settled as a pioneer town in 1853. It was later founded by Daniel J. Harris, also known as “Dirty Dan,” in 1883, and its economic vitality has since waxed and waned. 19th-century real estate investors banked on it becoming the terminus of the Great Northern Railroad, but Seattle was chosen instead. In the 20th century, deep-water frontage access to resources made it an ideal site for manufacturing. However, the industry eventually shifted to downtown Bellingham.

After decades of booms and busts, Fairhaven was revitalized in the latter half of the 20th century. Modern Fairhaven may not be the bustling city center of centuries past, but its history

In the Loop

If you’re looking for a venue to host a mellow party or small wedding, the Roeder Home is a hidden gem. This beautiful historic home sits on lush grounds just outside downtown and can be rented for the day from the Parks Department. Built between 1903 and 1908 by Henry Roeder, one of Bellingham’s first influential businessmen, the home can host up to 125 guests for a day fee of just $275 ($250 if you’re a Whatcom resident).

Boulevard Park Downtown Fairhaven Photo by Brandee Simons Photo by Zoe Deal

is an integral part of Bellingham’s character. Featuring distinctive redbrick architecture and plenty of Victorian charm, the downtown area is a delight to explore.

At the heart of everything is Fairhaven Village Green, and it’s the perfect spot to stop and enjoy a sweet treat from Acme Valley Ice Cream Cafe or Sirena Gelato. In the summer months on Wednesdays, the green is also home to Fairhaven Outdoor Cinema

Fairhaven features plenty of art galleries, stores, and boutiques, so if you’re in the mood to shop, you’ve come to the right place. Pop into Babygreens Plant Shop for a new indoor plant and fun pot to go with. For women’s clothing, head to Three French Hens, Serendipity, Eleventh St GOODS, or Adored Boutique Bella Rose Boutique also offers a curated selection of bath and beauty products. Bookworms will feel right at home in Village Books, Bellingham’s beloved indie bookstore (which also features artisan truffles on the mezzanine level at Evolve Chocolate + Cafe).

If you’re feeling low on energy, you can duck into one of Fairhaven’s numerous cafes for an afternoon pick-me-up. Teeny Cafe Blue has house-made pastries and a homey ambiance, whereas Colophon Cafe is a Fairhaven icon. When it comes to libations, Galloway’s Cocktail Bar is a must-try for craft cocktails and artdeco ambiance. Beer lovers will feel right at home at Corner Taphouse, Stones Throw Brewery and Paws for a Beer, the latter of which is Bellingham’s first and only dog-friendly tavern. Gold Fern, a natural wine bar and bottle shop, is

the perfect stop for wine-lovers who appreciate an organic approach to their favorite glass.

Food options abound in Fairhaven: there’s brunch at Skylark’s Hidden Cafe, Thai-Lao fusion at Maikham Lao & Thai, French pastries at Iron Rooster Bakery, Hawaiian-style bowls at Fairhaven Poke, and plenty more. Pizza lovers are spoiled for choice between Övn Wood Fired Pizza and Mambo Italiano Cafe. On date night, Bistro Estelle has an excellent duck confit, whereas Keenan’s at the Pier offers waterfront views within the luxurious Chrysalis Inn & Spa

Fairhaven residents enjoy easy access to numerous gyms, health clinics, and other essentials such as Haggen Food & Pharmacy. Just up the hill is Western Washington University, and Fairhaven also sports a branch of the Bellingham Public Library. For younger students, Lowell Elementary School and Fairhaven Middle School are within walking distance.

If it’s nature you’re looking for, Fairhaven Park, Arroyo Park, Marine Park, and Post Point Lagoon Estuary are all connected via the Interurban Trail. The South Bay Trail is a classic and beloved route that stretches from downtown Fairhaven, through the docks of Boulevard Park, and along the water until finally reaching downtown Bellingham.

Hop on an Amtrak Cascades train or Greyhound bus at Fairhaven Station for a jaunt to Seattle, Portland, or Vancouver, B.C. Alternatively, take Chuckanut Drive Scenic Byway for stunning waterfront views, access to Larrabee State Park, and trailheads for a plethora of classic hikes. 

Local Parks

Bellingham, Barkley, Fairhaven, Sudden Valley

Arroyo Park

1700 Old Samish Rd.

Birchwood Park

2709 Cedarwood Ave.

Bloedel Donovan Park

2114 Electric Ave.

Boulevard Park

470 Bayview Dr.

Cornwall Park

3424 Meridian St.

Euclid Park

1500 Euclid Ave.

Fairhaven Park

107 Chuckanut Dr. N.

Lake Padden Park

4882 S. Samish Way

Larrabee State Park

245 Chuckanut Dr.

Little Squalicum Park

640 Marine Dr.

Maritime Heritage Park

500 W. Holly St.

Northridge Park

3400 Carrington Way

Roosevelt Park

2235 Verona St.

Sehome Hill Arboretum

600 Arboretum Dr.

Squalicum Creek Park

1001 Squalicum Way

Squires Lake Park

2510 Nulle Rd.

St. Clair Park

2015 St. Clair St.

Sudden Valley Dog Park

22 Marina Dr.

Ted Edwards Park

4150 Oriental Ln.

Whatcom Falls Park

1401 Electric Ave.

Fairhaven Village Green
Welcome Newcomers Guide 2024 27
Photo by Brandee Simons


Bellingham, Barkley, Fairhaven, Sudden Valley


Padden Polar Dip & Resolution Walk/Run


Fairhaven Chocolate Walk


Whatcom Cultural Arts Festival

St. Patrick’s Day Parade


Bellingham Beer Week

Dirty Dan Murder Mystery Weekend


Ski to Sea Race & Fairhaven Festival CASCADIA International Women’s Film Festival


Padden Triathlon

Bellingham SwimRun


Bellingham Festival of Music

Bellingham’s 4th of July Celebration

Bellingham Pride

Tour de Whatcom

Downtown Sounds (July and August)


Downtown Sounds (July and August)

Bellingham Traverse

Noisy Waters Mural Festival


Bellingham Bay Marathon

Bellingham VegFest

Eat Local Month


Bellingham SeaFeast

Whatcom Artists Studio Tour

Cloud Mountain Farm Fruit Festival


Allied Arts Holiday Festival of the Arts

Fairhaven Winterfest


Holiday Port Festival & Gingerbread House Contest

*Event dates are based on 2023 events and are subject to change.

Sudden Valley

LOCATED ALONGSIDE THE beautiful Lake Whatcom is the Sudden Valley neighborhood. This serene community is perfect for avid golfers and first-time home owners alike.

Now home to more than 7,000 residents, Sudden Valley has grown immensely since its beginnings in 1969. Originally a private property known as “The Ranch,” the 1,200-acre community ecompasses all there is to love about living in Whatcom County.

The 20-minute commute from Bellingham makes the neighborhood ideal for those looking for a quieter area that’s still close to city amenities. With an abundance of parks, playgrounds, and lake access, you get the best of both worlds—suburban perks in a woodsy, isolated atmosphere.

Don’t let the access to the 18-hole Sudden Valley Golf Course , a private marina, two community gardens, and two swimming pools (one of which is Olympic-sized) fool you—home prices are actually lower

in Sudden Valley, making it a great location for those who are starting out or looking to downsize.

You don’t have to leave the area to find amenities. The Community Center is home to a gym, sauna, game lounge, dance barn, and children’s area. You can also find lots of social events such as knitting groups, fitness classes, and mahjong. Looking for a quiet work space? A branch of the Whatcom Public Library System is nearby too.

If you’re looking for a bite to eat, local eateries include Tino’s Pizza & Pasta Co. and El Agave Mexican Restaurant. For those who’d rather eat at home but don’t want to drive into town for groceries, the Valley Market & Deli is there for all your lastminute meal prep needs.

Moving to the area with your kids?

Sudden Valley falls under the Bellingham Public School District, with students attending Geneva Elementary School, Kulshan Middle School, and finishing at Bellingham Public High School 

Lake Whatcom
28 BellinghamAlive.com
Photo by Dean Davidson
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IF YOU DRIVE just northwest of Bellingham, you’ll find the city of Ferndale situated along the Nooksack River. With views of Mount Baker in the east and the San Juan Islands in the west, it’s safe to say that this spot is picturesque from every direction. More than 14,000 people call Ferndale home, although if you include the surrounding unincorporated areas, that number grows to around 30,000.

In addition to the abundant nature and quiet pace of life, Ferndale offers quick access to urban hotspots such as Vancouver, B.C. and Seattle. It began as a dairy and logging town but has since developed into a fast-growing manufacturing city. Given how affordable commercial properties are, prominent companies such as Samson Rope, Superfeet, Cascade Dafo, NutraDried Food Company, and Jack’s Paleo Kitchen call Ferndale their home.

The Ferndale School District covers not only residents of Ferndale, but also Custer, Lummi Island, and north Bellingham. Overall, the district serves almost 5,000 students between one high school, two middle schools, and six elementary schools.

Activities such as boating, hunting, golfing, fishing, skiing, and hiking are all within reach to residents, making Ferndale an excellent home base for families. Originally established by the Hovander family in 1969, Hovander Homestead Park is a notable spot for education, entertainment, and trails. The Scandinavian-style Hovander House lies at the center of the park, and the grounds also include a barn complete with live farm animals in the summertime. Birders flock to Tennant Lake Park for its wetlands, walking trails, and variety of native birds.

Pioneer Park Photo by Mariah Currey Photo by Mariah Currey Photo by Dean Davidson
30 BellinghamAlive.com Cities

Nearby Pioneer Park is home to 12 cedar slab log cabins that are maintained by the Ferndale Heritage Society. Throughout the year, visitors can take tours, rent specific buildings, or visit the park for special events such as the Old Settlers Weekend in July and Olde Fashioned Christmas in December.

Despite its size, Ferndale’s food scene is one to watch. It’s the headquarters of Barlean’s Fishery, Inc. , which has been providing Whatcom County with fresh seafood since 1972. There’s also the

family-owned Anytime Toffee , a.k.a. the place to go if you’re looking to satisfy a sweet tooth.

In terms of restaurants, the Leader Block Trattoria & Bar is a regular winner for Best Italian in Bellingham Alive’s Best of the Northwest Readers’ Choice Awards. Other notable eateries include Yeah Baby Boards for Insta-worthy charcuterie boards and Battle’s Kitchen for authentic Cajun and southern bites. DownTime Taps , FrinGe Brewing , and District Brewing are popular watering holes. 

Local Parks

Hovander Homestead Park

5299 Nielsen Ave., Ferndale

Jensen Family Forest Park

8051 Stein Rd., Custer

Star Park

5477 Ferndale Rd., Ferndale

Centennial Riverwalk Park

5667 Front Ave., Ferndale



Lummi Nation Stommish Water Festival


Ferndale Old Settlers Picnic


Olde Fashioned Christmas

*Event dates are based on 2023 events and are subject to change.

In the Loop

Names are hard! Ferndale was originally known as “Jam,” thanks to a two-mile log jam on the nearby Nooksack River, but luckily that name didn’t stick. Alice Eldridge, the city’s first schoolteacher, rechristened the city Ferndale, and the name caught on.

Unless you’re a frequent visitor to Flow Motion Yoga, you might never know that Ferndale’s very own salt therapy spa is tucked inside. Comprising an amethyst cave, an infrared salt sauna, and even a Himalayan salt cave crafted from floor to ceiling of Himalayan salt boulders, Flow Motion’s salt therapy promises relief from inflammation, allergies, and a host of other afflictions.

Hovander Homestead Park is a not-so-hidden hidden gem. With hundreds of acres to explore, a fragrance garden, and barnyard animals from May to October, there’s something for the whole family. Go on a clear day to catch epic views of Mount Baker.

River Walk Photo by Mariah Currey
Welcome Newcomers Guide 2024 31

In the Loop

Starting in the early 1900s, Lynden was settled by an influx of Dutch immigrants, leading to a town founded on dairies, tulips farms, and bakeries—many of which remain today. Lynden continues to lean into its Dutch heritage through local architecture, including a downtown windmill, and business names like Lynden Dutch Bakery and Dutch Mother’s Restaurant.

As recently as the 1940s, Dutch was spoken in many homes in Lynden, and old-country customs in decoration and cooking were passed down through the generations. There were even four Dutchlanguage churches in town.

Whatcom County has the largest per capita crop of raspberries in the world. The Northwest Raspberry Festival happens in Lynden at the peak of summer harvest, attracting visitors from across the state.

Bellewood Farms is your destination for seasonal fun. Whether it’s apple cider and pumpkin picking in the fall, Christmas trees, sleigh rides, and hot toddies in the winter, or u-pick apples in the summer, there’s always something to do. The farm store, café, and distillery deliver delicious goods year-round.


LOCATED ROUGHLY 30 minutes north of Bellingham, the city of Lynden is best known for its bountiful agriculture and strong Dutch heritage. As the second-largest city in Whatcom County, this tightknit community boasts roughly 15,000 residents and is steadily growing. Even so, visiting Lynden feels like returning to simpler times—with the addition of modern amenities plus a noteworthy shopping and dining scene.

Lynden’s economy has historically revolved around the farming of berries, dairy, and row crops. In terms of the famous berries, you can buy a punnet or pick them yourself at local farms such as Haugen’s Raspberries, Clark’s Berry Farm, and Kamm Creek Farm. Lynden is also home to dairy farms like Twin Brook Creamery, who produce some of the best milk that Whatcom County has to offer.

In the summertime, Lynden hosts two annual events celebrating the area’s rich agricultural tradition: The Farmers

Day Parade and the Northwest Raspberry Festival. There’s also the Northwest Washington Fair, an annual extravaganza of food, fun, and farming.

During the fall, you’d be remiss not to visit Bellewood Farms & Distillery for a day of family-friendly fun. Their property features a pumpkin patch, a corn maze, and approximately 25,000 apple trees—so yes, you’re obliged to try the cider before you leave.

When the holidays arrive, the Northwest Lighted Christmas Parade showcases a procession of glittering tractors, floats, and farm equipment. It’s sponsored by Edaleen Dairy, a local farm that produces some of the best ice cream in the county. If you have a sweet tooth, you’re in luck— two of their six storefronts are located in Lynden.

As you might imagine, Lynden’s smalltown charms make it an ideal place for families. The Lynden School District serves over 3,000 students and includes three elementary schools, one middle

The Inn at Lynden
32 BellinghamAlive.com Cities

school, one high school, and an alternative learning school. Lynden is also home to beautiful parks such as Berthusen Park, Bender Fields, and City Park, a.k.a. Million Smiles Playground Park.

It’s also worth mentioning that Lynden is the largest Dutch settlement in the state. To immerse yourself in the town’s storied history, head to Front Street, also known as Old Dutch Town. You’ll find the Lynden Pioneer Museum, which houses a life-sized replica of historic Front Street businesses as well as an early 20th century farmhouse. For a taste of the Netherlands, stop into Lynden Dutch Bakery for traditional Dutch treats (or check out sister business

Just Desserts for all-American goodies such as pie and ice cream).

Other worthwhile sights include the 72-foot-tall windmill on the corner of Front and Seventh Street. If you’re hungry, step inside the windmill for a meal or craft cocktail at The Mill at Seventh. Front Street is also home to other noteworthy stops including Village Books & Paper Dreams, the Jansen Art Center, Cheeks Jeans, The Newsroom Pub, and Overflow Taps. Only a block away, Lynden Skateway reigns supreme as the only roller rink in Whatcom County, and the nearby Inn at Lynden offers luxurious lodging in the historic Waples Mercantile Building.

Local Parks

Bender Fields

8770 Bender Rd.

Berthusen Park

8837 Berthusen Rd.

Lynden City Park

8460 Depot Rd.



Spring Craft & Antique Show


Whatcom Home & Garden Show


Lynden Farmers Day Parade


Northwest Raspberry Festival


Northwest Washington Fair

Vintage Farming Days


Fall Craft & Antique Show


Lynden Lighted Christmas Parade

*Event dates are based on 2023 events and are subject to change.

Lynden Windmill Lynden City Park Photo by Esther Chong
Welcome Newcomers Guide 2024 33

Blaine & Birch Bay


Located right next to Canada, the bordertown of Blaine boasts wide expanses of coastline, views of Vancouver Island and Point Roberts, and a population of roughly 6,000. Children attend the Blaine School District, which operates a high school, middle school, elementary school, and two primary schools.

Between Blaine and Douglas, B.C. you’ll find the Peace Arch, the centerpiece of the Peace Arch Historical Park. It was constructed to celebrate peace between the United States and Canada. To this day, its towering white design is an iconic part of Blaine’s culture and history. The surrounding park is perfect for families and gatherings, featuring 19 acres, 85 picnic tables, playgrounds, and even a kitchen for rent.

At nearby Marine Park, visitors can walk the trails and beaches or have a picnic while the kids play on a

nautical-themed playground. In the spring the park holds the Wings Over Water Festival, an annual event that features live bird presentations, local vendors, and an all-day birding expo.

Afterwards, stop for a bite to eat at one of Blaine’s local restaurants. Choices include Border Town Pizza for Italian, Chada Thai for Thai, and Drayton Harbor Oyster Company for seafood. Jack Niemann’s Black Forest Steak House is best for those who prefer turf over surf, and Paso del Norte is the place to go for authentic Mexican fare.

Need a pick-me-up? A latte from The Railway Cafe should do the trick. Alternatively, if you’re looking to wind down after a long day, a pint of craft beer from Gateway 1890 Taphouse & Grill or glass of wine at The Vault Wine Bar & Bistro, is sure to quench your thirst.

Peace Arch Historical Park
34 BellinghamAlive.com Cities

The Semiahmoo Spit is another worthwhile stop to make while in town. Nestled between Semiahmoo Bay and Drayton Harbor, Semiahmoo Park features trails with great views and plenty of wildlife. At the end of the spit is Semiahmoo Resort, an upscale getaway that features luxury suites, a spa, golf, pickleball, beachside activities, and an on-site restaurant, Packers Kitchen + Bar.

For an immersive history lesson, take a ride on the Plover Passenger Ferry during the summer months. This boat once transported cannery workers between Blaine and Semiahmoo Spit. At the end of the ride, make sure to stop at Alaska Packers Association Cannery Museum.

Birch Bay

If you drive just south of Blaine, you’ll reach the tranquil beach community of Birch Bay. The area gets its name from the body of water enclosed by Point Whitehorn and the Semiahmoo Peninsula. Sitting at roughly 10,000 residents, Birch Bay features a picturesque waterfront with plenty of recreation year-round.

The crown jewel of this small community is Birch Bay State Park. With more than 8,000 feet of beaches

and warmer-than-usual water (for Washington, at least), the park offers a multitude of activities. For wildlife lovers, Point Whitehorn Marine Reserve is the place to potentially see porpoises, spotted seals, and various birds.

If you’re looking for a quick bite, Rooted by the Bay has coffee and early morning eats. For dining, your options include CJ’s Beach House for Italian, and The Beach at Birch Bay. There’s also Beach Cat Brewing, one of the newer additions to Whatcom County’s ever-growing craft beer scene.

Birch Bay Waterslides is a popular summertime destination for families, and in addition to the slides, amenities include basketball and volleyball courts. Another kid-friendly attraction is Station 49, an amusement park with an arcade, minigolf, and go-karts. The center also features a miniature train that meanders through the park and surrounding forest. After your ride, pick up some drinks and snacks from The Saloon to refuel.

Round out the rest of your day by visiting Birch Bay Square for shopping. Among the assortment of stores, you’ll find locally owned businesses such as Betty Be Good Boutique and Bow Wow & Woofs.

Local Parks

Bay Horizon Park

7467 Gemini St., Blaine

Birch Bay State Park

5105 Helweg Rd., Blaine

Blaine Marine Park

200 Marine Dr., Blaine

Halverson Park

5075 Anderson Rd., Blaine

Lighthouse Marine Park

811 Marine Dr., Point Roberts

Lily Point Marine Park

2315 APA Rd., Point Roberts

Lincoln Park

1800 H St., Blaine

Salishan Park

1275 Blaine Ave., Blaine

Semiahmoo Park

9261 Semiahmoo Pkwy., Blaine



Polar Bear Plunge at Birch Bay


Wings Over Water Northwest Birding Festival


Blaine’s Old Fashioned Fourth of July Festival & Street Fair


Drayton Harbor Days | Drayton Harbor Maritime Festival

Birch Bay Days & Crab Festival


Annual Ring of Fire and Hope

*Event dates are based on 2023 events and are subject to change.


Birch Bay Village Association

8055 Cowichan Rd., Blaine, 360.371.7744

Sandy Point Improvement Company

4460 Decatur Dr., Ferndale, 360.384.3921

Sudden Valley Community Association

4 Clubhouse Cr., Bellingham, 360.734.6430

Birch Bay Waterslides
Welcome Newcomers Guide 2024 35
Photo Courtesy of Birch Bay Waterslides

Mount Baker Foothills

MOUNT BAKER IS a hub for outdoor fun, whether that be summertime hiking or snow sports after the ski season kicks off. Its surrounding communities are also worth a visit, and you can reach them via two roads: State Route 542 (running northeast from Bellingham, also known as Mount Baker Highway) or State Route 9 (running north and south). No matter which one you pick, you’ll encounter no shortage of charming stops along the way.

Mount Baker Highway

Follow the Nooksack river down this breathtaking highway and you’ll soon find yourself in Deming, located within the Nooksack Indian Reservation. This small community (population 350) is also home to the tribe’s government offices. Each June, make sure to catch the Deming Logging Show to witness plenty of entertaining logging feats, all for the benefit of “busted up loggers” injured in the woods. Of course, no visit to Deming is complete without a visit to North Fork Brewery or Rifugio’s Country Italian Cuisine—or both if you’re extra hungry.

Continue northeast along the river and you’ll discover the tiny yet charming towns of Kendall and Maple Falls. There’s not much retail to speak of, but Maple Falls does have a grocery store as well as a coffee shop. As for the outdoors, Silver Lake Park is located north and offers camping, cabin and lodge rentals, boating, and fishing.

Your next stop is Glacier, the gateway to Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest and portions of the North Cascades National Parks . Here you’ll find several lodging options as well as eateries such as Graham’s

Restaurant, Chair 9 Woodstone Pizza & Bar , and the popular Wake ‘n’ Bakery . You’ll need the fuel to tackle the hiking trails; popular routes starting in Glacier include Skyline Divide, Church Mountain, and Heliotrope Ridge. If you’re in need of information or a permit, the Glacier Ranger Station has you covered.

As you continue, take a detour at the spectacular Nooksack Falls, a nearly 90-foot waterfall located down Forest Road 33. Head back up the highway and you’ll hit Mount Baker Ski Area, a ski resort well-respected for its backcountry access and inbound routes. Fun fact: The area, contrary to its name, is closer to Mount Shuksan than Mount Baker. It’s also the site of the world’s greatest recorded snowfall in one season (1,140 inches!).

Your travels will be well rewarded when you reach Artist Point, the final stop along the highway. It offers indescribably spectacular views of the Cascade mountains as well as beloved hikes such as Chain Lakes, Ptarmigan Ridge, Lake Ann, and Table Mountain. This area is only accessible from July through October, so make sure to prioritize a visit during the summer months.

State Route 9

Travelers on Mount Baker Highway will find a roundabout at Nugents Corner, and if you go north onto State Route 9 instead of continuing along Route 542, you’ll soon find yourself in the sister towns of Everson and Nooksack. These rural communities are known for their many farms and storied agricultural past. Here you can also visit Samson Estates Winery, known for its award-winning fruit wines, Raspberry Ridge Golf Course, and Cloud Mountain Farm

36 BellinghamAlive.com Cities
Artist Point

Local Parks

Deming Homestead Eagle Park

5615 Truck Rd., Deming

Josh VanderYacht

Memorial Park

4106 Valley Hwy., Deming

Maple Creek Park

7842 Silver Lake Rd., Maple Falls

Silver Lake Park

9006 Silver Lake Rd., Maple Falls

South Fork Park

1530 Mosquito Lake Rd., Deming



Deming Logging Show


Everson-Nooksack Summer Festival

*Event dates are based on 2023 events and are subject to change.

Center, an organic farm that offers regular fruit tasting events. If you’re hungry, Herb Niemann’s Steak House has authentic German eats, and Good to Go Meat Pies make the perfect on-the-go snack.

Sumas is a gateway to Canada, and the Sumas-Huntingdon Border Crossing connects Route 9 with British Columbia Highway 11. There’s also the Sumas International Motorsport Academy (SIMA), boasting a nearly mile long race kart track that’s considered one of the longest in North America.

If you continue on the highway past Nugents Corner, then turn south at the roundabout after Deming, your new destination will be the town of Acme and the unincorporated community of Van Zandt. These sleepy residential areas, situated in the valley between Whatcom Lake and the Cascade Mountains, are home to fewer than 300 people. You can pick up some fresh produce from Mama’s Garden, cross the Acme bridge, then get your burger fix at the Acme Diner 

Welcome Newcomers Guide 2024 37 PSE is on track to nearly double its clean energy portfolio by 2025. We’re with you, Whatcom. More at pse.com/TOGETHER

In the Loop

Many names have been used to reference this island: First Sa nam a o (meaning “High Mountain”) and Skallaham by natives, then Isla de Pacheco by Spanish explorers, McLoughlin Island by British colonists, and finally Lummi Island in 1853.

Lummi Island is a small community, with around 900 residents, no stop lights or gas station, and no large grocery stores. But they do have arguably the most important service: a library. Borrowed books can be returned at any Whatcom County library or book drop.

Lummi Island is a bicyclist’s paradise: relatively flat, with almost no traffic and stunning views all around, and small enough to get around quickly without a car. If you don’t have a bike you want to bring on the ferry, check with your accommodation to see if they have loaners available.

If you’re on the island on Friday or Saturday between 4 and 6 p.m., consider pausing for a tasting at Artisan Wine Gallery. Check out their collection of fine wines from all over the world, sold alongside local artisan cheeses.


Lummi Tribal Office

2665 Kwina Rd., Bellingham 360.384.1489

Nooksack Indian Tribe Main Office

5016 Deming Rd., Deming 360.592.5176

Lummi Island

A10-MINUTE FERRY RIDE into the Salish Sea will transport you to a quirky coastal community that, despite its proximity to shore, is a world unto itself. Lummi Island’s laid-back, beachy atmosphere makes it an ideal spot for everything from day trips to vacations.

Lummi Island is located less than a mile from the mainland, and fewer than 1,000 people call it home. It’s not technically part of the Lummi Indian Reservation, which is located on the peninsula across the water.

When your ferry arrives, you’ll find yourself within walking distance of several key locations. If you’re hungry, swing by the Islander Store on Nugent Road to pick up groceries and snacks, or grab a bite and a brew at Beach Store Cafe. The Island Library and Beach Elementary School are also close by, as is Grange Hall, which functions as a historic gathering spot for social events such as weddings and fundraisers.

The island is only 9.25 square miles, so when it comes to transportation, biking is your best bet. If you don’t bring your own, you can rent a bike from Lummi Island Concierge. The

north loop around the island is a laidback seven mile ride that begins at the ferry dock and features views of Mount Baker, the San Juan Islands, and the Vancouver skyline. If you’re seeking a workout, the south leg is also 7 miles but includes steep hills and switchbacks.

Lummi Island’s slow pace and idyllic scenery have nurtured a strong creative scene, and it’s composed of makers of all stripes. The Ann Morris Sculpture Woods houses bronze sculptures that speak of humanity’s connection to nature. The public is invited to stop in on the first Saturday of every month. Vitreous Visions functions as a gift shop, studio, and gallery for glass artwork by Art Hohl.

During the thrice-yearly Lummi Island Artist Studio Tour or by appointment, visitors can meet artists working in mediums from woodwork to pottery, metalwork, painting, and more. Artisan Wine Gallery is a muststop for wine and art lovers alike. On Fridays and Saturdays, join one of their tastings to sample high-quality wines and view work from local creatives.

If you plan to stay the night, the island has several guest houses as well

38 BellinghamAlive.com Cities

as bed and breakfasts. Nettles Farm Bed & Breakfast is a dream for those who enjoy cooking with farm-fresh ingredients. They provide well-stocked kitchens, a pizza oven, and even a “kitchen garden.” Full Bloom Farm specializes in unique varieties of cut peonies, and their on-site loft is available for vacation rentals. They also sell fresh produce and eggs at their farmstand.

Outdoor adventurers should head to Baker Preserve for a steep yet breathtaking hike. It boasts an elevation gain of 1,000 feet over just 1.6 miles, but trust us—the final panorama is worth the trek. You’ll be rewarded with stellar views of the San Juan Islands and Rosario Strait. Baker Preserve is managed by Lummi Island Heritage Trust, which also maintains Curry Preserve on the northeast side of the island. Curry Preserve has over 50 acres of land, featuring walking trails and plenty of wildlife to observe.

Once you’ve had your fill of activities, why not unwind by lounging away the rest of the day on the beach? Many are privately owned, but there are still several options for public access. These include a beach near the ferry dock, the northwest shore), and Beach (on the west shore). True to its name, the latter is accessible from the parking lot of Congregational Church also take a stroll through the church’s cemetery or connect with nature in a forested stone labyrinth.

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Welcome Newcomers Guide 2024 41

School Board Representatives


Camille Diaz Hackler

President, Director

Position 1 360.441.1808

Katie Rose Director Position 2 360.603.1062

Scott Ritchey

Director Position 3 360.676.6400

Jenn Mason


Position 4 360.410.4437

Douglas Benjamin

Vice President, Director

Position No. 5 360.202.6150

Lynden* Blaine

Erika Creydt

Director District 1 360.990.3848


Dr. Kevin Erickson

President, Director District 1 360.380.1644

Ben Lazarus

Director District 2 360.332.5881

Cliff Freeman

Director District 3 360.332.5881

Ryan Ford

Director District 4 360.332.5881

Don Leu

District 5 Director 860.680.3752

Antonio Machado

Director District 2 360.594.1415

Khush Brar

Director Position 1 brark@lynden.wednet.edu

Nancy Button

Director District 3 360.961.9323

Danny Martinez Director Position 2 martinezd@lynden. wednet.edu

Jim Verburg

Director Position 3 verburgj@lynden. wednet.edu

Steve Childs

Director District 4 360.927.4672

Tonya Hickman

Director Position 4 hickmant@lynden. wednet.edu

Peggy Uppiano

Vice President, Director District 5 360.927.1154

Kenneth “Spin” Owsley

Director Position 5 petersenc@lynden. wednet.edu

*Images not available

2023 42 BellinghamAlive.com
representatives taken from election results and school board websites as of late


360.676.6400, bellinghamschools.org

students enrolled graduated in 4 years per-student expenditure classroom teachers

average years of teaching experience


360.332.5881, blainesd.org

Report Card


360.398.7111, meridian.wednet.edu

students enrolled graduated in 4 years per-student expenditure classroom teachers average years of teaching experience students enrolled graduated in 4 years per-student expenditure classroom teachers

average years of teaching


360.383.9200, ferndalesd.org

students enrolled graduated in 4 years per-student expenditure classroom teachers average


360.354.4443, lynden.wednet.edu

students enrolled graduated in 4 years per-student expenditure classroom teachers average years of teaching experience


360.383.2000, mtbaker.wednet.edu

students enrolled graduated in 4 years per-student expenditure classroom teachers average years of teaching experience


360.988.4754, nv.k12.wa.us

students enrolled graduated in 4 years per-student expenditure classroom teachers average years of teaching experience

Data compiled by the Washington Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction from recent school years. Data pulled late 2023.

years of teaching experience
4,547 88% $17,997 337 13.6 1,917 86% $17,830 142 11.6 3,429 88% $15,643 211 14.4 2,098 91% $17,725 154 15.4 1,656 71% $20,686 131 13.3 11,623 85% $16,983 861 13.9 A B C D A B C D 1,813 86% $17,175 120 11.4
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Colleges & Universities

Bellingham Technical College

3028 Lindbergh Ave., Bellingham 360.752.7000, btc.edu

Northwest Indian College

2522 Kwina Rd., Bellingham 360.676.2772, nwic.edu

Western Washington University

516 High St., Bellingham 360.650.3000, wwu.edu

Whatcom Community College

237 W. Kellogg Rd., Bellingham 360.383.3000, whatcom.edu


Bayside Co-op Preschool

910 14th St., Bellingham 360.329.2818, baysidecoop.com

Blossom Childcare and Learning Center

2945 Douglas Ave., Bellingham 360.752.2699, blossomchildcare.com

Busy Kids Enrichment and Preschool

1604 Brookwood Dr., Ferndale 360.933.0644, busykidschildcare.com

Children’s Co-op Preschool

1409 18th St., Ste. 6306 Bellingham, 201.564.4227 childrenscooppreschool.com

Christ Lutheran Preschool 5904 Vista Dr., Ferndale, 360.380.2233 clcferndale.org/preschool

Gabriel’s Art Kids

2215 D St., Bellingham, 360.739.9365 gabrielsartkids.com

Gardenview Montessori School

2117 Walnut St., Bellingham P.O. Box 28636, 360.527.9638 gardenviewmontessori.org

Lakeside Cooperative Preschool 4101 Academy St., Bellingham 360.647.7578, lakesidecoop.com

Loving Space School

1200 Ellis St., Bellingham, 360.676.1355 lovingspaceschool.org

Lynden Co-op Preschool

500 14th St., Lynden, 360.209.4181 lyndenco-oppreschool.com

Montessori at Samish Woods 1027 Samish Way, Bellingham 360.650.9465, samishwoods.org

North Bellingham Learning Center 5275 Northwest Dr. Bellingham, 360.383.9289

Peace Arch Montessori Preschool 549 Cherry St., Blaine, 360.684.2926 peacearchmontessori.com

Tinker Tots Preschool

1553 B St., Blaine, 360.489.6202 tinkertospre.weebly.com

Whatcom Family Cooperative Preschool

1041 24th St., Bellingham, 360.726.2096 whatcomfamilypreschool.org

Public Schools



Alderwood Elementary School 3400 Hollywood Ave., 360.676.6404 alderwood.bellinghamschools.org

Birchwood Elementary School 3200 Pinewood Ave., 360.676.6466 birchwood.bellinghamschools.org

Carl Cozier Elementary School 1330 Lincoln St., 360.676.6410 carlcozier.bellinghamschools.org

Columbia Elementary School 2508 Utter St., 360.676.6413 columbia.bellinghamschools.org

Cordata Elementary School 4420 Aldrich Rd., 360.676.6461 cordata.bellinghamschools.org

Geneva Elementary School 1401 Geneva St., 360.676.6416 geneva.bellinghamschools.org

Happy Valley Elementary School 1041 24th St., 360.676.6420 happyvalley.bellinghamschools.org

Lowell Elementary School 935 14th St., 360.676.6430 lowell.bellinghamschools.org

Lummi Nation School 2334 Lummi View Dr., 360.758.4300 lns-onlinelearning.org

Northern Heights Elementary School 4000 Magrath Rd., 360.647.6820 northernheights.bellinghamschools.org

Parkview Elementary School 3030 Cornwall Ave., 360.676.6433 parkview.bellinghamschools.org

Roosevelt Elementary School 2900 Yew St., 360.676.6440 roosevelt.bellinghamschools.org

Silver Beach Elementary School 4101 Academy St., 360.676.6443 silverbeach.bellinghamschools.org

Photo Courtesy of Western Washington University
44 BellinghamAlive.com Education
Western Washington University: Alma Clark Glass Hall

Sunnyland Elementary School

2800 James St., 360.676.6446 sunnyland.bellinghamschools.org

Wade King Elementary School

2155 Yew Street Rd., 360.647.6840 wadeking.bellinghamschools.org


Fairhaven Middle School 110 Parkridge Rd., 360.676.6450 fairhaven.bellinghamschools.org

Kulshan Middle School

1250 Kenoyer Dr., 360.676.4886 kulshan.bellinghamschools.org

Lummi Nation School

2334 Lummi View Dr., 360.758.4300 lns-onlinelearning.org

Shuksan Middle School

2717 Alderwood Ave., 360.676.6454 shuksan.bellinghamschools.org

Whatcom Middle School 810 Halleck St., 360.676.6460 whatcom.bellinghamschools.org


Bellingham High School

2020 Cornwall Ave., 360.676.6575 bellingham.bellinghamschools.org

Lummi Nation School 2334 Lummi View Dr., 360.758.4300 lns-onlinelearning.org

Options High School

2015 Franklin St., 360.647.6871 options.bellinghamschools.org

Sehome High School

2700 Bill McDonald Pkwy., 360.676.6481 sehome.bellinghamschools.org

Squalicum High School

3773 E. McLeod Rd., 360.676.6471 squalicum.bellinghamschools.org

Whatcom Intergenerational High School

1 Bellis Fair Pkwy., 360.543.8282 intergenerational.school


Bernice Vossbeck Elementary School

1301 E. Bridgeview Dr., 360.354.0488 bve.lynden.wednet.edu

School District Early Dismissal & Closure Information

Closure Information (TV):

KOMO (channel 4)

KING (channel 5)

KIRO (channel 7)

KCPQ (channel 13)

Closure Information (radio):

KGMI (790 AM)

KAFE (104.1 FM)

Bellingham School District

Start & End Times:

Elementary School: 8 a.m.–2:30 p.m.

Early Dismissal: 12:20 p.m.

Middle School: 9:15 a.m.–3:45 p.m.

Early Dismissal: 1:15 p.m

High School: 8:30 a.m.–3:15 p.m.

Early Dismissal: 2:00 p.m

Fisher Elementary School

501 N. 14th St., 360.354.4291 fe.lynden.wednet.edu

Isom Elementary School 8461 Benson Rd., 360.354.1992 ie.lynden.wednet.edu

Lynden Academy

1986 Main St., Ste. A, 360.354.3510 la.lynden.wednet.edu

Lynden High School

1201 Bradley Rd., 360.354.4401 hs.lynden.wednet.edu

Lynden Middle School

8750 Line Rd., 360.354.2952 ms.lynden.wednet.edu

Snow Route Information:


*Start and end times for other districts in Whatcom County vary by school. Please visit individual school district websites for more information.

Welcome Newcomers Guide 2024 45
Photo Courtesy of Whatcom Community College WCC’s Cedar Hall


Beach Elementary

3786 Centerview Rd., Lummi Island 360.383.9440


Cascadia Elementary

6175 Church Rd., Ferndale, 360.383.2300 cascadia.ferndalesd.org

Central Elementary

5610 2nd Ave., Ferndale, 360.383.9600 central.ferndalesd.org

Custer Elementary

7660 Custer School Rd., Custer 360.383.9500, custer.ferndalesd.org

Eagleridge Elementary

2651 Thornton Rd., Ferndale 360.383.9700, eagleridge.ferndalesd.org

Ferndale High School

5830 Golden Eagle Dr., Ferndale 360.383.9240


Horizon Middle School

2671 Thornton Rd., Ferndale 360.383.9850


Skyline Elementary School

2225 Thornton St., Ferndale 360.383.9450, skyline.ferndalesd.org

Vista Middle School

6051 Vista Dr., Ferndale, 360.383.9370 vistamiddle.ferndalesd.org


Blaine Elementary School

836 Mitchell Ave., Blaine, 360.332.5213 blainesd.org/o/blaine-elementary-school

Blaine High School

1055 H St., Blaine, 360.332.6045 blainesd.org/o/blaine-high-school

Blaine Middle School

975 H St., Blaine, 360.332.8226 blainesd.org/o/blaine-middle-school

Blaine Primary School

820 Boblett St., Blaine, 360.332.1300 blainesd.org/o/blaine-primary-school

Point Roberts Primary School

2050 Benson Rd., Point Roberts 360.945.2223, blainesd.org/o/ point-roberts-primary-school


Everson Elementary School

216 Everson Goshen Rd., 360.966.2030 ee.nv.k12.wa.us

Nooksack Elementary School

3333 Breckenridge Rd., 360.966.3321 ne.nv.k12.wa.us

Nooksack Valley High School

3326 E. Badger Rd., 360.988.2641 hs.nv.k12.wa.us

Nooksack Valley Middle School

404 W. Columbia St., 360.966.7561 ms.nv.k12.wa.us

Alternative Learning Experiences

Alger Learning Center & Independence High School

Sedro-Woolley, 800.595.2630, independent-learning.com

Bellingham Family Partnership Program (BFPP) Bellingham, 360.676.6424, fpp.bellinghamschools.org

Blaine HomeConnection

Blaine, 360.332.8182, blainesd.org/o/homeconnection

Cascades Montessori Middle School Bellingham, 360.306.8723, cascadesmiddle.org

Cedar Tree Montessori Bellingham, 360.714.1762, cedar-tree.org

Feather & Frond Forest School Bellingham, contact@featherandfrond.org, featherandfrond.org

Sumas Elementary School

1024 Lawson St., 360.988.9423 se.nv.k12.wa.us


Acme Elementary

5200 Turkington Rd., Acme, 360.383.2045 mtbaker.wednet.edu/o/acme

Kendall Elementary

7547 Kendall Rd., Maple Falls 360.383.2055


Mount Baker Academy

5100 Mitchell Rd., Deming, 360.383.2078 mtbaker.wednet.edu/o/mba

Mount Baker Junior High 5100 Mitchell Rd., Deming, 360.383.2016 mtbaker.wednet.edu/o/mbjh

Mount Baker Senior High 4936 Deming Rd., Deming, 360.383.2015 mtbaker.wednet.edu/o/mbhs

Private Schools


Assumption Catholic School 2116 Cornwall Ave., 360.733.6133 school.assumption.org

Ferndale Family Partnership Bellingham, 360.703.8303, sites.google.com/ferndalesd.org

Lynden Academy

Lynden, 360.354.6675, lynden.wednet.edu/lynden-academy

Meadows Montessori School Ferndale, 360.778.3681, meadowsmontessori.org

Meridian Parent Partnership Program (MP3) Bellingham, 360.398.9324, meridian.wednet.edu/mp3

Mount Baker Academy

Deming, 360.383.2078, mtbaker.wednet.edu/o/mba

Skagit Academy

Mount Vernon, 360.428.6207, skagitacademy, mountvernonschools.org

Wild Whatcom Nature Preschool Bellingham, 360.389.3414, wildwhatcom.org

46 BellinghamAlive.com Education

Bellingham Christian School 1600 E. Sunset Dr., 360.733.7303 bellinghamchristianschool.org

Blue Heron Montessori School 920 24th St., 360.306.3669 blueheronmontessori.org

Cedar Tree Montessori 2114 Broadway, 360.714.1762, cedar-tree.org

Explorations Academy 1701 Ellis St., Ste. 215, 360.671.8085 explorationsacademy.org

Franklin Academy

1509 E. Victor St., 360.733.1750 thefranklin.academy

Harmony Elementary 5060 Sand Rd., 360.383.2050 mtbaker.wednet.edu/o/harmony

Montessori at Samish Woods 1027 Samish Way, 360.650.9465 samishwoods.org

Natural Learning Center 1207 Ellsworth St., 360.488.7030 naturallearningcenter.org

The Alger Learning Center & Independence High School 100 Pine St., Ste. 103, 360.595.2630 independent-learning.com

Whatcom Hills Waldorf School 941 Austin St., 360.733.3164, whws.org


Meadows Montessori School (PK-6) 2377 Douglas Rd., 360.778.3681 meadowsmontessori.org

Providence Christian School NW (K-12) 5942 Portal Way, 360.318.1347, pcsnw.org


Cornerstone Christian School 8872 Northwood Rd., 360.318.0663 cornerstoneschool.us

Ebenezer Christian School 9390 Guide Meridian Rd., 360.354.2632 ebenezerchristianschool.org

Lynden Christian School 417 Lyncs Dr., 360.318.9525, lyncs.org

Welcome Newcomers Guide 2024 47 Wally’s Barber Shop 314 E. Holly St. #100 Bellingham, 360.647.0807 A Blast From The Past We Care How You Look Thank You for Voting Us Best Men’s Haircut

Summer Camps For Every Kid

SUMMER CAMPS ARE a surefire way to keep your kids social, active, and challenged—and give you a bit of relief from childcare during the long summer months. There are plenty of camps to choose from locally, but if you need a bit of guidance to get started, we’ve put together a round-up of some of our very favorites.

For the Outdoors Lovers

Wild Whatcom is a port of call for all community members who want to get better acquainted with the nature that surrounds us—and yes, this includes the littlest among us. Their three-day camps are aimed at grades 1-3, whereas older kiddos (up to grade 8) have several five-day camps to choose from. Camp themes vary by age group, but topics include everything from marine life to the art of stealth, storytelling and nature connection, and even wilderness survival.

Dragonfly Kayak Tours offers their Happy Orcas Adventure Camp at Larrabee State Park during the summer months. This day camp is a great way for little ones to get acquainted with all the adventures that the Salish Sea has to offer, from tidepooling to snorkeling and (of course) kayaking. Kids will also participate in arts and crafts and learn how to be good environmental stewards.

Camp Fire Samish has been around since 1910, and they offer a wide variety of both day camps and sleepaway camps through their Camp Kirby programming. Camps take place on the 47 acres of forest, grasslands, and beach that spread 1 ½ miles along beautiful Padilla Bay. Given this unparalleled access to the wilderness, it’s no surprise that activities tend to be nature-centric, with a focus on both providing an outdoor living experience and helping youth to build resilience and self-confidence.

Last but not least, Vamos Outdoors Project provides not just outdoor recreation opportunities but mentorship and academic programs. They have a priority of service for Latine, migrant, multilingual, newcomer, and low-income families, and while programming is year-round, their summer activities include instruction in everything from boating to backpacking. Best of all, programming is free of cost to participants and includes necessary gear, food, and even transportation.

48 BellinghamAlive.com Education
Photo Courtesy of Wild Whatcom
Photo Courtesy of Spark Museum

For the Athletes

If your kiddo is looking for new ways to get active this summer, Whatcom YMCA is a great place to start. They offer sports camps and clinics in everything from track and field to basketball, soccer, and even a multi-sport day camp. Not so much into sports? Perhaps Adventure Camps are more up your kid’s alley. These field-based day camps take place at outdoor locations across the country; for example, the Trail Blazer Adventure Camps get kids out and about on local trails for four days of hiking, exploration, and play.

Up-and-coming soccer players can get excited about Whatcom FC Rangers’ Junior Rangers Summer Program, which provides an approachable introduction to competitive soccer for players born between 2012 and 2016. Whatcom Sports and Recreation also holds youth soccer camps at the Bellingham Sportsplex not just during the summer but during all school break periods.

The Bellingham Bells Baseball Club has several day camps throughout the summer, including a beginner’s camp and a softball camp. Basketball players will want to check out iHOOP Training for their all-levels summer day camps.

But camp options aren’t limited to team sports. North Coast Gymnastics Academy holds 4-day camps all throughout the summer for aspiring gymnasts, and VITAL Climbing Gym in downtown Bellingham has all-levels summer camps for climbers ages 6-12.

For the Budding Scientists

Tech-minded young ones will find their community at Bellingham Coding + Robotics Club camps, which combine intro coding, STEM, and robotics with outside sports and activities. In 2023, they offered camps in not just one but three locations to serve families across both Whatcom and Skagit counties.

In the summer months, Whatcom Community College gives grade schoolers a taste of higher ed with their Kids’ College and Teen Programs. Classes cover a variety of subjects, including art and cooking, though many are geared towards STEM and technology.

The SPARK Museum of Electrical Invention is known to offer a “chooseyour-own-adventure” day camp for kids ages 8-12. Sessions usually occur in midJuly, and programs culminate in campers building their own physical game using basic coding and simple circuits.

Nestled in the foothills of the North Cascades, Camp Saturna is ideal for groups of junior scientists who want more hands-on opportunities. Their environmental education camps are specialized for kids grades 5-8, with curriculum covering topics such as local and regional geology, ecosystem relationships, forest succession, natural resource management, and much more.

For the Artistically Inclined

Creative-minded kids are sure to feel right at home at the Bellingham Arts Academy for Youth (BAAY), which has been offering instruction in performing and visual arts since 2006. Summer camps usually include week-long daytime Home BAAYse Camps in July, Camp LarraBAAY at Larrabee State Park in August, and more! Unique Technique Studios and Dancing 4 Joy also offer day camps specifically geared towards young dancers.

Kids with big imaginations will also be well-suited to summer camps at Majestic Adventures. They offer day camps throughout the summer, each one centered around a different fantasy “quest” that allows kids to be the heroes of their own adventure. The Whatcom Museum’s week-long summer day camps are also adventure-oriented; we especially loved their Cinematic Swashbucklers camp last August. The program took inspiration from famous films and guided kids in developing a trailer for their very own movie.

For visual artists, Inner Child Studio has a range of one- and two-day camps for kids, including a summer art camp. For something even longer, Gabriel’s Art Kids holds week-long camps during school breaks. Pace Atelier Art Studio also has summer art camps for kids and teens, and participants can experiment with mediums ranging from painting to ceramics, mixed media, and much more.

Last but certainly not least, Bellingham Girls Rock Camp (BGRC) uses music as a method to empower girls and queer youth ages 8-17. During this week-long day camp, kids learn instruments, attend workshops, form bands, write songs, and even perform them at the camp’s conclusion. But BGRC is about more than just music alone; attendees also gain tools for self-expression, critical thinking skills, and leadership skills.

Photo Courtesy of Camp Fire Samish
Welcome Newcomers Guide 2024 49
Photo by Susan Hemingson Photo Courtesy of Spark Museum

Expert care in your hometown

Caring for friends and neighbors is an honor.

Carter Kiesau, MD

Orthopedic Surgeon PeaceHealth St. Joseph Medical Center


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WHATCOM COUNTY’S HEALTHCARE system is excellent, so you’re sure to find a provider that’s right for your individual needs. Healthcare is also one of the largest industries in Whatcom County, and Bellingham’s hospital, PeaceHealth St. Joseph Medical Center, is the area’s top employer. In 2022, the hospital was awarded an “A” rating in a patient safety assessment by the Leapfrog Group.

Whether you’re looking for a family practitioner, a naturopath, or more specialized care, you’ll find that there’s a wealth of services available for everyone. PeaceHealth St. Joseph Cancer Center offers interdisciplinary and compassionate care to cancer patients. Whatcom County also has plenty of providers specializing in mental health, as well as several addiction treatment centers. Moreover, resources like the Chuckanut Health Foundation invest experience and resources into advancing community health. 


PeaceHealth St. Joseph Hospital

2901 Squalicum Pkwy., Bellingham 360.734.5400

Medical Clinics & Services


Associates in Family Medicine

3130 Ellis St., 360.734.4404

Bellingham Asthma & Allergy

3015 Squalicum Pkwy., Ste. 180 360.733.5733

Bellingham Health

1050 Larrabee Ave., Ste. 204, 360.756.9793

Care Medical Group

4043 Northwest Ave., 360.734.4300

Cedar Male Medical 1100 Larrabee Ave., Ste. 100, 360.255.5355

Family Care Network, Bellingham Bay Family Medicine

722 N. State St., 360.752.2865

Family Care Network, Family Health Associates

3500 Orchard Pl., 360.671.3900

Family Care Network, North Sound Family Medicine

2075 Barkley Blvd., Ste. 105, 360.671.3345

Lummi Tribal Health Center 2592 Kwina Rd., 360.384.046

Maidenhair Hormone Clinic for Women

1201 13th St., Ste. 103, 360.788.5173

Mt. Shuksan Family Medicine & Dermatology

2101 Cornwall Ave., Ste. 101, 360.647.1900

NorthStar Medical Specialists

1345 King St., 360.676.1696

Northwest Walk-In Health Clinic 2220 Cornwall Ave., 360.734.2330

PeaceHealth Cascade Brain & Spine Center 710 Birchwood Ave., 360.788.6870

PeaceHealth Same-Day Clinic at Cordata Main

4545 Cordata Pkwy., Ste. 1A, 360.738.2200

PeaceHealth Same-Day Care at Fairhaven Plaza

3125 Old Fairhaven Pkwy., Ste. 106 360.788.8388

PeaceHealth Same-Day Clinic at Medical Office Plaza

3015 Squalicum Pkwy., Ste. 140 360.788.8420

Planned Parenthood

1530 Ellis St., 360.734.9095

Sea Mar Community Health Center

4455 Cordata Pkwy., 360.671.3225

Unity Care NW

220 Unity St., 360.676.6177

Village Family Health

910 Harris Ave., Ste. 102, 360.734.2131

Whatcom County Pregnancy Clinic

1310 N. State St., 360.671.9057


Nooksack Tribal Clinic

2510 Sulwhanon Dr., Everson, 360.966.2106

PeaceHealth Sumas Medical Clinic

112 Columbia St., Sumas, 360.988.9404

Sea Mar Everson Medical Clinic

6884 Hannegan Rd., Everson, 360.354.0766


Ferndale Family Medical Center

5580 Nordic Way, 360.384.1511

Unity Care NW

6060 Portal Way, 360.676.6177


Dickson Medical Clinic

500 Front St., 360.354.4200

Lynden Family Medicine

1610 Grover St., Ste. D1, 360.354.1333

PeaceHealth Orthopedics & Sports Medicine

1610 Grover St., 360.733.2092

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PeaceHealth St. Joseph Hospital

Urgent Care Facilities


Care Medical Group

4043 Northwest Ave., 360.734.4300

Family Care Network Urgent Care 3130 Squalicum Pkwy., 360.671.4509

Super Track Urgent Care 1050 Lakeway Dr., 360.746.6531


Family Care Network Urgent Care - Lynden

1610 Grover St., Ste. D1, 360.354.4567


Super Track, Point Roberts Clinic

2030 Benson Rd., 360.945.2580

Naturopathic Clinics


Bellingham Natural Family Medicine

1810 Broadway St., 360.738.7654

Bellingham Naturopathic Clinic

1313 E. Maple St., Ste. 102, 360.738.3230

Fairhaven Integrative Health

1200 Old Fairhaven Pkwy., Ste. 305 360.676.1285

Halleck Holistic Health

208 Halleck St., Ste. 101, 360.325.8976

Natural Health Clinic 1707 F St., 360.734.1560

Northwestern Clinic of Naturopathic Medicine

1903 D St., 360.734.9500

Northwest Life Medicine Clinic 851 Coho Way, Ste. 202, 360.746.6923

Pacific Center for Naturopathic Medicine 1308 Meador Ave., Ste. C109, 360.734.0045

Resilience Health & Wellness 1903 D St., 360.922.8692


London Health Center 2376 Main St., Ferndale 360.384.2900

Addiction Treatment Centers

Bridges Treatment and Recovery

1221 Fraser St., Ste. E-1, Bellingham 360.714.8180

Bridges Treatment and Recovery 6044 Portal Way, Ste. 103, Ferndale 360.393.4218

Clarity Mental Health & Recovery

1155 N. State St., Ste. 522, Bellingham 360.676.4458

Ideal Option Bellingham

3800 Byron Ave., Ste. 122, Bellingham 877.522.1275

MGA Crisis Intervention

3628 Meridian St., Ste. 139, Bellingham 360.200.5658

Nooksack Tribes Genesis II 2505 Sulwhanon Dr., Everson 360.398.6399

Sea Mar Visions Youth Treatment Center

1603 E. Illinois St., Bellingham 360.647.4266

Cancer Treatment Centers

PeaceHealth St. Joseph Cancer Center

3301 Squalicum Pkwy., Bellingham 360.788.8222

North Cascade Cancer Center 381 W. Horton Rd., Bellingham 360.370.2873

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Photo by Manuel Rodrigo del Pozo;

10 Must-Try Beauty Treatments

ADAY AT THE spa is fast becoming the go-to for self-care as more people realize the benefits simple treatments can provide. These therapies can reduce stress, repair aging skin, soothe ailing muscles, and so much more. Check out these 10 local treatments you must try (at least) once!

Halotherapy Session in a Himalayan Salt Cave

Halo means salt in Greek, and halotherapy refers to a special type of equipment that disperses dry salt into the chamber in the air you breathe. Salt therapy is said to be very beneficial for your upper respiratory system and skin, is a natural antiinflammatory, and is even said to reduce wrinkles and other signs of aging. Flow Motion in Ferndale offers an incredibly rare Himalayan Salt Cave with Halotherapy as well.

Float Therapy

A zero-gravity float session using 1,000+ pounds of Epsom salt not only transforms your skin in just an hour, but it also soothes aches and pains. The stillness and calming effect are an experience you must try to believe. Still Life Massage and Float offers float pod sessions that include private rooms stocked with a full shower, hair treatments, ear plugs, music, and more.

Hyperpigmentation Facial with Scalp Massage add-on A hyperpigmentation facial helps reverse the signs of aging and brightens the skin for an overall glow that looks and feels amazing. Spero Skin Spa offers this specialty facial with an option to add a 20-minute relaxing scalp massage to boost your treatment to next-level status.

Plasma Pen Therapy

Plasma pen therapy is a non-surgical treatment that is said to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles by stimulating collagen and elastin production. RejuvenationMD’s team of physicians, master estheticians, and registered nurses specialize in this popular alternative to surgery, performing eye lifts, neck lifts, jawline augmentation, and more in their state-of-the-art aesthetic skin treatment and wellness center.

Halo Hybrid Fractional Laser

evolé Mediclinic is the first medi-spa in our area to offer this newer treatment using the Halo, a hybrid fractional laser that simultaneously delivers pulses of ablative and nonablative energy to the skin. Taking away the downtime of previous similar treatments, you can get the glow of tighter, rejuvenated skin that is makeup-ready the very next day.

Photo Courtesy of Flow Motion Photo by Cloud9 Photography
54 BellinghamAlive.com Health

Infrared Sauna

Infrared treatments have potential health benefits including stress reduction, improved circulation, and more. Zazen Spa ’s Infrared Sauna offers a relaxing and invigorating start to any of their salon and spa services. Add some sauna time in their luxury spa setting before getting your nails done while you sip on a glass of wine.


Shirodhara is an Ayurvedic body therapy that involves a stream of warm oil flowing over your forehead and scalp. Offered by Mahal Bodywork, this therapy is said to bring a deep sense of calmness and relaxation and induce stillness in the mind. It’s also an amazing treatment for your scalp and hair.

Foot Relief Reflexology

Pain relief, nerve stimulation, increased blood flow, and so much more can be achieved through reflexology.

Sandalwood Spa’s licensed massage therapists offer up a treat for your feet using reflexology combined with Swedish and deep tissue techniques.

inflammation, in a private room. The Swedish-style massage promotes relaxation, relieves tension and stress, improves circulation, and soothes aching muscles.

Welcome Newcomers Guide 2024 55 Fairhaven Barkley Bakerview Lynden Ferndale Blaine Birch Bay Bothell www.capstonept.com • Orthopaedics • Work Injuries • Hand Therapy • Sports Injuries • Auto Injuries • Post Surgical • Pelvic Health Thank you for voting us Best of the NW in 2017-2023! LOPEZ ISLAND Megan McLean BROKER REAL ESTATE IN THE SAN JUAN ISLANDS 360.223.7990 meganintheislands@gmail.com

Fit Evo Bellingham

Fit Evo is not your typical fitness center. Owner Steve Avila and general manager Jerad Crawford have worked hard to create a community that provides their members with all of the tools they need to achieve their fitness goals. That is why they have been voted “Best Fitness Center” and “Best Personal Trainer” in the Best of the Northwest voting two years in a row.


are some of the amenities you can find at Fit Evo.

• Weights & Equipment - Enjoy all of the equipment on our spacious, well-organized gym floor. From Squat Racks and Bench Presses to isolation machines to hit all of the muscle groups. We also have plenty of room for stretching and functional training. All of your fitness wants and needs can be met with what we have to offer.

• Fit Evo App - All of your fitness needs in an easy to use app on your phone. Track your steps and heart-rate during your workout, find and create meal plans, book a class, or work with a personal trainer, all from the app! The app even helps you build your own custom workout plan.

• Group X Classes - Fit Evo offers a variety of fitness classes with our certified instructors. Classes include:

- Group Power

- HIIT (Hight Intensity Interval Training)


- Gentle Flow Yoga

- Pop Pilates

- Zumba

- Booty, Core, and MORE

• Cardio Deck and Cinema - Fit Evo offers two cardio sections, the cardio deck and Cinema. Yes, we have a movie theater in the GYM, with new movies and series streaming daily. Choose between exercise bikes, treadmills, ellipticals, stair machines and more.

• Kids Club - In house childcare! Safe, professional, highly-trained childcare staff who love working with children. We offer accommodations for all age groups from 3 months to 12 year olds. Strict deep cleaning and sanitization procedures 3 times a day to ensure the health and safety of all children. Open 8am - 1pm daily and 4pm to 7:30

Monday through Friday.

• Smoothie Bar - Need a boost? Fit Evo’s Smoothie Bar has the performance enhancing snacks and smoothies you need. Chocolate Peanut Butter, Tropical Sunrise, Cookies and Creme, or build your own protein package smoothie. Great for gym goers on the move. We also have a variety of energy and hydration drinks.

• Midtown Barbershop - Stay fresh and looking sharp with our own in house barber Midtown Barbershop. Aminah Ladybarber (@ aminahladybarber) back to back “Best of the NW” winner, offers classic cuts with a modern twist. Book online at midtownbarber.booksy.com

• Personal Trainers - Craft a customized program to fit Your needs with a Fit Evo Personal Trainer! No matter your fitness level, one of our personal trainers can build a workout plan that fits your lifestyle, and guide you to your fitness goals!

• Sauna and Tanning Beds - Both locker rooms are equipped with a dry sauna. Fit Evo offers stand up and lay down tanning beds to keep you bronzed and glowing year round.

The only way to truly appreciate all of what Fit Evo has to offer is to see it in person. We would love to have you come by Fit Evo and try our facilities. Stop in and speak to our staff or visit bellinghamevo.com to learn all about our award winning facility.

1504 Iowa St Bellingham WA 98229 360.617.4653



Mon–Thur 4:00am–12:00am

Friday: 4:00am–11:00pm

Sat–Sun: 6:00am–11:00pm

56 bellinghamalive.com SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION Health & Medical Profiles

Care Medical Group

Primary Care

Understand your unique health goals and establish a thorough treatment plan while accessing complete care, such as routine checkups, health-risk assessments, immunizations, and screening tests.

Urgent Care

We are here to fulfill your urgent care needs as they arise. Most medical care is available on a walk-in basis, with the convenience of having x-rays and labs on site.

Physical Therapy

We will work with you to understand your unique circumstances, perform a comprehensive exam, and design a personalized treatment program that meets your goals.

Occupational Medicine

Proudly meeting the needs of over 200 employers in Whatcom County with workplace injury care, physical exams, and fit testing.

Northwest Gastroenterology & Endoscopy

Providing comprehensive digestive healthcare

What Do We Do at NW Gastro/Endo?

At Northwest Gastroenterology and Endoscopy, we promote digestive health and ensure the well-being of our community. We offer expert care for prevention and management of diseases of the digestive tract, such as:

· Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

· Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)

· Inflammatory Bowel Disease

· Liver Disease

· Colon cancer prevention

The Vital Role of Colonoscopy in Colorectal Cancer Screening

When detected early, colorectal cancer is one of the most preventable and treatable cancers. The cornerstone of early detection is colonoscopy. A colonoscopy is not only a powerful screening tool but also a preventive one. If polyps are discovered during the procedure, they can be removed on the spot, significantly reducing the risk of colorectal cancer.

When Should I Start Getting Checked?

Recommendations are to begin screening for colon cancer at age 45. If you or your immediate family members have a history of colorectal cancer, polyps, or related afflictions, earlier screening is encouraged.

Why Choose NW Gastro/Endo?

Northwest Gastroenterology was founded in 1979 and is the largest gastroenterology group in Whatcom County. We offer in-person clinic visits, telehealth appointments, and a physician managed infusion center and endoscopy center, all in our new Barkley Village location. To ensure the highest quality care, we participate in the GIQuiC national registry, a voluntary program for continuous improvement of GI healthcare techniques. Our staff of over 100 people are fully dedicated to protecting your digestive health.

4043 Northwest Ave Bellingham, WA 98226 360.743.4300


Mon-Fri: 8am - 7pm Sat: 9am - 4pm

Northwest Gastroenterology & Endoscopy

New address:

3111 Woburn St., Bellingham 360.734.1420, nwgastroendo.com

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Health & Medical Profiles

“Seek Medical Massage EARLY for best recovery.”

Did you know?

Your car insurance can cover the cost of your medical treatment regardless who was atfault. The coverage is called PIP, Personal Injury Protection, and it doesn’t cost you anything more. By law, this is your right. Your rates will NOT increase by seeking therapy.

Call to learn more: 360.527.9566 mmwellness.com 1112 Finnegan Way, Bellingham WA
Been injured in a car accident?
Life Feature Aquatic Adventures
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Photo Courtesy of Snohomish County Tourism Bureau

OUR REGION’S WATERS have something to offer everyone. There are endless ways to have fun in the sun while also respecting the culture, ecology, and history of the waterways that make Whatcom County so special. So, without further ado, let’s dive in!

Geography Crash Course: Bays, Rivers, and Lakes

Bays of the Salish Sea

The northernmost body of water is Semiahmoo Bay, which is named for the Semiahmoo First Nation and, after many years of cannery operations, is now home to Semiahmoo Resort and Spa. Semiahmoo Bay feeds into Drayton Harbor in Blaine, which is separated from the bay by the Semiahmoo Spit.

Below Semiahmoo Bay is Birch Bay. Birch Bay State Park boasts both saltwater and freshwater shoreline. It’s a popular pick for camping, boating, picnics, fishing, and hard shell clamming (as Birch Bay is abundant in Dungeness crab). Below Birch Bay is Lummi Bay, which is located off the coast of Lummi Nation.

Lummi Bay lies above Bellingham Bay, which extends from Lummi Peninsula to Clark’s Point and borders the city of Bellingham. The city’s waterfront was an industrial site for more than a century, but this era ended with the closing of the Georgia-Pacific mill in 2007. Now, the City and Port of Bellingham are working to clean up the 12 toxic waste sites left behind. To learn more about the cleanup sites, visit re-sources.org.

South of Bellingham Bay is the three-mile-long Chuckanut Bay, which features

60 BellinghamAlive.com Life Aquatic Adventures

Rivers and Lakes to Know

Whatcom County is home to a variety of rivers, streams, lakes. So many, in fact, that we could never name them all—but we can give you a quick guide to some of the most notable ones.

The Nooksack River originates in the Mount Baker Wilderness and begins in earnest at the merging of three

Whatcom County is home to a whopping 113 lakes, and perhaps the most notable is Lake Whatcom. It provides drinking water to more than 100,000 residents of Bellingham and the surrounding county. Lake Whatcom is also home to summertime recreational spots like Bloedel Donovan Park and Lake Whatcom Park. Just south of Bellingham is Lake Samish, which also features a swimming area and is another popular spot for boating, fishing, kayaking, and paddleboarding.

Other popular lakes serve as hiking destinations in the Chuckanut Mountains, including Fragrance Lake, Lost Lake, and Pine and Cedar Lakes. Lake Padden and Squires Lake are surrounded by trails that make them ideal for family hikes, and Silver Lake and Baker Lake are classic picks for fishing, boating, and camping.

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Waters of the North Sound, Yesterday and Today

When speaking about our region’s waterways, it’s important to acknowledge the Coast Salish peoples who have been stewarding them since time immemorial. The following words are courtesy of the Sacred Lands Conservancy, an Indigenous-led 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting the life, culture, and sanctity of the Salish Sea.

A few hundred years ago, when European ships pulled into what is now called Bellingham Bay, the men aboard couldn’t see the land for all the trees; the trees were so big, the forests so thick. Fish were so plentiful you could walk across their backs. We’ve always said, “When the tide is out, the table is set,” meaning, at low tide, there are clams, mussels, oysters, so much food to be harvested! The waters and the lands have always provided for us.

In our Lhaq’temish language, Xwlemi chosen, there is no word for famine. We never went hungry. All of our villages were right on the water. The waterways of the Salish Sea connected us with one another, and with our traditional fishing, hunting, and gathering places. The waters connected us, the waters provided for us. Our songs, stories, culture, and spirituality are of and in this place. We are one with all the life here, with the waters, with the rocks, with the fish, the whales, the eagles.

Water is life. We can’t survive without fresh water to drink, without the salmon that depend on healthy rivers and a healthy Salish Sea.

Right now, our waters are threatened by pollution, by large industrial projects, by marine vessel traffic. The Salish Sea has become crowded, dirty, noisy—and this affects the health of all our relations who live underwater. Salmon runs are threatened, our resident orca population is endangered. Our fishermen are hurting, economically and emotionally. We are a fishing people. We can’t survive without fish, without salmon.

The Point Elliott Treaty that we signed with other tribes and the United States government in 1855 promises that we have rights to fish, hunt, and gather in our traditional territory for as long as the mountain still stands and the river flows. This promise is meaningless if there is nothing left to fish, hunt, and

62 BellinghamAlive.com Life Aquatic Adventures

gather. The Treaty is the supreme law of the land. It’s up to all of us, tribal and U.S. citizens, to uphold the Treaty promises. This means we all need to work together to ensure the health and vitality of the Salish Sea and all the rivers that feed it.

We have always been in reciprocal relation with this place. We know that Mother Earth provides for us, so we take care of her the best we can. Take only what is needed. Never take the first, nor the last, of whatever you may be harvesting. Give thanks. Be generous. These are lessons of this place. We encourage all who now make their homes here, and those who may be visiting, to also be in such a relationship with this place.

We live in such a beautiful part of the world! Enjoy it! But as you recreate upon the waters, or on the islands, in the forest, on the mountain, please take time to learn the history of this place. We have been here since time immemorial; our history is long. We have learned good teachings about how to live here, and we welcome the chance to share these teachings. The history of the past couple hundred years is brutal, but acknowledging the truth of history allows us all to learn from it, heal, and move forward into the future in a good way.

Learn about this place, about the finned, the winged, the four-legged creatures, about the trees, the rocks, the waters. How might you be kind and generous, how might you caretake, and be thankful? How might you treat this place as if it were your dearly beloved?

To learn more about the Sacred Lands Conservancy and their work, visit sacredsea.org.

You can also find Since Time Immemorial, Bellingham Alive magazine’s recurring series spotlighting community members whose families have been here since time immemorial, at bellinghamalive.com.

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64 BellinghamAlive.com Life Aquatic Adventures
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Aquatic Life

With thousands of miles of shoreline, wetlands, lakes, and rivers, it’s no surprise our area is home to a truly boggling amount of plants and animals!

The North Sound is the northernmost region of Puget Sound, which is the nation’s second largest estuary by shoreline. Estuaries occur where salty and freshwater meet, often where rivers let out into the sea, creating a brackish water. This means that we have both freshwater and saltwater wildlife.


The estuaries support some of our most famous wildlife: salmon. Our watershed rivers are spawning grounds for the anadromous Pacific salmon, which include Chinook, coho, pink, sockeye, and chum. Anadromous fish lay their eggs in freshwater rivers, where the young hatch, grow, and eventually travel downstream to the sea for their adulthood. When it’s time, the fish return back to the rivers from whence they came to start the cycle all over again. These annual pilgrimages, known as salmon runs, have always been a vital part of the PNW’s ecosystem and way of life.

Nearshore Creatures

Harbor seals

These adorable fellas are sightable yearround from the coasts of the Salish Sea. Adults are between five and six feet in length, and 245–300 pounds. They’re blue-gray with darker speckles and eat up to 10% of their body weight daily.


When the tides go out, natural pools are left in rocky outcroppings and basins, and inside of these protective underwater valleys are bursts of life, including small fish, crabs, urchins, sea stars, and more.

Clam digging

Around our inland sea shores, you’ll find native littleneck clams, Manila clams, butter clams, and horse clams, all diggable with a shellfishing license.

Oyster farms

The shellfish farms in our area encourage the growth of clams and oysters in their habitats, then harvest them for locals and beyond to enjoy, making Eastern and Pacific oysters a bountiful and important part of our aquaculture!

Dolphins and Whales

There are more species of whales and dolphins (cetaceans) around here than you might think, including Pacific white-sided dolphins, humpback whales, minke whales, fin whales, and dall’s porpoises, but perhaps the most recognizable of marine mammals for many Washingtonians will be the orca.

Also known as killer whales or qwe ‘lhol mechen, meaning “our relations below the waves” in the Lummi language, orcas are the largest type of dolphin and top predators within their ecosystems. We have resident and transient orcas—transient orcas come and go from inner Washington waters, travel in groups of two to six, and hunt other marine mammals like harbor seals, smaller dolphins, and whales. Southern Resident Killer Whales have localized. They feed only on salmon (primarily Chinook) and live in three pods (J, K, and L) with matriarchal social systems.

Photo by Dean Davidson
66 BellinghamAlive.com Life Aquatic Adventures
Photo by Ken Rea
100 5th Street, Lynden, WA 98264 innatlynden.c om 360/746-8597 WHAT'S NOT TO LOVE? 35 LUXURY ROOMS MEETING ROOM SHOPPING & DINI NG 809 HARRIS AVENUE, BUILDING 6 BELLINGHAM, WA 98225 NMIBOATS.COM Call (360) 389-5351 to order or to schedule a tour! CUSTOMIZED TO FIT YOUR LIFESTYLE YO UR LOCA L CATCH WITH OVER 60 YEARS OF BELLINGHAM ROOTS NORTHWEST MARINE INDUSTRIES HAS BEEN PERFECTING FIBERGLASS BOAT BUILDING RIGHT IN YOUR OWN BACK YARD PREMIER COMMERCIAL & RESIDENTIAL ROOFING Covering Whatcom County SINCE 1967 Esary.com Skagit: (360) 757-0933 Whatcom: (360) 318-0604 San Juan: (360) 468-3278 King: (206) 546-5336

Social Clubs & Civic Groups

WHETHER YOU’RE HERE for a year or forever, there’s plenty to love about life in Whatcom County. In fact, 2022 rankings by Livability placed Bellingham as the 53rd best place to live in all of the United States—and it’s no secret as to why. The website commended our arts scene, remote work friendliness, and access to the great outdoors. In addition, it gave special mention to the area’s numerous breweries and “vibrant downtown!”

In other words, there are tons of perks to life in Bellingham and Whatcom County as a whole. Our quality of life is high, plus it’s virtually impossible to run out of things to see and do. From annual events to unique local businesses and endless miles of trails to traverse, there’s always something new and exciting to add to your agenda.

From January through December, Whatcom County has something to offer residents of all ages, interests, and activity levels. Don’t know where to start? We have a few suggestions for how to experience the very best of this Pacific Northwestern haven. Welcome to your new home—we’re happy to have you here. 

LGBTQ+ Resources

Bellingham Queer Collective bellinghamqueercollective.org

Out Bellingham meetup.com/out-bellingham

Queer Youth Project nwys.org/queer-youth-project

Washington Gender Alliance washingtongenderalliance.com

Whatcom PFLAG pflagwhatcom.org

LGBTQ+ Western (WWU) lgbtq.wwu.edu

Senior & Community Centers

Bellingham Senior Activity Center 315 Halleck St., Bellingham, 360.733.4030

Blaine Community & Senior Center 763 G St., Blaine, 360.332.8040

Everson Senior Activity Center 111 W. Main St., Everson, 360.966.3144

Ferndale Senior Center 1999 Cherry St., Ferndale, 360.384.6244

Lynden Community/Senior Center 401 Grover St., Lynden, 360.354.2921

Point Roberts Senior Activity Center 1487 Gulf Rd., Point Roberts, 360.945.5424

Sumas Senior Center 461 Second St., Sumas, 360.988.2714

Social Clubs & Civic Groups

Bellingham Bay Rotary Club bellinghambayrotary.com

Bellingham Central Lions Club bellinghamcentrallions.org

Bellingham City Club bellinghamcityclub.org

Bellingham Elks Lodge elks.org

Bellingham Homebrewers Guild bellinghamhomebrewersguild.org

Bellingham Knights Chess Club bellinghamchess.com

Bellingham Metal Arts Guiild bmag-wa.org

Whatcom Young Professionals bellingham.com/wyps

Newcomers & Neighbors of Whatcom County whatcomnewcomers.org

Whatcom Art Guild whatcomartguild.org

Whatcom Artists of Clay & Kiln whatcomartistsofclayandkiln.org

Whatcom Association of Celestial Observers whatcomastronomy.com

Whatcom County North Rotary portal.clubrunner.ca/813

Whatcom Horticultural Society whatcomhortsociety.org

Whatcom Women in Business wwib.org

Whatcom Women’s Network whatcomwomensnetwork.com

Whatcom Writers & Publishers whatcomwritersandpublishers.org

The Volunteer Center of Whatcom County whatcomvolunteer.org

Photo by Brandee Simons
68 BellinghamAlive.com Life Community Engagement
Photo by Ann Marie Cooper Whatcom Art Guild Artist - Janille Dutton


Unpacking moving boxes leave you ready to pack it in? Let your new neighbors at Bellingham Travel & Cruise send you somewhere to recuperate. All you need pack or unpack is a sarong. We’ve been the neighborhood’s trusted, full-service, travel agency for over 50 years. We hope your next move in Bellingham is to make us your vacation home — that warm and welcoming place you go whenever you want to get away.

1801 Roeder Ave., Ste. #144
bellinghamtravel.com Bellingham
& Cruise
Welcome to Your New Homes — Both of Them... BEST SALON 1401 Dupont ST Bellingham, WA 98225 360.922.6806 www.vanityhairbellingham.com First Time Clientsmention Bellingham Alive and receive $10 off your first haircut or $20 off your first color service

Places of Worship

WHATCOM COUNTY WELCOMES people from all walks of life, and this inclusivity also applies to religion. According to data from Sperling’s BestPlaces, nearly 30% of Whatcom residents describe themselves as religious. While a majority identify as Christian, there are a wide variety of communities under that umbrella: 7% of residents are Catholic, 4% are Presbyterian, and 2% are Lutheran. There are also small communities of Baptists, Episcopalians, Methodists, Pentecostals, and other denominations.


Bellingham Bible Chapel

4160 Northwest Dr., 360.312.1013

Bellingham Chinese Christian

2200 F St., 360.734.6707

Bellingham Covenant Church

1530 E. Bakerview Rd., 360.733.5920

Bellingham Gospel Center

2818 McLeod Rd., 360.676.1357

Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship

1207 Ellsworth St., 360.733.3837

Christ the King Community Church

4173 Meridian St., 360.733.1337

Roughly 1% of Whatcom County residents identify with Judaism, Islam, and Eastern religions, and the county also offers resources and services for these faiths. Jewish residents can attend services at the Congregation Beth Israel or get involved at Rohr Center for Jewish Life. Muslim residents can find their community at the Islamic Society of Whatcom County, and Bellingham’s Sikh temple, Gurdwara Guru Nanak Parkash, also offers an active congregation.

Whatever your faith or background, there are communities and places of worship in Whatcom County that are ready to welcome you.

Church of the Assumption

2116 Cornwall Ave., 360.733.1380

Faith Lutheran Church

2750 McLeod Rd., 360.733.3970

First Christian Church

495 E. Bakerview Rd., 360.734.6820

First Congregational Church of Bellingham

2401 Cornwall Ave., 360.734.3720

Good Shepherd Community Church

1254 W. Smith Rd., 360.384.5403

Life Church

747 Marine Dr., 360.733.8980

Living Water Fellowship

4767 Guide Meridian Rd., 360.398.9838

My Church

3218 Fielding Ave., 360.306.3687

North Bellingham Church of Christ

1063 W. Bakerview Rd., 360.389.2234

North Cascades Christian Fellowship 3800 Dana Rd., 360.734.3837

Northwest Baptist Church

3545 Northwest Ave., 360.733.3620

Spring Creek Bible Church

567 E. Kellogg Rd., 360.734.5228

St. Sophia Greek Orthodox Church

510 E. Sunset Dr., 360.734.8745

Photo by Liz Hjelmseth
70 BellinghamAlive.com Life Places of Worship
First Congregational Church of Bellingham


Congregation Beth Israel 751 San Juan Blvd., 360.733.8890

Rohr Center for Jewish Life 102 Highland Dr., 360.393.3845


Islamic Society of Whatcom County 1244 Nevada St., 360.752.9399


Gurdwara Guru Nanak Parkash 777 W. Smith Rd., 360.312.1190


Unity Spiritual Center 1095 Telegraph Rd., 360.733.2270

Bellingham Shambhala Center 2825 Meridian St., Ste. 201, 360.483.4526


Bethel Christian Reformed Church 1105 Liberty St., 360.354.2361

Faith Community Church 586 Birch Bay Lynden Rd., 360.354.0536

Faith Reformed Church 300 7th St., 360.354.3664

First Christian Reformed Church 1010 Front St., 360.354.4560

Freedom Church 405 Front St., 360.325.2015

Grace Baptist Fellowship 338 N. Park St., 360.354.2913

Hope Lutheran Church 900 E. Grover St., 360.354.4211

Lynden Community Church 680 Grover St., 360.354.2226

Netherlands Reformed Church 8581 Depot Rd., 360.354.6645

North County Christ the King 1816 18th St., 360.318.9446

Protestant Reformed Church 317 N. Park St., 360.354.0496

Second Christian Reformed Church 710 Front St., 360.354.3961

are my
kate-fadden.com katefadden@johnlscott.com 360.483.6483
work tirelessly to make your home buying or selling process as efficient, stress-free and lucrative for you as possible.”

Sonlight Community Church

8800 Bender Rd., 360.354.3434

St. Joseph’s Catholic Church

205 12th St., 360.354.2334

Third Christian Reformed Church

514 Liberty St., 360.354.1448

United Methodist Church — Lynden

500 14th St., 360.354.4169

Lynden URC (United Reformed Church)

8650 Benson Rd., 360.656.6140


Church of Christ

6300 Portal Way, 360.384.6741

Christ Lutheran Church

5904 Vista Dr., 360.384.1422

Christ the King Community Church, Pioneer Center

5627 3rd Ave., 360.656.6342

Cornerstone Community Church

5732 Olson Rd., 360.384.3661

Evergreen Community Church

6899 N. Enterprise Rd., 360.384.6310

Faith Bible Community Church 5702 3rd Ave., 360.393.3761

Ferndale Alliance Church

6100 Church Rd., 360.384.4279

Ferndale Seventh-Day Adventist Church

2488 Main St., 360.384.1526

First Baptist Church

5759 Vista Dr., 360.384.3111

Good News Fellowship

1252 W. Axton Rd., 360.384.1515

Northwest Washington Holiness Association

5942 Portal Way, 360.380.0890

St. Joseph Catholic Church

5781 Hendrickson Ave., 360.384.3651

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

2550 Thornton Rd., 360.380.2938

Triumph Lutheran Church

5719 Church Rd., 360.384.1129

United Church of Ferndale

2034 Washington St., 360.384.3302

Whatcom New Life Assembly

2290 Main St., 360.384.4101


Birch Bay Bible

Community Church

4460 Bay Rd., 360.371.2300

Christ Episcopal Church

382 Boblett St., 360.332.4113

Freedom Community Church

508 G St., 360.332.7506

Grace Lutheran Church

702 G St., 360.332.6589

72 BellinghamAlive.com Life Places of Worship
Photo by Thomas Hughes Church of the Assumption

Lighthouse Baptist Church

8373 Harborview Rd., 360.371.7740

Northwood Alliance Church

580 C St., 360.332.8610

St. Anne Catholic Church

604 H St., 360.384.3651

Unitarian Free Church

1218 Harrison Ave., 360.332.4781

United Church of Christ 885 4th St., 360.332.6906

Acme, Deming, Everson, Maple Falls, Nooksack

Acme Presbyterian Church

2054 Valley Hwy., Deming, 360.595.2898

Bethany Chapel

3744 Mt. Baker Hwy., Everson 360.592.2221

Christ Fellowship

1208 E. Main St., Everson, 360.966.3223

Immanuel Lutheran Church 5782 Lawrence Rd., Everson 360.592.5876

North County Christ the King 8794 Kendall Rd., Maple Falls 360.988.2037

Nooksack Valley Reformed Church

602 E. 2nd St., Nooksack, 360.966.7903

Nooksack Christian Fellowship 201 Jackson St., Nooksack, 360.966.4573

Paradise Gospel Church 8629 Kendall Rd., Maple Falls 360.599.9267

River of Life Community Church

4037 Valley Hwy., Deming, 360.592.2279

Silver Lake Community Church 7836 Silver Lake Rd., Maple Falls 360.599.2680

St. Innocent Antiochian Orthodox Church

7461 Goodwin Rd., Everson, 360.927.8091

St. Peter Catholic Church

6210 Mt. Baker Hwy., Deming 360.599.2867

Valley Church 904 Nooksack Rd., Everson, 360.966.7631

What Makes a Community Church?

Community is Christ the King’s Middle Name

CHRIST THE KING Community Church began in 1988 with 54 people who committed to love God, love each other, and love the community around them. Today, as a network of five campuses throughout Whatcom County, the same values permeate every gathering, whether inside or outside a church building. Based on a deep conviction that God loves the whole community, serving our community has become a hallmark of Christ the King (CTK) Church.

So, what does it mean to be a community church?

For CTK, it starts with bringing people together to worship, find community, and make a difference— right where they live. Christ the King has campuses in Bellingham, Downtown Bellingham, Blaine, Ferndale, and Sudden Valley. Each location has its own pastor and own unique flavor, tailored to its unique community.

Being a community church also means caring for neighbors who are struggling. CTK partners with 15 local nonprofits— some faith-based, some not—to meet a range of human needs. In focus areas of homelessness, people with disabilities, kids

and families, food insecurity, and survivor support, staff and volunteers from CTK actively serve alongside and learn from community partners who care about the same things God cares about.

In 1996, Christ the King launched a food bank to address Whatcom County’s growing food insecurity. Today, that ministry has become the CTK Food Share & Farm. On just a few acres of donated land, the CTK Farm yields more than 50 tons of fresh produce per season—all distributed to families through 22 local food share partners. Learn more about CTK’s community partners and the CTK Food Share & Farm at ctkserves.org.

Being a community church also means showing up when the community is hurting. After 2022’s historic flooding, CTK Response Teams showed up to volunteer in the recovery effort. As well, CTK regularly offers its facilities and staff to host memorial services for fallen first responders or when a death touches a large segment of the community.

Christ the King Church invites you to find out for yourself what it’s like to be part of their community. Learn more at ctk.church.

Welcome Newcomers Guide 2024 73 Advertorial
Photo by Scott Sayers

Outdoor Sports & Recreation

WHATCOM COUNTY IS a dream destination for outdoor adventurers. No matter the season, its location allows for a variety of activities that would be hard to match anywhere else. Residents and visitors have access to a national park, several state parks, and many county parks within the county’s limits.

Mountain bikers from all over the country seek out Bellingham for its world-class trails on Galbraith Mountain. With more than 65 miles of single-track trails spread throughout 3,000 acres of forest, the mountain offers endless opportunities for adventure, exploration, and fun.

Thanks to the county’s proximity to Mount Baker and the North Cascades, runners, hikers, and backpackers have a goldmine of trails to traverse during the summertime. Avid runners also have a variety of races to choose from throughout the year, from the Bellingham Bay Marathon to the legendary Ski to Sea Race. In the winter months, you can ditch those hiking boots for skis or a snowboard and hit the slopes at the Mount Baker Ski Area.

Whether it’s July or December, the Chuckanut Mountains are easily accessible from Fairhaven and offer yearround activities such as hiking, camping, biking, fishing, and rock climbing.

Lastly, given our abundant lakes, rivers, and the Bellingham Bay, we can’t forget to mention the recreational activities available on the water. You can set sail from Squalicum Harbor, put in a sea kayak from Marine Park, catch fish, or watch the tide roll in at Larrabee State Park. If it’s a clear day, don’t forget to look inland for stunning views of Bellingham’s cityscape and the snow-capped peaks that lie behind it. 

Golf Courses

Bald Eagle Golf Club

1350 Pelican Pl., Point Roberts, 866.460.0368

Bellingham Golf & Country Club

3729 Meridian St., Bellingham, 360.733.3450

Birch Bay Village Golf Course

8169 Cowichan Rd., Blaine, 360.371.2026

Dakota Creek Golf Course

3258 Haynie Rd., Custer, 360.366.3131

Grandview Golf Course

7738 Portal Way, Custer, 360.366.3947

Homestead Golf Course

115 E. Homestead Blvd., Lynden 360.354.1196, Ext. 2

Lake Padden Golf Course

4882 Samish Way, Bellingham, 360.738.7400

Loomis Trail Golf

4342 Loomis Trail Rd., Ste. 9787, Blaine 360.332.1725

North Bellingham Golf Course

205 W. Smith Rd., Bellingham, 360.398.8300

Raspberry Ridge Golf Course 6827 Hannegan Rd., Everson, 360.354.3029

Sandy Point Golf Course

4460 Decatur Dr., Ferndale, 360.384.3921

Semiahmoo Golf & Country Club

8720 Semiahmoo Pkwy., Blaine 800.231.4425, Ext. 5

Shuksan Golf Club

1500 E. Axton Rd., Bellingham, 360.398.8888

Sudden Valley Golf Course

4 Clubhouse Cir., Bellingham, 855.506.2219

Sports Teams

Bellingham Bells (Baseball)


Bellingham Blazers (Youth Hockey)


Bellingham Roller Betties (Roller Derby)


Chuckanut Bay Rugby (Rugby)


Whatcom FC Rangers (Soccer) whatcomfcrangers.org

Major Athletic Events

Bellingham Bay Marathon bellinghambaymarathon.org

Bellingham Traverse bellinghamtraverse.com

Chuckanut 50k chuckanut50krace.com

Chuckanut Classic chuckanutclassic.org

Lake Whatcom Triathlon lakewhatcomtriathlon.com

Ski to Sea skitosea.com

Special Olympics Washington specialolympicswashington.org

Tour de Whatcom tourdewhatcom.com

74 BellinghamAlive.com Life Sports & Recreation

Sports & Outdoor Clubs

Bellingham Mountaineers bellinghammountaineers.com

Bellingham Triathlon Club bellinghamtri.org

Bellingham Yacht Club byc.org

Bellingham Pickleball Club bellinghampickleball.org

Greater Bellingham Running Club gbrc.net

Mount Baker Club mountbakerclubsite.wordpress.com

Mount Baker Bicycle Club mtbakerbikeclub.org

Nooksack Nordic Ski Club nooksacknordicskiclub.org

Shifting Gears letsshiftgears.com

Whatcom Association of Kayak Enthusiasts wakekayak.org

Whatcom Mountain Bike Coalition (WMBC) wmbcmtb.org

WMBC JoyRiders (Women’s Bike Club) wmbcmtb.org/joyriders

Major Hiking & Walking Areas

Arroyo Park

Chuckanut Mountain Park

Hovander Homestead Park

Interurban Trail

Galbraith Mountain

Larrabee State Park

Mount Baker National Recreation Area

Semiahmoo Park

Silver Lake Park

Whatcom Falls Park

Major Biking Areas

Bay to Baker Trail

Chuckanut Mountain Park

Civic Field Dirt Jump Track

Galbraith Mountain

Interurban Trail

Lake Padden Park

Railroad Trail

Semiahmoo Park

Silver Lake Park

Whatcom Falls Park

Whatcom Falls Park Roller Betties Photo by Judd M. Greenwood Photo Courtesy of Bellingham Roller Betties
Welcome Newcomers Guide 2024 75


WHATCOM COUNTY IS a haven for pet owners, and if your four-legged friends like to explore the great outdoors, they’re sure to fit in fast. Our numerous dog-friendly parks offer stunning scenery and ample space for pups (and their humans) to get some exercise in.

If you’re out on the town, know that many of our breweries and bars are happy to accommodate canine companions. Most ask patrons to keep their pets on a leash, but Paws for a Beer allows well-behaved pups with memberships to roam free.

The area is also home to a plethora of doggie daycares, trainers, and groomers. Additionally, Whatcom County’s veterinarians can help your pet stay healthy and happy. Some vets are welcoming towards all species, while others, such as the Chuckanut Feline Center, are more specialized.

In the market for a furry friend? Whatcom Humane Society will help match you with the forever companion that’s right for you and your family. Alternatively, if you prefer reptiles to mammals, Kementari’s Creatures is the place to go for more exotic new additions to the family.

For animal lovers who aren’t looking for commitment, a visit to NEKO: A Cat Cafe or Are You My Human? Dog Rescue & Lounge might be in order. Be warned, though: Their animals are adoptable, so if you find yourself falling in love, you might not be going home empty-handed. 

Veterinary Hospitals


Animal Emergency Care

4176 Meridian St., 360.758.2200

Banfield Pet Hospital

4379 Guide Meridian St., 360.734.9459

Bellingham Veterinary

720 Virginia St., 360.734.0720

Boundary Bay Veterinary

Specialty Hospital

4176 Meridian St., 360.982.0166

Fairhaven Veterinary Hospital 2330 Old Fairhaven Pkwy., 360.671.3903

Fountain Veterinary Hospital 2430 Meridian St., Ste. 2., 360.733.2660

Larrabee Animal Medicine PLLC 1110 Larrabee Ave., 360.527.9533

Maplewood Animal Hospital 2869 W. Maplewood Ave., 360.715.1430

Mountain Veterinary Hospital 3413 Mt. Baker Hwy., 360.592.5113

Northshore Veterinary Hospital

1486 Electric Ave., 360.738.6916

The Chuckanut Valley Feline Center

1214 Dupont St., 360.671.7707

Village Veterinary Hospital 236 36th St., 360.647.1980


Blaine Animal Hospital

8892 Blaine Rd., 360.332.6813

Northwest Veterinary Clinic

8115 Birch Bay Square St., Ste.135 360.366.5434


Ferndale Veterinary Hospital

2069 Main St., 360.389.5989

Kulshan Veterinary Hospital

6220 Portal Way, 360.354.5095

Whatcom Veterinary Hospital

5610 Barrett Rd., 360.384.0212


Lynden Veterinary Hospital

1919 Front St., 360.354.7988

Kulshan Veterinary Hospital 8880 Benson Rd., 360.354.5095


Nooksack Animal Hospital PC Inc. 302 W. Columbia St., 360.966.3207

Dog-Friendly Parks

Arroyo Park 1700 Old Samish Rd., Bellingham

Bender Fields 8770 Bender Rd., Lynden

Bloedel Donovan Park

2114 Electric Ave., Bellingham

Fairhaven Park 107 Chuckanut Dr. N., Bellingham

Photo Courtesy of Mountain Veterinary Hospital
76 BellinghamAlive.com Life Pets
Piper, after rigorous physical therapy from Mountain Veterinary Hospital

NEKO: A Cat Cafe

Hovander Homestead Park

5299 Nielsen Ave., Ferndale

Lake Padden Dog Park

4882 S. Samish Way, Bellingham

Lincoln Park 1800 H St., Blaine

Little Squalicum Park

640 Marine Dr., Bellingham

Lynden City Park 8460 Depot Rd., Lynden

Sehome Hill Arboretum

600 25th St., Bellingham

Semiahmoo Park

9261 Semiahmoo Pkwy., Blaine

Skallman Park

1190 Yew Ave., Blaine

Squires Lake Park

2510 Nulle Rd., Bellingham

Squalicum Dog Park

1001 Squalicum Way, Bellingham

Sudden Valley Dog Park

22 Marina Dr., Bellingham

Sunset Pond Park

3424–3462 James St, Bellingham

VanderYacht Park

1945 Washington St., Ferndale

Whatcom Falls Park

1401 Electric Ave., Bellingham

Dog-Friendly Breweries & Bars

Beach Cat Brewing

7876 Birch Bay Dr., Ste. 101, Blaine 360.366.8065

Elizabeth Station

1400 W. Holly St., Bellingham, 360.733.8982

El Suenito Brewing Company

1926 Humboldt St., Bellingham, 360.543.6809

FrinGe Brewing

5640 3rd Ave., Ferndale, 360.398.6071

Goods Local Brews

2620 Northwest Ave., Bellingham 360.671.3085

GRUFF Brewing Co.

104 E. Maple St., Ste. 101, Bellingham

Kulshan Brewing Co.

2238 James St., Bellingham, 360.389.5348

The North Fork Brewery Barrel House & Beer Shrine

1900 Grant St., Ste. 101, Bellingham 360.224.2088

Otherlands Beer

2121 Humboldt St., Bellingham, 360.746.8118

Paws for a Beer

501 Harris Ave., Bellingham, 360.733.7297

Schweinhaus Biergarten

1330 N. State St., Bellingham, 360.671.0206

Stemma Brewing Co.

2039 Moore St., Bellingham, 360.746.8385

Stones Throw Brewing Co.

1009 Larrabee Ave., Bellingham 360.362.5058

Humane Societies, Shelters, Pet Stores, & Wildlife Rescues

Alternative Humane Society 360.671.7445

Are You My Human? Dog Rescue & Lounge

1307 Cornwall Ave., Bellingham areyoumyhumandogrescue.com

NEKO: A Cat Cafe

1130 Cornwall Ave., Bellingham, 360.656.6217

Kementari’s Creatures

207 E. Chestnut St., Bellingham, 509.607.6971

Sardis Raptor Center

7472 Valley View Rd., Ferndale, 360.366.3863

Whatcom Humane Society (WHS) 2172 Division St., Bellingham, 360.733.2080

WHS Northwest Wildlife Rehabilitation Center

3671 Mt. Baker Hwy., Everson, 360.966.8845

Welcome Newcomers Guide 2024 77
Photo Courtesy of NEKO: A Cat Cafe
Follow us on Instagram @Bellingh amAlive For the latest from Bellingham Alive in local events, news, giveways, and more! BirchBaySquare.com • 15 mins from Semiahmoo Resort • 15 mins from Bellingham • 10 mins from US-Canada Border BIRCH BAY SQUARE Experience The PNW Lifestyle EXIT 270 OFF I-5 IN BLAINE, WA Shop. Stroll the open-air mall and shop unique retail stores and boutiques Explore. Check out our visitors kiosk and specialty merchants Dine. Grab a coffee • Pick up a beach picnic • Enjoy breakfast, lunch & dinner
Fashion Pacific Northwest Style
Welcome Newcomers Guide 2024 79
Photo by Cocoa Laney

Pacific Northwest Style Guide

DRESSING FOR THE weather across the seasons of the PNW is… not exactly straightforward. Sure, we have chilly winters and warm summers, but everything in between can oscillate wildly, making it hard to build up a wardrobe!

In general, you’ll want outfits that can be bulked up or stripped down. “Warm” is a relative term—so don’t put away the knitwear too soon (you’ll likely need it ‘til July). Day-to-day weather can be unpredictable, and layers are still key for most outfits.

To kickstart your wardrobe shopping, we’ve styled four different looks using apparel from a few of our favorite local shops. A piece of advice: If you have to purchase just one new item, we recommend a good pair of rainboots. 

*Items and prices were available and correct as of April 2023.

Cozy Knits

Dean Davidson Necklace

Three French Hens, $462

Double Zero Knit Tank Fringe, $32

Volcom Jeans Fringe, $80

Blu Pepper Cardigan Betty Be Good, $45

Blowfish Martina Taupe Sneakers Fringe, $55

Model Ava Curtright

80 BellinghamAlive.com Retail

Outdoor apparel

HYFVE Zip Fleece

Fringe, $58

Gray Knit Cap

Yeager’s Sporting Goods, $15

Xtratuf Ankle Boot, Yeager’s Sporting Goods, $100

Rabbit EZ Tee

Fairhaven Runners and Walkers, $58

Rabbit EZ Joggers

Fairhaven Runners and Walkers, $88

$ Welcome Newcomers Guide 2024 81

Everyday Denim

Cici’s Knots Macrame Earrings Fringe, $18

Jean Jacket

Three French Hens, $265

AG Cigarette Jeans

Three French Hens, $198

Jeanne Simmons Hat

Three French Hens, $60

Zenana Top Betty Be Good, $40

Blowfish Martina Taupe Sneakers Fringe, $55

$ 82 BellinghamAlive.com Retail
Thank you for voting us Best Art Gallery OPEN DAILY 11 am - 6 pm 1103 11th Street (Fairhaven) 360-738-8564 WhatcomArtMarket.org 21 BELLWETHER WAY, STE 107 BELLINGHAM, WA 98225 P. 360.778.1613 NEETERHOUSEOFLUXURY.COM Timeless Quality, Reliable Installation and Upright Service. 360.656.6579 or 360.961.4918 | 873 Hinotes Court A2 | Lynden, WA 98264 WindowShadesandShutters.com RussellsWindowCoverings@gmail.com
Modern Roman Shades

MARIES BEES mariesbees.com

Award-Winning Raw local honey for our family to yours. Try our famous Zinger Creamed Honey, Savory Honey and our Honey Oxymel. Try them all in cocktails, on cheese, or on toast. Hive tours in the summer. 100% Woman-owned.



1216 Bay St., Bellingham, WA 98225


Rejuvenate, rehydrate, and refuel at Bellingham’s premier IV Therapy and Wellness Lounge, offering Nutrient IV bags, Wellness Shots, Medicinal and Cosmetic Botox, Dietician Services, and a Weight Loss Program all by an experienced, professional staff, using hospital-grade supplies, and the highest-quality nutrients. #wehaveabagforthat


2945 Newmarket St., Bellingham

360.734.9595, statement-apparel.com

Winner of multiple Best of the Northwest Reader’s Choice awards, Statement Apparel in Barkley village carries casual, comfortable women’s clothing that fits the Northwest lifestyle. Some of the many lines we carry include Tribal, FDJ, Foxcroft, Habitat, Jag, Liverpool, and Marjorie Baer. Our amazing staff prides themselves on giving excellent customer service to make your shopping experience memorable. A percentage of every sale benefits The Whatcom Hospice Foundation.


1209 11th St., Bellingham

360.676.4955, fairhavenrunners.com

Fairhaven Runners is a super-friendly store for walkers, runners, travelers and people who just want their feet to feel happier. We carry shoes, socks, watches, clothing, packs, sport nutrition, sunglasses, headlamps, and more!


419 Commercial Ave., Anacortes

320 E. Fairhaven Ave., Ste. 100, Burlington 360.299.2112, theapothecaryspa.com

The award-winning Apothecary Spa is a refuge in a world filled with demands on your body, mind, and time. Inspired professionals are dedicated to providing treatments that bring healing and restore balance as we take you through an unforgettable experience. Two locations to serve you.


320 E. Fairhaven Ave. Ste. 100, Burlington 360.299.2112, wildvalleyapothecary.com

We offer bulk herbs, spices, and salt with a great selection of delicious house-blended teas. This boutique has many fun, unique gifts—a one-stop shop for a bit of self-care. Stop in and look; you don’t even have to buy anything… but we’re pretty sure you’ll want to!

Retail 84 BellinghamAlive.com


1887 Main St., Ste. 103, Ferndale 625 Peace Portal, Blaine 360.778.1181


Bella Boutique & Consignment, a fashion haven in Ferndale, offers curated selections of men’s, women’s, and juniors’ clothing. As a consignment boutique, we blend style and sustainability. Exciting news: a second location in Blaine is coming February 2024.


2426 Yew St., Bellingham 360.738.7759

The Clothes Rack Women’s Consignment Store specializes in selling quality gentlyused clothing, shoes, handbags, and accessories. Our clothing features brand names in modern, classic, and timeless styles. We have a wide variety of sizes, including plus sizes. By recycling current fashions we are creating a sustainable lifestyle.


1733 H St., Ste. 330, Blaine 360.685.8782 facebook.com/USTAMartialArtsBlaine

Train in the martial art of Taekwondo. Build confidence, fitness, and stregth. Strengthen life skills and self defense. Practical exercise—plus it’s fun! Little Tigers (4 – 6 yrs) Children (7 – 12 yrs) Teens (13 – 17 yrs) Adults (18+ yrs) Family (7+ yrs).



2045 Andre Ct., Ferndale, 909.744.7119, www.storyone.shop

Are you struggling with memory issues or mental fog? Story One has the natural solutions. Our Mushroom Boost and Healthy Herbs & Roots supplements are expertly formulated to sharpen focus, boost cognition, and improve recall. Feel sharper and clearer today!


1000 Harris Ave., Bellingham 360.671.3998, goodearthpots.com

Good Earth Pottery is a contemporary ceramics gallery located in the historic Fairhaven District of Bellingham since 1969. The gallery offers a carefully curated collection of handmade pottery and ceramic art by artists from the Pacific Northwest and beyond.


1401 Commercial St., Bellingham 360.738.0167, nwyarns.com

One of the best fiber arts shops in the Northwest! Located in historic downtown Bellingham, we offer a wide variety of fiber arts supplies including yarn, fabric, fiber, spinning wheels, embroidery kits, classes, events, and so, so much more. Pop in to see everything we have to offer.


913 Harris Ave., Bellingham shopadoredboutique.com

A lovely boutique located in Historic Fairhaven offering women’s clothing, bath and body, and unique gifts as well as locally handmade jewelry and handbags. You are sure to find something special for yourself and your loved ones!


1100 Harris Ave., Bellingham

360.756.1047, threefrenchens.com

Located in the heart of Historic Fairhaven, we carry sophisticated, elegant clothing that elevates your everyday style. Many of our brands are made in the USA, and crafted with organic fabrics and leathers that are built to last forever. Major brands include Joseph Ribkoff, Eileen Fisher, AG Jeans, Paige, and Nic & Zoe. We love finding the perfect look for your everyday style, or any occasion.


1115 Harris Ave., Bellingham

360.733.3224, currentandfurbish.com

A colorful, engaging, and artistic shop in the historic Fairhaven district with a focus on items produced by small hands-on businesses. From local artists to international artisans, there is something for everyone, Our new ‘consignment basement’ is an ever-changing shop of treasures. Always unique, always interesting.

1904 MAIN ST. FERNDALE, WA 98248 360.384.3388 • SAMUELSFURNITURE.COM Voted BEST PLACE TO BUY FURNITURE 9 Years in a Row Voted #1 Again! Thank You!! “We are thrilled to have been selected Best Furniture Store in the county for the ninth year in a row! We are so thankful to all of you who have supported Samuel’s!” Bob & Lori Dodge Owners, Samuel’s Furniture
Open Daily to Everyone! • Downtown Mount Vernon • skagitfoodcoop.com Grocery Store! Local Produce • Organics • Bulk Foods • Deli + Bakery • Wellness • Mercantile Let’s Eat! Follow us on Instagram For the latest from Bellingham Alive in local events, news, giveways, and more! @Bellingh amAlive
Welcome Newcomers Guide 2024 87
Photo by Cocoa Laney
Feature Bites on a Budget

NOT SURE WHERE to dine out that won’t break the bank? We’re here to help with a guide to some of the best-value bites all over Whatcom. Beyond just college student classics, we’ve included healthy fare, upscale options, and portions plentiful enough to share.


$5 & UNDER


The Bagelry is a low-cost classic for good reason. This Bellingham standby serves up bagels and cream cheese for just $3.90, or $4.35 to upgrade to flavored cream cheese (trust us, the cinnamon walnut raisin is worth the extra 45 cents).

If you’re craving eggs and carbs with just $5 to spare, you won’t have to travel far. Cool Beans Coffee has several locations around Bellingham, including one off Lakeway, and this coffee stand is our top pick for some of the least costly breakfasts in town. Just $4.75 will get you a bagel fully loaded with ham, egg, and glorious melty cheese.

*All prices correct as of October 2023.

For homestyle fare, we’d be remiss not to mention Marlin’s Cafe, located within Nelson’s Market. Their breakfast sides are very reasonably priced: Think two eggs for $4, biscuits for $4 a pop, and a large pancake for $5. If you’re craving biscuits and gravy, know that a small order (two biscuits) at Diamond Jim’s Grill is just $3.95.

Last but not least, Da Vinci’s Market keeps things tasty and affordable with a build-your-own breakfast menu. A double order of house-made biscuits and gravy is just $4.99, whereas a single is a whopping $2.99. Eggs and hash browns are just $1 more apiece (and bacon, ham, or sausage just $2 more).

Taste Bites On a Budget
Photo by Cocoa Laney Photo by Cocoa Laney Photo by Cocoa Laney
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Photo by Cocoa Laney

When it comes to cheap eats, there’s one dish that just can’t be beat: the $1 carnitas (braised pork) tacos at Mi Rancho Meat Market. For $.50 more you can choose asada (steak), pollo (chicken), adobada (marinated pork), or buche (pork stomach), or you can get birria (stewed beef) for $1.99.

Check out Netos Market & Bakery , where you can get a quesadilla for $3.90 or a huarache (an oblong fried

masa base spread with beans and topped with meat and veggies) for just $5– they also have $1.50 tacos!

Pupusas are griddle cakes made from masa and stuffed with anything from beans and cheese to pork, and they’re the national dish of El Salvador. To try one for yourself, pick up a pupusa for under $5 from Morazan Salvadorian Restaurant on Bakerview in Bellingham.

If bagels and tacos are the answer to a budget-friendly breakfast and lunch, then pizza by the slice reigns supreme at dinner. Pye Hole in downtown Bellingham has two by-the-slice options that clock in at $5 and under: cheese ($4) and pepperoni ($5). Greene’s

Last but certainly not least, Westside Pizza in Cordata has perhaps the best lunch bargain in town: two slices of pizza plus a soda for $6. Yes, that’s technically $1 over this category’s price limit, but we think it’s too good of a deal not to mention.

Corner also has $5 cheese slices plus a rotating selection of pints. There’s also McKay’s Taphouse and Pizzeria , another Bellingham staple that offers not just craft beer and trivia but pizza by the slice. Photo by Cocoa Laney
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Photo by Cocoa Laney

When we think about Vietnamese food we often jump right to pho, and while a big bowl of delicious noodle soup is always a good idea, don’t sleep on the bahn mi. Bahn Mi & Bubble Tea stuffs their huge French rolls with perfectly seasoned meat or tofu, cucumber, jalapenos (optional), and tangy pickled carrots and daikon, for a wonderful and filling meal that costs just $7.99!

If soup is what you’re after— especially if the weather is cold and rainy or you’re feeling a bit rough— QQ Li has you covered. You can get a hearty bowl of Wonton or Hot and Sour Soup for just $9.49.

Super Duper Teriyaki in Bellingham has some pretty unbeatable lunch specials. From 11 a.m. until 2 p.m., customers can get an order of Chicken Teriyaki for just $9.75.

If you find yourself out and about with just $10 in your pocket, you have several options for sustenance. The Samosas ($5.50 – $6.50 for two) and Pakoras ($7.95) at India Grill in downtown Bellingham are a great option when ordered as takeaway, and both can be ordered vegetarian!

For something a little more warming, pick up some soup from Best Chopsticks , where you can grab a large Wonton Soup for $5.95 (or $6.95 for Wonton Noodle Soup), a large Hot and Sour Soup for just $4.50, or get a little fancy with Roasted Duck Noodle Soup for $9.95.

$5-$ 10
$5-$ 10
90 BellinghamAlive.com Taste Bites On a Budget
Photo Courtesy of Super Duper Teriyaki


All food can be enjoyed in moderation as part of a balanced diet but even so, it’s no secret that what’s good for your wallet isn’t always good for your body. Even still, eating healthy on a budget is certainly possible with a bit of research.

For a health-conscious and affordable breakfast, you can’t go wrong with Wild Oat Bakery & Cafe. They have a completely vegan menu and always opt for organic and local ingredients when possible. Before 11 a.m., you can nab a Breakfast Sandwich with scrambled tofu eggs and melted cheeze on an English muffin for $6.95, or a Breakfast Burrito for $9.95.

At Caffe Adagio, a big bowl of the soup of the day clocks in at $4.99, and the sizable Adagio Salad is just $7, and it comes topped with plenty of protein in the form of grilled chicken and mozzarella. Alternatively, you could swing by Leaf & Ladle for a bowl of soup ($7) or side house salad ($5.75).

Don’t miss Bellingham classic Old Town Cafe. Their Vegetarian Chili is $7.25-$8.25 (or ask for it Super for $1.75 more and get all the fixings). Add a small green salad, packed with veggies, lettuce, sprouts, and sunflower seeds for protein, for just $6.50.

5-$ 10
Photo by Cocoa Laney
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Photo by Cocoa Laney



$ 10 - $ 15

Super Mario’s has some of the best Salvadorian food in town, and their meals are also impressively substantial for the price. Just $9 will get you a hefty Wonder Burrito with all the fixings, with meat and vegetarian options.

If size is important when it comes to your burrito, you may also want to check out The Burrito King, the self-proclaimed “home of the big-ass burrito.” Their gigantic wraps are stuffed with your choice of meat, plus beans, veggies, cheese, sour cream, salsa, and optional jalapenos—all for only $8.99.

If you prefer tamales over burritos, then Frelard Tamales should be on your radar. Weighing in at ½ pound each, these tamales are certainly filling—and best of all, each is just $7. They all come with crema, pickled veggies, and salsa, and flavors range from traditional picks like chorizo and cheese to vegetarian and vegan options.

What’s not to love about Cafe Rumba? It’s no secret that this Peruvian cafe has some of the most unique (and delicious) sandwiches in downtown Bellingham—but their Quinoa Bowl is equally notable. Piled high with avocado, salsa criolla, aji amaro, and chimichurri, plus your choice of meat or vegetable, it packs in a surprising amount of flavor for the price (a mere $12). If you’re still sold on the sandwiches, Cafe Rumba has been running a special where all their sandwiches are $10 every Thursday!

Guud Bowls is one of our go-tos on those nights where comfort food is called for, but the idea of cooking is too much. Best of all, this delivery-only restaurant prices most of its meals at $15 or under (dishes rotate by the week). Many of their eats are plant-based, so it’s also a great pick if you’re dining with dietary restrictions.

With most options ringing up around $15, you get plenty of bang for your buck at Hokkai Ramen and Sushi. The flavors are top-quality, the portions are generous, and the sushi is always fresh. If seafood isn’t your style, try the Pork Katsu Don ($14.95), or spring for the Vegetable Ramen ($13.95) for a meatless option that doesn’t skimp on flavor.

Photo by Cocoa Laney
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Photo by Cocoa Laney

$ 10 - $ 15 MADE TO SHARE

Based at Goods Local Brews, food truck Dumpling Girls makes for a perfect outdoor lunch date for couples. The dumplings, spring rolls, and Crab Rangoons ($8 for five) are all perfect for sharing. $12 gets you four Chinese Buns or 10 Potstickers, and the Donuts make a great shared dessert at $6 for three.

Ethiopian food is meant to be shared, which is one of the (many) reasons why we love meals at Ambo Ethiopian Cuisine. Dishes come served over a bread of spongy injera, a fermented Ethiopian flatbread, and full-sized portions are large enough to easily be split between two. We recommend

an order of the Yemisir Wat ($12), a fragrant spiced green lentil stew, for a vegetarian option, or the sumptuous Alicha Wat ($14), a tender lamb stew, for those who enjoy meat. Orders include a vegetable side of your choosing!

Of course, when it comes to shareable plates, one dish reigns supreme: the almighty cheese board. Temple Bar will whip one up for just $15, featuring a selection of three “select artisanal” cheeses plus baguette and accouterments. (Pro tip: If you stop in during Happy Hour, you can get a cheese plate plus an entire bottle of wine for just $25 total.)

Photo by Cocoa Laney
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Photo by Dean Davidson


If you have a little bit more to spend on your meal but want to taste every penny’s worth, there are plenty of options around that pack in the value! The Fork at Agate Bay has some incredible options for hearty lunches. Their Po’ Boy sandwiches come with hand-cut fries and sell for $20 dollars each! Pick from the Cajun Shrimp or Pulled Pork Po’ Boys, or maybe side-step to the Mushroom and Asparagus Risotto ($16), a plateful of comfort without the meat.

Nothing fills you up like a German meal, so you can’t go wrong at Herb Niemann’s Steak & Schnitzel House when you’re feeling hungry. Their bar menu offers some great dishes to hit the spot—for only $20, you can order their Niemann’s Steak Burger, a ¾-pound ground chuck burger

with veg, served with french fries! Like it a bit more juicy? Order it as a Steak Burger Dip to get it on a toasted hoagie with au jus. Or, for a meal that will make you crave a stein of ale to wash it down with, try their Brat & Sauerkraut ($20), house-made bratwurst with sauerkraut and German potatoes.

Although you can build your order from the ground up at Drayton Harbor Oyster Company, with grilled oysters starting at $2.75, you can also opt to keep things simple by ordering the Fry Basket ($16). It comes with your choice of deep fried oysters, fish, or shrimp, with french fries, coleslaw, and sauce. They farm their own oysters up there in Blaine, and they’re proud of having gone from a small community supported aquaculture farm to a bustling community-focused oyster bar.

94 BellinghamAlive.com Taste Bites On a Budget
Photo by Cocoa Laney Photo by Dean Davidson

Bellingham Cider Company has value-packed options for everyone in your party. Their Red Lentil Quinoa Sandwich ($18) is vegetarian, and with a few tweaks can be gluten free and call ahead for vegan option. It comes stacked with red lentil, garbanzo, quinoa, sweet potato, alfalfa, and tomato, with tzatziki and spices to taste! For meat appreciators, they manage to bring a Snake River Farms Burger to the table, made with northwest-raised beef and stacked with white cheddar cheese, garlic aioli, and veggies for only $20.

Want a home-cooked style meal in a romantic setting? Visit The Black Cat in Fairhaven. The Gouda Chicken ($25) off their dinner menu comes with tender chicken breast with gouda pesto topped with cream, parmesan, and tomato. The plate comes complete with sides of garlic mashed potatoes and brussels sprouts. For another meal that’s as comforting as it is filling, try their Grilled Cheese & Creamy Tomato Soup ($15) at lunchtime.

Those of us who’ve enjoyed hibachi before will know that it’s a meal and a half. For $22 at Kyoto Japanese Steakhouse, you can have a full course of miso soup, salad, steamed rice, hibachi vegetables, and noodles! For just three more bucks, add in chicken for protein. Their bento specials are also a great way to pack in the value, as you get miso soup, gyoza, salad, rice, and a sushi roll or entree of your choice for $17−$20.

One doesn’t walk away from an evening at Mambo Italiano Cafe in Fairhaven hungry; it simply doesn’t happen. Most of their delicious pasta dishes hover around the $20 mark, and between the richness of the food and the large serving sizes, you’ll never go wanting. Take it from us, if you can’t finish your Fettuccine con Pollo with Gorgonzola Cream ($22) at the restaurant, it makes excellent leftovers the next day.

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Photo by Dean Davidson

Wineries of Whatcom County

If you’re an oenophile, Whatcom County does not disappoint! With a varying collection of passionate winemakers and grape-growers, this region has only just begun its vinicultural growth. Here’s a selection of area wineries for you to explore.

Van Vino Vineyards

Snuggled on the border of Lynden in the beautiful farmlands of Blaine is Van Vino Vineyards. Award-winning grower of estate Pinot Noir, Zach Deloof, also makes wine with various varietals from Washington’s esteemed Red Mountain AVA. Open to tastings by appointment (and hoping to open a public tasting room soon), this is an ideal trip to see the hillsides and sprawling growing region coupled with tasting some extremely well-made wine as a finale. 9029 Markworth Rd., Blaine 360.354.1977 Blaine, vanvinovineyard.com

GLM Wine Co.

Making wine as GLM Wine Co. since 2002, Tom Davis and Tracey DeGraff have a quaint and trendy garage winery in Blaine, just before you cross into British Columbia, Canada. With a vine growing along the entrance and a large garage door that invites the outdoors in, the winery creates the perfect atmosphere to taste their Eastern Washington-sourced grapes and learn about the terroir that makes Washington special. Specializing in “enrobed” wine (think opposite of rosé), and Double Gold iterations of less commonly known varietals, GLM Wine Co. is sure to please every palate. 1678 Boblett St. Blaine, 360.332.2097, glmwine.com

Lagom Vineyards

This family-owned and -operated winery spans six acres in the lush Nooksack Valley. With the goal of producing high-quality wines starting with the highest-quality grapes, Lagom implements sustainable and regenerative farming practices and hand-harvests their estate fruit. While

they’re not yet open to the public (they plan to open their tasting room sometime this year), their wines are available on their website for shipping and local pickup. They provide varietals that thrive in our growing region: Siegerrebe, Pinot Gris, and Madeline Angevive—the Pinot Gris is made as a pet-mat sparkling wine.

5535 Hillard Rd., Everson 360.393.3247, lagomvineyards.com

Barmann Cellars

Not only can you find sustainablymade wine with minimalistic simplicity, you will also find ciders and piquette to delight your senses and push the “normal” of wine-making to its outer-edges. Embracing pet-nat and natural fermentation, owners Stephanie Barmann and Jesse Nickerson employ techniques to showcase the flavors nature intended. 7802 Silver Lake Rd.

Maple Falls, 360.319.0847 barmancellars.com

Dynasty Cellars

Multi-award-winners for too long to count, winemakers Peter and Olga Osvaldik harness their love for Walla Walla fruit into the glass with Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and their 100%-for-charity 400 STRONG red blend. Their tasting room in Bellingham is the perfect spot to pause between shopping and visiting Puget Sound to sip, sample, chat, and mingle with locals. 2169 E. Bakerview Rd., Bellingham 360.220.4111, dynastycellars.com

Samson Estates Winery

With fruit wine being Rob Dhaliwal’s strength and mainstay, including all the berry options, Samson Estates has branched out to feature other offerings such as Syrah, Chardonnay, Merlot, and Riesling. If you venture to Everson though, be sure to try their Oro hazelnut wine—it really is liquid gold. 1861 Van Dyk Rd., Everson, 360.966.7787 samsonestates.com

Welcome Road Winery

Owners Leigh McMillan and Kristen Dorrity source their certified-sustainable grapes from top growers in Yakima Valley and have tasting rooms in Seattle and Bellingham. With a cozy, laidback feel, their downtown Bellingham location offers samples of their humble award-winning wines, and is replete with a coffee shop and retail offerings. 300 W. Champion St., Bellingham 206.486.0788, welcomeroadwinery.com

Vartanyan Estate Winery

Owner and Winemaker Margarita

Vartanyan welcomes visitors from near and far in her cottage-like tasting room with beautiful views of Mount Baker and a plethora of varietals to choose from including Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Carmenere, Gr Ü ner Veltliner, Merlot, Pinot Gris, and Syrah, to name a few. 1628 Huntley Rd., Bellingham 360.756.6770, vewinery.com

A votre sante!

96 BellinghamAlive.com


Amberleigh Brownson

Amberleigh Brownson has been a local sommelier and international wine judge in Whatcom county for eight years. She is a four-time award winner from Wine Spectator for her wine program and wine pairing dinners, and has become an opinion leader in the Washington wine world, particularly in Whatcom County.


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . up to $9

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$10–19 $20–29

$30 or greater

. . . . . . . . . . . . Breakfast

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . Brunch



. . . . . . . . . Family-Friendly

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . Takeout

. . . . . . . . Outdoor Seating Reservations

Happy Hour

Menu items and prices are subject to change, so check before you go. See all our restaurant reviews on our Taste tab at bellinghamalive.com

* Review provided by restaurant.


902 N. State St., Bellingham 360.756.1627, amboethiopian.com

If you’ve never had Ethiopian food before, get ready—you’re in for a treat. Ambo has something to offer meat eaters and vegans alike, and it’s the best kind of comfort food: Hearty, healthy, and warming on a soul-deep level.


1144 10th St., Bellingham 360.383.5336, biglovejuice.com

Cold press juices make up the bulk of the menu at Big Love Juice. However, these aren’t your average juices. Big Love Juice uses a hydraulic press, rather than the traditional high-heat methods that eliminate much of the vitamins and nutrients found in fruits and vegetables. Customers looking for something a little heartier can also pick from a multitude of smoothies, soups, salads, bowls, and loaded toasts.

CAFE VELO Coffeehouse, Deli

120 Prospect St., Bellingham 360.392.0930, cafe-velo.cc

Cafe Velo is a European-inspired cafe with a twist— in addition to serving fresh espresso, the cafe also doubles as a bike shop. With plenty of outdoor seating—and bike racks—customers can bask in the fresh air while enjoying a beverage or sandwich named after one of the owner’s favorite climbs from bicycle racing. This is more than just a place to quickly grab a bite; it’s a place to build community.


Brazilian, Fusion

1020 Harris Ave., Bellingham, 360.746.8247 facebook.com/fairhavener

Frequent visitors of Bellingham’s historic Fairhaven district are sure to have noticed the bright red landmark known as the “Fairhaven Village Bus.” You can find delicious Brazilian barbecue treats such as tacos, soups, tamales, and bakery goods.

KURUKURU SUSHI Japanese, Sushi

11 Bellwether Way, Bellingham 360.392.8224, kurukurubellingham.com

KuruKuru Sushi, which translates to “go around Sushi,” offers not only a good meal, but a good experience as well. Along with the more traditional sushi, delicious lightly tempura-fried sushi also makes its way around the conveyor belt. If you don’t see something you like, the chefs behind the counter will gladly make something for you.


133 E. Holly St., Bellingham 360.738.8824

Little Cheerful is a bustling breakfast spot, ideal for customers looking to enjoy a mouthwatering meal over conversation or a newspaper. The cafe has maintained its popularity through the growth of breakfast cafes in the area. Their menu includes something for everyone, whether you are gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, or an omnivore—and if you are craving eggs benedict, Little Cheerful is definitely for you.


655 Front St., Lynden 360.778.2760

The Mill is the type of place where one could spend a full afternoon grazing on cheeses, sipping cocktails, and enjoying a good book. The bistro-like atmosphere gives the restaurant a European vibe without losing the welcoming small-town service of Lynden. The menu is full of bistro plates like fresh salads, paninis, soups, and, of course, meats and cheeses.


4260 Mitchell Way, Bellingham 360.398.6191, northh2o.com

From breakfast to late night dinner, northwater’s 185-seat restaurant features a diverse menu of Pacific Northwest dishes made from locally sourced and sustainable ingredients. The restaurant’s waitstaff is personable and enthusiastic—eager to answer questions about ingredient sources and what desserts they’d recommend.

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Photo by Brandee Simons

Kyoto Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar

Kyoto Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar is perfect for a fun family dinner out or to celebrate your special occasion. Featuring bold, fresh flavors, our sushi and hibachi are sure to dazzle the five senses. We feature a full bar with beer on draught, a nice sake selection, regional wine, and delicious classic cocktails.

115 N. Samish Way Bellingham, WA 98225



White Branches

Whether you are celebrating in our beautiful tearoom for a delicious full tiered tea service with delectable bites, or joining us for an enchanted event in the cabaret or theatre room, you are guaranteed to be delighted and amazed at White Branches! Planning a private event or weddings? We also offer buyout packages, full catered menus, performances and more. A new wine bar and art gallery is opening this spring, so come for a visit and experience the magic in Skagit!

100 E Montgomery St., Mount Vernon, WA 360.848.1192


Dynasty Cellars

Open year around, our tasting room offers a relaxing experience. In the colder months our fireplace seating provides the comfort of home, shared with friends and great wines. Sunny, warm days can be enjoyed sitting on our outdoor patio, surrounded by fountains and flowers. We are well known for Bordeaux varietals, Syrah, Zinfandel, Tempranillo and other reds and whites. Snacks are available with a limited menu.

2169 E Bakerview Rd, Bellingham

360.758.2958, dynastycellars.com


The North Fork Brewery

The North Fork is a casual, comfortable roadhouse on Highway 542. Enjoy hand tossed pizzas, grinders, appetizers, salads and craft beer. All of our beer is made on-site and includes an assortment of freshly brewed, small batch ales, lagers, and barrel-aged sours. Relax in our Beer Shrine dining room that is family friendly. Come for weekly food specials and daily Happy Hour. Wines, ciders and house-made root beer are also available. We are open year-round.

6186 Mt. Baker Highway, Deming 360.599.BEER


98 BellinghamAlive.com
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1309 Cornwall Ave., Bellingham 360.738.7179, chuckanutbaydistillery.com

Between craft cocktails and creative dishes designed for sharing, a night spent at the Penny Farthing will be one to remember. The bar and restaurant are operated by (and located within) Chuckanut Bay Distillery, and their house-made spirits are complemented by creative and locally-sourced dishes.


1208 E. Maple St. Bellingham, WA 98225 360.306.8629 redgingerbellingham.com

Newly opened this summer, Red Ginger offers traditional authentic asian cuisine at a great price point. Their take on mongolian beef, Seven Flavor Beef, is exceptional. Dine-in or take-out, give them a try.


1308 11th St., Bellingham 360.715.3642, skylarkshiddencafe.com

Skylark’s Hidden Cafe in Fairhaven is worth seeking out. From decadent breakfast items and house specialties to hearty dinner entrees, the menu at Skylark’s is varied and every bite delicious. Come for the food and stay for the jazz on select evenings.



109 Grand Ave., Ste. 102, Bellingham 202 Grand Ave., Bellingham 360.734.1929 | 360.656.6802

storiacucina.com | barcicotti.com

Storia Cucina & Bar Cicotti are local Italian restaurants keeping the classics alive! Every dish, cocktail, and wine has a rich connection to Italy’s food and beverage history while adding Pacific Northwest flair. We have rotating daily specials and a daily happy hour.

TEMPLE BAR Bistro, Bar

306 W. Champion St.,Bellingham 360.676.8660, templebarbellingham.com

Continually recognized for their craft cocktails and small plates, Temple Bar aims to please. In between delicious bites made from locally sourced ingredients, sip on a unique cocktail with house-made infusions and bitters.

Nickis Bar and Grill on the waterfront in Bellingham serving award winning, hand dipped, tempura style fish & chips. Build your own burger featuring our handcrafted USDA chuck patties and fresh baked buns.


6903 Bourne St., Glacier 360.599.1658, getsconed.com

Wake ‘n Bakery is a staple rest stop along Mount Baker Highway. If you’re in need of a sweet treat and hot coffee to bring the feeling back to your numb fingers, this will fit the bill. Whether you’re traveling to or from the mountain, watch for its signs as you pass through Glacier the cafe is about a block off the highway.

Welcome Newcomers Guide 2024 99 SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION 2615 South Harbor Loop Drive, Bellingham 360.332.2505 | nickisbellamarina.com
VOTED BEST FISH & CHIPS VOTED BEST BURGER Follow us on Instagram @Traveltobealive Follow us around the
world as we discover places new and old, near and far. From UNESCO heritage sites
food, hotels, and more, we have your bucket list covered.

The Fork at Agate Bay

The Fork at Agate Bay is a Southern scratch kitchen and bar. We are a neighborhood hangout and a destination location. Focusing on sourcing local, we make everything in house: from our shrimp and grits to our woodstone pizza. We offer fresh pressed cocktails, house made bitters, and liqueurs with an extensive wine list. We welcome you!

2530 Northshore Rd. 360.733.1126


Paso del Norte

We are a Family owned Restaurant with many years in the business. Please come by for lunch or dinner, 7 days a week with a wide variety of dishes that will be sure to fill everybody’s appetite. Paso Del Norte Mexican Restaurant has a full bar/lounge with an extensive selection of mixed drinks, wines, beers, and other alcoholic and no-alcoholic drinks. Live entertainment on weekends. Come try our mouthwatering, authentic Mexican cuisine!

758 Peace Portal Drive, Blaine 360-332-4045 • pasodelnorte.net

100 BellinghamAlive.com
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1065 E Sunset Drive, Bellingham, WA | 360.526.2108 LOCATIONS 623 Morris St. La Conner, WA | 360.466.0267 1810 Riverside Drive Mount Vernon, WA | 360.466.0267 COAEATERY.COM MODERN MEXICAN FOOD BEST TEQUILA BAR SHOWCASES ONLY 100% AGAVE TEQUILAS AND MEZCALES COA MEXICAN EATERY & TEQUILERIA Follow us on Facebook and Instagram, COA Mexican Eatery COME VISIT OUR NEW LOCATION IN BELLINGHAM!

Holly’s Meat Pies

Washington’s Original Pasty Co. honors the tradition of the Cornish Pasty. Our handmade pasties are made from scratch. Working with our local sustainable farming community and food co-op we take pride in using only the best ingredients. Just re-heat and eat! Meat, Veggie and Vegan Options. Now one easy location!

4073 Hannegan Road, Suite J Bellingham, 360.778.1111


Lombardi’s Italian Restaurant

“This is definitely the best Italian restaurant in Bellingham, a perfect place to relax, enjoy excellent food and a spectacular location, right by the marina. Service is excellent; friendly and efficient. The best Calamari anywhere. Really, a terrific dining experience”.

—Open Table / Google reviews

Serving Lunch, Dinner and Happy Hour. Large list of wines by the glass, craft cocktails and local beers. Nice for groups in our party room.

21 Bellwether Way, Bellingham 360.714.8412


Galloway’s Cocktail Bar

Step into the timeless allure of Fairhaven’s deco-era cocktail bar. Indulge in award-winning signature cocktails crafted with precision and flair. Explore seasonal menus with our tasty small bites designed to tantalize your taste buds. Whether you prefer the ambiance of indoor dining or a heated outdoor space, we’ve got you covered. Looking to host a memorable event? Discover our private event spaces for an unparalleled party experience.

1200 10th St., Ste. 102, Bellingham 360.756.2795


Skagit’s Own Fish Market

Skagit’s Own Fish Market offers the kind of high-quality fresh and local seafood expected from a best of the northwest winner, coupled with personal and knowledgeable service.

We also have a range of delicious freshly-prepared dishes including fish tacos, prawn tacos, crab sandwich, lobster roll, oyster hoagie, pan fried oysters, shrimp cocktail, and crab cocktail. Come to Skagit’s Own Fish Market, where you’re assured a warm welcome, and where you’re guaranteed to see the very best local seafood..

18042 WA-20, Burlington 360.707.2722, skagitfish.com

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Dining Guide Taste


CHeBA Hut Bellingham-Oldtown is located in the iconic “Rocket Donuts” building in Oldtown, beside the restored Rocket itself! The decor boasts murals from local artists highlighting PNW lure! Play a board game or attend weekly events like Video Game nights, Bingo, or Trivia nights! To top off our stellar vibe, we serve up the best dang “toasted” subs, salads, and munchies, AND have a FULL BAR! Fun for all ages in all stages!

306 W Holly St., Bellingham 360.684.3323

The Bagelry

Since 1984, The Bagelry has been a landmark in Bellingham, the place to meet for breakfast, lunch, coffee, or snacks and to enjoy one of our fabulous bagels. You can find a great cross section of local people at any time of day enjoying these traditional bagels. There is nothing like a good bagel, and at The Bagelry, we proudly produce the best bagels in the Northwest. The bagels at The Bagelry are made in the time-honored tradition that is hard to find today even in New York. With no preservatives or additives, The Bagelry’s bagels taste like the bagels that our grandparents loved!

1319 Railroad Ave.



Bellingham Cider Company

Bellingham Cider Company is a local craft cider producer and restaurant with a full bar overlooking Bellingham Bay and the Waterfront District of downtown. We practice sustainability through our net-zero fully solar-powered facilities while sourcing from local farms and businesses. We make smallbatch ciders from 100% Washington apples with no added sulfites, colors or preservatives. Our award-winning lineup of ciders reflects the freshest ingredients. We are committed to being Fiercely Local.

205 Prospect St., Ste. A-105, Bellingham 360.510.8494, bellinghamcider.com

The Vault Wine Bar, Bistro, & Event Space

With a carefully curated wine list, expertly crafted cocktails and a menu of elevated dishes made from locally sourced ingredients, The Vault is a perfect destination for a casual night out or a special occasion. Come visit us in Blaine, WA and choose from hundreds of great wines while you enjoy live music and events, paired with local flavors. Also enjoy our fabulous heated deck! Reservations accepted.

277 G St., Blaine WA 360.392.0955


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Taste Dining Guide SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION Welcome-Whatcom.com
Welcome Newcomers Guide 2024 103 SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION THE ULTIMATE DINING EXPERIENCE Located in the heart of Downtown Ferndale in the historic Leader Block building 2026 Main St, Ferndale, WA 360.306.8998 / Cell & Text: 206.484.9255 | leaderblock.com Grazie Tutti ( Thank you all ) for voting Leader Block Trattoria & Bar BEST ITALIAN RESTAURANT Presented by BEST OF THENORTHWEST2023 WE WON 1500 E Axton Rd, Bellingham, WA 98226 ShuksanGolf.com | (360) 398-8888 Our Bellingham location offers everything needed to create a stunning event to remember forever. Trust us with the details and planning so you can relax and enjoy yourself. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed! A Stunning Venue for your Big Day! Now booking for 2024 & 2025 Contact us for rates and availability.

GLM Wine Co.

Making Innovative Northwest Wines since 2002. Open for tasting Saturday and Sunday only 12:00 pm to 5 pm. Enjoy tasting a variety of our small batch wines, made from excellent grapes from single vineyards in the Rattlesnake Hills appellation. A mural of the Glacial Lake Missoula and its floods adorns the frieze inside of the winery. Dogs and kids are welcome!

1678 Boblett Street, Blaine, WA 98230 PO BOX 1965, Blaine, WA 98230



McKay’s Tap House & Pizzeria

McKay’s has been a family owned, family friendly tap house & pizzeria since 2003. We offer 54 different craft beers and ciders on tap, pizza, hot subs, & wings. We also offer gluten free and vegans options. We host several weekly events and nightly shenanigans. If you’re not able to visit us in the tap house we have our own inhouse drivers that will deliver your order right to your door, including select beers for those 21 and over.

1118 E Maple St., Bellingham 360.647.3600 | McKaysTaphouse.com

The Skagit Table


Skagits newest, locally sourced, allergen friendly, ready to eat, pick up spot! Stop by to see what’s in the cooler or visit our website to inquire about catering.

The Skagit Table

All our produce & meats are sourced directly from local farmers. The Skagit Table prepares meals that are meticulously crafted to be free of gluten and refined sugars for a healthy dining experience. Available for catering, in-store fresh pre made meals daily for pick-up, and we can do custom made to order meals.

225 S 1st St Mount Vernon, WA 98273



Van Vino Vineyards

We are a family owned winery here in the Puget Sound of Washington State. Van Vino Vineyards is a small boutique winery located below four acres of vines! We are well known for our estate Pinot Noir, Madeleine Angevine among others and Red Mountain wines. Visit our website to purchase wine with the option to ship to you or free local pickup. Email us with inquiries regarding private tastings and events. Tasting room opening soon. Follow us on social media for news and promotions.

9029 Markworth Rd, Blaine WA vanvinowine@gmail.com vanvinovineyard.com

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Chef Courtney Bourasaw Voted Best Caterer 2023
S 1st St, Mount Vernon 360 312.4074
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Boldly Grown Farm

8855 Ershig Rd., Bow, WA 98232





Boldly Grown Farm was born out of a desire to make the world a better place. Owners/Operators Amy Frye and Jacob Slosberg (that’s us!) came to Skagit Valley after meeting at the University of British Columbia farm. Our passion to feed our community with high-quality, sustainably grown food while stewarding the land, fostering agricultural careers, and building community led us to start Boldly Grown in 2015. Now located in Bow (just off Chuckanut), we and our dedicated team grow 35 acres of Salmon-Safe and organically certified vegetables, grains, legumes and flowers. Come check out our year-round farm stand, winter CSA, or visit one of the many local restaurants and retailers that carry our products. We’d love to be your farmers!


Pros to Know

We are pleased to share with you these select professionals, from building to home improvement, who can assist you on all your projects—large and small. Whether you’re planning a minor update or a major build, start your project on a firm foundation!

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Welcome Newcomers Guide 2024 107 The Pros RAEDWOOD | p. 108 Windsor Plywood | p. 108 Highline Construction | p. 109 Alexei Ford Design Build | p. 109 Topside Roofing | p. 110 Whatcom Lawns | p. 110 Garden Spot Nursery | p. 111
KITCHENS & TAILORED CASEWORK SOLUTIONS info@raedwood.com | 360.392.8034 | @raed.wood Raedeker Corp dba Raedwood Reg: CC RAEDW**841RR | UBI: 604055990 Visit us online at windsorplywood.com 1208 Iowa St. Bellingham Ph: (360) 676-1025 • Fax: (360) 676-4357 e: kasp@windsorplywood.com WE SPECIALIZE IN UNIQUE AND HARD TO SOURCE HOME FINISHING PRODUCTS EVENT LISTINGS Arts, Culinary, Festivals, Live Performances, Races and More. For Local Events Go to... BellinghamAlive.com/ Events


Four-time gold winner for Best Builder, Highline Construction consistently ranks at the top for quality customer care and expert-level design, building, and excavation services. Founded in 2011 and locally-owned and -operated, Highline offers not just dependable building services, but also boasts an impressive in-house design team. Having an interior designer, a project designer, and a licensed architect on staff is part of what makes Highline so special. Clients choose Highline for their end-to-end service, knowing Highline’s design and production teams work together seamlessly to deliver on their clients’ unique dreams. In addition to providing exceptional customer care and craftsmanship for both residential and commercial clients, Highline is community-minded and donates to numerous local nonprofit organizations each year.




Alexei Ford Design Build is a uniquely creative designbuild company offering a full range of services from concept to completion. Our experienced in-house team of designers, managers and craftsmen are skilled at actualizing all types of construction projects, including highly creative and nontraditional designs. Alexei Ford, with his 35 years of professional experience in the building industry, leads his team with integrity, and always strives to get the best results for his customers.

You may be a first-time home buyer needing small repairs, preparing to build your dream home, or needing improvements to your commercial property. We can help you with all your construction needs. Alexei Ford and his team work hard to understand their clients’ needs and dreams by attentively listening and getting to know what inspires them. Consistently being patient and available to our clients becomes the foundation of a project uniquely suited to you.

Let us make working with you our next mutual success.

Welcome Newcomers Guide 2024 109 CONSTRUCTION / PROS TO KNOW
228 E. Maple St., Bellingham 360.220.5452 alexeiforddesign.com info@afdesignbuild.com Office hours Mon-Thur 7:30am-5pm
110 BellinghamAlive.com WHATCOM LAWNS Lawn Mowing, Trimming & Edging Weeding & Raking of Planting Beds Shrub and Hedge Trimming Tree Pruning Irrigation Install Irrigation Repair & Maintenance Landscaping & Planting Lawn Fertilization & Weed Control Lawn Moss Control Lawn Aeration Lawn Grub Control Lawn Thatching Overseeding Healthy Lawn Packages Hydro-Seeding Sod Install Bark, Mulch, Compost, Topsoil, Woodchip Install Land Clearing & Brush Cutting Pavement Pressure Washing Tree Removal & Stump Grinding Year Round Maintenance Do YOU have a WHATCOM LAWN? call to book an estimate today! 360.354.5124 | sales@whatcomlawns.com | whatcomlawns.com From our management team to our lawn and landscape maintenance crews, you will be provided with professional services from our experienced staff. Our lawn and landscape maintenance crews are fully insured and share Whatcom Lawns’ passion for helping homeowners rediscover quality, exceptional customer service, and the beauty of a well-maintained yard once again! 360.752.2220 161 E. Horton Road | Bellingham, WA topsideroofing.com TOP QUALITY TOP SERVICE TOP WORKMANSHIP THANK YOU FOR VOTING US “BEST ROOFING COMPANY” OUR SERVICES • Roof Installation • Siding Installation • Gutter Installation • Residential Windows • Roof Repair Whatcom County’s only factory-certified GAF Master Elite roofing contractor!



Garden Spot Nursery

Garden Spot Nursery

900 Alabama Street

Bellingham, WA 98225

Garden Spot Nursery is a neighborhood garden center and boutique, open year round and offering everything you need for your home and garden. They have a wide variety of indoor and outdoor plants, pottery, gifts, and supplies. Whether you are looking for quality product, expert advice, or just a peaceful place to take a break, Garden Spot is your nursery!

Classes and events are happening every Saturday morning, so check the website or pick up a class list in the store.

Garden Spot is staffed by gardeners with a wide variety of specialties who are just as excited as you are to get growing. Whatever your project or question, they have your back. Let’s grow better together!

“One of the things I appreciate most about living in Whatcom County is the breathtaking diversity of ecosystems we have access to. I live near a beautiful beach and yet I can drive to Artist Point in a little over 90 minutes. What more could an aspiring photographer wish for?”
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Bellingham 360.927.9395


Thinking about ways to update your home? Consider window replacements, custom mirror frames, shower and bath enclosures, glass insert upgrades to your doors, foggy window repair or more. Your favorite neighborhood glass shop, The Glass Guru of Bellingham can be the onestop shop you’ve been searching for.

Give your home more than just paint for a change; give yourself that beautiful shower enclosure you’ve been dreaming about. Maybe you want an updated patio door to complete a light and airy look to your living room.

If you’re looking to refresh your home, our glass professionals at The Glass

Guru can help you cross various services off your wish list. We aim to save you time, money and hassle, so you can be rest assured that you are getting the best deal and the best options for your home. So take a scroll through Pinterest (@glassguru), then set up an estimate with the glass pros, The Glass Guru of Bellingham.

We are only a phone call away, call us at 360-927-9395 and schedule a free estimate, your home dreams are closer than they seem.

You can also contact us via email, bellingham@theglassguru.com

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Come see why our team received “Best Bank” in Best of the Northwest by Bellingham Alive and “Best Bank” in Cascadia Daily News. We’re excited to help you navigate your options on the path to financial well-being.

Arne Arnesen

Sr. Director of Commercial Banking



Kimberly Tucker

Branch Manager

Ferndale Branch

NMLS# 539980


Jami Peterson Branch Manager

Bellingham Barkley Branch

NMLS# 1688652


Mike Higgins

Treasury Management Officer

Whatcom, Skagit Counties



Julie Ranson

Branch Manager

Bellingham Fairhaven Branch

NMLS# 422234


Tiffany Bergsma-Evans

Mortgage Loan Officer

NMLS# 487561



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