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For Regan Edwards of Redmond and Lisanne Cormier, the middle falls is the end of the line, and they aren’t alone. “This is my first hike,” said Edwards. “I just ran a half-marathon and this hike is working a different group of muscles.” The women agree to pick up some Epsom salts on their way home. “I’m from Maryland near the water,” said Cormier. “We don’t have hikes like this. Highly impressive. It compares to New Zealand.” The final ascent to the upper falls is difficult, and there are switchbacks. Surprisingly, one of the better views is on the way. Take the few steps off the path at the sign reading “valley overlook.” A railing prevents you from plunging to your death and there are tiered benches. The sun, if any, hits this spot wonderfully. On your left the cascading waterfall continues. Below is the deep gorge of the Wallace River. On the right are a mountain range and the fertile hills near Gold Bar. The upper falls viewpoint is level with the top of Wallace Falls, and you can see its rough waters approaching the edge. It’s a partial view of the falls yet very worth the climb. The return trip is nearly three miles on weary legs. If you start early, it would be about midday. At this time, the trail will have more hikers. It’s best to take it slow, and the views actually improve with the afternoon sun. Wallace Falls is an essential yearround hike for those exploring Snohomish County trails. The trail itself is kept in first class condition and even toddlers can make the picnic area. The popularity of this hike cannot be overstated. Yet, most everyone is friendly on the trail, and it’s ideal for solo hikers. 

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