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2015 Best Mani-Pedi

Best Yoga Studio

Happy Nails


Silver: Jimmy’s Personal Care Bronze: The Chrysalis Inn & Spa

Silver: Yoga Northwest; Bronze: Flow Motion Classes at 3 OMS start at any level, at convenient times. The professional team at 3 OMS teaches several different levels, in many different practices, with one goal — to meet your yoga needs. As their website states, “Come as you are. Let yoga meet you there.” If you’re a hesitant beginner, don’t be — the staff will make sure you feel at home, getting the greatest benefit for your level of ability. If you’re a long-time practitioner who wants to push a bit more, they have you covered. With options for private lessons or group classes, you can tailor your routine to fit your needs. They also offer a discount to newbies — an eight-day trial with unlimited classes for $20. What a steal! •• 3 OMS 1210 Bay St., Bellingham, 360.671.3510,

For our readers, Happy Nails is the place for picture-perfect fingers and toes. Need to update your look? Happy Nails can help. They also offer a wide array of nail services like filling, coating, overlay, removal, and more. Not only do they do a great mani-pedi, they also provide waxing services at a very reasonable rate. •• Happy Nails 117 N. Samish Way, Bellingham, 360.671.7836,

Best Fitness Center

YMCA Bellingham Silver: Bellingham Fitness Bronze: Bellingham MMA Dedicated to the emotional and physical health of Whatcom’s citizens, the YMCA offers classes, youth programs, a huge climbing wall, lots of recreation, sports leagues, and much, much more. Compared to most gyms, the membership rates are reasonable, and the options for a good workout are many — a pool, a weight room, lots of equipment, and an excellent range of classes. The YMCA has lots of youth enrichment, including Girls on the Run, Adventure Camp, and the YMCA childcare center. •• YMCA Bellingham 1256 N. State Street, Bellingham, 360.733.8630,

Best Personal Trainer

Lenny Olson, Bellingham Fitness Silver: Hunter Clagett, Bellingham MMA Bronze: Katie Hillmon, Joy of Pilates Lenny is a pro wrestler who has traveled the world. As head personal trainer at Bellingham Fitness, he’s a favorite among our readers. According to his followers, the “The Godfather” of Bellingham Fitness, ensuring that whatever your fitness goals, Lenny will get you there.

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