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Have you been dreaming of an opportunity to step outside the day-to-day challenges of leading your school to find professional reinvigoration and personal renewal? The Klingenstein Center’s Heads of Schools program offers a unique opportunity to spend two weeks with a cohort of independent and international school heads who understand what it takes to lead. You’ll build connections to one another and learn from each other’s experiences and perspectives through coursework, readings, case studies, school visits, and discussions. You’ll return to your school with fresh ideas, renewed vision, connections to colleagues who are just a phone call or email away, and revitalized passion and energy to lead.

Unique and Useful The Heads Program was a unique experience! What made it unique was a combination of the intellectual depth of the program, discussions about the relevance of theoretical thought for our strategic work as school leaders, as well as sheer practicality of sharing, listening, and consulting with colleagues. I find the experience reoccurringly useful in my daily work as a school head.

Marta Medved Krajnovic, Heads ‘17, Western Academy of Bejing, China

Connection The Klingenstein Heads of School Program was the best professional development that I have ever participated in as a Head of School. While there is never a “good” time to be away from school, the time spent with amazing colleagues from all over the world was worth every second. We worked hard, learned tons, and felt connected as kindred spirits because of the shared sense of purpose and excitement around our work. This experience has added years onto my career, and I truly believe that my time at Klingenstein has made me a better educator!

James Calleroz White, Heads ‘15, Galloway School, GA

Transformation The Klingenstein Center is an exceptional, life changing program for Heads of Schools. It’s an oasis where school heads from around the world can gather and unplug from the fast and furious day-to-day, cultivate meaningful relationships with one another, and replenish the mind, body, and spirit. The fellowship felt like a retreat, surrounded by peer mentors, sharing our beliefs in a crowdsourcing format that allowed for knowledge to be reinforced, reflected on, and retained. I walked away transformed, armed with courage, passion, and know-how for lifelong self-innovation. I recommend the program to all school heads.

Catarina Song Chen, Heads ‘17, The American School of Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Invigoration This program ranks as the best professional development that I have ever experienced. It was inspiring to be immersed in the academic milieu of the premier education school in the world. My only regret is that now that I have done the Klingenstein program, I am afraid that I can never top it with something as significant.

Jaime Dominguez, Heads ‘12, Oakwood School, CA

Return Refreshed

THE EXPERIENCE The demands of running a school can leave little time for academic renewal, meaningful reflection, and personal development. The Klingenstein Center established

Balancing multiple constituencies and competing commitments is an aroundthe-clock job for heads of schools. Through the Heads of School Program, connect to what originally drew you to the profession, connect with colleagues who understand the role, and return to your school refreshed and ready to resume this essential work.

the two-week, fully funded fellowship for heads of school to meet these needs through an immersive program of academic study and collegial connection. Guided by outstanding professors, participants consider foundational questions of education and current issues facing independent and international schools. Using their collective wisdom and experiences, they hone their individual visions, reconnect with their passion for education, and form lifelong connections with a diverse group of fellow leaders from around the world.


Change and Transition Leadership

Science of Learning

Ethical Leadership

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Data-Informed Leadership


Joint seminars with


Klingenstein Center master’s students • Academic


collaboration, and reflection • Visits

University resources •

through reading, discussion,

to NYC schools

Full access to Columbia

Cohort cultural outings to museums and performances

Cohort dinners and time to connect with colleagues

The Klingenstein Center is part of Teachers College,

College has been committed for over 125 years to

one of the thirteen graduate and professional schools of

preparing the next generation of leaders of education,

Columbia University. Located in the Morningside Heights

improving practice in educational institutions, engaging

neighborhood of New York City, Teachers College enjoys

in research on the central issues facing education, and

full access to the libraries and resources of Columbia

shaping public debate and public policy in education. In

University and the rich cultural and recreational

addition to all that the campus offers, the program takes

opportunities of this exciting city. As one of the leading

advantage of New York City’s theatre, restaurants, and

graduate schools of education in the world, Teachers


Renewal My experience with the Klingenstein Heads Program was completely transformative! Renewing myself as an educator in this setting with other Heads of School was just what I needed at this point in my career. I was truly able to think of myself as a lifelong learner and return to my school with innovative ideas to share, questions to ponder with faculty, and strong relationships with my Klingenstein cohort that I know will last a lifetime.

Cindi Gibbs-Wilborn, Heads ‘18, Beauvoir, the National Cathedral Elementary School, Washington, DC

Rejuvenation Participating in the Klingenstein Heads Program was one of the most rejuvenating and inspiring experiences in my professional career. The opportunity to be with heads from around the world, to reflect together on our work in schools, as well as visiting a wide array of schools in New York, provided a rich combination to stimulate both head and heart.

Bessie Speers, HDS ‘14, Tower Hill School, DE

Empowerment The Klingenstein Heads program was a two-week affirmation of all that I believe in as an educator. The wisdom I received from the professors and my fellow heads will empower me to lead my school to the vanguard of 21st century education.

Peter Howe, Heads ‘14, United World College Atlantic, United Kingdom

Reflection The Klingenstein Heads Program served as a mini-sabbatical of sorts. In addition to broadening my network of Heads colleagues to a worldwide one, it gave me the time to reflect on and grow my leadership, think about and hone my educational philosophy, and see more clearly my vision for my current school.

Steve Morris, Heads ‘17, San Francisco School, CA

Heads of Schools Program Overview

Admissions Requirements Deadline: April 1ST

Fully-funded two-week fellowship aimed at renewal through intensive study and collaboration among heads of independent and international schools from across the United States and around the world. • Beginning in late January • Cohort of twenty school heads • At Teachers College, Columbia University - New York City

Applicants must • be a current Head of an independent or international school and plan to continue as a Head upon completion of the program, and • hold a minimum of a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university.

APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS The Klingenstein Heads of Schools Program is a non-degree program of Teachers College, Columbia University. Applicants complete an online application to Teachers College and must meet all requirements of the college. The online application for Klingenstein Heads of Schools program requires short essays, a resume, and official copies of all post-secondary transcripts. Applicants who completed undergraduate or graduate study at instiutions outside the United States must also submit a course-by-course evaluation from either World Education Service (WES) or Educational Credential Evaluators (ECE) and may be required to submit additional documentation.




About The Klingenstein Center Teachers College, Columbia University The Klingenstein Center was founded in 1977. The mission of the Center is to develop and strengthen leadership among teachers and administrators in independent and international schools.

Additional programs offered for independent school educators THE SUMMER INSTITUTE FOR EARLY CAREER TEACHERS

The Klingenstein Center’s carefully crafted programs draw on the resources of Columbia

Fully-funded, two-week fellowship for teachers

University to provide the knowledge, skill, and understanding necessary for informed

with two to five years of experience that focuses

and effective practice. In an age in which educators are called upon to understand both

on improving practice and making teachers more

the business of school management and the moral purpose of educating youth, the

effective leaders in the classroom and throughout

Klingenstein Center stands alone in its capacity to develop leaders for independent and

the school.

international schools. MASTER’S DEGREE PROGRAMS • Full-Year (September-May) Master’s Degree in Private School Leadership • Two-Summers (June-July) Master’s Degree in Private School Leadership • MA/MBA Dual Degree from Teachers College and Columbia Business School, NYC • MA/MBA Dual Degree from Teachers College and INSEAD in France or Singapore

525 W. 120TH Street Box 125 New York, NY 10027

klingensteincenter.org klingenstein@tc.columbia.edu 212.678.3156

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Heads of Schools Program Brochure  

Learn about our fully-funded, two week fellowship for heads of independent and international schools.

Heads of Schools Program Brochure  

Learn about our fully-funded, two week fellowship for heads of independent and international schools.