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in scholarships awarded though the generosity of the Klingenstein Family, alumni, friends, and foundations.

DEAR FRIENDS AND COLLEAGUES, This Annual Report for 2014-2015 provides an opportunity to

thank our valued contributors and demonstrate how much that support matters.

In our rapidly changing global economy, nothing is more essential than educating young people to be resilient, thoughtful innovators with a strong ethical core. To provide that kind of education to children, we must also provide it to their teachers and school leaders.  Klingenstein Center programs aim to do exactly that. The Center serves educators at every stage of their careers from young classroom teachers to experienced heads of schools. As a result, nearly 4000 alumni are occupying positions of leadership in schools throughout the nation and the world.

Graduation for the PSL 2015 Cohort in May

To make that possible, we provide generous financial aid. In 2014-2015, students received $1.3 million dollars in scholarships and, for many, participation in Klingenstein Center programs would not have been possible without the alumni, friends and foundations recorded in these pages. Along with generous support from the Klingenstein Fund, gifts from alumni and friends demonstrate how meaningful the programs are to those who have participated and to those who see the outcomes. This Annual Report contains firsthand observations about the impact of the Klingenstein Center’s programs and heartfelt testimonials from alumni about why they choose to give back.  If you are an alumnus who benefited from Klingenstein programs please pay it forward at whatever level is comfortable for you. If you are a friend of the Klingenstein Center, please help make it possible for talented educators to attend. Your generosity will have a lasting impact on the lives of teachers, administrators and their students.

Heads of Schools Fellows at Teachers College in January 2015

Best Wishes, Summer Institute 2015 Cohort at Lawrenceville in June

Pearl Rock Kane Klingenstein Family Chair Professor Director, Klingenstein Center

Leadership Academy Study Group in July 2014

SCHOLARS FUND DONORS PROGRAM ALUMNI Peter Abuisi, HDS ‘99  Varghese Alexander, KSI ‘11 LA ‘13 Jonathan Alschuler, LA ‘15 Jared Baird, LA ‘15 Dyanne Baptiste, KSI ‘12 Brooks Batcheller, KSI ‘09 PSL ‘14 Sumant Bhat, PSL ‘11 Dennis Bisgaard, PSL ‘96 HDS ‘15 William Bladt, PSL ‘04  Sue Bosland, PSL ‘00 HDS ‘09 Mark Brooks, HDS ‘10  Ryan Buckley, PSL ‘09 Ben Cady, PSL ‘13 Joe Cardenas, PSL ‘06 Bob Carignan, HDS ‘14 Nathaniel Carr, KSI ‘06 PSL ‘14 Tyler Casertano, PSL ‘13 Carolyn Chandler, HDS ‘10  Ben Chant, LA ‘05 Daphne Clyburn, KSI ‘12 Erin Connors, KSI ‘06 Sarah Cooper, KSI ‘02 Michael Coppola, KSI ‘09 PSL ‘11 Lisa Darling, HDS ‘00 Nancy Davies, HDS ‘10 Mike Davis, HDS ‘12  Albert Dellorco, PSL ‘14 Nancy Wheeler Dickson, PSL ‘09 Tom Doar III, PSL ‘96  Stewart Dorsey, PSL ‘11 Vinny Dotoli, PSL ‘02 Leo Dressel, HDS ‘00  Sarah Duddy, PSL ‘10 Terry Eagle, JFK ‘85 & Sally Eagle Brian Easler, LA ‘07 Terry Edeli, HDS ‘00 Tasha Elsbach, PSL ‘99  Irem Eren Szczesiak, KSI ‘09 PSL ‘13 Paul Errickson, LA ‘11 Kathleen Fernald, JFK ‘86 Liz Fernandez, PSL ‘14 Douglas Fishman, PSL ‘06 Robertson Follansbee, PSL ‘09 Jon Frere, HDS ‘02 Derrick Gay, LA ‘11 Scott Gaynor, PSL ‘99 Dominique Gerard, LA ‘09  Jayasri Ghosh, HDS ‘95 Rodney Glasgow, LA ‘11 Chris Gorycki, LA ‘05 Landis Green, HDS ‘06 Lawrence Griffin, HDS ‘86

Sue Groesbeck, HDS ‘08 John Gulla, HDS ‘10 Michael Hanas, HDS ‘08 Jim Handrich, JFK ‘95  James Hejuk, JKF ‘82 Thu-Nga Ho, KSI ‘12 PSL ‘15 Todd Horn, HDS ‘05 Matthew Horvat, KSI ‘98 Peter Howe, HDS ‘14 Will Hulseman, PSL ‘10  Dorothy Hutcheson, HDS ‘99 J.P. Jacquet, KSI ‘09 PSL ‘12 Suzanna Jemsby, HDS ‘15 Walter Johnson, JFK ‘90 Ole Jorgenson, HDS ‘10  Pearl Rock Kane, JKF ‘79 Daniel Karbousky, KSI ‘12 Phillip Kassen, PSL ‘98 Jessica Keimowitz, KSI ‘01 PSL ‘04 Brian Kennerly, PSL ‘92 Joel Klammer, JFK ‘98 Ann Klotz, HDS ‘12  Dan Kriebel, PSL ‘12 Rodney LaBrecque, JFK ‘82  Stergios Lazos, KSI ‘87 Jose Leonor, KSI ‘11 LA ‘15 Judd Levingston, KSI ‘87 John Lewis, PSL ‘03 Polly Linden, LA ‘09 Stephanie Lipkowitz, KSI ‘89 TJ Locke, HDS ‘12 Eric Lombardi, PSL ‘13 Duncan Lyon, LA ‘05 Shane MacElhiney, KSI ‘02 LA ‘07 Eileen Marceau, PSL ‘08  Ashley Marshall, PSL ‘14 John D. Marshall, PSL ‘00 Jermaine Matheson, PSL ‘14  Susan Matthews, LA ‘13 Michael McCord, HDS ‘00 Peter McCormack, HDS ‘13 Gary Middleton, JFK ‘99 Brian Mitchell, KSI ‘06 PSL ‘09 Kelly Nelson, PSL ‘12 Eric Nguyen, PSL ‘10 Dawn Nichols, HDS ‘07 Steven Noga, KSI ‘06 LA ‘13 Katherine Norris, JKF ‘98 Jennifer Ogilby, PSL ‘05 Doreen Oleson, HDS ‘96  Hernan Ortiz, LA ‘15 Christine O’Toole, LA ‘05


“We give to The Klingenstein Center because the program shapes every day of our lives--both professionally and personally. The Klingenstein Center impacts the educational experience of children around the globe as its graduates become leaders who improve the state of learning and teaching.“ ~Trey Wilson, KSI ‘03 PSL ‘12 & Sarah Wilson, KSI ‘04 PSL ‘12


“I give to the Klingenstein Center because of the strong and positive impact the Center makes in teaching, developing and inspiring meaningful leadership for independent schools , which has a direct, positive impact on the futures of thousands of students throughout the world!” ~Sue Bosland, PSL ‘00 HDS ‘09

PROGRAM ALUMNI - CONTINUED Laura Ouladdaoud, KSI ‘11 David J. Padilla, LA ‘13 Blair Parker, PSL ‘13 Danielle Passno, PSL ‘08 Meredith Patterson, KSI ‘14 Jeffrey Paulson, HDS ‘11 Joel Pelcyger, HDS ‘08 Maria Pilar Paradiso, HDS ‘11 Marisha Plotnik, PSL ‘09 Mark Reed, PSL ‘04  Will Rhem, PSL ‘13 Aimeclaire Roche, LA ‘05  Jessica Romero, PSL ‘15 Timothy Saburn, KSI ‘85 Carlos San Juan Garcia, LA ‘15 Jordan Schnell, KSI ‘05 PSL ‘09

FRIENDS Jim Best  Patricia Jacobs Doris Kempner  Julie & Andy Klingenstein  James Manges  Dinny & Lester Morse ‡

FOUNDATIONS The Esther A. and Joseph Klingenstein Fund The John and Patricia Klingenstein Fund  The Altman Foundation The Barnes Foundation The Benedict Foundation The van Otterloo Foundation

Giving Levels  $250 - $499   $500 - $999   $1000 – 2499 ‡ $2500 and above Alumni Programs HDS - Heads of Schools Program JKF - Joseph Klingenstein Fellowship LA - Leadership Academy Two Summers Master’s Degree PSL - Private School Leadership Full Year Master’s Degree KSI - Summer Institute for Early Career Teachers

Michael Schurr, LA ‘15 Alex Shaurette, PSL ‘09 John Siegenthaler, LA ‘09 Peter Simpson, KSI ‘08 PSL ‘12 Michèle Solá, HDS ‘08 Jalene Spain Thomas, KSI ‘03 LA ‘11 Christopher Tompkins, HDS ‘13 Prentice Stabler, KSI ‘10 PSL ‘13 Kara Stern, JFK ‘99  Corrine Stutts, PSL ‘04  David Suter, PSL ‘02 David Sutton, PSL ‘14 Matthew Suzuki, JFK ‘99 Mark Tashjian, PSL ‘02  Eric Temple, KSI ‘93 PSL ‘96 HDS ‘10 Stephen Thomas, JKF ‘95

Namita Tolia, LA ‘07 Stephen Valentine, KSI ‘02 Gareth Vaughan, LA ‘07 ‡ Jeffrey Vinikoor, KSI ‘07 LA ‘11 Nathaniel Vish, KSI ‘14 LA ‘17 Maureen Walsh, HDS ‘11 Sherry Wang, JFK ‘87 Susannah Wells, HDS ‘15 Tom Wethington, KSI ‘14 Kendall White, PSL ‘13 Janet Wiard, HDS ‘03 Sarah Wilson, KSI ‘04 PSL ‘12 Trey Wilson, KSI ‘03 PSL ‘12 Kit Wong, KSI ‘13 Brian Yager, KSI ‘93

Why I Give: “I give to the Klingenstein Center for many reasons: chief among them is a sense of responsibility to give back to the organization that quite literally allowed me to have the career that I have had in independent schools. When I was a young teacher, I was not sure I wanted to stay in teaching; KSI gave me a sense of what teaching could and should be. It revealed a career path and connected me to dozens of people whom I wanted to emulate and have as colleagues. I want other young teachers to have this experience, as our country continues to face enormous challenges to educating our children.” ~Stephanie Levy Lipkowitz, KSI ‘89 Summer Institute Lead Teacher

MAKE YOUR GIFT You can make your 2015-2016 Scholars Fund contribution via check by mail or online at Please make checks payable to “Klingenstein Center, Teachers College” and mail to: Klingenstein Center, Teachers College 525 W. 120th Street, Box 125 New York, NY 10027

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Klingenstein Center Annual Report of Appreciation 2014-15  

Klingenstein Center Annual Report of Appreciation 2014-15