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B U I LT F O R Q UALIT Y Dengensha’s linear motion X- and C-guns have made millions of welds with little or no maintenance and are among the most reliable in the industry.

I M P R OV E P R ODUC TIVIT Y AND LOWER CO S TS • Shortened tack times from one weld to another • Substantially shortened squeeze times • Lightweight, slim design, along with light touch reduces machine/robot requirements

• Reduce power consumption

S I M P L I F Y MA INTENANCE • Standardized weld force mechanisms reduce the need for spare parts

• Easy access to weld points • Integrated shielding prevents contamination from water and

Linear Motion X-gun • 13,000A maximum welding current • 10% duty cycle • 4.0kN, 6.0kN (880lbs-1,300lbs) electrode force • 250mm-600mm (9.85”-23.62”) throat depth • Total gun weight: 130kg-177kg (286lbs-290lbs)


• No need for air cylinder, solenoid valve and piping, reducing maintenance costs

R I G I D, D U R A BLE, RELIABLE WELDS • • • • • •

Can be set for any weld force, reducing expulsion Rigid drive unit provides a stable weld force Soft touch lowers impact and reduces warping and spatter Linear motion feature of the X-gun prevents tip wear causing electrode misalignment Improved weld quality and accuracy X-gun’s deep throat makes it applicable for large work pieces

FLEXIBILITY • AC or MFDC transformer types available • Rear or upper mounting bracket

Linear Guide S-type C-gun • 13,000A maximum welding current • 10% duty cycle • 4.0kN, 6.0kN (880lbs-1,300lbs) electrode force • 70mm-400mm (2.75”-15.75”) throat depth • Total gun weight: 108kg-158kg (238lbs-348lbs)


Dengensha also manufactures and sells a variety of other weld guns that are designed to improve productivity and add value to your manufacturing process. Check out for more information on our weld guns and for a full listing of Dengensha’s complete line of resistance welding equipment.

L i g ht we i g ht X- G un

Transformer I ntegrated R obot G u n

L i g ht we i g ht C- G un

Standard Por table X- and C- G u n s



R e d u c t i o n G ear X- G un

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Servospot guns  

Benefits Benefits Benefits • Maintenance free reduction gear drive • Dust and waterproof design • Higher electrode foce with durable constru...

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