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DIGITAL WORLD MAP how digital marketing flows In the crush to learn what’s new, it can be hard to give the virtual world a marketing perspective. That’s what this map does. Arrows outward show where you can reach out to customers and prospects. Arrows inward show what you can use to draw visitors to your site.

pull marketing helping people find you

mobile landing pages

Your Website

community marketing

a company-owned  digital asset

talking with & listening to people

transformed media buys push-bypermission marketing

off-site sales

sending messages as requested

Websites: The Center of Your Digital Presence Like bricks and mortar, websites allow businesses to operate, are an asset to the company and need repair and remodeling from time to time. They combine advertising, brochures and your customer- and dealer-service documents. They can add other functions, including direct sales, online banking and almost any other interchange.

search marketing & seo

Websites, press releases, newsletters and whitepapers should be optimized. BUYING / SERVING ADS

No relation to beautiful magazine ads or flashy TV commercials, these are more like classified ads. They know what you are interested in and where you travel, so they can be served on a keyword or behavioral basis. Also called paid search. Paid and organic search can be used together to reinforce results. Analytics

Everything you want to know about website traffic. QR Codes

Combines bar code and mobile technology to let consumers ask for and receive information anywhere.

social Networking

Digital versions of over-the-fence gossip and newspaper op-ed pages. Controlled by users, word-of-mouth authenticity. This is part of the new Public Relations.

e-mail / e-newsletters

Like TV commercials, magazine ads or direct mail, e-mail and e-newsletters show up on the desktop. They achieve intrusiveness and frequency of contact. rss feeds / POdCASTS

social Information sharing

Enables sharing of presentations, documents, videos and photos. Livecasting services, surveys, information aggregators and wikis. Social Media Monitoring

Monitoring relevant search terms allows you to see what people are saying about your industry or company. Blogs

RSS is a personalized search aid. It is like having just the sports section delivered to you every day with the articles about Ohio State football circled. Podcasts are digital media files that users request on a one-time or repeat basis.



Your website, streamlined and reformatted for handheld devices. Your ads, part of the fastest growing segment in advertising. landing pages

Lets a visitor enter your website where he wants to, reducing clicks and increasing capture.

Print media have online components, so you need a coordinated buy. Mobile, out-of-home and point-of-sale now offer many more options (ads on fruit stickers, anyone?) and require very different strategy, creative and production.

shoppinG SITES

Digital stores, flea markets, outlet stores and travel agencies.

Custom Content

Digital publishing in any form, from page turners and e-books to a new generation of professional presentation tools.

Be your own company representative, contract with a freelance blogger or let your PR firm do ghost blogging for you.

SMS/MMS advertising

Texting and short codes to put ads and coupons on phones. local search

Search engine optimization enhanced with geo-locating.

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DIGITAL WORLD MAP sites and options for marketing in a digital world This is a selection among many possibilities, inevitably be out of date before you read it. Send any additions or deletions to Prints best on 11”x17” paper. The online version at has links to these sites.

Pull Marketing

Community Marketing

search engine optimization & search marketing

• Identification of key search terms • Optimized website text • Optimized tags and titles • In-bound link building • On-going updates


3rd party ad serving services, including vertical, blind and targeted networks • SpotRunner

social media

Social Networking • Facebook • MySpace • LinkedIn • Ning • Plaxo • Hi5 • Famiva • Orkut • GolfBuzz • Friendster

mobile media

Bookmarking • Digg • • Newsvine • StumbleUpon • MS adCenter Reviews • Tripadvisor • Citysearch • Yelp

• Double Click • Blue Lithium Search-oriented ad models • Google Adsense • MS adCenter


• Google Analytics • Boardreader

local search

• Yelp • Mojopages • Citysearch

Push-by-Permission Marketing e-mail /e-newsletters

• Double-opt-in mailings/purchased and home-grown lists • Newsletters, alerts, coupons, cards & other formats

Social information sharing

Photo sharing • Flickr • Snapfish • Picasa • Piczo • Photobucket • Webshots Video Sharing • YouTube • Blip • Bing Video • Google Video • Hulu • Blinkx • Revver • Vimeo • Scanscout


Document/ Presentation sharing • Issuu • Slide • SlideShare • Scribd • Articulate • SharePoint Livecasting • Skype • Livestream • OpenCU Information aggregators • Netvibes • Twine

Widget developers • WolframAlpha • Google Gadget • Widgetbox

• .mobi sites • Quick response codes • Short codes • SMS and MMS ads • Pinger Data exchange • Tapulous • BumpTech • Crunchbase Augmented reality • Layar • Trulia • Soundwalk • Brightkite Geolocation • Foursquare • Gowalla • MyTown • Urbanspoon • Loopt • MotionX • Facebook

Transformed Media Buys media buying revolutionized

Out-of-home • Digital billboards/posters •D  igital cinema advertising Point-of-sale/trade shows • POS Digital displays/jumbotrons/signage • Interactive kiosks • Co-branding

• Contests & games 3rd party mail service providers • Constant Contact • Campaign Monitor

rss feeds / POdCASTS

RSS Feed readers • FeedDemon • Google Reader • Sharp Reader • Feedjit

Podcasts • iTunes • Winamp • Podcast Alley • Ziepod


• Wordpress • Blogger • Technorati • LiveJournal • Typepad

social media monitoring

• Google Alerts • Google Analytics • Twitter Search • Alerts Grader • Boardreader • • Kurrently

Micro-blogs/Texting • Twitter • Twitlonger • Twitpic • Plurk • Friendfeed • Tumblr

Off-Site Sales off-site sales

• Amazon • E-Bay • Expedia • Pricegrabber • Shopzilla •

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Digital World Map  

The whole world has NOT gone digital, but a good slice of it has. Here’s how we see it shaping up today.