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Good Reasons to switch You need more. You can work faster in a one-toone relationship with an experienced, decisionmaking banker. You can take action with more confidence when you get more attention, strategic advice and innovative solutions. Instead of treating banking as a commodity, we believe in building lasting relationships.

It’s all about people. As Chris Karman of Amish Mills, one of our clients, said recently, “We use CFBank because we feel CFBank understands our business better than other banks. CFBank takes the time to meet with us in our offices, tour our factories, and really gets to know everything about our business. With CFBank we not only have a great bank that offers a wide range of financial options – but we have a real partner in growing our business. We switched to CFBank from a large bank and couldn’t be happier.”

Why a smaller bank is bigger. Financial solutions shaped precisely to your needs. Integrated personal and business banking. A complete range of financial options along with personal help. All of which give you several important reasons to switch your business banking to CFBank.

six questions to ask yourself What you should know about banking relationships 1. Do I have a “ghost banker”?

4. Are inadequate funds stifling my business?

A surprising number of business owners don’t even

You need a banker who understands the flow of cash

know their banker. You deserve more than this.

through your business and can develop the right

2. Is my banker a decision-maker? It’s possible to get direct access to a banker with

solutions that set you free to grow at your own pace.

5. Can I tell good debt from bad debt?

decision-making skill and authority. We know, because

Let us restructure your debt for you so that it works,

it’s how we work – no ropes, no committees, just

fitting your timeline and growth plans.

one-on-one service that’s quickly executed.

3. How fast can I get an answer? From instantly to surprisingly soon. Because CF bankers

6. Am I getting business strategy from my banker? A banker who doesn’t understand your business can’t give you ideas, and nothing beats a good idea.

are authorized to make decisions.

With CFBank, you can simplify multiple checking accounts, existing debt and cash management. We’ll also work with you to help you make smart business decisions in any economy.

Relationship-based bank Discovery CFBank’s approach to banking is based on relationships. The CFBank process involves everyone. You, your CFBank commercial lender and the Bank’s management all work together. Decision-makers are involved throughout the process. Here’s how the relationship, the process and the solutions connect.

Discovery An initial meeting determines compatibility and identifies problems, issues and needs.


Evaluation We work with you to understand your business finances, operations, processes and cash flow.


Solutions We jointly discuss possible solutions and their pros and cons.

Decision You choose a course of action, and together we define


the details of that custom solution.

Execution We implement with a sense of urgency.



We continue to evaluate results and assess your needs to assure that the solution maintains its effectiveness.


a conversation with your banker When we asked our clients what bothered them most about typical banking, we got an earful! Here are typical business owners’ issues and an explanation of CFBank’s relationship-based solutions.

Business owners’ issues

CFBank solutions

It’s time I stopped financing my customers.

CFBANK: Cash management solutions can make AR easier

to control and help you take advantage of the profit potential.

Have I exhausted my lending and capital

CFBANK: Probably not. Lending strategies are our thing. Let’s meet


and talk about it.

My old loans don’t fit my needs anymore.

CFBANK: We can restructure your loans with terms that are more

appropriate. Regularly scheduled strategy meetings help you adjust

quickly to changing conditions.

My cash flow needs help.

CFBANK: Our flexible lending solutions and cash management

techniques help you fund and manage growth and cash flow.

When I have a loan request, my bank

CFBANK: At CFBank, there are no loan committees or hidden

takes too long to respond.

decision-makers. You have direct access to experienced bankers

with the authority to give you a prompt answer.

How can I use my financial reports

CFBANK: We can help you interpret your financials so you have

to help me make banking decisions?

a sound basis for banking decisions. This will not only help with the

financing, but also clarify the entire process.

Bank service fees and pricing – ouch!

CFBANK: Let’s rethink this and explore alternatives.

We’ll help you structure a relationship with fair pricing.

It’s a gigantic waste to drive to the bank.

CFBANK: With remote capture, online business banking

and couriers, you almost never have to drive to the bank.

I work at top speed all day and then have

CFBANK: You’re going to love our no-teller system of

to stand in a teller’s line? It’s outrageous.

banking. When you visit the bank, we invite you

to have a seat across the desk from an experienced

and capable representative.

I have too many accounts to keep straight. CFBANK: Let’s talk about it. We’ll help you simplify and automate.

I need interest on short-term cash.

CFBANK: Our sweep accounts make

it possible, even automatic, so

you not only get interest, but

it’s effortless.

Founded on character since 1892 Character counts at CFBank, as it has since 1892. Our bankers get to know you and your business, and then fit products and services to your needs. Drawing on CFBank’s stability, strength, expertise and dedication to personal service can improve your company’s performance in key areas:

• Commercial loans and lines of credit

• Cash management, including ACH and Remote Capture

• CDARS® deposits with FDIC insurance up to $50 million

• Merchant services that link you to Visa® and other card services

• Group banking with advantages for your employees

• Business courier service

• Business online banking with bill pay

You can also take advantage of our personal service and investment strategies for your personal banking and mortgages. If you’ve never experienced concierge banking services, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. Give us a call to explore the possibilities. You’ll find a high level of expertise in a relaxed atmosphere that’s very easy to like.

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