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AT HENS 2 0 1 6


AT H E N S 2 0 1 6

Berlin Soup cover letters – Lennox Raphael / colour by Kenn Clarke



Exhibition Organizers – Lars Høeg & Martin R. Olsen

Snapshot photography – Kenn Clarke



Catalogue – Visual communication – Kenn Clarke

On-site performance coordinator – Raphael Raphael

Curator – Lennox Raphael /





Curator – Jesper Dalmose



AT H E N S 2 0 1 6

3 – 11 June / 30 Eressou Str., Exarchia / 1st floor Athens – Greece


Berlin Soup 2016 collaborates with BACKTOATHENS 2016 BERLIN SOUP MYTHOLOGY & FAIRYTALES is the theme of BERLIN SOUP International Arts Festival held in Athens, Greece, June 3 – June 11, 2016. Everywhere, our lives & histories small & large are mythologies open to interpretation, and it is for artists & performers to continue defining these journeys of naming and magic stories for a public hungry for wellness. Mythologically speaking too, fairytales & mythology are our daily signs reaching for outer spaces of sorcery & passion always under construction as magical foundations of art & communication spoons stirring the human condition into renewal & serendipity. We see Art as mythologies of the soul traveling in the mind & constructing their own heroism and definitions of what it means to be intuitively inventive in a Now open to rebirth as style and, at the same time, responsible for the Future. As co-curators of the BERLIN SOUP, we welcome this opportunity to explore what is common to all mankind and still mysterious & New as we Imagine. For any inquries please don’t hesitate to contact us. Stay tuned for more information !

Jesper Dalmose

Lennox Raphael

BACKTOATHENS 4 / 2016 June 3rd -11th, 2016 4th Back to Athens International Cultural Festival returns to the very heart of Athens, within the Exarchia district. For one week, an affiliation of artists from Greece, Austria, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Latvia, New York, LA, Zürich, Kobe, Prague, Bangladesh, Cyprus and London will unite their creative vitality to present dynamic agenda of events before the Athenian public. Back to Athens unites the city’s artistic community in a festival-type gettogether of cultural events. Artists and Athenian residents, local businesses (shops, offices, restaurants, cafes) take up a detailed schedule of festivals, visual arts, curatorial exhibitions, performances, music performances, screenings within their venues and private spaces. Back to Athens public showcase of contemporary art and expression, boosts social awareness of the Athens City Center and restores the local community to the Athens City Center. Back to Athens is an idea platform a transit meeting place for artists in Athens. Back to Athens 2016, 7 days, a daily agenda of exhibitions, events, parties and music. Back to Athens 2016 International Cultural Festival involves main cooperating partners Christian Rupp (Austria), Lennox Raphael and Jesper Dalmose (Berlin Soup). Back to Athens 2016 Curated and Organized by: Georg Georgakopoulos, Dimitirs Georgakopoulos, Fotini Kapiri

Photo – Chris Calmer

Go beyond your limits ; Release Dreams you have nearly forgottenº Go beyond the boundaries of either / orº


, ,




but keep dancing in straight lines



astonish the Impossibleº

Escape the prison of perfection & bring lost MEMORIES aliveº


Never too late to tune in

turn on to your own beat

& drop out of the endless WHYº

Be good for nothingº Make the effortº Think not of How it Will be receivedº Meditate in the room of timelessness & emptiness & the beauty of the unknownº Take a walk on the stairway of mistakes º The World is happeningº Time percolatesº Make a response by Way of Artº


To comment is to be To participateº Like & more Than like are creative steps forwardº Be free of ideasº Ideologyº Be solutionaryº


Don**t fake your way thru Chaos


Be Chaosº

Make life simpleº Enter & entertainº


Look up


look Down

look always

& Leap into Art  º

Dare to be different / indifferentº Let something happenº


Surprise us Surprise yourself º Let go  º


We Expect the Best from the now of You as you Go beyond Curiosity  Peace Lennox


& Jesper

Photo – Marino Šegan


Go Where you have never been beforeº










hJ es pe rD alm os e

Painting by Lars KrĂŚmmer


video culturists

Life as moving pictures of Today

Looking at their slow moving pictures and listening to words created from the deep inner stream of life and

tasty reality makes one realize how working together with someone, especially when a fellow artist, is a gift too of time & chance, the serendipity of interchangeable creativity made real betwixt time & being, always another opportunity to reaching out to extra dimensions of surprise; and the result surprising always too particularly since no image or texture seems taken for granted, and one is left to wonder, HOW WERE THEY DONE? Furthermore, apart from being indefatigable workers, self-positioned in the real/unreal visual transformation of images, words & reality amounting to the art of instinct as a circuitous river, their combined work, what together they attempt, the many videoscapes since 2013, beginning with LETTERS FROM BERLIN, which led to the birth of the BERLIN SOUP ARTS FESTIVAL, tells succesFully the story without stopping the flow of Interpretation. There is more to come, certainly, and one looks forward to this instant radiance of combustible innocence & contemporary interPlay under the harmonious umbrella (our multiverse)

Walking, Talking & Video.

from projects in progress: Meditation in the ruins Hommage to Gover

All truly great Thoughts are conceived while walking. Nietsche

Photo – Chris Calmer

C u r a t o r o f Berlin S o u p w ith Len n o x R a p hael

s e           o    l    m     a D r   e   s   p e   J

"MOTHER" Director – Producer – Editing by Jesper Dalmose. Music by Olga Magieres & Mette ???

"I came from another planet to Saint Petersburg in 1985”

Her paintings are ”feelings, experiences, emotions, images or chaotic lines, bright or dark periods of life. They are individual. They are like people, each with its own character and history."

For Helen, ’Art is a way to share her thoughts, because even in silence, art continues to speak. Feelings are varied and changeable, and so too are her pictures. Sometimes they are about love, and at others about anger, loneliness, or finding lifepaths. Sometimes they are about family, about people we have lost, or those we have not met yet.

After exhibitions in Russia, Denmark, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Netherlands, Sweden, USA, Slovenia, and Australia, she is now into ”creating new series, because life changes every day, we too change with it”.

Dynamic as ever, her “Infinity of Evil” is a small philosophical work, consisting of three pictures, a story of what happens when one meets Evil, a subject as relevant today, as ever.

For Helen Kholin, now living & working in Copenhagen, Denmark, it has been a long, artistic journey.

First time meeting Evil, it seems invincible and infinitely black.

If you open your eyes and start to But if you close them and stop fightfight, it grows smaller. ing, it re-shapes and grows bigger. – E-mail:

Stephen’s expanding map of life is: born Vancouver, British Colombia,1953; attended Queens University of Kingston, 1972-1975; served apprenticeship with sculptor, Allen Falconer in Toronto, 1975-1977; began then mime and clown studies with Paul Golan, Joseph McCord, Michel Dallaire, Dean Fogel, James Keylon, Rene Baziet and Etienne Decroix. Also involved with workshops, festivals, film, theaters, direction, choreography and circus from 1975 until the present (in 22 countries).His first experiences with art as a child were examples of totems found in natural settings at the westcoast Canada place of his birth. An interest in mythtology, anthropology and alchemy combined with his experience with movement and Theater led Stephen James Back to experiments with conceptual art. ”I realized early in my life, that the artist is the medium. I am my art. And when I began to work in stone, I discovered that all my experiences , skills, interests and intuition could be explored simultaneously.” Athens is in for a treat.

sculptor – art internationalist – ”I am my art”

”Recently though I have been sculpting in wood, and at Berlin Soup 2016 I propose to create an outdoor installation using stone and wood, which will serve as a background to a short mime piece, The Hunter, based on a American Indian myth.”

Stephen James Back

Stephen James Back sculpts stone and human behavior.

MARTIN RICHARD OLSEN has been working & living in Denmark, since 1955, the beginning of a rounded fine art of Life sensibility that holds to this moment. For Martin, in three languages,


Latvia – 1987 – Visual artist

The characters I create are the spirits of natural elements – forest, water, air, earth – energies from a parallel world – a world where humans rule nothing, and everything exists in its natural state, self-organised by harmony, tranquility and sensuality. I cannot define where the images come from; they just appear by themselves from the depth of my heart. My characters inhabit a world where image and association dwell, and are connected through specific environmental atmosphere; fx, an early morning forest, where the soil is touched by a slight layer of fog, and one can see the silhouette of a landscape from where calm and inspiration are perceived.

email –

Anastasija Dubovska

Georg Georgakopoulos

Born in Athens in 1964. Attended the Deutsche Schule Athen (1976-82). Studied at the School of Fine Arts HBK Braunschweig 1983-89. Postgraduate studies Meisterschueler at the HBK Germany, 1989-90. Cooperated with Gallery Sander at Darmstadt. Lived in Paris from 1990-91. In 1991 started postgraduate studies Magister Artium. 1991-94 colaborated with Ragna Jurgensen in the exhibitions Weihnachtsausstellung at Zentrale Kunst Gallery in Hamburg. In 1995 founded CHEAPART Gallery with Dimitris Georgakopoulos , Ragna Juergensen, Jens Lange and Fiona Mouzakitis in Athens managing, organizing and curating exhibitions until today. Since 1997-2010 teached at Mokume Jewelry School. In 1999 created the CHEAPART board game. In 2008 cofounded the cultural organization, The Art Foundation, in Athens. 2011 co-founded CAMP! Contemporary Art Meeting Point in Athens. 2007 – today co-curated the CHEAPART European Network: CHEAPART – ARTmART (Wien Künstlerhaus) and CHEAPART Thessaloniki, Amsterdam (Loods6) Nicosia and in Limassol Cyprus. From 1995 to this day has participated in many exhibitions in Greece, France, Spain, Austria and Germany. His first book “Savoir Vivre for Artists” was published in 2010, Melani Publications, as his second book “Apergodromio” (Strike-Arena) by Melani Publications, will be published within 2016.

Curator of BACKTOATHENS #4 with Dimitris Georgakopoulos & Fotini Kapiris

Born in Athens [1966]. Studied painting at the School of Fine Arts in Athens (1985 – 1990). As a visual artist, he has exhibited in Greece and abroad. In 1995 he founded CHEAPART Gallery in Athens with Georg Georgakopoulos. As directors of CHEAPART they organize and curate a vast cultural agenda, creating a growing network of contemporary artists and curators. In 2009 – 2010 Dimitris Georgakopoulos, Georg Georgakopoulos and Christian Rupp organize two exhibitions at TAF [The Art Foundation] in Athens with a selection of contemporary Austrian artists. In 2011 with Georg Georgakopoulos and Fotini Kapiris he co-founded CAMP! Contemporary Art Meeting Point Non – Profit Cultural Organization in Athens. In 2012 they organize “Back to Athens”, a dynamic art initiative that united the city’s artistic community in a festivaltype get-together of cultural events within the Athens city center, a cultural platform deriving expertise from both CHEAPART and CAMP! In July 2012 Dimitris Georgakopoulos and Georg Georgakopoulos are invited from the Wien Kuenstlerhaus to organize and curate an exhibition with a selection of contemporary Greek artists.


Curator of BACKTOATHENS #4

with Georg Georgakopoulos & Fotini Kapiris


Curator of BACKTOATHENS #4

with Georg Georgakopoulos & Dimitris Georgakopoulos,


Fotini Kapiris began her studies in the visual arts [Graduate of the Athens School of Fine Arts]. She expanded her work experience as an Art director and later as a Creative director in the Advertising sector, as a Founder and coordinator of Cultural Venues. She indulged herself in cross-platform communication and advertising. She is co-founder of CAMP! Contemporary Art Meeting Point [2011 – 2014], director and supervising curator of the ARTWALL Project Space [2012 – present], and Offspring Young Artists program leader.


A Brief Biography

Howard has been connected to BERLIN SOUP from the very beginning, seeing how the first taste of this festival was at his Dada Post, Nordbahnstrasse 10 13409 Berlin, (www. –; and, since 2008, this most interesting of avant-garde spaces has been Howard’s working studio & (Kunstraum) Dada Post in Berlin, Germany. A close reading of his recent 194-pages book, Autobiography as Critique (designed by Kenn Clarke) attests also to his perceptive brilliance. A few high points of a total dedication to art & contemporary visual meditation: * international exhibitions include venues in Austria, Bulgaria, China, Denmark, Germany, Hong Kong, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, and the United Arab Emirates. * In 1993, featured artist in the film: “Manhattan City Scape,” by Steen Møller Rasmussen, a Plagiet Film, produced in cooperation with the Danish Film Institute Workshop. * In 1981, invited by the artist to appear in the film “Bearden Plays Bearden,” produced by the Philip Morris Corporation. * In 2000, his sculpture was featured in the historic “Welded Sculpture of the Twentieth Century” exhibition at the Neuberger Museum of Art, Purchase New York, an exhibition featuring all the major contributors to the genre, including Julio González, Pablo Picasso, Anthony Caro, and David Smith. * May, 2001, travels to The Peoples Republic of China, and lectures at the China National Academy of Fine Arts, Hangzhou, Hangzhou China, and at Hangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, Hangzhou University of Teaching, Hangzhou China. * April, 2003, one of the artists representing the United States at the Sharjah International Arts Biennial, in the United Arab Emirates. He also lectured at American University of Sharjah, School of Architecture and Design, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. * Summer of 2005 saw him doing a series of public sculpture projects for: “Process – Space” Festival 2005. Balchik, Bulgaria, Folk-05, Galleri Lista Fyr, Borhaug, Norway, and The First Alytus Biennial, Alytus, Lithuania. * &, in 2008, Howard was commissioned for a large-scale public sculpture by the: Shanghai Zendai Museum of Modern Art for the Intrude: Art and Life 366 exhibition, Shanghai, China BERLIN SOUP INTERNATIONAL ARTS FESTIVAL 2016 salutes this American fine artist, celebrated public sculpture luminary, & art theorist.

et liv er for kort - sagde sjælen - og foldede sine vinger ud…

Gabrielle Reger

Harpist & Music therapist I can offer my favourite melodies and music from my treasure chest – unrehearsed interpretation – own arrangements. mail:

(Quote inspired by H.C. Andersens fairytale "the butterfly")



Enthusiastically conceived and created by writer Lennox Raphael and illustrator Kenn Clarke / Vagina will soon be available as an ebook at

Vagina is a thriller about a war fought inside the last woman on earth.

Curator of “Who is afraid of «rhinoceros»?” Artists: Angelos Antonopoulos, Annita Argiroiliopoulou, Vassilis Botoulas, Angeliki Bozou, Apostolis Filippou, Marion Inglessi, Antigoni Kavvatha, Andreas Kokkaliaris, Maria Kosmadaki, Nikoletta Katsamperi, Dimitrios Lambrou, Efsevia Michahlidou, Maria Mavropoulou, Alexandra Petranaki, Dimitra Siliali, Valinia Svoronou, Martha Tsiara, Maria Tzanakou, Christos Vagiatas, Kelly Vardaka, Andreas Vousouras. Maria Xypolopoulou is a researcher on history of French civilization. She was born in Athens, Greece (1991) and has lived and worked there ever since. Her interests involve research on French history, gender studies, visual culture, exhibition curating (“Petit Paris d' Athènes” 2013, “Searching for a Godot”, ArtWall Project Space 2016, Who is afraid of Rinoceros”, BacktoAthens 2016 by CHEAPART) art journalism and artist’s interviews. Maria is a part of the Offspring Young Artists Program. She has collaborated with online art magazines and art spaces. She has graduated from the School of French Language and Literature of the Faculty of Philosophy (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, 2009-2013). She is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in the history of French civilization. Her curiosity led her to explore the experiences of women and men during World War One, and she is currently working on the role and function of photography in France during the war.

performance artist


Lucien Zell, re alistic enoug h to be a dre verve, and is amer, fills his a large perform every art spa ance presenc ce with wond e. er & enthusia Born in Los A stic ngeles & rais ed in Seattle writer, photog , this traveling rapher and a American po ctor spins his unselfish with et, novelist, jo own mytholo his magic of urnalist, singe gical self in in creativity. r/songspiring, unsto ppable ways This Zell start and is ed writing an d performing a stage calle his poetry in d him in his la cafés, clubs st year as a te cities and ma and festivals enager, and king a signific in Seattle. Th he hasn’t loo ant cultural diff en the world tion is making ked back sin erence along as the world a b ce, living in m the way. Base etter place fo where six bo any Europea d in Prague s r all. Prague to oks (five poe n ince 1998, Lu o is where he try collections the Russian cien’s medita formed The W and one nove Press Olga K avemen, a ro l) have been rylova, and th Sony, and Un ck band, and published by e Czech pre iversal Music the Czech pre ss Volvox Glo . Interestingly starting out. A ss Dharmaga bator, with so enough, cert nd due out th ia, n g s a o in f ly h a is is m ye re his new band ark of his spiri leased by W ar from Grey , Shoulder C a t G rn a e s er, c a ko Press, Texa rt creator, Luc ulture, is relea raphy are be s, is his first n ien feels he’s sing its first s ing mounted ovel Invisible now ingle 'My Sw this year. Bars. Busy a eet Refugee'. s ever too, And three exh BERLIN SOU ibitions of his P is happy sh photogaring Lucien Zell, a natura l inspiration!!

Stephanie Reid is an interdisciplinary media artist who has studied at various colleges including the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She is an MFA candidate at the Transart Institute. Music and dance are of great importance to her life and creative process, therefore she has chosen Austin, Texas, U.S.A. as her home base because of the abundance of live music there. She was an art teacher for several years and approaches art as a process oriented endeavor. By using art to understand the contents of her own psyche, she hopes to convey to others the possibilities and methods for exploring their own depths, including their shadow side. She believes that to know oneself is one of the most valuable gifts one can give themselves and others. The project she has brought to Athens is the first in a series of collaborative mixed media films dealing with sacrifice, home, and identity. For Berlin Soup in Athens, she is sharing her film, Creatures in the Sun which is a filmic collage of experiments and research with fire and flight inspired by the experience of finding her totem creature, the Phoenix. She used candles, a smoke machine, a fire brazier, a stove, novelty fireworks such as sparklers, noise makers, white and colored smoke bombs, and the sun along with lucid dreaming, meditation, and ritual. By listening to what her research and experiments revealed, she was able to form a contemporary fairytalestyle narrative of healing and work towards recording over damaging psychological imprints from childhood through adulthood. These included escaping the mundane trap of the 9 to 5 world; addressing repetitive behaviors such as fear of abandonment and releasing the attachment to emotionally unavailable love partners – both symptoms inherent with being a one parent love child; freeing herself from guilt over abuse; reversing a haunting blood binding spell; dealing with anger over the rape and suicide of a friend; the agony of losing a child; accepting that forgiveness takes time and comes in stages; and learning from the progress made during this project that art rituals can aid in processing any traumatic events in the future.

Stephanie Reid

GURAM Chachanidze

Guram Chachanidze was born in 1981 in Georgia. He studied Film direction at the University of Tbilisi in 2006 and continued his studies in Photography at IEK AKMI where he later worked as a photographer and laboratory assistant for black and white photography.

Photo – Kenn Clarke

Guram collaborates with web radio channels for presentations and events, while in 2010 he was worked as a studio photographer and was involved with the shooting of Constantine Giannari’s film «Man in the sea». Since 2006 he lives and works in Athens as Freelancer photographer.

Curator of

Artists: Areti Chrysanthou, Vassiliki Filippou, Maria Karathanou,Vassiliki Kyriaki, Myrsini Maneta, Elina Sfountouri, Evdoxia Stafylaraki, Katerina Stathopoulou, Olga Stefatou, Pinelopi Triantafyllou, Fwtini Tsaknaki.


the straight way is a circle

Curator of “Happiness”

s i s t a l a h C s i r t i Dim Dimitris Chalatsis was born in Karditsa, Greece, in 1969. From 1995 until 1997 he attended the Nuess Dusseldorf School of Painting, Sculpture and Theatre (Kulturforum Alte Post) in Germany. From 1997 to 2002 he studied Painting at the State Academy of Fine Arts of Karlsruhe, Germany. In 2002-2003 he completed his MFA (Meisterschüler) at the same Academy. From 2001 to 2003 he collaborated with the Museum of Modern Art Badischer Kunst Verein Karlsruhe, while in 2001, together with a number of other artists, he founded an artists’ gallery in Karlsruhe (Produzedengalery) which still operates as a collective. In 2003 and in 2006 he earned scholarships from the Academy of Fine Arts of Karlsruhe (Graduiertenstipendium des Lades Baden Württenberg; Debütanten Stipendium der Kunst Akademie Karlsruhe). In Athens, he was a member of the “Reconstruction Community” art group and is a founding member of the Libby Sacer Foundation. Dimitris has curated and organized eight contemporary art exhibitions in Greece and abroad. As an artist, he has had six solo exhibitions (Cheap Art Gallery in Athens; Marquise Dance Hall Gallery in Istanbul; Elaboratorium, Kunst Academie Karlsruhe and Crista Fulbier projekt raum in Karlsruhe; projekt raum Kastanienalle in Berlin). He has also participated in thirty-seven group exhibitions in different spaces in Austria, Germany, Finland, Turkey and Greece. He works with various media and often his work grows towards the non-material, namely temporary installation and performance art. He currently lives and works in Athens, Greece.

Artists: Elena Akyla, Dimitris Chalatsis, Stefanos Chandelis, Fotizontas (Prolekultur), Christian Rupp, Myrto Stamboulou, Anna Tsouloufi.

As an artist based in Vienna, Austria many of my projects go towards Greece and Scandinavia but extend to a list of countries: ( My projects begin from an idea/concept, which often revolve around current issues of society. The media of expression vary and follow the ideas (frequently photography, video, performance are involved) Besides my own work I also regularly organize/curate - for example: ARTmART CHEAPART Wien 2007, 2008, 2010 and 2015 at Vienna KĂźnstlerhaus / 2009 "Flavors of Austria and 2010", "Austria la Vista Baby", the Art Foundation, Athens / 2013 "Great Balls of Austria", CAMP!, Athens.

Curator of

Christian Rupp

Photo – Kenn Clarke

Performer This is Magnussen’s 4th appearance at the BERLIN SOUP, having been there from the very beginning at Howard McCalebb’s DadaPost, in Germany. His performance this time is READING DRAWINGS with flute. He re*imagines religious myths giving tale and drama to a tantalizing mix of mystery and philosophy whipping his four horses of the apocalypse through a snow storm in hell towards the brink of eternal dawn. For Jens Magnussen, these myths can be attempts to mystify the simple as well as simplify the mystical according to any hidden agenda of circumstance or transformation through the centuries. A seasoned performer & traveler, he is at work on IMPOSSIBLE POEMS, an English-written collection with his own drawings and into the fifth year of co-writing TRANSATLANTICISM, a long action epic, with Robert Roth, the American author & Editor of AND THEN, the New York literary magazine. And recently published work include FÆNGSEL (stories from Prison Civile de Marrakech) illustrated by the fine Norwegian artist, Laurie Grundt, and RAPHAEL'S COUNTRY, A Trinidad & Tobago Diary, illustrated by himself. He has also contributed to the last three editions of AND THEN. Driven by a slowly growing curiosity rather than by any irrestible inspiration, as he puts it, his mythologicized referential consciousness harks back to LET US COMPARE MYTHOLOGIES, Leonard Cohen’s 1956 book of poems. For Jens, A very good idea, and he advocates a closer look at these ancient or recent fairytales defining good and evil, heroes and villains, myths of magic & power, just or unjust, the impossible made possible and vice versa. And where comparison makes sense we will soon discover obvious discrepancies between myths of time and what we've come to acknowledge as reality. That said, the personal myth of now is his own work in music, drawing & writing where he still feels I’ve only just begun.


At the Bangladeshi Embassy in Athens


Born in Bangladesh & living in Denmark since 1986, Kajol is cannonized in the Swedish Guinness Book of Records as maker of the world's biggest street painting. Kajol takes street art to the level of social participation making his mark in society rather than on it. Since early 90's as computers emerged in our daily lives Kajol, aware of time and world, saw how we are all bound to the creation of a personal word or pincode. Seeing a new time on its way, he started creating words such as – ›Cold Fire 1996‹, ›Democrazy 1999‹, ›Killigeon 2000‹, ›Evilization 2008‹, ›Devilupper 2009‹, ›Conpiratua 2013‹ – for his series of artworks.

Photo – Kenn Clarke

Octavian Neagu

My inspiration comes from silence, nature & introspection,

Photography is how I touch the »otherworld« that surrounds us but is not noticeable at first glance.

Iva Brajdic´

s ound

manip ulator

n a i t Kris Tan gvi k

h and h an adventurous approac nipulator is a rising star wit alogue/acoustic sound ma er, tubist and electronic/an This improviser, compos great tastes. ys. & presence is dull, he sa A sound without intention od one. hout coloration is not a go ckers, and a story told wit and chosen path is for su GNOM, Any journey with set goal prominent bands such as ), Kristian is a member of sic from RMC (2008-2014 Norway, and Master of Mu Born 1986 in Trondheim, estra. The Roll-Ons, Horse Orch his solo act. well as for Quasi Tapes, other exciting projects, as ppe Je s, se He is noted too for several haser), T.S. Hawk, Bob Mo , Django Bates (stoRMC , Erik od ed with, amongst others / Tangvik), Kresten Osgo performed and/or record Henrik Sundh (Dodebum Jesper KRISTIAN TANGVIK has ria Faust, Håkon Berre, id, and last, but not least, (Johansen / Tangvik), Ma nnes Bauer, Raymond Str ha Zeeberg, Jonas Johansen Andrew D’Angelo, IKI, Jo en Plus). Kjægaard, Emil de waal, the quintet Jesper Zeuth Kimestad Pedersen, Søren and Kasper Tranberg (in lbye, Thomas Præstegaard dinavia Zeuthen, Adam Pultz Me es & festivals all over Scan ce, has taken him to venu presense in any performan a, imagination and electic KRISTIAN TANGVIK'S tub USA and Africa. and countries in Europe, without my (or your) NGVIK, happens with or My art, says KRISTIN TA UP summer in Atens. en again this BERLIN SO approval, and it will happ

Martin Lau is a berlin­based artist working in the fields of poetry, music and graphics. His work is centred on the very impulse of lingual articulation, its variety and boundaries as well as its conditions. After having studied literature & performance studies he published a volume of poetry in 2010, soon to focus on the performative & sonic side of poetry. Being a prolific and unique performer of soundpoetry and experimental vocal art in the european underground experimental music scene, he recently focused on written articulation. In this he employs cartographic elements & approaches to form the writing gesture into a seismographic mapping of psychic dynamics. He has published visual poetry on literary blogs like thenewpostliterate and utsanga, two solo voice cds (most recently „numen“ on Atemwerft in 2015) and numerous online releases with various musicians („Romans!“ with Nils Lassen & Christian Rønn as latest). He performs and exhibits internationally.

photo – anja tedesko

Collaborators Kristian Tangvik – Julian Layn – Jens O. Magnussen & Olga Magieres. Writing and video – Lennox Raphael & Jesper Dalmose



Genre defining classical composer and pianist Julian Layn tours Europe with >The Julian Layn Project< that brings rock-alt classical, Julian's unique form of 21st century classical music via sounddesigned, amplified classical instruments to a broader audience including music venues and rock clubs.

For this year's Berlin Soup Festival in Athens, Julian will give a sound performance based on his piano concerto Nr. 2 >The Ecocalypse<, where in the second movement the theme of >Skylla and Charybdis< from greek mythology is explored. The composition draws on the collective nervousness in society and is a reply to >Endspiele< (loosely translated as >apocalypse<), a collection of works by Swiss author and playwright, Friedrich Dürrenmatt. A novel aspect of this project is Julian's approach to composition, which he calls "composition through performance". This approach views the realization of art through process – not as an end in itself, but as a style heavily touted by Dürrenmatt as evidenced through his approach to playwriting.

Photo – Kenn Clarke

Photo – Kenn Clarke

ERIKO Chamber Cabaret Eriko is a Joy of sight & sound unbound, & a special entertainer who delights in challenging the audience & surprising herself. Credited with establishing “Chamber Cabaret”, a new art of experimental performance of the classics infused with the spirit of playfulness, she is in a class all her own, that rare classical pianist who mixes her art with the delicacy of entertainment & charm without missing a beat of professionalism. But this is not all for this magical performer. The toasts have been many for her in unique venues & avant-garde underground entertainment spots around Europe. Born in Kobe, Japan, & starting off with a Master of Arts, Eriko Makimura went on to Universität der Künste in Berlin, Germany, completing her studies with honours in 2006; invited then to study at Hochschule Musik und Theater Hannover in Soloklasse. Well, launching out into a fury of performances, &, later, the teaching of masterclasses, she hasn’t looked back, & is today considered a pianist one ought not to miss. Currently living in Japan & working on concert performance projects, Eriko regularly performs solo & chamber music concerts in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Malaysia & Japan. She is known too for her Workshops (for young talent) & Master-classes wherever she goes, such as the recently highly-acclaimed series in Penang, Malaysia, supported by BENTLEY MUSIC GROUP. A winner too of * Kobe International Music Competition, 2000. * 1st prize at the Chamber Music Competition in Rome. * 2nd prize at the Chamber Music Contest in Atri, Italy, 2004. * in 2007, Grand Prix at one of the most significant chamber music competitions, Krzyzstof Oenderecki International Chamber Music Competition, Krakow, Poland. * 1st prize & Audience prize at the 2nd European Chamber Music Competition, Germany.

international piano stylist & performer


& * since

2007, member of the European Chamber Music Academy (ECMA) begun by professor Hatto Beyerle, founder of the Alban Berg Quartet

* in 2008, founded “Eriko Makimura & Co.”, a solo piano & chamber

music network, also offering piano teaching workshops & masterclasses for professionals.

2009 *

& 2010, Musical Director of "Den Collinske Gaard", Copenhagen

& last year alone, * Concert Performance Series "Seven Deadly Sins" Vol.2 "LUST" with ballerina Emi Hariyama, at Asahi hall in Kobe, Japan * Piano Recital "Dies Irae", in Copenhagen * Beethoven Project Vol.1, with a Concert Master of Hiroshima Symphony Orchestra Soichi Sakuma, in Kobe. * Solo Performance of "Dies Irae", at Kristus Kirke, Copenhagen * "Sisters Academy Malmö", at Malmö Inkonst, Sweden * Chamber Music Series Vol.1 "BBB", at Mozart Salon, Osaka, Japan * Duo Recital with cellist Yoshiko Ikemura in Penang, Malaysia + her fabulous “Chamber Cabaret”, On this, her first visit to Athens, ERIKO MAKIMURA aims to astonish.

PASHIAS’s practice is grounded in performance art, installation and photography. In his new series, “Training for performance”, this innovative Greek Cypriot artist explores active connections between performance art & athleticism. Examining what it means to ‘compete’ & to ‘complete’, he connects with audiences thru the embodiment of his own presence. Drawing too on references from antiquity to contemporary sociocultural contexts, the body ‘in action’ is presented as a political body that confirms, tests and disrupts the functioning of a social ensemble. And, as in social settings, the artist’s body is dismantled into a set of pieces, physical parts, habits or ideas, then physically & conceptually reshaped by the 'stance' or re-action of the audience. * solo exhibitions in Cyprus and Greece * participated in group exhibitions & international festivals in the UK, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Russia, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Sweden, Bulgaria and Turkey. * collaborated with Marina Abramovic Institute, Estonia Contemporary Art Museum, Besancon Institut Supérieur des Beaux Arts, Mediterranean Biennale of Contemporary Art and Toulouse International Art Festival. * co-founded in 2013, epitelesis - Performance Art Foundation - as an international platform in support of cultural activities. * engaged in curating exhibitions and events on the relationship of live action to other artistic practices. *w orks as educator/lecturer in various academic programs. Through active research into social constructions (body + gender), cultural consumption (body + food) and competitive spectacles (body + sports), PASHIAS investigates alternative modes of communication by presence, exchange and co-existence, the body becoming inevitably a political one, aware & responsible for its time and place. Webiste:

PASHIAS visual & performance artist

Training for performance #8

Photo – Kenn Clarke


‫‪refugee sculptor‬‬ ‫‪“My name is Halil.‬‬

‫ىتح تسرد اعرد‪ 1974‬ديلاوم نم يروس ليلخ يمسا انا‬

‫‪I was born1974 in Daraa, Syria.‬‬

‫بحا تنك رحلا لمعلل اهدعب تهجوت هيدادعالا هلحرملا‬

‫‪I stopped school after the elementary grade to work.‬‬ ‫‪I like making decorations from wood.‬‬

‫ماخرلا بيكرت يف تملعتو تلمع بشخلا روكيدلا لامعا‬ ‫مسرلا نم ليلقو تحنلا هياوه يدنعو صجلاو كيماريسلاو‬ ‫دوع هلآ هعانصب تمقو دوعلا هلآ ىلع فزعلا اليلق تملعتو‬

‫‪I learned also to work with marble, ceramic and plaster.‬‬

‫يندعاسو ايودي اهتلمع هيئابرهكلا تالالا مادختسا نودب‬

‫‪But my basic practice is sculpting (on marble & stone).‬‬

‫نم تاتوحنم هدع تلمع هيرورضلا تاساقمب ءاقدصالا دحا‬

‫‪I also like drawing,‬‬ ‫‪Music-wise, I play some oud.‬‬ ‫‪I even built one entirely by hand.‬‬ ‫‪The war made me leave my country as the conditions‬‬ ‫‪were always worsening. I stayed two years in Turkey,‬‬ ‫‪but things weren't good there either.‬‬ ‫‪I decided to try to reach Germany where my son lives.‬‬ ‫‪After the borders closed, I had to stay in Greece, and‬‬ ‫‪have applied for asylum.‬‬ ‫‪Although the language is a barrier,‬‬ ‫‪I now hope to find a job.‬‬ ‫‪I hope to find one quickly, as I am here with my wife‬‬ ‫‪and 5 daughters aged 1 (one) to 14.‬‬ ‫‪And I really wish to be able to continue doing what I‬‬ ‫‪love: sculpting, painting, music”.‬‬ ‫‪A BIG welcome to Khalil into‬‬ ‫‪the BERLIN SOUP family.‬‬ ‫‪Art, after all, is Life.‬‬

‫هذه نع ينتفرص هايحلا هبوعص نكالو ماخرلاو رجحلا‬ ‫دعب يدلب كرت ىلع ايروس يف برحلا ينتربجا هياوهلا‬ ‫هنم شاتعا يدام دروم وا لمع نود سولجلا نم نيماع‬

‫ديهز رجاب لمع دجا تنك هبوعصبو ايكرت ىلا تهجوت‬ ‫ىلا هجوتلا تررقف فيراصملا لمحت عطتسا مل ادج‬ ‫ىلا تلصو امدنعو ايناملا يف يدلوب يلمش عمجاو ابوروأ‬ ‫ناكو ناقلبلا لود دودحلا قالغا دعب انه تقلع نانويلا‬ ‫عمج لجا نم هدحتملا ممالا همضنملا يف ليجستلا نم دبال‬ ‫لمع نع ثحبلا لواحا كلذ الا يل ليبس ال هنال لمشلا‬ ‫يندعاست ال هغللا نكلو‬

‫نم نوكتت هرسإ يدل هنال يندعاسي لمع دجا نكا ىنمتا‬ ‫فصنو ماع ىرغصلاواماع‪ 14‬ىربكلا تانب‪ 5‬و هجوز‬ ‫ابيرقت‬

‫ىقسوملاو مسرلاو تحنلا يف يتياوه سراما نا انمتاو‬ ‫ءيش يا لمعا ال ينوك انه مسرلا ضعبب تمق‬


The UMBRELLA protects you from sun, rain and teargas .




chris calmer

Photo – Kenn Clarke

ArtSquat e, or a a hous s a t r and a of a he with butterfly g in t in Pa art, as a he sart. house id k e refuge sun. – #

Right up the street of our feelings in Berlin Soup

We consider it a privilege to be able to feature this refugee shelter (actually, a squat in Exarchia) where a lot of art & community creative healing is being done with children. ArtSquat, as one is wont to call it, is an initiative of citizens who decided to occupy and open the closed-for-almost 2 years High school of Athens in order to offer housing & a variety of art & classes to refugees, providing two primary-level classes for smaller and elderly children, the space allowing housing to 210 people, 80+ of whom are children, a small miracle of activists & concerned residents cleaning up the abandoned former 5th Lyceum of Athens, bringing in supplies and transforming it into a safe shelter for refugees where, apart from schooling for children, people get together and cook and eat with the refugees, and, together, make & encourage Art, turning this Athens shelter space into what one can respectfully call an artSquat, but is much more, and eloquent testimony to human behavior itself as an art form. Look, for example, at local theatre group Lotofogai dancing with the kids ( At the center of this creative ferment too are many mothers & fathers, including one parent, Kastro Preto Dakduk, Syrian artist & humanitarian, a notable livewire here, ‌ and many too from the European heartland.

creative human behavior

Originally from Tartus, Syria, Kastro studied at the Damascus School of Fine Arts. His favorite quote, Όταν σταματάς να κάνεις αυτά που πιστεύεις, . αρχίζεις να πιστεύεις αυτά που κάνεις. Δεν είμαστε ούτε αυτό που λέμε, ούτε αυτό που θέλουμε, ούτε αυτό που πιστεύουμε. Είμαστε αυτό που κάνουμε (When you stop doing what you believe, You begin to believe what you do. We are not what we say or what we want, or what we believe. We are what we do)

&, furth er on, th is, draw ing nea n by a g r Omon irl stayia. (Photo – Ma ureen Hu

rley – # re fugeek


This is right up the street of our feelings, and Berlin Soup 2016 salutes the wonderful people of Greece & those who live & share beyond the headlines.

"To devour someone with your eyes, to break through the cloud cover of their eyelashes, to violate these eyes streaming with tears, till you reach the hypocritical sun lit up by the idea of seduction, to enjoy others through their tears: this is a modern cannibalism of the emotions.� Jean Baudrillard.


Olga Magieres

Working in spots

Photo – Kenn Clarke

Erinnerung erreicht das Niveau von tiefem Wasser, das du von der Oberfläche her betrachtest, Erfahrung ist ein Springquell, von dem ich hoffe, daß der niemals versiegt in meiner Praxis versuche ich verschiedene Medien aufeinander zu beziehen. Ein Ziel gibt es dabei meistens nicht, es ergibt sich im Prozess und liegt, so hoffe ich, noch ein Stück weit entfernt; Kathrin Freytag was born 20.10.1984 in Hamburg; lived and practiced temporarely in Athens and Leipzig.





gw ith Exa Ph m oto p htt gra p:/ les o ph /fre f y, d yta work raw g­ka s ing thz at w .blo ww and gsp .ka wri t h ot. ting de rinfre as / yta an g.o ob vh



Nikos Branidis b. 1974 in Athens, GR lives and works in Athens, GR Nikos Branidis holds a BA in Mathematics from University of Thessaloniki, Greece. Nikos have been making art in the form of written poetry, photography, video, performance, objects, sculptures since 1992. He has give lessons of history, theory of photography and darkroom techniques in Athens, Greece. Nikos Branidis’ artwork has been shown at Maison Maca, Athens, GR, Art Athina Art Fair in Athens, GR, at Banja Rathnov Gallery in Copenhagen, DK and at CAN Gallery, Athens GR and BIOS, Athens, GR and in many other group shows in Greece. Nikos has also published a book of poetry.

Untitled, epoxy glue & pigments, 2014 a flat mini sculpture-painting sketch – 5 x 10 x 0.5 cm Top: Urbatron RYB, various materials 2016 – approx. 200 – 50 – 30 cm

Nikos Branidis has been a performer and actor of his own performances and video-works, and also participated in other artists’ performances. Nikos has performed at Michael Cacoyannis Foundation, Athens, GR, Remap Art Festival, Athens, GR and at Banja Rathnov Gallery, Copenhagen, DK and PAO performance art festival, Oslo, NO. His short film "Toothbrushes" has won various prizes and shown internationally.

Christian Noah Møller A ​large ​machine ​cuts the ​plants, ​separates the ​seeds from the ​stem. It cleans the g ​ rain, as it m ​ oves ​across the golden ​fields My part in Berlin Soup Art festival 2016 is to present a machine. A machine that will create a hybrid, not only between painting and sculpture, but also between the artist and the observer of the work. According to the Robert Rauschenberg tradition a COMBINE is an artwork that incorporates various objects. Objects that are combined and painted, to create a bridge between sculpture and painting. I take action under The worktittle “COMBINE”, but my works differs from the tradition by adding the observer of the painted sculpture as a dominant part of the art-piece. As in the tradition, associated with Rauschenberg and many other artists before him, I use various objects to get to the point. My materials are often objects of mass production. I handle them to make a direct connection to everyday life. The idea of understanding the observer as a crucial and necessary part of creating an art-piece, the realizations associated with incorporating that , creates a long line of Win-Win-Win situations. The observer steps into the drama. Arrives at a level so vital, not more important nor less, the materials, the artist, or the concept outcome. It is the hope to open new doors that will never close again. The doors opening, the realizations made in the meeting between art-piece and observer, all points in the direction the obvious. It is naked realization that an art-piece that is not observed, has no meaning, as a clock that rings out in an empty room, while everybody is outside, enjoying life in the burning sun.

You have to fight magic with magic. You have to believe That you have something impossible up your sleeve, The language of snakes, perhaps, an invisible cloak, An army of ants at your beck, or a lethal joke, The will to do whatever must be done: Marry a monster. Hand over your firstborn son.

Fairy tales are full of impossible tasks: Gather the chin hairs of a man-eating goat, Or cross a sulphuric lake in a leaky boat, Select the prince from a row of identical masks, Tiptoe up to a dragon where it basks And snatch its bone; count dust specks, mote by mote, Or learn the phone directory by rote. Always it’s impossible what someone asks—

Fairy-tale Logic



A. E. (Alicia) Stallings studied classics in Athens, Georgia and has lived since 1999 in Athens, Greece.

She has published three books of poetry, Archaic Smile (1999), which won the Richard Wilbur Award ; Hapax (2000) ; and Olives (2012).

Her new verse translation of Lucretius (in rhyming fourteeners !), The Nature of Things, is published by Penguin Classics.

A.E. (ALICIA) STALLINGS is the recipient of fellowships from the Guggenheim Foundation and the MacArthur Foundation.

She lives with her husband, John Psaropoulos, editor of the Athens News, and their small argonaut, Jason.

aL ili B ork ow sk a on


Be me rlin-b of dia i ased n inc mate clud Poli sh in lud ria es ls. D g pa art is ele i Th me rawin nting t Iwo en , in ex nts g n p ot of on h stal a Lil ho lore ion o i l em a e s w bro r fas tion, Bork the . 'I p f me tal es ide cin an ow m an surre refer ory s d a ry d to tion vide ka w its al is to i and Bo c o rea wit sym re nte an orks ex h Lรณ rkow t fl r i e p s t bo ect d int ext d us in a lism ed ret is tenc as z, P ska h e rig i uin le de s a w varie s,' in r sue e ar XIV well oland olds g s e e s s he alit pie ign ide ty o tha bu Eg Inte as T and an M y s t ce , sh ran f t tat e s. e o ge es so m mov two Be g, 8 rnatio xtile has FA fr . o y fte r e o B n l D f r wo me the an in-Is erl al A es ead m t n r h d C ta ine i g . k r e H t n t I o i h ' n r s S is om bu fte m e a t n r inte mes mu l, A Kuns ic Me t HT tory trzem e o W nic rta tsa eti fer res sh i e n B f A ns en t n ati ce ed in on e G lon, g Ex erlin rt at ki Ac s B a a p . in fai Eu llery erlin erim Sele the U dem ry rop an , G ent cte niv y o f e, d , e d e A rs Sta Ha ma Zba r e szy xhib ity o t Sch dt yak ny; f it Mu a o n A se Arti mon , Pol ions Pola ol um , I n a i n g d So stan st N nd; G clud lta e b e o ig ld u, ul, Ge Tu hbo en rm rke urs y an : y. ; Ar t

Urszula Usakowska-Wolff

(from the series »Poetry in Progress«)

uma hija humba gaga manga haja gamba haha figo fago lobster zgaga dali dali ubu flacha bingo bungo bouboulina hipster homer troja meles deus zeus ex machina greta kreta gaia thales platon pindar politea hejza hola hi witkacy recep sultan amaltheia gadu gadu cacy cacy surmelina sneaker nike gyros eros maces pita samothrake raki psyche nick titania hippolyta nikab kebab burka trendy menetekel mama mia baba jaga bomba handy ali baba skype sharia listerine lysistrata pallas callas la divina ola boga trata tata mnemosyne heroina börek burak barak error dada dada puk sirtaki tshador tumor humor terror ouzo vodka gin suflaki zorba zebra zorro zero odysseus kirke moly epos ethos agros hero penelope really holy mama merkel kebab selfie smartphone ip apple center social media pythia delphi login password jihad enter tablet themis tsipras twitter kogiel mogiel google gender bara bara aphrodite hello hellas chat me tender magic tragic crime medea calamari kaliméra eos eon deo theia bye bye byron et cetera

Urszula Usakowska-Wolf ( is a genuine livewire on the international art & communications scene. Her lyrics will be performed at Berlin Soup 2016 with Olga Magieres.

Photo © – Manfred Wolff

© Urszula Usakowska-Wolff, 2016

Bring Poems To Athens

KIM MORRISSEY – poet, playwright Kim Morrissey, an accomplished Canadian poet & playwright, lives in London. “Athens,” she says, “ seems magical, and is exactly the right place to explore themes of Mythologies and Fairy Tales.” And she will read from ‘20th Century Vices,’ her poetry cycle. Kim’s books include: Batoche (Coteau, 1989), Poems For Men Who Dream of Lolita (Coteau, 1991), Dora: A Case of Hysteria (Nick Hern Books, 1994) and Clever As Paint: the Rossettis in Love, (Playwrights Canada Press, 1999). Her latest play, ‘Mrs. Ruskin’, is forthcoming from Sudeep Sen’s Aark Arts. She has been a commissioned writer on the BBC radio satirical sketch show WeekEnding & a member of the Poetry Workshop, London (Divers Anthology, with Jane Draycott, Richard Price, and Sudeep Sen and others) and has mentored The Purple Poets since 2005. &, apart from a very public reading, Kim's art of the workshop!! POETRY WORKSHOP FOUND POETRY/ FINDING THE VOICE

A Poetry Workshop with the famed Purple Poets’ mentor explores techniques involved in creating a Found Poem (to wit, the making of poetry from a passage of prose). Bring a pen and some paper, and, if you like, a passage of prose (preferably someone else’s). Lyrically, participants create in the workshop, and then perform their work in front of everyone, followed by a 15-minute finished poetic retelling. Everyone Welcome & welcome too to this lyrical trouper extraordinaire.

d ear aB en, n S e p e Ser ude by S ing by o t o nt Ph pai of a


LARS HØEG LARS HØEG Lars Høeg, painter, born in 1958, lives and works in Copenhagen.

Studies at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts 1981-88. Throughout the years Lars Høeg has had many solo shows and has participated in numerous group shows in Denmark as well as abroad. Lars Høeg lived and worked in Berlin for six months in 1997; and in 2000 he held a month’s grant in a studio apartment in Prenzlauer Berg. The artist has paid numerous visits to Berlin since 1997. At the BERLIN SOUP 2016 Lars Høeg will be showing drawings that stem from doodling, displaying motifs inspired from Greek mythology. “I work with painting and drawing on their own terms in the Renaissance tradition and up to the present. I am moved by colour, tone and hue. I experience beauty from simple items such as a milk carton and an empty wine bottle. Today’s speed of life to which we all submit makes me uneasy”. “Blomst i flaske”, 2012, ink on paper, 25 x 18 cm

“Subterraneans I”, 2015, pencil and ink on paper, 21 x 29, 5 cm.

“Auto III”, 2009, ink on paper, 21,5 x 29 cm.


art visionary


Art money is the alternative currency of original art. One art money measures 12x18 cm and holds a fixed value. Artists make art money. Shops and service providers accept art money as full or partial payment. Art collectors buy original art for less. Welcome to the global finance of free expression! Learn how:







Project description Following their fruitful collaborations in various instances, in festivals and concerts in Denmark and Greece, Jørgen Teller, Marinos Koutsomichalis, Nikos Kyriazopoulos, Alexandros Drymonitis and Akis Sinos will present their common practice through individual short sets and deliberate joint actions. A coherent element of all performances will be sound as an end in itself on the one hand and noise as a reference point on the other. Dealing with space, time and perception in the most direct and creative way, the artists will try to develop an audio language that focuses on the most fundamental qualities of technologically mediated reality: coded data, feedback loops, digital drones, micro-processors and analog electronic elements.

Nikos Kyriazopoulos

Nikos Kyriazopoulos is an artist with a wide range of interests, from the resonance of human invention to the sound of natural landscape. Since 2006 he has been dedicated to the design and the construction of his very own analog electronic instruments. He has collaborated with various noise and experimental artists in Greece and abroad. His music is characterized by Atavistic soundscapes, experiential hearing and the bodily felt sense. In Berlin Soup he will attempt to put intelligence on the switch.

Marinos Koutsomichalis is an artist, scholar and software developer. He was born in Athens, GR (1981) and has since lived and worked in various countries. His interests involve hypermediacy, technological mediation, material exploration, post-humanism, distributed cognition, and computational ĂŚsthetics. He has collaborated with varios institutions and project spaces worldwide and he has presented his work internationally in all sorts of milieus: from leading museums and acclaimed biennales to industrial sites, and from underground venues to churches or scientific conferences. He has worked as a research fellow in the University of Turin and has lectured at various universities, institutes and research centers. He has being responsible for writing the Mapping and Visualization with SuperCollider book. He has PhD in Music, Sound and Media Art from the De Montfort University and a MA in Composition with Digital Media from the University of York. For his performance at Berlin Soup, Marinos Koutsomichalis is going to present an algorithmic work revolving around complex automata and Weirstrass-inspired function.

Photo – Š Dimitris Stamatiou (

Marinos Koutsomichalis

Akis Sinos Akis Sinos is using analog synthesizers and various digital tools to explore a vast array of sounds. He has showcased his work in venues and festivals in Greece and abroad. In his duo with Stratos Bichakis he has been experimenting with the potential of drum machines through the superpimposition of divergent rhythms and patterns, using a selfdevised code, simulation of synchronicity models. As a member of ‘Romvos’ platform, he has been producing concerts and events in Athens and taking part in exhibitions such as the Athens Biennale. He is one of the founders of Hypermedium, a label focusing on contemporary creation in electronic music and digital arts. The electro-acoustic tradition, as well as contemporary advances in rhythmic structures will equally inform his solo performance.

Alexandros Drymonitis

Alexandros Drymonitis is a musician, active in the field of experimental (electronic) music and noise. His musical practice focuses on the texture of sound and noise, exploring the borders of control, with form as a main goal. His educational aim is to provide acquired knowledge on multimedia programming. He has collaborated with various artists from different art disciplines, plus several ensembles. He is currently a member of Medea Electronique and a collaborator of ARTéfacts Ensemble. As a member of Medea Electronique, he is a main organizer of the ‘Electric Nights Festival’. He has taught the guitar at the Music School of Amsterdam and ‘Philippos Nakas’ Conservatory in Athens, and electronic music programming at ‘Musical Praxis’ Conservatory in Athens. He is currently teaching several workshops in various venues and undertaking media programming in various events. He is the author of the book ‘Digital Electronics for Musicians’, published by Apress. A droney improvisation will serve as the main foundation for his performance at Berlin Soup.

Lennox Silence Circle Workshop photo – Julija Balukevica

“There are dead stars that still shine because their light is trapped in time. Where do I stand in this light, which does not strictly exist?� Don DeLillo, Cosmopolis

Oneirodrama is a theatrical troupe made up of four actors who together have created theatrical performances for the past ten years. Writing, designing, directing and acting, they bring the stage to life. Their latest production resulted from their investigation into five Greek myths and traditional folktales, blended together to present a commentary of modern life. The production that took place last March in the Municipal Piraeus Theatre and consecutively in May at the renowned "Camp" in Kotzia Square, which received enthusiastic reviews by audience and critics alike, is yet again being staged at the Old Oil Mill Refinery/Elaiourgeion, this time in the Municipality of Elefsina. The theatrical company "Oneirodrama", participating in the fortnight of Modern Theatrical Creation, is seeking that obscure place in which dream and reality can indeed co-exist through the play "Under the daughter's shadow"

Seven dark, traditional fables are revived through the heroes that narrate in a different, distinct way the awkward, bizzare, magical, alluring, fierce and brutal yet simultaneously tenderly touching and moving stories. With a distinctly rejuvenating force, the actors and actresses Penny Kalafatakis, George Menediatis, Christina Moudatsou and Vasilis Papalazarou, are once more ready to open the way for the fable heroes to meet our everyday, real life through the following fairy tales: "The peoples' King", "Fables' womb", "Yearning", "Dormancy", "The little rooster", "The dunderhead's fate" and "The pastor's daughters". The unknown and gloomy world of adulthood, lust,violence, love, envy, authority, vanity, the journey leading to self-awareness, human relations and our innermost thoughts, all the aforementioned consist the topos as well as the meeting point of seven fables which -like all fairy tales- are founded in yesterday in order to interpret today's world.These fairy tales claim that we will manage to interpret this incoher-


(Dream-Drama) ent today as long as we open our minds to miracles and learn to trust others and life itself, thus giving the opportunity to stories containing and airing disguised-yet evidently identifiable- truths,

Contributors: Concept-Direction Costume Designer Music composition Photgraphic material Performers

to touch our hearts and pacify all our fears. Alluring and utterly charming, fairy tales will continue to amaze, move and console us through the universal symbolic, connotative language of reproduction.


"Oneirodrama" company Konstantinos Gougounis Panos Doukoumopoulos Myrto Steirou – Alexandros Karaiskos Penny Kalafatakis – George Menediatis – Christina Moudatsou – Vasilis Papalazarou

Duration : 60 min Contact info: George Menediatis +30210-3222075 +306948003020 Penny Kalafatakis +30210-2934718 +306946342109 –

Copenhagen based from 2011 in to the “nest� for minimalistic underground electronic tech dance scene. Two of his big inspirations are jazz and ambiental ethnic music. They came from the collaborations and marked my his ear for folk, tribal grooves, heartbeat induced grooves, spiritual shamanic music and a lot of deep inner soul disection. Since 2004 Alpha Bite is performing and creating a trance dimensional space it has a north limit settled by dub synthesis and south by the lyric imagery. The inner tune is fixed in roots/minimal dub beats performed by the everchanging ego self multiplying. Just keep by the end of your seat press the mystic button and get out of the obscure and into the light. The dialogue between harmony and a genre that defines and experience, many influences, shuffling techno beats, lots of dub soul and tech. Present Memory is the last release on digital wave or mp3, and its available for download: Enlighten and discreet Feel and meditate Groove with the Gods Music is everything Patterns and colours

Experience the unusual Create and discompose Mature with the Sun Free as a bird Calm as a snow Cloud: Social:



petersen The deer has always had a strong symbolic value. Most obvious is the deer seen as “The chase “ - The hunt of survival food and propagating; however, thoughout history, the symbol of the deer has had many different meanings. In the christian world it was a symbol of Jesus, the witch in Greek mythology, where it also symbolizes a devotion to the goods, a spiritual search of entity In these particular works the deer is a dialog between the human and it's eternal inner deer –put into play by the various meanings of the deer.

writer – transmedia artist Object! mixed multimedia Raphael Raphael is a film & media scholar & film/transmedia artist. His writings include the co-edited volumes Transnational Stardom: International Celebrity in Film and Culture (Palgrave Macmillan, 2013) & the upcoming Transnational Horror Cinema: Bodies of Excess and the Global Grotesque (Palgrave Macmillan, 2016). Raphael lectures at the University of Hawaii at Manoa where he is also Associate Editor for Review of Disability Studies. He is also completing artist residencies in Berlin & New York with Transart Institute. And is currently working on an adaptation (for film) of Robin Wildt Hansen's The World. (Hansen read from The World at Berlin Soup 2015, at WestGermany, Berlin).

I thought about today, yesterday, when today was tomorrow. I often do. And now that it is today, I think a lot about tomorrow, which yesterday, was the day after tomorrow, and just another day. Yesterday I thought about the things I would do today. I worried a bit that something might go wrong – but it hasn*t. Perhaps it is because I have not done the things I thought yesterday, I would do today, being occupied with tomorrow, and all. Tomorrow will be yesterday the day after tomorrow, and then, I will be occupied with the day after that. It doesn*t matter if it is a Saturday or Sunday, because today, it is just another day. But when the day after tomorrow is today, I will think about it, as I often do, and worry a bit that something might go wrong. I don*t think much about yesterday. I thought about it the day before yesterday when yesterday was tomorrow. but today they are both yesterdays, and what happened, happened by itself. Yesterday was good. It happened while I was occupied with today; I guess blind chickens find worms too. Today, I think about the good things that happened yesterday. I wish I had been there, but I arrived early, and left before it came, off to tomorrow, which arrived today. Unfortunately I am out today on important business. I am making sure that nothing goes wrong with tomorrow, so that the day after, when tomorrow is yesterday, I can count worms and wish I had been there. At the end of the day there is only today. Today is the last day. There are no tomorrows left, and I am bored. There is nothing to do, except remember yesterday where something good happened, and to wish I had been there. Today is a new day; today is a good day.

Birth of


1996 Kulturfabrikken, in Amager, Copenhagen Lennox and Jesper first met at Kulturfabrikken, now Fabrikken for Kunst & Design, in 1996 where Jesper curated a one week workshop on food art together with Rune Fjord Jensen. Lennox participated with, among other things, a piano piece starring a beautiful wellformed naked beauty eating grapes & bananas on top of the piano during the closingdinner. Lennox & Jesper both knew some day in the future they would start working together. August 2011 The seed of Letters from Berlin : Walkies & Talkies : and BERLIN SOUP started its journey in the light of a rainy augustevening under a bombshelter in the yard of the Artspace DADAPOST founded 2009 by Howard McCalebb. Here Lennox and Jesper did an Optipist openingperformance under the blue / white doubleumbrella. When Lennox saw Jespers videoinstallation of Walking men under umbrellas, he fell in love with the magic & said he would like to take a walk & talk under an umbrella in front of Brandenburger Tor SOME DAY October 2012 SOME DAY – BERLIN – JULY IN OCTOBER became 5 beautiful and heartworking walkie talkie days of July in October – Which turned to be long inspiring walkings through the history of blood, suffering, pain, hope, beauty moments of the 20th century European history & inspirational pitstops in the company of Chris Calmer, Silke Calmer, and Anna Fink… That last evening in town Lennox and Jesper biked around Wedding and, as they passed one empty shop after another, decided to have a releaseparty & their DVD : Letters from Berlin : ›Walkies & Talkies‹ in one of these some time in the future. Then Howard heard of their plan and invited them to come to DADAPOST. December 2012

BERLIN SOUP was named under the legendary Star of the upside down hanging Christmas tree in Library Bar at Hotel Plaza a slushy dark Sunday afternoon in the beginning of December 2012 in Copenhagen. We, Alex Choub from Siberia, Lennox Raphael from everywhere and Jesper Dalmose from Copenhagen were sitting talking about the coming ARTevent in DadaPost, Berlin, in May / June 2013 as Ideas and imaginations sparkled in the beauty of the brightlighting Star bidding welcome to the Future. Alex exclaimed ! ! what a Soup ! ! and Lennox & Jesper both said at once : ! ! ! What a Berlin Soup ! ! ! C'est Cá and BERLIN

SOUP was born.

May/June 2013 – The first


The rest is artHistory in the Making.

FOTINI KAPIRIS & GEORG GEORGAKOPOULOS, – there from the beginning. RAPHAEL RAPHAEL, an early facilitator of Berlin Soup 2016, Athens. KRINIO PAPPA, for the work she did assembling info for the KHALIL pages. ALICIA STALLINGS for bringing the special ArtSquat refugee center to our attention. GINGER CARLSON, ZEAL & ANJALI for Athenian hospitality. KENN CLARKE for being more than a designer. TO ALL THOSE who put up with the Berlin Soup curators & lent a helping hand or two wherever possible. &, last but not least, those who have helped with providing lodgings in the Greek capital for Berlin Soup artists & performers.

σας ευχαριστώ Everyone.

Retrospect Collage by Julija Balukevica


Directors of the Berlin Soup Association are : Chairman Vice Chairman

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Jesper Dalmose Lennox Raphael

Badensgade 46 – 2300 København S. email : CVR-nummer : 35547746

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