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Kites: A Connection between Earth and Heaven 01 Case Study 1: The Golden Moon Pavilion 02 Case Study 2: The Opposite of All Those Things 03 Case Study 3: Little Shining Man 04 Iteration 1: The Hanging Moon 05 Iteration 2: The Moon and the Stars 06 Iteration 3: Connection of the Path of the Stars 07 Iteration 4: Connection of the Moon and the Stars 08-10 Transformation Iterations 11 Narrative 12

Kites:A Connection between Earth and Heaven

Case Study I: The Golden Moon Pavilion

What is kite and how does it strengthen to people? Well, kite is just a wind driven machine in general and its body is made up of the framework and the outer covering to catch the wind. However kites can be used for recreation, art, power activities and military applications. The types and functions of kites become different depend on the particular places.

LEAD’s Fiery Golden Moon Pavilion What makes a kite fly? Obviously, the right material usages and the wind make a kite fly. There are four forces (gravity, lift, thrust and d rag) that affect a kite while it is flying. These all forces come to the towing point (center of pressure) to make it flies.


Location and usages :Mid-Autumn Festival at Lee Kum Kee Lantern Wonderland in Hong Kong Architects :Kristof Crolla and Adam Fingrut Materials :steel, bamboo, fabrics, LED lights Inspiration :Chinese lantern and the moon Specification :To express the feeling to love and passion from the Moon Goddess The geodesic dome echoes the spherical shape of the moon to give the message of reunion and gathering. It also references the legend of the Moon Goddess of Immortality, whose love for her husband. The geometric sheets of fabrics give the aspect of texture and repetitive structure. It serves as an inviting public event space and a remarkable visual experience for festival.


Case Study II: The Opposite of All Those Things

Case Study III: Little Shining Man

The Opposite of All Those Things

Little Shining Man

Artists :Heather and Ivan Morison Materials :Ripstop fabric and carbon fibre 263x330x440cm Inspiration :the structure of rock from US desert town of Quartzsite, Arizona Specification :To express the opposite aspects of stone The sculpture based on geometric structure by collaborating with Kite related idea. This three-dimensional kite structure accomplishes the essence of the shape of rocks, but physically they are opposite: large, lightweight structures and designed to fly. But it gives the heavy looking feeling and trapping with the frames of kite. It broaches the issue of gravity and special perception at the same time.

Artists :Heather and Ivan Morison Materials :Carbon-fibre rods, a hand-made composite fabric (yacht sails), rapid-prototyped nylon connectors Inspiration :the structure of rock from US desert town of Quartzsite, Arizona Specification :The visual impact and the reality The sculpture based on the tetra kites of Alexander Graham Bell. Even though it perform as a heavy, un-flyable cubic mass, it is able to fly freely and steadily beacuase of lightweight materials and the symmetry of the module and composition. It has the repetative and spacial quality with layers.



Iteration 1: The Hanging Moon

Iteration 2 : The Moon and the Stars

The starting point to represent as the moon. (The demonstration of full and half moon.)

The triangular part of the kite breaks through the air. While it flies, the semi-circle part is going to hang from the upper part of the kite, and it achieves the aspect of the moon. The choice of materials makes the translucent quality to show the frame works of the kite.

Orthographic Bottom View

The iteration seems like there are two layers. It actually has 3 layers. Three layers are conected each other and it claims the continuity system. The transluent and transparent quality have been demonstrated at the same time. The waving patten has geometrically connected and create a layer. The tail part try to develop the idea of creating moon shape.

Site view or the kite (Left) orthographic (bottom) view of the kite (Right)

(inspiration form “The Golden Moon Pavilion�)

Front View

Right Side View

Detail of Waving Pattern


Materials: Bass Wood and Basal Wood Origami paper Bubble-wrap plastic bottom view of the kite in detail (Left) Side view of the kite in detail (Right)


Bass and Basal wood Tracing paper rope Form Board Plastic

Left Side View

Close-up view of Back


Iteration 3: Connection of the Path of the Stars

Top View

Demonstration of 3 layers; transparent, translucent and waving layers. The translucent layer casts the shadow of the waving pattern and creating the fascinating geometry shapes. The strings are geometrically connecting at the outer part of the kite in both side and in the inner side, they are connecting ramdomly. It gives the diffeent affection for this iteration.

Side View

Iteration 4: Connection of the Moon and The Stars (review)

Bottom View

When it comes to my fourth iteration, I takes the good points from my previous iterations and I build my kite for final review. It has the curvilinear shape to maintain the moon shape. It also has the spacial quality that provoke the interlocking space. The upper part of the kite keeps the eyes to go through the line and ends up in the middle two layers by signifying the connectivity quality.

Close-up (side) View


Top View

Side View

Bottom View

Back View


Bass Wood and Basal Wood Tracing Paper Plastic Strings Front View

Details in Waving system


Bass Wood and Basal Wood Tracing Paper Plastic Strings

Opening Space (Close-up)

Details in Waving


Iteration 4: Connection of the Moon and the Stars (final)

Waving Pattern (Back)

It attains the same shape as the fourth iteration (review) model. It has the hierachy composition and the waving system is more geometric compared to my review model. Most of the gap spaces are cover with the tracing paper and plastic to create the specific spatial quality. It comes with the fascinating waving system to create waving pattern layers of the kite. The back part of the waving system keeps the parabola shape and makes the connection between the front and back part of the moon (curvilinear shape).

Waving Pattern (Left Side)

Details of Waving System

Iteration 4: Plan and Sections

Waving Pattern (front)

Waving Pattern(Right,Back)

Left View (Close-up)



Tranformation Iterations


- The inspiration comes from the Golden Moon Pavilion. - There are two shapes of moon in the first study model.

- Desided to change the shape of the moon and found that building. - The roof maintains the shape of the moon. - Got the idea to make the shpe of the moon.

- I changed my moon concept and I went to the path of the stars in the universe. - The weaving patterns point out the connections of the stars.

- I got an idea of combining both stars and moon together.

Being a human, we all face the difficult situations in our life. It shows that life is not simple, but dynamic. When we face such kinds of dynamic situation, we need to find our right path of life to pursue our goal. It might be easy to find the right way in the day time because we can see clearly everything in our destination. But how would we do at night when we cannot see clearly everything. At that time we have to make the connection with our nature things, the moon and the stars. We can regard these as the light house that shows our way at night time. When we lost at night, we can find the polar star and know directly where the north is. By this way we can get the right path to go forward. However knowing the location of the stars is not enough to find the way, we also need the light to brighten-up our track. Therfore the moon and the stars come up together to lighten up our route when we lost. Since the kite is also the connection between earth, people and universe, I follow the inspiration of the moon and the stars. My kite acoomplish the idea of leading the right way like the moon and the stars.



Arch 102 mid term portfolio (CCSF)  

Kyi Kyi Cho Arch 102 (mid-term portfolio) Instructor - Amily Huang City College of San Francisco (Fall 2013)

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