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Last month we launched the Holiday Gift Guide for 2012 which had key items that we’re excited about! With only a few days, check items off of your list while also ensuring that you have fabulous finds for yourself and in time for your Secret Santa, stockings and to get under the tree. We’ve got you set for all of your gifting solutions and they’re all themed so all you have to do is relax and click away! We also have a NYE Guide that you can check out just in case you’re beginning to think about what you should wear on the big night that ends the year while kicking off to another! Let’s end 2012 on a good note that’s full of health, happiness and joy while also looking forward to all that is bound to happen in 2013!

The holidays are all about ensuring that your home reflects the spirit of the season! One of my favorite symbols during this time of year is a Christmas tree. Growing up, we had artificial trees as my sister had asthma and the upkeep of a natural tree was a bit much! I love that Balsam Hill (@BalsamHill) has a number of trees to meet your needs and although artificial, they’re amazingly life like! In addition, I love that many of them are pre-lit which is even better. Trying to figure out whether you’re light strings are still active and what connects with what takes away from the joy of putting up your tree. In addition, this site is a great destination to find ornaments, wreaths, garland and more. Just like we all have different requirements for the essential tree, you will have a number to choose from. Whether your decorations are for intimate spaces (our NYC small apartments), palatial lofts, and free standing homes or even outside décor – there are a number of options here. Visit Kitten Lounge (@KittenLounge) to watch our fun video that we have thanks to our fab sponsor, Balsam Hill which will tell you how we decorated our tree and why we chose it!

We love our traditionalists but for those who want to bring fun into their holiday, Treetopia (@Treetopia) has you covered with trees, garlands and wreaths that come in a number of hues from red, gold, black, purple, rainbow and more! Whether it’s a dorm, office or your home you’re set!

LAST MINUTE HOLIDAY GUIDE GIFTING TIP: We obsess over stacks on stacks

The holidays are about coming together whether it’s with co-workers, friends, family or your significant other! This means that with a busy schedule, it’s all about being able to rock a look that works in a moment’s notice. Marissa del Rosario (@MarissadRosario) has bracelets that can be worn alone, are stacked and are the perfect way to make your options a lot more chic. When it comes to an accessory that has a touch of the classics and a bit of an edge, it’s the perfect choice to wear out or for gifting whether it’s a set or for a stocking stuffer. Don’t ask us to choose which one should be under our tree and check out additional offerings from this accessories designer!

LAST MINUTE HOLIDAY GUIDE GIFTING TIP: When getting a last minute invite to a gathering, don’t show up empty handed. Everyone loves tasting something new!

We all know of times when we realize that a brunch with friends turns into a brunch at home. Perhaps you’re invited to decorate someone’s tree, will be wrapping packages or are just checking in. Regardless, you should never show up empty handed and when thinking about what makes since in terms of the type of alcohol to bring, why not bring something that will allow you to share a story about? We’re such fans of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction (@ArtintheAge) as I love that they bring a number of old time alcohol mixes back to the modern age! One of their newest products is Sage which is a fabulous blend of Dandelion, Thyme, Rosemary and Fennel. We’ve been mixing away at Kitten Lounge and we love to taste this when it’s with citrus based beverages or in warm tea! We’ve also been a fan of Barenjager Honey (@BarenjagerHoney) for a long time and when we found that this honey based alcohol now has a version that’s a mixture of honey AND bourbon, we were excited! This is the perfect drink to mix with hot toddies, ginger ale and more – it screams a fabulous winter drink. Check back as we will have videos of cocktails for both of these drinks within our NYE Guide!


Shobha (@MyShobha) on Madison Ave is my favorite place to keep my brows looking fabulous and so this season it’s important to spread the good cheer to all those in need! A few weeks ago, I went to the opening of their newest location in the Financial District. This location could also use you guys as well and so we’re excited to announce that between now and Dec 16 th, you can get a free brow, underarm or bikini treatment! Simply print this out and being it in; however, you only get ONE of these items for free, AND you must be a new Shobha customer so if you’ve always wanted to check it out – this is your perfect opportunity to do so. For additional information, read the information above and see why Kitten Lounge stands behind one of our favorite salons in the city!

LAST MINUTE HOLIDAY GUIDE GIFTING TIP: Comfort is key but just keep it sensual (giveaway alert)!

Then there are the gifts that you give yourself! We have a fun array of fun items that are for you! We fell in love with Curvy Couture (@CurvyCouture1) which is a plus size line of lingerie as we think that everyone should have fabulous underwear! How fabulous are the peacock inspired lingerie set (love the sleep mask which is also blinged out) as well as the Swarovski hand placed stones she ranges from 36C – 44D (next year this line will be available in H). One of my favorite underwear lines that I love rocking is Affinitas Intimates – especially their panty packs where each package has 3 pairs! This is perfect for long weekends or keeping an extra stash. I love Affinitas Intimates so much that we will be giving 5 winners the opportunity to win a pack between now and Dec 15 th. Simply tell us about a long weekend trip you would take during the holidays and a pack can be yours! Just make sure to tweet @AffinitasIntima and @KittenLounge #HolidayGetaway. When it comes to a night in, how can you pass up Jimmyjane (@Jimmyjane)? This candle not only illuminates a room with its aroma but as it burns, it creates an oil which can be used while getting a massage! Whether after this massage or when you’re out and about, we also suggest rocking Courtesan Candy (@Shoshi) perfume oils!

LAST MINUTE HOLIDAY GUIDE GIFTING TIP: Two gifts for us and one for you (giveaway alert)!

We travel a lot whether it’s getting gifts for others, meeting with friends after work and of course heading out to meet up on Christmas and more. When we do, our music must go with us! We love Sol Republic as we were sent In Ear headphones in grey AND we were able to make Track Remixes (this is when you select your color of the headband, your chords and the earphones) in our favorite signature pink color! We also love that whichever ones we rock, we’ll be able to listen to music while also being able to use them to talk on our phones or to Skype because of their Cleartalk Cables! We loved this so much that we had to spread some love to you! On Dec 18 th, we will select a winner for these red, white and blue Anthem Tracks HD. Tweet @SolRepublic and @KittenLounge what you’re fave song is this holiday to calm down from the madness #HolidayTunes.

LAST MINUTE HOLIDAY GUIDE GIFTING TIP: Stocking stuffers need to be fun!

We love Avon (@AvonPRGals) and Mark (@MarkGirl) products as there are tons of things to check out and they make a great stocking stuffer, Secret Santa and more! Whether you’re thinking of beauty/skincare products as a gift, accessories or apparel – they have you covered!

LAST MINUTE HOLIDAY GUIDE GIFTING TIP: Sometimes people will try it if you leave it out!

My obsession with Korres (@KorresUSA) is all about having amazing skin (and yes it could make amazing gifts for others but this is definitely something that I would put in my own stocking)! I’ve been stocking up on a number of items lately as they span from beauty to skincare! What’s not to love about them? When I know people are coming over, I like to leave things out to encourage people to try! I always get my mom to try something new this way and it’s a great way to gift it!


We know that everyone is always asking themselves how they can look amazing now or into the New Year. We believe in eating right, exercise etc. but we know that sometimes in addition to these methods, we have to add in a few things. We had been hearing a lot about VelaShape (@VelaShape) which many of Bravo’s Housewives (we know that Kim from Real Housewives of Atlanta has used this and was even included within one of the episodes – only Kim would nibble on pizza while she contoured her body) have tweeted about using. VelaShape is the premiere FDA cleared device for body contouring, cellulite removal and slimming that feels much a like a warm massage. Whether it’s body after baby, a simple confidence booster or just a beauty treatment to prepare for a bikini-donning vacation, Vela is a much desired option for women and men the world over. We think this is a great gift for you or someone that you know is looking for this and we will be talking more about this into the New Year (just as we have with a number of treatments that take multiple applications so that you can see the process)!

LAST MINUTE HOLIDAY GUIDE GIFTING TIP: Giving starts with you and lasts for weeks!

Giving to you or to others continues with Beam Laser Spa (@BeamLaserSpa)! Many of you know that I was super dubious when it came to laser treatments years ago. As an African American, I knew that many spas didn’t have the appropriate lasers that were for olive to darker skin and could in many cases; lighten the skin in addition to removing hair! But when I met the fabulous Young sisters (Andrea and Liz – gorgeous Brazilian Glamazons) of Beam Laser Spa, I got an education on the different types of lasers and the care that they took in to ensure that their patients were properly treated! A few years ago, I got my underarms taken care of. To this day (years later), I still say that I barely have to shave! This fall, I received treatments on my bikini line here and I’m so pleased that I did this! Beam Laser Spa is located on the UWS in the Columbus Circle area and has a pleasant staff, one that tells you what will happen and allows you to have a moment if you want a little more of a space between zaps! I’m a huge advocate of this spa salon for hair removal and encourage everyone to check it out (or to ask me questions)!

LAST MINUTE HOLIDAY GUIDE GIFTING TIP: Surveys show that beauty products are on many wish lists!

In addition to Pantone announcing that Emerald is 2013’s color of the year, we’re loving that Laura Mercier (@LauraMercier) has these decadent Crème de Pistachio Soufflé Body Crème as well as their Crème de Pistachio Scrub (yes it has little shells in it that are the perfect abrasive to keep your skin soft and moisturized)! This is great for a Secret Santa or your girlfriends when you’re giving presents around the brunch table!

LAST MINUTE HOLIDAY GUIDE GIFTING TIP: Fabulous accessories from baubles to decor!

Our Editor in Chief, Kimmie, has had the pleasure of being on HSN doing spokes work for her brand on the very day that Carol Brodie (@CarolBrodieHSN), fabulous jewelry designer and home dÊcor designer of Carol Brodie’s Rarities (who believes in accessorizing everything) was on air throughout the day! Make sure that you check out when she will be airing as she is on HSN (@HSN) throughout this week and has an extensive collection that is perfect for getting and giving!

LAST MINUTE HOLIDAY GUIDE GIFTING TIP: Bring a gift to the hostess!

Sometimes you’re not sure what to bring with you when you’re invited to a friend of a friend’s event, a simple gathering or a situation where you need to bring a gift but have no idea who the receiver is. Think a client dinner/cocktail party. In this case, I think about iconic brands that everyone is familiar with. I love that Coach (@Coach) has a signature fragrance as well as Coach Poppy Blossom (I’m a huge fan of this fragrance which is a twist on my personal favorite, Poppy). Who doesn’t love this gift and the scents have such a heritage and full fragrance that you’ll know this is the right item to gift (as well as to purchase another for you!).

LAST MINUTE HOLIDAY GUIDE GIFTING TIP: Your sister deserves fab gifts to rock and enjoy!

You used to take borrow from her closet and learned how to swap things back in before she noticed (you think)! Whether you’re older or younger, you want to ensure that your sister looks as fab as you do (or that you get her items that you can borrow all over again. With that in mind we have the perfect gifting list that has one of our favorite accessories as well as a number of amazing beauty items that everyone will want to enjoy.

We’re featuring our favorite accessory from Pelcor (@Pelcor) which is a Portuguese company whose accessories are made out of cork. Please know that this was not the easiest of choices and that you have to check out their site in order to see everything that they have from bags to jewelry. An envelope clutch is such an essential and a great way to jazz up your cocktail dress or her LBD! There’s something about being able to have a sampling of scents whether it’s rocking a certain moof when you’re out and about or to take with you when you’re off to a spa – why not bring your own body oils? We’re loving these fabulous body oils by Primavera (@PrimaveraLifeUK love the Energizing Ginger Lime). There are four that are packed in this collection and although she is bound to have her favorite, why couldn’t she let you use one of them when you happen to be over – just to ensure that it truly is a scent that suits her! Finally, we’re obsessed with our new found beauty friend, OroGold Cosmetics (@OroGoldCosmetic). We have a great video coming up as we love the 24K Deep Peel (yes 24K gold is in this and makes your skin not only decadent but soft) as well as the 24K Moisturizer Day! What’s so amazing about this – pure gold! Not only is this metal luxurious, through history it has been used as a beautifying tool. Cleopatra has been believed to sleep in a gold mask which is why she was deemed so gorgeous, during the Ch’ing dynasty – a queen used a gold massage roller on her face each day and in Rome gold salves were used for various skin problems. In short, pure gold has led to youthful and beautiful skin. OroGold Cosmetics uses this in their formulas as well as the ancient secrets to enhance our beauty. The small particles of gold reduces fine lines and wrinkles, reduces sun damage and age spots. It feels amazing against your skin and leaves it radiant and healthy looking. We will be focusing on this fabulous regimen for your beauty routine via a video and will definitely let you know more about this as well as other items on their website (we’re so intrigued about their Caviar Mask).


Our lives include cellphones, a myriad of tablet options, MP3 players and so much more. We’re always wondering how we can not only keep our items charged BUT also which outlet they were left in! Finally, there is always the issue of finding items that are compatible. Enter, Easy-Doks which has docks that can charge up to 6, 4 and 3 devices while centralizing everything and keeping it clutter free. We love that the larger models come with a clock (and FM radio with a remote so you can wake up to music) as many times you will be working nearby. Larger docks allow for your iPad to not only charge but to view whether you’re just sitting back or watching a tutorial as you cook that fantastic dinner or putting together amazing beverages! While all of your devices are charging, you can listen through the docks’ speaker to one item of your preference. If you have multiple docks within your home (perfect for the Kitten Lounge office especially when we are in the midst of meetings or prep), the Easy Dok is a great option to have throughout your home especially if you have company over! As we’ve been using Easy Doks around the office, we will also incorporate this into videos so that you can see the functionality and think that this is a great gift due to the number of models as well as varying price points! This is a great brand that is known for creating solutions that keep us connected and is perfect for multiple users! Finally, we love Gigaset’s (@GigasetChat) L410 which comes with their C610A! The L410 allows you to speak hands free with the clip on speaker phone as you’re walking your space or a block away without having to stand in an awkward position to hold the phone. When you don’t need the speaker phone, the C610A is a phone that allows you to incorporate your answering machine. You can pick up calls from either phone as well and you’ll see this phone in the upcoming Star Trek II movie! We also love that the C610A can be connected to your computer as well and of course your calls are crystal clear!


When he heads out his look is everything! Gift him with clothing from 20 Jeans (@20Jeans a wide of variety of items that are only $20 and on trend)! We know that accessories are everything and we love the rubber watch trend that can be found with 180 Limited (@180Limited customize it and choose from an array of hues for men and women). We know that conversation socks are a big deal in his world so adorn his feet with Zoraab (@SockConnoisseur) which has a number of options. The best accessory is a white smile and Crest Whitestrips (@Crest_3d_White) ensures that you’re keeping his look at its very best! Although there are a number of options, we love Crest 3D White Professional Effects Whitestrips which allows him to whiten his teeth for 30 minutes for 20 days! That means he can finish shopping online for your gift, make plans for your cocktail party all in time for a white smile on Christmas and NYE!

For her, no matter how fab the dress, a white smile is an essential and for those who want to whiten in 7 days within 2 hour time slots, Crest 3D White 2 Hour Express Whitestrips are the perfect solution! Start fresh faced with Aveeno (@Aveeno). Their Daily Cleansing Pads are perfect to clean and to exfoliate the face. To correct uneven skin tone, use Palmer’s (@PalmersWorks) Fade Cream. As you slip on this fabulous sequin dress available at Victoria’s Secret (@VictoriasSecret), think about what your look will be and glam up with Dior (@Dior) which has a palette that includes a lip pencil, lip stains and eyeshadow! Complete the glamour with fabulous diamond earrings from Jemily (@JemilyJewelry).


So many items within this Gift Guide have become favorites – thus (if you’ve noticed) there are a number of videos that we’re so excited to release throughout the holiday season and this includes our love for two brands that we just can’t stop enjoying Greenhook Ginsmiths (@GreenhookGin) and Van Wyck Holiday Shops’ Arrowhead Farms. We have had them for less than a week and have used them separately and together and we can’t stop thinking of ways to enjoy it! Kimmie is a huge fan of gin and fell in love with the Beach Plum Gin Liqueur (it reminds us of a plum wine infused gin) which is amazing when using your Penguin to make seltzer

water and pairs well with ginger ale and lychee. When it comes to being a purist, you can’t go wrong with Greenhook Ginsmiths’ American Dry Gin which has such a crisp clean flavor which includes notes of elderflower, Tuscan juniper and chamomile which creates a bit of spice. Interestingly enough, we paired this with Arrowhead Farms’ Hellfire Club Bloody Mary which is perfect for brunch as well as when you begin thinking of your Super Bowl parties in the next few weeks. We even mixed the American Dry Gin with the Spitfire Margarita Mix by Arrowhead Farms and this definitely was a party! If you love having a bit of spice and kick this spitfire is for you! Thankfully, we’ve been eating a lot of salads when we can in order to get our greens and we’ve been sampling Arrowhead Farms’ Caesar Dressing, Vinaigrette and Champagne Vinaigrette. We even used them as a marinade for chicken prior to cooking them. What we love about both of these brands is that Brooklyn based (Greenpoint) Greenhook Ginsmith has such a quality and yet organic gin that if you’re someone who truly enjoys this spirit, the nuances of it and how it changes when mixed truly becomes an education and makes us want to take a tour to find out more. We would have been impressed with the American Dry but when we had the Beach Plum, we were truly impressed with the exotic sassy nature and could see those that may be shy to drinking gin, could start here in its mixed state. Van Wyck’s Holiday Shop is definitely a great place for the gourmet as they have a number of dressings, sauces and mixers that come packaged in a fabulous box and feels as if it has been curated with you in mind. In addition, the packaging for both brands has an artisanal quality that oozes a sense of history and dedication to its craft! We hope that you have enjoyed a number of ways to gift or to stock your homes, lofts and more during this festive season! We’ve truly enjoyed finding out about new brands and product launches within brands that we have worked with over the past year! In addition, we’re excited that you will learn more in depth information about many brands included here through our videos! Feel free to ask us questions and we’ll answer via our videos and you will see links in this updated guide as well as within our posts! Take time to check out the brands listed within here or tweet them hello (and in some cases, you still have time to win a number of giveaways that we are offering within our holiday guide!

LAST MINUTE HOLIDAY GUIDE GIFTING TIP: My travel must for appearances, segments and more!

I’m constantly jetsetting from one place to another whether I’m on a press trip, filming a segment, designing on location and more. It’s essential that I have a sense of home no matter how many miles and time zones away I am! To that end, here are my musts to make things extra cozy. When it comes to my skin, I’m obsessed with Sibu Beauty (@Sibu_Beauty) and although there are a number of products within this brand, I love the Sea Buckthorn Berry super berry fruit. I have been taking these tablets for years now as it boosts my skin and keeps it looking great. In addition, I am a lip fanatic and love Murad’s Pomegranate Lip Balm (@MuradCares) which exfoliates and nourishes my lips. I’m newly obsessed with bkr (@Mybkr) which is a glass bottle for your water which allows you to choose your silicone sleeve – of course I chose bright pink known as Berry. I also bring my Havaianas (@Havaianas) with me no matter where I go as they’re super comfortable – perfect to get through TSA and as many of my trips take me to tropical locales, it’s perfect for the weather. With the heat, I will now be prepared with ColdFront (@MyColdFront). These packs were initially meant for menopausal women; however, if you’re overheated this is amazing! I love that all the packs fit within a case that can go in the freezer. When needed you can take the pack in your bag and apply the mini packs without worrying about water dripping or losing the cold feeling! When done, put them back and continue and they will still be chilled

for you! Finally, I’m all about bringing a great read with me and enjoyed The Great Pearl Heist which is about the world’s most valuable necklace and how it was found by Scotland Yard – perfect for flights and passing time between HSN segments.

Right after NYFW and Shoe Week, I headed off to Miss Global International Pageant in Montego Bay courtesy of the Jamaican Tourism Board (@VisitJamaicaNow)! After staying at the Iberostar Rose Hall All Inclusive hotel, I know I will be back. Accessories are key to me whether I’m running around the city or out and about, I loved rocking my classic one piece Norma Kamali (@NormaKamali) bikini in vibrant green (Emerald is Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2013) and I love fabulous luggage! This luggage is one of my favorite luxury brands, Valextra (@Valextra_HQ) which has these fabulous rolling hard luggage cases as well as a large day bag which is perfect when you’re going to photoshoots as well as a carryon bag!


How can you not give the gift of great beauty! We love that for the guy who wants to have a set routine in his beauty routine, he can enjoy this fab 4 step processes with Organic Male (@Om4Men) which is natural and soothing to his skin. Keep an amazing glow on your face with Joey (@JoeyNYBeauty) Coconut Water face pads which ensures that you keep fine lines away and to keep it moisturized! Continue the Coconut love with this fab foot crème from Burt’s Bees (@BurtsBees) – which is soothing. Continue on with Ole Henriksen (@OleHenriksen) to keep your face revitalized by using the Celebrate the Truth Kit which contains wipes, an eye peel concentrate, hydration crème and a serum booster! Finally, when you’re busy traveling or when you’re thinking of great stocking stuffers, Organix (@OrganixHair) ensures that you don’t have to leave your favorite shampoo and conditioner at home as you breeze through TSA! With so many options to choose from with this brand, you’re bound to find your favorite(s).

LAST MINUTE HOLIDAY GUIDE GIFTING TIP: Do good while bringing in special gifts!

This holiday season we need to remember that there are many ways to support as we check off our lists. These woven baskets are made by women in Rwanda in this Rwanda Path to Peace which is available at Macy’s (@Macys). “Rwanda Path to Peace is a healing journey and a source of sustainable living that utilizes the incredible skill of weaving that is passed down by generations of Rwandan women. The sale of the baskets through Macy's has given these women a source of sustainable income and pride.

The project and the income it generates has improved the lives of at least 18,000 children, providing access to education, health care and more. The weavers are now able to pay school fees, purchase essential supplies and provide shoes and clean uniforms. Weavers are also able to meet their children’s health and nutritional needs, and perhaps most importantly, they now have affordable health insurance and access to medical care when they need it. In addition to the Macy’s initiative, you can also support World Vision (@WorldVisionUSA) which allows you to make an impact on others while obtaining fair trade gifts. With a number of items to bring into your home (such as this spoon set which is handcrafted in Kenya and uses Olive Wood), you know that you are assisting in the care as well as the economic endeavors for them as well. With a gift starting at $25, you can gift or enjoy an artisan peace. Take a moment to check out both of these opportunities and continue to check back so that you can make an impact now as well as on an ongoing basis.

Kitten Lounge wishes you and yours a Happy Holiday from NYC!

Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide Part II  

We have additional brands that are apart of our 2nd Holiday Gift Guide for the 2012 season - just in time for gifting!

Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide Part II  

We have additional brands that are apart of our 2nd Holiday Gift Guide for the 2012 season - just in time for gifting!