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Holiday Gift Guide Magalog 2012

With the year coming to a close, we kick off our 6th Kitten Lounge Holiday Gift Guide Magalog! This season our theme is all about enjoying the holidays in resort style! We love the idea of spending this season with friends and family but then, we have to jet to a fab resort! This fall, we loved being guests of the Jamaican Tourism Board (@VisitJamaicaNow) right after New York Fashion Week in order to cover the Miss Global International Pageant while staying at the Iberostar Rose Hall Suites in Montego Bay. Whatever and wherever you end up going to enjoy the holiday season, we have you covered when it comes time to giving fabulous gifts to yourself and others! This season we have the perfect tips for you in order to make sure that this season is fabulous from the start. For those that like to shop with a little more adrenaline, make sure to stay tuned for our Kitten Lounge Last Minute Guide which will launch on Dec 1st!

KL HGG 2012 Tip: Never Show Up Empty Handed! A floral arrangement is a nice way to spread holiday cheer with Angelica Flowers ~ @AngelicaFLWRS

Every time we’ve received flowers at Kitten Lounge, we get giddy when it comes from Angelica Flowers! This is perfect for a Secret Santa, a brunch at a friend’s home or if you are looking for arrangements for a holiday party at the office or one with you and your family!

KL HGG 2012 Tip: Stocking Stuffers Should Include Essentials! Your stockings should have fab go to items and Avon has a number of items within skincare and makeup that we use a lot! ~ @AvonInsider

Throughout this year, we have shared a number of Avon goodies with you as our Editor in Chief; Kimmie is a Brand Ambassador for this iconic brand. Fill your stockings at home or at the office with a number of items that are a must when you head out of the house – lotions, spritzers and lip gloss! It’s also a great way to try something new to add to your skincare routine.

KL HGG 2012 Tip: Gifting For the Constant Traveler! When you travel, it’s nice to have a spa on the go, if you have a Secret Santa or a gift for a friend, check out the “go to” ideas from Ole Henriksen. ~ @OleHenriksen

When Kimmie travels, she loves using a number of beauty products when she is in a new locale. Ole Henriksen is one of her favorite brands. From a lip exfoliant, wipes on the go and an eye lift gel – this is a great way to pamper your skin. Even if you’re staying home, this is a great way to have a spa within the comfort of your own walls to enjoy. Beyond these products, there are plenty of other items that are perfect for gifting him and her.

KL HGG 2012 Tip: Gifting Your Inner Goddess & Paying it Forward! The Luscious Lifestyle Diva, Yolanda Shoshana, created a number of oil based scents known as Modern Courtesan that ensure that you’re rocking a sensual scent perfect for the holiday season. ~ @Shoshi

We love that these scents are created with a fab iconic person or theme! Oil based fragrances have a way of mixing with your own body chemistry to create an essence that is unique to you! This is perfect to put on before going out on a date or when you want the world to know that your presence is about to be felt! Nothing is better than gifting your inner Sex Kitten with a line that is made by someone who works with others to bring out their inner sexy, sultry and sassy!

KL HGG 2012 Tip: Gifting the Fashionable Techie Last season, we included Pop Phone by Native Union and over the past year, we’ve loved the increase of their product line but when we saw Hello, Kitty we knew this was a must! ~ @Native_Union

What’s not to love about Native Union’s collaboration with Hello Kitty! We have to admit that we love using our Pop Phone when we don’t feel like holding our phone, when we do conference calls and more – but this 50’s style with Bakelite – we’re officially obsessed. This is the perfect gift for those who adore Hello Kitty and love keeping their technology cute and accessorized!

KL HGG 2012 Tip: Gifting the Glam Glam Girl A statement ring is a great way to end and ring in the New Year with Todd Reed! ~ @ToddReedJewelry

The theme this season for Todd Reed is “Raw Elegance” and that’s exactly why we love this Colorado based designer! Kimmie became obsessed with this brand when she wore a number of their palladium pieces during her shoot with Palladium Jewelry for Cosmopolitan Magazine. This is the perfect gifting option for men and women as he has an extensive collection.

KL HGG 2012 Tip: Gifting the Girl on the Go Balenciaga has the perfect bag for whatever and wherever she is off to! ~ @BALENCIAGA

Balenciaga has been a brand that we have been obsessed with. For the girl on the go, she needs to rock the Balenciaga City (a large bag that can work well when you’re traveling), the Balenciaga City which is a bit smaller and more! With so many colors, sizes and shapes, it’s a must when you need to carry a lot but want to look like the epitome of style no matter what the day, night or week may put your way!

KL HGG 2012 Tip: Gifting the Girl Who Thinks Ahead Giuseppe Zanotti has their SS2013 collection up AND is taking pre-orders as well! ~ @GZanottiDesign

We love stocking up for the current season but also those that are ahead! Giuseppe Zanotti Design has their Spring/Summer 2013 collection available. Some items are available now for pre-order (such as the pink heel-less shoes above). This is a great way to get a jump start on all of the outfit planning that we do when we begin to think about warmer temperatures and fab weather.

KL HGG 2012 Tip: For the Minimalist Celluon keeps you keyboard free with the Magic Cube!

We love being able to take less with us and to remain productive! So when we heard about Magic Cube, we knew that this projection keyboard (which doubles as a mouse) is the perfect way to keep us connected while reducing the weight of what we lugged around! In addition, we love the colors that it comes in so that we can definitely keep everything matched with one another!

KL HGG 2012 Tip: For the Girl Who Loves Options We’ve loved Tylie Malibu for nearly a decade as they know how to present Boho Chic! @TylieMalibu

One of our initial bag lines to talk about when Kitten Lounge started, was Tylie Malibu. We love their easy style as well as their glam pieces! This line is about more than just handbags as it includes jewelry and their signature footwear that keeps your tootsies warm whether it’s a serious chill in the air or you simply want to have a bit of warmth! We hope you love how we have tackled some great finds for those on your list (or yourself)! Stay tuned st for our Last Minute Holiday Guide which will go live on Dec 1 so that you’re in time for all your last minute finds to get them under the tree in time!

Kitten Lounge Holiday Gift Guide Magalog 2012  

Check off those on your list or find out what you want for this holiday season!