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Different Varieties Heels for Women

Shoes and heels for ladies are designed with optimum care, by putting in the finest design principles. An array of diverse designs is available for women's shoes. Heel is given in a piece of shoe to give it a balance and to increase the height of the person, who is wearing it. Though, it is often worn by women, but there are so many men, who also wear it, to amplify their height. There are different types of footwear for women. I have thrown some light on some of the available varieties of heels and shoes in following subsections -

High Heels

High heeled footwear is a footgear that is used by people to increase their tallness. Length of 2.5 inches is low heels, 2.5 to 3.5 inches is mid heels, and anything beyond 3.5 inches is high heels. These are in fashion for more than a couple of century. In earlier days, it was also worn by men, but it is now limited to women.

Extremely High These heels have stem of more than 6 inches, and these are not considered as foot wear. Rather, these are regarded as pieces of jewelry. Female models and actresses most often flaunt their stylish side by sporting extreme high heels.

Flip Flop Flip-flop heels are of classic style, which so many women love to wear. These are casual and comfortable footwear series with a twist in style. These are simple flat flip-flop footwear with heels at the bottom. Various international fashion designers have their own collection of flip-flop heels.

Large Size Large size heels are not so common footwear range. If you need this, you will have to get it customized it by the shoe crafter, in your city. These are worn with large-sized, full-length dresses. These are generally worn by plus-size women, and the demand for such items seems to be picking up some pace; due to which, there are more chances that you can easily find large size heels.

Neon Pink It is designer range of pink colored shoes for women. The assortment is quite famous among women, around the world. It catches the attention so quickly, and carves an alluring appearance.

Red Sole

Heels and shoes with red bottom is also a very popular footwear series for men and women. These shoes have red colored sole, and organize a super stylish look. Various celebrities have asserted that these are one of their favorite footwear options.

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Different Varieties Heels For Women  

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