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wholesale catalog 2019-2020


table of contents birthday...............................3 love.......................................7 weddings..........................11 thank you........................13 congratulations..............15 baby...................................17 home..................................18 mom + dad.....................19

holidays...................................21 warm thoughts + sorry...23 notepads................................24 stickers...................................25 august updates...................27 pins...........................................29 terms + conditions.............30

birthday Greeting cards come in either 4bar sized cards (3.5” x 4.785”) or A2 (4.125” x 5.5”). Letterpress cards are printed on tree free paper. All cards are blank inside. All cards come with coordinating color or kraft envelopes in cellophane sleeves.


tubeman item no. hb435 | A2

hiding ostrich item no. hb431 | A2

best seer

rats belated item no. hb425 | A2

bitch peas item no. hb415 | A2

best seer

best seer

zen cat item no. hb433 | A2


belated hot mess item no. hb424 | A2

mother shucker iten no. hb430 | A2

happiest bday item no. hb417 | A2

birthday best seer

inebriate item no. hb418 | A2

elephant birthday item no. hb420 | A2

eat carbs item no. hb419 | A2

bff birthday item no. hb406 | A2


holy moley item no. hb436 | A2

dranks item no. hb429 | A2


sushi roll model item no. hb434 | A2

jellyfish item no. hb408 | A2



jackass bday item no. hb432 | A2

poof 20s item no. hb426 | A2


poof 30s item no. hb427 | A2

poof 40s item no. hb428 | A2


best bestie bday item no. hb422 | A2

wild child item no. hb423 | A2

40th birthday item no. hb421 | A2

best seer


homeskillet item no. hb413 | 4bar

un-pho-gettable item no. hb403 | 4bar best seer

dim sum item no. hb414 | 4bar

forever 29 item no. hb404 | 4bar


love... for fdies! new

salty ass pretzel item no. lv641 | A2

tacos everyday item no. lv622 | A2

friggin’ bananas item no. lv635 | A2

pizza me item no. lv629 | A2

ramen love item no. lv642 | A2

need to guac item no. lv631 | A2

best seer

lime yours item no. lv632 | A2


dem buns item no. lv634 | A2

your mug item no. lv639 | A2

love new

resist fries item no. lv647 | A2


beets me item no. lv645 | A2

so yummy item no. lv615 | A2


you’re a snack item no. lv646 | A2 8

love new

forever valentine item no. lv648 | A2

smitten item no. lv616 | A2

hedgehog valentine item no. lv633 | A2


bubbly anniversary (foil + LP) item no. lv607 | A2

my everything (foil + LP) item no. lv608 | A2

best seer

no pants item no. lv636 | A2


hotspot love item no. lv610 | 4bar

little ass item no. lv628 | A2

love best seer

my kind of weird item no. lv621 | A2

plant succa item no. lv630 | A2


miss you turtle item no. kp338 | A2

ain’t lion item no. lv640 | A2

chameleon reasons item no. lv644 | A2

love u boo item no. lv617 | A2

we cute AF item no. lv638 | A2

pretty kitty item no. lv623 | A2


weddings best seer

best seer

today i marry item no. lv619 | A2

married bunnies item no. lv643 | A2

mazel tov item no. bm902 | A2


holy shit (we’re) item no. lv613 | A2

holy shit (you’re) item no. lv614 | A2

y’all cute AF item no. lv637 | A2

shower surprise item no. kp340 | A2

weddings rose gold foil

wedding squad item no. lv627 | A2

maid of honor zilla item no. lv624 | A2

bridesmaid zilla item no. lv625 | A2 | 424.256.0101 |


thank you best seer

corgi buttload item no. ty811 | A2

best seer

melon thanks item no. ty806 | A2

sloth thanks item no. ty814 | A2

new new


dahling thanks item no. ty816 | A2

algebra thanks item no. ty808 | A2

bunny planks item no. ty815 | A2

thank brew item no. ty813 | A2

many shanks item no. ty809 | A2

best seer

bagel thanks item no. ty805 | A2


rainbow grateful item no. ty810 | A2 *also available on lavender stock (not pictured)

best seer

merci cherry item no. ty812 | A2

apple teacher item no. ty803 | A2



fly fungi item no. kp331 | A2

wicked smaht (foil) item no. kp312 | A2

chicken dinner item no. kp321 | A2 best seer

school is over item no. kp320 | A2

yass snake item no. kp333 | A2

cat nerd item no. kp332 | A2

best seer

dab grad item no. kp337 | A2



yeah buoy item no. kp327 | 4bar

squirrel grad item no. kp347 | A2 | 424.256.0101 |



buggin’ you item no. kp344 | A2


byeeee item no. kp323 | A2

bone voyage item no. kp346 | A2

kitty high five item no. kp322 | A2 | 424.256.0101 |


baby best seer

yuge boobs item no. kp330 | A2

super pooper (foil) item no. kp325 | A2

lil’ kumquat item no. kp324 | A2

eating for two item no. kp342 | A2

gooooooal item no. kp326 | A2

lil’ peanut item no. kp318 | A2

best seer

lil’ dumpling item no. kp309 | 4bar


holy crap baby item no. kp304 | 4bar


best seer

frog pad item no. kp329 | A2


crab digs item no. kp315 | A2

who dis item no. kp345 | A2

suh-weet home item no. kp314 | A2


mom and dad new

queen mom item no. md705 | A2

spaghetti mama item no. md712 | A2

orange mom item no. mom706 | A2



365 mom item no. md711 | A2

nap mom item no. md710 | A2

flan mom item no. mom708 | A2


grapeful raisin item no. md707 | A2


fur reals mom item no. md714 | A2

mom angel item no. md704 | A2

mom and dad new

knit grandma item no. md709

pie grandma item no. md713 | A2

pony grandpa item no. fd207 | A2

new new

gouda dad item no. fd205 | A2

dad yolks item no. fd206 | A2


best seer

nacho dad item no. fd204 | A2

duck if i know item no. fd209 | A2

charging bull dad item no. fd208 | A2

baseball dad item no. fd201 | A2



creep it real item no. oh903 | A2

ghoul friend item no. oh905 | A2

panda new year item no. oh904 | A2

polar hugs item no. hh515 | A2

hanukkah candles item no. hh504 | 4bar

walrus teeth item no. hh513 | A2



chillin’ holiday item no. hh506 | A2


cozy bear item no. hh517 | A2

let it snow item no. hh510 | A2

holidays new


effing photo holiday item no. hh516 | A2

gnome sayin’ item no. hh518 | A2

best seer

ho ho cookies item no. hh512 | A2

deck the halls item no. hh505 | A2

best seer

merry errthang item no. hh514 | A2

holla dayz item no. hh507 | A2

get lit item no. hh511 | A2


warm thoughts and soy best seer

get well bandage item no. kp305 | 4bar

i’m the wurst item no. kp336 | A2

sorry llame item no. kp335 | A2

paw sympathy item no. kp339 | A2

listening corgi item no. kp343 | A2


koala hang in there item no. kp328 | 4bar

alien luck item no. kp341 | A2

little pail item no. kp334 | A2


updated design!

© kiss and punch

i do to do notepad item no. note104 | $4.50 3.5” x 8.5” | 50 pages

hangry notepad item no. note103 | $4.50 3.5” x 8.5” | 50 pages

s’more notepad item no. note106 | $4.50 3.5” x 8.5” | 50 pages

updated design!

adulting notepad item no. note107 | $5.00 5.5” x 8.5” | 50 pages

busy AF notepad item no. note105 | $5.00 5.5” x 8.5” | 50 pages


stickers Three sticker sheets measuring 8” x 10”, with 15 stickers each (total of 45 stickers per set)

snai lm stick ail ers!

snail mail sticker set - part deux item no. stick102 | $4.75



snail mailman - 2 inch item no. stick103 | $0.75


gnome sayin’ - 2 inch item no. stick104 | $0.75


live in the meow - 3 inch item no. stick105 | $1.00

more stickers

Individual vinyl stickers are sold loose without additional plastic packaging new





skiing fox - 3 inch item no. stick111 | $1.00

do unto otters - 3 inch item no. stick110 | $1.00

tubing penguin - 3 inch item no. stick109 | $1.00



cute crab - 3 inch item no. stick112 | $1.00

gimme s’more - 3 inch item no. stick108 | $1.00

stay woke - 3 inch item no. stick107 | $1.00

eternal hoptimist - 3 inch item no. stick106 | $1.00


frenchie dog - 3 inch item no. stick113 | $1.00


little pony - 3 inch item no. stick114 | $1.00


august updates new


100% that witch item no. oh906 | A2

just chillin’ tube item no. hh519 | A2



shred cheer item no. hh520 | A2


downhill fox item no. stickhh521 | A2

august updates new


knockout badger item no. kp349 | A2

heartfelt sympathy item no. kp348 | A2



new yappiest dog item no. hb438 | A2

bird day item no. hb437 | A2


fur dog dad item no. fd210 | A2



fur cat mom item no. md715 | A2

hammerwed shark item no. lv649 | A2


august updates

enam e pins l !


do unto otters pin item no. pin102


eternal hoptimist pin item no. pin101



stay woke pin item no. pin103

the fine print PRICING & MINIMUMS Opening order minimum: $125; $75 minimum re-order. All 4bar single cards are $2.25 each. All A2 single cards are $2.50 each. Notepads are $4.50 to $5.00 each. Sticker sets are $4.75 each. 2 inch individual stickers are $0.75 each. 3 inch individual stickers are $1.00 each.

item cards notepads pins sticker set diecut stickers

minimum 6 per design 4 per design 4 per design 4 per design 6 per design

*Prices, envelope/ink colors and availability are subject to change.

TO PLACE AN ORDER, PLEASE CALL, ORDER ONLINE* OR EMAIL: Telephone: 424.256.0101 Email: *create an account on to order directly PAYMENT All orders ship pre-paid by check, PayPal or credit card. Payments are processed at the time of shipment. At this time, Kiss and Punch does not offer credit accounts.

SHIPPING All orders are shipped via USPS Priority or FedEx Ground within the continental United States. Buyer is responsible for all shipping costs. International shipping charges will be assessed by weight.

PACKAGING With the exception of diecut stickers, all products are sealed in clear cellophane sleeves. All products must be sold as packaged.

TURNAROUND In stock items will be shipped within 3 to 5 business days, upon payment, unless otherwise stated. Backordered items may delay shipment time.

RETURNS All sales are final. We cannot accept returns unless merchandise is defective. Claims must be made within five (5) business days of receipt of goods. Packages must be shipped back using a tracking number. With the exception of soft enamel pins, all of our products in this catalog are proudly made in the United States of America.


All work is Julie Stewart, 2010-2019. Work may not be reproduced, altered or used without prior written consent from the artist. All rights reserved.

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Kiss and Punch 2019-2020 Wholesale Catalog with August Updates  

We're back with more funny fun letterpress cards for foodies and animal lovers alike. You can always check in on what's new at

Kiss and Punch 2019-2020 Wholesale Catalog with August Updates  

We're back with more funny fun letterpress cards for foodies and animal lovers alike. You can always check in on what's new at