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Dressing Up Confidence

Message From the Chairman

I wish to take your memory 27 years back, that is when we re-launched Emerald, in the year 1984.In those days, the shirt was just sold as a commodity. For many a ‘shirt was just a shirt’. Even in such early days, we knew that both the clothing manufacturing industry as well as the retail industry cannot go on ignoring the developments in the fashion world across the globe! Though, at that juncture, we could ill afford to spend, on growing the fashion industry on our own, due to our size and scale of business at that time, while the that days giants, were mainly keen on making profits, we believed then, that unless someone takes the initiative, it is not possible to make the change! We have worked tirelessly over the last 25 years in establishing a fashion driven culture within Sri Lanka especially in the men’s segment. In doing so we have persistently used monitory and non-monitory resources and today I can be happy as an entrepreneur, to see the changes we envisaged 25 years ago now become realism and proud of our contribution in creating the difference. Today we are proud to be, -Sri Lanka’s number 1 brand in men’s shirts -Market share in excess of 40% in middle and upper segments -Number 1 in men’s apparel Top of the mind unaided recall -Biggest dealership network with island wide coverage However, as pioneers in the local fashion industry and as the biggest spenders in promoting and enhancing men’s fashion locally, we are today the dominant force in men’s fashion equipped to take on the world. Our commitment and thrust in enhancing men’s fashion over the years is evident and clearly seen now, where the contribution from men’s wear as a percentage of revenue has significantly increased in the fashion retail sector, an achievement we claim & could proud of. We are fully commit towards developing and enhancing the scope of the industry thereby ensuring sustainability to the entire fashion industry.

A F M Ikram Chairman/Managing Director/CEO


Our History 1942

The company was initiated by Mr. Fatha


The business ventured into knitted innerwear and the import of Japanese made shirts. The immense success in this field led to Emerald manufacture shirts locally with fabric imported from Japan.

1956 1985 2001 2002 Today

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal it’s the courage to continue that matters” being something we drew inspiration from. Our perseverance was rewarded with the opening of the economy in the late 70’s and the growth achieved by the brand subsequently provided new opportunities in the market. The success of the Emerald brand in Sri Lanka inspired the company’s first dedicated shirt manufacturing plant. The above average quality and attention to detail in all areas soon paid dividence in emerald being identified and requested to produce The first export shipment was done to the UK under the Emerald Brand.

With the immense strength of the Emerald brand in the local market an aggressive drive was put in place to increase the dealership across the country. The Emerald brand has continuously achieved substantial growth and brand leadership milestones through the years The Emerald brand today is the leading shirt brand in Sri Lanka known for its quality reliability and innovative offering, driving new fashion trends in the men’s shirt market. The team behind the Emerald brand believes that the Sri Lankan male deserves nothing but the best. In this pretext the attention and detail given to sourcing and product development has been given high priority to deliver the best of shirts to every consumer. Clothing maketh a man, while we believe in this very much we also believe sports maketh a complete man. It is in this view and further brand building initiative we have taken to sponsoring sports teams. Our commitment to the Sri Lanka national Cricket team as the official formal wear provider is to project our local lions as the best dressed and most fashionable team in the Cricketing arena there by driving the fashion statement to the public and further strengthen the Emerald brand. COMPANY PROFILE 02



Our unwavering commitment in invoking the latest fashion trends in the market at a constant pace to our customers helps churn out the best of clothing to make you look good.


We believe style and comfort should go hand in hand, thus the reason for making you feel good goes beyond simply providing you with clothing that you find comfortable and easy to wear. Our belief lies in the fact that luxury is in the finer details. This inspires us to use the best fabric and embellishments in our products which help give you the feel of confidence.

SMILE GOOD The nature of believing that you look good and also to simultaneously experience it is guaranteed to keep you smiling. We at Emerald vow to keep that going.





Product Portfolio Emerald Corporat

The most popular shirt in the country, Emerald Corporate boast of the highest brand equity and market share in the country. Emerald corporate is a household name in Sri Lanka and widely patronized brand by all walks of community. The market leader in shirts Emerald corporate stands for style, quality, elegance all bundled into one. With the widest distribution and respect Emerald corporate is the gentlemen’s choice.

Emerald Basic

The unique combination of comfort, style and affordability. This is the stepping stone to fine shirtmanship. Emerald basic is a promise towards greater experiences.

Emerald Active "Emerald Active" is specially designed for the active man on the move. Whether you are moving up the corporate ladder or moving around the globe, you now have a shirt that ensures your personality accentuates your charisma.

Leonardo Formal


Enjoy the luxurious outdoors clad in your favorite luxury outdoor shirts. Its delicate lines and soft textures will keep you looking your elegant best whatever the terrain

The definitive expression on elegance and smart living. Made with 100% fine cotton Leonardo is for the man who wants to make an expression. Leonardo formal as well as casual shirts will undoubtedly portray you apart in any assembly. It’s all about distinctive appearance and sophistication.


Sri Lanka

Deserves! Emerald delivers

Emerald Sri Lanka's leading shirt brand unveiled its latest range of ultra-premium shirts crafted by Roberto Inglesi the celebrated Italian shirt “engineer” who is currently the Head of Design and technical at Emerald. The first Collection under this premium range is the “RI” Collection taking its name from Signor Roberto Inglesi and represents a fusion between cutting-edge Italian men’s fashion and 50 years of shirt manufacturing experience. “Sri Lanka deserves” stems from the fact that Sri Lankan s deserve and are worthwhile of experiencing world class products, especially made in Sri Lanka. Emerald with its rich heritage in shirt making and the experience gained in producing for internationally acclaimed brands has spearheaded this initiative in giving the best for the local consumer 07 COMPANY PROFILE

RI Collection


Platino is the ultra premium shirt range in our product portfolio. Every fabric, button, Lining and threads has been hand picked by our Italian designer Roberto Inglesi from the best the world has to offer.


Platino is the ultra premium shirt range in our product portfolio. Every fabric, button, Lining and threads has been hand picked by our Italian designer Roberto Inglesi from the best the world has to offer.

Dolce Vita

Means “the sweet life”. Keeping with the name these shirts bring out the casual aura and the fun side of life. These casual but absolutely smart shirts are perfect for the evening and party wear. Dolce Vita promises a “STUNNING YOU” COMPANY PROFILE 08


Distribution Network

merald has over 450 selected dealers island wide. Each of these retail chains and stores are carefully selected by emerald through a systematic process to ensure long term sustainable & profitable relationships.




T h e c o nsta nt de l ive r y o f qua l ity h a s m ade emerald sh ir ts th e pre fe r re d bra nd a m o ngst th e c o r p orates in Sri La nka . Em e ra ld c ur re ntl y suppl ie s fo r m a l ( uniforms) to a pprox im a te l y 8 0% o f th e c o r po ra te m a r ket.




merald has over 450 selected dealers island wide. Each of these retail chains and stores are carefully selected by emerald through a systematic process to ensure long term sustainable & profitable relationships.


Corporate Profile  

Emerald Shirts

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