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Final Major Project



Kirsty Hardingham



REVISED POSITION STATEMENT AND RATIONALE My Final Major Project is going to be a compilation of briefs that define me as a designer, I want this module to mould me into the designer I am aiming to be when I graduate. The briefs I will be working on have been chosen for specific reasons, many of them will be building on skills I already have and would like to develop and perfect. Others may be additional skills that I would like to start to build upon that I currently only have a small knowledge on. The key areas of focus for my FMP will be Branding and Identity, Packaging and Promotion and Paper crafting. In previous briefs and modules I have focused on these areas. The YCN Lego Brief will help me to develop skills in Branding and Identity and also Packaging and Promotion as I plan to take this brief from that sort of angle. This brief is going to give me the chance to have fun whilst using those key skills to develop some amazing work. I am also thinking of incorporating some screen printing into this brief if I feel it becomes appropriate. The Geek Table Collective Brief is a collaborative brief with friends in the class. We all sit on the same table and call ourselves the Geek Table, we have decided to brand ourselves as a collective of designers and design all appropriate branding and promotion material for the collective. This will help me to build on my branding skills as well as build on my collaborative working skills. It should also be a lot of fun. The Year Book Brief is not yet decided on which one I shall be doing, but this brief will give me the chance to develop layout and publication skills. I will be working with 3 other group members for this brief, again giving me the chance to work with other designers and collaborate. I have asked to be the proof reader already as I have a keen eye for typo’s! I would like to develop a Brief from OUGD301, which is my Greetings Card Brief ‘Natures Little Critters’. This was originally a YCN 2012/13 Competition Brief. I would like to take it further as I really enjoyed it but don’t feel that I gave myself enough time to develop properly and perfect it, I feel it is an unfinished brief. This is going to allow me to develop skills in branding and promotion as well as paper crafting. I would like to have this brief printed professionally and experiment with printing finishes and processes. I need to also develop the range of products which I didn’t have time to do in the previous module. The beauty product range and branding will allow me to obviously develop skills in branding and packaging as well as creating an identity for a new range. This brief was chosen as I wanted to create something that would target a younger audience (between the ages of 18-24) and a brief that I would have a lot of fun with and design products that would be fun and bold.

THEMES / SUBJECTS What Themes/Subjects will form the basis of your work for the final major project? This should include Theoretical and non design based content and concerns.

GENERAL THEMES: Themes that I want to focus on during my FMP include paper crafting, traditional methods of design (hand drawn), sustainable design, and illustration. I want to try and get across who I am as a designer by working with themes that give me the opportunity to show who I am.

SPECIFIC SUBJECTS: Subjects that I am wanting to focus on include design for children/ younger audiences, greetings cards, Origami.

DESIGN CONTEXT Identify areas of professional/ creative practices that will inform the contextualization of the work that you produce. This should include specific designer’s, studios, practitioner’s and products as well as broader creative disciplines and methods of Production / Distribution.


AUDIENCE/CONTEXTS: I would like to aim my work at a younger generation as I feel my Design approach often reflects on this. My work tends to be very colourful and bright as well as having a fresh contemporary feel to it.


I would like to focus a lot on packaging as it is something I have started to really enjoy. A few of my briefs include packaging design which means it gives me the chance to explore packaging and produce a range of final outcomes. I will also be working on promotional material in some of my briefs which allows me to work on a range of distribution methods.

DESIGN DISCIPLINES What areas of graphic design practice do you intend to investigate in relation to the practical and conceptual production / distribution of work in response to selected briefs

DESIGN SKILLS What practical design skills do you intend to further develop and apply during your final major project. What do you intend to use the skills for. Consider extending

Paper crafting, Screen printing, Branding and Identity, Packaging and Promotion. These are the key areas that I would like to focus on during FMP, they are areas that I have confident skills in and would like to develop further using my briefs that I have selected.

One of the main skills that I would like to develop is my Branding and Identity skills, I have always had a keen passion in this area but have never felt that I have pushed it to it is limits. I would also like to develop my Packaging and Promotion skills, I started to develop these skills in a brief for OUGD301 and would now like to push these further to see what I can produce.

the use of skills that you already have in order to deliver work of a professional standard as well as identifying new skills that you will need to develop.

In terms of practical skills I would like to develop my screen printing skills as I keep saying I want to do more but still haven’t taken the time to fit it in. I am thinking about using screen printing with the Lego YCN brief. Another skill that I have been developing throughout the course is my paper crafting skills, I would like to create some paper crafting work that reflects on the skills that I have been building upon. I was thinking about paper cutting and Origami as a basis for further development and for the use within a brief.

PROPOSED BRIEFS List any briefs that you have already identified as possible starting points for your Final Major Project. You should include possible competition and Live briefs as well as identifying briefs that will allow you to develop a significant body of research and development in relation to your stated Themes/subjects, Design disciplines and production / distribution methods KEY TEXTS. List a selected number of books, articles and texts that are central o your proposed area of practice. These should include a combination of design and nondesign based books, theoretical texts as well as visual publications.



Lego YCN 2012/13 Competition Brief Geek Table Collective Branding and Identity Year Book Live Brief Natures Little Critters (Further Development from OUGD301 Brief) Paper Crafting Brief (Looking at Paper stocks and the manipulation of paper, thinking of a brief based around Origami) Research Brief Branding of a new beauty range (make up, would include branding and packaging) Tattoo parlour branding?? Swatch Limited Edition

Books that I will be reading will include: -

Paper Craft 2 Choosing and using paper

OUGD303 Proposal and Rationale Draft 1  
OUGD303 Proposal and Rationale Draft 1  

Proposition statement for FMP draft 1.