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RATIONALE My Final Major Project is going to be a compilation of briefs chosen to allow me to develop skills and learn more about the specific industry I want to go into once I graduate. The key areas that I want to focus on include brand identity and packaging. I have since OUGD301, discovered my forte which is packaging. It is something that I have a keen interest in and would like to learn more about packaging and develop my skills within it. The briefs I have written include some independent briefs as well as collaborations with a team. I wanted a mixture of the both to develop my skills on a personal level but also with working as a team, as this is something that has proved more difficult in the past. I have 5 substantial briefs written, as requested by the course team. These five will be taking up most of my work load but I also propose to have some smaller, additional briefs if I have time. I primarily want to focus on my top five and get the most out of them rather than having several smaller briefs that haven’t been pushed to their full potential. One brief is a YCN Student brief from this year. The brief is for UK Greetings, they have asked for a range of greetings cards to be designed. The brief is very open which means I can explore any avenue I like, I have already done this brief in the last module but didn’t extend it as much as I would have liked. Doing it a second time will allow me to use a new concept and extend the brief further to develop skills and make it substantial enough to hand in for FMP. I will be designing a product range for this brief that all ties together and hopefully I will produce enough to fit the standards of the FMP submission. Another brief is to brand and package a cake shop. I have written this brief myself in order to develop key skills in branding and packaging. I have written the brief to cater to my design needs and hopefully it will be a lot of fun. I hope to build upon my concept skills as well as the other skills already mentioned; as this is one thing I can often let myself down on. The next brief is a collaboration with Kirsty A, Claudia and Sophie, where we will be taking on a year book together. We submitted for the Graphics year book but were not successful; instead we were given the opportunity to design the Surface Pattern and Printed Textiles year book which we were very happy with. This will give me the chance to develop my collaborative, concept and type and image skills. The year book will only be a PDF which means that we have a longer deadline than those

designing a printed year book, meaning I can manage my time a bit easier. Then a brief which is again written by me is another brand identity and packaging brief. The brief is to create a new range of hair care products; I chose to do this brief because it is something I haven’t done before. The packaging briefs I have worked on before are primarily for food, so it’ll be good to see how the research and concept development differs. I will also be looking at POS as part of this brief to further develop the interest I have in this area. My final substantial brief is another that is self written and has a focus on packaging. I will be designing a range of Limited Edition Swatch watches. I will think of a concept to base the packaging design on. The idea of this brief was to explore packaging but also have fun. Swatch have a range of Limited Edition watches already available, but each one is so different. This brief gives me a chance to do whatever I want. I will also be working with the Geek Table, which consists of me, Kirsty A, Sarah, Claudia, Beth, Baljeet, Lisa and Sophie. We thought it would be nice if we used the FMP as an opportunity to work together as a collaboration and combine our skills to create something unique that reflected on us as designers. We are all good friends and thought it would be a good idea to think of mini briefs to work on throughout the FMP, something fun but worthwhile, so when we got sick of our own work we had something to work on. All of these briefs will help me develop my skills and develop me into the designer I want to be. If it wasn’t for the hard task of OUGD301 before Christmas then I don’t think I would even know what I want to do. All of these briefs have sparked from the chocolate packaging brief I did and it gave me so much confidence, I now know that I have a keen passion for brand identity and packaging and hope to gain a strong portfolio from the briefs I have written for FMP.


Staff Use

All work must be clearly presented and labelled with the brief title, your name and any other appropriate information. Please include a printed version of each brief and separate the work appropriately. Your end of module evaluation should be posted to your Final Major Project blog. by the stated Deadline Submitted Brief 1


Brief 2

UK Greetings.

Brief 3


Brief 4

Year Book.

Brief 5

Frui Treatment.

Brief 6

Geek Table.

Design Context

Design Context/ Packaging

Title Statement of intent Project File Evaluation Title and Brief Summary – include a short rationale for each brief identifying why you chose it, what was the focus of the brief and how long you spent on it. Design

I decided to focus on packaging for my Design Context as it is something I am very


passionate about. Almost all of my briefs use some aspect of packaging design and I really enjoy exploring it. I havent made a publication for this brief like many others have, as I felt it didn’t reflect my interest in the subject and it didn’t suite the content of the brief. Instead I have designed packaging for a range of postcards that have information about 20 packaging design studios that inspire me from around the world. I spent about a week putting together the postcards and the packaging and I am very pleased with the outcome.


Baked is a brand identity and packaging brief where I have designed a logo and


branding material for a new cake shop that specialises in muffins. I have also designed a range of packaging for the muffins to go in. The focus of the brief was to explore brand identity and packaging. I spent about 6 weeks developing this brief and the concept.


UK Greetings is a 2012/13 YCN Student Awards brief to design a range of greetings


cards for UK Greetings. I have designed a range of cards as well as gift wrap, gift


boxes, gift bags and POS to further extend the brief. The aim of this brief was to explore my illustration skills. I have already done a greetings card brief in OUGD301 and I really enjoyed it, but I didn’t get the chance to extend it, so that’s why I have done it again but using a different concept. This was one of the first briefs I started and probably spent about 5 weeks on it, I would have been working on other briefs at the same time.


The Swatch brief was to design a range of Limited Edition watch packaging. The


concept was based on doodling, so I have used a range of doodles to create the design of the packaging as well as POS and a website. The purpose of this brief was to explore packaging again; I wanted to think of an interesting concept and design something exciting. I spent forever on this brief as I kept changing my mind about aspects of it.


The year book was a collaboration with Kirsty A, Claudia and Sophie. We were given


the Surface Pattern and Printed Textiles year book. The year book would be a PDF only,


which meant we had a bit longer to work on it. We based the concept of the year book on ‘The Journey is the Destination’, this is a quote by an artist called Dan Eldon and we thought it was very appropriate to the structure of the course. The work load of the brief was split up so that we each had a role and responsibility within the team. We spent about 8 weeks working on this brief together and I further extended it, designing some banners and invites to the end of year show.


Frui Treatment was another brand identity and Packaging brief. The brief was to create


a logo and identity for a new range of hair care products that used only natural ingredients and fruit to make its products. I used the concept of fruit to create the brand name and the packaging for the products. The brand would have a small boutique shop based in Leeds Corn Exchange and the final products for this brief reflect on this market. This brief didn’t take me as long to complete as I seemed to know exactly what I wanted to do. I spent about 4 weeks from start to finish.


Geek Table is an additional brief where I have been working with Claudia, Lisa, Baljeet,


Sarah, Kirsty A, Beth and Sophie. We had set ourselves weekly briefs that focused on


our Geek qualities. For example I was the paper craft and packaging Geek, so anything I designed would use these skills for the final outcome. The concepts of the 4 briefs were decided by us as a collective, an example of one brief was to design something that used the concept of ‘getting in the zone’. This brief lasted about 5 weeks and was finished quite early on in the module. Some Geeks decided to extend the brief into a more substantial body of work, but for me this was an additional brief that I really

enjoyed. Additional Comments On my blog all of my briefs are clearly labelled. The briefs I have completed for submission have names and any brief that says brief and then a number is a brief that has been dropped. The reason for these briefs being dropped is because they no longer fitted with my rationale and I didn’t think I could gain as much from them. They no longer interested me and I had written better briefs that I would enjoy more and learn more. FRUI TREATMENT BAKED

SWATCH UK GREETINGS YEAR BOOK (These are the labels for my 5 main briefs) GEEK TABLE (The Geek Table is an additional brief) OUGD303DP OUGD303DC BRIEF (NUMBER) DROPPED (Any brief labelled 'DROPPED' on my blog is a brief I am no longer doing, but have left the work up for it)



FMP Submission Form  

Here is my Submission Form for the Final Major Project, OUGD303.

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