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A community participation exercise carried out on behalf of Kirknewton Community Development Trust

Hilton Associates July 2020 – November 2020 This project was supported by:

Contents Acknowledgements .................................................................................................... 3 A message from Stewart McKenna, Chair of Kirknewton Community Development Trust ........................................................................................................................... 4 Kirknewton – an introduction ...................................................................................... 5 How this all happened: ............................................................................................... 6 About Kirknewton Community Development Trust: ................................................ 6 Seeking local knowledge ........................................................................................ 7 Aim of the work ....................................................................................................... 7 Why participatory appraisal? .................................................................................. 8 How it was done ......................................................................................................... 9 Who participated? ................................................................................................... 9 What people where asked: ................................................................................... 11 What people think about the area ......................................................................... 12 Organising the information.................................................................................... 12 Feeding back the information to the community ................................................... 13 What the community said about the area ................................................................. 13 What’s great about the area? ............................................................................... 14 What’s not so good about the area? ..................................................................... 17 What people would like to be changed or improved ............................................. 21 Youth views: Kirknewton Primary School ............................................................. 24 Conclusion ............................................................................................................... 28 Appendices .............................................................................................................. 31 Appendix 1: All comments: What people like (1595 comments recorded) ............ 32 Appendix 2: All comments: What people don’t like (670 comments recorded) ..... 59 Appendix 3: All comments: Changes/Improvements (758 comments recorded) .. 77 Appendix 4: Kirknewton Primary School (880 comments plus drawings) ............. 99


Acknowledgements Thank you to everyone in Kirknewton who participated in the community engagement by sharing their ideas and opinions that have made this work possible. To Kirknewton Community Development Trust (KCDT) who enabled this to happen by funding the community engagement and have willingly given their time to support the work. Also to the collaborative working of the trust Chief Executive Officer, the Seniors and Volunteer Co-ordinator and the Finance and Administrative Officer, particularly in promoting the work through the media, social networking and a poster campaign. Particularly to the Kirknewton Primary School Head Teacher and Classroom teachers who encouraged the children to participate. To West Lothian Council Economic Development for the Ordnance Survey maps of the area. To the Community Council for supporting the work. Without all this help and support, we could not have done all this work. Copyright Maps West Lothian Council Licence No. 100037194, 2007 ©Crown Copyright 2007. All rights reserved under West Lothian Council Licence. Process method & photographs © Vikki Hilton This report is a record of all the ideas people shared during the community engagement work. For more information contact: About Kirknewton Community Development Trust: Stewart McKenna (Chair) or Tony Foster: CEO KCDT The Green Room Kirknewton

About this community approach: Vikki Hilton Hilton Associates Ltd 3 Priory Grove South Queensferry EH30 9LZ 0131 331 1523

The right of Victoria Hilton to be identified as the author of this work has been asserted in accordance with SECTION 77 OF THE COPYRIGHT DESIGNS AND PATENTS ACT 1988.


A message from Stewart McKenna, Chair of Kirknewton Community Development Trust Dear Villager This is our third Community Participation Report – and our biggest yet! Please do take the time to read through the report and the many comments of all who contributed. This study helps us all to understand what people like about the village and what we feel could be improved. Over 680 people took part. That’s considerably more than the 2014 study. It represents over 35% of our entire community population, and all this during a time when Covid-19 restrictions were in place. It is testament to not only the work of our independent consultant, Vikki Hilton, but also to the people who work behind the scenes supporting this work. Most importantly it is thanks to everyone who had their say. You know what matters, what is missing, what you would like to see happen, and perhaps how to achieve those outcomes that will make Kirknewton a better place to live. This study has been fully funded by Kirknewton Community Development Trust. The Board believe it is a worthwhile investment, providing a substantial corner-stone for everything that we do. It will inform our third Kirknewton Development Plan 2021-2025. It will help the Board direct where to direct our energies and resources. It will inform politicians at the highest levels and help develop their local plans. It will unlock funding to support projects. That funding will help towards local employment, the learning of new skills and will encourage volunteering across the community. The best part of being involved with the Trust is meeting members of this community who want to take a positive and active part in making things happen. The next step is to gather your thoughts on its content. Working with the Community Council and stakeholder groups (who also get a copy for comment) we will develop the first draft of the new Development Plan. You will get an opportunity to comment on that before we agree a final version, hopefully by September/October 2021. A Skills and Volunteer Audit will follow to see if you can help us bring your talents to each project. Progress really only happens because of volunteers. You are very important to us. As we build up the Development Plan don’t be surprised if someone taps you on the shoulder and asks you to help make these ideas become a reality. You don’t have to sit on a committee to do that. You just have to have the enthusiasm to get involved as much or as little as you can. Following the last Development Plan we have achieved some of the proposed outcomes. Some outcomes have not been fully achieved and if the community appraisal suggests they are still required they will remain an ambition of the Trust and the community. After the challenges presented to us during Covid-19 (which, it has to be said, Kirknewton and the community met in a very positive way) the final Development Plan will help us to form a framework around which we can build a stronger, friendlier and more resilient community within Kirknewton Yours sincerely, Stewart McKenna


Kirknewton – an introduction Kirknewton lies about 10 miles to the south-west of Edinburgh in West Lothian. The village has an estimated population of 16801 people over the age of 16. Recent population figures based on the 2011 census data put the overall population at around 2000 people. Population Statistics Kirknewton



Council Area


West Lothian




census 1991-04-05

census 2001-04-29

census 2011-03-27





Source: General Register Office for Scotland (web). The 2001 and 2011 population figures are computed according to the 2010 definition of localities and include people under the age of 16. The most up to date figures for the area include estimated figures up to 30/06/2019; they vary little from the census data for 2011, giving an additional 30 people. Population Population Population Population


Council Area

Census 2001-04-29

Kirknewton West Lothian


Census 2011-03-27


Estimate 2016-06-30


Estimate 2019-06-30

1,960 Source: National Records of Scotland (web). Explanation: Localities according to the definition of 2016. 2001, 2011 and 2019 figures are approximate values calculated by »City Population« using the population of output areas or data zones.

Kirknewton is close to the A71 and only five miles from Edinburgh by-pass and three miles from Livingston. Despite this it is surprisingly rural and because of its past history it has a wide variety of housing styles and ages. Today, Kirknewton is a changing community, with new houses being built and new people moving into the area. It is close to good road links and has bus and train services. This community development work was undertaken on behalf of Kirknewton Community Development Trust (KCDT) by an independent community facilitator. This follows on from work undertaken in 2007, 2011 and 2015 to engage the community initially around sustainable energy projects and community benefits. The 2007 work engaged 167 people in sharing their ideas about renewable energy 1 2

Estimated population Statistics 30 June 2005, West Lothian Council accessed 4/01/2015


projects. For more details see In 2011 further community work engaged over 560 people and all the views people shared helped inform the preparation of the 2011-2014 community development plan. For more details see In 2015 a community engagement process was carried out building on the previous work to inform the new community development plan to run for the next 5 years up to 2020. As part of the broader community engagement work the participation team also engaged the community in thinking about, and commenting on how they felt about KCDT applying for funding from the Scottish Land Fund to purchase land at Camps East Junction. A separate report was prepared for the Land purchase project. In 2015 over 560 people shared their ideas and opinions. The report is online at This new report is a record of the ideas and opinions people shared during the summer of 2020 and will help in shaping the 5 year community development plan to 2025.

How this all happened: About Kirknewton Community Development Trust: Kirknewton Community Development Trust3 is a local membership organisation. It is a company limited by guarantee and a registered charity. Membership is open to anyone who lives in Kirknewton and is over 18 years of age. Current membership is 100. Kirknewton Community Development Trust aims are to: • Promote opportunities for learning and education • Encourage community-led development • Help and encourage local people to develop new skills • Promote protection and enhancement of the local environment • Promote energy efficiency in the home • Promote the use of renewable technology for generating electricity and heat • Relieve fuel poverty The voluntary members of the local charitable trust established to manage these funds were keen to involve more local people in what should happen and to inform the next community development plan and future funding applications. This report includes a summary of what happened during the community work, who was involved and what people said. At the end of the report, in the appendices, there is a copy of all the views and ideas people recorded. 3


Seeking local knowledge A Participatory Appraisal (PA) approach was used which recognises the knowledge and values which already exist in an area. It is an informal, open, and transparent process, very often carried out by local people, and it is quite unlike most surveys and questionnaires. Participatory appraisal is about not making assumptions about what local people are interested in; it recognises their ability collectively to think about what it’s like living in the area, and to come up with their own solutions. At the start, no-one knew what would emerge – and that was important too. People on the trust committee have ideas but they really wanted to see what knowledge and ideas other people in the community have about what should be included in the future plan. The information in this report was gathered by the facilitator engaging face-to-face with local people (303 people) and recording everything that was said. In addition an online survey, based on the face to face engagement process, was carried out (178 people). In the end 680 people shared their knowledge, ideas and opinions and nearly 4000 comments were recorded plus the school children’s drawings. The total number included 199 pupils from Kirknewton Primary School who had the opportunity to share their ideas and opinions in their classrooms. This provides a good picture of what these people think about the Kirknewton area and what could be done to make it a better place to live and or work. The approach taken in the community engagement work links in well with the Place making approach which has been used in a number of other West Lothian communities. Like participatory appraisal the Place making approach recognises that the people, who live in a place, experience their lives in the places and are the local experts. Place making is not just about designing areas but takes account of the interrelations between facilities and amenities, the landscape and values people have about their area. Place making is a group effort and the approach used in this community engagement project draws on local peoples’ experiences of living and working in the area. If you read the comments in the appendices you will see the enormous value the local community put on the sense of community, the location and the environment they live in. So now KCDT, and anyone else who has a good reason to be interested in Kirknewton, can use this information to take forward any ideas which have emerged. With your help the trust will drive forward your ideas which will help bring about positive changes and improvements and help make Kirknewton an exemplar village.

Aim of the work The aim of the overall work was to ensure local views inform the preparation of the next 5 year community development plan and ensure it is based on community knowledge and solutions. The work aimed: 7

• •

to reach as wide a cross-section of the community as possible in terms of age, gender and locality; to encourage people to share their knowledge, ideas, opinions and solutions about the issues for their community and how positive changes might be implemented.

Why participatory appraisal? In order to understand how people feel about the area and find out what they would like to see happening, an approach was needed that would let people share their views about what they thought about the area, and make suggestions about what could be done to change or improve it. Participatory appraisal recognises that the people who live in the community have the knowledge and experience to comment on it, and specifically encourages reaching out beyond the “usual suspects”. It encourages people to share their ideas and knowledge about life and local conditions. Local people are the “experts” It tries to involve as wide a cross section of local people as possible, and make sure there is equal representation. This means that those whose voices are not often heard or valued – “the hidden voices” – are heard. PA recognises that people’s lives and ideas and experiences are different and sometimes complex. So it reaches out to as many members of the community as possible, and does not try to create averages or demand that everyone is the same. A single comment may be highly significant and very useful. The use of visual methods enhances and encourages participation. These provide a structure, and act as a focus for discussion and analysis. If you would like to know more about this method of working, contact Vikki Hilton of Hilton Associates4 All the outcomes in this study are based on what people have said, and we have recorded them all as important. Please do read all the comments in the appendices. 4

3 Priory Grove, South Queensferry, West Lothian, Scotland. EH30 9LZ.


How it was done The overall community development participation exercise was promoted through Kirknewton Community Newsletter, flyers and posters as well as through Email, Twitter and Kirknewton Facebook page. The work was carried out collaboratively by Vikki Hilton who specialises in community development approaches and methods and Kirknewton Community Development Trust, particularly working with Tony Foster, the Chief Executive Officer and the KCDT Staff. Zoom meetings were held before the work started with KCDT and the Community Council to share ideas and seek advice. Due to Covid-19 restrictions no groups were available and no events/ meetings could be held.

Who participated? This year, 2020 was particularly challenging due to the Covid-19 restrictions. Because of lockdown and rules on mixing socially the community work could only begin in late July and ended on September 14th. Initial work started by setting up a table outside the Festival Store in the middle of the village, enabling people to engage safely and spread the word. Following that the facilitator knocked on virtually every door throughout the village and surrounding area over the next few weeks in the community. The facilitator spent over 6 weeks engaging people within the community from July 28th to September 14th working in the community encouraging local people to share their ideas and opinions about the area. At the same time the on-line survey was heavily promoted by KCDT staff and by flyers handed out by the facilitator reminding people that the survey was available on-line if they preferred. It was not possible to meet up with any groups or hold drop-in events as in previous community engagement processes due to the Covid-19 restrictions. However the facilitator spent additional time in the community ensuring as many people as possible had the opportunity to participate if they chose to face to face or on-line. It is hoped that a socially distanced drop-in feedback event can be arranged complying with any covid restrictions at some stage. The outcomes will be available in electronic form and the final report will be put on-line for everyone to access. A paper copy will be available at the Green Room for people to read. Overall 680 people participated, this included 178 (up from 81 in 2014) of them through the online survey, 199 from Kirknewton Primary School had the opportunity to participate and 303 through face to face engagement. At over 35% of the census population this was a fantastic level of interest. We were particularly encouraged by the thoughtful response people made on the online survey which extended the range of people who were able to participate.


Sixteen of the people who participated recorded that they were registered disabled; two of these were known to be registered blind. In addition the facilitator visited the sheltered accommodation run by Real Life Options at Humbie and the Cyrenians Farm also at Humbie. The community engagement work included working in the village and wider community council area at different times of the day during the week and weekend days. This meant walking around the area knocking on doors and visiting people to ensure a wide range of people had a chance to share their ideas. The map shows were the facilitator went in the village area. In addition the facilitator drove around the wider area to ensure people from Humbie, Newlands, Leyden, Ormiston, Overton, Milrig; Belstane etc had an opportunity to participate. The facilitator used a visual diagram to ensure openness and no pre-determined closed questions. These are open methods that enable people to share the ideas and solutions they have to what it’s like in the community. The online survey followed a similar format to the face to face method. Everyone who participated put a dot on a map to show where they lived and a tick to show what age they were. The maps and charts below shows the wide spread of people who took part in different parts of the village. Each dot represents a household. Note that the dots may not represent the exact house but the area. The red dots represent face to face engagement and the blue dots represent online participation. This was done to make sure that a wide range of people, young to older, women and men from all over the area were reached.


The charts below show the range of ages of people who participated. This does not include the 199 primary and nursery children from Kirknewton Primary School who also had the opportunity to participate.

By the end 680 people had participated with a good range of ages and a fair geographical distribution. This shows enormous interest within the community and is evidence of the increased awareness of KCDT and interest in what is happening in the community. It also shows people have a real interest in being involved in improving Kirknewton as a place to live and work in. In the work carried out in 2007 there was far less awareness of the Trust and then 167 people participated in the community engagement work. In 2010/11 and 2015 around 560 people participated. This time an even greater number of people participated in the online version with overall nearly 4000 comments.

What people where asked: What’s it like living / working in the Kirknewton area? They were asked to rank how they felt from 1-10 with 10 being great and then to think about and record: 1. What’s great about living in the area? Makes it a good place to live? 2. What gaps/ barriers are there currently for you in the community? What’s not so good about living in the area? 3. What would make Kirknewton an even better place to live (work) in? & why?

People were also asked how long they had lived in the area to make sure recent and long term residents were included in the process. This included 6 people over the age of 85. 11

This approach and method is different to surveys and questionnaires with predefined questions. It encourages people to focus and reflect on the issues that are important to them.

What people think about the area Not everyone wanted to record how they felt about the area. However the chart above shows that the large majority of them were positive about the area. We didn’t ask the primary school this question because of the way the work was carried out.

Organising the information All the ideas people shared meant that a vast amount of information was amassed and it had to be managed in some way. There were nearly 4000 comments as well as drawings from some of the primary school children. Every comment was recorded and some strong themes emerged from them. Some initial impressions of what ideas were emerging and these helped to confirm the main themes in discussion with the KCDT CEO. Whichever way the information was looked at there might have been different ways of categorising it. You may see different themes but what has emerged, in the end, we are confident give a good impression of what the people of Kirknewton think are


important issues and the ideas they have for how things can be improved. All the recorded comments are in the appendices. The young people at Kirknewton Primary School shared their ideas and these are summarised on pages 24-28 with details in appendix 4.

Feeding back the information to the community One of the features of this community engagement process is to give prompt feedback to the community; this year this has to be different due to the restrictions. In the past we have held drop in events over a few days for people to come by and see the views shared and add additional ideas. Some feedback has been ongoing • Through Twitter and facebook as the work was going on. • We hope to hold some sort of socially distanced display at the Green Room. Further details will be circulated. Electronic feedback: In addition the CEO added details to the Kirknewton Facebook and used twitter to feedback information. Feedback will be via facebook, copies of the report will be available on line and through the Trust at the Green Room. It is planned to produce a community newsletter reporting the main outcomes. What now This information will be used to develop the community plan and assist with funding applications as well as providing a good basis for understanding the community needs and aspirations.

What the community said about the area This section is a summary of what people most liked about the area, things they didn’t like so much and things they think will improve life in the area. What people said is summarised in diagrams and discussed on the following pages. All the comments people made are in the appendix which people are encouraged to read. They all make a fascinating read.

The recorded ideas and opinions have been categorised into general themes but could be categorised differently depending on how you look at them. The trust has a complete record so can use the basic information to apply for different grants and 13

use to develop the community plan. This report is a complete record so PLEASE DO read all the comments people made that are recorded in the Appendices. The really good thing about the community participation is that there were well over twice as many positive comments as negative comments and a good proportion of ideas and opinions for changes or improvements. This gives a real sense of an engaged community. Despite the restrictions due to Covid-19 the community response has been fantastic and thoughtful.

What’s great about the area? What people like about the area: 1595 comments recorded There were an enormous number of comments about what people liked about living/working in the area. Although they were broken into separate categories over half the comments came under Community which included the sense of community, the sense of it being a safe place and also under Location. They were all about how great a place Kirknewton is to live in. A fifth of the comments were about the amenities and facilities in the area which included the shop, pharmacy, pub and takeaway as well as the Park, School, Green Room, Housing, Church and Pavilion. You can see from the following diagram the proportion of comments under each category.

1. Community – 498 comments This included the sense of community people felt as well as Kirknewton being a safe place to live. Numerous people talked about the community spirit, it being a friendly place to live and with good neighbours. It is seen as child friendly and a great place for families. People used words like “Brilliant”, “its home”, “friendly” to describe their feelings. Friends are seen as important and people commented on how helpful and supportive people and the general community have been particularly during the Covid-19 lockdown. 14

2. Location/Environment – 446 comments Similar in many ways to the category above members of the community liked the location because of easy access to Livingston, Glasgow and Edinburgh as well as being close to motorway links and the Airport. All this yet a rural location with easy access to nature, green spaces, countryside, beautiful scenery, walks, semi-rural and quiet. People also commented on the village feel and atmosphere. 3. Facilities and Amenities – 300 comments This category included a wide range of facilities and amenities that people identified as being an important part of what they liked and appreciated about living in the area. The most mentioned facility was the shop, people particularly commented on the friendly and helpful staff and there were a number of comments on how well stocked it was. People found it very helpful that you could pay for orders over the phone and order butchers meat through the shop. Words like “fantastic”, “amazing”, “kind and friendly”. People also appreciated the pharmacy and post office “a boon to the village”. The pharmacy delivery service was also commented on as being really helpful and a huge benefit to the community. People liked having a park nearby and there were 32 positive comments about the school, about how good it was and a nice size. People appreciated the housing in Kirknewton with comments about the value for money though there were also concerns about the potential for too much new housing. There were positive comments about the Green Room and the provision of the larder and help during lockdown. 4. Community Organisations - 121 This included general comments about community organisation as well as specific comments about Kirknewton Community Development Trust (KCDT), the Community Council, and the Council as well as comments about the Charles Jencks Stones. There were positive comments about the community card, community lottery and communications card. People liked that there were always events going on, the community initiatives, the “Fab” gala and Christmas activities. Someone noted the closer links between the Trust and the Community Council and how active and involved they were. There was appreciation for the increased Senior Citizen activities and links with special events and trips as well as increased support. The VE day posies and shortbread gifts to seniors were praised. Perhaps these comments sum up feelings about the community support; “The community larder is a fantastic initiative and although I have never needed to use it, I am proud to live in a caring and supportive community” “It is a fantastic village with a fantastic team in the background working on it” People appreciated KCDT and the initiatives like the electric bikes, the senior’s trips and people commented on the things that had been achieved over the last 5 years. To quote “I think the KCDT are doing a great job. I grew up here and see big improvements in the last 5 years”. The Community Council is seen as “active”, “brilliant and supportive” with someone saying “I think the community council do a great job and I have nothing but praise for 15

them”. Also the local councillor was commented upon as being brilliant and supportive. There were 33 comments about the Charles Jencks Stones with an interesting range of comments from “sceptical at first but like it now”; “initially thought it was a joke but now like it”; “think it was money well spent” to “nice wee eye catcher as come in” and “we love the Stones Progress” 5. Activities - 102 In general people liked the various activities like the book club, craft groups, potter around, W.I., volunteering opportunities and the variety of groups for all ages. People commented on the “amazing dog walking areas”, lots of lovely walking areas and places”; “particularly appreciated during lockdown”. The impression from talking to many people during the community engagement process was that they had discovered so much more about their area during lockdown. When the fact that Kirknewton is semi-rural with easy access to the countryside became a daily fact “I walk out of my door into the countryside”. In this category retired people commented on the activities aimed at their age group with the day trips being a highlight. For youths the youth group was highlighted. 6. Transport - 81 Under transport people highlighted the good transport links particularly to Edinburgh with train and bus services as well as park and ride and the road links. There are always different opinions about services but people commented on the better bus service and 30 minute service as well as a good train service. 7. Last 5 Years - 17 Some people commented specifically on changes they recalled over the last 5 years with some people noting positive changes i.e. “Changes in the last 5 years almost all for the better e.g. Pharmacy/Post Office, fast broadband, Green Room initiatives” to “Over last 10 Years got much better”. Some people had only noticed small things and someone commented on the Babies and toddlers group closing which was not good. Further comments There were a number of miscellaneous comments about the changes over time, people on the outskirts i.e. Humbie, Leyden and Ormiston feeling slightly detached, though liking where they live. A few people commented on how “useful” the Facebook page was for making people aware of what was going on.


What’s not so good about the area?

What people didn’t like about the area: 670 comments recorded There were considerably less things people didn’t like so much about the area, in fact nearly 1000 less comments than the positive ones. The main things people had issues with were as follows: 1. Facilities and Amenities - 237 comments This category included a lot of general comments about facilities and amenities people feel are missing in the area. There was a call for an ATM and, as in previous work, people talked about the need for a café and the pub serving meals. As can be seen by the chart below the majority of comments were about shops, café etc., with an emphasis on a place to have coffee, to eat out, a little café and the pub to serve food.


Again as in previous work there is concern over the lack of things for teenagers to do with a need for more sporting activities for that age group. The lack of a skateboard park which has been highlighted in previous work appears again with lots of comments in the changes section. People like the park but there is a lot missing and in need of repairs or replacement. The Pavilion came in for a lot of comments with people saying it’s not used “never open”, “a glory trip for a councillor ..the council didn’t listen to the community”. One person commented that “the changing rooms at the park are a massive missed opportunity. It could have been a multifunctional building that actually had windows looking out onto the park.. never seen it used yet. Engaging with the community is so important, especially in investing in the village. There needs to be more engagement”. There were similar comments about the pavilion. Another issue in this section is around the lack of a doctor in the village, the length of time one has to wait for an appointment and the increasing pressure on East Calder surgery with the new housing. This is an ongoing concern raised in earlier community engagement work. There were comments about the lack of foot paths on surrounding roads such as Humbie and Leyden, narrow footpaths in the village and the need for more information about local paths and cycle routes. Someone commented that “proper routed walks around the village would be great” and another complained about “People walking on land that they shouldn’t walk on, dog mess on tracks & in crops used for silage. Dog mess gets into silage. Dog mess gets into barley”. A number of comments were around lack of linked up cycle routes i.e. Kirknewton to Almondell Park, to East Calder and Balerno. Someone also commented on the lack of good horse trails in the area. Some people had issues about the bottle recycling, with it now pushed further up the path and broken glass on the path. There were a number of comments about hogweed and the need for general tidying up of areas, 2. Transport – 127 comments This included general transport issues and specific bus and rail issues. Many of the issues people raised were similar to the work done five years ago and even in 2011 there were similar comments. People particularly had issues over the reliability of the buses with comments on the “erratic” service, with buses often running late. People thought the service was better when there was competition between First Bus and Lothian Buses, although in terms of traffic management people said the buses did meet up in Main Street and cause problems. Again, as people said in 2011 and 2015, links to Balerno for the high school children are non-existent. This means the young people cannot fully participate in after school activities unless parents collaborate with pick-ups. Both adults and young people commented on this issue. Again people highlighted the cost of public transport, the lack of late night services and difficulty of using public transport if you are working due to service timetables. 18

Some people were concerned about the change in the bus route into Edinburgh with Lothian buses going via Western Approaches not the old route of Gorgie. A particular issue highlighted was the bus service from Kirknewton to the doctor’s surgery for non-drivers as there was an uphill walk from the bus stop to the surgery. The removal of the “hail & ride” system was seen as making life more difficult and people were very keen for it to be reinstated. The barrier at the railway line crossing was criticised for being down too long and the potential to affect emergency services. One disabled person said it was very stressful walking over the uneven railway line. People said there needed to be a pedestrian bridge. In addition a comment was made about there being no ticket machine at the station meaning delays on arrival in Edinburgh. 3. Traffic Management – 75 comments This category included traffic in general as well as issues people had with parking and traffic. Concerns were around people driving too fast through the village, all the parking in Main Street as well as parking around the school area. Cars and vans parking on the pavements made it dangerous as well. Some of the out of village roads were perceived as particularly bad, like the road to the Cyrenians. Also people living on Leyden Road and Newlands complained about the speed of traffic, the number of lorries using the road, particularly Leyden Road, and the roads being used as rat runs. The speed really concerned people as walkers, runners, cyclists and horse riders used the roads where there were long areas with no pavements and a real danger to these road users. 4. Infrastructure – 56 comments Most of the comments in this category were around specific areas in Kirknewton. There is a reoccurring theme of neglect in the Kaimes area with concerns over drains, road and parking area conditions as well as general environmental maintenance. Concerns in Leyden Road is over the bad water pressure, lack of local news as Connect and Kirknewton News is not delivered in the area plus a concern over fast traffic and heavy lorries on Leyden Road. In the Humbie area people expressed concern over the development of additional housing and the lack of infrastructure to support the extra housing. There are already issues over the private water supply be a bit “hit and miss” plus the narrow country road and no pavement with the additional traffic. People commented on the lack of litter and dog poo bins, poor broadband and mobile signal, no public toilet and no cash machine. The village hall was seen as underused, needing to be more welcoming, open and refurbished.


5. Anti-social behaviour/community safety – 55 comments In this category there are the usual concerns over litter and dog mess that have been raised in the last 2 community engagement processes. Someone commented on the increase in crime and drug deal with very little police presence. It was also noted that there had been an increase in crime over the last 5 years including damage to cars and general anti-social behaviour. There was also a concern over gates being left open on walks and “During lockdown ignorance of countryside rules i.e. running through sheep feeding, not shutting gates – lack of respect” 6. Community organisations – 44 comments In general a few people had concerns that the same sort of people were represented on the Trust and Community Council as well as concerns about how the funding was spent. There was seen to be a need for more transparency in the decision making about money available and how and what was funded. There were also a few comments about the Charles Jencks Stones (10 comments) with a few people not liking them and saying there was no consultation. Note: The story of how the stones came about and community involvement can be seen at and 7. Miscellaneous – 42 comments This category included a number of individual things that didn’t match well in the other categories. There were some comments about Kirknewton being a bit detached, remote (non-driver), there being no “real centre to the village” and “Lost the hub of the community as the village extends”. 8. Housing – 20 comments As in the 2014/15 community engagement work people again talked about the lack of 4/5 bedroom houses in the village whilst someone else talked about the need for 2 bedroom starter houses. There was concern expressed about the additional housing site at Humbie. 9. Disability – 8 comments Accessibility is a real issue for people, particularly wheelchair users, with pavements, “kirkhenge”, the pub, paths, trains and village benches not set up for disabled access. 10. Social media – 6 comments There was a call to monitor the Facebook page better as some people used it negatively.


What people would like to be changed or improved

Changes 758 comments People had many ideas about what could be done to make Kirknewton an even better place to live and or work in. Some of them are similar to previous work in 2015 and even the 2010/11 work like improving or new facilities and more activities. Public transport remains an issue of concern with buses identified as needing the most change to improve service. People have the same concerns over congestion on the High Street and traffic entering the village too fast as they did in 2010/11 and 2015 with more suggestions for improving traffic management. People did say that people most affected by the traffic and parking issues should be involved in the decision-making around changes. 1. Facilities and amenities – 292 comments The breakdown of comments in this category can be seen in the following diagram.


As in the previous community engagement work people wanted a café of some kind or family restaurant and food available in the pub as well as being more family friendly. People liked the local shop but made suggestions for ways it could improve, like selling more farm produce – a “destination shop for farm produce” someone suggested. There were lots of suggestions for improvements to the park, read appendix 3 and 4 to see all the suggestions. A lot of these were to improve facilities for older primary age children and teenagers. For instance things like replacing the basket swing, a skate park, bigger climbing frame and slide as well as improving and renewing other park facilities. The Skateboard Park has been a priority for young people in 2011 and 2015. A group of 4 High School Students got together and drew out the sort of shelter they thought would be good in the park for their age group. KCDT has their contact details and hope to engage with them and other teenagers. People were keen for the Pavilion to be used, particularly for the toilets to be available and opportunities maybe for a “wee café”. There was a suggestion to attach a covered open area to one end of the pavilion for exercise groups, maybe or meeting space. People were very keen, as they were in 2010/11 and 2015 to have even a part time doctor visiting the village, possibly as a satellite to the East Calder surgery. People were also keen to see bigger family homes being built, more council houses and more affordable housing. But this was countered by concerns about the new housing being planned near Roosevelt and not wanting the village to grow too much. People suggested more courses like IT, upskilling workshops, sharing skills etc. could be put on in the Green Room. Certainly people felt more use could be made of the facility. Some people wanted the bottle recycling moved to a more accessible site. There were some interesting ideas about linking Jupiter Artland, Livingston Sculpture Park through Kirknewton as a sculpture art trail and creating wildlife corridors in the area. Someone who likes raptors suggested a web cam for a barn owl nest and other interesting environmental improvement suggestions.


2. Activities – 122 comments This included general ideas as well as ideas around improvements for specific age groups. People suggested such things as more exercise facilities with classes, evening classes, community composting and food projects and additional group. Someone suggested a co-working space with fast internet access and cheap rent of hot desks in underutilised public spaces. Another suggestion was engaging with primary and high school students in environmentally friendly initiatives. Outdoor exercise classes were mentioned and someone linked them to the opportunity to add a shelter onto the pavilion. There were even suggestions for a farmers market or micro market, perhaps linked to the Cyrenians. People were also looking for more linked paths for cycling and walking in the area and for safely linking into other communities. 3. Traffic management – 93 comments People wanted traffic management to prioritise pedestrians and someone suggested a pedestrian crossing near the shop. People suggested speed limits and ways of slowing down traffic in the village, manage the on street parking better and limit speed on the outlying roads in Humbie, Leyden and Newlands. 4. Community organisations – 80 comments This category included general thoughts about community organisations as well as ones specific to KCDT, the Community Council, the Council and some about the Charles Jencks Stones. The general ones included ways of improving communication, transparency over how and why things happened and engaging with the community. There was a suggestion that minutes of community organisation meetings be published on the Facebook page. KCDT was asked by people to be more transparent and listen to people and engage with the community more. But there were also thanks for all the work they were doing. There is some confusion in the distinction between what the Trust and the Community Council roles are, as well as what the council itself implements. It was apparent during this work that very few people were aware that the Pavilion was a West Lothian Council project. There were suggestions for doing more with the landscaping around the stones, wheelchair access and improving the path access so it was not so close to the road. 5. Transport – 74 comments As with earlier community engagement work people suggested better public transport, especially in the evening when the services ended too early for shift workers. Again people were asking for bus links with Balerno particularly for after school clubs. There were suggestions for an electronic bus display so people could see if buses were cancelled i.e. due to snow. 23

6. Disability issues 6 There were a number of suggestions for improving access in and around the village for people with disabilities. Someone even volunteered to help with a disability audit and the Trust has their contact details. The lack of lowered kerbs was a big issue, narrow pavements in parts and a plea to add another hand rail to the path near the Green Room. Someone specifically mentioned the need for a crossing bleeper at the junction of the A71 and Station Road.

Youth views: Kirknewton Primary School Due to restrictions because of Covid-19 the facilitator was unable to meet directly with the pupils at Kirknewton Primary School. However the Head teacher was very enthusiastic about the children’s voices being part of the community engagement. So during September the teachers at the school very kindly worked with their classes to ensure the children had a say. The same process was followed asking the young people to think about the things they really like, don’t like so much and changes they would like to see happening. They were asked to talk about, and write or draw their ideas in groups or individually. In all they shared 880 ideas PLUS lots of wonderful pictures and diagrams to express their ideas. It is impossible to put all the pictures in this report, a few are shared and KCDT has a copy of the pictures the young people produced to share their ideas. It is hoped they can be displayed when covid restrictions allow an open display. Below are charts and a few pictures to show the sort of ideas the children shared. In addition all the ideas they recorded and some more pictures can be found in Appendix 4. There are currently 199 children enrolled at the school and they all had the opportunity to share their ideas and opinions What they like about living in Kirknewton

What they don’t like about living in Kirknewton

What they would like to see changed or improved to make it an even better place to live

The charts and pictures below show what the young people at the primary school think about living in the area. One can see that there were very few things the children disliked about living in the area and an equal number of things they liked and would like to see changed. This came from the written comments; in addition they shared their ideas with drawings and diagrams.


There were many more ideas for changes and improvements to the area, most of them around improvements to the park and more shops. Although the children liked the park there were lots of comments about having more equipment, like getting back the basket swing for older children and improving the football pitch. Read all the comments in appendix 4 to understand more about their ideas and opinions. This is an example of the some of the things the young people liked:

The largest category was around activities and facilities which broken down looks like the chart  As can be seen the children liked the park, although it was also the area they wanted to most of the changes and improvements. Equally they liked the shops which included the chemist and chippy. Someone commented on the “kind workers” at the shop. A good number of children liked the school saying its “great”, “perfect”, and “I meet my friends”. 25

The community is important to the children because of their friends, the nice friendly people and people looking after each other. The children liked the “cool woods”, the animals – the sheep and highland cows and wildlife.

These are the things the children did not like so much:

The young people recorded very few things they did not like about living in Kirknewton. The most recorded thing was anti-social behaviour, they disliked the dog poo, litter and people vandalising things. They also disliked cars going too fast and cars parking on the pavement. Someone didn’t like there not being a library and the only school dislike was having no trampoline in the nursery.


These show some of the things they would like to see changed or improved:

Most of the things the children wanted changed or improved were about activities and facilities. The diagram below shows the large proportion of comments that were about the park.

There were 209 comments just about the park with a wish list for a new big climbing frame, a bike track – in the park and in the woods, climbing wall, basket swing, teenage hangout, big slide and the Skate Park which has been on the wish list for a long time. Really, as with the work amongst the wider community, the children just want more to do in the park. There was also a big range of comments about additional new facilities in the village, including more shops, a gaming shop was mentioned a lot and even a chocolate fountain! They also thought a café would be good.


A few wanted more paths and cycle paths as well as more parking places in the village. Some also wanted a police station to make it safer for kids.

Please read the comments in Appendix 4 to see all the ideas the children shared. In taking forward the ideas of younger people in the village it is important that the Trust continues to engage with them and ensure that any improvements to the park area are done in collaboration with all users. Although things have been done in the park it is clear from the children that they think a lot more needs to be done to make it a better park. Further Information We would strongly recommend that you read all the comments. You will find them in full in the appendix. There will also be copies of the reports available in the Green Room and on the KCDT web site.

Conclusion The KCDT will use the ideas, opinions and solutions to help in bringing together the next 5 year development plan. It was clear from the comments people made; and working in the area again after a further 5 years that the village has a lot more going on and increased social-cohesion. There are more local events and activities all help bring people together and increase the feel of community


People had many ideas about what could be done to make Kirknewton an even better place to live; some of them are similar to the 2010/11 and 2014/2015 work like improving or new facilities and more activities. The village is seen as a friendly place, with good community spirit, easy access to Edinburgh, Livingston and the countryside with some good facilities. People particularly liked the rural feel and access to the countryside with some people commenting on how good it was during lockdown for the virus. This time also there were a lot more mentions of good, friendly, helpful neighbours with some linking it again, to the restrictions due to covid. This was very positive for the village with many people seemingly seeing the village through “new eyes”. People still like the park but people wanted to see it upgraded and improved. The park is reported as good but it is clear from everything the school children said as well as the wider community that things still need to be improved to make it a good place for all ages. Older children would still like things in the park they can enjoy and it is clear something needs to be done to improve facilities for other sports. There are lots of suggestions for improvements to the park, do please read all the thoughtful suggestions like a basket swing, upgraded and bigger slide plus the Skateboard Park that the youths have been asking for in the last two community engagement processes. Some young people suggested, and drew out an idea for a shelter in the park and this is an opportunity to engage with the teenagers to design and build something that will have a stake in and care for. People would also like to see better use made of the Pavilion, with comments about how it has hardly been used since it was built. Clearly, from the comments, people felt very little or no community engagement took place when it was built. Public transport still remains an issue of concern with buses identified as needing the most change to improve service. The longstanding issue of buses to Balerno was talked about and is something the Community Council and Trust are aware of. It was also suggested that an electronic display be put at the bus stops, similar to Edinburgh that displayed bus arrival times. This is something that could be taken forward with Lothian Country buses. People have increasing concerns over congestion on the High Street and traffic entering the village to fast as they did in 2010/11 and 2014/15. Issues about parking along the Main Street and difficulties with buses manoeuvring have increased and the community have come up with solutions. People also recognised that any changes to solve the parking issues would need to be done in collaboration with the community, particularly with the residents directly affected. Previous community work highlighted the need for a place to meet and eat like a café or the pub serving food. This is still one of the key changes people would like to see happening. Although there were not that many comments around disability issues there is a real concern that people, particularly in wheel chairs and mobility scooters had great difficulty getting around the village due to narrow pavements and lack of lowered 29

curbs. The Festival Stores were particularly difficult to reach due to no appropriate lowered curbs plus inconsiderate parking. In addition someone asked for a handrail to be added on the slopped path going past the Green Room so that there was support on both sides. In support of disability issues there is no bleeper on the crossing at the traffic lights at the junction of Station Road and the A71 on the way to East Calder. This surely something that Transport Scotland or the Local Authority could put right. One of the village residents who uses a mobility scooter volunteered to help with an Accessibility Audit, the Trust has their contact details and funding may well be available from an organisation such as Paths for All. An astonishing amount of information has been shared by the community which makes for interesting and useful reading. It is an excellent starting point for developing the next 5 year community plan and can be used by other community organisations as well as the trust to target funds and apply for additional funds to support local initiatives. We are confident and pleased that, as a result of this exercise, even more people know about KCDT and the Green Room and have had a chance to share their issues, ideas and opinions about life in the village. This work will help inform the direction of the community development plan and provide support for taking community ideas forward.


Appendices Appendix 1: All comments: What people like Appendix 2: All comments: What people don’t like Appendix 3: All comments: Changes/Improvements Appendix 4: All comments: Kirknewton Nursery & Primary School Note: Seven comments were removed as they were felt to be inappropriate in a public report due to the language used.


Appendix 1: All comments: What people like (1595 comments recorded) What people like about living in Kirknewton COMMUNITY x 498 Sense of Community: x 481 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

A big thanks to all of the community efforts during lockdown A community A community – help each other A good community Always lived there went to school there and know lots of people. Lovely community Appreciate being contacted about the community engagement Atmosphere Been here so long, like it, the people Best place Better than what it was Born & bought up here Born & bred in Kirknewton. Know people in the area Brilliant Child friendly Children have a great time growing up in countryside Close community Close knit Community x 8 Community does a lot for us older ones Community engagement Community feel x 5 Community feel and how everyone wants to improve this. Community feel to it Community feel, people will help Community feel-know the neighbours Community fine way it is Community for old people, entertainment/visits for older people in last 5 years Community Involvement x 2 Community lottery x 3 Community senior days out Community spirit x 13 Community spirit and helpful people. Community spirit brilliant Community spirit good Community spirit n kindness Community spirit was fantastic during Covid-19 Community spirit, when young as well community trust all good, Green Room, Hall Community which is rural Community. Covid crisis bought people even more together i.e. VE day Covid has brought out the great community spirit Do enjoy living in Kirknewton Easy community Emotional attachment – children grew up here Enjoy x 3 Everyone friendly x 3 Everyone helps each other


• • • • • • • •

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Everyone is nice x 2 Everyone nice enough Everyone very friendly and neighbourly. Nice and peaceful. Everything x 3 Everything handy Everything in general Everything you need Family friendly area, dog friendly, good community spirit, very few antisocial behaviours, a feeling of safety, can rely on neighbours, good amenities for school, playpark and commuting to Edinburgh and Glasgow. Far enough out to be peaceful Father born in village – flats in Smithy Brae were the dairy Feel part of the village Feels like a village still Friendly x 13 Friendly and peaceful area to live Friendly community x 4 Friendly community in Roosevelt Road & Churchill Way especially through Covid. Friendly community, has everything you need. Friendly neighbours x 2 Friendly people x 6 Friendly people and a good community spirit. Friendly place Friendly place but not intrusive Friendly village x 2 Friendly, quiet with no trouble, safe for kids to play Friendly, tho it’s larger Friends x 2 Generally the people are lovely. Going to shop people recognise you Good x 2 Good community x 9 Good community feel. Good community spirit x 5 Good community spirit and a sense of community. Good community spirit which has got better over the years. Working here lets you see how close the community is and how it (in general) comes together to help Good community spirit Community aspect of landscape Good community spirit, real country feel about the place. Good community-very local whats app group Good feel Good for families x 2 Good for family Good for meeting friends from Kirknewton with park to go to. Good for young ones when first moved Good friends Good friends who help out Good local community. Good mix of people. Good neighbour Good neighbourhood. Good neighbours x 20 Good neighbours, brilliant Hallscraig Good neighbours-lots of people have lived in the street for a long time


• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Good people Good place in general Good place to bring up kids x 2 Good place to live Good sense of community Good sense of community in my street with friendly neighbours. Good street x 2 Good things happened during covid Good village Good village to stay in Great x 2 Great community Great community network & spirit. Great community spirit x 4 Great little village Great neighbour Great place Great place to work/live x 3 Great place. Great sense of community Great sense of community spirit. Great to be in the community, to be part of village Great wee place Great when children were young Great, closeness to Edinburgh Happy as it is Happy living here Help to make the village a better (the people) Helpful village Home Hope never loses its village community How the community has come together to support people when they need it mainly the community fridge that has been set up to support those who need it the most Huge community spirit I do love the community spirit Kirknewton has I find Kirknewton a nice friendly village I moved here from Edinburgh when I had my child as I thought it would be a nice place to bring up a child. I have some great friends in the village. I help a neighbour I know what’s going on & like feeling, being in the centre of it I like the 'village' feel of Kirknewton. I like what has been done for vulnerable people during Covid. I love Kirknewton! I think it’s a great community. I love living in the area as there seems to be a lot of community spirit and very few that don't get on. I love that it’s such a friendly wee village. I love all the community activities that are put on. I love the community I love the community atmosphere and feel very safe living here. I love the community feel. People are friendly and look out for each other. I’ve brought my three kids up here with no issues at all. In general is a really good place to live In the main good people live here who care about the community. It feels safe, it is peaceful and near countryside. It has a nice Community feel about it. It has a very welcoming vibe. It has grown quite a bit since I first moved here but in a good way.


• • • • •

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

It is a great community with lots to offer from the fantastic local shop to the Green room and community spirit. It was a supportive community during lockdown It’s home It’s home, all I’ve known never anywhere else, lived here all my life (84 yrs) It’s lovely living in a village. I moved here from Edinburgh and wouldn’t like to go back. In recent years there have been more and more newcomers who perhaps just see it as a commuter village so driving around the village can be arduous and you can encounter a lot of hostility. It’s my home It’s pretty friendly and quiet. It’s rural but well connected apart from to Balerno. It’s small, quiet and good for transport links. It's a friendly village with close proximity to both Edinburgh and Livingston. It's a great, quiet place to live but within easy access to other facilities and cities (more so if you drive). It's a small quiet village with a good sense of community. It's friendly. It’s not a town It's not too big. I've moved away twice and came back twice don't know what it is but Kirknewton draws you back. Suppose it's the closeness of the community all pulling together Just a nice family village Just nice Just stay here-its home Kids friends Kirknewton developed well Kirknewton has a good community feel. Kirknewton has a great community spirit which has been even more evident during lockdown. There is a good variety of groups for all ages and interests. Kirknewton is a good village, never a bad village Knew everybody when growing up Know neighbours Like in the village Like it at the village Like it in Kirknewton Like it in the community Like Kirknewton as a village Like living here Like living in a village Like the community feel particularly the support recently through Covid. Like the fact it’s a village Like the people x 2 Like the people in the village Like the size of it Like the views Like the village x 2 Like the village people look out for each other Lived all my life in Kirknewton, never wanted to move away (70+ years) Lived here all my life (18 years) Lived here all my life, never known anything else Local people Lots of community spirit, good transport links, close to Edinburgh and Livingston, pretty location, peaceful Lots of people have lived her for a long time so there is a lot of history and people are obviously happy here.


• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Love community spirit Love it x 8 Love living here Love living in the area Love the community Love the village x 3 Love where I stay (Kaimes)-good neighbours helpful & friendly Lovely community feel Lovely neighbours Lovely neighbours, helpful during lockdown Lovely sense of community Lovely sense of community & people looking out for each other. Lovely village Lovely village to live in with friendly faces Lovely village with a great community atmosphere Lucky to be here Lucky we live here Majority of people are friendly Majority of people in village are fine, just about 10% not good Met people through the church and introduced to the W.I. which is very good Mix of people, different ages Mixed community which is good More of a feeling of a community coming back Most people good Most people passing in the street nod or say Good morning. My friends are here so that’s good I guess My neighbours – lucky enough to have good neighbours My neighbours are great. Natural home, always worked in area Neighbours x 5 Neighbours are good x 2 Neighbours are good and village is generally quite. Neighbours are helpful but not nosy Neighbours friendly & nice Neighbours good x 3 Neighbours good (was working when first moved to Kirknewton so didn’t meet so many people). Neighbours okay Neighbours there if you need them but not in each other’s way Nice being in a small community Nice community Nice community spirit x 2 Nice enough place to live Nice feel Nice little community. Nice neighbours x 4 Nice people x 4 Nice views Nice village x 2 Nice village community Nice village feeling Nice wee village x 2 Nice wee village (lived here 6 months) Nice, children can still walk to school Nice, friendly No complaints


• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

• • • • • •

Nothing to change On the most it's a good Community and Supportive especially during LOCKDOWN. Well-funded to support everyone Peace and quiet People x 10 People are friendly x 5 People are friendly, warm welcome People helping each other out People in village nice People know each other People like the area People nice People okay People very friendly and helpful People working in village doing well People you know, bought up with People, they make it Pretty friendly Pro-active community. Real sense of community and like living in a place where neighbours care about each other, and the wider community. Real sense of community and support. Really good village, lot going for it Really happy in Kirknewton Really like the village Residents and neighbours are friendly. Sense of community x 6 Sense of community - especially with neighbours. It's quiet :) The way the community appears to look out for the wellbeing of our elderly. Sense of community for elderly Sense of community in very positive sense. Since the virus people have been kind to others Small community. X 2 Small village x 4 Small village most people know each other Still a village unlike East Calder which is becoming a suburb Stillness Strong community spirit. Strong sense of community x 2 Super village x 2 That it is a rural village and small enough to keep its community spirit. That there is a reasonable good mix of people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds, makes it an interesting place for people to feel at home. The community is mostly friendly. The Community Spirit and friendliness on most parts. The community spirit, the ability and opportunity to do things for the community. We did the flowers for older people on VE day this summer. Volunteered services (though was never needed) during lockdown. The community, small village close access to park and well stocked/friendly shop. plenty of walking and green space for dogs and kids. The feel of the community The people The people, friendly The village is quiet; there is a sense of community. New people are made to feel welcome The way the community pulled together during COVID was great & all offered support to each other.


• • •

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

• • •

There are lots of good things going on. There can be a good community spirit & community events can be well attended. There is a good feeling of community in Kirknewton, neighbours helping neighbours. There is a real sense of community and engagement in helping improve. The Facebook activity and groups such as the litter pickers are fantastic examples of people trying to do good for the general population. The green room is amazing - even though I’ve never been in - such a great facility to have though. That’s just a few examples. There's good community spirit and a culture of helping out neighbours etc. Used to Kirknewton over the years (44) Very caring people Very community Very family friendly Very friendly x 4 Very good community Very good neighbours Very happy Very happy here & feel safe Very nice Very peaceful. Very safe place Village life x 2 We love the quiet friendly village feel. We recently took on an allotment and enjoy the extra connection to the community that gives us. Wee village x 2 Well presented village What I’m used to When I first came (20+yrs) I didn’t feel a part of community only a Santa and Gala. When child went to school I started to feel part of the community, joined committees. Gala stopped & started own business even more part of village When I walk around I know most of the people Whole community Wouldn’t live anywhere else

Community Safety: x 17 • • • • • • • • • • •

A very safe and tight knit place to live. Child safe Feels safe x 3 Feels safe to walk around on your own. Nice, safe village. No vandalism No violence in village Rarely have trouble Safe x 5 Safe area Safety.

LOCATION/ENVIRONMENT x 446 Location: x 437 • • • • • •

10 minutes to Livingston, traffic not bad, better than living in Edinburgh Access to a lot of retail Access to airport Access to countryside Access to Edinburgh Access to everything we need


• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Access to green spaces Access to nature Access to Scotland, Glasgow, highlands etc Access to shops-Livingston Accessible to Edinburgh & Livingston Accessible to whole of Scotland Agriculture low intensity Airport close Also bought up in country situation so fits well with my living Always happy in the village An A&E within 13 minutes Appreciate living in the countryside Beautiful scenery Best of both worlds-in the countryside, airport 15 minutes, Livingston 10 minutes Can walk to Tesco in East Calder Can’t beat the view (Kaimes) Central for commuting & Scotland Central for everything Glasgow & Edinburgh x 2 Central for N,S,E,W Central for so many things i.e. getting north Central location-getting to Livingston, Edinburgh Clean air compared to Edinburgh and other built up areas. Close enough to city Close enough to everything i.e. Glasgow, Edinburgh Close enough to get places Close enough to motorway to drive somewhere local shop is good (No public bus on Leyden Rd) School Close to airport Close to city Close to city centre Edinburgh-bus & train Close to community Close to Edinburgh x 7 Close to Edinburgh Close to Edinburgh & Livingston Close to Edinburgh and easy to get to Glasgow also. Close to family x 3 Close to family who live in East Calder (Calderwood) Close to highway. Close to Livingston Close to Livingston & Gyle for shopping Close to Livingston/Edinburgh Close to major centres Close to major city and all city amenities Close to railway for commuting/travel Close to relatives Close to sea Close to shopping area in Livingston. Close to shopping centres-Livingston & Edinburgh Close to the airport. Close to the family Close to town but rural feel Close to town if you want to go Convenience for Edinburgh Convenience for travel Convenient Convenient for airport & travel in general


• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Convenient for Edinburgh Convenient for shopping in Livingston Convenient location Country feel to the village despite being close to Edinburgh Country life, access to farmland for walks, no large new build estates Country setting. Countryside x 7 Countryside location but an easy commute to Edinburgh with a choice of bus or train. Countryside nearby Dryer part of Scotland Easily accessible to Edinburgh Easy access Edinburgh and Livingston. Easy access to Edinburgh x 2 Easy access to Edinburgh & Livingston Easy access to Edinburgh, North Easy access to Livingston & Edinburgh. Easy access to other places Easy access to walks Easy commuting to Edinburgh Easy for shops Easy to get anywhere from here Easy to get into Edinburgh Easy to get kids into nursery Easy with children Enjoy the countryside living whilst having easy access to Edinburgh and Glasgow. Estate to walk around Everything on doorstep-Edinburgh-Livingston Everything on the doorstep Fab location in the countryside but not far too good facilities and amenities (Edinburgh, Livingston etc). Fairly quiet x 2 Family close by Family live in village Family nearby Fantastic views Generally rural Gentle landscape Geographic location, close to Edinburgh for employment but has a village feel. God’s country Good shopping facilities, bus & train service and (mostly) nice people with community spirit Good access Good access to shops. Good area Good community to work in Good location and transport links. Good location easy to get to Edinburgh Good positioning for amenities & getting places Good road network nearby. Good Scenic walks locally – highland cattle in fields Good to be out in the country, with access to a railway station. Good walks Great in Kaimes Great location Great location amongst nature/farming yet not too far from the city. Great location for accessing main roads and airport.


• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Great location with blend of village and country living with great links to Livingston, Edinburgh and beyond. Great rural environment, but close to major centres of population. Surrounding area is getting a lot busier and built up, so far has not really affected Kirknewton. Great views Great views (Kaimes) Half way between countryside & town Handy for both Edinburgh and Livingston and even travelling to Glasgow isn’t too far away Handy for Edinburgh x 2 Handy for Edinburgh & Glasgow Handy for Edinburgh & Livingston Handy for other areas, Broxburn, Livingston Handy for shop – if you have a car, need a car Handy for the city Handy for town Handy for work (Bathgate Handy to have the local shop, butchers goes there & can order meat Handy, close to airport Handy-if you have car I like living in Kirknewton it’s quiet and peaceful and there is lovely countryside all around. I like the outdoor space - the grassy area and the park and lots of places to walk. Ideal for commuting In the country but everything accessible In the countryside In the countryside – dog walkers It is a good place to live as it's not too busy and not too quiet and also has enough you need in a village. It is a relaxing place to live and feels semi - rural which is just as we had wanted. It is a very nice and quiet place to live in while it is also close to the city and the shopping centre. It is nice and peaceful, lots of young families. It is peaceful & main motorway networks are nearby so you are not far from anywhere in central belt. It’s easy to commute It’s quiet x 3 Its relatively quiet It's rural but close to a city. Kirknewton provides a safe and beautiful environment for me and my husband to raise our child. The location is perfect, being semi-rural being able to engage with nature whilst being so well connected to larger urban areas and facilities. We've only lived here for two years (note: there's no option above for two years as length of time living here) but are very happy and feel settled. Landscape and amenities of landscape Landscape both visual and history Like being here very rural, particularly during lockdown Like being out of town but still quite near it - couldn't afford to buy in town (Edinburgh) anyway. Not surrounded by pollution etc. Like being out of town but still quite near it - couldn't afford to buy in town (Edinburgh) anyway. Not surrounded by pollution etc. Like country life Like my garden Like rural feel but not too far away Like ruralness of it Like that doing more for pensioners Like that I live & work in the village Like that just outside Edinburgh/close to Livingston but can feel a bit like country living. Like the area x 4 Like the country Like the fact that we are quick to get to the station by path, cycle, drive


• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Like the fact that we’re halfway between Livingston & Edinburgh but still rural Like the look Like things in general about the village Live in a cul-de=sac which is great Live in a cul-de-sac, good for the kids Living in a friendly and safe space. Living in the country but only 15/20 minutes from the city. Local to Edinburgh and Livingstone but still has a village feel rather than town Location x 2 Location – close to Airport, Edinburgh, rail links Location – countryside Location close to Edinburgh Location easy enough to get anywhere-Edinburgh, Glasgow, Perth-access Location in Milrig-virtually no traffic but 15 minutes to places, close to Park & Ride4 Location is convenient Location, close to Edinburgh Lots of things close by Love the countryside but so close to Edinburgh & Livingston for shops etc Love the countryside, few neighbours Love watching the ploughing in fields opposite Lovely Lovely area x 2 Lovely countryside Lovely here Lovely rural village with a feeling of being 'out in the sticks' but close to Edinburgh and Glasgow by train, bus and car if necessary. Lovely secluded village, lots of rural areas to walk around. My son recently started the school nursery and that is a lovely setting too. Again, the position with the woodland behind the school, open views and neighbouring hens give a wonderful connection to nature which is very important to me. Nature Near family Near parks Near stuff, can get to places i.e. Edinburgh Near the family Near train, bus as well Next to wood (Selm Muir) Nice Nice & peaceful Nice & quiet x 7 Nice & tidy Nice and quiet. Nice area x 2 Nice area to have a family in Nice area to live Nice area-Kirkbrae Nice community to be near Nice community with good access to countryside, Edinburgh and other areas e.g. Glasgow, Highlands. Nice countryside around Nice countryside, nature etc x2 Nice cul-de-sac, look after each other Nice little village Nice mix rural Nice open spaces Nice place x 3


• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Nice place to be Nice place to be Nice place to enjoy family life, outdoor life Nice place to live x 2 Nice place to stay Nice quiet village Nice surrounding area. Nice village in a great location Not cut off Not Edinburgh but close enough Not far from Edinburgh Not in a big town Not so far away from Edinburgh & Livingston Not too cramped Not too far from Edinburgh Not too big. Nice size village Not too over populated Open countryside. Open space / access to the outdoors. Open spaces x 3 Out in countryside x 2 Out of the way but close to A71 & can go left or right & anywhere Livingston, Edinburgh, West Calder Out of way Parks nearby Peace & quiet x 2 Peace & tranquillity Peaceful x 9 Peaceful – appreciate more since lockdown for the walks Peaceful and in the country but still access to everything you could need in Livingston. Peaceful lifestyle Perfect location 10 minutes to work in Edinburgh Picturesque countryside Pleasant, quiet village on outskirts of Edinburgh. Plenty lovely day works and attractions nearby. Pretty Pretty village Proximity to a highly cultured capital city. Proximity to countryside Proximity to transport Proximity to wonderful countryside, both agricultural and wild. Pub Quality of life-a very short commute to work Quiet x 43 Quiet & friendly place Quiet and close to the open countryside Quiet and friendly neighbourhood and at the same time it is close to Edinburgh and the shopping centre in Livingston. Quiet at the moment Quiet but all amenities Quiet but friendly Quiet enough Quiet most of the time Quiet nice place to be Quiet place Quiet village x 3


• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Quiet village, feel safe and great place to bring up children. Quiet, clean(ish) air Quiet, except for school & parking across gates Quiet, friendly community. Quiet, peaceful. Quieter than Edinburgh Quietness x 10 Really is relatively solitary (Milrig) but so much within short distance Really like the area Reasonably peaceful and quiet village to live Relatively quiet Rural x 4 Rural – but easy links to other areas Rural area Rural combined Rural location Rural situation Rural tranquillity compared to city / town constant noise and smell. Rural yet close to all major roads so can easily access many areas. Same as anywhere to work, okay Seeing sheep on the way to school Seems rural but easy to get to Glasgow & Edinburgh Semi-rural and green on our door step, brilliant location to Ed/Gla/Livi. Semi-isolated Semi-rural but good transport links Semi-rural feel, with major cities, motorways and big business all within easy reach. Semi-rural feeling, yet great access to airports, shopping, major cities, major infrastructure. Semi-rural location Semirural location near Edinburgh Semi-rural nature Semi-rural, particularly in Humbie Semi-rural. Setting Size of the village, rural setting. So close to country So much nature & forestry Space Surrounded by fields Things to do but benefits of being in the countryside Very central x 2 Very central for commuting Very peaceful Very quiet x 4 Very quiet area Views Views from the back (Kaimes) Village atmosphere Village atmosphere Village does a lot Village feel x 2 Village feeling Village is fine Village life Village living Walks through estate nearby


• •

• • •

We enjoy rural lifestyle but with great transport links to Edinburgh. We've been so privileged in these worst of times, just to have access to space with no people about. I used to enjoy just living in the countryside but during the pandemic... well I'm just glad we no longer live in a densely populated city. Within a minute or two out in the country Wonderful countryside. Wonderful views (Kaimes)

Environment: x 9 • • • • • • • • •

Clearing up the wombles is good Enjoy birds in the area & wildlife Fruit trees I like behind Kaimes Love the green around the village and the various cultural Planting is good around here Plenty of accessible green spaces. Trees, land, countryside Upkeep of village very good. Wildlife

FACILITIES/AMENITIES x 300 General: x 24 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Amenities Amenities are not too far a drive. Amenities good Cemetery neat Clean Decent place, can get everything Essential amenities with plenty of green space. Generally like everything about village Getting more amenities Good amenities Good facilities in the village Good local amenities Good local services. Good promotion of local businesses. Haven’t lacked anything we want to do Just got the right amount of amenities Quite unusual to have bus & train services, pharmacy, P.O., shop, incredible Some good amenities in the village. Stables, daughter married there Sufficient amenities for everything I need. The amenities are exactly all I would like for the quiet village life. The amenities of the village are great; we use the shop several times a week, the post office and the pharmacy. We have a brilliant shop, a pub, a pharmacy, a post office, a chippie, an allotment, super-fast broadband and a train station. And a Charles Jencks sculpture! There’s no other West Lothian village like it. All the changes have been positive. Well done! Wigwam send people to the village if they stay

Park: x 23 • • • • •

Biggest change was the flying fox Good job of the park for kids Good park Good Park and woods area Good play park.


• • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Great for kids I like the park for the children but too much dog poo and the loss of a piece of good equipment is impacting. Improvements in the park for kids good. Kids park better Like what they are doing in the park Nice parks Park x 4 Park & football Park close by which grandchildren love Park good Park is good Park nearby Park nice Park upgrade good Play park.

Pavilion: x 2 • •

Building changing rooms good Pavilion

Green Room: X 17 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Free Wi-Fi Good thing they are doing in Green Room, for the food Green Room x 3 Green Room doing well for pensioners-very encouraging Green room helped during the lockdown Green Room is a good thing-improvement Green room is main change since we moved here. Good to have a base for community activities. Green room, more communication really good for older people Larder and food in Green Room excellent Larder soup food pack, runaway success The Green Room and its facilities. The Green Room staff have been great -except for CEO who seems to do very little except think he ‘runs’ the village. The greenroom larder is a really great service The larder opened in the green room is great. Things on at the green room.

School: x 32 • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Amazing school convenient for Edinburgh Brilliant school and park for kids First class primary school. Good head teacher Good primary school x 2 Good school x 6 Good school-nice size Great community based school. Great place to bring up children, excellent school. Great school Great school and clubs for younger kids. Great wee local primary school in the village, and high school in Balerno. High School catchment area is Balerno. Like the secondary school in Balerno, a good school


• • • • • • • • • • • •

Nice little school Nice school atmosphere Primary School was good Really good school School catchment. School lovely School will stay open helps people to get to know each other – heart of community School. Schools are great Schools great Small friendly school. The fact that it is on the catchment area for Balerno High makes it an attractive place for people to live. (I don't have kids but I like that it keeps the village desirable).

Housing: x 20 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Affordable housing Bungalow living Cheaper than Edinburgh. Choose to live hear get more for your money Don’t overdevelop Kirknewton please Downsizing house Good housing market and decent sized houses in Kaimes for the price. Good, small, supportive community. However this is changing with the new development being built at Humbie, taking away the agricultural land and instead introducing more cars, noise pollution and issues. Houses a good price Houses good value I like the houses - big rooms, quality builds. Kirknewton area-wider will grow & develop as demand for family houses grows Knowing what we know how, we'd probably have paid a higher premium for our house in 2015. New houses by local builder are well built New housing built in the last 5 years. Pensioner houses good Retains village status, Kirknewton will stay small only limited amount of new buildings Seems to be a general feeling against any new development in the village which I know has forced families to relocate to Calderwood. Seen loads of changes when I first came here in 1991 it was a very quiet place mostly all fields before new houses was built When we moved village was small, now more houses. Need to stop before too big

Facilities – Shop, Pharmacy, Pub, Chippy: x 177 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

A great village shop, pharmacy and post office, useful carry out too. Butchers meat at shop Captive audience it’s the local (pub) Chemist x 3 Chemist a big bonus-delivered medications during lockdown very quickly Chemist has been fantastic, very good pharmacy Chemist is a god send after nightmare queues/customer service at East Calder chemist for years! Chemist is good Chemist is great Chemist is handy to have Chip shop Chippy Chippy good Consistent pharmacist During lockdown could pay over the phone at shop so very good


• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Eggs from Cyrenians sold in the shop Everything4community Excellent pharmacy x 2 Excellent shop Excellent Village Shop. Fabulous shop, well stocked and friendly. Fabulous what shopkeeper’s doing, great guy Facilities and appearance has improved. Facilities very good for what you need, shopping Fantastic pharmacist – deliver Festival store Festival store great, friendly, rolls great Festival stores getting food to people during lockdown good Friendly shop Friendly shop and pharmacy General store very good Good food Kirknewton – Cyrenian fruit and, real bread, organic eggs Good little shop and pharmacy Good local shop x 2 Good postman Good shop x 2 Good shop, although could be friendlier for familiar faces at times. Good to have a pharmacy in the village Got P.O., chemist, shop Great local pub. Great pharmacy Great shop, fantastic Great shop. Great that we now have our own Pharmacy. Great village shop & pharmacy with excellent service from people who go the extra mile Great village shop! Handy wee shop Having a local shop, post office and pharmacy is great. Having easy access to a pharmacy and post office. Hearing Aid batteries to be available in pharmacy In village shop every day don’t want to lose it Like the addition of the Cyrenians farm eggs and veg bag pick up service Like the Cyrenian eggs Like the local pub Local shop and chemist are brilliant services. Local shop has a wide range of things. Does the new community larder link in with this? - If so how? (I haven't used it - I don't need it). And does the community larder fit in with local foodbank/s? x 2 Local shop very friendly & helpful Local shop-good well stocked Local shops which are great and not too far from larger shopping areas if anything unusual is required. Love having the pharmacy back in the village. Love having the post office and the shop. Love the garage, good price, local Lucky to have pharmacy and post office, pub and chippie. Newspaper delivered by shop (Leyden Rd) Nice little pub Nice local store and pharmacy. Nice pub Nice wee village, got pub, pharmacy Obliging chemist


• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Occasionally use the chip shop. P.O. x 4 P.O. brilliant P.O. in chemist good P.O. in pharmacy P.O. still in village Papers delivered Part-time work in pharmacy Peaceful with a great shop and pub Pharmacist is very good Pharmacy x 8 Pharmacy & P.O. Pharmacy & P.O. boon to village Pharmacy & P.O. good Pharmacy & P.O. very good Pharmacy a godsend Pharmacy a great addition to community. Pharmacy a huge benefit to the community Pharmacy a real bonus too. Pharmacy brilliant Pharmacy deliveries really helpful Pharmacy good & friendly Pharmacy great Pharmacy is a good addition and good to be able to retain a post office when many other villages are losing theirs. Pharmacy really good Pharmacy, shop, P.O. Pre lockdown Cyrenians had no business with Kirknewton now they generate £1000/month. Loyal customers in Kirknewton. Really rate the shop and shopkeeper and the girls do a fantastic job having it open early in the morning till late at night. Relatively self-contained has a shop Retail options on doorstep Shop x 8 Shop – shopkeeper very involved Shop & pharmacy mainstays of village at the moment Shop and pharmacy are fantastic and helpful Shop good x 2 Shop in Livingston Shop is a great asset always well stocked. Shop is brilliant, kind, friendly Shop is great Shop is great; I just love the feeling of the village. Shop keeper good – did deliveries during lockdown Shop keeper great Shop very friendly x 2 Shop very good, shopkeeper does a lot for village Shop was brilliant over pandemic staff are brilliant Shop, hospital, doctors all close Shop, pharmacy good Shopkeeper & staff very good. Nothings too much bother Shopkeeper at Festival store amazing & staff Shopkeeper is the stitching in the patchwork quilt Shopkeeper is very good Shopkeeper very good


• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Shops Shops great The chemist is very convenient and they offer a great service with the post office and minor ailments. The local grocery shop The local pub is friendly The pharmacy, post office and shop are good amenities. The playgroup has been great. The service from the pharmacy has been fantastic The shop and pharmacy. The shop is fantastic-Shopkeeper and team are so accommodating for events, support others and the elderly in particular. The shop is just amazing and shopkeeper and all the staff are first class. The shop keepers are friendly and attentive and are also very obliging. The shop, garage and pharmacy are excellent. The shop, shopkeeper has been fantastic They are designing a custom unit for zero waste for food for the shop. Use local shop Use shop Use the shop Use the shop for most things Very convenient for the shop & chemist Very good shop Village shop great Village shop, very helpful Village well serviced for a small community, shops etc Wee shop Wee shop, use it Wee shop, use it a lot-walk there from Milrig Wish the pub had decent grub for sale as we'd be more likely to go. Chemist and post office are invaluable. Festival Stores is a fantastic shop and provision for the village. Shopkeeper does a brilliant job of managing it and has a great community spirit. Shopkeeper and their staff team have done an incredible job throughout the difficult lockdown period and continued to do so with the new restrictions in place. Thank you 😁 Festival stores is brilliant. A real asset to the community

Church: x 5 • • • • •

Church Church close Dalmahoy Church member Churches important Nice church

ACTIVITIES x 102 General: x 21 • • • • • • • • •

Book club-reading group Classes-crochet, embroidery, quilting, knitting It's a very dog friendly village and with the school and play park near by my wife and I are delighted to be bringing a little one into the area also. Karen and all the team at Potter around are great, flexible and offer and great service Lots going on in village Lots more classes going on in village Lots of activities with young kids (new mum) Lots of families so children can make friends, good nursery and school, lovely outdoor spaces and a lovely park. Lots of good things still happening in village


• • • • • • • • • • •

Lots of local community groups and local businesses engaged with the community. Lots of local groups. Lots of new people coming in making a bit better Lots of volunteering opportunities. More groups and clubs now for all ages. Potter around Potter around is great The variety of children, adult & elder groups is fairly well catered. Variety of things going on. Volunteering. W.I. important W.I. member

Paths/Walks/Cycle routes: x 48 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Amazing dog walking areas Different walks. Good dog walking Good for dog Good walking Good walks for dog Good walks nearby Great walks Green spaces, walks Green spaces-lots of walks Husband does Sat morning run at times. Immediate access to a network of walks and countryside is a great thing about living in Kirknewton. I've wanted to do more things if I had the time like the history walk. Local school and park in walking distance. Lots of green space and lovely walks/cycles. Lots of walking places Lots of walks Lots to do around here running, walking Love the area, the rural feel, the walking Love the easy access to walks Lovely places to walk More active bike routes (KCDT) – knowing about it (Debbie) Nice country walks Nice walks x 5 Nice walks in area Outdoors for walks, exercise Plenty of walks Rural walks on doorstep. Step out & go for a walk in rural area The many beautiful places to take kids for walks and cycles. The village is also surrounded by many lovely country walks which have been particularly appreciated during lockdown. The walks The walks around woodlands etc are very nice. There is lots of space to walk around. Used to do a lot of walking – good walks Walking groups Walking is good Walks x 2 Walks fabulous Walks from doorstep


• • •

Walks good Walks very close Woods for walking dog

Recycling: x 2 • •

Zero waste is good If zero waste great

Retired: x 25 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Good for older people, focus on older people Got flowers & shortbread from the C.C. & KCDT Great events and support for pensioners. Great place to retire Had calls from KCDT & posies on VE day – nice Love that the pensioners are having day trips and encouraged to be involved in meals etc so they don’t feel lonely or neglected. Nice to retire too came to come to the country, to get a bigger garden Pensioner trips were good Pensioner visits Pensioners club Pensioners do’s good – stables Pensioners outings good – teas & various things Pensioners trips good Retired x 3 Senior citizens club is really good Socials through Green Room-very good i.e. Pitlochry-enjoy them The monthly elderly trips were good, prior to lockdown, as lots of things for kids but little for elderly prior to that. The village gave flowers to older people on VE day, very much appreciated, very good Things for older people Trips for seniors were good VE day flowers good VE day flowers were great What they’ve done for older people

Youth: x 5 • • • • •

Children like it-great to grow up in Kirknewton Daughter enjoyed youth group Youth club was great Youth club. Organised events for children

Preschool: x 1 There was a lot of stuff for toddlers but stopped pre-covid

TRANSPORT x 81 General: x 43 • • • • • •

A real plus having a railway station and bus service. Bus & train good Bus is great & train station Commute by train Commuting good x 2 Commuting good to Edinburgh & Livingston


• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Commuting is easy using Park & Ride Convenience to all major transport systems. Convenient and easy commute options. Good centre for commuting Good connections Good links for community Good public transport Good that there’s public transport Good transport Good transport hub for Edinburgh and Glasgow. Good transport links Good transport links but semi-rural. Good transport links to Edinburgh. Good transport links, trains and buses. Good transport links. Good transport to Edinburgh Great proximity to major transport networks and lucky to have a station as well. Great transport links, bus, train, access to M8 and M90. Great transport links. Next to all major transport close to everything Park and ride Road links good Roads have become busier with more houses built in East Calder. Short commute to work The transport links to Edinburgh and Glasgow are very valuable to me as well. There are fab transportation links There are not too many cars. Trains & buses accessible Trains quite good or bus Transport connection very good, railways, airport, Use train into Edinburgh Transport corridor Transport links x 2 Transport links fantastic Transport links good Transport links-train/bus

Bus: x 19 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Better bus service Bus goes along Leyden Rd Bus good Bus is good for getting to Edinburgh Bus service back every 30 minutes is better Bus service brilliant particularly Lothian Country Bus service good now Bus service-always a bus here Bus system improved Bus to keep a regular timetable Buses Buses every 30 minutes, got better Buses go straight into Princess Street Buses good x 2 Good bus Good buses to Edinburgh Regular bus service Transport-bus service good


Rail: x 19 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Great access to the trains to go to Edinburgh and Glasgow facilitates my commute and trips in leisure time. Kirknewton station My usual place of work is in Edinburgh, and being able to take the train is hugely important to me and one of the reasons we chose to live in Kirknewton. I don't want to drive to work! Station for trains to town Train and bus service - need to time them though. Train good Train good – 300 yrs to the station Train links good Train okay Train service great Train station x 3 Train station 10 minutes Train station use it every day Trains Trains quite good Trains to Edinburgh great Very fortunate for train

COMMUNITY ORGANISATIONS x 121 General: x 54 • • • • • • •

• •

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Got a lot of Veterans from Kirknewton coming to Linburn Centre Linburn joins the Gala Day When you engage with people they are happy to join in Active & involved Community Council & Trust. Always some events going on Closer links between Community council and KCDT Communication card introduced in 2018 which has been adopted by other West Lothian Community Councils. Responses are discussed at C.C. meetings and feedback given either directly and/or on facebook as well as a hard copy in the C.C. minutes Community Card Community Development Trust and Community Council actively helping improve community life. I really like the effort that has been made to provide activities and improve contact for the seniors over the last couple of years. Community gardener great idea as some untidy bits of village looking better. Community initiatives. Community Lottery Community lottery a great idea though I haven't won yet! Community lottery that goes to local groups. Community vegetable patch Days like the gala are nice. Delivery of projects. Improved continuously over 10 or more years Fab gala and Christmas activities. Feeling feedback makes a difference. Food bank-people pull together Gala x 2 Gala day a great meeting place, brings the community together Gala festival Good food Kirknewton Got £50,000.00 from Scottish Government Town Centre Fund as a joint bid from KCDT and the Community Council Great community events particularly for kids, exercise classes in village hall and park.


• • • •

• • • • • • • •

• • • •

• • • •

• • • •

• • •

Great initiatives created during lockdown. Hope the C.C. & KCDT listen, because people are beginning to think they are not listened to enough I love the diversity of projects funded from the stones to the green room to the changing rooms. In my opinion, just the right amount of community events such as the gala, Christmas parade, Christmas crafts etc. Fireworks were great but must have been expensive so understand why they don't hold it every year. Increasing links with Cyrenians encouraging better diets Kirknewton News is good Lots of volunteers over the last 18 months Loved the fireworks More community events to bring people together More co-operation between the Community Council and KCDT More volunteers Over the past few years it feels like there has been less and less consultation by the Community Council and Community Development Trust. Before the Trust was established the Community Council really tried to get the community involved e.g. with tree planting schemes, village clean ups and village meetings to do with provision of community facilities and improvements to public transport. Recent developments such as the stones at the end of the village there have not appeared to be any consultation at all. Although the funding for the flying fox I am sure has been appreciated. Postcard in shop Senior Citizens Burns Supper was just before lockdown which was good. Seniors now have 120 involved, 80 to start with then with Covid the shop became a Hub for help. Events for seniors very good Several initiatives like the rock art, things in the woods, changing rooms. Not totally convinced these were all a suitable and appropriate use of the money but someone will appreciate them. The yarn bombers are good as kids love that and the Gardeners that do the wee banking near where the Christmas tree goes etc make the place more aesthetically pleasing. Strong links between shop & community council & senior citizens & KCDT The food thing recently is good, volunteers delivering The gala, the fireworks, the Christmas parade. All have been great. The last couple of years the seniors have been more engaged with visits to Dalmahoy, Pitlochry, Burns Supper in 2020, tea at The Stables. Paid for by money raised by KCDT and given by West Lothian Council. The updates we get in the ‘new’ newsletter by hard copy and online also good-not everyone online so good to still send round the houses. There have been some good small initiatives for the young and older population, though we have a large population of teens that is largely being missed out. Trust and C.C. have managed to create good links – working together The community has become more cohesive in the past 5 years with some great community events becoming regular features in the KN calendar. I know that this takes effort but KCDT, the Gala Committee and the Community Council should be commended. The community larder is a fantastic initiative and although I have never needed to use it, I am proud to live in a caring and supportive community. Thanks also to the Lang Whang Wombles It is a fantastic village with a fantastic team in the background working on it

KCDT: x 21 • • • • • • •

CEO of KCDT great, an asset E-bikes good Electric bikes to hire through KCDT I love the electric bikes (even if the weather could be better). I was told that KCDT was taking on the management of the green areas & woodland Churchill Way & other grassed areas? KCDT & C.C. work with seniors-the trips, like that KCDT being more proactive in engagement with other communities


• • • • • • • • • • •

• •

KCDT doing a good job considering WLC deem Kirknewton an affluent area and therefore their resources are directed elsewhere. KCDT got £30,000.00 from Nationwide KCDT is good KCDT very positive thing Like the development trust & all the projects they do Love electric bikes Lucky to have someone paid in community i.e. KCDT & Green Room More part time staff KCDT People have a very negative view of the KCDT. Some of the classes KCDT has run are good. Really appreciate all the things done in the community by KCDT The KDT have done and are doing a fab job of improving the village community especially in the last 5 years e.g.. Park improvements, getting funding for standing stones project and funding for the older residents in the village to have get togethers and trips out plus working with the shop and Cyrenians to develop a greater range of fresh food etc. We like the electric bike rentals. KCDT have done a great job in trying to involve all generations of the village. Granted not all residents will appreciate how and what money is spent on. There’s been a fair balance within local groups, pensioners and children. Transparency is a must for anyone willing to research funding and its uses. More votes on fb to encourage better involvement of residents who may not want to be bogged down by minutes/reading up etc with regards to proposed community projects. I think the KCDT are doing a great job. I grew up here and see big improvements in the last 5 years

Community Council: x 11 • • • • • • • • • • •

Active community Council Chair of C.C. very good, nice chap Community Council brilliant & supportive Community Council got £2000.00 from Edinburgh Airport for a new notice board at the pavilion Community Council is taking solutions to West Lothian Council Good that C.C. is now voted in but can still be run as a private fiefdom Greater number of Community Councils & fully elected Community Councils I think the community council does a great job. Supportive Community Council Great that we have such an active Community Council. I think the community council do a great job and I have nothing but praise for you.

Council: x 2 • •

Local councillor brilliant & supportive The local authority in West Lothian is far better than Edinburgh.

Charles Jencks Stones: x 33 • • • • • • • • • • •

Charles Jencks stones Charles Jencks stones- sceptical at first but like it now – lack of communication over putting it up Charles Jencks stones, think it was money well spent Charles Jencks-initially thought was a joke but now like it Don’t mind the stones but don’t know what for I like the stones (Kirkhenge) - I always did unlike a lot of folk (first comment about community spirit yes well, it can be mixed e.g. certain people seem to like to moan a lot about anything and everything). I like the stones (Kirkhenge) - I always did unlike a lot of folk (first comment about community spirit yes well, it can be mixed e.g. certain people seem to like to moan a lot about anything and everything). I've appreciated the standing stones erection. Jencks good nice wee eye catcher as come in Jencks landform artwork Kirky stones.


• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Like the Charles Jencks Like the Charles Jencks stones (heard it cost £50,000 to expensive call it “Kirkyhenge” Like the Jencks x 3 Like the stones Love Kirky Henge Love proximity to Jupiter and Charles Jencks stones Love Stonehenge Love the Charles Jencks “Stonehenge” Love the Jencks stones Love the standing stones. People using Jencks for walking Some attempts to create art monuments have been met with mixed enthusiasm as many, myself included feel that they are misjudged and misplaced, and not worth the cost. Stonehenge – Jencks stones good Stones Stones are interesting, but access not easy Stones fantastic Stones good feature We absolutely love the stones progress We love the stones progress Would like the area of wasteland before the stones to be landscaped if the housing development does not go ahead.

SOCIAL MEDIA: x 4 • • • •

Active facebook page Facebook has been useful making people aware of things happening in the village Get useful information from facebook Lovely facebook page

• • •

5 year change?, the attitude of youngsters toward rural life, if they don't like it they can leave All has grown & improved over last 5 years. Being a small village, people look out for each other, and that has been even more so this year. In the last 5 years there have been more community groups available with a wide range of interests. Changes in last 5 years almost all for the better, e.g., Pharmacy/Post-Office, fast broadband. Green Room initiatives Community garden a lot spent on benches etc over last 5 years Got busier in last 5 years In last 5 years more development with the green room and more local business e.g. sports massage, mobile hair dresser More community engagement over last 5 years Much more part of the community over last 5 years Not much changes in the last 5 years other than introduction of senior events which are popular Over last 10 years got much better Small changes have been made but nothing significant The changes that I have seen? The building on the roadside at the top of the park is new. I loved seeing the changes made in the wood and sadly they have been destroyed by whoever wanders the woods in the evening. I don’t like to single out anyone but there seems to be a destructive element going on and it's really sad. The last 5 years it is our opinion things have got worse. There have not been any significant improvements over the past years, though the upgrade of the play park has been very popular. Things improving all the time-like the bench Yes there are changes in the last 5 years...everything for the babies/toddlers has closed

LAST 5 YEARS: x 17

• • • • • • • • • •

• • • •


MISCELLANEOUS x 26 • • • • • •

• • • • • • •

• • • • • • • • • • • • •

All my kids taught at primary school and still live in Kirknewton. All pretty good Almost a separate community in Humbie Better if a car driver Better than it’s ever been But for taking over the Dog Boarding Kennels in 2014 and importantly with it the splendid house at Milrig Farmhouse we would never have found ourselves in Kirknewton. The transition from being lifelong city dwellers in Edinburgh was surprisingly seamless with my wife running the Kennels while I continued working in Edinburgh, winding down to retirement in 2019. We are gradually getting to know Kirknewton in our retirement but remain reassured that public transport affords us easy access to Edinburgh when we want it. Different to what it used to be, you used to know everyone Don’t feel as if we live in the community, feel a sub-group (Leyden area) Enjoy living in area because of personal professional skills I’m set in my ways It is mainly clean ish. It is safe for the kids most of the time, more incomers that are less than ideal people who bring the tone down, the school has gotten worse in the last year Kirknewton was a lovely village to grow up in, but I see unfortunately the old village has gone it is not maintained like it was by that I mean grass cutting in common areas are neglected especially at the seat area beside the station, some streets and roads are so dirty too, the building erected in the public park carpark is an eyesore and serves no purpose, money should have been used for the children in the play park area more worthy cause, the foot path walking from to the village to greeburn farm has never been cleaned in several years it is now dangerous for walkers it would make such a difference and be safer if it was cleared back as it used to be. Local estate is benevolent Move to twin with French village. Moved from Edinburgh 21 years ago Nothing wrong with the place On station road feel an outsider, do our own thing Privacy Slightly detached at farm Slightly remote from village on Ormiston mains-like it They’ve employed a consultant as well Things a bit different now (36 yrs lived in Kirknewton) Virgin broadband has made a huge difference especially as we are both working from home. No can't complain really On the whole good.


Appendix 2: All comments: What people don’t like (670 comments recorded) What gaps/barriers are there currently in the community? What’s not so good? TRANSPORT x 127 General: x 34 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Children didn’t like there was no public transport (Leyden) Hard for travelling if don’t have a car I also think that transport links are poor and increasingly expensive. Lack of a convenient decently priced petrol station! Lack of public transport between Balerno and Kirknewton. Lack of public transport-up Newlands way-2 miles to station Lack of reliable public transport Lorries go up & down Milrig Road Not so good for getting to Balerno or Ratho where you get new friends when you go to high school and not much to do for teens Often have to drive to go to places i.e. doctor, other shops, high school Pain in the neck to get anywhere (21 yr. old Leyden) Public bus service not always reliable. Public transport Public transport could be improved e.g. bus to Gyle and bus to Balerno. Public transport is kind of limited Public transport is unreliable, limited and too expensive Public transport pretty poor and expensive. No direct route to Balerno which is bad for young people who have friends there given they have school there Public transport terrible/bad Public transport-bus in bad weather don’t come up to Kirknewton Really bad public transport Taxi prices if you want to leave the village and come home late The transport provision is poor and getting worse. (First pulling out etc.) Train & bus services abysmal. Erratic timetables, sometimes don’t turn up Transport Transport but don’t use Transport for elderly requiring doctor/dentist appointments (long walk from bus route to medical centre) Transport is difficult if you do not have a car. Transport links Transport links are poor if you don't drive. Particularly difficult for high school kids to visit friends in Balerno. Transport still an issue, really need a car Travel links. Car is the only way to access nearest adjacent villages safely. Very limited public transport services. No late night public transport from Edinburgh and Glasgow Lots of changes with bus service - times, costs, companies. Expensive considering KN not that far from Edinburgh and e.g. can get a 26 from Edinburgh to Tranent for price of a 'local' journey.

Buses: x 66 • •

• •

A regular bus service to Balerno would be good, especially for the older children attending after school clubs, and meeting with friends. Bus links used to be terrible for running on time or issues if the barrier was down at the rail line, unsure if still the same as haven't used buses since covid. Expensive if you’re heading to Edinburgh too. also currently looking for a bigger house but very little seems to come on the market Bus links-always delays Bus network is average (albeit better than when he first moved here)


• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Bus service can be unreliable and trains are poor. Bus service erratic Bus service has been bad over the years. Very erratic Bus service is appalling, particularly for elderly people Bus service not fantastic Bus service not great Bus service on Sundays only a few used to be 30 min service Bus service reduction was an issue for many residents. Bus service, doesn’t go near Gorgie now, goes Western Approaches road Bus service, our other bus service was withdrawn. Bus service, when there is a problem with level crossing and being expected to walk from Wilkiston. Bus service-miss First Bus Bus services-erratic timetable Bus services-frequency like it more often Bus stop on Station Rd back to front, open to elements. Doesn’t provide shelter. No use to anyone Bus stop outside Green Room could be moved as it’s in a bad spot for traffic coming round the corner behind it and for parked cars. Bus timetables aren’t accurate Bus timing is poor. Can’t rely on timetable Bus to Balerno Buses Buses an erratic service particularly at end of day coming back from Edinburgh-unpredictable Buses at times go AWOL Buses better with Lothian Buses not as good as First Bus was every 15 minutes Buses not great again, hard to go out in Edinburgh and get home Buses not so good Buses terrible, was good when they had 2 bus companies Buses-the timing-no late buses Bus-should be more frequent Concerns over bus route changes going into Edinburgh. Not a problem going west. Current one may not go to Haymarket, my preferred destination Cost of buses Do with more buses. The First Bus was useful Electronic bus display that could advise if buses are cancelled e.g. due to snow. Evening bus service not great First bus really good In bad weather there is bad parking which affects the buses Issue of buses is where you can get on and off particularly in outlying areas Kirknewton does not appear to be a priority for Lothian buses Last bus from Edinburgh to Kirknewton too early Less buses Limited bus service at weekend Lots of changes with bus service-times, costs, companies. Expensive considering KN not that far from Edinburgh and e.g. can get a 26 from Edinburgh to Tranent for price of a 'local' journey. Night bus services for the village. Going into town you have to catch last bus or get taxi which cost a fortune No bus service anymore towards Balerno direction – reinstatement would be helpful especially for school children. No public transport to Balerno Only one bus Only one bus service, limited stops Poor bus connection with Balerno Public transport improved when had 2 bus companies spacing was better Rely on buses but late sometimes


• • • • • • • • • •

• •

Shelter useless at Kirkbrae Skipping Kirknewton First Bus was bad for that Taken away “hail & ride” on buses The bus service could be more regular. The bus service is infrequent and no public transport to Balerno. The reliability of the bus service although it did improve with the increased competition. The removal of the first bus service has been very frustrating Timetable for buses poor Unreliable bus times. No later night buses Very disappointing that Lothian buses have ousted out the First Bus which had provided a good service for the village for many years. Lothian buses could have done an alternative route coming past Balerno and into Kirknewton then to Livingston which would have benefitted high school pupils and also residents of Balerno who access shops/hospital in Livingston. Felt like there was no community consultation done by Lothian buses. What are the plans for the bus stop at meadow bank road When working buses not so good

Rail: x 27 • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

• • • • • • • • • • • •

Barrier at station is a barrier Barrier is slow at the station Barriers, you say? Well, there’s a whopper that goes across the railway - and causes untold issues! Level crossing been a bit more of a problem with the new barrier Level crossing dangerous, no pedestrian bridge x 2 Level crossing upgrade has caused problems Level crossing-I don’t go to the village to get a paper anymore because of the time wasted at level crossing Network rail undervalues Kirknewton Quick access by emergency services can be affected by lengthy delays at railway crossing. Railway barriers. Railway bridge gates down for 10 minutes Ridiculous situation at level crossing: no pedestrian bridge means you can miss your train even if it hasn't yet arrived! The level crossing is always causing problems and being closed for repairs. The amount of money spent on fixing it would have paid for a bridge or tunnel by now! The level crossing-pedestrian and road traffic problems and access to trains also a problem. Can be hours at worst points when crossing breaks down and hold ups on 50% of journeys over the crossing -breaks community up, deters shopping The railway crossing is probably the worst part of Kirknewton. Barriers are regularly down or broken. The railway crossing is very inconvenient and often results in delays when travelling by car. The railway level crossing is an annoyance sometimes The train service is not very frequent The trains are not frequent enough. There are no ticket machines at the station meaning regular delays on arrival in Edinburgh queueing for tickets. Train barrier stay down too long and has often been broken and stayed down causing issues for those using public transport and those living over the railway. Train crossing, seen people waiting 15 minutes Train frequency in evenings and at weekends. Trains-unreliable Uneven walking across railway line (disabled) very stressful Written 3x to the council-to SNP about need for a bridge over the railway line. 5 years ago passed that one could be put in. It’s the only station in West Lothian without a bridge


TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT: x 75 Traffic general: x 41 • A71 noisy & busy near Milrig • Access issues on the road to Cyrenians – very poor • Against position of Park & Ride • All the car parking in Main Street • Another problem is the parking at the primary school. It chokes the road off every morning and afternoon. • Cars travel too fast through the village. • Cars/vans parking on pavements • Dangerous and thoughtless parking on main road outside the primary school is a regular problem, as is parking in the village centre which often affects traffic flow, particularly buses. • Development starting opposite Dalmahoy & road not improved • Driving through Kirknewton due to the parking is precarious • Driving through main street is awful with parked cars and others driving too fast and not giving way • Driving too fast into the village • During winter months greater support is required in making paths/roads accessible to residents. This is the responsibility of West Lothian Council, however when I complained to them their response was 'we cannot service every place'. As part of the Community Council and or Green Room can they not employ someone during the winter months that will salt all the pavements in conjunction with the roads into everyone's estate. Last year I was unable to access my estate by car due to the road not being gritted and was unable to leave my home as the pavements were a sheet of glass! Someone will suffer a severe injury unless something is done to rectify this. • Far too many cars parked on the street from Park Terrace right along to Meadowbank Road entrance, often with no 'passing places', making driving along time-consuming and often hazardous, especially when driving west to east. Too many people parking on pavements in residential streets because they can't fit all of their multiple vehicles into their driveways (e.g. parents have a car, adult children have a car, one parent also has a work vehicle). • Fast lorries & cars on Newlands Rd • Feel like old Kirknewton has been neglected we need more parking spaces as there is more people and cars old wall is crumbling and starting to break away etc • Increasing use of road as a rat run to Balerno and Carnwath. Safety, pollution and noise as a consequence. • Leaving Meadowbank road is difficult sometimes due to parking on main road • Leyden Rd has got very busy now • Main problem with Station Road is that it is part of the connector between A70 and A71. • Main street parking • Main Street parking, parking on cemetery side near corner • Non-residents using the village as a cut through, would be good to have a tunnel over or bridge under the rail way • Ormiston View road is very busy & dangerous for walkers, lots of heavy traffic • People use Leyden road as a rat run • Poor roads in and out of village x 2 • Pot holes x 2 • Roads are too busy, especially Main Street. X 2 • Roads to Edinburgh can be very busy for commuting x 2 • Significant increase in traffic esp. in Main Street. Traffic calming urgently required. • Speeding cars and trucks specifically coming from A70 into village, along Station Road and past the school is a real worry. • Speeding in the Main Street and down Hillhouse Terrace still an issue. • The roads can be quite congested, especially along the main street. • There is a need for speed bumps around the village but especially on the East entrance to the village when approaching the 30 limit! • This is a transit village used more often than ever every day all day and night by large trucks and very fast cars yet, although identified in the previous community consultation as a top priority, nothing has


• •

been done about including solar panelled speed panels displaying the speed and/or asking to Slow Down - a very common feature in every village around us- these should have been installed together with the speed calming measures at 3 points of the village - as you enter/leave village by Hillhouse Wynd (this area is especially dangerous as narrow pedestrian pavement alongside and children walking with cars often passing at 50 mph), as you enter/leave village from A70 and as you enter/leave village from A71 East Calder end. This is a failure of the Council not to recognise these as very dangerous areas but also shame not fought for hard by the KCC. Hopefully these speed calming measures can be made a priority and installed ASAP in 2020. Kirknewton has money to spend on these even if Council cannot afford, we should be able to raise funds ourselves and install. Through traffic causing problems & speeding in Main Street. Winter-routes not cleared

Parking/Traffic: x 34 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Can’t use the garden because of the road noise (Station Rd) Car parking is a disgrace x 2 Cars drive past primary school too fast. Move cars parking on station road by school. Road busy Parking & buses a nightmare Parking along Main Street x 4 Parking at train station. Parking by school bad Parking on Main Street & Park Terrace Parking in school area Parking in the main street can be an issue for through traffic (particularly buses) Parking is a problem with households having two and three cars per household. This causes emergency services problems. Parking opposite the garage is insane and blocks road-cars pulling out of Forth View can’t see and cars tend to speed up the hill-dangerous. Parking problems Parking problems especially if there is something on in the green room. Parking situation difficult x 2 School pick up time Speed down Main Street especially at night, more at night than day Speeding along Station Rd Station carpark full – is it Calderwood? Station Rd busy & fast cars in evening There is an increase in inconsiderate parking and rude drivers around the village streets. To many cars never stops, 30 years ago much quieter Too many cars parked in awkward places throughout village. Makes it less safe for children walking home from school etc. Traffic coming through village Traffic noise Traffic on Linburn Rd is far too fast, and gets progressively busier. Unpaved or not enough lighting on roads in and out of Kirknewton Village traffic is chaotic with bottlenecks happening a lot with buses, lorries and cars.

INFRASTRUCTURE x 56 Kaimes: x 11 • • • • • •

Car parking and roads in Kaimes are in bad repair. Concerns about blocked drains between 19 & 17 Kaimes Place at car park end, the drain is leaking down steps. Council claims it is not their responsibility (was MOD) Drains in garden 17 Kaimes Place can be touched Garages at start of Kaimes Crescent need doing up Grass used to be cut behind Kaimes to railway line, not done anymore Have a dispute over cleaning storm drains. After a rain storm garden floods, eventually done 6 months


• • • • •

ago (Kaimes) Kaimes grass too long, unkempt. Also rubbish people should keep their areas clean Parking issues in Kaimes, people should use their parking spaces Sometimes feel like we are last on the list from West Lothian council. The garage parks it’s cars in Kaimes area on the pavement especially Forth View bad When came in 1987/88 Kaimes was a lovely estate now unless cut grass ourselves it’s a waste

Leyden Road Area: x 15 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Bad water pressure Leyden Rd Concerns about proper procedures for planning-Leyden Rd Don’t get connect & Kirknewton News (Leyden) Don’t get Kirknewton News or Connect along Leyden Rd Heavy lorries to Davy Blane farm along Leyden Rd If not on facebook don’t get local news (Leyden) Leyden Rd traffic too fast Leyden road in bad condition Lots of walkers, cyclists, runners use Leyden road speed is too high Noise from wind turbine (Leyden) People drive to fast along Leyden road Running along Leyden Rd difficult due to speed of traffic & poor road condition Speed people drive along Leyden road, lots of deer killed Wind turbines in community (Leyden) – no community benefit to anyone in Kirknewton Wish for fewer cars on Leyden road

Humbie Area: x 18 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Broadband bad Humbie area Concern over extra housing allowed at Humbie i.e. road system only just copes already the development could double the traffic, no footpath Concern over extra housing planned at Humbie re water supply& road Concern over the planning for new development in Humbie Don’t always know what’s going on Don’t like the idea of all the housing being built in Humbie Gypsy camp next to area in Humbie Gypsy encampment How can a developer tap into a private water supply (Humbie) No lights on Humbie Rd (Lane) No newsletter in Humbie Poor water supply Humbie Scottish water not guaranteeing water supply, is already a private supply & can’t cope with present Speed on Humbie Rd-used as a rat run especially on the weekend Unlite country road Humbie-village Water supply hit & miss in Humbie Water supply is a private main in Humbie. 1920’s the water pipe put in by the Ministry of Agriculture & Fisheries. Water comes in at the top Water supply not great, private water supply (Humbie)

Various: x 12 • • • • • • •

Lack of litter & dog poo bins. Lack of safe cycling infrastructure and speed bumps for teenage racers speeding through the village Mobile signal No cash machine No public toilet Phone signal for mobiles poor Poor broadband – rubbish


• • •

The village hall toilets are not well maintained. X 3 Village Hall is underused, needs refurbishment, and needs to be more welcoming and open. Council maintains, Trust runs it Village hall not used enough no adult night time events how about some live music singer etc

FACILITIES/AMENITIES x 237 General: x 29 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

A few flower pots through Main Street might help draw your eye away though. All the public spaces Pavilion, Green Room, Village Hall not fit for purpose At my time of life, there are all the facilities I need. Basics are covered and would not want to take income from the businesses we have. Benches around the village are set back and no slabs so you have to walk over uncut grass and uneven ground to be able to get a seat Benches put in areas where people never use them due to inaccessibility or wrong positioning. Community hall does not cater for people who work during the day for a lot of “events”. Council here give planning permission before infrastructure put in place Everything has closed. There are currently no supports or groups for families in this community. Lacks a feeling of community for the first time in years...despite a huge effort by the trust during lockdown. Facilities not utilized properly I guess the lack of a social meeting point such as a cafe is a shame and having a relatively poor bus service for those who need to get to the hospital or doctors. I've long thought West Lothian's swimming provision hopeless Lacks a village hub. A fully accessible community centre with sports facilities, a range of classes and groups and a cafe. Missing having very local pool as a swimmer Money isn’t shared out equally between age groups (children have to pay for youth club, where as the pensioners (don’t get me wrong I understand they are lonely) get to go out to Pitlochry for free No cash machine. There is no ATM machine x 2 Not enough amenities Not much to do Not that many facilities - comments on history project chats show used to be many more. Maybe all when the Americans were here. Not that many facilities -comments on history project chats show used to be many more. Maybe all when the Americans were here. Nothing really goes on Nothing to support new mums Poor pub which doesn't serve food and isn't very welcoming. The mobile library was great for the elderly residents and those with young families and is missed. There are limited social opportunities and facilities. Very little to do. Would be nice to have more facilities like bowling club, social club like East Calder

Medical: x 16 • • • • • • • •

3 weeks to wait for a doctor’s appointment Before allowing more development need the infrastructure i.e. doctor Calderwood development GP services in East Calder is stretched, Ratho, under Edinburgh shares a doctor with East Calder Could do with a better health service East Calder doctor's surgery gets busier and busier. Extraordinary to put money into a new building at East Calder & not replace the doctors surgery & concern is East Calder medical centre Kirknewton needs its own practice (GP) Lack of doctor’s surgery.


• • • • • •

• •

Lack of doctors/dentist Lack of GP and dentist Medical services. Difficult journey if you don’t drive No doctor in village No doctor’s surgery. No GP. With East Calder Calderwood needs adding a huge demand, the Kirknewton area should be serviced separately by a GP practice located in Kirknewton which is accessible and the doctors know us. Even if opened part time. No surgery have to go to East Calder The medical centre in East Calder is too small to effectively deal with everyone who is registered.

Green Room: x 6 • • • • • •

The green room appears to be closed a lot of the time and / or offers limited opening times. The Green Room by is very name is too formal and not appealing and too small. The green room is not open to use as a drop in facility. The Green Room is underused as a facility, community education/ personal development could be offered in the evenings. The green room rarely seemed to be open and not very welcoming. It's not clear what it is for. The KCDT have a very bad reputation in the village. Green Room could have worked better as a community resource

Park: x 39 • •

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

• •

An all-weather football pitch As mentioned above (in likes) I feel we are covered when it comes to amenities and transport. I would love to have seen more outdoor gym equipment installed at the park as opposed to the football changing facility which I haven't seen used. I'd rather the things implemented in the village where beneficial to everyone as opposed to the very few. Better Park. Bin missing in park Currently there is only table bench in the park it would be really nice if there were more Currently there is only table bench in the park it would be really nice if there were more Football field is often overgrown, Football field with no football team or sport coaching happening there for local children. Gobsmacked by all the flowers near the hut (Pavilion) in a dark area, the cost and the picnic tables are in a dark area I believe the kid’s playpark could do with an upgrade and would improve social and community interaction. I think the park suits younger kids, but could do a bit more for the older kids e.g. skate park. I think there should be more for kids to do. More stuff for older kids at the play park In general, however, the village feels like its being left behind. Park is pretty limited in what it offers our youngsters. KCDT need to spend the thousands they have sorting the park for kids young and older. Disgrace they would rather support irrelevant stuff than the here and now Kcdt need to spend the thousands they have sorting the park for kids young and older. Disgrace they would rather support irrelevant stuff than the here and now Lack of public toilets especially at the park. Lack of public toilets in park area is a gap. More equipment in park. No Kirknewton football club- not sure why East Calder FC us using our park and we have no club of our own very poor for the Kirknewton boys, plus changing facilities installed over 2 years ago and not opened to the public? Even when they are open who are they for, East Calder FC? As no football club in the village. No skate park Opportunity for an outdoor shelter for fitness class / forest group / general meeting space


• • • • • • • • • • •

• • • • • • •

Outdoor gym equipment in the park Park could be better/more equipment. Park could do with larger slide for older children Park has had some additions in the past but could benefit from a climbing rocks and the swing restored. Park improved but lacks something age group wise. Not much for 10 upwards Park needs a bit of a refresh Taking away big swing and not replacing The park could be modernised. The park could have better equipment for children of all ages and toilet facilities would be useful. The park is in disrepair and well used by children. Surely an investment in the play facilities is a must? The park is terrible for young children. The slide is too small for primary school age and the climbing frame is too big for younger children. So in all my 5 year old can go on the swing and at a push the flying fox The park stuff is in quite bad condition There are two basketball rings but the area is not surfaced appropriately for playing basketball (it is grass). There are two basketball rings but the area is not surfaced appropriately for playing basketball (it is grass). There’s no basket swing in the park Toilet facilities in the park would be a bonus as families spend a fair amount of time in the park and have been known to go home earlier as they are needing to go to the toilet. Toilets at park. Why was the basket swing removed and not just fixed (with money set aside)

Pavilion: x 20 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

• •

Changing room in park has never been opened we don’t even have a football team. It would have been better if it was a hall where it could have been used for functions. Changing rooms and toilets built but hardly used or available. Changing rooms built but no football teams and never been used! Council didn’t consult the community over the pavilion Council wasted money on pavilion Don’t like new building-white elephant-if it’s for football team, with team, line men, referee no room to park Football changing rooms don't seem to be used. Could these be opened as public toilet or used to run a community cafe at weekends? Hut – pink elephant not getting used. West Lothians idea got toilets and showers I do not understand the purpose of the pavilion at the park which I have never seen open or used. Seems a complete waste of money sadly. Local authority ignored community views on new changing rooms which were not built sustainably & in the wrong position. Top down thinking Pavilion appears to have been a waste of money. Pavilion put in park is never open Pavilion was a glory trip for a councillor, some people asked for something more flexible & environmentally friendly, council didn’t listen to local community Sports pavilion The changing pavilion has been build and never been open and many believe a complete waste of local authority resources. As it appears to have been complete it should be open when visiting the park and/or on a least social gatherings such as gala day! The changing room facilities in the park are not utilised to their full potential. The changing rooms at the park are a massive missed opportunity, It could have been a multifunctional building that actually had windows to look out onto the park...never seen it used yet. Engaging with the community is so important, especially in investing in the village. There needs to be more engagement. The new changing rooms are “new” and utterly pointless. Makes me ill every time I see them sitting there unused. Shocking waste of money.


• •

Too much money spent on sports pavilion-could have been community hall Some ridiculous changes such as the football changing pavilion.

Walks/Paths/Cycle routes: x 24 • • • • • •

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

• • •

Always asking for bike paths & nothing happens Cycle and walking access is not good. Cycle paths to East Calder and Balerno. Footpath past level crossing too narrow. Footpaths through middle of village too narrow I think it would be great if we could have a cycle/walk path from Kirknewton with a direct link to Almondell Park using the old railway line that actually goes under the road into Almondell Park. Underpass under the a71 would be great, linking it all up. Lack of footpaths on surrounding roads e.g. Linburn Road And Humbie Lighting up of walk ways for dog walkers and runner's groups Little information on walks and outdoor opportunities in the local area. More support in getting more access to the wild areas No good horse trails in the area No way to get to Balerno cycling safely for high school kids. No way to walk past stones safely. Opportunity for an interlopers orienteering route through Kirknewton woods Outdoor code-access barricades put in place to stop people where their used to be access People are cutting fences to get access to fields that are private People destroying conservation areas, uprooting trees, shrubs..etc. People walking on land that they shouldn’t walk on, dog mess on tracks & in crops used for silage. Dog mess gets into silage. Dog mess gets into barley Proper routed walks around the countryside would be great. Streets & footpaths narrow. Not very child friendly The community council worked closely with Sutrans in the development of the no. 75 cycle route. Unfortunately land owners were obstructive at that time making the route to the A71 off road or widening the road and similarly agreeing to an off road route between the east of the village and Balerno and the A70. I believe this could be revisited. The narrow access roads are tricky for cyclists. The pavement near the entrance to the Stables walking towards the airfield has been maintained but it remains a hazardous route for walkers with very little separation between pedestrians and traffic. Walks, very little in way of walks in and around the village suitable to take toddlers, no pavement out the village to A71 and narrow pavement after the train track not ideal to take prams or kids down that way to East Calder either

Recycling: x 5 • • • • •

Glass collection point at end of Whitemoss Lane not appropriate. Glass breaks onto dog walk path Glass recycling in awful place Location of bottle bank not convenient The bottle bank was moved up the hill due to one resident within the village! There is no way anyone within Kirknewton would agree this was a suitable location and/or convenient for recycling glass. Lack of extended recycling facilities.

Environment: x 15 • • • • •

Compost behind No 16 Park Terrace killing grass Hogweed on private land people shouldn’t be on 2 different properties Hogweed-needs getting rid of to keep children safe Lack of environmental education (signage?). More consultation. One big barrier is an unelected trust and a community council who do not consult very often. Consultations are often carried out when it suits the trust e.g. in relation to the wind farm and not giving balanced viewpoint either.


• • • • • •

• • • •

More easy communication from the KCC, I've numerously put in requests for improvement to Kaimes without a response More Funding would help more initiatives for young and old More tree planting to benefit the air quality. Some areas could do with a lick of paint quite badly - for example the houses opposite the pharmacy. Some areas could do with tidying up, preservation of wildlife, some restoration of older buildings, The green spaces need to be managed-we all thought the community gardener was being brought in to do that but it hasn’t happened-only seems to be wee bits on the main road. More kids could play near their houses if the spaces were maintained. The woods between Roosevelt Road and Churchill Way have grown out of control and this could be a great opportunity of the community gardener to maintain. Tidy up the green Why are the communal areas e.g. Kirky stones, local bus stops etc not maintained by the community gardener (if we have one) Woodlands at Churchill Way planted higilty pigilty

School: x 2 • •

Balerno High makes no provision for late transport so that kids from Kirknewton don't have the chance to take part in after school activities such as orchestras, sports club etc. There is lots of uncertainty about high school catchment.

Shops/Café/Pub & similar: x 48 • • • • • • • • • • • • •

• • • • • • •

• • • •

A coffee shop would be nice. A decent pub would be fantastic A little café would be icing on the cake especially for the older people in the village A small coffee shop could perhaps be a nice addition to the location? A village coffee shop would be a great addition. Be a shame if Kirknewton lost its traditional pub like we did with the hunting tower Better chippy Cafe or sit-in place for refreshments, Calderwood have a cafe which seems to be well used when I visit. Cafe or social space that isn't the pub - particularly for those now working for home Cafe type set up would be really beneficial, rejuvenation of the bar which is well known for not being friendly despite being a friendly town, the outside of building could do with a power wash/repainting Don't enjoy not having a cafe or somewhere to go for lunch close to hand. I wish there was a decent cafe or restaurant/pub food. We end up getting take out from East Calder I think. But this is way down on the wish list. I would dearly love to have a local cafe as well! I must say though, that I don't feel the lack of playgroup or cafe detract from the village overall, these are just the facilities that I think would make it even better to bring back or to start up. I would love to see a small restaurant or good quality pub. That is in my opinion the only thing missing If it wasn't for walking our dog and an occasional visit to Festival Stores living where we do beyond the railway station we wouldn't meet or speak to any of the locals. It lacks a cafe/restaurant of some sort. It lacks a cafe/restaurant of some sort. It would also be good to entice more businesses to the village such as a tea/coffee shop or butchers. It would also be good to entice more businesses to the village such as a tea/coffee shop or butchers. It's a pity that that the village pub is not family friendly or community spirited. It would be lovely to have a pub like the Fork and Field (Mid Calder) or the new Balerno Inn which served food and was more geared towards families. Lack of good eating places in area Lack of places to eat out. Local shop is excellent, but would be lovely to have a proper cafe/bakery type place. Nice relaxing pub or restaurant serving food


• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

• •

No café x 3 No cafe, that would be nice as somewhere to meet friends No coffee shop No fresh fruit and veg at reasonable price available locally. No places to eat, get a coffee Nowhere to eat out On the down side, I think that the pub is one of the most unfriendly I've been into. Only 1 pub in the village Only one shop Other areas i.e. Mid & East Calder have a lot of shops Pub could be better. Food for example. Nice wines. A real fire. Village pub feel. Somewhere to meet to socialise. The pub after a certain time, the noise outside when people are smoking is outrageous and wakes up my child. The pub is not very nice/friendly. The village pub seems to be only a place for a handful of people. If only it were like the grapes in East Calder! There needs to be more than the post office and festival stores like a coffee shop, cafe to mingle with the local residents. Unfortunately there is no family pub or even a cafe to go too which I feel is something than could seriously improve the area to live in. Unfriendly pub Village pub is a missed opportunity, very parochial and not welcoming. Village pub is not welcoming. As a comparison the Grapes in East Calder has a much more friendly approach and is family friendly. It would help boost the local economy if families and ‘non regulars’ were welcomed. We lack a cafe and/or bistro/restaurant. While I understand the need to cease postal services over the past few months the lack of this service has been sorely missed

Retired: x 7 • • • • • • •

Ageing population not able to do gardens as used to Could do even more for older people-what’s happening so far is good Not all pensioners got flowers & shortbread on VE day Support for isolated elderly and people living on their own The Community group is great for the elderly here but would be nice to have a group where we could all meet up regularly once a week or month They have a pensioners group but only if you get involved in the green room but what about other pensioners that are left out. Until recently seniors neglected

Youth: x 16 • • • • • • • • • •

Lack of activities and facilities for older kids/teens. Maybe more equipment at park and something for older kids e.g. to bike/skate but not sure where this could go. Need more activities for older kids. Maybe cycle group scouts. No facilities for teenagers Not a huge amount to do for older children i.e. High School age Not enough amenities – not enough for younger people. Not enough done for younger generation, community council should try to more with funds they are sitting on Not enough for older kids to do Not enough for the teenagers to do Not many things to do for older kids/teenagers


• • • • • •

Not really anything for younger teens, somewhere to go Sporting/club opportunities for kids. The trust run youth club all but disappeared before covid and has not been heard of since schools went back There could possibly be more for teenagers to stop them hanging about and getting up to mischief There does not seem to be a lot of things for older teenage children Would be good if there was more for kids to do. There is youth club but wasn't every week

Pre-school: x 10 • • • • •

• • • •

All the pre-school groups have folded Child groups It would be nice to see more baby groups running. This had been dwindling since before lockdown Lack of pre-school activities Last year, my son attended the community playgroup and we were devastated when that had to close due to low numbers (of course then it would have closed due to COVID-19) Although he wouldn't be attending this year even if it was still open, as he's now in preschool, I think it's a great shame that this facility has been lost from Kirknewton. There is a need to a playgroup in the village for those that are too young for school nursery, or choose not to attend. But do not require childcare as such that means going to a private nursery out with the village. The playgroup ran at a loss as long as it could, but I would like to see investment from the Community in the very young residents that would enable them to play together in such a setting. Need more projects for preschool age. Really miss having baby and toddler classes, now that I have my second it would be great to see mini me back in action. There is no nursery in the village which would be very advantageous for the parents x 2 We really miss having mini me classes to go to. The baby classes were great with my first and I am really kidding them with my second

DISABILITY ISSUES x 8 • • • • • • • •

A decent pub with wheelchair access and facilities. Access for mobility - pavements. Kaimes area pavements etc bad Accessibility for disabled people, wheelchairs in particular i.e. kirkhenge not good for wheelchairs Benches not suitable for people with mobility issues, need to have path to them due to location Green Room people park too close to disabled parking Paths too narrow near the shop using a walker. Husband has a scooter and can’t get to shop Pavements not in great condition especially for disabled no rails on both sides of steps for green room Would use train far more often if train came more regularly & if disabled access

• • • • • • •

Anti-social teenage behaviour at times. Bit noisy used to be not so much now Couple of junkies in village Dog fouling problem. Dog mess on paths Dog mess on pavements – had posters up & mini campaign but not got better, drags community down Dog mess seems to be a specific problem in Kirknewton, specifically the lane by the Green Room and the Main Street. Dog poo everywhere is shameful. Dog poo on the back path behind Meadowbank Road Drug dealing is sadly blight on this community made easier for the culprits by the relatively remote location and lack of a police presence or CCTV. During lockdown ignorance of countryside rules i.e. running through sheep feeding, not shutting gates – Lack of respect Excessive dog barking a constant menace and disturbance, dog poo on footway and paths.


• • • • •


• • •

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

• • • • • • • • •

• • • • •

Far too many junkies/dealers Horse poo on paths in the middle of paths I have lived in Kirknewton for over five years. Mostly I have felt welcome by everyone. However, I have had my car scratched several times, tyres let down and in some cases sworn at when I have challenged the kids setting fires in Kirknewton Wood Increase in crime in specific parts of the village. Increased number of houses stink of weed-not good for neighbours or walking past! It was a small village quiet etc getting bigger has changed that more traffic less parking spaces and vandalism to property and cars Like many places I get fed up with folk leaving their litter and not tidying up after their dog. Like most communities, a very small proportion of the population cause issues with anti-social behaviour. Liked it when army was here everything was safe Litter x 2 Litter & dog mess Litter can also be a problem. Litter in park Litter-bins getting too full & blown over Littering, dumping waste Lots of dog poo on paths (have a pram) Lots of gates left open in lockdown More damage to cars & break-ins in last 5 years, it’s on facebook Neighbourhood watch not operating and a sense of community not so good, just for selected groups, not even sure what ‘neighbourhood watch’ stands for? Noisy exhausts on cars Not laws to stop people doing what they want Not so good, inconsiderate dog owners. Older teenagers kicking my door on Main Street as they go past-gives a fright People not picking up after their dogs foul People throwing balls into fields with cattle for dogs People’s attitude not picking up dog poo Poo bags lying beside the bins or left on the grass is the main thing that lets the area down. I've no idea how you can resolve the issue though as there are plenty of bins to dispose of them. It only takes a few inconsiderate people to spoil it for the rest. Really don't love the dog poo that is always on the pavements... I can only assume it's a handful of people and not the majority so probably not something that can be changed. Rubbish at the end of Roosevelt Rd an eyesore Rubbish dropped i.e. cigarette butts, bottles Some anti-social elements exacerbated by minimal police presence. Some of the social behaviour of young adults particularly pub closing time Some people are disrespectful to others. Some unsavoury people Sometimes noise from pub deafening but not often The amount of drug use and drug dealing is high and obvious. I live across the road from daily drug users and a drug dealer. There are several drug dealers in this village and dozens of drug takers. Drug deals are done openly in the street, at house doors, at bus stops. On a regular basis arguments and fights take place on the street either due to drug deal money owed or simply because the takers are high on the effects. My young daughter witnesses this regularly. Police do nothing. Police are told when deliveries are etc yet nothing happens. Over the last handful of years I have seen this escalate and if not stopped, this village will be ruined. The dog poop is horrendous. The worst thing is the dog poo littering pavements and parks, it really does let the village down There's dog poo a lot of places. Too many irresponsible dog owners who don't clean up dog mess. Too much litter


Too much noise from the pub with people standing outside on Friday and Saturday nights.

A longer term concern is that house building will continue to the point that Kirknewton & East-Calder merge. Building by local builder is to slow Concern over planning for new houses off Braekirk area Constant building site between gardens/avenue a nightmare. Don’t want Kirknewton to get too big Have to resist over development ( in East Calder) Lack of family homes available to buy (4/5 bedroom houses) Need starter homes i.e. 2 storey flats No one wants this traveller’s retirement village. Not big houses, very few 4 bedroom houses so people moving Not enough 3&4 bedroom houses Possibly a need for more family homes i.e. 4 bedrooms as many growing families move to East Calder Problem is that developer is allowed to develop houses they want not what community needs Some of the council tenant placements have been questionable and led to village protests. The lack of 4 bedroom houses is forcing people out the village which is a great shame. The village needs to grow to support families and so does the infrastructure The village is big enough and hasn't the need or room to expand without losing that small rural village identity, but growth is creeping in, we read of planning applications for new-builds, but never for complete demolition and re-naturing of the site. How long before there is a development to link up with East Calder or Balerno There aren't many big houses for larger families. It would be good if we get some new developments in the community. There aren't many big houses for larger families. It would be good if we get some new developments in the community Traveller site being developed in Humbie Why are housing plans being made without consulting the people who live here. Everything is done in secret


• • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

• • • •


• •

• •

Gap: How to access the £290k community compensation funding that has been sitting in the bank for 12/13 years. Need clear sight of how community groups can access the fund, and make decisions over it. Gap: lack of community/member consultation over how funds are specifically spent, e.g. the stones project. Gap: lack of 'success review' against last five year plan. How did we do, what did we not do (and why!), what did we add (and why!). E.G. housing for elderly and other elderly focussed initiatives is not overtly on last plan, who decided this, how was it agreed with members/community as a good addition/idea? Gardener could be more active in the village, the shared areas are often disgraceful and residents manage. There is a paid resource - why is more not done and seen to be done? Have to say in recent years have been absolutely disappointed by KCC and individual members in their behaviour towards people who have tried to gain support over recent planning permission objections. Seems if you have a friend on the KCC you can override resident’s objections. Hints of cronyism. Surely if you have a personal interest should be exempt from vote? Also disagree that members of KCC can vote on developments/planning permissions without finding out of resident’s right next to planned developments have any objections. Surely members of KCC represent residents and should back them up when they want support at WLC? Think it’s time KCC is shaken up and members are prohibited from being life-long members or more than 10 years.


• • • •

• • • • • • • • •

• •

It does tend to be the same groups of people organising things-more engagement needed from more of the community in some areas. KCDT & CC Kirknewton Development and Kirknewton Community Council committee members should have limited years of service to allow for fresh ideas. Members should not be allowed to serve on both committees. More consultation. One big barrier is an unelected trust and a community council who do not consult very often. Consultations are often carried out when it suits the trust e.g. in relation to the wind farm and not giving balanced viewpoint either. More easy communication from the KCC, I've numerously put in requests for improvement to Kaimes without a response More Funding would help more initiatives for young and old Stop wasting money on “improvements” we neither need nor want. The gala has struggled to get volunteers annually to help plan and set up/dismantle and it is a huge task. The good ideas that the community has, are stymied by not being able to access funding. We have funds, and a small group of people control them. this is wrong. There appears an appetite for new events and grand announcements being made by the trust but I don’t always see these being followed through (or I maybe miss them) They will do what they want. Been like that for years Think the surveys are a waste of time. They never listen to our opinions & do what they want anyway Too many do gooders trying to change what is a lovely village already. Just because you can get a grant/funding doesn’t mean you have to do it! There is a group of “middleclass” people who are quite dominant in the village and we all seem to have to go along with what they think is best. Facilities not available in the village are close by. When events do happen it is always the same 6-12 people that volunteer to help Where is the other half of the community lottery every week

KCDT: x 10 •

• • •

• • • • •

Barrier: closed shop of KCDT Directors. Need time limits (4 years?) on serving terms, open elections, clear criteria for appointments, and full representation of ages/demographics drawn from community/members. Barrier: KCDT meetings are 'open' but only for members' observation. When questions are asked they are blocked and/or rejected. This is not the behaviour of a body of people who are supposed to act for and on behalf of its members/community. CEO’s enthusiasm not as good as it was Far too much involvement of KCDT in almost every community endeavour. Things can (and do) happen 'organically' without having paid staff putting the KCDT spin on things. I feel that the Community Trust would be able to make better decisions for the work forward if the members were more at the heart of the community; the directorships represented a broader range of the population and made themselves available to scrutiny. There are a lot of able people in the village who currently feel the trust lack transparency and community involvement KCDT appear to make decisions in isolation of their community/members. KCDT needs to be more transparent with what funds are for and where they come from. KCDT seems to have a mind of its own and do random things! There is money somewhere set aside, what for? Trust should have more community members on the board

Community Council: x 2 • •

Community council are bunch of mafiaoso that think they own the place, need to stop being negative about things and be more positive, too many incomers on it too Community Council meetings used to be held in the village hall which could accommodate a much larger number of people. Unfortunately the green room is not suited to large meetings or a variety of community activities.


Council: x 2 • •

Sometimes feel like we are last on the list from West Lothian council. The council dustbin service is unreliable in the country area

Charles Jencks Stones: x 10 • Art grant could be used for something better • Don’t like the Jencks waste of money • Don’t like the standing stones-heard that the houses are not getting built because of the standing stones • Don’t like the stones x 2 • Don’t like the stones – waste of money • Don’t think much of mini Stonehenge-money could be better spent • Not keen on stones-doing nothing • Standing stones no consultation on this was just erected and money could be spent on better things.

SOCIAL MEDIA x 6 • • • • • •

Barrier: staff often post to community Facebook group but close for comments, stifling debate, why? Facebook there are great positives to a community but people making negative comments bad Lots of people think social media is a forum for negativity instead of using it to improve the village in a positive way. Social Media needs to be monitored better as there are a lot of "witch hunt" posts on the Community Facebook page The Facebook page is used a page for moaning/slagging page. The page should be used properly What’s not good is snarkey comments


• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Airport flight path, don’t want permanent route over Kirknewton As an incomer to the village 31 years ago there was a very strong and distinct "us natives and them incomers" attitude, but without the fresh blood this village would probably be stagnating still, but now, I suppose I feel the way the natives did then. Bit detracted – something missing just feels detracted – railway line & A71 – sense of being in a culde-sac Bit remote (non-driver) feel a bit stranded Can't think of any to be honest. Can't think of anything. Car insurance more expensive Community a bit disjointed Connect not delivered to outlying areas Could be better Don’t always get a “hello” back on walks Don’t like Kirknewton, not my place, just a place, I wish I had never moved would prefer East Calder Everybody knows each other’s business Feel the village isn’t listened to Full of ideas & nothing happens Having a shielded person was difficult during covid & felt unsupported Honestly, none I can think of I don’t think too much has changed in last 5 years, lots of promises but nothing delivered Insular Lost the hub of the community as the village extends More signage to prevent fly tipping Never settled here after 5 years No real centre to village Non distinct location Not a lot of camaraderie, know immediate neighbours but not others


• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Not all neighbours good Not as quiet as it used to be 50+ years ago People sometimes whinge People unfortunately will not mind their own business and a lot of pettiness Railway line acts as a barrier physical & psychological Random dog from Humbie is on the loose on an almost weekly basis and police won’t deal with it-an accident waiting to happen. Sick to death of council cutting grass & leaving cuttings all over the ground & road Some of the closeness been lost (43 yrs in village) Some of the development around us Calderwood Some parts of the village and the pub can be cliquey and unwelcoming. Still a lot of things to do Things are changing, getting more like a bigger village/town (lived in Kirknewton 50 years) To be honest I can’t think of any Tree in Green Room garden attracts wasps Utilities expensive Was lots happening & a drive to get more happening but dwindling in last couple of years


Appendix 3: All comments: Changes/Improvements (758 comments recorded) What would make Kirknewton an even better place to live? Changes and improvements people recorded TRANSPORT x 74 General: x 9 • • • •

• • • •

4th electric bike would be brilliant Airport consultation was flawed and dismissed by BAA An electric car club would also improve people's ability to do environmentally friendly shopping runs. Better bus and train service, especially later in the evening. Would allow people working shifts to use public transport to get to work and also allow people to use public transport when going out/coming home later. Better public transport Better public transport links to Edinburgh. They were good for a while until first bus pulled out Consistent timetable for public transport During lockdown the airport has started using a flightpath directly over Kirknewton for no reason as the air traffic was none. Important to remind the airport to stick to the agreed flightpaths - none involve flying directly over the village. This is a pressing issue as well as increasing noise pollution from aircraft taking off before 6 am and all morning including weekends and flying very late at night at 11.00 pm and midnight. We didn’t choose to live here to have never ending air traffic noise at night time and early morning. Late night public transport from Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Buses: x 42 •

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

A better bus service would be great. Normally I would go to the gym twice weekly. My session is an hour long but I can be away from home 2 to 2 and half hours depending on buses. I've even walked home once or twice after my session and not even seen a bus. Better bus service x 2 Better bus service if possible Better value buses Bus between Balerno = Kirknewton Bus could be better Bus delays timetable not reliable Bus links to Balerno Bus service between Kirknewton & Balerno Bus service could be improved with a bus stop on A71 down from station, to allow access to bus service which does not come through Kirknewton. Bus service could be improved. Bus service to be more frequent Bus stop down end of village near the stones covered in gravel Bus stop shelter facing the wrong way-doesn’t provide shelter. No reasons why it can’t be turned around the pavilion needs to be used Bus to Balerno. Buses between Balerno – Kirknewton for after school clubs Buses may become a problem after covid & not so many people using buses Buses to be more consistent & keep to timetable Can't complain to be honest least we have a reliable bus service coming to & from Kirknewton Change the bus shelter on Station road near Braekirk Covered bus shelters Don’t have to move bus stop at top of Braekirk just add a bit down side to add shelter Electronic bus display that could advise if buses are cancelled e.g. due to snow. Electronic bus display that could advise if buses are cancelled e.g. due to snow


• • •

• • • • • • • • • • • •

I think the transport services are shocking. I have no idea why small villages like mid Calder now have 4 buses running through which also go to the park and ride and we get one bus that misses out half of Edinburgh because it goes along the wester approach road. If Lothian Country buses ran more frequently than hourly after 9.00 that would really help me Increase frequency of buses. Late evening/night public transport if returning from Edinburgh is limited. Night bus was great while it lasted, but badly advertised and the timing from Edinburgh was very odd (one before pubs shut, one well after clubs shut) Mini bus between Kirknewton & Balerno for after school clubs More buses More frequent buses More frequent buses would be useful for a non-driver Public transport could be greatly improved. A regular bus to P&R at Hermiston from the village would be perfect. Public transport could be improved e.g. bus to Gyle & bus to Balerno. Reinstate the bus connection with Balerno. Reintroduce a bus link between Kirknewton, Balerno, Currie, Juniper Green and Slateford. The bus stops should all have shelters and a seat for elders. Timetable for buses that’s kept to Would be good to have little bus back that went to Balerno-it stopped 4 years ago Bus/buses? Going to other areas of West Lothian x 2

Rail: x 23 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

A bridge over the railway line would make a big difference. Bridge at the crossing. Footbridge across the railway. Footbridge at the level crossing. Lobby for a footbridge over the rail track at the level crossing. Need a bridge over the railway Need a pedestrian bridge at station Pedestrian access over the railway lines – bridge Remove the railway level crossing. Put a pedestrian crossing over railway Tunnel under railway line Getting a plan in place when there is a problem with level crossing, for bus passengers. Better parking at station need to be able to cope with increased people due to new builds Could be more than 1 hour trains Extension to car park at railway station – Park & Ride? Later train times i.e. after 9.30 pm from Edinburgh Park & ride at station Would like to see a station at east end of village Train could be more frequent. Train to Livingston could be every 30 minutes Train every 30 minutes all day, Just get the Livingston south train to stop Train frequency in evening & weekends The train station could be tidied up. Need a bigger car park at railway station

TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT x 93 General: x 23 • • •

A pedestrian crossing near the shop Again, please I would love to see Kirknewton taking a stance and prioritising the safety of pedestrians. Better control of road safety and awareness of driving standards (in particular speeding) within the village, as an example, the danger caused by REPEATED illegal parking at the junction of Forthview and Main Street at Kirknewton Garage restricting the view.


• •

• • • • • • • • • •

• • • • •

Everywhere in our village is walkable for those that can, and I would like to see measures to encourage that and restrict cars. For example, outside the shop is incredibly dangerous. People park their cars all over the place, making it difficult and dangerous to cross the road to/from the shop. Last year I experienced standing with my son in his buggy, waiting to cross from the shop when a white van driver pulled into the layby right in front of me, blocking the way. When I pointed out to him what he had done, I got verbal abuse and was told it was for parking and not crossing. Yet because he clearly always drives, he failed to notice that there is any way to cross from the shop. This sort of behaviour and danger could be reduced by making the bays in front of the shop disabled bays, this would discourage people from racing up in their vehicles to nip into the shop. Flow of traffic through Main Street lessened – timetabling of buses so don’t arrive at the same time I have worries about the main road and high street. More speed reducing measures for the main road past the school and up towards the A70 are in my opinion a must, as people both from Kirknewton and passing through Kirknewton drive far too fast and dangerously through there. I wish the speed limit was lower once cars turn off Linburn Road. There's no pavement, and now the standing stones are there. It's a bit nerve wracking with young children. Even better than a speed limit would be "blisters" and a priority flow from inside the village coming out, to slow traffic right down as they enter. Need a pedestrian crossing in the village New major road, in and out of village. Severe traffic calming, a ban on HGVs not delivering to the shops. Slow the traffic down in village Speed indicators would be a good addition to the entrances to the village. Speed limit on Newlands road Traffic and parking on Main Street is an issue. Buses struggle to get past and some have hit our fence due to lack of room. Traffic calming system on Milrig Holdings road. People do 70mph on road & heavy transport Traffic calming/20mph limit. Traffic can be a problem. Living on main road can see how busy it is and how fast some drivers go. Small narrow and twisty road from stones end and lots of vehicles parked on road (no alternative for a lot of people) but some people drive too fast and or carelessly. And lots of 'wide' vehicles too e.g. lorries, tractors. Traffic can be a problem. Living on main road can see how busy it is and how fast some drivers go. Small narrow and twisty road from stones end and lots of vehicles parked on road (no alternative for a lot of people) but some people drive too fast and or carelessly. And lots of 'wide' vehicles too e.g. lorries, tractors. Traffic management through the village needs to be looked at Traffic needs to slow down, especially coming into or out of the village from the A70. Could we get that to 40mph until airfield building? We need a new road in and out of the village that connects to the A71. Especially one that bypasses the railway line. We need a proper way to get in and out the village. Would like to see speed restrictions on main road out of village as I am sure people think it is a race track. Many pets have been lost and only a matter of time before someone is seriously injured or killed.

Traffic/Roads x 44 • • • • •

20 mph limit down Main Street 20 mph speed limit from Park Terrace right down to Hillhouse. 20 mph speed limit in village A couple of bad corners that cars park on could be sorted with some double yellow lines and or a C 20mph speed limit might be suitable Add a zebra crossing or traffic lights on Park Terrace to make crossing into the park at the Pavilion safer. It's very dangerous and difficult to cross there, especially with a young child. Drivers race along that road so they don't get stuck because of the parked cars.


• • • • • • • • • • •

• • • • • • •

• • • •

• • • • • • •

As a mother it is extremely concerning the speed of cars driving along Main Street into park terrace. I really urge the council to look into speedbumps or other speed reducing measures before there is an accident. At peak time getting out of Braekirk Gardens can be difficult-speed is an issue as well Better road repairs Could move the speed limit signs for coming in and out the village to the stables and 20mph past the school and through Main Street would do no harm. Could they have some sort of calming measures i.e. on Ormiston Road to slow down traffic Difficult in Smithy Brae need to take corner away in Green patch so bin men get access Double yellow lines in Main Street Fill the pot holes in Going out of the village to the east is especially bad in winter with ice and visibility. Going out of the village to the east is especially bad in winter with ice and visibility. How about a really good road south from Edinburgh to England I would love to see a speed camera at the start of the village from the A70 side or more effective speed reducing measures as many cars can navigate the current speed bumps without slowing down. Especially with increase in people going on walks, Ideally I'd love to see the 30mph extended right down to the junction before the railway bridge to keep fast traffic well away from places where people walk - and where the Development Trust want to encourage people to walk. Currently, it's not safe and especially not suitable for wheelchairs or buggies. Introduce traffic calming measures in Kirknewton along park terrace and Main Street. The new 20zone will help but I’d like to see speed bumps or something. Less traffic Lights on route from village-Humbie-Linburn Make 'passing places' from Park Terrace to the entrance to Meadowbank Road. More grit buckets My idea would be we really need speed bumps as you head into the village from the Linburn road when you hit 30 not a lot of villagers do 30 My main issue with Kirknewton is road safety. I think there needs to be significant improvements made to slow traffic down. Ideally even deterring those that use the village as a rat-run to/from the A70. The speed that drivers come along Station Road, especially in front of the school despite the speed bumps is truly terrifying. And the speed in which drivers come in and out of the village heading to/from the A70 is also terrifying. Coming from Roosevelt Road to go to the allotment or just a walk up to Overton Farm, we have to cross Station Road, and nearly every time there is a driver speeding along far too fast. Pedestrians and cyclists are very vulnerable. I would love to see Kirknewton Community taking a stance against such driving. Reduce the speed limit to 20mph, put in more traffic calming measures and add pedestrian crossings to make it safer. Overton View Road-older people (someone partially sighted) articulated lorries, motorbikes can go way over 30mph. It’s a hazardous stretch, a need to look at road safety-needs a speed limit, needs 20mph past school Prevent it being used as a through route for traffic Put a speed limit on Newlands Road-B7031 Put a speed sign up on Leyden Rd Reroute the connection between A70 and A71, which would solve two of the problems above. Treat the whole village as if it is one big garden. This might help to change people’s attitudes to their environment. The litter, for example, is purely an attitude problem. Road repairs making sure road repairs are done properly arranging road works competently so there is no need to shut main access for a week for a 1 day job as with water pipe to park. Road to overcome the barrier of the railway line Speed/traffic calming measures are a must. Station road section from festival store speed limit needs to be 20mph Stop fast cars Stop heavy trucks on Leyden Rd Stopping people using Leyden Road as a cut through – got worse since the barrier


• • •

• •

Street lighting not top to bottom of road in Milrig. Need more light at north end Street lights – some down to Humbie Vehicle speed restrictions through village. It is frightening the speed at which some vehicles drive out of the village past Hillhouse Wynd where there is only such a narrow pavement. Accident waiting to happen. Speed bumps are a necessity here. Would a 20mph speed limit be possible everywhere? And or speed bumps from stones end too? (the road by the school is wide). Reduced visibility at some places because of parked cars and also twisty road. All dangerous for wildlife and pets and children, probably adults too. Would a 20mph speed limit be possible everywhere? And or speed bumps from stones end too? (the road by the school is wide). Reduced visibility at some places because of parked cars and also twisty road. All dangerous for wildlife and pets and children, probably adults too. Would like speed bumps within the residential estates Yellow lines possibly? Part of Main Street near the corner at cemetery end

Parking: x 26 • • • • • • • • • • • • •

• •

• • • • • •

• • • •

A large public car park, car parking a disgrace x 2 Addressing the parent parking near the school as it is so dangerous at times. Residents from Braekirk Gardens cannot get out of the street during school time. Cars parked in awkward places throughout village, makes it less safe for children walking home from school etc Do something about the parking in Main Street Get the council to enforce the ban on pavement parking. Improvement in road management main street Keep yellow lines parking restrictions and the excessive road furniture which accompany such away. Manage parking along Main street Management of parking and buses More available parking for people in Main Street Meadowbank view can’t have drives because of the wall Parking around for teachers & parents so don’t park on both sides of the street Parking around the shop and on the High street is also an issue and more could be done to discourage people from driving to the shop unnecessarily, such as some disabled only parking spaces and double yellow lines at the junction. Parking at train station Parking enforcement at Meadowbank Road is needed to stop vehicles parking directly opposite the junction at an already hazardous, blind intersection. (I'm sure that there are other examples in the village too). Parking in village improve Parking near the shop Parking on Main Street – bit more parking outside pavilion Parking-really old village & not set up for all the cars No parking zone on main street Put double yellow lines on the bend in the road across from the cemetery to stop dangerous parking on this blind corner. Extend the double yellow lines across from the garage down the hill a bit as this is like a blind summit as you can't see what is coming until you commit to driving down it and then there is nowhere to pull in to give way to approaching cars due to a string of parked cars. Stop cars/vans parking on pavement Use some of the area outside Hillhouse Crescent by recessing pavement & allocate spaces for parking Try to resolve the parking issue on Main Street, maybe small stretches where people can pull in has double yellow lines but could be controversial Something should be done in Main Street for parking


Better disabled i.e. wheelchair access Bleeper on the crossing at traffic lights at the junction of Station road & A71 on way to East Calder (blind person)


• • • •

• • •

Grab handle at the pharmacy Involve people with mobility issues in placement & style of benches Make it more disabled friendly Markings leading to and at bus stops in the village. I and other disabled passengers plus mums with buggies must climb up to and off the bus, as the drive cannot access close enough to the pavement which are raised for this purpose. Not a dropped kerb anywhere in Kirknewton (D) Promote that there is disabled access at rear of Green Room Put another rail on the path from Kaimes to Main Street by the Green Room

FACILITIES/AMENITIES x 292 General: x 33 •

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

• • •

• • • • • • • • • • • • •

A community centre with parking and modern facilities would be good (although I appreciate finding a suitable location might be tricky). This could provide a large space for groups and classes, a kitchen for catered events, perhaps a community cinema space, or a drop in space for older kids to hang out, be creative etc., a community library/book swap, community garden (where people could learn to grow their own/shared fruit & veg), community recycling points etc. Amenities for social gatherings i.e. cafe, beer garden Better meeting facilities Bicycle repair shop employing local people Brighter public spaces. The public areas could be planted with nice flower beds potentially. Bring the fireworks back-maybe a ticket system to cover the cost A public toilet – need an open access toilet Public toilets. Cash machine Facilities for kids Encourage somewhere local to open a cafe or similar. Engaging with the community and local business owners, small aesthetic changes Entice more businesses Episcopalian Church in Kirknewton Even without a community centre, a shared community garden and better/extended community recycling facilities would be great. Few years back when got benches installed would have been good to ask us that live here where would be good to put them as some seem in a strange place. Just little things like that can make a big difference to making people fell valued in the community. Improvements to village hall Investment in facilities and opportunities. Kirknewton requires to grow to allow our school, shop, post office, pharmacy, pub, chip shop, train service and bus service to survive. We cannot afford for these amenities to be lost! We need to encourage and promote our village to companies to build new houses both for private and community housing and attract new people/families into our village to allow it flourish. Make better use of the village hall – get Wi-Fi etc Moderate speed broadband--high would be too much to hope for (currently 0.5 to 5.0 variable) Nice would be nice to have more facilities like bowling club, social club – like East Calder Opportunity to use the Village Hall more i.e. Wi-Fi, sound system, open for teenagers, seniors, meeting place etc Would be good to see the pavilion & community hall used We need more facilities for the whole community. Village Hall needs to be revamped Village Hall needs to be used Village hall needs updating Upgrade to notice board outside village hall Somewhere to meet to socialise Need public toilets Would be nice to have a bowling club


There should be a community social facility that does not involve the church. Many people no longer feel religion has any relevance, but there are no regular community gatherings for the non-religious.

Green Room: x 12 • • • • • • • • • • •

Community café in Green Room or with social space cakes etc, part time job for a house person, someone who has authority – maybe an apprenticeship scheme to go with it. Green Room could be better used Green Room needs more advertising what it does, its purpose Green Room should be used for training, workshops etc from people talking about their skills, computer skills training, morning teas for elderly Green Room utilized, don’t understand why it’s there Have people working from home being offered IT support from Green Room More use of Green Room The Green Room could be an open workspace during the day. Would love it if someone would run a computer course at the Green Room. Happy to pay. When first set up intention (KCDT).. there was talk about a creative open space. Green Room is too small Using the greenroom as an educational facility... for training, upskilling, workshops, sharing skills... (i.e. using the skills of people in the community to run "how to" workshops, from patchwork to finding ones way around a computer). Prior to LOCKDOWN the Greenroom wasn't being utilised to its full potential and came under a lot of negativity. Making it more like a community room, approachable and useable

Medical: x 15 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

A GP facility that could be linked with East Calder surgery. A doctor’s survey in the village would be great. A medical practice, A letter box by the pharmacy to drop prescriptions in or tell them something i.e. during lockdown couldn’t get through on phone Building a doctors’ surgery in the village as the numbers of people living in the village has increased and continues to do so. Bring a doctors surgery to Kirknewton or satellite to East Calder in planning Could do with a doctors surgery Doctor/dentist surgeries Doctor’s in the village-very difficult to get an appointment in East Calder Doctor’s surgery Having our own medical centre. GP facility with a visiting doctor which could still be linked with East Calder. Need a doctor in the village, current one difficult for older people Needs a doctors surgery Medical provision, both local doctor and district nurse in character, should be encouraged to serve those, for whom getting to East Calder is a serious problem. Telephone triaging and initial consultation SHOULD continue to optimise direct medical contact when this is important and relevant.

Park: x 62 • • • • •

More bins in park Putting up picnic tables in darkest part of the park, they should be in a lighter corner. Shouldn’t be under trees. Flowers by hut are wonderful, but should be in a sunnier place. An improvement to the playpark facilities would be great too. A good quality, surfaced, (i.e. tarmac or exercise-specific coating) measured track around the park would be good. Surfacing the outside perimeter of the park, inside loop or both would be a good improvement for people trying to improve their fitness. Basketball to be improved


• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

• • •

• • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Better park Better park facilities for kids Big swing (11/12 yrs) The basket swing Why did you take away the basket swing Net swing Build a skate park x 2 Skate park for all ages Skate park like East Calder and Pumperston. Skateboard in park for teenagers Skateboard park x 4 If a skate park was built Skateboard, scooter and bike track. Like the one in Pumpherston. Again for all age groups. Improvements to the park. Could improve park for kids-wooden structures aren’t lasting as no upkeep Currently there is only table bench in the park it would be really nice if there were more. X 2 Football pitch done up Gazebo in park I would like the basketball net in the park to be on tarmac not grass so it can be used properly...and we keep asking for a skate park in the park... Improve park & add bits Improvements to park-had to remove crews from park equipment falling apart It would be nice to see picnic benches in the park, not everyone has a garden and it would be nice to encourage people outside and in these times it would have enabled people to meet and spend time together. I have taken part in a couple of Community things but it can be quite awkward if you live in the village by yourself. Table tennis concrete tables in the park that you could bring your own net & bats or rent from shop. You see them in parks Spain etc. Tennis court would be great x 2 Look to putting some money towards resurfacing the play park for younger kids so they don't have to wade about thick grass in the rain, upkeep of the wee forest, currently overgrown with nettles making walking through it hard Park could be better/more equipment Park needs upgrading, often found nails etc Park...really good but would benefit from a fence around it to keep dogs mess away from where kids play More in the park for kids Modern playground Playpark could be improved i.e. replace broken basket swing Remove fence that’s protecting trees, now growing near pavilion, corner of road There was more in the park for kids 50 years ago! Bring back roundabouts, seesaws and slides for all different ages! Introduce new things for families to do e g. Crazy golf etc. New trampoline at park We need our park filled with things for babies, toddlers, primary school age and secondary school age children to encourage everyone to use this facility. We have lots of ground in the park lying empty! The young are well catered for with the facilities in the Park but how about public tennis courts for the adults and why is there no village football team? There are two basketball rings but the area is not surfaced appropriately for playing basketball (it is grass) x 2. The park could be modernised and we would welcome more outdoor fitness options. The park needs updating. It's well used and gets full quickly. More variety of activities is needed. For example a bigger slide. The basketball court is not very usable as it’s laid to grass. A proper court would be used. Even a court that requires booking and fees would be better. It would be great if the community could come together and fundraiser to update the play park equipment


• • • • • • • • •

Somewhere outdoors for young i.e. table tennis tables like Europe Playpark could be improved Providing more spaces for young people is admirable but unfortunately the decent ones don’t access them as the others abuse them and dominate them Pump track Park-not enough rubbish bins & need bird proof bins Put lids on bins so birds can’t scatter rubbish in the park More bins in park We could do with more bins in the park Better waste bins would be good in the central pathway in the park

Pavilion: x 29 • • • • • • • • •

• • • • • • • • • • •

• • • • • • • •

Hut at the park could be used more often by other groups with use of toilets Put solar panels on sports hut for power, it needs to be used Add onto pavilion an open shelter so people still had shelter outside Better use made of pavilion-maybe a wee café Better use of the pavilion-some use of it Can changing rooms, toilet be open (11/12 yrs) Could be exercise classes in the pavilion Do something with pavilion Football pavilion was a councillor’s pledge on his manifesto so understand it had to be built but think it’s a shame it’s lying empty and unused. Can we utilise it more? Start a team? Football? Running? Or even a place for pop up cafe? Pop up market? Maybe even have car boot sales so locals can sell their wares? More plant sales regularly? Cyrenians farmers market? Waste of probably what was an expensive project! Like to see the changing rooms being used Make use of pavilion i.e. toilet facilities Money spent on pavilion could have been spent on a five-a-side court or something similar like Balerno/Currie area. Make better use of the pavilion Pavilion Pavilion – could be used more, not just for football teams, been sitting idle for 2 years Pavilion could have had a café spot Pavilion needs to be better utilized Pavilion open Pavilion should be better used, toilets should be open The Pavilion.... it would be great to have this facility open for children to use the toilets whilst at the park and partly converted into a little cafe for our community to have a place to socialise in. Spaces for more small business to open. Why isn’t the pavilion open as a café space There was some funding available to have someone part-time at the pavilion, needs to be pushed When pavilion opens up can be part of West Lothians destination type thing because of toilets, information board etc Trying to get the pavilion as a travel hub – walking, cycling The new pavilion seems to be a white elephant and we have never seen it used when we walk our dog on the lovely. Why did The Council allocate funds for it without consultation as I understand it? Restart kettle group on Saturday am & Monday pm. Need awning & light at the end of the pavilion, preferably permanent framed Why is the pavilion in the park a totally unused building? I was very disappointed with the football changing facility that was recently built. I feel it is only beneficial to an absolutely tiny portion of the village, cost far more than it should have and is not pleasant to look at. Further to this it’s has had several repairs since being finished and has barely if at all been used. I think decisions to build something like this should be put to vote to the entire village. There are far more useful things we could have used that money for and I had no idea it was happening until it started. We could have restored and illuminated the path behind the woods, put in more public


bins, installed more outdoor gym equipment, erected outdoor community seating areas and much more with that money and at least these suggestions could be benefited by all. Hopefully there are plans in place to start using the new changing pavilion and there was talk of a Kirknewton football team being started up, which would be good.

School: x 5 • • • •

A walking school bus setting off at either end of village each morning although probably not workable with current covid climate. A walking school bus. Waiting to see what the new school arrangements are likely to be with regards to Calderwood. Will Kirknewton still use Balerno High? There are also far too many large trucks hurtling through the village past the school. With parents not allowed into the playground at the moment there are a lot more children and parents on the pavements outside. With more people and so many large trucks there is again high risk of an accident. If it had a high school so you didn't need to take the bus to school.

Shops/Café/Pub & similar X 74 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

A cafe for socialising A cafe would be a great way to provide a place to meet and provide employment too. A cafe, deli, something similar and decent pub food A cafe/coffee shop A coffee shop or more welcoming pub would enhance opportunities for people to meet. A family friendly cafe A family pub or cafe and improved playpark facilities A friendly social space like a family pub or cafe. A good welcoming pub A local cafe / restaurant A restaurant and a few shops would be great additions to community living A pub serving food A pub that did food A wee cafe! Cafe would be great. Café x 4 Café in Kirknewton that also did takeaway Café in village somewhere to eat with children Café or social space that isn’t the pub-particularly for those now working from home Café type set up would be really beneficial. Café would be great Café/portable café Cafes etc. Coffee shop Coffee shop and places to relax. Coffee shop but not at Green Room Coffee shop/bar area near/in pavilion Could do with a cafe tho I would love a cafe! Could do with an eating place where you can sit in as opposed to take away. Either for coffee, lunch, dinner Family friendly pub with food. Family pub with meals Few more bits & pieces in shop Food in pub – a variety Good family friendly pub and/or cafe would be good Have a community cafe.


• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Have some sort of Café x 2 Hot chocolate & marshmallows in shop Nice cafe/ restaurant Nice pub to get something to eat Nice to have a pub that does food More shops x 2 Need more shops More welcoming pub Local café Maybe another shop Would be great to have a café – coffee, cake, something to eat Would be great to have a cafe or similar. Need a café space in village Restaurant Restaurant in the pub Restaurant or café, somewhere to eat Restaurant with locally sourced food. Pub could be better- alright – better food Pub could be better. Serve food Perhaps, a restaurant with local produce. Would love Kkn to have a cafe that opened during the day and did evening meals, sit in and take away. Would like a pub that did food, a cafe/coffee shop...other than that, it's pretty much exactly what I want! Wee café, somewhere to get food Village could have more amenities like a good pub, café etc Somewhere to have a coffee & snack Somewhere to sit and have a quality meal (not a chip supper) Rejuvenation of the bar, the outside of building could do with a power wash. More awareness of veg boxes in outer areas More low waste local products available as affordable as possible. Tea room The pub to be family friendly, allowing children to enter, small meals on offer, toasties/ chips use the back as a beer garden, even if it was time limited until 8/9pm. The shop could become a destination selling more farm produce Shop open later on a Sunday-till 8 or 9, get used to it being late

Housing: x 19 • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

60 houses being built in 2 phases 30+30. Don’t want the village to grow to big Bigger houses for growing families. Can Kirknewton get more new builds – 4 bedroom houses Don’t grow any bigger Don’t want the village to get too big Don’t expand the village too much in future plans Hillhouse Crescent should be kept for pensioners Keep it peaceful and quiet and don't allow big developments or too much building. Perhaps more homes could be built for growing families Need a few more council houses New planned pensioner housing near the entrance to Kirknewton is too far to walk for people with health issues Not enough bungalow style housing. Why put youngsters in single storey housing when they could swop with older people needing a flat surface due to health There aren't many big houses for larger families. It would be good if we get some new developments in the community. Wouldn’t want them to build anymore houses, like it as it is


• • • • •

There aren't many big houses for larger families. It would be good if we get some new developments in the community. More affordable housing The area around Kirknewton is under threat of overdevelopment. Unless controlled this could turn Kirknewton from a semirural location into a sprawling conurbation in a few decades. Keep the fields and countryside free of unwanted and unnecessary development for the sake of profit. I am very concerned about the plans for new houses to be built on the field behind Roosevelt Road, for three main reasons; 1. The village does not have the facilities and infrastructure to support that number of new houses. 2. The way in which Drummond houses are built is very slow, which means that the houses on Roosevelt Road and Kaimes will be living next to a building site for the foreseeable future. This is dangerous, noisy and unsightly. 3. That area could be used to improve the facilities we are missing, such as a pump track or community farm. Also this is a great space for families to walk their dogs.

Re-cycling: x 7 • • • • • •

Ability for home glass collection Bottle bank resituated or another one at the other end of the village& more accessible Glass recycling should go near the post box at Kirknewton station (PRIORITY). There is a wide path by the post box on right hand side Go back to small food recycle bins, not into brown bins I would like to see a bigger drive on community recycling and waste reduction. The bottle bank could be positioned in a better location. There is a constant trail of glass down the lane and around the area where they are emptied which is dangerous for the many dogs that are walked along this popular path and also dangerous for wildlife. I would like to see the path at the back of the bottle bank illuminated and cleaned up and more bins be made available.

Environment: x 36 •

• • • • • • • • •

• • • • • •

• •

A sculpture trail with connection through from A71 to Jupiter Artland then to Livingston Sculpture Park, gives a connection with the landscape. Key blockages are A71 & railway line. If done as a sculpture trail by communities en-route it might get funding (could get Paths for All funding). Need to identify the actors and get support All green spaces tidied up to make it nicer on the eye for locals and visitors An emphasis on encouraging renewable energies Better countryside knowledge Could have done an art trail at the back of the park involving Potter around person & school Creating wildlife corridor with Path through from A71 – Kirknewton- Balerno-Ravelrig. Fan of raptors thought would be nice to have a web cam for a barn owl nest (would be involved) Flowers in the Main Street to make it more decorative Focus to clean up areas in own area, i.e. own street litter picking or at the stones/park etc. For me I love being outdoors and I think my main wish for the community would be mass tree planting wherever it can be done. Its beneficial to the air quality, it reduces noise pollution, it’s beautiful to look at and encourages wild life. Further improve woods with more activities and landscaping (flowers) Green spaces & derelict spaces could have better use Hedge at Homelea needs cutting Hogweed needs to be dealt with behind Roosevelt I would also like to encourage more recycling and tree planting to make the scenery more natural and beautiful, and encourage wildlife into the area. I would also love to see more children taking part in activities such as helping with the community gardens, litter picking & repairs to community equipment, to help them respect the area where they live and also learn new skills. I would like to see native fruit trees planted in a few of the communal areas. If people will start to think more about their surroundings


• • • • • • • • • • •

• • • • •

• •

Improvement in look of village, brighten it up. If acceptable to community flower tubs – need volunteers. It would be nice to see some planters dotted around the village like 'Kirknewton in bloom' if there are volunteers to keep up maintenance, I would gladly help. Making area more sustainable in terms of food Making people more aware of respect for the countryside, responsibilities & rights More litter bins More plants all over Kirknewton Some green spaces could be better maintained and some tired areas spruced up a bit... There is a nice ‘Kirknewton’ shaped planter and it’s overgrown with weeds - I think this looks awful and is highly visible to many people. Either use it or get rid and plant wild flowers. Trim hedges back on the green at Hillhouse Crescent. Dangerous too big & will lose branches Trim trees on Hillhouse crescent Village seems a little run down. Small touches of flower pots along Main Street or a Welcome sign when entering the village would really help. Station is also run down. Verges are wild. Money was invested in the Kirknewton flower border which is now over grown. It would be great to see that refurbished. Volunteer or paid gardeners to help keep garden areas in village looking good. Can’t rely on volunteers Wildflower areas around the village to help bees and butterflies. Would love to see more done within the park/woods surrounding this area - we have perfect areas for thigs like fairy trails - again getting kids involved ( school involved) in community projects like this. Would love to see more flowers in Main Street, there are hanging hooks by the store, pub and some of the houses. Would be nice to have hanging baskets. Very happy with the way things are don’t want any big changes Would like to see more plants and flowers in the green spaces in the village The existing bins have no cover so litter is often blown out by the wind or taken out by birds. Can the community gardener sort out more of the communal grass areas? It would be nice if the community could come together to spruce up the railway station. There are so many weeds and it looks a mess. May not be possible because it is network rail land?

ACTIVITIES x 122 General: x 35 • • • • • • • • •

• • •

• • • • •

Exercise facilities with classes, Evening classes, Additional group activities (local events/meeting opportunities) A pump track where children can play on their bikes as cycling on the roads is far too dangerous. Classes such as sewing / dress making or languages Community composting project at Cyrenians Community food products Community football team Co-working space with fast internet access and cheap rent of hot desks would be a good addition to the community. I don't know of a suitable venue but maybe this approach could increase the usage of the Stables or other under-utilised public space. Crafting things Create more community based activities for all age ranges Engaging both primary and secondary school kids in environmentally friendly initiatives and raising awareness of climate change etc would hopefully help them become more conscientious about how their behaviour impacts their community and the planet as habits around this are established early. Exercise classes maybe outdoors, walks etc Outdoor exercise classes Outdoor gym / shelters. I would like to see more skill classes available for all ages. I would suggest that sports initiatives such as a tennis court, good paths for walking and cycling as well as disabled access would be better use of the resources available to the trust, as this will enhance physical and mental well-being as well as provide activities for families as well as other groups and individuals to pursue.


• • • •

• • • • • • • • • • • • • •

I’d like some exercise, yoga or some sort of classes in village hall? There used to be and if there is now I just don’t know about them! If people want more groups i.e. football etc they should pay for coaches Keep encouraging the outdoor activities that became much more apparent during lockdown Lack of a musical, theatrical, art culture. A live outdoor performance on a community wide participation scale, once every four years or so, centred perhaps by a particular school group, would fill the gap without being over intrusive. Music and dance projects. Music groups, fitness groups Leisure, gym classes exercise More local sports clubs/groups for kids and teens. Monthly events?? e.g. plant sale, farmers market Monthly markets on the oval. Micro farmers/producers markets (Cyrenians) Needs to be more for teenagers & old people more things to do Setting up more groups such as fitness classes, running clubs, coffee mornings, fundraisers, children's clubs etc. Would like to see a bowling green and social club. This could bring the whole community together. Would be good to have more amenities Sporting/club opportunities for kids Good village feel but little done to occupy kids interests

Walks/Paths/Cycle routes: x 36 • • • • • • • • • • •

• • •

• • •

Links, a proper path through from Linburn bus stop to Kirknewton with lights to use in the dark A leaflet or booklet detailing local walks in the area (including route, length, difficulty, suitability for wheelchairs, buggies etc) would be great. Applying for a piece of the funding to develop the cycle route Better cycle paths. Need talks between council & Sustrans to deliver safe cycle paths Better cycle routes to Edinburgh. Bike trail Could a path/cycle path from Kirknewton to Linburn be developed? Would like a clearer idea of cycle routes Cycle paths to East Calder & Balerno. Footpath down to Wilkinson From the railway footbridge at the top of Humbie Holdings to Kirknewton Mains Farm north of the village is a well-used path but there is poisonous hogweed, which need to be eradicated. This route could also be extended from Kirknewton Mains Farm along what was originally a small goods railway line Down to Milrig to make a safer route down to the A71 and avoiding the level crossing. From the railway footbridge at the top of Humbie Holdings to Kirknewton Mains Farm north of the village is a well-used path but there is poisonous hogweed, which need to be eradicated. This route could also be extended from Kirknewton Mains Farm along what was originally a small goods railway line Down to Milrig to make a safer route down to the A71 and avoiding the level crossing. There should be a cycle/pathway out of the village and possibly going off road passing Waterloo Tower to join the path going along the Gogarburn. I would love to see more done to encourage more people to walk rather than drive through the village. I see many of my neighbours driving to the shop, the train station and the school rather than walking. It would be great if there were more walking routes through our beautiful surroundings. Almondale Park is a fantastic example of this but we have more rugged and rural areas. A path that extends the potter around loop would be great and I see opportunity there to do something of that nature. Improved footpath network through Kirknewton Wood More footpaths on surrounding roads National Cycle Route 75 is a disgrace. It's supposed to be available for commuter and leisure but the section from Kirknewton to Balerno is along narrow sections bounded by stone walls with no centre line in the road and poor sightlines on a rat run. My kids should have been able to cycle the six miles to


• • • • •

• • • • • • • • • •

• •

Balerno School but I've never allowed them, on the grounds the route is not safe for adults. The Lang Whang is not much better, especially for kids. Pavement out of the village east end, cycle lane along the pavement on a71 would be great as well Pedestrian crossing near shop Some other options for public walks, particular circular walks would be good. Widen pavement Milrig holdings at north end Wider footpaths (i.e. from shop to post the park entrance) Reduce the number of cars in village, parking around the shop. The number that speed through middle of village is too high. Doesn't feel as safe as it could be. Wider paths (overgrown on the old road) Walk/bike/run loops that don't involve going on fast roads. Say 5k loop etc Walking group Walking routes with maps I would like to see a country map of Kirknewton highlighting all the local walking, cycling paths of the area. We love going for walks behind the railway but the nettles are quite bad, it would be great if that wall could be maintained so we can still use it. There should be a cycle/pathway out of the village and possibly going off road passing Waterloo Tower to join the path going along the Gogarburn. The road between airfield road and the shop is overgrown (and some lights there) More lights Linburn-Kirknewton Being in a mainly green area near Edinburgh Kirknewton is ideally placed as the centre for active leisure activities in the vicinity of Edinburgh. This has been amply demonstrated by the increased numbers of walkers and cyclists in Kirknewton and surroundings areas during lockdown. However, the lack of a decent network of cycle lanes and footpaths in and around Kirknewton makes it very difficult for these activities to expand. The A71 is very difficult to navigate and even dangerous for both cyclists and walkers; the A70 ditto. The long Dalmahoy brings some relief, but still forces one to face cars and lorries on narrow roads at significant speeds. Kirknewton could do with improved walking and cycling connections with Balerno and Livingston, improved signage, walking and cycling maps at the railway station, and better integration of Selmuir Woods within a cycling and walking network. The area between Selmuir Woods and Newlands in particular has potential for this purpose. Improved connections from Kirknewton village to the nearby Pentlands and Dalmahoy Golfing Area could also be of significant benefit. More walks. Village is really pleasant but it is being killed by cars. During lockdown it was safe for kids and families to be out cycling and walking. Low noise and pollution. Now back to normal. Have an example of what the village could be like if proper footpaths and cycle paths were developed A dog poo bag bin would also be very handy somewhere on this pathway too!

Retired: x 7 • •

• • • •

Club for elderly I think more for older people on a regular basis i.e. weekly quizzes, bingo, movie nights and more importantly gentle exercise as we are told to move more. Seated exercise is good and everyone can participate. I wish I could get to know older residents a bit better. I've met a few grandparents in the playgroup, but I get on well with older people and would love to invite for tea, etc. I remember seeing and enquiring about a scheme to match elderly people with folks with cars and a home to host afternoon tea every now and then. But I didn't at the time have an accessible car or home. A matching scheme would be good. Need to do more for older pensioners who didn’t go on trips Weekly activities for our elderly to participate in. Things for pensioners like interest talks in the Green Room-history, people who have travelled & done interesting things Pensioners club for social events


Youth: x 31 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

More facilities or activities for older kids/teens of all ages would be beneficial A football team for kids would be amazing Youth club weekly. Get a youth club started for the high school kids Hang out place for teenagers-they look after it Have sports events for younger people i.e. football I want a skate park so badly. Not only would it make the area more child friendly but it would open a whole new area of athleticism for the young people of the village I would like to see more after school clubs, based in Kirknewton for kids. Also at the weekend. Investment in area for teenagers Life change group for older teenagers – changing bulbs, plugs, setting up electric bills etc More for teenagers x 3 More for teenagers, youth club but that needs volunteers More opportunities for youngsters to meet up safely. This would require time and effort from volunteers, which might be difficult to find. More sheltered seating in park (11/12 yrs) More opportunities for kids to become involved decision making More things for older kids/teenagers More teenager things to do More youth activities-organised groups More activities and groups for age 10 plus age group. More clubs or activities for kids in teens. New park stuff for older kids like a bigger slide Not much for teenagers More for kids in park-older age group More for kids of 12 Shelter for teenagers ideas from them Things for teenagers Things for teenagers that they would like. Most important Something for older teens would be good...skate park maybe? Something in the area for young people to be involved in & run. i.e. training programme to get ready for working

Children: x 6 • • • • •

More facilities for kids More for children More for kids to do. More for younger age group more help for the young kids x 2

Pre-school: x 7 •

• • • • • •

It would be great to have opportunities for mums/dads to get to know other baby/preschool parents. As my son has always been in nursery ok a Thursday we have always missed playgroup so it would be fab if it was on different days too Need for a playgroup in the village for those too young for school nursery There is no nursery in the village which would be very advantageous for the parents. There is no nursery in the village which would be very advantageous for the parents. Toddlers groups. Baby groups. Playgroup. Pre-school groups. Support for mums. Need a new book bugs & someone to run it-or someone from trust to run it. Needs to be weekly to Need a toddler group to support & connect people with young children


INFRASTRUCTURE x 23 General: x 8 •

• • • • • • •

Better promotion and enforcement of activities to protect the Conservation Area status. (e.g., the shop is a poorly maintained eyesore - dirty facade; upper windows falling apart from lack of maintenance; leaking gutters.) Better broadband (Humbie) Better mobile network - still some blackspots in the village. Concentrate on the old village to improve it Electric car charging points, stations, (not possible in Main Street) how about pop-up ones like in Scandinavia Improve the water supply pressure in Humbie area. Needs to be clarity about who is responsible. Village needs to be allowed to grow gently & school to grow & other services to grow in sympathy Sometimes water goes off (Leyden Road) the manual reset could be improved i.e. remote reset

Kaimes: x 15 •

• • • • • • • • • •

• • • •

Around the Kaimes estate the parking bays and general area needs urgent upgrading maintenance, but the council, army and whoever else owned it have point blank refused to accept responsibility for the state of the area, we pay council tax, rates the same as other villages yet in the 30 plus years I have stayed here not one bit of work has been carried out, it's time we got some help via politicians, etc after all this was a British army accommodation and was left to rot when they moved out. Can there be discussions on what shared areas can be used for? Can we create a community garden? Can we have swings for the kids in this area? Drain overflowing-Kaimes Crescent Enforcement of keeping hedges, gardens neat in Kaimes area Funds available to help improve Kaimes roads and car parking areas. Getting grass maintained regoing at Kaimes would help house values Grass cut to north of Kaimes-area between housing and railway line Improvement to the green and roads within Kaimes to make it less run down looking Land issues in Kaimes need to be sorted out Landscaping, who manages it? Not clear who owns land More could be done with communal grass areas in the village. Some are maintained but is not clear by whom and who is responsible. Some areas do look a little run down - areas like hard standings in Kaimes, would be good if there was support to residents in Kaimes to help support & maintain some of these common areas to improve the look of the area. Streets cleaned occasionally (Kaimes) State of roads, drains & paths in Kaimes needs to be sorted out. Longstanding problem Who is responsible for maintaining drainage in Kaimes housing? Something needs to be done about drain & upkeep 19 Kaimes Place area. If every household gave £4/month (219 households) place would be maintained better Roads, carparks (Kaimes)

COMMUNITY ORGANISATIONS x 80 General: x 37 • • • • • • • •

More community engagement with local Community Council and KCDT with the Military Museum Scotland Accountable committees with transparent members Consult members/community more than once every five years, and on specific matters. A quick survey and five year plan does not give KCDT 'carte blanche' to do whatever it wants in the interim. Easily accessible web page Greater community involvement! But I think this is happening and helped by the impact of the virus lockdown. Have more whole community events (in addition to the Gala) It’s a shame the fireworks display was stopped, maybe more organised events. Less interference with other people’s business i.e. objecting to this & that (KCDT, C.C. & planning)


• •

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

• •

• •

Maybe a Kirknewton Directory (accessible online and in paper format) of businesses, facilities, amenities, clubs etc. and someone to keep this regularly updated. My previous village ran more community events, inviting bands to play, social evenings, afternoon teas etc. I organised a vet to visit once a month where anyone in the community could make an appointment and see them. Open transparency & communication i.e. how grants are spent Opportunity for community green projects, i.e. grants for streets to fit energy efficiency to houses. Solar panels programme More Christmas lights in Kirknewton, not just near the park, another 6 More community activities People in community need to understand where community funds go & how used. Would be nice to know what for instance the wooden posts behind the garages (Kaimes) & benches i.e. better communications about what’s being done What happened to the community Gardner doesn’t appear to have done anything to make the village look any better There’s lots of opportunities for people to be involved The gala day and organised events are fun and help the community feel connected, more family-aimed fun activities could be organised. Stop spending money on useless idea and make a community centre for the kids to give them something to do instead of hanging about the street More village events e.g. fireworks (146) Get fireworks display back. More joined up approaches to fund raising, activities etc. All seems very separate & pulling in opposite directions i.e. gala, KCDT, school, Brownies... The community magazine that is issued seems unnecessary, given we live in a digital age surely digital copies are far more environmentally friendly rather than posting paper copies to the entire village! Stop wasting money on things the village doesn't need or want and instead spend the money on amenities that encourages people/families to come and visit Kirknewton and spend an afternoon. Bring trade to all our traders! Residents in the outlying areas of the community would love to be made more aware of the village activities. Please can we have a nicer Christmas tree this year? Last years was embarrassing. Please consult the community before going ahead with buildings such as the football changing facility at the park, this is not used very often, it has cost a lot of money to construct, and is only beneficial to a few people in the area. Please try to accommodate as many as possible instead of the very few, and ask for opinions so that more of the voices of Kirknewton get heard. I would like there to be more consultation with villagers on the use of village funds and for the Community Council and KCDT to publish the Minutes of their meetings on the Community FB page so that there is complete transparency. I think there would be much more community engagement if people actually knew what was happening in the background. I'd love to see more people volunteering & getting involved in making Kirknewton an even better place to live as it's often the same people who help out with lots of different things, but I know it is hard to recruit more volunteers so not sure how to improve this! Generally I think it's a lovely wee village to live in with a great community spirit from the majority. If the opportunity presented, I would be happy to help plan out and be involved in the creation/running any of the above ideas. (Particularly the ones involving creating social/recreational opportunities for our elderly). I think the village has a huge amount of potential and community spirit and I think a real effort needs to be made to work with members of the community. I would be happy to be involved in any working group to look at feasibility of an improved cycle and path network. I would not like to see any drastic changes to the village, and would appreciate if all initiatives were open and transparent keeping the community on board and engaged. No more grand monuments please I’d be happy to put a little money into a pot on a regular basis to help with some of the improvements suggested happen and also things like the fireworks can go ahead every year. £50 a year should be an achievable ask - or ask people to donate what they can


• • •

Kirknewton is a lovely place and has potential to be great. I wholeheartedly agree with recent projects such as the Stones, the changing pavilion and the community larder. We are very fortunate to have such things - although I know many residents object to them which is very sad. But let’s make it ever better, make it more walkable, make it safe! Community events good - Christmas light switch on, gala, fireworks in precious years. Would be happy to make an annual contribution to make sure these events go ahead. Keen to see the fireworks back! Continual building of new houses would increase demands on existing services such as policing, traffic congestion and schooling. I grew up in Kirknewton and then moved away for 10 years. Now that I have my own little one, my husband and I decided to come back as it’s a great place for families. I think having more family friendly events would really help support the community.

KCDT: x 24 • • •

• • • •

• • •

• • • •

Businesses could get more support from KCDT Communication between KCDT & staff & community seems to be sporadic and cost focus Funding applications should be open all the time (like Creative Scotland) and decisions given (with reasons, and an opportunity to just the application to meet any criteria missed) for a second attempt. Funding should not be limited to the lottery, which although great, is small. Funding could be for much larger projects. Clear guidelines would allow people unfamiliar with funding to apply and get a second chance if they need to. Again, see Creative Scotland. Every household should have written information through the letterbox to explain the process to them. If KCDT still insist that monies must be used for green projects then they must provide reasons and support for applications to meet the criteria. For example, we could have a village car and a driver. The driver is paid by the fund, thus providing employment (tick). The car could be electric (tick), leased, not bought, therefor the latest, greenest, most efficient model (tick). The car could be used to take three people at a time to the library in East Calder, promoting literacy, and positive use of council services that are difficult to access now we don't have a Book Bus Mobile Library. It could be used to take people to hospital appointments, to the GP, to other health services, promoting good health (tick). Funding (or matched funding) could be given to the Gala Day. We have £290,000 in the bank and the Gala Day has to beg for funding. This is ridiculous, even scandalous. Great place to work/live. Kcdt need to spend the thousands they have sorting the park for kids young and older. Disgrace they would rather support irrelevant stuff than the here and now I think Kirknewton could be so much better if we had a more engaged board of Trustees & CEO. They are all too far removed from the actual village & what is going on/how people are feeling. KCDT actually listened to residents rather than saying they are then following their own agenda-that is the perception! KCDT has £290,000 in the bank. The community should be able to access these funds. I know that initially this money was earmarked for "green" projects, but that was a while ago now and it needs to be used for the benefit of the community, not stashed away for some perfect green project. The community should benefit now, not in ten years’ time. There should be a transparent process for applying for funding. I would suggest something similar to Creative Scotland's funding application process. KCDT need to engage more often with community KCDT should do more on fuel poverty & renewables – grants, loans KCDT should have a format that anyone can use, asking for information about what the funding hopes to achieve, who it will benefit (we cannot benefit everyone with every project). This should be transparent. Need co-ordination of people by KCDT of people interested in helping Kirknewton brighten up but need co-ordination to keep it going. Look at paying people ad hoc to help i.e. paid gardener. (person would help) More active Trust. It is remote from residents More proactive comms from the KCC Would like to know what compensation money has gone on The KCDT committee should serve for a maximum of four years. After that, or a rotating basis, new people come onto the committee every year. You should not be able to serve again after your four


• • • • • • •

years. It is a closed shop. People are re-elected on a nod, at a meeting. It's not fair, or open. If we need experts, to do book-keeping or accounts, we do that revolutionary thing, and pay them, we don't need experts on the committee, we need enthusiasts. KCDT needs new people, of all ages. There should be mandatory youth representation. With access to the £290,000, we could hire tutors and experts. We could hire pop-up caterers for events, have Tai Chi in the park every morning, invite (and pay) speakers for arts events, readings, gardeners question time type meetings. We could pay for additional hours for the Community Gardener, or hire a second part time person. The KCDT to inform and consult with the people who live here about the points The Trust start projects but don’t maintain or finish e.g. Kirknewton woodland at Meadowbank housing project. It is very frustrating. Trust needs people who live in the actual village to be on the board Trust should have more community members on the board Gear up people to run things like toddler group & book bugs-a role KCDT could do as a catalyst so when things open up there is something ready to go Kcdt need to spend the thousands they have sorting the park for kids young and older. Disgrace they would rather support irrelevant stuff than the here and now KCDT needs to get more feedback from the community on what they actually want. Most of the decisions recently don't seem to reflect village wishes. KCDT has a very bad reputation in the village in how it is run. Transparency of funds is important. Not enough people are clear on the purpose of KCDT. Thanks to KCDT for leading on many good causes in Kirknewton, much needed. However the above points in point 9 and 10 would really make a big difference (i.e. speed & traffic calming measures, excessive development) to life here in Kirknewton especially for families. Who is actually in charge as in we were all lead to believe CEO KCDT and would we have a vote sort of system to who would be in charge. If nobody is in charge and you do it more of a teamwork then please ignore this

Community Council: x 2 • •

Confused about community council and trust If it wasn’t for certain folk within the community nothing gets done, community councils only interested in projects that enhance their own funding needs

Council: x 8 • • • • • • •

Council needs to be less arbitrary Council should clean the weeds & stuff in the square behind fence around the play park to stop dogs messing Council to pick up bins regularly-Kaimes Crescent Improved Council service for clearing roads and pavements during winter would also help, with additional sanding bins in hilly streets. Lack of following proper planning procedures Mini round about in Meadowbank Road is not kept how it used to be, now council responsibility. Needs clarity over responsibility There are also a number of potholes that are poorly maintained by WLC but I don't want to start ranting e.g. at the primary school speedbumps. I get the impression that Kirknewton pays a lot more into WLC than it gets from WLC. Rubbish collectors should pick up rubbish not distribute it due to wind, pick it up as it blows

Charles Jencks Stones: x 9 • • • •

Do more with the landscaping around the stones i.e. poppy’s around Finish the stones development inc wheelchair access I think the money spent on the big stones was absolutely ridiculous. I do think some community projects seem to go ahead without a lot of involvement from the locals for example - the stones would have been good to get kids involved for example is there part they could have designed/helped with.


• • • • •

Improve the path to the Standing Stones to make it more accessible and away from the fast road. It's crazy that it's a small rough track that runs alongside the road where the speed limit is 60mph. Widen path down to stones, especially noticeable in lockdown. Fence moved towards roadside & widen path The route to the stones progress is very overgrown, it was great during lockdown when it wasn’t so overgrown and you could go through it with a pram as the top path is very rocky for a pram Should have consulted more people over pavilion & stones The standing stone walk is great, and is a definite advantage; however I feel some of the stones are quite sharp and angled towards the path. I worry someone falls and hurts themselves.

SOCIAL MEDIA x 6 • • • • • •

Less bullying posts on the Social Media from the same residents People not being negative on FB every time the community council or KCDT post anything if interest. The people who do this never give positive comments. On facebook shouldn’t name people The facebook chat is very challenging a times. Not everyone wants to join in i.e. don’t belong to Facebook so don’t know what’s going on, needs to be a way of communicating with other people Social networking sites moderated more efficiently and membership of those who don’t actually live/work here should be reviewed.

ANTI-SOCIAL BEHAVIOUR/COMMUNITY SAFETY x 20 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Actual enforcement of existing legislation covering littering & dog-fouling would help. More litter and dog poo bins at strategic points around the village, and signs encouraging use would be good. Get rid of junkies Get rid of junkies – 3 dealers in Forth View area High presence of even community police may help a little. I don't know how the dog fouling problem can be solved - it's been the same for the past 15 years and doesn't seem to change for worse or better! I feel strongly that CCTV in a few key areas would reduce dog soiling and drug dealing, namely both lanes around the Green Room and Main Street. I would like to see a greater and more regular police presence patrolling the village Lack of consideration by some new people. Frightened to report people in case they do something to your property Magic way to get people to pick up dog mess Litter being chucked out of cars More policing More visible policing. Neighbourhood Watch Scheme further developed. Neighbourhood watch. Pub can be noisy at the weekends! Try putting some police on the streets - and not just for a few weeks at odd times for show! People picking up dog mess but better than last year & more signposting I would also like to see more action being taken against irresponsible dog owners allowing their dogs to foul public areas and not clear it up. As previously stated we live in Milrig Holdings which has no street lighting. This is a real safety issue in the winter.


• •

A large central community notice board (maybe on the grass by the Green Room or on the other side of the road by the bus stop) would be good for local information on walks, upcoming events, clubs & classes etc. All fine All okay x 2


• • • • • • • • • • •

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Canning/pickling parties (Cyrenians) Cyrenians are trying to create a community space of value to local people Cyrenians to have a men’s shed Cyrenians would like to improve the road Group cooking and food education (Cyrenians) Happy the way things are Happy to do things for community rent free - allotments I find that most community events are focused on the young or the older members and nothing for those in between. I love how the community came together during lock down to support each other and I’d like that to continue I think some people feel they don’t have a voice and find it hard to tap into the mechanisms available. It sounds like they are moaning and negative but I think sometimes they just don’t know how to articulate their wishes. Sorry but I don’t have a solution for this! I guess just keep listening and be patient. Improved consultation with representation from different areas of the village and more transparency about decision making processes. Particularly at this time there is a need to improve walking and cycle networks in the village. Improved consultation with representation from different areas of the village and more transparency about decision making processes. Particularly at this time there is a need to improve walking and cycle networks in the village. If it was hotter!! Is there anything the “Real life options” people can join in More access to available food Jobs for young people in village Leave it alone. It’s just fine. You are taking away the village I chose to live in. Local history signs info More people involvement in planning trips etc when the army was here it was a great village to live in it was a real community More of what we’ve got Need to keep the village identity More consideration taken to people that live on the other side of the railway line - we are often forgotten about. New – appropriate location for glad bins Not sure Notice board needs to be revamped & notices kept up to date Officials call this area Milrig Holdings when the real name is Milrig Talks from experts in the village Some people feel that they don’t have a voice. The community engagement doing now is a part of it Presenting Kirknewton better, improve the entrance to Kirknewton “welcome” Pretty happy Running fun ways of involving people in cooking better food Secure land and create the opportunity within the village, market in the area. Signs at junctions in Braekirk Avenue estate should have signs with road names & numbers on I hope it continues being a great place to live!


Appendix 4: Kirknewton Primary School

(880 comments plus drawings)

Things we LIKE about living in the Kirknewton area - 415 COMMUNITY x 63 A good community x 3 • Braekirk-used to live there • Caledonian Court-friends live there • Citizens • Easy to navigate • Everybody is kind to each other • Everyone is friendly • Family • Friend’s house • Friendly x 4 • Friendly people x 2 • Friends x 4 • Friends at school • Friends live in the village • Fun • Good and nice communication • I like all kind people • I like all my friends • I like the community • I would always live here • It is a close community • It’s a beautiful place • It’s quiet • Kind people x 3 • Kirknewton

• • • • • •

A lot of houses Homes House Houses x 3 Lots of homes Lots of houses x 2

• • • • • • • • • • • • •

Animals Cool woods Cows Farm x 2 Flowers and trees Highland cows I like the sheep Kirknewton woods Lots of nature Lots of sheep Selmuir woods Sheep x 2 Sun

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • HOUSES x 18 • • • •

Kirknewton is very quiet Look after each other Lots of friends Lots of kids to make friends Lots of kind children Lots of kind teachers Meadowbank-friends home My family My friends x 2 Neighbours Nice community Nice people x 3 Playmates Sharing The community The community is nice The people The people at the shop are really nice The people in the village The people who live in Kirknewton are very nice There are lots of friendly people Village You get help You know everyone

Lovely houses My house x 6 My house–I feel safe in my house and warm My house-I like my house because I feel safe and it’s nice

NATURE/ENVIRONMENT x 31 • The birds • The highland cow field • The highland cows • The rocks • The sheep • The woods x 3 • The woods-I like the woods because we can go for walks there and climb trees • The woods-it’s a good place for walks and nice plants and a lovely river • There are lots of woods • Wildlife • Woods x 4



• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

• •

Park: x 68 • A big park and a wood A fun park • A good park A nice park A park • Big park • Football at the park Football field • Footy pitch Good park • I also like the flying fox it is really fun • I also like the witches hat is so fun, you spin and spin and spin it is so fun • I like going to the park • • I like the bike tracks and the park I like the park, the best from growing up in • Kirknewton because it is so very very fun • I think the park is very good • Kirknewton Park Park x24 • Swing Park • Swings Park is nice

A bar A good food shop A good shop A good shop A shop with kind workers A village shop Chemist x 2 Chip shop x 2 Chippy x 7 Corner shop x 4 Fish and chips Food store Food to help people in the Green Room Good shop Pharmacy x 3

The park x 11 The park is my favourite place in the village. Because it has football goals, I like playing football it is fun The park is nice, great and in good condition The park-I like the park because I can go there and play with my friends and it’s really fun The park-I like the park because it’s fun and bright so I can play with my friends The park-I like the park because playing with my friends There is a park in the middle There is a park which has a swing There is a park which is quite big There is a very fun park There’s a park There’s a park I go with my daddy that’s a fun park We have a good park We have a great park You can take my puppy to the park

Shops ETC: x 69 • Post Office x 2 • Pub x 5 • Shop x 13 • Shop with food • Shop-amazing and got everything I need • Shops x 4 • The shop x 8 • There is a bank • There is a post office • There is a shop • There is a shop with a lot of food • There is a very good shop • Village shop • We have a shop

The Green Room: x 18 Green Room x 16 • There’s a Green Room The Green Room-I like the Green Room because it’s an open space for having fun activities like craft, movies, board games

• • •

A church A good church Church x 4

A lot of walks

Church: x 9 • • •

Church/playgroup The church We have a church

Paths, Cycle routes etc: x 14 • All the good walks


• • • • • •

Backpath Cycle path Good walking paths Good walking routes Lots of walks Nice walking places

• • • • • • • • • •

Grave yards x 2 Great place to camp We have a good farm Hillycow wigwams History Lots of clubs Potter around x 6 I love potter around I like Potter around The chickens at Potter around

• • • • • • • • • • • • • •

A nice school Big school Good school x 2 Great school I like school I like the school Kirknewton School Kirknewton School Lollypop lady x 2 My school Nursery- outside field Playtime School x 32 School is great

• • • •

Railway Railway Bridge The local train station The trams

• • •

• • • • • • General: x 28 • • • • • • •

The Naafi x 4 Naafi at Roosevelt There is naafi There are a few clubs Village Hall–I like to do my classes there and have parties and meals Village Hall x 3 Village hall-I like the village hall because there are parties there

School: x 59 • School is perfect • School walks • School-I like school because I learn lots of things and I can see my friends • School–it’s nice to see my friends and really kind teachers • Teachers • The school x 2 • The school has a nice field • The school-the school is good because it is fun to see and play with your friends • There is a great school • We also have a very good school • We have a school TRANSPORT x 21 • There is a train • There is a train station x 3 • Train station x 12 • We also have a train station

MISCELLANEOUS Kirknewton, picture showing People, ice cream, • park • Main Street-friends home Meadowbank hill


Taking dogs for a walk The lovely walks The walking areas The walks There is loads of place to go for walks Walks

x 5 Milrig holdings-the farm is nice-live there The castle-the castle is not really a castle but it is still cool


Things we DISLIKE about living in the Kirknewton area – 56

• •

No big swings No slide in the park

Park: x 10 • •

Playing on the swings (in the park) and I get knocked off-it makes me sad The big swing taken away


• • • •

• • • • • • • • • • •

• • • • •

The hut in the park The hut next to the football pitch, please get rid of it The metal shelter gone The slide in the park is tiny and not big enoughit’s for babies

The slide-it’s to small get one for kids, not babies There is no teddy bear in the park. I would play with it

• •

Anti-social behaviour: x 31 • People breaking things Beer cans in trees and they are not 18! Dog poo x 3 • People hurting animals • People leaving dog poo I don’t like the bullies in Kirknewton • People leaving poo on the floor I don’t like the litter • People not picking up dog poo Leaving dog poo Leaving litter • People putting trash on the floor • People vandalising things Litter x 6 • Rubbish x 3 Littering • Smashed bottle near the glass recycling Littering-lots of people leave rubbish lying • Teenagers-I see some messing around at night around Litter-lots of smoking drinking alcohol • Vandalism People being disrespectful to things in the village

Cars go to fast on B7031 Cars going too fast Cars on the pavement Cars too fast B7031 I don’t like how cars drive fast

Traffic Management: x 8 • I don’t like the cars that park on the pavement • Pollution-Lots of cars drive about this makes the air polluted • Too many vehicles near shops

Activities/Facilities: x 1 No library School: x 1 No trampoline in Nursery

• • •

I don’t like disrespectful people I don’t like older kids I don’t like the weather

Miscellaneous: x 5 • Overton Farm-Milrig is cooler • The railway

Things we would like to see CHANGED OR IMPROVED in the Kirknewton area-345 ACTIVITIES/FACILITIES x 377 Park: x 209 • •

• •

A big climbing frame in the park A big slide in the park-I would like a big slide in the park because the one we have is tiny A big tunnel with rainbows (like Art tunnel in Colinton) A den

• • • • • • •

A faster and bigger flying fox A football team a group swing A huge slide and huge pole A Lego hut A net swing-it got taken down, nice new one A new basket swing x 2


• • • •

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

A playpark for older children A roller coaster for kids A sand bucket A sign in the park that says NO LITTERING * NO SMOKING* NO ALCOHOL A teenage hangout A tunnel full of water to go through on your skate board A water park Add more stuff to the park Basket swing Bathrooms in the park Bicycle track Bigger forest Bigger houses Bigger slide in the park 5 Bike Park Bike Park in woods Bike path Bike racks at the park Bike track x 4 Bike tracks in woods Bike trail Bike/scooter path Bouncy castle x 3 Café at park Café at park instead of changing room Café in the changing room Café inside change room Café instead of changing room Café over the changing room Castle-play Changing rooms need to be used at the park Changing rooms used Clean park shelter Climbing place Climbing wall Cycle track Flying for like Mill Farm Flying fox in the woods Flying foxes x 2 Football pitch Get rid of the house slide Giant tree swing Go kart track at park x 8 Hop scotch in the park I think they could improve the park I wish we could have a maze in the park I would like a skate park it is so much fun I would like a trampoline park Improve the park Indoor Water Park Jelly belly at the park Like a pump track Like the web swing back Little hut to play in

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Local climbing place in trees Long zip line Lookout tower Maybe more toys at park More park equipment More parks More play equipment at the park to clean the metal shelter once a week More stuff at park x 3 More stuff to play on in the park More swings More things at the park More things in park More trees Net swing New equipment in the park New slide in park New things in the park-climbing frames and ladders New tyre swing Open toilets for park Park get cleared Park needs a better climbing frame Park needs a bigger slide Park-24 hour dinosaur exhibition Park-a slide that goes underground Park-better benches Park-bigger slide Park-climbing frame x 2 Park-I think there should be more things to play on Park-Lookout tower Park-monkey bars and a volcano slide Park-more swings and a climbing frame Park-more things Park-new things Park-Parkour Park-Slide with a top on it attached to a climbing frame with monkey bars on it. Park-Smoother paths Park-the bench is broken and the bin is gone Park-there was a basket swing and now it’s gone, I want it back Park-volcano slide x 2 Pony and dragons sand and castle Pump track x 6 Pump track at park or somewhere else Putting more in the park Skate park x 26 Skate Park at Naafi Skate Park at park x 2 Skate park in the park Skate park please Skate Park/ wood/Scooter


• • • • • • • • • • •

Skate park-I would like a skate park in Kirknewton so I don’t need to go away to get to one Skateboard and Trampoline Park Slide Slide-a big slide for kids Soft play Soft play Fun and games centre Some more stuff at park for little ones Spider swing at park The park bigger The spider swing back The web swing back in park Theme park

• • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Tingars den no mess Toilets in the park Trails Trampoline in park Trampoline Park x 3 Tree house x 4 Try harder (when putting on events) Under twelves basketball team Water indoor park x 2 Water Park x 10 Web swing back at park x 2 Web swing back up Wooden tower Zip line in wood

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Golf course Gym Hairdresser Hospital x 2 Hot tub Hotdog stand I would like a museum which told you about Kirknewton Ice cream place Ice cream shop x 7 KFC Local garden Lolly pop truck McDonalds x 7 McDonalds/chicken nuggys Museum Museum Pet shop x 6 Pizza hut Pool Popcorn truck Quad bike shop River Roller coaster Science centre Spa x 2 Star bucks x 2 Subway local swimming pool x 2 Swimming pool x 2 A massive toy shop Toy shop x 4 Toys R us x 3 Zoo x 2

• • • •

Butchers Café x 12 Extended shop Extended shop for more stuff

New additional facilities: x 114 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Cinema x 3 A horse shop with horses at it A horse store A indoor snow spots centre with real snow A library x 10 A small space shop A strawberry farm A sweet shop x 2 A zoo Ambulance Amusement park Animal rescue centre/vet/adoption for animals Aquarium Arcade x 3 Arts and craft shop Candy floss machine Charity shop x 3 Chocolate fountain Clothes shop Community art gallery Decorations in village Dominos x 3 Donut shop Eco-club Emergency room Ferris wheel Free 24 hour sweet factory Fun Fair x 2 Funfair to visit Game shop Game shop Gaming centre x 2 Gaming houses Gaming store

Shop, café, chippy etc: x 35 • A café x 2 • A café for kids • A restaurant • Bakery


• • • • • •

Food van More food shops More shops x 2 Bigger shop More takeaways Restaurant x 3

School: x 8 • A slide at the school • Bigger school • Hand driers for the school • High school x 3 Paths etc: x 11 • Cycle paths • Less roads, more walking paths • Like a bike trail in the woods • Like more walking paths

• • • • • •

Shop has more stuff Shop sell better sweets Snack van Supermarket Sweet shop Takeaway

• •

Make the school bigger and give more money Nursery

• • • •

More cycle paths More kid friendly cycle trails More paths in the wood x 4 Somewhere safe to park/walk


More parking More parking spaces x 2 More parking spots

TRANSPORT x 3 • Railway crossing bridge Railway (so parents and carers not late • Railway crossing have bridge when picking children up)

• • •

A local police officer A police station for kids to be even safer CCTV – lots

• • • • • •

5 star hotel A carriage that you can see the horses Car park I would like a skate park at the Naafi Less litter x 2 Mall

• • •

More parking spots to prevent people parking on pavements Wider roads Wider roads/pavement


Less parking on pavements Police station x 4

MISCELLANEOUS x 14 • • • • •

Meadowbank Hill-make a fence in between the hill where the highland cows are Meadowbank Hill-there’s a tyre swing but I think there should be more More bins x 2 More dog poo bins x 2 More flowers and a garden


Profile for Tony Foster

Kirknewton Community Participation Report 2020  

35% of the community engaged with this community participation exercise to help inform the Kirknewton Community Development Plan

Kirknewton Community Participation Report 2020  

35% of the community engaged with this community participation exercise to help inform the Kirknewton Community Development Plan


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