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Certificate GB10/81313

Themanagement system of

KiranMedical Systems Limited D-117& 134,T.T.C.Industrial Area,Shirvane, P.O.Nerul, NaviMumbai, 400706,India hasbeenassessed andcertifiedas meetingtherequirements ot

ISO9001 :2008 Forthefollowing activities

Thescopeof registration appearc onpage2 of thiscertificate. Furtherclarifications regarding thescopeof thiscertifcateandtheapplicability ol ISO9001:2008 requirements maybeobtained byconsulting theorganisation

lhiscertificate isvalidfrom09September 2013until09September 2016 andremains validsubject tosatisfactory surveillance audits, Recertification auditduebefore M August 2016 lssue 4,Certified since 09Seotember 2010 Thisisa multi-site certification. Additional sitedetails page. arelisted onthesubsequent

Authorised by

oo5 SGSUnited Kingdom Ltd Systems & Services Certification Rossmore Business ParkEllesmere PortCheshire CH653EN UK t *44(0)151 35G6666 f +44(0)151 35G6600

scs 9001-8 010311 M2 Page1 ol 2

iss establishedthqein, lhe authqticily of this docuffit roy be htlpi//M.â‚Źgs @rt@/Ourcompay/C ertifiedolistoirectdiedCstiliedclisl DirectoriesspxAry unaj|horizedallsation,fdgery trfdsificatjo of thâ‚Ź @ntentolappesse of lhis docurent is unlilful4d offodss roy be

DrNoted to tE tuled enentof trElaw


Certificate GB10/81313, continued

KiranMedical Systems Limited ISO9001 :2008

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lssue 4 Detailed scooe

Manufacture andsupplyof RadiationProtectionApparel& Accessories, RadiationProtectionGlovesandShields,Storage Systemsfor RadiationProtectionApparel,AntiscatterGrids,Grid HoldersandAccessories, X-RayCasseftes, IntensifyingScreens& Computed Radiographic SystemsandEquipment FurtherClarifications regarding thescopeof thiscertificate andtheapplicability of ISO9001:2008 requirements maybeobtained byconsulting theorganisation Additional facilities

KiranChambers,303.A, Linking Road, Khar, Mumbai-400 052,India


llisdocuftnt is ised by thoCompanysbjed to its Gnsd Conditions of qs onitam_ad-mrditbRhtn Certifimtion Servi€s usblo atw Atlentis is drM lo the litritalionsof lidility, indemificationad jurisdidlnd iw6 esidhhed thsein, ftre authdtic.ityd his d@umt may be Hified d hilpr/w. sgs @nVedOuFCompay/Cslfi edclistoirecidies/Cstifi ed€lifl tDifedsi6spx fury unaJthorizedaltdalion, fdgery d fdsificaliff of the mnlentd appe*me ol lhisdocurentisunlilfulild oftsderc roybe orNdted to lh€ fulesl extentof the law

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