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Certificate GB10/81311

Themanagement system of

KiranMedical Systems Limited D-117 & 134,T.T.C. IndustrialArea, Shirvane, P.O.Nerul, NaviMumbai, 400706,India hasbeenassessed andcertiliedas meetinothereouirements of

ISO13485:2003 ENISO13485:2012 Forthefollowing activities

Thescopeof registration appear on page2 ofthis certificate.

Thiscertificate isvalidfrom09September 2013until09September 2016and remains validsubiect to satisfactory surveillance audits. Recertification auditduebefore M August2016 2010 lssue4. Certified since09Seotember Thisis a multi-site certification. page. arelistedonthesubsequent Additional sitedetails

Authorised by

Cedmcation & Services Kingdom Ltd Systems SGSUnited PortCheshire CH65 3EN UK ParkEllesmere Rossmore Business www.sgscom f,44 (0)151 35G6600 35G6666 t +44(0)151 M2 0612 scs 1348S2 Page 1 of2

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Certificate GB10/813'l1,continued

KiranMedical Systems Limited ISO13485:2003 ENISO13485:2012 lssue 4 Detailed scope

ufacture andsupplyof Radiation Protection Apparel & Accessories, Protection Gloves andShields, Storage Systems for Radiation Protec{ion Apparel, AntiScatter Gdds,GridHolders andAccessories, Gassettes, Intensifying Screens & Computed Radiographic Systems andEquipment Additional facilities

KiranGhambers,30$A, LinkingRoad,Khar, Mumbai.'|00 052,India

Thisdocumnl isissed bythe Company$fist to its GenerdConditions of Cstill€tion Sdvies ffisible al w,sgc@ftVtqre_ad_@nditjonshtn Allen{imis drM to the linitationsofli$ility, indemifcationild juisdidimd iwsestdlEhed thsein fts aulhsticityof lhis d@umt roy b6 wifi€d d htlpi//M.sgs @n/dtour4ompfl y/Cstifie+Clislof ectdies/Cdlif edcli6tDirecttries4px Any un4thdi4d altsa{ion, fdgsy d fdsificdiff of lhe mntentd appedaG o{ thisdocumntis unlilfulad offfldqs my be DrNojted to tlE fule$ extentof lhe lail

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