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Camp y a D r e m m u S ’s t r Coude Newsletter Volume 1, Issue 1

July 2013

Welcome Campers! Summer 2013 Frederic R. & Margaret Coudert Clubhouse 1835 University Avenue Bronx, NY 10453 718-975-0788

Inside this issue: Featured Story: (Culinary Classes)


Anti-Bullying Event


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Poetry Corner


Girl Tech Rock


All-Star Fan fest


It’s Summer time again! Time to have fun, make new friends, and some new memories! Welcome, Parents and Campers, to a Summer at Coudert Clubhouse 2013! We are excited and happy to see some of you return, and glad to see some new faces! Have you been enjoying your first few weeks of camp? It sure looks that way! In this first issue of our Summer Camp’s Newsletter, we are going to take a look back at some of the fun

activities, classes, and trips you and your fellow campers took part in, as well as look forward to even more than just fun more fun in store for the filled memories! You'll have learned useful future. guidelines we hope you Our theme this Summer would apply to your is “Triple Play,” A game everyday life afterplan for the mind, body wards. and soul. A special program put together with Have fun, be safe, and you and your physical, Happy Summer! mental, and spiritual development in mind. All to ensure that by the time this summer is over, you will take away

Word & Quotes of the 8 Week Campers of the Week 8

Special points of interest:  Mise en Place! What’s cooking this month in our culinary classes?

 Camper of the Month! Who is among this month’s highlighted campers?

What is “Triple Play?” “Triple Play” is a wellness program developed to help you make healthy decisions such as eating right, maintaining a positive attitude, and lastly, moving! It is so important to keep moving! Src: -

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Coudert’s Summer Day Camp Newsletter

Featured Article: Culinary Classes with Chef William Hello there, Junior Chefs! Imagine how good you feel when creating a work of art like a painting. Carefully selecting the colors you want to make sure that when it is time to blend everything together, it comes out like the masterpiece you’ve been thinking of! Cooking is a craft that may as well be an art. This week the campers experienced this, and also learned some valuable culinary lessons, such as how to prepare your workstation (counter, table, etc.) before cooking, some basic knife skills, and cool new terms commonly used in restaurants by chefs and culinary experts!

What’s Cooking?: The Dishes we have made so far... Mm, mm, mmm! Week one was salad week. We learned how to make a fresh garden salad, a fruit salad, a fruit and vegetable salad, and, to “top it all off,” a basic vinaigrette. Who doesn’t like soup? It sure warms us up in the winter but did you know it can also be a

”I like that I get to learn how to cook, and eat something that was made by me!” said camper Mya Revilla, “and my favorite dish was the sliders!” “My favorite dish was the cold Caribbean coconut and pineapple soup!” Said Danae Smith. “Mine too,” Iliana Cerna agreed, “I like it because it is a soup that tastes like a pina colada!”

“cool” way to beat the heat? During week two we learned how to make hot and cold soups. During week three, we learned how to make veggie, and chicken sliders! Healthier alternatives to the usual beef. In week four, we made some basic breakfast foods, and smoothies!

Don’t forget that you can continue to make these dishes at home with your family, campers! Also don’t forget that you can make your own twist. Get messy, make mistakes!

Volume 1, Issue 1

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Culinary Terms Mise en Place (Pronounced: meez en plas) is a French phrase that means “putting in place.” When chef’s say this, they are telling you to set up, or “Get ready!” When you hear that, grab all the ingredients you intend to add to your dish, and make sure everything is there! A Mirepoix (Pronounced: meer

pwa) is a mixture of chopped celery, onions, and carrots. Mirepoix as used as a “flavor” base for many dishes and can be adjusted to taste depending on what you choose to sauté your vegetables with. (butter, vegetable oil, etc.) There is a similar mixture known as sofrito in Spanish

Movie Trip: Despicable Me 2 !”Super villain Gru is back in

this sequel to the surprisingly popular Universal Studios CGI animated film, “Despicable Me.” While he would rather settle down with his three girls, Gru and the minions must team up with Secret Agent Lucy Wilde, against the threat of a new villains plans to destroy the world! From among the campers who went to see this film, we spoke to Chantel Curry and Junellyx

Cartagena. Both girls absolutely adored the minion Kevin. “I like the way he acts and how he dresses!” Said Junellyx. “Especially the way he talks, he is so funny!” Chantal chimed, It’s good to see the minions getting so much love already because campers would be glad to know that a feature film starring the minions is currently in it’s production stages, Be on the lookout for the release in 2014!

Field Trip: Yankee Stadium Some of our campers witnessed the return game of Yankee Shortstop Derek Jeter. Jeter fractured his ankle during a game against the Detroit Tigers, an injury which ended his season for 2012. After speaking with Luis Mercedes and Michael Revilla, we got an idea of how exciting it must have been to be there. “We had the best seats!” said Michael, It wasn’t too far, and It wasn’t too close. I liked that it was in

the shade because it was super hot out.” “Yeah,” Luis agreed, “It was cool to see the players so close. We could see everything!” We asked both boys what they thought of the game, and while Michael thought it was cool because our home team won, Luis politely disagreed. “I really didn’t care whether we won or not!” He said, “I just wanted to see Derek Jeter!”

Play Ball!!!!!

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Coudert’s Summer Day Camp Newsletter

Anti-Bullying Event The anti-bullying event was a very entertaining display. Although it was slightly depressing the event morally educated our members. Once we entered the stadium we were given t-shirts, food, and water. After having our seats, we were introduced to stars like “The Big Show,” Travis Hafner, Andy Pettitte, etc. As soon as the introductions finished there was an anti-bullying

speech given that emotionally touched everyone in the building. We were given facts like suicide being the second leading cause of death in the age range of 10-20. All members and staff began to realize that depression and suicidal thoughts due to bullying was pretty much becoming a paradigm in our society. After that we were introduced to a man who had lost his son because of an extreme case of bullying which led to his sui-

cide. His story and speech was sad and surreal. Afterwards, he asked us to go on social media and help his campaign to stop bullying around the world and to spread the word to as many people as possible. Darril Almonte

A couple of our campers took and don’t let it get to you.” She away some valuable lessons from said, “and you need to watch what this event. you say because the littlest thing “Everyone has the right to be can hurt someone else…” Both themselves and appreciate who girls agreed that the atmosphere they are.” Says Erika Hiraldo who at this event was very emotional, spoke very passionately about and it taught everyone something sticking up for herself and others. more about understanding human “We need to take a stand and feelings. speak up instead of being bystanders.” Her fellow camper, Mikayla Hicks agreed, but believed in taking a different approach to avoid some of the consequences of vicious bullying. “Just ignore it

Eric Smalley giving a poignant speech about his son’s suicidal death due to bullying.

Reach out to Stand for the Silent at

Join us in the fight to stop bullying. Take the pledge! We did!

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Coudert’s Summer Day Camp Newsletter

Literature Circles See, Think, Wonder (Mind, Body, & Soul)

The One and Only Ivan By Katherine Alice Applegate “The One and Only Ivan” is a

story told from the diary of Ivan, an old silverback Gorilla who has spent his entire life in captivity having been captured as a baby. From his large glass cage in the middle of the “Big Top Mall,” Ivan observes the comings and goings of the humans all around him. Having

Wonder By R.J. Palacio

Wonder is a story about a boy named August Pullman (called “Auggie” by his friends) who was born with a condition which resulted in a facial deformity. The constant stares and whispers he receives and hears from strangers and classmates are a constant reminder of how different he is from others, but at the same time, August knows that

given up on any chance of returning to the wild, he would rather draw and create pictures, a special talent of his that allows him to temporarily escape his cage in the mall and travel through his imagination. The campers who have read this novel expressed how they have now come to understand how an animal taken away from the wild must feel after being captured and put on display.

he is a normal boy for his age inside. This is evidenced by his good nature towards others, and his positive approach regarding life in general in spite of his altered appearance. “I admire him for having the courage to try and fit in with his classmates.” Said camper Jillian Lewis. “Just like any normal kid.”

Poetry Corner (Mind & Soul) Who are you?

My name is an Avenue

In poetry, we learned about Name Poems. A name poem is an assembly of many different words that describe you each beginning with a letter that spells out your name!

Art is my favorite subject Dior is my middle name Independent Girl by Nova is my favorite Song Opposite from everyone else Noble

Lazy Use a lot of


I love bacon! So Awesome!

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Coudert’s Summer Day Camp Newsletter

“Tech Girls Rock!” Event Some of us girls already have an idea of what we want to be when we grow up (at least we think we do). But did you know that by the time we reach high school, our interest in computer science and information technology is either threatened, or gone completely?

Future Tech Girls of America? Let’s hope so!

CA Technologies of Nasdaq, California has teamed up with Boys and Girls Club of America to bring us “Tech Girls Rock” in the hope that it will help encourage young girls to hold on to their interest in IT, and possibly inspire new thoughts and dreams towards a technological future.

Some of our girls at one of the hands-on workstations

At the “Tech Girls Rock” event, our girls were able to participate in several hands-on activities, and explore how computer science can be just as exciting as any other field. They also got to hear from some other accomplished “Tech Girls” who spoke about their current careers in IT and what they had to do to get where they are today.

All Star Fan Fest Event New York City hosted this years All-Star game for Major League Baseball. An event heavily anticipated by sports fanatics of all ages and especially New York natives. All-Star fan fest gave kids a first hand experience of the game of baseball and of all of its attractions. The event was being held in the

Jacob Javits Center on July 1216. On the 16th, members of our Coudert Clubhouse visited fan fest and we truly relished our stay. Upon our arrival at the Jacob Davits center we were dazed by its beautiful entrance. Because fan fest was sponsored by T-Mobile, all T-Mobile users had the aptitude of being able to

skip in between lines and have other advantages as we were given these benefits. After entering as a group with an approximation of forty-five members, we split up into individual groups in order to give our campers the best experience possible. At the core of the fan fest there

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Coudert’s Summer Day Camp Newsletter

All Star Fan fest Event cont. were an astonishing array of carnivallike displays. The decorations were astounding with a colorful appearance mixed with the logos and mascots of all the different Major League Baseball teams. There were eye-catching luxury vehicles on display and even appearances by some of our favorite players. Our campers enjoyed many exciting activities. Some of Our campers at the All Star Fan fest Event

such as batting practices, fielding practices, museum exhibits, face painting, and even learning about the history of the game. Also, we were given all types of souvenirs to take our fan fest experience back home with us. All in all, our members had a great time at the All-Star Fan Fest and it revealed to our kids why baseball is America’s pastime. Darril Almonte The captain of the NY Mets, David Wright addresses the youth about what it means to be a leader and to promote sportsmanship.

Mascot Homerun Derby Winner Laeyah Montalvo and Area Director Harold Maldonado

A few of our campers with All-Star Mascots

Some of our campers posing around an exhibit at the All-Star fan fest event

onth the M f o s Word

Enthusiasm Fitness Skill Cooperation Serendipity Sportsmanship Hardworking Loyal Friendship

Campers of the Month Character Traits

Enthusiasm Kelcey Marrero, Ashley Prentice, Sierra DeJesus, Sarah Chahin, Mya Revilla, Luis Mercedes, Tania Laboy, Joseph Alves, Jillian Lewis, Liam Helm

Hardworking Jayden Tavares, Dayshalin Tapia, Savannah Colon, Luigi Martinez, Destini Rivera, Illeana Cerna, Ernesto Manon, Lenisa Hernandez, Mya Davis, Joshua Matthews, Tonye K. Ndikum

Friendship Tyler Davis, Mariel Perez, Keveen Vasquez, Alissa Cintron, Destini Rivera, Denae Smith, Angelica Santiago, Kenneth Campbell, Kayla Pabon, Alfredo Torres, Frank Boyd

Loyal Amir Bonner, Sasha De la Cruz, Omarion Morales, Emely Manon, Nyasia Lodge, Kiara Colon, Zakiyyah Capers, Brian Aguilar, Jenayah Shearn, Jason Aguilar, Justin Walton


Quotes of the Month

Editors in Chief: Enthusiasm I play to win, whether during practice or a real game. And I will not let anything get in the way of me and my competitive enthusiasm to win. Michael Jordan Hardwork

Mayra E. Ortiz



Victor Tanco Krystal Franco Eddy Garcia Darril Almonte


Francesca Quintero

Family and friends and faith are the most important things in your life and you should be building friendships. Barbara Bush

Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty, and persistence. Colin Powell

Darril Almonte L’Rae Rhoden

A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work. Colin Powell


L’Rae Rhoden

Andy Muniz

A Positive Place

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