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A Place to Be. A Place to Become. VIE WBOOK 2020



King’s By the Numbers........................................................................4 Why King’s.................................................................................................6 The King’s Difference............................................................................. 7 A Place to Think, Imagine, and Create Programs Overview...............................................................................8 The Importance of the Liberal Arts.................................................9 Academic Programs............................................................................10

King’s University College 266 Epworth Avenue London, Ontario N6A 2M3 Canada 1.800.265.4406 or 519.433.3491 kings.uwo.ca/future-students/

Follow along and experience the King’s school year kingsatwestern @kingsatwestern kingsatuwo @kingsatwestern @kingsatwestern

A Place of Community and Global Engagement Experiential Learning ........................................................................ 22 Going Global.......................................................................................... 24 Applying to King’s Admissions – Ontario......................................................................... 26 Admissions – Other Provinces.........................................................27 Admissions – Other Categories...................................................... 28 English Language Proficiency Requirements.......................... 29 How to Apply.........................................................................................30 Money Matters Fees ........................................................................................................... 31 Scholarships and Awards................................................................. 32 A Place of Discovery and Possibility Residence................................................................................................ 34 Meal Plan................................................................................................ 36 Making the Transition ....................................................................... 38 • First year support programs My King’s Experience.........................................................................40 • Clubs, Student Council, Athletics Counselling and Accessibility.......................................................... 42 Learning Skills....................................................................................... 43 Campus Ministry..................................................................................44 A Place of Vitality and Promise Career Services......................................................................................46 Alumni......................................................................................................48 Life in London....................................................................................... 49 Campus Tours/Visits.........................................................................50

LAND ACKNOWLEDGEMENT We acknowledge that our campus at King’s University College is situated on the traditional territories of the Anishinaabeg, Haudenausaune, Lenaapeewak, and Attawandaron peoples; all of whom have longstanding relationships to the land of southwestern Ontario and the City of London. The First Nations communities of our local area include Chippewas of the Thames First Nation, Oneida Nation of the Thames, and the Munsee Delaware Nation. In our region, there are eleven First Nations communities as well as a growing Indigenous urban population. King’s University College values the significant historical and contemporary contributions of local and regional First Nations and all of the Original peoples of Turtle Island (also known as North America). VIEWBOOK 2020

































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Why King’s

The best of both worlds. • King’s students are Western students and have a Western student ID • Take a class at Western’s main campus or one of the other affiliates—Brescia or Huron



• Have access to all the facilities, services, extracurriculars, and athletics at Western • Graduate with a Western University degree

The King’s Difference “King’s is ‘a place to be and a place to become’. This is our promise to you. We want you to have the freedom to be who you are and to take on the challenge of reaching your full potential by engaging in the world class educational experience that you will have with us at King’s University College at Western. Our faculty and students focus on ensuring that King’s is a place that will inspire, support, and challenge you to become a person fully alive in the world. At King’s we have some foundational beliefs in how to achieve this: the power of small classes to maximize the learning environment, the importance of experiential learning to demonstrate the relevance of your academic pursuits in the ‘real’ world, and participating in meaningful research that will connect you to professors exploring new frontiers of knowledge in their disciplines. We believe in these things and believe King’s is the best place for you to be and become.”

Foundations for Student Success at King’s: • Small classes, intensive student/faculty interaction

Dr. David Malloy

• Quality degree programs

principal king’s university college

• Comprehensive student services


• Generous, guaranteed entrance scholarships • Supportive community



A Place to Think, Imagine, and Create

Programs Overview A wide range of degree programs are offered at King’s. Many offer opportunities for experiential learning or international exchange. •A  rts – Bachelor of Arts (BA)


• Catholic Studies • Catholic Studies for Teachers • English • French • Philosophy • Religion and Society • Social and Political Thought • World Religions and Culture

• Criminology • Disability Studies • Economics • Finance • History • Political Science • Psychology • Sociology • Thanatology

•C  hildhood and Social Institutions Bachelor of Arts (BA)

•F  inance and Wealth Management Bachelor of Arts (BA)

(combined degree and diploma with Fanshawe College)

•S  ocial Justice and Peace Studies Bachelor of Arts (BA) 8

•S  ocial Sciences


•B  achelor of Management and Organizational Studies (BMOS) • Accounting • Finance and Administration • Global Commerce • Management • Organizational and Human Resources

•B  achelor of Social Work (BSW)

•M  aster of Social Work (MSW) Within a number of these degree programs, students can consider adding a certificate or post graduate diploma in the following: • Childhood and Advocacy • Childhood and the Legal System • Critical Securities Studies • Loss, Grief and Bereavement •R  efugees, Migration and Forced Displacement

2019 Award Winners for the King’s Award for Teaching Excellence

The Importance of Liberal Arts “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” nelson mandela

A liberal arts education is essential in the 21st century. At King’s, liberal arts ideals become real-world skills. A King’s education is designed to help you develop your strengths while allowing you the opportunity to discover new challenges. You will graduate with all the necessary tools to pursue both a rewarding career and a meaningful life.

“King’s has a deep and very real sense of community, one with true openness and acceptance. No matter your gender, ethnicity, religion, or ability, you are welcome here and nurtured. Your story and voice are embraced as an essential part of the education of the whole person.” Dr. Kimberly Baltzer-Jaray, Department of Philosophy

“I’ve always been impressed by the extent to which our students engage in the life of King’s beyond the classroom, from their service on councils and committees and their involvement in clubs. King’s is a place where students can make significant contributions and feel a genuine sense of ownership and belonging. I feel very fortunate to teach in a place in which students may undergo their own unique transformations feeling allied to, and supported by, those around them.” Dr. Brian Patton, Department of English, French, and Writing VIEWBOOK 2020


Academic Programs

HSP Honors Specialization | SP Specialization | Maj Major | Min Minor


Catholic Studies for Teachers (CST)

Foundations in Western Thought and Civilization

(OUAC code EKA) All students in Year 1 Arts take a range of courses from a variety of disciplines. They do not declare a major(s) until they have completed their first year. Please visit: kings.uwo.ca/future-students/programs

Melissa Janozeski BA Hons. ’19, Catholic Studies for Teachers and French “King’s is an extremely supportive learning environment with small class sizes that allow for a close and cohesive team approach both inside and outside of the classroom. The incredible faculty at King’s inspires me to be enthusiastic about learning as I journey to become a Catholic educator.”

POSSIBLE CAREERS Teaching, campus ministry, law, education DEGREES HSP, Maj, Min

Students have the opportunity to complete a BA in Catholic Studies for Teachers and, if desired, another major of their choice with guaranteed admission to Western’s Faculty of Education to complete the Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) degree. This program is intended for preparation for teaching in the Catholic school system. Students can choose either the Junior Intermediate or the Intermediate Senior streams in the B.Ed. program. There is a supplemental application for this program.

English POSSIBLE CAREERS Copywriting, teaching, media relations, public relations/communications, publishing/editing/ technical writing, governmental organizations DEGREES HSP, SP, Maj, Min

Catholic Studies POSSIBLE CAREERS Teaching, campus ministry, law, education DEGREES HSP, SP, Maj, Min

The Catholic Studies Program provides for an in-depth examination of the theology that has developed within the Catholic Tradition. Religious Studies courses in Catholic Studies are designed to be taken by a range of students interested in understanding the ideas, values, images and rituals that have (and continue) to shape our world. The Catholic Studies modules are designed to provide the foundation necessary for those who will teach Religious Education in Catholic Schools, or who will pursue further degrees in Theology or Religious Studies. The demand for qualified Religion teachers grows along with the Catholic School System, particularly at the Secondary School Level.



King’s English programs provide the pleasures and challenges of reading closely literary texts of our own time and many other periods and places. We offer courses in all the major historical periods of English, from medieval through contemporary; national literatures in English, including British, Canadian, American, and Postcolonial; courses in literary theory, drama, popular literature, film, children’s literature, creative writing, and more.

Emily Skinner BA Hons ’19 English Language, Literature and Political Science “The faculty and staff are committed to helping students succeed and achieve the most from their university experience. King’s allows you to grow as an academic, and an individual.”

Experiential Learning Opportunities Available!

The Foundations year is for motivated students who want to spend their entry year reading, writing, thinking and talking about important ideas, human possibilities, and universal knowledge. Above all, it’s for someone like you: someone who has high expectations of yourself and of your school, who values small classes where you know everyone’s name, and who is looking for an intensive and challenging learning experience. It’s for those who want to improve not just themselves but the world.


POSSIBLE CAREERS Teaching, translation/interpreter, language editor, public relations/communications, governmental organizations, business DEGREES HSP, SP, Maj, Min

The French Language and Literature Program at King’s is designed to foster an appreciation of the various literatures and cultures of la Francophonie as well as to develop a variety of skills that will serve you well in the future. We offer a range of language and literature courses to help you hone your language, communication, and research skills. The Department offers our students the opportunity to spend the third year of their French program at the Université Catholique de Lille. Studying abroad can be a lifechanging experience, a chance to see the world, to make new friends, and to learn to appreciate cultural differences.

Western’s Faculty of Education intake of Teacher Candidates, guarantees entry to the B.Ed. program (Primary/Junior, Junior/ Intermediate, or Intermediate/Senior streams) for all King’s graduates who successfully complete a French degree program at King’s with an overall average of at least 75% and who fulfill all other requirements for admission to the Faculty of Education.


Religion and Society

POSSIBLE CAREERS Politics, think tanks, education, governmental agencies, non-governmental organizations, public policy planning, healthcare management, urban and social planning, diplomacy, law

POSSIBLE CAREERS Counselling, social work, education, governmental agencies, non-governmental organizations


One naturally assumes that our social, political and everyday worlds and attitudes are simply what we inherit, either from our genetic constitutions or socio-economic, material situations. Philosophy, on the contrary, teaches that human beings largely fashion their lives and worlds by the choices they make, the words and concepts they employ, the thoughts and perceptions they generate, and how they interact and interrelate with others. To this end, philosophy studies such important questions as: What is the nature of the self? What can one genuinely know and not know? What can one hope for? What is to dwell in a political society? Does God exist? Do we have a unique purpose in this world? King’s offers a unique foundation year in philosophy for all majors and specialists; which, not only gives students an enhanced basic training in philosophy, but also helps students participate in and form unique study and philosophy communities.

Warsan Amin BA Hons ’13 Philosophy

“The World Economic Forum’s 2022 skills outlook suggests that critical thinking, creativity, reasoning and problem-solving are all essential skills for the future of work. I am very lucky to have specialized in Philosophy when I did, as these skills are only now becoming apparent as the strengths of a humanities background. I now have a thriving career in the tech start-up industry because I was able to recognize these skills and use them to help others grow their start-ups. Getting a philosophy degree was the best thing I could do to not only expand my mind but also safeguard my future.”

Patrick Searle BA’11 Religious Studies and Political Science


Current Career: Director of Cyber Initiatives, Council of Canadian Innovators “The development of empathy is at the heart of the Social and Political Thought (SPT) program at King’s, helping students become better global citizens through the examination of their own beliefs and the perspectives of others about the world around them. In today’s modern workforce, employers look for empathy as an indicator of a high degree of emotional intelligence, which is especially important when building teams and identifying leadership potential within an organization. King’s has always instilled empathy into its programs, preparing its graduates like myself exceptionally well for environments filled with a diversity of political and social views different from my own.”

Religious communities and perspectives continue to play an important role in our world today. Religious Studies is the multifaceted field that explores the beliefs, practices, and histories of diverse religious traditions, as well as the questions and challenges posed by religion and spirituality in contemporary society.

Social and Political Thought (SPT) POSSIBLE CAREERS Politics, think tanks, education, governmental agencies, non-governmental organizations, public policy planning, healthcare management, urban and social planning, diplomacy, law DEGREES HSP, Maj, Min

Who Am I? Where am I going? What do I care about? What kind of world do we want? The only undergraduate program of its kind in Canada, Social and Political Thought (SPT) is an interdisciplinary program that explores contemporary issues and events of global importance from several different and engaged perspectives. Students are invited to examine the deeper, often hidden and obscured, structures that give shape to our present-day society. We examine how we are conditioned by social, legal, political, economic, military, and psychological forces of power. These forces of power not only produce societal orders, they also are the source of violence, aggression and conflict. SPT’s interdisciplinary focus gives students the unique possibility of understanding how concepts and imagined ends or goals of human power and desire come to shape and form the sense of ourselves, how we view others, and how we organise and build our worlds.

World Religions and Culture POSSIBLE CAREERS Counselling, social work, education, governmental agencies, non-governmental organizations DEGREES HSP, SP, Maj, Min

It is perhaps obvious that, in an increasingly multicultural environment, understanding the world’s religious traditions is more than ever required for us even to understand our new friends and neighbours. But the study of World Religions also helps us to understand ourselves and our own religious traditions, and there is wisdom in the dictum of all comparative studies: “She who knows only one, knows none.” The impulse to religion appears to be a universal characteristic of the human species, and studying the various forms this impulse has taken throughout history and across the globe is perhaps the most fascinating study one can undertake. Students can also pursue minors in Islamic Studies, Middle East Studies or a minor or major in Jewish Studies.

For more information about these programs and others visit: kings.uwo.ca/future-students/ programs/ VIEWBOOK 2020


Academic Programs Childhood & Social Institutions (OUAC code EKC) ge Exchan ities n u t Oppor able! Avail en or

Swed Study inwith partner K U e th ies. universit

POSSIBLE CAREERS Law, teaching, social work, counselling DEGREES HSP, SP, Maj, Min CERTIFICATES Certificate/Diploma in Childhood and the Justice System Certificate/Diploma in Advocacy and Childhood

The Childhood and Social Institutions program at King’s is unlike any other in Canada. It combines a unique focus on identifying often overlooked child competencies, a constructive questioning of existing understandings of childhood, and an exploration of the implications of the changing status of children and childhood in Canada and internationally. We take



HSP Honors Specialization | SP Specialization | Maj Major | Min Minor

a critical view of the social institutions around childhood – the home, the school, the legal system, the educational system, etc. Students will engage with a variety of courses which offer opportunities to deepen their knowledge in the area and will gain skills in critical thinking and social and historical analysis as well as understanding how childhood is experienced by children. Issues around children’s rights and children’s agency are a prominent feature of our courses.

Kira Prince HSP in Childhood and Social Institutions, Major in Thanatology “I chose CSI because I love children and want to work with them in the future. This program advocates for children’s rights and my goal at the moment is to become a Social Worker so this is a good fit. Having professors who are really passionate about their area of study is awesome and very inspiring.”



• histories of childhood • changing images of children and childhood • children and media • children’s geographies • children’s social worlds • peer relations • children, work and labour • children’s rights • family and child poverty • the politics of childhood • children and the legal system • family and childhood social policy

Finance & Wealth Management (OUAC code EKF)

POSSIBLE CAREERS Analyst (finance, investment, business), investment advisor, insurance, banking DEGREE Maj

Certified Financial Planner

Professional Certification Opportunities

Mutual Fund Licencing

King’s and Fanshawe College have developed a unique pathway earning the two year diploma and the three year degree in Economics (major in Finance) within a four year period. These graduates, in addition to earning a degree from Western and a diploma from Fanshawe College, will also possess a number of certifications (i.e., Certified Financial Planner and Mutual Funds Licensing) as well as be prepared to write the exams for the Canadian Securities Course and Life Licensing Qualification Program which will further enhance their career opportunities.

Canadian Securities Course

Life Licencing Qualification Program

Students must be enrolled in or have completed MCV 4U to apply for the program.

Format For Finance And Wealth Management Program Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

King’s Campus

Fanshawe Campus

King’s Campus

Econ 1021 A: Principles of Microeconomics Math 1229 A/B: Methods of Matrix Algebra Business 1220 E: Introduction to Business Econ 1022 B: Principles of Macroeconomics Math 1230 A/B: Methods of Calculus, or, Calculus for the Social Sciences Arts elective 1000 level elective

WRIT 1032/34: Reason and Writing BUSI1068: Effective Meetings and Presentations FINA1024: Financial Planning FINA 1053: Mutual Funds in Canada MKTG1012: Intro. to Marketing MATH1057: Math of Finance COMM3020: Business Communications INSR3014: Life & Health Insurance Planning FINA3032: Investment in Canada FINA1013: Retirement Planning FINA1025: Individual Taxation FINA1040: Consumer Credit

Econ 2220 A: Intermediate Macroeconomics 1 Econ 2222 A: Econometrics 1 Business 2257: Accounting and Business Analysis Act Sci 2053: Actuarial Sciences Econ 2221 B: Intermediate Macroeconomics 2 Econ 2223 B: Econometrics 2 Senior essay course (2000 level or above)

Year 4 Fanshawe 1st term King’s 2nd term Term 1: Fanshawe College (total of 3.0 credits) FINA3036: Comp. Financial Planning FINA3041: Portfolio Management FINA3030: Tax Planning FINA1012: Risk Management & Estate Planning MGMT3059: Strategic Client Engagement LAWS3018: Business Law Term 2: King’s University College (total of 2.0 credits) MOS 3310 B: Finance for MOS MOS3312 B: Derivatives Securities for MOS Economic 3370 B: International Finance Elective at or above 2000 level



Academic Programs

HSP Honors Specialization | SP Specialization | Maj Major | Min Minor

Social Justice & Peace Studies (OUAC code EKJ) POSSIBLE CAREERS Non-government organizations, social services, law, education, business, health care management DEGREES HSP, SP, Maj, Min NEW! Certificate/Diploma in Refugees, Migration and Forced Displacement




The SJPS program is one of the only programs in Canada that combines the study and work of both justice and peace. This program critically examines the root causes of social injustice and violence in society, in our community and in the world. And it innovatively explores alternatives to injustice and violence by focusing on how to build peace and justice. It does this through rigorous academic training, combined with community based learning and numerous optional experiential learning opportunities in the global community. SJPS is the hub at King’s University for engaged, social innovation and active learning in the creation of a more just and peaceful community and world. A degree in SJPS is for students who: • Want to develop critical research and analytical skills • Believe in becoming inclusive change agents in their community and around the world • Are interested in expanding their awareness of social justice and peace issues • Want to expand their understanding of the interlocking nature of poverty, violence, racism, sexism, colonization, disability, religious persecution, environmental degradation and other forms of oppression • Wish to participate in local and international experiential learning opportunities



Western’s Faculty of Education, beginning with its 2019 intake of Teacher Candidates, guarantees entry to the B.Ed. program (Junior/ Intermediate, or Intermediate/Senior streams) for all King’s graduates who successfully complete a Social Justice and Peace Studies degree program at King’s with an overall average of at least 75% and who fulfill all other requirements for admission to the Faculty of Education.

Loca and Glo l Experie bal nt Cou ial Opporturse n Availab ities le!

Claire Linley BA Hons ‘19 Social Justice and Peace Studies and History “The SJPS program has been very exciting and I have learned a lot throughout my four years which included my experiential learning trip to Italy. I am applying to graduate school for policy studies and the SJPS program has given me many tools--especially critical analysis—which I learned to apply to the real world issue of refugee resettlement— something I hope to study further. My experiential learning course was one of the first times I had experienced interacting with refugees and displaced people; which has reaffirmed the notion of furthering my studies on refugees.”

For more information about these programs and others visit: kings.uwo.ca/future-students/ programs/

Social Sciences

Rachel Reparon

(OUAC code EKO) “Not only is King’s a reputable school, but it provides students with opportunities that are unique to a small campus. In my four years of undergrad I had the chance to work closely with faculty, which ultimately enabled me to progress substantially in my academics and extracurricular. The skills I developed at King’s continue to help me today as I’m completing my last year of law school at Western Law. I highly recommend King’s to any student looking for a collegial environment that will challenge you, inspire you, and ultimately better you.”

All students in Year 1 Social Science take a range of courses from a variety of disciplines. They do not declare a major(s) until they have completed their first year. kings.uwo.ca/future-students/programs

Criminology POSSIBLE CAREERS Law, policing, law enforcement, social work, counselling, policy analyst, labour relations, health care administration, human rights, foreign service, journalist, urban planner, demographer DEGREES HSP, Maj, Min

Criminology is the study of legal and extralegal sanctions, including their effects on individuals, the police, corrections, the judiciary, the state, and social and governmental reactions to it. The Criminology program at King’s trains students in public policy, institutions, and critical skill building in data and interpretation. The program creates skilled communicators, researchers, and analysts who can enter the working world as imaginative thinkers with concrete technical abilities, writing, and critical thinking skills that are vital to being successful professionals. Students in their first year at King’s will take Sociology 1020, 1020W/X, or 1021E in order to gain entry into a Criminology module in their second year. Some of the many popular Criminology courses include: • Crime and Deviance in the Workplace • Crime, Punishment, and Popular Culture • Crimes of the Powerful • Drugs and Society • Family Conflict and Violence • Gangsters and the Mob • Global Health and Human Rights • Policing, Security, Surveillance • Population Change in Canada • Social Worlds of Drugs and Addiction • Sociology of Corrections • Sociology of Deviance • Sociology of Law • Sociology of Terrorism • Violence in Cultural Perspective • Women in Crime • Youth and Conflict with the Law

OLIVIA NISBET BA Hons ’12 Criminology and Philosophy

Hons Double Major Disability Studies and Family Studies “King’s has always felt like the right place for me since the day I started post-secondary. The professors of the Disability Studies program are always encouraging a positive and accessible learning environment and are always so willing to provide support within or even outside the classroom. I have had multiple opportunities to practically exercise my knowledge in the Disability Studies field, including community based experiences where I gain skills working alongside other students with disabilities, field trips to locations that have a focus on disability and accessibility as well as unique research opportunities that I would not get elsewhere.”

Disability Studies (DS) POSSIBLE CAREERS Social and human services, counselling, occupational or physical therapy, speech pathology, education, law, policy creation/ implementation

For more information about these programs and others visit: kings.uwo.ca/future-students/ programs/


Disability Studies (DS) creates the space for rethinking traditional, medical approaches, to imagining disability, mental health and related social institutions, using a Loca liberal arts lens to and Glo l explore the variety Experie bal nt of possible, yet Course ial uncommonly shared Opportu n meanings. We situate Availab ities le! disability amidst contemporary, interdisciplinary debates and developments in research and policy illustrating how it touches all our lives in different spheres: rights, family, access, inclusion, sports, education, youth, workplace, art, war, aging, cultures and mobility. Through analysis of everyday life cases, we reconfigure the common perception that it is the disability that needs to be fixed or cured, and instead look at ways the social, policy and built environments can be adapted.



Academic Programs

HSP Honors Specialization | SP Specialization | Maj Major | Min Minor

Dominic McDonald

History POSSIBLE CAREERS Archivist, business, curator, education, journalism, law, teaching, governmental organizations

BA Hons ’19, HSP Political Science, King’s Scholar

DEGREES HSP, Maj, Min, Minor in Public History

The History program at King’s has a long Loca and proud tradition of and Glo l enabling students to Experie bal nt search the past and, in Cou ial so doing, to find their Opporturse n future. We offer a wide Availab ities le! range of stimulating and challenging courses at various levels on themes that are essential to understanding today’s world, including: • Major Issues in World History • The History of Sport • Human Rights: Past, Present, Future • The Development of Western Society and Culture • 20th Century Totalitarianism • Canadian, U.S. and European history • Religion in Modern History • Social Movements • Popular Culture in the Americas • War and Society • Slavery in the Americas and Africa • Philosophy of History and Historical Methodology

Mentorship Program Available in Year 3 or 4!



“I think one of the big things I have gained particularly from the talented and established faculty here at King’s is a breadth of knowledge about Political Science that I don’t think I would have had otherwise. They have inspired me to pursue a career in political science beyond my undergraduate degree. I am looking at continuing my work in graduate school in political theory and political philosophy—it has become my passion over the past few years.”

Political Science POSSIBLE CAREERS Governmental organizations, international organizations, communications/media, politics, law DEGREES HSP, Maj, Min NEW! Certificate/Diploma in Critical Security Studies

Every political science student at King’s has the opportunity to craft an education that is right for them in and out of the classroom. Our department provides a strong core education across each of the major subfields in political science, including Canadian politics, comparative politics, international relations, political theory, public policy and administration. Small class sizes allow students to establish unmatched intellectual relationships with their peers and professors. Our commitment to real student engagement and experiential learning means that every year our students and faculty travel together to visit Loca and Glo l sites of real political Experie bal action – in Canada, nt Course ial the United States and Opportu internationally. n Availab ities Take our experiential le! learning classes and change what you thought was possible at university: • Travel Europe and study the EU. • Visit African Union headquarters in Ethiopia. • See international political economy on the ground in Ghana. • Investigate border politics in Arizona. • Learn the nitty-gritty in our Campaign School. • Join women in civic leadership here in London.

Critical Securities Studies diploma and certificate program the first of its kind in Canada! Students will study diverse topics as terrorism, war and peace, security and dystopias. The certificate program can be taken by undergraduate students while the diploma program can be taken by postgraduate students.




POSSIBLE CAREERS Research, counselling, business, health services, social work, governmental agencies

POSSIBLE CAREERS Advertising/marketing, human resources, human rights, governmental agencies, health care, nongovernmental organizations, law/corrections, social work, research, policy analyst/planner

POSSIBLE CAREERS Counselling, social work, health care, education


King’s University College is currently the only university in North America to offer the Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Thanatology. Many of our courses are available on-line, and our program incorporates various teaching modalities including in-class instruction, blended learning and experiential learning. The program offers a wide variety of courses including an overview of bereavement and grief, ethical issues, palliative care, suicide, children and death, spiritual and philosophical issues, change and transition, popular culture, grief and trauma, and diversity and social justice. In addition, the undergraduate program offers a practicum course which includes a 45-hour field placement, and a grief counselling course which involves experiential learning of basic counselling skills.


Psychologists study the psychological, biological, and social bases of how we think, feel, and behave—and they use this knowledge to solve problems in the real world. As scientists, psychologists conduct research in many settings including universities, hospitals, government, schools, and corporations and apply the knowledge gained from research to solve personal, social, and practical problems. The courses and research of our faculty members span the breath of Psychology. We offer courses in a wide range of areas including addictions, child development, counseling, consciousness, creativity, diversity, education, law, thinking and perceiving, mental health, personality, psychological disorders, religion, sexuality, social issues, work and organizations. Several of these courses are unique to King’s.

Students in Sociology at King’s learn about all facets of the human condition from leaders in their fields in small class settings as they discuss the linkages between individual experiences with the wider society. Our students develop a range of analytic, computer and communication skills that enhance their employability while simultaneously developing an enriched understanding of the social, cultural and historical forces that have helped shape the modern world. Students will learn to appreciate the tension between individual agency and the social forces at play that constrain how human beings behave in all spheres of life. Students in their first year at King’s will take Sociology 1020, 1020W/X, or 1021E in order to gain entry into a Sociology module in their second year. Some of the many popular courses include: • Drugs and Society • Family Conflict and Violence • Global Health and Human Rights • Global Injustice, Borders and Mobilities • Identity and Society • Mass Media and Society • Medical Sociology • Population and Society • Social Inequality • Social Movements • Social Psychology • Sociology of Deviance • Sociology of Law • Sociology of ‘Race’ and Racism • Sociology of Religion – Understanding Islam • Sociology of Sport & Physical Fitness • Sociology of Terrorism • Sociology of the Environment I & II • Surveillance, Security and Society

For more information about these programs and others visit: kings.uwo.ca/future-students/ programs/


Experie ntial L Opportu earning nit for Psycies Available Sociolo hology, g Thanat y, and ology Program s

Rachel Park BA Hons ’16 Thanatology and Criminology Current Career: London Police Services, 911 Dispatcher “Thanatology doesn’t just provide you with a skill set for a particular job, it provides you with a skill set for life. It’s such a solid grounding. One that can be applied to any career path”



School of Management, Economics and Mathematics (MEM) We provide students with a leading undergraduate experience through our two programs: Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Bachelor of Management and Organizational Studies – both with several program streams.

Bachelor of Arts (OUAC code EKO – Social Science) POSSIBLE CAREERS Government, private consulting, chartered accountant, tax specialist, financial services, industry analyst, law DEGREES HSP, Major, Minor in Economics Major, Minor in Finance Specialization in Financial Economics

Economics and Finance In the first year of studies, economics and finance students receive a broad liberal arts education that provides a foundation for future studies. Second year provides a thorough grounding in the fundamentals of economic and statistical theory, as well as the opportunity to explore a number of options. Third and fourth year students explore a more specialized curriculum designed to bring students closer to the leading edge of current understanding in economics, finance, or financial economics. Many students take advantage of a unique opportunity provided by our Economics program to complete an undergraduate thesis based on an original research project guided by a faculty member. Students also have the option of pursuing internships, and the opportunity to studyabroad. Through these experiences, students can stretch beyond mastery of individual course content to discover how each element of an applied project fits into the bigger picture.



Ishita Kumar Honors Specialization in Economics, Major in Applied Math “My favourite part about King’s is its small class sizes. It’s easy to make new friends and get connected with your professors as well as a member of the King’s Economath Society (KEMS) this helps me to meet people that share my academic interests.”

Bachelor of Management and Organizational Studies (BMOS) (OUAC code EKD) POSSIBLE CAREERS Finance, banking, investments, accounting, human resources, international business DEGREES HSP, SP, Maj

Students enrolled in the first year of the BMOS program will be required to take the same 3.0 courses: Intro to Business, Economics, and Math. They will be eligible to select 2.0 additional courses based on their areas of interest and potential stream in BMOS that they are thinking of studying. Students do not begin to specialize in one of the four following areas until their second year:

Accounting As part of the School of MEM, King’s Accounting degree is approved by CPA Ontario for entry into the CPA Professional Education Program (CPA PEP), a must for anyone seeking to become a qualified accountant in Ontario. Companies use accounting to document and monitor their business, report to their stakeholders, and comply with the regulations. It is about finding the most efficient way to document and convey information under certain constraints and requirements.

Finance & Administration The Finance and Administration stream of King’s BMOS degree focuses on how firms raise capital, invest capital and return capital to investors. Finance as a discipline studies how individuals, businesses and organizations manage cash flows to optimally allocate scarce resources.

Global Commerce The Global Commerce stream of King’s BMOS degree provides students with the skills and perspective needed to lead global businesses. With globalization being the prevalent force in the world today, an understanding of how to manage global business is fundamental to business success. King’s has partnered with Fanshawe College to create a pathway to their post-graduate certificate in International Business Management which provides the opportunity to qualify for additional certification and recognition towards a Forum for International Trade Training (FITT) designation and a Certified International Trade Professional (CITP) designation.

Chandler Mills BMOS Hons ’19 Accounting “I chose King’s because of the smaller class sizes and amazing professors. Having the smaller class sizes enables participation in lectures in first year. The professors are all really strong teachers that care about student learning. I found that King’s is a low-pressure environment that makes learning less stressful and more enjoyable.”

Organizational & Human Resources The Organizational and Human Resources stream of King’s BMOS degree focuses on maximizing organizational performance through effective employee selection and training, performance appraisals and rewards systems, as well as leadership development and diversity management. Three major factors determine the economic success of a

firm: land, labour, and capital. Therefore, being able to manage human resources (labour) is at the core of any successful business. Students enrolled in the OHR program can pursue a Professional Designation by taking accredited courses during their program. For more details go to www.hrpa.ca.

Internship Program The MOS program offers an Industry Internship Program (IIP) for students interested in practical experience prior to graduation. As interns, students spend 4 to 16 months working in industry between their third and fourth years of their Bachelor of Management and Organizational Studies (BMOS) degree. The School of MEM Career Readiness Program helps students prepare for this experience and find a better match with theses employment opportunities. Western Campus and affiliates have placed students with employers that have included: • IBM • 3M • Diamond Aircraft • Brose Canada Inc. • CAA • Formet Industries • Research in Motion (RIM) • Canada Revenue Agency • Syncrude • Hamilton Port Authority Many companies recruit students upon completion of the internship and graduation.

This program is part of our commitment to professional development. Students have the opportunity to experience: • Resume writing training • Interview skills • Training in computer software programs for the workplace • Social Media workshops

Awards and Recognition The School of MEM has a number of ways to recognize students that go above and beyond in their studies and their work for us. Students who excel in their first year courses have the opportunity to be nominated for the King’s School of Management, Economics, and Mathematics Teaching Assistant Fellowship. These are leadership and mentoring positions that would run through the academic year, and involve being core facilitators of the Economics, Mathematics, and Statistics (EMS) help centre at King’s. There are 15 fellowships in total. All 1st year students with top marks receive a certificate of Outstanding Academic Performance during our MEM social in February. Research Assistants that go above and beyond in their roles may be granted recognition and award the title Research Associate.

Many Student Clubs to be involved in:

Professional Designations from BMOS programs

EconoMath Society BMOS Club King’s Capital Management Accounting Club Entrepreneurship and Networking Club

Eugenia He Ye

Career Readiness Program

Specialization in Finance and Administration Experiential Learning course: MOS 3390 “The International Commercial Mission was a fantastic learning experience that gave me the opportunity, not only to travel to France and Spain for the first time, but also to learn different business perspectives. The course offered by Professor Sergio Janczak was well planned and effectively organized so that we were able to see the inside operations of different intercultural businesses, get the unique opportunity to experience the cultures for ourselves, and be exposed to postgraduate programs abroad through Toulouse Business School.”

Matthew Pepe BA ’87 Economics Current Career: President, Mandalay Investments and Real Estate “My Economics degree from King’s gave me the foundation in analytics to advance and do two other Masters degrees. The educational foundation has served me my whole working career.”





School of Social Work What is Social Work? Social Work is a profession concerned with helping individuals, families, groups and communities to enhance their individual and collective well-being. It aims to help people develop their skills and their ability to use their own resources and those of the community to resolve problems. Social Work is concerned with individual and personal problems but also with broader social issues such as poverty, unemployment and domestic violence. Human rights and social justice are the philosophical underpinnings of social work practice. The uniqueness of social work practice is in the blend of particular values, knowledge and skills, including the use of relationship as the basis of all interventions and respect for the client’s choice and involvement.

School of Social Work King’s School of Social Work is a wonderful place for learning: a place where you can push conceptual boundaries, explore new territory, and enhance your skills. Our small class sizes and the quality and commitment of our faculty to teaching will provide you with a warm and stimulating environment. We offer both the Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) and the Master of Social Work (MSW)










BSW (OUAC code EKS – admission into Year 3)

Preparation for professional practice in the dynamic and evolving profession of social work begins with the Bachelor of Social Work. Our program includes education for social work practice with individuals, families, groups and communities. The opportunity to develop practice skills is provided through direct experience in a variety of social service and health organizations under professional supervision.

MSW (applications to the MSW are completed through Western’s Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies)

Designed to develop and enhance the knowledge and practice skills of social work professionals our expanded MSW program includes a greater selection of practice oriented courses and more opportunities to apply theory in real life situations. Two streams are offered: 1-yr advanced standing for those students with a BSW, and a 2-yr program for students who have completed a four year undergraduate degree in another discipline.









Larissa Holmes


Women’s Advocacy

Dispute Resolution

Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) “On top of learning a generalist approach, which allows you to meet any client, at any stage of their journey, the BSW program at King’s provides a unique opportunity to build relationships. The small class sizes, caring faculty and intimate campus, all create a unique and very personal learning experience. This program will not only prepare you for your professional career, but it will also help you build a tight professional network to lean on once you begin your employment.”

Justice & Corrections Family Services

School of Social Work

Long-term Care Child & Youth

School Boards Mental Health

Government Agencies

BSW Curriculum PRE-PROGRAM YEARS > 10.0 courses, including social work practice, theory, and skills



What you’ll learn... Social Work Theory Interview Skills Documentation and Recording Assessment Therapeutic Interventions

Orientation Co-Curricular Activities and Workshops


Community Development

> 5.0 required courses > BSW3 Practicum (225+ hours) > Integration Seminars

Research Skills


Interprofessional Practice

> 2.5 required courses > 2.5 electives > BSW4 Practicum (500+ hours) > Integration Seminars

Program Planning and Evaluation

Advocacy Group Work

Social Justice and Ethics Mental Health Issues and Interventions Policy



Experiential Learning and International Exchange

Taking experiential learning classes or going on academic exchange will change what you thought was possible at university Approximately ing $136,000 in fund ge an ch Academic Ex l ia nt rie and Expe d de ar aw Learning 19 0 -2 18 in 20



Academic exchange and experiential learning, as part a liberal arts degree, helps students learn to integrate the classroom theory with real-world experiences. Learning how to apply the knowledge and skills you are learning from your courses into practical settings—either locally or globally—help King’s students to gain the confidence to go out and make a difference in the world after graduating. Not only do these opportunities enhance your learning, but you can also apply them to your transcript with Western’s Global and Intercultural Engagement Honour.

Opportunities are available in a range of degree programs that include: • Community Based Learning • Mentorships • Internships • Practicums • Service Learning • International Academic Exchange • Supervised Undergraduate Research kings.uwo.ca/current-students/studentaffairs/career-connect/experience

$136,000 IN FUNDING


Politics 3315G – International Political Economy of Commodities Ghana Field School at London International Airport

Poli Sci/SJPS 3320E Women in Civic Leadership, London City Hall

EXCHANGE AND EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING All Academic Exchange courses and faculty-led travel courses are for credit and include generous funding to help cover costs. Australia Austria Brazil China Colombia Dominican Republic Ecuador Ethiopia France Germany India Italy Japan Korea Netherlands

Russia Singapore Spain Sweden Switzerland Taiwan Uganda United Kingdom USA (Arizona, Washington, New York, Boston) Canada (Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Northern Saskatchewan)


PARTNERSHIPS AROUND THE WORLD SJPS 3375G American Borders and Borderlands; Arizona, USA VIEWBOOK 2020


Going Global The World is your Classroom


Making a difference around the world King’s is a leader in its commitment to internationalization and its encouragement of all students to become intercultural learners. •M  eet students from around the world. Over 18% of King’s students are international and come from over 30 nations. What better way to get connected globally? •G  et involved with the International Student Peer Guide Program, or the Bridging Orientation Program and volunteer with assisting new international students. If you have been on an exchange, volunteer in the Global Ambassador Program to help promote international study and exchange to other King’s students. • Each year approximately 100-150 King’s students participate in an international experience. • King’s University College will grant a $1000 bursary to full-time students participating in an academic exchange program or experiential learning opportunity for 1 semester or less ($500 for part-time students), or $2000 for a full year academic exchange program. •G  et global recognition for your degree with Western’s Global and Intercultural Engagement Honor kings.uwo.ca/current-students/student-affairs/ kings-international/student-services/globaland-intercultural-engagement-honor

Global and intercultural awareness has become an increasingly valuable skill needed for future leaders King’s has over 50 international partnerships around the world offering students offering students an opportunity to go on exchange for a semester or an academic year. Students earn academic credit towards their degree and pay tuition to King’s during their year of studying abroad. Typically students will go on exchange in their third year of study. Outgoing exchange opportunities are available at: kings.uwo.ca/current-students/kings-international/ outgoing-exchange

King’s International Services King’s international offers a variety of programs and services for both international and domestic students. These include: • International Student Services and Orientation • Immigration Advising • Peer Guide Program • Outgoing and Incoming Exchange • International Partner Liaison • International Student Programming • Support for International Summer Programs • International Risk Management • Pre-departure Sessions and Support for International Experiential Learning

Barcelona, Spain 24



Fremantle, Western Au stra


Kelsey Haynes BA ’18 Criminology University of Notre Dame / Fremantle, Western Australia “My experience travelling abroad to study in Fremantle Western Australia, was nothing short of amazing. This experience allowed me to learn so much about myself, and keep pushing myself outside my comfort zone. I met so many great people from all over the world, friendships that I will forever cherish. I’ve gained a stronger sense of independence and confidence in myself in setting out to achieve a goal. If you’re interested in studying abroad, take this opportunity to try something new, because it’s so worth it.”


Quebec City, Quebec

England Winchester,

Joshua Pommer

Rome, Italy

Major in Criminology University of Winchester / Winchester, England “My semester at Winchester was the highlight of my university experience. The university was absolutely beautiful and the city has more than enough things to do to keep you busy on your down time. My professors were amazing and the friends I made there are lifelong!” VIEWBOOK 2019


Admissions Admission Requirements Students applying from Ontario curriculum must have 6 U/M level courses. Admissions averages are based on ENG 4U and any other required courses for the program (i.e., Math requirements). If you choose to upgrade a course, King’s will take the higher of the two grades when calculating your average. Summer school and night school courses can also be used. If you are concerned that you may not meet the average for admission, but my fall within 2% of the projected admission average, you may wish to fill out an Applicant Profile form which will allow you to tell us about any extenuating circumstances you had to deal with or extracurricular activities in which you have been involved.

Ontario Admission Requirements Program

Courses Required/Recommended

Arts OUAC code EKA

ENG 4U Five additional 4U/M level courses

Social Sciences OUAC code EKO

ENG 4U Five additional 4U/Mlevel courses MDM 4U strongly recommended for students interested in Psychology

Predicted Admissions Average Range 79-80%


MCV 4U strongly recommended for students interested in Economics/Finance Childhood and Social Institutions (CSI) OUAC code EKC Finance and Wealth Management (FWM) OUAC code EKF

Management and Organizational Studies (MOS) OUAC code EKD

Social Justice and Peace Studies (SJPS) OUAC code EKJ



ENG 4U Five additional 4U/Mlevel courses


ENG 4U MCV 4U Four additional 4U/M level courses


ENG 4U Two 12U Math (MDM 4U, MFH 4U, MCV 4U) Three additional 4U/M level courses MCV 4U strongly recommended


ENG 4U Five additional 4U/M level courses


Admission Requirements – Other Provinces Province

Arts & Social Science

Childhood & Social Institutions

Finance & Wealth Management

Management & Organizational Studies

Social Justice and Peace Studies

Alberta/NWT/ Nunavut

• English 30-1 • Four additional academic 12 courses

• English 30-1 • Four additional academic 12 courses

• English 30-1, Math 31 • Three additional academic 12 courses

• English 30-1, Math 31, Math 30-1 or Math 30-2 • Three additional academic 12 courses

• English 30-1 • Four additional academic 12 courses

British Columbia /Yukon

• English 12 • Four additional academic 12 courses

• English 12 • Four additional academic 12 courses

• English 12 • Calculus 12 • Three additional academic 12 courses

• English 12 • Math 12 or Pre-Calculus 12 • Three additional academic 12 courses

• English 12 • Four additional academic 12 courses


• English 40S • Four additional academic 12 courses

• English 40S • Four additional academic 12 courses

• English 40S • Calculus 45S • Three additional academic 12 courses

• English 40S • Math 40S, Pre-Calculus or Calculus 45S • Three additional academic 12 courses

• English 40S • Four additional academic 12 courses

New Brunswick

• English 121 or 122 • Four additional academic 12 courses

• English 121 or 122 • Four additional academic 12 courses

• English 121 or 122 Calculus 120 or Calculus 12 • Three additional academic 12 courses

• English 121 or 122 • Math 12, Pre-Calculus, Calculus 120 or Calculus 12 • Three additional academic 12 courses

• English 121 or 122 • Four additional academic 12 courses

Newfoundland & Labrador

• English 3201 • Four additional academic 12 courses numbered 3000 or above

• English 3201 •F  our additional academic 12 courses numbered 3000 or above

• English 3201 • Math 3208 • Three additional academic 12 courses numbered 3000 or above

• English 3201 • Math 12, Pre-Calculus or Calculus • Three additional academic 12 courses numbered 3000 or above

• English 3201 • Four additional academic 12 courses numbered 3000 or above

Nova Scotia

• English 12 • Four additional academic 12 courses

• English 12 • Four additional academic 12 courses

• English 12 • Calculus 12 • Three additional academic 12 courses

• English 12 • Math 12, Pre-Calculus or Calculus • Three additional academic 12 courses

• English 12 • Four additional academic 12 courses

Prince Edward Island

• English 621A • Four additional academic 12 courses

• English 621A • Four additional academic 12 courses

• English 621A • Math 611B • Three additional academic 12 courses

• English 621A • Math 611B or Math 621B • Three additional academic 12

• English 621A • Four additional academic 12 courses


• Any two English Minimum one year of CEGEP *Applicants with Year II or III CEGEP who have achieved the DEC will be considered for advanced standing to a max of 5.0 courses

• Any two English Minimum one year of CEGEP *Applicants with Year II or III CEGEP who have achieved the DEC will be considered for advanced standing to a max of 5.0 courses

• Any two English Calculus I & II Minimum one year of CEGEP *Applicants with Year II or III CEGEP who have achieved the DEC will be considered for advanced standing to a max of 5.0 courses

• Any two English Calculus I & II Minimum one year of CEGEP *Applicants with Year II or III CEGEP who have achieved the DEC will be considered for advanced standing to a max of 5.0 courses

• Any two English Minimum one year of CEGEP *Applicants with Year II or III CEGEP who have achieved the DEC will be considered for advanced standing to a max of 5.0 courses


• English A30 and B30 • Four additional academic 12 courses

• English A30 and B30 • Four additional academic 12 courses

• English A30 and B30 • Calculus 30 • Three additional academic 12 courses

• English A30 and B30 • Math 30, Pre-Calculus 30 or Calculus 30 • Three additional academic 12 courses

• English A30 and B30 • Four additional academic 12 courses



Other Admissions Categories Arts & Social Science

Finance & Wealth Management

Management & Organizational Studies

Social Justice And Peace Studies

International Baccalaureate (IB)

• IB Diploma (min 24) • No mark less than 4 in minimum of 6 subjects, of which 3 must be at the Higher Level • Transfer credit may be assessed for HL subjects with grades of 5 or higher

• IB Diploma (min 24) • No mark less than 4 in minimum of 6 subjects, of which 3 must be at the Higher Level • Transfer credit may be assessed for HL subjects with grades of 5 or higher

• IB Diploma (min 24) • Math Applications HL or Math Analysis SL • No mark less than 4 in minimum of 6 subjects, of which 3 must be at the Higher Level • Transfer credit may be assessed for HL subjects with grades of 5 or higher • Math Analysis HL meets the math requirement and is eligible for transfer credit

• IB Diploma (min 24) • Math Applications SL/ HL or Math Analysis SL • No mark less than 4 in minimum of 6 subjects, of which 3 must be at the Higher Level • Transfer credit may be assessed for HL subjects with grades of 5 or higher • Math Analysis HL meets the math requirement and is eligible for transfer credit

• IB Diploma (min 24) • No mark less than 4 in minimum of 6 subjects, of which 3 must be at the Higher Level • Transfer credit may be assessed for HL subjects with grades of 5 or higher

U.S. High School

• 4 academic Grade 12 subjects including English (4.0 full courses) • SAT 1190 or ACT Composite 24

• 4 academic Grade 12 subjects including English (4.0 full courses) • SAT 1190 or ACT Composite 24

• 4 academic Grade 12 subjects including English and AP Math or Grade 12 Math (4.0 full courses) • SAT 1190 or ACT Composite 24

• 4 academic Grade 12 subjects including English and AP Math or Grade 12 Math (4.0 full courses) • SAT 1190 or ACT Composite 24

• 4 academic Grade 12 subjects including English (4.0 full courses) • SAT 1190 or ACT Composite 24

G.C.E. Advanced Level

• 3 distinct A-Level or 4 distinct AS-Level • Advanced Standing may be awarded for A-Level courses with grades of A or B

• 3 distinct A-Level or 4 distinct AS-Level • Advanced Standing may be awarded for A-Level courses with grades of A or B

• 3 distinct A-Level or 4 distinct AS-Level • A or AS level math required • Advanced Standing may be awarded for A-Level courses with grades of A or B

• 3 distinct A-Level or 4 distinct AS-Level • A or AS level math strongly recommended • Advanced Standing may be awarded for A-Level courses with grades of A or B

• 3 distinct A-Level or 4 distinct AS-Level • Advanced Standing may be awarded for A-Level courses with grades of A or B

Mature Applicants You are over the age of 21 (in the calendar year you are seeking admission), out of full time studies for four or more years, are a Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident, and have no other basis of admission. Mature Applicants are eligible for Part Time enrolment in Year 1.


Childhood & Social Institutions


College of Applied Arts and Technology (CAAT) Applicants You are studying at an Ontario college and have a minimum of a B in a two or three-year diploma program, or a B in an acceptable one-year certificate. If you are completing a two or threeyear diploma and meet the admissions criteria, you may be eligible for transfer credit. King’s has partnered with a number of Ontario colleges to create pathway agreements. Please contact Enrolment Services for more information.

University Transfer Applicant You are currently studying at another university, but want to transfer to King’s to complete your degree. You have achieved a minimum final overall average of 65% to be considered for admission. Transfer credit will be assessed for courses with a grade of 60% or better.

English Language Proficiency Requirements If English is not your first language, then you must provide acceptable proof of English proficiency. If you have been studying within an English speaking environment for a minimum of four years or more, you may request an English proficiency waiver to be considered along with your application.

Acceptable English Language Tests Test

Level Required

CAEL Canadian Academic English Language Assessment | cael.ca

• A minimum score of 60 is required with no part less than 60.

IELTS International English Language Testing Service | ielts.org

• A minimum overall band score of 6.5 with no part less than 6.0.

MELAB Michigan English Language Assessment batterycambridgemichigan.org

• A minimum score of 80 or higher with no less than 78 in any section.

PTE Academic Pearson Test of English Academic pearsonpte.com

• A minimum overall score of 58 is required with no score less than 56.

TOEFL Test of English as a Foreign Language etscanada.ca | institution code: 0984

• Students must achieve a written TOEFL score of 580 or higher and a score of 4.5 on the TWE; or a score of 85-90 on Internet Based Test (IBT) with no section less than 20.

If you are slightly below the required IELTS/TOEFL requirement for admission, King’s also runs two separate programs that students can choose from:

Acceptable English Language Preparation Programs Institution / Program

Level Required

CultureWorks Cultureworkstheschool.com

• Successful completion of Level 7

Fanshawe College fanshawec.ca/international/ new-applicants/eap

• Successful completion of Level 10 with a grade of “A”

Western English Language Centre (WELC) welc.ca

• Academic English Program (AEP) – High Advanced Level with a 70% • Boost program with a 70%

King’s Enhanced Year (KEY)

Quick Start

In partnership with Western English Language Center (WELC), the KEY Program is an eight-month program designed for students who are close to meeting the language proficiency requirements for direct entry to King’s University College. By joining the KEY Program, students will strengthen their English, develop fluency and gain confidence while studying in two university-level degree credits to gain a head start on the completion of their degree at King’s.

In partnership with CultureWorks, Quick Start is a fasttrack, residential, 6 week (mid-July – end of August) English language program offered during the summer on campus at King’s. Student success in English proficiency is developed through intensive classes in reading, writing, listening and speaking which will help students adjust to the academic rigours of their degree program. kings.uwo.ca/future-students/admissions/admissionrequirements/english-proficiency/king-s-quick-startprogram/




Apply To King’s It’s the Place to Be! Ontario Secondary School Applicants

All Other Undergraduate Applicants

Part-Time Applicants

OUAC 101 Form www.ouac.on.ca/101

OUAC 105 Form www.ouac.on.ca/105

kings.uwo.ca/future-students/admissions/ how-to-apply/

Application Deadline: January 16, 2020 *King’s will still accept applications after this date

Application Deadline: June 1, 2020 for international (we will still process if space available, but consider your visa application). Apply early as admissions are on a rolling basis beginning in December 2019.

There are specific deadlines depending on the term you are seeking admission. Please refer to the website.

Application Fee $150 (CAD) for 3 choices Additional choices are $50 each

Application Fee $156 (CAD) for 3 choices Additional choices are $50 each

Application Fee $64.00 (CAD)

Transcript Evaluation Fee A single, non-refundable evaluation fee of $93.50 (CAD) payable to OUAC is required for all applicants applying from another post-secondary institution. CEGEP applications are exempt from this fee.

Transcript Evaluation Fee A single, non-refundable evaluation fee of $93.50 (CAD) payable to OUAC is required for all applicants applying from another post-secondary institution. CEGEP applications are exempt from this fee.

Transcripts and Supporting Documentation Send all transcripts, letters and supporting documents directly to Enrolment Services at King’s. Online forms you may require to support your application can be found at: kings.uwo.ca/ future-students/admissions/forms/

Transcripts and Supporting Documentation Send all transcripts, letters and supporting documents directly to Enrolment Services at King’s. Online forms you may require to support your application can be found at: kings.uwo.ca/ future-students/admissions/forms/

Other Deadlines to Consider Scholarships, Awards and Bursaries Entrance scholarships do not require an application; however there are a number of big scholarships which do. Deadline is April 30.

Residence Offers of residence are guaranteed if you submit the application and deposit prior to June 1.

Summer Academic Orientation (SAO) All new-to-King’s students participate in the SAO process to select your courses, create your timetable and get your student card. Once you have accepted your offer to King’s, you can book online as of April 1st for appointments beginning mid-June.

Catholic Studies for Teachers (CST) Supplemental Application No specified deadline, but students are encouraged to apply early so admissions decisions can be made as soon as all eligible grades and the application are received. forms.kings.kucits.ca/forms/cstprofile 30


Colin MacDonald Advanced Entry Opportunity (AEO) Ivey Business School at Western University is one of the most prestigious business schools in Canada. It is a second entry program which means that students will begin their studies in the Honors Business Administration (HBA) program at the start of their third year of university study. Students applying to Ivey’s AEO directly from high school can apply to King’s for their first year and begin their undergraduate studies in an environment which cultivates the collaboration and leadership that are hallmarks of the Ivey HBA. ivey.uwo.ca/hba

Assistant General Manager of the London Knights King’s BMOS program 2013-2015 HBA ‘17 “I cannot say enough about the first two years of my undergraduate degree that I spent at King’s. I really enjoyed the smaller class sizes that encouraged participation, getting to know your professors, and the learning environment that was created. It helped to prepare me for going to the Ivey Business School as King’s taught me how to participate in class and back up the answers I provided with facts and reason. The experience I had further helped me into my career and my role as the Assistant General Manager of the London Knights Hockey Club where I am expected to come into work with new ideas on how to make our program better.”

Money Matters Financing your university education can be a challenge. King’s recognizes this challenge and is able to provide support, and a variety of services to assist our students. We have a very generous scholarship and bursary program. For more info: kings.uwo.ca/current-students/moneymatters/scholarships-awards-andbursaries/ King’s offers an on-campus employment program called the Work Study Bursary Program. The goal of the program is to assist students with a regular source of income around their academic schedule and to provide training and experience. Students who can demonstrate financial need are eligible to apply for the program. kings.uwo.ca/current-students/moneymatters/financial-aid/workstudy/ International students also have the opportunity to work on campus through our International Work Experience Program. This program will provide a limited number of our international students the opportunity to work on campus to gain experience. kings.uwo.ca/current-students/moneymatters/financial-aid/internationalstudents/international-work-experienceprogram/ Personal and confidential financial counselling is available to all of our students including help in understanding and applying for the OSAP program. Additionally, financial seminars and workshops are offered throughout the year to help our students in understanding the best way to spend/save their money as well as how to find the necessary finances to attend university.

2019/2020 Tuition and Activity Fees*

Snapshot of the 2018-2019 Academic Year

Canadian and Permanent Residents $7,834.35 International Students $33,461.65 (for all degree programs except BMOS)

$41,030.65 BMOS only (includes $636 for University Health Insurance UHIP)



Residence & Meal Plan

Total amount of scholarships, awards and bursaries awarded to students

Double Room + Meal Plan $11,092.00

Scholarships $1,891,375 Student Awards $500,660

(includes meal card and Residence Council fees) *Subject to change

Bursaries $230,337 Work Study $574,451



Scholarships and Awards

You have worked hard. Reap the rewards.



King’s Entrance Scholarships King’s offers generous unlimited and guaranteed Entrance Scholarships for all new domestic and international high school students. Scholarships will be based on your final, overall high school average as calculated for admission. High School Entrance Scholarship

Entrance Scholarship for Arts & Humanities

IB Scholarships

Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology (CAAT) Scholarships

Final Average

Value of Scholarship

Final Average

Value of Scholarship

Final Diploma Score

Value of Scholarship

Final Average

Value of Scholarship

80.0 – 84.9%


80.0 – 84.9%


25 – 29


80.0 – 81.9%


85.0 – 89.9%


85.0 – 87.9%


30 – 34


82.0 – 84.9%


90.0 – 94.9%


88.0 – 89.9%


35 – 39


85.0 – 89.9%










Students must be enrolled in a 4.0 credits, and meet King’s residency requirements.

Students must be enrolled in the Arts & Humanities program, as well as in at least 2.0 credits in the Arts & Humanities. This scholarship cannot be held with another King’s Entrance Award.

There are many additional scholarships available for first year students which require an application. Here is a sample of some of our top ones: Scholarship


Cardinal Thomas C. Collins Scholarship for Catholic Student Leadership


Sisters of St. Joseph



Qualifications • Catholic student leadership • Diocese outside of London • Min 80% • Graduate of the LDCSB • Strong volunteer service in health, education, social service or pastoral ministry • Min 80%

Emmett & Loretta Regan Memorial Entrance Award


Bishop John Michael Sherlock Catholic Leadership Award


• Member of the Diocese of London • Demonstrated financial need

Social Justice and Peace Scholarship

$3,500 2 awarded

• Strong interest in community or global justice and strong academic excellence

King’s Academic Athletic Scholarship

$3,000 6 awarded

• Minimum of 80% • Western Varsity athlete • Renewable if 75% is maintained each year, and student remains active as a varsity athlete

3 male, 3 female

• For graduate of Ontario school boards interested in careers in Education and/or Social Services

Additional first year scholarships not requiring an application: Scholarship


The Gerald Killan Regis Entrance Scholarship

Valued at $17,000

Number Awarded



Awarded to the first year student with the highest admissions average


Awarded to the next four highest admissions averages from incoming first year students


Successfully complete a specialist high skills major in one of the following areas: Arts and Culture; Business; Health and Wellness; Justice and Community Safety; Non-Profit/Social Justice or Sports

($5,000 1st yr / $4,000 the last 3 years *renewable if 85% average maintained each year

The Principal’s Regis Entrance Scholarship

Valued at $17,000 ($5,000 1st yr / $4,000 the last 3 years *renewable if 85% average maintained each year

Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM)


Limited to Ontario HS applicants only

There are many additional scholarships available for first year students which require an application. Please visit: kings.uwo.ca/future-students/ finances/funding/entrance-scholarships/ for further information. VIEWBOOK 2020


A Place of Discovery and Possibility Residence

RESIDENCE QUICK FACTS •R  esidence is guaranteed to all new-to-King’s students who return their residence application by the guarantee deadline. •V  ariety of Residence Room Options: Single rooms and double rooms in single gender and mixed gender units. • Upper Year Residence: In addition to the residence areas above, furnished houses adjacent to campus and an upper year townhouse are available for upper year students. • It’s an international community: Over 40% of the residence population is international, coming from 25+ different countries

Live in the heart of the King’s experience Residence is more than just a convenient place to live – it’s a vibrant, supportive community. The residence life program at King’s offers transitional and academic support to help you meet your university goals. We are committed to the values of diversity, respect and academic achievement.

•T  ransitional supports: The First 4 Weeks and Beyond, roommate agreements, social events, awareness weeks, and peer helpers. •C  lean, comfortable living areas: Housekeeping staff clean shared areas on weekdays, and vacuum your room once a week. •F  ree shuttle bus service: A convenient service that runs between King’s and the other campuses at Western allowing for easy access to the academics, athletics, and other clubs and activities available to you.




Alumni Court Alumni Court Room Styles:

Room Assignments King’s offers both single (limited number) and double rooms. Room assignments are based on the preferences and lifestyle information you provide in your residence application. You can request a specific roommate too. We know the idea of living with a new roommate may make some students a little nervous. Residence Staff are here to support you in that relationship. We facilitate a roommate agreement process shortly after move in to help you and your roommate discuss some key aspects of shared living. While the majority of residents enjoy a good living arrangement with their roommates, sometimes problems can arise, and residence staff are here to help should that occur.

Wemple Wemple

Many King’s students chose to move offcampus and share living space with other students after first-year, so developing the skills to live successfully with others is a Alumni good investment in your future. Living in a supportive residence environment with a roommate is a good way to build those skills.


Townhouse Townhouse


Court Alumni Court



How’s the food?



Meal plan options The King’s meal plan provides a broad and varied choice in menu • Meal Plans are available for students both off-campus and in residence. • Our food services team at Aramark is committed to purchasing local. Our Café 54 features locally roasted Fairtrade coffee from the Fire Roasted Coffee Company. In addition we continually focus on purchasing local products throughout the year; ingredients vary on our menu depending on seasonality and availability. • King’s University College is proud to be a Fair Trade Campus. We serve our community 100% Fairtrade coffee alongside an offering of Fairtrade teas and chocolate. • We use green packaging programs on campus and have transitioned to offer items that are recyclable, compostable, and or made from recycled or renewable materials. kingsuniversitycollege.campusdish.com



Making the Transition

King’s is committed to ensuring a smooth transition to your first year of studies at university. A wide variety of programming has been established to provide the resources you will need to be successful. Beginning in the summer…. Summer Academic Orientation (SAO) kings.uwo.ca/sao As of April 1, once you accept your offer of admission, you can login into the King’s website to book your SAO counselling appointment. These are on-campus, inperson academic advising appointments which will assist you in making important decisions about your first-year course selection, timetable and degree options/ planning. These group appointments are available daily twice a day beginning in the middle of June and ending in the middle of August. Alternative counselling methods are available for those who cannot make it to campus. 38


KAMP kings.uwo.ca/kamp



All first year students are given

1 ON 1 SUPPORT in selecting courses, accessing services, and making timetables

The King’s Academic Mentoring Program (KAMP) is a welcoming and effective peer mentoring program. First-year students can sign up to be paired with an upperyear student who can help navigate the academic, social and spiritual transitions experienced in first year.

International Peer Guide Program kings.uwo.ca/peer-guide/ The King’s International Peer Guide Program is designed to assist international and exchange students new to King’s with adjustment to university culture and Canadian life.

Orientation Week Orientation week is the best way for students new to King’s to feel connected to their new home. Whether moving into residence, meeting new friends from across the globe, finding your classes, getting your bus pass, or learning a new school cheer, O-Week is meant to help you learn how to succeed on campus academically and socially both in your first year and throughout your university experience. It is a week jam-packed with activities so take advantage of as many opportunities as you can to get the most out of your first year at King’s.

International Bridging Program

Mature Student Transition

futurestudents.kings.uwo.ca/ international/international-bridgingprogram


This program provides an opportunity for international students to transition to life at King’s a week prior to the Orientation Program. A combination of academic, orientation and practical workshops, new students to Canada will have the opportunity to learn about life in Canada, confirm their first-year course selections, experience writing and math workshops and meet many new friends who have come from around the world to study at King’s.

No matter where you are in life, or what your concerns are as you enter King’s University College, we are here to ease your fears and anxieties, and help you navigate the supports and resources that are available to all Mature and Transfer students.



My King’s Experience Students’ Council, Campus Life and Athletics Educating the whole person involves student engagement outside of the classroom. King’s strives to create a formative experience for all its students. Leadership, teamwork, volunteerism, and a commitment to service are transferrable skills to life beyond King’s. KUCSC The King’s University College Students’ Council (KUCSC) is a vibrant and active student leadership group which serves to enhance the King’s Undergraduate Experience. The KUCSC is comprised of an elected Executive, Representatives and appointed Commissioners who are dedicated to improving the student experience by planning events, advocating for students, connecting students to resources and services, and by providing many opportunities for leadership development.

Hailley White KUCSC Interim President 2019-2020 Program: Honours Specialization in Psychology, Minor in Philosophy

“When King’s students get involved on campus they contribute to enriching the university experience and can help make changes that matter. There are so many opportunities to participate in campus life that will teach you skills beyond what you can learn in the classroom and that will help you make lasting friendships. Becoming a part of the Students’ Council has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my undergraduate career because it has challenged me and helped me grow as a person, student, and leader.”

With a wide variety of academic, cultural, social and philanthropic clubs, the KUCSC funded club system is a great way to meet new people that share similar interests through club activities and trips. The KUCSC organizes many events, awareness weeks and intramural sports teams throughout the year. The King’s Connection is a successful retail store, ticket booth and information centre which is operated by the Students Council and is located on the main floor of the Student Life Centre. All proceeds from the store go directly back into student programming. The KUCSC also funds and supports student publications such as the Regis Magazine and Kings Academic Research Journal.

Kelsey Veltman Western Mustangs Women’s Volleyball, 5 time OUA 1st team all star degree: BA ‘19 Disability Studies

“I chose King’s because I had the ability to achieve my goal of playing volleyball at Western and be a part of a small and close community that fits my learning style. Staying at King’s was key for me because it allowed me to be in the Disability Studies program. I became interested in this program after taking a class called Disabilities in Sports. This class provided me with the desire to see my lessons being put into practice, so I joined the Canadian Sport Institute Ontario in the summer. While working there, I was in an environment with athletes in wheelchairs who inspired me, and I got excited to see how my program could lead to something like this or the Paralympics. As an athlete, King’s is a place where you can achieve your academic and athletic goals. My next goal is to play professional volleyball in Europe and I can’t thank King’s enough for their support and accommodation to make this possible.”



Western’s Co-Curricular Record

Western’s Student Recreation Centre (WSRC)

Volunteerism is an important part of the King’s student experience

Use your Western ONEcard to access: • 200 cardio machines

Volunteering contributes to the common good, develops practical skills, enhances your resume of experience, creates friendships, identifies mentors and enhances self-esteem – all while making our community and the world a better place.

• 50-metre, Olympic-sized swimming pool • 5 Gyms


• Squash and Raquetball courts

All events, activities, and facilities are accessible to King’s students using their Western ONEcard. In addition to Western’s extensive facilities, King’s also provides a fitness centre in the lower level of the King Student Life Centre. It is a welcoming space on campus where students, faculty and staff are able to work out with a variety of machines and free weights.

• Drop-in group fitness classes • 1,200 intramural teams with 15,000 students participating! www.westernmustangs.ca

King’s students can play on any of the Western Mustangs varsity teams, and are eligible for Western’s Athletic Academic Awards. Free Shuttlen e betwe and rn e t s e W tes affilia

LTC Bus City inclu Pass your ded in fees Reflection Room, King Student Life Centre VIEWBOOK 2020


Counselling and Accessibility

Dean Joe and his team provide supportive student services to help students engage and succeed. @askDeanJoe

Accessibility, Counselling, and Student Development Accessibility, Counselling and Student Development (ACSD) is committed to helping you find support within yourself, at King’s University College, and/or in your community, to achieve your personal and academic goals. Campus Wellness

Accessibility Services

In addition to the many resources for students at the Western Wellness Education Centre and in the London Community, King’s offers a variety of wellness programming and groups such as mindfulness meditation, a group on making change and a group on being resilient. kings.uwo.ca/current-students/ student-affairs/mental-health-andwellness-at-king-s

We are committed to providing an accessible and barrier-free learning environment, with services geared toward a wide range of needs. This may include academic accommodation, assistive technology, and alternative-to-print materials, among many others. kings.uwo.ca/current-students/studentservices/accessibility-services

Personal Counselling We are committed to helping you find the support you need in order to accomplish your personal and academic goals. Counselling offers you the opportunity to explore, understand and develop new skills for managing your personal concerns. kings.uwo.ca/current-students/studentservices/personal-counselling 42


All services are offered both by appointment and during walk-in hours.

King’s is a signatory to the Okanagan Charter for Health Promoting Universities and Colleges: healthpromotingcampuses. squarespace.com/

Learning Skills

Stars Learning Lab

Learning Skills Services will help you learn a variety of scholastic skills. These services are available for all current King’s students. Individual and group sessions are available to assist you in maximizing your full potential.

The learning lab utilizes a peer-led coaching model to provide strategies, support, and guidance for relevant learning skill development and assist students in discovering how technology can be used appropriately to help them become a more organized and effective student. Booked appointments and drop in hours available.

Experienced Senior Tutors and Writing Consultants Help You • Brainstorm ideas before you have written a single word

Trained Peer Tutors

Academic Advising

Tutoring services are available for students in:

Working through your degree choices can be difficult. Academic counselling will be provided throughout your studies to provide guidance on academic program planning and long term goals.

• French

• Develop your thesis

• Business

• Create an outline to structure your assignment

• Economics

• Integrate your research into your analysis

• Writing/Grammar

• Math

• Follow citation style guidelines • Revise your writing to improve paragraphing and flow of ideas • Develop your proofreading skills (so you can fix grammar, spelling, punctuation).

For more information about these services and others visit: kings.uwo.ca/current-students/ student-services VIEWBOOK 2020


Fuel your Spirit

“We desire to address and support the whole person. Our role includes bringing people together in prayer and is about so much more. It is about helping people to see the importance of the Spirit in their lives and that our vision as students, staff and faculty should always be looking outward to transformation in the community. We do this within the Catholic tradition, which by its very nature, is inclusive and seeks to build bridges with members of the Church, members of other Christian churches, other people of faith and those who are seeking the good.” Father Michael Bechard, D.Min Chaplain and King’s alumnus ’91 44


As King’s continues to grow, Campus Ministry is one of the knots that keep us connected to our mission, our history, our community and to one another.

Through a wide variety of on-campus and outreach programs and services, Campus Ministry has created places for the community to explore its faith. Programming like the Veritas Lecture Series, monthly outreach to The Hospitality Centre and the Pine Channel Experience are all places for students and other community members to explore, find hope, grow and to be nourished. “We need to keep challenging ourselves to put our studies and our prayer into concrete service. It’s about faith in action” says Father Michael Bechard, Chaplain.

Photos: Opposite page: Father Michael Bechard, Convocation Mass Top: Experiential Learning trip, Pine Channel, Saskatchewan Bottom left: King’s University College Chamber Choir Bottom right: Feast of Christ the King Mass VIEWBOOK 2020


A Place of Vitality and Promise

We understand that just getting your degree isn’t enough. King’s Career Services recognizes the importance of career development. The rising cost of education increases your need to make sure you are getting a good return on your educational commitment. Developing a career plan assists you in making more effective choices within your academic program. As a King’s student you can begin kings.uwo.ca/currentexploring your vocational issues with students/student-affairs/ a career counselling professional and career-connect/ still have full access to extensive career resources at Western. Career Services can provide you with help connecting your field of study to occupational alternatives, defining a vocational goal, creating a post degree educational plan, accessing resources to develop your resume and job search strategies and much, much more!



Career Counselling Can Include: • Engaging in a process of reflection about (understand yourself): your skills, personality, values, strengths and interests • Developing options and possibilities to explore • Taking action rather than procrastinating and avoiding thinking about your career worries • Learning how to connect your degree to career choices • Understanding your own decision making process and how to make good decisions • Assisting with finding resources to get information and learning the skills you need • Explore the King’s Job Board powered by Knighthunter to see what opportunities are available: kingsjobboard.ca

Things you can do as a student at King’s to develop future career opportunities: •W  ork Study: On-campus employment to increase your skills and experience •E  xperiential Learning: Apply theory to real-world experience •C  o-Curricular Experiences: Student’s Council, Clubs, Athletics, Volunteer Work Entrepreneurial Ventures: Create your own start-up through the support of PROPEL at Western — a start-up accelerator which provides students with co-working space, seed funding, mentorship opportunities and training programs.

Education (BEd) edu.uwo.ca

Professional & Grad School Opportunities

Graduate Studies (MA, PhD) grad.uwo.ca

After completing your undergraduate degree, there are many professional or graduate school opportunities available to you. If you are looking to add specific training to your degree studies following graduation, there are many interesting Post-Graduate diploma and certificate programs available through: Western’s Continuing Studies http://wcs.uwo.ca/ Fanshawe’s Graduate and Professional Studies fanshawec.ca/programs-and-courses/ graduate-and-professional-studies

Theology (MDiv), (MTS) stpetersseminary.ca

Law (J.D) law.uwo.ca

Journalism (MMJC) fims.uwo.ca/ journalism

Library & Information Sciences (MLIS) fims.uwo.ca

And more!



Life After King’s

Find your calling King’s graduates enjoy a high rate of professional success and have a variety of experiences following graduation ranging from entering the work force, graduate or professional schools or international travel experiences. The King’s University College Alumni Association, Career Services and KUCSC work together to bring the Life After King’s Speaker Panels to bring alumni who are established in their career back to King’s and into the classroom to speak with students who are studying various disciplines. These sessions offer opportunities for students and alumni to realize potential career paths and develop their professional networks.For more information go to: kings.uwo.ca/alumni/events-and-chapters/after-kings/ The Alumni Association and Career Services have also partnered to help recent graduates find employment through the King’s Job Board powered by Knighthunter. kingsjobboard.ca/



Life in London

Welcome to The Forest City King’s is located in the city of London, Ontario, the 11th largest city in Canada and home to approximately 495,000 people (LEDC website). It is conveniently located in Southwestern Ontario: a two hour drive from either Toronto or Detroit, Michigan. Living in London • Safe, affordable living • “ The Forest City” has 40 public parks and over 100 km of walking and biking trails • Farm fresh markets supply awardwinning restaurants with local, high quality produce

Be Entertained •R  ich Arts & Culture community: 15+ Festivals every summer—Sunfest alone draws 250,000 people—the 2nd largest free outdoor festival in Canada •V  ibrant music and sports entertainment: Budweiser Gardens — 10,000 seat arena home to the London Knights hockey team and the London Lightning basketball team as well as world-class concerts • Active outdoor living from the 21 golf courses, to skiing and tubing at Boler

Mountain, and outdoor skating at Covent Garden Market and Victoria Park •H  ome to The Factory: North America’s highest ropes course, a 20,000 sq. ft. trampoline park, and a multi-level timed warrior course to satisfy your inner Ninja

International Business Leaders • Home to the Canadian headquarters for a number of Industry leaders: 3M, Libro Credit Union, London Life, McCormick Canada, Trojan Technologies, Starlim North America, and STIHL • Supportive business start-up environment with training, mentorship, funding, space and incubation • Strong manufacturing and gaming sectors

For more information on what the city of London has to offer, visit: www.london.ca, www.londontourism.ca, or www.ledc.com VIEWBOOK 2020


Campus Tours Tours & Special Events

King’s Campus Visits & Tours Situated in park-like surroundings along the Thames River in scenic Old North London, King’s is one block from the main campus of Western University and is a short distance from downtown. We would love to introduce you to all that King’s has to offer and have a friendly student tour guide show you around. Directions to King’s can be located at: kings.uwo.ca/about-kings/visitor-info/location Book a campus visit or your attendance at one of our Open Houses or other on-campus events at: kings.uwo.ca/future-students/open-house kings.uwo.ca/future-students/campus-tours or call 1.800.265.4406 or 519.433.3491

Fall Open House Saturday November 2, 2019 12:00 – 4:00 pm

March Break Open House Saturday March 14, 2020 12:00 – 4:00 pm

May Open House Saturday May 2, 2020 12: 00 – 4:00 pm 50


Mary Manor

Ursuline Hall Brescia Richard Ivey Building

Brough House


HURON UNIVERSITY COLLEGE Huron O’Neil/Ridley Dining Residence Room

Windermere Manor Conference Centre


gs TD Stadium

Huron Flats Lot



Sciences Building



HURON DR South Practice Field

Alumni Field




P Outdoor Rink North

Practice Field

Mustangs Field


International & Graduate Affairs

P Music


Western Tennis Club P

Outdoor Rink

College Talbot Lot




North Campus



iv es R

Parking Information lot  Parking available in every

available P Free weekend parking weekend parking available  P Free (Fridays 5pm - Sunday evening) (Fridays 5pm - Sunday evening)

P Metered parking

P Metered parking

P Pay and display parking

Traffic light

Wayfinding map

Wayfinding map

Approximate Distance: 250 metres


Campus tours start the the toursfrom start from  Campus University Community Centre (Room53) 53) University Community Centre (Room One-way traffic

One-way traffic

Paved walkway

(credit card capable & exact change) Paved walkway P Pay and display parking

(credit card capable & exact change)

Gravel path

Gravel path

iv es R




Western Centre for Public Health and Family Medicine




















Child and Youth Child and Youth M Development Development AY FA Clinic Clinic

















Approximate Walking Time: 3-4 Minutes Approximate Distance: 250 metres

Approximate Walking Time: 3-4 Minutes


Western Centre for Public Health and Family Medicine



Main Campus Student Residence

Traffic light

 Parking available in every lot

Medway Lot


Main Campus Student Residence





Talbot Lot

Medway Lot

Parking Information

P Visitor parking

Perth Drive Complex



P Visitor parking

National Research Council



North Research Building Campus

Labatt Staging Visual Arts



HURON Western Tennis Club


Greenhouses Collip


X SE LE Middlesex



Stiller Centre

Western Science Centre

University Hill

HURON Building





Nati Rese Cou









Elborn College



Siebens-Drake West Underpass Advanced Graphic Research Facility for Valley P E ER Western Student University Avian Services P Institute Beaver Building N M Community Services Research IA P Hall ER Mother Centre P P Western E Southwest Hellmuth RO St. James RO Support Social Science P Hall Child Care P Memorial Hall Law Dental Weldon AD P A Bayfield P P Centre Services Rix Building Centre D SAUGEEN- Sciences Library HURON ThreeC+ Spencer Lambton D Hall Clinical Medical MAITLAND UNIVERSITY N ROA Hall P R Cronyn E Sciences T Engineering Western S P P Springett Lot COLLEGE Robarts Skills HALL Health Sciences WE House P Boundary Layer Benson Books PERTH HALL Research Huron Molecular House Thompson MacKayWind Tunnel Addition O’Neil/Ridley LONDON HEALTH Institute Plus Dining OXFORD Lawson Stevenson P Cronyn Obser. Recreation Residence Lassonde SCIENCES CENTRE Room P PBio. Lab Taylor Library Richard Ivey Somerville PH Hall Hall (UNIVERSITY CAMPUS) Kresge & Athletic Thompson Pavilion Thames ONTARIO  Building Siebens-Drake Underpass Eight Level Alumni Hall House WestNaturalMRI Material Elborn IL SAR Centre McIntosh Research P P HALL Hall P Parkade 3M Western Student University Valley College Engineering IP N Institute Science Sciences Chemistry Chemistry Gallery Building Althouse Community Centre Services I Lot University College Western Student A A Addition ESSEX HALL WesternZ R Faculty of Centre PPhysics & Power Recreation Centre Education Social Science P ArtsWeldon & Child Care IZ OA Biological and P P Law Dental Plant PHumanities P Centre  Perth Drive Rix Astronomy Sciences Centre LONDON HALL AV D Library ThreeC+ Geological D Medical Biotron Spencer KENT P Clinical P OA Complex Western Labatt Engineering Health FIMS/Nursing P ERN R Building Western EN SciencesRobarts P Skills Sciences Health Sciences WEST Interdisciplinary Boundary Layer Sciences Building Building Books Western PERTH HALL P Research U Molecular Thompson MacKay- P Wind Tunnel Addition Research Plus International & Lawson University Hill Institute OXFORD Science Centre E Stevenson P Greenhouses Cronyn Obser. Bio. Lab Recreation Lassonde Taylor Library Building Somerville PH Hall Hall Affairs Kresge & Athletic Thompson Pavilion ThamesGraduateHouse Collip Footbridge Huron Flats Lot HURON DR Material P Alumni Hall Natural IL Centre Engineering McIntosh P P Hall 3MBuilding TD Stadium IVE X IP Science Sciences Chemistry Chemistry Centre SEGallery Lot University College WesternSouth Student AZ Addition ESSEX HALL  Platt's Labatt Music E Middlesex Power P Physics & North L Centre  Practice Field IZ Recreation Lane Arts & Biological and Visual Arts D Plant College Astronomy Talbot D Practice Field LONDON HALL Estates AV Humanities Biotron KENT P Geological Centre Western Labatt Health FIMS/Nursing Westminster MI P College Building E Sciences





Mogenson Building




Bayfield Hall

AusableP Hall

999 Collip





Cronyn Me d wBenson House P ay C House r e e k



Beaver Hall

Support Services

Young House


Mogenson Building



Southwest Hellmuth Hall Hall

Henderson House

Springett Lot

ay C reek

Advanced Graphic Facility for Services Avian Research


Yellow Cottage



Ausable Hall

Young House

Clare Hall





Ursuline Hall Brescia Building

Mary Manor

Mother St. James Memorial Building

Brough House



Clare Hall


se y of ion

Henderson House

Yellow Cottage



Windermere Manor Conference Centre


King’s University College

King’s University College




A Place to Be. A Place to Become. Enrolment Services Erin Cronsberry Admissions & Liaison Officer erin.cronsberry@kings.uwo.ca

Follow along and experience the King’s school year kingsatwestern

Stacie Merritt

kingsatuwo @kingsatwestern @kingsatwestern

Paul Wilton

Doreen Vautour

Admissions & Liaison Officer paul.wilton@kings.uwo.ca

Campus Ministry

Sarah Li

Director/Chaplain michael.bechard@kings.uwo.ca

Asia Programs Officer sarah.li@kings.uwo.ca

Rev. Michael Bechard

Aziz Sayegh

Student Life

Liaison Officer aziz.sayegh@kings.uwo.ca

Joe Henry

Kristen Kovacs Liaison Officer kristen.kovacs@kings.uwo.ca

Dean of Students joe.henry@kings.uwo.ca

Craig Minielly

Accessibility, Counselling and Student Development

Liaison Officer craig.minielly@kings.uwo.ca

Joanna Bedggood

Ting Ting Zhang Liaison Officer tingting.zhang@kings.uwo.ca

Robin Ellis

1.800.265.4406 or 519.433.3491

Associate Dean of Students doreen.vautour@kings.uwo.ca

Senior Liaison Officer natalie.tamba@kings.uwo.ca

Liaison Officer leslie.hotham@kings.uwo.ca

266 Epworth Avenue London, Ontario N6A 2M3 Canada

Manager, King’s International linda.weber@kings.uwo.ca


Leslie Hotham

To learn more call, email or go to futurestudents.kings.uwo.ca

Dr. Linda Weber

Admissions & Liaison Officer stacie.merritt@kings.uwo.ca

Natalie Tamba


International Students and International Exchanges

Coordinator, Admissions & Liaison robin.ellis@kings.uwo.ca

Dr. Tracy Cunningham Associate Registrar tracy.cunningham@kings.uwo.ca

Marilyn Mason Vice-Principal, Enrolment Services and Strategic Partnerships marilyn.mason@kings.uwo.ca


Tours & Campus Visit Days Julia Eastabrook Coordinator, On Campus Events julia.eastabrook@kings.uwo.ca

Manager, Student Wellness joanna.bedggood@kings.uwo.ca Wemple Building, Room 151 t 519.433.3491 x4321 acsd@kings.uwo.ca

Financial Inquiries Shelly Guerin Student Financial Services Officer shelly.guerin@kings.uwo.ca

Kellie Knechtel Assistant Student Financial Services Officer kellie.knechtel@kings.uwo.ca

Natalie Walzak Student Financial Aid Coordinator natalie.walzak@kings.uwo.ca

Profile for King's University College

King's Viewbook 2020  

King's University College A Place to Be. A Place to Become.

King's Viewbook 2020  

King's University College A Place to Be. A Place to Become.