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What is a liberal arts degree? Have you heard the term liberal arts and wondered what it meant?


Think of the liberal arts as an academic program focused on a major subject area (for example, history, literature, psychology, etc.) that also provides a multi-disciplinary approach. When pursuing a degree in Management and Organizational Studies, Childhood and Social Institutions, Philosophy and Religious Studies, Social Work, or Sociology (just a few of the great programs at King’s), you’ll also be able to take courses in other programs as well. Of course, you’ll learn the subject matter in your own discipline, but you will also become an expert in how to think about your subject and about

learning, and how to apply this knowledge to the real world. A liberal arts education will provide you with the fundamental skills necessary to think critically, acquire knowledge independently and communicate effectively. King’s provides a small and supportive environment (both academically and socially) where you can gain valuable experience and develop your abilities as a leader and as a team player. A King’s education is designed to help you develop your strengths while allowing you the opportunity to discover new challenges. Our goal is to provide you with all the

tools necessary to pursue not only a rewarding career, but a meaningful life. At King’s, your liberal arts education will provide you with the tools and drive to be informed, active citizens committed to building a just society.

King's University College - Viewbook 2012-2013  
King's University College - Viewbook 2012-2013  

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