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Admissions Guide 2016 Western University • Canada

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Western University • Canada

The King’s - Western Advantage

• Internationally recognized Western University degree •T  op-ranked faculty that are accessible to students inside and outside the classroom • Small, interactive classes – know your professors and classmates • The Globe and Mail ranks Western as #1 for “Best Student Experience”

Campus Events

King’s campus visits and tours Situated in park-like surroundings along the Thames River in scenic Old North London, King’s is one block from the main campus of Western University and is a short distance from downtown. We would love to introduce you to all that King’s has to offer and have a friendly student tour guide show you around. Directions to King’s can be located at Book a campus visit or your attendance at one of our Open Houses or other on-campus events at or call 1.800.265.4406 or 519.433.3491. ext. 4999




Friday, March 11

6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.

March Open House

Saturday, March 12

1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.

March Open House

Saturday, May 7

1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.

May Open House

As a Catholic university college, King’s is: • Very inclusive and welcomes students from all traditions and faiths. • Diverse — our students represent every religious tradition, ethnicity, financial strata and every point of view. • Committed to the importance of community, social justice, compassion for the disadvantaged, the dignity and empowerment of the human person, collegiality, civility and inclusiveness. • A place where students are encouraged to examine their ideals, beliefs and strengths, from their head, heart and soul. • An environment where people are connected to each other - intellectually, socially, emotionally and spiritually. • An academic community where individuals are challenged to find solutions, create understanding, pursue truth and contribute their gifts and talents to make a difference. • A community where the safety, well-being and comfort of all students is paramount and reflected in its Student Code of Conduct and Residence Rules.

Live in the heart of the university experience All students who are offered admission and who have completed the residence application prior to June 1st are guaranteed residence. No lotteries, no worries. Late applications are considered for residence depending on availability.*

How do we know King’s students succeed? King’s has outstanding academic programs and comprehensive student services to ensure academic success and personal development. Student surveys in both Maclean’s and The Globe and Mail reveal exceptional scores for King’s across all categories of academic and social experience. As an affiliated college of Western University, King’s is also part of Western’s “best student experience”.

Your Western email account Please ensure that you activate your Western email account by going to Western’s Student Centre (http://www. between 6 a.m. and midnight. To enable the email account, your computer cookies must be enabled and your pop up box feature turned off. With access to your Western email account, you can check the status of your application, apply for residence and a list of other important activities. Please contact if you have issues activating your Western Identity.

Scholarships All high school and CEGEP students with a final admissions average of 80% or higher are guaranteed an entrance scholarship. Values range from $1,000 to $5,000. No application is necessary. Entrance scholarships are also available for CAAT (college) students who possess an 82% average or equivalent grade point average.* funding/entrance-scholarships/ King’s offers a number of entrance scholarships which recognize leadership, service, volunteerism and academics. Values range from $1,000.00 to Full Tuition. An application is required. DEADLINE: March 15 entrance-scholarships/ *To be eligible for entrance scholarships, students must remain registered in 4.0 courses (students must meet residency requirements). Exceptions may be made for varsity athletes, members of Students’ Council, or those registered as with Students with Disabilities.

Admissions King’s provides offers of admission on an on-going basis from January to July. As marks become available, we assess each application. For many students, we receive some grades at a number of different times throughout the academic year. Once we receive grades that are sufficient in number, and meet our admissions criteria, we will offer admission conditional on the successful completion of the courses in progress with a minimum final average. For students who are mature, international, college, university, CEGEP or Canadian high school (all non-Ontario high school applicants), offers of admission will be issued on an ongoing basis as required information is received. If you have any questions about your admission or about the grades which we have received, please feel free to call us! We would love to hear from you!

The Gerald Killan Regis Entrance Scholarship $5,000.00

Awarded to a student from an Ontario high

Principal’s Regis Entrance Scholarships $5,000.00

Awarded to students from an Ontario high

High School and International Entrance Scholarships unlimited and guaranteed





school with the highest admission average – one award

school who possess the highest admissions averages – four awards





95% +


based on final admission average (including program prerequisites)

Math Excellence Entrance Scholarship $500.00 unlimited and guaranteed

Awarded to Ontario high school students;

C.A.A.T. Entrance Scholarships $500.00 unlimited and guaranteed

Awarded to students who achieve a 3.7 g.p.a.

C.E.G.E.P. Entrance Scholarships unlimited and guaranteed







must be Canadian citizen. Final of 85.0% or greater in MCV4U and MGA4U or MHF4U




95% +


based on final admission average (including program prerequisites)

The Ontario Catholic Award for Academic Achievement - $250

Awarded to each Ontario Catholic high school graduate possessing the highest entrance average. Recipient must possess the admissions average which entitles them to a King’s entrance scholarship. May be held with other scholarships.

Specialist High Skills Major Entrance Award - $250

Awarded to each student who registers at King’s who has successfully completed a specialist high skill major in one of the following areas: Arts and Culture; Business; Health and Wellness; Justice and Community Safety and Non-Profit/Social Justice during their high school studies.

Admission requirements may be found at: Catholic Education King’s recognizes that extenuating circumstances and Foundation of Ontario extracurricular activities can affect an individual’s academic Entrance Award $250 performance. If you wish to provide us with additional information for consideration, please complete the Applicant Profile at:

English Proficiency Requirements Students admitted to King’s must be proficient in written and spoken English. Applicants for whom English is not their first language and who have not lived or studied in an English language environment for a period of at least three years will be required to demonstrate proficiency by providing English language test results. admissions/admission-requirements/english-proficiency/

King’s Academic Athletic Scholarship

Awarded to each recipient of The Catholic Education Foundation of Ontario Student Awards who applies and registers at King’s.

$3,000 (renewable annually if he/she maintains a minimum overall average of 80% or greater; students may be eligible for a

6 Awards: 3 Male 3 Female

continuing scholarship in subsequent years if

International Baccalaureate

25-26 = $1,000

he/she achieves an average of 80%)

27-29 = $1,500 30-34 = $2,000 35-39 = $2,500 40+ = $3,000

Services for Students with Disabilities The Counselling and Student Development (CSD) area at

King’s University College offers services for students with disabilities and assists students in adjusting to the university environment. Students who use the services provided by CSD have disabilities that could include chronic illnesses, chronic pain, attention deficit disorders, learning disabilities, psychiatric disorders or visual, hearing and mobility impairments. Students who wish to request academic accommodation because of difficulties associated with their disabilities must schedule an appointment with one of King’s Disability Counsellors: Joan Aldis or Mike Allegretti. Appointments can be made any time after students have accepted their offer of admission but preferably no later than August 1st. Later requests will be considered, however, accommodation may not be arranged in time for the first set of tests and examinations. Students requesting academic accommodation must provide documentation of their disabilities. This documentation should be from a professional who is qualified to diagnose students’ conditions and to comment on associated difficulties that may arise at university. The disability counsellor will then be able to ascertain whether the student has provided sufficient documentation to support the request for accommodations or will have to provide additional or more recent documentation. Students must bring the following to their appointment: 1. Documentation describing the disability from a qualified professional 2. Course names, numbers and sections as well as the names of their instructors, if available 3. An IPRC or an IEP, if available For general inquiries, or to schedule an appointment, please contact: Services for Students with Disabilities Wemple Building, Room W157 (SSD) 1-800-265-4406; 519-433-3491, ext. 4321

Additional Support • • • •

Interpreters and notetakers Accessible transportation and parking Academic support Bursary for Students with Disabilities (BSWD) for OSAP eligible students

Further information regarding Services for Students with Disabilities at King’s University College can be found on the web at

Services for Students with Disabilities At King’s, we support students who have disabilities that include, but are not limited to: • Vision, hearing, mobility impairment • Learning disabilities • Chronic illnesses • Chronic pain • Mental health • Attention deficit hyperactivity disorders Our services are geared towards a wide range of needs including: • Academic accommodation • Learning strategies • Assistive technology • Alternative-to-print materials

Financial Matters We have a very generous scholarship and bursary program including Entrance Bursaries for new students. Details about the scholarship and bursary opportunities at King’s can be found at:

Financing your university education can be a challenge. King’s recognizes this challenge and is able to provide support and a variety of services to assist our students.

More and more students are holding a part-time job while attending school. King’s offers an on-campus employment program called the Work Study Bursary Program. The goal of the program is to assist students with a regular source of income around their academic schedule and to provide training and experience. Students who can demonstrate financial need are eligible to apply for the program. International students also have the opportunity to work on campus through our International Work Experience Program. This program will provide a limited number of our international students the opportunity to work on campus to gain experience. Personal and confidential financial counselling is available to all of our students including help in understanding and applying for the OSAP program. Additionally, financial seminars and workshops are offered throughout the year to help our students in understanding the best way to spend/save their money as well as how to find the necessary finances to attend university.

Projected First-Year Canadian Fee Schedule: 2016-2017 Estimated Costs of Attending King’s University College (September to April) for Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents Fees listed on our website are most current. Please visit The following/preceding rates are estimates at the time of printing and are subject to change based on approvals from the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities and the Senate of Western University.

Projected First-Year Canadian Tuition Fees: 2016-2017 Tuition Activity Fees Student Card TOTAL PROJECTED FEES

$6,368.00 $1,446.00 $27.00 $7,841.00

Projected First-Year Canadian Tuition Fees for a Student Living in King’s Residence: 2016-2017 Tuition $6,368.00 Activity Fees $1,446.00 Residence (Double Room) & Basic Meal Plan $10,049.00 Student Card $27.00 TOTAL PROJECTED FEES $17,890.00





$440.00 due within 10 days of registering for your first course at King’s

$7,401.00 due by August 10, 2016 *Plan A



$1040.00 Tuiton and Residence deposit

$16,850.00 due by August 10, 2016 *Plan A


*Other payment options available on our website.

Money Matters To assist students and families with the financial

challenges surrounding funding post-secondary, we offer personal financial counselling to any student who has been offered admission to King’s. To book an appointment, please call 519-4333491, ext. 4319 or email More information about financial matters can be found online at www. money-matters/ Apply for the Ontario Student Assistance Program at

Making a difference around the world Internationalization and international study options at King’s The range of opportunities for international experiences continues to grow. King’s students may choose from a variety of ways to become more globally aware and engaged. 1. Talk to students from across the world. Over 14% of King’s students are international students from over 35 nations. What better way to get connected globally? The students’ home countries include: Aruba, Australia, the Bahamas, Bahrain, Bermuda, Brazil, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Pakistan, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Trinidad, U.K., U.S.A., U.A.E. among others. 2. Join a club, go to hear a speaker, join a discussion forum or be an international peer guide. Events are offered by the Centre for Social Concern, Centre for Studies in Creativity, the Veritas Committee and other clubs and groups. 3. What would it be like to study British history in the U.K., French literature in Nice or Lille, languages in Germany, culture in Korea, marketing in China, business in Japan, technology innovation in Brazil, social work in Scotland or politics in Australia? You can find out by participating in an Exchange Program abroad. Instead of just reading about new places, experience them first-hand while earning credits for your degree. King’s provides an International Study Award of $1000 - $2000 to make this dream a reality! King’s has exchange opportunities with more than 40 International university partners from all around the world. You can study on exchange for a summer, one term or an academic year. Pay your tuition to King’s while studying internationally and transfer your course credits abroad back to King’s. Exchange opportunities are also available at Western, Huron and Brescia campuses. 4. How would you like to make a difference? Volunteer with a charitable or non-governmental organization (NGO), such as Intercordia Canada, Canada World Youth, World Vision, Global Volunteer, One World Education and Save A Family, among others, while participating in a course. You will gain incredible insight and experience while earning a credit towards your degree.

5. Learn another language in an immersion program. Opportunities exist in Ecuador, France, Germany, Korea, China and Japan. Some programs are a full year while others are short, intensive programs in the spring/summer term. 6. Experience another culture in another country. Sponsored by our university partners in Korea, Japan, Singapore and Ecuador, King’s students can study and tour for six weeks in an ancient culture. 7. S  tudents can study for a short term (two to six weeks) at our university partners in China, Germany and Sweden. Courses include Finance, Economics, Organizational Behaviour, Management and Organizational Behaviour and Childhood and Social Institutions. 8. Social Work students have a range of international opportunities. Within a diverse Canadian culture and amidst growing globalization, social workers strive to be culturally sensitive and aware of global issues. 9. International Experiential Learning or Academic Exchange opportunities in other countries are frequently available for course credit through the following disciplines: Poltical Science (Ethiopia); Social Justice and Peace Studies (Guatemala, Dominican Republic); Philosophy and Religious Studies (Rome); Management and Organizational Studies (France); Social Work (China); Childhood and Social Institutions (Malmo, Sweden). King’s is a leader in internationalization. We believe that a critical part of a university education is an awareness and understanding of global issues and a variety of cultures. What better way to make a difference? For more information please visit:

Immigration and Directions Immigration information: To enter Canada - Student Authorization (you must obtain your student visa in sufficient time to ensure your arrival before the last day to begin classes - September 16, 2016) To obtain a visitor’s visa to enter Canada, and a “Study Permit” granting permission to study in Canada, all students who are not Canadian citizens or permanent residents must submit the following documents to a Canadian Consulate or embassy outside of Canada. • • • • •

Passport and travel documents (if applicable) Medical clearance Letter of acceptance from a Canadian university Evidence of adequate funds Documentary proof of authority to transfer funds to Canada if required • Evidence of return passage or evidence that funds will be available for that purpose on completion of studies • A letter from a sponsoring organization (if applicable) For more information, please consult the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website at: and international-student-services/immigration/ When You Come to Canada: Most international students require a study permit to study in Canada. On arrival in Canada a study permit and visitor’s permit (if applicable) must be presented to the border officials to gain entry to Canada. Please check the Citizenship and Immigration website at visas.asp to determine if you require a Visitor Visa to enter Canada. Getting to London, Ontario from Toronto’s Pearson International Airport: International students who arrive at Pearson International Airport can take a Robert Q airport bus directly to London ( Please inquire at the Ground Transportation Desk at the airport to make these arrangements. The bus trip from Toronto to London takes about two hours. Flights from Pearson airport to London are also available. Check with your travel agent for flight information when you book your trip to Canada. London hotel information is attached. Traveling Within Canada: International students are generally free to travel anywhere in Canada without permission from Canadian Immigration officials. Bus, railway, and airline services are all available in London. If you plan to leave Canada for any reason please ensure that your re-entry visa (temporary residence visa) is current. If you have any questions contact the King’s International Office at

Immigration Resources - Canada Citizenship & Immigration Canada Webpage: Call Centre: 1-888-242-2100 A checklist of documents you should make sure to have with you when entering Canada can be found on the Pre-Arrival page.

Non-Immigrant Visa - USA The U.S. Consulate in Toronto - Visa Information Webpage:

Welcome to London London offers all the amenities of a big city combined with a tight community feeling. It offers everything from festivals and sporting events, to great shopping and different kinds of cuisine. Opportunities are plentiful for newcomers. The city offers work opportunities, education, culture, dining, shopping and fun for the family. Some of London’s popular places to go to include Budweiser Gardens, Covent Garden Market, Centennial Hall and the Western Fairgrounds.

Come discover London! • • •

Projected International Fee Schedule: 2016-2017 - Year One

Payment Procedure

Estimated Costs of Attending King’s University College (September to April for International Students). Tuition


Activity Fees


Student Card





King’s University College uses the Web and the Registration Handbook to inform students of fee amounts. Students should create personalized invoices online at Invoices are available in an electronic format and are NOT mailed out.




Fees listed on our website are most current. Please visit Projected International Tuition Fees Year One AND King’s Residence: 2016-2017 Tuition


Activity Fees


Student Card




Residence (Double Room & Basic Meal Plan)



Payments can be made by electronic transfer, wire, or direct deposit. Electronic Transfer Information can be found at: For Direct Deposit information please email A late payment penalty ($315) will be applied to all payments received after the above due dates.








$25,463.00 due by August 1, 2016



$35,282.00 due by August 1, 2016



$15,583.00 due by August 1, 2016

$11,000.00 due by November 1, 2016

$27,583.00 *includes $120.00 service charge


$25,402.00 due by August 1, 2016

$11,000 due by November 1, 2016

$36,402.00 *includes $120.00 service charge

The following/preceding rates are estimates at the time of printing and are subject to change based on approvals from the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities and the Senate of Western University.

General information regarding fees can be found in the registration package or online. Payments can be made by cheque, bank draft, money order, direct deposit, online/ telephone banking, cash, debit card, or electronic transfer ( Please make all fees payable to ‘King’s University College’.



King’s is a leader in national student satisfaction surveys and Western has been ranked (repeatedly) as #1 for the best student experience in Canada.

Making a difference, both locally and globally, is critical to our future. King’s provides a challenging, supportive environment where students hone their talents and follow their passion.

Talented teacher/scholars (achieving the highest teaching evaluations in the nation) leading interactive discussions in small classes (supported by an award-winning library) makes King’s an excellent choice. The Western experience/ degree provides international recognition.

International exchanges and group discussions in small classes provide opportunities for meaningful experiences and developing critical career skills.

11%+ Percentage of students that are involved in international exchange/year and percentage of international students at King’s.

Scholarships start at



The average class size in first year.

83% The median high school average of our first year students.


y wa



Western Centre for Health and Family Medicine

Perth Drive Complex

West Chemistry Valley Lot Robarts Siebens Lot Dental Research Inst. Sci. Chemistry Siebens MAP Centre Health ELG Med. Sci Sci. Taylor Materials Science IN Library Lot MAP Addit. Biotron Visual Rix Medical Addit. Huron University College Arts P Clinical Sci. Natural Biol. & Labatt Lot Hellmuth Bio Skills Social Sci. Geol. Sci. Visual Hall Lab Science Lot Arts Kresge Social Co llipGreenScience Southwest McIntosh O’Nei ll / Hall Ga llery Physics & Westernhouses University Ridley Res. Community North Astronomy Science Middlesex Centre Campus Stevenson Lot Centre Western Huron Hall Student Services College Lot P Lawson Middlesex Hall University Co llege Huron Weldon Staging Co llege Dining Library Hall Weldon Somerville CAMPUS UNIVERSITY Springett Lot Lot House POLICE HILL Delaware P 3M Lawrence Hall Centre Law HBA National Thames Building Centre LAMBT Hall ON Support Services Support Services Lot Cronyn House Benson House





Brescia University College


Young House


Yellow Cottage

Mount Health Centre

London Health Sciences Centre University Campus


Henderson Brough House House

SaugeenMaitland Hall

Graphic Services


Westminster Hall


Avian Research

Financial Inquiries





Outdoor Rink

Huron Flats Lot



Sydenham Hall

Medway Hall

Alumni House

Welcome to Western ?


King's Alumni Court

Welcome Centre booths are attended Monday - Friday Outdoor map Parking lot Visitor parking lot






Dante Lenardon Hall


Student housing Off-campus buildings housing Western facilities King’s Bus Route

Labatt Hall

Townhouses (3)

See detailed parking maps for additional visitor parking at meters and pay & display areas. Huron East

* Monsignor Wemple Hall

Outdoor Rink

Faculty Building

The Annex

Broughdale Hall


* Portions of the 2nd and 3rd floors of the Monsignor Wemple Hall are student residences.

© 2013. The Cartographic Section, Dept. of Geography, Western.


Campus Ministry Rev. Michael Bechard Director/Chaplain

266 Epworth Avenue, London, Ontario N6A 2M3 CANADA 1.800.265.4406 or 519.433.3491

Darryl J. King Student Life Cardinal Centre Carter Library

For a broad selection of parking and other campus maps visit Barrier-free parking is available in all lots.




Practice Field #2 (Rugby Pitch)

TD Stadium

Soccer Pitches




Practice Field #1


Elgin Hall

Talbot Lot

Tennis Courts


London Hall

Huron West

Platt's Lane Estates

Ta lbot Co llege Music


Essex Hall

Perth Hall

Althouse Faculty of Education



Ontario Hall


rsity To Unive King's at UWO College ter's Pe & St. ry Semina


University UWO Child Care Books Plus Centre

Althouse Lot

Social Media

Thompson Recreation & Western Student Athletic Centre Recreation Centre

Elborn Lot


South Valley Lot


Elborn College



Mother St. James Building


Mary Manor

Cronyn Alumni Heating Plant Spencer Obs. Hall Engineering BioEngin. P MacKayLassonde Alumni/ Pav. Thompson Labatt Lot Health Thompson Wind Sci. Bldg. Tunnel Engineering

Richard Ivey Building

BMO Bank of Montreal Building

Medway Lot




Shelly Guerin Student Financial Aid Coordinator

Regina Lyakhovetska, Assistant Manager

Doreen Vautour Residence Manager


Ursuline Hall

Natalie Walzak Assistant Student Financial Services Officer

Eight Level Parkade

Bayfield Hall


Linda Weber Manager, International Student Service & Exchange Programs

Joan Aldis Coordinator of Counselling and Student Development/CounsellorStudents with Disabilities/First Nations Contact

Beaver Hall Ausable Hall

To Spencer Ha ll (0.5 km)



International Students and International Exchanges

Student Disabilities, Personal Counselling and Development


r's Pete St. ary To Semin O

Kim Pega Coordinator, On-Campus Events


Lambton Hall


Tours and Campus Visit Days

National Research Council

Mogenson Building


Walking Time: 3-4 Minutes


Marilyn Mason Vice Principal Enrolment Services

250 Metres 999 Collip


Tracy Cunningham Associate Registrar



Robin Ellis Coordinator, Admissions & Liaison



Natalie Mak Senior Liaison Officer

Office of the Dean of Students


Paul Wilton Admissions & Liaison Officer

Windermere Manor


Brandon Csendes Admissions & Liaison Officer

Stiller Centre

The Research Park (London Campus)

Student Life


Admissions and Liaison Office

Get connected. Make a difference. To learn more call, email or go to

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