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About KINGSTAR  The KINGSTAR Soft Motion Platform is a software-only solution

that outperforms hardware and other competing software solutions with precision performance at half the cost.  KINGSTAR is an open and standards-based, integrated platform

that enables motion control and machine vision engineers to design, develop, and integrate motion control and machine vision applications with KINGSTAR’s Soft Motion library and software PLC.  It is built on the foundation of EtherCAT and a real-time 64-bit

Windows operating system, and is a complete platform for functional integration.

Why Choose KINGSTAR for Industrial Motion Control?  Machine manufacturers have traditionally relied on hardware to deal with

motion control.  Each piece of disparate hardware, such as motion control cards, vision

cards and PLC, comes from a different company and requires unique settings.  Configuring those settings, connecting the hardware, and ensuring all

devices and components are working together in harmony requires a tremendous amount of time and effort.  The more features you demand, the more hardware you need, and the

more intricate the deployment effort. This complexity translates to high cost and long-term investments, so it takes longer to get products to market.

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