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Table of Contents #1. History of surfing

The history of surfing Surfing is a popular sport but it had to start somewhere. In the beginning surfing was created by the Hawaiians before the 15th century.

#2. Gear

#3. How to surf

#4. Famous surfers

#5. How surfing evolved

All of a sudden in the 1950's and 1960's it exploded in popularity. Baby boomers even surfed when they were old enough to play. Anywhere there was good surf people surfed, even in unpopular places the sport was played.

Then in the 1990's Big Wave Surfing became popular. Big wave surfing is when a jet ski pulls you out using a cable to a wave too big for you to surf on your own. When you are the correct position you then surf it.

Gear To be a totally tubular surfer the gear you will need is following: #1. A surfboard #2. A leash to keep the board from floating away

#3. Wax to keep the board on your feet

#5. A wet suit to keep warm in cold climates

#4. A steady tide because the waves then are surfable

#6. A jet ski only for big wave surfing

How to surf Here are many steps of surfing:

#1. On shore you need to apply wax to not slip and slide off. #2. You need to go into the water and paddle out into the ocean.

#3. Wait for a wave to come to you, then you paddle until the wave catches you. #4. Then you pop up from the surfboard and ride all the way into the shore! (Make sure to bend your knees)

Famous people There are many famous surfers. Here are a few of them! -Bethany Hamilton Bethany is a professional surfer who won her first surfing competition at the age of 11. She was surfing when a shark bit her arm off but she still surfs to this day. -Ricochet the dog Ricochet is a dog who raised money for a cure for spinal muscular atrophy. He also surfed with children who had this disease. -Laird Hamilton Laird is the inventor of the big wave surfing which is when a jetski pulls you out to a wave and you surf it. He is also the person who surfed the tallest wave in history, which was ten stories high.

The evolution of surfing Surfing evolved in many ways. These are most of the ways it evolved!

Mostly only Hawiians surfed before but now people surf from across the world.

People used to surf on pieces of timber but now people commonly use fiberglass boards!

TY I AR L PU PO Surfers eventually invented skateboards so they could surf on land.

Surfing was not very popular until the 1950's when the sport exploded.

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