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Horseback Riding

By Anika Rizvi

History and Origin. Originally there were only miniature ponies and they were hunted, but then they were bred to a larger size so they could pull carriages, yet they were still hunted for their skin, fur, and meat. The first horse shows were horse races were people would race their horses. Their were also horse jousting, and , horse fairs. These were all held at the Olympia.


This is a picture of a miniature pony.

Many people used to ride horses to carry messages to important people. They also rode horses into war because it would be faster than walking. Horses also pulled carriages and carried goods from city to city. People also rode horses because they could get away from attackers faster. They could also win battles with more ease riding on a horse.


Once somebody found a carriage driver and two horses buried underground during the Shang Dynasty! (The Shang Dynasty was the earliest ruling dynasty of China to be established and recorded in history.)

This is a photo of two horses pulling a carriage.


Rules: How To Play There are a lot of types of horseback riding, such as, dressage where you have to follow a course. There's also endurance, vaulting and show jumping.

There are many rules when you are in a horse show such as, you have to wear a blazer and tan breeches, you have to wear proper riding boots, and you can't use a crop. (A crop is a whip but it doesn't hurt the horses.) You can also lose points in show jumping by getting faults or penalties or getting the timing wrong. Your horse has to be at least 9 years of age to compete in a Olympic competition, and you can't exceed the time limit that you are given. Olympic competition's are also much stricter about the rules and what you and your horse do. Your horse also needs to listen to you and you can't fall off of your horse. You can also not abuse your horse. You must be at least five years of age to do a horse show and a helmet MUST be on your head at all times. If you are a child and are riding bareback (riding without a saddle) you must be supervised by a adult.

Here is somebody during a dressage horse show 3


Some of the other materials you'll need for riding is a saddle pad to go under your saddle, you'll also need a half pad (not all horses or ponies use this) to go over the saddle pad. You'll also need a saddle to sit on and a girth to make the saddle secure around your horse or pony and make sure that your saddle wont fall off.

Materials. There are many materials needed to horseback ride. Here are some of the absolutely needed materials, a stable to put your horse(s) in, bedding to cushion your horse, hay and different types of horse food to feed your horse. You'll also need a horse or pony (Depending on your size) to ride. Horse's and ponies are pretty pricey! To own a horse the price is between $2500 and $3500. To own a pony it costs between $1000 and around $2500. You can also lease a horse or pony which is less expensive. You can also half lease a horse or pony.

Bridle --> on the horse

To steer your horse or pony you'll need a bridle and reins. 5


Famous People That Rode Horses. Georgina Leigh Bloomberg


Georgina Leigh Bloomberg was born on January 20th 1983. She won the U.S Talent Derby at 18 years of age and is worth $52 billion dollars. She also started riding horses at 4 years of age. She won lot's of serious horse shows. She also practiced a LOT which is how she became so good at horseback riding.

The most recent horse shows she won were in 2016, she was the winner of The Royalton Farms Open Jumper 1.4m class at the Hampton Classic Horse Show. She was also the winner of the American Gold Cup Qualifier and the Hermes Sellier Classic at the American Gold Cup.

Harry De Leyer.

Harry De Leyer was born in 1927 and started riding horses when he was 2 years old. He won lot's of horse shows. During the time of the Nazis he saved other peoples horses after they drove off leaving their horses to die. Harry De Leyer won the 1958 horse show Triple Crown with his horse Snowman.


Snowman (The horse)


Snowman was Harry De Leyer's horse which Harry De Leyer saved from a slaughter house in 1956 for 80$. Snowman was trained to jump 7 ft and 2 inches! Harry De Leyer unwillingly sold Snowman to his neighbor for 160$. Snowman repeatedly broke out of the stable he was in and ran to Harry De Leyer's house and Harry De Leyer finally bought Snowman back. Unfortunately Snowman died at 26 years of age from kidney failure.

Evolution Horseback riding started in 4500 BC. Horses used to be hunted for their fur and skin, but then people started making horses pull carriages and then finally started riding them now, people don't hunt horses as much. They hunt pigs, cows, and chickens instead. Lot's of people started to want to ride horses competitively because it was fun. Horses were originated in North America.


Timeline. <-----1493 horses were brought back to North America---- 1800 horses in Australia -------- 1867 horse population decreases--1900 equestrian at the summer Olympics ---- 1918 horses in boxes ---- 1970 horse hybrid --1986 police officers riding horses --- 2013 worlds tallest horse ---> 11

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Horseback riding  

Horseback riding