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HISTORY When dodgeball first started it was played by African Americans over 200 years ago. They played it to find the weaker ones of the tribe and for work outs. Once one of the players from one of the teams was hit, the other team would pelt him with rocks. It was the tribe member's teammates responsibility to pelt the other team to turn the distraction from the guy who was getting pelted to the opponent's player getting pelted. The game was brutal because the tribe's used petrified matter or rocks to throw at each other. Later on, they changed it to leather balls.

Later on an English man named Dr. James Carisle went over to Africa to see the tribes play dodgeball. He thought the sport was fascinating so he brought dodgeball back to England. He tweaked a few different things from the original game to an edited game. He went over to St. Mary's College and taught the students there how to play the game. They used rubber balls instead of rocks and played out on a field, not in a court where the African Americans played. Also, the player's out when he get's knocked to the ground, unlike the African Americans where they would seriously injure the player or even kill him.

In 1844, St. Mary's played the first ever dodgeball game against Yale University. Now they play every 4 years for a tradition of the first dodgeball game in history. In 1905, the first ever rules got published. Then, America populised the rules which made people start to like dodgeball. Then, in 2004 dodgeball got filmed which brought the world's attention to it. Phillip Ferguson was an impact to dodgeball. He brought dodgeball to America so American people could see it or play it. Later on, it got changed back into a gymnasium.

After a while, there was a movie about dodgeball called Dodgeball. HOW IS DODGEBALL PLAYED, RULES AND MATERIALS. At the start of the game the balls are lined up on the center line and the players fom both teams stand on the edge of the court to get ready to charge at the ball. Or sometimes the people on the sides throw the ball up as the whistle blows for players to catch. You cannot pick up a ball and throw it instantly. You have to wait until everyone is out of the middle.

You play in a rectangle or sqare court, or also outside on a field. If you get hit by a dodgeball, you simply walk outside the court or field. There are usallly 3-10 dodgeballs in the area and usally more balls are thrown in. Although it depends on the amount of action going on the game. If there is not that much action, sometimes balls don't even get thrown in or not that much. But if there is alot of action alot of balls get thrown in. There are 6 balls minimum if you want ot conduct a game with enforced rules.

There are foam balls, cloth balls, leather balls and rubber balls. The cloth ball is used in most countries; foam and rubber only used in N. America and some parts of Asia. Headshots are different. Sometimes the thrower is out; sometimes the player is out and sometimes both. If someone catches a ball, the thrower is out but of the ball hits a person but his teammate catches it before the ball hits the ground, the thower is out and player on the team who caught it comes back in. You have to hold the ball for 2 seconds for the person who threw it is out. You can wear any clothes. There is no required positions.

If you are playing on a basketball court and the opponent hits the backboard or makes it in, every player on their team is in. If a player deflects the ball and it hits the backboard, it still counts. There is no effect if it hits the rim. If the thrower hits someone while they are out of bounds, they are out. If someone sees a ball coming to them and steps out of bounds, they have to catch it or else they are out. If a player goes into the opponents zone to get a ball and it isn't fully in the zone they are out. SOME OF DODGEBALL'S FAMOUS PEOPLE Justin Payan Justin Payan is from USA and plays on a team called Doom from the West Region. He had a huge contribution to 5 UDC championchips for Doom. He's a 2-time MVP of the elite season.

Justin Payan is from USA and plays on a team called Doom from the West Region. He had a huge contribution to 5 UDC championchips for Doom. He's a 2-time MVP of the elite season. Team USA player 3 times at the World Championship. Jen Ritchie The most promanate name you'll hear in Canadian dodgeball. In her career, she won multiple championships. She won 2 gold metals at the World Championship in 2012 and in 2013. She's an advocate of the sport. Brian Williams He founded 5 new dodgeball clubs in Worchestershire. He started Stourbridge Carnage in January. He founded Virtue in 2014. Sadly, Virtue ended 3rd in the British Dodgeball division 2 in 2017. Lucas Boyle

Lucas Boyle was the quickest learner in dodgeball and maybe the most athletic. He got elected to the Elite West All-Star team. He throws good and makes crazy catches look easy. He has a strategic mind. Eric Stone He was the 2-time captain of USA in WDBF. He helped Boosh get past Rise in the 8.5" Elite Nationals. He helped TC Boosh finish second to Doom in the UDC. He elected Elite North AllStar. Kol Harrell When a clutch play is needed, he always seems to come through. He doesn't get the same respect from other teammates. He has been apart all Doom's championships for the past few years. His catching is great.

EVOLUTION OF DODGEBALL First it was played in Africa, now all over the world. Before it was played by African Americans for training, now it is played just for a fun competition. There's now a new less harsh game called Dr. Dodgeball. Now there's a more harsh game called Cracker Barrel or King of the Hill. The game of dodgeball almost got banned in schools. It almost got banned because it's sort of realated to war because of the throwing. It's now played with softer balls. It has made kids crazy if they lose.

FACTS Played now in most trampoline parks for kids. Kids all over the world play. Parents also play in clubs if they want to. Broadcasted on TV.


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