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~ubjecr onl~

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Brush up your

rhe Borough




pMt of the ire for lIork~ a~~ociared irh rhe propo~eu Chehea-llaekne~

l'nuergrounu line. \\ hen rhe Seererar~ of Scare remm'ed the re~en'arion oruer in 199.1. the Borough ueferreu furrher con~iuerarion of

our application. Thc

Collcgc rhen lodged an appcal \\ ith rhe Secrera~ of Srare for the

Em ironmenr. again~r rhe HOf<lIlgh'" non-dererminarion of the application. .\ftcr rhe Borough indicatcd that ir \\a~ "minded [() appro\ c" our applicarion. bur could nor do


appcal. the College

\\ hil<.: ir


~ubmitted a

on nc\\.

duplicate, application. !\t rhe meering in Januan, the Chairman of rhe Borough'" Education and Lihrary Committce formally objecred ro our application. on rhe ground~

thar parr of thc

idea I for a


~ccondiH\ ~chool

for pupih li\'ing in rhe

\\ ould be [() prO\ ide


parr of

rhe Borough. It i~ e'pected rhar an appliearion. parr'" for ~econdar) ~chool u~e,

and parrly for re~idenriill u~e, \\ ill

be ,ubmitteu by a third parr) to rhe Planning and Con~en arion Commitree ar a larer meering. The College will nor objecr to thar application. and


ollld eon~ider

propo~al~ for IXI~i~,

rhe propert~ on rhar prO\ ided rhar the Collegc'~

obligation ro


\'alue for the


full open marker

can be mer.

Profe~~or .\rthur Luca~


dia skill

[() uirecrion from the

eeretal"\ of "rare for 'I ran~porr concerni'ng rhe po~~iblc re~en arion of 11

Profe or nthea Tinker


eter IlobdJ\. onc of rhe pre~enrcr of the Rauio ~ ~od(~J'

programme. 11 III rake part 10 a one-da\ :\ ledia . 'kill~ cour e at King'


on Z, ":ebruan. lie



of a good inren iell.


har dri\ e~ the

nCII ~ agenda. and hO\I programmc


i~ organi~cd.

rhe art




ill al

conuuCt a numbcr of inren iCII ~ arc rel<.:\

i~ed, pla~

The raken b\


cd back and

part of rhe


cour~e 11

ill hc

Chri~tinc Ken~on Jone~, I're~~

of (jcronrolog~ 11 a~ onc of thc

December ~peaker~ in the Women'" Celltenan ~erie~ of Sre\ en~on LeLture~

in Citi/e,;~hip at the ['nil er~ir\ of (; la~)!;()\I. 19lJ5,


unril.\pril 1996. Orher

di~tingui~hed ~peaker~ include

lion Shirl<.:\

QC: and




The Rt Kenncd~,

\die. OBE. Thc ritle of

Profe~~or Tinker",

[)ireeto~ of Public Relnrion~. and

\lelanic Gardner.

.\nrhea Tinker of rhe

The ~erie . 11 hieh began in October






College", .\ge Concern In. tirute

anu Informarion

Officer, anu CO\ er~

~ueh topie~ a~: 11

makc~ nell~, r~ pe~

of nell ~ media. and


hOIl to make ~ our ~ubjeer of inrcre~t ro the media.

Iccrure wa~ I\'olllfll (fllrl rnlfilll': Ih(' pimm' ill /995.

e,-,' Year's Honour

If \fHI hal e been approilChed by rhe meJia in the ~lIte 11 11


pa~t and

har ro do. or i~


ha\'en't been ha\'(; re,earch

abour to be complered anu you

rhink ir i likl:l~ to arrracr meuia attenrion. if you arc in the ne\\' Direrl{Jl')'

of /·:.\P('11J for the tir~t time. or ~ (HI ~imph \\allt the e,perienee. then


eour~e i~

for ~ Oll. The cour,e 11 ill be held on

2H Febnwr\ from 10.00 to 17.00 ar C:orll\lallllou~e. Plea~e conracr \ Iclanie Garuner on 3073 if you wish to attenu. :'\ulllber~ arc limireu ~o book earh!

Directo 1]/ of


he ~econd edition of the Director) of E:-.perts ha~ no\\' pub"~hed


academie~ 11

Office. It

bl' the li~r~

ho arc happ\ to

the mcdia, nOli



Pre~~ th()~e



er SOU. repre,enring

a \\'ith a \a~t range of subjects. O\'er I 000

journali~r~. ne\\~paper~,

maga/.ine~, ~rarioJl'>

rauio and tele\ i~ion

ha\'e reeei\eu ir.


\\'ill be


our ro

and deparrlllcnral offiee~ for eon~ulration.

meuicine. Profc~...or

C;raeme Dal·ie.... former

Chief E,eeuti\e of the Iligher Education Funding Council for Principal of Gla~goll I 'nil·er~it). reeci\ eu a Knighthood for his en iee~ to rhe IIEFCE.

\v surger. tln1e

Experts been


C\ ril Chanrler.

I'ri nci pal of I' '\ IDS.. recci\ eu a Knigh rhood for ,en lee~ ro

England and nOli \'ice-Chancellor and






rom • Januarl' El11ergenc~ C1inic~ arc [(~ be hel~ at


:-, londa~ to I· nuay. Srranu C:all1pu~. Thi~ i... for urgent Jll,trter~

on" . . .\ppoinrll1enr...


a\'ailable unril 17.30 Surge~' till1C~

ill nO\I he


at Kemington and

Chehea ma~ he ~ubjCet to change, ~o check rhe \Ieuical Centre uoor~ for ri Il1C~.


al 1996

he I.J\\ F Jir \\ III r:lke plJle on \ !'mdJ\ .!9 ~nd I Ut: dJ~ 3(l JJnuJ~. oe[\\ een l.!.O() .lIld 1-,(lO. 111 rht: (,reat IIJII Jr rhe tr.lnd. \round -0 orgJllI Juon \\ III oe artendll1g. I he mo~r prt: [Jglou~ Cir~ IJ\\ tirm~ .Ire \\ dl rt:pre t:nred togerher \\ Ith regional group~ of firm Jmllt:gal 'IIU practltloner~. The BJr i ,mending on ooth da~ ,. Tht:re \\ ill a"o be rt:pre~enratl\e~ from l:cnrr.d anu lOLl I gm crnmt:11t and from ~ome trJining prm illt:r~. In addJ[ion. there \\ dl bt: a ft:\\ or~Jni~Jtion~ out~ide tht: le~al profc ~Ion \\ ho are kecn to n:lTuit la\\ ~ t:r\. On thc ~t:lI)nd d.l~ of the I- •• ir thcre \\ ill bt: .1 ~t:mIJ1Jr cmitlt:d '/ filiI/ill!!.

\\Irh a pJnd () . ~peJker from the LegJI \IU I'rJltiuoner . (.roup. rhe Cn", n I'nhecution ef\ ICt: and loc.ll l!,mcrnment. 'I hi \\111 t.Ike plJce in tht: (:ouncil Room Jt 1;.00. \re Jre JI~o running ~ \emin~r oer\\ t:en I ;,00 and l'-,(Xl on \\'t:unt:~da\ .>1 Janua~ enmlt:d , Ippll'il/Z/IJI' Tmllllll;" ((JI/!I'm!., \\ J[h Rob Ilalwn from Edge e J-:lli~on. \mong organ"ation~ attending the fair .Hl: rhe Gm ernmenr I.t:gal ~ef\ in:. l.inmln\ Inn .II1U rhe (;em:ral Counl:il of rhe BJr. Pril:e \\·att:rhou\t:. C, J Bef\\ 111 e Co. The o<':ler~ of Bbd, La \\ ~ t:r . .\rthur .\ndcr~t:n. "P\)(;. rht: InLind Re\ enue. I fcroert Smith. Iloloorn College Jnd rht: College of La\\.

CIJI/lmf! ()lIItr!, 1111 Rtz(.t/) I-Intl

I e\ medical curriullum role or l)r 'lillH rh I


'1 he pt<K:e ot oe\t:lopm!!; the ne\\ meuil:al curriculum hJ enrt:reu a ne\\ pha e. I he mam flllU of \\ ork h:l mo\cu rom rhe ~nl.lll CUrriculum l)e\c1opmenr (,roup ICD(;) ro )ear Group 1e\c1 Jnu rhu a ne\\ bou\ ha bet:n e rablJ hed - rhe Curriculum Implemt.:nra[Jon Group ( :1(;) - to prO\ ide J forum for Year Ht:aJ~, Timorh\ Sil11on, \\a~ in\ ireu [(J coch.lir rhe (;roup \\irh Paul Booton. '1 in1<Jth\ ha 'Iho pla~ed rhe lead role In managing rhe curriculum projt:et "nce \ugu~r 19Y5 anu ha~ been .K'corckd tht: ritle of 'ub-Lkan (Curriculum I mplemenratlOn). '1 im()rh~ I~ IHJ\\ bt.:lng ~upporreu b~ [ht.: ne\\" .Ippoinreu (:urril'ulum De\ elopment \"i,rant, Brian Larham. \\ho wok up hi, pmr on 15 Janua~ Il)l)(,.

t 1\ l"u.d at rhl~ tll11t: of ~t:cIf for tht: (:ommittet: of Rc~idt:nr I- dlm\ ~ to \eck nomination~ fi)r the J\\ ,Iru of tht: I· dlll\\ ~hip of the Collt:gt:. tht: F KC. Thi\ \ car" no e\ception, ho\\ e\ t:r. thcrc arc a numbt:r of changt:\ to the procedure \\ hil'h nt:ed to be men[Jom:d. l'nJt:r Swum: 14 the Collt:gt: can ellxtup to tt:n Fdlo\\\ annuall~. Tht: Fe 110\\ \hip i\ tht: highe\t honour thar rhe (:ollq.~e can be\to\\ and thi~ ~hould bt: rdlcueu in rhe nominJrion~ \\ hich an.: no\\' being \ought. .\n~ member of the College can pur f()f\\,ud .1 nom in.l rion. '.:om ination~ norm,d" fall into t\\ 0 broad carc~ont:" n'lmc". tho,t: for a currt:nr or rt:ct:l1tl~ rt:rirt:d mt:mbcr of ~tJfT Jnd rho\e for formcr ~t.lIf and ~tlIdt:llt~ \\ ho ha\ t: di~tingui,ht:d tht:m~t:" C\ in rhcir cart:cr~. Tht: nomination, for currcnt membt:r\ of \raff \hould nor be re\rrictcd to on" tho\t: \\ ho ha\ t: al:hie\ t:d di~rinction in tlll:ir pclfticubr field. Thert: arc otht:r\ \\ ho through dt:dil:ated and dilligenr ~t:r\ ice ha\ c contribured ,ignificanrl~ to rhe lifc of rht: (;ollt:gt:. ~ul:h indi\ idual, ma~ be \\orrh~ of nominarion. Ir ha, been rhe practice of rhe Comittet: of Re,ideIH Fcllml\ \\ hich i, rt:\pon~ible for recei\ in~ rhe nominarillll' and ac" i,ing rhe (;

on rhme to 1)(,: elclteu. to balance the ~\\~ru of h:llo\\~hip~ ber\\t.:t:n intt.:rnal Jnd e\.rt.:rnal nom I n,ltlOn,. In rt.:l't:IH ~ t.:ar, the number and qu,lIir~ of rht.: t.:\rt:rnal nominJrion~ ha~ bet:n ~omt.:\\har di\appoilltin~. If~ou arc ,marc of an\ alumni \\ ho ha\ t.: t:njo~ed ,ucce , in rheir can.:er' you ,hould con~ider putting them forward. Tht: nominarion proce~, h,,, .drt:rt:d ,Iighrl~ from pre\ iou, ~ t:ar, in rhar apart from complering rhe nominarion form tlHhe purring fOf\\aru nomin,Hion, art: required to prO\ ide an :lccomp'lI1~ ing cirarion of no more rhein ;00 \\oru~ togerht:r \\ irh an~ other accompan~ ing e\ idt:nl'e to 'UppOf[ rht: nomination. Tht: ciw[ion \\ ill form rhe ba,i~ upon \\ hid1 rhe FellO\\\hip i, .lI1nounce I. The do ing uare for rt.:ceipr of nominarion form~ i, Frida~ 2, I'ebrua~ I YY6. :"ominarion form, ,Ire a\ ailable from \ la ree 1I:l Scanlan on e\t .B71. Should you \\ i\h tlJ di~l:u\\ the nominarion proceuure or a po\\ible nominarion rhcn plea~t.: conrau mc on e\r ,B70. Brian Salrer \cauemic Regi~trar

Joint I :dlll.Hion (.eIHre '1 t:ndt:r\ for rhe Joint EducarlOn (:c.:nrre building programme \\t:re rt:cei\ed on 1:; Ikcembcr 1995. The projt:lted dare for ~wrr on \itt: i\ 12 I· t:bruar\ I <j9() \\ irh .111 anricipared completion b~ 31 I)ecc.:mber IY96.

I nforl1l~j[i()n ,",en ice ... o:? l..)\ ..,[em ... (:0111111 ittec \ nt:\\ Committee ha\ been e,rabli,hcd .It rhe School b~ rhe Chairman of the Deleg'lc~. Sir Perer Bald\\ in, to ue\ elop anu pro,ecute a 'tr:ltt:g~ for informarion cn ice, and ,~,lem\ \\ irhln rhe '>chool. and in rhe longer rerm for rhe Dt.:nmark Ilill ,ite. The Commirree .,ub~umt:' rhe rok~ of thc C,d1001\ Libra~ and C:omputt:r c,t:f\ ice~ (:ommirrec\. alrhough u~er~' ~roup' art: ro be t:\r.lbli~heu in both of rhe't.: area, to t:n~ure rh:n rhe School communir~ ha, propt:r opporrunir~ to commenr on and .Imt:nu prauice and polil..~. The Commirret: i, to be chaired b~ \Ir Dt.:rck Prenrice. a la~ mt.:mber of the I klegac~, and the membcr\hip \\ ill include repre,enrari\e, of the Sl..hool. Collcgt.: and Tru,r rogerht:r \\ ith tht: Imritllre of P~~chiarr~.

ongratulations to J ren1Y


crcn1\ I' E pcnlCr. J rhm] \car Ph I) \(Udcnt in rhc Pharm,!Colog\

(;roup ha\ed in Chel ca. hJ\ bccn a\\ ardcd a ~ oun~ iJllc,rigaror pri/c for hl\ papcr I).\'.II/(ISI dl/lllii!!1 ill hlllll(l//

l/lithr/1iI1 fill, IIIdllilt! I~\' I i!!lm III ...lIIi)!;1 alld h\'dm.f!tII /ll'iYJ.\it!r. The [Hi/C \\ a,



rhe (hygen Socier\



I hell

hc ( ~ntrc for Larc \ntlquc C' \kdle\al tudlc, (CL.\ \1 held ir\ bC\hHtendcd da\ colloquium to d,ne on 9 Dcccmbcr 199:'. Lombinll1g forcc\ II nh rhc (:onfratcrnn\ of ~r JanK' ro tackle thc \llbjcet of pil~rim\ ,Ind pil~rimage. .\frcr mulling mcr rhc


meerin~ held in I'a'adena. Californi'l


in 'olemhcr 1'J'J'i. am:ndcd b~ O\er 'iOO <':'I.pen\ in rhe free radical\/ 'Imio'l.idant\ field. The pri/<': i, a\lard<.:d to rcco~nl\<': c'l.l'cllclH rc\<.:arch prc\clHed by young \tudent\ bcloll rhc age of 3.1 and i\ de\ign<.:d to encourage them in ,t carccr in rhi, arca. Thc pri/e i\ rarcl~ ,1\\ ard<.:d ro Briti\h ,cienti,r\ ,inc<.: th<.: (hygcn Societ\ i the .\muican \Iing of rhe Imernational Socier\ for Frcc Radical Re'careh. J<.:rem~ i\ in\e'tigating the rol<.: of frc<.: radical, and alHio'l.idant\ in human di\ea\e, in panicular ncurodcgenerari\e di,ea\e, ,uch a\ Parkin\on'\ di\ease. I'rofe'>\or Barr~ I lall i\\'e 11 (hi, ,upen i,or), Dr Okc/ic I Aruoma and Karyn-.\nn J\lar,hall (a \\'ellcome Trust pril:e \tudent from the ,ame group) \\'ere pre,elH at the allard, eeremon\.

\l'al" 10 Salltiago, ,cr up in rhe Council

n old clothes?


\mall church-ba,ed charity i\ \upply ing clothe, for a \mall to\\ n in :'\:orthern Romania called RadJlni. \\'e supply abour .10 cubic merer, e\ er\' r\\o month, and arc con,ramh in n<.:ed of more. The clothe, arc largely gi\'en a\la\. but a \l11all \hop ha, been ,cr up to ,ell ,om<.:, rhu, creating employ mem and ,rimularing rrade .. \ny comriburion, of c1othe\, good quality and clean including ,hoc, and coar, \1 (Hild be mo,t 11 elcol11c. Plt:a,c ,cnd (() \Iark Jcffer~, School of Educarion. Corn\\ all Ilou,c.

E'l.hibirion, TIll PiI!!iilll

Room. m er I ()() pcople crammcd into 2C to hcar a \cric\ of rhoughtpro\ okin.~ paper\. I'rofe\,or Rob Banlerr of Sr \mln.:I\ \ 0pclll.:d procccding\ \\ irh an arrc,ring ui\cu'>\ion of hol~ placc, :lnd holy \pace" pointin~ our rh:lr rhc idca of:l hol~ pl'ICC, \1 hich \1 c rcnd to rak<.: for gr'lI1red. nl:ctl'> to b<.: card'ulh hi\rorici cd and ,holl ing h011 rhi mighr bc done for mcdicI'al chri'rendoll1. Dr I'l:rer Lineh:lm. Sr John'\ Coll<.:gc, Cambridge. follm\t:d rhi\ up \1 irh an intriguing account of polirical facror, b<.:hind (;uadeloupe", 0\ cr hauo\\ ing of Compo,rclla a\ a pilgrim c<.:ntr<.: in rhe rhirtl:elHhccntury. ,\frcr an c'l.ccllelH lunch prm ided by the College'\ earering ,en iCl:, Dr \lary R<.:mnanr of rhe Confrarernir\' of Sr Jame, guidcd u, \1 irh irre\i,tibl<.: gu,to along rhe mu,ical road to Santi'lgo and had rhe entire audil:ncc ,inging pilgrim ,ong' to rhe accompaniment of \ olunreer performance\ on bel". tabor and CO\Ihorn. 'I'he day ended \1 irh [\\ 0 fine contriburion, from member, of rhe home ream: Profe'>\or J udirh llerrin (By !amine. tudie, '" Cia, ic\l on \\omen a, pilgrim., in rhe early chri,rian period, and Dr Di:lna \\'ebb (Ili,tor~) on Iralian pilgrim., ro (:ompo.,rella and eI\e\1 here. Ir II a, gencrally agrccd rhat CL.-\\IS and cockle,hcl" had made a congeni:ll pairing! .Iint\ :'\:e"on, lJirel(or. CL:\\IS

1..1 Yerhulm

pecial Re earch ell 0\\ hip


he Le\erhulme Tnl\rl:c, launLh<.:d J ne\1 caregor~ of pccial Re,earch Fcllo\l\hip, in 199.1. \ppro' ren ,lppOIJHment' arc 'l\ailable. renable from thc bcginning ofrhe 19%/97

'lc'ldemic ~Clr. The a\IJrd, arc inrend<.:u to prm id<.: opportunirie, for r<.:,<.:arlh<.:r, \\ irh a prO\<.:n record of rc'<.:,lrlh \\ ho do not hold and h'l\ c nor hcld a full-rimc e,rahli.,hed academic po,r in.1 l K uni\er.,ir\ or compar:lbl<.: ill'>rirurion. The Fellc)\\ ,hip., are rcn'lbl<.: for 24 month\ and mu,r bc raken up bl:[\le<.:n rhe b<.:ginning of rh<.: I 'J9()/97 i.lcldemic ~ car and 1 \Ia~ )997. .\pplicarion derail., arc aYail,lble from Th<.: S<.:erer:lr~. Re,eareh .\\\ard\ \dl i\ory Commirree. The Le\crhulmeTrtl,r, 1'i-19 :'\:e\\ Ferrer Lane. London EC4.\ I:'\:R. unril \Iarch and mll,r be 'Iccompanied b~ an .\4 .,ramp<.:d addr<.:'>\cd el1\elop<.: (lOO gram,).

Sports and Social Club Tournament he, porr, and SOCial Club Tournamenr i, making ir, annual \ i,ir co King',. The fornur \\ ill be rhe ':lme a, la r ~ ear,ingle, and pair, in e\ery comperirion (Cribbi.lge. darr\. pool and ,nooker). .\11 enrrie, mll,r be in by 'j'hllt,da~ 29 Febrllar~ and rhl: dra\1 II ill be made on Frida\ I \Iarch. The TOllrn'lIll(;nr \\ ill .,r:lrr on \Ionday 4 \lareh and final\ :'\:igllt \1 ill be (hopcfllll~ ) Friday 19 July. For en[[~ form, and furrher derail contacr Cordon Re\ nell. Geograph~ Dcparrmenr, Srrand Campll' e'l.r:2 02.

Frederi Leighton at th Ro Tal cadelTI 7

.on-cq u il i bri um rhcrmmh namic


rofe or R F treater' late t book, .Slllliillml D\"II(JI/llt:i. ha

nO\\ appeared. publi hed b~ a ne\\ (()mpan~. Imperial College I're'>'>. It i, aimed at ,rudem, of mathematic, at the m'l,ter, or Ph J) le\ cl. It \\'a, ~ red. editcd and prinred in thc Ikrartmcnr 01':'\ I,\thematic'. and \la, rroduced and di,tribu[(;d b) \\'orld Scienrific. \\ ho al,o de,igned thl: arrracri\ c eO\ l:r. I'rofe'>'>or Streater '>it\'> "It \\<" likl: ha\ ing a bub~; nin<: l11omh, of e,rra \\ ork and amieiparion and onc \ 0\1' not to go throll/!;h all that again. But ,o011 aft<:r it i, 0\ cr. one i, ~t1read\ \\ orking [()\\ ard, the ne:\t eJition.'路 Flamin/!; June ({kl/lil) ( I, '95, ,1I/'ll de. \111' dl' POWI'. I'll/no Rim


he nhibition of paiming,. dra\\ in/!;, and ,cldpntr<;: b~ Frederic Lord Lei~h(On (I <,,,0I, (6) 11 hich opeJl'> at the RO\al .\cadem\ on I'=; Februar\. and run, umil 2I . \pril. i, the fir,t to be de\()[ed to Leighton ,ince the retrmpecri\ e at the Ro~al .\eadem\ in I '97, the \ear after hi, death. Leon':e Ormond (Engli,h) i, onc of the team of four \\ ho ha\ e ,elected and eawlogued IZ'=; \\ork" or group, of 11 ork" repre~eming all period, and ,r~ le, of l,ei/!;hton'" career. The idea for the exhibition hI hich mark, the ccnrenary of I.eighton'" death) date, back to 197'=; \1 hen Lconce rubli,hed a critical monograph of I,cighton with hcr h u,band Richard. nO\\ Director of the '\ational :'\ britime :'\ lu,cum. Leighton \Ia, unll,u,d among \'icrorian rainrcr, in bcing trained abroad. in Pari,. Brll'>'>e1 . Berlin and. mo,t importanrh, at the Sradele,che, Kun,tin'tiwt in Frankfurt. ,\fter ,pendin/!; three year, \\ orking in Romc. he ,em his fir,t major \\ ork. Cil/lllb/le's rddll7111'd .II/Ido/lllll iJ mn7ed ill pro/t'ssiol/ Ihl7JIlf;h Ihl' .<11t'1'1.< of FIO/l'llfl'. home to

London \\ here it \\a, the chief talking poinr at the Royal .\cadem) e:\hibition of lit-.=;. Bought b~ Queen \'ic(Oria, probably on the ad\ ice of Prince .\Ibert \1 ho admired it, German qualitie,. the painring borh e,rabli,hed Leighton a, a painrer \1 ith a fllture and made him ,ome enemie, among tho,e \\ ho re/!;arded him a, a foreign-trained

out,ider. Toda~ it h'lng, in the '.:ational Galler\. on loan from the Royal ( ;ollection. In the ~, \1 hich 1'0110\\ ed the ,ucee'>'> of (.II//{lllIIt路S .1If1do/ll/fI I.eigh (On ab:.lndoncd hi, German hi,torical manner and became increa,ingl~ a"ociated \\ ith cl'I'>'>ical ,ubject n13rrcr and 11 ith a ,t~ le of p'liming \\ hich tinall~ \ erged upon" mboli,m: "m) PlO'\ ing 10\ e of Form made me inwlefanr of the re,traim and e:\igencie, of co,tLIme and led l11e ... to a cia" of ,u hject' ... in II hich ,upreme ,cope i, left to pure arti,tic qu,t1itie"" I.ei.ghton \Ia, a public fi/!;urc a, \\'ell a, a painrer. lie \\a, elected (0 the RO\'al .\eadem\ ," an a'>'>ociate in IHM and full member in IH6lJ. B~ IH7H it \I'a, clear (0 e\ e~ one that he \\ a, the onl\ man \\ ho could become I're,idenr of the Ro~ al .-\cadem~. a ro,t to 11 h ieh he was eleCted \ irwall~ unorpo ed. From then unril hi, death in 1< 96 he \\"a, a leading poke,man for the art in Britain. at the same time ,erring the Ro\al :\cademy on a ,ecure footing and greatl~ increa,ing it, rre,tige. Ili, peerage. be to\1 ed ,hortl~ before hi, death. \\a~ the onl~ one gi\en to a raimer in this c()unr~.

It i, rartieularl) approrriate that Leighton ,hould bc the ,ubject of a Royal .\cadem\ \1 imcr e"hibition. sinee the e exhibition, \\ ere hi, 0\1 n brainchild. an imrortanr c1emem in hi, 'trate,!!;') to bring the old ma ter, \1 ithin the reach of ordina~ people.

Ph lCS re earch award rof<:'>'>or Pike of KCL.., Ph\,ic~ l)eparrl11em and Dr Igor Yudln of :'\!o,cO\\ .., Oil and Ca,


Re~earch In,tiwtc. ha\'c been a\\"arded <'70.000131-' b~ the. 'ciemitic Affair, Di\ i,ion of :'\;\'1'0 to direct an .\d\anced Re,<:arch \\'ork~hop (.-\R\\') on 1.~l!,hl Smlll'/7l/K e Pholo/l (,'ondlllio/l S/)/'(ttrJJW!JI' at th<: Jagiellonian llni\<:r'ity. "rakoll. Poland. from 27 w .10 Augu,r. this year. Thc\' have invitcd somc '=;0 im<:rnational cxp<:rt~ to partieirarc. ~,\'I'O'" ail11 in their AR\\' rrograml11e i, to bring short and medium term benefit tu the ,ci<:nce ba,e and impro\ e indu~trial competiti\ i~ of Ea~tcrn Eurpean counrrie~ \\ hile. at the ame timc. increa,ing a\\'arene,>,> of imporram dc\ elopl11enr, in the~e cOllmrie~ b~ re,earcher, in the \\'e~t.

College Secretary's Office aura Ryehan ha, become Seercwr) to the Colkgc Secrctary (ext 3,,0 I). Philomcna IYSoula rerlaces Laura a, ,ecretaf) to the Bur~ar (e't 3.)09).


YL.. LI.nplo lILntl


do \\



I'he 7J1f~\' reported the peelh !!;ilen the PnnlipJI tll Jek_.He J[[t:ndln!: the (..Ireer TeJlher ( mkrenle enmkd 'D" !'.mplmcr II.lnc lIenn t '. orgJnl cd bl the College' cudenc ReLrUltmenc ,"!'. 'l.lh.ln!!;e Office. I le 1\.1 Jbk tll reJ ure them thJt (Ience Jnd en!!;ineerin!!; !!;rJduJte po~ e ~ m.ln~ IIf the Jme !!;enerJI ,kill, Jnd hJI e .I mUlh Ulce, In findln!!; emplol menc .I their .In colleJgue,. b~


In the news

U;i\ L lip

on m \(h

\n IncernationJI confen:nce orgJnl,ed b~ rh<: lhool Curriculum .lIld :\~~e~~menc \U(hllnr~ 11.1' COl er<:d b~ the Till/I:< I~dllml/QII SlIppltml'l/l. \laq~arer B«)\\ n, Profe..-.or of \lathemarlc, !·,dllt:arlOn, wld rhe conferencc rhJr .Ill ,rudenr, ,houkl hale (() lonrinue 11 irh mJrh, up w 19. Currenrl~ Brit,tin i~ thc onll del doped eounr~ I1 hieh .111011 ~ ,rudcnr, [0 /!;il e up mJrh, Jr )(l. I· 011011 1nl!; rhi" Prorc~~or BrOil n 11 J~ IIHcn lell cd on R,ldio 4', I·.dll((/I,oll 1/t/11'" ,Ibour the con: ,kill, required in mJth,. ,ueh a, logil. ~parial ideJ' and dara an'llI \I~. Shc ~'Iid rhar marhemarie, ,hould include problem ~oll ing ,rratcgie, and nor be link<:d w m'lnlpularilc reehnique~.

Iltlls .I'm/({ ... Dr Simon \\"e,~cl~. R<:adcr in P,ychological \I<.:diein<:. i, bccoming a rcgular eonrribuwr w rhe healrh pJge, of The Times. 11 i~ recenr fc:arure~ hal e coneerncd thc problcm, of m<:nrall~ ill d()nur~ (rho,<: II ho become alcohol or drug dependenr), and Jlrernaril e rrearmenr for ~uITerer~ of \I E.




The nell po,rgraduare lllur~e on ~pon~ hIli recend~ <:,rabli~hcd 11 irhin the School of Lall reeeil cd 11 Ide lOl erage in nell~paper~, 1.111 mJga/ine~ and on rhe radio. The Radio.'l programme. Xt/li()II~'idl'. reponed rhe launch and inrefl i<:11 cd ,om<: of rho,e 11 ho atrended: Seba~rian Co<:. Con~en aril <: \IP and formu arhlete. Kar<: Ilo<:~. Labour .'IP, Paul Elliort. footballcr and .\dam Tomkin~ 11 ho i~ running rh<: cour'c. SpOI1J IlIlemt/liollt//. a \\'orld Scn ice programme. aho COl crcd rhe <:Ienr.



tI fJcr



Dr h.HnnJ LJrkin. Lcuurer in I h<: I I!!; . rook pJft III a di LU IOn on R.1l11Cl . \'II/d" progrJmmc JbCllH the hi tunLitl lit the Bihle. '( hi 11 a a re pon e 10 an arllLlc III Timr IllJ!!;J/lne. II hllh ral cd ome: IIf the UC.




p f( ld fL


\n Jnlcle on thc e le:, e, of Chn,tmJ eJnn ' ~llld I anou food ,care, Jppe.m:d In thr S'II/dm Time'. Tom ander . Profe ,or of"'" urrition and Dletetil,. ,.lId thar he bel ie:: I ed rhar ~ome food eare II ere englllecreu b~ J loc.lI group of food lobb~ i,r~. r le nude .I predlltlOn dur III I() ~ eJr rime caring mear in publil 1I ill be like ~moklng in J pubhl plale.




The Dean. ReI d Dr Richard Burridge, rook p.m on the I,rlll' Shll"" on Premier R,tulo d"lIl~,in/!; ('hri~tm;" wrie, .1nL! rhe gmpl:l,. I le .Iho appean:d on 'lhlS Sill/rim • .I (;ranad.l 'I \. programme, In an ImCfI lell 11 irh Bdl Roalh (better knO\I n a "en BJrlOII of ('IJlw/(/lilJl/ SIIIl Il on the nJtil ir~. rhe go~pcl~ .Ind rhe ,ptrit of (;hri,rma~.

PLalL i... hrcakinu; \\ h\ :

oUL hll(

.\n article In rhe S'II/dll\' 7dl'j;mph C\'lmined rh<: ollthreak of pcaee rhroughout rhe lIorld and looked ar rhe forec~ behind rhi, trend. \Iichael CIJrke. Prot'c,~or of Defence Srudie,. poinred (JIlr dur rhe onc major re,rraint on ~rate~' abilit~ to wage lIar Ila~ rhe Ilorld marker~ \I hieh rended to puni~h counrrie~ lighting war, morc rhan el er before Jnd make it diffiudr to ~u'tJln .1 11 ,Ir onlC ir ha~ ,rarted.

kfjllill~ \ SlIlId"y 71l1l{'.l· .Irric1e on parienr~ in per,i,renr I egeratil e ,tate (P\'S) rai~ed rhe i~~ue of the po,~ibilir~ of recoI er~ for ~ulh p.lrienr~. Par \\'al~h of the Centre of \ledical Lall and Ethie~ Ila~ quorcd on rhi, ~ubjeC( and al,o inren ielled b~ John \lcCarrh~ on rhe \\ orld ~efl ice. In the IlIdepetlr/l'IIl ~he \I ,I~ quoted on rhe que~tion of rhe I'alue lie atrribure ro eon,ciou,ne~~, and on redefinirion~ of dearh. She Ila~ Jho inren ielled on Radio Eircan about rhe European ~Ufl c~ run b~ rhe

lk [(h-

C\ IL E of dOl[or',' probll:m~ rai~ed b~


ro rhe


Thc I11c~lnin~ of ...

11111 Thorne. Director of rhe Engli~h Language Te:lthing Centre. appeared on Tlu .\j/t/7/fJfJlI.SllI{t on Radio ~ ralkin,g abour rhe he itation noi~e, \I hith people make \I hen peaking. lie explained rhar rhe~ I ~lfied in ~ound. lengrh ~lndmeaning according {():l particular language or cul{llre. ~Ir Ton~

For tlouridc .\n on-going flouride fea~ihilir~ ,tud~ for I,on don \\'a~ reported in the 1':'i..'tIJill,e. S/rllldllrrl. Sranle\ Gelhier. Profc~~or of Dental Puhlic Ilealrh. I-:C:S~ID. ~aid rhar de"pite fear, rhar ir i~ linked {Cl eancer. there i, no el idenl:t.: that fluoride i~ detrimental to health. lie e\pre~~ed concern abour rhe large numher of children in London \I ho hal e tecth remol'ed a~ a ccll1~equenee of demal di"ea~e. FolIO\I ing thi~ he appeared on London :'\ew~ and \'il"a! radio.

(;OI11I11U n icarion" (() cOl11e The future of teleeommunication~\la, examined on Radio ~\ }'fJ/( rllld l'OIIl:1. \'ariou~ ne\l ,y,tem~ \I ere di~cu"ed and ~ lark Sandler, Profc~~or of Sign:i1 Proce"ing. talked about mobile I ideo telephony \I'hich could ,oon 1)(.: al'ailable, bur he wondered hO\l man\ people \lould actuall~ \I ant it.

The Culf rc\ i"ired La\l renee Freedman, Profe~~or of \\'ar on rhe Todfl)' programme in the lead up w the fifth anniler~a~ of the Gulf\\·ar. lie talked abour the \I capon, \I hich \I ere u,ed and ~aid thar the publie had been ,educed by the claim, abour '~mart \I capon,': mo~t of the \I capon, had been old 'dumb' onc,. He al,o ~aid that the Patrim mi",ile wa~ nCH actuallY a great ,uccc". S{lldie~. appeared

Lack of "pirir Paul Black, Emeri{ll, Profe",or of Science Education and i\ Iiehael Poole. \'i,iring Re,eareh Fcllo\l in the School of Education, contributed (() an article in the 7'I.. S which argued that the ne\l ,eience order omit, key di,cu",ion of the ,piri{llal eonte'l:t, of ,eientifie thinking.

\id" .lI1d rhe elderl \\ ork 11\ the \ge Concern In't1tl1re of Gerontology inro \id, and elderly peopll: \I a~ reported on rhe l1/trll.:/lls/l'ml!,ml/Jl/Jl on RadIo:, It reI ealed a roul lack of adl ice, information and re,eMch on the ubject for rhi ,ecrion of ociery \I ho had become carer~ for J1eople \I irh :\id or \\ ere parent~ of 'ldTen;r,.

Porrcr' ;lrr ~lnd conum er", Dr Dal id :'\okc" Reader in Engli h Lirerature, \I rote about rhe playllright. Dcnni~ PCHtcr. for Tht'SlIlIdfl)' Times, ~a\ ing that he broughr great art and great contrm er,~ (() our telcl'j,ion ~creen,.

l'nablc (() pla~ h~ rhe rule" I~e,eareh

undertaken b~ the Centre for \ Iental Ilcalth SCfl ice' Ikl elopmem \I a, reported in rhe 11ff/lth St'I''i..'ire .ffJl//7/fll. Ir \la, found that rulc~ gOI erning mental health ~efl icc~ financc arc '0 comple'l: thar the\' arc either rripping up purcha~ers and prO\ idcr' or forcing rhcm to play 'afc. Thcy concluded that a fundamcntal reI ie\l of the rule~, \I irh ne\l Il:gi,lation, \\ a~ e,~ential.

,\pologie" In rhe la,t edition of III/ht' Ill""":; \I C did not full) report the e'l:tent to which a confercnce, entitled SllIdit's ill f-{l/17l1jiJ! RrliKioll. org:lni,ed by Dr ,\ndre\\' \\'alker, Senior Lectllrcr in Theulogieal Education \\"a~ COl ered .•\11 the daily broad heet~ and rhe Sunday papers rcported it and it \\a, mentioned on radio and telCI i~ion, including F~'t'0'1I/(1II and I1efl!1 of/ht, .11filler.

Obituary [) r E\\ :1 n ( . (J r.t nr r i~ \\ lth mLJth rcgret thar I mu~t announce that. after a hort lllne ~. E\\ an Grant died on 19 \.'o\(:mber 199:, ju,t fil e dJ~ hort of hi, 63rd hirthda\ , Before hi~ early retirement in 1991. EW~ln \\'a, Reader in Iluman Biology at thc College, ,\Ithough hi, lir~t degrec \\ a, in /'oology, Ewan \\a, primarily intcrested in hehal iour, and c,pecially human behal iour. i\ ~lJl)~r~lJltial part of hi~ po~rgraduate career I\"a, ,pcnt dealing with the ,criou,ly mentalh' ill. and thi, e'l:perience \\'a~ e\tended to a ~tlIdy of rhc bchal ioural ~ignah of Cl er\ da\ life, Thi~ Icd to a \\ ider inten:st in Iluman Biology and elcntually E\\"an became the founding member and I lead of the Dcpartment of Iluman Biology at Chelsea College, ,-\r rhc time of the merger of Chehea and I-:ing'~ Collegc~, the Department~ of Ilul11an Biology (Chel,ea College) and Anawl11Y (King', Colil:gc) became onc. Ewan stccrcd his sraff through a 'tre"ful timc \\ ith grcat ,kill and eOl11po~urc, without \\ hich help rhe union of t\l'O di~parate Departlllents would hal'e been far le" ea~y than ir prol·ed. Ewan continued {(J ~houlder much of the hurden ofadmini,tration a"ociated ~peeifieally \\ ith the Iluma n Biology BSc Degree programme, in the ~al11e effeetile \\ay a~ before. ~o en~uring rhar it, ,ucce~, ar Chehea would continue in the ne\\ ~urrounding~.

Ewan wa~ a much liked and respeercd figurc in the College, lIe is ,uniled b\ hi, \\ ife and tWO ~on'>. {() \\ hOI11 \\ C ,cnd our sympathy. Profes,or K E \\'eh,ter Anatom\ r:':: Iluman Biolo~ Group. Biomedical, cienee, Dil'i,ion, Strand

ents A complete listing of College events from January to June is to be found in the edition of hat's On which accompanies this issue of Comment. If you require further copies please phone the Press & Publications Office on ext 3072. The next issue of Comment will include a full list of March events: items for inclusion should be submitted by 16 February. 14-17 February Sophocles' Ajax in the original Greek New Theatre, Strand 19.30 to 21.10 Matinees 14 & 16 February at 14.30 to 16.10 Tickets £4.00 (including programme) Contact the Box Office on 0171-873 2399

Il1Imanirie" 8 February Public lecture in Portuguese from the Department of Portuguese & Brazilian Studies A historiografia nacionalista em Portugal Professor Luis Reis Torgal, University of Coimbra Room 2C, Main Building, Strand 17.30 Contact Toni Huberman 0171-873 2507 10 February Conference: Centre for American Studies African-American culture at midcentury Connought Hall, Tavistock Square, London WCl 10.30 to 17.30 Contact Dr Clive Bush 0171-873 2866 or Dr Shamoon Zamir 01718732551

All lectures will be given in Room 2C, ain Building, S rand 14.00 to 15.00 Contact Professor D S Gaun or Dr C J Buckley 0171-8732148 5 February The science of smuggling Professor Terry Gough, Visiting Professor in Forensic Science, KCL 12 February

Earthwatch: observation of the climate from space Professor John Harries, Imperial College 19 February Space flight is part of our culture; discuss! Professor Heinz Wolff, Brunei University

Sruuenr,,' l


Rag week 5 to 18 February Sunday 4 February begins with race to Trinity College Dublin and ends with a James Bond Ball on Saturday 17 February. Contact Craig Lawrie 0171-836 7132 or ext 1185 King's College Ball 23 March Park Lane Hotel. Prices not yet decided. Contact Tim Chambers/Sue Evans 0171-8367132 or ext 1244 Elections Late February, early March. Details not yet finalised. Contact Lesley Dixon on 0171-836 7132 or ext 2454

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hun. Pkn["\ (,I h }k ht:h e ! ..:. - .000 ht.:t:hold l d .. 1O L IntJl[ (JllfdoJl (; Il.JdH:r r I _n "-r 1 e. C:ompu 10': Lemrt.: [ f n I c [.!-

'I ( rem n_1e r' 'Ill to Ie[ tn qllle[. lOn\ elllent llar. London \\ Cl. \\ oman nonmoker prclerred. Rt:m 'i..!7- IXn1. Ph"nt.:t:\t.:nin~ 0171-' ~I 2

'11) \cr (Juit:r. celudeu. [\\ 0 bedroom conJ~t: ollth "•.1 [ I.ondon. I ull~ furlll~hed. ga~ It.:mrJI ht.:J[lI1g. t:arut:n and parking. UI[Jbk tilr \ i i[ing Jlauell1il l'Oupk. tAlIO per calendar rnomh plu~ ekunci[~. ga~ Jnu phont: bil"- CounCil '1 .1\ (cllrreml~ £~O pt:r n1oJHh) anu \\ J[t:r ra[e~ kllrrcmh 'i.!O per mon[h) I \\ t:m~ ll1inll[c~ [r~\'tn [() (.hannl.( (.ro~~. \ 1.1 I AlI1don Bridge. \\ail"hlc 1·t:!JrUM\/'hlflh 1996. LtnlhJ\ ".llion <'nmh. Conkrt:nce \dmlnl~[rawr. \"Ication Blln;,lll. ~~.! KlI1g\ ROJd on O!7!-3'i1 (,Oll (dJ\)orO!, !-.!~! ).'1.)

k I .!Ol. \ denhJIll.

k\ cnint:'>'

\\amed - informal \rabic er... ~\(i()n cla""c" I "111 1001-.1Il~ for ~ln \r"bl<': ,peaker for one-[O-ol1e inform;]1 com cr~a[ion ll.l ~e~. [0 build on 111~ prt:\ iOIl~ I-.nO\\ Icdt:t: of \rabil. Plt:a~e conWI [ t:,[ D, . CO!1\

(;0 /11 IIItill [he (.ollc!!;c·~ re~lIl,1r l1e\\ ~Ic((er. ","t:d 1)\ [he Prt.:" C l'lIblll.H1on Oftin: t:"<.:h momh dllnng CI11t.: [er. \\c \\ckol11e .If[i<.:lt.: .lIld/or ph()[O~r.lph (<.:olollr or hl.lck .11\<1 \\ Imt: prrlH~ plca~t:llrom .tll ell\flll~ of the ( ,olle~e. I I' jJO~ 11>1<: lOlltrlhll[lOlh ~holliLll>t: cm in on " '.:; III I-. III IIllform l[[ed [t.:\[ (0/1/11/11/1"

PIe.1 e 11I'[t.: [h.l[ [ht: t.:dl[or re cn t: the rrght [0 un or amend ~lf[lCIe a~ 11 e<':c".1 r\ .

For sale Thrcc-bcdrnoll1cd hOll',e on quie[ ~[rcc[ in Hroddc~ (Sl~~). e1o~c [() Brockk~ and \,'unlll:ad BR ~[a[iOlh (bmh in I.onc 2. \\ i[h ca~~ COmnllH1n~ [() Strand. Corn\\'all Ilou~c. or KCS.\ID). Large kitchen. ba[hrooIll. 11\ ing room. dining room. ~ardt:n \\i[h \\a[cr



I~\lle ')..j

I () I el>rll,lr\




e PlIblicarion" Office

", [ '2().! 1.1 ()171-.·720.!1~ 1·.-1J1lil t I'h.ljJ1J1.II1(g

Comment 093 January 1996  

fJ.~1 .1';:,4 1If! /1-"/1/1111'1' 1!qdI 1 J710:&gt;7; ;llp pilI' "&gt;(11\ 1 '-11 \l!lPdlll '1l11l1 \.J111lUpf 11 1I0 ;,&gt;71:l1l0:) p;lJ:1...