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K allege LO DO

1 G'S

Foundedr 29




IBI /{



I 1'1')';

ENT the College Newsletter Gainsford knighred 3n Cain-,ford, \'icc-I'rincipal and I)can of the School of :\Iedicinc cl: I)cmi~try, ha~ recci\ cd a knighthood in the Queen'~ l3inhda~ Ilonour~ Li~t for hi~ ~en ice~ [() medical and dcmal education, Profc~.,or D~I\'id (;andcrwn, Formcr Profe,sor of Pharmaccmic, ,I[ King\


and currcmly a \'i,>iting Profc'>\or in the Depanmcnt of Pharmacy, aho recei\ed an OBE for ,en'ice., to the control of medicinc~, Sir Jan ha, a distingui,>hed career in gcneral dcmal practicc, and in academic and profes.,ional demal education, Hc has been Dean of the College'.,. chool of :\Iedicine and Dcmistrv .,ince 1':J il. and \\"as pre\ iou,ly Dean of the Demal School for ten year" Hc wa~ a member of the Senate/Council of the l'nivcr.,ity of London until :\Iarch thi, year and \\a, for ten years a member of the Gcncral f)emal Council, and i, a former Chairman of it., Education Committee, He \\a,> Pre~idcm of the Odontological

The getting of WIS dom

:\kdicine until October 19)--1, Re,>ide'> hi,> aeri\'itie,> in gcneral del1t:,lI practice and teaching at King's and at the London Ho.,piral :\kdical College, Sir fan ha,> acted as cxaminer for uni\er,>itic,> in the l"K and o\ersea,> and for thc Royal College of Surgeons, In thc Health Sen'icc he ha., ser\ed on District,

rea and Regional flealth

Authoritie,>, and he i., currently a member of the Standing I)ental Ad\ i.,of\. Comminee \\ hich ad\ i.,c,> the Secrcrar~

of Statc for l!ealth on demal

matter, lie i,> a Special Tru,>tee of King'" Collcge Hospital. ~l Fellow of King\ and a member of the College Council. Profc'>\or Gandcrwn i,> Chairman of the Briti,>h Pharmacopocia Commi,>~ion. \\


~ets publicl~足

a\'ailable ,tandards for mcdieine and pharmaceutical produet~. and i~ aho 3 membcr of the I 'K delegation [() the European Pharmacopocia Committec,

Gellill/i \ \ '/SE If) f!J'rosfopes ill Ihe Physirs DeptJI1/1/{'I/I


he School of Phy.,ical Sciences c!! Engineering held their first WISE (Women in cienee and Engineering) Day on \\'edne.,day 1-1- June, The ocea.,ion \\"a.,

a great sucee s with girl'> from Chislehurst and Sidcup Grammar School. South Camden Communit\' School and D T College, Pumey, parrici pating, {"f)lIlilllled 011 pr/fie 2

Seerion of the Royal Society of

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'1 he gcninL'; of \\'lSEdo1l1 ,

Whitfield' zoo

_' I


Dr .\Ii on \Iam\\oou. Lenurer in

Ph\ ~K~.


in her \\ ekome r31k rhe

lue3 of rhe ua~ \\ a~ [() ui~pcl rhe r1ur

~<..Ien(;e ~ubJen



\\ en: dillillt!r 311lJ

bOring "nd onl\ for bo~~, Dr Ilelen <:hel11"r~.

Fieluing, Lenurer in rhe~e


rel113rk in her


do ing rhe ua\ \ c\ cnr~. cmph'l~i~ing rhar ,cience \\a, fun "nu rhar Ir, ,wlh prm iueu im.t1uable kill. ,uch ", nUmer3C). rhe .mu rhink



[() (;

3nd [() be erC3[1\ e

," \\ ell a, anal\ rical. L,tb


\\ crc rhm\\ n opcn "nd


group, of girl, \\crc rakcn round


cnrhu~ia~ri(; hand




\ Icch.ln Ic,,1

Engll1cering a"i,reu

rhegirl~ [()

program a parh on a eompurer for an 3u[()-guiueu \ ehide \\ hich \\ ," rhen re,rcu [()


if rhe correcr cour'e h.ld

heen ,er. In Elecrronic and Electrical Engineering rhe\ \\ere ,hm\ n hm\ [() mea~ure

\\ irb lighr and ,gi\ en a L"er Chemi,tr~

uemon'trarion. In made brick, floar


rh C)

coaring rhel11 \\ ith

inreraeti\ e wrorial in infra-red Deparrmenr offered a range of rhe



compurer for the day rhey \\ere born, generating hologram on computcr. anu u,ing a bicycle \\ heel anu a rotating platform on the floor ro demomtrate a gYroscopic effecr. In \Iathematies the girb trieu their hand ar a


of pieces of mathcmatical

'oft\\ are ranging from compurer algehra to

I~f!hl) 1)1' Phi/II 'h;I(idr/; m-II/llhor .lohl/

rofe"or Phil \\"hirtidd of I,ife ha, added another aehie\ernenr [() hi, C\' by being .,horrli~ted as a pri/e-\\ inning author of .,cience hook., for chiluren, Profe"or \\'hididd \\ a, a runner up for ont:: of the prestigiou' Rh<1ne-Poulcne Pri,e, for S(;ience Book,. aumini,tereu h) COPl S and the 'cience \Iu,eum. lie \\'as competing ag'lin,r a record numher of enrries for the Junior priLe \\ ith hi, book The Ro/Jol Zoo, coaurhored \\ ith John Kell~ .mu Ohin


'peerro,eopy. 'rhe Ph) ,ic~ ~e[[ing


f,eI/v: r:hriI

.II/r/rf'&路s. (./lfIil7llll11 of Rhfhl/'-PfJII/mr: ({J-{f/(!hOI Oft;II,

a chemical and a]<,o rook parr in an

acrivirie'. including

. I1 Ihe {Ifnlrr/s dil/I/t'r (It/i


and publi,hed by Ilaml~ n ar)<, 12.lJ(). The ream \\a~ pipped [() rhe winning po,t h~ rhl' .110.1'1 IIIIIII;;;;I~I!: POP-liP Sr;l'lIf'l' 1/00/" b~ Ja~ Young (\\'am Book'禄, Profe"or \\'hirtidd and hi, \\ ife ~I[[ended



~llI,ellm on


dinner at rhe 24



he recei\ eu J certificate from Simon Jenkin,. former ediror of The Tillll'S. chairman of rhe ) <)lJS judging panel.

the inrernet, \\"hilst in Compurer

.'cience. they formeu inro ,maller group, in oruer

to t~路

out a uemomtration of a

rchbi hop s

I It

Fractal Imaging programme that had hecn \\ ritten by a thiru year \Iath.,/Computer Science ,wuenr. Feedhack from the girl., anu rhe accompan~ ing

staff \\"a.,


\ e~

fa\'ourahle and the School hope, [() repeat the exerci,e in 1996, .\nne Robinson PSE School Office

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'H: .\rehbi~hop ofCanrerbu~, Dr George Care~. \\ ho i., an alumnu., of King'., a, \\"dl a~ its official \'i,iror. \\ ill be coming ro the College on 11 Janua~ 1996. The draft programme includt::., ui.,eu"ion, with the Principal and enior,taff about the currenr .,iwation ar thc College and in higher education in general, :1 ,t::f\ Ice in rhe Chapel. anu a


\ i.,ir



rhe ,'wdenr,' l' nion. C:are~

hi, \\ife,


\\ ill be accompanied







.\rehbi'hop\ Chaplain, Canon Colin Flercher. Further deraib of rhe \ i.,ir are a\ailahle from the Dean \ Office,

o t-a yard adn1ini tration of re earch grant he Re~earch Council hJ\e re\ le\\ ed Jrrangemem, fur rhe pu r-J\\ ard admlnJ rrarion of re earch grJnr~. w mJke rroccdure, more uniform Jnd JlIo\\ im e~rigaror rl) mJnJ '1,; and be JccoumJble for rheir re earch programme ....




prauice hJ\ e

de\ eloped ber\\ een parricularl~


relaring ro rhe



been oughr from repre ...enrari\·c, of ~upporr

period \\ill bl,; decided b\ rhe:

fund,> ar the It: \ cl requc,>red. bur

indl\ Idu ..i1 Council,. The fund,

re,cf\'e rhe nghr [() offer '>UppOf[ ar

Jward<.:d include an element for

In alrernari\ e le\'el if con,idered

anticipared furure pay a\\ ards and

appropnare. ! n rhe CJse of unnamed Re earch


for rhe e

ben\ een gf3m heading a,

required. without permis~ion of

All new re.,earch granr arwehed

~eeking the

continue [() be a",e ,cd



hich \\ ill



\\ ill, a, a result of the

appl) rhe,e change, ro I,;xi,ting grant..

fin31 rl,;porr procedure,>, report any changed u,e of resource~ and rhe

will be I,;xplained by each RI,;,eareh



fund, for '>raff have bcen u,ed for chang<.:~ \I

ill mean

the follo\\ ing: '>um


the time of their

announcement. For


provided. When;

non-~taff c"penditure,

a ~pccific

explana[ion will be required;

• Re eareh granrs will be for a fixed grant~

• Thc Re,earch Councils will provide for

of up




,upporr will be

-I le\e1. An\' parriculJr que'>rion'> concerning rhe,e arrangement, .,hould be

addre,>~ed to

the contacrs belo\\:

BBSRC Ir Garcrh \IcDonald, 01793 -113356 \ Ir, 1'3ren \!orri,>, 01793 -1-1-12-1 •

ESRC 1\lr i\larrin Kender. 01793 -1130


MRC Dr Da\'id Cox, 0171 6365-122

NERC i\lr Da\'id Bro\vn, 01793 -111797

PPARC i\lrs Par Bewley, 01793 -1-12016

on the basi of pine

poinrs on rhe. a[ional Salary 'ca le.

Randall Director Mobile Dentist moves on elected he i\lanagcment Committee of the Randall ! nstiwte has elected Profc~sor Bob Simmom FRS. as Direcror of the In tiwtc for rwo years with effeer from 1 April 1995. This i, the first time the In tirute ha' had a DirectOr: the Committee felt that it was specially imporrant ro have onc person who could speak for the whole Instiwte, whether in the College or to external bodies. The Direcrorship is intended to be a t\\'O-. ear rorating appointmem.




,ooner, and rhe implication, of the,e

E",enrially. the


rhe Council. e\.cepr

for irem, of mJjor c3pital.

ne\\' ruling, from

aurumn 1995. Som<.: Council., may


J\\"arded ar pine poinr 6 grade poinr

• In\ e~rigarors \\ ill be able to mo\'c

ro anv Re,earch CoulKil \\ ill be rhe~e

named ra f. the

\\ ill normalh e\.pccr ro announce

fee,. age allo\\ ance'> ere:

change, ha, been \\·Ide-ranglng.

affeered by

Re~earch Counctl

of J longe:r durJtion, rhe arrangemem... for rhe additional

form of ,upplement uch 3, bench

Ad\ ice ha

rhe CH:P and higher educarion imriruriom and

pro po al Include prm i ion for

• Re earch granr will nor recei\ e any

emem of monic bem een

differem granr

i ued by C\·CP. \\ here ranr

wrJI period () thl,; J\\ ard; or gram...


,upplememing of ba,ic re eJrch gr:lnr, and rhe

rhree year. rhi \\ ill apply to rhe


he (obile Denral Service has informed us rha[ Henry the Denrisr lea\'es thi month [() emigrare to Israel. He will be replaced by Lou ise Wick, \\ ho hope~ [() conrinue where Henry lefr off. For anyone who doe nor know the \lobile Dental Seryice \'i irs [he

Srrand on l\londays and offer a full NHS service [() srudenrs and staff.

(;ommoIl\\calrh Scholar"hip" fcll<l\\ship'i



he ssoeiarion of Commonwealth Universities and rhe ir Robert i\lenzie, Cenrre for usrralian rudie' arc offering a number of scholarship., and fellowship for Briri h narionals who wi~h [0 tud)' in Commonwealrh countries including Au rralia, Brunei, Canada. India, Jamaica. New Zealand, Nigeria, 'ri Lanka and Trinidad. Furrher detaib are available from rhe Commonwealth Award Divi ion, As, ociarion of Commonwealrh

Tel 0171-873 2076 (\Iondays) 0831-258589 j\.lobile

Universiries, 36 Cordon Square. London \\'C IH OP F, telephone 017 I 387 .572.

Presentation Fellow & new ellows 1995


he (:olle!.:e ,... pkJ ...ed ro .IIlIlOUllce rhe follm\ Ill" ha\ e bcen ekercd J . . I ello\\ ....

The Rt Honourable Lord Slynn of Hadley

of Bnraln' mo r UlCC

Lon.lof \ppe.11 In Ordlncln

read I'.ngll hand

Lord Alexander of Weedon QC

Professor Jenifer WilsonBarnett

(:h.llrmcln of '\.nioIlJI \\ e ... rmlll ... rcr

I lead of rhc Di\

n.1I1 k

Mrs Vivien Outfield, CBE Ph i 1.111 rh ropi ... r and P.1l ron of rhc \rr, Fcllo\\'~ Professor Margaret Brown

of Educarion 'Ind


or of \larhcm.l[ic... EducarlOn.

"I ng

Collc!!:c London

SIIr!!;eon. cllld Dcan of rhe I, c\lulr\ of Clinical \ledicine. "ing.... Collcgc of \ led ici ne


m'lIlg and

'\ ur... ing


~[IIdic....· . . (:ollegc I,ondon

I 'ro fe "or of '\


I lead of rhe Ikparrmenr of French and Profe ......or of I:rench; former \ iccCollL:.!~e



I"lrrner of \\ 00. "\\ .In. &


'orarie, (1lollg


I ,0.

~oliciror, and

Pre entatlon Fellows


I'n'. alld

... illle IIJ." hc hcl ... al ...o

bcen., UC In '\c\\


\\ .1'" (:h.llrnl.ln of rhc

\\ ,lie,. lie (:oUl1l1l from

II)HS ro I'), h.

I· mm 11).'7-1 1),9 hc \\ ch (·ll.Iirl11.1I1 \Iergcr.... 111 1')H,' he \\cl ... crccl[ed a I,ife Peer. I,ord \k'ander \\ a....lppOlnred ~elUn[le...


Lord Alexander of Weed on QC (ntlinl/tll/

flf .\·tllif)l/(// 1\ '('\'llIIimllF Rtllli'

Branch of rhe "in!!:· ... (.olle!!:c London

Iloll-c,ecuri\ e lllreuor



IClllnlhed in 19')-1. From 1991 ro 19')3 he \\ cl'> " 1l0n-e'ClUrl\ c direl tor of rhe




lie i... a rru,tce of 1nl'


(:hairman of '\arional \\'e,rmin,rer

and ...en cd

Ibnk ill 19HI). Before rhar he had

(;aller\ (19H(1-1 'J93l. lie i... (:hairman

~ainin!!: a


repurarion a... olle

.1'> ,I

rru ... tec of rhc '\ation,1I

ofrhe Council ofJlSI'ICE. rhe allpClrr~

orgalli"l[ion for la\\ rcform. and

cll,o of CRI "'il"'i. rhc eharir\ for rhe / -'lid .1 /('\(lIldl"

fJ/ 11'"


... inglc homelc....... lie hCl' reeenrh become


(;m crnor of the Rm al

~h'lke ... peclre 1['"

\ ,ociarion

.1'> J

memberofrhc (;mcrnmenr' I'anelon

I ,ondon Lord .\Ie'allder

an. I,cc J'

'ourie... (I long

ha, 'cn cd

of RTZ ... inle 1991. lie i....lho.1 "'iu ... rainablc Ik\ clopmenr \\ hidl

profe ...... ion.

"on g); Chairnun of rhe Ilong "ong

Thecl[rc and Chairm,m of

I'oundarion Board.

Mrs Vivien Outfield CBE

Mr Oerek Law I)irecror of Informarion ~~


lie \\ 'h a PI)()I nrcd a C)uccn .... (:oull

I kpur\ (:ll.Iirmcm of rhe

pur,ued a career in rhe

Mr William C Y Kwan "'iellior Pclrrner of \\ 00.


of rhe 1'.lncloll T.lkemcr.. and

Mr Po-Shing Woo

Professor Richard Gritfiths

Principcll. "ing·...


.md In\ e,rl11cnr, Bo,lrd in 199-1 .•Ind

Mr John L Oawson, CVO MS FRCS


1'1011 01''\

\Iid\\ lfer\ .lI1d of rhe IkparrnH:nr of



ro rhc Ibr(\liddk I cmpk) in II)hl.

Prco.,cnrarion Fcllo\\ 0.,

I lead of rhe

ful barri... rer...

\r "mg' (.ollegc. Cambndge. he


ice ... and

Phtl,Il/lhm/iI.I! tllld P(/Imll fI(lhl'. \11.1

... rem,. "ing.... Colkge London \


ien I)ufticld


reno\\ ncd for her

Professor Mark Sainsbury

commilment ro numcrou' good lau'C'.

~rebbing I'rofe"or

and i, In grcar demand. ,en illg on

of Philo,oph~ clnd


I lead of rhe Ikparrmcnr of

man\ eommlrree,.

i, a . . taunch

I'hilo...oph\. "ing'" Colle,gc LOlldon

. . upporrer of rhe .!rt,. a, \\ cll a.. being in\ oh cd in projecr, in the ...cicncc,. "'ihe read \Iodern Language,


Lalh \Iargarct Ilall. O,ford. hc \\ cl' .1 mcmbcr of the '\ ~I'CC




and rhe

.\ppeal Comminee in 19. '

. PCC Financial

Dc\ elopmem Comminec in 19


(Jrear Ormond


rhe \ 'ice-Chalr of rhe

\'ice Chairman of the Briri h Journal of

\\ a appointt.:d Ilead

he \\ a., al"o Ro~ al

rhe "thoolo


\\ a.... erjeanr

ha held ince 19 .-. "en ing a" Depur\

,'hc ha more than 70 publication m

Chair in 1<J ,'.• 'he i... al

a Direuor of

her name.

The Royal Opera Hou"e. She ha been

. 'he i


- 1'J 1 he

Huu thold.



rhe Queen .

He \\ a., appointed a Commander

funded re earch projecr,>

\\ ith a mul funding of ()\ er £3mllllon.

Ro~ al

urgcon [() the Queen and 1'J'J 1 he

. he ha'> been director or co-direu<ir of e'\rernall~

from 19

from 1':1 3 - 19 0 he held the po ition u

Royal Opera Hou"e Tru r. a po r ... he



Chair of e\ cral College Committees. 15

he i" Dircuor of The

a member and


19 9 he wa

He ha had do e link \\ Ith rhe Ro\ al

\\ a . urgeon [() rhe

Pro e '>or Bro\\ n

\ lar den



Edutation in 19'JZ.

Ho pllal Cancer \ppcal. Currenrl~

1l),'.1and Reader in 196. he\\a \Iarhematit,> Education in 1<J90 and


rn:er Illhpiral

\\"i hin" \\"clI \ppeal.

journah. From 19 I

con erred \\ ith a Per unal Ch'lIr m

Ilcr link \\ ith ho"piul include bemg \"Lc-Chair of rhe \ e~

\\ a'> promoted to 'enior Lecrurer in



\'iuorian Order in 19<J2.

Professor Richard Griffiths currenrl~

Chair of the Joim

f!md of Ihe Deparllllnlf of Frenrh and

.\Iarhemarical Council: the l'K

Profe.Hor of f rmrh:jol7lur !·ia-Pril/riptll.

.,ince 1990, a Tru ... ree of rhe Duh\ ich

Reprc.,enrati\ e on the International

A'il/f(s Co//ef(e l.ol/rlolI

College Picrure G:.Iller\ .,ince 19':13 and

Commirree for

a .\ !ember of rhe Ro\'al B:.Iller Board



I n~rruetion;

Chair of rhe Board of rhe

\\"ei . . mann In.,rilllre in hrad. l'ni\er,>ir~


Buc"ingham and Ilonorar) DPhil from rhe \\'eil.mann I n.,rilllre. She i... al"u an Ilonorary




fur \ lathematiL"') of rhc

.\ I r., Duftidd ha'> bcen a\\ardcd an

Honorar\ DLirr from rhe


Ro~ al



began at Cambridge \\ hen he \\ a...

of the School \ lathcmatic\ Project. Shc \\ a...


A,,~oLiarion from

of rhe \ lathematical


:\lcdie\'al Language.,. Re~earch

Fello\\ at Selw) n College and \\ a~

Mr John L Dawson CVO MS FRCS

awarded hi., PhD.


further four year'> as a Sraff Fellow and

IlIIrI /-

Ilc 'tayed at Cambridge for a

oml/!r f)eal/ oflhi! Ffi( /{/(l'

of (,'/i/{im/ .llerlirill/!, A'il//(s Col/(;W Srhoo/

Direcwr of Srudie~ in i\lodcrn

o/.ll!!dirille e f)f11lisIIY

Languages at Selwyn College, before taking up the position ofTuwrial

John I)a\\.,on has enjoyed a

Prof/!ssor of,l/olhm/(/lirs FAl/rtllirJ/l,


},:il/I{'s Co//e.!!;/! [,Ol/dOI/


Fellow at Brasenose College, O"ford.

medical career, both a\ a

and a'> an administrator.

Profes.,or Brown began her career as a

King\ in 1<)50,

primary .,chool reachcr and ha., ri.,en co

In \<).1.'). FRCS in 195R and \IS (Lond)


In 197.+ he was appoinred Head of the Departmenr and

He began a an undergraduate at

oursranding figure in

in \Iodern

Frol1l 1960 - 1<)62 he \\ a., a

I<)<JO -19'J I.

f!l'f{d of Ih/! Sdwo/ of Fd"mliol/ fll/rI


academic career in modern langu:.lge., a\\ardcd a First Cla\... I !onour, Degree

Professor Margaret Brown

become rhe


Education Commitree, and a Tru.,tcc

Jcmher of rhc Royal

College of \Iu.,ic.

I rofes\or Griffiths'

]\113 BS (Hons)

Profe~sor of

French at l'niversity College, Cardiff. He held the post of Deputy Principal (Humanities) there for twO year.,.

in I <J6'+. After 0ational Service and

In 1990 he joined King's as

marhemarieal educarion in rhc

po tgraduate rraining he

coulllry, and Hcad of onc of rhe mo.,r

appointcd [() the staff of King'., in

prcsri"ious Sehools of Eduearion in rhe

1965, remaining there until hi\

major improvements, particularly \\ith

l K.

retirement in 199'+. He al.,o held

regard to language teaching and rhe

She read t-.larhemarics ar "1ewnham College. Cambridge and wa., awarded a





appointmcnt., at Bromley King Edward \'J I In 1':16'+ he




Profe ,or of French and Head of the Department. He has undertaken


for Ofticer\.

awarded a

degree. She underwok her PGCE ar

'-.'ufticld Scholarship [() spend a year at

the In.,rilllte of Education, for \\ hich


.,he gained a di.,tinction. and wa.,


awarded a PhD in \Iathemaric"

Arthur Sinl'i Tra\elling Profe'>sor in

Education in 19RI from rhe l1ni\'ersit')


of London. She joined Chelsea College


He \\as appoinred

Profes~nr in

1967 and Sir

degree programme in European Srudie.,. He was Vice-Principal of King's from 1992


199.+ and [()ok a leading

role in the administration of thc College. He Chaired the 'rafting Policy Commitree, making notable

He has been an examiner for a number of

esrablishmelll a ne\\' field of srud~ and

imtitution~ including

ad\ances in equal opportunities and staffing policics in general.He served

(which merged \\irh King\ Collcge

London, Cambridge. Cardiff and the

on the HEFC for Wales and is Chair of

London in 1985) a'> Lecturer in

Royal College of Surgeon\. He ha'>


J\lathematics Education in 191'>9 and

conrributed [() surgical te tbook., and

Qualt\' Assessmem Committee. At lIniver ity level, Professor Page 5

FcIlO\\ I ')/II;/1l({dji YJ//J pll!!,1



.\' their Leg:ll \d\ i\m. he i a



rcgularl~. and

lecture 0\


er 100 article\ and hook

mcmber of the), IJnagement

d1:lptcr,. In 199.) he \\ on the Barnard

Griffith i \'aluedforhi \\orkatthe

Committee of the Ilong Kong Boy

Pri/e for ),Iedical Informatic\. awarded

In tiUlte of Romance :Uldle and hi

. 't:OUt A ociation.

e\ e~ three ~ ear for

\\ork on

renai,~ance litcraturc




medicallllformatic .


mentieth-century literature Jnd

Mr Derek Law


D/lulor of III(omlOliOIl St'nirrJ l/lld

Professor Mark Sainsbury


SIi/J/Jill{! ProfcsJor of PhiloJophy ({lid Hmd

He \\a, created a Che\'alier de

""illlt's Collt'Kt' LOlldoll

o(Ihe [)(Pt/l1111t1/1 of PhiloJophl'. !\illf!.:"

i"Ordre dc, Palme .\cademique, in 19 3 and a Che\'alier de rOrdre de\ Leme~

Art et de'>

Derek La" i\ one ofthi country's f()remo~t authoritie\

in 19

on academic

libraries :lnd information

,ystem~ and

Sfllior PflI111er of 11'0 f) , 1\""'(/11, 1,l'e e 1.0,

Profe,>~m Saill'>bu~ I~


internationall~ recogni~ed


Mr William C Y Kwan



He graduatcd from the ofGla~g()\\. "ith

of logic and language.

and the arehin;ct of the l'K\ mo\t

Solit"ilors fllld .\'0It/l7es (HoIIK !\OIlK);


Chflirll/all ofIhe HOIlK !\fJ!lI! Bmmh of Ihe

in '\lcdie\al and ),Iodern


Strathclyde. "ith a Po\tgraduate


Diploma in Librarian\hip.

achie\'ed the top re\earch rating in

('ollt'Ke I.olldoll .1.'JOrifllioll

He then mo\ed

\'aluable comribution

Edinburgh in 1977


the \ocial and

He and



retain~ ~trong


LLB in 195<),

link, with King'\,

acting as Chairman of the Ilong Kong branch of KCLA (King'\ College London


lie wa, a







the l'ni\ersity of a~


appoimed )'lcdical Librarian latcr. In 19 3 he became

Director of Library Automation. He joined


out,tanding uni\ er~it~ Department' of


Librarian at St Andrew'\ l ni\"Cr it\.

record of public en ice, making a charitable organisations of Hong Kong.


1-1 is fir\t PO\t \\ a, A\,i,tam

\\'illiam K"路an. a Kin/!;\ graduate and ,ucce"ful \olicitor. ha'> an out\tanding

an ),IA


authorit\ on

in 19 4 as

outside Oxford, \\ hich


III~ FCE rc~earch a~~e~,ment

exercise,. lie read PPE at

Corpu~ Chri\ti

College, O'\ford and \\a, awarded hi, degree in 1964. lie \\a, ,ucce"i\ el~ a Lecturer at \Iagdalen College, St Ililda's College and Bra,eno,e College before Ica\'ing


become a Lecturer at

Librarian and in 1994 he was

the l'ni\'er,ity of Essex in 1975. From

appointed a, Director of Information

there he \\ell[ to Bedford College in

founder member of the branch in 19HZ

Sef\'ice,> and Sy,>tem, with

1<)7 . where he

and Treasurer from its inception. In

rc\pon,ibilit\' for the planning,

Department and led the negmiation\

1983 he was instrumental in

development and managemem of all

for the merger with King's

establishing a KCL

information 'Y'>tem~,

(Hong Kong)

Scholarship Scheme which ha, rai cd

Department of

He i ill\'oh-cd in national policy-


Acting Ilead of


In 19H9 he

"a, appointed Susan Stebbing

O\'er 拢300,0 0 and enabled 30 \Uldent\

making a, a member of \'ariou~

Profe'>sor of Philosophy. and Ilead of

to \Uldy in the l TK at King路\.

committee'> relating

the Department, a position he "ill



a founder partner of \\'00,

Kwan. Lee and La. one of the large't law

firm~ III

Hong Kong. ~ociety:

the Follett

Re\'iew of II igher Ed ucation Li brarie'>. and thc Royal _ ociety\ Scientific Information Committee. lie

He i. an eminent member of flong Kong





relinquish in a


lie became editor of.llillrlin 19<)0. cle\ ating the journal to

member of the Funding Council'"

it wa, internationally

Joint Information

Pre\ iou,

y,tem, Committee




point wher



this he wa, editor of

where he ha re,>ponsibility for all

Britain \ other main philosophy

Hospitals Group, a major fund rai\er

nationally networked information

journal, Proceedillf!s of Ihe Arisloldiflll

for the \\'ah Yan Old Boy,'

,en ices.


Ad\'i~er to

the Board of the Tung \\'ah

A~~ociation, and

\\ as



Oerek Law has sef\ ed on man\'

He helped


PhiloJophy ill

Honorary eeretary. Director and no\\

committees, including: the Council of

Brilaill, which inform 5chool5 and

Legal Ad\'iser, and Director of the

the Library Association; as Chair of the

employers of the

Libran' and Information ),Ianagement

philo'>ophy,tudents. He al,o

South China which pro\'ide port~



facilitie~ of O\'er

for young people. lie

member of the P






Ad\'i ory Committee on P05tage Stamps and


Sef\ ice, and

Presidem of the Ilong Kong Philatelic

Panel of the 1996 Research Asse,sment

Exerci~e and

a\ a memher

of the Profe~,ional Board of the International Federation of Library As ociation\. I le hold, :l number of re,earch


fo tered in

undertOok a pioneering project


teach philo'>ophy through computer\.

The Rt Honourable Lord Slynn of Hadley

Professor Jenifer WilsonBarnett

Lfjrd of.4ppt'lIl ill OrdlllOl}

Helid of Ihe Dr..IS/OII of.\"1I ill

Mr Po-Shing Woo

Sell/or Panner of 11"00. Kt:all, Lee C!" Lo,


SolirirolJ and .\"Olanes (HolI A-OII!U

.Ifid;::i tl} "lid ofIhe Deplir1111ml of .\"11 'ill/( SllIdies, alld Professor of.\"tll,IIW

Po- hing \\'0 i being honoured for hi

SllIdte.<, Killf,(s Colfew LOlldoll


Jenifer \\'il,on-Barnerr began her

and for hi

College. and ollo"ing :-\arional

nur.,ing career ar . r George' Ho'Spiral,

borh in Hong Kong and rhe l'K. He

. ·ervl(:e. he \\ cnt [() Triniry College,

London b<.:forc srudyinO" Social Science

wa awarded hi LLB b~ King' in

and Poliric,; ar rhe L ni\'er,iry of


Lord . 'I~ nn i a la\\~er.


di ringui hed

,peuali mg in rhe area of

European La\\.

busine.,s communirie,

He graduared from Gold mirh

Cambridge \\ here he gained an and

sen'ice to rhe legal and

~ I.


Leice "rer. This wa followed by an

He \\ a called


rhe Bar

(Gra~ ,


from Edinburgh l"ni\er iry.

man in Hong Kong, and i

:-\ ur ing

From 1974-76 hc wa'S Leading Council

undertook re,;earch funded b\ rhe

Kwan, Lee &. Lo he is engaged in

torheTH:a~ur\, InIY76he\\a~

OH \. and

\\'ork wirh rhe People' Republic of


he rhen


looked [() by many for ad\'ice and

Bencher in !Y70 and a QC in 1974,


coun el. As a ~enior parrner of Woo


·chool. During rhi, rim<.: ,he \\'a,

appointed a Judge of rhe High Court of J u'Srice. He wa'S Ad\'ocare General

isrer in 1972.

Hong I(ong

He has an unriyalled repuration a, a

he rerurned to 'r George' a a

Inn) in 1956 and \\a, appointed a


uppOrt of lega[ edu arion

awarded her PhD.

1n 1977 .,he joined Chel ea

to rhe Cou rr of J u,rice of rhe EC from

China. aiding a murual undersranding of rhe r\\o legal .,ysrel11 to facilirare a .,l11omh inregrarion in rwo year>' rime

19HI [() IYHH, and from 19H w 19lJ2

College (\\hieh merged \\irh King\ in

when Hong Kong will become an


1985) a, a L<.:erurer in, ur,ing Srudies.

inregral parr of China,

a Judge ar rhe Cou rr of J u~rice of

rhe EC, Sincc 1992 he


been a

Lord of Appeal in Ordinary. He ha'S rwice been a


Profe'S'Sor of Law ar King\ (199H-91 and 1995-), lie


al,o Pre,idenr of

rhe Cenrre of European Law ar King\,

Shc \\'as appoinred Senior Lecrur<.:r in IYH3 and Rcadt:r in 1984. She


appoinrcd Profc"or and I lead of


and Presidenr of rhe L1I' A'S"ociarion of




Her c perri,e i, mueh in demand and ,he scn'e, on a number of


Commirree'S, She i, Chair of rhe L ni\'cr,iry


Chairman and i\lanaging Director of Kailcv Enrerpri,cs Lrd, Kailey Devclopmenr (Holdings) Lrd and

European Law. whieh i, based ar rhe Hi appoinrmenr include:

and priyarc eompanie'S as wcll as

i\:ur,ing Srudic, in 1986, and bccame I lead of rhc Di\·i,ion of i\: ur,ing

lie i., a Dirccror ofa number of Icading Hong Kong li'Sred companies

of Nursing

Fong Fun Co Lrd. 1'.[r Woo has linh wirh borh Hong Kong U nivcrsiry and rhc Ciry lIniver,iry of Hong Kong. He was rhe

Chairman of rhe Execurivc Council of

Deparrmcnr~, and

rhe I nrernarional Law A,sociarion,

her rerm on rhe Engli,h Narional

La\\, and rhe Woo Po Shing Q\'erseas

Honorary Vice-Presidenr of rhe L nion

Board for l\'urses, 1'.lidwi\'es cl! Healrh

Suml11er School Travelling

has ju r complered

founder of rhe Woo Po Shing i\ledal in

Inrernarional de> A\'ocars. Fellow of

\'isiror'S and rhe Cancer Research

Scholarship, borh ar Hong Kong

rhe Inrernarional Sociery of Barrisr<.:r',

Campaign Educarional Research

L ni\·ersiry.

USA, and 1'.lcmber of rhe American

Commirrec, She has recently become a

Law 1nsrirure, He i, an Honorary

memberofrhe 1'.IRC Healrh. en'ice,

Direcrors, rhe Charrered I nsrirure of

Fcllow of rhe

Re,earch Commirree and HEFCE

Arhirrarors, rhe I nsrirute of

merican College of

Trial Lawyer"


Addirionally, Lord Slynn ha., numerou~

honorary degree." award.,.

and vi.,iring academic appointmenr from Briri.,h and He




knighred in 197(-, and

creared a Life Peer in lY92.

ursing Panel.

He is a Fcllow of rhe I n,rirure of

lanagemenr, rhe Duke of

Shc i, on rhe edirorial board of publicati()n~ including

rhc JOIirt/al of

,ldcflllred SI/Hill£;, The JOllrnal of .llfr/i{({f/~/hirs. The

Edinburgh''S Award World Fellow hip and a \'i.,iring Profe,sor ar Nankai Llniycr,iry ofTianjin, China,

llilfn/{llional JOll17/al

of ,\'lil,illg SllIdies and Thf JOlll7lal of .\'1/ l:lillg .Ifflllfll!flllflll, She ha5 wrirren a number of book, on her ,pt:ciali,r paricnr~'



psychological reacrion, ro

illne"" and healrh t:are and parienr reaching.

Pagc 7


IJispal/hrf and

RelC Id hre lkel

f<.:arured on (:hannel

ILl., \11' \Iich.lel ClJrke. Din.:Ltor of

J foil 0\\ -up programme. di ul'>\ing rhe

rhe Cenrre for Defence


. er a

gnm in!!;


bcrween pri\ arc (Jre

College record; \t the height of rhe

and rhat pn)\ ided by rhe \:ational

ho.,rage cri.,i in Bo.,nia. he underrook

I Iealrh

~el\ ice

eight media inrel\ie\\., in one dJ\. 1le appeared on: \BC (. \u.,rralian

\\. r l H1dltion ...

Broadca.,ring Corporarion), rhe World

.\n article in rhe Gllflrdi(f/l looked ar toda~

S,r,:i'f. BBC Ol/t' 0 'dod: .\"'<.:'5.1311(.

hc)\\ people


cope \\ irh the war-rim<.: condiriol1'> of


.\'illt Odor/; .\·/"",s.llares

Brilail/. Radio l .. 110,i(0",' Todal' and ~

in footage for a Channel




\\ould be able ro

ago. Julian Thomp,on

Re,earch I-'ello\\ in rhe Departmenr of \\'ar Srudie.,. e\plained rhar the

X-ra~ u':J1(enar~ Buckle~.

I)r Chri.,

gre'He.,r problem \\ ould be the

l,lTrurer in


appeared on B/I/e Pi'I/T to talk .Iboll[ rhe di.,co\er\





e\ e~ da~ praericalirie.,...uch a., per,cmal h~giene,

The lack of hearin,g. indoor

[Oiler., and hor warer \\'a., quire common.

The the of :\-ra~., \\ a, dcmon,rrarcd through an airport and .,ome of Dr



Buckle~ " 0\\

n \\"Ink.

utritional \ ,due,> Fre.,h fruir and \egetable., \\ere rhe ,>ubjecr of an article in She mag,l/ine in \\ hich Tom Sander,. Profe'>\or of

(,O,>t of <':,1Ie

In the news

In an article in Tht' 'IIIIIt'S on rhe

"urririon. de,>cribed rhe 10.... of

problem of pa\ ing for long-rerm

\ iramin,> in rhe.,e food., rh rough

re,>idenrial care for rhe elder". Chri.,

cookin,e;, brui,ing and Ie,n-ing in rhe

Ilamnetr. I'rofc'>\or of Iluman

light. lie encouraged people [() cat

(jeograph~. e.,rimared

more of them and learn abour rheir

rhar bet\\ een

nurrirional \alue.

30.000 and -fO.OOO homc, \\ ere ,old each \Tar to


In '1'/11' '1111I1'.1' he <.:,plained that

tilr re.,idenrial or


cerrain amount of far in rhe dier i,

nur.,ing care.

nceded for ab,orprion of fat·'>oluble

;\ Lnhcmuti<.:ul


\ iramin, and e ....enrial 1'.1[[' .Icid.,.

\ largarer Bn)\\ n, Ilead of rhe School of Educarioll and I'rofe'>\or of

\Iodern \\arfarc

\ (arhemaric, I·:d ucarion, appeared on

'I'he u'>e of non-Ierhal \\'(;apon'> \\a,


di,>cu"cd in rhe

1101/r. di,cu'>\in,g \\ hether


,lIl)l'IIillg ,\'1"'''''.1.

rhere i, a cri.,i., in ,randarll.. in

I)r I'hilip Sabin, Senior Lecrurer in rhe

marhem,Hic" educarion and if primal\

I)eparrmenr of \\'.Ir Srudie,. '>aid that

,chool children .,Iwuld be allo\\cd

counrrie,> likc the t' . h;l\ e been


reluctanr [() u.,e non-Ierhal \\ capon'>

u.,e calculator, in marh., ela,>\e.,.

bceau,e the tacric., ne<.:ded for rheir _ 'C\\


u.,e diffcr

.Iapane.,e ne\\ religion, ha\ e been in rhe .,porlighr


and Dr I'ctcr

Clarke. Scnior Lecrurcr in rhe Sociulog~

of Rcligion. ha, bccn

inren ie\\ ed abour rhem on SI/lldal'. on Radio~,

by the \\'orld Sen icc and


r\\ () .Iapane.,e nc\\'"xqJCr.,. }'olllillri Shilll/Nw and. \'iH:ei.

Health care debate I'rofc,.,or John \Iarrin in rhe Departmenr of \lcdicine ar "C:S\ID






\\ capon.,. PO\\ crful ~tllff 1(>')//·/,eSI)S///f//1... on Radio-f a,ked \\h~ cienri.,r, had .,0 f~lr failed to produce a

dean, cheap 'Ind ine\hau rible ,ourcc of po\\er. I)a\ id Ilall. I'rofe.. ~or of l3iol(lg~. rook parr di .. cu,>~ing the u.,e of bluc-green algae to re 1110\ e three quarrel', ofrhe carbon dio,idc cl1li""ion~ produccd b, burning coal a, fuel

\\'illll\\ po\\cr

OpriL •• 1 [\\ ee/er Boo

immon. Pro e.,.,or of Biopl)\

appeared on

SUl'IIl, .\',;:..-


to talk about

hi, \\ ork on optical r\\ ee/er .

\n ,uticle



e'l.clmllled rhe


po ,ibili[\ of planrlllg fa r- rm\ Ill!!; <..Ionc... of \\ illc)\\ and polar tree,> thc]( (ould be

( dnd3reu help \ rt;port, \\ f1w::n b\ \Ir \Iik<.: \.,ke\\.

meLhanie,t1I~ coppiLcd


three \ear C\LIc. \\jth rhe re 1I1nng

Leuurer, and Dr D\ I.1n \\ iliam.

\\ood chipped and burnt in pc)\\er

<.:nlor LeulIrer. In the <'chool of r.duc:Jtion. \\ hith ,h(}\\cd that


calculator Impn)\ ed childr<.:n·,


p<.:r ormance in m:Jth<.:matit . rccei\ <.:d t()\ erage in the C/ltlrr!Jrll/.

produLed per 2.5 aerc,>. equi\alent

TrcJrll1cnr on rhe in ide .-\n arricle in the Il/dl'Pmdm/ 01/ SI/I/d(/y d<.:,cribcd a uniquc initiati\ <.: that



OI/IIl/f'II/ \\ould like to thclIlk all ,>taff \\ ho hJ\ e kepr u mformed

"enerate electriciC\. It i

e timatcd thJr. once e,>tabli,>hed, 20 ofd~


morc that 13 tonne of coal. Dr Jonarhan Scurloek, Rc earch A'>'>oci:.ltc.; ~


belie\ cd thCH \\ ith further


of their m<.:diJ acm jtie,>

1:.I... t yeclr. .\Irhough the Pres...

\\ood chip, could bc

in rhe Di\ i,>ion of Life

K p on k eplng u inforn1ed

\\ hieh :.Ippear in ne\\ ~p:.lper~. maga",ine, and journal. \\ e rely on indi\ idual member... of taffro tellu


ofrheir radio and n appcarance . The he next i~,ue of (;011I/111'1I/

pfl'>oner, ar Grt:ndon l' nderl\ lHld

produeri\ it~ of ener~, or bioma'>'>.


pri'>on. It refer,> ro :.I book \\ ritren

coppice'> could be doubled.

page for copy d.He,».


for \ iolenr

cr the

Publieario/l'> Office u'>c a curring> agent\ ro pro\ ide u'> \\ ith arricle

and genctie engineering, the

pro\ ide, inren,i\'e




ill be

in. cptember hee back


b\ Elaine Pla\er, Lecturcr in La\\ and Elaine Cender, of l ·CL.

called ern/dr),,:.\

S/II(~)' oIf/




f)ai~l' .1If1ir.1

'>:1Lking of the 'father'

of the ne\\ ~pap<.:r'" :" l '.I Lhapcl for eritici ... ing thc company brought ro an

Reli!!;ioll" kf\ollr .\n article in .\'".-""


e Soriel)'

focu,e, on the gro\\ ing <.:\angelical doctrine of ,>pirirual w:HfM<.: \\ h ich claim,> [() ca,t out th<.: demon ... of gre<.:d and poveft\', I)r Andre\\' Walker, Leetll rer in Theological

I~d ucation,

'>e<.:, the emergence of ... pirirual \\arfare tcaehing a,> a dangcrou'> form of fundamcnrali ... m that can lead



end hi,> ... ix-year banle again,>t union derecognirion and pcr...onal contract.... Keith E\\ ing, Profe......or of Public IJa\\. ,aid in rhe Guardian, that the door \\a,> no\\ open for a rerurn practice,> in


tile I.i//(>s

Premier Radio, rhe newly-launched christian radio, tarion for London, invited the Dean. Rc\' Or Richard Burridge (() talk on Bef'1t."eet//lte I.illes, a programmc currcnrly focu,>,ing on rhe differenr rea'>on, for religioll' fairh, The programme broadc.l'>t on Thur... da~ Z2 june di cu"ed the evidence for ehri,tian belief from the poinr of \'i<':l\ of religiou'> experienec. The following \\eek (29 June). rhe Dean talked about the u"'c of rhe Bible. lJer",'eell/lte I.illeJ i, ... pon ...ored by rhe Chri<,tian Evidence Society which ha, long-sranding link,> wirh King',>. Premier Radio ean be found on 1305, 1~13




Gender agenda Gender ,>election technique, \\ ere ill\'e<,tigatcd b\ the Lynn F ra,>er.

Dean goes

1332 and

\icrorian \ ~dllc,,?





Developmenral Biology, \'oieed doubt,> about the Eric",ion merhod which claim,>


bc able


derermine a bab) '~

,ex, aying that thcre is no el idence rhar a tcchniquc could ~eparate ~perlll in an effective way,

Any cxcrcme [()



A ne\\ three-day diet, undcr ...crutiny in the .ltail 011 SUI/doy. claimcd that ten pound, could be lo<;t in three ~O



pound, in a month. Tom Sanders,

Profe~,>or of

0: utrition, '>aid that the

diet \\a) ab,>olurely ab,>urd and exee",ively 10\\ in caloric and that ro lo ...e


pound ... in a monrh you would

have ro chop off an arm or a leg.


Pagc l.)

Prott: or \ III h,IC I Chn ropht:r lfllWI!1

\ Illhael 'crlltton '\ appoilltmcm addcd \\ c!come c\pcrti e



I)cpartmcllt in both tcaching 'lnd


rofe or. \:ru[(on. \\ ho died after a long dine', on 2-t \Iarch, aged .-7, \\a a di tingui hetl hiochemi\t \\ I[h an imernational n.:putation. lie \\a edueatetl at ,'W\\ e School anti Balliol College, Oxford. \\ here he wok a Fir,t Cia" Ilonour\ Degree in BiochelTIi,tr~ in 1961. Whil t a po tgratluate \tUdem in the departmem of Biochemi t~. Oxford ['ni\er\it~ he ,pem three \ear~ in the Departmcllt of Biochemi,tr~, \\"c<;tern Re,en e [' ni\ er,it~, Cle\ clantl. Ohio. ['SA, a\ a ['S Public Ilealth Sen'icc pre-docwral trainee. fter his rewrn w Oxford hc wa, a\\arded the D.Phil tlegrcc in 1965. anti ,oon aftcr\\ artl\ rcwrned [(J the ['nitetl State~ tu take up a numher of academic appoilltmem, at Rutger\ ['ni\ er\it~ I\ledical School and Tcmple [. ni\路ersiry. \\ herc he was appoimed


tenured ssociate Profe\SIH of Bioehemi,>tr\ in 1973. Hi teaching respomibilities at that time were conccrned mainly with postgraduate programme\ in Biochemi try for medical anti healrh scienn:s ,wdellts \\ hilst hi, re\earch illterests centred on cnl.\'me mechani<;ms anti structUre in rclation [(J metabolic regulation and the physiological significance of the regulatOry properties of enzymes.

A quarter of a celltury ago. there \Va a rapid expansion of Bioehemi<;try teaching at King's, which earlier had bcen concerned only with

eour~es to

first and econd year metlical wdem\. In quick ,uece'> ion. cour e were tle\'i ed initially for undergraduate in the newly e,>tablished 'ehool of Biological 'cience and e\'enwally for ,wdem opting


take an Honours

degree in Biochemi try. The'>e de\'elopmem\ and the reorganisation of Biochemi try reaching for medical '>wdems made it nece'>sary


,>trengthen the Departmem by the establi5hmem of a Readership in Bioehemi try and in 197-t \Iichael Scrutwn \\a,> appoimed


this po t

with special re,pomibiliry for rhe teaching of Biochemistry in the Faculty of \ ledical Science'>.

Page 10

rc can.h. Ili'> prt:\ 10U\ t:\perienn: tr~

teaching a modern hlO hemi



[() mcdical \wdcm in the l'nited .'tate,

fundamt:mall~ changcd

the \\ a\

in \\ h Ich the u bjeu \\ a pre\enred. \ luch \\ a\ demanded of the \wdellt'> and the high e\pecratiom \\ere not alwa~ \

\\ el<:ome. bllt on the \\ hole the

in nl)\'ation\ \\ ere imprO\ emcllt and ,tandard, \\ere rai\ed. ,>olTIetime\ to the point \\ here it \\a\ claimed that ,econd ~ car e\amination'> of medical \wdt:llt\ \\ere equi\',dem the


final, for


BSc degree

ehc\\ here. 'I'h i\ \\ ,1\. of cou r'>e. a gro'>'> c\aggeration hut \\ hat .\Iichael ah\ay, e"peued \\'a, under\tanding rather than factllal knO\\ ledge and thi, often difficult for



In the

procc" of trying w rai,c '>wndard'> \ Iiehacl acquired thc reputation of bl:ing a hard ra,k-ma'tcr, but thi'> was not wholly ju,>tified


it \\'a, only

\\ hcn he fclt that stlldcllts \\ ere failing to

make an effort that he becamc reall)

tOugh on them. He certain" '>wod no nonsen\e, but he \\'a,> \ cl) kind and helpful when \wdents had real problems. whether personal or academic. In research.

I ichacl Scrutwn had

an impre\si\'e record or original publication". 11 is research programmes on enl.ymc regulation and platelet biochemist~

\\ ere \\ cll supported hy

grant, from the major re earch cuuncih and foundations. In the important field of enzyme mechani<,m. in\'()I\'ed in metaholic regulation he wa generally considered


bc one of the leader5 and

hi<; high tanding \\'a<; reeogni etl by hi many il1\ itations to gi\'e lecture'> out'>ide the Collcge a<; by hi'> appointment to the editorial board of thc importaIH international journal, the 1~II,..opeflJl JOlll7lfl! of Biodu/Ilisll)'.


was an aeti\'e member of the Uni\'crsity Board of tudie. in Biochemistry and of the Biomedical . ocict), acting for twO) ear a chairman of it, regulation and


nll:CJholl m :::nlllp. I n hi u>n[rthudon


ot [h<: ubJeLt he \\ cl pr m,)[<:J p<:r oncll LhJlr I)








[he mer:::<:r 0 [h<:

BllJch<:Ill' er. lkpclrtmenr

,I" n_'

<1o<:<:n I.II/JI <:[h clnJ (,hd <:' (:oll<:t:<: . \liLhJd 11

ru[[on nuJ<:

<: ul umtriburion


[h<: di LU ,on

cll"lOnUnndJnon cl'o .IIIJhk I kpartm<:m on [h<:


lie hrough[ hi' Ie!! and [h<:

Ul'l'C 'ful <:1 <:nm!! Utllf <:

trand \\.1'

I I)

!!radualh r<:JuceJ cl o[her, <: panded clnd e.:'o<:lHualh \!lchJ<:1 ueude.:d clu[ It [0

[he.: K<:n'lI1!!.wn

l'Jrnpu IIHO refurbi hnl I.lbOrcl[ort<: \\}lIlh Ilcre.: more.: 'UHclbk fllr hi,

[he.: \n'lrom\ I ><':pJrrm<:lH. 'I he Cour e.: """ oflt:lncllh' )ome.: Jnd

of [hc cllur e. llteu JU r b<:fore.: [he.: mm e.:

h.1\ <: be.:ndlre.:u frll1l1 hi 1le.:1 er le" [h.ln

Ilwlo!!'o .It [he.: \l1{(. ( :lInll.tI I{<:,<:arllt

\ I!.!orou\ tuition.

C<:lHr<: in II.,rrol\. II he.:re.: hi' lon!!-

I'rofe"or C,11I111<: dedil.Heu him'e.:lf

,[.lIldll1!! Im<:r<:,r and t:'\pe.:rri,e.: In rhe.: bWllt<:l11i,rr\ of'l!!n,tI rran,dlluioll in bllllld pl.lte.:kr, \\ a' d" e.:n<:d imo Itnlng blood 1<:"<:"- ., he.: coll.tllOr,ItIOIl re.:rurn

ro Klng\. ," he.: b<:c;ll11<: 101111 ,upe.:n i,or fllr [\\0 PhD ,rllde.:IH,;I[ [he C:IH:. and II a, <:nhalll.:e.:d II h<:n I)r Biolog~.





fe\\ II <:ck, be.:fore hi, dca[h. "or more clUIl 20 ~ car, \l11I1Jc.:I ""lrur[()1l maue inlaluablc cOllrriburion, ro Biochcml,rr. ar Kin,g' gfcacl~

mi"cu. lie.: i,

,unilcJ b'o hi Ilifc. Laure.:1. .lIlU [110 auoprcu uaughrer . Ilibr'o anJ Li,1.


e h"

IIndcr,r.lndlng flf. I'h\ '1 III 1I!!'o . lie 11 cl' '"l'le"flilln ho[h rhe'e e.:nrhu'la,m 'lIld


11." 'ldmireu Cind el1\ iLlI


lor h~



.tll \\ ho

kne\\ him. Tilt: fau rh.1t he 11.1' rh<: imminenr


c,\;)mina[ion in

uieJ ,e.:e.:m enrircl\' Ilrrin!!,

a, h" uaugh[cr, 1':li/clberh. """ <I 'rudenr In I-.lecrrie.:al Englne.:e.:nnE.: <lr King' in [he.: ca rh 7(h 'IIlU ,[ill ha, a"oliarion


Irh Kmg\. Ic.:crunng [()

nell .IIlJ pro,pcuil c ruuenr,. I'rofe~,or C,lome.:

Ila' a familiar

lIgUfl; 11 irhin King',.•,1\\ .1" 1I i[h a Lhee.:rfull'ommcnr for Cl e~



mer. Surg<:on anu fricnu, from all arllllnJ [he.: IIOrlU 1\ ill be

IIR\ ,\r,[ein

~auucneu b~

hi, pa ,in!!, anJ w hi, Jallgh[cr anu

Eme.:riru' Profe"or of


j I'C.I r,on I'rofe.:"or in \·a,

pa' rhe



[() King\ \\a, pclrtIllllarh .lppropria[c lab

mc<:rin!!,. dC'pHe.: hi, tllne.:" llnrtl a

clnu hc II ill be

111 11 re.

Ili, choicc in bringing [he cour,e

Rc,carch Ccnrrc a[ KII1!!\ JIlJ \\J' anilch eOlltriburillg

e.:'\,ulll11arilll1, hllr

Dllblin on (he I· riua\ night hefore he.:

all inr<:gral rok in rhe.:

formarion of [hc \ a'LltlJr

re.llhln!! hi ,tIId<:IH'

lurorinE.: a!!e group flf e.:andiua[e.:, for

I'<:ar,on mme.:u ro Ke.:n,ingwn in 1991 pla~t:ll


,[tId<:n[ .In lI1[cre.:,r Ill. .lIld a re.tI

' 'llIdle.:, of rhe.: e.:ndorh<:li,tlldh

ro rhe.: lhair in \'a,cubr

tie. Be[[\.

and Ilteralh gener.IWllh of ,"rgcon,

[h<: c,<:ulon 01 \.1



GlIlllld.I[C h,,, e .mended h" u ,ur,e'.

be.:nlh. IlorJ..ln!! II I[h l)r j<:re.:1l1'o



,aJh I)f I r'lIlk ""[an Ilelu. [he.: .lncl[Omi

\Icln'o rhou'JI,d IIf "\ I RC,

,.lbba[ll.tI kJI <: ro!!O b.llJ.. ro rhe.:

l()JHIIlII<:d umil .Ifre.:r

"m.(' in


u >I1uuLting [he.: 'e.:''1l1n 111[hll1

llea[h of I'rof,="or lome.:',

In 19,7 - ,', \lllhae.:1 rooK



ro Kill!!',. 1I1llee.:d .1t.1 'lIlllbr [IInc ro rhe



i I lom'

fll '= IIr DJI U h I <: J,<:J on un J.1'o j Ullt: I IJenl'o JnJ J <: ce.: IIlh J[ [lte.: J~e , lie p<:nr hi \\1 r"lng lifc :I[ [hl I{ 'ocl Collc~c 0/ 'r~e.:on.' I'p,k 'f" Ph~ HlIII~\ JnJ .,I[e.:r hi re.:[If(:me.:m u>l1nnu<:d r<:JlIll11!! \ olln!!. Uf!!Con [0 I>c.:cl[ [h<: <:'\clrnincr anJ <I[[JII1 [h<:lr I RC

clnJ \\cl clhlcl'o hdp/ul. 'I h<:

Ilcl nme.: ro mm<:

Of [) 1\

h<: clJIJnL<:m<:m



lIe otTer ollr ,inecrc condolencc,.

I)on,liu Farr Departmenr of. \na[()m~ et I J1I1l1an Hioloh~

Page 11


Da onc 1110re

Thc caption for thc picrurc ahOl e \\ hich appcaf(.:d in the \la~ i"uc of Commcnr ,hould hal e IKen a, follOlI ,: Sl/~'/~!(I'. (;rt/l!!1

Staff news




dfllllillf!. (kji

S,,,i tch board reminder


Iea ..e could depaHmenr, let S\\ itch hoard hal e the name, and e'ten .. ion, of anI nel\ ,talT \\ ho arc about [() join them. or ,ralT \\ho hale Iefr. ,\1,0. if\ollmOle office and hal e a ne\\ telephone e'ten,ion, eould ~ou inform them,

Prize for Prof Bushnell



rif!./ilj: Noh Rollll/s. Jot' .lltl\'. Jtl/lin

Ill/rim ,\'od

rofe ....or Colin Bu'hnell. Departmenr of \lathematie" ha been ;l\\;lrded the Senior \\'hitehead I'riLe of the London \ latheJllatical Societ~. The London \Iathematical Soeiet~ i.. the national ociet\ for ;leademic mathematician, and the ground, for a\\ard of thi, pre..tigiou .. pri/e include '\\ork in and influence on and ,cn ice [() mathematic.. 路. I'rofe ....or Bu,hnell' .. re,earch COl er.. a I cry \\ ide area ill\ oh ing borh algebraic number theor\' and ,lI1al~ ~i ... lie ha, been a\\'arded the priLe for hi .. ler~ importanr conrribution, in the repre,enration theor~ of red uctil e group.. 01 er local field"

Appeal for scientific eqlllpment


en Rcm land, a Labora[{)r~ Superintendent in the J)epaHmenr of (;eolog~ at King', from 19-17 [() IlJHZ. \\'oltld be delighted ro hear from an~ onc \\ ho i, able w donate 'eienrilie in'trumenr,micro,cope" balanec.. Ctl:.


Since 1lJlJO, 0\\ en ha .. made nine technical aid journey.. by road ro Romania. initiall\ delil ering food and clothing w ho pital and morc


medical and denral equipmenr to differenr .. ite, throught the count[\. 0\\ en i..



trampOH for another load of donated material. \\ hich he hope, [() delil er pcr,onall~

in Septcmbcr,



l'nil er.. it~ of Buchare't and a ,ec()ndar~

technical ..ehool at Ploie.. ti.

I1'1 ou arc able [() help. 0\\ en can be conracted on: 01730- ZI 7ZS (tel and fa,)



networking service begins

n the January edition of COII/II/elll. I dc~cribed thc :tart of a projCCt to [HOI ide aece





bibliographic and

daraba,e, 'tOred on


I ia the




II and an experimental (;1)-

RO.\! network scn ice will begin on I JulY. Thl;: introduction of this ,ervice.:. mcans that nor only will there be marl\" more

microcompllter~ for

within the library. but acce.:s, database~ 11

ill be po,siblc from




databascs will be availabk when thc 'cn'ice starts:

plw,ical data. together


Compiled by the LIS National Library of fllcdicine,'\1 FD/.!XI·; cuntains citations and abstracts to world-wide biomedical litcrature including rescarch. clinical praeticc, administration. policy issues and healtheare sen·ices. ,llalhSri ,JlfllhSri contains bibliographic

information from two prcstigious mathematical journals: ,Iffllhell/aliml Revi(!"(J!!J and (;lIrrf'lll,l/alhelllflliml PII/J/imliolls. ,Jlalh.)ri prol'ides

information on mathematics and its applications in rclated ficlds such as statistics, computer science, and operation rescarch. Individual records can be down loaded and TeX software used to format printed documents and ma thema tica Is. m bols. Dirliollfl/J' of Orgflllir COli/POll lids

This database contains chemical and physical data together with kev literature references and trucrural information on ol'er I s.oon organic compounds. Each entry contains to

indicate its content. Ditliollflry of IlI0rl!:allir COII/pollllds

Thi· dictionary offer information on ol'er ~ 1,500 inorganic ubsrances and includes chemical and physical data together with kcy literature references. COI'erage includes the elemenr.s. a wide range of co-ordination compound., reagents. solvents and other compounds


[(:fc.;rence~ for

ith key

ol'cr IOO.O()O

natural or.ganic ,ub cances sclected to be of most

interc~t to


ill run on

under \ Iiero'>oft \\·indoll"s. These programme pro\'ide much

greater functionality and case of use than the older t\'pe of search programme~ that


rc'carcher,. It includcs all natllral

run under DO.. The

dccision was thcreforc takcn


product, contained in thc IJir,/iOl/ori/'s

'uppOrt only \\'indows and not thc

ojAl/lilliolirs, DI1ff!s. OrWllli,. COl/lprllll/rll'

DOS ,earch programmes. This decision grcath- reduces thc tcchnical

and other publications.

complexit\· and .upport requirements. The tcehnology that has becn den:loped


Consequentlv. in order to acecss the C[)-RO:'-.I nctllork. a high-cnd PC

'uppOrt CD-ROI\I

networkingconsistsofa pOllerfullB\1

capablc of running \\'indows will be

compatible microcomputcr (PC)

neces ar\'.



extensil'e bibliograph labelled



offices. The following bibliographic

earch programmcs that

IJi'liol//lI)' (1.\·r/lllrol Prodlll'/s

Thi, darab,hc prm idc, chemical and litcrature

ethernet network. The project ha,

CD-RO.'I databascs now pr()\'ide

uf indu,trial importance.


hich arc attached two CD-ROi'd


each containing


drivc.. This

machinc is known as thc CD-ROi\1

fllany readers 1I·i11 be aware that CD-ROfll discs can storc graphics. sound and \'ideo in addition to purel\'

server. The CD-RO I server is

textllal data. This f<lnge of data types

connected to the Collcge's high speed

i' normall, referred to as multimedia.

cthernct nctwork and consequently

The information content of multi-

anI' appropriateh- configured PC

media is I'ery much greater than text,

attaehcd to the ethernet has thc

and the computer communications

potential to access the server. It should

infrastructure within the College is not

be clearly understood that the older,

vet suitable for multi-user access to

slOlI cr tyPC of nctll'ork connection to

multimedia CD-ROflls across the

PAD or EPAD will not support aece s

network. Such CD-ROflls ean

to the CD-ROi\1 network. Although

currently only be used effcetively by

manv acadcmie scaff do have ethernet

standalone, single user PCs. However.


there arc already departmellts such as


their offices, there are

still a significant number who do not.

Geographv which wish to use

Thc College has recognised the

multimedia CD-ROM discs to teach

importance of fast computer

relatively large groups of students. In

communications and there is noli' a

order to cater for thi' demand, the

centrally funded programmc in place

Computing Centre is planning

to provide cthcrnet connections to

equip a laboratory with appro "imatel)

cvery member of the academic staff by

25 powerful PCs each of wh ieh wi 11

the middle of next ses ion.

hal'e its own CD-ROfll drive.

The CD-Ra 1 server i located at the Strand campus and, because of the


In eonclu ion I would like to thank other members of the group who

addcd complexity in setting up

have made great efforts to ensure the

computer communications bctll'ecn

success of this project. They are Simon

site" access will initially be limited to

Jackson and John Henderson of the

PCs at the Strand. Howel"er.

Library and i\lark Stewart of the

prel im inar\, experimelltal work has

Computing Centre. II' more

becn tarted on expanding the service

information is required on any a peet

to other College eampuse . The fir. t

of the CD-ROfll network. please

trial. hal'e been successful and it is

contact me at the email address:

planned to introduce inter-site


opcration by the beginning of thc next academic session. 11 the important publishers of

Dr Jack Fendley Senior Application Analyst/Adl'iser Page 13


tallation of rI in1 Colleg Chaplain

itchfield a


JOllrllalo/L,atill .1}}I f I i('{/}I (1Iltllral Stllrli


reteptlllll rll n:lehrate Ihe lallllth Ill' tht.: J",,,,,,t! "I I.lfl/If III"nUflf ( 111111f"I .\llId"

f7 n/~1 Itll \I .I' held IIn tht.: t.:1 enll1:": lit 20 .lunt.: In tht.: (,ommlttt.:t.: Rool11 , The Journal I cdltt.:d bl Latherll1l: B"I le. \\ dli.lll1 R,me and 1).11 id'l ret.:te.1t rhe (:t.:nrrt.: for I,Jtin \mt.:m.1Il (.ultllral "tudle : Ihniel Baldt.:r'lOn. 'lulJne I nil er'ltl: John I-..ralll.1I1 k.I'. Blrkbetk (."IIe:..:c .lJld t.:lu:nko. I nller"tl of .10


1'.lId". It I publi hed hI CartJ\ Publ"hin:..: (.lIl11p.lI1l. \hll1:..:don, '1 he puhlit"ltilln i, tht.: onl~ journaloflr kind. II I' t'ollll11ined [() IrMerin:..: ne\\ re'earth in thi, lron:..:" el11er:":"1l.: lit.:ld .Ind 10 eIKlIur.I:':t.: debare .(hOUl rhc dCI t.:IlIPIllCIl[ 01 rhellrle .lIld l11erhlld In rhi, MC.I.. It I' I11It1rl-di't1plinar\ in appro.lch .Illll ~eek,

r" brln:,: rllgcrher


IIll:rarx 'lIIdle~. hl~to~ .lJld COl11mUnll',ItIOn ~tudie~. In add \[Ion arrit le, Jnd cream e ""rk,


Il puhli~hC'

chronltle~ of

rhe receprion and lcachlng of I.Jrll1/\lllerican (:ullure. The .Iollnltt! I' J n:IJunth of 'litfc'/,.IIII. rhe tir~r rhree 1"lul11e~ of


The Ch{/pl(f;lIfl' le{//fI ;lIlhf ('Iwpd - rlmd: {YJ~:, left If) lirt:hl) RI"i.:ef1'/fd 'l//fI O;lthfidd, F{/Iher ,1/(,vfIlder /- QJ/;IYJp(j{{IQJ. r(mlll m~\

/rft If) f~rt:ht)

11Ich hJle heen

~rudie, Jnd

Ih" On",. I路 ({Ihr Slfphm

bl CJrfa\


~repne~, rhe

Righr ReI erend RlthJrd

Charrre'> and In railed bl rhe Principal on 23

\(J~ 111

rhe College Chapel.


Tim Ditch field




of rhe ream: Father ,\Ie\ander Fo,>riropoulo\. rhe Greek Orrhdo\ Chaplain; Father Srephen Weal cr. \I

Page 14

ho joined the


Churth Chaplain. and rhe Dean. ReI erend Dr Rlthard Hurndge. "ho \\a~ in~r.lllcd 111

Ouober 1994. C1alre

\\'addell i rhe Dean' ne\\


and in ~eptember rhl~ ~ear. rhere

The Chaplainc~ i,> no" up ro full

in .lanuarl

hal e earned a




Chaplainc~ .\~~i~t<1nt. Judirh

be a ne\\




i~ currentl~

,Ir ar

路u ....e\ {. nil er~it~. The

Chaplaine~ i~

'>tudent~. regardlc~~

there I'm all

of batk~round m

belief. The C:haplainc~ Office

1995 a'> Roman Catholic Chaplain:



2373 and rhe

Relerend John Ilambrick, the Free






ill ~rrengrhen the journal

and hring il to a much" ider audience. Impeerlon cop le,> are al adable from

he nell College Chaplain, rhe "a~ Iicen cd b~ rhe HI'hop of

h\ lhc

internarionJI reputation. Publicarion

Il'e{{'i:l'r (flld RI"i.."ermr! J f)hll I I (flllllflt ".

ReI erend Tim Dirchfield,


Centre for Lalin ,\meriean (:ultllral

CJrfa\ Publi~hing Co. PO Bo, \bll1gdon. (hon {)X14 ,1'(-,


<] Ill.' ell


<] w.:\..' 11 It i p d i

l 1I


hc ~ccond IlHcrnational Conferencc on Quecn~ CQueen hip \\ a~ held under n)\ direLtlOn b\ the Ccntre for I.atc \nnquc C- \lcdiel al tllt!le lrom 19ro21 \pril. .\rrcnded paniclpant~ \\a~




'I hi \\ a~ ,In

The Conference \\ a del i cd hmh to be

out~ran~ing ucce~~. 1),lpcr~


on a \\ ide range of [()PIC~ n.:lating [() drawn from

and the l'nited



State~) ;\Ild

\\ere much


di,eu~~ion chaired b~


the Grcat


Thc nc\\ torc \\ ill gil C IO.(X)O ,quare fcct of retail ,pace Jt ground ICI cl and a ,tockholding of I.:



\\ ill bc


in the


~ubjeC[ and


~[()ckpicking facilitie.,

\\ ith for




prm ided a cOlHact

numher for tho\e \\i\hing to book


fl::quircment~: Roger 130\\ en.

.-\cademic I)el c10pmenr \ lanagcr or .\lan Leitch. \Iarketing Director on

paper~. edited b~


O'\ford fbg.,hip lihrarian~.

gal e an excellent

the Conference m~~clf,


bek\\ell Rctail - the Chford - \\ ill be opcning a major nc\\ book,hop Jt ](X) Charing Cro Road at the cnd of -\ugu~t 1995.

profile \\ ill he ,imilar to the main



S[Udie~ at

Collcge Chapel. Fil e e\pre~,ed

(Cl [,ll!1l.lln

million at retail price. The cJ\erall

pt:rformance of mediel'almu~icrelating

(I1i~to~·), I'anieipant~

imprc~~ed b~

thc"l: of e~[Jbil.,hed

EeI\\ ard \\'ickham (\\ ho thi~ ~ car),


to the thcme of the conference in the

The Conference concludcd II ith J)r Carpenter


\\ ell

an ,\1.\ in \lcdiend

included four from King\, lil c1~ round rabic

and to im oh e

The C1erk\ Group led hy

~i\ coulHrie~

(Germany, England, Canada, ~or\\a~





u.:ntre of Jncient Jnd medlel JI rudie .

~ch()IJr J~



Jnd relf1force our claim to be a leading

ome 120



If1tended [() en hJncc thc Collegt: profilc

from the l I' and abroad.

mcdiel'al queen,hip \\cre read

BbCK\\cll ....

I ,I[ l\. i n !.(

in due cour'e.

01 Ho,) 7927lJ2.

Ilall. the Council Room and thc Chapel. \\ hieh prOl ided




for the

proceed ing."

.'\nne Du,ggan f)qxmment of I1 i~to~

Better en1plo .Tn1ent pro peets for graduates hen thi\ ycar'~ fin~tli,t~ cnrcrcd unil cr~it\. job pro~pcct~ for grad uate~ II'cre de eribed a being \\or,e than at an\' time ~ince the depre\\ion. The pictllrc i~ no\\ much more cncouraging.




cmplo~ melH

publi,hed on the

record of the older

unil cr\itie~ for their 1994 graduatc\ confirm the trend 01

cr the


t\\ 0

ha imprOl'ed. point 199.1

oh~er\'ed at

~ ear\, a~



King\ econom~

uney\ I


a further improl'ement for


graduate~, de~pite

from _CJ.f>'k

thi~ lIa~ ~till

higher than the national

hal'e gained

1993 to 45A!!t in 1994: the national



.9% of the King'\

in 19CJ4 (the national figurc

important to ha\e good information on de~tination' and

fcll' gm\\ th ind us tries of the rccession.


, ationally 11.1 % of graduates lI'ere not

assistance with collecting this

al aibble for \\ork. The majority of these



ere international studcnt\ leal'ing the

lTK. The comparahle King'\ figure for



greatly appreciatcd.

Po~tgraduate~ hal'e

a better

employment record than first degree

1994 of 12.2'k rcflccts our higher than

graduates: only 2.2%- of King\ higher

Jlerage proportion of international

degree graduate., \\ ere knol n t ) be


unemployed at 31 December following



an increa\ing trend



temporary, in order [() gain \'aluable

46.7'k. At King'

more reil arding Career~

are often in thi, finali ts, recent

ith a national figure ofl.O'k in 1CJCJ4. figures excludt: those for the


:\umhers going into further


~itllation. After graduate~ are

graduation. The national figure was 2.3%-.

Jnd training from King\ declined

• l 'IIn:ersi/)' .'I/o/is/if's 1993-94. I 'oI/llIIe IVi:O: /irs/ des/illa/iolls ojlllln:ersi/)' gmdllll/es (l-niler~ities Srati~tical


In I9CJS the Iligher Education S[Jti~tic agenc~

(H ESA) assumed

re,ponsibili~' for

the collection of thi

information. H E5.'\ i., demanding a


large,r group of user~ and I'erl'

minimum SO%- rewrn for home swdent,.

much appreeiare being able to continue to use the


I'isiwr~ to

Adl i\()~ Sen ice and they

the unemplo) ment rate fell from 7.7'k 6.5% in 1994, compared

opportunitie~. t-.lany

King' graduatcs are regular the

in 19CJ3


was onc of the

\kill\ and e'\perience for a mOl e to

employment inerea\ed from 41.1 'k in


had happened

was 9.6'k). It is becom ing increasinglJ

Po~tgraduate ~tudy


The percentage of King's


27.1 'k although

take on work \\ hieh may be regarded

graduate~ known to



aH.:rage of 25. 7'k.

the increa\c in

thcir number\.

figure for 1994



ice after they

graduate. We


Sue Dirmikis Head of Career

ere unable



OLJ[ \\


Adli~ory Sen


erne ten a[l< n i a naWIIl-\\ iue trend -

I Ld I J. t:t:


'I he: C .Ik_e -\me:nl[le C:ommme:e: re:c 'nth a.,:reeu


propo e a -.7', J~aln

mLrea em hall tee \\ i he of the:


at he "mt: t po .hlc lO t.

t the

'I he t luent . Inion i a\\ arc

wuc.:m· I mun. Ilall


I'ec hale n en mer

I \ the (. \ ( ,I' anu a gm e:rnmem

ed, e:'pan IOn m hi:::her eUIKa Ion

m the L.t t \\ III be

anu non-alauemll tat lace a a

cut 1)\ a funhc.:r ',ne't \ ear. \\ ith the

lOn equenLe of cme: te:n atlon.

four \ c.:ar~. \ lallHenJnle


m",imum I .In J\ aIlabk



the: Ult il dtle th t man\ alJuc.:mll

e:me ten aton ha, al



hau an au\ er e:

hemg !i 1/1,-0 and wuem ha\ e nlJm

affelt on man\ a peu of rudent life

Ic\<:f inlfea,m~) e'pen

e - mcludmg

from gre:ater JCaUCmil ulll~equentlal finanual

Ha\ cl. food, book c.:tl. Ilall fee' ha\ e:

pre: ,ure,


burden,. In other \\ ortk rudem, are:

been higher


Kmg' than



ehe:\\ here m !-onuon .II1U King\ al 0

ha\ m!!; [()

ha, ,ome: of the: 1l10,t c.:'pen'>l\ e:

,eme~tefl\,l[ion in


hall fee,

of~. 7f( \\






lilr the finanllal implication, of


further e,calate the finanllal prohkm, th,1[

a Illultiwue of

Do \\e \\ant to 'cc

'tuuem accommouation m the I' K. .\n im:re:a,e

for the re ulh of

,eme:'te:ri,ation on \ acation


and the: 'tlIdent allomnwuation

,[LI(.lcm, ha\ e:. 1-. 'ce:'>'>1\ e:

m hall ke:, \\ III ha\ e the 1'0110\\ mg



Do \\e \\ant ,rudelH'

[() ha\ e: Intllltcd upon thcm and ,uncr


the fulllmpauofa fall in \aCJtlOn (a) [lme:lHial ,wuelH' \\ ill ,oon re:ah,e

Students' Union news

the ,e\cre the~


\t prt:'ent. College d"'pen,atlon


tor the ,ruuent accommodation

\\ill be unuer if the~ uecide [()



aCCOUIH amount, to Ju,t under £ 1.3

King',. 'Ihi, \\ dllmpau on


million, It \\ ould not be: unre,.,onabk

of King', [() recruit the

(acauemicall~) be,t



for the: College [() mCfca,e

,wue:m, \\ ho

cannot afford to come: [() the: Collq.\e:.

t1i,pc.:n,ation, on a onc-off ba,i,


c.:a,e: the: impact of the: introduction of h~

!i70.0()() for

(h) ..\ece" [() ,rudcnt, from \\ (nking


cia'>'> and orhe:r non traditional

1995 - %. Thi, \\mIld help re:duce:

background, \\ ill bc

the 0\ erall ri,e: in hall fce, h\' a furthe:r


re'trictcd - opportunity for all \\ ill

I.Yk. Gi\cn the Collcge\ intention

hccomc a myth, with enHanec [()





and not acadcmie


ahilit\ [() pal




1)\, 3% and to incorporatc


inflation into the:

,rudent accommodation (:Jnd othcr


Collegc) account. thc 1'nion 'cc, no rea on \\ 11\ a ri,c in hall fee,

It ,houlu be: nmcd that \acation letting incomc ha, comc in at £ZOO.()()() under budget. Thi, ha, had a huge

\\ oldd al,o be in !tne with current and

impact on thc proje:cted deficit of

projcctcd RP I inflation

£69K. In


the: cau,e, ofthi,

\\e can u,e the: Collc,ge:',


n \\ ord,.

projected dcficit in the: current


i, a

re ult of reduccd \acation income cau~ed

by the mm e: to ,eme:,te:ri,ation'

Thu5. ,e:me'tcri,ation ha, impacted heavily in \'acation letting, incomc for 19Y~-95

anu thi, ha, pla)ed a

,ignificant part in cau,inl.\ thi, )ear\ deficit. Admittedly. the move toward,


for thc

ne't IZ month,. The l' nion 'cc, a ,L'i'k ri,e in hall fce, a, hcing fair and. a5 ha, been

'One of the main rea,on, for the

I'a,ge: 16


not he in linc with thi,. Such a ri\e

,ho\\ n.







re \ L


KCL l ~ ha\ becn ue\ eloping rhc

Thl" ~car' KCLC,l 'iabbaricJI Te'lm

\cn IlC ir prm iuc

\\mild likc [() rhank all College rafT


er rhc


wuent\ ar King'

r ix \CJr, -


irh rhc


\\"arerfront '('uru'


Jnd of!icer, \1 ho ha\ e helped rhc l nion and rhc \wdeIH' of King\.

mUlh morc. 'Ihc l'nion rhrcc



ill bc carn ing ollr

UC\ elopmclH rh,n arc

almeu Jr \\ luening rhc \cope of ,cn lee prm i,ion. The fir\r


Gha'>'>Jn Karian, Pre,iucnt lan Franklin \ P ~-\dmin


wdcIH .\ffair'


\U\ ice \'oluIHcer Schcme \\ herc

Tarn Jcffer on

,wueIH, work a, pccr-ro-pecr au\ i\or\.

\'p Financt:



.g i\ ing ba\ic \\elfare au\ icc anu informarion (() orher ,wdeIH". Thc ,chemc ha, been ,ucce"ful ar man~ ()[hl:r



union, aLTO" rhl:

and i\ ,imilar [() rhc Ciri/cn \

\rh ICC Bureau ..\ major p,1f[ of rhl:

funding for rhl: ,chemc h,,, comc from

laking n1U


rhc King\ Collcge I)l:\ e!opment Tru,r Jnd KCLSl' \\ould likc [() dunk KCL.\ dnd all rhe eontribuwr" w rhi\ Tru,r for rheir 'UppOf(. KCLSl' ha'> al,o \igned a conrracr for rhe franehixe de\ elopml:1H of a I)illoll'> book\wre (() be opened ill rhc ne\\ ,>cme\rer on rhe tir,r noor of rhc \Iacad'lm Building. There \1 ill be a \aricd on-"ire ,c\(;erioll of hook", rogl:rhcr 11 irh a phonc ordcr ,cn icc. Thc ['nion \\ill al,o hc del e!opin,g a phc)(ocopy/prilH '>cn icc for ,ruucnr, in rhe nc,r couple of \ e:lr\. The rimc\ealc for dCI l:loping \ueh a ,cn ice 11 ill hl: gr,ldual. \1 irh rhl: IIHroducrion of a compl:riri\ e phowcop~

,en iCl: for rhe nel\

"eml:,rcr. and rhc e\ eIHual dt:\ clopml:1H of a full priIH ,cn ict: in rhc mcd i um rcrm. Orhcr de\ c1opml:IH' planned for rhi\ ,ummcr include rhl: largc rc-\ amp of rht: l nion', carcring ,cn iCl:' \1 irh ill\ c,rlllCIH in nl:\1 and di\ n,itied ,t:n ICl:' and faeilirie\:


'rrarcg\. \\ irh rhc ['nion

nC\1 IT (/inJII~)

connl:(;[cd ro rhe our idc \1 orld (and ir, ml n ,wdcIH') rh rough rhe Collegl:

j.\" ET '~'rcm. /-:Ieflllor ,lIaVlle/l. (lJllllldfll!:mdl/(/le of/ht, f)epa/'llIIfII/

of. Ill/sir, 1001' parI ill

RadiI) .!'s

} 'Ijl/IIK .ill/sir/fill o(!ht' } 'm/' (l)lIIperilioll ill ,I/ay lIlIdgol /hrol/f!,h /0 the Jl'IlIi-jilla/J. She is a/.l路o fm/I/nd ill Ihl' (.路olltgl' L'idM fl({{)lIIprlllyill,r!f!rl/lliJI .\'(/I)lIIi Hilllllall~ (Phrjll) hI' !i !i(jPh()/or!mphl'I f) F.rI'U"aJYI)

pril 1995

Re earch arant for the quarter end d 3 - - - - - he grant h ted belo\\ \\ ere recel\'ed in the quaner ended ~O April 199-. Detail are nO[ gi\ en of grant under ::.000. nor of tho e \\ hich are confidential. bUt the amount are included in the [Owl or the depanment or unir.

lif!alld>' 011 :::L'bra(ish bmm df'U'loplllt!lll. Total grants: £162,149 157,680 Ecu

( t:l1rrt: tor IkknlC r


\1 \\'i11 ett.


IC lU':

• Or D BClghwn. I



uppon a re earch projett entitled

14.000 ( outh

Thame Rcgional Health

.-\uth()ri~ )

research tr:lIning felll)\\ hip. • Profe or:" \\' John on. 2 .000 Elu (European Comml

IOn) to UppOf(

proliferalioll ill Parijir .lsia.

IIlilisalioll 0/ delllisls forlhe ear~l' deterlioll

• Profe~sor A J Tinker. \b '

Total grants: £145,430

0/ oral mllrer alld precallar (PHASE

In pec[Orate (DoH»


Europealllerhllology Iralis/er C' -"eapOIlS

en ice~

\IcCreadie, £22.020 ( ocial

~uppon a

research project entitled L'pdale ofelder

(:cnrre for \lcdical [..l\\ and Erhic'>

abuse researrh.

• Profe \or A Grubb, 37.000 Ecu

• Or J A\kham. Professor A Tinker.

(European Commi\\ion(PECO-:--':I. »

\Is R Hancock. £12,486 (jo~eph Ro\\ntree Foundation)


uppon a


~uppon a

re\earch project entitled

re earch project entitled TmifliflK alld

Ill). • Professor :--.: \\' Johnson, £22.500 (Rc\earch Strategy Fund) contribution toward research staff CO~ts. Total grants: £63,876 28,000 Ecu

The moral alld Il'f!.al issues SUnYJlllldill[{ Ihe

re earch project entitled Ho "lIIurh are

Irt'OllIIt!IIl alld heallh rare 0/ palil'llls ill

I.d lIurilll1

people prepared 10 pay 10 lW hi[{her

perSiSletll vegelalit'e slale.

• Dr 0 J Squires. £121.( 07 (Briti\h

Total grants: 37,000 Ecu

pt!llsiolls? Total grants: £34,506


( hcmi

syslellls ill (fllldelllir resefl/rh 20

• Profew)r F Ilibben. .£75.076 (BBSRC) contribution [Oward\ a

• Or L C

• Profes~or F I fibher[, £30.000 (King\

lahadevan, £92,150 [0

fluorescence facilit). College London Equipment Fund)

suppon a

research project entitled Alla~l'sis of

contribution tOward, a fluore~cent

rhrOlllalill-assorialed si[{I/{///iIlK respollses

facility. • Or K Jones, £28,50 I (Wellcome

Kene arlivalioll using a plaslllid-based



student hip entitled The desiK", sy"/hesis alld leslillg ofalllhe/lllilllir rompollllds.

Society) Contribution toward


• Dr () \Viliam, £14,000 (School Curriculum c!t s\e,sment Authority) to \UPP0f( a re,earch project: Get/iflK IIIOI"/'

IIse/1I1 ill/lil7l1alioll fromlhe lesls. • Or P dey, Dr R Fairbrother. £ 13.157 (Office for Standard\ in Education)


suppon a re eareh

Total grants: £133,577

Revi~' o/rerenl

reset/rrh 011 e./ferlit'e leamillg slyles alldJ/rolegies. ·1\lr \1 Askew, 1\lr\ A lillett, Profes\or DC Johmon, ()r D \\Oiliam. £75,600

(Over ea\ Development

expenses. • Or L C

lahadevan, Or E Cano-

Lopez (Fellow). 97,622 Ecu (European Commis ion (HC1\1 Programme» to uppon a re~earch fellow hip entitled

• Professor

Greenough, £ I50,000

(Children :--':arionwide 1\ledieal Rc earch Fund) to WppOf( a Children Nationwide 0:estle research

NO grofJC.·lh far/or - alld allisolllyrill-

fellowship. Total grants: £150,000

• Profes or

H Bittles, 60,05


(European Commis ion (HC\I

e\Oaluate the impact in England of national curriculum

a~~e~sment\ at

Curriculum rg


• Profe sor T J Peters, Dr T t\lahmud

• Professor N H K Holder, £57,001

(Fellow). £64,159 (South Thames

(Welleome Trust)

Regional Health Authority) research

0/ B61 relaled eph reaplor tyrosille killase

ofTeachcr\) a research proposal to

• \ h G Clo\e. £ 17,116 (School

eroloKiml, lIIorphologiml alld Kt!IIeliral.

studentship entitled FUllrlioll

1\ G Close. £ 13,::00 (:"ational l' nion

C1as'iic'> Clinical


Total grants: £5,800

projee:t: E'volu/ioll of mall ill l~urope:

suppon a

project entitled Primary lIIalhs

evalllalilill/reJefl/rh: SOlllh Afrimo


stages I. 1. and 3.

Programme» to suppon a research


dminisuation) to '>uppon a re\earch

Child I Iealrh

Pllrijimlioll. rhamrlerizolioll c!!: dOllillK 0/ arln.'flled proleill killases P45 c!!: P55.


Upr0f( a rc.,earch projelt entitled

rOllromilflll1 'w)ilh illllllediale-early (I I~)

• Or S L Dick on. £9,998 (Royal

Librar) [() suppor[ a rc\carch projelt entitled l \e of l7~assisledillfo/7//(flioll

\nJrom\ e(luman Bi()log~i()c\t:lopmt:nral Biol()g~ J{c'>carch (:t:nrrc (\\'ellcome Trust)

Page IH


\"t: Conct:rn In ritl1rc of ,-, ( Icronrol()~~

training fellow~hip. Total grants: £454,159



resear h con.,ultancy.

• l\ fr I A.,kew. Profes\or \ I Br()\\ n. £56,531 (Nuffield Foundation) to SUPP0f( a research project entitled

Raisillg al/Oillmenl ill lIumeracy. Total grants: £311,711


e Elccrrical


Total grants:£4,194

\ LlI1<l£!;emcnr ( cnrre

• Dr T G Clark\on. 25.402 Ecu < Europl:an

Cornmi\,ion (TE\IPl'~­

PII.-\RE» .'uu<.:rural Joinr European Proje<.:r

• \Ir,


• Profl:\ or.\ .I Rogcr,. Dr \'.\ Ilanderek. 361.~ 7 Ecu (Europcan Commi\ ion)


I n"ri(lJr~ for rhe C,rllth ..", Tre~l(mcnr of [)c1inqllcnc~

\UPP0f[ a rc\earch


Braggin ,£.... 000 (E, RC)

lI/ollilorill7 ofslrurtl/ral illll'f(rill' of 1'1/"cattd Il'IlIpert/mr"!' illsl/latNlsy.itl'fflS (FORJIS). • Or T G C1ark on . .£5.000 (Korea II-Song Ilan.

Total grants: £13,954

conferen e on managing ri k. Total grants: £5,000

\ Iccll.lnical


«10\1 EC)l' ni\'cr iry of POrto) ro

• Profe~~or I \ 1 Kennedy. £42.000

'>upport a research projecr emirled

Liquid o)'slal thl'nl/o[!mphy.

conrrihurion {()\\'ards rhl: salarv cosrs of

Total grants: £51,806

ordinaror, \\ irh respon,ibiliry for

(EPSRC) {() ,UppOf[ a re,earch projc<.:r enrirled Im'esti/;atioll off(JJ'f siKllfll

• Profe"or D


Ila~ ron,

£ 2,.'iOO

(Baring Foundarion) conrriburion ro"'ard\ rhl: sala~' co,r, of rhe Oirecror

pro{essillJf,/or distribl/led oplimlfibn'

for rhe Briri'>h 100riwre of Human

sfJlsillK s.l'stell/s.

in rhe School of La\\'. Total grants: £128,000

Fr~nch Total grants: £4,564


Science., Di, i.,ion

• Or D H Da\·ie,. £59.99- (\\'ellcorne

e Primar\


Trusr) purchase of a liquid seinrillarion eounrer.

• DrJ Dale, £57,~09 (King Ech",rd\

• Or P Quinn, £5.700 <Brirish Council)

Hospiral Fund) ro ~upporr a rc,earch

ro ,upporr a research projeer emirled

projecr enrirled I<:vall/fllioll ofthe Ill/He

Chartlrterisaliol/ of fIIelllbrfllle lipid phflse

provided te!epholle fldvire sen'ire.

Ilehoviol/r fllld sl/r/flre properties.

Total grants: £67,409

• Professor 0 () Hall, 65,500 Ecu (European Commission) ro supporr a


re,earch projecr emirled The I/se of

• Profc~ or C Harnnerr, £ 12,SOO (Personal Re earch Accounr) co,r of

immobilised /)'al/obarteria for rOl/tillllOl/S fllllfllOfliff fer1ilisatiol/ ill rire prvdl/rtioll.

rc-esrahli hing Profe~ or Ilamnerr's

• Or S Srn irh, £ 13,980 ( orth Thames


Regional (ealrh Aurhoriry) ro ~upporr a


London. Total grants: £19,782



re earch projecr: Pflll- Thflflles air

polhllioll fllld r"!'spimlor)' hl'Olth ill school


• Or \1 Layron, £13.058 (King's Collcge Ho piral) re earch ,wdenr,hip. • Dr 1\ I Layron, Profe or Bellingharn, £50,000 (jame, Sre\\'ard,on Re earch & Wcl fare Tru~r for Children \\'irh T.P,L) ro 'UppOf[ a research fellowship emirled lriose

phosphale isomerase (TP!) defirief/[)'. Total grants: £182,205


I Lord, Dr R Luff, t\lr R Le\\'i,.

£ H 1,702 (. ourh and Wesr Regional Healrh Aurhoriry) ro support a research projecr emirled :1 shell shol'

fil/illK se!t.'irefor stod· or1hopaedir shoes. Total grants: £141,702

Righr" and a Senior Research Fello\\'

Total grants: £246,059 386,889 Ecu


~Icdical ~:nginccrjng ~

PIl\.,ic,> • Dr

School of I,a\\',

Roger" ~ Ir P .I Langloi,. £66,736

acri\'iry ar


(Ciry oliciror~' Educarional Tru\r)

serring up a rc,earch daraba\e in rhe

• Dr \. A Handcrck. Profe\sor A .I



comriburion ro\\'ard~ rhe funding of a

an informarion rechnology co-

Telecorn) re\earch bench fee, for Dr



• Or \1 Yianne ki . £16.392

projecr enrirled Fibre oplirs for rell/otl'


Total grants: £12,945

rhildml. • Or PJ \\'hidield, £2 .500 (\\'ellcome Trusr) {() \upporr a research \rudenrship emirled The desigll, sYl/thesis alld tfstillg of

allthelfllil/tir rompol/llds. • Or W P \\'illiams (t\1 RC), £55.456 (Her Jajesry' Inspecrorare of Pollurion) ro upporr a re earch projecr emirled Exposure rOflllllitfllell1 approarh 10

the derivalioll ofetlvirolllllel/lal assessmefll leuls:jeasibililystlldy. Total grants: £194,805 65,500 Ecu

\fcdicall'nir • Or P t\1 \\' Barh, Or


(i\'eurology), Professor B


(]\'eurology), £ 173.26~ (t\1 RC) ro supporr a research projeer enrirled The

efferl oflIitrir oxide dOllors ollexperiml'fltal slro"". • Professor B 1 I-Iendry, £3 7.42~ (t\1 RC) effccrs of renal failure on membrane choline rransporr in neuronal and epirhelial cell. • Dr A Pozniak, £11,960 (King's Healrheare) ro upporr a research srudemship emir/ed .1I0leOllartypillg of

myrobarleril/m aviulll. • Professor .I F

larrin, Or



Belder (Fello\\'), £123,778 (Briri h Hearr Foundarion) ro support an imermediare research fellowship emirled The role ofa IIIn;el plall'lel selertif;e I/ilrir oxide dOl/or,

S-I/ilrosogll/lalhiolle, il/ rardio'i..'m(l{lar diseasl'. • Or J 0 Eru~alim ky, Or I Zachary,

£89,203 (Brirish Heart Foundarion) ro ~upporr

a re eareh projecr enrirled

Sigl/al trtlflsdurtioll merhal/isflls ill megahlryorytopoiesis: role ofproteil/ killase {; &' proleill tyrosille phosphorylatiol/.

• Or I Zacha~', £97,129 (Briri h Heart Foundarion) ro upporr a research projeer emirled Ref!!rlaliol/ ofpI 25 foml

PRP. /lJ1/11~/fI:? /Ir"r

I't rr/IIIII



,1I11'-tln .:,llIlId(/(/fIllrldl;-

• Dr I Zathar:. £2'4.17- I Brm h HeJrt

Total grants: £194,555


uppon a re cJn:h



projetr cnmled Role 0/pm/nn !)ro /fie J:11T1I e lIl/lte pit no!)/!/(' /rall 1111111 t

(\\eIltome 'I rll rc~eJr<:h

pI.!') /owl adltl'sioll J:ill",e IJJld


'1 ru rl [() \lIpporr a



:h (\\ eIltomc

• Dr J Robblll ..t147.

lake d.H Blalng ..:: L(J

rl) uppor[ J

rudcnr hIp cnmled Inul]n/

III ('arlIlIIlIllIJflO\ldl' 011 /In/lll

0/ IIrr"i.e/ J:/fIII.-e '.

Total grants: £766,933


. '·lInt.:


• Profc or P (, Jenncr. ·-().thl


a -nilar moollt ml/sde re/I" rr,?I/III/1fJ1I of


Total grants: £1,940



fmlll Mad

co elltll/(' millllri!)

dt'lenJlillall/ lifprr m/tl/lfJlI


co IIplllke o(

Irmllllellllll till I/lIIerl,oJldoll ElI/m/ILIt.

Total grants: £84,000

• Profc'>'ior P G Jcnncr. £o107.2fY (Parkin\on '\ Di\cJ\c '>o<:icr\) to upporr a rc\carl'h proJccr enmlcd


.l/nhaJ/islII.r IIlIder/1'1II1( d\'.d,'lJIeSIIIJ fllld

• Profe\~or H J Gould, £39,o9.~

po/mlial IIfllmlo.\lri/), o/I.-Drlpa.

(Cancer Rc eareh Campaign) [()

• Profe\ or R IIJlll\\cll. 67,')()() I--:l'lI

\UPpOrt J re~careh project cmirled IILI':'

(European Comml

IIl1lilJod}' dfpelldml cel/lllar n'/II/O\m/)'

Programme») [() \upporr J rc\carl'h


rc\cart h projcu: Hrrl} 'I rlllll'('r /fI :.. fllnt'1I

ill Il/all/J/wllllll cell/nil IIl'11mlleJ.

ro ~uPPOrt a re~earch projccr cOli tied

/ltf lrea/mm/o( m'flrioll mailloflla.

7 ,()()() I IlHh"1 hJmt: RcguJOal IleJlrh \lIrhorir\ I [() lIppOrt a

(1lle /or mklllm II/I)IJili 'Ill,:! s{'{'olld fIIe"st'll~e"

• Dr \r Peckham. £169.776 (BB 'RC> The rfJle fJ/lilill ill m"sde: fI f!:me It/lXell//IL

• Dr -\ DJ\ Id. \( r J Robcr[~ I ur~cr. I,




Total grants: £21,927 ~P<lIl.1

h - P 1111 h \IllClICdl1

Total grants: £2,646

(I IC\(

projcc.:r enrirlcd Flr't' mdmil forllla/illll



If L

Total grants: £73,825

• f)r B J Surwn. £39,304 (B B'>RC> ro

alld {1II/iO\ldtlll/ sl'l/l'mS

\UPport a rc earch projctr emitlcd

SI'II/ViOSfS. ,1/lIdif'J 1/1'

De'<:elopfllm/o/IIO'i.'el inmlllllllKlllliIIlill


• Dr

villdillK pmlfim: X·ray s/m(11I1r' 0/ /hf /all

Total grants: £372,225 67,500 Ecu

(1Iarr: I'rank Guggcnhcim

villdinK dOfllflill

0/pm/em I ..



lIi/rozm ji\lllf(

Total grants: £294,027 trl11 II \

• \Ii\\ C ,\ndcr\on, £29Jrl2 (\\'ilr\hin.:

• Dr F Farzaneh, £21,500 (Rc\earch

Family Ilealrh Scr\'lcc\

Srraregy Fund) comriburion ro\\ard\

supporr a rc\carch projccc Sperialis/

research \raff co~r~.

heal/h /JIVIIIO/ioll ill mlll/II/lllil)' phanllaries.

Total grants: £21,500

• Profc'iS\)r R C I1 idcr. I)r S I~an\al. re'iearch


Iliodef;mdavle pfllelmlil)/ll'llhallrers.

• Profe\sor R C 11 idcr, £32,176


• :'\Is J Thomas. £66,094 (Hcalrh re~earch

:\urhom~) [()

~rudenr\hip enrirled DesiKII.

sl'lI/hesis alld f"i.:allla/il)/l

Total grants: £30,028



(BBSRC) conrriburion [()",ards a fluorescence facilir~.

Total grants: £157,691

projecr emitled Die/ and ClI D

pret:m/ifJlI in SOlllh Asialls: rMdiness/or



• Professor R Sorabji. £ 10.000 (Briri\h

Total grants: £67,689


Ob"tcrric" G~ naccolog~ Total grants: £1,000 Oral Pathology • Dr f) K Shori, Or G B I roeror,

£J 94,555 (\\'ellcome Tru\r) [() \upporr a research projecr cmirlcd /Iow: do lIerves rolllrfJl the resy"/hesis fJ/ fllllrills alld

Pagc 20


Founuation) ro \lIpp0r[ a rcscar<:h


e pmre .wppfJl1opemlioll.l.

Total grants: £3,050 $19,922 Total amount awarded in the quarter: £5,375,187

£57,001 (\\'ellcorne Tru\r) [() ~lIpporr a

'lIr"ing e \fid\\ ifcr y Di\ i"ion

Edllcarion Aurhoriry) [()

I)r J GO\\.

ill pos/,Cold 1\ '{Irl',\' flllIl/ila/eml

\lokclILlr \lcdilll1C


c: I)Jndckcr.

projccc Till' pmlllem o/lIIill/my 1I'[<1/illlf/(l'





Academy) [() \upporr a rc\carl'h projec.:r enrirlcdAllril'll/ rofllflll'll/a/ors fJlI

Aris/otle. Total grants: £10,000 Phy~ic)

Total grants: £101,314 Phy~iology Group/Thcrmal

Biology Research l'nit Total grants: £53,417

Total number of awards in the quarter (including extensions and supplements): 135

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K",v" Collev< I.ondon v.. Card u ",ued by MBNA lnr.em...."""1 Bonk 1.ul., """"cid H"""" C .... 8<.0...... Park, o,eo<tr CH~ 900. n.. m.."hly MBNA n ......... on ~ .. 1.~5 (, equlvolent APR of 18.9%.1ht monthly tnltrul rate on credll card c:hrqut... ATh{ advanul and aver tht counler cash advances LJ 1. (v..... blt) ftled (or sue monthl from lht: cbt.e VOW accot#\ltJ openoi eqwvalU\l to.-t APR of 13.~ (Of aedlt card chequn.ld en APR of lS_7~ for ATM cash .avancct and CN~ the c:ounttt cuh ~ Aftn sue mondu the monthly U'\lUetll'1ltC (or purchas« appllu lO .11 UWUIC.t!0IlL AP'RJ an: calculated on. (cc CXdUlIVC bull and aNWllC • tl,CXX) credlllltTllL The muumlAD m thly p.yrnU\l. ~ Jutt 3 of the out.Jtandn balana: (mUUrfll,ft1 LS). 1nere Will be a handltng dwye (Of" ATM caah..1vancet IlJ"ld ovu the COUlter cMh advancct oil S (y..,.bl~) (mU'\..tI. mu. ilS). Thrtt It no twndlUli ~ (or crcd.It card chequu. Credit. Ivallabk ttb,ee:t to ItIlt». CW'I1y to pe1toN -ved I or OYe:T. Wntl~ quotatiON ilVlJlabk CW'I ~quett..

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8 July 15.00 to 18.00 This year's KCLA Summer Event will be a garden party in the grounds of Lambeth Palace, SE1 by kind permission of the Archbishop of Canterbury, a Presentation Fellow of the College. All members of staff are very welcome. The cost is £15 per head (small children half-price) which includes a strawberry tea. Tickets are available from Jo Crocker, KCLA Treasurer, KCLA Office, Cornwall House, Waterloo Road, London SE1 8WA. [)L"\ clopmelH,d Biolog Rc'>earclJ (:elltre Semillar

All seminars are held at The Randall Institute, 26-29 Orury Lane, London WC2B 5RP at 13.00.


28 June PDGF supply-and-demand in the developing CNS Professor Bill Richardson, Mrc Molecular and Cell Biology Labs, UCL

In'\ritutc ot (,LlSSIC.!1 <"'tudics 1,ccturcs e'Seminar" 10 - 14 July Latin Palaeography Institute of Classical Studies Summer School. Further details available from Professor A C de la Mare, Palaeography, Strand Campus September (date to be confirmed) Greece in the reign of King George 1(1863-1913) Centre for Hellenic Studies, Strand Campus

The ll1'>riture ofP,,\chiarf\ e'Thc Berhlem Ro'·al and \Iau(hlq . ·1 IS Tru·"r 12 and 13 July Fifth National Conference on Women & Mental Health: Women, Mental Health & The Family Speakers to include Professor

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Judy Dunn, Or Anula i apota, Or Melanie arks, Or Christopher Dare, Dr Catherine Oppenheimer, Or Eia Asen, Or Adrianne Reveley, Dr Jane Ussher, Or Toni Bifulco, Or Tara Weeramanthri, Or Cleo Van Velsen, Ms Maggie Mills, Or Charlotte Bur e, Ms Sheila Ernst. Programme includes lectures, workshops, short papers and plenary sessions. Topics include: The meaning of the family; Working within different family structures; Refugee and dislocated families; Anorexia Nervosa and the lifecycle; Single parent families and mental health; Assessment of parenting skills,· Depressed mothers and their children; Women as carers; Sisters and shared environments; Teenage sexuality; The effect of mental illness on the family; The menopause and the family; Mental health and motherhood; Abuse within the family; Managing a family and a career, and 8ereavement in the family. Fee £150 (£90 for the unwaged) including buffet lunch and refreshments. Further details and application forms from: A MacPherson, Conference Office, Institute of Psychiatry, De Crespigny Park, Denmark Hill London SE5 8AF. Tel 0171-740 5125, fax 0171-7035796

I J lImaniric" 30 June Special contemporary music event including a live performance by Jonathan Leathwood Room 6C, Main Building, Strand Campus 17.30 Tel 0171-873 2029 5 July Our Railway into Europe Public Lecture from the School of Education to be given by Colin J Kirkland OBE, Technical Director of the Channel Tunnel Project Room MB222, Cornwall House Tel 0171872 3183 6 July The Quest for International Security Lecture from the Centre for Defence Studies to mark the launch of the joint Council for

Arms Control & Centre for Defence Studies United Nations at 50 programme (funded by the Croydon branch of the United ations Association). To be given by The Rt Hon Lord Howe of Aberavon QC and chaired by Lawrence Freedman, Professor of War Studies at King's. Great Hall, Strand Campus 17.30 11 July Ideology, evidence & the raising of standards Professor Paul Black. Second King's College London Annual Education Lecture. Great Hall, Strand 18.00.

King's College School of \ Icuicinc et Dcnri~rr\ 13 July Recent Advances in Light-Cured Dental Materials One-day conference organised jointly by King's Dental Institute and the Biological Engineering Society. Postgraduate Medical Centre, King's College Hospital, Dulwich. Further details from Dr John Nicholson, Biomaterials Department, Dental Institute, King's College School of Medicine & Dentistry Tel 0171-737 4000 ext 3520 17 July Postgraduate Poster Day. Poster presentations of work by research degree students Rayne Institute, Cold harbour Lane 11.00 to 15.00 Tel 0171-7374000 ext 4011

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late teen (() miu thin:ie ) but II ho ;He

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nOlI {()tally drug ree and neeu upp"rt anu


10 . . erp

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panl h

coa tal {()II n \1 ith running moumalO \ le\1 .. leep

i:-.. -\ \ allable {() rem for

F -regl tered \\ ith I.OL

'r e1ephone: 01

拢2. - 00 ono.





the huu e are al 0

people in 路ull-time (l)

h\t: in a m"eu mmmumry. Inui\ Idual

Comau: A Raman. Pharmacy. e:-.r

A large \ ilia near


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determine for them eI\ e their le\ t:l "I 1000hemenLl he \\eekly rem I

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regain their

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De<.ember lCJ<r



101\ maleage.4-door

hat<.hba<.k. un roof. raulo <.a ene

cheap \1 IOter and ummer let . '1-'90

'1 an \ hua (.flllene


en(;(Jura~emem (()


1\ hich Incluue all food, heating, to


(famou for it II hite \1 ine) in Puglia, Ital) for July - OctOber. Thc \ ilia ha,

lighting, e1eurlciry and u co laundry.

hart let required

If you \\ould likc more information please telephone 0171-370 12.79.

fil'e bedroom and lee ps nine people \1 ith four

bathroom~, kitchen,


living and fined kitchen room II ith all u ual amenitie and i, fully furni hed. There i, an


\1 imming pool in

the e'temi\e garden,. The I ilia i <;urrounded by nawral beauty and place, of imere,t; and i, about {\I emy minutes from the hea<.h. The nearest airports arc Bari or Brindisi. Car hire and maid sen ice can be additionally arranged if required. Please contact Profe\\(H J \\"

.-\n American academi<. couple \\ ith excellent references i, in ,earch of a London flat or ,mall hou,e (() ,uhlease this summer, I') June to I August (approximately). Comact Profcss(H Peter Lindenhaum telOOI- 12-3311- 255; 001- 12- 551 55 fax 001- 12- 55-9535. Or IHite European Studie,. 50 Great Ru\\ell St. London, "'CI B .~B;'.

Gorrod 0171-333 4789 for further

Flat to let


Singing le sons Available at llniversit. College London


all London lfni\'er,ity ,taff

and students, gilen by highly experienced teacher. Telephone: 01 1-.4466 72

. partment In Brittan

Two hedroom garden flat (unfurnished) available from August/September in Greenwich. Close


GrecO\I ich Park and Cutt)

Sark. Long term let. :"ear to Green\\ ich BR station and minutes from King\, Strand). :"onsmokers only. Rem 拢550 pcm. Please contact \Ialory :"ye. on eXL 2656 (Strand) or 01 16919532.





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SllIdellls or peoplf' i/l jllll-lime employmelll

We welcome articles and for photographs (colour or black and white prints please) from all sections of the College. If possible contributions should be sent in on a 3.5" disk in plain/unformatted text or via email to the address below. Please note that the editor reserves the right to cut or amend articles as necessary. Copy deadlines

Issue Issue Issue Issue

89 90 91 92

15 September 13 October 10 November 8 December

(23+) lIeeded 10 pmvide a balollrer! fI/ld

Press and Publications Office

OIl,,""'OIY! 10oki/lK em.:imllll7f11l.

The Elizabeth I !ou,e provides th()~e


~upportile communities


who have formerly experienced

prohlems with drug, (ages range from Page 24

Comment IS the College's regular newsletter, issued by the Press & Publications Office each month during term time.

:\"ew Cro s undergrounu (appro, 35

commu'niry hou'le? Brittany (St \/alo), paciou apartment within walled city; sleep four; 200 yards from heach; s\limming, fishing. Contact 0181-995 .+831 (el路cnings).


c/o John Sunny g'lrd, Instiwte of

Ext 3202 Fax 0171-872 0214 E-mail

Comment 088 June 1995  

He \\a,&gt; Pre~idcm of the Odontological Sciences c!! Engineering held King\ and a member of the College education, Hc has been Dean of the...

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