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I'ice-Prillcipallall Caillsford recei...'es Ihe Braziliall fOOlbal1 ofllip allhe l'IId of 1nl' ronfer{'//ufrolll a /{raleflll ptll1icipf/lll, "alcned 11)'lhe Bmziliall.llllllflssador. pproxjma[el~ 90 Brazilian magi [fate ,lawyer and judges a[[ended a conference of [he Bra7ilian Bar As ocia[ion a[ King's on 5 and 6 January 1995, on [he d,eme of Engli~h Criminal Law and riminal Ju [ice. Three Judges of [he upreme Coun of, :-'Iinis[f() Francisco Rezek, .\Iini [ro Jose, cry da Sil\'eira and :-'Iinis[ro Claudio, anws, aho [()ok pan in [he pro eedings. Panieipams heard Iccwres on white collar crime, by Profes or Leonard Leigh, L E; Police Powers and the Criminal Proces , b. Professor

\Iichael Zander, L. E; [he Im'e tiga[ion of Drugs Offence and Burglaries in England and \\'ales, by Commander John Grie\ e, Head of codand Yard, and Human Righ[s and Criminal JuStice, by Dr Conor Gearty, hool of Law, KCL. Panicipam commcmed that [hese is ue were al 0 vcry [Opieal in Brazil, whcrc [heir crime problems arc similar although somewhat larger. [ [he closc of [he conferencc a ceremony wa held in [he Grea[ Ilall, during which [he Brazilian nag was COlllilllled Oil page ""'-'0

n application by [hc College [0 rede\'elop 127 Smrnford Street, opposite Cornwall House, for swdcm accommodation was gramed by Lambeth Borough Council a[ [he meeting of its planning ub-commi[[ee on I1 January. The residence will accommodatc some 500 swdem in elf-comained !i\'e- and six-bedroom Ila[ with basemem communal recreation and swdy pacc.. ome re[ail prO\'i ion will be incorporated a[ S[fee[ level on Cornwall Road. The building wa erected in as \\'H mi[hs' priming works in 1916 and used by a \aricty of primers umil 1977. The existing building is sui[able onl~ for [he purpo e for which i[ \\'a originally built - [0 house ma sive priming pre ses which modern [eehnology has nOlI made redundant. Demoli[ion of [he building, (o[her than the Smmford [ree[ facade whi h will remain), will start in ~Jarch and building in lay J995 with comple[ion for occupancy in ep[ember 1996. n architect's drawing of [he proposed site is hown on page 16,





fmlltllllll'd (rolll frollt ptlf!f)

pn; enred ro rhe College. The \ icePrinCipal. \Ir lan Gain~ford. gan; a c1o~lOg Jddn;~~ in whilh he rhanked rhe Brazilian Bar.\ ociarion for \ I HlOg King' and rhJnkcd rhe organi~er~ of rhe conference. Dr Juli,1 Fionda, Lecwrer 10 La\\ Jr King'~ and Dr J()~c.: Eu~raquio 0,\\ aldo. Federal Coun,ellor of rhe BraLilian Bar \,~ociarion. Gue~rs ar the closing ceremony abo included the Brazilian .\mba~~ador, \lr Ruben~ ,\nwnio Barbo~a, \Ir~ Julia Braggim, J)irecwr of rhe I n~rirure for rhe Srud) and Trearmenr of Delinquenc) ,lnd \Ir Jerem) Con nor. Sripendiaf\ \ hlgi,rrate ar Bo\\ Srreer. \lan) gifrs \\ere e,-changed ber\\een rhe College and rhe panicipanrs, including the Br3l.ilian foorball srrip wh ich wa, pre enred {(J rhe \'iee-Prineipal'Thi~\\'a~ rhe fifrh such conference held here for the BraL:ilian Bar As ociarion over the lasr ren years and many of rhe panicipancs fondly remcmbered \'isiting King'~ in the pasr. Or Os\\'aldo commenced that the Conference ha bccn so successful that he hoped to rerurn with the Brazilian Bar As ociarion again in rhe furure. Dr J ulia Fionda . ehool of Law

( ..areer S r le i 19 (-AO leg .Ja I~' ir 1}9 he Careet ervice is organising the ollege Law Fair \\'hich i taking place on \londay 30 and Tuesday 31 Januaf)' in rhe Grear Hall, Srrand Campus, berween 12.00 and 15.00. This year there are 25 differenc exhibitors on each day. They include all the major City law firms, rhe General Council of the Bar, the Instirute of Legal E ecurives, the College of Law, Governmenr Legal Sef\'ice and rhe Bar ,\ssoeiarion for Commerce, Finance and lndu~rf). e\ef)one is welcome.


he annual Pharmacology prize-giving ceremony was held on Thursday December in rhe Ga\'in Room at \Ianresa Road. This \\'as accompanied by a la\·i. h and buffet pro\ided by the College catering sef\·ices. \Ve were again espe iall)' fonunate in being able to welcome a distinguished friend of rhe College, Professor Trevor Jones, to presenc rhe prize. He is seen above (Iefr) with Pamela Towler, Sehar Ta keen, Sanjay Pate I, Hussan \lujtaba and Jonathan Pilgrim (rear), who \\ere awarded the pecial prize for, ef\'ier Pharmaceutical for their group pre encation on the second year Drug Developmenc course. Professor Jone is vi iting Profes or in the Departmenr of Pharmacology but also ha rrong link with rhe Pharmacology Group, having worked with us for ome years on the external re\iew panel. He i al 0 a member of rhe 'ollege ouncil, and is now Chief Execuri\'e of the o iation of rhe Briri h Pharmaceurical Indusrry. He gave a ~hon ralk before making the presenrarions, raking for hi~ rheme ":-\ew horizon" new hopes". ~ \\'ell as congrarulating the ~wdencs for their effons and successes

(nor forgening rhe parenc and teachers l ), Tre\'or Jones wenr on to poinc out that our graduates are ~ening our on a long seienrifie voyage which will be notable for the rapidly changing environmenr in which it rake~ place. Pharma olo!!:y is ar thc forefronr of seiencific ad anccs, not only in de\'eloping new medicines (our principal raison d'erre) bur also in rhe undersrandin!!: of disea e, Wc arc passing through a new age of bioscience research - the molecular biology revolution - and arc already well on course for the genetic re\'olution - a period in which we will come to under tand the \'ery e sence of our being at the level of gene stfllerure. This will offer unparalleled opporruniries for under tanding and rreating all kinds of human disease, many pre\'iously thought re i tanc to incef\'encion. Howe\'er. thi power will bring enormous respon ibilirie in terms of sciencific and ethical issues, \Ye are again vef)' grateful to all our indusrrial ponsor. many of whom we arc pleased ro welcome again for thi enjoyable and enrerraining evenr. Or Robin Hoult Pharmacology


t he CD RO\! dl t: ha pr'" Ided thc pcr una! l:(lmputcr u er \\ Ith J mC.1n of Jt:LC ,in~ 1Jr~", amuunt 01 in ormation \e~ t:hcapl~ and relJti\cl~ l(ulckl~. One CL RO\!til C(;an hold 6:0 \IB of data \\hlth "'quatc, to I -U.UOO pagc' of te,t. I n addition to tc'tual data. imaue . graphit:,. ound and C\ en \ Ideo an: now a\ ailable on CD RO\1. (her the la~t year or u thcrc ha' hccn a rrcmendou gro\\ th in rhe numbcr of IB\I compatible P _, and \laClnro h microcompurcr, fincd \\ Ith CD HO\I dri\'C, and rhc Dcparrmenr for Educarion intend rhat C\ e~ 'chool hould ha\c ar Iea't onc. Thc number ofeD RO\[ ritlc'> i" no\\ pur ar u\cr SOOO. Indudcd in rhc c arc man~ applicarion which arc u~cful to rhe higher cdut:arion "CCtor. \ rangc of bibliographK daraba'>c" arc no\\ publi'>hcd on CD RO\! and rhc (;ollegc Libra~' ha" e'rahli,hcd "y"rem" eomi,ting of ~tand-al()nc pc:" with attachcd CD RO\! dri\ c, at all Collcgc ,itcs to make a number of the'c databa'e'> a\路ailable. \!an~ dcpartment~ are al 0 u~ing D RO\ b for tcaching and referencc. Thc"e "y"rem~ have pro\'ed to bc popular, e,pecially with students, bur each i" limited to om: user at a rime. To inerea'>e acce .,ibili~路 and to a\'()id duplicarion. CD RO\I dri\c'> can be mountcd on a nctwork ~o that any computer connected to the network \I ill be able to acee'>, rhe CD RO\!. To im'e'tigate how CD RO\l net\\ ork, could bc exploitcd to enhance rhe College", teaching and rc careh. a joint Computing .cntrc/Libra~ \\'orking Parr~ (\\'P) \\ a, ,et up. The \yP complcted ir" reporr earlier thi" year and copic" arc a\ ailable from rhe ecrCta~ of the Computing Centre. Chri~tinc Sharpe, exr I ()~S. ,\n on-line \'er ion of rhe reporr i, aho a\'ailable and deraib may bc obtained from the aurhor, email: J.Fcndley To accelerate the introduction ora numbcr of ,pecifie electronic information ~ervices within the Collcgc, Dcrek La\\', Director of J n formation 'crviees and System" ~et

up J project group m eptcmbcr [hi \CJr. 1 hi I thc 1-.1 I t.1cnron it: Information cn KC I prujeu group. One ut rhe area \\ Ithm th" group i the Introduction of en in: ba ed on CD RO\l nct\\orking. It \1 ill be rargeted mltlally at the net\lorking of blbliographit: and other tc,rual databa e'. uch a an on-line \ cr ion of the Oxford F.II'J//JR Dlr//oIlO!)'. Thc peed and functionality of the pre enr computer communicatlon~ infra'tructure within thc Collcge mean, thar networking multi-mcdia CO RO\I di,c,>. imohing ~ound. pj<.rure~, and \'ideo, i, a longer tcrm undertaking. . 'C\I hard\\are to et up a CD RO\l net\lorklllg ,cn ice ha~ been purcha'ed and inirial testing ha' bcen carncd our. It is Intendcd ro conducr prc1imina~ nemorking trial during the "pring term. as uming rhe trial are ,>uccc,~ful. an e'perimental scn Ice \1 ill he Inrroduced m the summer term. 1 his ~Cf\ ice \1 ill inirially bc rc,tricted to thc Strand "itc, but will be cxtended to otlll;r Collegc ,itcs; hopcfull~ by thc beginning of the nexr 'e'sion. To acce the CD R()~I scn'ice will requirc an l13~f compatible P connccred ro the ollcge\ crh",rnet communicarion' network. Provided a member of 'taff ha' "uch a ystcm sct up in hi /hcr office, he/ hc be able to acec~, the 0 RO\l data bases ar any time. Thc project group i, introducing a sen'ice based on PC" bcfore \Iacinro h microcomputers because rhe great majorit~ of '0 RO\l daraba'e' ha\ e been ,pecifically produced for PC, .Furthermore, many of thcse ha\c been dc\ eloped for use O\'er a network. /10\1 C\ er, the num ber of CD RO\l daraba"c' for \[acinrosh comptlter, is growing and although there has been much le , experiencc in net\\ orking thc~c product~, thc project group hopc to im"c,tigate this area at a later stage. Or Jack Fendlcy Senior ppli arion' An;lIy,t/Advi'or Comptlting Cenrre

1 hcre arc till a e\1 plJLe le t on the \ledla kll! Luur e I cc December' Comllll'll/J. Pcter Hobda\ from Radio 4' TfJdll\' programme, will take parr to a onc-da~ traintng e Ion talking abotlt hi work a~ a journali t. hO\1 a nC\I' programmc i put togethcr and \I here atademl(; fir into the ne\\ prucc ,. lie \1 ill rhen conducr inrcn路ic\\., \1 Ith a number of thc participanr' which will be played back and analy ed. The course tarr~ \1 ith Chri Kenyon jone' and \lelanie Gardner from rhc Pre" e Publica[lon~ Officc di't:u,.,ing topic, ,uch a'> ne\\" value" ho\\ to placc toric." differenr typc" of media and hO\1 to dcal \1 ith journ.tlt.,rs. Thc cour,c i, open to all academiC'> \1 ho wanr to become more familiar \\ ith the wa~ the media \Iork . Contact \!e1anic Gardncr, Pre ., e Puhlication' Officc on cxt '07.).

III n auwmated voice processing ,y,rcm capable of re ponding to incoming calls pre,ently lost due ro thc large volume of traffic handled at thc ~witchboard (currenrly 'ome 12,500 calb a day arc received) i., to bc in tailed on the College tclephonc nerwork. The ne\\ 'y tem will an~wer caller afrer 10 seconds and deal with rhem auromatically, offering a number of choice, a\'ailable \ ia the telephone key pad. It is planned [() be operational before rhe cnd of February. Thc sy'tem \I ill also bc cquipped with \'()ice me'aging faeilitie~, to bc pha cd in some time after the initial in tallation. \.oieemail boxes \1 ill be a\'ailable to all exten ion holders and recorded messages will be accessiblc remotely from any standard, tone generating, relcphone. mall monrhly charge will be le\'ied [() fund thi, service. Further details will bc made available a necessary. H C Redmond General Serviee~ \lanager



t e


Since Chri tma\, King's aLademic ha\'e been in\llhed 10 both '\ide\' of an important debatc in the prc\ on the tandard achie\ed b~ A-level mathcmatic\ tudcnt\. \n artIcle 10 the Guardiall by Dr Tony Barnard and Profc\ or Petcr ,'aundcr\ of the '\Iathematlc\ Department stated that 'there is a strong consensus in the uni\ersit~ mathematics world that the mathematical a\lareness, \kills and understanding of pupih completing secondary education hal'e deteriorated rapidly in recent years.' This wa amplified in an article by the Guardiall's Education Correspondent, Donald '\IcLeod, who claimed that 'plummeting standard\ of maths in \chools have promptcd uni\'crsitie\ to demand a radical reI i\ion of thc national curriculum '. Profc or \Iargaret Brown, Head of the ehool of Education and Chair of the Joint '\ lathematical Council of the l'K, replied in a letter aying that thi article 'mistakes the nature of the problem and O\'erstates the sense of risi " It \\'a\ clearly unrea onable to blame the national curri ulum for low university entry tandarcb, Professor Brown said, ince no Student beyond the present lower sixth form had followed it. All the participant have been much in demand for radio and TV interviews and other press stories since the end of December.



Or Peter Clarke, enior Lecturer in the Hi tory et ociology of Religion, has been in great demand, He appeared on a BBC 1 documentary, The World~'ide ,I/arch for Jesus and on Whale 011 on ITV peaking about new religions and cults. Hi radio appearances included Radio 1 talking about the olar Temple ect, The World ervice Religiou Affairs/Caribbean efl'ice on the Ra tafarian mo\'ement, and Radio Oxford in a discu ion about opening up the Though! for !he Day slot of the Today programme to Agno ti and Atheists,

Fuel for thl: future Likewise, David Hall. Profes or of Biology, appeared on Radio 4' Scimce XOU!' di cu sing biomass energy and his

research on hydrogen production as a future fuel. and \\'a intefl'ie\\ed at length on thc Todar programme on the \ame ubject. He aho took part in another Radio 4 programme, FamrillK Todtrl, in \\ hlch he talked about the (;()\ernment's new Renewable Ener~ Programme, 11 hich emph~msed bioma \ for ener~',

B The Department of Geography gained e\.tremely good cOI'erage from the In titute of British Geographer\' Conference in both the local and national press, \\uious members of the Dcpartment appeared in the broadsheets for four days running. Dr \Iartin Fro\t's work on commuting was highlighted. He discussed his research which has sho\\'n that thc number of people deserting public transport and going to \I'ork by car has increased significantly, Chris Hamnet, Profe\sor of L'rban Geographv, spoke about the effects and beneficiarie of the tax cutS made in the 19 budget, and the creation of a north/ outh dil'ide, while Dr \Iargaret B~ ron talked about her work on Caribbean immigration intO Britain and France and the intention of over 90 percent of Caribbean immigrant to return to thc Caribbean onc day.

I ( ,

f1"~ oj 11 J\ mkulo/1 Following the revelation that a dentist continued to practice after being diagno ed H IV po itive, ewell John on, Profe or of Oral Pathology, KC ID, and Re earch Profe sor at the Royal College of urgeons, appeared on the ix and Xille O'Clock Sf'iJ!'S, Sky X~'s, BBC Radio S~'S and GLR talking about the risk of transmis ion from an HIV positive dentist to a patient, whieh he explained wa extremely low.

P ( Bibk Graham tanton, Profe or of. ew Te tament tudies, took part in di\eu ions on Radio 4 and The World Service on the 'politically correct' tran lation of the Bible recently publi hed in the USA by Oxford niversiry Press. He also had his letter printed in The Times in which he disputed claims made in SCleral article in that paper

rhar rhe papuru fragmt:nt of \/;tuhcw '~ (;0 pel ar \lagdalcn (,olle e,O (Jrd, J:He lrom rhe middle of rhe fir r lC:ntu~ and ha\ e major Impllcl[Ion, for our under~randin" 0 rhe origin of rhc 'C\I 1 e rament '11 peh.

Engll h-Ianguag<.: stholarl~ journal de\ Q[ed [() rhe wd\' of rhc I racll c,"penenn:, \\'irh [he hddk Ea r enterin o a ne\\ era \IC \\antcd [(J encourage rhe ~rud~ of brad and [0 give a balan<.:ed, objet[l\ e \ le\\ of rhe countn,

l Conrad Ru ell. Profe or 0 Brm h HI [On, \HOre an article on de\olU[ion for Thf I"drpmdmt in w hlth he c1aimt:d rhar Con en ari\ e ha\ t: an ImpO\erishcd and hi~[Oncal'" inaccurau: norion of the rarc,

I h medl The tri,is in medieval hi [()n' wa, rhe subjen ofa debate on BBC Radio , uHl.lnd in which Jint~ , 'e1,on, Profe'>'>or of \!cdie\'allli [(J~, [Ook pare 'f here I'> ~rcJ\\ in~ concern rhar the number of ,wdents s[lldyin~ medie\al h is[(J~ ar .\-le\e1 i, lo\\t:r rhan e\ er bt:fore and rh at \1 ht:re medle\ al hi,[(Jr~ I'> no longer compul'>o~ in uni\ er,i~ curricula. rhe number of ,wdent, cho,ing [(J ~wdy it has dropped dramatically, 110\\ e\er, a~ Professor '-:e1son pointed our, as far as uni\'ersiries arc concerned. ir hardly con,riwre, a 'cri is' if half to [\\0rhird, of Ili,rory swdent~ arc opring [(J do medie\'al papers,

Dr Rachel ,ook, Lecrurer in P,ychology in [he Deparrment of l\na[(Jm~ and Human Biology, talked aboU[ rhe auirudes and mori\'arions of sperm donors on Radio -r, .l/ediri"r .\'0 ",

In an arricle for The Times, Berhan \larshall, in the hoof of Educarion, argued rhar far from being a disuacrion for young readers, relevision can provide man'ellous rimularion, As she said, 'Parent can capitalise on rhe mori\'aring force of re!c\'ision to encourage reluctant readers into rhe world of books.' I



t\ quarrerly journal on Isra<.:li i sues ha~ ju,r been launched by Dr Efraim Karsh, Reader in rhe Deparrment of War Srudies, He spoke [() The JffJ!:ish Chm"irle abour i[ aying, 'It is rhe only

1 he u e 'JfCI -Rom in education \\a rhe ubJeu under di eu IOn \\ hen \Ir D.J\ld qUire, Lecrurer III rhe <:hool of I.. . duta[lon. appeJrcd on \u uallan radiO.

r I




The hook rhar ga\e hmh [() \engali (and rhe \\ ord's ub,cquent adoprion inro rhe lan~uage), 'I nlll). h~ George Du \laurier. ha, been r<.:publi hed In paperback, Ir reil rhe s[{)~' of a wnedeaf artisr' model, Tnlb~ (YF errall. who fall under rhe hypnoric-like guidance of a German-Polish musician. \I rs Lconec Ormond. Reader in English, ha wriuen rhe introducrion [(J [he ne\\ edirion and \\ as quored in rhe CltlSKO路 Herald as aying. 'Ir certainly \Ias a ~ood S[()~ and srillls.'

,\ntioxidants, rhe substances belie\ed [(J neuualise free radical'> \1 hich cau,e damage w healrh~ cells in the bod~. were rhe subjecr of articles in rhe IJlllldrl' f;t'f'IIill~ Tell'f!,mph cf Post, rhe Oldhtlm f;t'fl/il/f{ Chrollide and rhe Ut'erpool IJai~I' Prist, l3ar~ llalli\\ ell, Profe, or of \ ledical Biochemisr~, explained rhar rhere was no\\' e\ idence of increased free radical damage in neurodegenerarive diseases like Parkinson \ disea~e, r

In a CI/ardiall review of rhe year of 'The grear, good and green' Barry Gray, of [he \!cdical ,'chool, wa mention cd for his conuibution [() [he air quali[~ debare wirh hi., re earch which linked asrhma in children and vehicle emission.

KlIlg's \\a, a mentioned on Thi. 1\ }'ollr I.ift \\ hen rhe man \\ Irh rhe red hook, \lH:hael.\ pell, urpnsed -\rthur C Clarke, Dcscribcd as rhe world's grl:arc r sCIence ficrion \\ rirer, \Ii(.had .\ pcll nored rhar Clatke graduared from King', College London w irh a firsr cia s honours degrl:e.

Profe,s(J[ Tom 'ander~ \\a quored in Timl Oll/ III an article on (.alls [(J regulare rhc slimming indusr~' Battle rI{ /hl' BlIl~r. I le srared: "In 19 7, rhe proportion of women cia sified as bClllg cJinlcJII~ 0\ l:n\'eighr \\ a 12 per el:ne By 1991, rhis had risl:n [(J 16 per cent. 0\ er rhe ,ame period rhe proportion of men rose from l:ighr per cent ro 12 per cent." lIe \1 l:nt on [() sue s a change in arriwde wwards rhose who arc o\'emeighr: "To be a lirrlc plump is nor mueh of a heal rh ri k ar all and l:\'cn for rhe quire large, rhe risks arc no greater rhan for heavy ~mokers or heavy drinkers, While I'm nor saying ir's ok [(J drink or ~moke a lot, rhose who do find rhey arc arc far more rolerared rhan [hose who arc obese,"

John \ lacDonald, Professor of Economic cf So ial Policy in rhe :'\Ianagement Centre. ha~ rccently rerurned from \lcxico where he wa~ a member of a panel ad\'ising rhe newly elecred go\'ernment on indusuial policy rcgarding small and medium ~izc manufacrurers. Whilc rhere he spoke on relc\ ision and was quoted in rhe paper,



lcnee r I cel I ( 1 )

Iedia I ell 1


he Briti~h .\wJeiation i\ offering a number of fellowship to cicmi\t\ and engineer\ - of any discipline - to work for ber\\een four and eight \I eek\ \I ith a nell'~paper or magal.ine. or in radio or telel i\ion. Fe1lol1 \ will be able to e\.perience at fir~t hand how the media operate~ and will gain a greater awarene~~ and knO\\ ledge of the \\orking~ of the media. The fello\\ \hip~ arc not for people \\ ho wish to become journali~t~ but for tho\e who want to help in communicating cienee to the general public. ~tudent and colleagues. Fellow~ will hal'e opportunities to ob~er\'e and take parr in the ne\\ \making proce~s and will gain a better understanding of ho\\' and why ~torie make the news. The 199.+ plaeemel1ts were ~l\'ailable at TomorrofJ!.'5 lI'orld. The World Service. BBC News and Current Affairs, BBC Pebble f\lill. The Guardiall. The FiJ1allcial Times. The Times H if(her F.dll({/tioll Supplemellt and The Times Edu{'{/Iioual Supplemeut. It i\ expected that fellow~ wi 11 continue to be paid by their permanent employers during their placement. In addition, they will receive a grant to cover co tS of accommodation and other expenses. If you are interested, applications form~ are al'aiJable ~Ielanie Gardner, Pres Cl! Publi ation Office, e"t 3073.

Bill read he Bill which propo~e the uniting of l ~ IOS 1\ ith King\ was given its first reading in the House of Lords on 12 January.


Johll .Ilay, Director ofthe IlIlematioual Edumtioll ('uit iu the School of Edllmliou, presents a cerlijirate to 0111' ofthe studyfello,",'s. Oll,lf I' â&#x20AC;˘ Ilay 5 left is .lJiss Hee-jeouf( Ghoi. 01/1' ofthe tmllSlfltors, ,",'ho is doillf( a PhD. il/ theoretiml microbioloKI' at Killg 5. 01/ his rif(hl is .111' Kflllf(. F.du{'{/tiollfll AI/arM allhl' l'm/Jan:l' ofthe Republic of I\orl'fl.

n 2 December'+S Korean science teacher\ took their leave of. taff in the School of Education and \et off on a return trip to Korea via Paris and Rome. They had just spent five week\ in the School of Education studying science education in England and \\'ale . The :\Iini try of Education in eoul financed twO such courses at King' during 199'+. The first group of .+0 tudy fellows arril'ed at King's in July and left in ugu~t after a six-week stay. The second group arrived in late Ocrober and left in early December. Both groups I'i ited chools to ee science teachers at work. Staff at King's introduced the study fellows to aetil'ities u ed to teach selected \cience topics acro\s the science



COp "T

he cop)- date for the next i. sue of Commelll i\ Friday 10 February. Please \upply articles on 3.5" disks in unformatted


biolog~, chemistry and physic\. There were lectures and ~eminars as well a~ vi\its to sitc\ of informal sciencc education like the Sciencc I\luseum and the latural HistOry I\luseum. 11 the work was carried our in English with a team of interpreters, many of whom were drawn from the rank~ of King' postgraduate rudents. On leal¡ing. the tudy fellows commented that they were most impressed by the politeness of peoplc in London and the wide "ariety of cultural and lei ure attraction that London has to offer.

John :\Iav Director of International Education L' nit, chool of Education

date text or as hard copy via internal mail or fax CO 171- 72 021'+) to the Editor, Commelll, Pres Publications. Corn\\ all House.


J ohn \\"nghr JP, a Fello\\ ofrhe Collc<1e and unril 199' a mcmbcr of rhe College Council and of r\\ 0 o ir commJ[[ce~, dlcd on 2~ Decembcr aged 66. 'Ir \\'nghr. a former l' nder eercralJ of rhe O\'cr~ea Dc\'elopmenr .\dmlnl.,rrauon, Foreign and Commonwealrh Office. had ~er- cd on rhe King'" College Council from) 9 ~, and al 0 on rhe Queen Elizaberh College Council from 19 2 [() 19 ). He \\ a., al~() a member of rhe I"lnance Commirrce (former!\ rhe Finance, Suff and Gcncral Purp(J"c~ Commirree). and ofrhe 100e rmcnr 路ub-(;()mmitrt:e. from 19 5 to 1993. \fh:r graduaring from Cambridge, John \\"right embJrked on J dl'>tingui.,hed career a., an economic and financial ad, i.,er. mainl~ \\lthin the C:i\'il Ser- ice. H I'> career began at the Organil.ation for European Economic Co-operation in Pan., in 1951, before ml)\ ing to the Agriculture and Food Di rectorate and then to the l'K ,\tomic Energy Authoriry. 1n 1961 he jOined the i\ lini.,rr) of Defence .,mff of the 'hief cienrific d"i.,cr and while there was part of the l' K delegation to rhe 1 -~arion Di armamenr Conference. He was rhen appoinred enior Economic ,\d\'iser ar rhe (;ommoO\\ ealth Relation., Office (now part of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office). ri.,ing to become Head of rhe Economi.,t.,' Departmenr and ub.,equenrly Director (Economic) at the FCO. In 197) hc became l' nder ~ccretalJ of rhe O\'er ca., De\<:lopmenr .\dmini~tration,a po.,r he held for 13 years. Other pom held by :'.Ir \\"right incluue that of Economic and Financial Comultant to the EEC Commission; member hip of the . 'ocial Security ppeal Tribunal for Central London. a trusree hip for rhe Thomson Foundation. and membcr hip of rhe go\'erning body of the London. 'chool of Hygiene and

Tropl<;al ledlclne, He \\3., a former Chairman of the ELUnomi t . Panel 0 rhe Fir r Din.,lOn \ Otlarion, He became a JP tor rhe Om er and Ea t "enr area In 19 '.', and \\a a member of rhe Board of \'i~lt()r at CanrerbulJ Pri on and of thc local parole rc\ic\\ committcc. He had cxhibitcd hI'> palnnng at rhe Royal .\eademy.

condl[lOn. / n IlJn- he \1;1 awarded [he fir r Ir .\rchlbald Grav medal 0 rhe Bml h \IedlCal ociarion for ou [anding conuibunon to derm.l(olo~ In rhe prenou five years. lie \\ a rhe ccreralJ and then Pre luenr of rhe 'eerlOn of Dermatolog~ at [hc Royal oClery of \Iedicine. the PreSident of rhe Brirl h /6 .\ so iation of Dermarologi r~ 1 and held honoralJ' membership of many o\'er.,ea~ 'ocietlcs. Da\ id \\"illlam., was \'ice-Dean of King'., \Ieuical School. member of rhe Board of Gm ernor of rhe Ho.,pital. a member of rhe KCH Special Trusree.,. and of thc Lambeth .. ourhwark and Le\\ I,ham .\rea I Jcalth ,\urhoriry. / lo\\e\ cr, he \\ illundoubredh remain in the mcmolJ of mo.,t .lIumna of King'" for hi., tenure ofrhe J)ean.,hlp from 1960 to 1977, lie had a definite .,t,le reflee[ed in the memorable partie., he and hi., \\ ife Bim ga\c for 'tudent., and raff at their home. or perhap., rhe .,ight of him driving down Denmark Hill in an open top .\Iereedes \\earing an immaculare bowler hat. He was good corn pan) . ",ith a witry and li"ely interest not only in all thing., King'~ but in much el e including mu ic and golf. He was a powerful ad\'ocare for student he held an open door for them each week acring a~ a ~upporri\'e father figure for tho.,e needing help. He wa a munch .,upporrer of tudenr acti\路ities. e pecially rugb) and rhe drama sociery, Sadly, soon afrer he rerired. he suffered a troke \\ hich limired his mobiliry and con.,trained him - \'elJ' fru trating for such an acti\'e person, Da\id \\'illiams gave loyal and de\oted .,er-路ice to hi profe si on and to King'" for \elJ' many years and will be ~adly missed by hi many colleague" srudenrs and friends. He leave a wife, Ethel :'./argaret <Bim) whom he married in 1939 and who ga\'e unfailing .,upporr and encouragement in all his a ti iries.


III on er h



avid lomerth William FRCP FKC. who died on 0 1 'o\'ember 199~, wa~ a di~tingui hed phy.,ieian who gave a liferime of ser-'ice to dermatology and to King's ollege Ho~pital :'.ledical chool. He qualified at King's in 1937 h;l\'ing demon rrated ingular talent as an undergraduare, He won duce eparare academic ~cholar hip and repre cnted the School ar tennis and Five as well as being SecretalJ' of the :'.Iedieal, oeiery. He .,er-ed in the R,\\IC from 19~O - J9~6 ri ing to the rank of Lieur. Colonel. After the war. D.I, as hc wa~ affectionately known. rcrurned (Q King's and was appointed con ultant to the Dermarology Deparrment, a po r he held until hi, rerirement in 1978, He wa, widely respeCted as an excellent clinical dermatologisr and a most able and enthusia.,tic teacher. His paper on Gml Treflflllellf of RillK'u!'ol711 w.'ilh Griseofulvill published in rhe 1.0llfl'/ in 1958 \\'a., the first report of an effecri\ coral rre3tment for this

lan Gain~ford Vice-Principal

or rofe~

or Graham 'ranwn ha been pn:-e!cned Pre idenr of SllIdlOnlfII .\"{J'(.'; T. Sltlflll'l/I; SOl;f/tlS. rhe inrernarionallearned ~ocicr~ of ):c\\ Te [amenr ~cholar~. Thi~ honour come~ rhe \\ ,I\" of a ~cholar ba~ed in rhe t"" only abour once e\"ery ren ~ ear~. Profe ~or. ranron \\ ill gi\e hi~ Pre~idenrial !cewre ar rhe Sociery\ annual conference in Sua~bourg in i\lIgll~r 1996. The

I rofe or Rober


taff new


rofessor Roberr Browning, \'i iring Profe~sor in rhe Deparrmenr of Byzanrine ci "Iodern Greek Swdies, has been awarded a Gold" Icdal by rhe Ciry of rhens for conui bU[ion~ [Q rhe rudy of Greek culrure. Ar rhe ame ceremony on 19 December, a Gold :'-Iedal was also awarded posthumou Iy w rhe lare :\Iadame lelina :'-Iecouri and was received by her husband Ir J ules Dassin.

Or Rag r lade r Roger Slade, afety Ad\'iser ar King' College. has been invited [Q se[\'e a a member of rhe Deparrmenr of Healrh Advi ory Committee on Dangerous Parhogen . The Commirtee, which was et up jointly by Heald1 and griculwre "Iini~rer and rhe Health and afery Commis ion in 19 I, ad vi e on all work wirh parhogem dangerous [Q humans.

t'lnt n 'ocicr~ \\ a~ founded 111 19' in rhe \\ ake of rhe early ~rage~ of rhe ecumcnical mo\ emenr: in rhe year~ immcdiarcl~ afrer \,"orld \\'ar 11 ir hdped [Q bring wgerher . cholar~ in Germany, in orher parrs of Europe and in. 'orrh ,\meriea. The. ociery \\ hich ha unusually srringenr requiremenr~ for mcmber~hip now has 1,000 members (four ar "ing's) in :0 counuies.

Dean to


he Dean. Re\'d Or Richard Burridge, ha~ been elecrcd unoppo~ed [Q rhe General \ nod of rhe Church of England as Proc[Qr in Con\'ocarion for rhe t' ni\'ersiry of London.

I r ~

ark andlcr

r "lark Sandler, Reader in Digiral Signal Proccssing in rhc Dcparrmcnr of Elecuonic et Elecuical Engineering" has bcen awarded a Royal ociety Visiring Research Profeswrship reneable ar the Technion in Haifa, Israel. Or Sandler will be working in rhe Technion Elccuonic Engineering deparrmenr from 7 January [Q 2.') pril

O 199'.



allege . OClet

o you play golf and are you inrerested in joining with orher colleagues in forming a GolfSociery within rhe College? If ~o please \\Tire [Q me wirh derail of your name, deparrmenr, locarion and relephone e rcn Ion.


Gerry H ughes, Bur~ar Cornwall Hou e


like I'lnn ki

r ~Iike Yianne~ki~. Head of the Department of ~ leehanical Engincering. wa~ im ited to attend and participate in rhe Engineering and Phy ical . eiencc~ Rc~earch Council/lnsritllrion of i\fe hanical Engineer Expert ~ lecting on ('lIrer/oillt)' ill computotiollolfluid {~Vlltlll7irs wh ieh was held in Bournemourh, 27-291 ovember 1994. The mecting wa ponsored by EPSRC and I lechE and 40 c pem from the EC and l K and European univer me and industry were invited ro attend.

ha cl n hi term's chapel card i a\ ailable from the Chaplaincy (cxt 2373) gi\ ing detail of ~ef\·ice~. group~ and ocieries and the King' hri~rian Forum meeting. Fr Derek Jenning . the Roman Carholic Chaplain for rhe pa~t live year~, ha had to retire through ill healrh. Hi~ replacement i~ Fr Stephen Weaver, who ha been until recently a parish prie r in north London. Fr Phi lip Chester is on sabbarical ~tudy leave until 27 February in the Unired tares looking ar urban liturgical formarion. Thi i~ hi last term ar King'~ before he leave~ at Ea ter ro become parish priest of Sr ~Iatthew's \\'e~tminster.

e\\ ear Honour

orn\\ all HOlLe

tewart urherland, Principal of King's from 1985 ro 1990, ViceChancellor of the niver iryof London from 1990 ro 1994 and now Vice-Chancellor of Edinburgh niversiry, was knighred in rhe cw Years' Honours List John laddox, Ediror of J mure and a Fellow of the College, also received a knighthood.


ournament 1995 he porr oeial Club is holding ir nnual rournament in rhe nexr few week. The format will be rhe same a la t year - ingles and pairs in every comperition (cribbage, dart, pool and nooker). All entries mu r be in by Thur day 2 February. The draw will be made on Friday 3 February The draw for rhe comperirion will be posted up outSide the rrand lub room on l\.londay 6 February and the tournament srarts from then.


anne di appear T

ow that Cornwall House ha its own postcode ro di ringuish ir from the rest of Waterloo Road, the Principal requests thar departments and offices based in Cornwall House and Cornwall House Annexe hould, \ hen next ordering tarionery or printing other material, drop rhe word Annexe or nnex) and u e rhe following addre s: King' College London Cornwall Hou e \ aterloo Road London El\\'A The new addre should now be used wherever pos ible. There i . however, no need to order new tationery olely ro accommodare this change: exi ting rock hould be used up fir r.

C I1t 111 porar." rcli 1011 he loum,,1 ofCONtemporary Religioll, cdited by Dr Peter Clarke. Direcror of the entre for :--:c\\ Religion at King' and EliLabcth Am'ick of King' , is ro be launched on 13 Fcbruary. The journal, previou Iy publi hed as ReligioN Todtl)' by the Centre, will now bc publi~hed by arfax Publi °hing Co. Firsr edirion of rhe new journal will be available ar ir launch in the Council Room at thc rrand from 16.30 ro 19.00 on 13 February: anyone interesrcd in attcnding the launch or obraining a copy of the journal should contact the Department of Theology on ext 3796.

Book earl for half-ternl pIa,," ch lne he tudenr' nion will again be running a half-term playsehemc for the children of studenrs and staff of the College. The scheme is held in the B2 Gym at rhe Strand and is supervised by a \ esrminster iry Council approved leader. The cheme will run from 9.00 ro 17.00, from l\londay 20 ro Friday 24 February. For staff the charge will be £10 per child per day, or £45 for rhe whole week. For tudents, fee will be reduced ro £6 per day or £25 for the whole week. To avoid disappointment, plea e regi rer your likely intere r early. To do so please contact lan Franklin in the tudents' Union 0171- 367132 e t 3" 9.



t .1/o//rtlln (nf!!il) pirlllred ,",ilh K"eslS allhe ItIllllrh ill •\'m:elllb,r ofhis fe.\I.",h,if' The follo,':;iIlK i"m had bem slIbmi//edfor Commenr before fJi.'( heard of Professor

,I/o//rom's sllddell {lIld I/lIlillle~I' dftllh Oil 19 }(II",rlly. illl obiIIlOl)' fJi..'ill oppeor ill Ih, Febmory edilioll. e~tschrift for Emeritus Profes or Eric ~/orrram: ,l/h'e ill


01tS of Ihis Cmlll')': .llo//rom 01 hJ. wa launched in the

Council Room in :-\ovember. The laun h \\ a auended by ovcr 60 guests. including ome who had 110\\ n in from the L ',-\, and those presenr includcd thc writcrs Jerome Rothcnberg. lain :inclair, Tom Raworrh and ,\lIen Fisher, as \\ell a~ King\ colleague of Profe~~or \/ottram, former studenr~ and other friends. The book conrain\ \\ork by over o friend~ of Professor ~/orrram. including memoirs, poems. phorographs, drawings and even a recipe. Conrriburors include John i\\hbery. Charles Bernstein, \\ illiam Burrough\, Thoma~ A C1ark, Ilowell Danieh, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Leslie Fiedler, Roy Fisher, Sandra Fisher,

I' 'e 10

Alien in~berg. R B Kicaj. Jeff. 'uuall and Huberr Selby Jr. \\'hen Eric \lorrram joined King\ in 1961 he wa~ the fir~t lecturer to be appoinred to teach American literature in [he L'ni\er~ity of London and there was a leader in The Tillles about the appoinrmenr. He had also bcen the fir~t to teach Bcat writing in Europc (at the niver ity of Groningen) and hc was a co-founder of [he l' ni\er\ity of London' Institute ofl'nited State StlIdie in 1963. He publi~hed 50 book~. including a collection of e~says on merican culture, Blood Oil Ihe .\'osh .Imbossodor (19 9), and the fir~t booklength study of \\'illiam BurrolJgh~' \\ ork The AIgebm ofSeed ( 1971 ), as well as some ZOO arricle . .I live ill PaltS of Ihis Cellll/I)' ( .9') i avai lable from book~ellers and from the publishcr~, orrh and South, at 23 Egerron Road, Twickenham, :\/ddx T\ 2 7SL. There arc abo L'SA and j



he College' -11 t Greek Play \\ ill be pre enred. 10 the origlOal Greek. by ~rudenr from the Deparrmcnr of -Ia,.,lc . 10 \Iarch. The play for 1<;9- I .\ri rophane l.ys"lroffl \\ hich, con Idered by many [{J be the author'., finest and deal> with \\af and politic\, exual deviation and cro \-dre ing. \ lawn Ilarri~, Bu ine~ \ lanager for the production .,a,d "We are c.,pr.:L1ally e"uted becau e thl~ will be our fir~[ produuion of the Ly.mlmla at KlOg\ .Ind as far a~ I am a\\'an.:. the fir~t e\ er original languagc production in London. "The .,tandard., of acting and production ha\e bcen very high in the pa.,r. allll from \\ hat 1"\ e ~een ~o far. it look., a., [hough thl\ year's shIm \\111 be JlJ\t J'> good. and quite po.,.,~ibly better." The Creek play ha., been a part of life in the Deparrmenr of Cla~~ic., \incc 1953 and hJS won critical acclaim from both within the circle., of Clas\ical academia and the ~ecular world. The Department ha~ also toured abroad with the play. the mo~t recent tour rook i\e~chylus' .IKOIf/elllf/Of/ ro Dublin last year. Performances \\ ill rakc placc on: Wednc~dJY 15 \Iarch: 1-1.30 and 19.30 Thursday 16 \larch: 19.30 Friday 17 \lJrch: 14.30 and 19.30 • aturday I \Iar h: 19.30

Ticket arc priced at £4.00 (\\ hich programme) and arc 3\'ailable from: include~

The Bu~ine~~ "Ianager Department of Cla~sie~ King's College London Strand \\'C2R 2LS. PhoncOI71-8732399

di~tributor~. Plca~c

make cheques payable ro:

Kif/X'S (,'o/lege Creek Play.

I ubli



b \ mentioned in rhe la~r is~ue of COIl/Il/f/lI. the nc\\ experimcntal \ cr ion of King'\ Informarion . cn-iec (Kt '). ba~cd on the World \\"ide Web (\\'WW). i now a\-ailable w public \ ie\\. \\\\"W i an information ~y\tem \\ hich opcratc o\er the Internet - a global communication ncrwork. I t can accommodarc borh rcxr and imagc information, in monochromc or colour. Texrual informarion can be formarred in thc \amc \\ a~ a\ word-procc\\cd documcnt~. In order ro gain acce\\ ro \\\\'\\' informarion, you need ro kno\\ irs Internet addrc\\ or l'niform Rc\ource Locaror (L'RL). The L'RL for rhe home page of KIS is: htrp:// In order w rake full advamage of the \\\\,W \'ersion of KI. you will need ro use a microcomputcr \\'hich has an e.:thcrne.:t conncction w thc Collcge network, and which ha a \\\\'\\' browser programme, \uch a~ , erscape or NC A ~Io aic. If you ha\'c acce.:ss only ro a computer with a PAD eonne.:crion w the Colle.:ge.: network, you will ~rill be able w ha\'e a look ar rhe cxperimcntal KIS ysrem by using rhe Lyn ' program, Conneer w BAY or HAZEL, then rype:


telnct \\ \\'\1 ,

crultrnent rtra

''T/ltlllk yOIl for Ihe splmdid fllTflllgell/l'/Ils" "YOII oil lieI'd 10

and log in a\ infa. Pre\s rhe.: rerurn kc\ \1 hcn promptcd for a pa word . O\'e.:r rhe.: ncxr fe\\ \1 cek . the KI ' upporr team \1 ill be contacting KI Information Pro\'idcr (Ip\) in order ro cn ure rhar the.:y can \ee and c\plorc rhc possibilities which arc opcned up by thc \\ \V\\, approach. In some case\ deparrmcnt\ and projecr groups may \\ ish [() add rheir own page.:\ ro the ccntral KIS sy tcm; in orhcr\ the~ ma\ wi h ro \Ct up their own local \\\\'\\' pages .Ind creare.: link\ [() rhe c from rhe main KIS ~ysrem. The prima~ objecri\ c\ of rhi \rage of thc KIS projccr arc for IPs or potcntiallPs w cxperimcnr wirh rhe systcm, and w begin w considcr how rhey mighr usc ir; and for any members of rhc ollegc ro cxplorc what is a\'ailable on \\'\\\\" and ro make suggestions for what informarion should be madc available on KI . Comments on KIS can bc left u\ing thc CO;.. 11\1 E 1'8 facility in thc main mcnu. To discus any aspeCt of thc project contact your local K1.' Team member, or Frances Blomeley (ext 2817), nn Lees (2186), (argaret Samman (2019), Brian 1\Jeek (2602) or Harold Shorr (2739).


t"OlI/!TOllfloled 011 0 fall o'l!ollised {'f:ml"

"I sholl ('olllilllle 10 I'II('Olfragl' 0111' si\lh jomurs 10 Opp~l' 10 J.:CL" "1 t'e,)' /1/l/{h opprl'riOled Ihe rdllill/!lIess ofso /1/011.1' slaff 10

rise 10 Ihe orlllsiolf"


hese were JUSt some of rhe by King's shordy after thc Careers Teachcr\ cl:' Advisers Conference, an commelH~ recei\'ed

Cl ent or/!;ani\ed b~ the wdent Recruitment cl:' E xchangc~ Office w inform and up-date this important /!;fOUP on de\'elopments at the College. The Office II'ould like w exrend a big rhank you ro all departmemal colleague who conuibutcd to the day. The nexr major event at King's in thi~ recruitmenr year i rhe College Open Day on 27 April. which over the years ha anracted more than 2,000 \路i~iror and arrangement are already undenl'ay. The wdent Recruitmenr (!! Exchanges Office is keen ro en~ure thar deparrmelHs deri\'e the besr po ible benefit from the day and colleague are.: invited ro contacr either Susanne Freneh (3003) or Richard Claas (3050) with ideas and comments. Richard Claas, Direcror of. rudeIH Recruirmem

Di cu ing th ethic of re earch on human hen i it cthical w use Aids patient a re careh subjccrs? Should wc cver conducr rescarch on \'ery young babie~? Predicrably, di u ion se IOn~ in a ncw thrce-day continuing education cour e on the ethic of re carch on human wcre li\'ely and pro\'ocari \路c. The cour e \I'as run by Claire Fosrer, from the Centre of i\ledieal Law and Ethics, with conuibmors from the B:-'1A, rhe Health cn'ices Re~carch 'nit, Oxford L" ni\ ersiry, \Ic Kenna and Co, ~Iedical tarisric, haring eros HospiraL rhe


As ociation of rhe Briri h Pharmaceurical I ndustry and the Pharmacy Deparrment, hurchill Ho piral, Oxford, [t amacted docwr , nur es, hospital and health aurhoriry managers and lay people most of whom it on re earch erhic comminees, a well as a pharmaceurical company scienti t who runs clinical trials. Tn re\'iewing re earch proposals, ethic commirree have ro consider the scientific merir of eaeh propo ai, the degrec of risk ro which rhe research subjecrs \1 ill be exposed. and rhe ways in which rhe re earcher will seck consem from potential recruit. In ir~

decision, the ethics commitree ha ro balance different moral claims, for cxample. the moral responsibiliry w improve and exrend medical knowlcdge again t the moral imperative w do no harm. or act on someone withour fir~r seeking rheir con ent ro rake parr in the research. The course which is w be repeated in April and June, i de igned ro give participants the wols they need ro reach decisions on these difficult IS ue . Or Robin ~Iurray Direcror of Continuing Education

l'.tgC II

I u.:rnJI audit. imt:rnal audH. t:m mmmen£al audIt. \ alue for mone~ audit. academic audit. manJgemt:m audit . teLhnoll)~ audit. alct\ audit. rrt:' audit ... Imernal audIt In unl\ er Hie lar/!,e1~ owe It con iderabk t:'\pan"on w the linam:lal debade at t' nl\ er~lt~ College CardIff In the late 1t) '(h. 'I hl~ wa~ the fir~t and onh' example of a bankrupt l'" higher education in'tiwtion. 1£ provided a comlderable ~hock [() the [)epartmem for Education who reali~cd ho\\ lirrle conrrol they had 0\ er the publicl~ funded acti\i[l(;:~ of Indl\ Idual in tiwtion , The re~ulr \\'a~ the requiremem for financial foreca't'. the agreemem of financial memoranda bemeen the H EFCE and indl\ idual imtiwtion and the inauguration of mandaw/) imernal audit 'el'\ Ice" Which onl~ goc~ [() 'hc)\\ that It u,uall~ require~ a good. old-fa,hioned ,candal [() concemrate the mind.



IIIdruduol "lIdl!


LJrgel~ b~

tht: agrt:ement of an ~Jnnual plan appro\ cd b\ \udit Committee. 'I hert: i room \\ Hhin tht: plan to LaIT') out ~pecial Im't:~tigatil)n \\ hethcr of a Iraudulcm or other nature. II'ho rt',,,,,,,s Ih, ri'f!fJI13 (llId T/'(fJ//I//Imdll/lfJlIS {lri,ill~jf"/)m IIIdit iduol 11lIdus?

• The head of depJrtment or manJger of the ;el'\ ice Judited • The Principal and enior mJnagement of the College • .\udit Committcc, \\hich i\ a commirree of College Council and report; direcrl) to It. Ilm illlental {llIdlt lire (fJ//Iplele jreedfJ//IlfJ f\alflillf allY dot ((//If/llor I't'mrd alld rrq((i,.. f\plall(lIHJI(S jm//l (lily illdif.:tduali'

) e;, again thi; i~ a requirement e\tablJ;hed b\ the \udlt Code of Practice.

,1I0/le)' (I'F.lI) sludlesi'

Yes. each audit undermkcn incorporate a \'F\( clement. There arc sufficiem audit re;ourcc; to undertakc a ;eparatc \'F\l programme of work.

11'/101 is "illlfrlloloudil"!

WlrOI Irappflls


recommflldalio/ls liS af!.reed by, ludil

"I mernal audit i~ an independem apprai~al function within an organi~ation for the review of it; activities as a ~el'\'iee to all le\c1\ of management. I t mea~ure;, evaluate\

Commillee ore /101 mrried out !Iv lire malw/(emelll cO/lcemed?

A follow-up audit is undertaken about ix momh; after reeommendation\ and the timetable for implementation are agreed. If no action ha\ been taken it will be reported to Audit Committee. The ;ommirree i~ empowered to require any member of Staff to attend

Is il illdepmdml!

it~ meeting~,

Ye; it is required to be ;0 b~ the term of the r\udit Code of Practice agreed between each institlltion and the HEFCE.

Imernal audit can be contacted over any marrer of concern.

Is illlental alldiljllS! cOllcel7led 'iJ!illr fillallcialmatlers? , 0, Internal audit can examine any activity, financial or othel'\vi\e. The only exception; would be purely academic marrer; which would be covered by other form\ of audit.


if audil repfJrl

The accepted profe ional definition

and report upon the effecti\ene~\ of imernal comrol and the efficiem u;e of re;ource~ within an organi;ation".



\ (r Harmcr i\ ;upported b~ Jame\ ho \\ ill dl\'ide his time be[\\cen Purcha;ing and Internal i\udit, and (;1I\'e Daw , who maintaim the DJtaba~e for the PI Pricetrak Sy'tem. Should you \\ i~h to di,cu;s any purcha\ing issue \\ ith John Ilarmer. he i~ in temporary accommodation on the third floor of Cornwallllou e (room 3.13) and can be reached on extn 3303. \\ fig/!,. \\

/)fJCS illlfrllal alldil rtll1)' fJlIl I ,tlllejfJr

Your audit questions answered King's ha\ an imernal audit of three raff and the follo\\ ing i\ a brief que\tion and an~wer ;ection ro comey ~ome idea of how the \el'\'ice operate\,

he ('{)lIe~e ha' appOInted a Dlrcctor of Purcha~In~. John Harmer. \\ ho ha n: pon\lhillt~ for en uring that appro\ cd purtha\lng policie~. prattlcc~ and proccdure\ arc followed throughout all . 'chooh and Department. He i currenrl~ engaged 10 a programme of visit; to rde\ am ~taff throughout the College to dl\cus~ purcha~lOg i;;ue~ generJlly, \\ ith J \ le\\ to c~tabli\hing how \aluc for monl:~ can be ma'\lmi ed College\\ Ide. I le \\ ill al~o be collJboratlng \\ Ith thl: Training Office in [he pro\ i\lon of appropriatc training

Eddie Robert\, Principal !\udiror ext 3-M2 John ~lcCormack. Internal Auditor ext 3-146 Jame; Wrigg, Imernal Auditor ext 3-M5

Da\ id Ball Deputy ollege Secreta/)' (Planning & Re~ources)

llnat Kill



he fourth edition of the leatlct 11 nal 's 011 at Killg's is publi hed with thi i ue of COII/lflml. It covcr; public lecrures, open days and e\'cnt up umil July 1995. If you require further copies please ring the Pres~ ct Publications Officc on ext 3202.

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7 February 1995 Extradition & human rights Professor Paul O'Higgins, Emeritus Professor of Law, King's College London Council Room, Strand 13.00 -14.00 Contact 0171-873 2352 21 February 1995 International rights of the child - a personal view Geraldine Van Bueren, Lecturer in Law & Director of the Programme on International Rights of the Child, Queen Mary & Westfield College, London Council Room, Strand 13.00-14.00 7 March 1995 Equality of opportunity - human right or economic imperative? Susan Atkins, Deputy chief executive of the Equal Opportunities Commission Council Room, Strand 13.00-14.00


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6 February Imaging human thought Or Stephen Swithenby, The Open University Room 2B08, Strand 14.00 -15.00 13 February Novel optical structures Mr Patrick Dainty, King's College London Room 2B08, Strand 14.00 - 15.00 20 February Quarks: top secret Professor Frank E Close, Rutherford Appleton Lab RI Room 2B08, Strand 14.00 - 15.00

Dcp:unl1cnt of Pharmacy rccareh cminar . All meetings take place at Manresa Road in Room 18 beginning at 16.00

26 January Interactions of ibuprofen with the biochemistry of lipids Professor B Testa, University of

Laussane, Switzerland

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16 January - 23 March, 8 May - 13 July Offered in nine languages at up to seven levels. Language and Communication Centre Price: staff/students: £75 one term £120 two terms; external clients: ' £150 one term, £250 two terms 18.00 - 19.30 Contact Vanessa Beard on 0171-873 2890/2485

Centre for L.ltl: \ntique..:t !edie\.1I Stlldic 26 January Aspects of the Beowulf manuscript since 1731 Or Andrew Prescott, British Library, London Room 1B04, Strand 17.30

J:dueation Science and Technology Education Unit, Thursday lunchtime seminars. G12 Cornwall House 13.00 - 14.00 2 February Science education in a pluralist society Revd. Or Michael Reiss, University of Cambridge 9 February Progression in Sc. 1: Experimental and investigative science Or Bob Fairbrother, KCL 14 and 28 February Mathematics Education Seminars Various lecturers Cornwall House (room to be confirmed) 12.45 - 14.00 Contact Or Dylan Wiliam 0171-872 3153 16 February School management factors affecting the uptake of Inset Or Shirley Simon and Justin Dillon KCL ' 23 February Title to be announced

Lecturer to be confirmed Educa ion Uni

Cambridge Centre for Philosophical Studies Council Room, Strand 17.30 Con act 0171-873 2340 2585

8 February From Brazil to Japan: musical relations between Portugal and the rest of the world in the period of the discoveries Manuel Carlos de Brito, Universidade Nova, Lisbon Institute of Advanced Musical Studies Colloquium 6C, Main Building, Strand 17.00 Contact 0171-873 2576

17 February The doctrine of the atonement Professor Alasdair Heron, University of Erlangen, Germany, Professor Colin Gunton, KCL, Dr Alastair Logan, University of Exeter, Dr Elaine Starkey Research Institute in Systematic Theology Day Conference Council Room, Strand 9.45 to 16.30 Tickets £9.50/£4.00 (unwaged) Contact Lavinia Harvey 0171-873 2073

11 February Machaut study day Speakers will include Margaret Bent, Jehoash Hirshberg and Christopher Page. Music will be provided by The Clerks Group, directed by Edward Wickham Institute of Advanced Musical Studies event 6C, Main Building, Strand 10.00 to 1600 Contact 0171-873 2576 13 February The editing of medieval texts Convener: Karen Pratt with Stewart Gregory, Jim Laidlaw, lan Short Centre for Late Antique & Medieval Studies Workshop Committee Room, Strand 16.00 Contact Dr Karen Pratt 0171-873 2360 14 February St Valentine's Day Concert: Five new works by composers in the Department of Music: Ross Lorraine, Joyce Koh, Robert Keeley, Carlos Cabrer and Silvina Milstein With Jane Manning (soprano) and The English Piano Trio Sponsored by the Music Department and the Institute of Advanced Musical Studies Great Hall, Strand 18.30 Contact 0171-873 2576 15 February Obligation, life-chances and the boundaries of society Professor John Dunn, University


20 February Jean Ockeghem Missa Prolationum The Clerks Group, directed by Edward Wickham with John Milson, Oxford and Jaap van Benthem, Utrecht Institute of Advanced Musical Studies concert and discussion 6C, Main Building, Strand 17.00 to 19.00 Contact 0171-873 2576 21, 22 and 23 February F D Maurice Lectures 1995 What does the Lord require? Justice, theology and public policy Professor Duncan B Forrester, New College, University of Edinburgh Department of Theology & Religious Studies Public Lecture 21 Feb: Great Hall, Strand 22 and 23 Feb Room 3B20, Strand 17.30 to 19.00 Contact 0171-836 2339 22 and 23 February Two day international conference on practical reasoning and artificial intelligence Professor Dov Gabbay, Imperial College London and other speakers Council Room, Strand Registration fee of £150 Those wishing to attend should contact Dr Tony Dale on 0171-873 2585

22 February A singer's preceptor: the principles of expressive singing in England 1780-1830 Robert Toft, University of Western Ontario Institute of Advanced Musical Studies Colloquium Room 6C, Main Building, Strand 17.00 Contact 0171-8732576 25 February Varieties of Reconciliation in late antiquity and the earlier Middle Ages Conveners: Sarah Hamilton and Paul Kershaw Centre for Late Antique & Medieval Studies Workshop Council Room, Strand 10.0016.00 For further details please contact Sarah Hamilton and Paul Kershaw c/o Institute of Historical Research London (0171-873 2360) 25 February Religious pluralism Dr Gavin D'Costa, University of Bristol, Mr Peter Byrne, KCL Centre for Philosophical Studies Public Lectures Committee Room, Strand 11.00 and 14.00 Contact 0171-873 2340/2585 15, 16, 17 and18 March Aristophanes' Lysistrata in the original Greek Department of Classics 41st Greek Play New Theatre, Strand 15 March - 14.30 and 19.30, 16 March - 19.30, 17 March - 14.20 and 19.30, 18 March - 19.30 Tickets £4.00 from the Business Manager, Department of Classics, King's College London, Strand, London WC2R 2LS. Phone 01718732399 (24 hour direct line). Please make cheques payable to King's College Greek Play UllJnltlt: f t: C Lel m: minar


9 February Twain and the nineteenth century Dr Peter Messent, University of

Nottingham Research Centre for American Studies Seminar Room 27C, Strand 18.15 Contact 0171-873 2360 13 February Social networks and intra-urban migration: Athens during the 1960s Lila Leontidou, KCL Centre for Hellenic Studies/Byzantine & Modern Greek Studies Seminar Room 35B, Strand 17.00 Co ntact 0171-873 2360 16 February Computerized metrical analysis: Dante's Divine Comedy David Robey, University of Manchester Research Unit in Humanities Computing Seminar Committee Room, Strand 18.00 Co ntact 0171-873 2360 20 February The Community Support Framework and its impact on Greek development Robert McDonald Centre for Hellenic Studies/Byzantine & Modern Greek Studies Seminar Room 35B, Strand 17.00 Co ntact 0171-873 2360 23 February The romance of words in nineteenth century American Literature Professor lan Bell, University of Keele, Research Centre for American Studies Seminar Room 27C, Strand 18.15 Contact 0171-8732360 27 February All Greek to me: Greece and international security in the 7990s James Gow, KCL Centre for Hellenic Studies/Byzantine & Modern Greek Studies Seminar Room 35B, Strand 17.00 Contact 0171-873 2360



2 February Families, schools and the causes of crime Roger Graef, writer and film maker Institute for the Study & Treatment of Delinquency Seminar Committee Room, Strand 18.30 to 20.30 Contact 0171-873 2822 - please ring to confirm attendance 6 February QAL Ys and ethics Professor Alan Williams, Centre for Health Economics, University of York Centre for Medical Law & Ethics Lent Term Public Lecture Room 2C 13.00 to 14.00 Contact 0171 873 2382 7 February Regulation - principle or detail? How can we avoid regulatory indigestion and make it more effective? Sir Sydney Lipworth, QC School of Law Public Lecture Great Hall, Strand 18.00 to 19.00 Contact Debra Cossey 0171-873 2036

Lecture Great Hall, Strand 17.30 Contact 0171 333 4273 8 February and 8 March Biomedical Sciences Division Open Days - for those applying or thinking of applying for BSc courses Great Hall, Strand Campus 11.00 to 14.00 Contact Jenny Elsden and Derek Drummie 0171-836 8851



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23 February Backache, bamboo, spine and diet Dr Alan Ebringer, KCL Royal Society of Medicine Public Lecture 1 Wimpole Street, London W1 19.15 to 20.15 Tickets ÂŁ8.00 (ÂŁ13.00 with buffet dinner) Contact: The Royal Society of Medicine 0171-290 2988

9 February The economic causes of crime Dr Robert Witt Institute for the Study & Treatment of Delinquency Seminar Committee Room, Strand 18.30 to 20.30 Contact 0171-873 2822 - please ring to confirm attendance 27 February The surrogacy picture: still hazy after all these years? Dr Derek Morgan, University of Glasgow Centre for Medical Law & Ethics Lent Public Lecture Room 2C, Strand 13.00 to 14.00 Contact 0171-8732382

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6 February Living off the fat of the sea Professor Tom Sanders, KCL Chair of Nutrition & Dietetics Inaugural







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Profe~~ional ~inger with con,iderable performing and teaching e perience offer~ pri\'ate wition [0 all abilitie'. Available at l'niver~ity College London. Comact S Coombes. ALC:-'I, aftcr 19.00. Telephone: 0171- 446 6H7.2





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from \Ionday, I - Janua~, bookings for meeting, etc. in the Black\\ell Room ,hould be made through :-'Iargarct Brown ext 2 M. t least three day,' norice ,hollld be gi\l.:n [0 cmllre that the reque,t i, received in time for con ideration. ~Iargaret

Brown Hon , ecrctary Senior Common Room


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"ilia in :'-ierja - bealHiflll Spani,h coastal w\\ n with '>wnning mOllnrain views. Sleep, six. :hailable [() rem for cheap wimcr and ,ummer lets. Telephone 0223-622'+S.


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Co IJlJJlfJlt COll/fllml carries ad\crtising at the

Ediwr\ di,cretion for good or en'ice of inrere t [() King's ,taff. The co tS are a follow: rull page ad\'crr: £250 flail' page adven: .£ 125 Quarrer page ad\err: £62.50 Small ads (not more than 50 words) are free [() all taff. Please eontact the Press c!1 Publications office on ext 3202 if you havc any queries aboll( advcni.,ing or COllllllenl in general.


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