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Volume VI; Issue 5

June 2013



King’s Academy, Manja - Madaba, Jordan

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What changed during our four years? by

Aya Abuosbeh ‘13 and Mohammed Abu Dalhoum ‘13

Rewinding and arriving at 2009. 6 am in the morning, freshmen wake up and look extremely excited and polished. They arrive at breakfast at 7 am, or even before the staff arrive at the dining hall…Okay maybe not, but you get the point. Let’s just briefly describe the way we looked: Shirts tucked in, different tie everyday, buttoned blazers, combed hair, backpacks for books, and briefcase with an overnight fully charged laptop. Of course, we would be the first people to check in with the junior fellows at the doors of the auditorium for school meeting, which was actually the first thing on our daily schedule. Freshmen would be seated quietly, and those who are 10 seconds late would spend the whole day apologizing to the dean, our dearest Ms. Reem. During classes, we would be walking in straight lines, rushing to our class in order to make sure we were 4 minutes early. We would have 5 pens and pencils, “just in case we need it”. Our discussions revolved around dreams of changing the world, and using “I Have a Dream” for our first declamation. As for co-curriculars, 95% of the boys signed up for soccer, and the girls would be in either volleyball or yoga. And, of course, we would all arrive on time enthusiastically. Now, let’s go back to 2013. The same freshmen are now seniors. 8:32 am, and being woken up by public safety, and still going back to sleep. Buying breakfast from the Kaziyeh because “it’s too late to go to first period anyway”. A brief description of the way we look: Dr. John following us around so we would tuck our shirts in, tie inside the pocket, hair…well, not even going to talk about it, the backpack is “somewhere in the academy building since yesterday”, and the laptop is in lost&found as specified in the email sent by the IT staff. School meeting? Ain’t nobody got time fo dat #FashionablyLate. Those who are late spend the day dodging Mr. Imad. Classes? What classes? Oh, the fun ones are the ones that we actually consider going to, and the rest are just mentioned in our attendance letters. In between classes, we take the long route since the OSL area is our “Bermuda Triangle”, you know, unshaved beards and no school shirts. We hope to have underclassmen in our courses so we could borrow a pen or pencil. Declamations are renamed “improvisations” now. As for co-curricualrs, most of us would be lounging around the Health Center with fake injuries…But boys are still in soccer. However, we will always be King’s favorite freshmen and senior class. Since this is our last issue, we would like to thank all teachers and faculty members who bore with us, and were able to keep up with all of these changes.

ilhamdullah I survived! :’) -Aya Al-Jalamdeh ‘13

It’s weird.

-Hamza Shoman ‘13

The Rexonian

I owe 1% of what I achieved to King’s Academy, the other 99% is to the amazing people of the community. -Ala Haddad ‘13

“ ”“

You never know the value of something until you leave it. -Saif Al-Sulaiman ‘13

I gained a lot of weight. -Sanad Zumot ‘13

Here I struck up an acquaintance with living.

” “

-Aziz Bawab ‘13

It’s magnanimous. -Eman Abuosbeh ‘13

Zeid Qabar lost a lot of weight. I am proud of him. -Zaid Jarrar ‘13

Me is love food dining cook and me eat. -Zeid Qabar ‘13

June 2013

“ “

Forever Young. -Shahem Al-Hadid ‘13

There is no such thing as life when you’re in Kings. -Saria Al-Khatib ‘13

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Nothing will make me happier and nothing will make me sadder than King’s. -Tammara Nassar ‘13

WHERE WILL THE SENIORS BE IN TEN YEARS? Aakriti Raina -Happily married to Kabariti. Abdel-Aziz Bawab - Hugging strangers. Abdullatif Al Bunnia - Sheikh in a mosque. Ahmad Ahmad - Names his kid Ahmad… Ala Haddad - Sponsors Sha’rawi in the Middle East Alia Suleiman - Women’s rights activist for real. Amer Al-Hadid - President of Jordan Football Association. Ammar AlSa’adi - Anger management speaker. Anan Al Majali - Chasing Glen Coco Andrea Toomey - Living with monkeys, the next Tarzan. Aser Juma - Kassab’s partner/victim Awn Al Hadeed - Motivational/Political speaker to an audience of 4 people. Aya Abo Osbeh - Running from Godzilla Aya Al Jalamdeh - Owner of an antiques store. Ayla Kadah - Sponsoring Real Madrid. Barakat Elsaqa - Filming surgeries and selling the tapes on the black market. Bashaar Nemri - College counselor. Dima Arabiyat - Children’s dentist. Dyala Zeine - Famous… almost. Elias Naser - Featured in a Justin Bieber music video Eman Abo Osbeh - Phone surgically attached to her hand. Emran Lallow - On the cover of a cereal box after winning gold at the Olympics. Iyad AlSaadi - Advocating the rights of displaced Palestinians in the U.N. Faisal Malas - Producing the next illegitimate generation of Santa Cruz. Faisal Nimry - Selling bowties, suspenders, and vintage goods. Farah Kilani - Morphs into a cat. Farah Zumot - Calm and cute. Fares Darawshe - Iyad’s bodyguard/secretary. Faris Naffa - The Pope. Ghazi Al Zyoud - Married to a Kardashian sister Gheed Al Nassan - Owning Sugar Mommy’s! Hamza Adisa - Performer in Vegas. Hamza Al Serhan - Captain Majed Haneen Al Moslam - Guinness World Record holder for most books read. Hesham Attar - Zoo keeper in Jeddah. Hussam Khraisat - ‫خطيب يوم اجلمعة في بلدية السلط‬ Hussein Abu Hashish - Happy with seven kids. Izzeden Aryan - Pharmacy version 1.2 Jaafar Al Tell - Bonnie… Jacqueline Al Nimri - Astronaut. Jae Sok Surh - Married to Siri. Jin Seul Jun - Principle of an elementary school. Johanna Lee - Philanthropist/ Humanitarian/Activist/ Ms. Tessa Joseph Al Nimri Dating Taylor Swift online. Jude Madanat - Celebrating her divorce from husband #2. Kareem Karaman - Vice President of the hacking group Anonymous. Kevin Riskiawan - Retired. Khaled Amin - Coaching his little league Khaled Jarwan - A bush…Just a bush. Lara Hindawi - Starring in the Angel Wears Prada.

Layth Ismail - Airplane mechanic. Leila Shaban - Judge on Arab Idol. Li Zian - Recording cellphone ringtones with his flute. Lorin El Kurdi - Changes her name to Earthchild, you’ll find her in Ajloun singing to trees. Majed Khalil - ‫مهرب على حدود جابر‬ Marah Al_Jubeh - Lost in Middle Earth. Marshall Yaklin - Marshall of Arabia Mohammad AlHuneidi - Playing the guitar in a morph suit, in a NY subway. Hamzeh Shouman - Featured in a Lil Wayne music video. Mohammad Jizi - Finds his long lost twin...Cara Delevingne Mohammad Kassab - Serial killer Mohammed Abu Dalhoum - Writer/Poet/Romantic Moutasem Al-Huneidi - Sponsor of Gillette, the best a man can get. Muhannad Abbasi - Manager of the Charlotte Bobcats Muna AlRifai - On Space Toon- Kawkab Zumurroda Nadean Bisharat - Owns a pet store. Nadine Salameh - Bellydancer, the next Fefe Abdo Nihad Al Yousfi - Bouncer for extravagant clubs. Nihad Jumean - Head of a nunnery, Sister Nunna. Noor Al Hasanat - Publishing the next best-selling cookbook. Omar Megahed - Owns a flower shop. Osama Alawamleh - Gardener at the Playboy mansion. Othman Abu Samra - Speedo model. Qais Khraisat - Geisin’. Raed Khouri - Hot dog costume model. Rafat Nesheiwat - Face on a BBq sauce bottle. Rakan Al Muhaisen - Dancing around a fire on Hawaiian beaches. Rama AlAnzarouti - Owns a bridal shop. Raneem Aldroubi - Running in the fields with her horses. Rania Hamzeh - WNBA… of course. Rene’e Underhill - Woodstock 2020 Rifaat Samawi - Paying half his salary to his lifelong tutor. Saif Abu Hashish - Pirate off the coast of Somalia. Saif Al Sulaiman - Abu-Crombie model. Salindi Herath - Working as Pocahontas in Disney Land. Sama Yaish - Voice of Disney princess. Sanad Zumot - CEO of Fatafeat Sandy Fahel - Body building, competing with Ammar. Saria Al-Khatib - Saudi Donald Trump. Sawyer Owens - Prison. Sewar Quran - The reason behind WW3 Shahd Al-Jawhari - Ambassador to a far away land. Shahem Al Hadid - Professionally sleeps while standing up. Sohib Malkawi - Somewhere in life… Sufyan Lattouf - Minister of … Talal Sisalem - Stabbed in the back … literally/ stay at home dad, COOKS FOR HIS WIFE. Talal Soroor - ‫الرقص مع النجوم‬ Talal Toukan - A giraffe. Tamara Nassar - Breeding cows in India.

Tameem Samawi - Oliver Twist. Tamim Halawani - Hair stylist for women. Tawfiq Kawar - ... Clyde. Walid Salah - A beautiful wife and a really nice job…. On the roof. Yazan Fakhoury - Scuba Diver Zad Al Momanie - Owner of Zad & Guy Salon. Zaid Al Kabariti - Happily married to Aakriti Zaid AlMahasneh - Collects scarves. Zaid Jarar - Experiences labor pains until the day he dies. Zaid Sakkijha - The first person to marry a robot. Zaid Tahabsem - Trading Hommus in the Congo. Zeid Qabar - “Mama, biseer…?” Zein Abd Al Razeq - Leading architect in the Middle East. Zeina Al Anzarouti - Hallmark card writer. Muheb Esmat - An X-Man.

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The Rexonian (June 2013)  
The Rexonian (June 2013)