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Becoming more like Jesus in 2012 If someone asked you, "How is your spiritual life going?", how would you answer? Maybe you would think about whether you are reading the Bible as much as you used to, or praying as much, or whether you are spending as much time serving in the church as you should. The truth is, we tend to measure our spiritual growth by how much, or how little we are doing. But the Bible has a different measure. It measures our spiritual growth by asking the question, "Are you growing more like Jesus Christ? Is your character, your attitudes, your priorities, your heart, becoming more and more like his?" "For God knew his people in advance, and he chose them to become like his Son, so that his Son would be the firstborn among many brothers and sisters." (Romans 8:29 NLT) That is the goal of the Christian become more like his become more like Jesus Christ. Are you becoming more like him? Is your character,

attitudes, priorities and heart increasingly reflecting his? To answer that question, we need to answer another question: What was Jesus actually like? What was his character? What attitudes did he portray? What priorities governed his life? What heart did he have towards people?

THE CHARACTER OF CHRIST • Completely dependable (Hebrews 13:8) • Absolutely holy 9) (Luke 1:35; 1 Peter 2:22; John 8:2 • Genuinely loving (John 15:13) • Truly humble (Philippians 2:5 - 8)

2012 is a year we, at • Thoroughly meek Kingfisher, are going to be (Matthew 11:29) focussing especially on becoming more like • Living a life of prayer Jesus, and to do that, we (Matthew 14:23; Luke 6:12) need to focus on the to • Completely committed character of Christ, and serving in his Father's how his character can Kingdom (John 5:17; 9:4) impact, mould and change us into his likeness. • Creative (John 1:3) Starting on Monday, 16th January, for 12 weeks, you • Tempted, yet sinless (Hebrews 4:15) can receive The Character of Christ • Compassionate (Matthew every week on email, or by 14:14) following Kingfisher on facebook or on James' blog • Full of grace (2 Peter 3:18) (se the website for further • Focussed on heaven details)...or you can receive (Hebrews 12:1 - 2) it on paper if you prefer!

Kingfisher’s first International Conference With the launch of Kingfisher Brockworth, there is now a network of three churches in Gloucester. But as you know, that is just the tip of the iceberg. The network in Malawi has, over the past few years, really taken off, great things are happening in Mozambique with the purchase of a plot of land there in preparation for building a new training centre, churches being planted, a potential new National Director for that country being trained even now. Also, as was being shared in the last issue of the newsletter, the new work in India has begun...God is building this Network around the world.

On Saturday, July 14th, we are bringing the international Network together for a one day celebration and conference at the Guild Hall in Gloucester.

today? Ken will be sharing these valuable insights as we come together to not only praise God for all that he has done over the past 19 years in and through Kingfisher, but also to pray for our city, our nation, our world.

Invited speakers include: Simon Haqq, a church planter and leader in India, an Olympic athlete from Malawi, Ken Hepworth, author, speaker and National Director of Ebenezer, an organisation that helps Jews return to Israel. Ken has written a ground-breaking book on the effects that spiritual heritage can have on land...perhaps that land was owned by Freemasons, or perhaps, centuries ago, it was used for pagan or occult purposes. What effect does that have on the spiritual atmosphere

The Guild Hall is an amazing setting for this, our first conference, and we really pray that absolutely everyone is able to come along. There will be children's activities, including, for Action Pack age, the use of the cinema during the afternoon! Come along and be part of this historic occasion. Don't miss the opportunity to participate in amazing times of worship, hear from anointed speakers and be part of a significant and powerful time of prayer!

Saturday, July 14th 2012 10am - 4pm at the Guild Hall, Gloucester

Clockwise from top left: Simon Haqq; Ken Hepworths book ‘Reclaiming the Ground’; the cinema room at the Guildhall; the Guildhall building.

MALAWI Interesting Stats from Kingfisher Malawi: How many Kingfisher Churches are there in Malawi?

How many church buildings does Kingfisher have in Africa?

At least 13

At least 2 that we have helped to build although it is common for churches to improvise and meet in grass shelters if they don't have a brick building to use. Stuart visited a church of 60 people once that met on the porch of a big stately home on the outskirts of Blantyre city!! In addition to this we have just helped Kingfisher in Mozambique to purchase a plot of land with a view to them building a training centre there.

How may worshippers are in the Kingfisher Churches in Malawi? Over 2500 How many Malawi Aids Orphans is Kingfisher Church sponsoring through school today? Over 80. Although actually Kingfisher Church families in Malawi are caring for many more How many Kingfisher Churches are there in Mozambique? 21 How many worshippers are in Mozambique Kingfisher? We aren't sure. At least 500 - probably many more!

How many training colleges are there for church leaders?

Two at the moment, soon to be three. Two in Malawi and one soon to come in Mozambique. These training colleges teach theology and leadership principles for people called to serve in Kingfisher Churches. The material that is used comes from Kingfisher Network.

BROCKWORTH At our recent vision evening, Andy White shared the following vision for 180 Brockworth: ✤ Help the Youth see that Jesus is both cool and that He can help change their lives. That His plan for them is something way beyond their imagination ✤ To get the Youth on fire for the word of God and Jesus ✤ To see the reality of the world and the things we allow into our lives and their consequences ✤ Create an environment where they can talk honestly & openly (no judgement or condemnation) ✤ Enable the Youth to make fully informed decisions ✤ To have a youth group who are proud to call Jesus their friend and want to illuminate Him for all to see ✤ To have honest and trusting relationships with each other, with rock solid foundations ✤ For the Youth to be positively involved in the community, to engage respect with others There will also be a 180 small group starting in February, where our young people will be able to learn and grow in their Christian faith.

On Friday 11th Febraury at Kingfisher Tredworth, 180 Brockworth are holding a Valentine's Ball, where each member of the 180 network are invited to attend (and bring a friend). Funky Horse Milk and Colour playin! Please see Ellena Bell or Fiona Crump for tickets (only £2 each)! The

team on the away day at Exeter

2012 What is God saying to us in 2012? We can do church (we’ve proven that in 2011), but now let's be church! WE CAN DO CHURCH, BUT NOW LETS BE CHURCH! Church isn't a building and it isn't an experience....the church is God's gift of love and community to the world. Church is the tribe of Jesus moving throughout human history. Loving one another and serving the world in love. Brockworth needs us; needs us to serve! Therefore, we’re going to serve the Brockworth community, but rather than do loads of different things, where resource gets stretched and we end up failing, we’re going to focus on one BIG thing/idea for 2012. The leadership are prayerfully considering some of the ideas that we have had ranging from serving the local community to working with other Churches. We will be hearing on Sunday 12th February what our big idea for 2012 will be.

KINGSWAY Here at Kingfisher Kingsway we had a wonderfully busy Christmas. The children put on a great Nativity for us with the little ones from Little Fishes donning the crowns they had made and following the star to Bethlehem with a little encouragement from Kirsty! This was followed by our Christingles service with both children and adults making their Christingles (think the adults enjoyed it as much as the kids!).  We decided not to use candles this year, the excitement of someone’s daughter setting fire to her hair proved too much for Katie last year and so we used glowsticks instead! They worked really well and Katie managed to enjoy that part of the service too! We were pleased to see older siblings from Little Fishes attending this service. With Christmas behind us we met up for our vision evening and were presented with the question “what is it you are expecting from God?”  Were we praying small prayers and so limiting God or were we praying BIG prayers and expecting God to come through.  We looked at Gideon and were asked if we wanted to be like the 300 with Gideon who partnered with God or like the thousands who missed out? With that in mind we are praying expectantly this year: • For God to continue to grow the adult congregation • That we would have a great summer baptism service • That One Eighty Kingsway would be able to start running youth Cafes in Quedgeley Little Fishes started off a new term and very quickly presented with a problem – a wonderful problem of too many people attending! Little Fishes is now running 2 sessions each Friday and another person has stepped forward to join the team! Last week one of our members turned 50 and so we all clubbed together and threw him a surprise party. We managed to keep it a secret and had a great evening.  After blowing out his candles John encouraged us to keep doing what we were doing – reaching out to the lost and hurting and that is just what we intend to do!

TREDWORTH “SUNDAY SCHOOL” AS YOU’VE NEVER SEEN IT BEFORE Action Pack, the ministry for School aged children in years 1-6 led by Rachael Bennett is drawing more and more children into its Sunday morning sessions because of the fantastic innovations it’s put in place recently. The themes and biblical stories have over the past few weeks been inspired by different films.

Well, with the help of a creative small group, the Jungle Room was transformed into Narnia so that a series could be done based on characters from The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe and some corresponding biblical characters. On a Saturday afternoon the room changed to an icy winter wonderland Blasting into the new season off complete with a wardrobe to enter through and a pile of with a Star Wars theme, coats to be navigated through. members of the children’s ministry small group started the None of the children had any idea what was happening and service wearing Star Wars their faces were a joy to see as masks and dancing! they encountered the The Polar Express followed and “wardrobe”. one Sunday morning it looked What’s coming next? Well we as though several people had forgotten to get dressed as they shall have to wait and see but you can be sure that whatever sat there in their pyjamas and it is, the children will love it! dressing gowns! Could things Makes you want to be a child get any better? again doesn’t it…

Above: The Jungle room as Narnia complete with a wardrobe door to enter through. Below: The Action Pack team dressed for the Polar Express.

Performing Arts January saw not just the start of a New Year but a new start for Impact Youth. Having been meeting as a drama group for several years once a month on a Saturday morning led by Sally Collis with a faithful following, the opportunity arose to make it bigger and better and Friday 20th January saw the launch of Impact Youth Performing Arts, a free weekly term time after school performing arts workshop which culminates in an end of term performance which all are welcome to attend. Workshops on offer include drama, singing, dance, puppets and art and an enthusiastic

qualified group of volunteers have sacrificially given of their time to lead these workshops.

hall all dancing or singing, doing some drama and having a go at puppets.

The performing arts sessions are available to all children in years 3-9 whether they currently attend Kingfisher network or not and on 20th

It’s going to be incredible to see how far they will come by 23rd March when they will be

January we had no idea who (if anyone) would turn up. But God already had it in hand and we were absolutely astounded when 60 children registered for the workshops, the majority of them children who don’t currently come to church. They all had a taster of all of the sessions available and it was incredible to see 56 of the children in the main

putting on a show at Kingfisher Tredworth based on a Disney theme. If you want any further information regarding Impact Youth Performing Arts, please contact Sally Collis.

RESOURCES Kingfisher Resources has gone from strength to strength over the past few months. We have seen the re-release of Jan Burn’s ‘Im Still Standing: Parenting a child with a life threatening illness’ in both print edition available on our website and as an ebook available for purchase on Amazon. We have a brand new, faster, smoother website which was set up at the start of the year. Our previous web hosts were not offering the performance we needed for a fast growing website, so we took the opportunity to begin the new year afresh. This does mean that those of you who have registered with the old site will

need to do again, however the new hosts should be able to support our growth across the range of websites that Kingfisher run. Over the past few months we have increased our range of clothing and accessories and are on the verge of registering as a Publishing House allowing us to produce all our materials with ISBN numbers to enable worldwide and potentially mainstream distribution. Additionally we have launched a Resource stall at Kingfisher Tredworth and will be rolling out something similar at both Kingsway and Brockworth in the coming months. Kingfisher Resources is aiming to ‘Equip the Church to reach lost people and see them transformed into fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ’ and over the coming months we will be adding more of our resources and looking for opportunities to distribute them. This has a dual purpose of both being able to equip other Churches and communities, and to give Kingfisher vital funds to grow and develop resources to use across the network. 2012 will see Kingfisher Resources come into it’s own and develop a strong identity. Why not check out the new Kingfisher Resources website

COMPETITION Kingfisher Resources is on the hunt for a new design to launch across our clothing and accessory ranges. For all you budding designers out there this competition is for you. We need you to design the next logo. This logo needs to take either the Kingfisher logo, a Christian motif or Biblical theme and transform it into an design that we can promote on the Kingfisher Resources website. The logo needs to be: •

Christian based/themed

A simple one colour design

Submitted either on paper or preferably as a digital file (Ideally Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop, or as a JPG or PNG image, however all file types are accepted!)

Email to or send to the address on the back of the newsletter by midnight on the 31st March 2012 and the winner will be judged by Katie Tucker, Network Co-ordinator and Kingfisher Resources Lead, James Burn, Senior Pastor and David Burn, Media Team Lead by no later than 12th April 2012. The winner will be announced in the next ‘The Network’ newsletter (out 1st May 2012) and will win an item of clothing or accessory of their choice with their logo printed on and will have their logo introduced alongside all our other’s on the resources website for at least 3 months. Below are examples of some of the current logos available on

If you would like to be notified when the next newsletter comes out, please go to and enter your email address so we can keep you up to date with news. In order for this newsletter to grow and develop, we need your help! If you go to any Kingfisher event and have taken a great photo, then please email it to: Or if you would like to get involved in the production of the next newsletter then email us with your particular area of interest. Hope you enjoy hearing all that is happening across the Kingfisher Network!

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The Network, Feb 2012, Issue 2  
The Network, Feb 2012, Issue 2  

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